1. Skip The Overwhelm And Find Bestselling Graphics On Creative Fabrica!
  2. 3 Million Designs & Fonts for $1! Creative Fabrica 2021 Licensing and License Questions Answered!
  3. 17 Creative Fabrica Alternatives For Free & Cheap Design Resources
  4. NEW FEATURE! Creative Fabrica SPARK – Amazing AI Renderings!
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Skip The Overwhelm And Find Bestselling Graphics On Creative Fabrica!

if you use,creativefabrica.com then youre probably,like a lot of people and feel really,overwhelmed when you go to the site to,find graphics and fonts four million,graphics and fonts for your print on,demand business to use in your store,sounds great until you have to sift,through all of it to find just what,youre looking for,especially since most of us only have a,few hours a week we can dedicate to this,since it is just our side hustle and not,yet our full-time income,so in this video i wanted to walk you,through how to use creative fabrica more,efficiently so you can find great,graphics make great designs get them,listed in your store and move on,also make sure you stay until the end,because ill show you a few of my,favorite shops on creative fabrica to,get you started,and if youre new here my name is cassie,johnson im a full-time etsy seller and,etsy coach ive been doing print on,demand for just over two years now and,have sold just under six hundred,thousand dollars worth of t-shirts to,date,my goal with this channel is to help you,feel empowered to do the exact same,thing,also if you dont already use creative,fabrica then like i said before its a,website filled with wonderful graphics,and fonts that youre able to sell on,your t-shirts for commercial usage,rights i do have a video ill put in the,description where i explain more about,the actual subscription that you get and,how the licensing works so definitely go,watch that in the description below if,you havent yet and theres also a one,dollar first month trial if you havent,checked it out so lets go ahead and,jump in and ill show you how to use it,more efficiently to get you in and out,of there in no time my first,recommendation is to use this website,while still using the success formula of,first finding a t-shirt designed to sell,that is already in high demand you want,to make sure that theres best sellers,theyre shirts that have 20 people,having it in the cart lots of reviews,because then you know that if you come,to that market with a competitive design,youve got a really good chance of,making sales so then try going to,creative fabrica with a specific design,in mind and then heres the hard part,make sure to stay on task its easy to,get shiny object syndrome and start,looking at lots of different graphics,while youre in there but tip number one,is to just pick something that youre,looking for and stay on task when you,get to the website,a big thing to understand about creative,fabrica is its a marketplace just like,etsy and so theres tons of different,sellers on there who have started stores,on creative fabrica looking to make an,income online just like you and i,so just like on etsy theres going to be,good stores and theres going to be bad,stores so lets say im trying to design,for the halloween niche i like to start,with a more broad keyword to start with,so ill go ahead and just type in,something like halloween and go ahead,and just push enter if i only want,graphics then ill actually check this,little box to the side to only show me,graphics so then youll just scroll,through the search results until you,find a good pack of graphics youll want,to go ahead and click on that and then,actually go ahead and just view their,actual profile and from here again we,have to try not to get distracted and,actually type in again that main keyword,and now we have just the ones from this,seller that are for halloween as well,and we can look through some of these,cool graphics and use them in our,designs for our store,using this method will help you find,better graphics faster since that way,youre not sifting through tons of bad,designers you just come straight to a,good designer and then see what else,they have available then youd go up to,the top if you decided you like this,designer and go ahead and click follow,designer so now what this will do is,youll get an email every time they,upload new designs to their store so you,can have first pick of uploading those,to your t-shirt designs and then as you,come to look for more graphics in the,future you can start only looking at,your actual favorites so you know youre,always going to a good pool of graphics,instead of starting all over from the,normal search results,if you still dont find what youre,looking for then i try and type in,different kind of related keywords just,like on etsy how you have to pick 13,different tags these sellers actually,get up to 50 different tags to try and,match what kind of search quarry youre,going to type in to find things so lets,say were using the halloween example,again i type in something like spooky,and see what comes up for that search,result if im still not finding what i,like maybe i type in something else like,which,and see if i can find some fun graphics,and then you would go ahead and scroll,through the results,find something that looks really nice,click on it and then go to their actual,store and again this is a great way to,find different graphics to use for any,different niche so well come to this,designer store again well type in,halloween,but do you see how they actually havent,optimized any of their listings with the,word halloween and so then you can just,kind of take a look through and see if,they had any others and this one doesnt,but again thats a good example of how,to find graphics using different random,keywords for whatever niche youre,looking for since they might not be,indexed correctly like youd think they,would be,so now ill actually go through and show,you a few of my favorite shops that ive,found on creative fabrica the first one,being cheery.designs,so well go ahead and click on their,store here,and theyve got a bunch of really cute,fall designs that you can use in your,store today so this would be a perfect,one to look at right now as im making,this in july and were coming up on fall,and halloween theres some really great,teacher ones in here this is just a,really really cute designer,the next shop ill show you is the new,hope dot store and this one is mostly,line art so this store has lots of great,spooky graphics or funny graphics that,you can add to your store with some,spooky halloween words and make some,really next level great designs for this,season,the lash up ill show you that i love on,creative fabrica is this one create,graphics this one has a lot of really,beautiful watercolor graphics and,accents that again you can use to kind,of up level your designs so go ahead and,favorite these couple and go out and,find your own and again thats going to,make it so much easier to find,best-selling graphics when youre,starting with someone who you already,know is going to do a great job favorite,them and then just be able to use their,graphics whenever youre ready and funny,story the tank top that im wearing is,actually a design that i got directly,off of creative fabrica this was from my,tank top review if you havent seen that,one i do a lot of reviews on my channel,of different products i did a review of,the different tank tops available on,printify and this was one of the ones,that they had available from creative,fabrica that i had printed as an example,now its important to understand the,different licenses that you get with,this website again i did a full video,covering all of this so the link will be,down in the description but if you just,look here under the download button you,can see these graphics here have,commercial and full pod usage allowed so,if you do the full pod usage that means,you can use the graphics as is without,adding anything at all to it and you,could sell it directly on a t-shirt on,etsy however if you were to cancel your,subscription with creative fabrica you,would need to delete those from your,store,whereas if you use the commercial,license and you use these graphics as a,part of a larger design and really make,it your own then you can actually keep,those up in your store even after you,cancel your subscription i hope this,video helps you stay on track and fi

