1. Hackboard – Small…Budget-Friendly Windows 10 Board – Raspberry Pi Alternative (Tech Review)
  2. Raspberry Pi Alternative? Le Potato by Libre Computer
  3. ASUS Tinker Board 2S First Look – A Powerful SBC For 2021?
  4. Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into A Desktop PC, First Look AT The New Vilros Reveal Case
  5. OrangePi a RaspberryPi alternative!
  6. Raspberry Pi Desktop
  7. Make your Raspberry Pi a true HiFi streamer with Pi2AES

Hackboard – Small…Budget-Friendly Windows 10 Board – Raspberry Pi Alternative (Tech Review)

[Music],hey everybody,the folks at hackboard sent me a sample,unit of their windows 10 project board,to review,and i always have mixed feelings about,these single board pcs theyre usually,either absolutely amazing or complete,trash hackboards press release states,that the hackboard launches one of the,lowest priced,intel powered and windows based single,board computers ever,at 140 dollars for the windows 10,version or 99,with ubuntu pre-installed before we get,started with the review i want to point,out that hackboard did send me this unit,to keep but i am in no way affiliated,with hackboard,i am not being paid for this review and,what you get from me here,is my fair and honest opinion of this,product i would like to thank,hackboard for making this video possible,and with that being said,lets tear into this little thing and,see what we get,all right so here we go were taking a,look at the hackboard today im going to,unbox this thing,and there are some system specs here on,the back im going to put a picture of,that,up on the screen and im going to throw,it up for about 10 seconds so,pause here if you want to read all of,[Music],that,here we go inside the box this is the,board itself,it appears to have a hdmi out,power port im assuming this is,analog audio hdmi,maybe a reset button here,three usb ports sd card reader,micro sd card,it looks like another possibly m2,slot here onboard wifi,weve got tons and tons of stickers,quick start guide,under the foam we have,some kind of paperwork here please also,find the enclosed heatsink which should,be added to the hackboard,to avoid overheating so lets find that,okay weve got our plugs here,thats the one ill be using because im,in the us,these are the four plugs that it comes,with,here is the power adapter so,all right thats locked into place and,were good to go theres a button,release here if you would ever need to,change those out,and i would assume that,this is the heat sink yep this is the,heatsink that they were talking about so,theres a sticker release here im going,to put that,on the board,this is our processor right here so,thats going to go,right on there,so yeah weve got a sticky pad there i,dont want to screw that up,but im going to drop this,with this big middle piece as close as i,can to the,processor there,all right so this thing is ready to be,plugged in,this will go in there,so thatll go in there and were ready,to plug this in now and power it up and,see what happens im going to throw a,capture card on here,throw it into obs and see what weve got,to work with,and let me back up i ran into a bad time,with the wi-fi,which was totally my fault when i opened,the hackboard,i didnt notice the wi-fi antenna that,were included,they were inside the folded quick start,papers and needed to be attached to the,wi-fi chip,on the board theyre not easy to attach,i spent quite a bit of time,fighting with them but heres what i did,and hopefully this can make things,easier for other people to get them,attached as well,so i propped the hackboard on this thick,piece of metal,and i used my phones camera as a,makeshift magnifying glass,so that i could see what i was doing,then i lined up the antenna,with the wi-fi chip and i used the flat,end of a drill bit,to snap the antenna into place it takes,some patience and in my case,a bit of cursing to eventually get it,but when its done right itll look like,this,and its absolutely necessary to pick up,wi-fi signals,but with that out of the way and moving,on we can take a look at the system,specs from within windows,here in pc properties we see that its,running windows 10 professional,already activated and weve got a,celeron in,3350 64-bit dual core processor,running at 1.1 gigahertz and 4 gigs of,ram,now this is built as a project board but,it is surprisingly snappy,and can easily act very well as a,full-on replacement everyday desktop pc,for basic use,video playback on youtube is smooth it,struggles a little with 4k,but that could very easily be due to my,wifi connection,1080p video playback is buttery smooth,and 1080p video playback from my network,server,looks amazing but now let me reiterate,that this is a project,board or a very basic pc and as long as,you keep your expectations realistic,you should be very pleased with the,performance of this board,playing advanced video games is not,going to happen on this board,nor any kind of streaming or recording,with obs,and things like video editing software,will also be too resource intensive,for this board where this board excels,is in the project department this would,be great for someone who wants to run a,file server or a torrent server,with something like sonar and radar with,a vpn but maybe that person,isnt comfortable enough to undertake,that project in linux,so this is definitely a solution for,them and while were talking about linux,if you really want to make the most,of this boards system resources,installing linux is going to be your,best bet,hackboard offers a version of this board,with ubuntu pre-installed,at a lower cost than the windows version,i didnt try ubuntu for myself,but i did try linux mint and it runs,great with no,problems but if you really want to,supercharge the experience,i ran zorin os which was lightning fast,on this project board,switching over to linux is as simple as,booting from a linux live usb,stick and you can access the hackboards,bios by tapping the escape key,when you power on the device personally,i havent decided which os i will,eventually settle on for this pc,but if you would change out the default,operating system i would recommend that,you use something like clonezilla to,make a system,image of the default installed os just,in case you would ever want to revert,back,i have a video on how to use clonezilla,and you can watch that,right here overall im very impressed,with this little device,and i think you get a lot of machine for,not much money the people at hackboard,are currently working on the more,powerful hackboard 2 and it currently,has a crowdfunding page,with deals for early donors ill link,their website in the description below,if thats something that you would be,interested in so let me know in the,comments below what you would use,something like this for,im always on the lookout for some,creative project ideas but with that,being said,im going to give a shout out to my,channel supporters if you would like to,support this channel either on patreon,or kofi,there will be links in the description,donations are appreciated but never,expected,please remember the best way to support,this channel is to like,comment share and subscribe thanks so,much for watching thats it for now,and ill see you next time with more,money saving tips tutorials and tech,reviews,you

