1. Healthy Alternatives To Vegetable Oil
  2. Why You Should Avoid Vegetable Oils
  3. Best substitutes for vegetable oil in cake, muffins, brownies, bread, baking, frying & more
  4. Vegetable oil as chainsaw bar oil
  5. Top 10 Cooking Oils… The Good, Bad & Toxic!
  6. Stop Eating These Oils Immediately (Plus, 5 Alternatives) | Dr. Josh Axe
  7. How to Safely Recover From Vegetable Oils | Chris Masterjohn Lite

Healthy Alternatives To Vegetable Oil

healthy substitute for vegetable oil,any cooking dish couldnt be complete,without using oil vegetable oil in,particular,whether for frying stir-fried or simply,saute vegetable oil is one of the main,ingredients,but because people now are looking for a,healthier version of each food that they,are going to consume,because of the ongoing debate about the,health benefits of vegetable oil or the,lack thereof healthy substitute for,vegetable oil is sprouting so fast like,a mushroom in the market today,some say it contains healthy,polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats,while others are made from unhealthy,trans fat which is not good for our body,and those considered as non-organic,vegetable oils are processed with,chemical solvents that if absorbed by,our body may cause damage to our,digestive system,so if you are looking for a healthy,substitute for vegetable oils i hope the,following lists will help you to make a,good decision,one,olive oil,it is a natural oil extracted from the,fruit of the olive trees,it has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid,that is good for our heart,believe that it contains oleic acid that,reduces inflammation protects bad,cholesterol from oxidation improves the,lining of your blood vessels may also,prevent excessive blood clotting and has,a beneficial effect on certain kinds of,cancer,since it contains monounsaturated fats,olive oil is quite resistant to high,heat that why extra virgin olive oil is,a healthy choice for cooking,if you have heart disease or a family,history of heart disease or any heart,related problems consider adding olive,oil especially extra virgin olive oil to,your diet,two,coconut oil,is an edible plant-based oil that comes,from coconut meat,considered superfood in the market and,one healthy substitute for vegetable oil,because of its high saturated fats it,has different effects on the body,compared with most other dietary fats,the fatty acids found in coconut oil,help your body burn fat and provide,quick energy to your body and brain not,only that it also raises the good,cholesterol in your blood that helps to,reduce heart disease risks,coconut oil is also used as the main,ingredient in cosmetic and personal,grooming products to improve the,appearance and texture of hair and skin,studies show that using coconut oil may,improve the moisture content of the skin,thus preventing some various skin,diseases,to substitute coconut oil for vegetable,oil use the same amount of coconut oil,as vegetable oil,since coconut oil solidifies at room,temperature make sure to melt first your,coconut oil,three,avocado oil,it may not be as popular as coconut and,olive oil,but avocado oil has a lot of benefits,too it is also an edible oil extracted,from the avocado pulp it contains a,healthy monounsaturated fats a good,source of antioxidants to help fight,free radicals in the body the study also,shows that avocado oil may help lower,blood pressure,not only that it has carotenoids like,beta carotene and lutein that are linked,for a healthy eye and reduces well,certain types of cancers,avocado oil has a creamy buttery taste,with its high smoke point it is suitable,to use for grilling marinades dressings,sauces saute stir frying and baking,as mentioned this is not quite popular,unlike the other oils and may not always,be available in your local store so,better look for a supplier that will,keep you in stock,it may be hard to find but still its,one of the best healthy substitute for,vegetable oil,for,flaxseed oil,also known as flax oil or lint seed oil,is made from flax seeds that have been,ground and pressed to release the,natural oil,same with other oils mentioned above it,has also a variety of use ranging from,cooking to skincare products,dont you know that one tablespoon,fifteen milliliters of flaxseed can meet,and exceed your daily omega-3 needs,it has an impressive,7196 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acid,thats why it is also one healthy,substitute for vegetable oil flaxseed,oil is very versatile you can use this,as a salad dressing dips and sauces,if you are quite experimental you can,also add one tablespoon to your,smoothies or shakes,unlike the other oils flaxseed oil is,not suitable for cooking as it does not,have a high smoke point and can form,harmful compounds when exposed to high,heat,but at the same time you can apply it to,your skin to enhance your skin and,increase skin moisture,5.,almond oil,it is coming from a very delicious tree,it is commonly used in cosmetic and skin,care products but it is also an added,nutrient in your diet,although it is not a nutter seed as it,is found at the centre of the almost,fruit it contains an abundant amount of,monounsaturated fats while low in,saturated fats,it is not also suitable for high heat,cooking but it is an excellent dressing,for salad garnish can be consumed as a,whole or can be ground into flour and,even for making non-dairy milk,because it is very rich in fat thats,why it is a perfect source for oil as,well,six,sesame oil,considered as queen of oil seed sesame,oil is also one of the healthy,substitute for vegetable oil,it may be the smallest seed of all but,it is the biggest in terms of,nutritional qualities,it is made from raw pressed sesame seeds,that produce either dark toasted and,light,it has also a rich nutty flavor that is,well used for seasoning and sauces,because of its high smoke point of 140,degrees fahrenheit it can also be used,for cooking,it has also culinary medicinal and,cosmetic use because of the abundance of,vitamins minerals antioxidants,anti-inflammatory properties that are,good for your heart