1. The Top 8 Hyundai Palisade Competitors
  2. 2023 Hyundai Palisade vs 2022 Acura MDX | SUV Comparison | Driving.ca
  3. 3-ROW LEADERS! – 2021 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2021 Toyota Highlander: Comparison
  5. 2022 Toyota Highlander VS 2022 Hyundai Palisade – Chose The Best One For You
  6. Kia Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade vs. Ford Explorer — 2020 Midsize SUV Comparison Test
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The Top 8 Hyundai Palisade Competitors

the Hyundai Palisade is a Top Choice if,youre looking for a spacious and,stylish 3-row SUV but if youre not,quite sold on it yet heres a list of,eight top competitors that just might,check all of your boxes,[Music],if youre looking for Great Value with,an added stylish Edge the Kia Telluride,could be the car for you its pretty,comparable to the Palisade they both,have excellent safety ratings similar,fuel economies similar amounts of cargo,space and fall around the same price,point but what sets the Telluride apart,is its more sleek and upscale feel the,Telluride SX has a few luxury features,like a dual sunroof and heated seating,that just seem to outclass the Hyundai,foreign,[Music],looks arent a selling point for you you,might prefer the Ford Explorer a more,casual and practical family SUV the,Explorer has a famously strong Engine,with some trims having a 3.0 liter twin,turbocharged V6 that puts out 400,horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque,while it comes at a slightly higher,price point than the Palisade the,Explorer makes up for it with a better,fuel economy it gets 27 miles per gallon,in the city and 28 miles per gallon on,the highway,the Honda Pilot is another great choice,for a driver with less flashy taste in,terms of standard features the pilot,beats the Palisade by a mile with,keyless entry a sunroof tri-zone,automatic climate control and more it,also has tons of great safety features,to keep the whole family safe and sound,for the outdoorsy type the Subaru Ascent,may be more your style while similar to,the Palisade in terms of towing capacity,seating and cargo space the ascent does,it all with all-wheel drive and a lower,price tag you also dont have to,compromise safety to save money with,your Ascent the ascent offers Lane,keeping assist automatic emergency,braking and automatic high beams among,other safety features,if youre looking for something safe and,reliable you cant go wrong with the,Toyota Highlander its an iihs top,safety pick and you can choose a,fuel-efficient hybrid option that blows,the Palisade out of the water with a 36,mile per gallon rating in the city and,35 miles per gallon on the highway,[Music],in the battle of the Hyundais the,Hyundai Santa Fe is a strong competitor,with a starting price around twenty,seven thousand dollars it also beats out,the Palisade in terms of fuel efficiency,with 25 miles per gallon in the city and,28 miles per gallon on the highway with,an abundance of safety features,available the Hyundai Santa Fe may seem,too good to be true which may be the,case if youre willing to settle for a,five-seater car though its a bit,smaller than the Palisade the Santa Fe,still has a lot to offer,[Music],the Volkswagen Atlas may only seat seven,but it tops the competition in terms of,cargo space with a whopping 96.8 cubic,feet this nice and roomy SUV is perfect,for those long road trips coming with a,touch screen infotainment system with,six speakers and even a Wi-Fi hotspot,[Music],another roomier alternative to the,Palisade is the Chevy Traverse which has,a massive 98.2 cubic feet of cargo space,and seats eight this monster packs a,powerful punch with its 3.6 Liter V6,engine the Traverse is still a very,family-friendly car with standard,infotainment features including Wireless,Apple carplay whichever SUV you end up,choosing make sure you treat it right,Jerry can help you save money on your,car insurance and keep you safe on the,road download the Jerry app or go to,getjary.com to learn more

2023 Hyundai Palisade vs 2022 Acura MDX | SUV Comparison | Driving.ca

foreign,[Music],behind us here we have the 2022 Acura,MDX a-spec and the 2023 Hyundai Palisade,in the ultimate calligraphy trip weve,faced these vehicles off before here at,driving.ca but the MDX is entered a new,generation since then and the Palisade,is refreshed for the 2023 model year so,we thought it was time to face them off,again and see which one comes out the,winner lets get in the cars Ill take,the Hyundai you take the Acura sounds,good,foreign,we have a very interesting comparison,again here similar in scope to the first,time we had these two vehicles together,the Palisades in its upper trim where,its really quite luxurious despite,being what most people would consider a,mainstream brand and then we have the,Acura MDX which is a entry level-ish,luxury brand similar on price Ill buy a,few thousand dollars viewers take a look,at the screen to see the exact,difference there but very similar on all,of the specs that will matter to a lot,of people but lets start where most,people buying these vehicles will care,the most which is where which one would,you rather have parked in your driveway,Renita thats a hard question I think,they both have their own unique looks I,like the way the Palisade looks more Im,not a huge fan of the mdxs long nose if,you will but its not a deal breaker,its not ugly per se I just I think I,would prefer the Palisade on my driveway,interesting um the Refresh on the,Palisade I really quite like what,theyve done with the the lights less of,a of a drastic C shape and more of a,gentle vertical angle to it now it looks,quite good and the the grill has a nicer,presence I really am a big fan of The,Styling on this MDX though its maybe,not groundbreaking but I re I like,acuras current Grill I think it suits,the the profile of the MDX really well,whats interesting is I wouldnt have,thought this unless I read the specs,myself but the MDX is a little bit,larger which it doesnt feel like when,youre when youre using it and driving,it around if you saw them both on the,road at separate times they wouldnt,look bigger than the Palisade and it,feels a little bit smaller in its dry,feel as well lets jump into dry driving,Dynamics because thats another,important differentiator with these two,vehicles so in the MDX we have a 3.5,liter naturally aspirated V6 and