1. Making Homemade Rinse Aid for Dishwasher (Jet Dry)
  2. DIY Natural DISHWASHING RINSE AID Recipe Tutorial
  4. Tips for Tuesday- DIY Jet Dry
  5. Dry Ice Cleaning versus Sand Blasting Car Parts: Whats the Difference?
  6. WORX Nitro 40V LEAFJET BLOWER | A Lightweight Alternative To An EGO Blower
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Making Homemade Rinse Aid for Dishwasher (Jet Dry)

everyone its Karen from mayfly life,today with all these products here Im,gonna make a natural dishwashing rinse,agent stay tuned okay everybody I,decided that I was gonna make a homemade,rinse agent for my dishwasher since I do,have naturally made handmade dishwashing,tabs instead of store-bought and I,thought you know what I didnt have,anything for a rinse agent so Id use,jet dry so that was kind of defeating,the purpose so I figured hunt down a,recipe that I can try lets see what,its like and pass along the recipe to,you guys now Ive seen several different,recipes this one contains only four,major ingredients for and I did one,thing I did do is I checked the natural,products aisle in my local superstore,and I checked to see what the,ingredients were and sure enough citric,acid was in there so what Im gonna do,is Im gonna add all my ingredients in,this Pyrex cup and give it a mix and,well see how it goes okay so what I,need is half a cup now if you guys want,you can,you can do it you can cut this in half,but Im gonna do the whole thing this is,half a cup of plain white vinegar now,what the white vinegar is its a mild,acid and it helps break up mineral,deposits so thats why Im using it in,this recipe Im also using same amount,1/2 a cup of rubbing alcohol placing it,in my bowl like Pyrex where and what,rubbing alcohol is is its an organic,solvent apparently it helps with water,spots streaks and cloudy mineral,deposits so it its actually like a,double whammy have powerhouse for with,the the vinegar and to this concoction I,want to mix in two tablespoons citric,acid and what Im gonna do is Im gonna,give it a stir until its dissolved now,what the citric acid does is it helps to,kill bacteria mold and mildew its also,effective on soap scum water stains and,calcium and lime deposits and rust so,but youre gonna give this a good mix,until its all dissolved and this is,basically what jet drying and any other,type of rinse agent is like so well,give it a good mix and Ill see how how,much its dissolved,[Music],yeah its pretty dissolved now what else,Im gonna do is Im using lemon,essential oil and lemon essential oil is,a degreaser it also helps to eliminate,hard water spotting it sanitize this,removes tarnish from cutlery and metal,bakeware so this is a great option for,fragrance if you want to you can use any,of the other citrus flavor sets I should,say not papers like orange or lime or,even grapefruit so this is a good option,and Im gonna add about 12 drops and,give that a mess now this last item that,Im going to be putting in is optional,and but reason why Im using it is in,order to eliminate from from scene,having a difficult time seen enough in,the window of the rinse agent,compartment what actually I have in,there like you dont have to its an,option for you,but Im gonna put in a little bit like,maybe two or three drops of food,coloring,you get the mix and this will help aid,clarity of seeing it in that compartment,window so its a its a nice limey color,I actually like it I didnt have yellow,or I did and I just cant find it so I,figured okay what the heck lime lime,color is just as good oh it actually,smells really good Im surprised because,of the alcohol but the lemon really,shines well so then what youre gonna do,is youre gonna put that in a container,and for some sort of squirt bottle and,just leave it in a dark cool spot,a lot of people put put their put their,jet dry or rinse agents under the sink,and thats where Im usually gonna keep,it so thats all you need nice and,simple easy to me homemade and natural,so give it a try Im really looking,forward to experimenting with it seen,what its like Ive read up a lot about,it Ive done doing a lot of research and,basically this is what natural natural,rinse agents are made from and because,Ive even Ive read the labels Ive done,some research to make sure that its,more natural than what you get from the,manufacturer so Im gonna give it a try,thanks for watching catch in the next,one,[Music]


Hi and welcome back to my channel. Im Sara McFall with MyMerryMessylife.com,and today Im going to show you how to make a natural dishwasher rinse aid.,Like i said were going to make a dishwasher rinse aid. So this you put in,the rinse compartment of your dishwasher to help,get the dishes super shiny, get all the soap off,any more food particles off, and it helps to make your,dishes come out shiny and extra clean. I havent always found that dishwasher,rinse aids are necessary, it depends on the,detergent you use and the water – if you have hard water maybe,you may need a rinse aid because theres going to be more,mineral deposits in your water. And this is going to help get those off. You can,also pair this with my natural dishwasher detergent recipe which ill,have linked up here and you can also find in the,description box below. So this recipe comes from my book,,”Detox Your Home,” which contains more than 80 DIY,natural home cleaning, laundry, bath, body and beauty products,and also has a whole section on how to go natural and,real with your food. You can grab it on Amazon,or in the description box below. Ill have it linked. So lets talk about why,you would want to make your own dishwasher