1. How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)
  2. Best VPN according to Reddit | Reddit VPN 2022
  3. How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)
  5. Watch NFL Football on ANY Firestick streaming device – Best NFL apps
  6. Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncos Watch Party | Play by Play

How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)

in america football season is starting,now we have a current problem with,watching some football you know america,is known for american football it is the,most popular sport in america and as,americans we like to throw the football,game up on the tv and watch it from,where we are watch our local team play,well the nfl caught on to this and said,hey we want people to buy tickets to,come to the games rather than watch it,from their tv some americans are like,man i used to love streaming football on,the tv but now it costs like 200 300 400,just to stream a weekend of football,from your home so it can get really,pricey and today im here to show you,guys once again yall can thank me so,im going to show you guys how you can,access nfl games that may be blacked out,in your areas because you know the nfl,teams are trying to make more money,these days they dont want you to watch,on tv they want you to buy tickets and,come in person so if you want to go,ahead and beat them at their own game,im gonna show you guys how you can,watch for free,absolutely 100,free okay im gonna tell you guys right,now so you dont waste your time use a,vpn provider which is a 30 day free,trial you go ahead and get a 30 day,guaranteed money back okay so you go,ahead and purchase your expressvpn for,only 13 with my code and then you get,money back if you want it in 30 days,okay now hear me out now you go to nfl,game pass international you get a free,seven-day trial with that you can change,your email every single time and,continue to get free trials now you get,free nfl games no more four hundred,dollars just to watch the game on your,tv because its blacked out in your area,and you go ahead and watch all the games,in the whole country for only,free now that,dont you dont you dont find free very,often im gonna show you guys how to do,it right now lets tune in using this,process requires using a vpn a virtual,private network so what happens is you,pay for this service you know once a,month or a whole annual subscription and,you go ahead and you get a virtual,private network really quick im gonna,let you guys know what it is just so you,guys know i use it millions of people,use it you know youtubers companies,broadcasters i mean your favorite news,station uses vpns okay and i wouldnt be,surprised if your favorite news station,actually use the exact same vpn that,were gonna use today to get football on,your tv for you and your family to watch,for a very affordable cost you know,theres many vpns out there once you go,ahead and purchase one you go ahead and,turn it on its a simple click of a,button you turn it on and then it goes,ahead and changes your ip address to,somewhere else in the world it can be a,different country it could be a,different state depending on what vpn,provider you have a certain amount of,countries and places that you can,actually change your location to today,were going to be using expressvpn,because i have a deal with them where,you guys can get a one month free trial,basically you guys pay the 12.95 for one,month and you guys can refund it no,matter what for 30 days so you guys can,use 30 days get your free football and,then go ahead and return expressvpn if,you guys dont like it or you guys can,get three free months plus 50 off of the,vpn if you guys purchase an annual,package i have an annual package your,favorite youtuber has an annual package,of extra cpm and your favorite news,station has an expressvpn package just,letting you know its not some hacking,program its completely legal youre not,going to get in any trouble often people,like myself use vpns to hide their ip,address so people cant find out where,im located they cant find my personal,information any bank documents anything,any online financial information,anything at all they cant figure it out,because they think im for some reason,in like south africa and the next day,im in australia and the next day im,somewhere in the united states so like,man i cant find out where this kids at,now one of the best parts with,expressvpn is that you can use it on,your tv your phone your computer pretty,much anything you want so many different,devices and so many people can use it at,the same time also using expressvpn,doesnt lower your internet speed or,lower your bandwidth it keeps it the,same that is why expressvpn is the,superior vpn provider out of all the vpn,providers that youve probably already,heard of and again you guys can get a,refund on if you arent happy with it so,if you guys are interested in getting,yourself expressvpn for any reason make,sure you click on the link in the,description itll take you right there,and it also give you my personal,discount that you guys get and you help,support the channel so i appreciate it,very much so now that you guys have,purchased expressvpn im gonna show you,guys how to access nfl games the entire,season for very few modern dollars all,right guys so here we are on my computer,so here is expressvpn so once you guys,have purchased it all