1. High Cable Curl | Maximize Bicep Growth!
  2. Build Massive Biceps! High Pulley Curls: How and Why to do them.
  3. 3 LEGIT Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms (UNDERRATED!)
  4. Biceps Exercises Ranked (BEST TO WORST!)
  5. Grow Big “BICEPS” Using Only Cables (7 Arm Exercises)
  6. Barbell Curl VS Cable Curl | Which Builds BIGGER Biceps Faster?
  7. The Most Effective Way to Train HAMSTRINGS | Training Science Explained

High Cable Curl | Maximize Bicep Growth!

what is going on aliens Im Mike Rosa,and today I got you a new video on how,to maximize those bicep gains doing a,high cable curl now real quick and fog,into the video make sure you download my,work and Ive called XAR prize it is a,free download of the app and play store,you can generate thousands of workouts,based on your customized selections so,make sure you check it out the link will,be in the first pin comment and the,description now back to this video Im,gonna go over three strategies that I,personally use that optimize this,movement for me specifically now,everyone is so different and thats why,Im going off my experience for this,since everyone is so different the,science theres no right way to do,something this is the right way that,works best for you and thats what were,trying to figure out so Im gonna tell,you three things that I personally do,that work extremely well for me and help,me maximize my games lets get into this,video,the first tip with high cable curl is to,curl behind your head I see a lot of,people set up with this exercise and,they currently front of their head not,only is this decreasing the amount of,bicep engagement youre not getting a,full range of motion and then I see,people curl to the side of their head,look the heads in the way youre,stopping a significant range of motion,so you curl behind the head and look how,much further the arm can actually go,well the elbow is staying in an,optimized position for that bicep,engagement so youre not only getting a,deeper range of motion increasing the,bicep activation youre also gonna be,able to notice that the arm is staying,in a more mechanical advantage for your,bicep to actually recruit more muscle,fibers so curl behind the head and,youre gonna get a deeper range of,motion and notice a lot more bicep,activation before we get into tip number,two I want to explain why Im doing this,exercise one-sided for me I personally,find I can really increase my mind,muscle connection focusing on one side,at a time and it also helps me fix any,potential muscle imbalances I always,make sure to start on my weaker side and,then max the sets and reps I do with the,stronger side to ensure Im building,symmetrically tip number two is going to,involve your wrist keeping it tight and,keeping it turn,a lot of people dont take into,consideration their risk placement on,curls if youre just having your wrists,sag youre not gonna be getting that,optimal bicep engagement you need to,have it tight so you need to turn inward,to really activate that bicep more,optimally look at my bicep in the,beginning just by turning on my wrist,like this its already more flexed so,you want to start in that turn position,and keep it in that term position keep,it tight and then as you curl behind the,head youre gonna notice that your bicep,is gonna be a lot more engaged simply,due to this tight positioning of the,wrist so that is significantly gonna,increase your bicep activation when,doing the high cable curl tip number,three is going to be to bring your elbow,to a higher starting position so what,that looks like is starting up here now,if youre doing this exercise once I,know some ways you can elevate the elbow,from the beginning is to get a little,bit of a lean or if youre tall go on,your knees you just want to make sure,that youre able to bring the curl from,a downward position and shoulder flexion,is one of the bicep functions and thats,why this tip is so important so you,start with that elbow higher youre,tearing that wrist in keeping that,tension tight and then youre curling,behind the head coming more downward and,youre gonna see a ton more bicep,activation so were applying all three,tips turning the wrist in keeping it,tight keeping the elbow high and coming,behind the head and the bicep is gonna,be way more engaged,get them games alright aliens gonna give,you a fourth little bonus tip make sure,you step far enough away from the cable,system to ensure that you can get a full,extension of the arm every single,repetition a lot of people either dont,step far enough away from the machine so,they bang into the machine and it takes,away a lot of tension decreasing the,range of motion limiting the bicep,engagement and its the same motion even,if you step far enough away and just,stop short youre really taking away,from your bicep engagement you want to,make sure that youre coming to a full,extension every single repetition even,flex the tricep to ensure youre getting,that full extension and thats really,gonna help optimize your bicep,engagement to get that full deep range,of motion and maximize those bicep gains,ah yeah so I hope you aliens like this,video is so make sure to smash that,thumbs up on it for me and click that,notification bell right next to,subscribe so you dont miss it a new,video uploads for me Im uploading,multiple videos a week and you dont,want to miss any so these are the tips,that I formulated over years of trial,and error performing the hi cable curl,and they work best for me to help,optimize my bicep engagement to maximize,those bicep gains and I hope they work,best for you to give them a try I think,its gonna surprise you how much a,difference they make and if youre,looking for some new fitness apparel,look at this aliens dissident you,can use my coat alien 15 for 50% off,your order,the joggers and the stringer theyre,free king let I love this company that,one of my sponsors and theyll be linked,in the first pin comment and the,description now thanks again for,watching and being an alien peace,[Music]

Build Massive Biceps! High Pulley Curls: How and Why to do them.