skin and mental,health,seven,cacao butter oil,cacao is known as the main ingredient in,making chocolate and moisturizer,but once the beans are harvested from,the cacao pods it was then cleansed and,roasted when the beans are stripped from,the shells and crushed into nibs they,will be then ground into a liquid called,coco liquor this liquid is then pressed,and separate the fat thus the fat called,cocoa butter,cacao butter is considered one of the,most stable fats it has natural oxidants,and is also high in fatty acid that is,often used as a moisturizer and is a,treatment for sunburn dry chapped lips,scar tissue and stretch marks,not only that because of its rich flavor,and silky smooth consistency but it is,also a perfect base for chocolate making,without the need for dairy or cream,a healthy substitute for vegetable oil,especially for baking,eight,ghee,may not be familiar to everyone but ghee,is widely used in kitchens across india,and always included in the ingredients,of their delicacies,it is clarified butter rich with,saturated fats omega-3 and omega-6 fatty,acids choline,vitamins a d e and k it helps reduce gut,problems also helps reduce inflammation,and most of all it is not contributing,to weight gain but instead it is used up,by the body as an energy boost,nine,palm oil mostly found in tropic regions,palm oil is specifically made from the,fruits flesh and like olive oil it was,pressed to extract the oil,it is free of trans fat rich in vitamins,e k and a known to boost energy levels,and hormonal balance,because of its stability in high,temperature it gives fried food a crispy,and crunchy texture it is also odorless,and colorless so it doesnt alter the,look or smell of fried food,a healthy substitute for vegetable oil,10. rice bran,it may not be as well popular as the,other oils as it is only known in japan,asia and india as a healthy oil,although theres no scientific evidence,rice bran might help lower cholesterol,because the oil contains a substance,that might decrease cholesterol,absorption and increase cholesterol,elimination,it also helps reduce certain types of,kidney stones it also supports weight,loss skin health and contains vitamin e,it might be new as cooking oil but due,to its high smoke point it can be used,to cook almost anything,11.,pumpkin seed oil,is the oil extracted from the seeds of a,pumpkin by cold pressing the pumpkin,seeds,because of its

Why You Should Avoid Vegetable Oils

when they said avoid saturated fats you,were supposed to replace them with,vegetable oils right that was the idea,going back to the 1960s,hi Im one of the producers of the,doctors pharmacy podcast we havent,fortunately been taught to think that,fats and oils are damaging for our,health and lead to things like,cardiovascular disease but this is not,necessarily true when it comes to fats,the type of fat we eat matters as a,society weve been conditioned to,believe that unsaturated fats from,vegetable and seed oils are best and,that butter lard ghee and other,saturated fats are toxic in fact the,reverse is true dr. Hyman discussed some,of the history behind this,misunderstanding with leading science,journalist Nina Michaels well this is,where the food industry does come in a,little bit just to start off this story,so the the the vegetable oil industry,was kind of born in the early 1900s,right the first vegetable oil product,was Crisco oh yeah right so used to be,that those oils were used for the,industrial revolution they were loos to,lubricate machinery and then they,figured out how to harden them to make,them and they learned how to bleach them,and make them look white and then they,thought and it was actually Procter &,Gamble that figure out how to do that,they were gonna make it into a soap you,know soap is made from oil instead they,like that looks an awful lot like lard,lets try to sell it as a food so they,started to sell it as a food and yeah so,it turns out that they contained you,know that its what they hardening,vegetable oils is done through a process,called hydrogenation and that produces,trans fats but so these these trans,fatty hardened oils were started to be,sold to Americans in 1911 so,coincidentally heart disease starts to,take off right right around you maybe,like ten years later we started seeing,increases in death from heart disease so,so then Procter & Gamble figures out how,to just sell oil is oil so one of the,things I understand about these oils is,theyre Procter & Gamble produce like,shampoo they were a soap maker so thats,why they came up with this so but,theyre like but Crisco was like a,best-selling thing they convinced you,know in America so all these immigrants,and they want to become American right,and so Procter & Gamble had this,brilliant advertising campaign basically,saying you know give up Lara those are,the throat the bygone days of your,grandmothers like the spinning wheel of,the olden days and you know have Crisco,instead and this is the newfangled thing,made in you know shiny scientist,kitchens so so Procter and Gamble,figured out how to then make vegetable,oils that were fluid in bottles I kind,of tinkered with the fatty acids to make,them stable and then so heres the where,they they started to influence nutrition,science in 1948 the American Heart,Association which is really just an,association of cardiologists right,remember heart disease is knew tiny,little Association know barely had an,office they were just like they barely,had any funds Procter & Gamble comes in,and says were gonna make you the,designee of this radio show for the week,and over it was this huge deal,overnight literally according to the,official history of the American Heart,Association they said millions of,dollars flowed into our coffers we,became overnight the powerhouse opening,offices all across the country that we,are today theyre still the number one,largest non-for-profit in the in the,country all thanks to Procter & Gamble,and pretty soon thereafter they started,to recommend that you start eating,vegetable oils to prevent a heart attack,which was the worst idea because turns,out that