1. Replace Wii U Gamepad Charging Port How-to Demonstration
  2. Play Wii U without gamepad
  3. Cargar Su Wii U Game Pad Con USB Charger
  4. How to repair Wii U ac adapter for gamepad.
  5. Wii U Gamepad Power Adapter Charger Cable Repair Splice Fix
  6. Portable Nintendo Wii U
  7. Modifying Wii U Charging base for silicone skin

Replace Wii U Gamepad Charging Port How-to Demonstration

Jimenez been neutralized,this Wii U gamepad has a bad charging,port so Im going to replace it the,gamepad this assembles from the back and,the first step is to remove the battery,cover which is held in by two double,zero cross style screws Im going to use,my trusty mu D JIS driver so just remove,the two screws and then pry off the,cover,next pop out the battery connector,and then pop out the battery,there are ten screws fastening the back,of the,and they are hidden by plastic inserts,so Im going to use the pointy end of my,metal spudger to get these off just pry,underneath and peel them off,I stuck them to the back of the battery,cover for safekeeping,you,okay now weve got the screw covers,removed and to remove the screws youre,going to need a tri wing screwdriver,the screws were in very tight so be,careful and make sure your driver is in,good conditions so you dont damage the,screws,also set the screws aside in a container,so you dont lose any or you can just,leave them sitting in the holes and,theyll stay if youre careful when,pulling off the back once the screws are,out tilt the back cover up carefully is,theres a wire connected to the circuit,board,so theres inside of the gamepad,now disconnect the connector from the,circuit board be sure to pull the,connector and not on the wires,once the connector is free you can lift,the back off and set it aside,the LNR buttons lift out easily,and to remove the ZL and Zr buttons just,tilt them straight up and then slide,them out to the side,you,like that and itll pull straight out,okay now that we have the buttons out,there are quite a few connectors that,must be disconnected,here are the two speakers for example,and you can see where the cables run to,Im just going to use the tip of my,spudger just to help kind of leaver,these out and use my fingernail on one,side and the spudger on the other,these other connectors will come out in,a similar fashion,next Ill remove the connectors next to,the analog sticks these connectors end,up being a bit in the way later and some,some guides suggest removing the analog,stick assembly but I found that wasnt,necessary,to remove them just push down on the,retaining clip and out and they will pop,out,so just below the analog stick connector,on the right is a flat flex connector,these can be kind of delicate so be,careful use the tip of a flat blade tool,to gently lift up on the clip and then,pull the cable out from the back,heres another flat flex you need to,remove on the left hand side as well and,it comes out about the same way although,I had to try a few different angles,before this one wanted to come out just,take your time and dont force anything,you,now on the bottom left theres a bit of,a sturdier flex cable to remove again,just lift up on the clip to release the,cable and pull it out gently,this connectors on the upper right into,pretty delicate one but follows the same,principles I couldnt find a nice way to,pull this one so I ended up just using a,plastic spudger to kind of press down on,it and and glide it out,next remove the small connector which,goes to the digitizer,and I was able to use tweezers to pull,this one out,and then for the big display connector,for this one use a wide bladed tool or,even two different tools to lift the,clip because it wants to bow in the,middle and it wont open easily,now I remove the Wi-Fi module gently pry,up from the bottom and the connector,will pop off you will notice that the,module stuck down with some he Civ I use,my spudger to slide under the adhesive,pad and lift it off this pad is actually,important because its conductive and it,helps ground the module so be sure to,keep it intact,you,next I remove the other RF module on the,other side of the board which comes off,basically the same way prying it from,the