1. Is this a Good Substitute for Brisket? I think so…How to cook a Poor Man’s Brisket
  2. Brisket prices are TOO high. Try this instead. | Mad Scientist BBQ
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Is this a Good Substitute for Brisket? I think so…How to cook a Poor Man’s Brisket

morning from buckeye barbecue another,brisk morning here,uh today were gonna do a poor mans,brisket,and ive done poor mans burnt ends,before,uh sort of the same way uh today im,going to go through a kind of a,different process were going to try and,were going to end up slicing this and,serving this just like a brisket so,thanks for joining us and lets get this,show on the road,so i want to show you how were going to,set up our charcoal basket,so this is the hunsaker vortex,charcoal basket that im using im going,to use that drum smoker the hunsaker,vortex to cook this poor mans brisket,i actually ran into a,video that harry sue put out and how he,sets up his weber smoky mountains,and thats for all intents and purposes,webers version of a drum smoker so im,actually going to try that method,i usually put wood chuck chunks on the,top of the charcoal so they can smolder,and provide some smoke for the meat,but im gonna do like harry suggested,hes uh won enough first places around,the country that uh i trust what he says,so were gonna put our wood chunks and,im only using four he actually uses a,lot more but hes typically cooking a,brisket so this is going to be a smaller,cut of meat,but were going to put them on the,bottom and cover them with the charcoal,those are actually hickory chunks,which is what im using today,i take that back they are oak chunks i,misspoke,and were gonna just dump our charcoal,into the basket on top of the wood,and i just want to make sure i have,plenty for the cook and i think that,will probably be enough but i want to,make sure,one thing about most drum smokers is,its not easy to add fuel for a long,cook so i always want to make sure i,have enough,and then the next thing were going to,do is kind of clear out a hole in the,center,just sort of,[Applause],there we go and that will be for our,starting tumbleweeds to go,in the center to start the fire,so lets go get our meat prepped,okay so the first thing were going to,do is mix up our rub,which were going to go texas style,today so were going to do nothing but,salt and pepper,so i have some morton coarse kosher salt,and some 16 mesh black pepper,so im just going to mix these into an,empty shaker bottle,it doesnt matter how much,but i do equal parts of each so,im just going to use a quarter cup,measuring cup,and do these in layers and maybe do two,scoops of each see if i can do this,without spilling at all,there we go pepper round one,and its important to get your salt and,your pepper kind of the same size so,they,they sprinkle evenly out of your out of,your jar,so you dont want really fine black,pepper and really coarse salt or,the opposite either so thats why i got,this 16 mesh black pepper its pretty,coarse and it matches the salt,all right,so this is two quarter cup sizes of each,in the shaker bottle,spilled some of that salt but its all,right,much much in the grand scheme,so were just gonna put this lid back on,our empty shaker formerly empty shaker,and mixed around really good,there we go,and i will,pause the video now i think im gonna go,ahead and,do uh another few layers of the salt and,pepper in the shaker just to get it done,since i have everything out but you get,the idea so well come back and get our,meat all seasoned up here shortly,okay so this chuck roast is from porter,road um if youve watched any of my,videos you know that im a fan of porter,road,it is just under three pounds so im,guessing this is gonna be a five to,seven hour cook,maybe less i am going to go to a little,higher temperature,but,uh a good long rest period afterwards as,well,so were going to get this cut open,it is thawed it was frozen because ive,had it for a little while but i pulled,it out a couple of days ago just let it,fall in the fridge,[Music],so,its really a,pretty piece of meat,im going to just use a paper towel,and dry it off a little bit,okay,it is tied so theyve got butchers,twine around it i think im going to,leave that in place,uh there is a natural break in a chuck,roast down the center so,i want to keep it together so a lot of,times chuck roach you buy at the store,dont have that and ive been fine doing,those but uh im going to go ahead and,leave this one,tied together,so were just going to get this all,seasoned up,i tell you what im going to clean my,hands up and get a glove and well come,back and get it going,okay so were going to get this seasoned,up i am not going to use any sort of,binder i usually dont i just dont find,them to be necessary i have before,and you do you if you want to use a,binder mustard or worcestershire sauce,or,hot sauce whatever you want to do,but im just going to start getting this,going ive got my salt and pepper,mixture,and were going to be pretty liberal,with this because it is big and thick,and on a piece of meat like this,you want to be sure and get the sides as,well,so im just going to start flipping this,around actually i,will pat that in first,and then just do every single side,especially want to get your sides when,you have a cut so thick like this,its not super wide or anything but it,is thick,there we go,[Applause],and then well want to do the ends as,well,looking forward to just doing salt and,pepper because ive done different rubs,and there are a lot of good ones out,there,ive even made my own recently which is,not something i do a lot of but,theres something about just salt and,pepper,that,i think is really good on stuff like,this and you dont have to get fancy,especially with a nice cut of meat,i should have shown you up close all the,marbling,that was in this it really was nice,and i have great luck with porter road i,think they put out great products