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Demo – DaPulse

lets talk about some of the growth that,we talked and this PowerPoint is,actually Im doing it because we on this,one in five million raids this past week,so this number is wrong well get this,updated but all without a sales team so,its pretty impressive when we designed,the post our CEO and PTO were really,keen on having a tool or Instagram or,Facebook very easy to use you get it,with an effective spray acknowledge,these complicated business applications,that are out there in this day and age,where things are complicated and,difficult the post allows you to manage,all different types of things from,projects to milestone the deadlines to,progress allows you to plan monitor,performance track and archive weekly,communications that email and it allows,you to do all of this in a simple and,intuitive way that is sneaky to get,started its not difficult to focus on,whats important which is more busy so,this is our new timeline futures are,similar to a Gantt chart,so Ill just land in a visual way if,youre a visual person that youre going,to lots of all week you have iPhone and,Android application on mobile we also,have iPad application as well and then,we have desktop applications from,Windows and for Mac that you can,download traditionally we do recommend,using Google Chrome for default it is,the fastest roads are out there today,Firefoxs second Microsoft edge and then,Safari Internet Explorer we generally do,not recommend just because theyre just,so clunky and theyre just not fast,compared to Google Chrome so react,something too close to the web like,those who you are we would recommend,using Google Chrome youll definitely,notice amazing speed with it the,the constants to turn things green into,being able to say that something that,accomplishes and to be able to look back,on it and though that you can build on,your progress one fun thing is completed,in sort of like a domino effect you want,more and more things to surgeries as,well we do have a lot of new features,that are coming to default this year in,each quarter we plan on releasing a,smaller feature and so look for those of,these six entered our customers would,recommend us to a friend or family and,other regions a huge number,Im very grateful to have so many,supported clients we customer is that a,lot of our tool and the next destination,your shoes on the webinars we appreciate,you taking the time with our blog a lot,of great leadership a lot of you get you,know other customers are increasing the,revenue with the fall good articles on,your on your teams and what they suffer,from highly recommended article about,Commonwealth laid down and forgotten,silos and lack of transparency lack of,communication and so on on so check it,out we try and check out our blog,outstanding company workers in this blog,and I think youll find it interesting,a lot of you are considering other tools,like asana ensure low and base camp and,plaque is theres just like a new tool,for a day in this state and we have a,great article this article specifically,geared towards Trello and why were,better than throw off the you can google,this and if you have time it might be,helpful for you to resolve our thought,leadership and this article about why we,feel the pulse is a better option than,some of these other tools that are,available even though its fellow beast,its really more about how we think and,how we manage and and so on but would,recommend this article for your default,on better on the court than on,or Noah and if you have not signed up,for a free trial yet please do so its a,false calm it is a two week free trial,no credit card is required you just need,to enter your email address and get,started if you need an additional if you,need a child extension beyond the,initial two weeks thats no problem just,let us know send us an email at support,at the most common well get your trial,expended for you not a problem at all so,definitely check that out when you have,time if you need to contact our support,team where 24/7 365 we respond to a,formal email within 10 minutes or less,which the industry average for some of,our competitors like I just named their,into their average is 19 hours response,time we respond in 10 minutes or less we,are extremely responsive we want you to,be successful so your questions come up,later tonight wait for next month,you are to get on one of my team members,and so on and then our support place,some four thousand volts.com this site,has all of our faq articles instructions,on how to perform different actions,inside them for all my internet,connection is not the best right now,apparently advice on you can search for,answers here or here we go you can get,answers to your questions and,instructions on how to do things with,that as opposed to users you can do,inside of your account to save against,you get that information really quickly,and I your for your Jeff Im also our,YouTube channel our YouTube channel at,youtube.com slash default has a lot of,quick videos that explains how to using,playing theyre actually some we did,like a world tour with the strawberry,channel is the