rinse aid at home,anyway. Well the reason is the ones in the stores,contain a lot of toxins and the ones that are non-toxic are pretty,expensive so if you want to save money and make something thats safe and,natural and non-toxic, also biodegradable,,safe for the environment, which matters because the chemicals are going down,your dishwasher drain and getting out into the environment. Its great to make,one at home. Also its so freaking easy so easy! It,takes less than two minutes to make this at,home. So many dishwasher rinse aids contain things like sodium hypochlorite,,which is bleach. They also contain artificial fragrances,and also artificial dyes. So sodium hypochlorite is also known as,bleach – it causes indigestion, chemical burns.,zif it splashes up into your eyes it can cause vision damage, or at the very least,really hurt your eyes. It can also cause respiratory issues as youre breathing,in chlorine gas as your dishes are washing.,So i really highly recommend to stay away from chlorine bleach as much as you,can unless absolutely necessary because it is a,very toxic ingredient. Now, of course, sometimes in life chlorine,bleach is just needed and, in fact, i use chlorine bleach.,Shhhh!Dont tell the natural police but i use chlorine bleach every now and then,when i have a mold issue or something in my house, I will use it. But I dont,recommend it for daily use, especially not on your dishes,because anything that comes from your dishwasher detergent or your rinseaid,is going to leave some chemicals on your dishes, most likely.,So you really want to make sure that whats on your dishes is natural because,you will be ingesting that stuff. So artificial fragrances are in,absolutely everything on the market they are a class of 3,0000,different chemicals so its impossible to know which one of those,chemicals are in your artificial fragrances. They are,toxic because they are bound together by particles,of plastic called phthalates. These phthalates are released into the air,when you smell the fragrance and they get into your respiratory,system – your nose your sinuses your lungs. As you might imagine our bodies dont,like plastic. Theyre like, what the heck is this? Get this out of me! Your body,reacts – it has an autoimmune response to the plastic. Same thing that,happens with the chlorine bleach. The chlorine gas that you breathe in and,you can have headaches, dizziness, brain fog, moodiness,,be sneezing, your eyes start burning. It can just overall make you feel kind of,ick – you can feel your energy drain because your body is trying to fight off,a foreign substance that it doesnt like. So I like to scent everything with,essential oils instead, its so much safer,and theyre actually good for your health – they will help to improve,your health. I highly recommend essential oils. And the last thing you want to stay,away from when it comes to dishwasher detergents or rinse aids are artificial,dyes. There is absolutely no reason for them to dye,our stuff that bright blue color, and in fact that bright blue color,actually harms the environment. It hurts fish and aquatic life, turtles,,minnows, frogs – all those things. If you can use something thats not dyed why,not? Why not do something better for the environment if its easy and cheap to do,so? So i would rather not use artificial,dyes. Also if its harmful to aquatic life its not also,good for us! So i dont want those things on my,dishes. So lets get started in making the recipe.,So in this recipe that were going to make today you can use either vinegar or,hydrogen peroxide, either one. Hydrogen peroxide is known as,a natural chlorine bleach so its a great alternative to chlorine,bleach. Its biodegradable, safe for the environment, safe for humans,its going to help to sanitize your dishes, keep them clean.,Its also going to help with the shine. Today im choosing to use vinegar just,because, as you can see, i have a lot of it,and hydrogen peroxide has been hard to find lately so im going to use vinegar.,Okay so first we need two cups of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide,then you need two tablespoons of citric acid.,Now the citric acid is the key ingredient.,It is the secret ingredient to this recipe.,Citric acid is able to loosen stuck-on particles.,It is just a magical ingredient when it comes to this recipe.,So trust me when i say you definitely need the citric acid! Citric acid is used,in canning so its totally safe safe to eat.,Its fine for the environment. Now lemon essential oil is great to use in home,cleaning and dishwashing because it helps to lift stuck on particles off,of objects so there you have it! We have,finished our dishwasher rinse aid. Now you just squirt it into the rinse,aid compartment of your dishwasher for me. I only have to fill it up every,couple of weeks. So thats the nice thing -you fill it up.,You dont worry about it for a week or two,and then fill it up. Now if youre washing dishes every single day,you may have to fill it up more often than that. It all depends on how often,you run your dishwasher. I want to talk to you about these labels,,which you can find in my Etsy shop. I have printable,cleaning labels. Its a pack of labels of all of my cleaning recipes from the blog,and you can print them out on waterproof paper. As you can see the vinegar did not,harm the label at all. So i have the pretty side here and on,the back side, I have the recipe for you so that you,never have to look up the recipe again. It makes your life so much simpler and,easier and if you just want to keep the pretty,side facing out in your cabinet you have something,pretty to look at. But then its functional on the other,side. So i have these labels available for you in my,Etsy shop. So thank you for being here with me today! I hope you enjoyed this,video and if you did, would you give it a thumbs up? Drop me a,comment below let me know if you would use a different ingredient or do you,like hydrogen peroxide over vinegar? Leave me your questions below ill be,happy to answer them. Also make sure you have subscribed to my channel,so you get all my latest updates and videos. Thanks guys, see you later!,