youre gonna wanna,do is double click that it is gonna open,up on your computer right there as you,can see it lets go ahead and change our,location over here uh were gonna were,gonna change our location to,bolivia look at that that is the one,youre gonna want to go to guys go ahead,and search olivia and click connect so,when you go ahead and connect youre,gonna connect to current location,bolivia and next thing you want to do is,open up google all right so now that,youre in google youre going to want to,search up nfl international game pass,international game pass okay so here we,are youre going to go to nfl game pass,international and now because we changed,our uh location to bolivia take a look,youre actually gonna be getting the,bolivia nfl game pass international,website here okay so youre gonna wanna,go up here to game pass and youre gonna,just wait for this to load here all,right now with this youre gonna get a,seven day free trial so its actually,really really cool you get to try it out,for seven free days before you have to,pay any money at all okay so uh right,here were gonna click sign up now and,so here you are you could get start,seven day free trial okay look at how,cheap this is 87,versus 300 a weekend just to watch okay,three this is literally 87,for the whole season of football okay,were gonna go ahead and click uh start,seven day free trial all right and were,gonna have to uh create an account,because i dont have one okay all right,so there we go youre just gonna look it,says free trial pro annual zero dollar,zero cents okay but your first payment,is going to be on 13th of september so,seven days after today and uh and then,youre gonna go ahead and click create,account okay look now you can do this,multiple times using different different,emails okay and you can get game pass,nfl game pass trials seven day trials a,new one just make a new email and do it,over and over again okay go ahead and,accept these terms of service here and,its going to go ahead and say how do,you want to charge this,when youre done so go ahead and select,your paypal or your credit card whatever,you want all right so at the top here as,you see it says,86.99 im gonna click agree and continue,okay now watch its not gonna charge me,86.99,okay thats for when the seven day trial,is up so as long as you guys cancel,before a seven day trials up you wont,get charged but also remember 87 for the,entire season is super cheap so look now,welcome to nfl game pass down you have,uh completed your subscription nfl game,pass pro okay,take a look please select your team so,you know of course we got to go with the,tennessee titans thats just how it is,were gonna select and continue and here,you are welcome to football guys check,it out all these games going on uh,coming up for the season you can watch,every single one of them look right here,nfl miked up right here start watch,right now look at this and youre,literally watching football for free,guys i mean this

Best VPN according to Reddit | Reddit VPN 2022

reddit doesnt sugarcoat it and vpn,reviews on reddit no exception so if you,want to find the best vpn oh they got,you covered with brutal honesty often,laced with witty jokes so i wanted to,see which provider they deem as the best,vpn for 2022,and i found it so lets jump in and go,over some of their great vpn,recommendations,now first off what makes redditors,trustworthy enough to decide what is the,best vpn anyway well trust comes from,the fact that theyre just regular users,not marketers theyre not insider ninjas,theyre just people who actually need,and use the product plus praise is not,exactly easy to get on reddit and any,slip up will be torn apart theyre just,as funny as they are helpful as they are,brutal so to truly crown something as,the best vpn according to reddit well it,better be very very very very good right,yeah for sure all right lets take a,look first up on the countdown of best,vpn services as gathered on reddit is,nordvpn this may not surprise you all,that much because well to be honest it,wasnt a shock to me either nordvpn,takes the cake on reddit creditors,praise nordvpn for good speeds no,argument here and being based in panama,which many redditers like that its,outside of the 5is jurisdiction and,its often mentioned as the best vpn for,mac and ios devices what else well their,no logs policy is a big hit both,redditors and i also seem to share a,mutual love for nordvpns streaming,capabilities bypassing those,restrictions on netflix prime or design,a few hiccups though didnt go unnoticed,sometimes the streaming services catch,on to the fact that were using a vpn in,this case but the solution here is to,switch servers and seeing as nord has a,lot to choose from yeah its usually a,pretty quick fix so general consensus on,reddit nordvpn is definitely one of the,best vpns to use,but were not just doing a nordvpn,review here lets see what else got the,upvotes surf shark yep cheap and fast,and thats probably why its among their,best vpn picks in addition to their big,pool of servers and great speeds well,surfshark is also great for geoblock,streaming services like netflix hulu,disney hbo max et cetera et cetera et,cetera but one thing to mention though,is their relocation to the netherlands,which happened a few months ago,caused a bit of a buzz on reddit see,surfshark released an official statement,on their subreddit to