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what is up guys its been a while since,ive done a food,video and you know why because ive been,messing around with greg to sets,cookbook,and if you know a lot of his recipes,actually require,fiber yum or vita fiber but,if youre like me and you live in asia,and particularly singapore we do not,have any access to that,and like shipping one borrowing is like,60 bucks so,that is not an option so ive actually,came up with,kind of my own vita fiber recipe and,super simple was only,a couple ingredients and it looks like,this,[Music],i mean if you drink it on its own its,gonna taste a little bit weird but,its not for drinking do not drink this,this is for you guys to make your,protein bars,protein cookies and whatever great juice,recipe needs,or you know what you can experiment you,know do whatever you want with it,okay so without further ado lets go,to the video,[Music],first youre going to start off with 2,cups of water,with a total of 500 milliliters,now you microwave on high until the,water boils,or if you dont have a microwave you can,also heat it on the stove,if you do decide to use a stove i highly,recommend for the rest of the recipe,assemble it while the water simmers this,means youre just going to put,everything into the pot,where you are simmering the water in,this is actually better in my opinion as,it will dissolve better but,most people are lazy like me so if,youre lazy just use the microwave,now youre just gonna add one teaspoon,of vanilla extract or,two teaspoons of vanilla essence,[Music],next add in one teaspoon of xanthan gum,or guava,and of course as usual as the dog says,as much zero calorie sweetener as you,want,or i recommend 20 grams,next youre gonna mix it up and mix it,up as well as possible,once its mixed up youre gonna add in,another half a teaspoon of xanthan gum,or gua gum,i usually do not like to put one and a,half teaspoons immediately but you can,as well as i really want it to be,dissolved,before i decide to thicken it further,now continue mixing until its all well,dissolved and,mixed in together,of course you can use it immediately for,greg to set recipes or any recipe you,would like,or you could also store it into a bottle,personally i like a glass bottle as,um youll probably be storing it for a,long period of time,and and guys yeah so that was the video,and i hope you enjoyed it but,i just want you guys to know yes i feel,this did work and can work for the,recipes but perhaps possibly,using vital fiber and fiber yum is gonna,make and give,optimal results dont judge his recipes,based off my creation,but just this is just an option i guess,because i personally really really,couldnt have any access to vita fiber,by the 5 a.m and im like still a,student so i cant afford,paying 60 per bottle and its really,hard to get so i guess if you guys,really have no choice,this is a good option yes the only,downward the biggest downside for this,one is it doesnt have any fiber or much,viper,as compared to fiber yam i couldnt find,any ingredient that was,zero calorie or low calorie enough to,put in to justify the huge amounts of,fiber like fiber yum and vita five boys,so yeah and give it my best and if i,find a way ill share it with you guys,but if you guys try this recipe and you,enjoy it and you think its good,let me know in the comments down below,like comment,subscribe and ill see you guys in the,next video

FibrO IMO Powder VS VitaFiber Cook Off – Is @Greg Doucette NEW FibrO Supplement Any Good??

all right so,we are back everyone say hi,and today is a taste testing because we,just got gregs new,fibro imo powder which is basically a,replacement for the vita fiber that goes,in a lot of the recipes,so were going to try it out and see if,its just as good for things that we,make often so we have,a couple different protein bars here,these are ones ive actually made before,i came up with,on my channel based on recipes gregs,made these are the reeses cookie one,this is actually the most popular video,on the channel so far and this is the,reeses cookie dough,versions we have peanut butter banana,chocolate chip cookies i think thats,called and then also,the protein popcorn and i gotta say i,did use,rice protein powder for all these things,because greg you got me hooked on that,back when you used it so,im gonna keep using it until you come,out with your own version that tastes,even better so,were gonna go over taste price ease of,use in the calories so,were going to go with protein bar first,which one you want the chocolate,so well see if they still taste as good,as when we made them with vita fiber,it actually makes them a little thin,does it taste the same thats the big,thing here one if it tastes just as good,and thats a good sign lets try this,one hows that,what do you think good good lets try,the popcorn,i havent tried that you can try one a,second get a piece of popcorn,yummy yummy yummy this was taken out of,the freezer because it,says its best when its cold trying to,get a big handful because itll get your,hands sticky,what do you think your mouth says like,movies,um what do you think of popcorn,do you like it you can tell me if you,dont like it,do you like it or not i like it i dont,i dont you dont like it because she,doesnt eat a whole lot of popcorn,this one i think so this is,[Music],your protein black so hold on so this,the protein popcorn is actually quite,good its like you get the,chocolatey taste and after you chew a,little bit then you start to get the,saltiness underneath the popcorn,we use skinny pop popcorn for this so,makes it really good,and healthy for you now just kidding,its smart pop,were gonna do