1. Mattress Topper vs Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector
  2. Best Cooling Mattress Pads 2021 [Top 5 Picks]
  3. Testing Amazon Mattress Toppers – BLIND TEST!
  4. How Close Can You Safely Get To A BEAR? ???? | Worlds Largest Predator | Curious?: Natural World
  5. What Do We Take On Our Trips? – Backpacking Gear Review
  6. Sleeping Bag vs Quilt–Infrared Proof
  7. SnugFleece Elite Wool Mattress Pad Review

Mattress Topper vs Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector

mattress topper versus mattress pad,versus mattress protector,what is the difference between all these,three things well im here to help you,out and answer that question hey there,everyone its amelia from sleepopolis,and today im going to break down the,difference between these three different,mattress accessory products im going to,go over what they are what their uses,are and help you determine which one of,these products you might want to buy for,your mattress now hit that subscribe,button and lets get started,[Music],first lets talk about mattress stoppers,now mattress toppers are kind of like a,miniature mattress imagine basically if,your mattress was shrunk down to just a,few inches in thickness now mattress,toppers are designed to add another,layer to the top of your bed and usually,give your mattress a different feel,most mattress stoppers are designed to,add more plushness more softness and,more cushioning but there are some firm,mattress toppers out there as well,mattress stoppers allow you to alter the,feel of your mattress without having to,buy a new one lets be honest not all of,us have a money tree and can drop,thousands of dollars to replace an older,mattress so if youre looking to improve,your sleep without having to spend all,that money a mattress topper is a great,option or for all those college kids out,there who are sleeping on those super,uncomfortable dorm room mattresses a,mattress topper could also work really,well for them to add some more,cushioning and softness i remember when,i slept in the dorm in college my bed,was super uncomfortable i wish i had had,a mattress topper if i knew then what i,knew now mattress toppers are a really,good option to just add some more,softness and comfort to those painful,twin xls,a mattress hopper can also help to,extend the life of your current mattress,by reducing wear and tear on it however,we do really recommend considering just,buying a new mattress if your current,one is 10 years or older and has really,visible signs of deterioration as a,mattress topper cant fully fix all the,problems of a bad mattress,now of all three products that were,discussing in this video a mattress,topper is the one thats going to change,the feel of your mattress the most,alright now lets talk about mattress,pads now i kind of like to think of,mattress pads as the middle ground,between a mattress topper and a mattress,protector,generally theyre designed very,similarly to a fitted sheet but with a,plush comfort layer this can be a,quilted top filled with fiber thats,fairly thin i would say no more than an,inch or so usually because they usually,have this plushy comfort layer mattress,pads do add a small amount of cushioning,and padding but dont really alter the,feel of your mattress as much as a,mattress top or will mattress pads are,great for adding an additional layer,between your mattress and your bedding,most of them are washable so that gives,you the option of having that extra,barrier that you can toss in the washer,and keep your mattress extra clean,finally lets discuss the mattress,protector now as i mentioned before i,kind of view a mattress pad as the,middle ground between the mattress,topper and the mattress protector so a,mattress topper is going to be really,plush add a lot of comfort and do just a,little bit to protect your mattress a,mattress pad adds a little bit of,comfort and a little bit of protection,and therefore a mattress protector as,the name implies is all about just,protection so generally theyre not,really going to add a lot of comfort to,your mattress a mattress protector is,also designed like a fitted sheet and,keeps your mattress protected from dust,allergens and spills many are waterproof,specifically to protect from spills,however this can sometimes lead to a,plasticky feel with some mattress,protectors but their protective and,waterproof qualities make mattress,protectors very popular for those with,kids pets or allergies,so which of these products should you,get lets recap a little bit now keep in,mind that you could use some of these,products in conjunction with each other,so youre not limited to just one,now first if your mattress is just,uncomfortable if youre experiencing,some pressure build up in your shoulders,or your hips or youre feeling like you,need a little bit more support from your,mattress a mattress topper would be the,best option for you in my opinion,next if you want to create an additional,barrier between your mattress and your,bedding but you dont want to sacrifice,any comfort i would recommend a mattress,pad,and finally if youre looking for some,serious protection for your mattress,against allergens or against liquids,then i would recommend a mattress,protector,[Music],well folks thats all for todays video,i hope i was able to answer all your,questions about what the difference,between a mattress topper mattress pad,and mattress protector are now if youre,shopping for one of these mattress,accessories for your own bed check out,our reviews here on youtube or over at,sleepopolis.com weve done a ton of,reviews that can help you find the right,products for you thanks for joining me,and ill see you next time bye,[Music],you