so,thats gonna be good were gonna,were gonna call that done,all right so were gonna next step is,were gonna get our cooker,uh lit up and going while this just sits,and marinates in the salt and pepper at,room temperature for a little bit and,then were gonna get this on the pit,okay so were gonna get our fire basket,lit ive got two tumbleweeds there in,the center with kind of a hole dug out,in the middle which you may or may not,be able to tell that but theres its,just a depression in the center where,were gonna start our fire,so im just gonna use a little torch,here,get it going,and then i i have just standard i,believe theyre b and b briquettes today,um,i usually go with kingsford or bnb,um,or royal oak,all but kingsford i have to order online,but then ive also got these two,uh,lengths of prime six charcoal which ive,got a big bucket of im gonna do a whole,video on it sometime but i use them,kind of to supplement,burns like this theyll burn really long,theyre very dense,very little leftover ash,but theyre great for starting a fire,like this so ill just put those in the,center on top of the,tumbleweeds,and were just going to let this go,outside of the,barrel for probably,10 minutes,just to get a good burn going,but i dont want it to go too far,because this is a low and lower and,slower cook so well bring you back,okay so weve been going about six or,eight minutes here were going to get,our,fire basket in the huntsacre drum,first thing im going to do though put,the brake on the drum im going to use,the foot pedal here and move it to start,because i still want to get some good,airflow in there while this comes up to,temperature,so were just gonna pick the charcoal,basket up,and drop it in the center,and im gonna go ahead and put the,vortex plate on again this is,if youve seen any of the hunsaker,videos before you know that this is kind,of their claim to fame this fan shaped,propeller shaped,smoke diffuser,it really uh,gets the smoke convecting in a spiral up,the cooker,works really well you can even see the,smoke,spinning as it comes up sometimes which,is really cool,and from there were just going to leave,the lid open on this for just a few more,minutes to make sure that this gets a,decent burn started and then we will,close the lid down and let it come up to,temperature,so well bring you back,o

Brisket prices are TOO high. Try this instead. | Mad Scientist BBQ

hey guys welcome to mad scientist,barbecue im jeremy yoder and today,were going to talk about brisket prices,and hopefully find an alternative thats,going to taste just as good and save you,a whole bunch of money,so for me the issue of brisket prices,has been something ive been thinking,about for a long time because ive been,cooking brisket for a while and ive,noticed that the brisket price has kind,of steadily gone up it kind of ebbs and,flows with the seasons but then when the,pandemic hit brisket prices have,seemingly gone through the roof so at,costco briskets were about a hundred,bucks a piece the other day and i,thought this is crazy whos going to,spend a hundred bucks to buy a brisket i,mean if you really really need one then,maybe it makes sense but the whole point,of barbecue in the first place was to,use cheap cuts of meat so the idea was,you use cheap undesirable cuts of meat,you cook them for a long time to make,them tender and smoky and then you have,a great product at the end but most,people didnt want to put in all that,work so the cost of the meat was cheap,so what im going to try to do is find,cheaper alternatives to what have now,become very popular barbecue items and,see what we can make at a low cost so,the first step in that process is to,find a brisket alternative and today im,trying out chuck roast ive done some of,these in the past theyve turned out,really good but im going to do a blind,head-to-head taste test at the end of,this and fortunately for us porter road,has sponsored this video so i have a,brisket here from them and a chuck roast,and i know that theyre both going to be,of great quality and theyre going to be,produced by the same people so its,really a fair comparison all right the,sun was kind of blinding me there so i,moved over here but let me give you the,breakdown of how were going to approach,this so im going to use only salt and,pepper because i want to taste the,flavor of the meat because i want to get,a good sense of what the underlying meat,is like i dont really care so much,about the seasoning because you can,change the seasoning according to your,own preferences,secondly i am cooking these on the,traeger pellet smoker today so ive been,working on trying to figure out exactly,what method i think is best to use with,pellet smokers what kind of pellets are,best i have multiple kinds over here so,this is part of the process of me,testing the thing thats important here,though is that were using the same,pellets and the exact same method for,both the brisket and the chuck roast and,so im going to use some of the same,tricks that i usually use in an offset,smoker ill be using smoked tallow,wrapping and butcher paper all that,stuff but temperatures and pellets and,things like that are going to be,forthcoming in a future video so at this,point were going to take both pieces of,meat out of the package get them ready,for the smoker season them up with your,salt and pepper put them on the smoker,all right just for reference this is the,chuck roast you see that theres,intramuscular marbling there but theres,not a big fat cap on the outside whereas,here we have a brisket it has,intramuscular marbling in some places,and a fat cap on the top side which made,it really good for barbecue now this is,obviously much bigger than this and the,issue that a lot of people face is they,go and spend a hundred dollars for a,brisket and then they make it for their,family and then they have a bunch of,leftovers that they have to freeze and,they really are buying more meat than,they