explain the,situation but not everybody was happy,about it not gonna lie its a bit,suspicious if you ask me but now that,some time has passed we can start to,evaluate the changes or well the fact,that nothing really changed surf shark,kept the no logs policy and the,relocation didnt do any harm to users,data it managed to stay among the,favorites of redditors and is often,recommended as a great smartphone vpn,checking the boxes of both best vpn for,android and iphone oh by the way if you,want to try any of these providers well,we happen to have left the best deals we,could find in the description check them,out if you find yourself in the need of,a,nice discount all right moving on one,provider i didnt expect to find among,the recommendations was private vpn,didnt really stand out among the vpn,giants but its definitely an underrated,gem,redditors love the fact that its,reliable cheap and works great for,streaming geoblock content it also,supports port forwarding be it a bit of,an unconventional method but it has,successfully kept redditer satisfied,privatevpn is also often mentioned as a,great option for torrenting and all,honesty with these features that theyre,offering id say the price to value,ratio is through the roof all right,since were talking about the best vpn,according to reddit gonna be a shame if,i didnt mention tour guard reddit is,very clear about the fact that torguard,is a great torrenting vpn reddit,opinions on the port forwarding feature,and the good speeds are quite common but,there are a few things people dont,agree on the kill switch works great for,some,not so much for others a couple of other,small red flags include the fact that,tour guard is based in the not so,privacy friendly us of a and its never,been audited but if thats not an issue,for you well then torguard stands among,the top vpn recommendations on reddit if,youre looking up the best vpn service,well youre bound to encounter winscribe,it may not be as advanced but its well,received which is no surprise since it,offers a free version which is limited,to 10 gigabytes of data though but hey,its efficient premium version has,specialized servers for streaming and,reddit is quick to point out that it,doesnt buffer or get blocked very much,in terms of security though last years,scandal caused quite a bit of a stir in,june 2021 authorities seized two of,windscribes unencrypted servers though,no user data was found on the servers,because well they had nothing stored on,them this incident is still a,consideration for many users out there,okay okay were almost done with this,best vpn list but you cant make a video,about reddit vpn picks and not mention,i mean it has quite the fan base on,reddit and definitely deserves at least,some of the complements being open,source and anonymous and thats,definitely a huge plus in the vpn world,but theres some unreliability when it,comes to unblocking netflix and their,server choice is a lot lower than the,competitors look i dont have time to do,a deep dive here so help me out what are,your thoughts on malvad let us know in,the comments,okay to sum this up nordvpn really takes,first place on reddit clearly a close,second place though goes to surf shark,and we cant forget the other favorites,on reddit private vpn tour guard movad,and winscribe this reddit vpn list is a,little long but you can count on the,reviews to find the option that best,fits your specific needs all right with,all that said do you agree with the,redditors and their vpn picks for 2022,also here at cyber news this is actually,our first vpn review from reddit and we,like to make content like this all the,time so if you enjoyed our little video,here let us know by leaving a like and,subscribe to the channel to get even,more that way i could see you in the,next one till then

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How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)

todays video is going to be a little,bit different okay guys because weve,got a serious problem one i know almost,each and every one of you struggle with,every single year how do i watch,football i simply want to watch football,okay lets google it i mean look at this,why does it have to be so complicated,nbc sports sunday ticket fox of course i,could just sign up for satellite tv for,like 70 plus bucks a month then i could,add a sports package with a hefty price,tag of like 300 bucks,no stop because id be stuck with pain,for live tv that i dont even use for,eight months out of the year but i want,to watch football but i dont want,satellite too i mean we live in a,digital age netflix hulu prime im good,bro no i will not conform to paying for,an over excessive service just for,football not for me but still i want to,watch football,wait no theres another option sports,fans one that i discovered last year one,that guarantees i can watch every game i,want without the fear of blackouts or,channel surfing one that breaks the,shackles of conformity one that,harnesses the awesome power of the,internet and its name is nfl game pass,right so youre telling me that theres,a service that allows me to watch any,game i want with red zone nfl total,access condensed replays and nfl,original content like hard knocks and,even more and youre telling me that i,can finally pay for just football thats,unbelievably cheaper than paying for,satellite year-round yet this is it,this