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BEST iMovie Alternative for Windows & Mac | VEED vs iMovie

iMovie is a well-known iOS and Mac OS,software in which you can edit your,videos its reliable and easy to use,especially for non-techy editors but how,much does it actually hold against,another reliable and easy to use editor,called veed in this video were going to,take a closer look at some of the,capabilities and features of both,editors and see if it can be a great,alternative to iMovie first thing well,cover is opening the video editor as I,briefly mentioned iMovie is an iOS and,Mac OS exclusive video editor which you,can download and run locally on your,Apple device if you have a device that,runs windows or another operating system,you cannot download or use iMovie vid on,the other hand requires no download and,can be used on any Apple windows or,Linux device you can instantly start,editing with veed on any browser,including Safari Google Chrome Firefox,and many more you can try these editor,for free by clicking on the first link,in the description next were going to,take a look at importing and recording,for both editor its pretty convenient,to import your videos into your project,in terms of recording iMovie allows,users to record and import webcam videos,including the option to create,voiceovers now besides being able to do,voice overs with veed as well this,editor has a fully dedicated built-in,recorder in which you can create,customizable audio webcam screen and,slide recordings this could be,beneficial for Branding purposes but,also for a strong and efficient workflow,in between content creation and editing,because after recording you can directly,add them to your project so you can,instantly continue editing plus unlike,iMovie Ved allows you to create,text-to-speech audio for your videos in,different languages accents and voices,add me to your videos,next themes and templates when editing,in iMovie you can choose and apply one,of the themes as a user this will give,you the opportunity to give a certain,style to the beginning middle and end of,your video sequence the few selected,ones they have look pretty decent and,can work well in certain scenarios,unfortunately there are no real editing,options for these themes besides being,able to change the text of the title if,each editor on the other hand offers,hundreds of video templates which you,can fully customize in the editor you,can think of templates for audiograms,podcast Snippets marketing and social,media branding e-learning Beauty videos,holiday themes seasonal events you get,the idea in fact with an upgraded,account you can save yourself a lot of,time and save your own custom templates,this way you can easily load up your,template Creations across all of your,video projects,next were gonna cover cropping and,aspect ratio in iMovie you can crop your,video in the video canvas now the video,stays in a landscape or 16×9 aspect,ratio format but thats about it since,theres no real option to change the,aspect ratio within the editor at most,you can flip an original 9×16 video in,the 16×9 canvas to make it a vertical,video while exporting however this isnt,very user friendly nor convenient for,the user now back to feed vids cropping,an aspect ratio capabilities are more,advanced and suitable for useful,scenarios the editor provides a list of,different aspect ratios you can,instantly apply to your video in the,video canvas you can further resize,reposition and even rotate your video to,the side and Corner options alright next,thing well cover is creating and adding,automatic subtitles unfortunately in,iMovie there is no official way to add,subtitles to your video let alone,automatically however you can,technically make the title text serve as,captions but you notice its not made to,create subtitles with them because its,not made for subtitles its very clunky,and time consuming I also checked if you,could import SRT files or subtitle files,into your iMovie project but this isnt,possible either now with veeds editor,you can not only create subtitles you,can also create them automatically you,can automatically transcribe your audio,in video files with its Auto subtitle,tool in a click of a button you have,accurately transcribed and synced,subtitles which are also fully,customizable you can even change the,style of your subtitles and add effects,and subtitle animations if you would,like to burn them into your video now,feed also allows users to download the,subtitles as a text SRT or vtt file so,you can for instance separately upload,them to your videos on YouTube or other,platforms as close captions,next were going to cover stock audio,and stock video in terms of star content,iMovie doesnt have a video stock,library but officers selected library,with music and audio effects which are,categorized in different folders and,genres the quality is decent and some of,the audio fragments could really,contribute to your video but similar to,the themes the audio library is somewhat,limited to its amount now in which,editor theres not only a copyright free,audio library with an endless amount of,Music pieces and sound effects there is,also a video stock library with,thousands of non-copyrighted videos for,you to use theres even a very helpful,search bar in the libraries which you,can use to find specific audio or video,footage for your video project,all right next part adding text in,iMovie you can choose to add different,types of preset title text all with a,non-customizable yet pretty