1. The Best Foundation Substitute – Smashbox BB Creme Review For Oily Skin
  4. The Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF! My Favorites from NARS, Shiseido, & More | Susan Yara
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The Best Foundation Substitute – Smashbox BB Creme Review For Oily Skin

welcome to boot camp beauty calm and for,this weeks video Im going to be doing,a review about a product that I,mentioned in my last weeks tutorial,which is my everyday foundation routine,so the product that Im going to be,talking about is the smashbox,camera-ready BB cream so in my last,tutorial i notice that i really didnt,talk about what a BB cream was or the,benefits of using in why i like to use,this product so thats what this video,is going to be about so lets start with,what is the e cream well a baby or BB,cream stands for is beauty balm or,blemish balm and it has so many great,benefits in place of foundation right,specially for like a daily basis usage,so lets talk a little bit about what it,says it does so heres the box I still,actually have my box and it says its a,five million one miracle worker proven,to prime perfect protect hydrate and p4,control oil all in a single step so this,revolutionary tinted formula instantly,evens out complexion to create smooth,radiant skin without decision and to,fine lines and pores and banishes shine,without that chalky vanish it visibly,reduces the appearance of fine lines and,wrinkles in just four weeks you can wear,alone or under foundation,our coverage so this baby cream is,really great it has so many more added,benefits than just your regular,foundation right it has anti-aging,benefits it has priming benefits and,also it does have SPF 35 which is,awesome but because it is a chemical,sunscreen its not supposed to give you,that white flashback in photography so,its supposed to be photo friendly right,hence the name camera-ready so thats,really great where there is if youre,going out or anything like that you,dont really want to wear that heavy,heavy foundation look or you know want,to have a heavy foundation look so you,can either wear it just as your,foundation routine or in place of your,foundation routine on an immediate basis,or you can also use this as a primer,right because it really held its super,light and it really helps even out on,your skin tone so itll really help your,normal foundation and regular foundation,to go on releases now what I do use this,as a foundation I do like to set it with,translucent powder so I usually use my,Neutrogena shine control powder and just,to really help set it and make sure that,the BB cream stays in place all day I,think this is a great product for those,of you out there who want something,light for your everyday for your,everyday look and also those of you who,just want to even out your skin tone or,anything like that and also for your,beginners out there who are new to,wearing makeup but if youre in high,school I think this is a great great way,to start too by using this product,instead of liquid foundation or anything,like that because it just didnt has so,many added benefits and its really,light and it just helps cover up any of,the imperfections that you might want,cover up with with your makeup also when,youre wearing this it,super light it doesnt feel like youre,wearing anything and makeup or anything,like that so I think this is great for,just your everyday go to Z alright so,lets talk a little bit about the price,it is a little more on the expensive,side it does cost $39 retail I believe,that for up I just looked it up online,and so it is a little pricey but I think,its a great product to invest in,especially like I mentioned earlier for,your beginners out there I think its a,great product for you and also one thing,is it does come in five different shapes,the shade that Im using is light/medium,and I think it actually will really fits,my skintone right now at the moment,perfectly so I think maybe once summer,hits and it starts to get and I start,getting a little more darker a little,more tan I think I might need to go up,when my shade but right now the light,New York isnt perfect all right do you,want to see how I apply this product or,what my everyday foundation routine is,now Im going to make my video right,here so you can go and watch that video,so overall I think this is a great,product especially the spring here and,some on its way that warmer weather is,coming I think this would be a great,product to wear right because when it,gets warmer outside I really dont want,to you really dont want to wear the,heavy liquid foundation because when you,sprin it starts to get hot you sweat and,then you dont want you,make up to come on off like a hot mess,so I think this is a great product for,the warmer weather and just for your,everyday go to quick look to the work,school or anything like that or even,just to go out and run errands alright,guys thank you so much for watching I,really hope you guys enjoy this review,of the smashbox camera-ready BB cream if,you guys like this video please click,the like button also subscribe to my,channel if you already havent I do,release the video every single Friday,and also favorite then share it and head,over to boot camp pretty common where,there youll get a chance to receive a,free beauty tutorial sent directly to,your email a cheap all right guys Ill,see you in the next video,you,you