Best Cooling Mattress Pads 2021 [Top 5 Picks]

are you looking for the best cooling,mattress pads in your budget,well in todays video we break down the,top 5 best cooling mattress pads,i made this list based on their price,quality durability and more to find out,more information about this product,you can check out the description below,and also make sure you subscribe for,more reviews,okay so lets get started with the video,starting at number five we have the,chili technology chili pad,even though its on the pricier side the,chili pad mattress pad is an excellent,choice for anyone looking for an,electric option,unlike the other cooling mattress,toppers on this list the chili pad,circulates temperature controlled water,via small silicone tubes,it can be set anywhere from 55 to 115,degrees fahrenheit,and its adjustable in one degree,increments,since it can easily switch between,cooling and heating modes,its also ideal for people who switch to,heated mattress pads in the winter,customers love that its super easy to,set up just strap it on your mattress,and add water,to the unit one reviewer called it a,game changer and said its much more,effective than the cooling mattress they,shelled out thousands for,this product let me sleep through the,night for the first time in a long,long while they wrote i went from waking,up sweating to not waking up until my,alarm goes off,moving on at number four we have the,lucid three-inch gel memory foam,mattress topper,with prices starting at just 40. lucids,top-rated cooling mattress pad is an,incredibly great value,but just because its the most,affordable option on this list doesnt,mean that it wont keep you cool and,comfortable all night and there are 19,000 plus 5 star ratings to prove it the,memory foam topper comes in 2 inch and 3,inch thicknesses,and both versions are infused with,cooling gel and have a textured surface,for extra breathability,theres also a lavender scented option,available one hot sleeper said the,mattress topper keeps them so cool,they can finally start sleeping under a,comforter again,another added ive been sleeping on this,magical topper for a month now and i,look forward to crawling into bed every,night because of it,just keep in mind that its not machine,washable so youll have to spot clean it,as needed,at number three we have the tempur-pedic,adapt plus cooling topper,tempur-pedic mattresses are practically,synonymous with luxury,but luckily you dont have to spend,thousands to upgrade your bed,thats because the adapt plus cooling,topper which is made with three inches,of the brands signature pressure,relieving material,is a more affordable alternative it,comes with a machine washable cover that,customers insist feels cool to the touch,since getting the cooling mattress,topper one person reports sleeping,better overall because they were able to,stay cool all night,i had high expectations for this,tempur-pedic mattress topper,and i must say the quality comfort and,coolness far exceed my expectations,another shopper wrote i recommend this,to anyone who is having any type of,aches pains or just wants an all-around,better nights sleep,in addition to amazon the cooling,mattress topper is also available for,purchase directly from tempur-pedic and,its backed by a 10-year warranty on,both sites,at number two we have the leisure town,queen mattress pad cover cooling,mattress topper,it consists of hnn cooling technology,which increases airflow,so that your body heat will never be,trapped between you and the mattress,its plush snow down alternative fill has,the same softness as goose or duck down,without having to worry about feathers,poking at you or coming out of the pad,its easy to throw in the wash when you,want to refresh your bed,and it can also transform a mattress,thats too firm into a softer one,without having to replace it,longevity and durability should be the,least of your worries as this pad is so,much cheaper than its competitors,you can easily replace it and never,break the bank,reviews have been extremely positive for,this product,saying that it greatly improves your,sleep if heat is problematic for you,its also ideal if you have several,family members who tend to sleep warmer,as its so affordable this mattress pad,will be the perfect addition for the,summer months and beyond,and finally at number one we have the,zen bamboo mattress pad cover,our next option is one of the most,cost-effective mattress pads on the,market,while not directly comparable to options,one to three on this list as it solely,includes the pad rather than a cooling,system,lets take a look at the zen bamboo,mattress pad cover,coming in at less than a quarter of the,price of the above options,this cooling mattress pad regulates your,body temperature and prevents any heat,getting trapped between your body and,the mattress,giving you a comfortable and carefree,sleep given the extremely affordable,price point,if you find that durability is an issue,this pad can be purchased multiple times,and youll still be getting a bargain,overall,the one drawback thats mentioned most,in reviews is the low percentage of,bamboo in the mattress pad itself,the label confirms that its only 35,bamboo,the other 65 made up of brushed,microfiber,however a bamboo blend is expected from,a mattress pad at such a low price,and it still contains the main cooling,properties that youre looking for,its been proven to give consumers a,cooler sleep and is perfect for everyone,in the family,thank you for watching guys i hope you,like this video,if this video was helpful to you please,make sure a like,comment and dont forget to subscribe

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Testing Amazon Mattress Toppers – BLIND TEST!