[Music],now were going to do an amazing,variation of the bicep exercise this is,called the high pulley curls this,exercise is very unusual when it comes,to the angles elbows and shoulder,stability because we do not reach on the,side of our body in our daily routine so,this is a very very very technical,exercise but if before I go into the,technical part of this exercise Im,gonna talk about the common mistakes,that I see too much weight thats not,going number two they basically dragging,their elbows down tilting their body,forward because the weight is too heavy,now they have to use their whole body to,try to move the weight back and forth so,Im gonna show you the common mistakes,first then Ill go into the proper form,so just grabbing the cable first and,then what I see is a lot of movement,back and forth elbows pointing backward,body lean forward because the weight is,way too much they cant really establish,any stability or any isolation and try,to move the weight from point A to point,B in this position I can actually feel,my shoulders stressing out a little bit,and also my elbow because of the angle,of the load so what you really want to,do is make sure your elbows are pointing,towards the cable and when you establish,that elbow pointing towards the cable,you stabilize your elbows a little,higher off your shoulder level on all,you need to do is squeeze and curl in,make sure you feel the Flex its like,doing like a a bicep pose keep your,chest up and when you go out you dont,want to go all the way out you dont,want to lock your elbows because when,you look at elbows out like that youre,already dead load the muscle keep your,elbows slightly bent at the end come in,squeeze and come back a little bit right,about there and then come back in if you,look at my race I can actually wiggle my,fingers a little bit let me know Im not,holding too tight because the movement,is usually from the biceps and not from,the,Im just hanging on to the book to the,handles using my race to stabilize and,using my bicep to curl in come back,really slow right there ribcage up make,sure you maintain that position right,there without allowing your elbows to,drop down or to go too high or to rotate,forward maintain that elbow coming in,squeeze release slowly tempo come back,in squeeze maintain your angle and make,sure you dont allow your body to drop,up and down or to move back forward so,this is going to allow you and you keep,that position it will allow you to feel,like youre doing the bicep pose thats,exactly what this exercise is coming out,and coming in and squeezing that biceps,at the end its very important that you,dont completely Square your elbows,backwards you just open it up the elbow,joints a little bit forward so you can,really maximize the load on your biceps,Im going to show you this tiny sideways,this way,first of all Im gonna show you what I,dont want you to do when I do this you,guys see all that action going on back,there with the back we dont want that,so what I wanted to do is pull it,forward now in the shoulders and the,back muscles are relaxed a little bit,then you just want to stay in this,position and just go out maintain that,elbows and maintain that elbow pointing,slightly outward every time you go in,and out make sure every rep is identical,to the previous one if you feel like,youre getting tired are you losing your,form drop the weight down a little bit,and finish your set and this is how you,do your proper high poly cross,[Music]

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3 LEGIT Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms (UNDERRATED!)

