1. Air Bed vs Foam Mattress – DIY Camp Bed – Burton Builds
  2. Sleeping Pads for Backpacking (Inflatable vs. Foam)
  3. Best self inflating camp mats: Exped MegaMat, Zempire Monstamat, S2S Comfort & Black Wolf Hexatherm
  4. How to Inflate an Air Mattress with Garbage Bag
  5. The BEST and WORST sleeping pads of 2022
  6. Why Is this the BEST SELLING Sleeping Pad on Amazon? SleepingO Sleeping Pad Mat
  7. Next Level Air Mattress

Air Bed vs Foam Mattress – DIY Camp Bed – Burton Builds

hows the chaps quick one from the,burton builds garage ive literally had,hundreds and hundreds of people asking,how did i make such a nice camping bed,actually ive only had one so this video,is for you francois hope you enjoy,[Music],so this used to be a queen size folding,air bed made by campmaster one of those,beds that youve got to blow up yourself,so the original bed has this canvas and,nylon style pouch on the top just frilly,shits hanging off the bottom and what,you do is you blow up your air mattress,slide it into the pouch zip it up and,youre pretty much guaranteed to enjoy a,fairly shitty nights sleep and im sure,many of you have woken up in the morning,find yourself sleeping on the floor,because the damn mattress has gone flat,and youve got to blow it up again we,use this bed for a few years with a,blurb mattress and its pretty crap so i,decided to make another one so what i,ended up doing is unscrewing this pouch,from the top of the frame tracking it in,the pocket bucket getting rid of that,shitty air mattress and then using the,existing frame putting a wood top on and,getting a foam mattress and with this,setup i can guarantee you its,definitely not the mattress youre going,to be pumping in the morning so this,setup uses the original bed frame with a,plywood top and then some cross bracing,running underneath the top,as you can see the plywood top is made,out of three panels it is 12 millimeter,thick plywood and the two panels on the,outside are slightly smaller than the,panel in the middle the two panels on,the outside are 630 millimeters wide by,1340 millimeters long and the center,panel is a 730 millimeters wide by,1340 millimeters long the reason i made,this center panel slightly wider than,the two outer panels is because of the,location of the legs underneath the,frame this middle leg and that middle,leg now i wanted these two legs to fully,support this center panel reason being,is because most of our body weight is,generally over the center part so if we,have a look underneath we can see he has,the top support of this leg he has the,top support of that leg and you can see,that its just,on the edge of the center panel over,here and just on the edge of the center,panel over there having a look at the,two outer panels the outer panel on the,far side is constructed exactly the same,way as the panel on this side so they,are actually interchangeable and if we,look here the outer panel is supported,by this outer leg over here its fully,supported here but theres no support in,the center so what i ended up doing is,using four beams underneath well look,at these later and these beams run from,this side all the way to the other side,and they are screwed together so theres,two screws here and theres two screws,down there or two bolts actually so once,thats bolted up uh the piece of wood,underneath here or this wooden beam,supports the inner section of this panel,and of course we dont use it like this,when we use the bed,its pulled,over the top and it is fully supported,weve used this for many years have,never had any problems the bolts that,hold this hole are together so the,bottom beam to the top panel are six,millimeter by 75 millimeter long bolts,and on the top weve got a washer with a,bit of a domed flat head screwdriver,bolt there and on the bottom weve got a,washer with a wing nut so this setup,makes it pretty simple quick and easy to,get together and you dont really need,tools so just to show you the beams on,the underside of the bed there is the,bed frame its all folded up and there,are four beams one two three four these,beams are 22 by 44 millimeter pan,nothing special super cheap stuff and as,we mentioned before they are all bolted,together with a 6 by 75 millimeter bolts,so theres four along that beam four,along this beam four along this beam and,four along the beam underneath my legs,so ive just chucked the bed frame back,onto our bed now of course this bed is,upside down,itll be quite uncomfortable if you try,and sleep on it like this but what i,wanted to show you was the position of,the beams so i ended up going,positioning the beams you can see,theres the outer one over here and its,positioned just to the outside of the,bed frame and then on the other side the,same thing this beam is positioned,positioned just to the outside of the,bed frame and then for the two center,beams i kind of just guessed these i,thought where would people be sleeping,and i thought i would put each one of,those beams underneath where a person,would be sleeping now of course you,could put on more beams if you wanted to,you could put on maybe a fifth one and a,sixth one over there but i mean thats,up to you i must say that weve been,using this for a couple of years weve,never had any problems so you know,i guess take that with a grain of salt,maybe try it with four beams first and,if it does feel a little bit wonky then,add a fifth and a sixth beam the last,thing to talk about is how we join the,wooden top to the frame of our bed now,if we didnt join these together the,frame and the wooden top would slide,around and potentially slide off the,corner and the bed could break or fall,apart not going to be very comfortable,for you so what i ended up doing is at,each of the four corners of course this,is only one of the corners i drilled a,six millimeter hole and then there was a,little bit of plastic that was left over,there i also drilled a six millimeter,hole there so we line those two up and i,use the same six millimeter bolts this,one is 50 millimeters long although,yours probably doesnt have to be that,long this is just what i had on hand we,slide the bolt in from the bottom,tighten up the wing nut with a washer,at all four corners and then youll find,once you set the the frame and the bed,onto the ground is going to be rock,solid,so after weve put the four corner bolts,in chuck the mattress on top we can pull,over a queen size fitted sheet and then,the rest of the sheets duvets pillows,etc and it makes for a really really,solid night sleep i must say it does,take a little bit longer to set up,relative to just a blow-up mattress but,you know what when youre camping for,one week two weeks three weeks at a time,that extra little bit of setup is,definitely worth the effort so francois,there we go this is how the bed was made,and hopefully you found it useful if you,did please hit the thumbs up button and,for everybody else that is watching if,you found the video useful or,entertaining please give it a thumbs up,it really does help to get the video,shared,also leave us a comment let us know what,you think maybe youve got your own,camping tips and tricks when it comes to,diy beds and what has and has not worked,for you guys thanks very much for,joining me my name is grant burton this,is the burton builds garage and you guys,will see me in the next video,cheers,[Applause],[Music],you

