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hey whats up everyone eric bolling here,in todays video i want to show you how,to make the ebee drink now this drink,something I came up with couple years,ago its helped a lot of my clients get,rid of their diet coke cravings soda,cravings etc now the drink while it may,sound weird what the main ingredients,are I guarantee you try it before you,judge it it tastes great but besides,just tasting great and helping to,eliminate cravings it can also aid with,things such as digestion improving your,gut microbiome and also improving,insulin sensitivity so lets go into,what this drink is and how to make it,okay so its pretty simple theres only,three ingredients in here besides the,sparkling water now I have Pellegrino,here you can use Perrier or any other,type of sparkling water that you like,doesnt matter whats sparkling water,and use its just important that you use,one because we want the carbonation for,the fizziness now when it comes to,cravings when it comes to addictions a,lot of the time if we can mimic textures,or an experience somehow we can,eliminate those cravings because it,doesnt feel like youre completely,getting rid of it now when it comes to,things like diet soda or coca-cola a lot,of the times people love the fizziness,or the burn sensation that they get on,their tongue and in their mouth so the,sparkling water acts as a base to do,that after you have the sparkling water,we got roughly eight to ten ounces in,here so right here I have organic,balsamic vinegar now this is where a lot,of people kind of they back off and,theyre a little afraid to do this,because people think of balsamic vinegar,thats disgusting,etc okay well the lemon and the salt,that we have for the next ingredients,are gonna eliminate a lot of the acidity,and the smell of the vinegar same thing,with the carbonation in the water so you,just have to trust me on this one so,dont really know how much this is its,roughly about,five to six tablespoons the brand that,Im using is Napa Valley Naturals now,not endorsed by them but for me its the,best balsamic vinegar that I found to,date for this drink and you can get it,at sprouts or anywhere else I highly,suggest getting a balsamic vinegar that,has five stars okay that it is organic,and when you look at the back of the,ingredients you need to make sure that,it contains no caramel colorings or,added sugars okay so the only ingredient,must be organic balsamic vinegar and or,organic grape must okay no added sugars,no added coloring thats what makes this,work so youre gonna take it and youre,gonna notice what happens to the drink,when I pour it in okay the drink turns,black now we have a fizzing black drink,okay so were almost done with it,so the next thing now I usually prefer,using a line but I didnt have any on,hand so were just gonna take a lemon,for this and squirt it in now I usually,use half a lemon doesnt matter if you,use a whole one it really just depends,on the size of it so now that we got the,lemon in there thats gonna kind of,eliminate that acidity that the vinegar,has and then the last ingredient which,is going to give it sort of a burning,sensation is the sea salt so Im just,using a fine Himalayan pink sea salt it,doesnt really matter what you use I,just highly suggest using a sea salt,dont go and use like a table salt for,this and were just gonna go ahead and,pour about 1/4 of a teaspoon now youll,notice how its fizzing okay because we,just added in sodium to this so now we,have a fizzing black drink thats going,to burn okay now you just go ahead and,mix it a little bit I highly suggest,doing this,I mean I usually use a mason jar dont,try squeezing all of this into a bottle,like this because youre going to have,the whole thing explode you dont want,that so you make a drink like this,the vinegar theres been a lot of,research that shows that the vinegar can,help with things such as improving,insulin sensitivity its the same type,of thing you get with why people want to,drink apple cider vinegar okay theres,nothing real special about apple cider,vinegar the health benefits come from,vinegar itself and what it can do the,acid components that are in it so we,have the balsamic vinegar we have the,table-saw,we have the lemon and then we have the,sparkling water there is some research,the carbonated water can help with,digestion but more than anything this,isnt really a health drink but it can,be a health drink if it helps you to,eliminate certain crazies okay so I know,a lot of people think it tastes,disgusting when Tonya that tastes like a,diet coke okay so tastes amazing Ive,had a lot of people give me some amazing,feedback on it Ive been giving it to,clients for years I dont really talk,about it openly but I want you to go,ahead and give this a try,I include it in my free book that I just,wrote its a 30 page guide to getting,started and getting shredded on the keto,diet and this is one of the main things,I have people start with before they,have breakfast okay so you start your,day with something like this its going,to feel like a little cheat its gonna,eliminate cravings its gonna help you,digest your food better in the day and,its also a great way just to start your,day so give it a try let me know what,you think if this is something that has,helped you leave a like leave a comment,tell me how its helped make sure that,you subscribe and also click that Bell,icon so that you can stay notified and,until then I will see you guys next time,[Music]