so ill just say it up front if you want,to build bigger biceps the truth is that,you really dont need anything too fancy,your biceps are the smallest major,muscle group on your body their function,is pretty straightforward and theyre,already getting a decent amount of,stimulation just from your compound back,exercises alone so this is not an area,of your training that you need to obsess,over you dont need 10 different unique,revolutionary curling variations to,build big arms and a pretty high,percentage of the biceps training advice,that you find all over youtube and,social media these days is really just,unnecessary fluff created solely for,clicks and views now that said,a you definitely still want to be doing,some direct biceps work for maximum,gains uh compound back training on its,own wont be enough to build the biggest,arms possible and b there are certain,biceps exercises and specific form cues,that are more effective than others and,that you can use to get the very most,bang for your buck so in this video im,going to give you three of my top rated,curling variations that you can try out,during your next biceps workout ive,been doing this fitness stuff for over,20 years now and ive definitely run the,gauntlet when it comes to biceps,exercises but these are three of my,all-time favorites that i frequently,come back to and that im sure youre,going to find useful as well ill give,one to emphasize the shortened position,one to emphasize the stretched position,and one that provides a pretty even mix,of both all right biceps curl variation,at number one is gonna focus on the,shortened position and give you a really,strong contraction at the top of each,rep and that is a spider curl so this is,not a biceps exercise youll see being,performed very often it was a really,popular lift back in the sort of golden,bodybuilding era guys like larry scott,steve reeves vince gironda they used to,do this exercise a lot and apparently it,wasnt uncommon for gyms to actually,have a dedicated spider curl bench now,youre almost certainly not going to,find that piece of equipment at your gym,nowadays so what you can do instead is,just lay across a regular incline bench,this position is going to emphasize the,top half of the movement and not that,feeling the muscle is everything okay,its just one factor out of many when,gauging the effectiveness of your,exercises but you are really gonna feel,your biceps lighting up on these now,keep in mind that any basic curling,exercise you perform is gonna train your,entire biceps muscle as a whole however,the forward position of the shoulders,here will put a bit more emphasis on the,short head which is that inner portion,having your body pinned down like this,is going to prevent you from using,excessive momentum youre definitely,going to need to go lighter here in,comparison to a regular standing curl,and you can do this using an easy curl,bar like im doing here or you can use a,regular straight bar uh dumbbells are an,option as well if you prefer it or if,its not too much of a pain in the ass,to set up and you want to try it out,cables would be an option here as well,all right the second biceps exercise is,going to be an extended cable curl so,this one is going to take the opposite,approach to the spider curl and,emphasize the stretched position with a,bit more focus on the long head which is,that area responsible for the biceps,peak so theres a couple ways you can do,this my favorite is to stand in between,a dual cable stand facing away from the,machine and then take a couple steps,forward so that you can really feel the,cables pulling back on your arms and,stretching your biceps at the bottom,then from there just curl the handles up,like normal coming up as far as you can,without letting your elbows drift,excessively forward now a bit of,movement at the elbows is totally fine,its not a death sentence thats going,to instantly shift all the tension away,from your biceps and onto your front,delts like some people make it seem you,dont need to lift like a complete,perfect robot here but you also dont,want to be loading up a ton of weight,and just heaving the cables around using,a bunch of momentum this is more of an,isolated lift where you want to,emphasize control and aside from doing,this two arms at a time if you dont,have access to a dual cable stand or you,just prefer doing it one arm at a time,then any regular cable machine will do,and you can just train each side,independently this single arm variation,was popularized by meno henselmans and,its usually called a bayesian curl but,regardless of which one you do the main,benefit is that nice stretch youre,getting in the bottom position and then,even as you curl the weight up the,biceps are going to be under full,tension all the way to the top now if,you dont have access to cables and you,want a free weight curling movement to,emphasize that stretched position then a,regular incline dumbbell curl is a,really good option as well cables will,train your biceps through a slightly,larger active range but the difference,is definitely not going to be some kind,of make or break factor and incline,dumbbell curls are also an excellent,movement if youre finding this,information helpful so far dont forget,to subscribe to the channel to stay in,the loop on all of my future videos,where i cover exercises for other muscle,groups as well and lastly number three,on the list of best biceps exercises so,with all these youtube fitness gurus and,instagram influencers constantly,uploading their brand new list of six,killer biceps exercises you absolutely,must do or your arms are going to,shrivel up and fall off and die a,horrible death and where theyre pretty,much just coming up with whatever elbow,flexion variation they possibly can,dream up just so that they have,something novel to present to you,because of that this exercise tends to,get lost in the shuffle however before,fitness social media was a thing this,was an exercise we used to do quite a,bit back in the day its a highly,effective way to train your biceps i,actually used this as my primary,movement for several years in a row and,made the majority of my initial arm,gains from it perhaps youve never even,heard of this one before but that,exercise is,a barbell curl yes a barbell curl you,pick up a barbell,and you curl it now why am i including,barbell curls on this list well number,one its to emphasize the fact that you,honestly dont need anything fancy to,get in a very solid biceps workout and,number two its because barbell curls,genuinely are one of the best options,for your biceps training you dont need,any special equipment or elaborate setup,to perform them and theyve got a pretty,balanced resistance profile that will,stimulate your entire biceps muscle,effectively i honestly believe that if,youre lifting with proper form you are,training close to or all the way to,muscular failure and youre,progressively overloading in an,intelligent way you could probably build,your biceps pretty close to their,genetic potential just off this one,movement alone when combined with your,compound back training now im not,recommending that you do that but the,bottom line is that good old-fashioned,barbell curls are a time-tested proven,biceps builder that just work plain and,freakin simple you can use a regular,straight bar or an easy curl bar if its,more comfortable for you or instead of,doing barbell curls you could also use,dumbbells and just do a basic standing,dumbbell curl same idea if you want some,more help getting your overall fitness,program onto the right path based on,where you are now and what your ultimate,goals are then make sure to head over to,shawnell.com custom if you havent,already just fill out the short form,there and ill send you back not only a,free step-by-step workout plan based on,your needs but also a nutrition plan as,well ill link it up here as well as,down below in the description box,theres two more videos id recommend,check

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Biceps Exercises Ranked (BEST TO WORST!)