is the answer this is what ive,been looking for oh wait except for one,thing one major heartbreaking,earth-shattering thing you can watch all,the games you want,but not live,but hang on let me finish theres a way,around this a way that will lead us to,the promised land of watching live games,using the nfl game pass in combination,with this vital tool a virtual private,network or vpn for short okay i lost,some of you guys i can tell just wait,what is a vpn well in laymans terms,its a legitimate service that allows,your internet connection to appear like,its coming from anywhere in the world,you see certain apps and services are,subject to a thing called geo,restrictions for example netflix has,movies and shows that you can only watch,in certain parts of the world so right,now theres some dude in the uk watching,your favorite show that you dont,currently have access to in the states,but with the vpn we can change that and,there lies the answer by using a vpn we,can bounce our signal from other parts,of the world to grant us access to the,nfl game pass to allow us to watch live,games but director we sure this is legit,quick google search completely legal we,did it guys this is the answer this is,what i personally have been using for,the last two years and i felt it was,finally time to share this method this,is an awesome way to navigate the nfl,season and one that i plan to use for,the foreseeable future and it is super,simple to set out guys heres a quick,rundown step one choose a vpn provider,now theres a few vpn providers to,choose from after trying a few of them,out myself i recently found,expressvpn to be my unquestioned,preference to put it simple its the,fastest connection like by a lot and you,want fast speeds when youre watching,live games trust me it also allows you,to install it in a number of different,devices i personally have it on my phone,and fire stick so i can watch the games,on my phone and tv now be sure to check,out the link in the description if you,want to use expressvpn like me i was,able to secure us some special deals for,the bolt fam its super cheap ranging,from like eight bucks a month to 13,bucks a month depending on your,subscription now step two install your,vpn and fire it up once you signed up go,ahead and launch your vpn itll look,something like this just connect to a,country outside of the states i like to,use singapore or the uk and youre good,to go but make sure its connected,before you go to this next part sign up,for nfl game pass this is simple enough,make an account an nfl game pass you can,use your location somewhere else if you,want to go the extra mile once youre,signed up youre going to want to choose,your subscription i always go with pro,p.s dont let the price tag scare you,yet more on that in a minute next youre,going to enter your information and,create an account now like i said dont,worry about the one-year deal itll try,to make it look like thats the only,option but if you click down here on,modify you can change it to weekly which,i personally prefer lastly gonna set up,your payment method bing bang boom,youre good to go now last few notes,before we wrap this thing up make sure,that you fire up your vpn before trying,to watch the live games otherwise its,not going to work and remember i do this,all the time you can fire up the vpn on,the big screen too using something like,a chromecast or a fire stick i,personally use it on a fire stick myself,you can download expressvpn app on there,too just log into your account using the,nfl app while the vpn is activated you,should be good to go if you run into any,trouble with the app go ahead and fire,it up using the web browser on your,device that usually works great for me,too and lastly a shout out to expressvpn,a new sponsor of the show guys remember,a vpn can be used for a lot of awesome,things you can use it for other stuff,like netflix amazon prime hulu and more,be sure to check out all the content,from all over the world its an awesome,tool and on top of giving you,unrestricted access to streaming,platforms it protects against hackers,spies gives you safe web surfing and,most importantly live freaking football,now i the tech savvy egghead i am use a,vpn on a daily basis year round and its,something im excited to share with you,guys remember you can nab three free,months using the link in the description,a special deal just for the bolt fan,this is a service i was super stoked to,share with you guys again one that i use,on a daily basis and im really excited,to see more people break the shackles of,conformity leave behind the satellite,and experience football the way its,supposed to be its football season baby,no blackouts no restrictions

