1. Digital Marketing Strategy 2022 with mobile Twilio alternative SMS-IT
  2. Twilio Alternative – Comparing Twilio and Voximplant
  3. Your Open Source Alternative to Twilio – Fonoster – Open Source Friday #opensource
  4. SMS global vs Twilio || Both Platforms Comparison
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Digital Marketing Strategy 2022 with mobile Twilio alternative SMS-IT

hey this is jenny jones digital growth,hacks club hey listen,got a tool i wanted to put in front of,you um,everybodys been talking about it but a,lot of people still the verdict is still,out on it and i wanted to shed a light,on at least one,feature that you absolutely should take,a look at this tool to try to see if you,can consider it,let me give you a quick high level of,what it is if this is your first time to,this channel please go ahead and like,and subscribe im always coming up with,different things to grow your business,different hacks,we now our community is now open and,also,um i have a couple of master classes,coming up but listen,wanted to let you know about this tool,now its called sms it,right and,if you look at it first it looks,overwhelming they have a lot of stuff,and im not even gonna say that its,its its uh the aesthetics on it look a,little bit dated i think a lot of people,are saying that but,there is a lot of power behind this tool,and im gonna try to give you just an,idea of what you can do,if most people know this and some dont,but you can,if you have a,android phone it comes with a sim card a,sim card can connect to a wireless,tower right from your carrier,what this particular company does is,they they give you a software,that you can um,use a sim card thats inside of your,your um,your android phone and pass through,their gateway and allows you to send,unlimited text messages now if youre,going to use this tool what i recommend,you do and what im strongly against is,just over abusing it because,im just reading up on some history of,smpp is,you can actually your carrier can,actually do some different things and,try to throttle you down if youre,sending out too many texts and i think,they said the max you can send a day or,where you stay underneath the radars you,know between seven and ten thousand text,messages a day but if you stay under,that you should be good to go if youre,gonna do a million of them thats just,not gonna work for you because what,youre doing is youre using the,backbone and the carrier uh the,carriers backbone right and because,they dont have uh because theyre,already good with the tariffs and things,like that across interstate lines,um,that allows you to get this unlimited,text messages and not have to pay any of,these other surcharges because youre,already passing them through your,carrier so youll see this number here,continues to go up it doesnt matter how,you use it and what i have is i have the,tier three plan which is the unlimited,plan,now,a couple things right they have um,they do have uh a sub account now,im gonna show you the sub account the,sub account is really nothing more than,adding a persons email address to your,bank of minutes so its not a true sub,account and i think they said they are,working on,um,removing the sub account so the sub,account,because if you right now if you log into,the sub account you can see,all you can see some of these numbers,they could see that you have a large,bank of numbers and theyll be like oh i,can just use all these numbers i dont,like that i dont think im ready to use,this for sub accounts yet,but i think to get unlimited text,messages and do some of the things that,you can do,in this particular program is mind,boggling right so if nothing else if you,want to have a platform that will allow,you to do unlimited text messages,not even using twilio and then twilio is,an option you can put plug your twilio,number in here as well im not going to,get to the extent of going through that,but i can use this and i have i tested,it out using my twilio twilio and using,my own android,phone so if i use twilio obviously im,going to be paying,i think its .0006,thats what ill pay but if i just use,my own android phone i will pay nothing,they just keep tabs on the credits they,keep tabs on the credits just in case if,you wanted to have a sub count you can,actually build someone per credit and,thats way beyond the scope of this,short video i just wanted to spend a few,more minutes with you theres something,powerful in here i want to show you,um,let me get to it um,what it is uh no i think its the smart,tools yeah its the smart smart tools,again these these menus they drop down,theyre doing a lot of tweaking theyre,doing a lot of things on this the api is,wide open so you can do a lot of things,and get creative on the back end theres,some things im going to already im,going to hack this into some other tools,but i want to show you something here,really really quick i want to show you,the contest,and um no i think im gonna show you the,mobile,coupons or,let me figure out which one im gonna,show you,hold on because i dont want my sim,number to show up in the public so its,a standby,yeah so it is the um sorry about that it,is the mobile coupons again you have to,be careful because if any of these,numbers get out i dont want people,texting off of my phone number right,so,uh this is the mobile coupon that i,created now let me show you this,this if you cant think of any way to,draw a new business with