trans fats everybody agrees in,this killed hundreds of thousand,millions of people over the decades,Trant with the SATs yeah the trans fats,in the heart and vegetable oils and,Crisco are bad for health clearly bad,for health but in the liquid form and,now their world is not safe to eat by,the fda after 50 years of pressure to,change that right I finally took a,lawsuit from a 97 year old scientist who,first discovered this 50 years ago to,get them to change so vegetable oils so,it turns out that it they when theyre,in the oil form theyre also dangerous,so they dont contain trans fats right,but in the oil form the oils are highly,unstable that means that they oxidize,either acid they go rancid oxidation is,remember thats why we take antioxidants,be,as oxidation causes inflammation in your,body like yes thats actually to the,inside and heart because heart disease,on the inside oxidized LDL is whats,thought to provoke that unstable plaque,that causes heart blockage yeah so this,is what,and in those clinic in that on all those,studies remember we talked about the,Minnesota coronary survey where they had,people some people on on vegetable oil,diets in all of those studies again and,again and again the people in the,vegetable oil diets died at much higher,rates from cancer this was considered a,side effect of this heart-healthy diet,and they actually had a series of very,high-level meetings at the NIH in the,early 1980s to figure out what was going,on with this side effect of cancer and,nobody could figure it out and they,basically just said look we believe that,vegetable oils will help people prevent,heart disease so were gonna ignore the,cancer effect these were sort of,invented 120 plus years ago and we now,have increased our consumption of,soybean oil for example a thousandfold,and its 10% of our calories and its in,everything its stuff that you wouldnt,imagine is in so any processed food that,you buy its made in a factory probably,has this oil in it or some variety of it,and I think you know when you look at,the data it is confusing theres a lot,of people who who are looking at large,observational processes that show that,theres a risk for you know saturated,fat and a benefit for omega-3 omega-6,oils and theres other data that show,theres some actually randomized trials,that show the opposite when you just,have people eat only in the vegetable,oil they do worse right and lets just,remember that latter data from trials is,is the rigorous cause-and-effect data,right so yeah I mean so what do you,recommend no vegetable oils well I was,just gonna tell briefly about my visit,to a vegetable oil factory to explain,what a Bunge Factory what a brutal,process it is to get oil out of a bean,or a seed right they they have to go,through this you know process of,extracting the oil when its not even,really oil when it comes out as gray,rancid disgusting fluid its chemically,extracted with,in another nasty camera right if you use,hexane as a solvent to extract it and,then they and then they have and then,its this bad smelling gray liquid it,has to be deodorized winterized you know,twitch and all this so it goes through,like 17 steps in this giant industrial,plant and you know and then its Crisco,so you know compared to and this is what,were told to eat instead of of churning,butter right so like you just milk the,cow and then you turn the butter so I,think that you know its its sort of it,speaks to our to me like speaks to its,kind of the craziness about food that we,live in which is so you know so divorced,from our history like can you really,believe thats something that goes,through this you know 17 step process in,a in a factory is what you should be,eating to restore your health how many,steps did it take from the field your,fork you know yeah more than one or two,its probably not a good idea so the,huge worry about vegetable oils to my,mind is that when they are heated and,even if theyre left out in an in a,bottle whether its exposed to light,they will degrade thats right they,oxidize they degree that means they,break down into these oxidation products,when you put them under heat that in,like any chemical reaction that speeds,up and it creates literally hundreds of,degraded oxidation products some of,which are known toxins Americans are,eating frightening amounts

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Best substitutes for vegetable oil in cake, muffins, brownies, bread, baking, frying & more

all access the ultimate catalyst voor,hun regions and is therefore very,important part cooking dan al die dat,het helpen vent voelt verstikking,turpijn maar dat can improve the taste,and texture fooled by en hens in de,flavors of er een gradient naar de tribe,of oro use can help and additional,impact dan flavour aswell is the final,outcome of je dit en zo shoeby selector,switch zon fout in view het lijkt een,substituut web te beoordelen in de dit,is kunt nl wit alternative for suitable,hier hoe lang to all the options to,replace phetchaburi wij nu al cooking,and baking naar lets take a look at de,best options you can then get into each,die zijn more the tale of twente use,them and when not to de stem,sorry f extra virgin olive oil dit wordt,wel voor van medium heat voor dressing,split not for baking and death koken met,al perfect for baking and fine and,highly avocado heel goed voor baking and,fine but it can be a bit expensive en,spinnen toil,toen of de hel 4 stories flexifoil,is great for mer neet en griezels,pitlochry verbreking,en sesame oil best fors easing,accessoire task room flavour mc choral,in het zinloos mok point put het is,perfect voor de wisseling,cadeau loko lo so great nutrof lever en,minder sunflower oil het maltees ten hi,sleek point een perfect voor fry,hij is voetbal olv bosteels ft van,flavors and fitch guru is of zijn de,mixer blend of tips en duitse vogels,iets kunt zullen t nu toe op youtube is,nu full flavour,wow merk en inexpensive certain versie,boos kan wordt een saturated fats tijd,wanneer dit tenten op stage,this can be je denkt u het uw politiek,use and lead to information moet