number of other companies,that are using the most recently more,we added those you know so they can tell,you specifically how the default thing,to show you what they do with that they,pump phones to see how other companies,use it ageia their stories and how much,is how much value referring to their,organization so check that out you have,time definitely some good resources on,our YouTube channel,our security standards I will get it up,the folks on flash security the security,is extremely important for us we the,encrypted traffic and we have never had,a data breach I mean ever well have a,data breach theres something to that,Im in the Israeli startup world Israel,if you dont know Tel Aviv and other,places in Israel has a huge booming like,Spectre right now a lot of technology,startups coming out of this area,security is extremely important you can,get all of the information at the bottom,five security concepts customer success,managers cannot actually access your,accounts for example all your,information is private we cannot see,what is in your account of and that is,part of our security standard,the only time we would see something,that they are account is if you,submitted the funds report truck and you,needed you to recreate best on something,that was happening inside of your,account then you send us a screenshot,for example we would see what the,screenshot algorithm that we have gone,access to anything by your account so,you can rest assured knowing that your,confirmation is them using your mark,here as a page and then finally our,developers page that the Volcom flash,developers we do have an epi which,allows you advanced users to set up a,direct connection to years of most,account you need and so on that you go,shooting all calm,flash developers so lets jump into the,troll itself again if youre just,joining up please feel free to ask,questions throughout the webinar Im in,the question and then we all get,your questions at the end it will,probably be about 20 to 25 minutes of,speaking and then well get your,questions but you have the right to your,date back so this is the,this is a board that were looking at,now with clients over three board we,call our dashboard for it and,essentially this is a dashboard,customizable and portable principle and,so on we assure in the need dashboards,aboard but first one source on the,navigation inside of the vault so first,when your first time in so just to also,just state that we are looking at an,example and constantly these are all,fictitious examples and not real in case,youre wondering but we for signage this,is your inbox the goal is to get the,inbox narrow and that is what we box,there looks like if we want to see,though items that we have closed our,garden box in the past we can do that we,can click on all of these and were able,to click open updates that weve been,tagged and I can see Matth

Top 5 To-Do List App Alternatives on Android

مرحبًا بكم جميعًا ومرحبًا بقناة Keep Productive YouTube ، اسمي فرانشيسكو داليسيو وأرحب مرة أخرى بفيديو آخر,لذلك في فيديو اليوم ، نحن نغوص في أفضل 5 بدائل لنظام Android من أجل قائمة المهام,تطبيقات بالطبع الكثير منكم يعرف,التطبيقات الشعبية ترغب في القيام بقوائم للقيام بالرهبان للقيام به و,حتى القائمة والكثير منها متوفرة على نظام Android ، ولكن في بعض الأحيان عندما تبحث عنها للقيام بذلك,التطبيق الذي تريد أن ننظر إلى الخارج والتأكد من أن احتياجاتك يهم هذه المنصات,لذا في فيديو اليوم ، أردت أن أريكم خمسة منهم أعتقد أنك ستستمتعون به,تلك التي ربما لم تكن قد سمعت بها من قبل وعدد قليل من قرع الجرس -,حتى قبل الغوص في الرجال كبيرة ، شكرا لك monday.com,الذي يرعى هذا الأسبوع الكامل هنا على قناة Keep Productive على YouTube ، وهي عبارة عن شكر كبير لهم,وهي عبارة عن برنامج لإدارة المشاريع تستخدمه الفرق لإنجاز المهام. لقد قمت بمراجعة كاملة لمدة ثلاثين دقيقة,يمكنك الحصول على 8 في المئة قبالة,سنوي,حسابات في الكتاب المقدس وأقل لكن كبير كبير شكرا لك monday.co للقفز في هذا الأسبوع كراع,لذلك دعونا نبدأ مع التطبيق الأول الذي هو أي فعل الآن,أعرف أن الكثير منكم يعرف أيًا من iOS وكذلك على الويب,لديهم خبرة جميلة عبر منصة,ولكن أي منها يسمح لك بتنظيم المهام في قوائم ، يمكنك مشاركة تلك القوائم مع أشخاص آخرين,لذلك فمن السهل جدا مشاركة التطبيق من حيث القدرة على إعداد ذلك,يمكنك رسم المهام على تقويم ولديك وظيفة تذكير أيضًا,الآن أي رجل لديه ميزات قليلة مخبأة جبهتها مثل خطة يومك,مما يسمح لك لتبسيط الأنشطة التي حصلت عليها من خلال جدولة لهم على استعداد لليوم المقبل,هناك العديد من الميزات المختلفة داخل أي وظيفة بالإضافة إلى مساعد,التي تهدف إلى تقليل حجم العمل الذي لديك وهذا شيء أنهم,العمل باستمرار على الآن مرة أخرى. أي هل أعتقد أن حوالي 20 مليون عملية تنزيل جميعها,عبر أجهزتها التي هي رائعة جدا,وهذا بالتأكيد بديلاً لبعض الشركات الكبيرة ، ومن المؤكد أنني أود أن أقول إنزلق إلى الفئات الكبيرة,وهي متوفرة الآن على العديد من المنصات المختلفة,الآن أي لديها صلبة؟,4.5 تقييم على Android ولديه تطبيق سلس للغاية. لذلك رقم اثنين هو,الإنجاز الذي تم إنجازه الآن هو مهمة وتقويم,الخبرة الإدارية. انها بسيطة حقا في بنيتها,حتى تحصل على عرض التقويم هذا على الفور ويمكنك البدء في استيراد المهام إلى هذا التقويم. لذلك إذا كنت شخصًا يحب,تجارب مهام عرض التقويم. هذا قد يكون رائعا بالنسبة لك,لذا يمكنك مزامنته مع أمثال تقويم Google,وبمجرد أن يكون لديك مهمة على الجانب الأيسر في عرض القائمة ، يمكنك بعد ذلك سحبها إلى عرض التقويم الخاص بك,لذا فإن الإيماءات عظيمة ويبدو أنها تعمل بشكل جيد جدًا. لذلك ، لا يتوفر الإنجاز إلا على نظام التشغيل Android ، ولكنه يمتلك صلبة,4.4 التقييم على متجر Google Play,لذلك رقم ثلاثة هو,مفتاح الذاكرة إذا نطقت بأن عرض الذاكرة الآن هو تطبيق يتيح لك القيام بأكثر من مجرد,إدارة المهام. لديها منظر جميل جدا,لذلك عندما تهبط على التطبيق؟