1. Why Apple doesnt talk about competitors
  2. The infinite players are the ones that frustrate their competitors.
  3. How Apple Is Organized for Innovation: The Functional Organization
  4. Apple to maintain current iPhone production as competitors gain momentum
  5. How Apple Stocks Compare to Competitors
  6. Mark Zuckerberg: Apple is now one of Facebooks biggest competitors
  7. Apples advertising lags competitors, says Mark Douglas of MNTN

Why Apple doesnt talk about competitors

Have you ever noticed that Apple basically never talks about the products of their competitors?,Not on their website, not on their launch events, not in their ads, basically nowhere.,So in the 42nd episode of The Story Behind series, lets explore why.,With a little bit of help from Arun, whose channel you should probably subscribe to.,This video was sponsored by Skillshare.,The first 500 viewers to sign up using the link in the description will get 2 months,of premium access for free.,Comparing yourself to your competitors and pointing out where you are better than them,is probably the most straightforward advertisement strategy out there.,Im sure youve seen ads from Samsung making fun of the Apple notch and the removal of,the headphone jack for example, and launch events of most tech companies are often just,them comparing their products to the competition.,Seems pretty straightforward.,You tell people why your stuff is better than the competition and that should convince them to buy,your stuff, right?,And yet, Apple, who knows a thing or two about marketing, basically never does this.,They did it in the past, with their famously aggressive Windows vs Mac ad campaign for,years for example, but those days are long gone.,If they make a comparison, its either to an older Apple product, to show progress over,time, or to a device from a different category like comparing iPhone cameras to professional,digital cameras, for example.,The way they sometimes seem to refuse to acknowledge even the existence of,but for them I think it makes a lot of business sense.,OK, so comparisons like this, if you think about it, they really do 2 things.,irst they tells you that one thing is better than the other, but second, they,But more importantly for this video is that they create a sort of association.,They put two products on kind of the same level and they tell you that these two products are comparable,And you as a consumer will probably want to make a decision, a choice between these two.,If they werent comparable and kind of on the same level, this comparison wouldnt really make sense, right?,Otherwise comparisons would be meaningless.,And if you know Apple, you know that making you think that there are comparable substitutes,to the sacred iPhone or the Mac or an Apple Watch is the last thing Apple wants.,They don’t want you to think “which Phone should I buy”, they want you to think,” which iPhone should I buy”.,Your choices should be made within the Apple ecosystem.,And given how rare it is for Apple users to switch away from Apple to something else,,So Apple doesnt want these comparisons,,but other companies certainly do.,Let me switch to Arun and hell give you some details.,What’s up guys, my name is Arun, from the Mrwhosetheboss Channel, and you might have noticed,that Android phone makers LOVE to compare, and specifically to the iPhone.,Samsung shows off the fact that it’s phones have a broad set of features,,Huawei likes to show off one or two exceptional specs, like its 40MP camera sensor,,or its 3 times optical zoom.,And this makes complete sense for them.,Not only do these devices devices stack up well on paper vs Apples, but by putting themselves,on the same page as them, they are free-riding off Apples brand power.,Apple invests so much in making their products seem magical and otherworldly, that when,Huawei comes out and tells people that their flagship is the same but better, and also,cheaper, it’s a powerful message.,Thats right.,Android phone makers do these comparisons in part because they want to have,the associations that Apple would rather not have.,But notice also that they, they dont just compare themselves to anyone.,Samsung only ever mocks Apple and they mostly pretend like Huawei, LG and the others dont exist.,They want you to think their phones are comparable to the latest iPhones, not one of those of,other Android phones.,And its a similar picture for other companies too.,The other reason why Apple might be avoiding comparisons is that comparisons,only really work if you have a seemingly obvious advantage over your competitors.,Remember, that advantage doesnt have to be 100% truthful, but it has to appear to be obvious.,Back in the Windows vs Mac commercial days it was easy for Apple to make fun of Windows,for being a magnet for viruses and getting stuck or having to reboot often, but these,days the results of that same comparison would be a lot less obvious.,Random errors for example just arent a super frequent problem on Windows anymore these days,,so that comparison wouldnt be super exciting,,and also, comparing iPhones to Android phones would often lead to problems for Apple.,Here’s why.,If you look at the spec sheet of an iPhone and an equivalent Android phone,,to a lot of people it will look like these are devices from a different generation.,On paper and in an ad, these comparisons would not be in the favor of the iPhone.,The iPhone XS Max has a 12MP camera vs 40, 4GB RAM vs 8, and 30% fewer pixels on its display,than the Mate 20 Pro. And yet, most people would agree that the Huawei does not have a camera,that’s 3 times better, it is NOT necessarily a faster phone, and it definitely doesnt have a better display.,So avoiding these comparisons helps Apple stay out of the spec race.,It allows them to focus on the things that actually make the phone experience better,,as opposed to also adding in a whole bunch of other stuff just to grab the headlines.,And you end up with a phone that is a more efficiently planned, and one that costs less to make.,One that DOESN’T have 12GB RAM because that makes it sound powerful, or a 4K display that,an average consumer can’t come close to discerning.,All this translates to lower hardware costs, and more profit for Apple.,This all just goes so perfectly hand in hand with Apples philosophy where they think they know better,whats good for you from a product than you know yourself.,Its like Apple is saying “Shh, shh, shh, forget about those other companies,,they are just throwing around meaningless metrics like RAM and pixel counts.,All you need to know is that the new iPhone is faster and has a better camera,than the other one and it comes in a cool new color.,Now pay us a lot of money.”,And despite recent slowdowns, that has clearly been a very profitable message so far.,Now, its important to point out that Apple is probably one of the only major tech companies,who can afford to avoid external comparisons like that for a couple of reasons.,First, their products are actually pretty unique with their own operating systems and,often even custom chips powering them, making comparisons less meaningful, they have a fanbase,that is fiercely loyal and happy to ignore the competition, and they have the cultural,significance where basically everyone understands an Apples to Apples comparison.,So to a lot of people, Apple saying their newer iPhone is faster and has a better camera,than their previous models is probably enough information to decide if they should buy the,thing or not.,Whereas Android phone and Windows PC makers have to fight on specs,and they have to play the comparison game, otherwise how else would they convince you to buy their,stuff over that of their competitors?,Anyway, thanks to Arun for his insights and thanks to Skillshare,for offering the first 500 of you 2 months of premium access for free.,Ive recently started taking the Productivity Masterclass from fellow YouTuber and friend,of the TechAltar channel Thomas Frank, its a great course that really put some structure,into my workflow and made me more efficient, so try either that one or learn graphic design,,photography or coding or anything else from their catalogue.,They have over 20 000 courses and let you submit class projects and get feedback,from teachers, so its like a real class.,Use the link in the description below to get access and to let them know I sent you.,It really helps my channel.

