1. Is Carbonated Water Healthy Compared to Non Carbonated Water? Dr.Berg on Drinking Carbonated Water
  2. Robert Ellis – “Topo Chico” [Official Video]
  3. Topo Chico and Mio Black Cherry makes Dr. Pepper?
  4. Sparkling Water vs Soda Machine | Is it worth it for you to buy one? | Drinks for Humans
  5. Never pay for seltzer again! (Sodamod Sodastream tutorial)
  6. “Toki Highball” Japanese whisky + Topo Chico, whats not to love? /// S2E16
  7. Topo Chico Demo Video

Is Carbonated Water Healthy Compared to Non Carbonated Water? Dr.Berg on Drinking Carbonated Water

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Robert Ellis – “Topo Chico” [Official Video]

no seats available sir sure there is,theres one right over there what would,you like to drink sir,well I dont want a beer and you can,keep your mug,[Music],then watch straight from the tab life,just feels kind of flair,topo Chico alive,so pochi goldmine,be just fine,Oh Chico and mine,put some ice in a glass,Audrey constraint of the product,we feel,it was a time before,[Music],every time they open the top I hope they,dont ever stop,topo Chico and line,so,[Music],a justified,topo Chico,[Music],[Music],[Applause],if you have a predilection for a bubbly,libation or if you need a new addiction,with a focus on hydration,theyre just the thing,keep us away dont forget,[Music],topo Chico alive,topo Chico,[Music],[Laughter]

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Topo Chico and Mio Black Cherry makes Dr. Pepper?

lets go ahead and try it,[Music],hi guys welcome to my channel rick eats,this is a channel,where ill be reviewing foods trying,different things and just,giving yall just my thoughts and my,opinions on,different things so today what we have,is something that i came across on tick,tock now random im never on tech time,so its very weird,i came across this and i saw that,someone,was able to replicate a dr pepper taste,right with different ingredients so,[Music],here are what we will use essentially so,this here is uh so,that is going to be our base right there,and were going to mix it up with this,mio,black cherry you can see right there,so apparently,if you mix this up together its,supposed to taste like dr pepper,now i have one right here as well and,well go ahead and compare,the facts right here so this one,actually has 150 calories,uh some carbs and sodium so,you know this one has some stuff and in,comparison,mio has zero percent pretty much to,everything and so does,the topo chico so zero percent,so has some stuff in it basically has,nothing in it so,lets go ahead and try it out lets see,what happens,now it says,one squirt for eight ounces so im going,to go ahead and kind of guess with this,and just assume that,this would be maybe about eight,somewhere around there,so lets go ahead and,do that,ive never tried meal before so this is,the first time,lets go ahead and,unwrap close that all right so lets go,ahead and just uh,one squirt apparently will do you,justice and you know what,just to be safe let me mix it a little,make sure that it,all right lets go ahead and try it its,pretty close,i will say um,not exactly like dr pepper but it has a,very similar taste um,i mean its almost there its not quite,but its its almost there lets,drink a little more,its not too bad i mean i can i can,drink it um,its not a bad alternative if you want,to uh,you know go with the more,natural less uh you know,sugar less uh calories and you know,a healthy alternative so to speak so i,mean for you healthy,gurus out there that want to drink these,coke zeros and,you know things with zero sugars hey,this is an alternative you know get,yourself a,double chico and a meal so,uh overall i mean rating on this as,close as,what it can be to this um,i would say its about like,about an eight uh i mean its pretty,close i mean its not bad,it does the job it you know adds a,little flavor to it so i mean,i mean i would certainly do it so but,there you have it guys its close to dr,pepper saw it on tick-tock but you know,what hey,i figured id give it a shot so uh,thanks for watching guys subscribe down,below,give this a thumbs up and appreciate,yall see you later

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Sparkling Water vs Soda Machine | Is it worth it for you to buy one? | Drinks for Humans