need so if you can get the same or,better results with a chuck roast this,makes a lot more sense for most people,quarter road dry aged chuck roast other,meats dry eggs,cool thing about this is not really,gonna have to do any trimming just,season put it on no weights see the,intramuscular marbling thats what were,looking for,you see that intramuscular marbling is,whats going to keep this thing moist,even though it doesnt have a fat cap or,at least were going to find out if it,does,[Music],with these porter road briskets they,already come pretty much trimmed the way,you need its going to take a little bit,off season it up get it on,[Music],its been several hours at this point so,lets check in on the chuck roast and,brisket and see how theyre doing im,just going to let you know i already,took a peek and theyre starting to look,really nice so theres a deep deep red,color and its starting to form up that,bark thats really hard to get on some,pellet smokers but i think were going,to get it today,[Music],the rest of the way for this cook is,going to be my standard procedure so im,going to use the wagyu beef tallow check,out my hottest milk or brisket video if,youre curious about it but its really,good stuff so im going to put the,butcher paper down put the meat down and,then kind of soak it in smoked beef,tallow so you get the smoke flavor you,get the extra moisture its an amazing,thing but its going to be wrapped up in,butcher paper both the chuck roast and,the brisket were going to finish them,off until theyre tender so somewhere,around 200 degrees maybe as high as 205,but when i wrap is just going to be,determined by the color and the bark on,the outside of those pieces of meat like,i mentioned the cost of brisket is,absolutely sky high right now its,astoundingly expensive and so a huge,thank you to todays sponsor porter road,they sent me that brisket and that chuck,roast to do this test and ive been,using them for years if you guys look,back at some of my old videos ive been,using porter road stuff and have been a,big fan for a long long time what they,do is they try to recreate the,experience of actually knowing your,butcher because at supermarkets a lot of,times you only have a few standard cuts,theres not a huge selection but at,porter road they process the animals and,do a lot of really neat and interesting,stuff that youre not going to find at,your local grocery store so back in the,day you could go to your butcher and say,hey you know what id really like this,cut and they could cut it for you and,porter road tries to bring that to,everybody through the convenience of,being shipped to your door they have a,number of unique characteristics that i,really really like number one they work,with local farmers they do a lot of,stuff in western kentucky where i grew,up and then also in tennessee its just,a really cool thing to see small time,farmers able to do what people have been,doing for generations and produce high,quality beef and that comes to you as a,consumer also they dry age the brief as,a hanging carcass so you get dry aged,flavor without having to lose a lot of,the beef by cutting off stuff thats,hard and crusty on the outside and its,not so overpowering that its,off-putting its basically a,concentrated beef flavor with an added,richness that you only get from hanging,the carcass and aging ive been a fan of,their briskets for a long time but today,im going to find out if im an equally,big fan of their chuck roast i know that,everything that ive tried from them has,been really good the pork and the beef,so id encourage you guys to check it,out im going to put a link in the,description and youre going to get a,discount of 15 off in addition to the 15,off any orders over a hundred dollars,shipped for free so you get cuts that,you might not find locally you get,something thats of top-notch quality,its dry aged packed with flavor and you,get 15 off and if you spend over 100,bucks you get free shipping this is 100,worth your time,[Music],[Music],[Music],okay guys its been a very long day and,my daughters asleep so i cant be loud,but here we have our finished brisket,and our finished chuck roast,just from observation it looks like the,chuck roast has maybe a little bit,better bark and what im really,wondering is maybe it has more smoke,flavor especially when you have,something like a pellet grill where the,smoke flavor is a little bit limited so,you guys h

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Which is better … Smoked Chuck or Brisket?

hey pitmasters what is up today were,going to find out which is better,brisket or Chuck,[Music],so Ive got these beautiful giant pieces,of meat a brisket not a full size pecker,but a normal-sized brisket and a chuck,because I wonder which one of these is,gonna taste best we already did a video,for testing butchers paper where we use,chuck instead of brisket and oh man it,turned out really really good so what,were going to do now is compare these,two and find out which tastes better,brisket or chuck both these cuts are,perfect to be smoked just look at the,marbling that we got in this Chuck,fantastic the brisket also has a lot of,inter muscular fat look at that were,going to keep this original Texas style,and were going to season them with salt,and a heavy coat of pepper,first well grind up some pepper these,are black pepper corns I will mix our,peppercorns with an equal amount of salt,well sprinkle that on to our brisket do,the other side as well,I left a fat cap on this brisket because,theres just a little bit of fat in,there and its just gonna help add,flavor to our brisket well do the same,for our chucker of salt and pepper on,all sides for my smoked wood Im using,beets because I love it so much and its,local this is very important if youre,smoking your meat choose something local,Hickory would be great pecan will be,great if youre in Europe oak and beech,would be great of course I already