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  5. I Took 10 DNA Tests and Compared Them | Which One Should You Take?
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Joe Rogan – The Problem with 23andMe

you and i uh we share african ancestry,yeah yeah i was shocked yeah im one,point six percent oh really yeah see i,have more uh,i i have more credential than you in,that department youre two percent right,yeah i know and its its funny because,uh,you know you sort of have your the story,in your family kind of like where you,came from and everything mates and i,always knew i was,25 you know italian,uh and i knew that my family came from,sicily in fact,uh the the the ranellas that came from,sicily,all seem to become kind of established,in the produce world,uh my dad was brought up in the south,side of chicago,im 44 years old okay so think about,that for a minute my dad was brought on,the south side of chicago and he was,raised,by his grandfather who was sicilian and,come from sicily his grandfather,delivered produce with a horse and cart,whoa in chicago so,to have lived through that like to be,brought up in a house where a guy,like leaves in the morning in a horse,and cart to deliver produce,and then to be alive like to fight in,world war ii,to be through the atomic era,the advent of the internet right,but i always knew that we had sicilians,when i did the the,genetic test some of those at some point,in time one of those sicilians,must have shot southward,and crossed the mediterranean and like,had a hookup down there or something,well that was the history of sicily in,the first place yeah you know,sicily just being sicilian in the first,place there were so many people,that were uh impregnated by the moors,and,by various people of west africa and,north africa,yeah and yeah i should have probably,like always assumed but it just i hadnt,thought about it um,another thing i was reading about this,stuff and you might know more about it,than i do is that,when you do those tests theres missing,parts,you know it does it like it captures,whats there but theres could be a lot,there thats not captured,just in the way that chromosomes are,you know inherited and passed down like,its an incomplete picture,right right there could be influences,there could there could be in your in it,doesnt create a full picture of your,lineage,there could be lineages that are there,that arent represented,in your particular makeup how so like,what do you mean,you know i hate to right off the bat get,into something that i cant speak about,any level of expertise,i was just reading a piece and the piece,i was reading had to do it was kind of a,dissection of like what happened with,elizabeth warren,what she claimed weve been going off,about that on the podcast and im like,100 times more african than she is,native american,yeah well thats what i found im 10,times more or whatever but,it was a piece about it it was a piece,in the times,explaining like how to make sense of now,that everyones doing these tests like,how to think about makes sense these,tests,but but my understanding of it is,that you could have a lot of ancestry,that just isnt,captured in your genetic code in a way,that would,be detected through the testing i mean,there could be ancestors that for what,because youre inheriting half you know,youre inheriting chromosomes from each,parent,and and somehow you could have it could,be an incomplete picture you could have,ancestors,that had come from all that you know,whatever these these tests break out the,world into a hundred or,some odd regions or zones that there,could be people from those zones who are,in your lineage that are not captured,in your personal that are not captured,in your genetic code thats so bizarre,you think itd all be in there is that,just a an incomplete,measuring tool is that what it is or is,it just,actually not in there i dont know,youre gonna have to have a dude on yeah,ill listen you need to have a dude that,understands it and as i say i feel like,im off on a bad start here man,how much uh neanderthal did it say yeah,less than normal,really less than average what was the uh,the number like it said it gives you,you did 23 and me right yeah i cant,remember okay i cant remember i just,remember it was less than,average and you know and those things,like are refined by how many people,do them you know but it was less than,average which bummed me out,but im like as hairy as like a 13 year,old like norwegian girl you know what i,mean so,that didnt surprise shocking didnt,surprise me too much


building permits are for nerds losers,squares and bob the builder in todays,video im going to teach you how to,build an off-grid cabin with absolutely,no building permits and none of that,bureaucracy that the man is putting on,you to hold you down lets get into it,what you want to do is start off by,reaching out to your local county clerk,now this is a person who kind of plays,like the quarterback or a point guard uh,for your local city in your local region,not all regions have them but i was,lucky enough that mine did and a lot of,the places that i was reaching out to,before i purchased my land they had it,as well you want to reach out to your,local county clerk and ask that,individual what your local laws are on,building sizes now heres something that,a lot of people dont know and im here,to tell you that the whole secret of,this is if you build a structure small,enough its just considered a shed you,congratulations you built the biggest,garden shed ever cause its under a,certain amount what that amount is in,most places it is 200 square feet now,with that being said you cant build,something that is 201 square feet thats,obviously not allowed but you also,cannot build something that is 200,square feet that is not allowed so if,they tell you that as long as you build,under 200 square feet youre considered,a small shed or a large shed for that,matter then you need to build something,199 square feet or less now i want to,protect you guys so heres a pro tip do,not try to skirt the laws here do not,try to build something exactly on 199 or,exactly at 200 square feet you,potentially could accidentally build it,too large and come into problems in the,future what you want to do if they say,199 is what youre allowed to build,build something thats about 175 now,what i want you to do is also be smart,and think for yourself okay dont listen,to anybody on the internet even if they,are extremely tall dark and handsome,like myself what