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Do Not Use Nasal Spray before you watch This | Side Effects | Oxymetazoline xylometazoline

Oxymetazoline nasal spray is used to relieve nasal discomfort caused by colds, allergies,,and hay fever. It is also used to relieve sinus congestion and pressure. Oxymetazoline,nasal spray should not be used to treat children younger than 6 years of age unless it is recommended,by a doctor. Children 6 to 12 years of age should use oxymetazoline nasal spray carefully,and under adult supervision. Oxymetazoline is in a class of medications called nasal,decongestants. It works by narrowing the blood vessels in the nasal passages.,How should this medicine be used? Oxymetazoline comes as a solution (liquid),to spray into the nose. It is usually used every 10 to 12 hours as needed, but not more,often than twice in a 24-hour period. Follow the directions on the package label or on,your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part,you do not understand. Use oxymetazoline nasal spray exactly as directed. Do not use more,or less of it or use it more often than prescribed by your doctor or directed on the label.,If you use oxymetazoline nasal spray for more often or for longer than the recommended period,of time, your congestion may get worse or may improve but come back. Do not use oxymetazoline,nasal spray for longer than 3 days. If your symptoms do not get better after 3 days of,treatment, stop using oxymetazoline and call your doctor.,Oxymetazoline nasal spray is only for use in the nose. Do not swallow the medication.,To prevent the spread of infection, do not share your spray dispenser with anyone else.,Rinse the tip of the dispenser with hot water or wipe it clean after you use it.,Follow the directions for using the nasal spray that appear on the package label. If,you are using a product that comes in a pump dispenser, press down on the rim several times,before using your first dose to prime the pump, according to the directions on the label.,When you are ready to use the spray, hold your head upright without tilting and place,the tip of the bottle in your nostril. For the nasal spray, squeeze the bottle quickly,and firmly. For products that come in a pump dispenser, press down on the rim with a firm,,even stroke and breathe in deeply.,Other uses for this medicine This medication may be prescribed for other,uses. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.,What special precautions should I follow? Before using oxymetazoline,,tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to oxymetazoline, or any other medications.,tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins,,nutritional supplements, and herbal products you are taking or plan to take. Be sure to,tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking the following medications or have stopped,taking them within the past two weeks: isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), selegiline,(Eldepryl, Emsam, Zelapar), and tranylcypromine (Parnate).,tell your doctor if you have or have ever had high blood pressure, diabetes, difficulty,urinating due to an enlarged prostate gland, or thyroid or heart disease.,tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding.,If you become pregnant while using oxymetazoline nasal spray, call your doctor.,What special dietary instructions should I follow?,Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, continue your normal diet.,What should I do if I forget a dose? This medication is usually used as needed.,If your doctor has told you to use oxymetazoline regularly, use the missed dose as soon as,you remember it. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose,and continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not use a double dose to make up for a,missed one.,What side effects can this medication cause? Oxymetazoline may cause side effects. Tell,your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:,burning stinging,increased nasal discharge dryness inside the nose,sneezing nervousness,nausea dizziness,headache difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep,Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately:,fast heartbeat slow heartbeat

New Neurostimulation Treatment For Dry Eyes: ITear VS Tyrvaya Review

if you have dry eyes and youre looking for  different ways to treat it then you definitely  ,want to watch this video theres a way to treat  your dry eyes without using eye drops and thats  ,through whats called the neural stimulation  of the trigeminal nerve in your nose and there  ,are two big players in this field right now one  the more recent release medication called tear  ,via its a nasal spray and one thats been around  for a little bit called the eye tier 100 its an  ,extra nasal stimulator a mechanical stimulator and  theyre about to release their second generation  ,ive actually had a chance to use both of these  for a period of time now so for this video i  ,wanted to compare the two pretty much how you get  it the process of using it side effects the cost  ,and overall how well do they work lets focus in  hey howdy this is Dr. Neal Guymon, Dr. EyeGuy,  ,with the channel that keeps your eyes healthy  and your vision clear and just really quick i  ,want to go over how both of these treatments work  using neurostimulation both of these treatments  ,will stimulate a branch of cranial nerve 5 the  