hey everyone okay so today were going,to be talking concealer,going to be demonstrating to illustrate,the point,so concealer according to bobby brown,concealer is the secret of the universe,i think for most people over the age of,25 it is an absolute nightmare because,oftentimes it can do more harm than good,what i mean by that is foundation and,concealer in general,they create a clean canvas a clean look,to the skin,but they also make the skin look more,lined and there is nothing,you can do about that there is no,foundation out there that doesnt do,that,do a split test put foundation on one,side nothing on the other,the foundation side is going to look,smooth its going to look,even but it will look more lined when,you smile,it will exaggerate it more and,definitely for concealer that is double,so in all the time ive been doing,makeup,it is quite rare that i will find,somebody with extreme,under eye darkness that comes all the,way across,from inner corner all the way to outer,corner,now of course theres going to be lots,and lots of people who are watching this,who have that problem but it isnt the,norm,most people tend to have darkness on the,inside corner of the eye,that tends to be where it is the most,sometimes it can be,underneath slightly but the majority of,times its here,now of course when you go onto youtube,and you look at all the concealer videos,majority of them will show you applying,concealer from inner corner,to outside corner up to lash line and,then down whether its in a v,or just this semicircle nothing wrong,with that particularly if you do have,extreme darkness,however if you dont there really is no,need to do that and im going to,illustrate this point with a demo and,speaking to you,so what im doing is zoom in in a second,now i want to just point out that ive,got,patches of dry skin on my face at the,moment,ive been testing out a new product and,it did not agree with me,at all look at that pink here,it didnt agree with me it really didnt,nothing bad about the product it just,irritated my skin,so if it looks you know dry and sore it,is,so when you,smile the skin underneath the eyes is,thinner,but that isnt the problem the problem,is that when we smile our cheeks lift up,and that causes the lines underneath the,eyes or the skin,to bunch up so let me show you ill zoom,in,so lets do this one as you can see,when i smile skin moves,and its moving in this area,here right so all of this gorgeous area,is moving let me show you on the other,eye,there thats where the movement is,but did you notice something that didnt,move,here watch,see this area here it doesnt move,thats where you need to apply concealer,if you are like 90,of us that do not have extreme under eye,darkness,thats where you need to apply it,because there doesnt move,so im going to show you on one side and,then well do it on the other so you can,illustrate the point and please again,because you noticed this in a previous,video,people comment before they watch the,video so it can be,youre like oh not everybody,has deep under eye discolorations but,some people do,and if you do you have to weigh out the,pros and cons of yes youre going to,cover it,but its going to accentuate lines and,wrinkles it is theres no way around,that,but for most people who dont have,extreme under eye darkness,going underneath the lash line it does,two things it shrinks the eye,and it causes the skin under it to look,older so,lets go in im just going to use im,going to use a i think im going to use,a,corrector shade and im going to go in,on the inner corner here,and im covering the entire area here,so let me smile completely immobile,so thats where concealer goes,and im going to illustrate this with a,light and dark technique in a second,and then just take your finger and pat,it into place,make sure that theres enough on there,so that that inner corner,is visibly brightened and you can,feather it down,however you want so pat and press,but youre trying to create light in the,center,of the eye which is what were trying to,do here,with this technique and i used bisque i,actually used bobby brown,and you can see it just brightens up,that inner corner,just enough that the skin you get this,kind of baby effect,you know when you see a newborn baby or,a very small baby,their inner corner of the eye is so,light and bright,so well take the same thing now on the,other side,but this time well start on the inner,corner,well go right the way up,to the lash line,now i dont know if you can see it in,the mirror in the monitor or your tv,but this eye now looks smaller than that,eye because,weve taken away the discoloration,underneath the eye,and it shrinks the eye so you when you,do this kind of technique,you have to apply some form of shadow,underneath the eye in order to open it,up again,so im not doing this standard v or,anything like that,im just putting enough under and then,im just gonna pat,and press it in and im not,trying to you know make this side look,worse just to give the illusion that,this side looks better,im just trying to explain that what,happens is,skin moves and the more product you have,underneath the eye the worse,this area is going to look especially as,the day goes on,because chances are youre going to set,that concealer youre going to set it,with powder,and thats going to give it a drier look,which is nothing wrong with powder,powder works,great but it goes into lines and,wrinkles as the day goes on,everything does and this area here,is just going to look worse and worse,whereas this area,will look the way it looks because this,area doesnt move,so you can set it what is that come on,oh its a bit of dry skin again lovely,my whole face is falling off,literally falling off i might be using,that again thats for sure,i know theres going to be people out,there now saying tell me what it is,im not going to because,its a really good product that so many,people have had great results with just,didnt work for me,no point slagging it off because it,didnt work then people will assume that,its a bad product when that isnt the,case,but you see the point nice and bright,doesnt move this area weve got the,concealer there,its also going into the dryness which,is irritating,now what im going to do is apply a coat,of mascara so you can get this effect,from,dark lash line to light in a corner,because it just looks so pretty,so ive just applied one single coat of,mascara just this side,just to kind of illustrate the point so,when you see the darker lash line,theyve then got this ring of light this,halo of light in this inner corner,so i just put some on the other eye just,to,play fair,but obviously or ultimately,the choice is yours it really depends on,what youre trying to achieve,your age your skin condition and,the level of darkness youve got for,somebody like me,the inner corner highlight is enough,its enough for most people,but some people like the brighter eyed,effect and i totally understand that,but with that will come pronounced,wrinkles,pronounced under eye bags because,anything you lighten,stands out so you then have to double,correct,any eye bag you have as well which ill,discuss in another video,but there you go thats my thoughts this,is a forgotten,technique in makeup artistry the,simplest,the inner eye highlights which extends,from inner corner,just out and is then blended away,and it just looks absolutely yummy let,me know what your thoughts are,on this phenomenon of wrinkles,thanks for watching and ill see you all,soon bye