this or be,creative with this i dont know what,what you can do,right,so lets look at the edit let me show,you what i did and i edit it so what you,do is youll come here i edited this,this is my uh mobile coupon that im,sending out i put winner winner chicken,dinner right,but from this coupon,you can have you can put in the call,website or directions you can plug all,that in here,this is the coupon content right here i,selected this image i just found it this,is one of my old video covers,you can put all that stuff in here right,and um this is the coupon,this is my coupon here and if you,register so let me show you how this,changes here my lucky winner i can,change that there my lucky winner my,lucky,lets see person,ill just put person there and see how,that changes right there um and then,this is the image that i uploaded here,you can select that and upload that and,then this is right here its winner,winner chicken dinner ill put times,two,right and so you can win two chicken,dinners if you win this and so what,happens is this is a coupon that you can,send out via text message you can create,a black friday coupon from this,right and what i started doing on some,of my capture pages i started giving,away freebies,and this is just a quick hack you know,just that youre listening to my channel,im going to always try to figure out,ways,to kind of grow you but,what i did was i started giving out,freebies or i created a freemium but the,freemium is is in exchange,for a mobile number right i give away,something that has nice value to it not,a,not a lead magnet or anything like that,but something has nice value to it in,exchange for,a,mobile number once i get the mobile,number i can do different things like,this people read their mobile,probably 10 times more than they read,their email if its a business email,they read it but if its personal email,they may read it once a,day or maybe once every two days is what,im noticing but if its a business,email of course they read it every day,but if its a personal email which is,the what we normally get if youre doing,a business to consumer business if,youre doing business to consumer,business you must have the mobile number,to get in front of people so thats a,tip a pet peeve of mines uh and thats,what i started doing,um,one of the um and my calendar allows me,to capture mobile numbers,so if they want to get an appointment or,something like that i captured a mobile,number now this is the coupon again this,is the mobile coupons you can use this,you can send this out to people,definitely works good for black friday,things like that let me show you one,other thing because i think other,everybody else has been showing you how,it looks inside i just wanted to show,you some of the marketing features,because thats what we do here at,digital growth hacks we try to help you,grow your business let me show you one,other thing before i um close this out,before i g

Twilio Alternative – Comparing Twilio and Voximplant

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Your Open Source Alternative to Twilio – Fonoster – Open Source Friday #opensource

a Ross,whats your address,we are located at 31 Boston Harbor North,Carolina,this is open source Friday and this is,basically a show where I talk to open,source maintainers and contributors,about their projects and today Im,joined by Pedro who created fonister hey,Pedro how you doing Im doing great so,how about you Im doing great too Im,sad that my ring light came off and now,Im just using regular light but thats,okay and Im having a great Friday how,about you we just jump straight into it,and you go ahead and introduce yourself,who are you,yeah absolutely Ill give you a brief,intro about myself something that that I,like to tell people is I was born and,raised in a small island in the,Dominican Republic thats on the,Caribbean and I grew up I guess like,most kids over there and it was a good,its a good its a good few years when I,was a kid but I had opportunity back in,2020 to go to school and I graduated as,a telematics engineer and I say that,because its gonna be its gonna be,important later on for the topic that,were going to talk about today but I,had an opportunity to,get a telematics engineering degree,and two people in times in my life one,of them was in 2010 when I got my green,card and I get to and I got to move to,the United States it was a great,experience to begin with but that people,in time not only did I move to the state,but also I joined the military I dont,know if I tell you that on when we,talked on our,space last night but I joined the,military in 2011 actually and I spent 10,years in the US Military,so that was a great experience but I,think most people know 2010 came up and,theres another people in the moment in,my life as well when I had to make a,decision do I stay in the military or do,I go back to Tech I made a decision,jumped back into Tech and it started,building final stair which is the thing,that were going to be talking about,today but I think thats mean and not,show Caribbean kid telematics engineer a,military for over a decade and then back,to Tech so Wow first of all I want to,see more Caribbean people in Tech and,then I did not know you were in the,military at first and then you,transitioned back to Tech thats really,interesting,oh my God yeah,so tell us about what is fonister what,led you from like you going from Coming,to America getting that tell them you,said