Raspberry Pi Alternative? Le Potato by Libre Computer

hi,welcome back to sutoku tech in my,previous video raspberry pi alternatives,we were looking at raspberry pi,alternatives for around 50 or less and i,went ahead and settled on this libre,computer,la potato,i got it from amazon for 50 bucks,and you know how it is i had a beer and,then amazon sent me this suggestion to,get the emmc module for,the la potato as well,at 20 bucks i thought what the heck so i,went ahead and got it,now lets unbox this and see if we can,do something with it,alright you can see it comes in a,similar size shaped box as the raspberry,pi,and the picture shows basically its the,similar form factor as a raspberry pi 3,youve got the audio jack hdmi port the,micro usb for power,obviously the 40 pin header there,lets go ahead and open the bag,its a little stout trying to get it all,out of that ziploc bag there,oh look you know theres an infrared,receiver its kind of pushed back a,little bit,oh yeah there on the bottom thats where,you can mount that emmc module right,there,other than that it looks like the,raspberry pi 3 form factor except its,got the infrared receiver,theres a serial header on here that,theyd say is for troubleshooting,hopefully we dont have to do any,troubleshooting,and you got four usb ports and,uh ethernet network connection there,lets check out this emmc module,yeah it comes with this a to a usb cord,so it makes you think you know like when,we were working with the raspberry pi uh,cm4 that you could go into boot,and it would attach as a hard drive and,then you could just flash it well play,with that a little bit later on,yeah this emmc module is really tiny i,just got to pop it out of the tray here,there we go,now this is a this is a emmc 5. the,everything i saw on the product page you,know questions and answers etc a lot of,people,thought that they were getting an emmc,for this emmc module is really specific,to the libre computer boards dont think,that youre going to use it with,anything else,this is the libre computer website and,they have,downloads their own special images of,the various flavors of linux including,raspbian,the raspberry pi os which i think thats,what i want to go with,im going to go ahead and burn that to,the,sd card right now,lets look at the getting started guide,i have to warn you a lot of this website,seems like it hasnt been,attended to in the last couple years,even the forums theres just like a few,meagre posts recently from people asking,questions,and then you know you click on some,links and the links are broken,and so im just trying to frame the,expectation here,lets look at the getting started guide,i like this one on the getting started,guide where it says do not hot swap the,emmc module because you could short,circuit it and you know damage the board,or damage the emmc module,but then,the user guide for the emmc module goes,on to say that youre going to hot swap,the emmc module,okay so,weve burnt the raspbian image to an sd,card and were ready to fire it up,heres the setup here ive got,the la potato with the sd card inserted,of course were using the agp tech for,screen capture and ive got a wireless,keyboard and this portable monitor,attached so lets go ahead and boot it,up,whoa wait,thats not,thats not raspy and booting up thats,theres android theres an android image,on the emmc,it looks like its set up for like an,android entertainment,system here,you know thats cool and all i didnt,see that in the documentation lets go,ahead and check it out a little bit,yeah i thought i was going to boot into,raspbian and then be able to transfer,the image over to the emmc,again like i said the documentation says,dont hot swap the emmc and then the,emmc documentation says you must hot,swap the emmc,all right so here i have booted up,raspbian,ive hot swapped the emmc i didnt even,put that on camera because i,that small part not wanting to short it,out i just couldnt have the camera,between me and the gadget,and so we try to run their commands,and the first command is mount the emmc,and then the second command is basically,read the available images now im,getting this error here that says ah you,cant do anything because youve already,mounted these blocks on the emmc device,so,im afraid im going to give up on that,what i want to try instead is to flash,the image,using that usb cable,lets check that out,yeah so when you hold down the boot,button and attach the usb cable,this gets detected as the gx chip,so i searched for drivers for gx chip,and that led me to the aml burn tool,so were going to download the aml burn,tool from here yeah and when youre on,these websites dont click on the big,green buttons that say start thats,really just not what you want to do they,make it really difficult to see what you,actually want to click on please dont,click on that you dont want to install,what whatever,whatever is behind that green button,there i just,just dont anyway,so,the next thing that i needed to do still,was to install this lib wdi driver,and the only way i was able to do it i,couldnt use the driver installation,that i managed to find the only way i,was able to do it was using this zadig,tool which lets you replace some usb,device drivers with other usb device,drivers,its like a whole other story,i was going to share the zogdig tool in,another video so were not going to go,into complete detail here,but yes we are able yeah see theres the,zod dig usb driver,so then,i load the aml burn tool and it says now,you need version two which is the usb,burning tool,so i have to go search that and dodge,all those click here green buttons and i,get the usb burning tool its basically,version 2,loaded and now were ready to try,uploading an image,and you see here first with check image,checked,we get this unable to parse the image,error,so i uncheck the check image,and go ahead and try to import the image,again and now it says it cant create,the xml file i really i spent about an,hour doing this and so,suffice to say i dont know how im,going to use the emmc module at this,point i,went through the news groups and other,forums,the next day and still,yeah didnt come up with something,concrete youre welcome to leave a,comment down below if youve,successfully,migrated an image from the sd card to,the emmc module on the law potato id,love to hear it also comment down below,on whatever distro you think i should be,installing on here,okay so lets be honest,lot potato by libra computer,like i say,that doesnt appear to be a lot of,current support most of the website,information is goes back to anywhere,from,2018 to 2020 at the latest the forum,posts tend to drop off at 2020.,theres a few questions asked on the,forums that really arent getting,answered by much of anybody,since i see some posts from just the,last couple of months but no answers for,those,so im going to tell you honestly the,libre computer la potato,is essentially a reasonable replacement,for a raspberry pi 3,at fifty dollars you could,burn a sd image,it has to be one of their,libre computers custom,images or you can install the emmc and,have an android media center,if thats what you want,alright so leave a comment down below,give this video a like and before you go,on to watch more of my raspberry pi,videos please,click on subscribe,thank you very much