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hi everyone welcome back this is my last,video in my current little well call it,the yellow t-shirt section I filmed SPF,and retinols and a disappointing video,um this is its a women Im not too sure,Im gonna have to call them but they are,either CC creams BB creams or skin tints,or some kind of cream that you can use,on top of the moisturizer to give you a,little bit of color or to correct a bit,of color that you dont want there but,they also have SPF so these for me or,what I call are used to call I dont,have to do it anymore because now my,children are a bit older and get,themselves to school but these are what,I would traditionally have called school,run products Im going to start with one,that has very rudely been discontinued,because I think it is still available,and if you can buy it you probably,should Im sure theyre going to bring,out something else to replace it but Im,still not speaking to them and frankly,Im not very happy with their behavior,its you would think my old favourite,Kate Somerville like that Kate,Somerville Illuma Kate see what you did,there CC cream boards broad why cant I,say broad spectrum broad spectrum SPF 50,I love this it looks like this Im going,to stand up and show you it looks like,that now there are different shades this,is medium number 4 where is it there,okay,it gives you I use this on top of,moisturizer so I dont use it as a Im,not a big fan of tinted moisturizers I,use moisturizer and then I put color on,my face they do two to print things,moisturizer and SPF finish your skincare,routine and color starts it starts your,color routine so these are that hybrid,product in the middle where if you dont,want to go for a full face or maybe you,do but youre going to use something,later on during the day and you just,need something to pop out you can do,moisturizer and then one of these so,thats K Summerville illuminate CC cream,they discontinued it because they hate,me similar to that which is thankfully,coming to tape their place although I,did stock up when I was there obviously,its dr. Dennis gross this is medium to,deep instant radiant Sun defense on,sunscreen broad-spectrum SPF 40 looks,like that and looks like put it here,that can you see so its a bit darker,but it blends out beautifully so this is,really its actually probably a shade,too dark for me but I got a pale and one,thats slightly too dark so ones for,when Im looking my usual pale in sip,itself and the other is when Ive been,on holiday um medium to deep this would,probably go I would say medium black,skin but not not really dark um but I,dont think it would make you a she,either but its worth testing,I wouldnt say from exact experience,because I havent been able to try this,on any of my friends who are that bit,darker than me,instant radiant Sun defense its a,lovely lovely feel its a lovely texture,and you stick it on on top of,moisturizer lovely using lovely a lot,like Mary Poppins lovely um two from,Estee Lauder theyre not new by the way,these are just like I said my current,faves revitalizing supreme CC and,enlighten EE they look like that theyre,very shiny so they will never focus the,CC cream is beautiful nice yellow,neckline the CC cream looks,like take a step back Caroline Oh use,too much I hate it when I use too much,to demo because I dont want to waste it,thats the see see there this is the EE,which is much darker because its a skin,tone corrector so thats what they look,like this one blends through Im gonna,have to blend up my bloomin arm on my,this gives you the most lovely glow and,its not ashy it disperses to a sort of,makeup tanned colour when its on it,kind of you can see here it has almost,pigment correctors that blend into the,color of your skin and then this one is,if you are really red like I said in a,previous video by the way my hands,arent this dark its the light this one,is better if you have discoloration on,your skin or you have pigmentation or,you have like red bits around your nose,depends entirely on how your skin looks,on the day if my skin looks pretty good,and I just want to look glowing and,healthy and JLo and fresh and happy its,a lot the big Astra skincare product it,would be that one if I look a bit,blotchy and patchy and I look a bit dull,and a bit hungover and a bit I dont,drink but you know what I mean you feel,a bit hungover your skin looks like you,are it would be that one and that color,is medium number two so I reckon if,youre a pale blonde person youre,easily going to be a number one and then,you go up one if youre darker than me I,have three left see I started with this,fave fives and its very quickly,becoming fave 7s and five-eighths this,one is creme de la Mer the reparative,skin tin SPF 30 this is light to medium,it looks like this Im going to show you,what it looks like on it looks like that,and then blended through let me rub it,first so you can see it just gives you,its obviously its impossible to see,the lovely glow but essentially oh I,really really like this one and it,smells,just not really it smells like you would,expect it smells fresh and expensive and,chill or user friendly ones,this is Smashbox camera ready BB cream,SPF 35 oh sorry that was SPF 30 I will,put a link below to what Ill make sure,I list what the SPF content is because,that was the important part Smashbox,camera ready BB cream SPF 35 this is,light to neutral prime perfect protect,hydrate and control si and it looks like,I want to put that one there and then,show you this one first this one looks,like that which is now my skin is very,rapidly or becoming the same color but,it blends this ones a bit too pale for,my arm but in my arms because Im always,in t-shirts and v-necks,theyre always darker than my face but,this one is really lovely,I find this ones better on days Im,feeling slightly greasy so I would use,this more for I need to