skinny pop lets try a,bite of cookie these ended up a little,bit flatter because i,put a little bit too much almond milk in,i think but,you can still try them lets take a bite,of this and see what you think,just tell me honestly what you think i,think its,great delicious because if you dont,like it,tell me i want to know yeah i like it,i love it i like it i want another one i,like it you could buy it and taste it,first,youre not eating your food a lot of,sweetness from this comes from the,banana and chocolate chip and sweeteners,and all the stuff that goes into it,so this isnt so much a sweet and this,one is for texture but this is good too,so its a good sign and it shows on the,back,good for protein bars smoothie shakes,cooking baking so we got protein bars,baking coffee and tea so,we have the worlds best boss got some,earl grey here,and i put one serving in it and this is,only half full it looks huge but its,only,half i mean it doesnt taste like a,a sweetener that you would get like,you know putting stevia or something in,it i can taste a little bit of sweetness,but its not,i mean its mostly the earl grey which,is pretty strong tea,i dont know so i might have to put more,in to see if it actually flavors it or,anything but,i dont see a big difference with the,tea the protein bars taste the same,thats good the protein popcorns taste,the same ive used this,and both of those ive never used this,for tea i just figured since it said tea,okay well the cats not coming in right,now its wet so i figured,you know i just try since i said for tea,on there,so i guess does it pass the taste test,thats what theyre here for so thumbs,up for the taste everyone like except,she didnt like the popcorn,so next up is price so this is 25,for a tub this is 18 for one of these,so going through i was able to make,about three full batches with a little,bit left of this of,protein bars which are 12 protein bars,per batch,this gives me about two and a half,batches so when you,spread that out it ends up being about,eight dollars per batch for this,and then like 720 for this thats like,an 80 cent difference but then if you,buy this in bulk then it ends up being,about the same price as this,but then you can buy this in bulk and it,still ends up being about a,60 to 70 cent difference so when you,come down to it that ends up being what,like,six to seven cents per bar difference so,in the long run thats really not a huge,difference for me,but it is slightly more expensive so the,next thing though is ease of use,so with this obviously its ready to go,its in syrup form you get it you pour,it out,you make your stuff whereas with this,you got to measure out the powder then,add water,you heat it up you stir it in you got to,keep heating it until it,mixes well then you have to let it sit,for at least 30 minutes so it does,definitely take longer a little bit of,planning,to get this ready to go so not as,obviously easy to go because its in,powder form but as far as,how much to use theres a little barcode,on the back of here,and when you click on that you pull up,your phone,so it brings this up and it shows you,depending on how much,syrup amount you want for grams like,this is already in served it tells you,how many grams of this you need and how,much water and how many calories,so it is a bit more involved obviously,for this its slightly more expensive,more involved to get it ready to go,taste as good so thats a good thing,there,one of the problems though is with this,people are always saying its always out,so he made his own substitute which,tastes good,i would lean more towards this just,because i like ease of use whereas,this did take a while but the kicker is,this has fewer calories,as well so if it tastes the same with,fewer calories thats a good thing when,i was going through this,for uh i use about 450 grams and based,on this thats close to 600 calories,for this for the protein bars whereas,this is around 850,between like 850 and 900 so that ends up,being close to 20 calories,less per bar and these are half bars,right here that shes holding up so,one bar is twice as big as that so,youre looking at fewer,calories using this as well so overall,hold on moms calling mommy hello,connor just opened it unlocked it for,you okay,bye so overall what do i think,i like vita fiber because its easy to,use,when im cooking stuff i want to get it,ready its less involved,but this is half the time its sold out,and you cant find it so if youre,looking for a substitute,i definitely go for this one because it,tastes the same it has fewer calories,which is also good,especially for cutting which is what a,lot of his channel is all about,i also want to support the guy because i,mean i get this or i could get another,brand of powdered imo,fiber fibro imo powder natural low,calorie sweetener,i know based on the quality of his,channel the quality of his other stuff,ive gotten his cookbooks his training,books which ive made videos on that,stuff too,and have been really good for me i know,that this popcorn is sticky,hes not going to put something out it,doesnt taste good which as we can see,everything pretty much tastes good so,for me i would go with it again,simply for the fact that i want to,support him and what he does,if this is not available so i do prefer,the vita fiber just in the sense that,its easy but,this tastes just as good to me it just,is more involved getting it ready to go,so thats the only downside to it but we,made like four batches of protein bars,these cookies this,we used a lot of it so if you plan on,hey im gonna cook in bulk,which makes it easier instead of im,gonna make 12 protein bars and then go,through them in,a week now i got to make more how about,i make four batches and be good for the,month,and so you get it out you make it once,the ease of use is kind of like,its n