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[Music],so,[Music],hey guys its jen welcome back to my,channel and welcome back to another,video todays video is all about,cleaning hacks and how,you can save hundreds of dollars and,time at the store,you are going to want to stick around,for this video especially,if you have a swiffer wetjet or even a,regular,swiffer sweeper im going to show you,how you can hack both of these items to,save time,and money,so i actually have several swiffers i,have a swiffer wetjet and a regular,swiffer sweeper and swiffer actually,sells,their mop and their sweeper fairly cheap,because they know that they will keep,you coming back to buy the cloths,and the refills and the wet jet pads and,that is where they make most of their,money,so at my store the cost of the cloths,are around 12,a box and for the refill fluid its,usually around,six dollars a bottle and so there is,this new product,its actually available on amazon called,turbo mops,and they make pads for both swiffer,wetjets and regular swiffer sweepers,the best part about these microfiber,pads is that they are reusable you just,throw them,right in your machine washer and so not,only does it save you money but it,reduces,waste so im going to be sharing these,with you today in this video and im,also going to share how you can,hack your swiffer wetjet solution to,make your own,so you can avoid spending money on that,as well,so first im going to share the regular,microfiber pads with you guys and these,are for the regular swiffer sweeper,you can see that theyre super easy to,velcro on,and i always start with this obviously,before i use my wet jet because,there are always tons of crumbs in the,kitchen to sweep up and we also have a,dog we have a yellow lab,and so i know you guys have heard me,talk about it before we always end up,with tons of dog hair on the floor no,matter how many times we sweep or vacuum,and im really satisfied with how these,microfiber cloths,pick up the crumbs and the dog hair i,just think that theyre so,much more sturdy than the regular,swiffer cloths,and they pick up so much more dirt and,hair,so if you look online there are lots of,different swiffer hacks out there for,the dry cloths,some people say to use like a fuzzy sock,or an old t-shirt,but a lot of times these dont work well,and they fall off and,honestly its not that convenient,whereas these pads fit directly,on the swiffer and velcro on and i,wanted to share with you guys this clip,especially because you could see the dog,hair that was on the floor,and after i mopped it with the turbo mop,microfiber cloth it just picked up all,the dog hair like a magnet so if you,guys are interested in these dry,swiffer cloths with the microfiber ill,leave them linked down below,right now they are 14.99 for a pair of,them,and you can see how much more dirt,and dog hair that these picked up than,the regular swiffer cloth,i cant believe im showing you this,because its gross,and you guys know that i frequently,vacuum and sweep my floor but when,youre trying to keep up with dog hair,and you cook a lot in the kitchen,theres just no way around it so i can,definitely say,that these microfiber cloths work super,well and obviously they help reduce,waste because youre not,continuously throwing away those,disposable swiffer cloths,so next im going to move on to the,swiffer wetjet,so there are reusable pads for this as,well and,im going to share with you how to open,your swiffer wetjet container so that,you can replace it with your own,cleaning solution,if youve ever tried to take the cap off,of one of these its super hard and they,obviously make it that way on purpose so,that,you cant refill them but theres a hack,for this,and that is using some super hot water,in a mug or a measuring cup,you just turn over the swiffer wetjet,refill into it,leave it there in the hot water for a,couple of minutes and it pops,right off its like magic i couldnt,believe it when i did this how easy it,was,to screw off i like to refill,my swiffer wetjet refills with pine sol,i love mopping my floors with pine salt,i just think that it smells,so awesome and what im going to do is,just pour some of the pine salt into a,glass measuring cup and this is just so,i can pour it,into the refill without spilling it you,want to dilute this solution,so i probably poured about a third pine,salt in there and then im just filling,the rest with cold water,you can really fill this with anything,if you want to use,like regular ammonia or like a method,cleaner,anything that you want to refill this,with you can do,and its great because not only are you,saving money,and saving waste but you can actually,use the cleaner that you want to use,in your refill without having to buy,the expensive cleaners at the store and,youre not limited to the scents that,they have,so here i have one of the wet jet,microfiber cloths on here you can see it,just velcros on,i just place that on the swiffer and,just proceed,mopping your floor with your swiffer wet,jet as usual,as