set,it up the Big Joe is ready to go Im,gonna put the heat deflectors in put the,grill grates in position put the meat on,now were ready to go well close the,lid and let it run at a temperature of a,hundred and ten degrees Celsius our,brisket and Chuck have been smoking for,around three to three and a half hours,Im gonna check on them and see how the,crust is doing Wow look at that we can,see that our chuck roast got a nice red,mahogany like color and it looks like,the brisket has a little less red color,but of course the fat cap is here so,thats preventing from picking up smoke,but if you look on the outside,you got that beautiful red mahogany,color that smoke color perfect lets,take a look on the bottom its looking,good,its time to rip these in butcher paper,and put them back on the grill now well,close the lid and let this continue to,smoke until we reach the core,temperature of 92 degrees Celsius we,cooked our brisket and Chuck for five,hours in that paper it should be done by,now lets check just using my probe to,see which temperature weve got Im,looking at a temperature of 94 degrees,Celsius so were done were actually two,degrees over what I was aiming for so,were gonna take them off the grill now,were going to let least rest for at,least 20 to 30 minutes now while we wait,for briskets the rest we can use that,time to make a brisket sauce so put my,pan on this little stove Im going to,let it come up the temperature Im gonna,put in a quarter cup of a raw cane sugar,half a cup of ketchup a tablespoon of,oyster sauce 3 tablespoons of red wine,vinegar and a teaspoon of Frank red hot,sauce and of course because its a,brisket sauce were also gonna put in,some fresh ground pepper stir that up,when a sugars have been dissolved our,sauce is done well put our brisket sauce,in a bowl and then well start opening,up our brisket package really curious to,see how they both turn out Im just,figuring out a way to best open it,without all these juices dropping out,onto my board definitely being some,steaming going on here smoke flavor look,at that this looks yummy Wow it,definitely got that beautiful smoke B,smell coming straight at us look at how,juicy this look on the outside lets,take this out of the paper,now lets take a look at it Chuck again,the beautiful beef smoked beef whoa look,at this,Wow this is super tender look at how,juicy this is fantastic theres a lot of,fat in that Chuck and its all rendered,down and we just squeeze that brisket,you can see its more tense you see that,the vibrations there are a lot more,tense even though theyve come up to the,same temperature its a little tougher,then when we squeeze into our Chuck I,can also see that the chuck roast has a,much darker bark it looks better than,our brisket lets find that grain of the,brisket which way is it running that,slice into that brisket first our,brisket does look good got a nice bit of,juices from that fat it definitely has a,little bit of pool and we got that nice,smoke ring okay as soon as the brisket,looks so good Im really curious about,our Chuck,[Music],we got a nice smoke ring again a lot of,fed in there it also means a lot of,juiciness look at that havent just,squeeze it you can see that theres a,lot of fat in there both these cuts have,been properly cooked both are tender,both are juicy,I just gotta eat them and find out which,one is really best start with our,brisket tear off a little bit then,[Music],mmm it has that proper briskets flavor,the immediately getting that smoky get,this salty peppery taste its really,good but still has that bite and I like,that now lets try our Chuck Im just,pulling away solid that hard fat and,trying to get an equal comparison there,we go Wow its much more tender but its,also much more rich in flavor but its,not as beefy as the brisket you try to,brisket first beefy still has a bite,[Music],this part of the brisket can be juicier,than this because theres not theres no,more fat in there the the beef doesnt,hold more moist it can only be juicier,if you inject it with fluids,but now try this the thing is if you eat,one bite of chuck I mean immediately,think wow the Chuck is much better I do,prefer the chuck but if you are eating,like multiple slices if you would eat,three slices of chuck compared to eating,three slices of brisket I would rather,eat three slices of brisket because the,chuck has so much fat in it it has the,one key effect,[Music],the one you affect too much Beth yeah,too much yeah if youre really going in,for meal and youre using brisket I,think youre better off than the char,but if you want to just have a couple of,bites or if you want to make I dont,know burnt ends the chuck is definitely,definitely better,I almost forgot about the sauce theres,such a good call I almost almost forgot,about it can I dip yes I can Im the,boss I can do whatever I want,there we go this is good Im not gonna,say it youre gonna say it Ill get you,another piece slice it and dip it into,the sauce,and tell me why this sauce somebody to,go with brisket or with Chuck thats it,because theres a lot of acidity in the,sauce we put a lot of vinegar in this,sauce and just a little bit of sweetness,but also a little bit spiciness and just,bounces out that fat its really,important that you have a sauce and,balances out of that fat,so you get a balanced meal and it,doesnt upset your stomach and you can,keep eating perfect now I can eat three,flies for Chuck now to declare a,decisive winner here its really,difficult because Im brisket its like,a full meal thing you can have multiple,slices and you will be happy eating it,but the Chuck its it just feels juicier,it feels richer is like its got a,better bark its everything is better,but theres just a little bit too much,of everything so one bite or two bites,is enough and that will be ashamed if,you put a whole meal up for it and Im,not gonna declare a winner but if youre,going for small bites,the Chuck is definitely better if youre,going for a full meal go for the brisket,I would love to know from you guys what,do you prefer the brisket arted Chuck,weve coming down below and of course a,big thumbs up I want to say thank you to,all our patrons and the YouTube members,and the guys that are translating the,subtitles in this video if you want to,make subtitles theres a link in the,first comment down below check it out,see you guys next time until then its,Malik keep on grilling,[Music],[Music],Oh,[Music]