bottom the connector pops off and,theres a small amount of adhesive,keeping it stuck down,next youll need a number zero cross,style driver to,remove the screws holding down the,circuit board there are three screws,you,now once the screws are out carefully,lift off the board being careful to,clear any snagged cables,you,on the circuit board there is a plastic,bracket by the charging port that needs,to be removed its held on by some weak,adhesive so just pry it off with a flat,bladed tool,and I just slide my spudger under it,and pry a little bit,so heres the replacement charging port,Im going to install but first Ill need,to remove the old one,I start by applying some leaded solder,to the existing solder points the,existing solder is lead-free so adding,some leaded will lower the melting,temperature a bit and its actually a,little easier to remove solder when,theres a bit of excess,now I started out by using a solder,sucker to remove the solder from the,solder points and this works out pretty,well for some of the pins however I ran,into quite a bit of trouble with this,now if I was going to do this and not,make a video for it I would have just,skipped the solder sucker and went,straight to my hot air station however I,know that many Watchers dont have all,of the equipment so I try to do things,on my videos using the most commonly,available tools and pretty much everyone,thats going to try to do this at least,has a soldering iron and hopefully a,solder sucker now that being said I,worked at this for at least a half an,hour if not more and I can say that,trying to do it this way is a really bad,idea Ive left several minutes of the,footage to try to dissuade you from,trying it after the solder sucker,I tried solder wick later even broke out,my industrial-strength vacuum D,soldering station,you,here I finally had enough and I went,ahead and cut the charging port off to,try to reduce the amount of thermal mass,I was dealing with and this is really,the problem the PCB is multi-layered and,there is a massive ground plane which,the ground pins are connected to so all,of the heat I was applying to try to,melt the solder is getting wikked away,very quickly and I just wasnt able to,get enough heat into the board fast,enough to be able to get the solder,sucked or wycked out before its,solidified again so the best way I know,to tackle removing a through hold,multi-pin connector with the giant,thermal mass is to use hot air which,allows you to heat everything up at once,including the PCB itself now I ended up,saving this job using hot air but not,after lifting one of the pads and,wasting a ton of time it would have been,so much easier to do it from the start,to see how this should have gone check,out my video on how to change the,shoulder button on a gba which is a,similar situation basically you just,attach something slightly heavy to the,connector and then you heat it up from,the other side with hot air,once all the solder melts gravity pulls,the connector out nicely and then you,can just use some wick or sucker to,remove any remaining solder so Im just,gonna take some a hemostat and clamp it,to the bottom here and not too close to,the where the not too close the other,side because I dont want this to be too,much of a heat sink but I do I do need,it to add some some weight to the other,side so itll give it a little pool and,then Im going to get my hot air going,Ive got the WEP eight five eight D hot,air station its about sixty-five,dollars on Amazon I find its a,really valuable tool for for the money,its its a very handy very versatile,so Ive got it set on 400 degrees which,is pretty hot and Ive got to be a,little careful not to burn anything up,thats its a little bit messy way to do,it its not pretty but it seems to work,pretty well,okay and Here I am trying with my my,vacuum desoldering pump,and that didnt really work a lot better,and you can see Im trying to heat up,with my iron and the soldering pump at,the same time Im heating up one of the,ground pads and in also using the sucker,on the other pad now I finally break out,my hot air gun and again like I said if,I had just done this from the start it,would have been five or ten mi