Sleeping Pads for Backpacking (Inflatable vs. Foam)

youve hunted hard all day you put tons,of miles on your boots and now youre,sitting at camp eating a freeze-dried,dinner,and wanting nothing more than to climb,into your sleeping bag and sack out for,the night,but if you didnt choose your sleeping,pad carefully youre gonna get that,awful awake every 20 minutes kind of,sleep and thats going to get old,real fast lets fix that,[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up guys its eric from late to,the game outdoors and today were,talking about sleeping pads,when i first started back country,hunting i had absolutely zero idea,how important these were i mean i had,one im not an animal,but it was a total afterthought i spent,a couple seasons,on the super cheap rolled up foam thing,that you get at walmart for like 15,bucks,looks like a giant green ho ho tied to,the outside of your pack,zero insulation virtually no actual,padding,it took three nights during a cold snap,on a january deer hunt,before i finally decided that simply,wasnt cutting it so i decided it was,time for an upgrade,but i had heard all these horror stories,about guys popping holes,in an inflatable pad and it kind of,freaked me out it made sense that the,inflatable,would be immensely more comfortable but,it felt like gambling,like id either have the best nights,sleep or it would pop,and id have the absolute worst nights,sleep,wanting to play it safe i went with the,classic therm-a-rest,egg carton thing this one was lined with,the reflective coating thats supposed,to reflect your body heat back into you,keeping you warmer i also had vague,memories of,sleeping on an egg carton style pad like,that in boy scouts,and figured it would be more comfortable,at least than the simple flat pad i had,been on,then i took it to colorado for six,nights im talking about a little place,called,aspen actually it wasnt aspen but,thats beside the point,im a side sleeper and on shorter trips,that were just like a night or two long,i didnt have any major issues but after,three or four nights sleeping on that,thing,my shoulders and my hips were starting,to kill me,like id sleep for about an hour wake up,with those two highest,impact spots aching flip over to my,other side catch another hour of sleep,wake up with the same problem flip back,over,it was like that all night,the foam just wasnt cutting it and as,if i was still going to talk myself out,of switching from the foam,a massive cold front moved in and,nighttime temps dipped below freezing,for the love it was so cold,that little silver coating might as well,have not been there,i could feel all the cold coming up,through the ground,and since the down in the bottom of the,sleeping bag gets compressed under your,body weight,it turns out youre really relying on,your pad for warmth,on the bottom so i survived that trip,and,immediately started shopping for a,backcountry inflatable sleeping pad,fortunately companies have finally,adopted a consistent rating system for,just how warm their pads are,so look for the r value number when,youre checking out options,the higher the number the warmer the pad,unless youre planning to buy a pad for,summer only kinds of trips and whos,doing that,id recommend making an r value in at,least the mid threes your,minimum requirement and honestly theres,almost,no reason not to push it above four if,you plan to take it on some potentially,sub-freezing,late season hunts the first night i,spent on my inflatable pad was,magic it had an r value of 4.8 and i,could literally,feel the heat radiating back into my,body all night long,then i got down into the high 30s and it,almost felt too warm,sometimes but i knew that first night,that i would never go back to the foam,pad,the risk of an inflatable pad failing,was well worth the warmth and comfort,in my humble opinion that being said i,did have that first pad fail eventually,second year in colorado on the last,night of the trip i woke up a couple,times and in that like,half dazed stupor you feel in the middle,of the night i kept thinking,man why does my butt and hip hurt well,it turns out the pad had popped in the,middle of the night and was losing air,slowly enough to just gradually let,those high pressure areas hit the ground,if it was the middle of the trip i did,have my old foam pad back at the truck,and i could have made that big round,trip to swap it out,but since it was conveniently the end of,the trip anyway i just packed out of,there to deal with customer service,later,which actually leads me to a quick,endorsement of nemo and their incredible,customer service,i explained to them that i had spent a,total of about 10 nights on that pad,that i had thoroughly cleared the ground,i was running a footprint under my tent,there was no reason it should have,popped i sent it in and they confirmed,it had failed when it,shouldnt have and they were going to,make it right unfortunately it was smack,dab in the middle of covid,they were out of stock on most of their,pads but they gave me full retail credit,for the pad and all i had to do was,wait a little bit for their warehouse to,reload it actually ended up working out,for the best,to shave a few ounces and dollars i had,decided to buy the regular size pad,listen im six foot one i weigh about,210 pounds,im not a giant but im not a small dude,and i figured i was just small enough to,make the regular pad work,but man was it a pain if i laid on my,back my torso was,exactly as wide as the pad so my arms,hung off each side,and were annoyingly cold when i turned,on my side i,couldnt bend my legs too much or they,would start to slide off the pad also,so when some pads finally became,available on the site i opted for a,different model than i had at first,the tensor alpine ultralight and i went,with the tall wide,size its the same 4.8 r value and,only added six ounces to my whole setup,it is,heaven i finally feel like im not,fighting to not,fall off the pad all night and its so,warm,ah esther is warm plus just a little,bonus,that has me fully in love with nemo at,the time the cost of my first pad they,had refunded me was almost a hundred,dollars more than this,pad so i also picked up the nemo spike,tent i had been wanting to try,just by adding a few bucks to the deal,theyre a great company to work with,okay to wrap this up if youre currently,into or even thinking about trying back,country hunting or even just backpacking,an inflatable pad is absolutely the way,to go,my new pad and most of the other pads,out there they come with a patch kit,built,right into the stuff sack so if you do,run into a leak you can fix it,and get back in the game without it,ruining your whole trip its a,little more weight but the warmth,doesnt even compare,to the lighter foam options those foam,pads with the reflective coating can,only seem to get up to about a two on,the r value scale,and so other than mild nights in the,middle of the summer i just dont think,that cuts it,if you want to check out this pad in,particular ill put a link down below,and if youre even on the cusp of the,tall wide spectrum,do yourself a favor and just buy the,bigger one i guarantee,you wont regret it if you havent,already please do me a favor and,subscribe right down here,and if you want to see how this pad ties,in with the rest of my backcountry kit,check out this video over here to see,the full gear dump,and if you want to see one of the,colorado hunts i just talked about,go ahead and check that out right over,there thanks so much for watching,i will see you guys next time,you