hey guys its James and Sam and today we,are reviewing every single popular,mattress topper on Amazon lets get into,it,alright so starting off we have the,Lucid lavender I feel like weve tried a,lucid topper before oh it looks kind of,purply underneath the weight yeah its,kind of purple underneath the covering,this looks ol a gross shriveled up when,they come out of the box oh it does,interesting,yeah it doesnt have an off gassing like,stink to it,so as you can clearly see this bad boy,needs some time to air out its pretty,thin right now its been crammed in the,box for some time now so yeah but you,can see some of it is already airing out,a little bit and its got this kind of,little design I think thats what I was,talking about on the box where it says,five zones so maybe each zone has like a,different design youll see theres,smaller waves here bigger waves circles,alright next up this is the green tea,topper from sinus we actually have two,here from sinus and I know weve,definitely slept on their mattress and,what do you know this one is green hoo,but does it smell like green tea it nope,can you hear this so hopefully thatll,air out good we bought these like what,like six seven months ago and last but,not least we have another zionists,topper this is their airflow topper one,and a half inches just like the other,one it looks like one of those its,almost like this blue and white tie-dye,kind of thing it looks like one of those,sponges you get at the dollar store to,wash your car,[Music],whoa I am literally sweating because we,have seven Stoppers but the bottom one,here is the two-inch linen spa this is,the gel memory foam then we have the,Ricci topper which is three inches but,it has a really nice cover on there with,a zipper then we have probably the,nicest one right here this is called the,puffy,now puffy is definitely the most,expensive its like 300 bucks but it,definitely stands out among these and,then up here we have the comfort and,relaxed topper now this is a cheap,three-inch gel memory foam but it has a,very thin cover with some straps so this,ones really nice as well for the for,the price because it has a cover and,then of course the last sir weve we,just unboxed the lavender one from lucid,the green tea from Zionists and the what,is this the airflo from Zionists so,were gonna kind of you know give these,a few days test amount and were gonna,come right back so he has been exactly,enough for days were gonna give Sam the,blind tests and all of these toppers,were gonna give her a random topper to,sit on and shes gonna guess the price,and shes gonna guess shes gonna rate,it one out of ten Im ready Im in my,jammies Im of my sleepy clothes I am,ready to test out some toppers a,blindfold of truth no skin on the,side-table all right now you cant use,your hands you can only lay down I cant,use my hands okay what do you think all,right just as the quick and dirty,rundown it feels cheap to me its super,squishy I can already feel that it,doesnt have a cover just from my arm,rubbing against it Im gonna guess this,is one of the cheaper ones price I would,say somewhere fifty to seventy-five,dollars and if were rating it on a,ten-point scale because this is like too,squishy for me and I go all the way down,into the mattress and theres no support,I I dont know I guess a 5 out of 10,second topper up lets have her try it,out here you gonna help me at all or,just just go ahead lay on down to the,other side oh my god this is also very,squishy,oh alright I would say this one is a,little comfier than the last one because,it is a little firmer I dont feel like,Im just like sinking down into it it,feels a little nicer so I would guess I,dont know maybe between a hundred a,hundred and a 150 and then reading this,out of ten I think I would give this one,a seven third toppers up were gonna let,say Im try it out I can instantly tell,this does not have a cover on its got,that like Griffey you feel which would,be different if their sheets on it so,Im gonna try not to like focus on that,but my guess already is that this is one,of the cheaper ones compared to the,first one I think its a little firmer,but its softer than the last one I,slept on which I like better so I guess,Im gonna give this a six out of ten and,cut the difference there and yeah I,think my guess is that again this is,somewhere between fifty and seventy-five,dollars all right heres the fourth,topper were gonna give Sam a real test,here let me just move it real quick all,right if Im being honest I dont know,if I like being able to feel that,theres texture on top of this I feel,like it kind of takes away from us the,experience I dont know if its meant to,be like different zones so that you sink,into it differently I dont know just,right off of the bat comfort level out,of ten I think I might give this one a,five its not like two super squishy but,its just the zone like these cutouts it,just feels kind of weird,price-wise I again I think Im just,gonna stick with my 50 to $75 range I,could tell this doesnt have a cover on,it its just purely foam so I mean I,cant cost that much right I dont know,so this is the fifth a mattress topper,here and were gonna let Sam test it out,and three there you go all right babe,what do you think about the fifth topper,Hey right off the bat I really like the,way this one feels its a little firmer,than the others have been which I,personally like in a topper because it,doesnt just feel like quicksand or Im,like instantly sinking in so comfort,level I already like a lot,or also I could tell that this has like,kind of a soft cover on it because I,dont feel that like scratchy grippy,foam kind of feel to it so Im gonna,guess this is some more expensive one,I dont know Im gonna guess like 200 to,250 and so far out of the comfort this,is definitely my favorite I think Id,probably I probably give this one a 9,I really like it so this is the 6th,topper and were gonna see what she,thinks,ok this one is still pretty comfy but,compared to the last one,its a little squishy err I think I,dont think its as comfortable as the,last one but it still feels pretty good,I think I would give this maybe like a,seven maybe 7.5 I could tell this has a,little bit of a cover on it cuz again I,dont feel that grippy just like foamy,feel against my skin so I would guess I,would guess this is like a mid-range one,I dont think its cheap but I also,dont think its expensive so I am gonna,guess like a hundred fifty somewhere,between like 125 and 150 would be my,guess and yeah stick into it 7.5 this is,pretty its pretty comfy but the last,one I think the last one felt a little,better,this is the last topper were gonna get,her final thoughts and then were gonna,review all of them for you oh okay,this one again its got the cutouts,going on and I dont know if my mind,deceives me but I might I think I smell,something which I dont know if I like,that or not because whether its a good,smell or a bad smell fragrances are not,always great I get headaches sometimes,some things smell strong again its got,that weird zoning thing going on and,like I dont know that that would really,do anything for me but I dont know how,much you would really feel that through,the sheets I can still feel the texture,of this topper through the sheets I feel,like I would have to like try it out,long-term but it almost kind of like,bothers me if Im being,honest it feels like were just like cut,outs for me Im just Im not super Im,not super into it it definitely feels,better with a sheet on it cuz you dont,have like the grip against your skin and,I cant smell whatever I was smelling,before so thats a bonus but yeah I,think I would I think I would stick to,my guns on this one I would say its,like a six out of ten and I still would,say that yeah pricing I dont remember,what I guess but I would guess this this,summer between like seventy five and a,hundred dollars but then with something,like this you cant use the chili pad oh,you couldnt use the chil