je kan,denken als other health issues such as,heart problems and high blood pressure,alternatief ie je might be volking,vegetable oil exact liep kassovitz,blijft taste and prefer santing dat kip,showcooking een extra dozen flavour,maar verdorie zin je cursisten shirt,b-keus there are plenty of substitutie,ricardos of wordt hiermee king zo de,beste dus voor phetchaburi,extra virgin olive oil om het publiek de,halcyon substituut voor het spoor en,virgin olive al eens high-end goods and,region and to accent en wordt wel,verfaillie loten medium heat and this,excellent for crossing,of mary nate leverage troon flavour,means that its not ideal for baking,koken 0 is perfect for baking,particularly in recipes het niet eens zo,door hint of kokend flavour,het is als een great for find you switch,hyves melk point,zon expert suggest the healthy for the,assets inkoop netto rook en lower blood,cholesterol and provide quick energy to,body inbreng,wou het kan onze bewoners voor your hair,and skin koop in het engels quite hi een,set 2 dit fats and social piek punt zin,in morgen,dennis avocado oorlog die and refined,quality of avocado oorlog mix it en naar,great substitute for vetste beoordeel is,high in een healthy fats and vitamin e,en n ze creamy bad ut steeds goed voor,baking,in deze hi shop by een tempel of flying,hosting ook wil ik huiver,de downside is dit afvoerkanaal intends,to be more expensive,nou in een oordeel is considered one of,the help je sorrels,gidsen vegetable oil dit is naturally,trend fat free and lo in saturated fats,is hij in een saturated fats like to,warm van in olive oil and some story,zitjes might help reduce vet build up in,blood vessels and flex cytosol zon air,lines idool en het die rise van de,sheets of de flex plant institute source,of fiber and to make free assets and the,great fairy beoordeel stap ze toe furry,nathan cellen dressings en is een,maltees plat can enhance flevoland dus,de over andere guilt ook goed voelt over,het natte voor feyenoord baking is,het is not eat stable,een sessie mee al dood of een overlooked,6 may all can be healthy and tasty,substitute for whitstable je borst,particulier wel een cynisch en sauces,huiver its not de best choice for,baking you this distinct flavor and she,can only be uw sperli,en ze het can easily over power other,flavors and sea doo is een ander,alternatief de jets overvloed wat is,high en phi de min en toen mega fatty,acids het is meter van hem seats and,despite common misconceptions dus not,contain any tec,dus absoluut in,wanneer het product de high door in,hersenloos mooi point it makes x leven,vol finishing om heel verdubbeling om te,soeps,werd ze boos op pizza ik ken al zo,extensies absolute vooral of al mijn,editor ice,de wit flavor is een great bay speciale,dressings en sauzen span its not,suitable for any sweet,een model gedichtjes mooi phetchaburi,zwerven hartpatiënten de of knallen al,in den zo it makes sense to go to de,source in staat en use knol oasis absurd,dit substituted uur iphone grape seed is,concealer t doet vooral,mekking het perfect voor voedsel hebt in,af of their own flavour en niet een,flavour de solo,het is een lori levels saturated fats,compare to go girls wat is of de miley,processed meaning in het fewer,neutrinos zijn vlaar al is een normaal,tasting substitute,dit is high en familie en lo in een,saturated fats,hf er zit ontzettend een salade vol,medisch expert die assets,which can lead to information de hazmat,point of de solo makes it is great for,roasting en frying each of these options,works great as a substitute for which,pearl harbor,de keep choosing between them de pens en,tarly om watchmaking zon hard path for,baking hoor anders wordt per for fry,de winkels zullen wij zijn er voor de,pen van de count en het taste and,texture je wisten go for now when it,comes to peking iets beste op voor een,nier of lever toro sets is knollen,olofsson follow this because i stroom,levert ook een easy over power,onroerende sweetness of je basecoat,alternatively kopen net als u doet,substitute de penning om watchmaking het,can give you pekingese rol koken het,flavour finish en de nu toe flavour of,knollen all makes it een ex en,substitute for making brownies storm,flavour ons like all photos shoppie voor,je dit zuiver one hek is to use light or,extra light all of a highly refined,quality of dus ook en in proef boten,taste and texture of je grammys,nou een mac en keek delight en plein,flavour of kolonel make it a popular,vegetables at stoel en een kans te,baking cakes,coconut oil can also be used is high,smartpoint mixen,perfect voor haïti cooking of peking,ever since i this solid edge room,temperature,yo heeft een meldt the whole of europe i,cry ziek wordt of,ivy league levens en snoep trolls koos,een flyer oral,en cadeau loko lo a known for their,weekend zal of flavours,dus mixte hem de perfecte tools for,which people and comes to make in,muffins en starlight eemsmond over shell,over power de sweet taste of je baked,confectie nam me mee kim wafels,jfj choice between kano loconet oorlog,en extra virgin olive oil,de neutral flavour of kolonel mxit doet,en comments absoluut een proef texture,and ensure you of als er tijd crispy,exterieur en tender in theorie en finish,ik ook net al eens je best bed voor,hellfish opzet u de lokale ri high,quality of extra virgin olive oil might,be the op fysio is wat make sure to,choose to one labelt extra virgin,or extra light s normaal folder 3,toestroming flavour,meisje from then you want een al dat hij,zei hi smoke point,dit is de point at which the early start,burn er voor de higher de smoke point,de morgen dit can take some fellow,knollen alpine toro en avocado euro,o riet stoelen bollen en koelt options,mijn kansen frying because of the high,smoke points,using en alberello small point het snot,iets table,omdat alle nee t spijt en bloeiende,vlees of je voelt dat het kind contain,harm for chemical sardientjes te kunt,zien,en na de oorlog de hivemind which makes,it ideal for fine,is frys bruyneel nou ik hiermee king,pancakes en unless you wont you back,case heffen,tik jullie t is de best oorlog,substituut voor mijn naam is won de toss,not have strong flavour,voor this knollen royal is ik moet en,kosteneffectief option,koop in het oog great if you want to,give you up en keek de suite en trok of,lever,alternatively ik je het lijkt een bee