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[Music],lets give it a try now with our imo,powder regular sets first supplement,[Music],welcome back to the anabolic hub we make,anabolic deliciousness were back inside,my kitchen today and were doing a,supplement review were going to be,taking a look at coach greg doucettes,first ever supplement that hes released,fibro imo powder this is supposed to,replace that elusive ingredient that,were always looking for vita fiber,fiber yum cant find it anywhere seems,to be out of stock everywhere at least,in the u.s thats always been the case,as far back as i can remember this here,is supposed to be the replacement for,that up until this point for coach,gregs recipes ive been using this,wholesomes allulose which does taste,pretty good it is a sweetener its close,to zero calories but im not quite sure,if its supposed to taste the way it,does with this were gonna make a coach,great classic right out of his cookbook,his score bars using the new fibro imo,supplement that he has listed in there,now directions included on how to use it,for each and every recipe i figured why,not start off with one of the best ones,that ive had so far were going to do,the score bars well go through the,cooking process well let them freeze,overnight well taste test them its,going to be the next day but its going,to be instant for you right over to the,taste test table were going to see if,this is a supplement worth buying to use,with coach gregs cookbook so with no,further ado lets get things started by,having a look at the ingredients here we,go chocolate peanut butter protein,powder chocolate syrup cocoa powder,score bits or as we have them in the u.s,heath bits water and of course the fibro,imo powder the first step in putting the,score protein bars together is to weigh,out the amount of fibro powder that,youre going to need for the recipe and,youre going to have to microwave some,water to go along with it were going to,get that process started get our fibro,powder ready to go and make it vita,fiber fiber yummy,first step of the fibro prep is to,microwave your water for 30 seconds and,then add in the appropriate amount of,fibro imo powder and mix it together,until its fully dissolved,i gotta say it does feel a little,science,experimenty as soon as you combine the,powder in the water you do start to hear,some sizzling and,some dissolving action happening for,sure ive stirred it up here for about,one minute now that we have our fibro,imo powder ready to go the next step is,to add all the ingredients together we,have our pre-measured chocolate peanut,butter powder here were going to add in,our imo solution now,then we need the chocolate syrup,then its our pre-measured cocoa powder,that is on the money of course,then we have our score heath bar chips,were going to hold out a few because,were going to want to put them on top,of the bars i highly recommend you do,this gives a little nicer appearance but,also it ensures youre going to get some,score bits in every single bite so hold,a few out here im going to put about 70,75 of these in there right now to mix in,[Music],now that we have all of our ingredients,in there the next step is to mix it up,[Music],and once you continue to mix until you,think youve mixed enough and then you,mix some more youll end up getting a,nice arm workout out of this the dough,does become pretty tough or batter or i,guess whatever you want to call this,protein mixture,gets a little hard to stir i guess is,what im saying but once its all mixed,together you will see that there is no,dry parts left and its ready to go into,a tray i have made these score bars a,couple times and i got to tell you when,youre putting it into a tray it is much,better to line it with some parchment,paper itll just make it much easier,when you do eventually need to take it,out and cut it up into the bars trust me,ive done it it works way better than,trying to scrape it off the bottom of,the casserole dish,[Music],now that we have our mixture into our,casserole dish we want to do next is,spread it out so that its a nice even,layer going all the way to the corners,pro tip on this one coach greg actually,mentions it in his cookbook what you,want to do is spray your hands down with,some non-stick cooking spray because,this dough is pretty friggin sticky high,capacity nonstick cooking spray loaded,fire away,[Music],and you do have to work quickly because,eventually the non-stick will wear off,and you will get a little dirty like i,said ive made this a few times and i,can honestly say after having used the,fibro imo powder in this version the,dough is a lot different consistency,wise it seems like the texture is going,to be a lot different as well and im,very curious what the flavor is going to,be like but before we can get there a,couple more steps to go were going to,take the rest of our scorebar heath bar,bits and put them across the top of our,mixture here thats going to allow us to,get some of this goodness in every,single bite,and another nice little pro tip that i,learned from greg i think watching his,actual video where he makes the score,bars with ally after you put the bits,over the top take a spoon and just kind,of pat the bits down that way after they,freeze and you go to cut them up into,bars theyre not going to fall off as,youre eating them because trust me we,want to have all of this anabolic,deliciousness from coach gregs book in,the belly,and on the taste buds and just like that,our score bar mixture is