go out and look,fabulous but Im having a bit of a,hormonal day just leave it at that shall,we,and then this one I picked up in LA this,is your aluminized moisture tint SPF 20,and its oil-free and I know thats,important to a lot of you I dont mind a,bit of oil oil free hypoallergenic,fragrance free water resistant perfect,for all skin types and apply luminizing,sorry Im reading apply luminizing,moisture tint to clean skin with your,foundation brush or fingertips and you,can layer for extra coverage this is the,color glow these guys do make a wealth,of colors so if you are much paler than,me or much darker than me you can,definitely check them out this is glow,it is slightly yellow peachy but the,result again all of these Ive been,using in the last couple of weeks weve,had our summer in England its the end,of July weve had our summer its done,now we go away in England next week and,its going to rain all week,o to be in England in the summertime or,dont be I love the texture of this so,Im going to do a quick recap it wont,be in any particular order because Im,not that,nice okay discontinued Kate Somerville,love it try it if you can get it its,fantastic on top of moisturizer,Dennis Gross a great replacement until,they bring out the alternative to that,one which Im sure theyre going to and,I will buy that too medium to deep is,probably a shade darker than me this is,me when Im tend really turned estée,lauder the two of them CC for days you,look like you you look okay you just,want a bit extra oomph EE thinking this,is emergency like god I look awful,ee clearly I look classy CC weve really,gone up in a tangent now Ive been,filming a lot and topping creme de la,Mer reparative skin tone one for you if,you are a creme creme if youre a creme,user and you like their products this is,excellent its not the cheapest if you,are on big budget you know you have the,cut that concern I would head to boots,and get Smashbox loving a bit of,Smashbox lately Im sure when I do my,next videos which would probably be more,makeup he focused makeup and serums,anyway put your requests down below,therell be a lot of Smashbox in it its,a

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The Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF! My Favorites from NARS, Shiseido, & More | Susan Yara

today were going to talk about tinted,moisturizers i actually cant believe,i dont have a video on this already,because if there is one,makeup product that i just love it is,tinted moisturizer so today im going to,share,my favorites,okay so before we even get into my,favorite tinted moisturizers i want to,make it clear,what types of tinted moisturizers im,talking about i am not talking about,sunscreens that have a tint they are,very similar,but they dont give the same kind of,coverage so im not talking about,sunscreens,that have a tint i use sunscreens with,tint as my main form,of sunscreen so im leaving that out of,the conversation those are,you know i i round those up sometimes in,my favorite sunscreen videos,i am talking about more like your,typical tinted moisturizers,that may have some spf to them and also,you know products like bb creams and cc,creams,because in my opinion they all serve a,very similar purpose,they give you a little bit of a skin,benefit so they might have,you know ingredients that you find in,skin care they give you a lot more,coverage than a sunscreen with tint to,it so they,can sometimes replace your foundation or,actually be your foundation because,theyre giving,a coverage like that it just depends on,how much coverage they offer and because,they get treated like,makeup they tend to have more shades,there is one product im going to talk,about in here that does not have,a lot of shades to offer but for the,most part tinted moisturizers get,treated as,makeup and of course they tend to,hydrate and moisturize your skin so that,is what i am talking about today,tinted moisturizers or bb creams or cc,creams they all kind of fall in the same,category for me another thing i want to,make clear is i do not use tinted,moisturizer as my main form of sunscreen,and the reason for that is because,tinted moisturizers tend to have,so much more coverage that i dont want,to put such a,thick glob onto my face i dont want to,look like im wearing a mask of,foundation essentially so i only use it,where i need it on my face and i dont,use as much as i would when it comes to,sunscreen with sunscreen you guys see me,globbing that on,i use enough to cover every every part,of my skin that is,showing and i dont do that with tinted,moisturizers or with foundation either,that said a lot of them offer some,protection including four of the ones,im going to talk about today,i like to think of it more as like an,added bonus it doesnt raise the number,so if you have like an spf 30 sunscreen,that you put on,and then you put on an spf 30 tinted,moisturizer it doesnt mean you suddenly,have,spf 60 happening on your skin it just,means that youre just getting some,added protection maybe you,you know wiped off an area or maybe you,missed an area or,something you know youre just basically,ensuring that you have,some sun protection on but i want to be,really clear about that you are not,doubling up,the number the spf that sun protection,factor,by adding another sunscreen on top of,your sunscreen,its just a little bonus you get added,protection,another bonus about tinted moisturizers,is that they can also help with,re-application of your sunscreen so if,youre one of those people that youre,like,im just not reapplying my sunscreen,during the day it messes up my makeup,it you know just doesnt work well for,me it feels heavy,then you can technically get one of,these tinted moisturizers this is,especially great if you tend to just sit,in an office most of the day so,youre not getting a ton of sun exposure,but you know that you might go for,a quick walk to go get some lunch or,something or you just want to be inside,the entire day but you want to make sure,you have a little bit of protection,these work really well for,re-application in that case so the,reason why i like tinted moisturizer on,an everyday basis,is because it gives you that more,natural kind of like your skin but,better,look and it gives you a dewy freshness,to