Play Wii U without gamepad

everybody in the YouTube world this is,an example of most of the show that the,gamepad is not needed for Nintendo Wii U,as you can see the impact is completely,off no power no nothing I press any,button nothing happens to pull you off,and to prove it even more Im going to,use a Wii mote thats connected press,the home button and watch what happens,now look gape at Tommy connected ah cool,have your controller set display off,its not going to work see split it off,do nothing,Mabel to communicate with you give that,be tricky but please check the gamepad,screen I think the batterys run low,please charge it love and I can all show,you the batteries on dead either in a,few seconds right okay when you exit,exit out of this and echo this now watch,the magic were going to turn the,gamepad on and this should technically,work powering on in Tendo which shows in,the screen boom connected see shows,think the gamepad is not required and,prove that they are totally connected,Ill have to we use here Ill show you,this okay first of all wheres my cursor,other party too close okay so were,going to press this button and were,going to see both screens go see tada,tada tada tada tada tada magic isnt it,ok thats how it connects and Ill press,the button again and were going to make,sure simple power power was not dead and,low or anything and yeah thats and that,is the Wii U gamepad thats far as the,Wii U running without the gamepad,and that it will work so you can,actually play games to which I will,demonstrate another video and to do this,trick I will show it,I will actually well lets first power,it off and Ill show you how this trick,is done so were going to turn it off so,its powered off roll off okay now Im,just going to pause the recording for,one second okay so the first step you,have to do is place the Wii Us,somewheres where sorry place the Wii U,gamepad somewhere in the house in your,home that the Wii U always disconnects,so say you bring the Wii into your,kitchen and you cant connect to it so,you were sorry really Wii U gamepad to,the kitchen while youre playing a game,and it says it disconnected and it cant,connect right well just leave your,gamepad in that room now we do next just,go back up go back to where your Wii U,is set up which Ill do right away okay,and then and you can either power it on,by the regular power button like so,magic,there you go and this will not work if,your Wii U has a password or as a,password protection on the account so if,you have bass protection your account,youll have to disable that before you,can do this it down at the hard way so,its a friends place the gamepad,battery died and I turn on the Wii U and,I couldnt even use it because there was,my password enabled so disable the,password before you do this and now you,just connect press that and you can see,the game guys not connected and lets,just try playing us it open up a game,just see what happens right to show you,it works without being bad start,and press Start,there,and and of course theres no vitamin we,down the gamepad and we just press your,join Alex he asked me to,thank you we are,and it works without the gamepad so you,can play all your favorite Wii U games,without the gamepad the only problem is,you wont be able to post to me verse,because youll have to have the key the,gamepad for keyboard input and things,like that but that doesnt bother you,then well yeah you can play a lot of,games without again no gamepad required,so yeah that is how you play Wii U,without the gamepad

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Cargar Su Wii U Game Pad Con USB Charger

bien,saludos amigos bienvenido a otro un,primer primer life,aquí le voy a enseñar como yo cargo,you will game para tener mucho que no lo,sacaban utilizaban,está trabajando un proyecto donde voy a,poner todos los retro game with impact y,voy,[Música],utilizar,voy a utilizar,control de controles,usb bueno con bluetooth,no voy a transformar en mi consola de,huelva ya que la nintendo switch está,muy caro,y a mí me gustan los retos oponente en,dos nintendo y otros juegos,eso lo que dice aquí conseguir este,cargador,un cargador de pared en era de un iphone,me parece,entonces aquí tenía el paint medio,dañado y el cargador se me dañó,moratti lo que hice esto está la batería,del tren,the way you pa,se supone que para cargar en 4.75 5,voltios,entonces lo tengo conectado,lo que hice fue,el que utilice,los pings notting locales de romper,cables,hable para de jong para el prototipo,con quique tengo de los proyectos,anteriores,y,lo correcto en los dos agujeros que,vengan,[Música],tienen que tener en cuenta la polaridad,el de la derecha es de la izquierda,desde la izquierda y de la derecha es el,positivo de la entienda negativo,yo solo corte la cabeza los vélez y lo,conecté,vamos a ver,desde la derecha negativo izquierda,positivo,luego positivo,negro negativo,lo conectan,mi hermano,no está conectado ahora lo conectamos a,la pareja de más verde,pueden ver como cargas tengo que ajustar,un poquito aquí,es malo pues lo tengo que,me ahora pero negativo,a la izquierda positivo,negativo a la derecha positivo a la,izquierda y ahí está,pero sé que tengo,de ésta,está cargando,está cargando encendemos,para apuntar a man,en los próximos videos los próximos la,enseñe le están enseñando cómo le agrego,los juegos,el centro y como conecto los dos,controles vía vía bluetooth o wifi,pierdes,gracias por ver el isr,[Música]