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How Close Can You Safely Get To A BEAR? ???? | Worlds Largest Predator | Curious?: Natural World

[Music],this is the great bear rainforest of,western canada and its one of the last,truly remote areas left on the planet,[Music],ive come here to find and photograph,one of the worlds largest land,predators,the grizzly bear,[Music],a grizzly can weigh four times as much,as the average man,it can run twice as fast as the average,man,and the fact that it could kill you with,one swipe of his paw,should be enough to strike fear into the,average man,its a good job then that im not the,average man,[Music],[Applause],[Music],because im not after just any old bear,shot i want to get as close as i can to,these dangerous predators,usually these huge animals are shy and,elusive,but there is one thing guaranteed to,bring any carnivore out into the open,food,easy to imagine a bear being a cute and,cuddly animal and i do want to get as,close as possible to get some good,photography done but these are big,powerful animals they have powerful,claws they have jaws that are so,powerful they could bite through a mans,arm and im going to get really close,and get some really good photographs so,this is not going to be an easy,expedition,so ive consulted with local experts,ive stocked up on all the necessary,supplies,i think straight away youve got bear,spray there yeah i have two cans of,those,[Music],and ive chosen the perfect time of year,when wild salmon are plentiful and the,bears are drawn to the rivers,theres just one thing left to do,find the perfect place,although bears can be found everywhere,throughout this forest to get the,pictures i want i need to travel far,away from towns and people to where the,bears have the salmon to themselves,but no roads going to take me there so,im looking for alternate transport,[Music],im heading north into the heart of the,great bear rainforest,as you can imagine from the name the,weather here is much much wetter,conditions can change from sunshine to,showers seemingly in the blink of an,island,[Music],im not quite sure what im looking for,but ill know it when i find it,[Music],its got to be a place miles from people,a place close to the coast where the,helicopter can safely land,and near enough to a river that i can be,sure im in the middle of bear country,[Music],finally we find a likely looking spot,but the terrain is much rockier than it,looked from the air,the pilot is worried,but tells me hes prepared to give it,another go tentatively we go back in,[Applause],[Applause],well thats it the pilots agreed to pick,me up from this exact same spot in two,weeks time until then its down to me,and the bears,i have to say im a little apprehensive,two weeks in a remote wilderness is a,long time,the great bear rainforest stretches up,the western coast of canada from,vancouver island to alaska,it covers 70 000 square kilometers and,im slap bang in the middle of it,[Music],first i need to dump my kit,well this seems like a pretty good place,to put my camp,and im close to the coast shouldnt be,too many bears coming through are they,more likely on the rivers right now,feeding on salmon,but you never know bears can be anywhere,and everywhere so im going to check,around for any scat any signs of bears,being here recently because im going to,have my camp here for a while id rather,be safe than sorry there is a bear yeah,id like to see him before he sees me,unlike almost every other creature ive,photographed this is an animal capable,of hunting down a human,these woods are second nature to a bear,but yeah i am well outside my area of,expertise,[Music],my home is in southern africa where its,dry and hot im much more comfortable in,desert,and ive spent most of my adults life,photographing venomous reptiles,look at that,this is something completely different,[Music],that looks pretty good,no sign of beers having been here for a,while,i think its a perfect place to make my,camp,still theres no guarantee that a bear,wont decide to wander through you,whilst im asleep,so im doing all i can to protect myself,supposedly brightly coloured tents can,catch the attention of a curious bear,so ive gone for forest green,but its not so much the eyesight im,worried about,a grizzly bear has a sense of smell,around a hundred times more sensitive,than ours,it can pick up faint aromas from almost,two kilometers away,which means i have to get rid of any,scent that might betray my presence,you can never be too careful with bears,theyre powerful animals with a powerful,sense of smell,and i brought all this excess food that,ive got here about a hundred yards from,my camp to be safe and even though ive,got this stuff sealed in plastic bags i,still dont trust it because they might,just pick up the scent you got to be,careful with anything thats got any,scent to it even your toothpaste,all this stuff is pretty well sealed,close it up in here,and the idea is to get it as high off,the ground as possible,and out of their reach,[Music],this might seem over elaborate but im,dealing with an intelligent and,extremely large carnival,just give you an idea how big these,bears can be,i think they can grow,i mean im about five ten,that means i can still reach higher,i can reach another two feet,and were talking,six seven feet up there,but a grizzly can stand eight feet tall,and then he can still reach further he,could reach 10 foot,im gonna have to take it up a couple,more feet,get it right as far as i can up there,and hopefully he wont be able to reach,that,ill just tie this off here and its,quite away from the,base of the tree so im hoping the bear,cant reach,even if he goes up the tree,but none of this means that i wont see,a bear in fact im relying on it so,theres one more thing i need to check,if i was unfortunate enough to be,attacked by a bear while im here i have,only this one defense its a pungent,spray made of peppers but if im to rely,on this i better test it and thats what,this cardboard is for,wow look at that what a concentrated,spray oh and its quite pungent i can,pick it up from here,but it shows you how concentrated it is,from that distance thats about as far,as i can be and id have to be pretty,accurate to get,despite its potency the spray is only,going to work if the bear is close,enough that i can hit it fully in the,face and even then i really need him to,be breathing in with his mouth open,quite a tall order,although the spray is designed to repel,bears theres still the chance that the,smell of it might arouse their curiosity,i take the cardboard away and burn it,satisfied that ive done all the bear,proofing i can i decide to investigate,my surroundings thats going to be my,base camp for the next couple of weeks,which is great it leaves me,free to travel light,but everythings sealed inside plastic,containers,but theyre basically waterproof,ive got my bear spray a little bit of,luck,find a bit,leaving my camp for the first time i,head straight for the nearby river mouth,i saw from the air,[Music],well if im going to find bears,im going to have to find,a salmon rich river,and that shouldnt be a problem at this,time of year because all these rivers,are teaming with salmon,plenty of feeding going on here,but at the moment i cant see any fish,at all,there will be salmon in this river but,im not sure how far they will have gone,upstream,i start off after them but soon spots,something else of interest,only mackerel,this is an ice cave man its an ice cave,it looks like all this ice maybe through,the winter months that gathered up here,in the rocks and just tumbled down and,piled up here and even though its sunny,now and very warm its i can actually,see how its dripping its melting off,i have to go in but i want to take a,very careful slow look,god its fantastic ive never seen,anything like its my life this is like,a miniature glacier and it probably was,like a little guy but look us on the,edge how thin it is its melting it,almost looks like it could fall at any,time and im not too keen on being,inside caves but i do see some light at,the back so im going to go buddy,[