your skin all that said,lets get into my favorite tinted,moisturizers ill tell you the top three,have been around for a while they are,not brand new but they are my tried and,true,holy grail tinted moisturizers so number,one,you guys have heard me talk about this,it is still up there at the top of my,list of products that i love and,recommend,and that is waso color smart day,moisturizer this is by shiseido this is,their waso line,i love this stuff you have heard me talk,about this for a little while now maybe,for like two years in a row this has,been one of my favorite products to use,whats funny about this is i choose the,oil-free version and i tend to find i,like it more even though i have dry skin,because it works really well with all of,the products that i put onto my face,especially if im using a hydrating and,moisturizing sunscreen,if my face suddenly is like dewy and,glowy already,i want something thats going to just,kind of work with,all of those skincare products that i,have on my face so this is a really nice,go-to this is a tinted moisturizer that,i put on because,it truly looks like im not wearing,anything this is probably of all the,tinted moisturizers im going to talk,about today,this one gives the sheerest coverage of,all the ones that i,that i have on my list and thats,probably why it gets pulled out,so much for me is because a lot of the,time especially in this past year,im really just kind of like running an,errand i might be you know like going to,the park with my kids or i might be just,stopping at the grocery store to just,really quickly pick something up and i,just want a little bit of coverage,this is what i tend to put on and its,just because it looks like i just its,my skin,like nobody knows that im wearing,anything on my face because of this,they also have another version of this,that comes in more of like a sherbert,orangey,type tube i actually think that one is,really nice but i dont use it because,it tends to be a little bit too much,like a moisturizer to me,so again putting it on top of all of,those hydrating moisturizing products,almost feels like its too much for me,whereas this one feels like its just,that perfect moisturizer for me that,doesnt,feel too greasy so this is why i love,this its really foolproof for me to put,it on,this also just feels different like,youre using a different type of tinted,moisturizer because they have their,color smart technology in it and what,that essentially means is that when you,first put it on your skin,it looks like its going to be more of,like a white pasty sunscreen,and then as you start to blend it onto,your skin the little capsules of color,break,and it starts to adjust to your skin,tone the thing i will say,is of all the tinted moisturizers im,talking about today,this only comes in one shade its the,only issue that i have with this is it,comes in only one shade,and i happen to be that light to medium,skin tone,where it blends perfectly on me but,everyone that i know that is,really pale and everyone that i know,that has a lot more melanin,in their skin tones this does not work,on them next up if you are looking for a,step,up in coverage but you also still want,it to look,really really natural i love this one,from bareminerals its called complexion,rescues their tinted hydrating gel cream,this is spf 30 and what i love about it,is it comes in 20 different shades,and all of them look really natural,again this is another one of those,products that is just,foolproof to use its actually a,buildable coverage so the first layer,you put on,will be really sheer and give you just a,hydrated,look to your skin but because its a gel,cream and youll youll kind of notice,thats what i tend to like is,again i dont want it to feel really,heavy and i dont want it to feel like,truly like a moisturizer because i,already have all of my moisturizing,products on my skin,this tends to sit really nice on my skin,even when i have all those different,products on because it is a gel cream i,really do like that

No Makeup Makeup Tutorial – Perfect For Back To School!

hey youtube its monomer and so my name,is doing a tutorial that is highly,requested it is the no makeup makeup,tutorial and this is the finished look I,have on right now its basically a,makeup tutorial to make it look like,youre not wearing any makeup,its perfect for back-to-school season,or if you just want to go out everyday,and you dont want to have to do like,dramatic makeup every day this is,usually my everyday makeup look when Im,not all gussied up with all the eyeliner,and eyeshadow never ething Missy,tutorial is very simple I think I only,use like five products in it so feel,free to substitute the products I use,the products you have at home Im gonna,have all products that use went down,below so definitely check it out but Im,gonna go ahead and cut to the tutorial,if you guys any questions go ahead and,leave those down below ok so this is my,face right after I wash it right in the,morning Ive already put on my,moisturizer for the day so thats all,taken care of but yeah as you can see I,have a lot of discoloration on my face I,have a lot of acne just different spots,that I need color correcting on so the,first product Im gonna be using is,smashbox camera-ready CC cream this is a,dark spot correcting CC cream its,basically like a foundation and a,moisturizer and a 30 SPF all in one and,i just use up all of my face it really,does give my face like a very even,coverage it covers up almost ever,thing I have on my face like Acme,acceleration like Derrick circles under,my eyes its like an all-in-one product,really takes care of everything,next Im using a pressed mineral makeup,from here on my skin just to cover up a,couple like spots instead get covered by,the CC cream its just a basic,foundation Im just using it for a,little bit more added coverage you dont,have to do this step but of course I,still have a little bit of discoloration,so Im just using it for that after that,Im going to be using ground meets pearl,its by benefit its a simple,highlighter its not too shimmery not,too sparkly its just kind of like a,natural light for your face because Im,using a natural my makeup look you dont,want to look like youre wearing glitter,and too much makeup you dont