The infinite players are the ones that frustrate their competitors.

so I spoke at an education summit for,Microsoft I also spoke at an education,summit for Apple at the Microsoft summit,I would say that 80% of the executives,spent the vast majority of their,presentations talking about how to beat,Apple at the Apple summit a hundred,percent of the executives spent a,hundred percent of their presentations,talking about how to help teachers teach,and how to help students learn one was,obsessed with their vision one was,obsessed with where they were going,the other one was obsessed with beating,their competition guesses guess which,one is frustrated in this competition,because the finite player is playing,against its competitors and the infinite,player is playing against themselves the,infinite player wakes up every single,day and says how do we be better this,week than we were last week how do we,perform better,next month than we did this month its a,its a game of constant improvement it,is totally fine to study our competition,for tactical reasons but the number of,companies that study their competition,for strategic reasons is scary which,means they react strategically to their,competition and will change entire,business models on a basically on a whim,which means the company has no stability,is going all over the place in other,words youre wasting time and resources,and youre frustrating the people on the,inside because they dont know where,theyre going its a constant game of,reaction a long time ago inappropriate,of previous life I used to work at an ad,agency and I was a junior kid and I,worked in the competitive analysis,department and I worked on one of the,telco telephone company clients that we,had and my job was to report to the,client on what the competition was doing,now the number of other telephone,companies that existed in America that,day was quite a long list and we the,client couldnt afford to study them all,so we studied a handful of them so think,about that for a second theyre studying,their competition but theyre only,studying some of their competition,well what about all the others not to,mention the fact that in the infinite,game its usually the competitors we,dont know about,that take us down not the ones we do,know about myspace had no idea that,Facebook even existed until it,completely destroyed their company,because they were so focused on the ones,they do new it did know about it and I,find that fascinating because remember,in the infinite game we dont always,know who all the competitors are so at,the end of my talk at Microsoft they,gave me a gift they gave me the new Zune,when it was a thing Zune was the,competitors of the iPod and this thing,was gorgeous an absolutely spectacular,piece of technology beautifully designed,the user interface was beautiful it was,intuitive and simple theres a really,remarkable piece of technology it didnt,work with iTunes which means I couldnt,use it which is a different problem but,the technology itself was really quite,sophisticated and quite stunning so,after I got done with my talk at Apple,Im in the back of a taxi with a very,senior Apple executive sort of employee,number 12 kind of guy and I just I had,decided to stir the pot and I turned him,I said you know Microsoft gave me their,new Zune I said to him and it is so much,better than your iPod touch to which he,responded I have no doubt conversation,over because the infinite player,understands that sometimes your head and,sometimes your behind and sometimes your,product is better and sometimes its not,the goal is not to win every battle the,goal is to outlast the competition you,let the competitor compete against,itself and drive itself down to zero,while youre out there improving your,systems constantly this is what it means,to play the infinite game and Ive,become totally fascinated by this,because the companies that frustrate,their competitors the one that seemed,unbeatable the ones that everybody,targets but seems unable to reach,accidentally are playing the infinite,game so in the US Costco frustrates,Walmart but if you listen to Jim Senegal,the founder of Costco he talks about,building a business for the next 50 or,100 years not for the next one year or,one quarter for Wall Street he talks,about the need to take care of his,employees first his customers second his,shareholders third because thats the,way he will build a long-lasting company,and it is true when we prioritize the,needs of the shareholders which by the,way is the equivalent of a coach,prioritizing the needs the sorry,prioritizing the once of the fans