What Do We Take On Our Trips? – Backpacking Gear Review

[Music],thank you,[Music],welcome folks for this episode of Johns,on the rock,doing something a little different today,were doing a gear review weve been on,several hikes and,and whatnot over the summer and so we,thought itd be,worth our while to review some of our,gear that we take with us this is more,specific to kind of a backpacking trip,like we did to Snug Harbor this past,summer you can check that out on our,YouTube channel so Aarons going to go,through his gear and then Im going to,go through what I took and just to give,you an idea of what we do in order to,prepare for these trips in terms of the,gear that we take so Ill start with my,backpacks which is the one that Ive,taken on I think all of our trips this,summer this is a uh this is made by,Martin top its a 50 liter kind of like,a tactical like Molly style backpack at,least with the gear I have if I want to,go any more than maybe two nights Id,probably need to switch it something,bigger just to accommodate for food and,water and stuff but,um,yeah I think it does the job well its,kind of just like one big,pouch apart from the top the top uh,pouch here where the rain fly is stored,Im not light on my gear meaning I dont,baby it a lot of times so I wouldnt,feel comfortable having a super light,backpack Im not overly concerned about,that I want something that you know I,can bushwhack through some pretty heavy,trees and not have to worry about it,tearing or anything like that so,thats it uh I guess Ill go to the tent,this isnt the original bag for it I,accidentally ripped the other the bag,that it came in but this is my tent,along with the poles and the steaks here,this is a uh Eureka Suma 2 backpacking,tent it weighs I think with all the,components its just right around four,pounds you can kind of get it down a,little bit less than that if you take,some stuff out that isnt really,necessary but yeah I love it its nice,and roomy for someone like me Im about,62 and I like to have theres plenty of,room for me to sit up without hitting my,head off the roof and theres lots of,room head to toe which was important for,me when I was looking for a tent for,backpacking so yeah thats that I really,like it hasnt leaked on me uh yet but,well see what happens in the future,uh this is one piece of gear that I,didnt want to cheap out on when I,bought it because Ive slept on many a,thin and short and uncomfortable,sleeping pads going camping and I was,like you know what Im just gonna bite,the bullet and get a nice sleeping pad,this is a big gagnis air core Ultra,insulated version I think the r value on,this ones about,4.2 4.3 so itll get you down to well,below freezing I just hate the feeling,of rolling off a sleeping pad in the,middle of the night its just uh its,just not it just makes for a miserable,night when you cant sleep while out in,the out in the country so yeah Im,really glad I invested in this and yeah,I would highly recommend this if youre,looking if youre one of those people,who like I used to dread the actual,sleeping part of camping because I never,could get a good sleep but ever since I,got this Im not like that anymore,this is uh,the sleeping bag that I got recently,its a Kelty Cosmic down 20. its a down,well as the name suggests its a down,sleeping bag uh rated down to 20 degrees,Fahrenheit which I believe is like,negative six negative seven Celsius,um I wouldnt push this much lower below,freezing Ive slept in it in around,minus one minus two and I was kind of,just barely warming up with all my,layers on so youre a hot sleeper too I,am a hot sleeper yeah so its uh its,thats definitely a limit rating its,not a comfort rating yeah if youre,looking for kind of I say budget but,most down sleeping bags are kind of,expensive but if youre looking for one,thats thats not too too expensive uh,then I would recommend this one,this is a uh a folding camp chair uh,this ones made by trekology but you can,get pretty much any brand you find on,Amazon and theyre