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Adobe CEO: Digital Transformation Agenda | Mad Money

the company is a hive of innovation and,creativity and investors are loving the,stock on the band guard of subscription,software with cornerstones of design,across the digital world can the,imagination of Adobe conquer the cloud,best that I introduce you to the newest,members of the 100 billion dollar club,the companies that have cost a hundred,billion dollars in market cap that,includes Adobe the digital media kingpin,that was first of the cloud kings to,join this prestigious group now dont be,just reported after the closed and,delivering a 12 cent early speed off of,54 basis with higher than expected,revenue of 24 percent year-over-year,indeed it was a great quarter but,remember as we told you last night,Adobe needed to report a super-duper,great quarter after the run its been,one and alas there were a couple minor,niggling issues within the core lay,experience cloud annual recurring,revenue result that was only in line,with expectations and it ever-so-slight,adjusted operating margin miss if youre,looking for flaws so the stock stamp but,a way to where it wasnt the end of the,month so lets dig into these numbers,with Shantanu new ryan hes the chairman,president and CEO of Adobe Systems learn,more about his companys prospects mr.,Ryan welcome back to make money great to,be on the show Jim all right Shawn dude,tell me I know that the stock is said up,47% theres gonna be some profit in,whatever but there is just a tremendous,surge in commerce being done over your,platform and Im trying to figure out,where its all coming from because a lot,of people felt that had to be tapped out,by now it seems like its accelerating,to me well the entire digital,transformation agenda is front and,center for every enterprise and like you,said we believe that every shopping,experience needs to be commerce enabled,and so I think whether youre a small,and medium business whether youre,travel whether your retail whether your,hospitality you want to engage with your,customers directly online and you want,to transact online and that is a,tailwind thats going to continue for,many years well whats all about that,because that brings me to the,acquisition is what what most excites me,Magento when you do one of these,acquisitions I know its very important,to me it gives you the complete suite,now youre able to do commerce and also,I think more important youve been,youve taught me this artificial,intelligence about what the customer,might do how big is this Magento for you,guys we think its a incredibly,attractive acquisition and like all of,the other acquisitions that weve done,Jim we think we can significantly,accelerate their business as we think,about engaging with customers were the,only company that does content with a,content management we do analytics to,your point better than anybody else does,and as we look for things that would,complement our strategy Magento is such,a unique company and that they do both,digital and physical goods they do b2b,as well as b2c and it really enables us,to complete the loop with our customers,in terms of being able to deliver the,experience online and then to completely,transact online yeah theres some people,today were telling me looks and its now,a monopoly with Magento that there,really isnt anybody any retailer,everybody needs to be on Adobe now I,know monopoly is a dangerous work but at,this point who really is your,competition I cant figure out who it is,well Jim I think were still focused on,two large growing opportunities,empowering people to create and you,think about whats happening with new,media types and new devices on which,people are creating and consuming,content and we have to keep driving,innovation in those areas and then,helping businesses transform there are a,number of companies who look at this,opportunity every single day but I think,as long as we can continue to innovate,at the pace at which we are doing have,our engineers really focus on artificial,intelligence and predictive technology,and continue to engage with our,customers and deliver value to our,customers we think we have great growth,opportunities ahead of us and now you,guys have really gotten close both to,Microsoft and obviously to Amazon,tremendous edge to be both of them what,what is it done for you guys,particularly the tie-up with,with what you guys are doing with Azure,which I think is pretty amazing well I,think its all about scaling what we do,geographically and with large customers,all over the world and we both know that,the cloud provides significant benefits,in terms of enabling your business to be,global enabling you to be closer to your,customers the relationship with,Microsoft in particular is actually such,a synergistic one because we have the,worlds leading digital experience and,marketing solutions they have with power,bi and Azure and dynamics and incredible,infrastructure that enables us to,leverage it across the world and whats,unique I think about the partnership is,we also have a joint go to market and so,together were addressing large customer,needs together in terms of being able to,integrate across each of our solutions,so its certainly something thats,unique I think and delivering great,value to our customers when we saw us,you showed us some fabulous augmented,reality tools and I wanted to know I,mean are they catching fire because to,me I candidly as someone who really is,much more of a 20th century guy than a,21st century guy I can hope that this,could work but I bet you younger people,are seeing how to use it and put it into,play and its going to be worth billions,of dollars for you guys we think,everybody has a story to tell Jim and,when you think about what we are doing,all the way from education K through 12,weve now made a product called spark,available globally to every K through 12,students so that in every education,report they can use multimedia at the,other end of the spectrum whether youre,doing high end video for the mobile or,for the silver screen whether youre,doing augmented reality immersive media,as we call it we wanted OB to be the,only company that has the end-to-end,solution and so I think creativity will,continue to be this incredible,opportunity for us and I think again,whats unique is the fact that tens of,millions of people are using our,products every month and hundreds of,millions of assets are being created,using these applications if we can,harness that power and intelligence,and make our applications more,accessible to people more enjoyable to,people thats such a unique opportunity,that one last question I I know the,stock looks down a little bit here but,youve got eight billion dollars you,added the same day you bought magenta,you add into your buy back I guess you,guys are ready if the stock comes down,well I think you know the new tax law,certainly helps us businesses we were,able to get a lot of the cash that we,had offshore,were in rarefied atmosphere in terms of,a company thats growing both top line,and bottom line at incredible rates and,we continue to be very disciplined uses,of capital and so we feel fortunate to,be in the position that we are and,really focused on the large long term,opportunity that we have Jim,well once again congratulations on an,unbelievable run Im glad weve been,there all along with you Chancellor good,to see you sir good to be here Jim okay,that chata new new Ryan is the chairman,president CEO of Adobe AG be all I can,say is you want the stock to come down,so you can buy it may have monies back,after the break oh yeah Jim Cramer here,from there buddy thanks for watching see,me see you on YouTube click here to,subscribe and get the jump of my,exclusives with CEOs plus market news,investing advice and a whole lot more