the,horsepower figure is very similar,between the two of these 290 in this and,291 in the Palisade which has a 3.8,liter naturally aspirated engine also a,V6 so very similar on power the torque,figures are almost bang on as well so,check out the spec box again viewers if,you want the exact figures on that,one of the bigger changes in this,generation for the MDX is its got a,10-speed automatic transmission and,thats as opposed to the eight speed in,the Palisade the Palisade by the way in,this refresh has no mechanical changes,versus the the previous half generation,that came before it so in the MDX I find,that that even though its got a,naturally aspirated engine the 10-speed,automatic with nice short low gears gets,it up to speed really quickly and it,feels more energetic I think in initial,acceleration than the Palisade does yeah,I found drivability wise the MDX was,quicker it has a quicker pickup but also,the steering is a bit more loose than in,the Palisade and its not a huge,difference if youre driving them,completely separately but when youre,driving them back to back you can tell,how much stiffer the Palisade is I,completely agree with you and thats the,only thing I think that I would change,about the MDX is Drive feel where the,MDX has another handling Advantage,actually more than one handling,advantage over the Palisades is the,suspension setup and the all-wheel drive,setup so the all-wheel drive system and,the MDX is Acura is super handling,all-wheel drive system which has power,base torque vectoring meaning that it,will send power to the outside wheel on,in a turn to help you get around the,turn a little bit more nimbly and thats,as opposed to the h-track all-wheel,drive system in the Palisade which uses,a brake based system where it will apply,a gentle break to the inside wheel to do,the assist through the turns that way,and its a subtle difference but its an,important one and I think it contributes,a lot to the MDX feeling more like a car,and a little bit more energetic in its,handling than the Palisade does the MDX,also has double Wishbone front,suspension as opposed to the multi-link,its on the Palisade and that helps as,well I think the last thing thats a big,factor in handling is the mdxs ground,clearance is 18.5 centimeters and then,the Palisades is 20 centimeters and,well the 20 centimeters in the Palisade,is probably closer to what people would,want and expect in an SUV if Drive feel,and handling matters a lot to you then,youre going to really appreciate the,MDX and the fact that its that its a,little bit closer to the ground or the,lower center of gravity because it,really does make a difference,[Music],so Renita youve got three kids how,about you tell us about what it was like,to use these two vehicles in your family,life,so Ive driven both of them before I,think we both have I love the MDX going,into this comparison I was really,confused about which one I would like,more because they both are you know,equally great family cars the MDX and,the second row has that middle seat,thats so versatile you can Fold It Down,use it as cup holders you can flip it up,and use it as an extra seat you could,also take it out entirely and then,youve got space to walk through the,middle in the Palisade theres no middle,seat in the second row but there are,three seats in the back as opposed to,the mdxs two seats in the back and,three in the middle I found that the,Palisade was a bit easier family,friendly wise there are some aspects,about the inside that are easier to,maneuver with kids around than in the,MDX but the MDX isnt horrible on the,inside for families its not horrible,especially if youre someone like me who,if I were to buy a three-row SUV I know,I would use it occasionally because my,kid has a lot of friends and thered be,times we want to pile A lot of people in,but in my daily life I wouldnt use the,third row constantly and so it wouldnt,bother me as much to have a third row,that was a little bit tighter and really,only suited for occasional use and,because if that second row is as you,said so versatile and I would find that,to be a bigger Advantage but somebody,like you who is going to use that third,row on a regular basis I think would,benefit more from the Palisades,usability in that regard youre right,but in that sense I will say that the,good thing about that second round the,MDX is that if you do have three kids,like myself I can still fit the three of,them in that middle row even though its,a bit of a squeeze and then if I do need,more cargo space I can just flip down,the back seats or the 50 50 split but in,here I basically am forced to use the,third row because theres no middle seat,up here the Palisade does come with an,optional bench seat but I believe not in,the ultimate calligraphy trim right so,youd be spending a little bit less,anyway but maybe thats not such a bad,thing yeah foreign,so lets look at some of the Interior,features I love the interior design and,the MDX with the layers of color theres,the dashboard has a really nice red,stitching to it and then a chrome,colored layer underneath and some piano,black which might collect fingerprints,but its done in a way thats really,subtle ambient lighting is a really nice,touch that stands out at night yeah just,overall I think its a very very sharp,design yeah I do like the way the MDX,looks I dont hate the Palisades looks,on the inside but its got a lot going,on theres a bit of like suede on the,top theres some leather inserts in the,middle theres what looks like a screen,on the side beside the digital cluster,but it doesnt do anything its just,sort of black glass that really just,attracts dust or fingerpr

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3-ROW LEADERS! – 2021 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2021 Toyota Highlander: Comparison