cool,animation thats integrated into the,preset in the menu you can change the,font size color and Alignment but,theres not a lot of creative freedom,possible since theres no option to,reposition the text in the canvas you,cannot change the preset animation and,you cannot resize or rotate your text in,the video canvas now in Veet editor you,can add fully customizable text layers,to your videos you can choose one of the,presets or default Styles and change the,font sizing colors add text shadows and,other effects and choose your own text,animation and in the video canvas you,can reposition resize and rotate your,text the way you prefer it next lets,cover elements and stickers in terms of,elements and stickers in imovies,Content Library the editor only provides,a few background options to add to your,video and thats pretty much it well,another thing you can do is ADD emojis,to your videos by using the emoji,keyboard on your Apple device and,pasting them in the title text but it,doesnt get more advanced than that now,in which editor theres a fully,dedicated tab menu with all elements you,can use it offers shapes emojis,progression bars audio visualizers a,wide variety of different animated and,non-animated stickers gifs mock-ups,icons and much more you can even,customize the elements by changing,colors and adding animations to them now,before we head over to the final points,there are some interesting tools that I,would like to highlight for both editors,now theres a green screen background,removal option in iMovie which is pretty,neat on its own vid goes the extra mile,by additionally allowing you to remove,the backgrounds in your video in one,click even if you didnt use a blue or,green screen also both editors have a,noise reduction option to easily remove,any white noise or humming from the,background however unlike iMovie,onlyvide has the automatic silence,removal button this allows users to,automate automatically trim quiet Parts,in their audio or video in just a single,click a very time saving solution,alright last thing were going to cover,is exporting and sharing when youre,ready to export your video in iMovie you,can choose to download your video with,adjustable render settings including a,preset render option for YouTube and,Facebook you can also choose to render,and compress your video to a degree you,can instantly send it through an email,which is great but understandably this,will decrease the quality of the video,tremendously now when exporting a video,with feed you can manually predetermine,your render setting

iMovie for Windows Alternative

hey guys in this video Im gonna show,you how to use my favorite iMovie for,windows alternative to create,great-looking videos quickly and easily,alright lets get started click the link,in the description box below to visit,the website video,- editor – software.com click through,and select download for free once,downloaded run the Installer and follow,the on-screen instructions all right,heres the software to get started click,create project in full feature mode then,you can either import your video or,click the record option to record,directly from your computer webcam click,add media files and select the video,file or files you want to edit once you,import the video you can preview it on,the right side the imported video will,appear on the timeline below so you can,perform simple edits in the video with,the horizontal bar above the timeline,these includes split rotate crop color,adjustments transition wizard and record,voiceover okay you can split and trim,the video into different parts by,selecting a point on the timeline and,clicking in the scissor button then,choose the part of the clip you dont,want and press Delete ok and to rotate,just click the rotate button to choose,the orientation you prefer you can also,use the crop feature by clicking the,crop button use the guide box in the,preview window to show or hide parts of,the video and you can also move the,scrollbar left and right to change the,angle now if you need to adjust the,colors just click this button and you,have different auto adjustments that you,can use theres auto saturation Auto,contrast magic enhance and auto white,balance,there are also manual adjustments,available as well for the more advanced,users so here you can adjust brightness,contrast saturation highlights gamma,shadows hue temperature and tint,in the clip properties section you can,increase the video speed,decrease the video speed,or reverse the action,now over here on the left vertical menu,is the import button and then the,filters transitions titles pan and zoom,stickers call-outs animation highlight,and conceal chroma key and stabilization,so this may seem like a lot for right,now but theyre all real easy to use,click the import button and youll see,that aside from adding a video file to,your project you also have the option to,add sounds music sample video and,backgrounds,to add sounds click one and once its,downloaded just drag it to the timeline,and you can even adjust the volume like,so you can add as many as you want to,give more life to your video and you can,do the same for the background music for,a sample video and backgrounds simply,select one and drag to the video,timeline you can use both options for,intros endings and even transitions,you know what I love doing click on the,filters button to apply a filter to your,video there are dozens of filters to,choose from you can select a category,here and then choose a specific filter,you want to use and