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in this video were going to take a look,at three really great free apps for,sports fans that you can install on your,fire stick,whatever youre into from baseball to,soccer from fishing to poker lets go,and take a look at these top three apps,for sports,[Music],if youre shopping from amazon whatever,it may be from a new fire stick to even,a bag of dog biscuits did you know that,by going to amazon through my personal,referral links helps to support,everything that i do here on my youtube,channel my referral links provide a,small commission at no extra cost to you,and every little helps,you can find my amazon referral links in,the description down below thank you for,your support,before we get started let me know in the,comments section down below what your,favorite apps are for streaming live,sports,if you love sports of any type there are,plenty of apps and streaming services,that offer top-notch viewing but these,come with top-notch prices,to get the big games and pay-per-view,events we all know its going to cost,you and youre not going to get these,types of streams from legitimate apps,for free,but there are a few sports apps that are,completely free and legal that show a,wide variety of sports and sports,highlights that even the most hardcore,sports fans may find enjoyable,all of these apps are available from the,amazon app store so im going to be,showing you them using my fire tv stick,4k max,however if you cant get these apps from,the amazon app store or you want to,install them on your android devices,ill show you how to install them from,my website at the end of this video,lets jump into this top three list of,completely free apps for sports starting,off with sports tribal,sports tribal is a new sports app where,you can watch the sports you love or,discover something new,from motocross to mma,snow sports to world poker,extreme sports womens sports college,and lacrosse there is something for,everyone,the home screen of the sports tribal app,highlights whats on offer with showing,you whats on now and next on your,selected live channel,whats popular,new channels,and highlights from motorsports us,sports and college sports,action sports gaming and more,the on now section highlights whats,showing right now on all of the live,channels,but if you want to plan your viewing and,see whats coming up the tv guide is a,really great addition,at a glance you can see all channels and,future scheduling information,theres plenty of sports content to,choose from including action from pac-12,billiards,poker,adventure sports,extreme sports,skiing fishing,horse and country,lacrosse,motorsports,mav tv,strongman championships,channel fight,hard knocks,and sports grind,currently sports tribal can only be,watched by anyone in the uk,or anyone with a uk ip address but is,hoping to launch in other territories as,soon as possible,i recommend using nordvpn to change your,ip address,you can find links to nordvpn in the,description down below,pluto tv is a fantastic free app with,over 100 live tv channels that includes,a really great sports section,you can watch for free without,registering or signing up to anything,sports channels include coverage and,highlights from cbs sports,fox sports,nfl channel,baseball,soccer,pga tour,ball riding,fight channel,boxing,bellator mma,pro wrestling,impact,kickboxing,bn sports extra,real madrid tv,uefa champions league,mav tv,outdoor sports,and poker,as well as live tv channels pluto tv has,an excellent on-demand section where you,can catch up on sporting action,highlights,documentaries and movies,[Music],pluto tv is available worldwide but not,all channels and content are available,in all locations,i use nordvpn connected to a server in,the united states to change my location,and view more content,you can find links to nordvpn in the,description down below,cloud tv is a live tv app that offers 60,free live channels with a decent sports,section,you can watch for free without a vpn and,without registering or signing up to,anything,this app features free streams from the,impact channel,bien sports extra,unbeaten,hard knocks,sports grid,fight,and the hunt channel,and even caters to enthusiasts of,outdoor sports,cycling and lacrosse,you can even catch up with the past 14,days of programming on demand all for,free,i hope that you enjoy taking a look at,these apps,if youre still watching let me know,that you made it this far into the video,by typing sports in the comment section,down below,if you cant get any of these apps from,the amazon app store or you want to,install them on your android device you,can install them from my website using,the downloader app which you can get,from the amazon app store or by going to,fire firetvsticks.com,and selecting the downloads option from,the menu,if you are using the downloader app you,will need to give permission for,downloader to install apps,go into your fire stick settings my fire,tv,developer options,install unknown apps and click on,downloader to turn the permission on,open downloader and type in 28907,then click go,press the menu button on your remote and,press it again to enter full screen mode,once you have waited and you can see the,search box,tap in the search box to select it and,type in the name of the app that you,want to install,then press the back button on your,remote,move down the page and you will see the,app listed,click the download button next to it to,install it,once installed click done and then click,delete and delete again to delete the,installation file as its no longer,required,you can then go and view your installed,apps and open the app from there,thank you for watching i hope that you,found this video useful,if you did dont forget to hit that,thumbs up button comment and subscribe,to my channel making sure that you turn,on notifications so you dont miss out,on any of my latest releases,these small actions from you make a big,difference to me and helps to improve,how youtube recommends my videos to,potential subscribers and i truly,appreciate your help in making my,channel grow,[Music],you