[Music],have you ever wondered whats the,difference between,this soda machines and the canned sodas,and the bottle sodas and all those,mineral waters,is it worth it for you to buy one for,your own,convenience at your house or do you want,to still buy,cans is the flavor the same is the price,the same,so today were going to find out if its,worth it hearing drinks for humans,well dont forget to subscribe if you,enjoy our videos and leave a like,down if you like this video right here,today were going to be talking about,sparkling water soda maker versus,can or bottle soda so were gonna,lets take right off the bat whats the,difference between,soda and mineral water right so it could,be,everything that is carbonated versus,mineral,water which usually has some minerals,and its carbonated,sometimes mineral water is going to be,carbonated not all the times,most of the times so thats the,difference between those two and today,were going to be talking about,mostly soda water but were also going,to be tasting some mineral water just to,taste,the difference and obviously the results,depends on the water that you have at,home,the water that youve been using so,lets check out those,results later okay but first of all,lets talk about,time and a little bit more,so i think back in 18th century,17th century this guy comes up,put some some sugar on a barrel and,i think the water and the sugar,something happened and started,you know happened the second,fermentation do you guys know what other,product,goes through a second fermentation you,guessed it right,its champagne champagne goes through a,second fermentation,and thats how it naturally gets the,bubble so this,remember back in the 17th century we,didnt know this,we didnt know what was going on,probably they thought it was,just dawn bad rotten something you know,but,thats what they discovered pretty much,soda water now soda water i think,back in the world were to the states,they were like okay well lets put some,sodium into the water and it was kind of,salty it was kind of,fizzy thats why the the name is just,stuck with uh with the product soda,water today i dont think they put a lot,of sodium,i think in fact theres a lot of a lot,of products that,dont advertise sodium or they advertise,low sodium or just no sodium because you,know,sodium in certain quantities is not,really good for you,you know sodium is still good for you,but not in high and elevated,amounts but lets go back into business,so were gonna these are the waters,were gonna be tasting today,this one is its a little frozen so,these are the waters that were gonna be,tasting,you know theres i think like i think,theres like 10 000 waters out there,minerals sparkling flavor water all of,those things that,to be honest its a really huge huge,water,market but i pick i think the most,common waters,and these are the waters that i um i,brought up,to be honest i drank all these waters i,really like hello la croix toppo chico,definitely one of my favorites,pellegrino i think its you know hands,down my,prefer middle water and you know but,this is what i have at home,with combined with this awesome,machine and that water combined with,this machine,is just unbelievably good but im not,im not going to be biased,im going to taste them side by side and,pick which one,do we like okay so lets get started let,me bring some,water glasses,so im just going to organize them like,that so im going to pour them,so lets talk about la croix and its,pronounced lacroix,the name is french but lacroix,i came to find out that its from a,river,i think in mississippi called you know,locally is called,lacroix so the exact name of the brand,is lacroix here we have pellegrino and,lets talk about,bubbles a little bit later because,thats a really big part of,sparkling water,so for this were going to do something,special so you open it up,put it in and i like four or five times,when i press it,and you can hear thats kind of your cue,ill let it sit for a little bit and,then take