trigeminal nerve that will send a signal back to  ,the facial nerve cranial nerve 7 and that will  send a signal out to its branches mainly around  ,the eye the lacrimal gland which is responsible  for producing your tears and whats even better  ,is that it can send a signal to the meibomian  glands and goblet cells which can help all the  ,different layers of your tear film which is super  important for treating dry eyes now we actually  ,produce different types of tears one is called  the reflexive tears like if you get a foreign body  ,in your eye your eye will try and flush it out or  emotional tears when we cry but also whats called  ,our basal tears or our base line tears and these  are the type of tears that you want to improve  ,they have the good combination of oil and mucus  and water to help coat the eyes and keep your eyes  ,from getting dry and both of these treatments have  been shown to improve significantly your baseline  ,tears now as we get into it if youve ever tried  tier via or maybe the itear100 definitely comment  ,if it actually worked for you if it improved your  symptoms im kind of curious to hear how many  ,people are actually having improvement with this  type of treatment now how do you actually get your  ,hands on these different types of treatments both  of them are prescription only so at least here in  ,america where i practice both of them need to  be prescribed and monitored by your prescribing  ,doctor now since tyrvaya is a medication you will  get the prescription and actually get it from the  ,pharmacy or maybe a sample from your doctor the  eye tier is actually a mechanical device it needs  ,to be recharged and you can actually purchase  it from your doctor or straight from the company  ,but it still is a prescription the prescription  still needs to be renewed to keep using it  ,now i might as well talk about cost here now with  tier via insurance is involved but if you were to  ,pay cash price it could run upwards of 500 a  month maybe more maybe less i havent really  ,seen a concrete price on it but yeah it could be  in that same ballpark as other dry eye medications  ,unfortunately now if you have commercial insurance  in america you could possibly get it for as little  ,as zero or ten dollar copay which can be nice  so definitely take advantage of that if you have  ,commercial insurance im not sure how long that  will last hopefully forever but im not sure with  ,the itear and the new version coming out ill talk  about what the prices could be but it may change  ,when it actually comes out the initial purchase of  the device could be between 200 to 300 depending  ,on where you get it and then there will be a 30 a  month refill to be able to recharge the device to  ,keep using it now lets go over actually how you  use these for a neural stimulation now tyrvaya is  ,actually a medication called varenicline its the  same medication that was used in chantex which was  ,used to help stop smoking but its about one-third  the concentration and so a lot of the side effects  ,that they had with chantix doesnt apply with tear  via with tear via it comes in a nasal spray bottle  ,like this now when you first get the bottle it  does say to prime it about seven times that means  ,youre just gonna push down and prime it like that  this is a new bottle now this treatment is twice a  ,day about 12 hours apart so you will do one spray  in each nostril morning and night 12 hours apart  ,now you will want to read the instructions for  this one because its not like a typical nasal  ,spray where you jam it up the nose spray it and  inhale it this ones a little bit different this  ,one you actually put it in a specific position and  when you put it in your nostril youre gonna point  ,it like youre pointing it towards the top of your  ear and youre gonna put it just enough inside of  ,your nose to be on the inside but also dont press  the top of the applicator to the wall of the nose  ,because you want to actually spray and get to  the right spot the few tips that they give you  ,is actually to tilt your head back a little bit  also to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth  ,and also when you spray it dont inhale  really fast you actually want it to stay  ,on the side of your nose the inside of your nose  so i thought id demonstrate it for you a little  ,bit now i do get a little bit of sneezing it does  make my eyes water so this should be fun well try  ,on the left nostril point it towards my ear and  get my tongue on the roof of my mouth and spray,there we go hey yeah i dont think im gonna  sneeze on this one maybe spoke too soon,let me go over the eye tier device this is the  itear100 its the demo version that i have here  ,theyre about to come out with a new version  thats going to be a little bit more durable  ,its going to have bluetooth functionality  an app that goes with it its going to have  ,different intensities this only has one intensity  that vibrates at a certain frequency the new one  ,will have five different intensities so you can  actually work up to it a little bit now the eye  ,tier is a little bit more intense at least for  me i know that sounds weird because tear vi is  ,actually a nasal spray youre squirting something  up your nose but this little guy would definitely  ,make my tears run more than tear via ever did  maybe i was just a little bit more sensitive to  ,it but