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Best self inflating camp mats: Exped MegaMat, Zempire Monstamat, S2S Comfort & Black Wolf Hexatherm

there are a lot of these ten centimeter,thick square sided mats in the market,now in choosing one can be a little,difficult Im gonna run you through the,differences of for the best so lets get,started,[Music],snow is here today and I want to help,you try and decipher which mat is going,to suit you in this new new range or not,so new range of square sided ten,centimeter high mat these are kind of a,deluxe option for camping we offer,insulation comfort support and they pack,up reasonably small for transport you,can replace your swagg met with these,guys where you can just use them by,themselves,Ive got four brands here today oka the,exped which spinning around for a long,time its kind of where it started but,then weve also got Zen pyar to see the,summit and black wolf also in the game,with these square sided mats Im just,going to run through each one,individually to try and point out the,key differences if we start with the,mega mat now this is the the megamat ten,so this is a 10 centimeter high mat x,paired to a huge range of mats Ive also,got seven and a half centimeter mats and,they also have a 15 centimeter one self,comfort is their app upmost priority for,you have a look at their 15 centimeter,map but the features are pretty much the,same theres a stretch Trico top on here,its kind of a comfortable stretchy sort,of feel it allows you to sink into the,mat and a seventy five dynamic denier,side and base on here so its nice and,durable square sides the same as all,these mats have got and this has been,around for a long time and we get lots,and lots of positive feedback about,people sleeping comfortably on this map,is by no means the cheapest in this,range now which is wise Empire came into,the market and they brought out this one,here called the monster mat now this guy,here is slightly friendlier on the wall,at the constructions much the same with,the square sides its a 50 so its a 30,Danny at top and sides on this one with,a 75 denier base its a slightly heavier,mat the foam feels thicker Im gonna lay,them side by side sort of show you how,dense the phone feels shortly and the,valves are slightly different but its a,more and cost effective way of getting,comfort out of your care,that see the summit also brought theres,that and I see the summit in terms of,where their brand sits theyre probably,most similar to to expert I would say so,hes the brand here 10 centimeters thick,once again theyve got a slightly more,set of rounded corners on here theyve,got their own valve on there theres,also a 50 denier top on this guy and 75,denim Deni outsides and base so I also,really durable and now these havent,been quite as popular as the expert mega,man solvers Empire and wants the mats,Im not sure why because see does,someone have got a really good name in,in their sleep systems probably more so,in the lightweight sleep systems but,this is still a really good quality mat,and it packs up nice and small and the,last weve got here today is this one,here which is the black wolf man now,this is the newest to the series so we,dont have a lot of background on this,one yet or time in the field but same,sort of construction with 10 centimeters,sides you know they say this is a,hundred Danny of fabric it doesnt,actually feel that big so I dont have a,confirmation on just what the fabrics,are but it does have a nice soft feel to,it and the base also feels like roughly,other sort of 75 denier base so it is a,bit more durable on the bottom there,they call this the hex of them Maithili,I think the system that they they put,inside for the insulation and the,support is hex with them not sure why,because theyre square and rectangle,shapes in there but thats the name they,give to this range of mats the next,thing I want to cover off on are the,valves on the map because theyre all a,little bit different with the exception,of two black wolf mat on top heres is,this its a 2-way valve but its got a,little thing that spins around the,middle here this can actually come right,out if you like now this is got a little,rubber valve inside there so it allows,air through one way and not the other so,when this is in here we spin around this,way its allowing air to come out and,not back in if we spin it around the,other way its then an inflate mode,allowing air to come in and not come,back out so an effective valve I guess,you only downside is that this thing can,come loose so you want to make sure its,there when you pack it up after you from,finished using the map moving down to,the sea to summit map theyve got their,own little valve here which is kind of a,two-way valve so with this first spot,impossible with,these in place its incomplete deflate,mode so thats completely open to the,phone that you can see inside there when,we put this valve fit or first section,in place thats in inflate mode so its,going to allow air to come in to the mat,but not be squashed out and then third,cap is to seal it up completely so when,were using it we leave it like this,when were inflating it we just want,this top flap open and then when we go,to pack it up we open it up completely,to squeeze the air out moving down to,the Zen pie mat now these have the same,pretty much the same valve is the black,wolf mat with a little removable one way,spinning valve this is inside here a,little bit fiddly to use then the,sea2summit mat but still quite effective,and lastly Exped which weve got there,well known at a two valve system here,inflate on this side with a little,one-way valve in there that can be,adjusted with the tab that comes on,there on the kit the cap this and when,this is inflated really tightly you can,use this just to push on there to let a,bit of air out to adjust to your,preferred comfort and then on the other,side here is a larger deflate valve once,again a little one-way valve in there,that lets air out doesnt allow it back,in so you can roll it up unroll without,inflating by itself and then roll it up,again to squeeze even more air out and,then with regards to the way to the mat,its going to determine depend on which,size mat you purchased but Ive got all,Kings single sizes theyve all got their,own name for a king single mat and but,these are all Kings single and I wont,go into the specifics of the weight but,to give you a broad idea the exped mat,and the sea2summit mat are the lighter,of the of the mats here at around about,the two and a half kilo mark and then,the zem Peyer and the black ball from,out here a little bit heavier to round,about the three and a half kilo mark so,if away is a big consideration for you,theres sea to summit and Exped are,going to be a better option and then if,we talked about how warm for how ensure,that if the mats are once again Im not,going to go into the specifics because,the way our value is tested has changed,a bit lately theres a new standard,called ASTM F 3340 – 18 some of these,maps have been tested – that some,havent maam,they all come in at around about our,point or our eight,with the exception of the sea2summit map,which is around about r6 but check our,website for the latest detail on that,because they do always seem to change a,little bit depending on where and how,its tested and with regards to the sizes,of the mats and whats available the,black wolf hexa format here comes in two,different sizes a king single and a,double seater summons mats they do three,sizes what they call a a regular or a,long sorry a long and wide and also a,double mat zem Peyer also do three sizes,single a king single and a double and,the most range you get in the mat so the,biggest range you get is from ex bed the,monster massive ailed will in multiple,sizes but they also do range is sort of,above and below this the one above is a,15 centimeter mat the one below is a,seven a half centimeter mat and theyre,all available in different sizes as well,so you get the biggest choice from,expert here now the most important,question is which mounts the most,comfortable now this is a really,sub

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How to Inflate an Air Mattress with Garbage Bag