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I Smoked This Cut of Beef Like a Brisket and it Blew My Mind

welcome back everyone in this video,weve got a tri-tip steak were going to,do something different with it today,were going to smoke it like a brisket,and see how it turns out,so whatever barbecue youre using set it,up for some indirect cooking today were,going to be using the weber kettle and,were going to be using the snake method,well quickly run through it but if you,want to see a more in-depth snake method,ill link a video,in the description for you to see so,well get started on this bbq setup,right so in preparation open up our lid,vent completely,take our lid off and our cooking grate,and then you want to get some briquettes,and set them up in a domino fashion,were going to be using a 2 by 2 stack,because these briquettes are quite small,if youre using larger briquettes you,can probably go two on the bottom,and then just one on top,through the middle like so when we get,to our second stack,right there you go that should last us,about six or seven hours i reckon,right now what we want to do is get a,couple of fire lighters going,then were going to get our chimney,starter on top and then we want to get,about,12 prickats and we want to get them nice,red hot and ashed over to start our,snake,so weve got about five or ten minutes,now before our briquettes are going to,be ready so weve got this beautiful,two kilo piece of tri-tip its a black,onyx brand from our butcher at austral,meats,so what were going to do now is get it,trimmed and seasoned up well start by,removing,any excess fat and silver skin,so once your tri-tips trimmed you,really want to take note,of the way the grain is running in this,cut its a really interesting cut,so as you can see the grain is running,like so,in that piece and then it actually,starts turning as we get deeper into the,cut so,when we cut this later on were going to,start cutting it,like so and then were going to be,turning our knife as we cut it because,we want to always be cutting against the,grain so its definitely something you,want to take,note of for when were slicing it later,on once this things done,right so now were all trimmed up its,time to season our tri-tip now go ahead,and use your favorite beef rub were,going to be using a,combination of flavors today weve got,top shelf,by our mates from smoky pastures and,incredible all-purpose seasoning,and then were going to top it off with,our steak shooters so well go ahead,and give this tri-tip a nice even,coverage on both sides,so were all trimmed and seasoned up our,briquettes should just about be ready so,lets have a look,right so our briquettes are nice hushed,over red hot and ready to go,so were going to pour them in at the,start of our snake,just going to make sure theyre in a,nice pile,and then were going to open our bottom,vent right up,we can get a drip tray in there if you,got one,and then well get our lid on and start,letting the weather preheat,so while the web is getting up to,temperature we can also get our smoking,wood ready,because this is only a small chunk of,meat were just going to use one,decent chunk of wood weve chosen to go,with some black wood from natural smoke,you can pick up smoking wood and some,rubs from the natural smoke website,again ill put that link in the,description if you did want to buy some,but as for now were just going to get,this weber set up preheated,stabilized off at our cooking,temperature and then well get this,tri-tip on,right so our web is ready lets get this,tri-tip in so well get our wood chunk,on at the start of the steak,well get our cooking grate on,and weve got a beautiful tri-tip,then well get our lid back on right our,tri-tips in were just going to let,this go for a few hours now were going,to control our weather temperatures,through the bottom vent only if we need,to increase temperature were going to,open it up slightly if we need a,decrease well close it down a bit until,we find that sweet spot and were nice,and stable,but as for now were just going to come,back in a few hours once we are happy,with the bark and the color on this,tri-tip,all right were three hours in now lets,have a look at this tri-tip like i said,before were going to wrap this up,once were happy with the color and if,youre looking for an internal,temperature were going to be looking,for around that,160 fahrenheit or 71-ish degrees celsius,so,lets open this up and have a look,youll also notice ive been keeping my,lid vent always opposite to the snake so,the heats passing over and through,whatever youre cooking,so we are right on that,160 range in the thickest part,im happy with the color our barks nice,and sick because you can touch it,without it coming off on your finger,so lets wrap this thing up right so,were going to be using some butchers,paper,were also going to use some beef tallow,in the wrap so ive had this,frozen from a previous brisket cook so,were going to get,a couple of nice little chunks there and,just smear that,where were going to be wrapping this,tri-tip up this is going to really help,with some moisture retention in the,tri-tip its going to also add a nice,flavor so,dont be shy spread it around and well,also put some on top of the tri-tip as,well,im happy with that so get the tri-tip,out now,well get some on top as well,[Music],and well get it back in the weber,all right now our tri-tips back in were,just going to treat it like a