it out,so this is tap water tap water turn into,sparkling water lets look at the,bubbles right away im looking top of,chico,and pellegrino have bigger and thicker,bubbles i dont see a lot of bubbles,in lacroix probably because i poured it,first and i see,a little bit of bubbles on the last tap,water with the soda stream,just to give it a fair shot im going to,try lacroix first,all of them are going to be refreshing,the bubbles is going to be,thin kind of refined i think thats the,word that i was looking for,i dont find any little bit of,minerality but not very strong,i think is refreshing you know its a,popular product i cant assume why,people,love lacroix for me its just a,sparkling water that you can go and,taste and have,your meal but lets go into pellegrino,there are some elements of,minerality some its a little bit,saltier,and the bubble is more refined actually,than,lacroix so its funny because these you,can see the bubbles,here you cannot see but you can taste,them but this is more refined its,smaller,thats why i like this one i think,pellegrino always gives you,a good amount between mineral fresh good,acidity,none of these waters are sweet but i,think this one compared to lacroix,its a little sweet one out of a hundred,probably two,yeah pellegrino this is from italy san,pellegrino lets talk about,topo chico topo chico i used to live in,a mexico city,then i moved to the north topo topochico,was not a thing,in the city we ive never heard of it,and i and i lived there most of my life,tobuchiko is not a thing in mexico city,maybe nowadays it is when i lived there,it was not but up in the north you know,with baja and,in monterrey which i think thats where,this water is from,yes from monterey which is all the way,up north one of the things that i,i didnt like this water it was because,the bubble is so heavy um nowadays,i enjoy it i love the bubbles on,top of chico but the bubbles are so,heavy and its mineral rich,its a little bit more acidic its a,drier water i believe than pelerino,but look at the bubbles i dont know if,you guys can see check out,maybe let me just wipe it down okay look,at the bubbles,you see theyre bigger thats a bigger,thicker bubble and this type of chico,has become very,popular for ranch water so ranch water,is,this really popular cocktail i think,whats originated in texas,i can do a video just let me know in the,comments if you guys want to see,a more in-depth video,sorry soda water makes you burp,going back to the ranch water this is if,you dont make,your ranch water with topo chico,its not a ranch water right you need to,make it you can,substitute the tequila lime,salt all that glass everything but,the only thing you cannot substitute in,it,ranch water is your tablet chico its,not going to taste the same,the big thick bubble helps and helps a,lot,um and now for the chat lets go with,the sodastream well,theres definitely not a lot of minerals,the bubble is still there,its not as bubbly as double,but you can feel the bubbles in your,mouth i would compare it to lacroix,i think these two have similar bubbles,not these these are into another kind of,category i think i would compare these,with this,and this kind of bubbles they have a,little bit more length,its not bad its not bad i mean i i,drink this,every time i i avoid wasting a lot of,glass and buying this and that,this is what i drink every day but ive,never compared them side by side so this,is,really interesting i would think this is,lacroix,no minerals its just tap water has some,bubbles,so i think carbonation goes you know the,more,the co2 spins within the water and the,liquid,the more you know blend in it gets so i,think,you know i just did it you saw five,minutes ago,if you guys havent checked out the,video of this kit making carbonated milk,its hilarious you guys need to watch it,dont try it i,ive never tried im not gonna try it,unless you guys want me to try it,im not gonna try carbonator milk no way,okay well which one,is the winner i dont