all pretty much the,exact same yeah pretty much same kind of,design and uh it was definitely worth it,I think I think it its like two pounds,or something like that two two and a,half pounds yeah something like that,um for the amount that we were hiking uh,it was definitely worth it to have uh to,have just something to actually youre,not just sitting on the ground or,sitting on a little foam pad or,something you actually get to like lean,back and relax at the end of the day,hiking its so good back support yeah,thats nice yeah so,chair,oh I guess I can mention this real quick,this is the the ground sheet I have for,my tent just to protect it theres the,footprint yeah yeah its not made,specifically for it its just a tarp,from I think Bass Pro or something okay,Ill do my cook kit next I guess so this,is a a tokes titanium,pot its a 750 milliliter version with,the uh the bail handle and this kind of,houses we have very similar youll see I,guess in a bit we have very nearly,identical yeah very similar kind of cook,systems but basically in here I have,like a folding,sport,BRS,stove for like um,isobutane propane cylinder cylinders and,then inside here I just have a rag and,then a small uh is it Aid no four ounce,uh fuel canister so that way I have all,of my kind of cooking stuff kind of,concealed in one kind of package its,nice for backpacking especially if all,youre doing is kind of boiling water,for coffee or boiling water to make,noodles or to rehydrate meals and stuff,like that and youre not actually,planning on like,sauteing onions or something over the,fire like its a its its perfect for,for the kind of backpacking stuff that,were doing if you watch backpacking,videos and youve probably seen this,exact kind of setup before but its,because it works really well and its,really lightweight and you cant really,beat it for the price because its,actually pretty everything that makes,this up isnt overly expensive so you,know yeah definitely recommend that to,go along with my cook it I also have my,GSI uh insulated mug just for having,coffee and tea and stuff in the mornings,so for water carry I had my Nalgene,which is just a standard one liter wide,mouth Nalgene its,seen better days a bit of wear and tear,but its still going strong and then for,uh my filtering for my water I had my,Sawyer mini filter I didnt actually,bring the bladder with it I just put it,on here,to show how it works I guess basically,you fill this with water with dirty,water and you,force it through the filter and then,into your Nalgene or whatever for clean,drinking water I found it easier to I,basically just brought a one liter smart,water bottle,uh because the threads for the filter,fit perfectly on a smart water bottle or,like a you can even use like a two liter,Pepsi bottle if you wanted I guess if,its the same threads but it uh,yeah I just found it was a bit more,durable a bit more robust I found it,easier to squeeze the water through the,through the kind of a thicker bottle I,guess I havent had any real issues with,my filter clogging up now that being,said I dont like,crew hike or like put you know gallons,and gallons of water through it so I,havent had any issues and pretty much,all the water I put through it is pretty,clean I cant really think of any time,Ive pulled like brown water out of,something to filter through,um so I might have something to do with,it but so far its uh its great nice,and light and for the money its,definitely worth it,this is uh my trekking pole this is a,Woods brand trekking pole which is I,think is one of the Canadian Tires kind,of brands of outdoor uh like camping and,hiking gear and that kind of stuff I,didnt bring it on all my backpacking,trucks but definitely needed for The,Snug Harbor trip uh we saw the mud and,all the uh absolutely all of the terrain,the elevation gain we had and stuff it,was definitely nice just to have kind of,an extra Support over areas where the,footing isnt quite as sure,uh but yeah no complaints about that,oh I guess I probably