How to Make Healthy Soda | Daisy Creek Farms

this is the amount of sugar thats in 1,12 ounce can of soda anywhere from 35 to,39 grams of sugar which is 9 teaspoons,of sugar and the sugar does in the soda,is not just plain or sugar like this one,its high fructose corn syrup and high,fructose corn syrup is the cheapest form,of sugar out there and most of its made,from GMO corn now Im not going to go,into GMOs in this video but in summary,none of this is good for you hello,everyone this is Jack short for check,meat in this video Im going to cover,all natural healthy rate of mixed soda,now summer is upon us and all of us are,craving those cool carbonated sugary,drinks however an average human should,only consume burst 32 grams of sugar in,a day so all the soda thats out there,on the grocery shelves theyre all about,the recommended daily intake of sugar,now the recommended daily intake doesnt,mean you should consume any kind of,sugar not all sugars are created equal,you should always consume sugar drive,from natural sources such as fruits and,honey which is what Im going to be,using in this video so lets get started,number 1 honey ginger soda to make this,drink get a couple of inches of peeled,fresh ginger grate the ginger in a plate,or a bowl transfer the grated ginger to,a strainer squeeze the ginger to extract,the juice get a quarter cup of water in,glass add a tablespoon of honey to the,water and mix the honey well after,mixing the honey add one tablespoon of,ginger juice to the glass get a bottle,of sparkling mineral water without any,added sugar add the sparkling water to,the glass top with some ice cubes in the,sparkling honey ginger soda,is ready its a soda thats actually,healthy for you,next pineapple soda to make this drink,ad cut pineapple to the blender add one,tablespoon of honey and blend the,mixture well add few leaves of fresh,mint and then add sparkling water of,your choice without any added sugar and,a tablespoon of ginger juice and stir,the mixture add lemon to the rim of the,glass place the glass face down on a,plate containing salt to create a layer,of salt all around the rim of the glass,pour the sprawling pineapple soda in the,glass and add some ice top with some,pineapple and fruits of your choice the,pineapple soda is ready with the,sweetness and kick of the pineapple this,soda contains all natural and real,ingredients next barrysarah,add fresh raspberries and blackberries,to the glass smash the berries well to,extract the juice add a tablespoon of,honey to the glass and then add,sparkling water top the soda with some,fresh berries the fresh berry soda is,ready this soda contains a real flavour,of berries without any artificial,ingredients,next grape soda you can make the grape,soda with the same technique mash the,grapes in a glass and extract the juice,leave the pole for texture add a,tablespoon of honey and then X bottling,water the refreshing and sparkling grape,soda is ready you can use wine grapes to,make your soda tastes a little bit more,like wine none of these sodas contain,flavoring artificial ingredients high,fructose corn syrup or refined sugar I,really hope you enjoyed this video and I,hope you have all natural healthy so,that this summer I also made a video,about five healthy drinks you can have,in summer as well,in that video I mentioned these sodas,pose also some other healthy summer,drinks so check the video if youre,interested and Ill see you another,video,[Music],you

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The Cult Cola a fancy alternative to the Rye and Coke – TOTR original cocktail recipe