Never pay for seltzer again! (Sodamod Sodastream tutorial)

so in this video Im gonna talk a little,bit about seltzer water Ive become just,slightly obsessed with it I used to,drink I dont know about two or three,bottles of topo Chico a day and thats a,brand thats really familiar where I,live but the problem with topo Chico is,that it is kind of expensive its a,nicer seltzer water and I realized that,I couldnt spend the amount of money I,was spending weekly on top of Chico so I,moved on to a generic brand seltzer,water and then a really wise lady told,me hey why dont you try out a,SodaStream I kind of put that off and,then a friend said I have a SodaStream,I dont really use it anymore do you,want to check it out and I said sure so,for those of you that are not familiar,with the SodaStream this is a SodaStream,it allows you to put in SodaStream,branded bottles which are reusable fill,it with water put it in here and,carbonize them Ill show you how it,works right now so you take the top off,put it into the SodaStream and then and,when you hear that little burp that,means its done and now you have seltzer,water and it tastes wonderful the only,problem with SodaStream is that it runs,off of these proprietary canisters that,cost $30 a piece which can seem like a,little chunk of change but its actually,a big chunk of change once you start,using the system regularly this says,that it can fill about 60 litres or 60,of these per 30 dollars which in,comparison is a lot less expensive than,top of chico but in reality this only,fills about 50 liters and at 30 bucks a,pop I thought,there has to be a cheaper way so Im not,using this what am i using so theres a,couple of different companies that have,made these but basically what Im using,is a paintball co2 tank tippmann brand,here for me and an adapter and what this,adapter does is adapts the threads of,the co2 tank to the threads of the,SodaStream so now instead of $30 for,about 50 liters this is about 70 liters,that it can do and its about five,dollars to fill up at your local,sporting goods store the problem is with,the current times were in it can be,hard to get to that sporting goods store,and co2 is becoming less and less,popular for paintball guns,moving over to compressed air and,unfortunately I cant use compressed air,to make seltzer water so what do you do,well thats where the home brewing,supplies come in so you take this,adapter off this is just a normal,paintball co2 tank set our SodaStream,aside we can grab the home brewing,five-pound co2 tank this guy here you,can exchange them at home brewing shops,the tank itself is about 55 dollars and,this apparatus here to fill this fill,valve is about $40 so now were up to,about 20 dollars here and twelve dollars,so thats 30 plus 50s or at 80 and then,this brings us up to a hundred and,twenty but when we think about it thats,only for refills of this how much does,it cost to refill this big tank about,twenty bucks and it can fill this guy,five times,so then if we break that down thats,only about four bottles for the same,capacity as this guy sorry four dollars,for the same capacity of this guy,instead of $30 so will pay for itself,pretty quick you might be wondering what,is this this is a paintball refill,system and it comes with a little thing,on the end here and thats a valve that,depresses the pin on the top of the,paintball and then two valves here this,is a release valve and this is the valve,on the tank side so how do I ever fill,this if you get all these things I will,put links to the adapter the paintball,tank this tank and this guy as well as,the Soda Stream in the description so,the first step here is to make sure your,valve is open then we screw on our,paintball tank make sure that both of,these valves are in the closed position,which are this way and now were going,to depress that pin we heard a little,hiss there so now this is being fed up,into here but were stopped on both,sides so the next thing we want to do is,we want to make sure this valve is,closed which it is and were going to,open this valve so now this pressure can,get all the way to here but this is,still closed now to fill this were,going to slowly open this valve here,and we can hear that liquid co2 moving,from this tank into this tank now one,thing I didnt do today that will make,these refills last a lot longer and it,actually just allows you to fill this up,a lot more just put this in the freezer,for about an hour and that will get it,cold which allows us to fill much more,co2 into the tank itself so well give,it about 10 seconds and then well close,this guy off here were now going to,close this valve so now the only thing,thats open is this guy right here and,its stopped out to the open air the,next thing we want to do is close the,valve out of this tank youre going to,go like that,so now there is still pressurized co2,here but there isnt any pressure from,our tank that can get out or from the,big tank that can get out now this can,be kind of loud we need to release this,valve and thats going to release that,pressure here before we unscrew this we,unscrew this now this pressure will,shoot out onto our hand we dont really,want that so Im gonna do is slowly open,this,and we can hear that that pressure has,now escaped close it up and we can,unscrew this here we can feel that,theres actually a bit more weight to it,theres more liquid co2 in here and we,just screw on our adapter get this out,of the way and finally we screw our,adapter and tank into the Soda Stream,and this size tank is a 20 ounce co2,tank and it should fit almost all,SodaStream models its a very old one,theres theres newer ones available now,now thats all fit in there put that,back cover on and we have our Soda,Stream so I will grab a flat bottle one,that hasnt been filled,so this one is flat theres no physical,it in here and and that co2 can is a lot,more filled because we just topped it,off so thats why it burped a lot sooner,its higher pressure so we can push this,and we have seltzer water they do sell,quite a bit of flavorings if you like,soda over seltzer water they have all,the different popular sodas and some,kind of fun knockoff names but you can,add that syrup into here a few more of a,sort of person so that is kind of the,whole system so that I dont have to run,on these anymore which are pretty darn,expensive this should last about a week,and a half to two weeks before I need to,top it off again and I drink three to,four of these a day so that works out to,quite a bit of seltzer water and its a,lot cheaper than this but its much much,cheaper than this and theres no waste,so you can feel good about how were,kind of impacting the environment I hope,you enjoyed that again the links to all,of this are going to be the be in the,description down below and comment if,you have any questions thanks