prepped and,ready to go into the freezer you do have,to freeze it for at least one hour,before you can cut them up trust me ive,tried to do it sooner and it doesnt,work so one hour in the freezer cut them,up and then i think the longer you let,them sit in the freezer overnight is,best the better they actually taste,so the scorebar mixture has been in the,freezer for one hour just took it out,now im gonna cut up the bars and put,each one in its own individual piece of,parchment paper and this is why you use,the parchment paper for the casserole,dish because its much easier to cut by,taking it out rather than trying to cut,it in the dish trust me been there done,that,[Music],for frame of reference this is what the,bars look like right now theyre pretty,solidified theyre not quite frozen just,enough to be solid i can guarantee you,by tomorrow these will be frozen solid,and they wont be limp this one is here,be ready to go perfect snack its going,to take you a little bit longer to eat,which is good because the longer it,lasts the more its going to feel like,youre having im going to wrap up this,last one toss them in the freezer im,going to try one tomorrow over the taste,test table for me like i said tomorrow,for you right now here we go,[Music],so like i said next day for me instant,for you here we are following day the,score bars have been in the freezer,since i made them yesterday morning time,to pull one out and give it the old,taste test you know where the taste test,table lets grab one now and head on,over,[Music],whos excited,and were back at the taste test table,day after we made coach greg ducettes,score bars using his very first,supplement ever the fibro imo powder i,had a feeling when i was making these,with the powder that it was already,coming out better than when i had,previously used the allulose that i,talked about before im hoping that,these taste even better im not sure,what a difference it does make i never,actually was able to make the score bars,with the vita fiber or the fiber yum i,thought they were really good with the,allulose lets give it a try now with,our imo powder were going to unwrap it,from our parchment paper here i have a,dish as to not be a savage in case we,want to put it down although well see,how long it lasts to give you a close-up,look of what it looks like you can see,all of the score heath bits there in the,bar it is definitely frozen solid here,you can tell there is absolutely no,limp going on like before when we were,putting it into

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Keto Sweeteners and Sugar Alternative as Explained by Dr. Berg & Karen

hey guys were back in in this video,were going to talk about sweeteners yep,sugar sugar substitute yeah so theres a,couple things that you should know lets,start with,molasses okay,molasses is basically the waste product,from white sugar they take sugar cane,they take all the vitamins out and they,put into molasses but this is where all,the nutrients nutrition is you have,minerals vitamins,its still high in sugar but it has good,amounts of iron and other minerals,calcium,so i mean if youre anemic it might be a,good thing but i dont normally,recommend this if you have any blood,sugar issues but white sugar is terrible,this will not create any dental decay so,can i use it thats what i want to know,you can use it in small amounts maybe,for children occasionally how about for,gingerbread cookies,probably not,but heres the thing,if you take white sugar and then people,buy brown sugar they think its,healthier all it is its a tiny little,drop of this in white sugar so brown,sugar is really almost equivalent to,white sugar,especially sugar like raw sugar cane,its the same deal so what if i had one,of these other sugars and i added a,little bit of,molasses to it to make it,molasses-y if its just a small amount i,think itll be okay,but dont do dont go crazy okay so the,next thing i want to talk about is,stevia,stevia is,completely um,completely no glycemic uh problems with,that its an herb its an indian herb um,its very sweet but it gives an,aftertaste well some of them give an,aftertaste for sure and and the thing,that i have to be careful with with,stevia in cooking is that it doesnt,work one for one when you have recipes,that say a cup of sugar youre not going,to put a cup of stevia at least not,we just have to read every package is,different the stevia here,you use a tiny percent,to each measurement so its not,one-to-one if you use one-to-one with,this this is uh,kiva organic stevia,super super concentrated they do have a,grid on the back tells you how to use it,but you just have to be careful this one,doesnt really have a lot of aftertaste,i kind of like it ive been using it in,some recipes here and there but the,other thing you have to remember is that,sugar is a bulk,in recipes so if youre replacing a cup,of sugar with a tablespoon of this,the chemistry is going to be a little,different so i,ive been playing with all of these,things a lot of you guys asked me can i,substitute this for that,um you just have to read the sweetener,and see what it substitutes if its one,for one go for it yeah,yeah okay so now we have this one right,here so just like sugar just like sugar,this is chicory root dietary fiber i,like this i like it a lot i dont like,it he doesnt like gets a little bit of,a bitter taste but they have the brown,and the white so you can test it out see,if you like it i think this one is the,brown is a little bit more of the bitter,that youre talking about,i think this works great,i have to be really careful with what i,use because i dont my body doesnt like,erythritol and there are certain,sugar