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How to repair Wii U ac adapter for gamepad.

tubers Im going to show you a common,problem for the WiiU charging adapter,for the gamepad what will happen is you,will plug it in let me go down there,plug in plug it in your stuff will start,to charge and then after a few seconds,its just going to cut out and its not,going to do anything now you can try to,reset the AC adapter and if it continues,to have this problem where itll power,on for a few minutes and then itll cut,out most likely it is the adapter itself,and Im going to show you how you can,fix that for nothing,without having to buy a new one you can,buy a new one directly from Nintendo for,about 20 bucks sometimes you can find,them online for maybe about ten they,also make em USB charging ports and,thats what Im going to show you how to,make today is how to make a USB charging,port to fix your AC adapter now your,normal AC adapter looks like this its,got 120 volts coming in and what comes,out here this side where you plug it in,um to your Wii U pad is 5 volts standard,5 volts so this converts it to the 5,volts now everybody knows or maybe not,everybody knows that your standard USB,plug runs on 5 volts so make sense to,just convert your USB charger to power,your Wii U so thats what I did you just,take and you know cut cut the end off,that you dont need you know using use,an extra,that you have maybe for an old phone or,something that you know you no longer,need this part of it so were just going,to cut that off and throw it away and,then now I did take this apart it uses,88 security screw in there and let it,sit and discharge for about a half an,hour or so so that you make sure that,you do not shock yourself with the,capacitors it can give you quite a shock,and definitely do it when its unplugged,if you electrocute yourself it is not my,fault you have been warned so open that,up and just pull the black and right,cord directly from the board it looks,like this Ive already got mine,connected to my USB but see if I can get,it clear but it looks like this youll,have a black wire coming out thats your,negative and a white wire thats kind of,tied around it that is your positive,wire and were going to connect it to,the usb so if I can show you that a,little better focus but so were going,to connect it to the usb now the green,and white cords are your positive and,negative data cables we do not need,those just this black and red wire,coming from the USB cord now the black,black wire is your negative so we,connect the black wire to the black wire,which I did using just a little tack of,solder so I know that it has a good,connection and then do the same for the,red and the white wire connect those,together those are your positive wires,little solder on there and then youre,just going to want to wrap those real,good with electrical tape wrap those,real good with some electrical tape and,then you will be able to listen plug,that in and then your Wii U will charge,again,hey and you spent nothing so anyway,thats what you can do to fix your Wii U,charging adapter AC adapter and have,your Wii U up and running again thanks,for watching and I hope this helps you