today guys were solving a problem,to all of you cocktail bartenders that,never know what to do,every time they get asked for a spin on,the ryan coke,and the only idea that you have is to,reach for the bottle of bourbon instead,of rye,well today i think i got an answer for,you,were gonna turn this into something,thats actually pretty good so that will,be my contribution to the bartender,society,youll thank me later if you guys are,ready lets do it,[Music],whats up guys welcome back to the,channel thank you very much for joining,us again for this new cocktail,video so time for the big reveal,the ingredient that will change your,life as a bartender,is,kinoto this famous italian sparkling,beverage,comparable to coca-cola but to my,opinion,much much better it is made out of a,fruit called the kinoto which is kind of,the hybrid between a mandarin and a,bitter orange,but the fruit itself is just not eatable,thats why its always transformed into,something like a jam a marmalade,infused into alcohol or in this case,used to flavor,a delicious sparkling beverage with a,hint of bitterness,which is when you think about it kind of,the dna of the italian,beverage theres a lot of different,brands out there,so today let me introduce you to my two,favorite ones,my favorite one is this one the lurizia,i dont know if i pronounce it well but,anyway you can see it from the bottle so,you should be able to find it back this,one is simply,amazing it is bitter sweet and a,very cool fact about this particular,brand they use a process called the,savona slow food process to make it,which is kind of the eco-friendly way to,make the kinoto,it is an eye-hand product but like,everything thats ihen,it comes with a price tag its about two,or three dollars a bottle,but believe me it is worth it on the,other hand if you cannot find this one,theres a beautiful alternative called,the neri,it is also very good i tried both in the,cocktail,and the cocktail turned out delicious,both ways,so now fun fact about the kinoto when,coca-cola took over globally,kinoto became quite lame in italy and,because now pretty much every bartenders,feel that anything thats mixed with,coke is also lame,i thought it would be the perfect timing,to give back its former glory to the,kinoto,by using this in a riff on the rye and,coke,and i called it the cold cola so if you,guys are ready were gonna start with,one ounce of amaro montenegro,were gonna pour that into our shaker,then were going to add three quarters,of an ounce of bourbon,and half an ounce of freshly squeezed,lemon juice,so now were going to fill our shaker,with ice and because we dont want too,much dilution were just going to give a,quick shake,all we want is to chill it down a bit,and mix all the ingredients together,[Music],so now were going to place a lemon,wheel in the bottom of the glass,and were gonna place our beautiful,clear ice cube on top of it,and were gonna pour the cocktail over,the ice,i dont know if you remember guys but i,got this beautiful ice stem from,atmos ice press and because its the,first time that i used a clear cube,since then i thought it would be the,perfect timing,to use it and if you guys are interested,in i stamp im going to link them,in the description down below so im,gonna make,my stamp here and now you can top it,with about two ounces of your favorite,kinoto and this is it guys this is how,i make the cold cola the cocktail that,will change your life for the next time,someone will ask you,for a freaking riff on a ryan coke so,now lets give it a try,hmm it is fresh,hearty with a hint of bitterness then,the lemon balance the sugar from the,kinoto and the amaro,by the way i used montenegro because i,wanted to add some texture,that may be lacking from the kinoto if,you want to have that feeling of the,rich,syrupy soft drink like the coca-cola for,example,and then the amount of bourbon is a,little low but still very present in,taste,and really makes you feel like youre,having some kind of an elevated,version of the classic ryan coke its,not lame anymore,i love it i hope you will love it too so,thats it for me today guys thank you,very much for watching dont forget to,subscribe to the channel if youre not,already,hit the like and a bell if you want to,be notified when we post a new cocktail,video,until then thank you very much again,have a great day,and see you very soon cheers

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Joe Rogan – The Truth About Diet Coke

