1. Louis Moinet CEO Jean-Marie Schaller Discusses the Chronosphere and GPHG | WatchBox Switzerland
  2. How Google Cloud and AWS Approach Customer Carbon Emissions
  3. “Observability – value, potential and confusion” – virtual panel
  4. Azures Security Vulnerabilities Are Out of Control
  5. Goldilocks and the 3 Levels of Cardinality: Getting it Just Right
  6. Dota 2 The International 2021 – Main Event – Final Day
  7. Jerry Chen, Greylock | AWS re:Invent 2019

Louis Moinet CEO Jean-Marie Schaller Discusses the Chronosphere and GPHG | WatchBox Switzerland

welcome to the watch box to do nashit in,Switzerland my name is Patrick and Im,here with Sean Mary Schuyler from Louie,money Sean Murray had the courage his,vision in 2004 to found his own watch,making company Sean Murray welcome to,the studio can you discuss with us the,challenge of building a modern company,and modern watch brand with an ancient,history yes you know to do that I think,first of all its a great responsibility,towards the original name because Louie,Monet is the inventor of a chronograph,so we better do the best we can to be,worthy of his name and its a big,responsibility so and the second thing,is love because we put love in our,watches,if not we cannot create work of art that,leads actually the next question how,does the history of Romani influence you,in todays creation of new creations,which come out and throughout the year,well every time we have a new creation,I ask myself would lo Amane approve and,if I dont have a deep feeling that he,would not I I dont do it what we are,doing is writing a second chapter of,first chapter that was written 200 years,ago and if I want to capture your,attention I better make sure that its a,coherent story,now what proprietary technical,innovations drive free money that set,you apart from your competitors,well our aim has always been to create,different emotions so we always try to,do our own things and our creation our,timepieces can be split into two groups,the first group is what I call the,astral poetry the second group is called,a mechanical art as an example of astral,poetry I would like to mention the,spacewalker this is a creation that was,made in cooperation with alexei leonov,which is the first man that walked in,space in 1965 and in order to to create,a product that was at the level of what,he did that we have invented a new,technology which is the satellite to,video chat what we do not only rotating,but also rotating around a central axis,and there is a counterweight which this,counterweight is in a shape of diamond,actually it is a diamond it is not in a,shape of a diamond it is a diamond,because the name of alexei leonov during,this mission was Almas which means,diamond in Russian so you have like mr.,Leo no floating in the cosmos near his,space spacecraft now we have associated,this automaton and used the energy from,a table Leon to make an old pump move,and this was we did the first one in,2013 and this has been very successful,because it is different we are in the,month of October the Capri in Chile was,coming up the G phg 2019 one of your,timepieces was nominated in the category,chronographs what was your reaction what,does that mean to you personally,this nomination and to lose money as,your company I was of course very happy,you know in the past 15 years we luimon,a timepieces have been awarded around 30,different prizes around the world its,quite a lot and its a very good,benchmark its always good its always a,pleasure but you know what actually it,is very interesting with it because if,we dont fall in,in the trap of ego you know on the best,it can be very good because it is,helping us to push our boundaries this,benchmark is I must do better I must do,better I must do better and I think with,chromosphere this year Im personally,very happy about this product its a,limited run of 60 timepieces all our,watches are made in limited editions we,have sold already,a large amount of these 60 pieces and,the chromosphere is a combination of :,wed chronograph together with a,sophisticated retrograde system this has,not been made before,it adds life to the watch because its,it is in constant motion you have this,little hand that it is measuring ten,seconds and then retrograding atreya and,in