there is a little bit of a learning curve  with this one knowing exactly where to place it on  ,your nose but once you get it at least for me once  i find the right spot it gets me so the eye tier  ,has a little pad here that vibrates at a certain  frequency when you hold the button down and youre  ,actually going to place it on the outside of your  nose now that being said the eye tier is a extra  ,nasal mechanical neurostimulation device whereas  tyrvaya is a intranasal chemical neurostimulation  ,medication now how you use this one is actually  youre going to hold the button down this is going  ,to vibrate at a certain frequency youre going to  put it on the outside of your nose right below the  ,bone of the nose and where the cartilage starts  thats about where your trigeminal nerve is going  ,to be let me just show you a little bit how its  done remember this kind of gets me going ill  ,probably sneeze with this one because this ones a  little bit more intense for me but uh yeah here we  ,go okay so im going to hold the button down this  is going to vibrate at a certain frequency im  ,going to place it right on my nose and once i find  the right spot right below the nose yeah it gets  ,me every time more intense for me i can already  feel the water the tears starting to produce here  ,yeah nose is starting to run yeah  there we go a little little beep there,okay well stop there im gonna see so this one  definitely a little

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My Dry Eye Story : How I Cured My Dry Eye

whats up guys for watching John Murray,TV and Im back with another video and,this video was requested a while ago I,did not update it like I should have and,I apologize for that this is just update,or my eyes and how Im doing with my dry,eyes this time last year I was not in,good shape I I had a really hard time,which if you want to know more about,that Ill put the link and that link in,the description box below if you want to,check that out or somewhere up here so,basically a lot of people want to know,whats going on how Im doing did I find,out what was wrong with me because at,the time that I filmed this video this,time last year I did not know what was,wrong with me so if you want to know my,update on my dry eye please keep,watching okay so so I want to give you,guys a quick update like I dont know,all over the place,I have no camera and so on so I found,out I have Sjogrens disease which is,why my eyes were out of whack last year,why I couldnt see,they were very dry they hurt they were,just horrible I didnt have a good eye,doctor initially and its crazy because,like I had this out there since I was 5,and he just didnt care Im like,honestly he just brushed me off a lot of,times just like oh just try youre young,itll go away but its like no thats,definitely not just try it was if you,cant see like its not just regular dry,eyes or you put eyedrops in your eye and,youre good like if you dont have what,I had you you dont understand you know,I mean he didnt want to understand I,went to a very well renowned eye doctor,called wills eye in Philadelphia and she,was pretty good she put plugs in my eye,and one of my,both eyes I think it was one of my eyes,my left eye cuz my life I was really bad,which unplug is where they put like in,your cheer dog too so that when you do,produce tears they stay on your eye,they werent permanent so theyre gone,now I think they fell out I might have,to get a new one and I dont know but,she was pretty good but you know she did,ask me at one point did I have any,autoimmune disorder which every day I,get calls from someone I dont know,like its annoying me okay sorry about,that so was I saying I apologize so she,asked me that I have any autoimmune,disorder that Id get a tested for that,I said no I had no other symptoms other,than my eyes were dry and I comb more,contacts and I couldnt see those was,like my symptoms,Ive actually wants you a really good,specialist that I found just googling,she was on like I forgot wait like show,she was on the doctors maybe it was you,know like that doctor show and she had,what I had and was shes a phenomenal,her name is dr. Kimberly Freedman and,shes amazing like if you live in my,area I recommend her shes amazing shes,so caring she even said the first day I,told her all the things that Ive been,doing all the stress that Ive been,having she was like I totally understand,you just need someone to listen to you,and actually care and she did that so,god bless you dr. Freeman youre like,the like the the best doctor Ive ever,had like truthfully like out Im,emotional this thing about her like she,was great so she told me I need to get,tested at a Rheumatologist because she,had lupus and Sjogrens so she had both,and those are the two things that she,had that caused her eyes and shes much,older than me so she was like you know I,got this like years ago Ive been on,medication for lupus and Sjogrens lets,see if you have it so boom I went to,before I went to the rheumatologist she,gave me wrist a seasons idea which you,spicing those commercials Im on both of,those its still Hydra yeah Hydra Andres,thesis twice a day each day and that has,done wonders for my eyes like one-ders,like I yeah official she gave me fish,oil pills which those I saw results,pretty quick too like those three things,thats what I did to help my eyes get,better I didnt go to work for two and a,half months