كيف حالكم جميعاً,مرحباً بكم من جديد في مختبري,حيث السلامة هي الأولوية رقم واحد,اليوم سنقوم بملأ فراش الهواء بواسطة كيس قمامة,لنتابع هذا معاً,يجب أن أقوم بملأ فراش الهواء هذا,ولا يوجد لدي مضخة هواء لانجاز الأمر,ما يمكن أن نفعله هو إحضار كيس قمامة ونمسك الزاوية ونقص منها قطعة هكذا,بوووم!,كما ترون, بدون مضخة هواء, سيستغرق مني الأمر 30 دقيقة وربما سيغمى علي,بسبب انقطاع نَفَسي,وأنا أنفخ الفراش بواسطة فمي,إذاً لدينا ثقب مثل هذا,حتى إنه بإمكانك أن تمزقه لتفتحه إذا أردت,أيضاً في الواقع سنحتاج إلى شريط مطاطي,نسحبه هكذا,نضعه,تأكد أن تفتحه, نضعه فوق الفوهة,ثم سنقوم بوضع الشريط المطاطي حوله,ما سنقوم به, هو رميه هكذا عدة مرات,ثم نغلقه,وثم نضع كل الهواء داخل الفراش,لنحاول هذا مجدداً,أتعرفون؟,ربما هذا الكيس كبير قليلاً وثقيل جداً,لذلك في الواقع سأقوم بإحضار كيس قمامة أصغر,حسناً, من جديد لدي هنا ثقب على جانب الكيس,ثم سأقوم بإحضار شريط مطاطي متين جداً,وأضعه حول الثقب هكذا,ثم سأحضر الكيس والشريط المطاطي,وأضعهم تماماً فوق هذه الفوهة,هذا هو,سنقوم بإغلاقه قليلاً,ثم ننفخه,هل رأيتم كم كمية الهواء التي نفخناها بنفخة واحدة ؟ لأن,حتى أننا لا ننفخه هكذا,هذا سيستغرق وقتاً طويلاً,لكن!,ترون, دعوني أخرج كل الهواء خارجاً,لكن إذا قمتم بإغلاق المدخل قليلاً,وثم نفخت من مسافة بعيدة,لنرى ما يحدث,انظروا!,نفختان اثنتان,كيس قمامة ممتلئ بشكل كامل بالهواء,والآن سنقوم باستعمال جسمنا,لننقل كل الهواء إلى داخل,فراش الهواء,إذا لم تكن تريد أن تنفخ فيه, يمكنك هذا, فقط قم بالتقاط الهواء,ثم ادفعه داخلاً,التقط الهواء,وادفعه داخلاً,هل ترون كم من الهواء قمنا بملأه,تعرفون, أنه بالفم فقط, سيستغرق مني الأمر للأبد من أجل ملأه,تعرفون ماذا؟ لقد نجح الأمر بالكيس الصغير,لأجرب عمل هذا بكيس القمامة الكبير من جديد, وربما سيكون أسرع بكثير بالكيس الكبير,تدرون, بالكيس الكبير يمكننا فقط رميه هكذا وبدون حتى أن ننفخ فيه,وثم ندفع كل الهواء للداخل,هذا الكثير من الهواء, انظروا لهذا,كيس قمامة ممتلئ بالهواء بشكل كامل,واااااو, انظروا إلى هذا, كم هي كمية الهواء من مرة واحدة,وبكيس أكبر لست بحاجة حتى أن تنفخ,كل ما علي فعله هو القيام بهذا,التقط بعض الهواء,نغلق النهاية,وندفع بعض الهواء داخل فراش الهواء,هذا رائع!,هذه أفضل طريقة,نفتحه مرة أخرى,نلتقط الهواء,وااااو, هذه يمكن أكثر كمية هواء,واااو! يمكنني رؤية فراش الهواء وهو ينتفخ بسرعة كبيرة, ,حسناً, عدة مرات من هذا الكيس وننتهي,انظروا لهذا,لا تريد أن تنفخ الهواء بسرعة كبيرة لأن الشريط المطاطي قد ينقطع, ,أحب هذه الخدعة من خدع الحياة أو مهما تريدون تسميتها,أتدرون ماذا؟ الكثير من الأوقات كان لدي فراش الهواء ولم يكن لدي مضخة الهواء أو ان البطاريات قد فرغت في المضخة,لذلك بالتأكيد سوف استعمل هذه في المرة القادمة,رائع!