the back there is what we call a,sphere the sphere in French the sphere,that it is telling you TAC one TAC two,TAC three etc it was an instant jump and,it is telling you whether its ten,seconds or 20 seconds or 30 seconds so,it is really a very powerful and eye,catching product and I think its a cool,technology it was not easy to make it,all the system was manufactured and in,titanium because its very light and,also we had to find innovative solutions,because to power always was was quite,challenging for the size itself is 46,millimeter if you look at this watch I,have small wrists but this is forty,seven millimeter and you know of course,people they ask you how whats the size,of the watch and forty six can be,considered as too big but look at this,watch its perfectly matching the wrist,because its very ergonomic so we like,our watches to be slightly oversized,because of a special shape we have and,also its making titanium so its very,light very light to wear well,congratulations to this nomination,thats certainly well deserved,particularly in the category of,chronographs going back into the watch,industry a bit more in general do you,think we are witnessing a change in the,industry that the independent,watchmakers are going into a golden era,honestly it is very difficult to say yes,or no because independence its they are,a showroom of mechanical innovation and,mechanical innovation is the heart of,Swiss watchmaking so the answer should,be yes without any doubt now times are,difficult the economy is not especially,good the distribution is very,challenging the biggest challenge of an,independent name is the awareness,because most of the people they dont,know they know me girl in okatee but,they dont know about smaller names even,if these names have a very rich,traditions such as Ramona for instance I,think you know the more the world is,geared towards digital technology the,more there will be this need to be,reassured from a mechanical product so,at the end I would say yes lets ride,out but then I look at your company and,what youre doing I see you clearly in a,niche market do you feel yourself,confident in there or is this something,you would like to change in the near,future,alumina has been the purveyor of work of,art to the most important personalities,of his time including two American,presidents but saref Rocha and Napoleon,so today we address our watches to the,same type of clientele important,personalities and we are glad that there,is a very good response so if you,produce work of art you know we use,unique material very special technology,this could not be made in mass,production,I think Louie money should remain in,each brand yes for sure,returned an interesting product now can,you describe the kind of customer who,appeals to doing money yes they are,heads of states and they are young,people young student aged 18 years old,that has for five years he has saved all,his money to to buy his first we money,and we always give our best to to all,our customers they they have a taste for,exclusivity they have a taste for,mechanical art they have a taste for art,and design I think these are the basic,values I was surprised to notice that,many of them are in the industry,coal mining or steel producing and this,they seem to have a fascination for,mechanical and were looking a bit into,the future where do you see the role of,an independent brand like Louie you know,our life is a dream because if you,arrive in the morning at your office and,you have a blank sheet of paper and you,think that one year later this will turn,out into a wonderful creation I think we,are blessed every time I go to my office,I feel like being on vacation so this,passion we have we are glad that we can,share it with enough people to to make a,living so our role is really to create,emotions and focus on the extraordinary,you are identifying yourself completely,with the brand youre representing it,what does it mean for you personally,when you took that step in 2004 you know,you you took the challenge it was a risk,theres always a certain risk in doing,this you feel very fulfilled you are,representing the brand really personally,what does that mean for you personally,although we Monet was a completely,No Name I was very surprised be