“Toki Highball” Japanese whisky + Topo Chico, whats not to love? /// S2E16

hey there this month well be focusing,on the high ball a high ball is a type,of drink that is lengthened by a,sparkling liquid whether its soda water,uh it could be champagne it can just be,like coca-cola,the first one well start off with is,the most basic blueprint of what a high,ball is,its one that i drank a lot when i was,in japan so hang out a little bit let me,show you guys how to make,so,[Music],lets make a toki high ball,so i already have my glass chilled i,just took it out of the freezer and,inside is already a column of ice,that i made myself and carved myself and,it should be clear,first im going to add is two ounces,of toki,this is a japanese whiskey that ive,used before its really nice slightly,malty,very subtly smoky very elegant,pouring that in,and to make a high ball,all you do is add,a little bit of soda water any sparkling,beverage traditionally in toki high ball,theyll be using uh maybe fever tree or,another sparking beverage ill be using,topo chico which is my favorite,sparkling soda,its almost so bubbly thats a little,spicy its really really good,so,im filling it up,making sure not to touch the ice because,i dont want to destroy the bubbles,its good,what im gonna do next,take a spoon,and not stir but just bring it up and,down the glass just to make sure it all,combines,that should be good,so as you see the ice is actually clear,now and thats a nice thing when it gets,wet,this type of ice just almost looks like,its invisible which is really elegant,and then to finish this off were going,to garnish it with a lemon peel,lets make it a nice,nice thick swath of lemon,sometimes uh,theyll garnish with yuzu sometimes its,shiso leaf i just have this nice lemon,here,i got from a yard,or rub it on the outside and leave it on,top,thats it there you have a tokyo,[Music],in 1923,a man by the name of shinjiro tori,dreamed of making a japanese whiskey,that was subtle,but complex very elegant,and something that would rival that of,the scotch style whiskies so that was,how the first centauri distilled,distillery opened and around the 1950s,uh by then it got really popular and,japanese whiskey was enjoyed in a form,of a high ball just like this,when i was in japan in 19 in 2019 with,my friend john we definitely saw the,popularity of,high balls over there they didnt just,have whiskey high balls they had sho2,high balls they had a lot of different,types of even sake high balls i believe,and,we definitely enjoyed many many high,balls over there in addition to,their frothy creamy beers that they had,on tap,and theyre so popular uh the the the,toki high ball that um distillery,created this apparatus kind of like a,like a dispenser that would actually,dispense,uh whiskey and the sparkling soda at the,same time just to kind of create,an even bubblier more fresh version of,the drink and that was also very common,and,so common that actually if you walk into,like a family mart or like a 7-eleven,you could buy this pre-canned uh and,then theyre in their beer aisles so,lets taste it lets see what it tastes,like,[Music],yeah its refreshing,i mean it tastes like whiskey but its,lengthened its bubbly the topochico,super crisp it maintains its bubbles and,thats why its my favorite sparkling,soda,you get the hint of the lemon aroma when,youre drinking this its really nice,and its a great alternative to just,drinking whiskey so lets say youre,eating steak and you want to drink a,whiskey drink,whiskey might be too strong to pair with,steak so if you put in a high ball,format you get the same notes of whiskey,but it just lengthens and lightens it up,a little bit and almost makes it more,aromatic with all the bubbles,so you guys should make this one its so,easy it takes like two minutes to make,thank you guys for joining me ill catch,you guys on next episode of cochlear,notes,cheers,[Music],you

Topo Chico Demo Video

[Music],in the shadow of the cerro delicia,a crown jewel of the sara madre mountain,range in northern mexico the modern city,of monterey,has been the origin of the countrys,best kept secret,for thousands of years topo chico,mineral water,the site at the foot of the hill of topo,chico,gives the water its name from here the,spring water emerges,mixed naturally with subsoil minerals to,create a unique combination,of balance and flavor this source,provides the fingerprint of topo chico,mineral water,toppo chico is unique to this exact,place,and is unable to be duplicated anywhere,else in the world,topo chico is a naturally sourced crispy,effervescent water it captivates the,taste of countless consumers in search,of alternative beverages,for more than 200 years this region was,well known for its thermal healing,waters,people from all over the world were,attracted by the waters extraordinary,properties,for this reason a legend emerged about,the aztec princess,the legend says the daughter of aztec,emperor montezuma,had come from far away for healing in,these miraculous waters,it is this place that toppo chico sa,bottling company,was founded in 1895 the same location,that bottles and distributes tobochiko,mineral water today,toppo chico quickly became iconic as a,brand that satisfied the palette of more,discerning consumers,who drink the sparkling water at all,occasions,over time topo chico established itself,as a winning brand,achieving impressive growth in and,outside mexico,in 1987 toppo chico began distribution,in the united states,it continues to steadily gain ground in,the highly competitive,mineral water market the magnetism of,the brand is generated from its unique,tradition,building a cult-like following of more,and more devotees,year after year consumers continue to,seek healthier and more authentic,beverages,with topochico they are discovering the,perfect match to accompany their music,fashion arts wellness and culinary,events,holding a chico in your hand is special,because it was bottled direct from the,original source,thanks to its natural composition and,crisp effervescence,topo chico mineral water not only,quenches thirst and refreshes,but becomes an essential part of the,consumers experience,while they are relaxing and celebrating,the one-of-a-kind character of the,minerals sourced from the earth,helped define topochicos more than,120-year heritage,in 2017 topochico joined the coca-cola,company,this authentic and versatile product is,the perfect accompaniment at all kinds,of events,shops and restaurants it satisfies the,taste of consumers at all occasions,toppo chico should be present in all,coffee shops,taquerias food trucks,bars and upscale restaurants,in the top 150 bars and restaurants tobo,chico has 58,presents thats because tobochiko is for,everyone,[Music],so what do we have to do well we gotta,get out there and tell our customers,about this deliciousness in a bottle,customers will love their margins and,the profits theyll make,topo chico is a leader in its category,that will grow your portfolio,and help you achieve your goals,now you know the secret of topo chico,mineral water,and the magic that provokes its name,together we will continue writing the,[Music],story

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