Adobe’s $20 Billion Figma Takeover

Dylan kind of the Silicon Valley dream coming true here you stick with your,initial idea you develop it for a decade you sell it for billions of dollars.,There are still people ask out there asking twenty billion dollars.,What do you think is the potential here and why is Big Moe worth 20 billion,dollars. Well first of all I just want to give a,giant shout out and thank you to the thing the team,I am on this interview today and there so many other people that have been,involved in success I think. On the way past Vick meets current Vick,mates and I want to thank all of them. Of course this is about moving forward,now and how much potential there is a combined figure adobe combo.,And we really believe theres much potential here.,Whether its looking at Sigma and thinking about how we can accelerate our,efforts with big jam through Adobe Acrobat and their GI install base and,their productivity case there whether its about the Sigma design platform,today and how we can bring capabilities from Adobe in whether it be imaging,vector illustration video 3 or more or its thinking outside the box where,were currently at thinking about developers and thinking about markets,were not serving and we were not planning to serve such as creatives and,thinking about how do we bring the capabilities of Adobe onto the thing my,platform and make a site. Creatives are able to have more,collaborative workflows make those workflows Web based and make it so that,creativity design and software development are more accessible to more,people. Were truly excited about what can,become possible there and our combination with Adobe.,David we all thought we were in a downturn and here you are doing a 20,billion dollar deal. The stock had kind of a rough day as,investors digested the number here. Whats your response to that.,We had Adobe. Were entering our fortieth year and we,continue to be very aggressive about the opportunities that we see.,If you look at the opportunity head and what Dylan and the amazing team at Sigma,have built theyve built a company thats basically going to add two,hundred million dollars of R this year crossing 400 million by the end of the,year and and addressing a TAM thats 16 and a half billion dollars.,And when you put it in the context of the efficiency of the business cash flow,positive with a net dollar retention rate over one hundred,fifty percent there are very few companies with that profile.,And in the context of what we see in some of the things Dylan talked about,when we look ahead and the synergies we can do to accelerate stigmas move into,that 60 and a half billion dollar tam to accelerate what we do in terms of our,core creative flagship applications reimagined with the technology running,on top of the payment platform. And when you think about it in the,context of how Dylan was talking about with Fig Jam and Acrobat really coming,in at the cross centers across intersection of,creativity and productivity we think that the market opportunity here is,massive. And this was a great time to make that.,Dylan there was a great tweet from Rubin Harris another startup entrepreneur out,there. He compared fake might to Instagram.,Well if you think about it that way you hear the numbers that J.,David just rattled off your cash flow positive.,You could have gone public as soon as the window open.,Why sell. Why not try to build your own 150,billion dollar company and go public on your own terms.,Yeah. I mean first of all were super thankful,that we had the ability to control our own destiny here.,But then the day we have to think about our community we do think about the,impact that can have and what timeline can have an impact on.,And we believe that this accelerates the impact we can have that this broadens,the impact we can have. And by leveraging and utilizing the,expertise of Adobe the capabilities the technology they built as well as the,amazing people they have and theyve attracted over the past three decades we,think that were able to be as we scale the impact we have.,Beyond just design and move into new areas and be able to have more impact,faster. And thats why weve done this deal.,David I know you were the architect of this deal and you also sold a couple of,companies including one to Adobe in your earlier days.,What kind of advice did you give Dylan through this process.,Know personal advice in the best interest of you know figure and his,company and not necessarily the company that you are for now.,Yeah well I think I look at it as a shared common interest and shared,objective. So know that Ive known each other for a,few years and we started having this conversation in earnest a few months ago,having gone through this process being acquired as part of Macromedia into,Adobe. The things I know are if you have a,shared purpose if you have a shared passion and you have clarity in terms of,how youre going to actually operate and go after the market great things will,happen because theres so much that we have in common in terms of how we want,to approach the market. And Dylan and I have been very clear in,terms of how were planning to run this. Dylan will remain CEO of FIGURE and and,he and I will be working very closely to make sure that the decisions that he,makes with the autonomy that he needs to keep the things that are special about,most special combined with the things that we can do surgically to accelerate,the business accelerate our technology vision and accelerate move into new,markets. Thats really the foundation.,And the the most important thing and we talked a lot about this is the process,is shared vision and trust. And I certainly have a tremendous amount,of respect for what Dylan and the team has done.,And I think he knows me well enough that he knows that Im a person of my word,and were going to do great things together.,Its mutual and its really how we use prior as well.,Dylan you know you figured I was making Adobe Sweat.,Whats it going to be like joining your competitor and how do you preserve the,culture of the figments as you say. Yeah well first of all the more that we,learned about Adobe the less we thought about them as a competitor honestly.,Again you know were over here and the product designs and product and software,creation space. Adobe is largely in the marketing space,when it comes to digital media. And so we really see this as a way to,broaden our opportunities. And also the more that we got to know,Adobe the more we saw a shared vision shared purpose shared values.,Like David referenced I think my one of our values is build community in other,ones craftsmanship. These are values that Adobe has in,spades. And because of autonomy and the ability,to continue to build our culture our team we really think that well be able,to continue to accelerate our culture. And Im very excited to explore what,this acquisition means to the team and figure out how we can have even more,impact on our community and our ecosystem.,For me I grew up using Adobe software and a chance to help Adobe think about,the next generation of creative tools and how they are used collaboratively,and what they mean the web browser context.,Thats a dream come true and Im really excited for this.