telematics is that what its called,Communications okay okay cool I wanted,to make sure I was saying the right,thing tell them Maddox degree then,military then fine is there tell us that,journey and then also tell us what is,honest there for anybody thats watching,yeah for sure the journey started a long,time ago with the maybe a seat with an,idea and the idea was can we make,telecommunications easier to consume for,developers theyll say the original idea,and I had this idea many years ago even,before I came to the state and even,before it was called faster,and the challenge we had was the,industry was moving to apis Im talking,about in 2008 we didnt even have rest,or any of this like grpc cool apis we,have nowadays it was so wait in 2008,there was no rest apis what no no there,was not gone there was not brought,constant at least of anything like that,we have,we had we have and the beginning so of,rest might have been there but they were,just not brought adoption of that the,entire industry not only,telecommunication was moving to that and,I thought hey what if we can make all,this complexity of our telecommunication,and kind of wrap that into an API that,was like many years ago back then,I didnt have the tools I didnt have,their knowledge to build a thing I just,I didnt necessarily have the money to,put it together I mean either so he,really had to I really had to fast,forward,almost a decade before I started having,by then I had built some Frameworks I,have built some tools around this but it,wasnt really the shape that it had,today so thats how we started and as,far as what it is so if you understand,what what Twitter is then were building,up a source alternative to that if you,can think of,generating a phone call automate,automatically through an API thats,something that function does right if,you called lets say to a restaurant and,you get grid by a programmable voice,then thats thats what final sir does,as well and now were moving towards,supporting most use cases more use cases,like sending sms sending something to,MMS and hopefully on time if things go,the way things are doing better now,so hopefully on time well be able to,support video as well it might not be in,the next couple months but hopefully,thats whats coming so,this is very exciting to me because,during 2019 to 2021 I worked at a,company that used twilio help heavily,basically what we were doing is it was,an insurance company where Im not an,insurance company but an insured tech,company where insurance companies can,use our platform to have like operators,or Insurance operators type on like,their web app and then send that would,send a text message to their like,clients or whatever like the people that,needed insurance so theyll be like oh,like someone could text in and be like,hey my car got in the car crash and then,the insurance operator would see it on,their web app so I know a lot about,twilio so Im really excited to see like,what funster can do or where its at,right now because Im sure like its a,lot to get to where what twilio has or,maybe even youre doing something,slightly different I also want to say,hey to the chat like if people are,calling in not calling in but watching,in and I want to know where youre,coming from so I see name wardnero they,said theyre calling in from Dominican,Republic so you got people supporting,you do you know this person by any,chance I know I know yeah we work,together at some point yeah awesome,awesome I love to see that and then oh,bakaris here he said Cali in the house,thanks bukhari awesome so if youre,ready we can get into the demo yeah we,can do that so yeah lets do it he just,said it a second ago,theres a lot of things that we need to,work on to get to the level with,twilios at so were just focusing on,the things that we can influence at this,time and one of the obviously is voice,our programmable voice rather but,yesterday I want to take a step back,because yesterday there was a question,how do you connect to the pstn a lot of,people always ask that so I wanted to,quickly go where the Journey of a phone,call and can you yeah thats completely,fine I have a dumb question what is pstn,okay thats a good question so pfdn,stands for private switch telephone,Network which is just a weird or like a,long way to say just a regular old phone,regular cell phone or mobile phone or,landline form another term that includes,all these other areas oh okay gotcha,thank you yeah for sure the Journey of a,call typically goes like this you pick,up your phone you call to a number it,could be a bank or something like that,and normally its going to go from your,mobile,to your unless youre using wireless,router but typically we go to your,telephone Tower and then its going to,go to what we just say the pstn in the,pstn it might go for from one network to,another before it makes it to,the to and to answer the question we got,yesterday to the void provider so avoid,providers you typically a smaller,company that is connected to these other,pscn providers using a protocol called,sip right thats a sessionization,protocol if I run correctly now once it,gets to the board provider now its,getting closer to funnels there that,provider sensitive call over to our,servers and then from there we connect,that over to your programmable voice,which is the use case were going over,to that okay so you just kind of want to,go super quickly that is a journey it,takes that path for us to get a phone,call,but anyway so just to show you the demo,so that last step on that last step I,hope you can see my screen yes I can see,it perfect,what was that,no I was gonna I was gonna say if,anybody in