The BEST and WORST sleeping pads of 2022

i kind of feel like this,would be the best sleeping pad like all,of them at the same time all right,i think thats insane,theres like 1500 worth of sleeping pads,here whats up guys my name is dan today,were talking about the best and the,worst sleeping pads that ive used in,2022,uh obviously i didnt use all of these,in 2022 so 2021 used all of them uh 2022,so here we are what do i think you,should buy what do i think is the best,what do i think is the worst were gonna,get into all of that in this video but,more than that i think im going to show,you and tell you which ones i think you,should be using in specific situations,as well but were also going to tell you,if i had to pick one sleeping pad like,if i didnt have the luxury of having,more than one sleeping pad or having all,of these sleeping pads which one of,these would i choose as my only sleeping,pad for all year long for every,situation we are going to pick the worst,sleeping pad real quick uh before we get,into that i want to talk about how i,even came to the conclusion whats the,best whats the worst i came to that,conclusion based off of really three,things the the weight of the sleeping,pad uh the function of the sleeping pad,like what season is it how well did it,sleep you know is it warm is it not warm,and then also the price of the sleeping,pad like what,is a good budget sleeping pad i mean,what am i paying too much for it based,on all of those things that i just,talked about the worst sleeping pad for,sure is this one here this is the ceta,summit,this is the etherlight xt extreme,im going to tell you exactly why this,is the worst sleeping pad so theres,really two big reasons that are deal,breakers and why this is the worst,sleeping pad ive ever purchased ever,the biggest reason is that i froze on,this sleeping pad at 20 degrees,fahrenheit,with a foam sleeping pad underneath it,in the winter time i was directly on,snow but that never should have happened,with this also this sleeping pad,packs down to an enormous size so if,youve got a lot of stuff in your,backpack this is probably not going to,fit in there very well,it is a comfortable sleeping pad to,sleep on though so if youre into just,that thats fine and then they also say,that this is a backpacking sleeping pad,theres no way this is a backpacking,sleeping pad based on the size alone,when its,packed down as a matter of fact on their,website they used to say it was a car,camping sleeping pad but now they say,its a,backpacking sleeping pad so theres that,this is the climate static v insulated,sleeping pad i think this is probably,the best budget sleeping pad on the,market it is astm rated at 1.9 which,isnt terrible so this really makes it,about a two season sleeping pad but its,a wide sleeping pad at 23 inches and,this thing costs under a hundred dollars,and its still pretty comfortable for,what it is if you are into ultralight,like you want the absolute lightest,weight possible this is probably the,best on the market for it this is the,therm-a-rest uber light this sleeping,pad is probably the best sleeping pad,for something really specific and thats,for a long distance hiker so the guy who,uh just wants the lightest weight,sleeping pad and gets like the best they,can out of it this is a really good one,for that there are probably better ones,on the market but this one is as far as,one i own it fits that build this is a,2.3 r value pad so its like this fringe,season so like early spring late fall,possibly it should keep you warm down,too but man lightweight,really comfortable not a bad sleeping,pad its not my favorite its not the,best in my opinion but this is certainly,a contender,well what one is the best dan,emmett youre just gonna have to wait,dude would you stop asking me that just,like everybody else youre gonna need to,wait okay this is the nemo tensor,insulated pad this is the updated,version by the way,this was like a 3.5 r value pad last,year,this year uh without doing anything like,as