,يمكنك تحديد أحد خيارات العرض الخاصة بك لإضافة مهمة مختلفة أو حتى مجرد البدء في تسجيل قائمة تحقق,الآن لديهم بعض ما تم إنشاؤه مسبقا,المشاريع أو المجالات كما يسمونها ويمكن أن يكون لديك أشياء مثل الأفكار و,الأنشطة وكذلك أهداف الحياة والعادات. لذلك هو تماما,المكان الإيجابي عند البدء وليس هناك الكثير من العمل الذي يجب القيام به,إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على إعداد أساسي الآن ما هو لطيف حقا حول الذاكرة هو أنه يمكنك مشاهدته من الكثير من مختلف,نوع من زوايا المشاهدة. لديك طريقة عرض بطاقة بسيطة,لديك عرض لوحة ويمكنك أيضًا إضافة لوحات في اللوحة تقريبًا مثل مناطق اللوحة هذه إلى أقسامك المختلفة,إذن ما هو رائع هو أنك قد تشاهده على سبيل المثال مثل الأفكار ذات أهداف الحياة,ويمكنك أن ترى خيارات العرض بسهولة,لقد حصلت على الكثير من المشاهدات المخصصة الرائعة بالإضافة إلى طريقة لفرزها بطريقة بسيطة,الآن ، بالطبع يمكنك تخزينها باستخدام المعلومات بحيث يمكنك إضافة ملاحظات إلى المهام الخاصة بك داخل كل من المناطق,إذا كنت قد حصلت على مكان آمن لتخزين ذلك التطبيق من مطور يدعى Timbits ومقره في كوستاريكا,وانها حصلت على صلبة,4.3 على App Store لا يبدو الآن أنه يمكن العثور على Maroney على تجربة iOS,ولكنه بالتأكيد تطبيق يبدو رائعًا على Android. لذلك فالرقم الرابع هو السيطرة على الفوضى الآن. هذا هو التطبيق,لقد تحدثت في الواقع حول هنا من قبل على القناة وتركز أكثر بكثير على GTD وكذلك منظم ثابت,عملية للإنتاجية الخاصة بك الآن السيطرة على الفوضى متاح والكثير من منصات مختلفة,لذلك لن تعرف فقط على Android. ستجده على iOS,أعتقد أن شبكة الويب وكذلك سطح المكتب أيضًا أمر رائع حقًا,تمر الآن السيطرة على الفوضى من خلال عملية لطيفة تتيح لك الحصول على علب بريد مختلفة,تسميات المشاريع وجميع الأشياء الجيدة التي تأتي مع GTV,الآن التطبيق أود أن أقول المواقف نفسها هو أكثر من القيام به,بديل والخبرة على إصدارات الجوال,لقد نجحت في ترقية الكثير منذ آخر مرة تم التحقق منها على Android,يحتوي التطبيق الفعلي على تقييم واحد من أربع نقاط ، وهو أمر إيجابي حقًا,حتى هذه المهام التطبيق الخامس والأخير ، والذي تم تطويره ولكن المطور المستقل ستيفن نوتاج هو تطبيق,لقد حصلت على تقييم قوي حقًا على Android في متجر Play,انها حصلت على سبع نقاط ، وهي عالية حقا وتشتهر جدا لكثير من الأخبار التبسيط,حتى داخل التطبيق يمكنك فقط إضافة قوائم الاختيار الحصول على مهمة مستمرة ويمكنك إضافة التفاصيل إلى المهمة ولكن,هذا حقا,إذا كنت تبحث عن شيء يعمل بسلاسة من حيث قائمة البقالة أو شيء من هذا القبيل مثل بعض قوائم المراجعة الأساسية,وتريد المواضيع حتى القدرة على,أنت تعرف النمط والتطبيق على أساس اللون ثم هذا هو التطبيق بالنسبة لك,الآن الكثير من الناس يحيون هذا واحد ، انها حصلت على تصنيف كبير وليس بعض التصميم المذهل,ولكنها تعمل بشكل جيد للغاية في نوع من التصميم المادي ، لذا فقد كانت أفضل خمسة بدائل للقيام بهذه التطبيقات,انها بالتأكيد تستحق التدقيق بها. لقد قمت بتثبيت نقرات أزرار التنزيل لـ Android,لذلك يمكن أن يرحل يا رفاق وتأكدوا من ذلك قبل مغادرتنا هناك عدد قليل ملحوظ يذكر البعض,تلك التي لفتت انتباهي على Android مرة أخرى ، كما قلت ، سأقوم بتحميل المزيد من ميزات Android قريبًا,لذلك لا تنزعج لذلك هناك عادة Iike,البديل الذي يسمى مهد. التطبيق متاح على iOS,كما أنه متوفر على Android أيضًا ، وبطبيعة الحال ، يتم تسعير التطبيق على نظام التشغيل Android وعبارة واحدة £ 9,وهو لا أعرف ما هي الأسعار في الولايات المتحدة ولكن جميع المدرجة أدناه ونوع إصدار iOS في,$ 1 9 حتى تفعل ذلك بشكل جيد للغاية في السماح لك بتعيين هذا النوع من الإنجازات وتكون قادرة على إكمالها باستخدام الخاص بك,شخصية في اللعبة هي نوع من الإثارة الإنتاجية الخاصة بك ، ولكن بالنسبة لكثير من الناس هذا النوع من الاشياء التي تعمل,لذلك ، يُطلق على التطبيق النهائي التركيز على أن يكون جهاز توقيت بومودورو مع كونه مدير مهام أيضًا,لقد تأثرت كثيرا بهذا التطبيق. يسمح لك بإنشاء مشاريع ويمكنك إنشاء مهام في هذا المشروع,وبالطبع فإن جهاز توقيت بومودورو يوقفها ويمكنك تحديدها بوضوح لكل جهاز توقيت بومودورو لكل جهاز,لذا فمثلاً لديك مهمة مع ثلاثة أجهزة توقيت بومودورو للدورات الثلاث التي تدور حولها الآن,من السهل جدًا استخدامه وما أحبه تمامًا حيال ذلك ، فهناك منطقة مثبتة في مركز الإشعارات,وهو ما يسمح لك في الأساس ببدء وقت في أي لحظة ، ويتوفر التطبيق الآن على جميع الأجهزة,أعتقد أنه 4.4 على Google. لذلك كان هؤلاء الأشخاص بعضًا من تطبيقات Android,اسمحوا لي أن أعرف في التعليقات أدناه ما فكرت به كان هناك باستخدام أي منهم لأن يكون رائعا للاستماع,بالطبع هذه البدائل لذلك ليسوا هم الكلاب العليا وانهم ضعيفون يتقدمون ويحسنون,ولكنني أرغب في سماع التعليقات أدناه إذا كنت تريد مني تغطية أي من فئات Android المحددة,أنا رجل حيث تذهب بعيدا في اجازة,لذلك ، أود العودة إلى بعض التوصيات أو تطبيقات Android للاستكشاف,على أي حال يا شباب ، شكراً جزيلاً لكم على التوقف اليوم الكبير الكبير,نشكرك على monday.com لرعايتك هذا الأسبوع هنا قناة YouTube الإنتاجية الرئيسية. شكرا جزيلا,أنا حقا آمل أن تكونوا بخير,ربما أكون في إجازة الآن ، لكنني سأراك في وقت قريب جدًا,على أي حال ، شكرا جزيلا يا رفاق ، تأكد من أن يكون أسبوعا كبيرا تبقي منتجة وسوف أراك يا رفاق قريبا جدا

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Unscripted #CRE: Dapulse is the new tool Im using to manage my tasks. So far Im digging it!

