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BMW iX v Tesla Model X v Audi e-tron S v Mercedes EQC: DRAG RACE

hi how are you mal watson here from car,wow so im sat in a bmw ix next to me is,a tesla model x next to that is an audi,e-tron s and next to that is a mercedes,eqc and were going to have an electric,suv drag race so let me compare these,car statistics so this bmw has 523,horsepower the tesla has 541 horsepower,the audi has 503 horsepower and the,mercedes has 408 horsepower as for,torque the bmw has,765 newton meters the tesla has,755 newton meters the audi has all the,torque,970 newton meters and the mercedes has,760 newton meters now electric cars they,may have torque but theyre also quite,heavy because of all the batteries and,this bmw weighs in at,2510 kilos the tesla is slightly lighter,but still quite porky 2,460 kilos the audi is the heaviest,though it comes in at,2620 kilos well the mercedes is the,lightest at a still rather porky 2,420 kilos in terms of pricing the,mercedes is the cheapest 67 000 pounds,the audi it costs 89 000 pounds the,tesla 83 000 pounds and this bmw is the,most expensive at 94 000 pounds though,it does have the most expensive feeling,interior to match now i want to say a,big thank you to rsev,so its richard simons hes got his own,youtube channel about electric cars,really worth checking out put a link in,the description hes provided the tesla,model x long range and the audi e-tron s,id also like to say a big thanks to one,of our carway dealers vertu who supplied,that mercedes eqc a link to them is in,the description as well and if youre,thinking about buying an electric car,you need to check out car wow electric,hub page weve got all the latest info,on a range of evs and you can compare,offers to make sure youre paying a fair,price for whichever eevee youre wanting,to buy now if you click on the banner up,there for the link in the description,you can go straight there alternatively,you can do a later date by simply,googling wow me car wow and well wow,you anyway lets get on with this race,buying a new car then head to car wow,and my team will help you find your next,car at a fair price car wow your,one-stop car buying comparison site,normally before wed race we do a car,with sound check but um weve got,electric cars and they dont make a,noise oh actually this one does because,composer hanzimer has worked on some,sounds for this car when youre driving,it,and then well make up some other sounds,for the other three cars go on editors,have some fun,anyway thats enough of that nonsense,lets go with the race,three,two,one,blimey that added just took off,[Music],eqc is ahead of me at the moment but now,im coming past,can i gain on the audi,get all the hands in the noise,[Applause],audis shot off so that one extra motor,pays off really didnt it yeah it was a,good launch so what happened with the,tesla and the mercedes so mercedes shot,up first but then i,came past,so,jens in the tesla model x do you think,any tesla fanboys are going to complain,about this race probably because its,not performance version so why havent,we got the performance version probably,was it also because we couldnt get one,we could have done but i think the,performance version would kill all of,these cars that are here now well there,you go tesla fanboys the reason we,didnt have it is because the race,wouldnt be fair the tesla model x,performance just has way more power also,for you watching in america youre,probably going wait a minute um thats,the old tesla model x well yes we,havent got the very latest facelift,version here in the uk not our fault,its elons elon hurry up send them,across please in fact i want my plaid,wheres my plaid wheres my bloody plaid,do you know what weve decided to have,another race for good measure because,the audi might have jumped the start and,some of the other cars might have been a,bit slow not me no i did it perfectly,honest,anyways do it again,three,two,one,oh i was a better start from everyone,there apparently howdy,oh im liking this one,whats going on,audi,what the heck happened to you it delayed,a lot longer than it did in the first,launch did you get beaten by the tesla,yeah i got beaten by the test sorry did,you get beaten by the mercedes as well,uh i didnt actually look right merc did,i beat you i was definitely lost on that,one audi what i want you to do is try,launching it without using the brake,just having it on like um hold or,something on the parking brake and then,there wont be a delay when you lift off,the brake because you wont be lifting,off any brakes uh yeah ill just floor,it and try that again do you want to try,it from there to make sure it works,better,yeah ill try that,hes actually a professional racing,driver dont you know honest no he is,teaching him a thing or two,didnt i destroy you on the first launch,just checking shut up,classic racing driver ever the,competitive spirit,this is the final race this is the one,that really matters everything else was,just a practice hopefully everyone can,launch perfectly this time,three,two,one,oh wow so neck and neck,great launch from everyone,here we go coming past the tesla,can i catch that audi,come on bmw power,best two out of three audi i think,everyone launched perfectly then but,youve got a first really rocket off the,line that audi but then this bmw it,builds and builds and builds and yeah i,bet you mate,so then what exactly happened well the,bmw just about beat the audi though they,both completed the standing quarter mile,in a time of 12.7 seconds the tesla took,13 seconds and the mercedes was last,with a time of 13.7 seconds,right what were going to do now is a,riding race from 30 miles an hour and,what were going to do is see whos,first to the quarter mile the half mile,and then the full mile well also see,what our top speed is when we hit the,full mile another thing were going to,do right now is look down at our,remaining battery ive got 87 remaining,what have you got in the tesla ive got,81 now okay what have you got in the,audi,remaining and how much have you got in,the mercedes im sitting on 87,okay remember that figure and well see,how much we got left after our two,rolling races lets do this first one,though from 30 miles an hour with me,people with me,three,two,one go,god that takes off,its first to the quarter mall because,were so close to it dropping the test,on the mercedes,[Music],can i beat the audi to the half mile,yeah yeah yep yep yep yep yep yep,[Applause],whats going to happen,no oh its like ive hit a wall is this,the top speed 125 mile now,yeah hes coming back can i beat him to,the mall though is he going to come back,for the mile this is so close ive just,hit a limited 125 and it comes to tesla,the mercedes is like in the distance,okay so that cost me two percent of my,batch im on 85 percent what are you now,in tesla,cost me four percent that cost me three,percent so i win the bmw so what was,your top speed i just like stopped at,125 how about you in the tesla,something,you in the audi yeah mine got to 130 and,then you stopped so i think thats why i,was calling you in i must say it is yeah,i hit a wall at 115 and you guys were so,far ahead of me by,okay lets try something else same thing,again but were going to start from 50,miles an hour see if theres a,difference in how the audi pixel,compared to this bmw from 50 or if it,just rockets off the same so here we go,im going to count this in now three,two,one,go,oh teslas off good that time,this is interesting,all right thats a half mile,and ive hit a wall now here comes the,tesla oh crap,oh,no,can you audi catch me as well before the,maya is coming always coming,so tesla wow that was interesting you,took off just as quick as the audi and i,wasnt far behind and then tesla came,past me,139,so teslas got the highest top speed so,these cars these german cars are,supposed to be good on the autobahn,actually the tesla will be better on the,autobahn and as for my remaining range,now ive got 82 percent of battery left,which means that i have used five,percent doing the two races and drivin