Watch NFL Football on ANY Firestick streaming device – Best NFL apps

welcome back everybody to another video,and football season has been going,strong theres been some great games,guys and i know youre wondering how can,i,watch nfl games directly on my fire tv,stick or my nvidia shield if you have,one as well well in this video im gonna,be walking you through the best ways to,watch nfl any game anytime directly on,your fire tv stick you guys are gonna,want to stick around for this one so you,can find out all the tips and tricks to,watch these games whenever you want,because in a day of age where it should,be a click of a button in order to watch,a sporting event sometimes it can be so,complicated to find the correct channel,to find the correct stream whatever that,may be so having one simple guide will,give you the best possible options to,watch these games going forward in the,future,like always guys if youre new to the,channel smash that subscribe button,right down here guys it takes two,seconds and it helps the channel out a,ton also give this video a big thumbs up,if you liked it it helps with youtubes,algorithm it also helps get my videos,noticed and if you have two seconds guys,id really appreciate it if you follow,me on twitter at upgrade underscore guy,i give tons of helpful tricks and then,ill also be doing tons of giveaways,directly on my twitter account,lets go ahead and get into todays,video,[Music],all right everybody so were gonna be,walking through multiple options to,watch nfl on your fire stick so like i,said make sure you stick around for the,full video theres some really good ones,in here and some of them require an,extra step but thats up to you if you,want to do that extra step so the first,way that you can watch nfl on your fire,stick is actually through prime video,believe it or not they do have a pretty,good option of nfl games they usually,have around one a week sometimes two so,it must be in their contract but you do,get some pretty good games in here so if,you go into your prime video and just,simply,search nfl you can go to nfl game pass,down on the bottom here and its going,to bring you to whatever games are,playing for that week sorry guys wrong,section,just type in nfl and thats going to,bring you to whatever games youre,playing so i like to click on the first,one i see and this will bring me to the,other options so you can go down here,and you can see the upcoming game so you,can see theres one tomorrow and then,one the next week one the next week one,the next week so there is some pretty,good games in here,we have buccaneers vs eagles broncos vs,browns packers vs cardinals jets vs,colts so you can see really good options,for prime video to offer that thats,pretty amazing and then you can even see,a little farther up we have the patriots,falcon falcons game so really really,great options when you click on the,broadcast its going to bring you to a,page and then what youre going to have,to do is you can set up your 30-day,trial with prime video if you dont have,it otherwise of course purchase it you,can get it through amazon prime,and you can purchase it through there as,well obviously you get it with your,amazon prime so,the bundle deals obviously what you want,to get,so this is a great way of watching nfl,obviously good quality streams youre,not going to get any buffering as long,as your situation is at least average at,best,so really really great option for nfl,and one of my number one options but the,next one is even,better than this one thats right even,better and then if you stick around till,the end of the video we have a little,bonus option uh for football for uh,those real football lovers in here and,im talking obviously american football,not uh european football so make sure,you stick around and lets go ahead and,get into the number two option for,watching nfl on your fire tv stick,all right everybody before we go any,further make sure check out ipvanish now,ipvanish has some really cool features,and obviously all vpns have it but where,you can change your location so you,dont have to be in canada you can be in,the us or if youre in the u.s you can,be in canada so its a really great,feature on top of the security features,because it makes people not know where,you are and thats important because you,dont want them to get your ip address,and you want to make sure you stay,anonymous online so down below in the,description guys is 74 off my personal,discount for ipvanish its great for,fire stick its great for,nvidia shield its great for any device,guys so make sure you check out,uh ipvanish for your device guys its,super cheap only three dollars and 20,cents a month,and you can get 30 day money back,risk-free which means they will fully,refund you if you decide you dont like,it and you dont need it so make sure,you check it out guys use the link down,below in the description lets go ahead,and get back to the video,all right everybody here we are on,zones website now you can do it,directly on the app but it was easier,for me to record this video on their,website now like i said keep in mind,this is a canadian version so you do,have to be located in canada in order to,use uh what youre seeing today so keep,that in mind guys um you have to be,located and basically in canada in order,to use the zone canada so thats up to,you um lets go ahead and check