you fool I think the problem was like,making sure doesnt taste like [ __ ] when,its going down because like the castle,can you just mix it with sugar and then,you got other problems I know its crazy,what do you think about stevia like so,the stevia theres its its a,non-nutritive sweeteners so its not,like its not like aspartame or,saccharine or whats the other ones,sucralose yeah which by the way those,have all been shown to like screw up the,microbiome yeah those are really bad,yeah they like change food by the way,coke is what the president drinks 12,cans a day of what yes,no wonder whys making [ __ ] decisions,twelve are you serious yeah so New York,Times story,they said that he drinks 12 cans of diet,coke a day and watches as much as eight,hours of television a day so hes hes,literally like a test monkey that really,true thats crazy its really true see,if you can find that article 12 cans of,dare it is Trump reportedly drinks 12,cans of Diet Coke it looks like youre,you losing and using an ad blocker,whats the main the main sweetener in,Diet Coke aspartame is it aspartame yeah,Trump drinks dot twelve diet cokes per,day what can that do to a persons body,and then they have a scientist on were,[ __ ] Ill tell you what it does to the,microbiome it like changes the,composition so that youre like youre,getting the kind of bacteria that are,really good at harvesting the glucose,from from like the small intestine area,and it makes people like become obese,like thats the associative studies and,people like that theyve shown that in,people and then of course theyve done,causal studies and animals showing that,but stevia is interesting because Ive,seen positive studies with that where it,seems to like improve insulin,sensitivity which is kind of weird I,I personally am always Ill use stevia,like if Im like gonna lets make some,hot cocoa with a hundred percent cocoa,and I just tastes like ass Im like I,need some its like otherwise youre,just doing a shot of it like,hot cocoa with no sugar yeah 100% cocoa,wheres miss yeah cacao theres all,sorts of benefits with that too but but,yeah with this I dont really use a lot,of stevia like my in-laws they they like,to put it in their smoothies because,Ive gotten so used to my smoothies,tasting Kaylee that I guess you know and,and plus I dont eat any anything sweet,so I dont really need it but they like,to put it in their smoothies and right,you know I dont I dont know if it has,any we havent really seen negative,health consequences with the exception I,think there was one study in rats where,they gave him like exceptional amounts,and it like changed the hormonal profile,or something so I didnt consume any,during pregnancy because I was worried,about that but well dont be a rat study,study but I think thats probably my,choice if I were to sweeten something,like my put in my coffee or something I,put stevia Trump is grossly overweight,yeah thats so the microbiome whats,funny is that people taking diet coke,are trying are trying to like improve,they dont they dont you know they,dont want the refined sugar they dont,want to have the the constant insulin,response and so theyre drinking the,diet coke its kind of ironic that its,like its like making the more be obese,by changing the gut microbiome no is is,it safe to drink just one can every now,and again or is just something sure one,can every now and then its okay you,know its not I mean its not going to,like completely not 12 cans a day or,even one kanaday youre constantly,uncertain your microbiome youre,constantly going to keep shifting it and,towards you know really one can a day,probably yeah because its their,microbiome is yeah yeah the way taste,though diet coke doing joy a diet coke I,havent had diet coke was like 2006 I,had one yesterday in the hotel cracked,it open really havent I really havent,had one since 2006 cold yeah I used to,drink Im I used to drink them when for,light in college and stuff to stay awake,and study for exams and all that but if,youre taking something like that should,you take a corresponding like some sort,of a probiotic to try to combat that,I mean the problem with that is you know,the probiotics which by the way theres,all sorts of interesting studies that,have shown effectiveness of certain,probiotics that are you know have a lot,of that have live bacteria and a lot of,them but you know in order for the,probiotics to work you either have to,constantly take them or there needs to,be space in your gut for them to take,residence in right so if youre like,filling your body with all sorts of,sugar or diet coke and all this then,where wheres the probiotic that youre,taking in gonna attach right so its,kind of flow through and the flow,through has benefits but you have to,keep taking it you know for that for,that to happen so the so really a,healthy diets the way its not you cant,just counteract with supplementation,healthy healthy diets the way meaning,you know the the fermentable fiber which,is what helps grow helps the the,commensal and good bacteria basically,grow and thrive but probiotics helped me,a lot like after I had some I had some,gut issues from from stress with,graduates graduate school and so that,definitely helped me and I dont I I,take him once in a while now like you,know but I dont I dont take them every,day like I did you know when I was like,trying to like heal myself and and the,one I was taking I think weve talked,about was 450 billion its called VSL,number three but now theres another,company called vis biome that its like,the guy who made this BSL number three,is doing this visible make the same,formulation Ive tried it out as well,but its like a little cheaper and I,dont have any affiliation with either,of those companies but theres been,clinical clinical studies with both of,them showing effectiveness and so its,its certainly an interesting field,growing field and there happens in the,clinical studies in humans were for,example the one thats super interesting,the brain the brain stuff the way its,affecting the brain is interesting and,theres clinical studies there was one,recent one I think I tweeted where there,was like 10 randomized control trials,they werent really high quality but,its a start and it like improved,measures of anxiety and people other,studies have shown and Amayas control,trial has been a couple others showing,it improves depression scores and also,in cognition so theres you know again,the immune system modulation of the,immune system will affect the brain mewn,system,definitely is connect you know basically,inflammatory factors and things like,that can cross over to the blood-brain,barrier and get in the brain and disrupt,neurotransmitter production and all,sorts of stuff but also the gut brain,access the bagel nerve were like you,can make certain things that are like if,you if you have certain type act Irian,the gut that are making for example gaba,that can like stimulate the nerve in an,inhibitory way that like calms and it,does something calming to the so that it,to the brain part we dont really,understand all the mechanisms its just,fascinating field that Im like trying,to follow and keep up on you know but I,mean the question is to do normal,healthy people need to take probiotics,all the time and I dont know the answer,but I do think that we need to eat the,right foods to to get our microbiome,healthy and avoid things like you know,whats it called aspartame yeah,aspartame nutrasweet all thats the same,stuff right thats nutrasweet disaster,yeah i think it is the blue packet yeah,yeah

Is SodaStream a Healthier Soda Alternative?