want the,shimmer you just want something looks,very subtle so this is actually a very,subtle fair face its a nice highlighter,to use I just need it on the tops of my,cheekbones and Ill use a little bit on,my brow bones on the corners of my eyes,the bridge of my nose and all my Cupids,bow just to add a little bit more light,to my face and to make me look a little,bit more dewy and youthful it just it,makes your face look a lot brighter and,happier and your skin look a lot nicer,so I really recommend using a,highlighter,so following the highlighter Im going,to be using Too Faced chocolate Soleil,matte bronzing powder and this is a,matte bronzing powder so you dont have,to worry about shimmer it looks very,natural,anything matte it looks very natural and,people wont question whether its your,doe skin color or not and Im gonna be,taking just a little bit of this Im not,even dipping the whole brush into the,pad Im gonna be just using a corner of,the brush in it and Im gonna be,brushing that on to the cheekbone a,little bit above and a little bit on the,cheekbones just to make them look a,little bit more defined and Im gonna be,putting it on the bridge of my nose up,into my eye socket just to make my nose,a little bit more defined and to just,define my face a little bit more and,Ill go ahead and do that on the other,side of smell,Im also putting this a little bit on my,neck because my neck is a couple shades,lighter than my face and I want to look,a little bit more part blended and Im,gonna be putting a little bit on the,tops of my cheeks just to make them a,little bit sunkissed because I am pretty,pale,so next Im gonna be using fine one one,by benefit this is a brightening color,for your cheeks and illuminator all in,one its basically like a deodorant,stick but its blush and its got three,shades on it its got like the Posie,like this pink and a highlighter shade,and I just like to brush it on right,from the front of my apples of my cheeks,all the way back and then I blend it in,just a little bit and it gives you a,really nice glow,its very dewy and its very,natural-looking its not like too pink,you know what I mean so after I do my,blush Im gonna go ahead and do my,eyebrows Im just gonna go ahead and,take it slowly and brush through and,take out all of the makeup thats built,up on them and if you want to see a,really in-depth eyebrows to toriel I,just did one Im gonna have the link,right here for you guys to check out,definitely take a look,I am always getting people asking about,how I do my eyebrows and check it up,there so Im doing is just filling in my,eyebrows and then Im going to be,brushing them out just to make them look,a little bit better,when Im done brushing them out Im,gonna taking a little bit of brow gel,and this is just a tinted brow gel and,brushing it over my brows just to get,them to stay in place all day and it,makes them a little bit more lighter so,they dont look so harsh on my face,[Music],so to finish up my face Im gonna be,taking smooth operator by Tarte its a,finishing powder youre gonna be putting,on on all over your face and I just take,it and swirl a brush in it and put it on,it really does close up the appearance,of pores so your pores appear smaller,were not there at all,and it really does mattify my face so I,dont have to worry about Folio,throughout the day and it holds my,makeup in place too,next Im gonna top off my eyes with a,little bit of mascara this is the lash,accelerator endless row lash complex and,fibers fairy eyelashes by Rimmel London,I got this in an Influenster box and Im,really loving it I dont know if its,available in stores yet but it is really,cool and it does help your eyelashes,grow I havent really knows different,than that department yet but I do like,the way it looks on my eyelashes I just,like to put a lot on the bottom of my,eyelashes what people dont like to do,that but I really like to define the,bottom eyelashes and when I go to the,top its always apparent to shake the,applicator left to right across your,eyelashes just to kind of fluff them up,as well as define and minimal done Im,gonna putting on a nude lip gloss this,is Majorca Majorca how do you pump glass,and this is from Japan obviously a lot,of you cant keep your hands on stuff,from Japan but you can use any kind of,nude lip glass itll work just the same,just something that looks a little bit,dewy and natural and close to your,natural lip color just to kind of top it,all up so I hope you all enjoyed this,tutorial if you guys have any questions,or comments go ahead and leave those,down below and if you have any requested,tutorials of things youd like to see me,do next go ahead and let me know I would,love to know all of your business,suggestions I always look pretty thanks,to my channel for you guys especially,now that back-to-school season is back,again so if theres anything you guys,want to see let me know and maybe Ill,do it but please let me get to subscribe,and videos all the time and other,posting is all again real soon bye,everybody,[Music]


hey you guys welcome back if youre new,here my name is lauren and im a nurse,thats here for all your science back,skincare reviews,and also some makeup thrown in which,today is going to be a,huge i i think this is my biggest ever,makeup review because today ill be,talking about their no,i think i have 14 foundations um,concealers,powders will be ranking my top favorite,skin like foundations,foundations that make your skin look,youthful and radiant,you know foundations that look like your,skin also a lot of newness here today,the new one from urban decay the,hydromaniac you guys will see where that,ranks,and then also new tinted moisturizers,from milani and makeup revolution,so so many fun things to talk about this,is going to be an exciting one,also exciting because were in my new,makeup space or filming space whatever,you want to call this im now down in my,basement because were converting the,old room into the nursery,for the new baby which i realized i,didnt even show you guys my bump in my,reveal vlog,so let me show you guys how were,looking here,oh my gosh i already feel so big for,just being im almost 21 weeks,i feel like hes going to be a big boy,so yeah im in for this time im,realizing also too this shirt