bucky Beeman here commercial real estate,with realty growth incorporated Id miss,my Wednesday and Saturday video so Im,doing it here its Friday night never,too late I want to share a little bit,about this new tool Im still trying to,organize myself and it has just been a,bear when you start getting busy which,is awesome no matter what business,youre in me specializing in commercial,real estate how the heck do you manage,it all you got,emails coming in facebook messages,Twitter messages text messages you name,it so one tool that I started using the,last week and Im excited to see how I,can build on it,its called de pulse and de pulse da pul,se how Im utilizing it right now this,moment is managing my tasks and I can,tell you I feel like Ive tried just,about everything related to my task if,you look at any of my past videos I,talked about using Google Tasks I talked,about using slack at one time as my,tasks Ive used swipe as my task manager,I think one app was like get the milk,Ive tried so many things and I have not,done a good job of managing my tasks and,how I make up for that is I work all the,time so that being said I cant afford,to work all the time it ruins a lot of,things if you work all the time if you,havent figured that out yet I figured,that up and one thing I learned in a,YouTube video focused on time management,is the guy that I was watching if you go,onto YouTube type and time management it,was the first video that popped up I,watched it one day and I watched it,three times I need to watch it again but,one thing he mentioned is separating,your tasks into 4 quadrants 1 2 3 & 4,and the first quadrant is doing its,something you need to do and you need to,do it ASAP the second quadrant is its,something that I got to think about this,a little bit more so the first quadrant,is its something that you need to do,and you need to do it ASAP the second is,its something you dont want to do but,you need to do it ASAP I can think of a,lot of things like dont,want to do but I need to do it ASAP the,next one is something you need to do but,you dont need to do it ASAP and the,last one is its something you dont,need to do and you dont need to do it,ASAP,which is probably all those great ideas,that you have that you really dont need,to do a set but its fun to keep a list,of it so someday when somehow all these,other quadrants get emptied you can go,on to these things so taking it a step,further and talking with a friend and,consultant for me and my business,partner at realty growth Brian Greene,Brian Greene mentioned so Im getting,text here I gotta clean them all Brian,Greene mentioned that in this box right,here something you need to do and you,need to do ASAP going even a step,further and saying only four things can,be in that quadrant at one time because,naturally if youre like me and you have,a lot of stuff to do because youve,built a decent incoming stream of leads,and tasks and to dos and all that stuff,youre past the stage of just trying to,find business the business is finding,you the things up here can grow a mile,long and you actually never get it done,so having only four things in that,quadrant is extremely important I found,myself fudging on that rule a little bit,where I have like six things throughout,the day but guess what I need to get,those things done throughout the day and,then get it back down in my for going,into the next day the pulse allows you,to do that,DePauls allows you to create whats,called boards so I have a board for this,one a board for this one a board for,this one aboard for this one and then,you add pulses within those boards that,can easily be dragged so if I have one,up here that is something that needs to,be do and it needs to you need to do and,you need to do it ASAP you can drag it,over to this board if it turns into,something you need to do but you dont,need to do it ASAP or vice versa you can,drag it from any quadrant that you want,to you can drag it from a board to,another board Im also using two pulse,related in my task for identifying my,priorities in life so I have a board and,I have at the very top number one,religion number two when I say religion,its relationships with God number two,relationships with people,number three but I have to look I need,to know my priorities a little bit,better lets see here,and I just created in this in the last,seven days so bear with me as I go,through it religion family friends,personal health personal finance my,business and these priorities as you go,down for me the top one two three four,five are gonna stay the same at this,point but for a long long period of time,especially religion and family and,friends I mean thats number one two,three am Im in my world and when I get,further down I have my businesses and I,have different businesses and I have,even philanthropic endeavors like Im on,the board of the YMCA and I have to,identify what those priorities are in my,life and they do change as your life,goes on with the board structure I can,easily change my priorities within to,pulse which is very nice going to step,further how I started using to pulse in,the last seven days as other boards Ive,created is I have team members within my,company and the team members within my,company I for example have Nick who is,my business partner and I have Nick,tasks and so this way whenever I go and,have these conversations with Nick which,Im having on a regular basis I dont,miss the task that I need to talk to him,about and again you can create a board,you can create pulses within the board,and you can keep track of your tasks at,least for me much easier than I ever,have,thank you for listening in Im figuring,out how to organize myself I am excited,to learn how you do it because it,ultimately just helps me and I hope you,can learn some things from me and,together we can get better at this thing,called life Bucky Beeman Realty growth,incorporated commercial real estate,agent signing out thanks for tuning in

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How Dapulse helps you cultivate a happy team culture | Leah Walters