Sleeping Bag vs Quilt–Infrared Proof

this is what your typical comparison,video looks like,but this is what im going to show you,so ill quickly go over the key,differences and then get on to the heat,retention because thats the main reason,that we use these things in the first,place so first thing is versatility,were all familiar with sleeping bags,you can unzip it and you can lay it over,you or be on it fold it up you can stick,your feet out the bottom if you zip it,part way but uh,its a little less user friendly to do,that than the quilt you can use it as a,blanket as youre sitting around camp,you can do similar with a sleeping bag,but you have this funky foot box with,the quilt you then have the option to,lay it over you like a blanket,you can zip up the bottom,and then have your feet in or out to,adjust the temperature,then the top we have some more options,so again we can lay it over us we can,really pull it all the way close around,our neck and tucked underneath ill show,you that in a minute why would you,choose one over the other so that,versatility second is the weight now,because quilts dont have a full length,zipper they certainly weigh less they,also have less material because youre,laying on your pad with this tucked,under the side it doesnt connect in,back and so you have an extra strip here,that is not included on the quilt and,theres no hood because generally if,its cold enough for a hood its cold,enough for a hat and so youre going to,have that hat that you can use anyway,theres a considerable difference in,price as well,now a 20 degree feathered friend,sleeping bag costs from about four to,five hundred dollars whereas this quilt,by enlightened equipment thats also 20,degree costs 300. some people who find a,mummy bag too restrictive find a quilt,really nice because as youre sleeping,there even if you have it cinched around,you you can simply kind of stick a knee,out without having the restriction of,that zipper,again weigh it out see whats right for,you and put in the comments which do you,prefer so on a cold night when you get,in your sleeping bag youre gonna get,your hood on,and youre going to cinch that hood up,and if you have a draft collar youre,going to close that around your neck,this is what it should look like when,youre laying on your back in terms of,heat loss,when you roll on your side,when you roll on your side,this is what you get,if youre interested in this enlightened,equipment revelation quilt this,feathered friends sleeping bag or any of,the other cold weather camping equipment,i recommend such as this thermarest,neoair exterm pad,then check the descriptions i also will,do a link for this flir unit for your,phone they come for iphones and androids,and this enables you to get footage like,you saw in this video so check it out,theyre pretty fun to play with,now to put your quill in the warmest,configuration youre going to snap the,bottom and cinch this up now some of,these do come with enclosed foot boxes,and you get a little bit of a weight,savings but theyre really not as,versatile for temperature we have a,little strap that goes around the,sleeping bag and,this bottom one you can adjust,so that you can pull these clips in or,out to make this uh more snug around you,or a little looser,and then on top,just cinch it around yourself and that,just holds it in,just like with a sleeping bag youre,going to want to get this cinched around,your neck so youre going to,snap behind and then youre going to,cinch this top baffle,snug around your neck so now youve got,this quilt tucked in all around you,so this is sleeping on your back,[Music],and we turn the other way,so youll probably notice it because i,can feel a little bit of air get in,underneath,because in a quilt you are moving inside,of the quilt versus in a sleeping bag,the sleeping bag is moving with you,the other thing we can do,is cinch this up a little more to keep,it pulled in tighter,or the other option is to switch the,straps top and bottom so that you can,keep the top strap cinch to the pad this,will make it a little harder to get in,and out of the quilt but it does make it,more stationary and,just keep a little more warmth in so now,when i land my side facing away from you,it does a little nicer job of keeping,this down,do another roll,i actually feel warmer in this for some,reason not sure what the cameras,showing but i do feel warmer inside it i,kind of end up pushing the,edge of the quilt down behind me,the other thing here to remember is that,a lot of people will take a hood a,sleeping hood that are designed,specifically for this purpose as it gets,colder outside ill just get a warmer,hat that i bring with me and then just,sleep with that its actually less cold,air coming out from the base of the,quilt the weak area of the quilt is the,head,so as you can see when i roll on my side,there seems to be a little more white,area on the sleeping bag than on the,quilt so that is the warmest part of the,picture,so for me the benefit of this quilt,comes down to a weight savings and the,flexibility that you have to,use it in various ways and,that to me especially the way is the,most valuable piece and also speaking of,value it does come in cheaper so this is,such a great option i really recommend,it now if youre doing cold weather,camping like youre in the winter and,its below zero that sort of thing i,personally recommend a sleeping bag i,think its hard to beat something with a,hood and generally in the winter youre,able to pull a sled or something and,its not as much of a concern for the,weight,now if any part of this video was,interesting or helpful to you then,please give it a like because its a,free way to help support the channel and,help get more content like this,now if youre new to adventures in reach,i hope youll consider subscribing to,get more inspiring adventures and,information about how to make them,happen for you now if youre watching,this video youre probably interested in,camping or being outdoors in the cold,and so im really going to suggest that,you watch this video about the ways that,we lose heat and how to stop that