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SMS global vs Twilio || Both Platforms Comparison

hey guys welcome here so in this video,Im gonna show you the comparison,between SMS Global and video so both are,the SMS platform which help you to send,the bulk SMS so just simply you can see,first of all what you need to do you,have to check the reviews ranking so,just simply in order to do this first of,all,here you can see the reviews and ranking,SMS Global and twilio so simply just,SMS global global has three percent,rating twilio has four percent rating so,now here you can see the overall rating,for three stores SMS Global and for two,video we have the four stars so simply,after that when you go to the price so,in this section you can see the SMS,Global has two ratings,and the twilio has almost four rating,now in the tool section you can see the,SMS Global has four star rating and here,you can check the twilio has five star,rating so it will has high tools so send,bulk SMS now,on the customer service you can check,the both have same ratings like the four,star ratings for SMS Global 4 star,ratings for twilio so now,in the education section you can check,the SMS Global has four star ratings,and the twilio has three star ratings so,now regulations SMS Global and video so,trust value at 87 by 100,for SMS Global portfolio nine nine four,by hundred so years founded 2007 twilio,founded in 2008 so this is latest after,that listed company,of both Futures available,so regulated both features available,and complaints both features available,so now,after this go to cost,payment methods prepay pay as you go,prepay post pay pay as you go price,match so uncheck payment methods credit,card PayPal credit card PayPal and EFT,POS after that free trial for both like,if you join the SMS Global and you can,create a free account free account and,you can also use the free trial for same,the twilio you can create a free account,and you can use the free drive next we,will move to support So phone support,both features available email Sports,both features available support hours,24×7 so the same features,now here go to the more features like,Global coverage,for SMS and to video both features are,active developer API so in this section,both features are active web product so,both features are active,dedicated numbers so the same Futures,two-way service like sending sms and,using SMS so this,abilities are available in SMS Global,and video,now delivery reports,like if you send the SMS after you will,receive the WWE record so both features,are available,automated rules,for both websites these features are,available keyword in response so both,features are available email to SMS so,these features are also available,comparing SMS Global website video so,both our USA business websites like here,you can see the SMS features of SMS,Global message to Elio in more details,like,two-way SMS API web SMS platform email,to SMS a2pish short codes dedicated,numbers delivery reports partner,programs incoming long numbers MMS so,these features are same in both websites,so you can use all these features,now here we will go to pricing structure,of SMS Global and video,so now here you can check the SMS,globals price start from,0.0 double two per text message and can,be as cheap,0.01 for dollar,so this is the SMS Global price,after that here you can see,for,3 lakh double five thousand plus SMS,messages SMS Global also for the free,trial for their SMS marketing service,so here now go to the video,so simply pricing structure you can see,here the twilio price start from,0.0075 per SMS messages however this is,for up to 5 million text messages,so the message tax providers course can,be a little,0.005 dollars therefore it is clear that,value is better,custard and larger Corporation wishing,to send up to billion text messages per,month now reliability and repetition,so here you can check,this major States likelihood that SMS,messages will be sent successfully when,required,SMS Global status that their SMS service,are backed by their,90.99.99 percent slavers W also offers a,highly,respectable,99.95 SLI grantee twilio also States on,their side that they have 99 Point,triple nine percent API success rate so,you can check the reliability and,reputation here so also here you can see,when looking at SMS Global twilio both,SMS provide states that they will,utilize the best routing solution for,their customers rooting options may,include premium networks which use,American Daily communication providers,so now after that,in the next section customer support by,SMS Global message to Elio so both offer,a toll-free phone numbers and online,form enabling customer to contact them,at any time,so,like here future links to their social,media platforms enable clients to,communication with them other,Communications channels the SMS globals,has office space around the global,including,has office in New York and San Francisco,so,after that,here you can check finally we have made,a successful comparison between SMS,Global assist video so after that,you can select any website,like which are,able for your juice so in this way you,can use these all websites

STOP using this Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method!