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Vegetable oil as chainsaw bar oil

its cheap homesteading here and it is bloody cold out here today – 22 in the,morning I dont know what it is now maybe its got to -20 I dont know but,anyways it feels really cold a few years ago I used waste oil waste hydraulic oil,four-bar oil and sad mixed reviews people thought it was worse for the,environment than bar oil Im not really sold on that but uh to try out the other,end of it the more green end of it Im gonna try some waste vegetable oil so,Im gonna try this I stays pretty liquidy it is cold and urine its a good,consistency so why I cant see a problem with it and its clean so were gonna go,get this a try and were gonna see how this goes,so stay tuned,I really do think this would be a really good test of it because it is really,cold out here I dont know if too many people use vegetable oil at this,temperature but you got to make sure that its actually feeding into the bar,so were gonna go try it up against the tree or something you should always test,and make sure that the bar is getting oil,yeah you can see a slight line Im gonna keep an eye on it after it gets going,but it definitely has a vegetable oil smell,I have to say Id love to give you guys the smell of this it smells wonderful,smells like french fries kind of makes you hungry I have to tighten up the,chain now but you can physically see oil on the bar so its feeding in and I can,smell it so must be working so were gonna tighten this up just a hair were,gonna keep going right now its as cold as probably someone would use vegetable,oils so and at the end of the day Ill give you a little bit of an update to,see how its gone but up till now shes going good I got wood to cut,okay lets check every two Philips of gas I have to put oil in the bar so how,much oil I have left can I see in there theres just a little,bit so vegetable oil must be a little thinner it goes through a little faster,I could probably adjust that out of it but probably it needs probably needs,just a little bit more vegetable oil anyways on the bar – actually I,definitely call this vegetable oil four bar oil a success it is absolutely,wonderful smelling it works reasonably well its a little thinner I believe but,really doesnt matter you just put a little bit more in it thats a good,price if you use something that people basically throw away anyways and its,good for the environment they think Ive made end up using it the rest of the,season I have enough of it to use the rest of the season anyway so probably,going to do that so you guys have a good one

Top 10 Cooking Oils… The Good, Bad & Toxic!

Hallo Gesondheidskampioene. Hoe is dit dat gewilde advies oor kookolie nie net verskil,tussen verskillende bronne is nie, maar dikwels heeltemal vol vertroue is dat daar min gebiede is wat so deurspek is met,verkeerde inligting soos sleg van kookolie en watter soort vas om ons kos vandag in te kook.,Ek gaan jou die enigste manier wys hoe jy werklik kan weet watter inligting om te vertrou en,dit is om net n paar basiese beginsels oor vette en olies te begin verstaan ​​wat net,daar kom n holistiese dokter en n voormalige Olimpiese tienkampatleet en as jy wil om werklik hulp te bemeester,deur te verstaan ​​hoe die liggaam werklik werk, maak seker dat jy inteken, druk daardie,klokkie en skakel al die kennisgewings aan sodat jy nooit n lewensreddende video mis as jy ,n kookkanaal vra wat die beste olies is waaroor hulle waarskynlik sal praat olies om n,ligte griep en n hoë rookpunt te hê en as jy nou na n gesondheidskanaal kyk, sal hulle begin,praat van poli-onversadigde vs. versadigde vette, so hy was een van die eerste plekke wat,ek gevind het en ek het n soektog na gesonde kookkuns gedoen olie in hierdie opgedaag het en moenie bekommerd wees as jy,dit nie kan lees, want daar is niks werd sien maar basies wat hulle gesê het dit is,vlas olie was een van die beste om te kook olie, want dit n baie gesonde vette het in dit,en hulle gesê die botter is vriendelik o f in die middel, maar na die onderkant van die lys,en daardie klapperolie was een van die ergste vette om in te kook, so hoe het hulle tot hierdie,gevolgtrekkings gekom, want in my gedagtes is dit nie net verkeerd nie, dit is 100% heeltemal agteruit,en dit is omdat daar so baie wanopvattings is, daar is soveel mites en ons sal dit vandag,oorgaan sodat jy dit heeltemal duidelik sal hê oor wat gesonde vet is in die nommer een wanopvatting,is dat poli-onversadigde vetsure gesonde vroue vir die langste uithou keer tweede,wanopvatting is dat hulle die bron van die kos verwar hulle dink dat ag tog vlas is,gesond daar vir vlas olie moet gesond wees en appelkose is gesond dan advocaat olie,in moet gesond wees hulle verstaan ​​nie tesourus nie versus die verwerking en die derde ding,is dat daar soveel klem op rookpunt is sonder om enigsins in ag te neem waardeur die,olie gegaan het om daardie soort rookpunt te hê, waarskynlik die slegste kook op wat,jy moontlik kan kies, sal vlasaadolie wees en dit verras baie mense sê,nee hooi vlassaadolie wat goeie kwaliteit olie was wat soveel gesondheidsvoordele het maar hou dit,met my, want dit is baie hoog in omega-3 en nou gaan jy wag wag wag poli-onversadigde,vetsuur daar gesonde omega-3 vetsure is gesond waarvan praat jy wel,hier is wat ons moet verstaan ​​dat hulle wel deel is van selmembrane hulle het,ons brein is selmembrane die bedekkings van al ons selle word grootliks gemaak deur,poli-onversadigde vetsure, veral een genoem DHA, wat uiters belangrik is,,hulle tree ook op as voorlopers vir hormone en hulle neem deel aan verskillende seinpaaie, waarvan,sommige anti-inflammatories is, so daar is baie voordele vir poli-onversadigde vetsure,, hulle is noodsaaklik, maar dit is nie vir brandstof nie, aangesien dit baie spesifieke het weefsel,eienskappe wat