BMW iX vs Audi e-tron

you want a posh large electric suv well,the options just got a bit more,interesting with this the bmw ix it,starts at just under 70 000 pounds for,the xdrive 40 that weve got here and,has a wltp range of up to 257 miles from,its 71 kilowatt-hour usable battery,but theres a lot of competition in the,large suv class not least this the audi,e-tron the audi was one of the first of,the big premium electric suvs and has,remained a popular option in the class,go for the e-tron 55 quattro that we,have here and youre looking at prices,from around 71.5 000 pounds which gets,you a wltp driving range of 252 miles,from an 86 kilowatt kilowatt-hour usable,battery,these two are very similar on price and,range then but they are i think quite,different in character i mean for a,start the e-tron even in black edition,trim and in a really eye-catching color,that weve got here it just looks like a,much more conventional car i think you,could confuse this for one of audis,other big suvs quite easily to be honest,the bmw on the other hand is well,its just really different isnt it now,look ive been on the internet ive even,looked at it once or twice so i know,that most people out there really dont,like the looks of the bmw ix but kind of,so ugly that its cool i think in my,books i really like the sort of smooth,surfacing on it and i admire bmws,bravery with it if im honest before you,do send all of your abuse to me on,twitter uh if you could perhaps like the,video and subscribe to the cargurus uk,youtube channel and turn on your,notifications so that you dont miss any,of our lovely videos well that would be,greatly appreciated before we look at,the practicality tech and what theyre,like on the road lets talk about,charging both of these cars charge via a,type 2 or ccs socket with rapid charging,of up to 150 kilowatts good for an 80,battery in around 30 minutes or a 100,mile top up in some 10 to 15 minutes,bear in mind that the standard 50,kilowatt charges that you routinely find,in uk services will give you a much,slower charge than that of a hundred,mile top up in around about 40 to 45,minutes plug in at a seven kilowatt home,war box and youll have a full battery,in around 11 hours in the bmw or 13,hours in the bigger battery audi,you do get type 2 sockets on both front,wings of the audi though which is great,for easy plugging in at home while the,bmw has its socket on the rear wing,where youd expect a conventional fuel,filler as for practicality well these,are both big roomy cars and as such you,get a big roomy boot now despite there,being quite a big disparity in the,claimed boot figures for these cars,theyve got really similar boot sizes in,fact i would say because the bmws,actually got a lower load lip than the,audi this is a slightly more practical,boot,youve also got underfloor storage in,here which is really good for your,cables the only thing that the bmw,really does lack is that it doesnt have,any storage in the nose of the car for,your cables,there is masses of space in the back of,the ix in fact it feels quite sort of,limo like back here especially with this,amount of headroom i have to say this,fixed glass roof it is a three and a,half thousand pound option but it does,really add to that luxury feel and i,think it actually probably gives you,slightly more headroom,so yeah thats a really fabulous option,and its just really lovely back here,properly comfortable and this flat floor,definitely sort of makes it feel airy,and comfy too so even somebody sat in,the middle is going to be pretty,comfortable the claimed capacity of the,e-trons boot is an impressive 660,liters but its very similar in size to,that of the bmw and it has a slightly,higher load lip what the audi does have,is a small cubby in the nose of the cart,which is ideal for cable storage even,adults in the back of the e-tron will be,really comfortable but there isnt quite,as much head and leg room as you get in,the bmw ix and the cabin isnt quite as,wide either these cars have got to have,properly luxury interiors to justify,those price tags then and it has to be,said that the audi well it doesnt,disappoint it feels supremely well built,everything is just beautifully classy,everything you touch and looks,absolutely spot on of course you do get,really high levels of equipment you get,your heated leather seats with electric,adjustment you get your ambient lighting,you do get everything that you would,expect as standard thats really not a,problem but you can go really over the,top with options and high-end trims with,the e-tron this black edition costs over,80 000 pounds and you can even go up to,the vorsprung which is a frankly insane,95 000 pounds but you can get the e-tron,for a more reasonable price and the,equipment is still very good now voice,control is an important thing these cars,have both got the latest generation,voice controls im going to give this a,go because i still think voice control,is really hit and miss in most cars so,here we go lets see how it does,play bbc radio 6 music,choosing glassy radio 6 music,she got it right well done audi id say,thats a score one for the audi the dual,screen setup makes it look very,minimalist in the audi 2 with all the,climate controls and a few other control,functions accessed in this lower screen,the fancy gear shifter that doubles as a,wrist rest is quite a nice touch for,steadying your hand when youre using,the screen on the move too,the main touchscreen is fairly logical,to use and the graphics are great plus,you get all the features you want,including nav android auto and apple,carplay,the ixs interior is uh well despite the,audis being very lovely this is just on,another level i have to say the whole,kind of feel and ambience of this thing,is just awesome even little touches like,the wood finish here with the shortcut,buttons the way youve got a very low,dash loads of glass area around you its,very light and bright it just feels,absolutely superb really beautiful and,of course its such a minimalist finish,really the