then drag it to the,video clip like so and if youre not,satisfied with the filter you chose just,click the undo button here and then go,ahead and select another filter that you,want to use you have both the undo and,redo buttons so dont be afraid to make,mistakes with the transitions option you,can choose the desired transition to,artfully switch from one scene to the,next,simply select the button select a,category and then choose a transition,you like and drag it between the clips,lets choose this one and apply to your,project by dragging like so once you,play your video youll see theres now a,smooth transition between the two Clips,rather than a sudden cut,to modify the transition just,double-click it make changes and click,ok heres another example of a good,transition,okay give your video a title or a credit,screen with ease by clicking the titles,button just like before choose a,category and a title that you want and,drag it to the timeline double-click the,text selection to type in your text,to pan and zoom click the button and,decide whether you wish to zoom in zoom,out or pan left to right okay so when,were done click Add,the stabilization feature is best used,for video clips that have camera shakes,to use it simply click this button,select a clip and click the stabilize,button as you can see everything is done,for you by the software,these are just a few simple easy-to-use,features there are so many more youll,discover once you start using the,software okay lets get this thing out,of here,to export your video click the export,button on the bottom right over here you,can choose the format that you want from,the drop-down menu or you can choose a,format for TV Apple device Android,device and others you can upload it,directly to YouTube by signing into your,account also select the quality the,higher you go the large of the file size,when ready click start remember youll,be able to create a trial copy but to,export a full version youll need to,purchase and register the software,so thats it if you want to edit video,the easy way try my favorite video,editing software you can download it by,clicking the link in the description box,below to visit video – editor software,calm and create your own custom video in,minutes wait a second and before you go,please dont forget to like this video,leave your comments or any questions,below and to subscribe to my channel for,more video editing tutorials good luck

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Best FREE Video Editing Software (Mac & Windows PC!)

whats the best free video editing,software for mac and windows pc right,now,well after putting all the leading,options without watermarks,on both platforms to the test in this,video ill run through everything that,you need to know so that you can decide,which one is the best free video editor,for you,including my top recommendations on both,platforms hey its justin brown here,from primal video where we help you grow,an audience and scale your revenue with,online video if youre new here make,sure you click that subscribe button,and if youre seeing value in this video,make sure you hit that thumbs up button,as well oh and all the links to,everything i mentioned you can find,linked in the description box below,lets jump into it so if youre looking,to level up your video creation but you,dont have the budget,to splurge on more expensive options,like adobe premiere pro or,final cut the good news is that there,are a ton of powerful free video editors,for pc,and mac to choose from but we all know,that more options,means a much harder decision to,determine which one is the best for your,workflow,so in the next few minutes im going to,be condensing what weve learned from,days of testing covering the pros and,cons of all the best video editors,to help you quickly identify the best,option for you,right now and while youre watching if,you hear me mention the software that,youre using right now make sure you,drop a comment with the number one thing,that you think,others should know about it is there a,killer feature,that people should know about is there,something that you absolutely hate about,it,let everyone know to save them time when,theyre deciding,and then once were done with my,recommendations im also going to share,with you my number one,source for quickly and easily creating,video animations for your videos,so getting to the recommendations my top,picks right now,come down to imovie shot cut and davinci,resolve now im going to dive into each,one of these to help you decide which,one is the right one for you,along with any requirements or things,that you need to be aware of like,if itll work on your computer or not so,the first one then is,imovie now this is only available for,mac users theres not a pc version of,this one unfortunately,but this is an amazing free video,editing program,with a really easy to use and really,intuitive interface,they make it really easy for anyone to,start editing even if youre an absolute,beginner and have never edited before,youll be able to figure out imovie,pretty quick now while its the simplest,and easiest to use out of my short list,its also the one with probably the,least amount of features or,customization,or advanced controls when comparing it,to the other options as well,but what it does have is a clear upgrade,path for those that are looking for,those more advanced features and,controls,to the big brother application final cut,which shares a very similar interface so,if you learn and master imovie then