Wii U Gamepad Power Adapter Charger Cable Repair Splice Fix

human has been neutralized today we got,this,its a wii u power supply and you may,ask well what about it well this one is,well its in a couple pieces more than,it should be so this is the wire that,goes to the back of the Wii U and,somebody I wont say who it was yanked,it in half so I need to splice it back,together so thats what were gonna do,today all right so these are the the two,ends I need to splice together the wire,and in the middle,Im guessing its positive but whatever,theres a wire in this inside this white,insulation and then on the outside you,might go to see theres some copper wire,that travels along there so thats,probably the ground but but either way I,need to be able to connect these two,connections together and splice on both,ends so to do that Im going to start by,cutting some of this insulation off,the,alright Ive got a I dont know if I did,that when I was stripping the outside or,not but Ive got a nick on this inside,wire and that all short out eventually,so Im just gonna chop this off here and,try it again,looks like some of the wire that was,inside here its its like here thin so,its not very strong looks like some of,it was damaged too from from the yanking,that it that broke it so Im glad I,actually cut down my cut down for a,different reason but when I did all that,wire fell out so it wasnt very good,Ive got some heat-shrink tubing that,Im going to use to insulate the inner,conductor there and this is like what,you would find sure Im pretty sure this,is I what something I bought from Harbor,Freight and its actually kind of,useless for stuff like this because this,is the smallest piece they have and its,actually way too big so instead Ive got,some very small heat shrink that I,ordered from from digi-key a while back,and I bought just like one little sample,length of a whole bunch of different,sizes and from some of the bigger stuff,on down to some really tiny stuff that,so here so this is a three sixty four,seven inch tubing and I dont know what,size this is to be honest with you but,it looks about the right size so so its,a little bit bigger than that but I just,bought them I cant really like a dollar,three for each one of these little bags,which is expensive per foot but who,knows what size youre going to need in,all-in-all its not that expensive just,to have some on hand the trick with the,heat shrink tube is it always has to go,on before you you do anything you cant,if you forget to put it on and then the,other problem is it gets in the way and,if it gets hot while youre soldering,then it shrinks and it screws up your,your job so trying to get some of this,outer insulation all the way so I can,push it down further Im going to make,sure Ive got enough length its tricky,to get this so its not going to be too,too much of a kink in it,okay looks like maybe Ive got enough,overlap there to get the inner and outer,spliced in there together,okay that looks like the right size,because it just barely fits which is,kind of what you want is for to just,kind of just barely go in there slide,that way out of the way,alright so now Im going to add some,some flux,okay and this is why I was saying you,want to get this as far away as possible,its just the heat from the soldering,has shrunk this end of the of this heat,shrink so Im gonna have to maybe,convince it to move down or I might need,to figure how to cut it a little bit,okay so Ive got my inner conductor done,there and shrink heat-shrink – now Ive,got the outer conductor thats probably,the ground got my mechanical splice in,place you want to try to get it as close,to the same length as it was as possible,so you can have a weird bow and your,cable there probably get that a little,bit closer together it seems a bit long,but its also kind of hard to to get,just right,okay now Ive gone the opposite,direction now its too short and this,this ones bowed out so you can see its,a fine art to get this stuff just the,way you want it alright Im gonna say,thats as close as I can get it and Im,gonna add some flux here okay I got the,and the outside conductor soldered there,just barely want to say big enough it,almost bamboo too small but lets see if,we can get it to go worse it to slide on,there the splice is right here so and of,course I used to probably to use less,shrink to is one of those things is if,you put on a piece thats too small and,then you find out afterwards that its,too small then its too late,either have to redo it or you have to,use go back to using electrical tape so,have to reorder another piece of that,1/8 inch tube theyre just going to kind,of Center that up because when the the,tube shrinks is going to shrink this way,so if youre not quite centered up you,could end up pulling,okay so Id say that there we go,that turned out pretty nice should be,good to go,but if its not Ill come back and show,you why but Im pretty convinced thats,going to do it you can see maybe and the,lumpiness there where all the work was,done and of course this is and its,going to be as flexible as the original,because theres you know solder in there,its not very flexible but play at least,it will work and that will last a while,and no electrical tape so I hope you,enjoyed that video if youd like to see,more videos like this be sure to hit the,like button and it does help and also,subscribe thanks a lot the human has,been neutralized