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ASUS Tinker Board 2S First Look – A Powerful SBC For 2021?

hey whats going on everybody its eta,prime back here again today were going,to be taking a look at the all-new,tinkerboard 2 more specifically the,tinkerboard 2s,and the only difference between these,two models is the s model,has 16 gigabytes of emmc storage built,in,now ive been waiting for the,tinkerboard 2 to release for a long time,actually heard about this a year ago and,hopefully its not too late for the cpu,theyre using here because,it is a bit older when you look at other,single board computers that have been,released,in the meantime so here it is i mean we,basically have the same form factor as a,raspberry pi,we got gigabit ethernet 3 usb 3.2 ports,it also has a pre-installed wi-fi and,bluetooth m.2,card and it also has a 3.2 usb type-c,port which works in display alt mode and,otg so we can get video out of this and,all in all,well have hdmi and usb type-c for video,so dual video out on the tinkerboard 2.,along with the board itself were also,going to receive our wi-fi and bluetooth,antenna,a manual and this beefy boy heatsink,here because,the cpu theyre using in this does,produce a lot of heat and in order to,keep those maximum clock speeds,its going to need a cooler like this,its going to attach to the cpu using,this double-sided thermal tape,and i do need to look at the instruction,manual because theres a little edge,here and i just want to make sure that i,have this going on the correct way,but as you can see when you compare it,to the board this little heatsink is,massive and it should keep this cpu nice,and cool,so taking a look at the board over here,on this side we have a 2.5 millimeter,power input this will take 12 volts to,19.,we also have a full size hdmi port on,the front here,gigabit ethernet three usb 3.2 ports and,a single usb,type-c 2.4 that does do display out,40-pin gpio laid out just like the,original tinkerboard,and the raspberry pi so we got that,covered it does have a dsi,and a csi connector plus we have this,pre-installed m.2 wi-fi and bluetooth,module,ac wi-fi and bluetooth 5.0,and just to give you an idea of how this,heatsink sits on here,it is absolutely massive so when it,comes to the basic specs of the,tinkerboard 2 or the tinkerboard 2s for,the cpu we have the rockchip,rk3399 hexacore cpu,two cortex a72 cores running at 2,gigahertz 4 cortex,a53 cores running at 1.5 the gpu is the,mali t860 mp4,at 800 megahertz as for ram its using,dual channel,lp ddr4 and they offer two models two,and four,unfortunately i could not find the four,gigabyte model so we have the two,gigabyte model in this video,since this is the s model we do have 16,gigabytes of emmc storage built into the,board,plus it accepts a micro sd card for your,operating system,802.11 ac wi-fi bluetooth 5.0,it doesnt come with a power supply so,you will have to source your own but,itll work anywhere from 12 to 19 volts,and on their website theyre offering,two different operating systems as,making this video,debian and android 10. and in this video,were actually going to be testing out,android 10 but i do plan on making a,couple more videos,the next one well be testing out their,tinker os debian build,and if the guys over at twister os get a,hold of one of these boards and get,their,operating system running on it ill,definitely make a video then because,that operating system works amazingly on,these arcade 3399 boards,all right so here we are ive got,android 10 set up ive installed a bunch,of applications ill,go ahead and open up ida 64 here our cpu,is that six core rk3399,mali t860 gpu and this is running,actually a newer security patch when it,comes to these single board computers,this was from november 5th,2020 and were on android 10. now when,it comes to android on a lot of these,single board computers theyre not,google certified so they do not come,pre-installed with google play,you can sideload it using different,methods but nothing is working right now,that ive previously