because I couldnt see and I,worked on a computer so like um I,eventually went back to work maybe like,cuz it started June so like September so,yeah I got back to work I work glasses,all the time Ive actually wanted to,wear contacts and she said I could,eventually hell get back Ill get to,that at a later time like Im gonna,ramble but I have contacts oh no so,anyway I went to a Rheumatologist took a,lot of tests found out I have Sjogrens,disease,Sjogrens disease Beasley is autoimmune,disorder that affects your can affect,your eyes your mouth having dry mouth,dry eyes which I do have dry mouth,occasionally I feel like really shiny,today sorry uh so yeah so I was put on,something called plaque one elf from,that rheumatologist Im no longer on,that and that is because I chose not to,be on it,my doctor does not know Im not on it,and that is because thats a whole,different video I Im brilliant so,holistic living so like Im not taking,it even though I am prescribed it and it,had helped for some for a couple months,but the thing was I was on steroids too,because this is something I need to,mention Sjogrens has other symptoms and,I got them after my eyes got better so I,got joint pain very bad joint pain like,my whole body just ached and hurt and my,joints in my hand like everything it was,bad and that happened like November,December January like,thats why I was from West,rheumatologist actually because at first,I didnt go because I did have any other,symptoms my mouth didnt feel dry was,just my eyes or my mouth maybe difficult,job but I just didnt think anything of,it like you know I just like oh um maybe,thirsty whatever but yes so I think in a,lot of questions from people wanting to,know like what happened what have I been,doing to combat this if you want to know,naturally what Im doing it is fish oil,and Im seeing a holistic doctor and I,fell off a lot with this doctor because,on and off because basically I had to,change my whole way of living that Ive,been living for like eating wise Draven,drinking wise like alcohol but I mean,like just juice and somebody that I got,to drink a lot of water but like I have,to change a lot of things internally I,take a lot of vitamins herbs stuff like,that Ill do hope you dont know if you,want me to but like Im not consistent,with it thats why I havent really,decided to do a video on it but like,honestly Im much better like I praise,God every day that I can see that I,dont have joint pain sometimes it,flares up actually do have joint pain I,just had it recently because Ive been,finished just at work my job is very,stressful which is I believe is the,reason why I had that flare-up in the,first phase of my eyes my holistic,doctor said as well as my rheumatologist,my specialist they said stress can do a,lot of damage to your body and me being,young it doesnt matter you can have,tons of stress and it affects your,health which is not good which I try,every day to not let anything stress me,out but you know stress is like a,natural part of life and you know it,happens and like you just have to deal,with it the best you can I deal with it,you know every day if you have autumn in,disease you know what Im talking about,like triggers flare ups things like that,like it is scary like Im always like,laughing on but and praising God and,like hoping like Im praying that I just,doesnt have her happen to me again,because it was probably the worst time,Ive ever had,our life like Im not exaggerating you,dont know about dry until you spirits,say youre like dry thats nothing yes,nothing if its like once in a while but,when you cant see and you cant do just,your daily activities and drive and just,stuff like that is bad so yeah Im,better you know,I detect the steps I took which people,have asked me have been go to a,specialist a good specialist its gonna,be hard so I cant tell you like you,know depending on where your area is,like do your research its just hard,because if I didnt find this doctor who,was relatable who cave or crap about me,because honestly that other doc digit I,care about me the only hit about the,money that I di

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Histamine and Antihistamines, Pharmacology, Animation

مضادات الهيستامين هي الأدوية التي تبطل مفعول الهيستامين.,يُعرف الهستامين بأنه الوسيط في تفاعلات الحساسية ، ولكنه يشارك أيضًا,في العمليات الفسيولوجية المهمة مثل الاستجابة المناعية ، وإفراز حمض المعدة ،,ودورة النوم والاستيقاظ ، والقدرة المعرفية وتناول الطعام.,يتم تصنيع الهستامين من حمض الهيستيدين الأميني.,وهو موجود في جميع الأنسجة ولكنه يتواجد بكثرة في الجلد والرئتين والجهاز الهضمي.,يتم تخزين معظم الهيستامين في الأنسجة كحبيبات داخل الخلايا البدينة.,في الدماغ ، يعمل الهستامين أيضًا كناقل عصبي.,تم العثور عليها في الخلايا العصبية الهيستامين في منطقة ما تحت المهاد ، والتي تبرز محاورها في جميع أنحاء,الدماغ.,يمارس الهيستامين نشاطه من خلال الارتباط بمستقبلات الهيستامين ومستقبلات H ، وكلها,مقترنة ببروتين G.,هناك أربعة مستقبلات H ، مع أنماط ووظائف مختلفة لتعبير الأنسجة.,يشارك كل من H1 و H4 في التهاب الحساسية ، لكن مضادات الهيستامين H1 هي الوحيدة المتاحة حاليًا,لعلاج الحساسية.,تتمثل الوظيفة الرئيسية لمستقبل H2 في تحفيز إفراز حمض المعدة ، لذلك تستخدم مضادات الهيستامين H2,لعلاج اضطرابات حمض المعدة مثل الارتجاع المعدي والقرحة الهضمية.,يشير مصطلح “مضادات الهيستامين” بشكل عام إلى مضادات الهيستامين H1 التي تعالج الحساسية.,تحدث معظم الحساسية عند التعرض المتكرر لمسببات الحساسية.,يتم تنشيط الخلايا البدينة التي كانت مسببة