you want to do is,protect your own neck so be sure to,reach out to your county clerk and find,out what the size is that is allowed in,your region i say that because i got,screwed okay in my region im allowed to,build 150 square feet and under if i,build anything that has 150 square feet,or under,im sorry not and say if i build,anything that is a hundred that is under,150 square feet it is considered a large,shed so what that means is im allowed,to build anything that has 149 square,feet or below that is why a lot of you,people have been roasting me uh in the,comments and reddit threads and all that,fun stuff telling me that my tiny cabin,is a little too tiny,thats the point of a tiny cabin,duh,so uh thats why i built my cabin at,that size thats the largest size that,im allowed to build it without having,to get permits or go through any of that,type of bureaucracy and red tape so be,sure to protect your own necks out there,people follow your local laws now that,being said that doesnt absolve you from,following any local laws or anything of,that nature okay theres a reason by the,way that these building permits and,these rules and regulations are in place,you might see things on the news that,are in different places where buildings,are falling down uh all those types of,things,thats because the local laws in a lot,of different regions arent as stringent,as they are probably where you live,thats the reason that you see to,yourself that these you know these,tragedies are happening out there these,local laws and these permits theyre in,place to keep us safe okay from years of,looking at the way uh fires start the,way buildings collapse that is why these,laws are there,that being said lets talk about how you,can get around them okay so its not,free game all right everybody there are,some rules to this what you build has to,be off the grid youre not allowed to,connect to any of the city hookups,whether it be electrical septic,waste sewage all that type of stuff you,cant connect to them remember youre,technically just a big old shed real,quick if youre finding this video,helpful be sure to hit the thumbs up,button thats the least you could do,maybe leave a comment it helps the,youtube algorithm push my content out,now if you are going to hook up to,anything like that on the city whether,it be electric sewage waste etc you,should probably seek a professional you,shouldnt do it yourself and you should,get permits because you dont know what,the hell youre doing and thats okay,right so this is only for my off-grid,people here this is the fastest route of,getting something up and running so this,structure has to be under a certain,amount of square footage as well as it,cannot be connected to any of your local,city,water septic,electric etc because then think of this,you yourself that has no clue what,youre doing youre hiding electrical,wires within walls and those types of,things that could get pretty dangerous,pretty fast and thats why those permits,are in place so with that being said if,you follow everything i do here you,reach out to your local county and you,allow them to tell you how to build it,this is how you could potentially build,an off-grid cabin with absolutely no,permits uh no hoops and hurdles and no,bureaucracy holding you down let me know,your thoughts do you think i am uh just,absolutely crazy for going down this,route do you think that people shouldnt,be going down this route are you an,architect and you know why all these,annoying permits and codes are in place,or do you think that the government is,encroaching on your god-given right to,land and to do what you want uh sound,off in the comments section below also,there are four other videos on the,screen right now all about uh how to,make money with tiny structures so im,talking glamping tents domes yurts tiny,hoses all of that and also i have a ton,of videos on buying land and doing that,process so thanks for watching im jay,esperance if this video was helpful be,sure to give me that thumbs up

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SmooSat SA3 Electric Scooter Review: Great Alternative to eBikes!

hello everyone and welcome back to the,channel my name is so lollipop and today,were doing something a bit different on,my channel so far Ive only talked about,bicycles and electric bikes but a,company named smoother reached out to me,recently and wanted me to check out,their brand new electric scooter that,was actually just released I havent,really considered e-scooters much but,hey if youre someone whos looking to,commute on an electric vehicle of some,sort and maybe an e-bike is either too,expensive or too big or too heavy this,will probably be the best alternative,option because it is less expensive at,around 500 US Dollars currently and,thats going to be before my discount,Ill get to that later but its also not,as big and can even be folded up to be,easily carried,or to fit inside a car or some other,tight space like that and it even weighs,less at 35 pounds whereas most e-bikes,are around 50 pounds to like 80 pounds,on top of that compared to other,scooters that Ive researched on the,market this one packs a great value for,the money and even better than that if,you do decide to get a smooth set sa3,after this review video I do have some,discount codes in the description down,below so first of all theres the code,t-a-m-t-b-s-a-3 which will give you 14,off of the retail price of around 500 US,Dollars and also if you do click that,link in the description below thatll,take you to the Amazon listing for the,scooter where you can get an additional,30 off currently to bring the total,discounted price down to,399.97 so essentially a hundred dollars,off right now if you do decide to get,one of these and that is an amazing,price in my opinion but lets go ahead,and dive into the features of the,scooter and youll see what I mean so,first of all the build process is super,simple you can see me build it here and,you basically just unfold the scooter,and then tighten some bolts on the top,and youre basically ready to ride it,comes charged alright so I do want to,show myself riding the scooter but Ill,continue talking about some of the,features Ill throw up the camera a,little bit so you can see whats going,on so the battery on the scooter is a 36,volt 8 Amp Hour battery pair to a 350,watt brushless Hub motor which lets us,reach a max speed of 15.6 miles per hour,it definitely feels fast and it also has,a claimed range of about 20 miles now I,tested both