And so, with no need to have to concentrate  on this decision at all, just like that,  ,the Concentration Curl gets the big red X  as one of the worst bicep exercises.  ,Whats up, guys Jeff Cavaliere, Athleanx.com. What  you see behind me is a bunch of different bicep  ,exercises, many of which youve either done in the  past or youre still doing them today. However,  ,after today, you might want to get rid of  a few of them. Because what Im going to  ,do is going to help you to rank them from  the worst to the best, leading with only  ,the best bicep exercises that are capable of  delivering the gains that youre after.  ,And so, as always in our Exercises Rank series,  their criteria for the selection matters.  ,What makes one curl variation better than the  other? Were going to focus on hypertrophy as  ,we have in the entire series. Which of these  exercises is most capable of delivering those  ,gains above all else? Secondly, can it  do it safely? As a physical therapist,  ,I want to deliver those gains, but do so without  causing any harm along the way. And finally,  ,we have to let the anatomy of the bicep muscle  deliver the exercise selections, too, because  ,it doesnt just bend the elbow, it does far more  than that. So, if we can tap into what the actual  ,function is, then we have some good exercise  selections. So that being said, lets start  ,breaking them down from the bottom to the top. And so just like that, we start at the bottom of  ,the barrel. Here are the worst of the worst and  work our way up. And for that, I dont have to  ,concentrate very long on this first pick because  its going to be the Concentration Curl. And this  ,exercise here isnt inherently bad, its just that  its most commonly mis-performed. In other words,  ,its one of the most popular bicep exercises and  one of the most popular mis-performed exercises.  ,And thats because the position of the elbow  matters a lot. A lot of people will just simply  ,rest their arm on top of their thigh, creating  almost a seesaw effect that takes a lot of the  ,potential work away from the biceps. Or theyll  take that elbow and drive it into their thigh,  ,which just creates a strong leverage for  the biceps, once again, taking away some  ,of the effectiveness of the exercise because  the biceps aren t doing all that it can.  ,Throw in the fact that while you may feel a  good contraction in the biceps while doing it,  ,youre certainly not tapping into the bicep s  full capabilities, as youll see here shortly.  ,It just isnt one of my favorite choices and  for that reason, guys, the Concentration Curls  ,gets the first in the bottom are the Worst.  By the way, if you love Concentration Curls  ,and you still want to do them, at least do them  right. Do me a favor and watch this video over  ,here when this one is done, and Ill show you  exactly how to make sure you do every time.  ,Moving on, we have an exercise that proves  that just because you throw the word curl  ,after the first part of the name, it doesnt  make it a bicep exercise. And thats because the  ,Reverse Curl is not a good bicep exercise. What  weve got here is a good brachialis exercise or  ,brachioradialis exercise, but still not a bicep  exercise. Because one of the main drivers of  ,function for the biceps and one of the unique  abilities it has is to supinate that forearm.  ,If you fully pronate in order to grab this bar  with an overhand grip, you are minimizing the  ,contribution of the biceps to the exercise.  Sure, it will be there to help the flex that  ,elbow and bring the bar up, but as the third  line of defense, not when were trying to create  ,hypertrophy guys. And for that reason, the Reverse  Curl just because it has that important second  ,part of the name is not one of the important  exercises as we work our way up to the best.  ,And so if we confuse the right way to do the  Concentration Curl and got confused with what  ,muscles the Reverse Curl does, this exercise  is just plain confused. Were talking about  ,the Biceps Pushup. Its just not a bicep exercise.  