How Google Cloud and AWS Approach Customer Carbon Emissions

[Music],hey jackass wheres my doordash,i dont know,doordash had a problem as their,cloud-native environment scaled and,developers delivered new features their,monitoring system did what monitoring,systems do and kept breaking down in an,organization where data is used to make,better decisions about technology and,about the business losing observability,means the entire company loses their,competitive edge with chronosphere,doordash is no longer losing visibility,into their application suite whats the,key chronosphere is an open source,compatible scalable and reliable,observability solution that gives the,observability lead doordash business,confidence and peace of mind,to learn more read the full success,story at snark.cloud,chronosphere success,google cloud and aws have recently,released carbon usage reports for your,cloud resources yay,this is a great thing and i applaud both,providers for putting a focus onto,sustainability where it belongs,its always a good idea to make people,aware of things that they do that might,impact the environment,and for companies those conversations,about carbon footprints dont come,without risk after all it didnt land,super well when bp asked americans to,consider their impact on carbon,emissions pot meat kettle who just got,back from a long day drilling for fossil,fuels to settle across the globe im,sure the two of you would love to,discuss your impact on greenhouse gases,together,i dont believe that this kind of blame,shifting or green washing is what either,google cloud or aws is doing with their,carbon footprint tools but its a risk,theyre clearly aware of and trying to,avoid,that said good intentions are nowhere,near enough here,unfortunately between google cloud and,aws,there is a clear winner when it comes to,their carbon neutrality efforts,a tremendous amount of the clouds,carbon footprint is the direct,responsibility of the cloud provider,but as a tree hugging gooder myself,which cloud provider is going to help me,do my part to make the world,a little greener,obviously i need to explore both of them,lets start with google clouds carbon,footprint page,im greeted by a whole mess of,dashboards with all kinds of data now i,dont run a whole lot of workloads in,this cloud so you can see that my annual,carbon footprint works out to two,kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent,when i click into the aws console and,type carbon into the omni search bar at,the top the first result is a blog post,that jeff barr wrote in march of 2022,helpful if i want to get to the actual,tool i can follow the links in that post,alternately i can follow the oh so,convenient path of going to the billing,dashboard clicking into the cost and,usage reports section scrolling down and,expanding the apparently collapsed by,default customer carbon footprint tool,to display your accounts usage,cool,naturally because multiple aws service,teams have contributed to this tool the,ux is totally jacked,its wildly unclear to me exactly what,this usage is showing my best guess is,that it says that my carbon footprint,has been .4 metric tons of carbon,dioxide equivalent between january of,2020 and april 2022,so i can see that ive produced two,kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent,through google cloud and maybe 0.4,metric tons through aws but who the hell,knows at this point,in google cloud despite the fact that my,carbon dioxide equivalent output is,basically nothing i can see what drives,my usage along axes of per month per,region per billable project in google,cloud and per google cloud service that,i use,in aws this useless graph flatlines at,zero since it apparently isnt,calibrated for carbon emissions at this,small of a scale,it further helpfully points out that one,hundred percent of my carbon emissions,have been driven by the service other,ah i remember finally the long hours i,put in as a young developer working on,aws other,i suppose theres a way to make this,tool less useful but at this point i,dont know what that might possibly be,what i love about the carbon footprint,breakdown by google cloud service that i,use is that it gives me a rather special,angle into a significant portion that,contributes to its per service margins,the downside of increased transparency,for google is the increased visibility,into cost drivers not just for me but,for its competitors,but googles made it pretty clear that,this is a trade-off that its willing to,make in the name of sustainability,aws clearly biases away from,transparency to the point that this,report basically looks like the climate,equivalent of someone had to check a,compliance box for installing malware,scanning everywhere so they installed,clam av and all other servers didnt,bother to configure it at all and then,just check the box on the form,google cloud makes it easy to spin up a,service in regions with the lowest,carbon impact with stupid proof little,green leaves next to the low co2,locations,the documentation for the sustainability,pillar of the aws well-architected,framework on the other hand suggests,that you choose regions near amazon,renewable energy projects and regions,where the grid has a published carbon,intensity that is lower than other,locations or regions,okay what are those regions who knows,aws offers no maps or listings that i,can find that tell you what they are,on a larger scale google cloud is,already at 100 carbon neutrality,apparently via offsets and a few other,accounting approaches with a stated goal,to move to 100 renewable energy for all,of their cloud regions by 2030,meanwhile aws stated goal of reaching,100 renewable energy usage by 2025 which,good for them,does seem like a joke when you hold it,up next to the embarrassment of its,carbon footprint tool,the bottom line here is that one of,these carbon neutrality approaches is,indicative of a thoughtful approach to,partnering with customers to lead to a,better climate story around cloud usage,the other appears to have been phoned in,the night before it was due,by clowns this isnt even a competition,at this point if you want to slice and,dice the impact of your workloads on the,environment to make greener choices,theres only one cloud provider that can,help you do that and its not aws,ultimately if youre moving a workload,to the cloud any cloud youre going to,improve your carbon footprint off of,anything you can achieve in your data,centers thats not even up for debate it,is obvious,but in the meantime im waiting for,cloud providers to aggressively compete,on sustainability rather than seeding,the efforts entirely to one contender,[Music],do,[Music],you