of these values myself and,the top speed is definitely correct it,reaches about 16 miles per hour and it,feels pretty fast on this little scooter,here I think the top speed is great and,I believe the range is pretty good for,commuting where you need to go on a,typical day like to and from work or,this or that and Ive been riding it,around town a lot uh basically its,charging it as needed like every few,days I have another battery down on me,yet so,its all good the scooter can also go,uphill but only at a 14 degree incline,or lower than that,um but Ive never encountered any hail,that the scooter cant get up Im,actually riding up a hill right now so,throwing some clips of me uh going up it,but yeah Ive never encountered a hill,that required me to walk up the scooter,or something like that you can see on,the right side here in red we have the,main throttle which you can push down to,accelerate the scooter and I find this,acceleration to be pretty gradual and,not too abrupt and I like how when you,let off the throttle the scooter still,carries the speed forward and does not,automatically stop like some other,scooter Brands Ive noticed that just,allows for a faster smoother and more,efficient ride overall which I love and,also on the left side here we also have,the brake theres only one brake here,its a mechanical drum brake which stops,the front wheel I can show you how that,operates right now,[Music],and this break definitely works really,well like it stops the scooter for sure,I mean the scooter is not that heavy or,that big of a an object so it really,only needs that one break to stop it and,were at about 15 miles per hour now Im,just going to hit the brake,yeah I stopped it in about,four feet or so so pretty pretty quick,even at 15 miles an hour so I like that,break a lot and theres even a nice,little Bell on The Handlebar right in,front of the brake so good feature to,have in case you want to alert other,people that youre coming,additionally these handlebars are a bit,wider than other scooters Ive ridden,and I actually like that a lot because,it gives you a little bit more control,over the scooter if you wouldnt need a,turn really quick it helps you just,maintain stability on the scooter and in,terms of charging the scooter it just,has this port right here that you can,flip open and plug the charger into,you can see it turns red right there I,do wish this was a bit more accessible,since its kind of low to the ground and,hard to reach but its not a big deal,for the display screen itself which is,right here in the middle of the,handlebar you can turn this on or off by,holding the power button in the middle,right here and then you can view how,much battery life you have left your,chip information and you can cycle,through the electric assist modes by,pressing that same button so we are in,eco mode right now which limits your max,speed to 5 miles an hour take a look,and then we can go to D to limit your,Max B to 10 miles an hour,and then finally s to reach the maximum,15.6 miles an hour,and while were here you can also double,click this button,to turn on the front headlight you can,see the light logo show up on the screen,which is really nice and here is the,headlight itself it does get some good,coverage you can see it on the ground,there its pretty dark out here there,are some lamps around but I think it,probably works the best during dusk or,Dawn or something like that not full,Darkness you might have something a,little bit more bright if you want to,ride in the dead of night or something,but it does also have a rear tail light,back there so for an integrated light on,a scooter its not too bad now this,scooter does way more than some other,options out there at around 35 pounds,but I have definitely seen some more,expensive scooters that are much heavier,I do think this weight provides a more,heavy duty feel to the scooter which I,actually prefer and Ill mention here,that I also let my cousin ride the,scooter because she owns an e-scooter,herself and I really wanted to hear her,thoughts on this one compared to hers we,actually even raced R2 scooters around a,track and the smooth side always won,so my scooter sauce,but yeah she definitely liked the sa3,more but hear it from her all right so,what is the smooth that electric scooter,do better,and you have control the handlebars are,wider I dont think I want to die every,time I turn I would recommend this one,personally but yeah that is it for this,quick video I just wanted to show the,scooter off and let you guys know how,fun these are and how viable they could,be as an alternative to e-bikes if you,are looking for something a bit smaller,or less expensive for sure but besides,that ask any questions you have in the,comments below and Ill try to get to,all of them I hope all of you have a,great morning today and remember to keep,scootering

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Applying Foils and Rub On Transfers | Distressed | Tumbler Tutorial

hey yall its kelly from dixie darlings,and im back with another tutorial today,where im using the dixie darlings,transfers now yall did a tick talk,about this in the very beginning telling,yall yall were going to be sick of me,and youre probably going to be sick of,me with these transfers but i wanted to,show yall as many different ways as i,could kind of what my vision for these,transfers has been since the beginning,and show you different ways that you can,implement them on a cup and this one,this week,might be my favorite to date every time,i make one yall i think that its my,favorite but this one im really really,obsessed with the colors the way that it,turned out,ill go ahead and tell you that a lot of,this will be in almost a time lapse,format because theres a lot of time,that went into,kind of how im going to lay these and,im going to layer the transfers with,some foils on top of this beautifully,glittered cup i used bashful from pdb,creative studio and it is so beautiful,and i had held onto this cup for a while,it sat there and sat there and said that,i wasnt sure exactly what i wanted to,do with it because the glitter was so,beautiful the base was so beautiful and,then when i got the transfers in my hand,i knew that i wanted to use some of the,red colorations and the leopard on this,and it really turned out even better,than i envisioned it uh it was gonna be,really hard for me to let go of this cup,somebody actually did try to snag it on,in my facebook group uh and im like,this might be the hardest i