It never is. It never will be. And for those that  ,think, Yeah, but for calisthenics? No. But not  even.. ? No, not at all. Yeah, but.. Nope. How  ,about just a little bit? Unfortunately,  no. I mean, even just It just doesn t.  ,Theres just no way in human creation to convince  me that the Bicep Pushup is a good bicep exercise,  ,let alone a good bicep building exercise. Were  talking about a pushup, you know, a pushup for  ,chest triceps or shoulders. Youre not working  your biceps. And the eccentric overload argument  ,isnt a strong one either. It just is not a good  exercise, guys. It should never bear the name of a  ,Bicep Pushup. For all these reasons, it only bears  a big red X right through its name, and thats why  ,it belongs here at the bottom of the list. And so, with that I nugget to break out my  ,blue marker as we work our way up into the Better  Category, all good exercises, all good exercises,  ,just different levels of effectiveness based on  some of their inherent limitations. And if youre  ,looking for a bodyweight exercise that actually  works the biceps, then lets start looking at  ,this one, the Inverted Chin Curl. Because what  this does is it checks all the boxes in terms  ,of bicep function. In order to pull yourself  up, youre going to have to flex the elbow.  ,Check. Have the forearm in a supinated position  to have that underhand grip. Check. And had the  ,shoulders in a flexed position out in front of  our body, the most overlooked component of a true  ,biceps complete contraction. Check. What holds this exercise back, however,  ,is simply loading it becomes a lot more difficult.  When youre looking for progressive overload,  ,this may not be the best choice. But youre  looking for a good bodyweight bicep exercise,  ,did I mention is better than the Bicep Pushup?  Then this one is the one that youre going to  ,want to use, and it belongs as the first with  the blue circle and the Better Category.  ,And so, we took a giant step up from the worse  to better in our body weight category. Lets take  ,another step up when we talk about the Reverse  Curl, and this is what this is Zottman Curl. So  ,at least with the Zottman Curl, the first portion  of the concentric part of the lift is going to be  ,performed with the forearms supinated. So, were  going to get that much better bicep contribution.  ,However, the problem comes in with what we do  next, and that is just simply providing to perform  ,the eccentric component or lowering part of the  lift. Guys, remember, you are actually strongest  ,in the eccentric part of the lift and when youre  trying to grow a muscle, tapping into your ability  ,to handle more weight or slow down the eccentric  on the muscle youre trying to grow is important.  ,The Zottman Curl is taking away that opportunity  and for that reason, its half good, but not good  ,enough. And that means its going to get a circle  here for a Better exercise, but not great.  ,And so next up in the Better Category is an  improvement on once again, an exercise in the  ,Worst Category, those Concentration Curls. And  this time were looking at the Preacher Curl.  ,Again, its a great exercise for building up  bigger biceps, but it has some limitations. Most  ,importantly, for me, Im a little confused by how  people load the exercise. I think it comes from a  ,false sense of security, of thinking once again,  with those elbows driving back into the pad,  ,they have that additional leverage that oftentimes  convinces them they should and could handle more  ,weight than their biceps can handle. If you need  some more convincing about that this isnt always  ,the case, Im going to give you a three second  countdown to look away. Three, two, one. All.  ,Yeah, thats ugly. But I did give you a heads  up. Not to worry, though its not going to happen  ,to you if you take my advice here and do the  exercise as its sup