للحساسية سابقًا ، مما يؤدي إلى إطلاق الهيستامين,والمواد الكيميائية الالتهابية الأخرى.,يتسبب الهستامين في تمدد وزيادة نفاذية الأوعية الدموية ، وتحفيز الأعصاب الحسية ،,وتقلص العضلات الملساء. وهو المسؤول عن معظم أعراض الحساسية ، والتي تتراوح من,العيون الدامعة ، وسيلان الأنف ، والعطس ، والحكة. للتورم والشرى وصعوبة التنفس نتيجة للتشنج القصبي.,عندما يتم إطلاق الهيستامين بشكل نظامي ، يمكن أن يسبب توسعًا واسعًا للأوعية وتضيقًا للقصبات,مما قد يؤدي إلى الحساسية المفرطة التي تهدد الحياة.,لا تشبه معظم مضادات الهيستامين H1 الهيستامين من حيث التركيب ولا تتنافس,معها من أجل الارتباط بمستقبل H1.,بدلاً من ذلك ، ترتبط بموقع مختلف على المستقبل وتثبته في حالته غير النشطة,.,يُشتق الجيل الأول من مضادات الهيستامين H1 من نفس الفئة الكيميائية مثل مضادات المسكارين,والأدرينالية والسيروتونين ، لذا فإن لها أيضًا تأثيرات مضادة للكوليني ومضادات الأدرينالية,ومضادة للسيروتونين.,والأهم من ذلك ، أنها يمكن أن تعبر الحاجز الدموي الدماغي وتتداخل مع وظائف الهيستامين,في الدماغ ، مما يسبب النعاس والضعف الإدراكي وزيادة الشهية.,تُستخدم بعض هذه الأدوية في الواقع لتأثيراتها الجانبية المهدئة ،,كأدوية تساعد على النوم .,تعتبر مضادات الهيستامين من الجيل الثاني أقل قدرة على عبور الحاجز الدموي الدماغي ،,وبالتالي فهي قليلة جدًا أو غير مهدئة.,كما أنها انتقائية للغاية لمستقبلات H1 وليس لها تأثيرات مضادة للكوليني.

Molly Allergic Rhinitis

hi everyone this is Molly today were,going to be talking about allergic,rhinitis so we have the study of Kailah,shes a 14 year old female who comes to,the office complaining of allergic,rhinitis she has a history of seasonal,allergies and shes been using claritin,for one month and has no relief she says,theres no way Im going Im doing those,those nose things theyre gross so first,off I just wanted to mention the,importance of managing Kylas allergic,rhinitis obviously it is uncomfortable,but we also know that it can contribute,to asthma development and it can,exacerbate asthma and we know that,pharmaco therapy for allergic rhinitis,improves asthma control so it is,important that we manage these symptoms,effectively so Kyla has came to us with,a diagnosis of seasonal allergies I,think it is worth considering if it is,an accurate diagnosis since shes not,responding to the claret and of course,we would want to do a thorough physical,exam and listen to her lungs but for,this case were going to assume that it,is an accurate diagnosis we can diagnose,allergic rhinitis as at least two nasal,symptoms including rhinorrhea blockage,sneezing and itching and were going to,say for this case that Kyle it does have,all of those symptoms where before we,launch into pharmacologic therapy is we,would want to talk to Kyla about,allergen avoidance this is difficult,with seasonal allergies there have been,some studies that suggest an air filter,in her house might be helpful if she had,allergies to other things like dust we,might want to talk about limiting,wall-to-wall carpeting if it were pets,about hand washing and face washing if,she once shes touched her pets things,like that so this is a nice graph that I,found I think it just nicely,demonstrates that we want to talk about,avoiding triggers and she could do,something like a netipot if she wants,but ultimately if that isnt managing,her symptoms were going to want to go,to pharmaco therapies this shirt says,suggests that an antihistamine oral or,nasal is a good place to start and then,adding a cortical steroid on top of that,would be the way to step up her therapy,this the same study that this chart came,from said that interim nasal steroids,are superior to intranasal,antihistamines I did not see a lot of,evidence supporting the use of,intranasal antihistamines and well talk,more about that,our first line therapy is for Kyla are,going to be I there an intranasal,corticosteroids or a second-generation,non-sedating antihistamine which is in,contrast to the first generation like,benadryl which crosses the blood-brain,barrier more readily so we know our,intranasal corticosteroids by inhibiting,the influx of inflammatory cells its,onset is about 30 minutes but peak,effect can take hours to days and we,note that its most effective after two,to four weeks of consistent use our,antihistamines work by blocking h1,receptors and have an onset of 15 to 30,minutes there are some other treatment,options besides those we have the,internal antihistamines which like I,said the research says they have more,adverse effects than the intranasal,corticosteroids and decreased,effectiveness so they really have a,limited use we also have nasal chrome,which is a mast cell stabilizer the,research that I read found limited,effectiveness of that and it has an,inconvenient dosing schedule so again,not too much use for that and then we,have the nasal irrigation like the neti,pot that would be used alone for a more,mild allergic rhinitis in this case I,think were going to want more than that,but its an option as an adjuvant to her,current its important to talk to Kyla,about her treatment options even though,she says the intra nasal sprays are,gross and she doesnt want to try them,the intranasal corticosteroids is a,really effective treatment for the,symptoms shes having and it would be a,good alternative to the claritin she,would only have to use it once a day and,maybe she would be willing to give it a,try and see if it if she can tolerate it,so were going to have a choose your own,adventure story here so first lets say,that Kay,has agreed to try the ICS