heylia thank you so much for joining me,today how are you Im great thanks for,having me its my pleasure all right,well lets go ahead and dive right in,tell me about your company to pulse sure,so DePaul is a collaboration and,communication tool that was first,founded in 2012 but went public and was,first sold in 2014 and since then we,have acquired about 16,000 just over,paying teams in about a hundred 40,countries around the world and the,platform works to create a more,effective transparent and open work,environment for teams sizing to people,to over a thousand got it all right so,what would you say its a specific,problem that you saw for the people you,serve because theres a lot of teams,every every company pretty much whos,got more than one person right there,working in a team of some capacity even,when theres one person you might have,contractors or freelancers working with,you so what would you say its a,specific problem that you saw that,people just come to you for its really,interesting because its hard to define,one specifically I think the the tool,functions as a central hub for anything,and everything related to the work that,youre doing so it tracks conversations,it is a place where you can upload files,so its its a certain like a central,communication hub but more than that it,gives whoever on the team is working,together a sense of what the other is,doing so you put your projects in there,your colleague can put their projects,and you can check in on each other and,know how the work youre doing factors,into the bigger picture of what youre,trying to achieve together okay now what,would you say from all the experiences,youve had like you mentioned youve got,customers in well over a hundred,countries right so all over the world,what is the major benefit of having,teams to be able to communicate so,easily and know what each other is,working on to the ultimate bottom line,and business results how does that how,does that compare were trying to really,direct correlation what we have found is,somebody that is working in a team no,matter what size it is its really,really important to the success of that,individual to know how factor in to the,bigger picture so this,well lets you know what youre doing,isnt in play but lets you know also,what your colleague is doing and you,then get this inherent feeling of,working together towards one goal and,that makes you feel empowered that makes,you feel educated it makes you feel,valued as an employee we have a internal,structure in the tool where you can like,an update that somebody says similar to,the face structure and even if youre,saying you know I accomplished this,today you feel that your colleagues can,see it and like it and support you and,so you dont need to have sort of a,recognition method in place you just,know that your colleagues are seeing and,supporting what youre doing and that,ultimately leads to a more successful,person got it so I guess it also has an,added benefit if for whatever reason you,didnt know how your work impacted what,the company did youre able to see it,visually there you know what that,actually happens way more than you think,especially alert is you know were all,working to create something but how does,what Im doing contribute to that,process and this gives you a very,specific way to see your contribution on,the sort of bigger stage for sure now,what is it about the companies who use,your tool what is it about their culture,that makes them say we want our,community our employees and our team,members to be able to talk and have this,level of know-how and access to what,everybody else is doing is there a,specific traits that you have noticed,that makes people more likely to want to,come and seek you out and work with you,guys I think the teams are so diapers,then Im not sure theres one single,thing but what they all have in common,is theyre trying to work together,successfully okay and well these days,have different schedules are there in,different countries or theres all kinds,of challenges to to working together,successfully and this is a tool that is,super intuitive but also simple it sort,of looks like a its structured a little,bit like Excel which is how a lot of,businesses keep their information but,its live and interactive so as you,update it updates for everybody else and,its sort of the core offering that,weve seen people most really – all,right so your,and he recently fielded a survey there,was about 10,000 people who responded,which is a fabulous sample size right so,one of the things that you were able to,tap into or uncover was the role of,happiness and what makes employees most,satisfied in the work that they do can,you talk a little bit more about what,you guys uncovered as a result of this,monstrous survey that you did yeah it,was just a small question of what makes,you happy basically what we were trying,to do was as a tool that prides itself,on contributing to employee happiness at,work we wanted to figure out the core of,the issue what is it that makes people,feel fulfilled I think the most,interesting takeaway from the whole,thing was of the eight attributes that,we offer people to say rank these in,order of what makes me happiest salary,came last it came in last,amongst the manager sector and it came,last amongst you know just general,working employees and that was something,that really struck us because you know,of course theres this certain amount of,money you need to make to survive and,thats written but beyond that people,are looking for four different kinds of,things theyre looking for a company,that is the best in its fields a company,that supports innovation a company that,you know has the kind of culture that,they want to work in rather than you,know specifically a salary or,compensation so that was something that,was really compelling to us right have,you seen culture and the importance of,working for a company that has a,positive culture have you seen that,start to trickle up and the importance,rankings for what makes people want to,work and stay and add their best to a,company absolutely and if you touched on,I think with a Corvette ad their best,how do you get the best out of your,employees and happiness and their own,fulfillment is a huge contributor to,that you know we work in the startup,space and see different kinds of perks,you know whether its office space or,extra vacation time or food and that,kind of thing but at the end of the day,what we are learning time and time again,from our users and also as a company,ourselves is it is how you personal,feel your work as being valued okay,happier for sure,and what have you seen that you felt is,sort of as youve seen people working on,trying to impact culture and Happiness,what what are some of the cool things,that youve seen that companies have,been doing to impact culture in that,sort of way like you mentioned perks are,some of them are there other things that,have popped up yeah and whats,interesting is his perks arent,necessarily the contributors its its,so mentally its really smaller thing,okay if you the basic level sort of,humanity thats possible it is feeling,like what youre doing is being valued,recognized and appreciated okay and,thats really hard for a lot of managers,a lot of managers arent people who,aspire to be managers necessarily but as,you would be more senior in your,position its a natural graduation of,your role and there isnt always,training a place to say you know this is,how you should mentor and empower people,and what we tried to do is build that,into the work tool so that inherently,people feel valued and appreciated a,manager doesnt need to go out of his or,her way to recognize things in place so,that thats something youve seen thats,really important so have you have have,the companies who use your tool who they,are sort of their employees because of,the way your tool operates have you have,they been able to see a direct,correlation in the output and the,quality of