used on other,versions of android,if this was running android 9 i could,get it up and running but since its,running android 10 i think they changed,some stuff and,just keeps crashing on me so really what,i had to do was just rely on side,loading apks and third-party application,stores like aptoide and others,now since we dont have google play,services its kind of hard to get a lot,of this stuff up and running,a lot of these games that i wanted to,test out do rely on google play services,but i was able to get a few native,android games up and running ive also,got some emulators to test out,and youtube at 4k using youtube advanced,now first and foremost i kind of wanted,to check this thing out and see how it,performs with,4k video playback natively so i have a,8 terabyte usb drive plugged in,and this is just my go to test big buck,bunny 4k,60fps were going to use the built-in,video player,and this really isnt a high megabit,video this is actually 8.4 megabits per,second,on that scroll down im not sure if its,going to be noticeable in the video,it is a bit laggy i mean i can,definitely see it stutter in a bit,and i know its kind of hard to notice,now but the sound is way off and this,has really always been the case with,these rk3399 boards and,android,but if you did want to go with lets say,1080p 60,we shouldnt have any issues at all,ill just show you this one just that,initial load in just to show you the,difference,i mean its super smooth,you can just really tell that this is,running at full speed,[Music],so next thing i wanted to test was a,little bit of 4k youtube video playback,and performance really isnt that bad i,was really surprised by this because in,the past testing out the rk3399 didnt,net me great performance with 4k,at least 4k streaming but uh with this,one here lets go forward a bit,give it a second to buffer out im on,ethernet right now,it actually does a really good job super,surprised here,every once in a while you will see it,fall on its face and if you just wanted,to alleviate that all together you can,go ahead and go down to 1080p,but it does a decent job at 4k youtube,video playback,another thing i always like to do with,these boards is run some benchmarks so,first up we have geekbench 5 and these,scores arent looking great at all,single core 176 multi 533,and remember i do have the big heatsink,that came with the unit and a small fan,attached so were not thermal throttling,i also ran 3dmark slingshot xtreme came,in with an 800 for opengl 3.1,performance,i also tried to run the antutu benchmark,but it kept crashing halfway through and,there was really nothing i could do with,it,i tried a couple different versions but,i just couldnt get it to work,so now im going to move over to some,native android game,were going to start off light here with,brawl stars and with something like this,you definitely need on-screen controls,but this is one that i could get to work,without google play services,and its running fine,next on the list minecraft pocket,edition and this is actually some of the,best performance that ive seen,out of this game with the arcade 3399,given i had to drop the chunks down to 8,and turn fancy graphics off,but it is very playable like this,and finally for native android gaming,real racing 3 its running great here,but this is a very well optimized game,ive been able to run this at full speed,on cheaper 30,tablets so i expected it to run pretty,decently,now its time to check out a little bit,of emulation we got some dreamcast psp,and i even threw a gamecube game at this,thing,first up dreamcast using the redream,emulator at the native resolution,if i upscale this specific game here it,does lag out a bit but things like,marvel vs capcom 2,can go up to 1280 by 960 just fine this,is just one of the harder ones to,emulate,but at the native res its running at,full speed,moving over to psp using ppsspp,tekken 5 an easier one to emulate were,at 2x resolution,and were getting great performance if i,go up to 3 with this it does drop down,so,2x is kind of the swe