Grow Big “BICEPS” Using Only Cables (7 Arm Exercises)

all right hi everybody john meadows here,and,i just did a a live video on friday,and im amazed at how many people out,there,are injured or beat up i mean of all the,questions i got i bet a third of them,were,my back hurts my elbows hurt,my knee hurts everybodys aching so,what i did was a lot of people were,saying that they had um,banged up joints so im gonna do is im,gonna do a couple videos were gonna do,biceps,in this video then well do a tricep,video to kind of get this started,but were gonna do just some cable work,now sometimes when youre training hard,your joints get beat up,you just have to take a step back and,you gotta and you have to do stuff,that doesnt hurt your joints so i dont,think the answer is always to just not,train,i think sometimes you just have to,figure out how to train but not,continue to uh sustain damage to your,joints and didnt,get into a situation where you need,surgery so what were going to do today,is were going to do a bicep workout,with just cables,so this should be much easier on your,joints it should be a good little,workaround,in case your joints are beat up and even,if youre 100 healthy its still an,awesome bicep workout so theres a lot,of value in this workout whether youre,injured or youre not injured,so were going to do biceps im going to,show you,probably my favorite i will figure out,how many exercises were going to do,probably anywhere from,five to seven exercises for biceps,that i like personally and,theyve been in my routines on and off,throughout the years so were going to,start off with a cable curl very basic,right and look at the attachment i have,you can use a straight bar if you want i,just like to have the little curve in it,because i feel its easier on your wrist,so basically when i do a cable curl im,pinning my elbows,against my side im pinning my elbows,right there im not curling like this,stick your elbows in keep them tight and,just,flex your biceps as you go through the,motion up,down just like this this is a great,exercise that really flex hard too,you can flex your bicep really hard here,this is a great place to start though,just a good old cable curl,okay next up all we did was change the,attachments so,this rope has been through some training,right look at that rope,so now were going to do a rope curl now,this,um trains a variety of muscles does,train your bicep,but its also going to hit your,brachioradialis really hard,thats this muscle right here gives your,arm that kind of thick manly look to it,and also trains your brachialis which is,the muscle in here,so this is a a great movement for a,variety of muscles in your arm,when the brachialis develops it pushes,your eyes and tries out,makes your arm look wider and of course,this here gives you that thick,powerful strong look to your arm so,this is um its just a rope,hammer curl same thing pin your elbows,in to start the movement,now what i do on knees is once i come up,i will,push my elbows forward a little so this,way,and what im doing is im flexing this,part of my arm really hard,to get extra forearm work so,now you could stand here and just come,up to here too thats that works too,i just like to get into that little,extra squeeze so the third exercise,is going to be i believe these are,called crucifix curls,its where you stand in a cable machine,and you just you could just curl,like youre doing a bicep pose now if,youre short like me,you can use these you know grips where,you can actually,grip it and squeeze hard this isnt,totally spongy but,its a softer grip which i like but if,youre a little taller,you might need to use this metal d,handle,see the difference here this is shorter,and what that means is,you can stretch more and then if youre,really tall you could actually do this,on your knees so let me do let me do,some reps like this,[Music],so its just like youre doing a bicep,pose youre just cranking up like this,now i like to kind of supinate my,my wrist a little i like to turn and,squeeze,so like that come all the way,out theres zero stress on your joints,on this so you dont have to worry about,tearing your bicep or your elbow so go,ahead and come all the way up,all the way in now again if youre real,tall,and your arm the cables are bottoming,out,you can just do them this way,okay next up we have a single arm cable,curl not sure what else you call it,normally when were trying to stretch,our biceps well do something like,an incline dumbbell curl where you let,your arms hang down youre laying back,on the incline,you can kind of simulate that on this so,im going to lean forward im letting my,bicep stretch so its in the stretch,position here,now you can put either leg forward im,putting this leg forward it doesnt,matter,so real good stretch and curl up,squeeze real hard,[Music],so i would call this a single arm low,cable curl,but make sure you get that stretch let,it come back and stretch,all right next up this might be my,favorite its actually um,just a reverse curl so we started with,the regular cable curl,this is just a reverse curl so again,its a lot of forearm in addition to,your bicep,same thing though you tuck your elbows,in,[Music],curl up and flex,keep those elbows in flex hard,[Applause],anything that incorporates,some brachioradialis i always like i,always thought that was a really cool,muscle to have developed,okay next up we have a cable curl its a,behind,your head cable curl on a lat pull down,now honestly i dont do these too much,because my wrists arent real flexible,and see my wrists tend to be,kind of this way its hard to get them,all the way around,um and this one requires full supination,but it doesnt mean its a bad exercise,it just means its probably not the best,exercise for me,so it is a good exercise though so play,around with your grip for me i got to,come in real close but,see where your grip feels the best for,you,and for your for your wrist and you just,curl behind your head its as simple as,that,okay last up if you have a bench,you could make a preacher curl so you,can do a single arm cable preacher curl,real simple get the arm down here,you dont have it up here put it down,here put your elbow into the pad,and just straight up um,line up your forearm you dont want to,be like this,like that just line everything up and,come straight up,real simple,all right so we ended up doing seven,exercises so hopefully that gave you,plenty to choose from,again if your joints are beat up its a,great alternative,but even if your joints arent beat up,you can turn that into a good good,workout,what i would do is id probably pick,three or four exercises,and i would probably do probably three,to four tests of failure on each one,and the nice thing is in terms of,sequential order of exercises since its,a cable its not really tearing your,joints up so you can do it in any order,you want theres no,i know sometimes i talk about with a,barbell and dumbbells,a specific order i like but with cables,you can mix it up however you want so,three to four sets,of three to four exercises should be,plenty plus you can take them to failure,youre not beating your joints up youre,not,stressing your cns youre not over,training,so cables are very easy on you so give,this a shot,let me know what you think and we got,triceps coming up next