How to use DaPulse to track your Beachbody business

hey guys Julie Henderson here and I just,wanted to do a quick video to talk about,something and I just started using to,track my daily activities Im super,super new to it like literally about two,days in so Im sure that you can do a,lot more on this than I have any idea,but this is just kind of what Ive been,playing around with so far and I love it,so Ive been using the pulse comm t8p,you LSU comm this is a website version,theres also an app thats super easy to,use that you can download also Im using,the free version this program is,basically set up for companies if youre,working on different projects and have,different people working on different,parts of the projects you can assign,tasks to people you can see if the,progress or the project is being worked,on what the progress is if its,completed anything like that what Im,using it for is more of my daily and,weekly tasks and so I will show you what,Ive been doing for that so you can set,up different main boards and shareable,boards but what Ive been doing is under,the private boards so I set up all of,these private boards and what you want,to do if you want to set up a new board,you just click on new type in your board,name so well do test and then you can,name your group title anything you want,you can change the color of it you can,also add another board and you can name,it whatever you want,whoops then its a search there you can,add another board by clicking add a new,group and you can do the same thing,there you can move these around,depending on where you want them you can,do a lot with them so what Ive been,doing as you can see my categories over,here I have my vision board,I have Monday through Friday weekend and,then weekly so my vision board that is,there just so I have something to remind,me of what I want to get done what I,want to accomplish whether its this,year whether its five years anywhere,down the road you,just a few of the things that I have,added on there that I want to accomplish,in that way I can check off like if you,know if Im working on them currently or,anything like that and its just a daily,reminder to to see you know what my,goals are and to keep me focused so Ill,go to today so what Ive done is for,each board I made todays actual to-do,list which is the things I want to get,done today and then the bottom I made a,power hour and the power hour is,identical in every single one for Monday,through Friday and on the weekend so my,power hour is the things things theyre,gonna move my business forward that I,need to be doing every day so its,personal development its working out,its taking my supplements I used to be,really good about that and for some,reason lately Ive been forgetting so I,added that on there foam rolling posting,in my personally sponsored coach group,posting in my babe swag group which is,my time with my niche market group its,just a bunch of girls in a group but,some of them are coaches some of them,are customers some of them are not,anything to do with each body at all,placing in my project play group which,is my ongoing challenge group posting in,my challenge tracker app which is where,I have my monthly challenge group going,right now sending three hey girl,messages to people just to reconnect and,adding three new people on Facebook so,as Im doing everything I can come over,here and I can if its like a project,that Im working on I can put working on,it,so I know where I am and if its,something that I have finished I can,click done and then that way I have a,visual of knowing that Im doing my,business building activities everyday,same thing for my to-do list for daily,to-do lists if its something that Im,working on currently I can do the exact,same thing do working on and done if,its something that I dont get done for,the day at what you can do is click on,it you can do move to board and then,choose whichever board you want to move,it – so todays Wednesday if Im not,getting it done today I can move it to,Thursday and then that way it moves so,what Im going to do is every week I am,going to okay there we go so every week,what Im gonna do is just keep this on,here one of the great things about this,is it doesnt delete things it keeps,them on there so that way you can,actually see that it,done and you have that satisfaction of,knowing its done but also I can go,through then every Monday I can start,from from scratch go through make,everything gray again start over again,so things like coach emails or Joshs,diamond call at noon those are things,that Ill keep on there if theres,anything that I want to be able to do,every week some examples of that like,Thursdays Id be recognition so thats,on there for Thursdays Fridays I want to,email my new customers so I can you know,every Friday Im going to keep that on,there and then whatever else I have,scheduled for Friday I can put down here,and then I also have my weekly to do I,have my my must use which are things I,want to do every single week which are,email my synergy list which are all my,customers and everybody who has opted in,through my old Henderson Fitness website,email my peace love Julie list which is,a little bit more branded for my brand I,want to do at least one blob at least,one video listen to the national,international wake-up call I want to run,two times a week and I want to pin one,recipe on Pinterest cuz my Pinterest,does amazing for my website and then up,here these are just things they want to,work on this week so its really just a,great way to stay organized and stay on,track and you know let yourself,especially visually know that youre,working towards your goals you know its,gonna be great to be able to at the end,of the day have all of these marked in,in green and know that I have done,something for my business for the day so,I hope this helps it was super easy to,set up that literally only took me a,couple minutes it was very easy to,figure out so I hope that helps if you,guys have any questions or if any of you,guys have been using it and have any,other tips be sure to let me know and,Ill talk to you later bye

Basic walkthrough