far as like making this seem like a,different pad at all like so it feels,the same looks the same same weight same,everything like if you had them side by,side you wouldnt even be able to tell,the difference between last year this,year its now a 4.2 r value pad so this,makes this pretty much a four season pad,so,this is a contender for probably the,best sleeping pad event this is a,contender this could possibly be the,best sleeping pad is it,is it,are you making a decision now finally no,im not im gonna make you wait im,gonna make you wait but this is an,extremely comfortable sleeping pad ive,used this,version of this sleeping pad like the,other one for many years a matter of,fact nemo sent this to me to try out,probably back in like september of last,year so ive had this in quite a few,nights and i really like it its a great,pad all right heres that pump we got to,talk about yeah the air pump we got to,talk about this thank you by the way you,know what im going to talk about its,the flex tail tiny gear uh pump i,personally filled up every one of these,sleeping pads with one single charge by,the way man is this finally gonna be the,best sleeping pad you used all year emma,im not ready to tell you my favorite,sleeping pad just yet but who could tell,you their favorite sleeping pad is the,people over at backcountry.com the,gearheads theyre former olympians,former trail guides and former athletes,so they absolutely know their stuff what,kind of things could gear heads tell me,about a sleeping pad well they could,tell you the size of it they can tell,you the weight of it they dont even,have to tell you about sleeping pads,they could tell you about all kinds of,stuff that you could buy for backpacking,so basically they would be a lot more,useful than you,anyway this is the big agnes qcor slx,sleeping pad uh if youre looking for an,extremely comfortable sleeping pad,and one thats budget friendly,and one thats like three season this is,probably the sleeping pad for you this,is a 3.2 r value sleeping pad so you can,certainly take this down to about,freezing,this is also a very thick sleeping pad,and,and there was something else i was gonna,say oh this sleeping pad on the high end,only costs about a hundred and twenty,dollars right now so these are on sale,which is absolutely insane so this is,probably the best buy,like right now if youre looking for a,sleeping pad today before theyre gone,this is probably it this is also from,big agnes this is the repeat,sl,sleeping pad this is pretty much,identical to the green pad that i just,showed you from big agnes the qcor slx,the only major difference between these,two pads is that this one is a higher r,value at about 4.5 so this one is,actually really competitive to the nemo,tensor insulated pad the yellow one that,i showed you,the big difference between this one and,the nemo being that they are both,exactly the same r value and,approximately the same weight size,everything is that this ones actually,in my opinion more comfortable because,its a little bit thicker,so if you want a more comfortable,sleeping pad than the nemo this will be,it although some people like to have the,nemo because the nemo doesnt have like,sides that kind of come up on this edges,here but i like these sides that sort of,come up on the edges here because they,kind of make me feel like the pad is,actually wider than what it really is,because it sort of holds me up on the,pad as im sleeping,so this is well possibly the best,sleeping pad ive ever bought now this,is the therm-a-rest neoware x therm,sleeping pad i have had this sleeping,pad for many years as a matter of fact,it was one of the first sleeping pads i,ever used for backpacking,oh boy i sure am glad i brought this new,sleeping pad i cant wait to try it out,dude emmett this sleeping pad,might be it,it might be it this could possibly be,the best,heres why im not saying it is the best,im just saying it could be the best but,heres why this sleeping pad from what i,can tell from my r