3 Million Designs & Fonts for $1! Creative Fabrica 2021 Licensing and License Questions Answered!

[Music],[Music],hello my name is ben and on this youtube,channel i document my own print on,demand journey i recently did a video in,which i,shared the one dollar yeah voucher code,for creative fabrica to get,access to the entire website with,unlimited downloads for just one dollar,if youre still interested in that offer,you can find a link in the description,which will take you to the creative,fabrica page where you can then sign up,for a month of yeah creative fabrica,access for just one dollar,it will renew i think after a month for,19,um which is really a good price because,the normal price i think is is much,higher,um and basically you can access all the,like the three million files plus,which are on this website many of which,are,created purely for print on demand and,kdp usage,now in this video i want to talk a,little bit about lines licensing,because if you decide to sign up just,for a month,you download designs and then,yeah it one day you decide to,unsubscribe you know can you,still use these designs and,they are actually pretty clear on it,however there are always questions which,remain and i wanted to talk you through,that because i contacted,creativefabrica asked them the questions,that youve,asked in the comments there were quite a,few questions actually also about kdp,were going to take a look at that in,the licensing section here,and also take a look at what the guys um,from creative fabrica told me so when,youre on the creative fabrica website,and you scroll down you can come here to,under links you can find the,subscription license um the subscription,license applies when you,well subscribe and download also you can,find a single sales license which is,when you sign up,but you dont subscribe but you can,still download and buy a pack,now if you go to subscription license we,can see the different types of,licenses for print on demand there is,the basic print on demand usage license,and the full print on demand use,usage usage license so whenever you find,a pack,of designs on the creative fabrica,website,and it states that this design has full,uh print on demand usage well then you,can basically just,upload the design as it is if you want,to right,i would always recommend to change it,but you know if you want it then you,could just,upload it as it is now,if you unsubscribe then you can only use,even though it says on the design,footprint on demand usage license,if you unsubscribe and youre not,subscribed to creative fabrica,you can only use the basic print on,demand license,which is different which means that you,have to make changes to the design,now for example if youre signing up if,you download something from vexels,and you decide to unsubscribe one day,from vexels you have to take all your,designs down that you created with,pixels um designs with creative fabric,its a bit different you can actually,leave them online,but you have to make sure that the,designs actually comply with the basic,print on demand usage license,so to be clear once more you can only,use the full print on demand usage,license,when you are subscribed to creative,fabrica,you can use the basic print on demand,usage license however,even if youre unsubscribed yeah so,this is quite a bit of a difference,because lets just assume you,upload something under the full print on,demand usage license which means that,you could just upload it as it is or you,can make some minor changes,all of that would fall under the full,print or demand usage license,and you upload it to print on demand,websites like merge by amazon and you,unsubscribe,from creative fabrica then you have to,take these designs down because they,maybe you made only minor changes or you,didnt change them at all,however if you downloaded a design in,your subscription period,and you created in your created files i,mean in your subscription period and you,created,a new design with that a completely new,design and ill get to that,in a minute what that means a,significantly different or new design,um and you then upload it then youre,basically,applying the basic print on demand usage,license because you have made,significant changes,to the design or the file that youve,downloaded,and then you can also leave that design,online,when um yeah even when you unsubscribe,okay so i hope that was clear if it,wasnt clear lets take a look at,what they sent me