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Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop expensive hello it is,alternative August I know its kind of a,stupid name but its the best I can do,and both words start with the letter A,that makes it and all and alliteration,totally knew that,but I think the idea is a good one Ive,been looking a lot of hardware and,looking at a lot of software and people,are often asking me hey Photoshop looks,cool but what else can I use hey the,Cintiq looks good thats expensive what,else is out there so this week we are,going to be talking about the,alternatives to Photoshop what is out,there how do we use it and is it good so,lets start with the direct competitors,what ABS do pretty much everything that,Photoshop does because Photoshop can be,used for a lot of different things the,first one I want to talk about here is, GI MP which stands for a new image,manipulation program the name is an,acronym with an acronym in it which I,think says something about the usability,of the app as a whole if you have,watched this channel for a long time you,know that I hate with a screaming,fire of passion that cannot be quenched,at the little extreme is best known,for being free you dont have to pay for,it if you need to resize an image,is for you if you need to just crop an,image is for you if you feel the,need to drive your head through a solid,brick wall is for you okay Im,going to stop picking on gif now but,its just so much fun first off I think,the main reason I dont like is,because its so slow if I have a decent,sized canvas which in any other program,would handle it fine and I use the paint,bucket tool it takes a long time to fill,that color in its a solid color even,with eight gigs of RAM dedicated to the,program itself its still slow but,can do a lot of the things that,Photoshop does its just not quite as,smooth for example you can resize a,layer but you have to know what you want,to resize it to you cant just drag it,and resize it that way like you can in,most programs you cant do little things,that you get used to for example you,cant move multiple layers at a time or,select multiple layers at a time if you,want to use the eyedropper tool to grab,a color you have to go to the layer that,the color is on in order to grab it so,overall does a ton of things but it,doesnt do them particularly efficiently,if youre used to Photoshop youre going,to find very frustrating but there,are a lot of people out there and Im,sure,theyll let me know in the comments that,really like and I think if you,start with and you know nothing,else youll get used to that flow and,youll never know what youre missing,hows that background fill color coming,in affinity photo now if youre looking,for something that really competes with,Photoshop on every level,I think affinity photo is about as good,as it gets it is a very good program and,it is a fraction of the price of,full-blown Photoshop if youre going to,pay for all of the Creative Cloud suite,you were going to pay $50 a month for,the rest of your life that you want to,own Photoshop this is a one-time,purchase of $50 and you own affinity,photo and it can do some amazing things,especially when you get into the area of,photo manipulation its also not a,slouch when it comes to illustration you,can create custom brushes there are a,lot of options there and theres a lot,you can do it is a fully featured,painting program as well also if you,like doing graphic design you know,website layouts,app layout that sort of thing you can,even do that sort of thing in a fitting,a photo as well thats something else,that photo shops use for a lot so yeah,affinity photo really is probably the,best photo shop alternative out there if,youre on a Mac another one thats,really worth checking out is called,Pixelmator its only $30 and it is a,very close Photoshop clone all the tools,are in the same place everything kind of,functions the same way affinity photo,tends to be a little bit different they,have their own idea of how to use things,so if youre used to Photoshop there,might be more of a learning curve,whereas with Pixelmator theres really,no learning curve at all you can jump,right in and a lot of the tools just,make sense the one thing I would say is,I have this program Ive never really,loved drawing in this program cant,quite put my finger on why just doesnt,feel like its for that it does,everything pretty well but the drawing,aspect of it just I think theres just,better stuff out there if youre looking,for Photoshop alternatives that are kind,of more in the drawing vein instead of,the photo manipulation vein I would look,at something like clip studio clip,studio used to be called manga studio I,see that look on your face now youve,heard of it manga studio is really,popular amongst comic artists I used to,use it all the time Ive used it less,and less over recent years one of the,things that I have always loved about it,is it has kind of on,out of it thinking versus anyway like a,brush smoother phenomenal brush moving,on this thing it makes your lines look,super crisp and clean and I havent dove,too deep into the details of how,adjustable that smoothness is on the,brushes but theres no delay to it,youre not like dragging it like you do,with some brush mothers it just kind of,does it automatically and it seems to do,it really well in theory clips to do,cost fifty dollars but usually you can,find it on Amazon for like half that,theres also like a professional-grade,e.x version of it that costs about $200,I just get the standard $50 one thats,the one I have Ive never missed any of,the like the extended features that you,get on the larger one most of that stuff,is built for people who are doing like a,graphic novel or a full fledged comic,book theyre like page organization,features and that sort of thing I,havent gotten into that stuff too much,so I havent really missed any of those,features now if you like the