i was doing this i was so glad that i,was able to have the pine salt in there,because like i said i just love,mopping my floors with pine salt i just,think its such a great,scent and i have hardwood floors in my,kitchen and it works,great at not only getting the dirt up,but just leaving,the floors shiny,[Music],so ill have these reusable microfiber,wet jet pads,linked down below as well right now the,two pack of them on amazon,is 16 and so if you are,cleaning your floors several times a,week,these pads are going to save you a ton,of money like i said the wetjet refills,are originally around 12 a box,so if youre doing your house a couple,times a week,you know using five pads like me i have,a ton of,hard services in my house you know a,regular pack,of swiffer refills is gonna last you you,know two to three weeks but these pads,are going to save you money,just within a few weeks definitely,within a month youre going to save a,lot of money,so heres a look at all of the dirt that,that pad picked up i really enjoy,mopping with these,reusable cloths because not only are you,reducing waste,but they are just so much like sturdier,than the original disposable swiffer,wetjet cloths i feel,like they get my floor a lot cleaner i,feel like theyre more absorbent and,like i said i,love being able to use the pine sol,solution in them as well,so if you guys are looking to reduce,household waste especially when it comes,to cleaning products,i would definitely recommend checking,these out like i said when im done,using them theyre super easy to just,throw in the washer i usually just throw,them in the washer,with a load of towels and wash them on,hot,they come out nice and clean and ready,to use for the next time,so i hope that you guys enjoyed watching,these cleaning hacks specifically for,the swiffer sweeper and,the swiffer wetjet i know this is,something that is super valuable in my,household it means that i have a dog and,two kids and im constantly,cleaning up messes on the floor and,thank you to,turbo microfiber for partnering with me,on todays video,this is truly a product that i use and,love and can recommend without,reservations and so,im happy to share it with you guys uh,be sure to again check out the links,down below if you are interested in,getting some of these pads,for yourself i know that you guys will,love them and it will save you,tons of money,say something funny,oh ill just wait until he stops barking,were you just recording me,the cameras on but i wasnt recording,you oh well you should tell me,something funny yeah i was gonna see if,you could make me laugh because then it,makes me seem more happy in the video,when really my soul is dead inside,all right ready,i feel like theres a glare on my,glasses though,i even got the non-glare ones hey guys,its jen,im glad you decided to clap clap with,your toenails all through the house,nope all right this is the last take,take 77. i feel like im going to sneeze,[Music],you

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Tips for Tuesday- DIY Jet Dry

yes hi welcome to certains,tips for Tuesday we are here to show you,how to make what we call a DIY jet Drive,for your dishwasher so we use this in,the dishwasher you can put it in the,little rinse aid compartment and if you,are new to tips for Tuesday this is,something that I come on and try to do,every Tuesday to show you guys something,that has to do with health and wellness,or food sometimes its something that,trailer,livvie wants to do like playing a game,or something but tonight we are going to,do our DIY dish get dry so we just have,a bottle here this is the thieves dish,soap so this is just an old bottle and,its 12 ounces so it makes a nice bottle,to keep this stored in and then we just,put this squirt top on and it makes it,easy to put it in there so the first,ingredient were gonna do is what white,distilled white vinegar all right so,were gonna pour that in here and its,basically four ounces of white vinegar,and a half a cup of the thieves,household cleaner but since we have this,big bottle its 12 ounces Im gonna,triple it cuz 4 plus 4 plus 4 will be 12,so were just gonna make the 12 ounces,of it and that way I have it kept in,here and I can just keep refilling the,compartment okay so weve been our 12,ounces distilled white vinegar and then,were gonna do a cap and a half of the,thieves household cleaner you want to,hold the tap and then you can pour it in,Ill do this,all right one cat and then were gonna,do a half of the cat and this is really,great to get those you know spots off,just like any jet draw that you would,use to get all those spots off vinegar,is great for that we like to add the,bees household cleaner because it gives,it that extra little boost so its great,for that especially if youre using our,thieves dish powder because if you have,hard water which we have really hard,water in Florida versus like some other,places might have more soft water when,you have the hard water it tends to,leave more spots on the dishwasher and,doesnt break things down so we like to,use the jet dry along with our thieves,dish powder to really help get those,spots off the glasses hey Tina how are,you and if you guys have any questions,feel free to type them in the comments,and I will get back to you with any,questions that you have about the,difference,the DIY jet dry or if you have questions,about the dish powder or anything else,we can answer those – hope you guys have,an awesome Tuesday its time for these,kiddos to go to bed can you say bye bye,guys

Dry Ice Cleaning versus Sand Blasting Car Parts: Whats the Difference?