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Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into A Desktop PC, First Look AT The New Vilros Reveal Case

[Music],whats going on everybody its eta prime,pack here again its been a little while,since weve taken a look at any,accessories for the raspberry pi 4 and,theres actually good reason really when,it comes down to it raspberry pi 4 is a,bit hard to get right now if you dont,want to get scalped on it but recently,vil ross released their new reveal case,and i knew i had to take a look at it,now im a huge fan of these desktop,style cases for the raspberry pi just,really love the look and aesthetic of,them and ive seen a bunch online you,know custom ones that people have 3d,printed or made out of other things but,this one here is something that you can,actually purchase from the vill raw site,i believe they also have this on amazon,and its actually a pretty good looking,case so all of the accessories are going,to be in this little box here and it,does come with the tower cooler so we,can overclock that pie and not worry,about thermal throttling its also the,rgb version but they send along a,regular fan if you dont like rgb the,window is constructed of acrylic but the,rest of the case is anodized aluminum,and this does support an ssd weve got,plenty of room to mount one up top and,when it comes to the raspberry pi,running an ssd you will be running it,over usb so youll need an adapter,but it looks easy enough to assemble,weve got the anodized aluminum case,section here weve got a lot of mounting,hardware and our acrylic window with the,cutouts for all of the ports on the,raspberry pi from the ethernet usb micro,hdmi usb type c and weve even got a,cutout up top so we can reach a sata ssd,with an adapter so i will be installing,128 gigabyte ssd in here just to show,you how it all sets up inside of the,case itself but yeah im actually really,excited about this like i mentioned its,been a while since weve taken a look at,any accessories for the raspberry pi so,i figured wed go ahead and put this,thing together,so im going to be using a 4 gigabyte,raspberry pi 4 here actually this might,be an 8 im not sure id have to look at,the ram chip but ill figure it out when,we get it all assembled there is a,cutout on the bottom so we can reach,that micro sd card but if you want you,could always run your operating system,from an ssd the pi 4 is going to slide,right down on these standoffs and from,here we now need to install that tower,cooler it does come with these thermal,pads here and remember these do have,plastic on both sides so make sure you,peel that off,now with this tower cooler it only makes,contact with the cpu so thats the only,thermal pad well need to put on here,but weve also got these other standoffs,that the coolers can amount to and in,turn this is going to mount the,raspberry pi 4 nice and firmly to the,case,so ive got all the standoffs for that,cooler installed the raspberry pi 4,isnt going to go anywhere we just need,to set this right down and weve got,four nuts that are gonna go right here,and actually if you take a look at the,instructions there is a certain sequence,in tightening these down for the cooler,but ive really never had an issue with,it it is good practice to go ahead and,follow the instructions but were not,working with a lot of wattage here so,you should be fine,and in the instructions it shows you,exactly how to plug this fan in ive got,it set up for 5 volts but this will also,work on 3.3 to be a bit quieter but,these are already super quiet and its,enclosed so if youre not going to be,adding an ssd were actually done here,as you can see we do have access to the,usb ethernet the hdmi and the usb type-c,but for this i do want to add an ssd,comes with all the hardware we need to,mount it and its going to mount right,up top here now like i mentioned this,has to be plugged in over usb so youll,need a sata to usb adapter i just picked,up a cheap one on amazon months ago and,it works out really well,and ive noticed that these standoffs,that they include for the ssd dont go,all the way at least into this one but,theyve got these little black covers,that go right over them to try to kind,of cover it up and it does look pretty,good with these on it,now ive got that ssd set up its just,going to slide right up top and weve,got some more of these thumb screws that,are going to go right in you could,always find some other screws but this,is what it comes with so they will be,standing off the top personally i think,they look pretty good with that silver,against the black but its really up to,you in the end,and now that ive got the ssd mounted i,can put the acrylic right on here does,have four more thumb screws to hold this,on but i do want to check that ive got,everything set up and i can plug this,ssd in properly with the adapter i have,this is just a j micron adapter,sata to usb 3,and well definitely be plugging it into,a usb 3 port on the raspberry pi 4. and,for the longest time with the pi 4 weve,been able to run our whole operating,system from an ssd over usb,it will be faster than a micro sd card,but for this setup here ive actually,already got a micro sd card flashed and,ready to go with the latest version of,raspberry pi os and once its all,finished up it looks something like this,i love the super clean look here weve,definitely got more space than we really,need for a raspberry pi but it kind of,sets it off and just gives you a little,bit of eye candy sitting on the desk,and the way i have it set up right now,is usb kind of facing me that way i can,check out that rgb on the fan but one,thing id probably want to do is flip,the cooler around that way i have that,fan on the other side because the way i,actually want this setup on my desk is,the usb towards the rear of the desk,that way i get that nice aluminum with,the wave shape there facing me and i,dont see all of the wires and,everything plugged in but yeah its,really up to you if youve been looking,for a nice little tower case then i,could suggest this its going for around,49.99 so it is a bit expensive but it,does feel premium i kind of wish these,companies would step their game up and,give us real glass now having that curve,with the acrylic is definitely the way,to go due to the manufacturing process,but it would be nice to have a case like,this with two real glass panels on each,side even if we just had to use eight,thumb screws all the way around id,totally be fine with it would just give,us a real good premium feel but thats,going to wrap it up for this one really,appreciate you watching and if youre,interested in the ville ross reveal case,i will leave a couple links in the,description if you have any questions,let me know in the comments below and,like always thanks for watching