whats going on youtube,so the toyota highlander has of course,been a perennial favorite among families,for decades now,but recently newcomers such as the,award-winning hyundai palisade,have shown up on the scene these are,undoubtedly two of the top products in,the class,but when push comes to shove should you,pick the established nameplate,or the new challenger lets go ahead and,find out,so like always the first thing on the,agenda is to cover the pricing and,equipment,for this test we chose high-end examples,of each,which for the highlander is the platinum,all-wheel drive trim,it starts at forty eight thousand nine,hundred and fifteen dollars,and after optional paint and the,destination charge its total rings in at,fifty thousand,five hundred and fifteen dollars now in,regard to the palisade,we have the limited all-wheel drive trim,which lines up nicely against the,highlander,being a hyundai you shouldnt be,surprised that the starting price is a,couple thousand less than the toyota,at forty six thousand eight hundred and,fifteen dollars,and the same goes for the final price,after accessories paint and destination,now before you get upset yes hyundai,does offer a calligraphy trim,however it only changes four small,styling related items and raises the,price by,less than one thousand dollars basically,calligraphy and limited are offered as,co-flagships with people simply choosing,which one,best matches their style,now with that stuff out of the way lets,start by digging into the exterior,styling and features,right away you can tell that the,palisade is the more expressive option,while the highlander went with a more,subdued and evolutionary design,the hyundais grille is about twice the,size of the toyotas,and it also has a very bold multi-part,headlight design,regardless both of their lights are full,led except for the turn signal on the,toyota,but only the highlander throws in led,fog lights,checking out the sides the palisade,looks larger and indeed it is an inch,longer and as far as the wheels both of,them are rolling on 20s,going to the back again they look very,different from each other with the,palisade,having a much boxier suv appearance,but outside of appearance the palisade,has a couple advantages,since it has led turn signals in,addition to the led tail lights,and it also has exposed exhaust outlets,which are missing from the highland,now moving on to some of the other,features both models have heated mirrors,with blind spot indicators but no power,folding,in addition to those blind spot,monitoring systems both hyundai and,toyota give you their entire suites of,safety systems,as standard equipment that means they,have automatic emergency braking,lane keeping assist adaptive cruise,control and auto high beam headlamps,across the entire lineup not just these,fully loaded models,one area they are very dissimilar in,though are the warranty coverages,toyota has the industry standard three,and five-year warranties,but the hyundai includes 000 mile basic,and 10-year 100 000 mile powertrain,warranties,toyota will give you two years of,complementary maintenance however this,year hyundai has now added three years,of complementary maintenance,finally the last thing to mention on the,outside is that they both have five,thousand pound toe ratings,all right thats it for the exteriors so,now lets check out the even more,important cabins before we take them out,for a spin,so strolling up to the suvs both have,smart entry with nice key fobs,but only the palisade has remote start,on the fob,that being said the toyota has a sensor,behind the door handle to unlock,now first opening up the doors both,offer a lot of wow factor,with cabins that are substantially more,upscale than whats expected for the,class,with diamond quilted caramel leather on,the highlander,and even fancier quilted semi-animal and,leather on the palisade,as far as the seats themselves both have,heating ventilation and 2 percent memory,but only the palisade has thigh,extension and 4-way lumbar,[Music],now like i mentioned these are very rich,looking cabins made of nice materials,so starting off with the pelicade we,have a soft touch,upper dash with the middle using a piano,black trim,and leatherette there is more,leatherette padding,and faux aluminum for the console the,highlanders materials are very similar,with a mixture of soft touch plastics,leatherette faux aluminum and wood,which wouldnt look out of place in a,lexus,[Music],now once you fire them up youll see big,differences in the gauge clusters,toyota has a mostly analog layout with a,dim 7-inch multi-function display,while the palisade is using a vivid 12.3,inch full digital setup,this gives it a lot of customizability,and allows for special features like the,blind view camera system,both of them have head up displays,and coming back to the steering wheels,both are leather wrapped heated,and manual adjusted,all right so now lets get into the very,important aspect of interior storage,where these are two of the best products,in the class,both have massive wide and deep center,consoles,large front bins with areas for keeping,loose objects and phones,plus the palisade throws in a large,sensor pass-through,and the highlander a storage shelf that,runs across the dash,both additionally have wireless phone,charging pads,moving on to the shifters the toyota has,a traditional one and the palisade a,push button one,i wont dig into personal preference on,that issue but i will point out that,both have 360 degree camera systems when,in reverse,beyond that we have three zone automatic,climate control systems,as well as volume knobs for the audio,systems so lets go ahead and take a,sample,[Music],overall sound qualities of both are good,but ill give the slight edge to the,palisade,and the fact that it has real metal,speaker grilles,and now that brings us to the main,infotainment systems,starting off with these sizes the,highlanders is a decent amount larger,at 12.3 inches versus 10.25,inches they both have navigation split,screen abilities,wired android auto and apple carplay,up top both have auto dimming mirrors,with home link,but the highlanders is a more modern,frameless style,additionally if you flip the button on,the bottom it becomes a rear camera,mirror system,which cuts out all the rear obstructions,and finally both of them have panoramic,sunroofs but the highlanders is all one,gigantic piece,for a more encompassing experience,okay but moving on to the rear areas for,the family,both of them are offering very generous,accommodation space wise,and luxury wise starting with the space,the palisade has a very small space,advantage but it is less than the 5,difference required to score a point,they also share most of their rear,features,though not 100 weve got rear climate,controls,vents sun shades charging usb ports and,household outlets,both come with heated captains chairs as,well however the palisade has a super,rare feature of rear seat ventilation,one