you,can easily transition,up to final cut if you have the need to,id say the biggest drawback with imovie,right now is that they still dont,support,portrait videos so if you want to be,editing down things like,instagram stories or youtube stories,then thats really not something you can,do,easily in imovie but for regular,widescreen videos like,youtube content then its fine so the,next one then,is shot cut and this will work on both,mac and pc now this one,isnt as intuitive or as easy to use as,something like imovie but this is still,going to be great whether youre an,absolute beginner,right through to someone at the more,advanced end of things once you figure,out where everything is and,how it all works together now this one,does have a lot more advanced features,and control in it than,something like imovie things like being,able to customize all of your settings,around your video files that youre,saving out or also giving you the,ability to edit things like portrait,videos,which you couldnt do in imovie so while,that initial learning curve in shortcut,may be a little bit steeper,for figuring everything out you still,have the beauty of having a streamlined,video editor allowing you to edit fast,with a lot of the more advanced features,in there as well and the third,recommendation then is davinci resolve,which will also work on both mac,and pc now this one is hands down the,most,professional video editing software out,there on mac or pc,for free it is actually ridiculous what,theyre giving you access to,for free people literally use this to,edit,top level movies documentaries tv shows,this software is the real deal its also,the most complicated especially for an,absolute beginner to jump in,and start seeing results with it the,tools and the features and everything,you get access to,inside of resolve really are at that top,pro level which also means that,youre going to need to have a fairly,powerful computer to be able to run it,and to be able to run it smoothly,now up from this free version there is,also a studio version a paid version of,davinci resolve,which unlocks more advanced filters and,effects and higher resolutions and,higher frame rates,and also will let you take advantage of,more powerful computers and video cards,as well,but in saying that probably most people,are going to be using this arent going,to be hitting those limits or seeing,this as restrictions,for what theyre able to do inside of,the free version of resolve so those are,my top three recommendations right now,imovie shotcut and davinci resolve but,which one,is right for you and what are my,recommendations i think if youre on a,mac,and youre an absolute beginner right,through to that intermediate level,imovie could be the perfect option for,you given how,simple it is to use how intuitive it is,to get in there and get editing fast,if you dont need any of those more,advanced features or pro level features,then imovie could be the perfect,application for you,shortcut is going to be perfect for,anyone whether youre on mac or pc,whether you are an absolute beginner,right through to someone on that,intermediate to advanced end because,its going to be easy enough for you to,get up to speed and editing things down,fast,but still having access to those more,advanced features to let you dial in and,get more control over your edits as you,need it,whereas davinci resolve is really going,to be suited for someone at that,intermediate level,right through to advanced or pro level,video editing,someone looking for all of those,advanced top level features and control,or also someone who really wants to,learn and master professional video,editing application,and is willing to invest that time to do,so but also probably someone that has a,more powerful computer system as well,now if you want to learn how to edit in,any one of these three applications we,have videos,linked below where there are complete,walkthrough tutorials,showing you how to edit fast and,efficiently in imovie,in shortcut and in davinci resolve so,definitely check out those links in the,description below,now earlier in the video i said id also,share with you our number one source,for creating video animations right now,showing you how to create custom intros,and titles and graphics,really quickly and easily just like the,ones youre seeing on screen right now,well these are done in a service called,place it and there is a link on screen,now where we take you through how you,can create your own,graphics and animations using placeit,and taking you through the process step,by step,so check out that video and ill see you,in the next one

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iMovie for Windows 11 Alternative