out,sports now we can see right away guys,and this is super cheap first of all you,get a 30 day trial which is amazing and,then on top of that you get uh 20 a,month which is dirt 20 dollars canadian,which is super cheap to you us uh and uk,people uh i dont know thatd be like 15,american and like 1250,uh pounds 12 yeah i think around there,lets check out nfl game pass and here,we are guys where and this is going to,be the exact same games on your fire,stick by the way in great quality um and,you can see right away it shows you all,the upcoming games that are coming up,right uh we can see sunday sunday sunday,sunday sunday pretty much every single,game sunday sunday sunday sunday the,time it starts at you can set a reminder,as well so you know when it starts you,can watch this on your phone as well um,so they give you a lot of good options,now they also have obviously some extra,highlights and stuff like that weekly,walkthroughs uh they have the best games,of 2021 where you can go back and watch,them if you want to you can skip ahead,whatever you need and then they have,hard knocks which is a great series if,you guys havent checked out hard knocks,so this is just some of what,the zone canada offers now of course if,nfl isnt the only thing you want and we,can see all this nfl content here which,is,you know tons and tons you can also go,to other sports and they do have a good,selection whether thats nba basketball,college whatever um boxing darts i dont,know how many people get hyped on darts,everybody look at this guy,look at how look how athletic he is,so they do have lots of options for,anybody thats a sport fan soccer as,well uh which you keep uk people are,gonna be mad its called soccer,obviously this is uh,you know uh,european football so a little bit of,name change but the zone is awesome,especially for the price you pay is nuts,guys you have to be located in canada,lets go ahead and move on to those,bonus apps for your fire stick that i,just know you guys are gonna love,all right everybody in time for some,bonus apps if you want to check out tons,of more nfl content on your fire tv,stick now what you have to do is go to,the find section here and this just,means you can search up different apps,different shows movies etc were going,to go here and were going to type in,nfl now depending on the country and,youre going to get different options of,course,but for this one youre going to get,tons of different apps were going to go,down to apps and games and here youre,going to see tons of specific apps for,your team such as packers you have the,cowboys you have the vikings you have,ravens pretty much every team has their,own app now if we

Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncos Watch Party | Play by Play

what is good Raider Nation uh were,gonna go live today during the game,um hopefully this works I dont know if,my computer is strong enough to handle,going live,um just hopefully you guys can hear me,as well,um were gonna talk about the game today,man uh were gonna be live today during,the game were gonna talk about it,um I got the game pulled up right in,front of me Im gonna see if I can pull,up the Gamecast so so you guys actually,have something to look at,um,its gonna be a very interesting game,today because Colton Miller if you guys,have not heard his out hes out for this,game so the Raiders do not have Colton,Miller,um which means Jermaine aluminum are,starting out left tackle and on the,right side the Raiders are going to have,um their Mumford star so were gonna get,their Mumford an entire game with their,Mumford,um Colt Millers out crazy I actually,reported it yesterday uh someone told me,Colt Miller was going to be out reported,it,um some people were like you know well,see if that actually ends up happening,and then if that does Why not start,Jackson Barton I love tackle,um I dont know exactly why the Raiders,decided to do it but its going to be,very interesting they got Jermaine the,one were going over to the left tackle,spot they got their month for coming in,at the right Tackle Spot,um so Im excited man Im definitely,excited,um someone shout out to the 40-ish of,you guys that are already here big shout,out to all you guys uh were gonna talk,were gonna talk this entire game uh,Mike Nixon said lets get that L Raider,Nation,um I I I can I can understand why uh,some of you guys would not want to win,our Joe Nation said what app you,watching the game on uh so I actually,have Xfinity stream which allows me to,watch it because I have Xfinity stream,is the platform,um but if you guys want to live stream,it you guys can watch it on uh I know,theres a a Reddit one I think its,called like Reddit screams if you guys,go to Google and put that in Reddit,streams you guys can watch it that way,um theres a couple other apps out there,right tofu Sports is one,um I dont stream it so Im not going to,stream it obviously you guys know you,get mad if you guys stream the game but,um Im gonna try being live man uh we,got the Amir Abdullah just returned the,kick uh that to the 28 yard line so,thats gonna be interesting Im gonna,see if I can actually pull up the uh,play by play data see that way we at,least have something to kind of look at,um and you guys arent just looking at,me,um I see it right here full play by play,again Im gonna see if I can pull this,up,um,I dont know if this is gonna work,uh Gamecast I