Portable Nintendo Wii U

hi there my names Vince from I met,Vince calm and in this video today Im,going to show you the Wii U portable so,as you can see now were walking along,in this lovely British rainy day Ive,got the Wii U here working hands-free,now Im filming for one hand so I cant,actually show you any gameplay well I,can go on to marry a car for a minute,but Ill show you all that in a few,minutes now I dont want to do this too,long because obviously it is raining but,the Wii U its got a lot of hate but,really its a very good console the,problem with it is it doesnt work very,far between the actual console itself,and the gamepad but when you put in,supporter ball mode then you can go,wherever you want in the house or,wherever you want in the world and it,will still work let me just show you,Mario Kart,[Music],[Applause],[Music],well okay let me get inside out of the,rain and show you how to set this up so,were back inside now nice and dry out,of the rain now before I start I do,realize that this video is probably,around four years too late and I dont,expect anybody to go out there and get a,wiiu to make it portable because lets,face it obviously youre going to be,getting a Nintendo switch to do that job,now but if you already have a Wii U and,you might have a huge library of games,on it because remember the Virtual,Console then the majority of games can,be played off TV so in handheld mode now,you might be wondering how I got this to,work when I was walking in the woods,its actually very easy to do I havent,had to take anything apart you do have,to spend a bit of money its really,simple all were doing is were using a,power bank and in this case Im using a,car starter so its got plenty of oomph,behind it now I was actually wearing a,backpack when I was walking there and,inside here I had the console and on top,of the console you can see that Ive got,this car starter here now with the Wii U,we need to have 15 bolts to make it work,you can get power banks that work off 15,volts but I already had this one this,outputs 12 volts so rather than go out,and buy another one because the 15 valve,ones are kind of rare you have to search,quite hard to get them I got this one,here and I just simply put it via this,little that converts 12 volts which is,the cigarette lighter in your car into,either 15 16 18 19 20 22 or 24 and so,Ive got it on to the 15 volts and then,Ive got that plug straight into the Wii,U and thats whats giving it the power,and you can see here Ive just made up,my own that will lead going into here,Ive used a a couple of female copper,sockets and then they just go in there,and theyre just held into place with,this little clip here so this car,starter here cost 30 pound I already had,this from another project with portable,Nintendo will a bigger Portable Nintendo,switch XL and then you can get this,little one here for last time I looked,it was I think it was eight or nine UK,pounds so for under 40 pair,you can get this set up and it does,actually work really well so it comes,out of here in 12 volts and then this,converts it to 15 volts because the,power supply from the WiiU is only 15,volts at 5 amps youre looking at 75,watts but most of the things Ive read,up about the WiiU theyre saying that it,only runs you know roughly around the,mid-30s watts around 35 watts and I,think thats because the power supply,that comes with it has to cover,everything so for example you might have,the USB ports at the front in use you,might have the USB ports at the back in,use and all of them have to be catered,for by the power supply but if youre,just using it like here with nothing,else plugged into it so I havent got an,external hard drive or anything then,its going to be using very little,whats indeed and with this battery here,like this I get three hours use of it,when Im playing a mixture of digital,and physical games so now youre going,to get more battery life if you just use,purely digital because you havent got,the disks in around in there so when you,see mariokart earlier on in the woods it,was actually a disc now you might be,worried about damaging a disc and yeah,you are quite right to worry about that,in which case just use digital remember,now with the Virtual Console weve got a,huge amount of games under Wii U that we,can play just in handheld mode so if you,want to play your old classics from your,NES or your SNES order your Nintendo 64,then we can all be done in handheld mode,and the majority of games can also be,played in off TV mode in handheld mode,as well something like splatoon cant,but most of the games can so if you are,worried about your discs then just play,purely digital and then youre going to,get even longer out of the power supply,than if youre playing discs so there,you go as you can see its a nice easy,way to set up and then you can have a,portable where you want to go now,obviously this is not as portable as a,Nintendo switch because a Nintendo,switch weve only got to carry one,device around this is only if for,example you were going on a train,journey they were already carrying a,backpack with you in which case then the,weight of this is 2.3 kilograms so its,not light but again its not going to,break your back either and then all you,can do is you can take this out and if,youve got a bit of room on the train,you can pop it on the seat or the desk,in front of you,doesnt take up too much room or again,if youre embarrassed by it just keep it,in your bag and then you can just play,this in handheld mode remember youre,easily going to get five six seven,meters between here and here so its not,a problem so you could in clearly even,put this in the overhead compartment,above you and you could just play this,in handheld mode and then although this,is bulkier than intend those switch its,not too much bigger and its very,lightweight as well it doesnt weigh,much at all so like I said when I was,walking in the woods that is the biggest,problem of the week you I think it is a,fantastic system its just that if you,could get whole house coverage from here,to here then it would be fine because,then you could take this up to your,bedroom and play or you could bring it,outside and play buts the problem with,it is it cuts out as soon as you go any,more than like five six seven eight,meters away from here depending on the,interference in your house you might get,a little bit further but not much and,that to me is what lets sit down but,least now with this setup here if you,did want to play it in your bedroom you,can just bring this anywhere in your,house and then as long as youre within,four or five meters of it is going to,work flawlessly and then if you want to,take it outside you can bring it outside,if you want to take it away with you in,the car wherever obviously if you were,just using it just for the car you would,get yourself a car inverter you can buy,them from places like amazon and ebay,for under 30 UK pounds and then what,they will allow is they will allow 240,volts out of your 12 volt socket in your,car in which case then you would just,have your Nintendo WiiU,brick with it you know the power supply,and then you could use it in that way,but if youre happy playing up to three,hours then this is an ideal situation,and with me my gamepad seems to run out,roughly around the same time as this,Powerbank here so there we go that is it,let me just end with a little bit of,Mario Kart gameplay you can see,obviously theres nothing attached to,this,there you go you can see it working,youre just going to turn the volume,down because I dont want a copyright,claim on this but if you have a look at,works exactly the same as if youve got,a power supply and,wellin lets say if your gamepad was,running low on power then you can charge,it up from here as well so let me just,show you that so you can also buy USB,power supplies for the gamepad here and,then all we would do is we would plug,one end into one of the spare USBs on,the front here weve got a one amp and a,2 amp coming