alcohols that give me a little gi,well intestinal situation this is not,erythritol no i know this is why i like,it so we got erythritol thats a sugar,alcohol i dont have a sample here um,the thing about erythritol its a low,glycemic index,but what does that mean,it doesnt affect the blood sugars very,much,but it can create some digestive,bloating occasionally or diarrhea now,xylitol is another sugar alcohol i like,xylitol the best,because it tastes almost identical to,sugar,again it can go you can mess up your,digestive system if you have too much,its very very toxic to dogs if a dog,consumes 100,grams um theyll be dead in 30 minutes,so you have to make okay were not going,to talk about that anymore heres the,thing,if you get erythritol or xylitol make,sure you get non-gmo,non-gmo everything always that was,really a downer were going to move on,to something else lets go on to this,one right here okay,i havent tried this one yet but this is,called uh,fiber yum its the same thing these are,these are the same vita fiber fiber yum,im really happy about this because when,youre making recipes and its uh calls,for something liquid like a lot of these,paleo and and sugar-free,uh recipes have um,whats it called,um inulin no,okay im im blanking out its the,agave its agave nectar we dont use,agave nectar its still too high in,sugars but this fiber yum is great i,have another video that you can check,out uh i make my own maple syrup with,this does nothing to the tummy,it has the least amount of digestive,stress,uh interaction basically its an iso,maltel oligosaccharide there you go,isomorphic fiber yum,fiber yes,these two are the same like you just see,if theyre an iso maltolego saccharide,same thing but its just like a syrupy,type thing,um its yeah its great its non-gmo if,you have a recipe that calls for honey,if you have a recipe that calls for,maple syrup agave nectar this is the,thing its its great and like i said,you know you might have a reaction to,some of these you just have to test it,out some people do some dont im really,sensitive and im fine with it now the,maple syrup recipe were going to show,them is that,part of this,yeah i use fiber yum and the maple syrup,heres another maple syrup sugar-free,maple syrup you can get,this is a malt this is basically uh,maltitol yeah malta tall,some of my family love this its got a,great consistency of the sugar-free,syrups ive tried the consistency is,great the smell is great the taste is,actually really good,i cannot eat this,at all,so again you just have to check it out,for yourself the the what happens is,that a lot of these use their fiber that,is um goes in the digestive system and,your microbes interact with it so if you,dont have the enzymes to break it down,or if its not going through it can,create a lot of locations,no no youre saying something you just,in my enzymes yeah sort of okay uh monk,fruit okay,another good sweetener um,again it can create some digestive,issues if you have too much so you want,to play around some people are sensitive,some people arent but its another,sweetener low glycemic index yeah i like,this just to serve for coffee or tea,kind of thing um it does have a little,aftertaste its different than sugar of,course these all will theyre theyre,substitutes but that this is,i found this to be really pricey and i,am,a consignment shop,economical girl so if its super pricey,im im not going to use it but i test,everything so this is okay this is okay,for table serving so this this is,probably the best one you want to use,right here well in his opinion its the,best,i think this is the best,and the fiber yum,so there you go you guys had a lot of,questions about what can you substitute,what can you use and im always,answering saying you just have to check,it out,and definitely read the ingredients if,youre using a stevia product,to see how much you need to measure but,you should play with it,yeah and put your comments below yeah,thanks

5 Best Sugar Substitutes: How to Quit Sugar- Thomas DeLauer

hey its Thomas de Lauer and today I,want to talk about my five favorite,sugar substitute five different degrees,that I use to replace traditional,refined sugar that is a total load of,garbage because its full of chemicals,or its just so refined it has no,nutrients left here so Im going to dive,right in the first one that I want to,talk about is simply raw honey okay Im,talking about pure unadulterated raw,honey the cool thing about honey it is,not even technically a sugar its more,of a whole food contains a lot of,different properties like seriously,powerful antioxidants so I help get rid,of whats called that reactive oxygen,species in our blood that basically is,whenever our cells have waste whenever,our cells are going through metabolism,they have this reactive oxygen species,to wait well honey can actually help,eradicate that additionally if you,simply replace your sugar that you would,normally be consuming with raw honey you,can dramatically reduce the impact on,your blood sugar level this is because,typically speaking raw honey is lower,glycemic which means it can have a lower,impact on your blood sugar in general,and it means its going to give you more,of a gentle bell curve with your blood,sugar levels and grants form spike,verses a big giant sharp spike and drop,off now there are some other benefits to,raw honey other than the fact that its,sweet it tastes good and its a food the,fact that it contains a bee pollen which,has a lot of powerful properties,what does bee pollen can do inside your,body is actually act as something thats,going to prevent allergies for given,local areas so if you are consuming,local honey you can