sorry but two-factor authentication is,just not as secure as you think it is,our username and password are floating,around the for cell section on the dark,web so we rely on two-factor,authentication as a way to prove to the,system that we are who we say we are the,concept is solid the lowest form of 2fa,is the email confirmation of this otp or,one-time password this is just a,fraction better than having none of this,at all as the likelihood of somebody,having access to your email is pretty,high if they bought your username and,password now the otp idea is solid but,the execution with email is just,terrible so the next level app is via,text message or sms unlike email that,can be accessed from anywhere in the,world to access somebodys text messages,you need to either have their phone or,be able to clone it you know that you,can call your cellular provider and,after answering a bunch of security,questions basically theyll activate,your new sim card well scammers and,hackers do the same thing they call the,cellular provider pretend to be you and,remember they bought a list of your,information so they can answer all those,basic security questions and besides,they typically have somebody on the,inside that does that swim swap for them,anyway and of course once they do that,they have access to your otp text,messages now i want to be clear this,method is a much better than an email,otp and certainly a million times better,than having no two-factor authentication,but otp via sms isnt ideal for two,reasons besides the whole cloning thing,firstly and this actually happened to me,do you have a voicemail password most,people dont and as you know you can,call to retrieve your voicemail from any,phone not just your cell phone so what,these guys do they tell the system hey,dont send me the otp via text messages,rather call me they do it at three in,the morning youre sleeping that phone,call goes to voicemail they log in you,dont have a password and they retrieve,your voicemail now the second reason why,i dont like otp via sms is because i,have to give these platforms my cell,phone number why,they know that your cell phone is gold,because most of us dont change our,phone numbers that often so now they,have another data point to track us,around the web besides the ip address,which they know that you can mask anyway,with a vpn so lets look at what i call,the bare minimum that everybody should,have and that is an authenticator app an,authenticator app essentially uses,something called a time-based one-time,password or totp when you fire up the,app you will see a six digit number that,is automatically generated and,constantly changing every 30 seconds,this is the code that you will need to,provide once you log into the website,after your username and password the,huge plus of this method there is no sum,to clone and it is tied into your device,the big minus is that if you lose your,phone and youre locked out of your,account you are screwed unless youve,saved the recovery codes im gonna have,a link in the description to the most,popular authenticator app which is,google authenticator and that shows you,how to create and save your backup codes,now there is some thinking that the,authenticator apps made by companies,like google and microsoft are there just,to spy on you and keep track of your,activities so if you dont like that,well you can use a third-party developer,like authy and speaking of google,authenticator im so confused as to why,there isnt a pin or a fingerprint,requirement to access the app thats on,the phone that seems crazy now if you,really want to have what is probably the,best security method available to public,today then you need a physical key,something like the google titan or the,yubiko key these are physical keys that,are either inserted into the usb slot on,your computer or your phone or are nfc,enabled or are bluetooth enabled when,you log into an account that you have,set up to use your key as your 2fa,method you will need to either touch the,key or tap it on your phone or link it,to bluetooth this basically shows the,system that you are who you are and you,have the physical key with you i will,mention that nothing is foolproof there,has been some research that shows that,these keys can actually be cloned,however if youre somebody of that,caliber whos somebodys the,high-profile individual you probably,need to have a security specialist do an,assessment of your risk most of us just,want to keep the creepy guys out of our,systems cons of this method is that this,is a once of course to this and not all,keys are available in every country and,of course you will need to have the key,with you when you travel im going to,have some links to this or in the,description below at the very least,enable two-factor authenticator app its,free and instantly will elevate your,level of security let me know if you,want me to show you how to do that and,in the meantime check out this video,over here where i show you hidden,trackers inside your email that are sold,to identity resolution companies also,check out this video over here that,youtube thinks you should watch hit the,head down here to subscribe and ill see,you in this video or this video or ill,see you in both lets go

Authy Hacked – What are the Best Alternatives to Authy Now?