idea of,clips to do but are completely broke you,need to check out medibang medibang is,completely free and you might know it by,another name fire alpaca that was a goat,close enough one of the great things,about many bang alpaca is that its,available on any platform including like,the iPad and any Android tablets and,including Mac and PC of course and as a,bonus if you have an iPad and youre,working on the desktop you can save your,files transfer them both they have like,a cloud settings as well so you could do,that sort of thing the only downside of,many bang is if you sign up for the,cloud service theyll send you,promotional emails that are in Japanese,I cant read those things to save my,life but I bet theres some pretty cool,features of trying to tell me about,while we are on the topic of free you,should definitely check out an,application called Krita the people who,use Krita and let me know about it down,in the comments frequently love Krita,and i can see why i havent used it too,much myself but what i have seen from it,it is a very robust program has a lot of,phenomenal brushes has a lot of good,stuff going for it and its free Krita,also happens to be one of the most,requested reviews I get on this channel,I have not gotten around to it partially,because I have a lot of other things I,want to review first but also because,its free,so I dont know if I really need to,review a free app its free go download,it see if youd like it while Im here I,want to mention a couple browser-based,painting apps the two that I tried out,were sumo paint and Pixlr and I say that,right I totally said that right I think,theyre interesting they do have some,limitations you know I didnt play with,them so much to try this out but I,didnt notice like any brush pressure or,that sort of thing but they do a pretty,good job of replicating a lot of,photoshops features you know inside a,web browser so if youre just looking,for something basic thatll kind of get,the job done where you dont want to,download a big app thatll sit on your,hard drive or anything might be worth,checking those out in my travels I found,many many

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Three-Stock Lunch: Adobe, Salesforce and FedEx

lets start with Adobe shall we uh art,do you like it or not,yeah we do like it its uh its a name,thats been on our Focus list uh this,year and uh was actually tracking the,NASDAQ so off a bit but uh then,September rolled around and they,announced a acquisition of a company,called figma and fig was interesting,companys been around since 200 2012.,its uh the its privately traded and,the and it was actually uh gaining some,traction and and whats called,collaborative creative uh activities and,and it operates on a web so it was,actually a disrupter and a competitor uh,to Adobe Adobe decided to take them out,so what happened in September was they,paid 20 billion dollars for it half cash,half stock and the half cash portion,that 10 billion investors that assumed,would be um putting to share BuyBacks so,thats what it investors pretty quickly,I think they misunderstood the uh the,acquisition and how a creative it could,be uh in 2023 so the deal closes in the,first quarter of next year they expect,it to be accrued by the end of the year,Adobe currently trades it about 22 times,which is cheap for Adobe historically,they just had 13 percent the revenue,growth in their last quarter and they,had a record 4.43 billion dollars in,revenues and and the Run rate theyre,running at 87 gross margins so I dont,think they appreciate,um the acquisition just yet I think as,we work our way into next year theyll,itll start to become more apparent how,important this acquisition was next up,art is Salesforce year to date down some,37 percent is it a good opportunity to,get in or a good opportunity to stay,away,I think its probably a good opportunity,to continue to avoid so uh Salesforce,CRM has missed uh missed its last,quarterly numbers and its missed two,out of its last three reports and if,that wasnt bad enough their their,co-ceo Brett Taylor is stepping down,um and co-ceo with uh Mark benioff whos,returning and and one of the things that,people really like Brett Taylor for was,he was really more of an operator and,operating the assets they had one of the,uh things that Mark benioff has been,known for as a bigger picture guy and,hes actually made larger Acquisitions,and I think that the fear is without the,operator Brett Taylor who had done a,pretty good job of uh uh aligning uh,crms or salesforces um operations and,optimizing things is that were gonna go,back to that Mark benioff um you know,lets make some big Acquisitions and see,how long it takes to get them online so,I think that theyve got at least a full,year of underperformance Lets uh move,on now to uh to one thats really,topical And Timely and also,controversial FedEx,yeah we kind of like FedEx here I think,its a real turnaround obviously they,missed a couple of quarters in a row um,even after pre-announcing,um but I think theyre really looking to,achieve those cost reductions that they,talked about so obviously everybody in,logistics overbuilt during the pandemic,you know whether UPS FedEx or,um even Amazon but I think theyre the,global shipping industry is,consolidating I certainly think its got,a high barrier to entry I think FedEx is,finally getting it right and I certainly,think at the where its trading now its,got its trading at a company that could,likely uh have a significant turnaround,needless to say consumer shifted their,focus from Goods to services so theres,been a Slowdown and and goods purchases,thats adversely affected everybody in,logistics but I think FedEx is probably,if any one of the best turnaround,stories in this whole bunch that Goldman,put on the list all right fascinating,thank you very much art Hogan we,appreciate it

EVERY ADOBE APPs Free Alternative – Leave ADOBE For Free With No More Subscriptions!