were going to,prescribe her rhino quart allergy spray,I chose the Rhino court because it costs,about 13 to 20 dollars on average all of,the ICS options seem to have equivalent,effectiveness and Beck lameta zone for,example costs two hundred and ninety,eight dollars on average so were going,to make sure we check out the cost,before choosing one ICS over another the,dosing will be two sprays in each,nostril each day thats from Epocrates,corticosteroids can have effect on,growth in children and adolescents the,intranasal form has very limited,systemic effect there was one study that,found possible suppress growth in,children aged 6 to 9 so we would just,want to keep a close eye on her height,um we of course want to check in with,her about if its effective and if shes,able to tolerate the nasal spray and if,she wants to continue with it and we,would recommend that she brush her teeth,the adverse effects are headache throat,irritation nose bleeds stinging burning,and nasal dryness and we would want her,to let us know shes having any of these,it is the sip 3a for substrate so it,might have interaction with other sip 3a,for meds and we would want to be,cautious if she were on any other,corticosteroids because they might have,compounding effects I liked this picture,because first of all its kind of silly,but also it demonstrates proper use of,the intranasal spray we would want to,make sure Kylie knows how to use that,spray before we send her home with it um,the picture on the top right is the,directions for the nasal spray B and C,are just for nasal drops which are more,indicated for rhinosinusitis okay so,back to the choose-your-own-adventure,lets say we were not successful at,convincing Kylie to try the intranasal,spray she just thinks its too gross and,she is not willing to try it at all so,we have to find her an alternative to,claritin because we know that wasnt,working for her so we can discuss with,her the options there are some,medications that are similar to claritin,like claire next sisal and Allegra we,also have zyrtec which is more powerful,than claritin but also may cause some,more sedation a little bit more similar,to the first-generation antihistamines,so that might be a good option to try,but if shes but were just going to,want to watch for that sedation and see,if its a problem the oral,antihistamines also do have a more,limited effect on nasal congestion so,just another reason to maybe encourage,her to try the intranasal,corticosteroids but if not were going,to treat go with zyrtec so Kyllo decides,to give it a try um she is going were,going to prescribe her five milligrams,to start out per day it is a once a day,medication so again were going to,recommend she starts that two weeks,before her seasonal allergies kick in,and continues through allergy season,were going to want to check in with her,and make sure that its working and make,sure that shes not having over sedation,with that medication and see how shes,doing it with it some of the common,adverse effects are the somnolence and,headaches as well as dry mouth just some,other things to note since Kyle is 14 we,just want to warn her that so that other,drugs that cause sedation are going,might have compounding effects with the,sedation from the zyrtec so she should,be careful with alcohol and marijuana,yep Hippocrates also mentioned to kava,which is a legal substance that causes,some sedation so we just want to make,sure we talk about that with Kailah even,if she isnt using those substances,right now you never know when she might,encounter them and the cost of zyrtec is,very affordable at an average price of,three dollars and 23 cents so that,should not be a problem yeah thats all,Ive got for the treatment of allergic,rhinitis and thank you for listening

Tessalon Perles (BENZONATATE): Cough Suppressant

hi there youre welcome to demi rx care,channel where we talk about medications,and how to use them properly,all right if this is your first time on,our channel make sure you hit that like,and subscribe button,that way youre able to get a large any,time we post our educating contents all,right,lets dive right into todays topic so,our medication,today is going to be tessalone pearls,the generic name of,tessalon pearls is benzonite so youve,probably gotten this prescription,if you went to like an emergency room,for coughing cold symptoms,its a yellow pearl um capsule which is,very beautiful and i get so excited when,i get to feel this medication,just kidding okay so kind of off tangent,so,this medication is um known like i said,as a cough suppressant and it works by,reducing the cough reflex,and also numbing that um stretch,receptors in your lungs,to kind of help reduce how much coughing,that youre doing all throughout the day,so what it will do is kind of suppress,that cough that way,when youre coughing youre not using so,much reflex and its not you know,its reducing that stretch receptors,like i said in your lungs to help reduce,how much coughing and how much um,energy youre taking to um exude that,cough that youre coughing all right so,what is the maximum,dose of benzonite the maximum dose is,600 milligram a day so usually theyll,write it,um it comes in 100 milligram and a 200,milligram,capsule so if youre taking the 200,milligram capsule itll be,three times a day only as needed so only,when youre feeling that consistent,cough,then you can take one um capsule and you,can take