know i feel,like i say that every time yall and i,dont really keep a lot of my cups so,this one im really is close to my heart,and probably just because its the dixie,rounds transfers so anyway im not going,to talk a lot about it today but um this,just does show you a different way that,you can layer them in with some foils,that create more of a distressed,brushstroke pattern so its just another,option for yall um a different,colorations that you can use that you,might not have typically thought would,go together i really love how they ended,up working and meshing all together once,i got them on the cup so i hope that you,guys enjoy it if youve never seen my,tutorials before i encourage you to join,my dixie darlings tumblrs facebook,group uh thats where i interact with,you guys i love hearing from yall i go,live on sunday nights and wednesday,nights at 7 pm central standard time,once a month we have fun full fridays i,try to keep everybody informed there of,products that are going to be restocked,of sales that are going on of anything,new i try to bring it to you guys and,show it to you there first i try to be,as active as i can in the group i try to,be there and answer every question and,interact as much as i possibly can and i,love hearing from yall is what will be,helpful to you what tutorials do you,want to see um so anyway and then i will,link all the products that i use in the,description box below so yall make sure,to check out those links down below as,well as some discount codes so dont,forget your discount codes so you dont,forget to save your 10 on your order,yall and if you enjoy my tutorials then,please hit the subscribe and the bell,button so you wont miss my future,tutorials thank yall so much for,watching and i hope you enjoy it,[Music],so im starting out with pink peony by,rust-oleum ive spray-painted a 20-ounce,skinny straight from crafthaven,and ive let this dry this pink peony,and now im going in with counter,cultures medium viscosity ive mixed up,here enough for a couple of cups because,im also glittering a couple of other,cups at the same time but it only takes,about between two and a half and five,milliliters total yall i dont mix up,very much and i spread it out as thin as,i can and then im gonna glitter the cup,with pdb creative studios bashful i love,this color it is such a great nude color,that i knew i wanted to layer some,transfers and foils over so after ive,applied my epoxy a very thin coat here,im just going to go in with bashful im,going to glitter the cup and then im,going to take my parchment paper and,just because this has a little,its not really shards in it but i,wanted it to lay pretty flat on the cup,since i had a lot of things that i was,going to layer into the cup i didnt,want it i didnt want to have to use a,lot of epoxy before i started adding,foils and transfers so i do go in after,i apply my glitter and use some,parchment paper and just kind of roll it,up like a little burrito and press all,that glitter down,[Music],and then after i get it glittered and,the glitter laid down im gonna let that,dry for about eight hours and then im,gonna go into a layer of epoxy and i,actually do two layers of epoxy here,yall before im gonna go in and apply,my,foils and my transfers so im going to,both times use counter cultures medium,viscosity artist resin i use about 20,milliliters obviously yall if youve,watched my tutorials you know by now im,usually mixing up for several cups at a,time so i apologize that i dont have,the exact uh you know like in a cup for,you guys to see but usually i use about,20 milliliters um per layer of epoxy so,i applied this coat then im going to,let this coat dry im going to use my,torch to pop any bubbles ill let this,dry for about six to eight hours and,then ill go in with the second coat and,then im actually going to sand it down,im going to let it dry for about 12,hours usually overnight im going to go,in and sand it the next morning and then,im going to apply a third coat of epoxy,it did take a third coat just because i,wanted this to be really smooth before i,went in with my foils and transfers,because i knew i couldnt sand after i,added them on there so i do add a third,layer a pretty thin layer of counter,cultures medium viscosity again about,between 15 and 20 milliliters,and then im going to let that coat dry,and then im going to go in and start,adding my foils kind of in a random,distressed,pattern here and im for the most part,im just going to end up ill tell you,guys what color i use but for the most,part im just going to let you guys,watch,[Music],okay and after ive let that coat dry,im gonna go in with a small paint brush,here i kind of like to use a smaller,thin paint brush when im trying to get,a more distressed look,and uh im using southern belle,glitters full adhesive at the time that,im releasing this tutorial it is sold,out um shes definitely looking for,alternative solutions for this another,option that you can use is wicked stick,it from wicked shimmer supply and ill,link a couple of other options in the,description box below as well,so i just basically apply the foil,adhesive i use my heat gun just to speed,up the process you do not have to apply,heat if you want to wait just because,im usually in a hurry or ready to kind,of get the process going ill usually,dry it up really quick with my heat gun,and then apply the foil and i do use the,burnishing tool that comes with the,transfers just a little stick,to apply my foils and you can see the,twinkle red goes on pretty easily here,but im basically just alternating how,im laying my foils in here im just,going to work my way around the cup and,really this is just yalls version of,what you see you can do it any way you,want to i wanted to kind of blend them,ive given them the same look as what,the transfers are so youre going to see,me use these are the dixie darlings,transfers and then the foils im using,are the vintage cheetah the wood grain,and the twinkle red those are all from,southern belle glitter the dixie,darlings rub on transfers also from,southern belle glitter so im really not,going to do a lot of talking in this,tutorial yall its just one of those,processes that if you want to watch if,you know how to lay your foils and your,youve experienced your experience at,this by all means you know fast forward,to the end i just know theres a lot of,people that like to see pretty much all,the steps and kind of just h

I Took 10 DNA Tests and Compared Them | Which One Should You Take?