small thing to mention is that the,palisades rear windows,are not one touch automatic like the,toyotas,moving on to the third row of seats both,crossovers have very convenient,one-touch,folding and sliding mechanisms to give,you a nice pathway,and once in the third row this is where,you can start to see the extra inches on,the outside of the hyundai come into,play,it has over three inches of additional,legroom which is very noticeable,though headroom is quite similar the,palisade also throws in a power recline,function for the seats,now moving around to the rear both have,smart opening tailgates,and once they open up youll find very,nice cargo capacities for the class,strangely enough the palisade leads the,highlander behind the third row,and on the maximum end but the toyota,wins in capacity behind the second row,it is also worth pointing out that the,palisades third row,is power folded,all right so thats the interiors but,now we still have to take them out on,the road to see which,one is bett

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hockey practice,camping or date night,wherever family adventure takes you,arrives safely in comfort and style,spacious seating for eight or seven,passengers,sophisticated styling and innovative,safety technology,meet the hyundai palisade,the palisade is ready to move you with a,dynamic 3.8 liter gdi engine that is,paired with the smooth shifting 8-speed,automatic transmission with steering,wheel mounted paddle shifters,the traditional gear shifter has been,replaced with intuitive buttons to allow,for a clean look and maximized storage,space,put the powerful 262 pound-feet of,torque to good use with a trailer,preparation package that offers up to,five thousand pounds of towing capacity,the auto leveling rear suspension will,automatically adjust the palisade to,maintain a consistent ride height level,when you are carrying heavy loads,drive with confidence with the h-track,all-wheel drive system,choose between four drive modes that,adjust the traction distribution comfort,eco,sport,or smart,you can also customize the system to,handle different road surfaces thanks to,three terrain modes,snow,mud or sand,the palisades presence is as powerful as,its performance with signature led,lighting at the front and rear,front door handle welcome lights,one touch button entry,and puddle lamps help enhance visibility,in a dark parking lot,complementing the palisades,sophisticated style are 20-inch alloy,wheels,heading out on an epic road trip or just,running errands pack it all in quickly,and easily with the smart power liftgate,it senses the available proximity key,and opens the trunk hands-free,the palisade offers a lot of versatile,space,up to,2447 liters of cargo capacity when,second and third row seats are folded,down,conveniently place buttons on the side,of the trunk let you fold down the,second and third row seats,the driver can also control the electric,seats in the third row from the,touchscreen display,the palisade goes the extra mile to give,you the luxurious experience you deserve,starting with passenger space,three rows of seating offer room for up,to eight passengers the seven passenger,configuration features second row,captains chairs with either setup the,third row is conveniently accessible,thanks to the one touch walk-in button,to fold and slide second-row seats,making it easy for passengers to enter,and exit,air vents have also been added above,both the second and third row for added,comfort you can choose between diffuser,or direct airflow,now lets step inside to the drivers,seat and sink into the premium quilted,napa leather seats,find enhanced comfort with lumbar,support,and extend the bottom cushion for,additional leg support finding the,perfect comfort level for you plus the,drivers integrated memory system will,keep your settings readily available,surround yourself in the warmth of our,heated features,a heated steering wheel,heated front seats,and heated rear seats are available for,second row passengers,also ventilated front and second row,seats feel refreshing on warmer days,with three zone climate control the,driver front passenger and second row,passengers can all adjust the,temperature to their personal preference,front and center is the large high,resolution touch screen display you can,split the screen three ways to view,multiple pieces of information at once,what makes your drive even better,the crisp sound of your favorite tunes,on the harman kardon premium audio,system,with 12 speakers throughout the cabin,everyone gets to enjoy the music,but just in case little ones in the back,are sleeping you can turn on quiet mode,to mute speakers in the second and third,rows so front passengers can still enjoy,the music,let the sun shine in,everyone will love the expansive dual,panel sunroof,the palisade connects you to the latest,technology like our blue link connected,vehicle system,it allows you to start your vehicle,remotely and so much more all from your,smartphone,when youre in closer proximity you can,also use the key fob for remote start,the sleek 12.3 inch digital instrument,cluster provides an all digital view of,your gauges and offers a variety of,different settings and information its,where youll find the blind view monitor,so you can see whats happening in your,blind spots quickly and easily,other great conveniences include the,head up display for important,information like if someone is in your,blind spot navigation directions and,speed all within your line of sight,and the surround view monitor that lets,you see 360 degrees around you with,multiple viewpoints making it easier to,park in tight areas,the palisade also offers a sophisticated,drivertalk intercom system amplifying,the drivers voice through the audio,system so you dont have to raise your,voice to talk with rear seat passengers,enjoy up to two bluetooth phone,connections at once stream music from,one phone take a call from another,android auto and apple carplay keep you,further connected with your favorite,apps safely on the touchscreen or,through voice commands,and if your smartphone battery is,running low just place it on the,wireless charging pad,plus there is a total of seven usb,outlets conveniently located throughout,the cabin to help keep devices charged,and connected on the go another feature,that gives you one less thing to worry,about is the rain sensing windshield,wipers,the