hey guys hows it going my name is tom,spark welcome back to another video,today were talking about the authy hack,what it means for you if youre an,author user and what you can do about it,going forward with two-factor,authentication now guys if you want to,help to support the channel click on my,link in the description down below check,out the tier list check out my vpn,rankings try the vpn quiz if you havent,picked the vpn already as always this,video is completely unsponsored not,sponsored by authy or any other apps and,tools recommended so if you want to help,support the channel get some good,discounts check out the tier list and,lets get back to the video,alright guys so first up you might have,heard by now that authy has been hacked,and if you had it basically what,happened is some of the employees were,idiots and clicked on phishing links and,text messages just like this not sure,why these employees fell for that and,why they didnt have better training,apparently theyre getting better,training now,so basically what happened is that it,looks like around 93 accounts,specifically were targeted and hacked,basically these accounts if they had,multi-device use enabled,people were able to pretty much generate,new authentication codes and log into,these applications,which is very scary and this isnt the,first time that authy has been affected,by a data breach or security issue so if,youre using authy still its probably,not a good idea,screw you authy,so now you might be wondering well what,else can i use what else is a good,option of course number one it would be,something like a ub key now yubikey is a,hardware kind of two-factor,authentication method this is probably,the most secure way to do it i didnt,even realize this but they even have it,for stuff like iphones you could use it,in an iphone like this,and have hardware two-factor,authentication for your iphone device,and you can get one for your computer as,well the only thing thats a little,annoying about these is you have to have,this hardware component make sure you,dont lose this as well as you know,buying two or more can get pretty,expensive its definitely not free so,thats definitely a con another thing is,is you might lose this i mean like i,said its just plugged into the iphone i,couldnt really find any specific cases,that support yubikey integration for,phones um i guess you could get,something like this spigen slim armor,and kind of put it in this little,component um but honestly uh,it kind of has its pros and cons there,secure but kind of a hassle to have,these hardware things,so what is another option besides authy,well ive done some research and found,some other competitors to authy they,have some things out there lastpass but,again lastpass just had a security,vulnerability as well so thats not very,good to see theres also some other ones,like microsoft and stuff like that and,ive tried some of those but they feel,pretty half-baked the microsoft one the,two-factor authenticator,doesnt have the best interface and just,feels kind of clunky to use not only,that but its probably not open source,and its owned by microsoft so ive kind,of found two that do seem to be pretty,good um ive wanted,one that was multi-platform that worked,on android and ios ive seen,recommendations for android but i want,one specifically that works on ios,because thats my preferred device to,use not only that i think its good to,have one that works on both platforms so,guys what are the ones that ive landed,on well none other than ravio or revo,otp,this one is pretty good um its pretty,identical to like how you would expect,it to look its got the codes like that,face id stuff like that,um owning your data you can sync it to,icloud services if you want or if not,you dont have to do that um and it,works pretty good um available on,uh devices and the one thing i do like,about,ravio over my other option is that it,doesnt be updated a lot august 23rd,august 20th um so,thats good to see um and finally we,have something like tofu tofu is another,one pretty similar to ravio im not sure,if this one has a dark mode i didnt,really actually try this one but i have,seen its also open source and a good,option as well,i think i would go for this one over,this one uh one reason is is because it,doesnt seem to be quite as up-to-date,as this one is revo so ravo seems to,have more frequent updates whereas tofu,seems to not have an update for at least,a year now which is kind of concerning,but you know even when we look at these,ones you see there was some security,issues fixed,and stuff like that,with these applications theres always,going to be security issues and one,reason that authy had this issue was,because their