Barbell Curl VS Cable Curl | Which Builds BIGGER Biceps Faster?

Whats going on nation?,Im Scott from muscularstrength.com and today were going to be comparing the,barbell biceps curl to the cable biceps curl to finally determine which is best,for building bigger biceps.,But before we get started,,but before we get started,,be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you never miss a new,video upload from me. Also guys,,give that like button a tap before you forget.,I mean we are talking about biceps growth here,,so we should be able to easily get the likes to over 5,000 for this video,,right? Hell yeah, we can!,So how do you determine how effective an exercise is? I mean at,the end of the day,,lots of people have built amazing physiques training in very different ways.,So the only way you guys will be able to understand my choice is to first,understand more of the anatomy of the biceps.,First off the biceps is a two headed muscle bicep, right?,That mainly controls elbow flection and forearm supination. However,,those of you who have been watching my videos for some time also know that the,long head of the biceps or the outer head actually crosses the shoulder joint,and controls shoulder flection to a degree as well.,So this means that not all arm curls are identical in terms of muscle size and,strength. Yeah.,Any exercise you choose will incorporate some sort of elbow flexion,but its actually the position of your elbows through space that will determine,which head of the biceps is emphasized the most as well as which part of,the range of motion youre getting stronger at.,And not too many people think of this when they put their routines together.,What I mean is when you do something like an incline dumbbell curl,,it might look the same as an overhead cable curl,,but in fact they are fundamentally opposite and thats because the incline dumbbell,curl will position your elbows behind your torso.,So there will be more shoulder extension and thus it will emphasize the stretch,of your biceps throughout the range of motion. On the other hand,,when you do an overhead cable curl,,which positions your elbows more in front of your head,,so theres more shoulder flexion,This will emphasize more of the contraction of your biceps when performing,repetitions. Therefore,,it really does matter which exercises you decide to incorporate in your,workouts, especially considering that each one of us has different goals,,different weak areas and lagging body parts we need to focus on.,So now that you know a bit more about the biceps,,lets talk about the exercises. Beginning with the barbell curl,,I want you guys to think of the barbell biceps curl as the granddaddy of all,biceps exercises. In fact,,its probably the first bicep exercise that was ever invented,,most likely around the same time we started styling our hair.,Therefore, its a very difficult exercise to top in terms of potential gains.,So lets first compile a list of pros and cons of this movement.,So pro number one,,holding the bar though forces your arms into super nation at the bottom of the,movement, which is actually the sticking point.,And this is going to activate your biceps to a much greater degree,right from the get go, guys forearm supination is one of the three functions of,your biceps and skipping it is just as terrible as doing half reps on bench,,but a con to this is that forcing your arms into supination can be hard on your,wrist, especially if you have poor wrist mobility,,the solution would be to work on your mobility and maybe even try to stretch,your wrists between sets. This isnt the kind of pain that you want to avoid guys.,Its the kind you want to fix or else it will just get worse over time.,Pro number two,,you can overload with much heavier weights than any other biceps exercise,,especially when compared to dumbbell or cable exercises with the barbell if you,need to, you can use a bit of momentum to force out some super heavy reps.,now you can do the same thing with cables,,but when the weight starts to get really heavy it tends to be a bit awkward due,to the fixed position of the cable.,Also trying to spot on something like this really sucks,,but a con to overloading is because you can cheat easier with a barbell.,This will give beginners who dont know better every opportunity to cheat, curl,,and possibly injure themselves. And I see a lot of this in my gym.,I know you guys do too new lifters using their legs, hips, lower back,,upper back and shoulders to lift weight thats theyre not ready for.,But now that were done with the pros and cons of the barbell biceps curl,,lets compare it to the cable version and see if given the option which one is,best suited for more gain. Before we dive in, guys,,click the link in my pin comment below.,That way you can go to your subscription manager and make sure notification,settings from my channel are set from occasional to all.,That way you never miss a new video upload. All right,,so cable bicep curls pros and cons pro number one.,Once in starting position,,theres constant tension on the biceps throughout the entire range of motion.,And because of this,,the strength curve is much different when compared to the barbell curl for the,barbell curl,,its harder at the bottom and gets progressively easier as you reach the top of,the range of motion. With the cable curl,,though the difficulty remains the same from start to finish.,The con to this is that you cant really overload as great with this exercise,when compared to the barbell version. Sure,,you can become progressively stronger over time,,but the cable curl doesnt really allow you to handle really heavy weights.,This is mainly because most cable weight stacks,,they dont go high enough in weight and using momentum to push through the,concentric phase of the movement can be very difficult and awkward when compared,to the barbell curl pro number two, if your workouts are getting boring,,the cable curl will give you the opportunity to introduce variety into your,training. We all love variety, right?,With the barbell curl you have just that.,You stand there and you curl the bar.,But with the cable curl you can drop the pulley all the way to the ground and,perform a standing cable curl. You can raise the pulley all the way to the top,,sit chest down over a bench and curl over your head.,You can lie on the floor and curl towards your face and you can even do that,thing where you sit down and pin your elbows to your thighs.,And Im sure many other exciting opportunities that curl probably exist that I,dont even know of but belong in a future episode of INSTA-GAHHBAGE,But the obvious con to this guys is you need a cable station and not everyone,has access to one, especially if youre training at home while not us,,we got a pretty sweet cable machine at our home gym.,But thats thanks to you guys. So, Hey, thank you so much for the support.,Well now that weve gone over the pros and cons for both movements,,I think its pretty obvious what the better choice is,,but at the same time its not always black and white.,And this is one of those cases. Sure.,If you only had time to perform one bicep exercise in the gym,,Id go with the standing barbell curl,,even if I did have access to a cable station. But why?,Its because the barbell curl allows you to utilize heavier weights,,progress easier over time.,And because I can overload more with heavy negatives,,I personally feel a lot more biceps activation when compared to a cable curl.,Now some of you might point out that I mentioned that when doing cable curling,,there is constant tension during the entire range of motion.,So you would think that that would be better, right? Well also remember this,,you are always going to be about 40% stronger in the eccentric of any exercise,,and that is where the most muscles damaged for regrowth happens as well.,So to put it simply,,you will never be able to curl up what your biceps can max out on the way down.,And this is why the overloading principle is so important. Now,,does this m