brisket,and were just going to let it go until,its probing,tender around that 205 degree fahrenheit,or 96 degree internal mark,we are getting some rain starting to set,in so i do apologize if youre picking,any of that up but as for now,were just going to come back in a few,hours if youve got a meat probe chuck,one of them in,and well be back once we are happy with,our probe tenderness,all right it is absolutely pouring with,rain so i do,apologize for the audio but we have hit,our target,internal so were going to unwrap it and,have a probe around and feel,for probe tenderness,[Applause],its probing nice and soft,oh yeah thats probing,absolutely beautiful all right so im,just going to leave this tri-tip,unwrapped for about five minutes just to,let it steam off so we stop that cooking,process,once weve given it five minutes were,gonna wrap it back up and,let it rest in an esky until were ready,to slice and serve it in a couple of,hours so well come back soon,all right its been about an hour and a,half weve got a break in the rain so,lets,slice this up and have a taste now just,remember to be cutting,across the grain,all right lets have a look,lots of moisture in there,bend test passes with flying colors,holds up on its own weight pulls apart,with ease thats fantastic,right lets have a taste right im very,excited,to see what this tastes like that is the,texture,feels really really good,thats bloody awesome,just so tender and theres so much,moisture in there still,that is really really good ill,definitely be doing that again that is,really really enjoyable not quite as,good as that perfectly cooked brisket,but wow for,a small chunk of meat it was done in,about six hours in total,so much moisture in there amazing,texture,beautiful flavor wow really really happy,with that,youve got to try that yourself i think,the beef tallow really helped keep a lot,of moisture,in there and added some really beautiful,flavor too so,if you can pick up a tri tip dont,hesitate to try that if youve got any,questions,drop them in the comments below but,thats the end of the video guys,thanks for watching and well see you,next time

Best Oven Baked Brisket

hey guys this is mona from dainty bite,welcome to another video and today im,gonna show you how to properly cook a,brisket in the oven this recipe is,really helpful in the winter or if you,dont have an access to a grill or,smoker,and i know nothing beats a good smoked,brisket and living in texas for so long,i know a thing or two about a good,brisket,follow all the tips im going to give,you and youll get it right every single,time lets get started,and this is how you want to choose your,brisket it needs to have a good amount,of fat on one side and trimmed nicely on,the other side just like you see here,this is a six pound piece,and its perfect its not too thick and,thats how you need to choose it it,doesnt have to be too thick and it has,almost the same amount of thickness on,all sides,i gave it a quick rinse and im gonna,dry it with a paper towel,i wrap with vegetable oil on both sides,massage it nicely,and this is the pan im gonna be using i,lined it well with foil paper topped it,with some parchment just for easy clean,up later,nows the time to add your favorite,barbecue seasoning,and i mean a generous amount for six,pound beef brisket i added about a cup,of seasoning on both sides,you can use the barbecue mix of your,choice but i think the most important,spice you need to use is the smoked,paprika its going to give the barbecue,a really special taste,and im using here a mix of salt sugar,smoked paprika cayenne pepper garlic and,onion powder,and as always ill be listing all the,amounts to the spice mix and everything,i used in this recipe in the description,box below so check it out,as you can see im packing the spices,real well,i want it to stick real well to the meat,and the fat part,some people use liquid smoke to give the,brisket that special smoke flavor im,not gonna do that today,im gonna keep it on the counter top,uncovered for an hour i want it to come,to room temperature before i start,baking,an hour later i cover it well with one,parchment paper and i top it with some,foil paper seal it really really well,now lets talk about baking im gonna,preheat the oven to,285 degrees fahrenheit,and im gonna use a convection oven at,285,i find cooking it in a convection oven,seals all the juices inside the meat and,keeps it very very moist,for a six pound piece youre gonna cook,it for five to six hours just make sure,to check on it after five hours it might,need another half an hour or so,and its perfectly tender and juicy,if youre gonna cook it using an,unconvection oven,use the same temperature and cook it the,same way it might need a touch more time,to cook thoroughly and to be moist and,delicious,im checking at five and a half hours,it looks almost perfect im gonna put it,back for another half an hour,make sure to cover it before popping in,the oven,its out of the oven and it looks,perfect i move it to a cutting board and,i leave it for half an hour i want it to,rest before cutting or slicing,i brush it while its still hot with,some good barbecue sauce i make my own,but you can use your favorite barbecue,sauce,one of the most important tips is to,slice the brisket against the grain,i like to slice it into thin slices,just like you see here,[Music],it is so so tender flavorful and juicy,i like to serve with some extra barbecue,sauce on the side,my homemade potato salad,some onions and bread and butter pickles,i really hope you give this recipe a try,and let me know what you think in the,comments box below and dont forget to,subscribe like and share and hit the,notification bell,next to the subscribe button so that you,wont miss any of my recipes and follow,me on social media the links are going,to be in the description box below and,until next time bon appetit,you

EASY Homemade PASTRAMI, Step by Step to Perfect DIY Pastrami!