probably,isnt the most flattering,the polka dots are not in the right,places so sorry about that,if i scoot down a little lower here but,i hope you guys like the new space i,feel like the lightings okay,let me know what you guys think and yeah,why dont we just go ahead and get,started because we have so many products,to talk about right so like i said in,the beginning these are all,foundations that they do have a lighter,coverage um i have some cc creams in,here,bb creams tinted moisturizers and some,actually just skin,tints so i do like more of a light,coverage foundation these days,and then i like to wear a lighter,concealer on top so and then ill talk,about,that concealer that ive really been,enjoying with these but the one that,comes 14th on the list is this new one,by milani,this is the glow hydrating skin tint the,reason this is coming in is so high,so let me back up the reason i bought,this is because,i saw the ingredients and squalling is,very high up there,my skin is on the dry side especially,now being winter and i think now getting,older,being pregnant i just feel like a,shriveled raisin all the time,so i saw the squally and im like great,im gonna get some great moisture,and while this does moisturize the skin,it gives a nice dewy tint to the skin i,really,like the way this looks um its kind of,heavy and if im going just for a skin,tint i want it to be light enough where,i could throw it on over my spf and its,not going to feel,like an extra layer of makeup if that,makes sense,so this is just a little too heavy for,what im getting from it,im not getting a ton of coverage at all,this is if anything just sheer coverage,but if youre looking for something,thats really sheer on the skin,lightweight,really moisturizing this is nice but,its just a little too heavy for me when,im wearing it with other products,during the day and then coming in at,number 13 is this one by catrice this is,the clean id,hydro bb cream this was new this is,newer but it was released,late last year and while i like how this,looks on the skin,theres something about the application,its a little streaky,like the pigment doesnt go on super,even so you kind of have to work with it,once you get it worked into your skin,it does give a nice dewy finish but yeah,its just a little,finicky when youre working with it the,coverage is nice its definitely a,little bit more coverage than the milani,but,im just not a fan of that streaky,initial application number 12 on the,list,the covergirl skin milk foundation now i,know this did get some negative reviews,throughout the year and i think its,because it does contain,coconut oil and a lot of people were,complaining of breakouts,so if heavy duty occlusives arent your,thing you might not,like this but i never had an issue with,breakouts i think it,did get along nicely with my super dry,skin theres also some potentially,irritating fragrances in here,like lindelof theres also rosemary,extract so those things might,bother your skin if youre sensitive but,i never had an issue with this and,what i loved about this is how,lightweight it feels but it gives such a,beautiful,like dewy glow to the skin no shimmer,whatsoever but just that like healthy,look,and its super lightweight so i i really,did enjoy this but just be careful if,youre sensitive,and then this new one by makeup,revolution this is the super dewy skin,tint,tinted moisturizer so im actually,really enjoying this first of all this,is supposed to be,a super dewy finish its only supposed,to be a skin tint,but i do find that i get decent maybe,light coverage but ive actually been,reaching for this a lot,i like that it feels nice and almost,like like a whipped consistency on the,skin,its pretty lightweight and it feels,really moisturizing it gives a pretty,dewy finish to the skin also,also no shimmer in here and nice,ingredients nice moisturizers with,glycerin and panthenol,theres no spf in here but you get a ton,for your money,this whole bottle is 1.8 fluid ounces,which is amazing,its nice but theres something about i,think its the coverage it doesnt give,like,even coverage i always felt like my skin,kind of looked a little patchy,when i apply this i do really like it i,like that dewy finish but,yeah theres something about the,unevenness of it i wore this in a recent,video that ill link in my cards above,and i did like my,skin in that video but theres something,about yeah it almost looked like a,little patchy or something uh,theres something about it but i do i,have been reaching for this so its nice,but yeah just something about that like,uneven coverage and then at the flower,beauty,light illusion foundation this is one of,my top foundations i,love this so much it gives such a,beautiful,that like radiant almost looks like,theres shimmer in here but theres not,it just makes your skin look so glowy,but not like too overdone,i love it its lightweight theres a,little bit of spf in here youre getting,an spf of 18.,the coverage is nice um but i have it,higher on the list because,it doesnt wear the longest it fades,actually im being generous here it,fades very quickly,this only lasts like i dont know maybe,four hours on me before i notice its,starting to fade and,i see my melasma poking through i will,say though that it fades,nicely it doesnt fade like patchy or,cakey or anything,it looks like your skin which is why i,wanted to include it include this in,this video it is so,so pretty on the skin i just wish the,coverage held up a little bit longer and,then next up is this nyx bb cream,this is so underrated i cant believe,more people dont talk about this,well actually i can which is why its,higher on the list but let me tell you,the good things about it first,so it gives a pretty i feel like this is,the same pattern throughout this video,dewy skin like finish the coverage is,actually very surprising for a bb cream,it covers my melasma really nicely it,like blurs my imperfections it just,makes my skin look,nice and even and healthy and like i,spent some time on my skincare the night,before its a really nice flattering bb,cream i,really like it huge negative though,theres three shades,which okay bb cream you dont need a ton,of shades but theyre all,light and medium shades i think i bought,actually the darkest shade for myself,before,which is just not okay so yeah lots of,negative points there for me for that,because i cant,i cant talk about all the time because,its not a universal foundation that,everybody can wear which,which stinks they just have to come out,with some deeper skin tones in this bb,cream,but yeah it is a really nice finish on,the skin okay they made up for it with,this foundation launch because,there i think is there 40 shades in this,launch ill ill link it below but im,