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“Observability – value, potential and confusion” – virtual panel

hello and thank you all for,joining us for our panel podcast today,today im really excited i uh were,talking about the topic that we did a,lot of research uh,uh this year and um,we also have leaders from uh,first of all three leading companies,observe observability but also companies,they are taking,different approaches to uh achieving key,goals that are reporting our research,so um,ill let them go and introduce,themselves and then,their companies all the company starts,with c so you gotta figure out off lets,go ordering uh so maybe i guess you can,go first,sounds good well thank you so much brian,its great to be among some really great,companies and leaders my name is mary,im the co-founder and ceo of catchpoint,we are in the end user monitoring space,weve been around since 2008,and,we we care about,all things end users,martin,yeah uh im trying to figure out the,alphabetical order but uh martin here um,im the ceo co-founder of chronosphere,our companys about three years old we,provide a,cloud native focused observability,platform history of the companies myself,and my co-founder used to run the,observability team at uber we built a,lot of our technologies there to solve,for this particular use case in these,cloud native environments and we we,built on top of that technology now to,provide our hosted offering uh today,here at chronosphere,um ariel ashraf co-founder ceo of,corelogix,we take an approach of analyze before,storing so streaming analysis for logs,metrics,tracing and security information,thank you,one place to,want to start and,real quick,to,uh,theres a,theres an interesting data point in our,recent study by the way congratulations,to all of you all three companies were,named uh top 10 vendors in energy id,performance in 2022 and reporter was,published last week,this,this is a chart that was in that study,theres a lot of confusion out there in,the market what is observability uh,so,well its caused by many reasons uh its,it has a very high promise they are,organizations understanding increasingly,that,when you start deploying microservices,cloud native environments uh,that some of the traditional tools about,10 15 20 years ago are not as effective,and they can uh,so observability is uh,became really hot topic but uh,over half,response that uh,survey said that im not really sure,what exactly it is,and uh heres one data point the 70 of,them say thats the next generation,monitoring so i mean even before we get,into that is the observer observability,technology,category is it a management approach or,its a outcome,ill go first go ahead,i think first of all theres,in my point of view i think,observability is a,is a very loaded word uh when you think,of where you want to get to uh in in the,stability and performance of your system,uh first of all its a very passive word,um you observe and when we come from,from a world of everyone are talking,about proactiveness and being able to,prevent issues,uh the word observe uh its not,exactly the one that youd like so we,tend to see observability as a stage,at part of the the move to cloud,observability is the first stage of,first of all being able to see what,happens,all the way down from the endpoint end,user point of view,to the microservices infrastructure,network,and i think itll evolve into something,a lot more proactive how do you,automatically detect automatically,remediate,stuff and actually make decisions,its observability is a term that to me,describes,the ability to answer any question,that relates to the information that,your systems generate,unlike monitoring which is to detect any,abnormality that your systems generate,here is to ask any questions also on,things that are not,known or,things that are not,anticipated,or,watched by your teams so thats at least,my point of view,so im going to be the controversial one,here,thats okay with all of us,but,you know the reason why you have some of,these metrics brianne on your screen is,because,we and others are creating a lot of,confusion in the marketplace right uh,everybody has defined observability as,something i like arielles definition,actually because it is very passive in,so many ways,uh in a lot of companies we are throwing,the word observability like other people,have renamed ops teams to sre teams hey,lets lets put a new a new brand right,around an existing thing,i think its also because we still dont,understand we we do the mistake of like,buying tools without trying to,understand why are we buying a tool to,start with,and so if youre if youre buying a,monitoring tool an observability tool or,whatever other buzzword we might come up,with the four of us by the end of this,podcast its like what what problem are,we solving are you are you are you,and i dont think people are still asked,answering or even asking that right,question before you go and buy tools,people buy a observability tool and then,its like what do i do with it and i see,that across our customers right its,like oh many we have we have three,observability platforms we still dont,catch problems its like well maybe you,should trust them all out then,because its not doing,what its supposed to do,but we we need vendors we need to be a,little bit more,uh you know working with the analysts we,need to be more forceful in defining,things better in my opinion so,not just buzzwords,and im going to attempt to maybe merge,those those two responses here um,uh the best i can i think you know what,you have on the screen organizations to,find observability as a next generation,monitoring is is definitely interesting,i would say you know for me while it is,a very passive word i would say you know,i dont know if observability and,monitoring are necessarily that,different if you look at it from an,outcome perspective,i think you know the the questions that,we want to ask for me,we do want to ask questions but theyre,fairly uh for me at least theyre fairly,static things that have not changed for,many years in my mind for these systems,you just want to be able to have these,systems tell you when something is wrong,you want to be able to be able to triage,the impact how bad is the impact is it,something i have to fix now or is it,something i can fix later and you want,to be able to find the root cause and i,think thats been true for many decades,and and its still true today even,though there may be a new flavor today,and we may be asking much more these,questions may be much harder to,answer in the modern architecture,because those are more complicated i,think those are the questions that we,still want to answer so you know i think,taking it from an outcome approach of,can i answer these particular questions,however that the thing that has changed,in the world is that the architecture,beaujon as you mentioned at the,beginning has changed were all,attempting to run microservices much,more complicated infrastructure these,days so answering these questions are,much harder and hence maybe require a,different set of tools today than were,previously existed however i think that,the root of what were trying to get to,the outcome has has always been the same,um and i think you know to mattys point,uh focusing on the outcome is the way to,go thats the way to cut through all the,noise thats out there can i achieve,what i want and work backwards from,there right and i will i will i will,take martins answer even one step,further which is the outcome is mean,time to repair right at the end of the,day we buy these tools whatever theyre,called to do one thing and one thing,only to run a business better right,nobody goes and spends millions of,dollars on monitoring tools just for the,giggles right and if they do maybe,yeah some people do i see that right,but at the end of the day people have to,remember that it technology teams are,here to make uber runs better to make,google work better too you know that,thats thats the outcome we are the arm,that enables the business to deliver,their business results and so the,