so to truly understand a process we have,to understand the limitation of that,process so today were going to be,discussing the difference between sand,blasting versus ice blasting on this,really rusty manifold today on this,episode of drive and protect,put your ears on baby,[Music],well that was fun,[Music],the first thing we have to understand is,there is really a difference between,kinds of rust so on one case you have,surface rust that you have on this brake,rotor thats relatively easy to get off,and dry ice blasting will do an adequate,job of doing that if you wanted to put a,rust preventative primer on it it,doesnt really require resurfacing but,then youve got real deep down rust,thats a true chemical reaction between,the carbon and the steel and oxygen,water and that creates the very very,deep patina where it scores the surface,thats not going to come off with dry,ice blasting so well try that with a,250 psi compressor and all the air that,we can have with a howitzer nozzle and,you can compare that to what well do,with a small little sand blaster here,because its abrasive and i think youll,be able to see a good difference for our,quick learning demonstration were using,the prevost bg sand one that hooks up,directly to your shop compressed air,hose,there are stronger more efficient and,expensive units than this one of course,but this is great for quick light jobs,at home,for our demonstration were using glass,bead 80 grit abrasive and a 50 pound,pail was about 50 dollars,first eric taped off one side of the,rotor with the surface rust and,protected the other with thick plastic,before putting it outside,as you can see as hes using it the,prevost blaster actually works pretty,good for a diy setup again the goal here,is just to demonstrate the differences,between the fundamentals of sandblasting,and ice blasting to better understand,the strengths and weaknesses of each to,help you decide which may work better,for your unique situation plus this was,part of my dry ice training from eric if,you will so i thought itd be fun to,sort of bring you along for my week-long,boot camp,once done the rust was removed revealing,the abraded metal below the oxidation,next eric repeated the same sand,blasting steps but this time on the,heavily oxidated header,same as before the sand abraded most of,the deeper oxidation away but left,behind the sand that actually needed to,be swept up with a broom,[Music],does a great job but what a mess,obviously in a non-diy situation a,sandblasting booth would have contained,and collected all the sand etc but this,works great in a pinch which is kind of,impressive for a relatively inexpensive,home blaster again my goal here is just,to demonstrate the differences to,understand the limitations of dry ice,capabilities not just to create the,cleanest piece of junk metal so as you,can see sandblasting did exactly what,its supposed to do if you look at the,manifold it removed a hundred percent of,the rust and it profiled the metal so,theres a little abrasion to it and if,you decided that you wanted to paint it,thats a perfect surface to put a rust,preventative primer on and to go from,there same thing this was an easy job,for probably overkill where it it took,all the surface rust off of the the,brake rotor and it dulled it most time,brake rotors are,shiny so now well do the other half of,these with a dry ice blaster with a 250,psi compressor and all the air we could,possibly want for it so well get the,best job we can get to try and give you,an idea of what dry ice blasting will do,versus sand blasting next we started up,the 375 cfm beast compressor and used,200 psi in the commando howitzer nozzle,so we got 200 psi,put your ears on baby,for this eric suited up set up the feed,system and then poured in the ice,pellets,as you can see there is a huge,difference on the rotor in terms of its,abrasiveness the left side has been,completely profiled or sanded or braided,or whatever while the right side looks,less impacted or abraded now to me this,was a bit of a aha moment i could really,see in real life the difference between,the two of them on the header with the,heavy oxidation it cleaned the surface,but it didnt remove the deep oxidation,now check this out this is a slo-mo shot,of the work being done notice how the,spot is being gently cleaned with the,immense volume of air however the deep,rust that would require abrasive that,still remained,as a quick point of reference i had to,put a piece of plywood underneath the,header while eric was blasting it,because my driveway was actually getting,torn up from the ice blasting machine,itself,look at the divots in the wood as eric,tries to clean up the header ice,blasting can be incredibly loud and,consume an incredible amount of air in,this example and as you can see its,relatively strong strong enough to blast,away plywood,well that was fun we had an opportunity,to hook the sandblaster up and we did it,we took the ice blaster up to that,really big compressor and if you look,you can see some definite differences,between the two so the sandblasting,definitely dulled the surface and it,removed a lot of the thick stuff that,was along the edge of that rotor if you,look what the dry ice blasting did to,the surface it completely removed all,the surface rust its gone but then you,have some of the patina thats still,thick on the edges