palisade makes the safety of you and,your passengers a top priority starting,with the superstructure its made of our,own advanced high-strength steel thats,designed to be stronger stiffer and,lighter this strong frame is paired with,our advanced hyundai smartsense safety,innovations an impressive list of,technologies include forward collision,avoidance assist it alerts you to a,potential collision with a vehicle,pedestrian or cyclist if you dont stop,in time emergency braking can be applied,if you drift outside your lane the lane,departure warning with lane keeping,assist will alert you with audible and,visual cues the system can also gently,correct your steering to help you remain,within your lane,and lane following assist can assist,your steering to help keep the palisade,continuously centered between the,appropriate lane markings,adaptive cruise control is great for,longer trips,the system adjusts your speed to keep a,preset distance from the vehicle ahead,and even works in stop and go traffic,and our highway driving assist is like,your co-pilot it helps keep you centered,in the lane and traveling at a safe,distance from the vehicle ahead it can,also help you keep to the speed limit,adjusting your pace based on gps and,highway data,change lanes with confidence thanks to,the blind spot collision avoidance,assist if the system detects a vehicle,in your blind spot it will alert you and,can also apply gentle braking to deter,an unsafe lane change the blind view,monitor is also helpful for extra,perspective park into even the tightest,parking spot worry free with parking,distance warning,it sounds an alert as you approach an,object in front or behind which will,increase in frequency as you approach,closer to the object rear cross traffic,collision avoidance assist also makes,navigating busy parking lots a breeze,the system warns you if a vehicle is,approaching from the side as well as the,direction its approaching from and can,apply braking if no action is taken long,road trip ahead,driver attention warning monitors signs,of driver fatigue and can suggest when,to take a driving brake,another innovative feature is safe exit,assist which will lock the rear doors if,a vehicle is detected approaching from,behind in the adjacent lane to help,prevent rear passengers from exiting the,vehicle into oncoming traffic even after,the vehicle ignition is turned off,and ultrasonic rear occupant alert is,designed to help prevent children and,pets from being accidentally left behind,ultrasonic sensors monitor the rear,seats and sound the alarm as well as,send an alert to your smartphone through,blue link

2022 Toyota Highlander VS 2022 Hyundai Palisade – Chose The Best One For You

[Music],what does it take to be a best seller in,a market as competitive as the mid-size,suv class,just ask the toyota highlander which has,topped the segment sales charts for five,years and counting,its success is thanks in no small part,to its sleek fourth generation design,which ups the annie even further with,its unbeatable formula of style,performance and premium features,this modern highlander family,exemplifies versatility with gasoline,hybrid front wheel drive and all-wheel,drive variations across all six of its,core grades but for 2022 theres now,also a special hybrid exclusive bronze,edition sprucing up the lineup with an,added dash of glitz,lets take a closer look,highlanders sculpted exterior offers an,unmistakable design that conveys both,power and sophistication,this organic styling makes a statement,whether its pulling up to the,restaurant for date night or cruising,down the highway with your crew on a,weekend trip,this exterior isnt just about looks,though with highlander also offering,standard led lighting on all grades as,well as an available hands-free power,rear lift gate that enables cargo area,access even with hands full of grocery,bags or sports equipment,[Music],highlanders exterior also sports an,available moon roof or in the case of,the platinum grade a power panoramic,view moon roof and speaking of the roof,all 2022 grades are now available with,silver trimmed roof rails a feature that,was previously only offered on limited,and platinum models,but when it comes to truly standing out,two highlander grades clearly take the,cake,the bold and sporty xsc with its unique,front end black accents 20 inch wheels,and twin tip exhaust,and the all-new bronze edition which,takes the hybrid xles refined,appearance to another level with its,exclusive cement paint option,bronze colored accents 18-inch bronze,wheels and so much more,[Music],the fourth generation highlander has a,premium interior thats sure to impress,both driver and passenger alike from its,driver-focused interior layout to the,dash integrated design of its,touchscreen multimedia systems but,highlanders interior goes far beyond its,style with its great convenience,features including a standard power,driver seat in-dash storage areas and,rear seat reminder theres also,available rain sensing wipers and an,available 1500 watt cargo outlet on,select hybrid trims,highlander doesnt come up short on,comfort offerings either with standard,3-zone automatic climate control,several available features like heated,and ventilated front seats heated second,row seats and heated steering wheel and,even standard leather trim seating on,limited and platinum grains and speaking,of seating highlander xle limited and,platinum all now include a front,passenger seat with 8-way power,adjustability for 2022 plus xsc offers,two unique interior choices including a,red and black two-tone leather trimmed,interior with red stitching while the,new bronze edition makes a statement,with its illuminated bronze door sills,mid-century modern style softex trimmed,seating and of course bronze colored,stitching and accents throughout,like the exterior highlanders interior,benefits from the tnga platform which,helps deliver improved cargo space,behind a third row as well as impressive,passenger room in both eight or the,available seven passenger seating,configuration the latter of which now,comes standard for highlanders hybrid,grains,when it comes to in-cabin technology,every highlander delivers big with a,standard touchscreen audio multimedia,platform that offers a huge variety of,entertainment choices whether its music,podcasts audiobooks or catching up on,phone calls as well as multiple,navigation