OrangePi a RaspberryPi alternative!

all right so lets talk microcomputers,for your 3d printers those are variable,options depending on what your financial,ability is um most common one is,raspberry pis um theres alternatives,um ive got a bunch of them theyre,called orange pies,so this one here is actually in a case,this is the pi zero two,and its comparable to um you know,probably a two on the raspberry pi they,actually still work for pre-printers,they have one gig worth of memory in,them and processor is good enough to run,one machine,the drawback is is that they have the,single ethernet,a single usb,your power and your hdmi in and that is,all that these have other than your sd,card port,they do have adapters that have just,been released ive got a couple of them,now which are really awesome and what,they do is they give you an additional,two usb,a audio jack and an rf,add-on as well and they simply just take,the original,they have a built-in side they just pop,down and you are,good to go the drawback is they dont,have a case for them yet i will be,making one here for these specific units,um all in all i think the main w,board here too is about thirty four,dollars from aliexpress the expansion is,about ten dollars um so all in all,youre about 40,plus shipping so maybe around that 55,range canadian to get one of these guys,delivered to you and um theyll,functionally power your printer you have,a couple of usbs for your cameras and,maybe led lights,whatever you want to use them for,honestly and um ive been using one off,one of my v2s for a while and theyre,they work great i have no problem i have,the,three,lts,currently running,my android mac setup so inside here,its kind of messy so acknowledge it but,in the back corner there is my,pi,3 lts from orange pi and that unit is,running my enter max,for about three months now and ive had,zero issues its obviously comparable to,a raspberry three but you know like they,are awesome its got three usb ports as,well,so you have lots of options for your,system to run with and no obviously they,have all the other stuff that you can,use well for uart and,pin is pretty similar to pi 3 so youre,good to go i highly recommend if youre,in a budget zone,pick up these little guys im going to,design some cases for them so they have,a fan and they fit a little bit more,nicer against an under three they have a,bracket im going to make them so,theyre more user-friendly,and um i have some other friends who are,on sites who have made really great,write-ups so ill link that right up in,the video and then if you want to get,one set it up just follow his guide its,super simple um the things can take like,10 minutes to set up and youre more or,less ready to run clipper or if you want,to run,octo prints and various other things,like mainsail and whatever else you are,youre good to go so hopefully this,video will help and um i do recommend if,you need one and you want a good value,price if you dont mind waiting for a,month pick one of these guys up