Why Is this the BEST SELLING Sleeping Pad on Amazon? SleepingO Sleeping Pad Mat

my friends welcome to this episode of,the outdoor gear review,what i have here is the best-selling,sleeping pad on amazon,at the time of filming this is the,number one,best seller and my question is why,what makes this so good in this episode,we will take a look at the product,and we will see if we can come up with,an answer to that question,before we get into this video everyone,make sure to hit the thumbs up because,it does help the channel its a great,way to support the channel i purchased,this product with my own money so i can,give you all the facts with no bs,so with that being said let the review,begin to start off here lets take a,look at the box,the name of the company is sleep in go,but personally i like,sleeping oh better super comfortable two,inches,of thickness lightweight not even a,pound,heavy duty it will never leak camping,backpacking,hiking lifetime warranty on the inside,of the box,it says thank you for buying this,sleeping pad please read if you have any,questions,issues heres my personal email the,owners name,is koi west now everyone lets focus on,the sleeping pad itself,in the hand this is a lightweight,sleeping pad theres no doubt about it,the form factor is very good this is,roughly the same size as a water bottle,you have a draw pole at the top it opens,up nice and easy,you have a small repair kit on the,inside,it looks like you have some sealant and,two squares of fabric,now its time to inflate this pad this,is a two-way valve and it has a stopper,on the inside,which means that you can easily inflate,this as you push,air into the pad the stopper will,prevent air from escaping,were nine breaths in and as you can see,the air is not escaping so,right at 11 breaths to fill this up,once the pads inflated flip it over,and its ready to go now everyone lets,go over some stats concerning this pad,first off price the price of this pad is,40,the weight of this pad is 14.2 ounces,and that includes the storage bag the,material for this pad is a 20 denier,nylon,and the dimensions when its fully,stored are 11 inches,by 3.5 the company claims this pad is 75,inches long and 23 inches wide and that,is a little bit generous,when its fully set up it is 74 inches,long 22 inches wide,and it tapers down towards the foot,where it goes down to roughly 12 inches,the company also claims that the pad,gives you two inches of cushion that is,also generous it really depends on what,youre looking at at what point youre,talking about because of the way the pad,was designed,its not two inches all the way across,the pad theres certain spots you have,certain pockets,that are actually over two inches and,you have small little gaps in between,those pockets,for an example take a look at this air,chamber right here compared to,this one thats over two inches,this ones less than two inches less,more a whole lot less and so on,now that weve gone over the stats of,this pad lets talk about my experiences,with it because i do have quite a bit of,experience,with a sleepy pad just like this this is,a relabel,what do i mean by that take a look at,this,you see the logo here that is the only,thing that is different when talking,about this sleeping pad when compared,to many others there are many companies,out there who have the exact,same sleeping pad for an example the,outdoor,whats it called the outdoorsman lab,[Music],hold on whats the name of that company,let me check on my notes here,its the outdoorsman lab sleeping pad,ive reviewed this in the past its not,a bad pad,its exactly the same as this one,theres no difference,the only difference is that logo right,there,and also the claims made by the,companies every company has a different,spin,and sleep and go has a different spin as,well,sleeping oh thats what i want to call,it,anyways lets go over what the company,states as far as features go,selling points go and i will tell you if,they are,realistic or not so lets go ahead and,begin so they say,two inch thick sleep support you will,love this sleeping pad,two inches okay first off two inches is,not enough to really get you off of the,ground,if you are laying on top of this,completely flat you will be off of the,ground,stomach back fine if you turn onto your,side you will be super uncomfortable,with this pad,this pad simply does not offer enough,cushion to get you off of the ground,when youre sleeping on your side,so if youre a side sleeper forget about,it its simply not going to work,i should mention this everyone i weigh,160 pounds and this pad,barely gets me off of the ground when,im laying 100 flat,if you weigh more than me there is a,chance that this pad will simply not get,your body,off of the ground i mean its going to,vary for everyone so,keep that in mind super thick this pad,is not,is it so thick so comfortable that,youre going to love it,unfortunately no thats not the case,they go on to say want to be comfortable,anywhere,no need to suffer from a cheap flimsy,short outdoor sleeping pad,this quality portable camping mat is,perfect super sturdy and extremely,comfortable,great for any sleeping position no,thats not true at all moving on weighs,only 14.5 ounces,on my scale it was less than that 14.2,and packs down to the size of a thin,water bottle,i would say just a regular water bottle,i dont know what they mean by thin,water bottle but okay perfect for a,backpacking sleeping pad no worrying,about room in your backpack,yeah okay thats true this does not take,up much space inside of your backpack,no backaches due to heavy weight very,convenient to carry,and thats all rubbish there youll wish,that you found this years ago,nonsense comes with a sleek storage,pouch sleek what are you talking about,i mean it comes with a storage bag but,theres nothing sleek about this,they didnt reinvent the wheel here this,tough durable large comfy sleeping pad,features a lifetime warranty,economically and practically efficient,with an impressive size blown up of 75,by 23 inches,this camping mattress pad will give you,the comfort you need weve already,spoken about the dimensions,they are generous its roughly one inch,shorter,in every way than the company states,tear resistant heavy duty rip stop nylon,fabric lightweight,sleeping pad its super strong,waterproof camping grade ripstop nylon,fabric,interesting ive never heard anybody use,that term before camping grade,what does that mean i honestly have no,idea,just about any company can say that,about any sort of material,and how would you argue that some of,this is really poorly written with a,impressive twenty denier thickness used,only for the strongest camping equipment,designed to last a lifetime,in the most severe of conditions,hassle-free lifetime replacement no need,to return they take pride in their,customer service and we promise to treat,you like family in addition to the,lifetime warranty if youre not happy,with your purchase we will simply offer,you a refund no questions asked,just let the reviews speak for,themselves now of course i cant comment,on their lifetime warranty maybe its,good maybe its not i dont know,now folks lets talk about my,impressions of this pad so far,as far as quality goes its not bad at,all,i see no issues here when it comes to,the materials,no issues with the cuts the seams,everything looks good theres no issues,with the valve,you dont see any glue coming out from,around it overall the quality looks good,the materials look good,the construction looks good talking,about the valve for a second its easy,to use,you can easily inflate this and also,release the air,as i mentioned before the stowed form,factor is good it doesnt take up much,space inside of your backpack,also this pad is very lightweight and i,have to say folks i do like the green,color of this pad,size wise this pad isnt bad its good,for individuals up to six foot,above that you will need to go with,something else now everyone lets move,to the cons first off,at 22 inches wide this is not a wide,sleeping pad,im not a big guy by any means bu