over,the needs of the players,thats what shareholder supremacy is,that doesnt build a strong stable team,you may win a game you may even win a,tournament but you wont build a team,that can win year after year after year,after year Southwest Airlines frustrates,all the other airlines in America,because theyre competing against,themselves they put their employee,number one they put their customer,number two they put their shareholder,number three that is the order in which,you play the infinite game because that,is the order in which you build,stability but companies that have it in,the reverse order go out of business or,are merged or acquired because they run,out of the will or the resources to,compete by themselves,Im totally fascinated by this the vast,vast vast majority of businesses dont,know the game that theyre playing dont,know the game that theyre in which,means were all playing by the wrong,rules

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How Apple Is Organized for Innovation: The Functional Organization

,[MUSIC PLAYING],SPEAKER: What is Apple best known for?,Easy answer, for its innovation in hardware, software,,and services for a wide range of products, such as computers,,iPhones, and iPads.,Now heres whats less known and equally,significant about the company, its organizational design,and the associated leadership model that,have played a crucial role in driving its innovation success.,It all began after Steve Jobs returned to Apple,as CEO in 1997.,One of his first acts on his return,,laying off the general managers of all the business units,in a single day, not a move that inspires a welcome party.,But there was a method to Jobs madness.,Apple at the time had a conventional structure,for a company of its size and scope.,It was divided into business units,,each with its own profit and loss responsibilities.,Jobs believed this conventional management stifled innovation.,He put the entire company under one P&L,and combined the different functional departments,of the business units into one functional organization.,Simply put, a functional structure,divides an organization into departments,based on their function.,These departments are headed by functional managers,who are experts in the roles they supervise.,The functional structure, which Apple retains to this day,,ensures that those with the most expertise and experience,in a particular domain have the decision,rights for that domain.,Senior vice presidents at Apple then,,are in charge of functions, not products.,As was the case with Jobs before him,,current CEO Tim Cook occupies the only position,on the organizational chart where the design, engineering,,operations, marketing, and retail of any,of Apples main products meet.,In effect, besides the CEO, the company,operates with no conventional general managers.,Apples structure is based on two views.,First, the organization competes in a market,with a high rate of technological change,and disruption.,It has to rely on the judgment and intuition,of technical experts who can predict,which technologies and designs are likely to succeed.,General managers are unlikely to be able to do that.,Second, Apples commitment to offer the best,possible products would not be achieved if cost and price,targets were the fixed parameters within which to make,design and engineering choices.,Instead, R&D leaders are expected,to weigh the benefits to users against cost considerations.,A case in point is the decision to introduce the dual lens,camera with Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016.,Paul Hubel, a senior leader who played a central role,in the Portrait Mode effort and his team,were taking a big risk, if users were,unwilling to pay a premium for a phone with a more,costly and better camera, the team,would have less credibility the next time,it proposed an expensive upgrade or feature.,The camera turned out to be a defining feature for the iPhone,7 Plus.,Under a traditional structure, Hubel would not,have been empowered to take such a risk,and the feature would likely not have,been made because traditional cost and price analysis,lack a deep understanding of users needs.,Its easier to get the balance right between attention,to costs and the value added to the user experience,when the leaders making decisions,are those with deep expertise in their areas.,This explains Jobs decision to change the way Apple works,,the combination of its organizational structure,and its leadership model not only saved the company,from bankruptcy but also transformed it,into one of the most influential tech companies in the world.,