help your allergies,out by simply just consuming that honey,it sort of builds up an antibody or sort,of a histamine blockers if you will,basically towards that ultimate allergen,one thing that people dont touch on a,lot when it comes to raw honey is the,fact that it contains some electrolytes,see theres different minerals in it,unlike refined sugar which is stripped,of all of that so that means if youre,replenishing yourself after any kind of,activity later on in the day Ive talked,about in other videos why you may not,necessarily want to immediately,replenish glycogen with honey or,fructose but later on in the day you can,help yourself get your electrolytes,restored so you feel a little bit better,now additionally and this is one of my,favorite ones weve seen my videos on,when you consume honey you restore your,liver glycogen at a different rate than,you would if it was just a simple,refined sugar this means you get all the,benefits of restoring liver glycogen,without the negative side effects,benefits being youre simply going to,help your serotonin levels out what,happens is when you consume carbs and,your liver glycogen fills up it triggers,the release of tryptophan this,tryptophan Cascades and helps the,production of serotonin which helps you,chill out it helps you go to sleep the,next one I want to talk about is,something called dil Shetty and its,really not that popular and honestly I,dont know why you find out a Whole,Foods you can find it at most high-end,grocery stores what it is is an apple,nectar and its averages between 7 and 9,on the glycemic index scale thats,ridiculously low thats like such a low,impact thats like a lettuce and this,stuff is so so sweet and there has been,a lot of research in terms of the,benefits in fact its not really having,a lot of different vitamins and minerals,the fact is its derived from organic,apples and it is definitely a low,glycemic alternative to traditional,sugar the next one I want to talk about,are dates,you should go on lots of dates I mean,you should eat lots of dates so the,reason the dates are so good is simply,because theyre super super high in,fiber which means that in addition to,getting the carbohydrates sweet benefit,it negates a lot of the negative impact,by having a high amount of fiber meaning,your overall amount of net carbs is much,less than if you were to just have pure,sugar but additionally super super high,in potassium so if youre trying to,restore again multiple glycogen youre,trying to restore yourself after a,workout definitely good to get those,high amounts of potassium one of the,ones that a lot of people dont want to,simply talk about is that very similar,to the prune family theyre going to,help you out with that irregularity and,lets face it something we never really,want to talk about but we all face it,from time to time so no better way then,just sweeten the dish,sweeten the pie that youre making but,also be able to keep everything moving,nice and smooth so you can absorb your,nutrients the next day all right the,next one I want to talk about use,coconut sugar and coconut sugar has a,huge component to it that I am a big big,fan of and that is the fact that coconut,sugar contains something called inulin,inulin is what is called a prebiotic,fiber if youve seen my videos talking,about prebiotics probiotics you know,that prebiotics are essentially the,fertilizer for gut bacteria we need that,fertilizer for our gut bacteria to grow,to flourish to proliferate so we can,actually have a healthy gut biome we,have to take care of that now coconut,sugar containing that inulin gives us,one of the most powerful and one of the,only natural sources of fiber that we,can get to help that process rather than,eating stocks and stocks from stocks of,asparagus maybe just make a pie with the,coconut sugar now in addition to that,also has a huge amount of magnesium and,potassium super good when it comes to,electrolytes and going to help you out,again when it comes to just replenishing,yourself after a workout or just after a,long day in the Sun lastly this is one,that youve probably heard of before and,its simple agave nectar coming from,that cactus not talking about making,tequila if you want to go that far you,can but Im talking about pure agave,syrup one of the biggest reasons that,Im a fan of agave syrup is simply the,fact that its right in the sweet spot,when it comes to the glycemic index its,not so low that its barely going to,have an impact but its not so high that,its going to spike your blood sugar all,over the place its right smack in the,middle so its just enough to refuel,your muscles to refill your liver but,without getting the negative,implications now youll see a gotten,used in a lot of different recipes,youll see you gotta use when it comes,to fighting inflammatory bowel disease,things like that very easy on the body,to break down so you end up having a,much more bioavailable form of sugar,bioavailable form of energy that you can,get when using a gap now when it comes,to the best use of agave I would,honestly vote copy and heres why the,acidity of coffee,combined with the very cool taste of,agave actually makes a pretty darn good,tasting combination a gobbys got a,really cool kind of tangy taste its not,powerful but its very cool so if youre,ever using it on some spicy dishes add a,little sweetness its perfect for that,but in terms of coffee hands now,best combination that you can possibly,do so there you have it my five simple,alternatives to sugar I know its not,super science II like a lot of my videos,but a lot of people of that form or,mystical style videos like this giving,my favorite kinds of foods so at least,now you have some alternatives to sugar,you have some alternatives to big,industry big sugar industry trying to,cram refined sugar down our throats all,the time you have something to combat,that with as always people walk in here,in my videos if you have suggestions for,other videos be sure to comment below,and let me know what you got in mind,Ill thesis