baie spesifieke vorms vorm wat hulle toelaat om aan die proses deel te neem, maar,hulle is nie veronderstel om vir brandstof verbrand te word nie, so hulle is nie n kookoliekoekie nie ng olie,is veronderstel om energie te wees om n poli-onversadigde vetsure te brandstof het n paar teorie belangrike eienskappe,hulle is ook uiters onstabiel remedies so daar is rook punt is baie baie laag en met,vlassaad olie tot rook punt is 170 grade Celsius is 225 Fahrenheit en dit is net,skaars bo dié van kookwater so as jy iets soos n drukkoker sou gebruik,wat op die oomblik baie gewild is, dan sal jy daardie kooktemperatuur jaag, al kook,jy net dinge, sal jy die rookpunt vlasaadolie oorskry en nou neem jy,iets dit was potensieel anti-inflammatories en en voordelig en dit word nou beskadig,en pro-inflammatories om dit te verstaan ​​moet jy dit te min verstaan ​​Basiese beginsels,Ek gaan net n bietjie tegnies van belofte word ek sal dit baie hou baie eenvoudig en,jy kan dit oorslaan want dit is deel van die hele begrip net n paar baie,eenvoudige basiese beginsels wat is iets wat goed versadig n koolstofatoom het vier bindings terreine,en in n koolhidraat of in n vet of n koolwaterstof wat dit van koolstof en waterstof praat,,dan gaan drie van hierdie aan die een kant deur waterstof beset word en dan aan die ander,kant gaan ons n ander roete hê as hierdie.,Gaan die eienskappe bepaal of dit n oplosmiddel of ketoon of n vetsure is,,moenie bekommerd wees oor wat dit is nie, weet net dit is n groep wat anders is en dan,kan ons meer koolstofstowwe in n ketting gekoppel hê, so dit sal die eenvoudigste wees vorm van n koolhidraat,is een koolstof, maar as ons meer koolstofstowwe byvoeg, het ons n ketting gevul en dit verander tipies,wanneer ons oor die vetsure in die liggaam gepraat het, hulle gaan vir die grootste deel,16 koolstof lank wees, maar hulle kan baie korter wees n baie langer ook en die ketting gaan aan totdat,ons by die einde kom waar daar weer daardie groep is en die rede waarom dit versadig is, is,dat al die posisies op die koolstof beset is behalwe vir die einde waar daar hierdie groep is, is,al die ander plekke beset met waterstof en hierdie neem ruimte op en hulle druk,mekaar so in elke rigting sodat hierdie Carmen Shane reguit word en hou dit,in gedagte dit gaan regtig belangrik wees hier by my dit sal baie belangrik word,onversadig is whe n in hierdie ketting van koolstof is daar ten minste een plek wat n,dubbelbinding het n dubbelverbinding en dit beteken sodra ons al die ander atome en molekules,en groepe koppel sodra dit vol is, lyk dit anders want hier waar daar n dubbelbinding is en,ons tel hierdie vier verbindings het ons een twee drie vier so ons kan nie meer soveel,groepe koppel nie, want twee van die verbindings word deur die om te sê molekules gebruik en waar,ons hierdie dubbelverbinding het wat mono-onversadig genoem word, is dit nie meer versadig nie,,want hulle is twee waterstof ontbreek en as ons meer as een plek het, dan word dit,poli-onversadigde genoem en ons kan twee hê of ons kan drie of vier of vyf of,selfs ses hê en die brein ding die DHA het 22 koolstofstowwe in een ketting en ses van daardie plekke,is onversadig en die rede waarom hierdie dubbelbindings saak maak, is dat dit die vorm,van die molekule verander en die eienskappe verander en dit is wat jy moet verstaan ​​om te,weet wat om te kook met hierdie versadigde molekule ha s waterstof eweredig gespasieer op alle tekens van,die molekule en die molekule eindig reguit en as dit reguit is, dan kan ons dit nader aan mekaar,pak en wanneer die krap is daar minder wikkelruimte en dit is hoekom hierdie molekules,hoekom hierdie vette solied is by kamertemperatuur om n baie hoër smeltpunte as ons nou,iewers n dubbelbinding het, gaan ons meer waterstof aan die een kant hê as die,ander en hulle gaan die ketting in n ander rigting plaas sodat ons n bietjie Buig,daarin kry en as ons het meer as een dan gaan dit nog meer van vorm verander en soos ek gesê het,kan ons baie baie van hierdie dubbelbomme hê maar hoe meer dubbelbindings sal hê hoe hoër is,die smeltpunt van amptelike byvoorbeeld is vloeistof in die vrieskas dit is hoe baie,dubbelbindings en het as gevolg van die onreëlmatige vorm hierdie molekules is dit nie naby,mekaar nie hulle kan mekaar wegstoot na die smeltpunt is 1 kenmerke wat,jy kan waarneem maar hier is hoekom dit regtig belangrik is die versadigde mo lekule is stabiel,het te doen met die waterstof wanneer dit versadig is, het dit al die plekke van gevul bevredig, maar,hoe meer onversadig dit word hoe meer stabiel word dit want hierdie dubbelbomme is,ontevrede hulle is baie reaktief hulle soek n plek waar hulle is soek n,manier om hierdie leë spasie te vul so hier is van die ergste kookolies wat ons al,oor die vlassaadolie gepraat het e

Stop Eating These Oils Immediately (Plus, 5 Alternatives) | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, guys.,Dr. Axe here.,Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today.,Today, Im going to be talking about the top oils you want to stop consuming immediately.,These oils are inflammatory.,Theyve been linked to heart disease, cancer, weight gain, and a whole lot of other health,issues.,So Im going to tell you the oils to stop consuming, and then turn you on to some healthy,oils that you want to make sure youre getting in your diet every single week on todays,show.,Also, hey, do me a favor.,Help me spread the message that food is medicine.,Take a minute right now.,Punch that Share button.,Click that Like button.,Lets transform the health of the world together, right now.,All right.,Were going to dive right in and talk about some of the top oils you should stop consuming,immediately, and also some of their side effects that you want to make sure youre staying,away from.,So number one here, vegetable oil.,Here are some of the dangers of consuming vegetable oils.,Number one, GMO ingredients.,We know genetically-modified organisms have had the DNA wired in of pesticides and herbicides,,and other chemicals.,These are toxic to your body, and one of the side effects is it kills