only thing youve got is this,curved touchscreen so yeah so i have to,say the bmw definitely wins for the sort,of perceived classiness and luxury and,just kind of a really new take on an,interior its really superb in here you,can only get two trims on the ix you get,the sport or this is the m sport you can,absolutely go to town with options you,get fairly good equipment as standard,although you will have to spend extra on,a pack to get keyless entry and lumber,adjustment which you have to adjust,through the screen which really annoys,me but even so you do get a massage,function with that so you can see that,it is luxury spec you can go to town,with options you can add crystal finish,switches full matrix led lights and,loads more so if youre a bit sensible,about it you dont have to spend quite,as much as you might think,now how about trying out bmws eighth,generation operating system with its,all-new natural voice control,so lets see how she does if i ask for,the uh here we go,play bbc radio 6 music,bbc radio 6 music these voice control,systems are getting better arent they,the curved touchscreen really is the,star of the interior in the ix it looks,superb and you can control it by the,touch screen itself or via a rotary dial,and shortcut buttons which makes it,really easy to use when youre driving,climate controls are in the screen which,isnt so ideal but they are always,visible and you dont have to change the,screen just to change the cabin,temperature you also get all of the,features in the bmw system that you do,in the audi,[Music],if you look at the on paper figures for,the ix you might be a bit underwhelmed,if youre expecting tesla style mad,performance so this x drive 40 that,weve got here does not do 62 in 6.1,seconds honestly i think especially in a,car this size,thats more than enough i really dont,understand why you want it to go faster,but there you go full time four wheel,drive of course so youve got all,weather peace of mi

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Tesla Model Y v Audi Q4 v Volvo C40: Which is best?

which is best at these three electric,suvs the andy q4 the tesla model y or,the volvo c40 well in this video im,going to find out because im going to,compare their designs their interiors,their practicality their technology and,what they like to drive and of course,were going to launch them to see how,quick they are from north to 60 miles an,hour because im at watson and youre,watching car wow and if you havent done,so already make sure you subscribe to,this channel that way you wont miss any,of these uploads,buy sell car wow,im going to start this video by,comparing these cars designs so the,tesla model y its all right in profile,but the front and the back just a little,bit too blobby sort of,toad like im not convinced by the wheel,design either though you can fix that,quite easily,frisbee,nice shot flies brilliantly,unfortunately if you dont know the,wheels on the od youre sort of stuck,with them so make sure you pick wisely,when youre configuring your card and to,do that click on the pop out banner up,there for the link in the description,below to get a car wow anyhow overall,the design of the audi is more,interesting compared to the teslas the,only thing is the nose its got a,massive grille which doesnt do anything,its blanked out whats the point of,having something like that on an,electric car madness ive got a similar,issue with the volvo love the rear of it,its the best rear of all three cars,side profile is quite cool as well once,again at the front its got a grille,thats being blanked out reason on this,car though is because its actually,based on the platform shared with an,internal combustion engine model the,xc40 it is the only car here that isnt,a design from the ground up electric car,yet despite that it is still my favorite,to look at im going to talk you through,the prices because things arent quite,what they seem you see the audi starts,from 43 000 pounds the volvo from 47 000,pounds and the tesla from 55 000 pounds,so youd think that the ad is the best,value followed by the volvo and last of,all the tesla but not so you see what,im going to show you now is the price,of these cars as ive got them on test,here and when you do the comparison of,performance and equipment levels it,actually works around the other way the,tesla is the best value overall followed,by the volvo and last of all the audi,now if youre thinking about changing,your car you need to make sure youre,paying a fair price for it you can check,out all the latest deals and savings on,cars through carway and you can also,sell your current car and add dealers,will bid on your car to make sure you,get a great price for it if you want to,check out all of that click on the pop,out banner up there or follow the link,in the description below to get a car,wow alternatively at a later date just,simply google wow me car wow and we will,wow you lets move on to the interior,starting with the volvo c40 so the,design is pretty nice however its very,similar to the xc40 on which this car is,based which was first released in 2017,so it doesnt seem all that modern yes,you have this big infotainment screen,there and it actually runs google which,is good however some of the other menus,are a little bit fiddly to operate and,it doesnt feel the most modern neither,does the digital drivers display its a,little bit dark it doesnt give you that,much information really starting to feel,its age even though its a brand new car,which is a bit odd cant fault the seats,though they are lovely volvo does,brilliant seats and you can go miles and,miles in these without any discomfort at,all the interior of the audi is way more,futuristic than the volvos youve got,lots of different colored bits of trim,multi layers though the dash is really,deep and that makes it feel like youre,sat in the middle of the car which is,odd as is the steering wheel its like,this hexagonal shape though i sort of,like it not so keen on the touch,sensitive buttons because sometimes you,just touch them like that and then the,stereo comes on which is a bit annoying,cant fall to the digital drivers,display though really good lots of,information and the infotainment system,is good as well and i like the fact that,audi havent made you operate the,climate control through it because you,have some separate controls for it down,here good job with the model wire you,have to control almost everything,through this screen so yes the climate,control and,to move the steering wheel you have to,go through a procedure of pressing a,button here and then going steering and,then you control it with these buttons,however a lot of the controls are,actually voice activated so you can say,things like,open charge port yeah its just done it,and its much better the voice,recognition on this than the other two,cars and the fact that you havent got,all these buttons does mean that the,cabin is the most minimalist it really,does create a feeling of ambiance and it,makes this feel like a special car,apart from one thing its the