that we might have,worked a little bit more its easier to,show over here but but thats a,limitation so if you if you can live,with that kind of a finish and you dont,have to remove a hundred percent of the,oxidation dry ice blasting is a good,solution,over here the difference is really a lot,more dramatic you can see the the,silvery look where we sand blasted,completely removed all the scale removed,all the patina all the oxidation and you,know its not automotive finish but its,paint ready you could you could paint,that very easily this could probably be,painted what we did with the dry ice if,you look at the,the the patina is not a hundred percent,gone it cant because it takes that,abrasion that last little bit to get it,removed all the scale would all the,surface rust but it doesnt profile it,so thats your limitation so if this is,good enough dry ice blasting will do you,and hey theres no secondary waste we,didnt have anything to clean up okay so,eric and i are actually just cleaning up,after that shoot and i wanted to hop in,real quick as we exit this video and,sort of recap something that im,learning in the process at the same time,you guys are number one is the main,difference i think to take away is,abrasion think abrasion right here on,this spot down here where is it there it,is sand sand blasting uh there was,abrasion versus ice blasting no abrasion,okay take that away number two the,secondary thing would be uh the leftover,what was it called secondary,no secondary waste yeah no secondary,waste no secondary waste meaning when i,clean the floor theres sand everywhere,and again keep in mind we were just,doing a little bit of a test here or,sort of rudimentary if you will were,not in a sand booth or a sand blasting,area we didnt have everything perfect,but again for demonstration purposes,think abrasion number one the difference,between the two of them and number two,theres no secondary waste other than,the junk that youre getting off the car,right fair enough so anyways as always,guys thanks for watching i hope this was,helpful for me as a student of eric i,was like oh totally understand this now,if you have any questions you know where,to find me,right behind us we are starting our next,episode on this right here datsun 200,sx and were going to be taking that,junk off right there as always guys,thanks for watching ill see you next,time,[Music],[Music],hey guys i want to give you a quick,update on the car detailing simulator,the free to play demo version of the,game is now going live which means,youll be able to try the game for,yourself and use the ammo downloada

WORX Nitro 40V LEAFJET BLOWER | A Lightweight Alternative To An EGO Blower

[Music],hey whats up guys auto fanatics so,todays video im going to be doing a,review on the worx,leafjet 40 volt leaf blower now im,going to show you some demonstrations,blowing out my driveway but also the,grass but most importantly for the,people that watch the auto fanatic,channel,is this going to be a great alternative,to dry off your car now everybody knows,the ego blower seems to be the number,one unit that everybody uses the biggest,complaint with egos of course is the,power on the batteries they just dont,last very long,as youre drying off the car itll,probably consume one full battery charge,and also the units are very heavy so,this is the most comparable one as far,as the specifications uh as far as the,cfm so we have a 620 cfm the ego is a,650 and in the kit youre gonna get two,20 volt batteries these are 4.0,and they just clip onto the back but,this unit is really cool because its,very very lightweight and i just want to,show you a couple of cool things about,it so whereas most blowers they have a,detachable stem okay for the length and,then of course you saw my video where we,do the stubby nozzle option we could pop,pop off the factory piece and throw on,the stubby piece now on this particular,one it doesnt have that it just has,this little lever here and different,increments so you can reduce,the velocity,based on what youre doing whether,youre working around the house or on,the car but im going to tell you one,thing now this thing is so lightweight,without the batteries and even with the,batteries this is probably one of the,lightest leaf blowers that ive ever,used in my life now it has a anodized,aluminum stem here im not sure if that,was really required to be honest with,you if i was going to be tinkering with,this i probably would maybe figure out a,way to reduce the length of this i just,dont think its needed,over here you dont have a trigger but,you have a rubber encased grip area and,the way you actuate it you have a rotary,dial here and then you have your turbo,button right here so,i already used this thing already to dry,a couple of cars ive been using this,for a couple of weeks playing with it,and actually a couple of people that,watched the stubby blower video has told,me that they use it and i should pick,one up and then after i got a couple,emails i said let me just order it up,there also works if you go on their,website works.com,this is not a sponsored video not,affiliate video as well this,unit you can get 15 off now so,if you have existing works equipment for,your lawn and garden around the house,you could buy the tool itself for about,130 dollars and you will get the 15,reduced from that if you want to buy