hey guys in this video im going to talk about the  topic imovie for windows now as you know apples  ,imovie is considered the best entry-level video  editing application well the bad news is that  ,imovie doesnt work on windows 11 windows 10  and all other windows versions now ill show  ,you how to use my favorite imovie alternative for  windows like imovie it comes with everything you  ,need to produce edit and share your videos well  to get started click the link in the description  ,below to visit the website movieforwindows.com  and download the installer to your computer  ,once its complete open the installer and follow  the on-screen instructions to install this imovie  ,for windows 11 alternative alright guys as you  can see this is the interface that were gonna  ,land on when you open up the software now the  primary window you can get started by clicking  ,the add files button recording video from your  webcam or camera connected to your computer or  ,recording voiceovers with your microphone now on  the right you can preview built-in assets on any  ,clip on the timeline now similar to imovie movavi  video editor includes dozens of themes so you can  ,make movies from themes step by step and if this  is what you want from an imovie alternative just  ,click the quick video button here in the wizard  click add files to import clips from your computer  ,second choose a template with preset styles  then third choose music from the list  ,and then its time to preview your movie  here youre able to make some settings like  ,opening titles ending titles and slide duration  when youre satisfied go to export your movie  ,to windows or directly premiere your movie on  youtube and vimeo another option of quick video  ,is to continue editing in manual mode now  here youre able to edit your videos with  ,all the common tools like split rotate crop color  adjustment speed change fade in fade out reverse  ,and so on now for example to split a video  and remove the unwanted section of your clip  ,simply move the playhead to the desired position  on the timeline and click the scissor button to  ,split your clip into several pieces and then click  the delete button to remove the unwanted parts,okay to rotate a video just click the rotate  button now with it your video could be  ,continuously rotated 90 degrees in a clockwise  direction sometimes you may need to remove black  ,bars on your video here comes the crop tool so  click the crop button to open the tool and then  ,in the preview window drag the handles to decide  what will be retained and all the parts outside  ,the box will be dropped movavi video editor not  only allows you to manually adjust brightness  ,contrast and saturation but it enables you  to improve color parameters in one click  ,in the color adjustments panel simply  drag and drop a preset item to a clip  ,on the timeline and then all of its done likewise  go to the filters tab and drag and drop a preset  ,filter effect to any of the clips on the timeline  to add special effects to the target clip picture  ,in picture is a widely used feature of imovie  and as the best imovie for windows alternative  ,movavi video editor gives you more overlay options  including picture-in-picture side-by-side logo and  ,so on now different from imovie youre able to  add multiple picture-in-picture layers so that  ,special effects like the split screen are also  possible now to do that first add a video track  ,on the timeline and drop clips to the new track  and then go to the overlay menu to apply the  ,picture-in-picture effect you could adjust your  clips position in the preview window as you like  ,now another great feature is green screen or  its also called chroma key its an indispensable  ,function for professional video editing software  green screen usually works with picture in picture  ,now to apply the green screen effect in movavi  video editor you need to create two video tracks  ,and put the green screen video on top of the  background video then go to the chroma key  ,menu to make settings like color tolerance opacity  etc now if if its necessary apply the picture and  ,picture effect and adjust the size and position  of the background video in the green screen video,more than 100 transitions and 50 titles are  provided by movavi video editor and thats so much  ,more than imovies built-in assets now there are  also other practical features like pan and zoom  ,stickers highlight and conceal slow motion speed  change and so on movavi video editor even provides  ,you extra effect packages from its online  store for youtubers and vloggers theyll find  ,it extremely easy to make professional videos for  sharing on youtube and other video sharing sites  ,now to share your movie simply click the export  button and choose an output format or device from  ,the list no settings are required its that easy  all regular video and audio formats are supported  ,by this imovie equivalent video editor including  mp4 avi mov wmv wkv flv dvd etc 4k and full hd  ,are also fully compatible its also effortless to  watch videos on your big screen tv with apple tv  ,connected like imovie movavi video editor enables  you to upload videos to youtube and vimeo without  ,leaving the application after signing into your  account in all if youre searching for an imovie  ,for windows alternative movavi video editor is  the closest one with a similar user interface  ,and more powerful features its my favorite  video editing software for windows and mac  ,you can download it by clicking the  link in the description below or visit,www.movieforwindows.com to learn more but  before you go please dont forget to like  ,this video or leave your comment  below also subscribe to my channel  ,for more video editing tutorials of movavi  video editor and imovie see you next time

5 Best iMovie Alternatives For Windows PC | iMovie for Windows