Sweet Series Part 4: IMO Sugar Fiber (Vitafiber)

TUC for an hour straight really gets on,your throat and Im going to get into,this one now this is IMO this is and Im,gonna try to pronounce this isoh motto,Aglio Sakurai but they hard I am all for,short this is another fibre I probably,should just segwayed into this one after,then Newland fiber its a sugar fiber,under the brand name vitae fiber I know,you guys have part advisor supply the,fiber I use this as a corn syrup,replacement straight up thats it it has,nine calories 4 TSP and about two carbs,per teaspoon so its lower in calories,and lower in carbs and sugar or honey or,maple syrup or current corn syrup which,is what you would use the liquid version,for okay so I am oh this basically has,the same benefits of a new end and Im,gonna just spend a whole lot of time on,this just like a Newland you are gonna,find IMO syrups and powders in protein,bars protein shakes quest uses it a lot,has about half the sweetness of sugar,just like regular newland,as well can texture to protein bars you,can actually use this the syrup people,make their own protein bars so you just,take the syrup and then you add Im,going to take it up the back so you can,see so thats it this is the body fiber,gluten free vegan non-gmo naturally,sweet like I said this one has about,half the sweetness of sugar by the fiber,in coffee or tea health bars ice cream,smoothies on pancakes you can add a,little bit of maple flavoring to this,and you have kind of a substitute maple,syrup alternative using and cooking and,baking I use this almost exclusively as,corn syrup Ive made me kind prized with,this that come up fabulously my daughter,loves,pecan pie bars,this is my corn syrup substitute and,they take the syrup and you can add,protein powder to it and thats how you,kind of make those protein bars like the,original quest bars,I dont like protein bars so Im not,sure but I – I make a lot with this and,now that Ive introduced you guys to,this I will show you some of my favorite,recipes and upcoming videos using bio,fiber by the fiber is made from tapioca,and cassava so different sources then,been doing,its a soluble fiber just like a newland,and it is a prebiotic um I think that,the cost is pretty okay currently its,going on Amazon for 1899 or forth for,this bottle yep,for this so this is going for $19 fiber,yum is some is another I am Oh syrup,that Ive used that I like I like it,just as much as why the fiber its going,for the same price and the powder is,$11.99 per pound and thats pretty much,it it has the same kind of benefits and,and you know cons as in the wind its,just a little bit less expensive and you,can find it itself so if you find,ourselves,definitely try it or if not its worth,it if you like things with corn syrup,you should get you a bottle and keep it,on hand at all times because it really,really works,you

Keto Sweeteners: List of Approved Sugar Substitutes- Thomas DeLauer

hey when you first look at the keto diet,it seems pretty cut and dry youre just,cutting out the carbohydrates cutting,out the sugar and everything else is,fair game but that leaves a lot to be,desired when it comes down to all the,different sweeteners that are out there,this day and age we have so many,different artificial and natural,sweeteners and its just really hard to,tell whats gonna kick yet Aikido whats,gonna actually be a proof for Kido and,what is not a proof for Kido so Ive got,a nice list of all the sweeteners that,you will typically see and were gonna,go on down the list Im gonna give them,either a red X or a green check and then,were going to discuss some of the,science behind them and why theyre,approved and why theyre not approved,hey if you havent already make sure you,hit that subscribe button weve got new,videos coming out every single Tuesday,Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time,for our standard programming and then we,have videos coming out the rest of the,week as well to give you additional,contents then you can always know the,ropes of whatever protocol youre,following all right so lets get right,into the science here were gonna go,right on down the list so Im gonna,start with aspartame or aspartamay,depending on where in the country you,are you might call it one or the other,so aspartame is typically what you will,see in diet coke or what youll see in,some sugar-free candies its its,probably the most popular artificial,sweetener thats out there right now and,the fact of the matter is as much as I,hate the stuff because it pretty much is,poison its not gonna kick you out of,keto you see its very very synthetic in,the sense that it doesnt trigger an,insulin response and it ends up being,something that technically is okay on,keto so Im going to give it a reluctant,green checkmark Im not happy about that,but the fact is is that its not gonna,kick you out of keto is it safe for your,long-term health no its not point-blank,but its not gonna kick you out of keto,cuz theres not a strong insulin,response okay the next one I want to,talk about is another one thats pretty,obvious okay this is sucrose sucrose is,good old-fashioned table sugar okay,regular sugar of course thats not going,to be allowed on keto lets just go,ahead and get this one out of the way,just because someone would bring it up,in the