Next Level Air Mattress

whats up guys this is another blog,matas bed that i put to the test not,too long ago,and it went viral so there was a full it,was a bit too small,so i think this one might be a queen,this thing was over 300,dollars so were gonna flip this,out like this,[Music],look how nice and beautiful it is set up,right now,and that concrete is not smooth at all,which is fine because its going to,slide on this thing over here,so it will work on any surface carpet,anything so it wont get stuck so we,plugged it in,and how do we turn it on,right here inflate,deflate inflate deflate,firm medium to keep it on and stuff,thats kind of cool,so you can keep it right here i guess,im gonna do it firm,okay and lets see what happens,this thing is amazing,[Music],so its like transformer i think i need,to back up a little bit,wow look at that i feel like i need to,show you the bigger,taller view i like that,[Music],you see how its sliding out and opening,up,and this things unfolding and will be,another uh,stand or legs whatever,that thing is just beautiful the best,air beds,you can buy out there you dont have to,feel like you land on the floor you see,how it opened up,isnt cool check this out that side of,the legs doing the same thing,and its gonna touch down in a sec,wow look at that beautiful,and as you can see this is a queen so,much much,bigger one and boom it should off,automatically,now lets fill it out oh yeah,its a bit short but again im six seven,this is much much bigger one uh compared,to the other one,as you can see at least i can play,sideways maybe fit into here,but for the regular height people it,will fit no problem,love this thing so maybe i need like,californian queen,like extra alone uh so for all people,like me,you guys decide what you buy but this,thing is comfortable,love it i cant even set this thing up,outside,really really easily hang out all day if,its not earning by the pool,can be very very comfortable or for the,guests,and once youre done all you have to do,is first inflate,or deflate okay and then its going to,fold itself,and let me show you one combo,check this out its folding,you see im talking about its folding,the same way i have no idea how it works,i guess this thing pulling on it,pulling it together because none of this,stuff is electric,its just kind of connected with the,straps and once this,deflates and its kind of pushes it all,together,i guess because of the straps,beautiful really push back the same way,like it open lets find out,probably will have to push it myself as,i remember i dont remember exactly,how the other one worked,is it almost deflated i mean it will,automatically shut off,once its happened i think its not,okay now its deflated all i have to do,is very very simple same thing just,push this button how,easy was that huh,amazing so let me adjust the camera,now all i have to do is just close this,unplug it of course stick the wire,in and just zip it up,this is the best,most advanced i should go next level,whatever you want to call it,uh yeah for sure,theres a handle and wheels it is heavy,so wheels are very nice and,i think theres a second handle in case,you want to lift it like that,its not super heavy its liftable,pretty easy,but they go foldable air materials,next level love it

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