Raspberry Pi Desktop

[Music],foreign,[Music],desktop I already gave Raspberry Pi 400,mechanical keyboard upgrade and I,created Raspberry Pi ultimate computer,inside mechanical keyboard,for this project I need Raspberry Pi 3D,printer and screen,it is dead how convenient it has very,good full HD screen it will be perfect,for raspberry API desktop lets remove,screen,it says dont touch,[Music],me something soft,here is the screen its very thin and,Light,and here is model name for LCD,controller board,ordering LCD controller board,and while Im waiting I can go and make,3D models,for screen I just need to make case,process slicer can split in half,these metal holders on the top of the,screen are not needed I remove them,lets try the first half of the case,it does not go well I opened it and it,was mistake about 2 millimeters,this is first prototype,it never works first time,how are people in Old Times able to make,prototypes without 3D printers,maybe they used brain,the final version will be read it takes,some time to remove carefully support,material,lets try this version,this go well,this is the second part with hope for,the ribbon cable it goes here,perfect,for this tilt mechanism I made this,prototype,these screws are too small and its not,enough friction area take a look boom I,was too optimistic to hold screen with,small screws I need something bigger,like this,this will be a hinge to tilt the screen,double-sided sticky tape Im applying,with some distance from The Edge so it,will not be visible,three lines are more than enough for a,strong grip,[Music],buttons they are using too much space I,need them only for initial setup so I,will just leave hole for the port,connecting ribbon cable ribbon cable,goes here extra help is needed,and here I need to make some origami,with ribbon cable,this is temporary sticky tape,so the ribbon cable will go from the,center,plastic has a low coefficient of,friction Im using an M6 bolt here bolt,tension can be adjusted with a,screwdriver later,the Prototype version of the case with,the stand was not looking stable one,millimeter for the bottom layer is not,enough at all,improved Red version,Raspberry Pi will be held with four,screws here,looks good,and on another side will be an LCD,controller board,the buttons can be plugged in here if,ever needed most likely not now I can,join the bottom case with the screen,and again origami with ribbon cable,this is compact HDMI cable plug-in,Raspberry Pi and LCD board,power for raspberry will be plugged in,inside,this font will be idle most of the time,it is connected to these pins and,enabled phone control if the temperature,is more than 80 degrees there is amount,on the top cover here slide in,short test the screen power and now,Raspberry Pi power the phone will spin,for several seconds on the boot,and then it goes into the idle state,this piece will cover screen cable,it looks almost finished,I left open rare side for good airflow,this temporary tape can be removed and,plastic cover will protect the cable,and from other side for symmetry,it looks much better now,total weight,557 gram okay wireless mouse goes here,wired keyboard raspberry,and final step to connect screen power,hey this is how the first working,prototype was looking,foreign,version,I left HDMI port accessible so it can be,used as a monitor for example I can,connect Mac Mini just connecting HDMI,foreign,or it can be used as a second monitor,Raspberry Pi desktop done,what will be the next project,bye,that really took some time to make this,tip to work,and its tiny,really cool,bye,[Music]