adobe is pretty well known for being the,industry standard for pretty much every,creative software out there,whether thats for working with photos,vectors videos,audio adobe has its foot in pretty much,any sort of,creative software out there now one of,the last few videos i made,was talking about everything that you,get with an adobe cloud subscription,now while you still get a pretty decent,amount for the money that you spend,it can rack up to be a pretty big bill,by the end of the year,so a lot of people end up looking,elsewhere for their creative softwares,and eventually just,ditch adobe completely so this video is,all about the free alternatives for,the adobe creative cloud softwares i,decided not to put in any of the mobile,applications because uh theres a ton of,them for one,and it also seems like a lot of them are,already free,with some paid bonuses that you get if,you have the adobe creative cloud,subscription,but for the most part they all seem to,be fairly free,or are freemium so thats why i decided,not to use them in this video,starting off with photoshop we have,which stands for,gnu image manipulation program is a,free and,open source application made by a bunch,of volunteers,it has a lot of the main features as,photoshop,but one big bonus for is being able,to run it on linux,another free alternative for photoshop,would be krita,krita is also open source and free but,one of the big differences is that krita,is more used for,2d painting and is more for photo,manipulation,so those are two different things that,photoshop are good for these are just,two separate softwares for,each individual workflow another little,bonus here would be photo p,or photopia im not exactly sure how to,pronounce this one but its a,browser-based program which means that,it can run on any,operating system and one nice thing,about it is that you can open,up all kinds of different image files,from photoshop,adobe xd sketch files pdfs,raw images and any normal kind of image,files like png and jpeg,next up we have lightroom im going to,put lightroom cc and lightroom classic,together in this one because,realistically they do the exact same,thing,with some minor changes and i have a,whole video,based on the differences that you can,check up right about here,so i have three different free,alternatives for lightroom uh,dark table raw therapy and the brand new,nikon nx studio,i also just made a video about this one,but basically its brand new,and its just for nikon image files so,if youre not shooting on nikon then,its not much use for you,but dark table and raw therapy are both,two good softwares,for editing your photos for completely,free,for the most part dark table and raw,therapy do fairly,similar things to lightroom with some,various differences,theres not a huge amount difference,between the two of them but i guess you,could download both of them,and see which one works better for you,since theyre both free and open source,next up we have adobe bridge good thing,for us adobe bridge is already,completely free so you dont even need,to worry about getting,an adobe cloud subscription and you,dont have to worry about finding a,different,alternative you could just go to the,adobe website and find adobe bridge,right from there and go ahead and,download it next up we have illustrator,which is,the vector-based art 2d,software theres one main alternative,that i think a lot of people know of and,thats inkscape,it does pretty much everything that,illustrator is known for with some minor,differences,uh and its completely free and open,source another lesser known alternative,for,illustrator would be vector.com this is,another web,browser based uh software uh it,lacks a lot of functionality compared to,inkscape,and illustrator but for some more basic,editing its perfectly great and since,its web-based then you dont have to,worry about,which operating system you have for it,next up we have adobe fresco,this one is already a freemium software,i think you can get it for free and use,some more basic functions with it,without having to pay,but i think they also have just a fresco,based,subscription model so you dont have to,worry about buying the whole,creative cloud subscription you can just,get just for the fresco,model itself and since this whole sort,of,tablet based drawing is still fairly new,id never,found a good alternative for fresco,although if you do know of one feel free,to put one in the comments,because im sure everyone would like to,know but,fresco is already free for people who,dont have the creative cloud,subscription,moving on weve got indesign indesign is,all about,making layouts with images and text,so the main alternative for indesign,would be scribus or scribus,i like saying scribus a little bit more,but i think its actually pronounced,scribus,this one is another free and open source,software made for originally linux but,then also made for windows and mac later,on,it offers pretty much all the main,functions as indesign,which makes it a great alternative for,it another free alternative would be the,web-based,lucid press but this one comes at some,lack of functionalities and theres also,a free versus a paid,subscription model with them as well so,you get a little bit more,functionality with paying for more so,with the free version you only get,a certain amount of pages you can work,on and things like that so,if youre doing something fairly limited,then this might be a good alternative,for you,if youre doing a little bit more of a,bigger project then you might want to,look into scribus,or scribus next up we have adobe xd this,is the ux ui,prototyping software from adobe theres,a whole lot of different alternatives,for this,one i think a lot of them are paid like,sketch is a very good,example but then there are a couple that,are free or have free versions,figma is a popular one that has a free,starter trial,where you have a fairly limited amount,that you can do with it but its still,completely free for the starter pack but,one fully free and open