hi this is matt baker last year i made a,video in which i reviewed five different,dna tests all of which i tried out on,myself these included the four most,popular ones 23andme,ancestry myheritage and family tree dna,as well as a lesser known one called,circle dna you can check out that,original video by following the link in,the description or pinned comment it,includes some important explanations,about dna tests in general well this,year i decided to take five more tests,so the new ones which ill be reviewing,in this video are cri genetics,living dna nebula genomics helix and,tell me gen these five are not as well,known so i was interested to see how,they compared to the big four but before,i begin i do want to disclose that i did,receive some of these kits free of,charge for review purposes and in some,cases i even receive a small commission,if someone uses the links in the,description however that said ill be,keeping an open mind throughout and ill,be giving you my honest opinion about,each one so lets get to it,[Music],[Music],okay let me begin by summarizing some,basic facts about the five tests that i,did last year first of all here are the,current starting prices although please,note that you can usually get a,significant discount by ordering during,a sale for example most of these,companies were offering up to 40 off,recently because of mothers day,second you should know that there are,two main methods for dna collection,theres the relatively easy cheek swab,method and the slightly more difficult,spit in the tube method 23andme and,ancestry both use the spit method,whereas myheritage family tree dna and,circle dna all use the swab method in,either case make sure you dont eat or,drink or even brush your teeth for at,least 30 minutes prior to taking the,test and make sure that you register the,kit before sending it in,now one of the main reasons why people,want to take a dna test is to learn,something about their genealogy so all,four of the main companies give you an,approximate breakdown of where your,ancestors likely came from as well as,matches to other users who are closely,related to you currently ancestry has,the largest database with around 20,million users followed by 23 and me with,12 million and my heritage with 5,million generally speaking ancestry and,23andme are more geared toward the u.s,market whereas my heritage is more,geared towards the european market,now as i explained in my previous video,your ethnicity,percentages and relative matches are,based on something called autosomal dna,however there are two other types of dna,that are useful for genealogical,research mitochondrial dna and y,chromosome dna these give you,information about your female only line,and if you are biologically male your,male only line of the four big testing,companies only 23 and me includes this,information as part of the base price,you can also get it from family tree dna,but you have to pay extra for it which,if you really want to dig deep might be,worth it because family tree dna really,excels when it comes to mitochondrial,and y chromosome dna,the final thing to note is that of the,four big testing companies only 23andme,gives you in-depth health-related,information if youre willing to pay,extra for it most of the other companies,give you information about basic traits,like what type of earwax you have but,not about anything serious like cancer,risks so if youre looking for both,genealogical and in-depth health,information 23 and me is the way to go,now circle dna is a whole other kettle,of fish they focus almost exclusively on,health-related information rather than,on genealogy so if youre only,interested in health they are another,option to check out,okay so lets now move on to the five,new tests that i tried recently im,going to cover nebula dna first because,they stand out as being quite different,this is because they are one of the very,few companies that offer,whole,genome sequencing basically most dna,companies dont actually test every,single line of your dna instead they,focus on certain areas that theyve,deemed important for distinguishing your,ethnicity or for determining certain,traits however if youre willing to pay,about a thousand bucks nebula will,sequence your entire genome based on a,simple swab test this is particularly,useful if you want to dive really deep,into specific genes related to certain,potential health problems,basically what nebula does is it links,specific genes found in your particular,genome to specific genes mentioned in,recent dna studies so if you sign up for,whole genome sequencing the resulting,library of personalized reports ends up,being pretty big and theres new stuff,being added all the time at the moment,it has found 284,reports for me one of the most recent,being based on a 2021 study about,gallstones the main result is shown here,it indicates that i have about an,average predisposition to getting,gallstones and if i click on view full,report i can find out why here it shows,me the names of the actual genes used in,the study as well as the variants of,those genes that i myself have green,puts me at higher risk whereas blue puts,me at lower risk so you can see that,ive got a bit of both which is why i,ended up in the average category,now what if you just want to know what,you scored really high on so you know,what to watch out for well if i sort by,polygenic score it shows me my largest,numbers first so for example it says i,have a very high genetic predisposition,to rheumatoid arthritis in fact it says,that im in the 99th percentile now this,doesnt mean that my chances of getting,rheumatoid arthritis are 99 to 1. what,it means is that 