Here I have a 14 pounds brisket which is choice grade and I am going to be making,homemade pastrami out of it. As you can see after opening the package it comes,with a lot of fat, but since were gonna be smoking and brining this brisket it,is important to remove the fat and heres how I like to trim it.,Since the point is the fattiest part of the brisket theres enough intramuscular,fat so I try to remove almost all of it. But as you can see that is not the case,for the flat, since its normally dry I like to leave at least a quarter inch of,fat so that we can enjoy it. In order to be considered pastrami we have to brine,it in a cure, and these are all the spices Im gonna be using for today. And,remember exact amount and ingredients on the description down below. The first,thing I like to do is toast a few of them to enhance the flavor, so my black,pepper, coriander and mustard seeds get toasted just for a little bit.,Be sure to keep the pan moving and do not let it burn. After just a few minutes,you can really smell the fragrance that comes out of it, that lets you know that,its ready. In order to keep them course I like to grind it with my pestle and,mortar and this is what Im looking for.,Once that was done I like to combine everything together and heres what I,got; a tablespoon of whole cloves, red chili flakes, allspice berries, ground,ginger, ground mace, two crushed bay leaves and to finish it off the crushed,cinnamon stick. Now mix it well and my pickling spices are done.,In a large pot I threw in a gallon of water, threw in my pickling spices,,followed by some salt, granulated sugar and finished it off with curing pink,salt. Now mix it well and bring it to a boil. As soon as it starts boiling remove,it from the heat. In a large container I like to put a cooling rack and throw in,about a gallon of ice. There are two reasons for the ice; one is to cool down,our brine and the second one is that we need an additional gallon of water this,will match up perfectly with a ratio of two gallons of water. It is important,that you cool down your brine you dont whatsoever want to cook your brisket at,this time, so before inserting it make sure its a hundred percent cool. Once,thats done the next step is to put in our brisket. Now theres a good chance,that your brisket will float just like mine so Im using some weights to keep it,down.,Now all theres left to do is close it well with clinched plastic so that it can,brine on my refrigerator for seven days.,Once the seven days were up I quickly removed the Clinch paper followed by the,weights, on a sheet pan I laid some paper towels and removed my brisket from the,brine. And this is what it looked like check it out.,Now if we just went ahead and cooked this brisket as is,,it will be extremely salty. Since it was brining for,seven days the salt really penetrated all the way through, so to tone things,down I am washing the salt off completely. When youre washing it dont,think that youre gonna be washing out all the salt trust me you can wash it,like you mean it. If you skip this step you will be extremely salty. Then I,brought it back into the house and dried it thoroughly. For my rub I kept it pretty,simple. I added some black pepper and coriander. After grinding it course I,mixed it up with some garlic powder, then I mixed it well and my rub was done.,To ensure that my rub was thick I lightly coated it with yellow mustard. It is,important for you to remember that the brisket will shrink as its cooking so,,even though Im seasoning all the way through, I keep that in mind so that I,dont overseason it. Then I transferred it to my smoking pan and here is the,perfect amount of seasoning for your pastrami.,Now all theres left to do is to smoke it. I am smoking this beautiful pastrami at,250 degrees Fahrenheit for five hours. So lets do it!,After five hours I removed it from my cooker in heres what we got. I just wish,you can smell this.,The red mahogany color is an indication that we have a,beautiful smoke throughout the entire brisket. Now that I have the perfect,color and the exact amount of smoke I want, I want to finish it cooking. And in,order to speed up the process I am wrapping in aluminum foil. To finish,cooking it I am leaving it inside of my cooker for an additional five hours. But,I am not going by time Im going by feel. When I poke my probe and theres no,resistance thats when I know its done.,Once it was done cooking I quickly removed from my cooler, wrap it in the,towel and put it on a cooler so that he can rest for at least 2 hours. As it was,resting I decided to toast a few breads to make it Reuben sandwich, just throw in,some butter and toast it until its golden brown. After two hours I quickly,unwrapped, it as you can see, its still blazing hot but I could no longer wait.,So I was rewarded with this. Check it out!,To my surprise a very small part did not get the cure, but if we do a band test,you know how this is gonna taste. Extremely tender and if I pull them,apart, oh yes, as tender as it can be. And there you have it, the perfect pastrami,made at home.,To finish off my Reuben sandwich I threw in some Thousand Island dressing, my,incredible homemade pastrami, a little bit of sauerkraut, baby swiss cheese,melted using my searzall and my Reuben sandwich was done.,Alright everybody we have our beautiful, you know what this is Angel? What?,You know youve been asking me for pastrami, pastrami, pastrami? Mm-hmm,Thats a Reuben sandwich with pastrami. You never had it, Angel never had it he,always wanted to give it a try he want to know what he was like.,What is Reuben? Reuben is called this kind of sandwich and inside of it youve,got some pastrami and some other goodies which Im not gonna tell you, its gonna be,a surprise. I want to know if you like it. Theres no green,stuff and thats a promise. Theres cheese. Yes theres – no you cant dissect it and,take the stuff out you have to go for it all right. Thats not fair. All right lets give it a try,,you tell me how you like it with everything. Im gonna get cheesy, Im gonna get the cheesy side.,The Cure as you saw it there when I sliced it, apparently didnt,go all the way throughout the brisket but at the same time it gave,a nice color where it did. I was just trying to see what the heck is in there, trying to figure it out.,Anyway cheers buddy. Let me know how you like it go for it.,Mmm so soft.,Super, oh my goodness super tender. I love pastrami man.,Wow.,Thats good. That is good huh? It is so much more superior than the,ones that you buy on the supermarket everybody. Its so, so soft. Super tender. Yeah.,Wow. And I cut it thick too.,Its like I barely chewed it. Yeah exactly you know a,lot of people never had it especially from other countries for example in,Brazil, that is not popular. So if you never had pastrami, how can we describe,it to somebody