source,alternative for adobe xd would be the,pencil project,i have a feeling that this one is a,little bit older so,it may feel a little bit clunky when you,open it up,but considering its completely free,once you get used to the layout,of the software i think its pretty good,especially considering youre spending,zero dollars on it,there may be more alternatives for adobe,xd but,these are the two popular ones that i,could find,next up we have adobe spark this one is,for,editing some more basic layouts and,photos and like brand based,images its kind of hard to explain how,spark works but,canva is a really good example of this,because canva,is pretty much the same thing and im,pretty sure its completely free with,some,added premiums on top if you want to pay,for it,if you want to make some colorful,vectors with some text on it canva and,spark do it,if you want to put some text onto some,photos of yours,canva can do it i think if you want to,edit some basic videos i think,spark and canva do that as well so,if youre wanting to make some really,easy quick,graphics then canva is a great,alternative for adobe spark,[Music],and speaking of video next up we have,premiere pro im also going to throw in,premiere,rush in here as well because they both,edit videos fairly similarly,the main and probably the most popular,and well-known free alternative for,premiere pro is davinci resolve they,have their free and then their paid,model thankfully their paid model isnt,subscription you just pay it once and,its fairly cheap for what youre,getting,considering it is the industry standard,for color correction,and it can pretty much do everything,that premiere pro after effects,and audition and maybe even media,encoder,and maybe even prelude all that can do,in one software,youre getting a lot with one software,so the free version is a little bit more,limited,uh some features you cant use unless,you pay for but,if youre wanting to get your foot in,th

Is Adobe Premiere CS5.5 Better Than Final Cut?

this episode of film riot brought to you,by domain.com now in film riot we open,up Adobe Premiere and answer what weve,already answered,hey guys hi I dont feel like saying,that opening bit that I usually say so,uh yeah Im not gonna instead watch this,your body is like a mountain of ashes,life is a lie,filled completely with glorious colors,the doors of wisdom open before you free,yourself because Nirvana approaches soon,I promise,so since I made my angry outburst,episode about the new Final Cut 10 which,I prefer to refer to as Final Cut X for,good reason anyway since that episode I,have been getting asked what will I do,now will I stay with Final Cut 7 move to,another program like this question for,instance Ryan what will you do now stay,with Final Cut 7 or move to another,program you know in hindsight I see that,there was really no reason to show that,question to answer the question Im,currently testing some options to decide,what Im going to make the jump to I,know for sure that I am NOT staying with,Final Cut Pro I held out as long as I,could hoping that they were gonna catch,back up to the game and remain the best,but theyve left far too many things,behind and seem to be heading in the,direction of prosumer,right now Im trying Adobe Premiere cs5,point-five and so far it has been very,easy to switch to and way faster than,Im used to since Final Cut Pro 7 only,uses 2.5 gigs of ram ive seen a huge,increase in speed for playback and,render times now I was a huge fan of,Final Cut Pro for about 6 years for me,and most the industry there was nothing,better so now making this necessary move,is like giving up my rude bratty child,for adoption and then getting a new one,which is like this sweet really good kid,that always like gets the newspaper for,me even though I dont want it but its,so sweet so I read it and since Im a,long time final cut user the easiest and,most logical switch is to Adobe Premiere,so I decided to give it a shot,I have been editing my action short,losses on it and I got a say so far I,really like it there is some stuff that,I had to get used to but overall its,been a super simple transition unlike,Apple Adobe doesnt seem egotistical and,seems to really care about their product,and their customers imagine that and,they have gone out of their way to make,the switch from Final Cut Pro a painless,one so first of all Adobe Premiere can,import your Final Cut Pro projects yeah,the new version of Final Cut cant open,your old final cut project but Adobe can,just makes me giggle but like an angry,pissed-off giggle at Apple like you,Apple I hope theres a worm in you so,Im doing this is super easy you just,open the project and Final Cut export,XML choose either version 4 or 5 and,then open that in Adobe Premiere done,and done then on top of that you can,easily switch your hotkeys from the,Adobe Premiere set to the Final Cut Pro,hotkeys that youre used to and that is,done by going to premier keyboard,shortcuts and click here and then select,Final Cut Pro 7 done and done get a game,and you can also customize whatever,other hotkeys you want to hear another,huge upside for me and would be for a,lot of you as well since a lot of you,use DSLR that premiere can work with,DSLR footage natively so no more need to,convert your footage before you start to,work which for me that is a huge and,much-needed time saver it also deals,with effects within the software much,better and can play a lot of the effects,real time without rendering and has,dynamic link to After Effects so for,instance with the sketch we did on,Monday when I was working in Final Cut,Pro I,had to render doubt my clip then bring,that into after-effects to do my work,then render that out again to bring back,to Final Cut Pro and if there are any,problems I would have to go back to,After Effects rerender re bring back,into Final Cut Pro but now in Premiere I,can go to the clip I need to add effects,to right click it select replace with,After Effects composition and then the,program sends my clip to