it,with the two batteries and the charger,its about 230 for everything okay so,what were going to do now im just,going to show you some clips,as far as how this works but before we,go further let me just,retract this back,and i just wanted to see if the camera,could pick up the design of this thing,its got a pretty weird turbo velocity,step design as far as the motor not,really sure but its a brushless design,they call it sonic turbine technology,not really sure what that is but im,going to tell you now this thing is so,lightweight its so easy to maneuver uh,its an absolute joy to dry uh any car,with it and to be honest with you a lot,of people have complaints with the ego,especially when youre doing the hoods,and the roofs of an suv thats usually a,challenge that you always have to,two-hand it,like this to kind of safely do it,without banging into the car now,if you buy the ego 650 uh blower right,now youre gonna get the big heavy,battery which is,this one here this thing is a freaking,monster and even though its bigger and,it has a little bit greater capacity if,youre drying a large suv this battery,is going to get depleted about 75,just from doing one car so the battery,life is not that great now from using,the works so far,with the two batteries that comes in the,kit okay so you could actually do a 20,volt they have a 20 volt version which i,dont recommend especially if youre,doing stuff around the house and if,youre gonna drive the car uh with the,two 4.0 batteries,i have dried two cars and i still had,half battery life left which is actually,really good you have a battery indicator,right here see that just like a m18,milwaukee system and the batteries are,super lightweight,and uh if you go on the works website,they do make a 5.0 a 6.0 they make,larger batteries except according to,stock a lot of them are out of stock so,the 4.0 just makes sense that they dont,give you the cheapest battery which is,like the 2.0 they give you the 4.0 which,is like the mid-grade and i think for a,blower unit thats just really what,youre going to want so all you do is,you take your unit,you pop in the batteries one here,one here,you got your power indicator so now we,have the full 40 volts were fully,charged up so before we get started on,the drying of the stelvio were going to,rinse it down were going to do a quick,dry i want to show you some video clips,now of blowing out my driveway and also,blowing out the grass and around the,house just to show you guys to see how,you know how it works and it does a very,very good job and even when i was,blowing some wet leaves on the grass it,did not deplete the battery enough to,even have to go back and recharge it so,let me show you those clips right now,theyre going to come back were going,to dry the car and ill give you my,final thoughts,as far as if i think this works,nitro leaf jet 40 volt max uh blower is,a good alternative to the ego if you,guys want something to blow out your,garage your driveway or you want it to,do a touchless drive when youre drying,your cars from auto details so stay,tuned well come back in a couple,moments,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right guys so were just going to,rinse off the alfa male stelvio the,reason were doing this is i want to try,and demonstrate the unit,drying an suv because thats usually,what everybody with an ego blower has a,difficulty time doing is the hood and,the roof in the taller panels and a lot,of times people could just bump into the,paint and cause damage if you guys dont,have a blower band go out and pick up a,blower band as well so were just gonna,give the car a little rinse,another thing too if you guys really,want to get the most out of using a leaf,blower to dry off your car you really,have to have,proper protection you can see right here,look at the way the water is flying off,the paint just by gravity okay thats,because its protected this car is,protected with auto fanatic hyper gloss,we use a ceramic waterless wash and,double 07 gloss enhancer ceramic thats,the only protection on this car and this,car stays outside for over three years,in all the winter elements,rain sleet snow,and sun its no issues so,so im just going to wrap up rinsing up,the other side and then were going to,get the the worx,blower and im going to show you guys,how easy it is to dry the car and then,ill give you guys my final thoughts if,i think this is a replacement for the,ego blowers that you can pick up at,lowes or on amazon so stay tuned well,be back in a little bit all right guys,we got the stelvio fully rinsed off so,were gonna start it with the nozzle,pulled all the way in,[Music],now i am hitting the turbo button,lets not lets just no turbo button,right now,so its doing a really good job,its really easy to handle,so i could one hand this right here,im using one hand without the turbo,mode,[Music],you almost dont even need turbo mode,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so guys thats it uh thats the,demonstration on using the worx 40 volt,leaf jet blower to drive a car it works,outstanding this thing is so lightweight,and so easy if you guys saw how i just,did the hood in the roof i actually just,grabbed it like this,from the aluminum extruded,bar right here its so lightweight it,did a great job its also audibly,signific

TORMEK vs WEN – 12 YEARS as a pro, 53,000 Knives Sharpened!