hi everyone Im just a customer success,manager here at Monday comm by the end,of this walk sir Im gonna make sure,that youre all set and ready to get,your count up and running so today were,going to cover the following areas we,can have an introduction to Monday calm,the different types of boards and its,components were gonna build a boat,together from scratch,well discuss communication tools in,Monday comm then research and filtering,capabilities and lastly well touch on a,high-level views and recording abilities,out the platform so what is Monday comm,Monday Norcom is a work management and,team collaboration tool as well as a,communication platform the focus here is,on you your teams your needs as well as,your processes they enable seem to have,increased transparency and,accountability throughout each team by,powering information sharing quicker and,more contextual decision-making less,wasted times on emails and meetings and,having less things falling between the,cracks if youve had a chance to play,around with the platform you probably,already seen it its a completely,flexible and customizable tools that,adapts to each company and teams needs,currently we have all types of teams,using it for their processes including,project management sales pipelines,marketing projects HR production,management churches government,departments and so on we have groups of,people using the platform with hundreds,to thousands of team members as well as,small teams of 10 users to even solo,users so you can get an idea of how,flexible the system is lets go ahead,and jump right into our account I get,started first lets start with the core,component of your account the boards,these are all basic building blocks of,Mandela hub this is where it all begins,these allow you to track your projects,your tasks your clients and communicate,with your team so lets go ahead and,build up a board together to do so were,gonna click on the plus sign over here,as you open it up youll see different,template options appear and you can also,search to find more of these using the,sieve more templates,youll see an entire list of templates,open up ranging from design to education,software development and more these,templates were created by us and,inspired by real teams using Monday comm,these also give you a glimpse of how,customizable and flexible the platform,is today were gonna go ahead and,program from scratch so lets pretend,that todays use case is event planning,and Im the main event planner at Monday,comp you can think of events as projects,or tasks or even clients to make it more,relevant for you throughout this next,part here were gonna fill in the name,of the board so its clear right from,the start in my case this is gonna be my,high-level overview of all events taking,place in 2019 so lets call it the,events overview 2019 we can also go one,step further and add in the description,of the board or instructions so that,whoever entered this board it knows,exactly what its for and how to use it,we can also go one step further and add,in a description of the board or,instructions so then whoever enters the,board knows exactly what its for and,how to use it so I want to make sure,that were all aware of the structure of,the board each board will have the,following components these are our,groups or sections if you prefer Im,going to group my vent by quarters but,you can group them in any way you prefer,really by month by projects by phases,and so on this is gonna be my first,quarter this is gonna be my second,quarter and now were gonna need it to,add in new groups for third and fourth,quarter simply click on the new item,over here and select as you can see the,order doesnt really make sense for me,now so Im just gonna drag and drop this,down great it looks good now within each,group we have the items or rows if you,prefer yeah Ill just jot down each,event that took place over the different,quarters and those that are gonna take,place later on this year so lets go,ahead and provide some in,here we have our company off-site we,have our tech conference we have our,marketing Meetup,oh here we have a company retreat,another conference going on a beach,party so you can just go ahead and fill,those in over here we have our columns,you can add in as many columns as you,need to really fill the board around the,data that you need to use see and to,plan and to manage all your projects,were going to go over the seven core,columns but keep in mind theres so many,more that you can check out later as,well Ill show you how very soon first,we have our people got them this helps,give clarity and accountability that so,often gets lost when working in teams,this is one of our favorite columns Im,gonna change the header here to,organizer so it makes more sense for my,use case once you go ahead and assigned,even throw the toss to someone theyll,be notified about it in their bail,notification in a mobile app as well as,their email notification next we have,our status column this allows me to see,a status of my VIN Im gonna go ahead,and rename this to planning phase whats,really cool shot is while the,traditional use of the column is to show,visually the status you can also,customize the labels to anything at all,so for example you can have a status,column that represents the type of event,and then here you can click inside the,cell and you can add or edit the labels,so lets show you how that works lets,create a new label for meetup conference,how about offside okay,the next column is out date column this,is gonna be my event date but it could,be the due day different milestones,deadlines or any other important date,needed simply click inside the cell and,a calendar drop-down will open up then,just select the date another very useful,feature here is deadlines mode this,provides you with a visual indication of,when things are on track or falling,behind,this is how you would set it up to go,ahead and add more columns click on the,plus button over here were gonna go,through these specific columns but I,highly recommend that you check the rest,of them out in a column set up just,click on see more columns so lets go,ahead and add a timeline its just,really great if you have an ongoing,project or if you want to add in a,specific time period that the event date,spans through once you click inside the,cell the time and view will open up this,is just a small taste of the View Center,which well discuss later on here we can,see the events visually by date we can,also move the dates on the timeline we,can extend them and so on right now the,time eyebrows are sorted based on,different organizers but we can segment,them based on the different groups on,the board the different phases or,anything else next were gonna add a,number of columns this is great for,tracking any numerical data such as,currencies hours percentages