steering,wheel just feels a touch on the cheap,side and thats the thing you hold,driving the tesla model y is a little,bit of an odd experience because its,not what you expect it to be do you,think that a family-friendly suv would,be all soft and comfy and stuff like,this but i dont know whether things got,a bit mixed up at the tesla factory the,people working on the roadster,accidentally gave the suspension the,steering,to the model y because the way this,thing goes over bumps is like a sports,car you get bounced about all over the,place there is a trade-off for that,stiff suspension it does mean that this,car does go around corners pretty well,for an electric suv just seems to hold,the road and go around right until its,like upset by the bump into the road and,then it skips sideways another thing,thats odd is a steering so its,lightning fast you turn the wheel a bit,and its darting into a corner and then,its like the carson remembers that,i wait a minute im an suv and then it,slightly slows down in its turn,definitely feels the most supportive the,three cars to drive one of my favorite,things about the tesla is the driving,position because youve got such a low,dash you get a great view forward its a,reasonably quiet car but you do get a,little bit of noise reverberating around,the large cabin can you hear that a,little bit,jumping out of that tesla into this,volvo is a bit of a relief for my spine,because the suspension is way soft its,what you expect on a car like this,sometimes it does get a little bit,floaty and when you go through a corner,it leans a little bit more doesnt grow,quite as tightly as the tesla doesnt,feel a sporty but really what do you,want from your electric suv eh,this is more in keeping with that style,of vehicle at least what i expect from,that style of vehicle im sure youre,the same there is one problem though and,thats the steering it doesnt matter,which mode you have it in the heavier,setting or the lighter setting it all,feels really disconnected its a little,bit like when you suddenly stand up too,quickly and you get a bit dizzy and you,feel like youre just not part of,reality steering is like am i really,driving i dont know its just,odd anyway im gonna do a little uter,now to check the turning circle so the,turning circle on this,is better than the tesla 11.4 meters,compared to over 12. but while this,thing can turn tighter than the tesla,when you actually chuck it into a corner,it doesnt stay quite supplanted the,tesla definitely has a sportier feel to,it though really,is that what youre after in your,electric suv at high speeds this volvo,is really good partly because this steel,motor version has loads of punch for,getting past slow moving vehicles in,terms of the visibility the at the front,isnt quite as good as the tesla because,the dash isnt as low and the view out,the back thats awful sound insulation,is good though its a quiet car to,travel in this is nice finally then we,come to the audi and its li

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Audi RS e-tron GT v Porsche Taycan v Tesla Model S: DRAG RACE

hi how are you matt watson here from car,wow so im sitting in the new,audi rs e-tron gt the most powerful,audi car to date roko that is next to me,is a porsche tycoon turbo you see that,car is pretty much the same,as this car underneath the skin but with,a few tweaks here and there and then,next to that,is a tesla model s performance and yes,people we are of course gonna have,a drag race so let me tell you about,this audi,it has two electric motors one front one,at the back so its four wheel drive and,combined,under launch control conditions it puts,out 646 horsepower,830 newton meters of torque its quite,heavy because of all the batteries,weighs in at 2.3 tonnes,its quite expensive as well starts from,just under 112,000 pounds that porsche tai can pretty,much the same car so youve got the same,electric motor at the front same,electric motor at the back both cars i,forgot to say,have a two-speed gearbox at the back so,you get low down performance but decent,high speed performance as well for the,german auto,anyway because its a polish it has a,little bit more power,687 horsepower when youre launching it,and 850 newton meters of torque yes i,know theres the turbo s version with,over 700 horsepower but i wanted to,compare like,with light because that car is just ever,so slightly more expensive than this one,it starts from 116,000 pounds same weight as well 2.3,tonnes moving on to the tesla,its also 2.3 tons but it has more power,and torque,and stuff but i dont really know the,facts because i forgot to learn them so,im going to speak to the guy whos,provided us with the conte its,richard simons from rsev the youtube,channel,follow the link in the description to,check that out and to see what it looks,like because im not going to show him i,want a spare camera for him so if you,want to see what it looks like,in fact its too beautiful to be shown,on camera hell like kind of make me,look ugly,anyway lets talk to him about the,details on his car hi richard how are,you mate hey matt you okay,im okay because i know that you know,all the stats on that tesla so can you,tell me,the horsepower and torque figures,uh it should have warmed me to be exact,730 something horsepower,and tons of torque i dont think the,exact number blimey,do you know what were going to do we,are going to put all the stats of the,cars up,as a frame on screen im going to flash,it up for two seconds if you want to,find out all the geeky facts you just,pause your video alright just pause it,you can see it okay its happening now,[Music],thats a lot lets get on with the drag,race but before we do,please make sure you subscribe to this,channel hit the bell icon to turn your,notifications on that way,you wont miss a single upload i almost,forgot about you,yanny there in the porsche i was gonna,say when i was like hi richard im like,richard really whos that,how are you really well seems weird,being back in,a porsche taken because i had my one for,so long i know im wondering if before,we get to the end of the runway youll,have sold that car even though it isnt,yours,thats actually probably one of the,funniest things youve ever said thats,genius very good yeah i was like writing,that all night anyway,lets cut with the race buying a new car,then head to car wow and my team will,help you find your next car at a fair,price,car wow your one-stop car buying,comparison site,now were going to race but before we do,oh yes weve got to do a sound check,and considering weve all got electric,cars normally id let the editor choose,the different noises for the different,cars but instead,because weve got walkie-talkies we are,gonna make our own noises for our own,cars,ill go first to set the tone now i,think i can do,an impression of a 1998 formula one car,so ill give it a go,i hope this works there could be spit,all over this cars cabin but lets give,it a go,no i cant do it i thought i could do it,wait i just need to practice,there we go i found it,mate that was terrible