99,of the people that took this test have a,lower chance than me of getting this,particular disease and that only one,percent of people have a higher chance,if we look at the full report you can,see that i have more green areas than,blue which is why im at a higher risk,now interestingly i do happen to have,rheumatoid arthritis so nebula was spot,on in this case however once again let,me remind you that dna tests cannot tell,you for sure whether or not you are,going to get a certain disease or have a,certain trait this is because there are,usually many factors involved beyond,just dna such as your environment and,personal choices so for example nebula,also found that i have a very high,genetic predisposition to insomnia,however this is not something that ive,ever had a problem with,okay next up is cri genetics which also,uses the swab method and like most of,these tests costs around a hundred bucks,this one is quite similar to the big,four in that it gives you a detailed,breakdown of your various ethnicities so,in my case it predicted that i am about,45 german however one thing that cri,genetics does not do is give you any,relative matches so if youre looking to,find relatives cri genetics is not the,best choice however if you mostly just,want to learn about yourself cri,genetics does give you a bunch of extra,trait information as part of their base,price which is something that ancestry,for example makes you pay a bit extra,for and cri genetics actually gives you,quite a bit more theres no major,disease related information but theres,lots of fun stuff such as whether or not,you are extra sensitive to bitter tastes,or whether or not youre likely to turn,red when you drink alcohol theres also,quite a bit about how well youre likely,to absorb various vitamins and what,things you might be allergic to note,that it does tease you a bit by showing,you some things that you have to pay,extra for such as access to your,mitochondrial or y chromosome results,however cri genetics uses a credit,system whereby you can either just buy a,few credits to unlock something youre,really interested in or by a membership,whereby you receive several new credits,per month,lets now look at living dna again it,uses the swab method it costs around a,hundred dollars and it gives you a,breakdown of wh


[Music],so,[Music],yes thats right were soaking our feet,today its a warm water with some apple,cider vinegar in it,so you might like this little trick,were going to tell you the benefits of,doing it this is awkward with doug and,stacy im doug and im stacy and in case,youre new to our channel we live in the,midwest and a long cabin with no solar,power no wind turbines,well we do have some luxuries but uh we,just post videos showing our life we,grow our own food raise our own meat do,all that fun homesteading type stuff so,welcome to the channel and hit that,subscribe button and follow us along on,our adventure,and today its a very kind of windy,dreary day so i thought this would be,good were coming into spring and doug,needs a little maintenance on his feet,so we did weve done a video uh on epsom,salts wheres that video,right there where right there yeah okay,so check that out,did you guys know that you have 206,bones in the human body and a quarter of,them are in your feet so you have 26,bones in your feet you have 33,joints and then you have over 100,tendons and ligaments,so your feet are like the basement of,your skeleton you know and if your feet,are out of whack youre out of whack,your foundation it is and then we wear,shoes all the time we dont,i mean well in the winter months you got,to but when you wear a shoe,year after year after year after year,its sort of like having a cast on your,on your foot,so what happens over time because you,dont really do anything with your feet,people have mobility issues you know,people say you know as you get older you,start losing your balance well a big,reason for you losing your bounds is,because you lose the ability to,dorsiflex and thats where you dont,have this ability to flex that much so,when you walk you kind of walk like flat,yeah like frankenstein,so,when were were going to be talking,about soaking our feet here,you can do some exercises when you are,soaking your feet too just practicing,flexing and getting the mobility you,know wiggling and playing with your toes,because your feet are in a shoe all the,time and then over time you get plantar,fasciitis you know theres theres lots,of issues that occur because youre,always wearing a shoe so we,i mean i i think foot health is very,important and its very very very,neglected so spring is coming so they,address different issues,yeah they will,theyre both of them generally good for,detoxification relaxation but the,apple cider vinegar is good to help,soften your skin so if you have dry,cracked heels in your feet this would be,something really good if you have stinky,feet,you could do this if you have maybe,athletes foot or fungus nail fungus it,might help with that so,you know those are are good things for,that and its just a good general,detoxifier and it just helps to calm and,relax and just general detoxification of,the feet because its going to pull from,the bottom of your feet and then if you,do have very dry cracked heels and feet,it softens it just like i use the apple,apple cider vinegar in my hair and it,makes my hair feel so soft the other day,i had forgotten i had forgotten it and,um,i only had to just you know shampoo it,and i can notice a huge difference so i,love the raw apple cider vinegar rinse,and its great on your skin even if,youre going to take a bath you could,put some into your bath we put a cup in,you