well heres my old tour Mack twelve,years of good use Im gonna keep her,shes got many more years in her but Im,got her a little buddy and heres a new,when reversible direction sharpening,thumb you know when I impact this I was,surprised at how solid it is I thought,that it you know with the way the tour,max are made the metals thicker but this,one it this unit is fully boxed in this,is what it comes with you leather strop,wheel a polishing hump stone wheel this,here is a clamp for putting a planer,blade or chisel in and the reason I,picked the wind its because it had this,forward and reverse that is going to be,a great feature for me because it lets,me decide which side my wheel is on and,thats a big help,now this units uses a worm drive under,this hatch Im gonna open it up well,take a look at it,remember the tour Mac uses the arbor to,spin on this wheel fairly smooth be nice,theyre both metal maybe its better if,ones nylon but for the price I I dont,think you can beat it Im not putting a,lot of heavy pressure on this like I did,might or Mac when I sharpen on that one,I really lean hard on the wheel this one,for me is gonna end up getting my,Japanese stone and it just it doesnt,put the load on the unit now,if youre gonna buy this tool you have,to buy one of this this is a stone,grater its for flattening and truing,your stones you cant have one of these,tools without one of these okay so the,first thing I need to do is figure out,which directions which direction I want,this wheel to go that way,so thats up backwards we need to put,oil on this wheel before you put the,compound on,so its pretty slow rotation Im just,gonna dribble the oil on my finger so,Ive kind of figured out the angle,[Applause],just trying to get some BRR,[Applause],[Music],boy it feels gritty okay so Ive got the,bird now what Im gonna do just to see,what difference it makes Im gonna use,the coarse side from the tarmac on me,[Applause],man I could really feel how rough that,was when it started its getting a,little smoother now now keep in mind,this grading tool doesnt come with this,machine youre gonna have to buy this,yourself and Im presuming this stone,will respond to the its use yeah this,feels much smoother okay that was a big,improvement Im gonna do go to the,smooth side Im gonna see if we can get,this as smooth as a tarmac wheel,[Applause],yes its responding to it it feels,pretty good thats thats real smooth,now okay Im gonna take another pass on,this you can feel how much smoother it,is it feels more like the blade is,skating on the surface Im guessing the,angle a little bit,[Applause],felt like I was a little low,now this is a problem with these strop,wheels Tour max the same thing Im doing,this knife how are you supposed to do,this at an angle I guess this takes a,while on these wheels they dont move,that fast,my fingers are knuckles are running into,that let me go back here a little,further okay,[Applause],I dont feel bur the edge feels a little,rounded off might have been pushing a,little too much like I said I dont use,a wheel like this Im used to my own,wheels well that does a pretty good job,Id say this section down here is a,little better for a straight push but,the slightest bit of angle and this,parts doing just fine you probably want,to rework that but if youre in a hurry,just trying to freshen up your knives,this would be very acceptable very,acceptable lets talk about this thing,might or Mack with this equipment,it came with here and the grading stone,which was included I bought it 12 years,ago and it was about six hundred and,some dollars this tool – the grading,tool which is a 100 and some bucks was a,hundred and forty bucks now to give you,an idea when you replace the tour Mack,stoned its a hundred and ninety bucks,if you shop around for a hundred and,forty-four bucks and that was delivered,to my door this is a great tool so now,when you see this tool again Im gonna,have this wheel off this wheels gotta go,if I was doing chisels thatd be fine,and youre gonna see me to have it set,up with my Japanese stone and how Im,using it with my tools Ill show you how,I sharpen so see you next time,if you havent subscribed subscribe so,you get notified and thanks for watching

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