im not sitting,there pretending that im going to do,any better but that was really bad here,we go you ready,thats like an electric with like a bit,of a sound,that was like honestly it was like,youre so kind of like rave with the 19,i was good,richard its your turn now okay im,gonna hop back to,being youthful and do a little bit of a,run,that was actually the best even though,it was totally just bloody right shall,we,here comes the tesla now though oh hes,gonna come past me,very even im going to take this,oh,what do you think about that yeah i,missed my launch theyre all very very,even very interesting,if youve got a ti-can turbine i,apologize i missed the launch what,happened to the tesla,i thought youre going to monster us,its the performance is that right,richard,its the performance all right just a,little bit of slip off the line,and then it was keep in place but it,should have worn easily,right it does like mid tens doesnt it,should do and what happened,uh raining i was on the grassy bit must,have been,i think its raining over this side of,the track as well,just saying lets give him another,chance three,two one oh its closer that time,better launch oh its gonna happen,[Music],im in the slowest car,here comes the tesla now hes so close,come on,wow so close,come on come on come on,definitely got a better launch there but,yeah im in the slowest car it seems,we were pretty similar off the line i,might have just been a little bit,quicker than you maybe because im just,a bit quicker at,launching the new yanni or did you jump,the starts,heres our graham with a quick recap im,gonna pretend to be graham matthew did,not,jump the start is that what graham,sounds like how about you rich youve,had,two chances now i dont think you came,past me at the end im not 100 sure,do you think you did he was dead even i,reckon i got a little bit of slip it,hooked up and then actually pulled away,from the porsche a little bit and was,pretty dead even with you i reckon so,im going to give you a choice,you can either do another race bearing,in mind that the more,you launch the more use your battery in,a tesla you lose power whereas in these,two german cars you dont theyll launch,all day long and still deliver full,performance or you can gamble,and just go lets just leave it there,and see what the photo finish says which,one do you want to do,[Laughter],all right,put me in the slowest car mat you,beep i actually think your reactions,have been a little bit off but now,youve got to make sure that theyre on,point without jumping,because youre kind of either too late,or too early dont you think that guys,never on time three two,one,the reaction time look,what do you think of that reaction time,mate and richard well played to you sir,well played to you,matt where were you mate that just is,what it is,i think your reaction times were a bit,off in the last two i was probably a,little bit then who knows,didnt seem too bad to me but you guys,nailed it thats it,thats the result i had a better life,that time more grip oh sorry i forgot,about you richard was it good that time,now that you won its all good yeah,im happy now right just to not have so,much of that grin,stirring me from your car its good job,you go down the third go because if you,had to go into the fourth fifth sixth or,seventh go then your battery would be,low and then you wouldnt have full,power and then all the tesla fanboys,would be just getting all salty in the,comments,so then what exactly happened well in,the end with a better launch,the tesla won just it did the standing,quarter mile,in 10.7 seconds the porsche took 10.8,seconds,and the audi was last with a still,impressive time of 10.9 seconds,now we have a rolling race from 50 miles,an hour so tess is in range,hes in normal the porsche because its,porsche and im in efficiency its like,youre trying to eke out as much charge,as possible im gonna count it in three,two one go oh,oh yeah ill take that why wont you do,the tesla,goodbye tesla in your range mode,p

What’s The Best EV To Buy Right Now? Tesla Model Y vs ALL the rivals | Top Gear

here it is the new tesla model y and in,right hand drive guys at last so we,thought wed arrange a little reception,committee,[Music],yeah that ought to do it so if youre in,the market for a new family electric car,which one should you choose,come with me,[Music],relax we will come back and have a,proper look at the model y but im,giving that a buy straight into round,two because weve got a lot of cars to,get through down here so lets nail,through them quite quickly first of all,we have the vw id4 the skoda enyak and,the audi q4 e-tron now these are all,pretty much exactly the same car,underneath same battery same motors even,broadly similar proportions and looks,so the volkswagen is quite complicated,to operate the audi is pretty expensive,for the base price of that 44 grand,thereabouts you can have a nice enyak,with all the bits on it plus the big,long range battery for 327 miles of,range and the 201 horsepower motor,so have that,moving on here we have the two korean,cars the kia ev6 and the hyundai ioniq,5. now like the volkswagen group cars,these are basically the same car,underneath as well but look how,different they look you have the kia,that looks like some squinty-eyed,spaceship and the hyundai is basically,an origami austin allegro,now the kia drives better,the hyundai has the brighter lighter,area interior its completely swings and,roundabouts between these two theyre,both very good cars,were going to give it to the hyundai,and send the kia home next stop a pair,of swedes the polestar 2 and the volvo,xc40 quite easy to sort this one out,pole styles really cool the volvo looks,like your aunt would drive it,moving on,next in line we have the ford mustang,mac e now when weve done these electric,car group tests before that has always,done very well so its going straight,through to round two,last two cars now we have the bmw ix3,and the jaguar i-pace,both good cars from premium brand,manufacturers with corresponding prices,however i think if youre in the market,for an electric family car,you probably want something that looks a,little bit more exciting than this,so the bmw i think is too conventional,so thats out last one not conventional,the jaguar i-pace this is still a,terrific looking car even though its,been on sale for about five years now,but,would you want to put your kids in it,with sweets and sticky fingers,no you wouldnt,right lets see where that leaves us,here we are then our final five nice bit,of diversity here isnt there but also a,bit of a price range between the skoda,at about 35 grand base and the tesla at,about 55 grand but before we talk about,that were going to talk about these two,at the front,because,that is a hatchback yeah,that one looks more like a crossovery,saloon,but literally that one is twice the size,of that one look at the size and,proportions of the honda compared with,the pole star,and that does have its drawbacks for the,pole star its a bit tighter inside its,a bit more claustrophobic if