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Apple to maintain current iPhone production as competitors gain momentum

all right a big day in apple news now,more money for employees but fewer,phones for consumers apple will,reportedly make the same number of,iphones in 2022 as it did last year or,around 20 million fewer than analysts,expected dan halley is here with the,latest dan lets start with the why,theyre making fewer is it supply chain,issues is it chip shortage is it,something else all together yeah its,likely have to do with,a combination of of those right the,supply chain as well as,inflation obviously as inflation rises,people are going to be less likely to,spend a thousand dollars on a smartphone,maybe theyll hold on to it for another,year but dont forget that we had those,lockdowns in china apple said that that,would be a 4 billion to 8 billion hit to,their bottom line in the coming quarter,or the current quarter so what were,looking at is a combination of that and,then some of this issue going on with,inflation so i think that really is,where were getting that 20 million,number dont forget though this doesnt,mean that the entire next iphone is,basically you know put its that the,next iphone is available uh starting,from september usually,through that january through that fiscal,year so then we see the iphone continue,on into 2023 and then production numbers,could change if theres any kind of,difference,in kind of the economy at that point as,far as inflation goes so i dont think,that that number necessarily uh pretends,anything particularly bad for this phone,i just think that you know the economy,is going through a lot of issues right,now people are dealing with a lot of uh,their own uh private issues as far as uh,inflation goes in their own spending so,i think thats where this 20 billion,million number comes in and then,speaking of inflation weve seen a,couple of companies being forced or,being pressured to raise their pay now,apple i dont know if they were,pressured to but apple is coming out,saying that theyre actually going to,pay their employees more what do you,make of that move yeah i think this is,basically a way for them to almost bow,to pressure that employees are putting,on them in both apple stores as well as,uh at the corporate offices right,theres a return to office mandate that,apple had put in place three days a week,you have to be inside the office a lot,of employees push back on that apple,usually is pretty quiet as far as you,know any kind of rumblings when it comes,to employees especially on,the,actual,apple park side of things the apple,headquarters side of things so hearing,those kinds of rumblings about that,three-day work week obviously an issue,and then you have the people in the,apple stores who are actually trying to,unionize and so thats a larger issue,that apples trying to contend with now,and theyre trying to put that kind of,tamp down on that by saying no no well,give you more money,its not a huge boost but it is a boost,i dont necessarily know though if,thats going to stop any kind of,unionization talk there has been uh,reports there have been reports about,apple trying to push down on that trying,to get managers to look at employees,trying to say look youre not going to,be able to get you know good benefits if,you go into a union things along those,lines yeah apple pays well and working,conditions are comparatively great when,you look at the industry that that union,its really been a whisper hasnt it in,the retail stores well you know it has,been compared to the number of stores,that they have but the very fact that,its even happening is pretty important,just because this isnt like working at,you know a best buy or something like,that where its just like this facebook,faceless corporate entity when you work,it you know many people that work at,apple stores that at least ive spoken,to or know its kind of a career path,for them so thats not something you,normally hear about from apple in that,respect so i think the unionization talk,its definitely something to keep an eye,on all right dan haley thank you sir,appreciate it