comments section regardless so,nope sucrose is not good to go but what,about sucralose you see sucralose also,known as Splenda is one of the most,common sweeteners thats used on a keto,diet and its kind of a gray area so we,have to kind of break some things down a,little bit you see super lows its not,quite as simple as it seems because if,you get a packet of sucralose or a,packet of Splenda it,usually has multi dextran added to it,now the multi dextran can trigger an,insulin response so therefore if youre,loading up on sucralose via the little,packets then youre probably gonna end,up triggering an insulin response and,kick yourself out of keto the other,thing that we have to be cognizant of is,whats called the excitotoxin response,so whenever youre dealing with,aspartame or sucralose or saccharine or,any of these really super-sweet,sweeteners you have an excitotoxin,response okay what that means is that it,triggers a glutamate response in your,brain basically from whats called,aspartate so it triggers the brain to go,hyperactive this can be very very taxing,to your brain but it can also trigger,the pancreas to do some different things,now a lot of this is still under,investigation,scientists are trying to figure out,whether just having something sweet in,the first place can actually trigger an,insulin response or not but anyway,thats a story for a different day so,the point is super low syn packets,should be avoided okay if you get,sucralose thats in a product sure,sucralose isnt exactly good for you but,it shouldnt kick you out of keto if it,doesnt have the multi dextran attached,to it I will say though sucralose has,been shown to kill off a good portion of,our gut bacteria which can in fact,affect your ketogenic lifestyle so again,its kind of a reluctant green check,mark I just say be careful with it so,Im gonna actually also give it a blue,Im gonna go ahead and Im gonna give it,a x2 okay just because it is that gray,area so just be careful with that one,okay the next one is honey and this is,an interesting one because people often,ask if they can consume honey simply a,because its natural but be because the,lower sugar content then say like,sucrose well the fact of the matter is,that honey is fructose and its a very,sweet fructose and fructose is processed,differently in the body so fructose,travels through what is called the,active transport chain so basically,instead of going through the normal,digestion process and the normal,absorption process honey and fructose,get an expedited delivery to the liver,which means that when you have too much,honey its very very easy for that to,get converted into fat and it happens,super super fast so yeah honey will kick,you out of keto but more importantly,honey is gonna get converted into fat a,lot easier so we just have to be really,really careful there so Im gonna go,ahead and Im gonna say no-go,honey okay okay so Im gonna jump around,a little bit here so the next one I want,to talk about is an interesting one okay,its monk fruit now monk fruit came to,light not that long ago in terms of the,mainstream so as far as a ketose,sweetener we really started seeing,monkford on the scene maybe two three,years ago but just in the last year that,started to gain a ton of popularity so a,monk fruit is a resounding yes monk,fruit is definitely good to go,and I actually wrote some notes down,when it comes down to monk fruit so the,thing with monk fruit is its built up,of what its called Moger sides so,mugger sides are also very powerful,antioxidants in the body so not only are,you getting a sweetener youre getting,something that is sweetened with,literally an antioxidant so any of the,sort of toxin effect that you would have,or even the excitotoxin effect is,actually reduced because you have an,antioxidant property so when we look at,like aspartame and sucralose youre,having this heightened heightened,excitotoxin response in the brain that,literally is toxic and causing free,radicals in the brain when youre,literally sweetening something with an,antioxidant even if you did have an,excitotoxin effect youre somewhat,counteracting those free radicals,because of the fact that its an,antioxidant to begin with so thats very,very powerful but the other thing with,monk fruit dramatic changes in the,reduction of what is called nuclear,factor Kappa B okay this is the main,driver for inflammation in the body but,also reductions in interleukin 6 but,even cooler reductions in what is called,the cyclooxygenase enzyme – okay now if,you take an aspirin you are reducing,cyclooxygenase enzyme one and two okay,thats how you reduce inflammation but,the thing is we dont want to reduce,cyclooxygenase enzyme one because thats,what protects the gut lining thats why,you always hear when you take ibuprofen,or aspirin to do it in moderation,because youll get a bleeding also your,stomach will bleed because youre,reducing the inflammation that protects,your gut,well monk fruit is so cool because it,reduces only cyclooxygenase enzyme to,not cox-1 so that is why monk fruit is,probably my favorite sweetener of all,and because I love monk fruit and,because your love monk fruit – I want to,go ahead and offer everyone thats,watching this video a special discount,on LeConte o monk fruit so not only do,they have pure monk fruit and also a,couple variations of monk fruit and,erythritol they also have chocolate now,so were literally,being monk fruit sweetened chocolate,that is totally keto friendly so for,everyone thats watching this video if,you look down in the description you can,get your hands on some of this monk,fruit that is totally a

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