sodastream one of the hottest gifts this,past holiday season its the little,machine that turns regular tap water,into sparkling soda but is it a,healthier alternative to store-bought,soda abc news nutrition wellness editor,dave zincinko takes a,look now you can fizz your favorite,drinks at home,its the environmentally friendly soda,machine taking over kitchens worldwide,sodastream a do-it-yourself way to turn,ordinary tap water into your favorite,flavored beverages turn water into soda,in seconds but is it a healthier option,than traditional sodas,sodastreams regular cola syrup uses,real sugar and sucralose instead of high,fructose corn syrup an 8 ounce glass of,their cola contains only 35 calories,while the same size glass of brand name,cola has a hundred but youre still,drinking liquid sugar studies show that,liquid calories are absorbed by the body,faster than food calories and that means,the natural sugars are still rushing,right to your waistline and even some,with zero sugars like the diet pink,grapefruit contain food dyes that have,been linked to some negative health,issues like hyperactivity and some,children sodastream has a line called my,water which contains no chemicals or,dyes but some of their other flavor,packets do,just like regular soda some consumers,have gone out of their way to avoid,caramel coloring used to make regular,sodas based on animal studies that,suggest possible cancer risks sodastream,tells abc news that all of its flavors,exceed the food safety standards set,forth by the fda and that they encourage,consumers to read nutrition labels and,make informed choices it would be great,to switch to a soda stream if you are a,soda drinking household but nothing is,better than water but sodastream can be,a useful tool in your quest for better,health so build your own designer soda,use your machine to make seltzer then,add in 100 pomegranate cherry or,cranberry juice,and dave joins us now and,expand on that a little bit that last,part you were saying you can make your,own type of celtic thats a little i,dont even want to use the word,healthier its not as bad right theres,a real difference between less bad for,you and actually healthy for you i mean,this is fewer calories to be sure but,its still got some sugar and artificial,sweeteners in it so whenever you can try,to get beverages that move you toward,health benefits you can make some great,ones at home i made we have recipes all,over the website,this mock tail right here is my fresher,than fresca it is seltzer and and,grapefruit juice and,and is there any difference at all,between,non-carbonated water and the seltzer uh,not not whats great about this is you,save a lot of money because a canister,here is 15 you get 60 quarts so you can,end up saving 45,over the course of 60 drinks pretty good,thanks a lot

Is COKE ZERO healthy for weight loss? – Does it make you gain weight?