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Azures Security Vulnerabilities Are Out of Control

[Music],do,hey jackass wheres my doordash,i dont know,doordash had a problem as their cloud,native environment scaled and developers,delivered new features their monitoring,system did what monitoring systems do,and kept breaking down in an,organization where data is used to make,better decisions about technology and,about the business losing observability,means the entire company loses their,competitive edge with chronosphere,doordash is no longer losing visibility,into their application suite whats the,key chronosphere is an open source,compatible scalable and reliable,observability solution that gives the,observability lead doordash business,confidence and peace of mind,to learn more read the full success,story at snark dot cloud slash,chronosphere success,every cloud provider is something vexing,that they just wont fix aws has its,obnoxious billing surprise problem,google cloud struggles to talk to,customers who arent already spending a,fortune with them,oracle cloud stubbornly refuses to set,larry ellison adrift under nice flow and,microsoft azure just will not get with,the program around security azure,suffered a number of serious,vulnerabilities over the past year by my,account five of those chaos db synlaps,azure scape auto warp and extra replica,have breached the boundary between,different azure customer accounts this,is as they say bad,the entire premise and promise of cloud,completely falls apart as soon as,another customer can see or good lord,alter your data,lets start with some empathy because,lets face it nobody sets out to build,something insecure except maybe a,cryptocurrency exchange the engineer is,responsible for a lapse no doubt feel,crappy about it and shaming people for,their work isnt great,that said theres more than one engineer,in azure security issues are the result,of systemic failures rather than one,person having a particularly bad day,we,by which i mean i want companies to take,security seriously but when we take a,look at the recently launched open cloud,vulnerability and security issue,database its clear that the severity,and frequency of azure exploits,significantly outweighs those of its,hyperscale competitors,these issues are across different,products meaning that its extremely,unlikely that all of these security,problems are the result of one,particularly disaster-prone engineer,just floating around the company,given the cadence of exploits cropping,up on azure its rather apparent that,build it now and patch it later has been,the approach for far too long over there,but security has to be built into,software and platforms like cloud,providers from the very beginning its,not something that you can effectively,buy or bolt on after the fact this isnt,windows 98 people expect better from,their cloud providers than a monthly,litany of cross account access,vulnerabilities,somethings profoundly wrong with,azures security culture i dont know,how to go about fixing it but as an,uninvolved observer the problems pretty,obvious,these systemic security issues are bad,enough but where my sympathy goes out,the windows when im reading disclosure,timelines and then i realize just how,little azure apparently cares about the,security of its platform or customers,weve seen multiple cases where,microsoft takes more than a month just,to give a security researcher an initial,response to many of these issues there,are weeks of back and forth from that,point onward in a few notable instances,the initial patch that microsoft rolled,out to azure was either trivially,bypassable or didnt even fix the,problem,in the most recent cross-tended issue as,of this recording palo alto networks,unit 42 reports that they reported,fabricscape to microsoft on january 30th,and then azure patched the problem on,june 14th,this stands in stark contrast to my own,experience reporting possible security,issues when ive passed on concerns to,touch security to folks at google cloud,and aws,they respond with the same gravity as if,id reached out to complain about a fire,in the building,usually ive been wrong about my concern,that is incidentally a good reason to,always frame a report is im seeing,something odd instead of you folks have,a massive security problem youll find,you eat far less crow with that first,approach,on the rare occasions where ive been,right ive had nothing but positive,speedy experiences as a result,[Music],this of course brings us to the quality,of azures responses when they get a,security issue reported for example,azures response to the auto warp,vulnerability back in march,microsoft has not detected evidence of,misuse of tokens,okay whats that mean you can read that,as weve conducted an exhaustive log,analysis and determine conclusively that,this has not been exploited,you could also hear it as we have no,evidence that this has been exploited,or you could even hear it as what are,logs anyway weve never heard of them,before,contrast that with the public statement,that aws made during its super glue,exploit it said unequivocally,analysis of logs going back to the,launch of the service have been,conducted and we have conclusively,determined that the only activity,associated with this issue was between,accounts owned by the researcher no,other customers accounts were impacted,as a customer one of those two security,responses fills me with confidence,the other doesnt,and just as an aside when aws rolled a,patch out they got it to every region,they have,in less than 30 hours,that really stands in stark contrast,ive been told repeatedly and at length,that i seem to be one of the only people,expressing public concern about the,subpar that means crap quality of azure,security responses and to that all i can,say is,no duh,im not a security researcher and i,dont partner with any vendor in the,cloud computing space,whats microsoft going to do to me hike,the cost of my office 365 licenses at,renewal time,on the other hand security companies and,everyone else who cares about cloud or,even computers,they all have to do business in various,ways with these cloud providers most,notably microsoft because everything,runs on windows and office,other folks cant afford to antagonize,the cloud providers make them,excessively mad or editorialize about,vulnerabilities because they perceive,theres a risk of being shut out of,future opportunities conversations or,briefings,but azure should not and cannot read,this public lack of reaction as a lack,of concern,im not trying to turn this into the,lurkers support me in email but a number,of folks who represent very large,enterprise customers are appalled at,this,they choose not to post about these,concerns publicly i assume because,theyre preferring instead to drag,microsoft execs over the coals in,private but theyre very much aware of,them and theyre not happy,i dont have a particular horse in the,cloud race i cover aws because today,its where the expensive problems are,that i know how to fix should the,industry shift i will too,what i want to see is a future in which,there are multiple excellent options for,cloud providers rather than a,monoculture or a duopoly,issues like this make me fearful for the,future of cloud as a whole because azure,is insecure is indistinguishable from,the cloud is insecure for folks who,arent steeped in this world,azures got to do better and the rest of,us need to get louder about azure,shortcomings until it does,[Music],you