Make your Raspberry Pi a true HiFi streamer with Pi2AES

black box,lets see whats inside,hi guys and welcome back to my channel,now today we are going to talk about,pi2aes and its meant to be used with a,raspberry pi,now if youre not familiar with how you,approach to using raspberry pi as a,streamer and what type of operating,systems you have to install and how all,of that works,i have a video dedicating to,making a raspberry pi an audio streamer,its like that beginners guide,and if youre not familiar with it you,should watch that one first ill link it,down below the video,but here today im going to assume that,you already know,about raspberry pi and its ecosystem and,its oss,and,what a hat is,so,im quickly going to open this one,ill start from there,as you can see this is a streamer based,on a raspberry pi that is this board,down here,and on top of it is the actual,motherboard of a product called pi 2 aes,now when these two are put together,enclosed in this nice black box also,there is a clear one you can choose,between these two,they make a fully functional streamer,and today we are going to talk about its,features connectivity its sound quality,which is the most important one and like,price to performance ratio few,comparisons in the end of course,so is this a streamer that you should,pay attention to,in short yes yes it is but lets start,with connectivity part as you can see uh,this is quite rich this lower part of,the board is from the actual raspberry,pi and this upper section everything you,see from my hand,upwards are the connections of the,actual pi 2 aes,so as you can see we have b and c,coaxial connection but also rca those,are all digital connections so im not,going to repeat that every time we also,have optical one and finally aes,connection which is not that often,found especially on a budget streamers,so as you can see connectivity is pretty,rich,and you can choose between lots of,options here that said im not going to,comment on how each of these outputs,sound because thats immensely difficult,to do because,each dac has slightly different inputs,no dac sounds exactly the same depending,on if youre using it with coaxial,optical usb or aes,also if youre using different cables,and they have to be different for,different type of connections,that also again offsets the results so,im going to talk about the device in,general,and uh thats basically the most,important because,all of the qualities or shortcomings,that i mentioned compared to some other,devices they still hold no matter what,output you actually use,differences between outputs are much,smaller than differences between,different devices so the thing i forgot,to mention is that spy 2 aes costs 200,us dollars thats board only,if you want to buy acrylic case you pay,like 15 bucks additionally now if you,want to purchase power supply to power,it you pay 30 bucks more they used a,fairly uncommon 24 volts dc and im,saying its unusual because most of dc,power supplies are actually 5 or 12,volts but this this one is 24 and when,you actually connect these 24 volts,to this power input here,you immediately at the same time power,the hat,and the pie board that said you can if,you want to remove this small jumper,here on a board,and by doing that you separate power,supplies for both boards meaning that,you have to power main computing boards,of a raspberry pi with its own 5 volts,as if you were using it alone without a,hat,and then you power this one separately,if you want to do that you can i find it,more convenient if i can power,everything from one power supply less,cables less clutter but if now youre,thinking like oh man i already have a,nice power supply maybe its a linear,power supply or any other type of low,noise power supply,and its 5 volts and,i wanted to use that one well there is a,small hack that you can use and actually,do that,and its very simple,youll just have to get an adapter a,resembling to this one and,hook it up directly to five volts pins,on the pi 2 aes hat,this way you can power this whole device,with 5 volts and thats good why because,maybe,you have a high quality 5 volts power,supply like i do for example aloe shanti,and,doing this ill actually make this whole,unit sound better than when its powered,with its own power supply and this whole,hack was actually published on the,golden audio website i saw it there,thanks for that guys,and ill leave the link down below the,video so you can follow it and see what,kind of cables and connectors you,exactly need to do this if you want oh,yeah small warning if you decide to use,5 volts power supply,the creator of this board says that then,you lose power protection circuitry that,circuitry is meant to work with this,higher voltage so if anything would,happen to your power supply maybe its,malfunctions or something like that,if youre using 24 volts,there is a protection circuitry on the,board that will prevent the boards to,die together with the power supply,if you use a hack and the 5 volts,if anything like that happens,both your hat and your raspberry pi will,be in a danger there is no protection,preventing power supply to kill,this hat and raspberry pi so yes thats,a risk decide for yourself should you,try something like that or not now if,youre asking me about the features and,can you use this streaming service or,that streaming service that will fully,depend on the os that you decide to,install on a raspberry pi,some of the most populars are volumio,mood i personally use row pi xl but,again if you dont know anything about,it you should watch that introduction,video like raspberry pi audio streaming,for beginners because now we are going,to move to the most important part and,thats sound quality of this hat,and right out of the bat the sound,quality is great,i started listening to it with its,switching 24 volts power supply thats,the most basic most affordable,configuration that you can assemble all,together thats 250 and you can choose,do you want to use raspberry pi 3b plus,or four,you get all of these different sides so,you can adjust them to each model,because these pi versions have slightly,different connectors,but in the box,you get different,sides so youre covered for each of,these raspberry pi versions,and like all that in total would cost,around 300 us dollars,raspberry pi hat case power supply and,with that starting point with that,starting base,pi 2 aes already sounds great first of,all its so clean and precise,baseline is,tidy and neat and quick,and well controlled there is no bloat,whatsoever and the same goes for the mid,bass its so neat and tidy and,controlled mid-range is crisp,is clean,and same goes for the highest,frequencies everything just sounds,perfectly neutral and the most,interesting stuff that we are going to,talk about is actually uh sound staging,now,this hat can produce an,exceptionally,and deep,sound stage,imaging,placing instruments and tones inside of,the soundstage is phenomenal,everything is pinpointed with a great,precision,and i mean in a class leading precision,i just kept listening to it and i,realized that no matter what i play no,matter what type of music i listen to,it always sounds,tidy clean,spacious and deep,tonally its on a slightly leaner side,of things,but its not,completely its not tin sounding its,not analytical its just that from that,great bass clarity and control and,really tidy mid bass i needed some time,to get used to all of that cleanness,and i kid you not it really took some,time to get used to it because i was,coming from,warmer sounding aloe dg1 and smsl sd9,and that actually leads me to a few,comparisons that ill immediately try to,make now ill start with alodge one its,a 100 us dollars board,it has only rca coaxial and bnc coaxial,output so regarding connectivity,pi 2 aes is clearly more advanced device,but what about sound quality,okay,dg1 sounds,warmer and fuller,it has much more,mid bass,but its actually closed up top it has,less high frequency presence,and in general it sounds,muddier it sounds less resolving,ever

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