SnugFleece Elite Wool Mattress Pad Review

hey everyone its andrew esquivel here,back with another review and today im,going to be reviewing the snug soft wool,mattress cover,now unlike normal mattress covers this,one is actually made of real wool,whereas a normal one,is typically made of a synthetic,material and latex now,a normal one cost about forty dollars on,the internet and they kind of do okay,their job is mainly to protect the,mattress,from spills and other things like that,the problem is they claim to be,breathable,and waterproof,and 99 of the time theyre not theyre,either one or the other which makes it,really hard to find one thats any good,now,you could go with the cheap one for,forty dollars made of synthetic stuff or,you can get one made of wool,now the wool is naturally waterproof and,the wool is naturally breathable which,makes it an excellent choice if youre,looking to protect a super expensive,mattress,now,the only downside to a wool,mattress cover is it is considerably,expensive which is why im reviewing it,so this particular one is a queen size,and itll run you about a,261 dollars,with shipping so,its not for everyone considering the,price but if you have an expensive,mattress and you want to make sure you,maintain the terms for the warranty,youre going to want something like this,now this isnt just a mattress protector,its just its actually a comfortable,mattress cover and theres a few things,that make it comfortable,this one in particular happens to have,about an inch and a half,of,coverage from top to bottom,and it helps conform to your body to,make it feel nice and comfortable but,theres some other features about it,here,that are actually worth noting,uh,the qualities of this particular type of,wool are interesting because when you,think of wool you think of hot and warm,but,thats not the case this time see this,wool actually has a lot of properties,similar to silk,and let me explain,when its warm outside,it feels kind of cool to the touch,and when its cold outside,it feels kind of warm,it has to do with the way the fibers,trap water,and breathe through the air and,everything so,i dont know the super technical whys,and wears for it but,essentially thats thats what it does,its naturally flame resistant which is,also good because there are certain,standards that mattresses even have to,live up to to be flame retardant in,order to be sold in the united states,this particular one,is actually machine washable which is,good because a lot of times these super,expensive wool mattress covers have to,be dry cleaned well i got this one,mainly because its machine washable,which is good,now youll probably have to have a,delicate setting on your machine washer,and more than likely youll probably be,air drying it,its non-allergenic which is really good,for someone like allergies,and uh this a lot is a lot like silk,like i said before silk is also,naturally hypoallergenic you know,so uh its environmentally safe because,its natural wool fibers so,thats also a plus,uh the way it binds to your bed which,ill show you in a minute,is that its got these straps that,kind of like cover from here to here i,believe,so uh as you can see for a queen size,this is a pretty,hefty package,because theres a lot,in here its all just wool,so,lets uh take it out of the package,and see what it looks like on top of the,mattress,okay so this is how the actual mattress,cover which is this right here,straps onto the mattress it uses,this kind of binding system that goes on,the four corners now the binding system,on the reverse,has,about three rubber linings on it to help,keep it in place like a non-slip kind of,mechanism,so big question will it stay on and not,shift and everything,well it doesnt seem like its going to,but only time will tell so,thats how it binds on to the actual,mattress,okay so this is what the mattress cover,looks like on top of the mattress,so uh,first reactions and how it feels its,kind of nice i mean,i dont know exactly what its going to,feel like until i actually use it but,until then this will have to do however,on the reverse side of this piece of,paper,that came,on the bag in which you could see,through there are some neat,informational facts,about the mattress protector,kind of how i was saying before,how it feels cool to the touch when its,too hot out and when it kind of feels,warm when its too cold out,theres actually an explanation for that,on here,so,according to this,wool is unique in the way that it,handles temperature and moisture,adjusting throughout the night to,accommodate your fluctuating body,temperature,snug fleece mattress covers keep you,comfortable no matter what the season in,the summer the absorbent fibers wick,moisture to eliminate the damp clammy,feeling that frequently causes fitful,sleep,sheets remain cool and crisp the dry,sleeping environment discourages the,growth of mold and mildew,a plus for people with allergens,in the winter countless air pockets,between wool fibers trap your body heat,and keep warm air circulating freely,next to your skin,so thats how the whole wool thing works,when it comes to keeping a nice cool or,warm temperature whenever you need it,now there is actual instructions when it,comes to water beds which you will get,with this but considering im not using,a water bed im not going to go over it,now there is a also some care and,cleaning guides,on the back of this for when you need to,wash these eventually,but uh once again youll get that,information with the actual snug fleece,uh set here just know that,you need,wool light to clean it which is a brand,and,youre going to need a decent washer and,dryer one that can do a delicate cycle,for the washing,and i believe an air cycle,just no no heat just air dry,for,the dryer portion what i actually want,to go over is the 30 day,satisfaction guarantee,it says if youre not delighted with,your snug voice woolens sleep product,please call or visit your retailer,within 30 days,all items must be returned in new,condition,to place of purchase with all original,packing improvement purchase this,guarantee must be handled by your,retailer now i bought this directly from,snug fleece,and they according to the information on,the website in which i obtained this,from,it stated that you can use it,but you have to make sure its in like,new condition no stains no cleaning no,nothing in order to be eligible for a,return so just keep that in mind,uh there is a one-year manufacturing,warranty which i believe just protects,against defects and things like that,so thats really all the information i,wanted to go over on the back here so,as you can see with the actual mattress,cover,its a decent amount of fluff,essentially,and,its about an inch and a half according,to,the,information on the website in which i,went on to get this now they do come in,a variety of thicknesses anywhere from,an inch to two inches,each,difference costing a different amount of,money,the two inch one,is,the most luxurious or it might not even,be two inches it might be uh one and,three fourth inches i cant exactly,remember but just know that the really,really thick ones,are required to be dry cleaned so thats,why i didnt spring for one of those,theyre also much more expensive,so actual comfortability how does it,feel well,its nice,um,not exactly what i was imagining but,then again it is wool itll be,interesting to see how it plays out,in terms of how good it actually is at,temperature regulation,because it is wool after all and,everyone thinks wool is just for keeping,warm but,we shall see it is soft and it is kind,of plush,now they say that it conforms to your,body,to help relieve pressure points,well,im going to go ahead,and put,my fitted sheet and pillows back on the,bed,and im going to tell you exactly what,it feels like,all right so,ive got my silk bed sheets back on the,bed,and ive got the wool mattress protector,slash cover thing,under the bed,and my first reaction when laying on,this thing is holy crap,it feels,amazing,well in terms of i

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