know a bowl these stainless steel,bowls that were using if youre gonna,be the homestead homie of the month if,youre sharing our videos and getting,the word out and leaving comments in the,comment section and posting this on,facebook you can win homestead homie of,the month and thats what were giving,away is one of these stainless steel,youre good to soak your feet in theyre,good for everything yeah yeah you can,soak your feet and then put your food in,them,right,so,and then we use this water with the,apple cider vinegar in it to make,kombucha we dont waste nothing,so i thought doug and i are doing a,little apple cider vinegar and water um,foot bath today to help our feet feel,soft and supple yeah because like the,video you just saw we were working in,the garden trying to get some things,tightened up around here in between the,raindrops and the cold 50 mile an hour,winds,right and then now with the apple cider,let me show you heres a pumice stone so,once you soak your feet,because the apple cider vinegar is,really going to make your skin soft,pumice stone basically is a stone and,you just get your dry cracked heels,and your,stones yeah and it just gets the skin,off of it just like this and all the,skin will come off and then your feet,wont have any calluses or anything on,it and will feel really nice,because in the winter time your skin,gets pretty you know dry and cracked,sometimes and and this will make your,feet look great well i just did that for,you guys who might not know what a stone,like that is because uh you know if you,dont have a lady friend around you,might not know nothing about it,yeah because we like those soft feet and,so were not just hanging out you know,sitting in apple cider vinegar water and,you know its a little warm so it feels,good and weve been working in the,garden but we thought wed sit down too,and read some of these poems that the,kids sent in for our poem contest and so,were gonna knock out a couple of those,while we have your attention your,undivided attention,so lets see because we are having a,homestead kids poem contest yeah the,deadlines over we already got them all,so dont dont try sneaking them in,want me to go first,okay this is from,mary jo allen shes 11 years old from,havana florida,its called garden,garden oh garden how i love thee even,when you fail me,guard no garden i will just keep trying,like doug and stacy,go garno garden you are a lot of work,but i can always think back with a laugh,that time doug fell in the dirt,garden oh garden i will never give up,just,giving me stuff to ferment and can up by,mary jo allen that was pretty good i,like that,yeah,now this here is from,indiana from the nolt family,heres a poem for folks like you for,other people to read it too,h is for home sweet home o is for,outdoors we roam m is for memories that,are made e is for eggs that chickens,laid s is for sheep oh the wool they,gave t is for time,is there any to save e is for everything,in the garden that grow,a is for,the long rows we have to hoe d is for,the dogs like,to guard,i is for,ice that is very hard n is for neighbors,they have homesteads too g is for geese,that fly over you i hope you enjoyed my,poem too it was a lot of fun to do that,was really good shes 13 years old,marleeta and we appreciate that you,actually did a pretty good job i like,how you spelled out uh homesteading and,then put little words to it so yeah that,was great these are great so dont,forget uh maybe switch up your foot,soaks from apple cider vinegar over to,um the,epsom salt,if you go watch that video you can see,some of the benefits of actually soaking,your feet and epsom salts so you know,youre doing a couple different things,its very soothing and good for you too,and it relaxes you and then when your,feet are in the water,just practice yeah stretching about,flexing and pointing circling them,around wiggling your toes because,theyre used to being in the shoe and,they need to be out,here so dont forget your feet feet are,so so important and foot health i mean,like i was saying if your feet hurt it,just messes up everything dont forget,to check us out on facebook instagram,and twitter now go get your stainless,steel bowl and get your apple cider,vinegar and warm water and get your foot,soaked on and then leave a comment down,below on how it feels for you,all right well see you guys in the next,video,hey guys thanks for watching our video,you might want to check out these videos,and if you want to become a homestead,homie click the picture of us below we,will see you tomorrow

Best Voice Changer for PC | Speak using AI Voices

This is what my actual voice sounds like,  ,and this is what my voice sounds  like using the magic of AI.,I was able to transform my voice into an AI voice  ,thanks to the help of a voice actor  and some real time processing on my PC.,Were going to look at how you can change your  voice too, and best of all, its completely free.,Lets check out how.,First off, head to the following website.,You could click on the card up above or  the link down below in the description.,Once you land on the website, click on  the text that says download Voicemod  ,for free and then run through  the installation process.,Once you finish the installation, youll  land in an interface that looks like this.,Before we start playing with some of these voices,  ,over on the left-hand side,  lets click on settings.,Right here you can choose what your  microphone is that you would like to use.,Select your microphone and then down  below you can choose your output or  ,the speakers that you want to  hear the changed voice through.,Once you finish making all of your  selections, in the top left-hand corner,  ,click back on Voicebox. On the Voicebox  screen, here at the top, you see all of the  ,different voices that you get for free with  Voicemod. If you want additional voices,  ,if you scroll down below, here you can see all  the different premium voices that are available,  ,but you get quite a few voices just with  free, so thats what Im going to use today.,To use one of these voices, you simply  click on it and now this voice is active.,If you want to preview what the voice sounds  like, down in the bottom left-hand corner,  ,here I can toggle on this button. And now I  can hear myself using this voice. Over here,  ,you can also turn the voice changer on or off,  currently it’s turned on, but here I could turn  ,it off and now I hear my normal voice. I’ll turn  this back on. Here I can toggle off hear myself.  ,This is really good for just previewing these  different voices. Over on the right-hand side, I  ,could also turn background effects on or off, and  some of these voices come with background effects  ,that you could use. With one of these voices  selected, over on the right-hand side, I see all  ,these different attributes that I can modify for  this voice. One thats really interesting, you can  ,also choose the specific character or this is the  voice actor that they used to train this AI model.,Ill stick with the default of narrator.  Now that you know how to change your voice,  ,how do you actually use it in, say,  an app like Discord or on a phone call  ,or maybe you just want to record your voice?,Lets start by looking at  how you can use it in an app.,Here I am in Discord and to  use the Voicemod changed voice,  ,down below lets click on user settings and  within user settings over on the left-hand side  ,click on voice and video and right up at  the top you can choose your input device.,This is the microphone that you  would like to use in Discord.,When you click on this drop down, here  youll see an option for microphone  ,Voicemod virtual audio device.,Make sure to select that one.,This will ensure that you are using  the changed voice within Discord,  ,and for the output device, or basically your  speakers you could set it to whatever you want.,Now that weve selected that, youll  want to make a few adjustments within  ,user settings to make sure the  voice sounds as good as possible.,There’s one option for input sensitivity.  Lets make sure to toggle that off.,Voicemod already adjusts the sensitivity,  so we dont need Discord doing that.,If we scroll down just a little bit more, well  find some more settings, like noise suppression.,Turn that off.,Voicemod also offers that functionality,  ,and if we scroll down a little bit  more, theres echo cancellation.,Toggle that off.,Toggle off noise cancellation and then  also toggle off automatic gain control,  ,and thats all you have to modify.,Now when you join a voice chat or  when you make a call through Discord,  ,your new changed voice will be used.,To change the voice that you  use in Discord, within Voicemod,  ,you can simply click on another voice.,Here Ill click on Alice, and that voice  is now being piped through to Discord.,To switch to another voice even more  quickly, over on the right-hand side,  ,under the attributes, you can add a  keybinding or basically a shortcut key.,When I click on that, lets say I want to  assign the F7 key, I’ll press F7 and now  ,when I press that key, that will now activate  this voice, and you can go through and assign  ,different keybindings or shortcut keys to  any one of these voices within Voicemod.,To turn off the voice changer, within  Voicemod, here I can click on the clean voice.,Alternatively, I could also turn  off the voice changing down below.,Back within discord, another way to turn off  the voice changing is once again within your  ,voice settings under input device, you can  switch to one of your other microphones.,Next, were going to look at how you  can change your voice on a phone call,  ,and you can use apps like Google  Voice or Skype to pull this off.,Lets look at how you can do this in Google Voice.  ,Here on Google Voice, to change my voice on  a phone call, in the top right-hand corner,  ,lets click on audio settings and right at  the top just like we did with in Discord,  ,I can select my microphone. When I click on  this dropdown here too, lets select the one  ,for Voicemod. Then click away and now you can  make a call and itll use your changed voice.,Lastly, were going to look at how  you can record your changed voice,  ,and to do that, I recommend  downloading an app called Audacity.,You can click on the card up above or  the link down below in the description.,Once you install Audacity, to record your changed  voice, over by the input, click on this drop-down  ,list, and just like weve been doing in Google  Voice and also Discord, make sure to choose  ,Voicemod as the input. Then over on the right-hand  side, you can choose whatever speaker you want.,To record, press on the red record icon  and I am now recording my changed voice  ,directly within Audacity.,Once youre done recording, click on the stop  icon, and then you can click to play it back.,Record icon and I am now  recording my changed voice.,Audacity is by far one of my favorite ways  to both record and then also edit audio.,If you would like a full walkthrough of how  to use Audacity, check out the video up above.,All right, well,  ,hopefully you now know how to change your  voice and you can have some fun with it.,To watch more videos like this one,  ,please consider subscribing and  I’ll see you in the next video.

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