Goldilocks and the 3 Levels of Cardinality: Getting it Just Right

good morning good afternoon or good,evening depending on where you are in,the world and welcome to,todaysdevops.com webinar brought to you,by Tech strong and chronosphere my name,is Cody J Brown Im the host of tech,strong learning and we have an exciting,presentation for you today,first I have just a couple of,housekeeping notes to cover todays,session is being recorded So if you miss,any of our discussion or youd like to,re-watch or share with a friend the,on-demand recording will be made,available shortly after we conclude our,live session today,if you have any questions we want you to,send those in to us using the Q a tab,which can be found on the right side of,your screen,the right side of your screen is where,you will also find the chat Tab and,thats where we want you to get to know,your fellow audience members let us know,your thoughts throughout todays program,or just tell us where youre tuning in,from,um we do have a couple of polls that,should pop up on your screen throughout,todays webinar so please keep an eye,out for those as we we do want to hear,your feedback there and if you navigate,to the handouts section on the right,side of the screen youll see the slides,which are available for download as well,as a series of links to help aid with,todays webinar so feel free to download,those slides and check out those links,we will also be giving away four 25,Amazon gift cards so be sure to stick,around with us for the entire webinar,our topic today is Goldilocks and the,three levels of cardinality getting it,just right and Id like to introduce,todays speakers from chronosphere,Scott Kelly is a senior product,marketing manager at chronosphere,previously Scott was in product,marketing at VMware where he worked on,the tanzu observability wavefront team,before VMware Oh and before VMware Scott,spent three years in product marketing,at dynatrace so welcome Scott,thank you,and then next we have Ian Smith whos,field CTO at chronosphere where he works,to deliver better insights and outcomes,to observability teams supporting,high-scale Cloud native environments,previously hes worked with industry,engineering organizations on,observability and incident response,Tooling in pre-sales roles at New Relic,wavefront pagerduty and light step so,Scott Ian thank you both for being here,Im going to let you both run away with,it,thank you,and thank everybody for being here,So today were going to be talking about,Cardinal,cardinality and more specifically as it,relates to metrics you know as we,alluded to in the title of this,presentation this is just like the fairy,tale getting it just right as the goal,but its very subjective,um and so we know everyones on,different Journeys some are experiencing,cardinality issues now some arent yet,and thats okay so this is for both,groups so in this webinar well be,discussing you know why cardinality is,difficult to predict and whats causing,it to be a problem now,what are the benefits and challenges,from a challenge perspective you know,what problems does it create potential,systems and team impacts business,impacts what are the barriers to getting,it just right and how do uh and you know,how do different organizations approach,it for their needs well talk about tips,for managing cardinality using your,existing monitoring observability,tooling and then well give you a brief,overview of how chronosphere can help,you manage this,so first lets take a look at an over,from an overview perspective,so just to set you know the table here,uh what is cardinality,so cardinality is really a concept,thats used to describe the number of,elements in a set or other grouping but,today were going to be talking about,metric cardinality as it relates to,observability and if you look at the,graph on the right there in that sense,were talking about the number of unique,time series that are produced by a,combination of metrics names which we,also call labels or dimensions and in,this sense youll see that you know the,cardinality of this is nine,but if we you know this is at a very,basic level,so if we look at it you know if we,wanted to talk about it from a simple,example using cars lets say you had you,know the top 10 car brands here,your top five body types and top ten,colors right so,whats the cardinality of this,in a very simple way the cardinality of,this would be 510 times 5 times 10. but,in reality its more complex right so,Ian why dont I turn it over to you to,just kind of describe why its more,complex and why this is important yeah I,think so so in the theoretical example,weve got here the maximum cardinality,is 500 but understanding what your,cardinality is in reality or practice is,really going to be very important in,being able to control it when or even,hopefully before that cardinality,actually becomes a problem so using the,car as example some manufacturers may,not actually have all of these different,types so in the case of say Tesla you,may have a pickup truck that is highly,anticipated but even if you do have that,pickup truck maybe it only comes in one,particular color so in this case you,ultimately have a bunch of theoretical,cardinality thats not actually,presenting itself and so if youre,trying to look for sort of like the,highest number of combinations and where,you might want to control your,cardinality tests run specifically the,pickup truck may not be where you want,to go and look,okay and so as we think about you know,why is this becoming a problem now right,so its been around for a long time,but cloud cloud native is actually,making this a problem you know recently,um you know weve had if you move from a,monolith to microservices and to,um containers uh it changes things so,Ian why dont you expand on that a,little bit yeah so youve got a lot more,to monitor right just simply the the,number of squares the number of,different business uh use cases the,number of different applications that,youre running and then uh ultimately,the infrastructure is underpinning all,of that so youre just inherently going,to have a larger volume of monitoring,data another complication is that you,typically have ephemeral infrastructure,so some of its going to live around for,a while some of its going to disappear,very quickly and come back and some of,it might grow and expand during,particular times of the day and they,also have greater interdependencies you,need to have monitoring or observability,data that allows you to understand,whats happening between these in a much,greater depth than you may have needed,previously,uh and then when you take a look at all,of this youre ultimately going to have,a lot more data and obviously a lot more,data means a lot greater cost as just a,primary business outcome,if we look at this in a quick example of,the difference in kernality and,equivalent based VM versus Cloud native,environment you know lets talk a little,through this to have give people an,understanding yeah so on the left when,youre operating on VMS you may have,your 10 HP routes or endpoint you may,have had your five Services you may have,operated this across 300 VMS but not,with you know in this example five,fifteen thousand unique time series or,15 000 uh different aspects of,cardinality As you move the same,workload or the same volume or the same,kind of applications over the cloud,native environment you may still have,the same number of routes you may have,the same number of services but youre,now operating on a much higher number of,PODS and you may also want to be able to,add additional capacity to do things,like experiments uh ultimately in the,cloud native environment youre adopting,this for more resilience generally and,for faster iteration so allowing your,engineers to bring your competitive,differentiation to Market faster and,iterate faster on those so experiments,tend to be one of those aspects and as,you can see its a theoretical example,but you can very rapidly go through to a,much higher aspect of cardinality than,you would ha