hey everyone dr nussey here again and,today we are taking a look at,coca-cola zero sugar this is also known,as,just coke zero and we are going to,answer the question,is this something that is healthy to use,that is a good tool to use,when you are trying to lose weight so,this is about weight loss,specifically and specifically what i,specialize in,is helping people burn body fat lose,weight but the weight that theyre,losing is body fat so were going to,look at,coke zero specifically today were going,to look at the ingredients were going,to look at the nutrition facts and were,going to determine,is this going to be a good tool is this,going to be something that youre going,to want to incorporate or that you can,incorporate,into your diet if youre trying to lose,body fat,were picking this one today were,picking coke zero today because this is,an,often requested product that people,that patients have in my offices so,were going to answer the question,definitively is this something that fits,into a weight loss program,okay first thing that we need to do is,look at those nutrition,facts lets do that all right so here is,the back of the can this is coca-cola,zero sugar,again most people just call it coke zero,thats what i call it,the nutrition facts clearly state that,the serving size,is the entire can so we dont have to,break anything up or do any math or,anything like that its the whole can,so this whole can contains zero calories,and then this is a drink product so we,would always assume that it contains,zero fat as well which it does and most,importantly,zero total carbohydrates including zero,added,sugars so this is what we call in our,office a triple,zero product zero calories zero fat and,zero carbohydrates,okay so we are off to a good start,triple zero products,zero fat zero calories zero,carbohydrates,are products often that people will use,if they are trying to lose body fat if,theyre trying to lose weight,and not add any extra calories to their,diet,but we are not home free yet we do have,to look at the ingredients because there,are some artificial,flavorings sweeteners that are tied to,weight loss we need to see if they are,actually in this product,so before we do that i want to remind,anybody that is struggling with weight,that is having a difficult time,losing weight please stop buying junk,weight loss aids,head over to brand new weight loss dot,com slash shop,for powerful natural weight loss aids,based on science and developed by,me a link to the shop will be in the,description of this video,check out our products with full,descriptions on uses,and effects and remember for a limited,time you can get free shipping on,all products with the code free to me,all right so next lets look,specifically at the,ingredients and see if theres anything,in there that we will want to avoid,all right so again here is the back of,the can long ways this time,first thing we have is carbonated water,again this is going to be mostly,water caramel color to give it the brown,color that coke is known for,phosphoric acid and then we start,getting into a problem here,aspartame aspartame is an artificial,sweetener,now this is unfortunately going to be,something that you are going to want to,avoid,when you are trying to lose body fat,specifically when youre trying to lose,weight and you want that weight loss to,be body fat,artificial sweeteners aspartame and,especially,sucralose those two in combination or,by themselves in an ingredients list in,a drink,all the research theres theres,documentation about,people that drink artificial sweeteners,aspartame and sucralose,specifically gain just as much weight as,those who would drink,a regular soda so it is tied,unfortunately to,weight gain so why is this why will you,drink,a soda that has zero calories in it and,gain the same amount of weight that you,would,drinking a soda with tons of sugar in it,lots of refined carbohydrates,really theres two schools of thought,here about why this happens,number one is the artificial sweeteners,will actually,make you crave more sugar so youll be,more,likely to eat more real sugar because,you get that sweet sensation but your,body doesnt actually get the energy and,it goes,well we are supposed to have more energy,here weve got to eat more and more and,more so it just makes you,crave more sugar and then secondly there,has been a little evidence to suggest,that artificial sweeteners especially,aspartame and sucralose again,do raise your insulin levels and again,ive done,many videos on insulin and controlling,insulin when youre trying to lose,weight but what insulin does when it,goes,up is it locks away body fat it makes it,very difficult to burn body fat and,again,it makes you crave more sugar so youre,more likely than to,consume more calories in those calories,being refined carbohydrates,now im going to give you a silver,lining here there are,soda alternatives that are good for body,fat loss and ive done a review,specifically on one of them and i will,link that up here in the eye,button its xevia soda so i am a big fan,of the xevia products and xevious soda,is one that you can substitute,instead of drinking a coke zero all,right i hope that was helpful everyone,and,informative leave me any comments you,have in the comments section below,and until next time stay happy and stay,healthy and ill catch everyone in the,next video

Does Healthy Coke Taste Like Coke? | Balsamic Vinegar + Flavored Seltzer = Healthy Coke