options all of which comes,together to help make every trip fun and,stress-free,and to take it even further highlander,also offers a gorgeous 12.3 inch upgrade,for the touchscreen display standard on,platinum and available unlimited,but regardless of screen size this,system includes standard compatibility,for apple carplay which connects drivers,to apple music maps messages and other,favorite apps from your iphone in,addition android auto makes it easy to,stay connected to android devices well,amazon alexa connectivity keeps amazons,digital assistants just a question away,plus theres even a standard 3 month,sirius xm platinum plan trial,subscription to more than 300 radio,channels accessible throughout the,country,highlander offers great convenience,features as well including available qi,compatible wireless charging that keeps,drivers from fumbling for a cord but of,course when a cord is unavoidable,theres also five standard usb ports,four of which have now been upgraded to,usb-c style connections two in the front,two in the back and on select models,drivers can feel like the dj of their,crew with the available jbl sound system,that pumps 1 200 watts of power through,its 11 premium speakers,similarly the convenient and standard,smart key system enables drivers to,leave the key fob in their purse or,pocket when starting entering or exiting,the vehicle,highlander also supports toyotas line,of connected services including standard,wi-fi connect compatibility on all,models,and available remote connect to locate,your vehicle,lock or unlock the doors and even start,the engine all from your mobile device,highlanders emphasis on safety is,clearly evident in its standard toyota,safety sense 2.5 plus suite of active,safety systems,this updated bundle includes,pre-collision system with pedestrian,detection,now with intersection support,enhancement and a driver initiated,emergency steering assist enhancement,lane departure alert with steering,assist,automatic high beams,full speed range dynamic radar cruise,control now with curve speed management,lane tracing assist and road sign assist,and for added peace of mind toyota,safety connect service also comes,standard with roadside assistance an,emergency assistance button stolen,vehicle locator and,in case of an accident,automatic collision notification,allowing toyotas 24 7 response center,to notify emergency services with the,vehicles location,highlander further rounds out its safety,story with standard blind spot monitor,with rear cross traffic alert on all,models except l as well as useful,features like available front and rear,parking assist and automated braking and,an available digital rear view mirror,that shows whats behind the vehicle,even when the cargo area is packed with,items,while highlanders powerful engines,ensure that it has no shortage of get up,and go its real performance lies in its,incredible efficiency and capability to,this end highlanders hybrid models have,rewritten the book on whats possible,for this segment thanks to an epa,estimated 36 mpg combined on the front,wheel drive variants the other key,performance story is highlanders,capability and versatility which can be,seen in its newly expanded drivetrain,offerings,for islanders fourth generation hybrid,models will be offered in front-wheel,drive perfect for sunshine state drivers,that dont need the added traction of,all-wheel drive and would prefer a lower,cost of entry instead,of course toyotas hybrid electronic,on-demand all-wheel drive system remains,a staple for those who do need extra,traction and for gas models a choice,between front wheel and all-wheel drive,continues for the latest generation but,now there are two all-wheel drive,options,a mechanical system and a sophisticated,dynamic torque vectoring system,available on xsc limited and platinum,that can distribute engine power to the,left and right rear wheels as needed to,enhance traction,additionally both of these gas all-wheel,drive systems include standard,multi-terrain select meaning that,drivers can enjoy environment specific,capability off the pavement whether in a,vermont snow storm or on a san diego,beach,and as icing on the cake both systems,also feature the fuel saving driveline,disconnect function to help drivers get,every last mi

Kia Telluride vs. Hyundai Palisade vs. Ford Explorer — 2020 Midsize SUV Comparison Test

,DAN EDMUNDS: Midsize three row SUVs provide lots of utility,at a reasonable price–,usually between $30,000 and $50,000,,if you dont go nuts with options.,Theyre perfect for a growing family and a stylish,alternative to the minivan, which doesnt offer all wheel,drive in most cases.,You can expect lots of advanced safety features,,along with capable acceleration.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: The KIA Telluride,is our number one ranked midsize three row SUV,,recently beating out our previous favorite,,the Honda Pilot.,KURT NIEBUHR: Now we have the new Hyundai Palisade,and the all new Ford Explorer.,We wanted to include a Honda Pilot in this comparison test,,but Honda declined.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: We put these SUVs,through our rigorous and standardized testing,and evaluation process to find out which of these three,youd have at the top of your shopping list.,DAN EDMUNDS: But before we get started,,remember to visit edmonds.com next time,youre ready to research a new car, truck, or SUV.,And for more videos like this one, click Subscribe.,,JONATHAN ELFALAN: One of the most important aspects,of any midsize three row SUV worth,its sheet metal is interior space.,And weve crawled through all three of these cabins,pretty extensively.,What did you guys think?,KURT NIEBUHR: I thought, when were,talking about the front rows on these things,,any size driver is going to be able to sit in them.,Theres plenty of leg room, headroom, shoulder room.,Thats not the issue.,Its when you get into the second row.,Thats when things–,DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah there are definitely some differences,back there.,All of them have slide and recline middle row seats.,Its interesting that the Ford comes standard in most cases,with captains chairs and a bench,is optional, whereas on the Hyundai KIA,,its the other way around.,But with a seat all the way back–,Im 6 2, so I notice it more–,theres just kind of like a little less leg,room in the Explorer.,I felt like my knees are a little closer to the front seat,back.,And I can sit behind myself, technically,,if I set the drivers seat to my liking.,But in the other two, I just have lots of room,and the seats have better cushioning, too.