Dota 2 The International 2021 – Main Event – Final Day

foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],thank you,[Music],foreign,foreign,thank you,foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],thank you,foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],s,over the span of a decade the finest,DOTA teams in the world have fought,[Applause],struggled,pushed,beyond all possible limits,[Applause],for even a chance to claim this eternal,prize,and throughout the faithful supporters,have followed eager to Bear witness at,the international,and like the competitors they cheer for,lay their hearts on the line,[Applause],when Powers last met in Shanghai,reigning Champions defended their hold,on the Aegis for the first time,they forged a new Legacy as the other,established Powers could only chase,behind,but this year the Champions voted and,the Aegis awaits new contenders on the,main stage,As We Gather at last in Bucharest,nothing is certain,the wisdom of the old order is now in,question,[Music],and many await the birth of a new,paradigm,three teams battle for ultimate Glory,only one,can seize immortality,who will emerge Victorious,the battle begins,we are live from Bucharest Romania it is,the final day of the international 10,and in the arena three teams are,nervously abiding their time bidding to,become Legends and raise the Aegis of,Champions my name is Frankie Ward I am,absolutely delighted to be joined by,Lacoste Purge and blink daggering her,way onto the desk we have Effie hello,welcome thank you so much for joining us,weve been hearing all your knowledge on,the draft panel all week so its an,absolute pleasure to have you here are,you excited oh definitely Im excited to,watch this game in particular but its,also weird for me to talk about anything,but draft at this point so,its gonna be a good time we got your,back dont worry about it yeah I have a,feeling you can be an absolute natural,although I know you are um hideously,biased towards lgd yes yes but actually,the other team that I was rooting for,was um spirit so if Spirit can win which,I actually think that they can do here,Ill be fine with whatever outcome,thats like the true test to tell how,who you really bi stands when your like,two favorite teams play each other then,you gotta its only in that moment that,you really find out so I cant wait to,say what she says if if Spirit wins I,mean I think Ill always be lgd biased a,little bit theyre just way too good you,know but watching Spirit throughout this,entire event has been amazing its I,feel like they must be so proud of,themselves too yeah they just seen the,story they just seemed like a bunch of,good dudes you know hanging around with,each other having a good time while,playing DOTA and theyre like comeback,story where they are not having a good,time during the first good day of the,group stage and then making a huge,comeback uh with uh like everything,theyve been doing throughout this event,its just been amazing you know with the,interviews with everything I think,everyones kind of rooting for them even,though you might be a fan of lgd you,might be a fan of secret like these new,up and coming themes they always you,know have a special place in your heart,during the tournament Purge have you got,final day tingles yet,uh definitely I mean and I think all,these teams have it for sure uh it took,me a couple days to really understand,what that word meant but Im here now I,understand it and Im excited for all,these teams to put out their best like,theyve all shown magic at various,stages maybe Secrets tingles feel the,least confident right now because they,kind of got destroyed in their last,match more or less but um but yeah all,these teams have great potential,um and its going to be a really good,day at DotA oh twinkles or not let us,know how you guys are feeling using the,hashtag ti10 you know were on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook and we really,want to hear from you and if youre not,quite sure what to say and how to,express yourselves just watch this recap,of all the action from yesterday and I,think youre gonna have a few words to,describe it,foreign,[Music],[Music],working away at Roche they have to know,about this got somebodys helping this,is scary times,they have that Rapier done for emo a ton,of damage ready looking for the opening,but see why he gets the op off now the,turn Doom oh almost theres it out there,doesnt get it onto the load of Sword,but they have two rounds of it the,Phoenix if youre still there theyre,looking for that opening try to take,them down but he gets the evil scepter,afterwards control,another one now Rory ends up only the RP,afterwards do they have enough to try to,kill it all up and they will,[Applause],they will have much damage in this fight,from Evo they have no control at all and,IG bring them all down,jump in Kaka breaks it now the turn,Fisher out doom on the left isnt going,to be enough though 24th through Evo,wants to get a target for the kill they,get one no buyback minority and the,damage on Avicii didnt die wait a,minute what they just evacuated no,buyback on any of them huge win for IG,good game well played called IG top four,they got a date with spirit,[Music],lets summarize what Ami has buffing him,up right now he has 4K help by the way,so he has ancient Chronicle and for the,health he has bloodlust he has both,knife he now has a Christmas tree as a,wolf this is a new tradition that psglg,is trying to get to Avalanche start,muscles gets blown up even pumps the bkb,but cannot live through that Merry,Christmas,early merry Christmas for them,puppy does survive the onslaught though,thank you anyway,defensive maneuver two dead for secret,and no BuyBacks to work with the egg is,popular all right Misha is able to get,that at the very least but his bkb wont,be around for that much longer and solo,his life three dead and only one kill,for secret here,I have to expand the buyback gale force,is forcing them back away,all right they jump in but theyre just,immediately retreating here make them in,mind going for the LC,is gonna find the kill but thats a,buyback now for him,what a God gin killing company just,decimating secret now over aggressive,without the BuyBacks to work with and,PSG lgd hold big time and with that,Victory PSG lgd is in the grand finals,of ti-10,secret down into the lower bracket,finals to await either team spirit,or IG,theyre put these bkbs exactly thats,what timing here,only get,state to fall as well so we have five,guys,it back collapse still Arena to play,with if he needs to fly,taken down the ones Kaka missing the,starter readers out,locks them,[Applause],the last man,in for IG,jump over trying to chokers,hes another bad guys hes got the,corona down into your turn he needs more,damage more is he gonna be able to take,you through it and he is thats the age,is gone a second coroner locks the third,of them,gets out of the second round of the,chronosphere over the one there they go,JT drops the anchor snap but theyre all,falling foreign,[Music],pages on the ti main stage thats now,six because your tour has two of them,[Music],today we have a match that you will,remember for approximately the 30,minutes that it takes to complete it it,will be team thunderhyde versus Team,Dragon uh were gonna be clearing comes,a lot were gonna make sure were all on,the same page and when in doubt,were just gonna run down this this spin,Im dead Im super good we didnt want,Juggernaut anyway okay Im going to,light Im going to Lake,uniforms,I play made him,clea