one capsule three times a day,if youre taking the 200 milligram for,the 100 milligram you can take up to,two um to make up for that 200 milligram,and you dont want to take more than,like i said,600 milligram um a day,all right so like i said it comes in,capsules and what are some of the side,effects of testilon pearls,all right so some of the side effects of,teslum pearls that you can expect,is drowsiness it can also cause headache,as well as dizziness it can cause nausea,um constipation it can cause some nasal,congestion,as well as eye burning sensation,some patients have reported that like i,said the side effect,is a two-way street its either you get,it or you dont get it,um usually some patients report this,side effect and sometimes,its not necessarily due to the um,medication it might just be some extra,symptoms that theyre feeling because,they havent,um another condition that they may be,treating,so not to worry you can always try,benzonite and if you start feeling those,side effects then,make sure you reach out to your doctor,if it becomes bothersome,so they can write you another medication,all right,so how do you administer um uh,testilon pearl so usually its an oral,capsule like i said,it will usually start working within 15,to 20 minutes of taking the medication,and,it usually lasts about eight hours so,thats why you want to take it three,times a day,um sometimes it lasts less than eight,hours so the the lasting period of,duration,is three to eight hours so like i said,its three times a day only as needed,when youre feeling that consistent,cough,then you can take the tesla and pros,ive heard some patients said it didnt,really help them with their cough,but its always something you can try,this might not be the case for everyone,so,like i said you can try other,medications as well if the testilon pros,is not working,other cup suppressants such as the dell,sim but this is what you will usually,lean,um two words if the patient for some,you know reason maybe if the patients,are on an antidepressant with delsim,then they can take a tesla on pearls,to help avoid that serotonin syndrome,all right so,this um benzonaste is not recommended in,patients less than 10 years old so its,usually prescribed in our adult patients,all right so i hope this video was able,to help you narrow down,you know what to expect while taking,tesla on pearls,um like i said if its not working or,you dont feel the effect as much you,can always reach out to your doctor,and they can substitute it for another,medication um,thank you for watching this video make,sure you hit your like and subscribe,button,also stay tuned for other educating,contents feel free to watch other videos,that we have,regarding treating cough symptoms and we,thank you for watching this video and,stay blessed

PA – Opthalmic

okay welcome to the ophthalmic lecture,were going to focus on glaucoma but,well talk about a couple of other,things today Oh,including anesthetics allergy relief,lubrications anti-infective and of,course like I said glaucoma our dosage,preparations eye drops are a little bit,interesting they are prepared in sterile,environments so once you open an eye,drop you usually only have a certain,amount of window where the manufacturer,said its still likely to be pure until,its possible that it got an infection,or not infection but contamination I,could say and that has to do with the,sterility of the product so the only,point Im bringing up here is that just,to if people have an eye drop that they,use like three years ago and want to use,it again it could be kind of gunky and,who knows whats living in it now there,again only pure for so long so follow,the directions in the bottle and ask the,pharmacist not all eyedrops will apply,for that but most have some sort of a,shelf life once you open them its,different from the expiration date on,the bottle suspensions contain particles,and so they need to be shaken before him,there are mints,like mints are really goopy and if you,put an ointment in your I probably have,a hard time seeing but sometimes theyre,useful for kids and people who are,putting them on at night potentially,its like a lubricating thing gels are,usually preferred if youre gonna do,that and then theyre usually buffered,pH so that they dont burn when they,touch your eyes hopefully but that can,depend on the product as well patient,education is really important for,eyedrops I will ask a question on this,in an exam so make sure youre familiar,with the correct process its really not,that complicated and it sounds pretty,easy I think the biggest things to think,about questions and people might not,know right at the top of their head are,to wait five minutes in between,medications so if youre using multiple,ophthalmic agents you want to wait five,minutes in between drops Im using,ointment or gel after applying any drops,if you put an ointment or gel in first,and then you put drops on top of it the,drops to probably just roll off of your,eye and then down your cheek try to keep,your eyes closed one minute after,instilling a drop keep them in a cold,dry place and watch your expiration,dates again,some ophthalmic specific abbreviations,if you guys havent gone through this,let us review them quick GTT stands for,drop or sometimes – CG TTS which is,drops also its also used for drip – so,like if youre running a continuous,infusion on somebody and the ICU thats,obviously not