After Effects,now in After Effects I can do my effects,work then hit save then move back to,premiere and what I did in After Effects,is now uploaded here I love this so so,much theres a crapload of upside like,the enormous speed boost and not that,many downsides that Ive been able to,find yet though there have been some,like the timeline has taken some getting,used to although its very similar it,feels a little less solid and theres no,plug-in for widescreen bars like Final,Cut Pro has and I use that all the time,so I have to get ghetto with it to get,those bars its a little annoying Ive,looked for a third-party plugin but I,have yet to find one so I dont know if,any of you know one tweet that bad boy -,there you go my quick overview of,Premiere as I use it more and get more,used to it Ill give you guys some more,looks at it but so far if youre looking,for a move away from Final Cut I would,highly recommend cs5 point 5 and know,they dont sponsor the show at all I,just what I really think domain.com is,owning the competition just like Emily,owns Josh our film right fans are making,domain.com one of the fastest growing,domain registrars in the world if,youre setting up a website to show off,pictures of your cat brag about your mad,sfx skills or do something more,business-related domain.com is the best,place to buy a domain name for your new,idea domain coms easy checkout process,makes it simple to find your domain name,and set up your website without the,hassle the may not comms domain,discovery system quickly shows you,available names making it easy to select,the domains extension thats right for,you find a sweet calm or get a dotco and,save a character already have a domain,somewhere else its cool transfer your,domain to domain comm for only seven,dollars and 61 cents and get an extra,youre free,the guys at domain.com are huge fans of,film right and want to hook up our film,riot armies so use the coupon code film,right and get 15% off your next domain,purchase or transfer thats only uh what,six dollars and forty seven cents for,domain transfers thats,Mattox right there so dont forget when,you think domain names think domain.com,no-go I get asked a lot to cover things,on film right that we have already,covered which is understandable since we,have something like 125 episodes now so,I thought hey me too which I responded,yes what is it we should do a segment,where we show where to find some of,these old golden nuggets ha I responded,golden nuggets that makes me think of,poop first up hayri you think you can do,an episode on audio and different mics,playa we already did that in fact we did,a whole month on audio so check this,episode well this month so well this,mother flippin love an episode aint no,thang but Im gonna love the chicken,wings I wanted to do some dulling shots,but dont have cash to buy one you think,you could show how to build one on the,show mother-father we did that to check,the F out of this EPEL ishes and dolly,move to your hearts desire tuck in the,desire your heart spring hold on like,that be right guy do you think you could,show how to make fake blood on the show,I dont think I can I know I can cuz I,already did that check this so sexy it,makes a man pregnant episode learning,yourself how to make more fake blood,than a college student makes regrets on,spring break we call that social,commentary drops the mic walks off no go,hey time to say goodbye so I can go,fishing for compliments which is better,than regular fishing because you dont,have to get up early get bit by flies or,some fishy for the rest of the day plus,you feel good so hey follow me on,Twitter thatd be fun and check out our,Facebook which is fun too and before I,forget if you havent seen it check out,read-throughs very own Dan Trachtenberg,short film no escape its based off the,portal universe and its freaking,awesome so go here to this link watch it,and enjoy but Ill see you crazy peeps,next week when I fly around th

How to Score a Movie Scene (Spitfire Competition Tips)

alrighty so recently spitfire announced,their dcs star girl scoring competition,and im super excited for this because,it will be judged by one of my all-time,favorite composers pinar toprak pinar is,the,incredible composer behind star girl,captain marvel us again,and well even fortnite i cannot,recommend her music enough,and if youre interested in learning,more about her i highly recommend,disneys podcast,for scores their episode with her is how,i was introduced to her body of work,and is my favorite episode in the entire,podcast series,now on their website spitfire clearly,states that,each submitted score will be graded on,three criteria,one how well the score fits the visuals,two the individuality of the score,and three how you can handle the,emotional,content in the scene like i said i am,really excited for this so i thought,that i would release a video on just how,to meet these criteria,for anyone who wants to enter the,competition or really for,anyone that just wants to score other,movie scenes in the future,in this video were going to learn how,to spot a scene for music,spotting is the process of preparing a,video for music,by deciding where music should go what,it should sound like,and just generally what kind of role you,want it to play in the film,throughout this video were going to,dissect a clip together and discuss what,you should be looking for,what you should be considering and how,it all works together to inform the kind,of music that you should compose,by the time were done youll know how,to carefully spot a scene,and prepare a meticulously planned set,of notes,that will guide your decisions as you,write your score,as a quick disclaimer this video will,by necessity require a decent foundation,in music theory,at least enough to feel confident,writing a score for this competition,or others like it so if you come across,any terms you dont understand,please take note of them and try looking,them up later on your own so you can,learn something new,this strategy has