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: Its probably a good time,to mention car seats.,So I tried installing car seats in all three of the cars.,As far as the seat anchors, I found,that the Ford had anchors that are slightly more visible,,which made it easier to find and click in,,whereas with the Telluride and the Palisade,,the anchors were a bit more recessed.,But when it came to installing the seat base,,all three were relatively easy.,But having a larger, rear facing car seat,,I found that there were significantly,more space in the Telluride and Palisade,than there was in the Explorer, where I could barely,fit a hand in between the drivers seat and the car seat,when it suggested for myself.,Im about 5 9, so it wasnt an issue.,But I think drivers that are 6 foot and taller,might have an issue with that.,KURT NIEBUHR: Speaking of size issues,,these are three row SUVs, but that extra row,is not really meant for someone like you.,But it was still kind of eye opening,to get in the back of these.,Im about 6 feet tall, so Im kind of,at the limit as to what you can reasonably,expect a vehicle this size to accommodate.,But here we also saw two of the vehicles,have enough room for people like me.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: Third row seats,are usually meant for children.,But I feel like the Telluride and the Palisade,did an exceptionally good job in making it actually,pretty comfortable for adults.,Now, in terms of access to the third row–,again, the Telluride and Palisade,have similar ways of getting back there.,Theres a release button you press.,And they actually have two– theres one on the shoulder,,and one on the bottom, which makes,it easier for kids to access.,And when you push that button, the seat slides forward,and you can just climb in.,DAN EDMUNDS: One thing I noticed about the Ford,is if somebody wanted to get in the third row,,but it was folded down flat, that you,couldnt do it from the door.,Youd have to go around to the hatch, open the hatch,,and use the buttons there to power the third row up,and then go around and get in.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: With the KIA having manual fold seats,,and the Palisade having power fold seats, it didnt matter.,You could put the third row seat up,from either the rear passenger door or the trunk.,KURT NIEBUHR: Now, once we actually sat in those back m,it was also more comfortable, I felt,,in the Hyundai and the KIA.,There was just that much more room, not only for our bodies,,but it was a better place to sit.,The Hyundai and the KIA–,both had a cup holder, they had USB power jacks back there.,And the Ford, on the left hand side, had an armrest.,But your side–,JONATHAN ELFALAN: Thats right.,It was really strange, Ford having some sort,of asymmetrical arrangement.,I went to go put my arm on the armrest,and found it sitting in a bin instead,,which was very uncomfortable.,KURT NIEBUHR: Speaking of bins, that kind of leads us,back up to the front row.,And each of these vehicles has a different way,of handling small items storage.,DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, the last car I was in was the Explorer,and I really liked the way theyve used the space there.,Its got a rotary shifter.,I think all three of these handle the shifter differently,and the Ford is in a nice rotary knob.,Its really easy to figure out.,But what it means is doesnt take up much space.,So theres room for a nice big bin in front of it,that you can close, and thats where the USB port is.,Theres a couple of cup holders alongside the shifter,and a little slot where you can stand up your phone,,so you can still use the cup holders,you dont have to put your phone in a cup holder, which is nice.,Yeah and theres a little place where you can lean a phone up,against a wireless charging pad right behind that.,And then theres the center console, which isnt too huge.,But since youve got the one in the front, thats not bad.,And then the door pockets are big and the glove box is big.,And even the rear seat has big door pockets.,The center console in the Ford Explorer is non-existent,,its more of a tray on the floor.,They say that so you can hop into the back row,between the captains chairs.,OK, but it is just a tray on the floor.,But still, its a pretty good setup.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: I found that the Palisade also,made good use of that storage space up front.,It also has a shift by wire, gear selector up front.,So you dont have this mechanical mechanism taking up,a lot of space.,DAN EDMUNDS: Push buttons, though.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: Push buttons–,yeah I know.,I mean we can argue that point.,I think some people might like it, some people not.,But I think the fact is, it saves space up front.,KURT NIEBUHR: As big as that space is,,I think within a month or two, thats,going to turn into like a junk drawer in somebodys house.,I think youre going to throw hair clips in there, like cell,phone cable, sunglasses, car keys,are going to get lost because its got a little charging pad,slot that actually disappears underneath the shifter.,And I didnt run into a time when,I couldnt find my car keys.,And theyd actually slid inside there.,And I had to go fishing around for it.,But I think normal life is just going to pile a bunch of stuff,inside that bin.,Yeah, the KIA does have a more old school shifter.,I kind of like that better.,It has less space, less actual volume.,But I think the KIA uses it better.,I think youve got cup holders that hold cups well.,Youve got a place to put your phone.,Youve got not as much space, but I,think it just utilizes the space and it has better.,And if you open up the center console bin,,you can put a roll of paper towels in there vertically.,I dont know why you would ever want to do that, but–,JONATHAN ELFALAN: You know you can.,KURT NIEBUHR: Yes.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: Its just kind of cool.,KURT NIEBUHR: Exactly.,JONATHAN ELFALAN: I know it doesnt,have quite as much sp

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L vs 2022 Hyundai Palisade: Which One to Buy?