employees got phished,basically and introduced themselves into,the vulnerabilities of the system so in,some ways was auntie not secure or was,it just simply too big of a company and,was victim to that own success who knows,if revo got as big as authy if it had,some employees that could also fall for,the same trick chances are its not,going to be as much of an attack vector,since it is smaller so there is an,advantage to that and ive seen similar,things with stuff like torguard it being,a smaller vpn doesnt have as many um,issues with some of that those things so,if youre looking for an app i would,recommend ravo otp a pretty good one,tofu also could be good although not,updated quite as frequently and finally,if you want to go the most secure but,maybe less convenient option you could,get a yubikey,so yeah one thing i dont like about,yubikey is that some websites some,crypto websites dont support them i,know coinbase had issues with this i,couldnt get it working,so that was a little bit annoying but,something to definitely think about in,terms of compatibility,anyways guys thanks for checking out,this video uh once again unsponsored by,yubikey unsponsored by any of these,options recommended help support the,channel by checking out some of the vpns,ive rated also unsponsored but ill see,you in the next video very soon

SMS-iT Review – Twilio Alternative? | AppSumo Lifetime Deal | Passivern

hello guys welcome to ps7 in this video,i am going to review sms it cloud its a,new lifetime deal on appsumo as of now i,am recording this video it just launched,today and its a sms marketing tool,basically and as you can see its,claiming that its an alternative of,twilio i hope you are familiar about,twilio its also a sms marketing tool,but its a very famous tool and its a,very mature tool and they are claiming,that they are the alternative or they,are the competitor of twilio and twilio,is very expensive guys so if you need,something like twilio and if you think,this sms it cloud will be compatible,with your need then you can get this,lifetime deal from appsumo because its,one time payment and you can use it for,your lifetime so these are the things,guys and its best for sales and,marketing teams that want to personalize,customer engagement reduce churn and,build new sales leads so sms it cloud is,an omni channel messaging platform that,use ai automation and analytics to grow,your business so these are the things,and see if you scroll down from here,then you will see their pricing they are,offering you license tier one two and,three and as you can see this all,features you will get with um all these,tiers sms it cloud global access one,free mobile number so you are getting,one free mobile number here free inbound,messages unlimited daily send limit,super speed 51 plus smart features smart,database unlimited keywords voice and,fax by mobile number so you can buy here,mobile number you will get one mobile,number but you can buy mobile number if,you need and then you will get bring,your own number at no additional charge,unlimited rollover get it api,integration then they are offering you,integrations jpr dropbox shopify hubspot,mailchimp salesforce then slack,wordpress google calendar atc and 4000,plus apps integration through jpl and if,you see their tiers and then you will,see that the numbers varies in voice,messages per month and text messages per,month in license tier 1 you can get 125,voice messages per month and 125 text,message per month and if you get,licensed your 3 it will upgrade up to,750 so these are the difference guys and,they are saying that credit allocation,for users in the us or canada if i click,on this link from here let me,check what happen,so see here is the details guys how your,amount or how your credit will cut it,down from here you can go through this,so these are the things guys here and,basically its an sms marketing platform,in one sentence and if you see,their main features they are saying here,to a omnichannel messaging text voice,fax and email chat then 100 plus smart,features and widget artificial,intelligence and automation and on,coming soon they have metaverse plus,smart marketing tools and they have also,decentralized gateway available sim card,smpp and inbuilt twilio gateway supports,all countries outside with ac nation,okay and theyre saying that 2000 plus,active users and one billion plus,segmented contacts of potential,customers to target by using our smart,database so these are the things and,then if you scroll down here one person,have explained,to use case this is one use case and,this is another use case of this tool so,you can go through this but now we will,go through the dashboard of sms it cloud,and we will explore