worked wonders for me,in the past and im sure it can help you,too,so with that buckle up ladies and,gentlemen its going to be a long,video get ready to take some notes,because without further ado,lets get started,so first things first we need to watch,the clip that we plan to score,here i have a clip taken from the short,film danny and the wild bunch,full film was made available for the,2019 international film music,competition,so the clip has actually already had its,original score removed which is,perfect for us now the first time you,watch,any clip i highly recommend that you,push any other thoughts of music,scoring or any other related ideas out,of your head,instead focus on just experiencing the,clip like a normal member of the,audience,i mean after all a good score shouldnt,really grab attention away,from the story unless the theater has a,bunch of music nerds like you and me in,the audience but,uh we tend to be the exception so with,all of that in mind,lets watch the clip,yeah i know mom yeah no no im im fine,really im good they just this is all,part of the process you know it just,takes,99 nos to get one yes,i think its not the same thing that,they always say thanks but no thanks,you know kids books these days have to,be more cynical,darker yeah,oh thanks mom i love you,miranda bullseye,what do you mean darker danny i think we,just have to face facts,yang is out and the n is in but the wob,ones arent dark,theyre just not like that well maybe,they need to be,oh what it needs is a good old-fashioned,a wild west,shootout or a washer buckling adventure,on their high seas,wait wait or or to the far,reaches of space,[Applause],i write the words youre the pictures,remember,wow punch arent gonna like this,so thats it i wont show the full clip,again because i dont want this video,taken down with a copyright strike,but whenever youre working on a project,i recommend watching the clip a few,times before you really start to analyze,it,make sure you have a good grasp on what,the film is about before you try to plan,any music,once you feel confident that youve,watched the clip enough times,its finally time to get started with,spotting it,so our first step is to process our,first,impressions of the clip we want to take,a look at the scene as a whole,before we start getting more specific,about different moments in the clip,for this i have a number of questions,that i like to ask myself,one what are the primary emotions of,this scene,two what is the general energy level for,this scene,three is there dialogue or any important,sound effects in this scene,four what about the contour are there,important shifts,in this scene and five what does the,music,need to do lets go through these,questions and answer each of them,together,question number one what are the primary,emotions of this scene,so if you remember the scene starts out,with the main character,miranda talking on the phone with her,mom from the dialogue we learned that,shes an aspiring childrens author,but her book has unfortunately once,again,been turned down by a potential,publishing company,this part of the scene is pretty sad but,the character is staying optimistic,about her chances saying,this is all part of the process,next were introduced to the character,of danny he tries to cheer up miranda by,making funny suggestions for how to get,the story published,this part of the scene is fun and,comical but still has some,ominous foreshadowing when miranda,mentions that she might have to make her,story darker,in order to get it to sell the scene,ends with miranda chastising dany,and him ominously replying the wild,bunch arent gonna like this this part,of the scene is darker than anything,weve seen so far,and sets the stage for the scary nature,that will dominate the rest of the film,so now that we have our primary emotions,lets take a look at the energy level,in his incredible book creative,strategies and film scoring,ben newhouse defines energy level as the,amount of musical,and visual activity in the film now,i cant recommend this book enough so if,youre interested ill include a link to,it in the description of this video,basically the idea here is that you want,to find out how much,visual energy a particular scene has so,that you can make an informed decision,on how much,energy you want your music to have,in his book newhouse provides a tool for,determining the visual energy of a scene,the tool consists of five questions each,one answered with a scale of one to five,how much movement is there in on-screen,characters and objects,one being none and five being a great,deal,how frequently do picture cuts occur one,being rarely and,five being frequently what type of,picture cuts are used,one being slow cross fades and 5 being,hard instantaneous cuts,4 does the vantage point of the camera,change via zooming or panning,one being no and five being frequently,finally is the camera itself moving,one is no and five is quickly,dont worry about being super accurate,with each question you just want to give,your honest opinion,theres no objective scale that were,working with here the main idea is to,just,give yourself a quick reference point,that you can use,once youve answered each question find,the average by adding,all the numbers together and dividing,them by five,this gives you the energy level for the,scene lets see how this would work for,our scene,so the scene starts out without a lot of,movement miranda is just,sitting on her couch flipping through,her book theres a lot more movement,once danny gets on screen,and starts fooling around but all in all,id give this scene about a three,theres not a ton of energy but theyre,not exactly just,sitting around and talking the entire,time,number two i counted 15 cuts in the full,scene,that averages out to a cut every 6,seconds or so,but most of them occur while dany is on,screen,so there were much fewer in the,beginning than there were towards the,middle and end,so once again im going to give thi

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