ophthalmic thats,intravenous but youll see GTT use for,that – GGG is a drop or a drip oculus is,oh oh you is both eyes OD oculus dexter,or right i OS left feet left-handed,people are sinister so I can remember,that one OS is the left eye in case you,dont like using weird SIGs and Latin,abbreviations you can always just type,it out and thats fine too I would avoid,using things like re or LD those arent,really acceptable abbreviations but if,youre gonna not use the latin ones I,would just write out right eye or left,eye so theres an example of a cig and,still one to two G TTS folio qh SP or,having one or two drops both eyes at,bedtime as needed okay some procedural,stuff local anesthetics like would be,helpful for foreign body removal,cataract surgery theyre gonna penetrate,nerve endings around the eye and block,nerve impulses from initiating and,conducting they block sodium channels so,anything that ends in cane will talk,about Kaydens other places but example,would be prepare a cane one to two drops,every twenty five minute it gives you a,sorry when did you drop Susie about,twenty five minutes of activity repeated,use may cause permanent damage so you,should only really need like a simple a,small amount for a short procedure if,you need to use more you can certainly,do that but it this is usually the case,of how its going to be used,anticholinergic drugs usually dose 1 to,2 times topically immediately prior to,procedure they caused mydriasis,they open up the pupil several options,they all do the same thing sighs psycho,pen delayed and probably trope the,comité or the ones I see use most often,atropine tends to last a lot longer so,if you give it to somebody,prior to their eye exam theyre gonna be,having weird vision all day whereas,these drugs are a little bit shorter,acting,anti-allergy so allergic conjunctivitis,short-term use most people are going to,take it for four to six weeks and not,longer than that temporary relief of,itching usually associated again with,allergic reactions or seasonal allergies,couple mast cell stabilizers or,antihistamines most of these drugs are,twice d delisting the most common ones I,probably see our old pada Dean which is,patent allure padded a padded a its,just a different formulation that lasts,longer its a once-daily,hence the name Pat add a clever right,but it is just a daily Antaeus I mean,Quito teefin is another one that,spraining is added or its used quite,frequently there are some,vasoconstrictors so if you think about,like Visine or things like that they,prevent those really red looking eyes so,theyre just going to be topical,vasoconstrictors,most of these are over-the-counter if,you do have narrow angle glaucoma well,talk about that in a bit thats an,absolute contraindication to using these,but some medical emergency though so,its different so well talk about that,lubrication pick your poison here,theres a ton of different products on,the market and I just had patients,probably start with a cheap one and see,if that works for them and then maybe,work their way up there are lots of,different things so if youre like oh,try refresh well theres like 12,different refresh formulations so which,refresh you want me to try I think it,depends on when theyre using it if,theyre using it during the day Id,recommend a simple solution or,suspension theyre using it in the,evening or overnight a gel or even,anointment might be okay cyclosporine is,we talked about the certain transplant,but it comes si I drop as well its a,brand name rest ASIS its used for,chronic eye dryness which is usually,caused by deep decreased to your,production and causes ocular,inflammation associated with the disease,disease called keratoconjunctivitis,sicca anyway not very much adverse,effects with this you might feel like,theres some stinging burning or pain or,some people feel like theres something,in their eye potentially but its twice,daily use and it stimulates to your,production,and might suppress inflammation over,time its thought that some of these,side effects will likely wear off but,might be some of the stuff the patient,would experience initially a lot of,people use wrist ASIS its really common,drug mm anti-infective talked about this,a little bit during I D bacterial,conjunctivitis common in childhood,copious thick secretions compared to,viral is usually the difference their,causative microbes staph aureus strep,pneumo H flu MCAT antibiotics available,are listed there and again we very went,over this stuff and Im not going to,retest you on this glaucoma all right,lets get to the meat and potatoes of,the lecture its a group of ocular,disorders that lead to optic neuropathy,so which causes increased intraocular,pressure is the pharmacologic target so,I should clarify this isnt like were,we arent trying to increase IQ directly,pressure actually try to decrease,however this is the goal of how we,manipulate this by decreasing pressure,we improve with the glaucoma treatment,im characterized by vision vision loss,in a specific pattern open-angle is the,common chronic one incidence increases,with age closed angles leading cause of,glaucoma related blindness its a,medical emergency and you can lose your,vision very quickly if you get close to,a glaucoma its not really necessarily,age specific however you if you do have,open angle I believe the risk is higher,that you to go to close

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