what have inside,there but before that one thing i want,to mention that i have created a vip,lifetime deal discussion group on,facebook guys if you are interested to,join on this vip lifetime deal,discussion group you can join through,the link given in the description or,comment section of this video in this,group its a completely dedicated group,to discuss about various up-to-date,lifetime deal of community that will,help you to grow your business and also,for your personal growth so these are,the things guys now lets go to the,dashboard this is the dashboard that you,will get whenever you will sign up or,login on sms it cloud and see here you,will see the summary basically your sms,credit your voice credit your primary,number you will see here and your plan,you will see here and you will see your,success rating um here see past seven,day current month current year overall,success rate you will see and you will,see all your subscribers here um and you,will see all your subscriber by source,by keyword by carrier and your,subs or answers monthly and subs by,keyword monthly and i will show you what,is the subscriber by keyword after some,time guys and here you will see subs,current year versus,prior year and unsubs current year,versus prior year,after that if you scroll down there have,secondary numbers assigned that means if,you get this lifetime deal from um,appsumo then you will get one um mobile,number but if you have multiple mobile,number if you buy any mobile number from,here you can see your mobile numbers,from here so these are the things you,can see all your number of messages you,have sent number of messages you have uh,received num and the number of voice,mail you have sent from here here and,then um you can buy more credit if you,need here and these are the things guys,basically here on this daily board this,is basically a,small summary of your work so these are,the things and you can see all your,leads from here you see here happy,option for leads and here you can see,all your messages all your voicemails,and you can see all your faxes also here,if you go to this um profile section you,can see your account information your,plan details you can change your,password here have the settings and here,you can see your email services and you,can create sub accounts and here a lots,of features have actually guys if i want,to explain all of this one by one it,will take a lot of time so,thats why i think i will explain only,the major features guys suppose among,this major feature one of the feature is,email service if i go to this email,service then see here have the options,to connect with mailchimp get response,active campaign available and send in,blue so you can connect sms it,with these email services and you can,use it after that there have sub,accounts so you can create here multiple,sub account and you can assign on this,server account your users or your team,members so these are the things to add,server account just click on this action,and click here on this add sub account,you can create here sub account so these,are the things guys basically here after,that if i go to the dashboard again here,is the dashboard that i have explained,already now after that i have tutorial,see if i click on this tutorial option,see this is the basic tutorial but here,is not the end if i click on this,tutorial again see here have tutorial,and its detailed tutorial you can learn,everything step by step from here how to,run a successful sms campaign from here,see there have tutorial for articles,tutorials for video and they also have,their 17 case studies i like video,tutorials so im clicking here on this,video tutorial and let it be load,see here is the video tutorial step by,step what is decentralized version quick,overview tutorial why choose sms it,benefits of sms it and comparing it to,top competitors and introduction to sms,it so there have um tutorial videos you,can go through these videos and you can,learn sms marketing step by step and you,can also learn here upcoming ofc,decentralized sms marketing and this sms,it cloud will support this web 3 also in,future so these are the things guys here,after that if i go to here they have the,decentralized version see if i click on,this decentralized version then you will,see what is the decentralized version,available now see this is the,decentralized version and see here is,the primary number sms credit credit you,can see all the things from here and for,all the features they have step by step,tutorial video tutorial and written,tutorial also so these are the things,guys and whenever i have selected here,decentralized version see here,everything

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