The Most Effective Way to Train HAMSTRINGS | Training Science Explained

[Music],in my last science explain video i,covered the most scientific way to train,the quads of course i think any complete,lower body regime must balance its quad,work with roughly equal hamstring work,strengthening the hamstrings is,important for injury prevention and,athletic performance so in this case,its not just about aesthetics and as,always before we can understand how to,train the hamstrings most effectively we,need to cover their basic anatomy first,for practical purposes the hamstrings,can be split into a lateral or outside,aspect and a medial or inside aspect and,then a proximal or upper and distal or,lower region the hamstrings are made up,of four distinct muscles starting most,medially is the semi-membranosis with,the semitendinosus in the middle and the,biceps femoris sitting most laterally,which is itself split into a short head,and a long head which have slightly,different functions so the,semimembranosus and tendinosis both,originate at the pelvis and insert on,the tibia which is the big shin bone the,biceps femoris long head also originates,at the pelvis and also inserts below the,knee but on the smaller fibula bone just,lateral to the tibia these three muscles,are biarticular muscles meaning they,cross both the hip joint and the knee,joint and as such can perform hip,extension like in a deadlift and knee,flexion like in a leg curl the biceps,femoris short head on the other hand,only crosses the knee joint not the hip,joint and as such can only function to,flex the knee having no action at the,hip at all okay so based on this anatomy,with the hamstrings we have four muscles,that can flex the knee and three muscles,that can extend the hip so to train the,hamstrings most effectively for,development we need to be using,exercises that train hip extension,exercises that train knee flexion and,perhaps exercises that hit both at once,in my quad science explained video i,made a big deal out of the squat as,arguably the best quad builder and since,the squat trains hip extension it stands,to reason that itd also be a good,hamstring builder right well actually,the squat is a really bad hamstring,exercise when you think about it,biomechanically it makes sense because,with the squat youre training hip,extension and knee extension,simultaneously so what this means is,that the hamstrings are shortening,proximally as the hips extend but,lengthening distally as the knees extend,so the hamstrings are being stretched at,one end and slackened at the other so,the net effect is that the muscle length,is more or less constant throughout the,squat range of motion leading to very,little tensile stimulus for growth and,this idea is supported by many emg,studies including a 2009 paper from,ebenetal which showed the squat to be by,far the worst exercise out of the six,movements tested for activating the,hamstrings now the deadlift is pretty,similar to the squat and that it also,trains simultaneous knee and hip,extension however since the hips are,much higher at the start of the deadlift,the knees are not as flexed and so the,hamstrings are in a better position to,contract and contribute to the hip,extension portion of the movement and,again this plays out in emg data where,we see that according to a 2002 study,from escamilla and colleagues both,conventional and sumo deadlifts lead to,quite high levels of hamstrings,activation and if you remember this,study from the quad science explained,video again while the squat sucked the,deadlift was number one for hamstrings,activation and while the stiff-legged or,romanian deadlift variations are popular,movements for isolating the hamstrings,research hasnt shown much activation,difference between these movements and,the conventional deadlift but with that,said i still prefer using a straight leg,for hamstrings emphasis because it,places a greater degree of stretch on,the hamstrings which may be important,for anabolic signaling other exercises,that train pure hip extension like the,lower back extension and reverse hyper,are also quite effective at hitting the,hamstrings and can be included in a,solid hamstrings focus program so ive,been talking a lot about hip extension,based exercises but what about knee,flexion well for the most part any,exercise i can think of that involves,flexing the knee is going to have pretty,high hamstrings involvement im not,going to make a big deal out of,nitpicking the differences between these,however one 2012 study looked at emg,activation for 14 different exercises,and found the slide leg exercise to come,out on top one thing i really like about,this exercise is that the hips are being,actively extended while you curl the,legs in and while its a bit awkward to,do as they did in the study i think a,more practical alternative is brett,contreras gliding leg curl where you,fully extend the hips and curl your body,in toward a high plyo box while hanging,from a barbell another variation on this,i found to be helpful can be done on a,seated rowing machine where you put your,feet on the seat upper back on the floor,and curl the seat in toward your body,and i think the reason why these,exercises are so good for the hamstrings,is that they have to work to keep the,hips extended isometrically and to,concentrically flex the knees at the,same time the glute ham raise is another,exercise that hits both functions at,once so all of these are great i dont,personally have a strong preference for,either the lying or seated machine leg,curl and since emg activation is similar,between the two i think you should use,whatever one you feel working your,hamstrings the best or use both,periodically for variety what is perhaps,more interesting is that similar to the,quads with the leg extensions how you,position your feet during leg curls can,affect which region of the hamstrings is,targeted data from linen costigan showed,that external rotation or pointing your,toes out activated the lateral or outer,hamstrings more while pointing your toes,in activated the medial hamstrings more,one way i like to remember this is to,point your toes in the direction of the,hamstrings region youre trying to,activate a 2015 paper from schoenfeld,and others showed regional differences,in activation as well the lying leg curl,was better than the stiff leg deadlift,at activating the distal or lower,portion of the hamstrings while there,was no significant difference between,the two exercises for proximal or upper,hamstring activation this implies that,in order to fully activate the,hamstrings across their entire length it,isnt enough to only deadlift an,exercise that isolates knee flexion is,important to include as well and also,recall that the biceps femoris short,head doesnt even cross the hip so if,you only do hip extension based,exercises you wont be targeting this,muscle at all and contrary to very,popular belief the hamstrings are not,fast twitch dominant new data with,improved methodology has revealed the,hamstrings to be a pretty even mix of,type 1 and type 2 fibers implying that,both high and low reps should be used i,prefer to use primarily lower reps and,relatively heavier weight when doing,heavy hip extension based movements like,a stiff leg deadlift however going too,heavy is a very common mistake causing,the lower back and glutes to take over,and i think establishing a good mind,muscle connection and feeling a strong,stretch under complete control is,essential for optimizing this movement,high rep deadlifts are also fine but i,prefer to use the dumbbell variation for,more of the pump work since their,capacity for loading is lower anyway for,lead curls again high and low reps can,be used one recommended program might,look something like this you train,hamstrings twice per week probably on,lower body days and unlike day one you,do a heavy stiff leg deadlift for four,to eight reps and a light leg curl based,movement for eight to twenty reps on leg,day two two to three days later you do a,heavy leg curl based movement for

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