[Music],hello and welcome to teach of the,interview will be seen five best,alternatives for max only iMovie so the,first one is Adobe in April it would be,the best choice for you because,basically this is used for high-end,video editing and this adobe has,different place for students and,teachers work so it would be a good,choice for you then hit start and its,quite cheap too and on the next list is,film whare its a really easy Video,Editor but it has very few choices it,has a free trial version 2 and we know,post one-time fame and fortune its,really good if you just want to start,you will get us everythings for the,first time the fact is unique down every,single element like thats really normal,into that $49 I think thats really good,for a one-time charge and the,pinnacle studio this is basically used,by people because it has quite a lot of,frame rate changing and came in on you,can go to edit my new details of videos,and like things are really awesome you,get many customization options and this,also has a plan for student and teacher,so you can get it no budget and the next,is siphoning Video Editor this is on,most the Lenovo products because I think,they have a partnership so this thing is,really easy this is also drag-and-drop,you get really loads of effects and what,do you for transitions and all so this,is very cool and this thing doesnt take,much of your ramp doesnt take much,render time and brings up good as,quality videos so at last there is the,last video editor with equal source,shortcut for mainly shotgun this is,really good and its open source so you,get get all the things plus everything,you get here would be open source you,wont get to brand anything it will be,it would be really good option if youre,just first start up or youre planning,to do or something better than you so,this is quite a new in the,to compare the DNA really community,issues on delivery,lucky updates elements and this would be,a good choice if you just start the bar,you just want to start making your,blogs so maybe thats it I have not,only videos for quite a long time I hope,this video helped you guys if this glass,then please like my video share and such

Alternative à iMovie pour Windows

bonjour dans cette vidéo je vais vous,montrer comment utiliser mon logiciel de,montage préféré pour créer des vidéos de,qualité professionnelle rapidement et,facilement,pour commencer cliquez sur le lien qui,se trouve dans le champ de description,ci dessous pour aller sur le site,internet vidéo tirée editor tirait,software.com slash fr cliquez dessus et,sélectionner et télécharger maintenant,une fois le logiciel téléchargé exécuter,le programme dinstallation et suivez,les instructions à lécran,voilà le logiciel pour commencer cliquez,sur nouveau projet avec tous les outils,dédition,ensuite vous pourrez soit importer vos,vidéos soit cliquer sur loption,capturer des vidéos pour enregistrer,directement depuis la webcam de votre,ordinateur important une vidéo cliquez,sur ajouter des fichiers et sélectionner,le ou les fichiers vidéos que vous,souhaitez édité une fois que vous avez,importé une vidéo vous pouvez voir un,aperçu sur la partie de droite,la vidéo importé apparaîtra sur la,chronologie en bas de lécran vous,pouvez faire des modifications simples,sur la vidéo grâce à la barre dicônes,horizontal qui se trouve au dessus de la,chronologie ces icônes regroupe les,options fractionné pivoter renier,ajustement des couleurs assistant de,transition et enregistré laudio vous,pouvez couper votre vidéo en différentes,parties en sélectionnant un point sur la,chronologie puis cliquez sur licône des,ciseaux ensuite sélectionnez la partie,du clip que vous ne voulez pas et,cliquez sur supprimer,pour pivoter une vidéo cliquez,simplement sur licône afin de choisir,lorientation que vous préférez vous,pouvez également utiliser loutil de,recadrage en cliquant sur licône rogner,utiliser le guide dans la fenêtre,daperçu pour montrer où cacher des,parties de votre vidéo et vous pouvez,également déplacé la barre du défilement,vers la gauche ou la droite pour,modifier langle si vous souhaitez,ajuster les couleurs cliquez simplement,sur licône et vous obtiendrez,différentes options dajustement,automatique,vous y trouverez la saturation,automatique le contraste automatique,magic and dance et la balance des blancs,auto il ya également des ajustements,manuels disponible pour les utilisateurs,avancés ici pour ajuster la luminosité,le contraste la saturation les tons,clairs,le gamma les ombres les nuances les,températures et la teinte dans longlet,propriété vidéo vous pourrez augmenter,la vitesse de la vidéo,ou ralentir la vidéo,ou inverser cette action,sur le menu vertical qui se trouve à,gauche vous trouverez licône importés,en dessous se trouve les options filtre,transition titre décoration panoramique,et zoom légende clé chromatique et,stabilisation cest beaucoup doptions,pour le moment mais elles sont en fait,très facile à utiliser,cliquez sur le bouton importés et vous,verrez quen plus de pouvoir ajouter un,fichier vidéo à votre projet ou,également ajouté des sons de la musique,des échantillons vidéo et des,arrière-plans pour ajouter des sons,cliquer sur lun deux est une fois,téléchargée faites le glisser sur la,chronologie et vous pourrez même ajuster,le volume directement sur la chronologie,[Applaudissements],doit on ajouter autant que vous le,voulez pour donner plus de vie à votre,vidéo et vous pouvez faire la même chose,avec la musique darrière-plan pour les,échantillons vidéo et les arrière-plans,sélectionnés en 1 et faites le glisser,dans la chronologie de la vidéo vous,pouvez utiliser ces deux options tant,pour les introductions que pour les fins,et même pour les transitions cliquez sur,licône filtres pour appliquer un filtre,à votre vidéo il y a des dizaines de,filtres différents parmi lesquels,choisir,vous pouvez sélectionner une catégorie,ici et ensuite choisir le filtre,spécifique que vous souhaitez utiliser,puis le faire