its just,you in it its lovely its beautiful,quality inside you feel like a latter,day saab driver its just a great bit of,design but we are wanting to talk,practicality and although thats got a,hatchback and all the rest of it its,probably a little bit small to be a good,family car moving on though to the,hyundai now its a really good car a,very nice piece of design do not be,tempted to have it with the most,powerful engine you get over 300,horsepower for a naught 60 time of,around five seconds the problem is the,rest of the chassis cannot keep up with,the power its delivering the rides,pretty clumsy the steering is super,light and takes a lot of management you,have to concentrate quite hard to keep,this thing going in a straight line so,dont have it like that have it with a,base engine and just enjoy the sort of,sense of being in it and just driving,more gently in it its a cracking,looking machine after all but only in,this color if you have it in black you,lose all the detail of it and it just,looks a bit like a big black box,inside though this is really quite,special,its really nice in here although they,have managed to put the steering wheel,on upside down,anyway look youve got masses of space,look theres a big box here that slides,forwards and backwards youve got this,lovely design even though the screens a,little bit,far away it just feels,cool and fresh and different in here and,its reasonably good for passengers,youve got plenty of room for four,people in here but ask yourself this,is the boot big enough to go away on,holiday inn,no its not im afraid this one goes out,as well,[Music],right where to start with these three,then i think well start with the,mustang actually because it takes a bit,of explaining because the car you see,here is the new mackie gt the 480,horsepower version but not to 60 in 3.7,seconds but,its not the most family friendly is it,with all that performance and also its,66 000 pounds which is a lot of money,however they do these from a fraction,over 40 thousand pounds and then fords,model range is very simple you can have,rear wheel drive or four wheel drive and,you can choose between two different,sizes of batteries and if you have it,with the rear wheel drive single motor,and the big battery this has a range of,379,miles which is easily,the best here now of course thats,fords claimed figure but in reality it,means you should be able to get 300,miles out of one of these incidentally,the claimed range is for the other two,the tesla is 331 miles the enyak is 327.,anyway come on because this is quite a,cool car its very good to drive thats,what is the mustang standout feature and,i know that doesnt seem relevant for a,family car but it does mean that the,driver is going to enjoy themselves look,at these funny little door handles,good driving position in there decent,seats quite a driver-centric cabin big,central screen and all the rest of it,but it is driver focus because coming,back a bit further,the rear is much more claustrophobic you,have to watch your head when you get in,and out and once youre in theres not,that much legroom and pity the poor,person who has to sit in the middle,and as you can tell from this dipping,roofline at the back,the boot,carry on electric motors do your thing,is decent but you might well struggle,trying to get all your holiday kit in,you might look cool when you get there,but if youve got to leave half your,beach kit behind thats not a deal is it,incidentally though four do make up for,that by having a front boot as well,under the front of the forge you can get,81 litres of beach clobber and look it,doesnt matter if its wet because,theres a drain hole for it all to run,away now ford isnt alone,in having a front boot a frank this,teslas got one as well which ill now,show you but this takes a second because,you have to go and get the screen fired,up and press a button standby,there we go,and this ones even bigger than the,fords theres a room for about 117,litres of stuff in,here so its a useful extra space for,cables mostly lets say that,when tesla first showed the model why i,was fairly skeptical about it because,its a gawky looking thing and it seems,to have the extra volume where you dont,want it all the height and extra volume,in the car is above the front seats,not above the tailgate where youd,imagine youd want it but theyve done,that for quite a clever reason,the front seats are actually mounted,quite high,and in the back,theyre quite low now thats,unfashionable most cars have what you,call stadium seating where the rear,bench is mounted above the front but,here theyve mounted it lower and let me,get in ill show you,what that means is you can sit in and,you can stretch your legs fit them right,under the front seat so youve got,plentiful space however what you havent,got in british tesla model wise which,you do have an american is the option of,having seven seats tesla at the moment,say they dont know when those are gonna,come or even if theyre going to come,but wh

Chris Harris Drives: Audi RS e-tron GT vs BMW M5 CS | Top Gear

this is the new audi e-tron,rs which is an unhelpfully long name,when im trying to time one of these,walking pieces to camera however it has,590 horsepower over 600 in over boost it,costs between 100 and 240 000 pounds and,if like me you think it looks,sensational,itll interest you this is the first,audi rs model ive seen with no exhaust,pipes now to start with you think,theres four good looking bits of metal,missing but the rest of the shape is so,good,massive hips here great big bulbous,wheel arches it looks fantastic,and the payoff is at the front where,theres no great big silly grill look at,this,tight clean,i mean sometimes you buy a car and looks,alone,this might be one of them now all,electric car interiors seem to be,chasing tesla with one massive great big,screen here,but i love the fact this is conventional,car weve got a normal central screen,there a dashboard and wait for it,separate buttons for the heater controls,im being an audi its beautifully put,together the materials are,terribly expensive so i dont know what,to make of this one this is an rs its,entirely electric the world is moving,fast peeps weve got a tie can with a,different body on it havent we,so were already,into kind of badge engineering this is,presumably audi taking what porsche has,mostly done and then,just reconfiguring it changing the,calibration of the way the chassis works,and the powertrain,can work i suppose and applying outiness,to a porsche which is not a bad thing,from where im sitting already because,i like the cabin it doesnt feel like an,electric car and i think that might be a,bit of a skill going forwards first,things first the seat looks great but,isnt actually holding me in all the,right places the supports too low down,so im slightly slipping out of it,performance,[Music],absurd by any conventional standards in,this weather you put your foot down,traction is immense,because youve got so much weight,and then it just fires you out of the,corners,youve got some quite nice