Modifying Wii U Charging base for silicone skin

[Music],hi im andrew wrobel welcome to the back,fist teardown that you might remember in,a recent video I reviewed this silicone,skin and said yes so like it should work,with the bass to charge up because its,got enough opening and things that,actually it doesnt and no matter how,hard you push and crunch that in its,not going to make contact the simply so,either not activating enough I cant,quite tell if its activating enough of,those pins arent coming out high enough,these two contact pins when you insert,the console so Im going to see what I,can do Im going to mod this rather than,just cut the silicone which I know we,can do and thats going to work Im just,looking inside here to see if theres,something we can do to actually improve,this bass so its kind of a teardown of,the WiiU charging dock so yeah heres a,teardown,it definitely is a legitimate one Im,hoping that well be able to do,something with a pins either using the,original pins or just replacing them,something longer thats all itll take,it docks are quite readily available so,if you kind of break it a bit you should,be alright so that all thats in it,really,thats the port surprisingly loose,actually they sort of must keep that,loose first weve got an engineering,tolerance so it matches up ah with,something in there as I tipped it the,spring fell out and I wasnt paying,attention to where that ringy thingy is,from but it looked like it was from in,there so yeah thats the spring of,course that actuates the mechanism that,puts the pins out,so keep that spring aside turning over,this way see how when that pushes down,pins come up so if we have the we here,Wii U controller laying underneath so,Im pushing this with my fingers and I,can see it really needs to be all the,way home basically for it to work but,when I push it here it has been,significantly more play to K Bay so you,can see that there so Im going to do,before I do that Im just going to put,the power on it just actuate that by,hand so lets see so thats in the right,area and Im going to push those pins up,by hand up do you see that the light did,come on briefly there it looks like we,kind of got a connection and then it,went away lets try that one more time,so I like the way that we rolls its,going to roll the wheels as well ah you,can see the light on there bit bit dicey,not quite happy about it so lets have a,look see this Magna so its got this,carriage which is a sort of moving,carriage thats got those pins and the,pins themselves are basically just,Springs you can see them theres gold,colored Springs right there so you got,loads of options really you could just,replace those with paper clips I know,its a bit crude but yeah paper clips,should work but I think there may well,be something just we could do with this,mechanism itself because we just jam,that down with a bit of tape lets see,what that gives us so I got some black,insulating tape its not really,scientific video today were just,experimenting I dont normally subject,you to my experiments because they often,fail and thats the nature of science,things and things that,theres the tape pins on our flee erect,cant get any higher than that you might,have a see the led but Im just going to,put it in the right way around gently ah,so it comes on when I push down when I,let go it doesnt so its definitely,its definitely craving its craving some,extra links so thats about say five,mill protrusions need to work out a way,of making these longer basically first,if we want to get this to work or the,alternative is to make the contact on,the bottom of the WiiU a bit deeper so,you can see these are metal here these,metal contacts there if we go actually,fill those up with something say maybe,some bunched up solder braid in each one,thatll make them much deeper and make,them a bit more sensitive so we could,try that as well so lets try that,because its cool doesnt really,interfere with the doctrine its,something that we can easily undo just,pop the dot back together with