should have probably,tested this before I I came here live,but,um I guess this is cool its pretty cool,to look at let me see if I can uh,present this,here,first play of the game you gotta run,nice little run right there,um,lets see,here you go lets share that and lets,see how this looks,um there you go I I hope that looks good,enough for you guys again I dont know,if it if its gonna look good well see,if you guys like seeing that well keep,it up otherwise well just switch it,back to uh me and you guys can just look,at me I guess but,um just make that a little bit bigger so,it doesnt look all funky on the screen,I dont know how its gonna look for you,guys but there it is shout out to all,you guys man 80 of you guys are already,here,um,the Raider Chris said uh no Colton,Miller how do you feel about that,um I found this out yesterday if you,guys dont follow me on Twitter I,reported this yesterday,um and the Raiders just like that,already in the third and seven,um but I talked about this yesterday,actually that colt Miller is not going,to uh play,um I gave my thoughts on it you know I,know Colt Miller is hurt I know hes,going through some injuries and I do,think that Colton Miller being hurt has,impacted his game right hes not able to,Anchor hes getting pushed back hes,getting kind of beat up in pass Pro and,I do think that because of those reasons,they decided to just keep him out of the,game and they theyre going to roll,forward with Jermaine a little more so,number 72 left tackle is the guy Im,going to be watching but more than that,I want to see Theron Montford a little,bit at right tackle,um because you know they say can Mumford,hold up right is he going to be able to,do it for the Raiders and just like that,you got a Devonte Adams 21-yard pass,um thats thats absolutely awesome,right there man first first pass of the,game Adam smokes a guy good pocket good,clean pocket,um I can dig that one right there whats,going on Danny D shout out to you for,tuning in here a big big big shout out,to you uh Mike Nixon thanks Angie for,positive positivity shout out to you man,I I really really appreciate it salute,crit Raider Chris salute to you,um were gonna get into this man if you,guys got comments man make sure you guys,leave your comments um its gonna be a,slow pace of comments right I dont,expect more than like 100 people here,really,um theres the first run or second one I,should say three four yards okay thats,all right uh not not bad right there not,bad Mike Nick since he loved the live,show but youre ahead,um I am ahead its weird because I know,sometimes Ill tweet something and then,I dont get any likes for like three,minutes and then everyone gets all these,likes or or then everybody kind of sees,it right,um the play-by-play is is really really,behind I think,um thats kind of crappy,uh yeah because were already on second,and six and they havent even gotten the,update and got an injury on the field,um,Sarah said uh Face Raiders rumors rents,and reports stream every game,um,yeah Im not 100 sure or Facebook,in your next comments the Raiders rumors,Rants and reports from every game yeah,uh Im gonna definitely see if this is,something that I will enjoy doing to be,honest guys I feel like one of the,things were going live is I kind of,feel like its its more so work right,its kind of like a work thing where Im,not really relaxing watching the game,versus when Raiders actually play you,know its a relaxed feeling and I enjoy,it so,um I dont know if Im gonna ever do,another live again but I know today Im,gonna go live and well see how it kind,of goes if you guys actually enjoy it,um then well stay live all right well,stay live obviously there is one thing,that Im kind of working on uh with I,forget the companys name but theres a,company that allows me to watch the game,with you guys so we can actually watch,the game well all watch it together but,it does require you guys to have like,Xfinity or like YouTube like the paid,version of YouTube PV or what other,other platform it may be right DirecTV,or whatever,um and basically everyone logs in to,whatever it is and basically to all as,long as youre able to watch the game we,get to watch it together,um that is something that I might do I,dont know if I like this whole like,play-by-play thing because I know for,you guys I know its kind of delayed,here on the screen,um watching it from like ESPN and then,for me Im actually watching the game,have it pulled up right right next to it,in a separate tab,um so yeah I just kind of want to throw,that out there uh Clint Curry said its,because they clearly dont give a crap,anymore and Mick dog [ __ ] is on the hook,for that,um yeah you know I I uh Mike Nixon said,some of us cant get Twitter even,thought of another platform also like,getter or gab,um gab I have not thought about doing I,I dont know what Gator is Im gonna,assume its similar to gab,um you know I might do another platform,right I know theres a lot of people who,dont support Twitter,um I think one of the bigger ones out,there would be like truth social would,be one of them assuming youre not on,Facebook or Instagram either because I,have an Instagram you guys know that,um so I might do like an alternative,platform I think thats definitely,something I can do I actually started,posting some of my videos on Rumble if,you guys don

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