off good bacteria,in your gut known as “probiotics.”,Now, the less probiotics you have, the weaker your immune system becomes.,The less vitamins and minerals, and nutrients you can actually absorb.,So we know that GMO ingredients are dangerous to the body, because theyre so highly toxic,to your system.,So again, stay away from those GMO ingredients.,Now, the other thing that vegetable oils have been correlated with are kidney and liver,problems.,Now, especially when you look at oriental or Chinese medicine, we know that the liver,is responsible for producing cholesterol, for digesting fat, for creating bile, which,breaks down fat.,What happens is if you consume a lot of bad fats, hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils . . . By,the way, when I say “vegetable oil,” Im talking about oils such as anything labeled “vegetable,oil,” canola oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil.,Those are all vegetable oils.,Soybean oil is another big one.,Theyll actually clog up your liver.,So imagine your liver, it causes something called “liver stagnation,” to where your liver,isnt producing enough bile.,Imagine your liver building up toxins in it.,Well, that happens when youre consuming these bad and toxic fats on a daily basis.,Theres still a lot of people out there, consuming vegetable oil and canola oil thats genetically-modified,on a regular basis, and its really backing up their liver, causing liver toxicity over,time.,Heres the thing, is you may say to yourself, “Well, Ive eaten these oils, and I dont,have a liver issue.”,Well, you dont yet.,But thats the thing.,A lot of conditions . . . A liver is especially one of these organs that you wont notice,you have a liver problem, until its really far gone, until theres been a problem there,for a really long time.,So again, dont wait.,Change out your oils.,Well talk about the oils to switch to in a minute.,By the way, if youre enjoying this live training, take a minute right now, help me spread the,message that food is medicine and that it shouldnt be poison.,Take a minute right now, punch that Share button.,Click that Love button.,More people need to know the truth that vegetable oil is one of the most dangerous food products,out there today.,In fact, I would put vegetable oil and processed sugar up as the one, two, most toxic foods,were consuming on a regular basis as a group, as a whole.,Lets talk about heart trouble.,Vegetable oil clogs up your arteries.,Part of what happens with vegetable oil, we all know this, but bad fats are bad for the,heart.,Now, there was this misconception years ago, probably 20 or 30 years ago, that all fat,is bad.,Well, thats not true.,Not all fat is bad.,Theres good fat and theres bad fat.,Bad fat thats found in things like vegetable oils, like soybean oil and corn oil, and cottonseed,oil, those types of oils are going to cause inflammation in the body.,So heres what happens.,They cause inflammation of your arteries, so then cholesterol builds up in your arteries.,One of the greatest things you could ever do for your body is follow an anti-inflammatory,diet.,So an anti-inflammatory diet is going to be full of fruits and vegetables.,Its going to be full of omega-3 fats.,Thats what an anti-inflammatory diet is.,An inflammatory diet is full of sugar and vegetable oils or hydrogenated oils.,If you can get off hydrogenated oil and start consuming more omega-3s, thats one of the,fastest things that can start to reverse heart disease immediately.,Lets talk about a few other here, dangerous side effects if you or someone you love is,consuming hydrogenated oils on a regular basis.,Hypertension and stroke, so high blood pressure.,We know that inflammation can constrict the arteries.,It can cause those blockages, leading to issues, not just a heart attack, but also a stroke,as you build up that extra plaque in the arteries, as those arteries start to constrict more,over time due to, again, inflammation.,The other thing that vegetable oil does is it gives you an exposure to trans fats.,Youre going to have more trans fats in your diet if youre eating a lot of bad fat.,We know trans fats have been directly linked to obesity.,One of the things, this actually is pretty incredible, but I read a study that said if,somebody is 20 pounds overweight, it doubles their risk of cancer and triples their risk,of a heart attack.,But think about this on the flip end.,If somebody would go and lose 20 pounds of unwanted or unneeded fat, they can decrease,their risk of cancer by 3 times and cut their risk of heart disease in half.,But whats one of the number one things that causes people to gain weight?,Trans fats have been directly linked to your body, actually building up not just fat thats,on your arms or areas like that.,Its actually the fat that surrounds your organs right in your midsection.,Its called “adipose fat.”,Its the fat that surrounds your organs, and its the most toxic type of fat you can have,in your body.,So trans fat has been linked to specifically that belly fat that accumulates right here,in your midsection.,So the great news is if you can switch your fats to the fats Im going to talk about,,you can decrease your risk of obesity or overall help you lose weight very, very quickly.,By the way, if you are enjoying this live training, take a minute right now, punch that,Share button.,Click that Love button.,Help me spread the world on how to use food as medicine, not consume foods that are poisoning,your body and your system.,All right.,Here are the oils you want to start consuming immediately.,Number one is coconut oil.,Now, coconut oil contains something called MCTs.,Thats medium-chain triglycerides.,These types of fat are actually good for your body to burn as energy.,Another major benefit of coconut oil is that it contains lauric acid, capric acid, and,caprylic acid.,Those are antimicrobial in nature, which means they can actually kill off bad bacteria, candida,,and just bad microbes that can get in your body.,So a great benefit of coconut oil, its the energy boosting fat.,Its the fat thats the least likely to be stored as fat, and its antimicrobial in nature.,Just to give you an example here, one of the things that mothers often do with their breastmilk,,or theyve done throughout history, is if a child would have an eye infection, they,would actually put breast milk around that area.,Thats because lauric acid, found in a womans breast milk when theyre breastfeeding, thats,the same type of fat found in coconut oil, and its antimicrobial.,It means it will kill off bad bacteria and its actually antiviral, and it can actually,kill off infections that surround the eye.,So a pretty unique theory, and actually some of the compounds in coconut oil are in fact,the same found in womens breastmilk, which have tremendous benefits for our health.,So again, coconut oi