[Music],greetings my beautiful lovelies its,emmy how are you its great to see you,and welcome back to my kitchen today we,are going to be making something that so,many of you have just recently requested,and it is for healthy coke is there such,a thing is coke unhealthy,i would say in large quantities anything,is probably pretty unhealthy but this,claims to be healthy and it is made of,two ingredients,sparkling water flavored apparently any,flavor and,balsamic vinegar,my,straw is rolling across okay and i,suspect,as many im sure you do as well that,this combination will not,taste like coke,i mean just simply because it doesnt,contain any sugar,and part of the pleasure in my opinion,of coke is that sugary sweetness,balanced with all that flavory yumminess,that is coke and ice and carbonation,but but but it looks like coke right,its brown and its fizzy so,so,it,could taste like i,highly skeptical but im going to try,and go into this with an open mind i,believe this was started by amanda jones,on the tiki tiki talks and ill put a,link down below to their original video,and the story goes that this was,introduced by a pilates teacher that,said it tastes like oak its healthy and,amanda swears to god that this tastes,like coke what immediately set off my,alarm bells in terms of the suspicion of,whether this is going to taste like coke,or not was the fact that you could use,any kind of flavored seltzer any kind,will work which,i find very very surprising because in,my opinion cook has a very complex,flavor and it doesnt taste like,raspberry or grapefruit or,eat any of those kinds of things or,vinegar although,coke is very acidic you can clean,pennies with it so enough dipper jubilee,lets go ahead and make this were going,to fill our glass whats nice,to that were going to add a splash of,balsamic vinegar otherwise known in our,house as balsack vinegar love the stuff,makes great salads and it has a really,dark caramel color and were going to,add a splash of that i would say that,was about a teaspoon no exact measures,given in this recipe drive a grapefruit,i love seltzer drink lots of it but i,prefer it plain i i know very boring so,i dont really drink the flavored ones,too often,this is supposed to be grapefruit,yeah kind of citrusy grapefruity essence,and were just going to pour that into,our glass,will you look at that has the caramelly,dark color of coke,looks like coke but does it taste like,coke before i even taste this my,suspicion is its going to taste a lot,like a shrub a shrub is a sparkling,fizzy beverage thats made with vinegar,i think thats what this is going to,taste like i love that i love kombucha,love it i used to make it myself in fact,i have a video on this here youtubes,ill put a link down below to it where i,show you how to make homemade kombucha,love fermented drinks love acid,love vinegary drinks so here we go come,by,it,doesnt taste like cocoa,it doesnt taste like coke,having said that it doesnt taste bad,either,definitely vinegary,add a little bit more of that flavored,seltzer,i dont mind the flavors of vinegar and,kind of like acidicness of,the vinegar but i dont necessarily want,that just by itself in fact when i have,kombucha i love the ginger kombucha that,ones my hands down favorite i feel like,it takes the edge off the vinegar i love,the acidity but i dont necessarily want,the strong aroma that comes with vinegar,you know what i mean,so adding the flavored seltzer,kind of perfumes that kind of mass that,glowingly strong,vinegary smell that you often smell in,your kitchen when you make salad,dressing and i personally dont want to,necessarily be drinking salad dressing,thats just my association with vinegar,yours might be completely different but,its not horrendous,it definitely doesnt taste like coke,it tastes like a more acidic version of,this grapefruit flavor that i happen to,be drinking and since this is citrus and,i associate sour notes with citrus i,think it actually works pretty well with,the vinegar lets try it with black,raspberry maybe having it with this will,make it taste more coke-like,splash of vinegar,bloop,that smells like,a,eraser or a strawberry shortcake friend,tastes like one too,oh its like vanilla,not not a fan,okay but,lets try it,like this maybe the vinegar will do,something,cheers,still doesnt taste like coke but,the vinegar does improve this a lot kind,of waters down the kind of perfume,that i,smell and taste of the black raspberry,its not bad,very refreshing,and as just a beverage on its own,i dont mind it at all i quite like it,it does taste artificial i think thats,my biggest beef with these flavored,seltzers is that the flavor tastes,artificial to me nothing against,artificial flavors,like them in the right context but when,i drink fizzy i just want fizzy water i,love the carbonation of the water i like,the gas and my water,and if i want flavor sometimes well,squeeze a lime or a lemon or something,like that but most time im just like a,straight up fizzy girl i just like the,effervescence you know but im not,giving up on this experiment lets try,this,this is a reduction,of balsamic vinegar its like a syrup so,more concentrated maybe this will give,us more of those caramely syrupy,notes that were thinking of when we,think of coca-cola some of this syrup in,there oh looks like chocolate syrup,but its not its vinegar,okay this is definitely not mixing as,well,thats not looking too attractive,that looks like a,deposit that you might find in the uh,toilet,we have chunks,no the original is better,caramely,and not as acidic and,just not very good so lets continue,with this theory that if it looks like,coke its going to taste like coke what,happens if we use some soy sauce its,brown,a little splash of that,[Applause],looks just like coke all right lets see,if it tastes like coke,no it tastes like soy sauce,wow thats pretty terrible my gosh,very salty the soy sauce definitely,overpowers anything does not taste like,coke this is molasses its brown,this is syrupy because we can use any,soda we want lets add some grapefruit,and the rest of our berry,similar to the,balsamic,reduction,is not mixing well,[Applause],nope,its like a ball of tar at the bottom of,my glass,lets get them chased here we go,no,nope definitely doesnt taste like coke,it tastes like,a strange fruity blend,with a very odd,burn,caramel flavor,terrible lets try this brown substance,and will you look at that,it smells like that familiar cola smell,lets give it a taste here we go cheers,yeah,thats coke,effervescent fizzy,with that flavor that i cant really,pinpoint,ive heard that theres a little bit of,clove essential oil in that but theres,just some kind of cola mystery that,makes cola although i think there are,recipes on how to make homemade coke,which i have not attempted,but yeah thats it thats it right there,all right my lovelies i hope you enjoyed,that one i hope you learned something,please share this video with your,friends follow me on social media like,this video subscribe and i shall see you,in the next one toodle-oo take care bye,[Music],[Music],oh lets compare this to this,theres something that is just so,pleasurable about drinking coke out of a,glass bottle although this is quite high,up,on the list too,ice,in the glass,oh i dont know which ones better,its fizzier out of the bottle,but,the icy icy coldness of this,its hard to be,all right

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