How Apple Stocks Compare to Competitors

exactly right i mean this news about,apple is not entirely surprising given,our reporting on all of the supply chain,disruptions but it really reinforces,a week later on march 21st cases in the,us,have gone up by over 800 percent,the magnitude of the viruss impact on,the supply and demand side for,multinationals all across,china in the us that day according to,the world health organization,that same day apple decides to close its,stores,across the country there are still many,industries still,undergoing the recovery period from the,impact of the coronavirus pandemic,but it seems that major tech companies,are leading the pack in terms of,bouncing back,and staying afloat during these tough,times today were going to be talking,about one such big tech company,in fact its one of the biggest consumer,tech companies,in the world today youve guessed it,were going to be talking about apple,and how its stocks are faring in such a,tumultuous business environment,in spite of the global pandemic it seems,that apple had a pretty good year,in fact compared to other smartphone,companies and manufacturers,apple has been far less negatively,impacted by lockdowns and community,quarantine periods implemented across,the globe,just in september it was reported that,apple share jumped,way up high after it released its second,quarter earnings,the company rose to a market cap of over,a whopping 2 trillion,dollars however a lot of investors are,still thinking of whether or not,apple stock should be bought how has,apple stock been faring recently,how is apple doing for its fourth,quarter and how does its performance,compare to that of its key competitors,well thats exactly what were going to,be diving into in todays video,so sit back and relax as we take a look,at how,apple stocks are doing this is business,explained,subscribe to my channel and click on the,notification bell,and may you be granted with many many,sweet returns,before we dive into apple stock lets,have a quick refresher on how the,company came to be,apple was sounded back in 1976 on the,first of april by college dropouts steve,jobs and steve wozniak,they wanted to create user-friendly,computers and alter the way society,viewed these machines,they began their tech venture in jobs,garage come 1980,apple was able to go public and their,sales had jumped to a whopping,117 million dollars wozniak soon left,apple so jobs hired john scully to be,apples new president,however this change in leadership led to,quite a bit of controversy,and jobs left apple in 1985 he went on,to other tech ventures,purchasing the animation company pixar,and founding his own software company,called nick software,however apples market share began to,dwindle over the next few years so they,bought,out next software and asked jobs to step,back into the picture,he then made some changes to how apple,was being run,and brought in a range of new products,that the company could produce,steve jobs became apples ceo in,from that point on apple became one of,the worlds leading developers and,manufacturers of consumer tech,bringing us a beloved iphone ipad mac,macbook,and ipod like many other industries the,global smartphone industry was,hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic,which led to a series of,lockdowns and strict quarantine and,social distancing protocols across the,globe,in an effort to curb the effects of the,virus national and local government,units impose stay-at-home initiatives,and business shutdowns during the first,few months of the pandemic,this made it difficult for smartphone,companies and manufacturers to produce,their goods,and the effects are foreseen to last,until next year however,apple was seen to perform better than,other vendors particularly due to the,great success,of their apple iphone se surprisingly,back in august apple along with tech,giants amazon and facebook,saw that its share price even soared,amid anti-trust hearings,in spite of being looked into for,alleged anti-competitive behaviors,the tech giants market cap rose by four,percent from 4.79 trillion dollars to 5,trillion dollars these soothed investors,fears,that the antitrust concerns would cause,stocks to dip,jonathan vanien in his article for,fortune on the big tech company stocks,performance,had this to say on apples performance,apples sales grew 11 year over year to,59.7 billion,which was particularly noteworthy,considering analysts believe that the,iphone maker sales would decline two,percent,year over year to 52.6 billion as a,result,apples shares were up to 10.5 percent,by the markets close on friday to 425.04,marking a 12.2 jump from end of day,trading on tuesday,when apple shares were 373.01,on friday apple topped saudi aramco as a,worlds most,valuable company apple had also just,released a new range of products during,its time flies event in mid-september,and recently announced four new iphone,12 models,all of which are 5g compatible in an,article by keras lahif for cnbc,experts weighed in on the performance of,apple stock,this is what jim suva senior tech,analysts at cd had to say,if we look at the year to date the stock,has done extremely well,in fact it has outperformed the nasdaq,the s,p 500 the border markets it has rallied,simply put apple during this pandemic is,generating a tremendous amount of cash,flow,theyre inventing theyre coming out,with new products and,theyre hiring a lot of industries are,laying off people and doing furloughs,and reductions of,hours of work were actually seeing that,apple is hiring,that means theyre coming out of the,pandemic stronger and importantly,the products theyre showing that apple,announced are going to be,ready and on the shelves and available,in large quantities,for the holiday shopping season and,thats very important,on a particular strong trading day in,late october,apple outperformed several of its,competitors its shares went up by .01,percent,to 115.05 dollars,during what was considered to be a grim,trading session for the stock market,the nasdaq composite index had gone down,by 1.64,and the dow jones industrial average had,gone down by 2.29 percent,the company closed 22.93 dollars below,its high,of 137.98 which it was able to achieve,back in early september aapl or apple,stock was able to outperform,other big tech companies like microsoft,or msft,which fell by 2.85,to 210.08 dollars,alphabet inc or google which fell by,2.98,to 1 584.29,and international business machines,corporated or,ibm which fell by 3.26,to 112.22 currently,analysts and investors have labeled,apple stock as a buy,what are your thoughts on apple stocks,do you think apple will continue to pull,ahead of other smartphone companies,how do you think it stocks will perform,over the next few months,how do you think its competitor stock,will perform over the next few months,let me know what your thoughts are,comment them down below in the comment,section,ill be responding to all of you who,comment during the first hour of me,posting this video,if you enjoyed this video you should,definitely check out my other video,called,tesla is tesla stock overvalued,weve been in the global pandemic for,months now and many industries are,only just beginning to recover from its,impact during the earlier months of the,community quarantines and lockdowns,however some industries have had an,easier time bouncing back than others,the tech industry is one such industry,and one tech company in particular,has been making waves in the tech scene,since the start of the year,thats right im talking about tesla the,up-and-coming tech giant,that was able to report that they made a,profit during the second quarter,of 2020 in spite of the coronavirus,pandemic,this surprised investors and analysts,across the globe,however tesla stock is also known to be,very volatile,just in august shares prices skyrocketed,from a low 360 dollars,to a thousand three hundred and forty,dollars thats a three hundred percent,price jump however there are analysts,and investors questioning,whether or n