Jerry Chen, Greylock | AWS re:Invent 2019

la from Las Vegas X the cube covering,AWS reinvent 2019,brought to you by Amazon Web Services,and bhinneka along with its ecosystem,partners well welcome back everyones,cubes live coverage in Las Vegas for a,demet,the cubes 10th year of operations our,seventh eight of us reinvent and every,year gets better and better and every,year weve had the qubit reinvent Jerry,Chen has been on as a guest hes a VIP,Jerry Chen now a general partner at,Greylock Tier one one of the leading,global venture capitals in Silicon,Valley Jerry youve been with the,journey with us the whole time I guess,Im here good luck charm well keep it,going keep on changing the game so,thanks for coming on thanks for having,me so now that youre a seasoned partner,now at Greylock you got a lot of,investments under your belt hows it,going its great I mean look every,single year I look around the landscape,and thinking what else could be coming,what else we surprised this year whats,the new trends what what both macro,trends also come Pete wrens like whos,gonna buy who whos gonna go public I,mean every year just gets busier busier,and bigger bigger as always new,categories are emerging with this new,architecture I call it cloud 2.0 maybe,next-gen cloud whatever you want to call,it its clear visibility now into the,fact that DevOps is working sharp cloud,operations large-scale operations with,cloud is certainly a great value,proposition youre seeing now multiple,databases pick the tool I think Jesse,got that right in his keynote I believe,that but now the data equation comes,over the top so you got DevOps,infrastructure as code you got data now,looking like its going to go down that,same for half of data as code where,developers dont have to deal with all,the different nuances of how data is,stored how its handled where is it,warm or cold or at play sure so,developers still dont have that yet,today this seems to be an area of Amazon,whats your take on all this I think you,saw so what drove DevOps speed right,its basically how developer sales do,operations merge the two groups so were,seeing the same trend data ops right how,did engineers the data scientists can,now have,same speed developers had for the past,ten year data ops so a what does that,mean,give me the menu of what I want like,Goldilocks too big too small just right,too hot too cold just right like give me,the storage tier the data tier the size,and want the temperature want and the,speed I want,so youre seeing data ops get the same,kind of Goldilocks treatment as,developers and on terms of like cloud,evolution again youve seen the movie,from the beginning at VMware now through,Amazon seventh year what jumps out at,you what do you look at as as squinting,through the trend lines in the fashion,of the features it still seems to be the,same old game compute networking storage,and software well I mean compute memory,storage these are the atomic building,blocks of compute right so regardless of,server lists or these high-level,frameworks deep down you still have,compute networking and storage so thats,the building blocks but I think were,seeing you know 10th year reinvent this,kind of um no its not one size fits all,but just really big fat long tail small,instances micro instance is server less,big instances for like jumbo VMs bare,metal right so youre seeing not one,architecture but folks can pick and,choose by compute by the drip the drop,or by compute by the whole VM or whole,server fold and a lot of people are like,the builders love that Amazon owns the,Builder market I mean if anyone whos,doing the startup they pretty much start,on Amazon its the most robust you pick,your tools you build but Steve Mulaney,was just ima four it says Enterprise,dont want power tools are gonna cut,their hand off right so Microsofts been,winning with this approach of consumable,cloud and its a nice card to play,because theyre not yet there with,capabilities with Amazon so its a good,call they got enterprise sales force,microscope playing a different game than,AWS because they have to sure I mean um,whats the football now is you have a,running game you need a passing game,right so if you cant beat them with a,running game you go with a passing game,and so Amazon has con like the fun of,building blocks are power tools for the,builders theres a large segment of,population out there that dont want,that level building blocks but they,wants a little more prescriptive I think,marks all has been around enterprise for,many many years,they understand prescriptive tools and,architectures so you dont come a little,bit more prefab if you will,heres how you actually construct your,right application ml apps ai apps etc,let me give you the building blocks at a,higher level abstraction so I want to,get your take on value creation sure so,if its still early innings its took a,lot more growth you start to see chassis,even admit that in his keynote today he,said quote there are two types of,developers and customers people want the,building block the people who want,solutions or any fab or some sort of,more consumable scripted I think Amazon,is going to start going that way but,that being said theres still,opportunity for startups youre an,investor you invest in startups where do,you see opportunities if youre looking,at the startup landscape yeah,what is the playbook how should you,advise starts because you know of course,have the best team whenever but you look,at Amazon its like okay they got,large-scale yeah Im gonna be a little,nervous so theyre gonna eat my lunch do,I take advantage of do I draft off them,there are white spaces as vertical,markets exploding now available whats,your view on how startups should attack,the wealth creation opportunity value,creation there I mean Amazons creating,a new market right so you look at their,list of many of services,theres just 175 services out there,which is basically too many for any one,company to win every single service so,but you look at that many a services,each one of those services themselves,could be start up our collective service,we start up so I look at that as a,roadmap for opportunity of companies can,actually go in and create valley around,AI around data around security around,with observability because Amazon is not,going to naturally win all those markets,what they do have this distribution,right they have a lot of developer,mindshare so if your startup you play,one or three themes like one is how do I,pick one area and go deeper IP right i,cheaper better faster own some IP and,though theyre gonna execute better and,thats doable over over again in,different markets number two is weve,talked about this before its not gonna,be one cloud wins all Amazons clearing,the lead they have won most of the cloud,so far will be a multi cloud world,beyond premise world so how do I play a,multi cloud world,its another angle so go deep an IP go,multi-cloud number three is this,end-to-end solution kind of descriptive,I mean Amazon would get you 80% of the,way there 70% of the way there but if,you were like an AI developer youre a,CMO your marketing developer you kind of,want this end-to-end solution so how can,I put together a full suite of tools,from beginning to end that can give me a,product thats a better experience so,either I have something thats deeper IP,play a scene between multiple clouds or,give it end to end solution around a,problem and solve that one problem for a,customer and in most cases on the,underlays Amazon or Azure or Google or,alley cloud or on premises not going,away anytime soon right and so how do I,create a single fabric if you will that,looks similar,I want to riff with you are in real time,here on the cube around data so data,scale is obviously a big discussion,thats starting to happen now data,tsunami weve heard that for years so,theres two scale benefits horizontal,scale with data and then vertical,specialism vertical scale or you know,using AI a machine learning within apps,having data so how

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