that never had an Angel? Its very peppery, super, super tender, it,definitely leaves… A little tangy on your tongue? That tastes of pepper at the end.,Right hows the aftertaste it like on your tongue you feel it. Feel a little,numbness because its so peppery right. Yeah because so that crust has a little,peppery taste. The brisket is come on its like butter.,The brisket is super tender everybody falling apart. Its super, super soft I think the biggest thing,is thats smoky and and peppery flavor comes through the most I think thats,probably the biggest punch in the face. Mm-hmm. Its good. It is amazing. Angel,approves. Angel approves? Angel approves. It is so much superior than store-bought like,,its not even close. Angel never had it because he cant compare it to it but,I have something for you to compare it to it, I bought it so that you would,compare this one here with the one from the refrigerator from the store the supermarket.,What the heck is this?,Come Angel.,What is that? Pastrami.,Thats pastrami. Dude that looks like so thin.,Yeah its like ham, look.,Obviously this one is gonna be cold but you g

Chuck Roast: The Brisket Alternative

everyone welcome back this is Larry,today Im doing a chuck roast on my,kimono style grill this is going to be,in lieu of a brisket which are really,expensive nowadays if you havent,noticed this on at the grocery store a,brisket used to be the cheap cut of meat,needs to be three bucks a pound it needs,to be less than three bucks of pounds to,be nothing nobody wanted it and then,over the past decade all these cooking,shows come online talking about all,great boy look at this barbecue and,everyone gets on board with the whole,barbecue bandwagon and you know supply,and demand shoots this cheap kind of,meat up to like the price range of a,ribeye of you know steak so why would I,buy brisket whatever so anyway chuck,roast is still in the three and a half,dollar range a pound whereas briskets,been about six bucks a pound in my area,so Ive you know completely gotten rid,of the whole idea of doing brisket right,here anymore doesnt make any sense I,just spent an extra dollar a pound and,buy steaks instead in these steaks right,so here is how you can do something,similar to a brisket with a chuck roast,for much lower price point about half,the price so watch this so now we have,the chuck roast here just imagine this,would be a brisket you can use whatever,spice rub you want on this thing for the,is you would a brisket I have my,favorite right now which is just a,sample for the video do whatever you,want but what I got here is about equal,portions of about table datoria teaspoon,of kosher salt teaspoon of seasoned salt,teaspoon of half a teaspoon of black,pepper but half a teaspoon of paprika,and about 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder,in lieu of a real onion which I do not,have with me today so Im going to mix,these all together and my little,container your shake it up put it all,over the meat,you,I got my fire started here my pile okay,normally do for my indirect cooking if,you want to figure out how to build this,fire from start to finish take a look at,my how-to low and slow video on my,youtube channel it talks about how to,build the fire interweave the wood the,wood Im using this time is actually,cherry wood but I usually for beef is,you like oak dont have it today so Im,just gonna use cherry and lets let this,ignite and well come back,now as this fire is starting to go a,little bit Im gonna go ahead and put my,first level end thats gonna hold my,keep the pan for indirect cooking,throw on the grill top just like that,add my probe eye temperature probe for,the grill just like that Im going to,close the lid crack the vents,accordingly to get the temperature up to,about 225 to 250 the grill is at 226,actually a little higher thats pretty,good though I want to get the tip up to,about 225 to 250 you know anywhere in,the low to mid 200s nah not critical,exactly what temperature but so here we,go my indirect setups ready to go get,that meat on the side tossed the meat,right up on there just like that there,we go and Ill close the lid and monitor,the temps with my remote probe here the,next Im guessing 3 or 4 hours,when the meat gets to about 160 degrees,youre going to want to pull it off and,wrap it in something so you can choose a,wrap it in aluminum foil or you can,choose to wrap it in or not wrapper you,can place it into a Dutch oven with a,lid and let it cook the rest of the way,on the grill okay why why pull the meat,off at all at 160 degrees when its not,done its got cooked I like 190 to 200,degrees well the reason for that is that,the meat has to render all that tough,collagen inside its tissues until liquid,gelatin and thats what makes the,barbecue taste so good and what do you,do at that point is that you want to,make sure that you dont want to lose,some of these juices because always the,meat might dry out or will dry out so,what you do is that you put it in a,Dutch oven in a rapid boil right as the,fat starts to render and thats thats,about 160 170 degrees in that range and,then then youll start to render in the,foil or in the Dutch oven all that,liquid will then base the meat keep it,moist and be part of the final dish so,thats why we do that it meets about,ready to come off right now what I got,here is my a crock pot I decided to add,some vegetables to it put a little bit,of water some salt pepper and some fresh,herbs like rosemary and thyme in there,and I put the meat right on top of this,now the meats at about 160 plus degrees,by 163 actually so take this take this,thing off and put it into my Dutch oven,I just showed you the vegetables see,its the little tough its not tenderize,yet thats thats step two of this this,first half of cooking was really just to,add add some smoked flavor to it like a,brisket okay on we go with the pot right,there close the lid and let that go for,a little probably one more hours its,been several hours probably have only,five since I started this project I,assume that my,chuck roast is finished so I have an,instant-read thermometer here and,theyve come in and sticking the meat,there 205 and it is like butter its,like really tender Wow look at that oh,man this place right up and all that,juice is done in the potatoes and,carrots oh yeah this is really good so I,want to take this off,I move the pot to the table here lets,take the lid off and lets see how this,oh this tastes oh yeah see Im just,using a butter knife and I can still cut,right through this meat like like butter,of course and you got tender this is I,could that right there give a piece,right there,mmm mmm incredible potatoes cut right,off character mmm this is outstanding,Im gonna fix me a plate there we go,well final thing thanks for watching

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