grumbly,noises going on doesnt sound like a big,engine audi rs obviously,steering pretty good for an audi have to,say,i mean the way that it just demolishes,a wet circuit like this is really,impressive theres the understeer though,its a classic case of the big ev now,weve got the template,up to about 85 percent theyre,shockingly fast and competent when you,push,just that little bit further,youre suddenly made aware of the fact,that it weighs about as much as a small,planet,and frankly tired technology,is what it is amazing but not magic,am i enjoying myself,i suppose i am im just,but in all the way it goes round the,place,ive got lots of drive select stuff so i,can have comfort i can have,normal i can then have dynamic im in,dynamic to control some of the,frankly huge weight transfers that go on,around landau i really like the way it,looks from the outside though i have to,say the moment i saw the pictures i was,like wow,thats a good looking car,and i think it looks better than a thai,can to me its subjective,but,that must mean,that some people will think well ill,have a go at that over a thai can if i,turn everything off what happens if i,turn that thing off ive got esp off,what happens then we give it a bit of a,squirt here,well wow immediately,its doing all sorts,do you know what ive not driven an,electric car,that will transition as intuitively as,that totally irrelevant for road driving,but,what is interesting is ive now got a,sense of connection,and crucially confidence between my,right foot and what the back of the car,is going to do,and this is an audi a car,make that traditionally doesnt give you,that they just understand so at the,moment this is an audi,that ovus is,better than the porsche on which its,based,were really going to have to rethink,the world arent we for the next few,years let me do that again,so i put my foot,down and the back comes round,it will then slide the other way,and then it will slide that way too,yeah okay,what about the fast corners,sort of neutral four-wheel,drifty thing even in dynamic its got,some ride comfort and it irons out the,curbs here,in ways i wouldnt believe,the speed you put your foot down the,numbers just appear on the dashboard and,you go you work mate you cant be going,that fast,ive got to do that again ive got to,understand how this thing is being more,intuitive than any electric car ive,done before so put my foot down again,theres the oversteer go back the other,way yep theres the transition and then,back,you what in an audi,why isnt audi doing that,theres a bit of understeer there,doesnt like being lobbed in,you put too much energy into the tire,the front tire thats gonna supposed to,grip and then allow you to rotate it it,wont this is all hugely relevant i know,range well,90 range it had 230 miles when it,arrived and thats disappearing quickly,so weve got nothing like the range,capability of a tesla yawn yawn i know,but youve got to compare against these,things and also of course,you dont have the infrastructure around,it and this thing is you know well north,of 130 grand,so whatd you compare it against well if,youre gonna go and spend this sort of,money on a very very fast saloon car,that looks good,you might want to consider one that runs,on this,weird liquid called petrol,and if you use that stuff which is a bit,dirty,you can have a lot of fun and also you,dont have this range problem because,you can just buy more of it and put it,in,to the car so lets try,one of those and see how it stacks up,against this admittedly very impressive,electricity car,[Music],that is impressive an audi thats better,at going sideways than the porsche on,which its based say that again chris,say it again,[Applause],[Music],this is one of the great,sports saloon cabins i dont like the,dashboard layout i find that confusing,but the rest of it the seats are,sensational and any car with individual,rear bucket seats is cool by me i mean,it is everywhere you look pure bmw m it,feels like a celebration of the end of,an era which is what it is,so this is your petrol-powered,alternative the bmw m5,cs,what does cs mean it means a reduction,of 70 kilograms which for the average,plutocratic driver of an m5 probably,means what they expunge after a,particularly large lunch but,we wont let their efforts go unnoticed,and well celebrate the fact that its,got carbon fiber panels and its got,carbon fiber seats and its got ceramic,brakes and they make up for more than 20,kilograms of that weight reduction most,of its in the seat so i thought which,are the same brilliant seats you get in,the m4 with the old nutcracker bit down,there,immediately i feel a great sense of,connection in this car even though im,sitting a bit higher,but when you put your foot down the,initial acceleration after the audi is a,bit,wheres all the power and torque bearing,in mind this has got over 550,foot-pounds of torque and 635 horsepower,its a monster not the 60 in three,seconds,124 in just over 10,its only 0.3 of a second quicker over,that last yardstick so its not a,massive step,but the suspension has all been,recalibrated its got better bits where,you need them for pounding around a,track although whos going to buy one of,these and pan around a track i do not,know,i think it looks pretty funky from the,outside with those gold wheels feels,like a big car,does change direction a bit better than,the audi,because ive got a bit of noise,i already feel,like im doing more and ive got a gear,box which although im having to use,paddles,and yeah once you get up it once you get,beyond about 70 miles an hour this thing,strolls on in a way that the audi cant,compete with,but its suspension is a bit livelier the,audi is soaking up the big curbs better,than this thing is,but theres a sense already,that this is more fun,these big saloon cars from z germans,really are the final hurrah for,the combustion engine arent they,theyre outrageous machines,theyre just so much more than you need,but if you judge life in

Audi Q4 E-Tron vs Audi E-Tron | Comparison Test | Big E-Tron vs Baby E-Tron