quantities,and so on this is going to be my budget,for each event so lets go ahead and put,in some numbers,when you click inside the menu at the,bottom of the column you can customize,it to suit your needs,so Im gonna add a dollar lets go ahead,and add a tag column tags a ways to,organize groups of items across your,boards they work as social media tags,too but you can use the same tags across,your different boards and then once you,click on the tag itself it will,automatically link these in one simple,clean view the last color were going to,add today is the text column this is,really simple,and it allows you to have reminders have,notes or any other text that youd like,here so just to recap we went through,the Cole fundamental columns that we,have so many more and Ill call them,setup i really suggest that you join the,advanced walkthrough to learn more about,them or you can check that out yourself,by hitting the more columns by them so,earlier on I mentioned the view Center,here you can see the different views,available which include a calendar view,file view form view and Kanban views,will allow you to see t

Monday.com zuvor DaPulse – Kurze Übersicht / Einführung 2017

als weiteres kleines kooperation zu was,sich vorstellen möchte ist der puls das,ist ein pool was aus israel kommt was ja,nicht glaubt nach sind von cisco so die,zweite start- up hochburg der welt,momentan ist ein sehr gelungenes tool,besonders stark im bereich,visualisierung transparenz und,visualisierung ich glaube die schwächen,sind so ein bisschen wenn ich das mit,textil vergleiche gerade im bereich der,kommunikation aber lassen uns noch mal,reinschauen,das schöne ist bei stettfeld wir können,bei sorry bei der puls wir können alles,extrem flexibel gestalten dass menschen,ich habe jetzt hier mal dort heißen,räume boards und dort hat besitzt x,project of the board erstellt und hier,könnten wir jetzt auch nach quartalen,das ganze strukturieren oder nach was,wir möchten dass im frey vergeht,bahrenfelder das sind auch einzelne puls,nennen die das hier also ein puls wir,sehen jetzt hier hinten hier habe ich,jetzt nur mal angegeben ja wie der,overall status ist von den projekten wir,können hier noch viel mehr felder,hinzufügen wenn wir das möchten auch,timeline et cetera,wir haben sehr viele gute filter und,suchmöglichkeiten auch was natürlich,extrem wichtig ist um die informationen,auch wirklich schnell zu finden,jetzt gehen wir hier mal so in ein,projekt rain man kann auch die projekte,noch mal probieren wenn man möchte ihr,projekt habe ich das mal gemacht aber,wir gehen jetzt zuerst mal im jahr die,project in das projekt a die twitter,kampagne wieder rein,und hier sehen wir auch wieder unsere,aufgaben wie bei der puls jetzt,allerdings nicht in seinem kanban bord,sondern ja ähnlich einem kanban bord wir,können jetzt hier felder vergeben und,dort zum beispiel brio von den einzelnen,tasks habe ich jetzt vergeben alles frei,strukturiert das ist der vorteil aber,gleichzeitig ein nachteil weimar muss,ich überlegen,man muss sich eine eigene struktur,überlegen und bilden wechselt wird die,im prinzip vorgegeben oder den großen,teilen vorgegeben und hier ist das ganze,wirklich äußerst flexibel so ich habe,hier einmal prioritäten,ich habe einmal wer hat den lied wer ist,der projektor hätte man vielleicht auch,nennen können oder der task ohne sorge,ich auf der ebene ist natürlich der task,ohne wir haben wieder unsere thomas,unseren hans hier,und ja wie hoch ist die prio von dieser,aufgabe momentan ist sich schon in,arbeit,working on it das ist schon getan diese,aufgabe die iss schon bei der quality,assurance im nächsten sozusagen ja,projekt step hier die duh dates und aber,auch eine timeline die man aufrufen kann,die dann hier oben aufgeht wo man eben,sehr schön die aufgaben auch einfach hin,und herziehen kann und verlängern,verkürzen also alle die auch gerne ja,sogar diagramme erstellen da wird ihnen,hier auf jeden fall geholfen wenn wir ja,ich habe jetzt hier nochmal vor gibt es,auch noch einen verantwortlichen fukui,habe ich mal hinzugefügt wie ist das,dann wenn wir jetzt mal in project bär,eingehen,sehen wir erst mal ja hier eine,übersicht und dann könnte man auch noch,in die entwicklung der einzelnen,teilprojekte reingehen projekt übersicht,dort jetzt mal in quartal eins sprint 1,quartals brin 2 quartal zwar also wie,man das strukturieren möchte hier jetzt,mal so ein bisschen an scrum angelehnt,wir sehen immer wenn was passiert ist,innerhalb dieser hier während jetzt ja,teilprojektes könnte natürlich auch auf,eine ebene tiefer dann wenn wir hier,rein gehen oder hier dann könnte es dann,auch aufgaben sein,hier sehen wir eben im teilprojekt ios,app entwicklung im sprint 1 ja wir,unseren verantwortlichen wir sehen in,welcher phase sind wieder also wir sind,hier schon beim test ging aber hier gibt,es ein problem bei der android app sind,wir noch bei der,entwicklung dabei und ja beim back end,da sind wir schon ziemlich weit da ist,der launch steht sozusagen kurz bevor,gehen wir jetzt mal hier in so ein jahr,hier wäre zum teilprojekt rein und hier,geht auf der rechten seite dann die,kommunikation auf auch hier können wir,wieder soziale features dafür nutzen wir,sehen wer es gesehen hat wir können dann,über bilder diskutieren aber es gibt,hier noch nicht diese fraktion,diskussionen das heißt auch wenn jede,diskussion hier bei der puls ja einer,bestimmten aufgabe oder einem,teilprojekt also diesen blöden hier,zugeordnet ist könnte es schnell,unübersichtlich werden und es gibt auch,nicht die schöne funktion der versionen,von dateien,wir können hier noch hier dateien,hinzufügen zum anschauen wir können auch,noch hier dateien notizen material,hinzufügen zur frage antworten et cetera,also es gibt da auch sehr viele,möglichkeiten in den bereichen textil,glaube ich ein bisschen weiter aber was,diese übersichtlichkeit angeht die,boards sie dort alle erstellt werden,können die man frei strukturieren kann,da ist der puls aus meiner sicht ganz,weit vorne hier zum beispiel habe ich,auch noch mal ein sales ort erstellt da,könnte man einen sales falten abbilden,also bei welcher firma sind wir gerade,im sales bereich unterwegs könnten auch,auf abteilungsebene ansprechpartner,ebene wie auch immer das ganze hier,strukturieren und dann eben hier e mail,geschickt an die firma kohl durchgeführt,meeting also so richtig schön die,schritte im sales könnten hier angelegt,werden und transparent gemacht werden,ein interessantes tool wenn man lust hat,und sich die zeit zu nehmen dass wir,sich ein bisschen zu strukturieren,glaube ich kann das wirklich sehr schön,ergebnisse liefern,diese beiden also der puls und befiehlt,sind von den von mir getesteten tools,bis jetzt so meine liebsten

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