Easy Makeup using BB Cream

[Music],hi guys welcome to my English Channel,today Im doing a very easy fast makeup,tutorial for you guys using a BB cream,but a really special BB cream if youre,looking that have been loving Ill tell,you more about it during the video,before we go I want to teach you a,Portuguese word today Im gonna teach,you how to say easy because its an easy,look so in Portuguese you say fast you,repeat with me fast you really hope you,liked the tutorial and lets get started,lets put this makeup on already because,I dont want to look like this in the,whole video first were gonna start with,the face primer this is photo finish by,Smashbox and Im going to apply it all,over the face for me it doesnt matter,if its a day makeup its a night makeup,I need primer because thats whats,gonna hold my makeup throughout you know,the entire time and next Ill apply,might BB cream I need to talk a little,bit about this video cream because its,so perfect a little story real quick I,know that BB creams are very good for,your skin but I would just they just,didnt work for me so I I just wouldnt,worry until I found this baby clean from,Misha actually a store sent it to me,not like the actual brand send it to me,but a store online store send it to me,and I took forever to try it because I,was like I just give up on BB creams and,then one day I decided a try and I loved,it I fall in love because this is almost,like a foundation but its good for your,skin it has really really good coverage,it looks very natural,so my colouring this is 27 and he has,SPF 42 its very high SPF so which is,really good so the reason I like this vb,cream im gonna apply it while i talk,because i talk too much and i like to,apply it with my hands with my fingers,okay I just think it gives a more,natural finish so the reason I like this,is because it has really,really good coverage its almost like a,foundation but it looks really natural,on your skin and it does do the BB,Creams job which is protecting your skin,it has an SPF it hydrates your skin and,you know its good for your skin because,usually foundation isnt that good for,your skin so its a great everyday,product I have been loving it everybody,knows what a BB cream is today right so,I apply it all over my face,and as you can see in the camera,hopefully it doesnt its not heavy on,your skin it looks natural and glowy but,it hides the imperfections so if you,want to wear it just like that put eye,mascara on and a lipstick or a little,blush and go out youre gonna look,perfect but I do like some coverage,today Im gonna do a quick makeup for,you guys a makeup that I wear to work or,occasion during the day so its the,makeup that Im gonna do for you guys,okay using the BB cream so for the skin,thats it of course Im gonna apply a,little bit of concealer Im using the me,realized from Mac was here under my eye,and around my mouth to cover the dark,circles,okay so because I have combination skin,and if you have oily skin you should do,this apply a little bit of powder if you,want a natural look apply just a little,bit so on the tip of the brush mostly on,the forehead nose and chin the rest all,over the face just to give the skin a,matte finish and not adding too much,product so not a little bit of bronzer,on my cheeks to contour a little bit and,make your skin look healthy and Im,using the Laguna bronzer from NARS and,this will automatically give you a,contour and as you already know I need,to contour my nose a little bit so with,a blending brush just on the sides here,of my nose with the same product I blend,it to give it up,contour now Im coming back with the,concealer and just highlight the top of,my nose to make the contour stand out,more next Im gonna take a powder blush,this is cinnamon from NYX its a very,orange but it gives you a very natural,look I love it just on the apples of,your cheeks the rest here on the chin,and thats gonna be it for the skin and,since Im here doing this tutorial Im,gonna do the eyes for you guys and like,I said it will be the type of makeup,that I wear to work or any occasions,during the day of course I want my eyes,to stand out a little bit but it doesnt,need to be heavy right so first Im,going to apply a really warm brown,eyeshadow this is topaz from Sigma right,on my crease really quick makeup guys,every day I like to wear to use matte,shadows during the day this is secret,service from Urban Decay and Im gonna,apply it all over my lid just going up,to the crease with the blending brush,okay so its soft alright same shadow,Im going to take a flat definer brush,and apply it here really close to my,lash line on my under eye just to give,the eyes some definition so open your,eyes more Im going to apply trace a,line on my waterline using a nude,eyeliner all Im gonna do is apply,mascara to finish the eye Im using the,Clinique this is a long name high-impact,high-impact extreme Volume Mascara to,make this babys dramatic a little bit,on the bottom lash line,now just lipstick and you can have fun,with your lipstick go with a vibrant,color if youre feeling happy if you,want a more subtle look depending on the,occasion go with a nude it will go this,look will look good with any lipstick,because its neutral so for this look,today I feel like doing just glossy lips,to look very natural but sexy at the,same time the gloss Im using is its,almost over actually its from my tech,cosmetics,the color is pixie dust its beautiful,its clear but it has like really nice,shimmer in it cant go wrong with glossy,lips right so thats it this is my easy,everyday look using a BB cream I really,hope you liked the video please let me,know in the comments what you would like,to see next Ill see you next time stay,beautiful bye

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