Mark Zuckerberg: Apple is now one of Facebooks biggest competitors

all right lets now turn to that,little forgotten company apple that we,have been watching here this morning,after that company came out with its,earnings uh first 100 billion dollar,quarter that was,widely anticipated with sales of 21,iphone sales in particular up 17,which was an improvement in terms of its,momentum,uh the shares though are down eight,tenths of one percent this morning and,the company did,um as it has been for most of 2020,didnt come out with a forecast so that,could be partially responsible,for whats going on with the shares tom,forte is with us now d.a davidson,senior research analyst he covers apple,of course so tom,what do you make of the action here this,morning that the declines have abated a,little bit,for apple but you know its tricky with,apple because expectations,tend to be pretty lofty so the short,analysis would be,that expectations were very high going,into the quarter,and despite the fact that the december,quarter sales and profits were nothing,short of amazing,and to your point management didnt give,too many details,on what it expected for the march,quarter though they did say,an acceleration in revenue growth versus,the december quarter,so sales in the march border will grow,faster than they did,in the december quarter but i would,attribute the slight weakness in shares,today,to just the high expectations going into,the quarter,i saw this with logitech they reported,an amazing december quarter,gave positive comments in the march,quarter and that stock had,a slight pullback afterwards,tom you think investors are too,optimistic on the uptake,for 5g iphones actually i think that,um this is more seems to me to be,like a pause then uh an,indication of excess optimism because,whats interesting about the december,quarter,and the march quarter is that the real,big,iphone sales should come in the march,border not the december quarter,but what really drove the december,border wasnt just the iphone,but it was the whole portfolio of,products and services,so i really think that the good news for,apple shareholders,is if you go back to december 2018 when,they pre-announced weak results,due to softness in iphone sales in china,that really motivated the company to,diversify their portfolio,from a hardware and software and,services standpoint,and now were starting to see the,benefits of that it strengthen,iphone and strengthen the remainder of,the portfolio,and thats very powerful,what about the uh the china business it,was a good quarter um,in the most recent quarter for apple um,but but again i think that its,more of a hardware story than it might,be a services story there but what do,you make of that part,um of the business that has gotten so,much focus over the last couple of years,is,maybe not the growth driver it had,seemed um you know in the mid-2010s,on a one-quarter basis i think the,number was 57 percent,sales growth to an amazing order in,china,and i think china gives us maybe a,purview to what,sales could look like rest of world when,the build out of 5g,rest world is more at 30 with china,so i agree with your assertion that,whats happened over the last couple,years,is theyve had slowing sales growth in,china but for the december quarter,it was very strong performance,hey tom um this speaks to the issue of,competition,and speaking of competition i want to,just bring up facebook quickly,who said fourth quarter sales were there,were up 33,2.8 billion monthly active users 3.3,billion across all the platforms,mark zuckerberg talked about the,competitive risk from a change that,apple is making in particular,um that its rolling out a new feature,so if you have an iphone,you will be able to opt in or out of ad,tracking,which facebook has said is going to be,problematic,um is it going to be is this a good,thing for apple first of all,and is it conversely going to be a bad,thing for companies like,facebook as zuckerberg isnt,anticipating,so i think its fascinating that mark,zuckerberg talks so much about apple on,facebooks earnings call,though i would say its appropriate so,if you look at the,tim cook talked about how apple thinks,about new products and services,and i think about advertising uh that is,much more protective of consumers,privacy,as a natural for apple and thats how,its positioned itself we care about,your privacy,were going to do more to protect your,privacy than others are,so i do think that this is a huge,problem for facebook,and for others in digital advertising,and this potentially,presents a great market opportunity for,apple,tom there was a lot of talk on the call,last night uh regarding,what potential markets apple might want,to go,into obviously theyre not going to say,hey were coming out with an electric,car in about two weeks you better go out,there and buy and factor into your,financial models,as an analyst do you want to see apple,get into electric car space do you want,to see them,get into ar and vr goggles do they offer,that big market opportunity that,a lot of speculators have have,speculated of late over the past few,months,so the natural use cases to me when you,think about combination hardware,software and services,i think again its advertising,protecting consumers while protecting,consumers privacy,lots of opportunity in healthcare now i,definitely think its intriguing,on cars meaning are we talking about the,technology for autonomous driving,are we talking about the in-car,experience to the extent that apples,your technology operating system within,the car,but its someone elses car these are,all interesting questions,but i do think that it is a,needle-moving type market opportunity,and one that,in that regard may be of interest to,apple,um i for one as an apple analyst would,love to see them do it,tom always great to talk to you tom,forte davidson,um thanks for your perspective this,morning tom well talk to you soon,great thank you julie