glisser de cette façon,dans la vidéo si vous nêtes pas,satisfaits avec le filtre sélectionnés,cliquez sur licône annulé juste ici,puis poursuivez en choisissant un,nouveau filtre vous aurez toujours accès,au bouton annuler et rétablir donc,nayez pas peur de faire des erreurs,avec loption transition vous pouvez,choisir la transition désiré afin de,basculer habilement dun tableau à un,autre cliquez juste sur licône,sélectionner une catégorie puis,choisissez une transition que vous aimez,et faites la glisser entre les vidéos,par exemple choisi sont celles ci et,appliquons là à votre projet en la,faisant glisser de cette manière lorsque,vous lirez la vidéo vous verrez,apparaître une transition tout en,douceur entre deux clips et non pas une,coupure soudaine et pour modifier cette,transition fait un double clic,faites vos changements puis cliquez sur,ok voilà un autre exemple dune bonne,transition données facilement un titre,ou un générique à votre vidéo en,cliquant sur licône titre tout comme,précédemment,choisissez une catégorie et un titre et,faites le glisser dans la chronologie,double cliquer sur la sélection du texte,pour taper votre titre,pour le panoramique et zoom cliquez sur,le bouton et choisissez si vous voulez,plutôt faire un zoom avant un zoom,arrière ou un panoramique vers la gauche,ou la droite,lorsque vous avez terminé cliquez sur,ajouter,il est recommandé dutiliser loutil de,stabilisation pour les vidéos où la,caméra tremble pour lutiliser cliquer,sur ce bouton sélectionner une vidéo et,cliquez sur licône stabilisation comme,vous pouvez le voir tout est fait à,votre place par le logiciel,voilà donc des outils simples et faciles,à manier mais il y en a beaucoup,dautres que vous découvrirez une fois,que vous serez utiliser le logiciel pour,exporter votre vidéo cliquez sur exporté,en bas à droite,vous pouvez choisir le format de fichier,que vous souhaitez depuis le menu,déroulant,ou vous pouvez aussi choisir un format,adapté à la télévision un appareil apple,ou android et bien dautres vous pouvez,le télécharger directement sur youtube,en vous connectant à votre compte,sélectionné également la qualité du,montage vidéo sachant que plus vous,augmentez la qualité plus le fichier,sera lourd lorsque vous êtes prêts,cliquez sur démarrer,rappelez vous vous aurez la possibilité,de créer seulement une version,dévaluation mais pour exporter une,version complète,vous devez acheter et enregistrer le,logiciel voilà cest tout si vous voulez,faire du montage vidéo facilement essayé,mon logiciel de montage préférez vous,pouvez le télécharger en cliquant sur le,lien dans le champ de description ci,dessous pour vous rendre sur le site,vidéo tirée editor tirait software.com,slash fr et créez votre vidéo,personnalisée en quelques minutes,et avant de partir noubliez pas de,liker cette vidéo laissez vos,commentaires ou toute question en,dessous et de souscrire à ma chaîne pour,plus de tutoriels de montage vidéo,bonne chance

Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC – 2022 Review!

whats the best video editing software,on windows right now well this is our,2022 review of the leading video editors,for pc and as usual with these roundups,which are pretty much now an annual,thing so after a lot of research and a,ton of testing in this video im going,to share my top recommendations for all,types of video creators from free and,beginner friendly apps up to more,advanced and professional editing,alternatives and just like last time im,going to break this down into three,categories were going to start off,looking at free video editing software,then move into video editing software,under 200,which will also include the free stuff,as well and then were going to open it,up and include video editing software,above 200,but also include the sub 200 and the,free software in there as well so that,you know if youre prepared to spend,more than 200 for your video editing,software how that stacks up and how it,compares to video editing software under,200 and free stuff as well now i would,strongly recommend that you are sticking,around to hear out all the options so,that you know youre leaving here with,the best option for you and even if you,decide early on what your editing,software is youll see what you could be,missing out on or what you could be,unlocking if you do move up to another,program or app but i want you to,remember that there really is no perfect,video editing solution theyre all just,tools to edit video so your goal is to,try and work out what the best video,editing software is for you personally,for your skill set and for the types of,videos youre creating so this is where,i recommend once youve narrowed the,list down to a couple of different,options go ahead and grab the trial,versions and dive in and have a play,around so you can see which one is going,to be the best one for you moving,forward as an added bonus im also going,to share with you at the end three video,editing tips that are going to help you,edit faster no matter which video,editing software or app you pick all,right so kicking this off and diving,into free video editing software youve,got a lot of options in here but this is,where we havent included anything that,isnt actually free or is going to,require you to pay after a certain,amount of time or is going to add a,watermark onto your video im not,classing any of those as free so all of,these options are things that you can,use and get good results with so in this,category youve got things like vsdc,hitfilm express shot card