in the automotive landscape of today it,still holds true that the crossover and,suv are king and if you need one with,room for your larger or growing family,youre likely to shop for one that has,three rows there are some great options,out there in this space right now but,today were focusing on just two the,2022 jeep grand cherokee l and the 2022,hyundai palisade which one is the right,one for you,[Music],we always start with the looks first,because first impressions matter and the,grand cherokee l leaves a good one i,truly believe this is a better looking,take on the design language also,employed on the more upscale wagoneer,and grand wagoneer the face suits the,vehicle better here and the rest of the,body still looks like a jeep whereas the,wagoneer looks like a durango wearing a,mask,with the palisade the styling is a bit,more polarizing its a sharp machine,with some bold takes with respect to the,lines i feel like the kia telluride,looks a little cleaner for my own taste,but the striking nature of the hyundai,certainly helps it stand out with this,one it feels more like a love it or,hated design on the inside however the,palisade nails the interior even base,models get wireless apple carplay and,android auto an 8-inch touchscreen and,tons of driver assist features the base,se model has seating 48 with a second,row bench the sel lets you choose,between seven or eight depending on if,you want the bench or captains chairs,and the limited and top spec calligraphy,trims are only offered as seven seaters,jeep also nicely equips the grand,cherokee l at every trim level on the,base laredo youll find power heated,side mirrors acoustic laminated glass,and an 8-way adjustable power driver,seat this one comes standards with,captains chairs in the second row but,you can swap that out for a 60-40,folding bench seat for a 650 up charge,jeep uses an 8.4 inch touchscreen with,its uconnect 5 infotainment system the,best upgrade for the interior though if,you can jump up to at least the overland,trim is the available 19 speaker 950,watt macintosh audio system its one of,the nicest sound systems in a vehicle,that weve experienced in recent years,seriously its excellent,also excellent is the ability to equip,the grand cherokee l with a v8 engine,the base engine is the familiar 290,horsepower 3.6 liter v6,that sees rear wheel drive as standard,with quadratrac 4 wheel drive available,as an option but once again climb to at,least the overland 4×4 version and,youll find you can now select the 5.7,liter hemi v8 which cranks out,357 horsepower,both pair with an 8-speed automatic,gearbox with the palisade you have just,one engine choice its a 3.8 liter v6,that produces 291 horsepower,here youll also find an 8-speed gearbox,and a choice between front-wheel drive,or all-wheel drive models the v6 here is,as good as the one in the jeep if not a,little better but no other engine option,is a bit of a letdown be it a hybrid,version or a turbocharged six regardless,the palisade is a great highway cruiser,while the jeep is strong there too but,adds the ability to get pretty far away,from the beaten path with relative ease,with respect to price the palisade kicks,things off with quite a bit more value,the base sc trim starts at 33 150,the sel trim adds captain shares to the,second row and a proximity key amongst,other options and rises to thirty five,thousand five hundred dollars at the top,of the range is the calligraphy trim,which starts at forty six thousand six,hundred ninety dollars for this you get,all-wheel drive standard a revised,grille accent lighting 20-inch wheels,quilted leather door panels and all the,goodies from the limited trim like the,head-up display surround view monitor,and more the jeep grand cherokee l,laredo starts at a higher price point,the starting price is 38 890,to get to the first point where you can,option in that macintosh audio in the v8,engine though you need to jump to an,overland version and once you select the,v8 and the upgraded uconnect 5 with 10.1,inch display youre looking at a price,north of 63 000,and theres still another two trims,above it and plenty more options to,select you can just clear 70 000 if you,go all in on one of these,so which one to get well if youre about,value for your money the choice is,pretty clear here and you should get the,palisade but if you want an suv that is,still able to go down a dirt road,comfortably you want v8 power and i,cant stress enough how good that,available audio system is the jeep grand,cherokee l is the one for you and its,the one id pick up of the two and then,id go cry to my accountant,[Music],you

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