Apples advertising lags competitors, says Mark Douglas of MNTN

all right lets talk about whos going,to win this digital ad game and why,yeah so the reason i said its not going,to be apple is because when you wake up,in the morning and you think of you know,kind of what you want to search for you,dont go to the app store to do the,search obviously you go to google and,when you discover things on the internet,you discover them on instagram on tick,tock you discover them on television so,apples app store,is really,people who spend there theyre spending,to protect their position in the app,store so that some other app is not,advertising against their brand so,apples share that is growing its kind,of a tax on app developers but its not,the same kind of business that google,has or how much how much you download a,new app and our viewers and listeners,know what were talking about you,download a new app and then the first,thing you get well one of the first is a,button you know allow or ask app not to,track,with that,i almost said stupid little invention,but that little invention,gave apple the keys to the moat did it,not i mean how powerful is that button,well its basically what it did is it,made it really difficult for companies,like snap and companies like meta,to attribute the the ads what they were,doing to their customers business and,the kind of revenue they were generating,because a lot of times you might,discover something in an app but you buy,it on your computer and so without that,tracking that apple that that id that,apple was sharing that makes it very,difficult as a result um both meta and,snap have taken a hit in their ads,business but it doesnt make consumers,then want to go to the app store thats,the point there so it definitely,hindered some people but it doesnt,enable apple in any way to steal market,share even theyre taking their market,shift from the app developers themselves,does does apple want to be in the,digital ad market,i mean it seems like just a tough,business apple likes to make their own,thing go their theyre the fleetwood mac,theyre going to go their own way,yeah i mean until apple decides what,theyre going to do with apple tv they,have this huge tv business that they,dont offer ads on their subscriptions,on that are at best moderate growth so i,think you know when they decide theyre,going to go avod theyre going to have,bitty television ads against their,television count content on tv,thats when apple has entered the ad,game and they havent done that yet ive,been ive been using apple tv mark,since they had that the first box which,was just slightly smaller than a shoe,box you know the one im talking about,yeah theres the the silver one you had,to download now,i tried out roku and i thought wow this,is actually a better user experience,roku yeah,whats wrong with apple theyre such a,good company im trying to understand,why their their apple tv product while,neat,is not,maybe worth five times what a roku or,fire stick is,yeah i mean i think when they first,introduced the apple tv people thought,it would be an actual television it,turned out to be a device you attached,to your television its the most,expensive device and so i think in that,game whats called ott devices the,devices that allow you to stream into,your television,they theyre number four or five so they,decided to invest in content um so that,they have a lot of catching up to do on,television but you know they they also,are investing a lot so theres a lot of,potential,well lets see what i like about it does,have the ethernet port,so you can you can hard wire the apple,tv box and not have any kind of a lag if,youve got that mark douglas really,appreciate your views as always mountain,mark thank you,shepard smith here thanks for watching,cnbc on youtube

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