How to Safely Recover From Vegetable Oils | Chris Masterjohn Lite

If youve ever been addicted to,vegetable oils but now you know better,enough to eat butter, then this video is,for you.,Hi. Im Dr. Chris Masterjohn of,chrismasterjohnphd.com and youre watching,Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name,of the game is, “Details? Shmeetails.,Just tell me what works!”,Now, I dont know if youve been watching,the Masterclass With Masterjohn videos,on the antioxidant defense system. If you,have, awesome. If you havent, who cares?,That is,details details. This is detailed shmeetails.,One of the key takeaways that you,may or may not have seen from that,series is that polyunsaturated fats, which,some of us like to call PUFAs, which are,found in modern vegetable oils like,soybean oil and canola oil, and back in,the day people even used to eat corn oil, and,nowadays people also eat safflower oil,and sunflower oil. If theyre not called,”high oleic” all these oils are rich in,polyunsaturated fats. And these increase,our need for vitamin E and all the other,antioxidants. Now, although our bodies,need some polyunsaturated fat theres a,lot of good reasons to believe that we,should consume small amounts like were,found in traditional animal fats,,tropical oils, and oils like olive oil,,instead of the really large amounts that,we find in modern vegetable oils. But,heres the thing.,It can take four years for the amount of,polyunsaturated fat thats stored in your body,to fully accumulate when youre eating a,diet rich in vegetable oils, and when you,switch from something like soybean oil to,coconut oil, that polyunsaturated fat,takes about four years to go back down,to low levels. And what that means is,that if youve been eating,polyunsaturated fat for one, two, three,,four years, your need for vitamin E could,stay elevated for the next four years,after you quit. And so, although you may,get a lot of benefits in the long term,and maybe youll even get some benefits,in the short term, its still possible,that lingering in the background theres,this potential harm of the transition. So,what do we do about that?,Well lets say for simplicity that over,the past four years youve consumed a,diet thats thirty percent fat deriving,all of the fat from soybean oil.,Who knows, maybe you consumed forty percent,and it was a mix of different oils, but,for a simple calculation, if thats the,case, your vitamin E requirement could,stay at about 20 IU per day for the,next four years. Lets say you switch to,coconut oil and butter.,Youre getting some vitamin E from,butter but only enough to protect the,polyunsaturated fats in the butter, which,isnt very much. Coconut oil has,practically no vitamin E at all.,So in that case the easiest way to get,20 IU of vitamin E from food would be to,consume 4 tablespoons of palm oil per,day. Now that can be great if you like,palm oil and if youre willing to eat,that much added fat but you may have,goals that require you to eat less added,fat or you may want some diversity,in the taste of your food because,palm oil has its own taste.,So, is there are more convenient way to,hack around this? There absolutely is.,What I would do is simply as an,insurance policy take a low-dose vitamin,E supplement for the next couple of,years.,The problem is almost all the vitamin E,supplements on the market have enormous,quantities of vitamin E in them that,could, although the science isnt totally,clear on it, could increase your need for,other fat-soluble vitamins, and you dont,really want to mess with that balance. The,vitamin E supplement that I would,recommend for this purpose is Jarrow,Formulas Toco-Sorb. Now the thing that I,like about this vitamin E supplement is,that its amount of alpha-tocopherol is,19 IU,and alpha-tocopherol is the,most important form of vitamin E and,its the most powerful antioxidant. S you,want to meet your basic needs for,vitamin E largely as alpha-tocopherol,and thats just about the perfect amount.,But it also has these other,tocopherols and tocotrienols that reflect,the natural blend of vitamin E forms,found in palm oil. So I think its great,that the blend you get is natural and yet,you still know that youre getting,about 20 IU of vitamin E as,alpha-tocopherol. Now, your vitamin E requirement,isnt going to stay elevated forever and,in fact even across the four years after,you switch from a diet thats mostly,vegetable oil to a diet of traditional,fats its only going to be elevated that,much at first and its going to slowly,decline down to the level thats found in,your diet over four years. So you dont,need to take the supplement forever. Your,vitamin E requirement is going to depend,on a lot of things like the other things,youre eating in your diet,,what your lifestyle is like, what,youre exposed to in the environment, your,genetics, and so on. So you may not need,the supplement at all. However,,if youre making that switch its a good,insurance policy and if you have any,reason to feel like your body is,subjected to a little bit more wear and,tear than youd like then its a pretty,good idea to take it.,All right, I hope you found this useful.,Signing off, this is Chris Masterjohn of,chrismasterjohnphd.com.,Youve been watching Chris Masterjohn Lite,,and I will see you in the next,video.

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