avid media,composer first davinci resolve caden,live open shot and video pad now after,trying and testing all of these top,options ive narrowed this down to my,short list of three which are open shot,caden live and davinci resolve open shot,is a really simple yet powerful video,editing tool that works on pc mac and,linux the overall interface is really,simple and really straightforward and,its gonna be great for someone who is a,beginner to jump in and get editing,quick im definitely impressed with the,overall performance not just rendering,times and saving out your videos but,also the experience of scrubbing through,and playing through footage while youre,editing as well now as this is a more,basic and entry-level application youre,not going to find any of the more,advanced features that you will find in,more professional tools that were going,to get too soon but you do have enough,control over things like adding titles,and some simple effects and transitions,and theres even keyframe based control,to help you really dial that in so this,is a great option for someone who is at,that beginner to maybe intermediate,level someone who doesnt need all the,bells and whistles and all the advanced,features and controls someone who just,wants to jump in and edit their videos,simply caden live is really a next step,up from that it is a much more,professional tool much more feature,packed and its got a lot more of those,more professional features that you,would expect to see in things like,davinci resolve and even adobe premiere,so its so awesome that theyve packed a,lot of this into this open source,software as well just like openshot this,one will also work on windows mac and,linux but it does support a larger range,of file types and codecs and as i said,its got a lot more pro tools and,features in there things like more,professional color grading tools and and,multi-camera editing functionality but,overall the interface and the experience,while its not as simple and as,intuitive as open shot its definitely,not overwhelming considering all the,features and things that are in there so,id say this would be a good option for,someone at that beginner level that is,wanting to learn something that has more,features and controls its not be as,intuitive as an open shot so there is,going to be more of a learning curve,right through to someone at kind of an,intermediate borderline advanced level,someone who does want more features more,controls and access to more of a,professional video editing tool and then,davinci resolve is pretty much hands,down the most professional video editing,program out there on windows for free it,is ridiculous what they are giving you,access to for nothing this is literally,professional grade video editing,software the stuff that they use to make,hollywood movies and stuff with so in,terms of features and controls and,things youre getting in there this is,really pro grade stuff which does mean,that theres going to be a lot more of a,learning curve its not going to be,anywhere near as intuitive as the,previous two options so if you are an,absolute beginner this probably isnt,going to be the best thing for you,starting out but it is something that,you could invest some time and learn and,definitely get up to speed with and,weve got links to editing tutorials for,a lot of these programs which ill link,down in the description box below now,there is a paid version of davinci,resolve studio available as well but,this isnt what were talking about here,you get a lot of those features really,the core functionality you actually get,access to for free in the free version,and for most people out there unless you,are an absolute professional youre,probably not going to need to upgrade to,the studio version but it really is,important to know that if you have an,older or a lower spec computer this,really isnt going to run too well for,you it really does need a proper video,card it really does need a fairly recent,powerful computer to give you the best,results with it so overall rounding out,this category if youre an absolute,beginner open shot is probably going to,be the best option for you its a great,all-rounder if youre looking for some,more features on top of that but still,something thats fairly easy to use and,caden live could be the best option for,you whereas if youre looking for really,professional grade industry standard,video editing software you cant go past,davinci resolve but there definitely is,more of a learning curve so from this,category if i had to pick one overall,winner you really cant go past davinci,resolve just the same as this video last,year it is ridiculous what theyre,giving you access to for free literally,professional grade tools so moving on to,the next category all video editing,software under 200 now typically what,you find when youre moving from free,software up to the paid options is that,youre generally unlocking more features,more power more performance and,generally a more polished and fluid,editing experience now i say typically,because ive already told you how,amazing davinci resolve is and its,totally free so in this category youve,got things like avs video editor vs dc,pro adobe premiere rush mob avi filmora,wii video movie studio movie edit pro,magix movie edit pro adobe premiere,elements power director and filmora pro,now again from so much trying and,testing my short list for best video,editing software under 200,including the free stuff as well comes,

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