today were comparing the big audi,e-tron to the brand new audi q4,e-tron and i know guys these two cars,arent direct competitors because,the big e-tron has a much higher,starting price than the brand new q4,e-tron,but if you get this with four-wheel,drive the big battery pack and a few,optional extras,it will easily be more expensive than,the entry version of the big audi e-tron,so,there is some overlap here and i know,for a fact that there are people out,there,actually cross shopping these two so,today were going to compare them on the,exterior,were going to compare the interiors,were going to take them out on the road,and compare how they are to drive,and then lastly were going to take them,out on the road out on a route,and compare the consumption side by side,the q4 is 4.59 meters long,1.86 meters wide 1.63 meters tall,has a wheelbase of 2.76 meters and a,ground clearance of yeah,18 centimeters it also has a trunk of,520 liters the big e-tron,is as you guys can see yeah quite big it,actually takes up the whole,frame as you guys can see its 4.9,meters long,1.93 meters wide has a wheelbase of 2.92,meters and is 1.6 meters tall shorter,than,the q4 the ground clearance is also less,at 17 centimeters but this car comes,with standard air suspension,meaning that you can lift it up to 25,centimeters so,yeah more ground clearance or less,ground clearance is up to you,when it comes to the exterior im,actually a huge fan of,the look of the q4 e-tron i think it,looks premium,it looks sleek and modern and out of the,meb,platform siblings its easily the best,looking compared to the skoda aniak,and the volkswagen id4 it looks like a,true,audi suv in my opinion and then we have,the big e-tron and to be honest with you,guys this is my personal vehicle so i,may be,a little bit biased here because i,expect this ive bought this,and first when this came out last year,or when ive got it last year i wasnt,the hugest fan,of the exterior styling but with the,white color,the black optic package and the 20-inch,audi sport wheels black roof rails i,think it looks quite cool,and funnily enough next to the q4,it actually looks lower and wider so,this,looks more like a traditional suv and,this looks more like a station wagon in,my opinion its,kind of interesting,stepping into the interior of the audi,q4 e-tron and there are a lot of things,to like first off its roomy,its spacious theres a lot of volume in,here it almost feels as big as,the big e-tron and that is impressive,then we have the design and,the layout so ergonomics are i mean its,its so good the ergonomics in here,and the layout it looks cool the design,it looks modern it looks sleek,it looks very different and feels like a,completely different car,than its siblings the volkswagen id4 and,the skoda and yak,and you know most of the materials in,here are are fine too,okay i mean some of the soft touch,plastics do feel,low grade but the worst thing is,the hard touch plastics high up in the,cabin,and that really isnt something you,expect in an audi and also,there are a few you know fit and finish,issues here,and i never thought i would say that in,a sentence,audi and fit and finish issues some of,the,fit isnt the best panel gaps,not proper fitting and you know trim,that is not what audi is known for so,at this price point this car particular,is 577 000 kroners which is a big chunk,of money,in my opinion this interior should be,better and also if you consider a,similar spec,50 quattro to a similar spec 55 quattro,of the big one so q4 versus big utron,this is 630 thousand runners that is 750,thousands with the same,spec yes one hundred and twenty thousand,kroners is a,substantial difference but it feels like,a completely different car and also,consider that if you spend,a hundred thousand kroners less you get,a similar spec,volkswagen id4 gtx that,doesnt feel as a big downgrade as this,feels to the big e-tron so lets step,into the big e-tron and ill,show you guys and tell you guys what i,mean now this,is much more like it this feels as,expensive as it is ive never thought to,myself in,the year ive almost had this car that,hm this,should have a nicer interior at this,price point and as i said a disclaimer,guys this is my personal vehicle,so i have specked it to my personal days,but im trying to be as objective here,as possible so,im going to look past that this has a,light colored interior,that has black leather which im not a,fan of but,the materials in here are top notch so,this has of course the upgraded velcro,leather with the sport seats which is an,expensive option,this has the upgraded switch gear so the,aluminum anodized buttons,the glass hardware and also has the,leather dashboard,and leather uh grab handles on the doors,and also the banging over some sound,system that gives the,door cover just a little bit more,pizzazz but,besides that ive sat in you know lower,spec e-trons and they feel just as nice,and solid,as this and the interior design in my,opinion is,so much more elegant in this yes it has,a lot of,glossy black plastic but its at an,angle so it doesnt collect as much dust,as it does in,other cars and everything feels nice to,the touch the ergonomics are perfect,this has,the big mmi infotainment screen 12,inches versus 10 in that,and you also have the 10 inch display,here and its 10 inch in that so,this feels like a proper luxury car,and remember guys i come from xc90s,and my last xc90 had you know all the,bells and whistles that had you know,an alcantara headliner it had leather,covered grab handles and,sun visors that was a stunning interior,and,this though doesnt feel as exclusive,and as special,this isnt as expensive that car was,like 1.2 million kron respect the way it,was,this doesnt feel like a 300 000 up,downgrade from that,that feels like a 300 000 kroner,downgrade,and and then some so i mean theres no,comparison,though this isnt as practical it is,bigger i mean its more spacious,its wider but it should be being the,size,it is,before we take these two cars out on a,road and find out how they compare,driving dynamically wise and also,comfort wise,and also before we find out just how,more inefficient,the 55 the big e-tron is to,its little brother here because this is,the 55 quattro,and this is the 40 with rear-wheel drive,so there is a,difference there that this is four-wheel,drive and this is all-wheel drive so,yeah im pretty excited to find out,before we do,all of that please be sure to drop a,like a thumbs up on,the video down below for the all mighty,youtube algorithm thank you very much,and also hit that subscribe button,sound that notification bell so you,dont miss out on any of the cool,upcoming videos i have throughout the,summer throughout the fall,throughout next year and the year after,on evs because this channel is dedicated,to testing yeah,evs before we do all of that fun stuff,lets go through some stats,pricing models variance range and yeah,all,you know the interesting data facts,numbers things so the q4 e-tron kicks,off its lineup with the 35,e-tron 400 000 kroners comes with a,single rare electric motor 170,horsepower,zero to 100 kilometers an hour in nine,seconds flat,net battery capacity 52 kilowatt hours,and a wltp range of 330,to 340 kilometers then one up we have,the 40 e-tron 446 thousand kroners,single rare electric motor 204,horsepower,zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 8.5,seconds but comes with a big,battery net capacity 77 kilowatt hours,that means a wltp range of 510,to 540 kilometers then on top of the q4,food chain you have the 50,e-tron quattro dual electric motors 300,horsepower,0-100 kilometers an hour in 6.2 seconds,484,000 kroners before i forget that the,same 77 kilowatt hour battery capacity,net as the 40 etron means a wltp range,of 470 to 480 kilometers,the big e trunk takes this line up with,the 50 quattro,600 000 kroners dual electric motors 313,horsepower,0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 6.8,seconds net battery capacity of 65,kilowatt hours and a wltp range of

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