this,weird spring have no idea what the,springs for yeah for losing its,probably just for stopping from these,parts rattling and it looks like the way,the carriage is made its designed so,that the electro has a closed one is,divided the electrical contacts,basically will not be hard lightly the,electrical contacts wont be interfered,is basically if youve got the if you,hold down the center pin and then you,sort of put your fingers on these metal,Springs or still spring out the way all,it is its probably a safety thing its,just Nintendo they know whos going to,be using it which is little children,this is going to definitely try to make,it interesting the other cows in the,gauge wire is not lecture charging,current of a checkbook it will supply,those supposedly giving like a couple of,amps if ice and I checked last but,certainly is not happening when you put,it in this cradle but when you plug it,directly into the I know why when you,plug the cable directly into the Wii U,controller its expecting you to,probably want to play and use at the,same,whereas when its in the dock it,probably doesnt expect you to be using,it and just not as an aggressive charge,because just probably going to be,sitting there maybe showing something on,the screen thats probably my biggest,bug bear by the way this system is the,fact that you cant turn off the screen,when youre using it because sometimes,Ill put it on YouTube and its like,what do I do with the handheld bit what,Custer put its face down on a sofa,cushion seems wasteful shes like you,should be able to just sort of not bad,off so you can save some battery that,these are interfered with now Ive sort,of lost damaged my warranty because this,cheap Nintendo tried loeb screw as,screwdrivers was marked it now Tendo,will no in totally come and get me right,because if they carve the scars is a lot,of study breakage so weve got good,braid now weve got the Nintendo Im,going to put in there upside down and,see if it just fades nice hold it hold,it there for me yeah dont work say what,so lets see how we could do this you,could solder it onto that which I dont,advise Im just going to cut a couple of,lengths my scissors here should not,normally the advised things that kind of,celebrate youll see what Im going to,try here,so what Im going to do is just use the,actual case material is silicon to hold,one end or a piece of celebrate like so,reminds a lot of ourselves,electrics you remember the bottom of ask,electrics race car and that looks crude,now were going to if it works very well,for that and then Im just going to put,it back in the cradle hooray,nothing nothing of course because I,dont think this is really getting,pushed can take again good stuff this,insulating tape right so now the pins,are permanently up so take them up try,again mmm look starting to look like,this is a losing battle here yeah so,thats well there you go science fails,is there another theres an inelegant,solution and thats probably going to be,the one were going to go for now so Im,just going to extract our solder braids,hoping somethings gonna come into my,head before Im going to do the thing,that I dont really want to do and,thats cutting the case if I cut the,case I think its going to be really,sloppy here Im just going to just lose,some of its charms so its definitely,rolling on the rollers but because its,so thick youre losing several mil but,again if you want to scale it to fit in,there youd have to take off so much,its just impractical hmm,good possibility of breaking this now,Im just taking the wire weve done this,on the other side next experiment is a,spring wire but it probably will snap if,its coerced too much and what Ive done,basically straighten it out so Im going,to show you exactly what Ive done there,Im basically bending it so its totally,straight and hopefully yeah so youve,got the tiniest amount of tolerance on a,little bit of why you can see it Ive,strained it out,so reprofiling it so if we put it back,in to where

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