by email so i have,im not showing the entire email but,what they said is,so uh you youre right you can continue,to sell designs on your pod store after,the subscription,ends and as long as the design the,designs were created,prior to the end of the subscription and,the designs meet our basic,pod licensing requirements in short,to meet the basic pod requirements the,finished design must be significantly,different,to the original assets that were used to,create the design,simple transformations such as resizing,recoloring,and combining with other pre-existing,assets which,would not be considered significant,changes it is important that the,designer adds their own original design,elements,to the finished product this will ensure,that their design is distinct from the,original,heres an example and im coming to the,example in a minute,i also asked if its enough to just add,text to a,graphic or design and they confirmed,its actually not enough yeah,so if you just add text to a,pre-existing graphic,or design that you download from,creative fabrica,it would not fall under basic pod and,you would need to take it down,after the subscription ends they just,want to ensure that you,create significantly different designs,and lets take a look at some examples,if we scroll down here you can see some,examples whats acceptable whats not,acceptable,lets just assume you download this pack,of graphics here,and you create this here which is not,allowed on the basic pod because you,just take one of these elements here and,just upload it as it is,that is not allowed however what would,be allowed if you combine these elements,add something different to it plus a,text,and that would be okay because you can,see the difference,it is significantly different theres,another example here,you cant just take it as it is and put,it on a mug but,you can change it you can change the,color you can add another text element,and then by just integrating it into a,completely new design,that would be acceptable well they also,say down here somewhere,if you are not sure about if your design,complies with,basic pod you can always send them an,email and they will check theyve got a,really good customer support,i find now there are some more examples,here,also and we can see that here thats a i,think for kdp an example,lets just assume you download that dog,you couldnt just put that dog onto,a notebook and add a text,that would not be okay under basic pod,but what you can do you can see here,youve got other design,elements that you must not have,downloaded from creative fabrica,but basically you have a unique design,that you created maybe on another design,tool or with some other designs,and then you add a text and that element,and you integrate it into that original,new design,and with that you create a completely,new design that again would be allowed,under,um basic pod and also here,you can download these patterns now just,putting these patterns on a notebook,with a text doesnt work,but if you have these for example as a,background and that you add some other,elements here and create a completely,new design,that is fine but as confirmed in that,email you cant just,use other pre-existing elements from,creative fabrica,i guess you would just um yeah i guess,these could be from another website,im not sure that wasnt that clear but,i guess they dont,really care they just want to make sure,that you dont just download all sorts,of creative fabrica designs combine them,and then you say that is a new design,because it,from their point of view that would,still need to be,that would still need to be a full pod,only,but

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17 Creative Fabrica Alternatives For Free & Cheap Design Resources

hey need help finding design resources,for your projects well stick around and,watch all of this video because im,going to share 17 alternatives to,creative fabrica,so welcome back to stacking profits my,names paddy and over here we give you,the tools and resources to learn grow,and master passive income streams so,that you can live a life of freedom now,like i said in this video im going to,share 17 alternatives,to creative fabrica now these resources,that im about to share are not all,exact alternatives,some sell fonts graphics and bundles and,lots of other stuff now also there are,going to be timestamps down in the,description below to help you navigate,through this video,now also,please note that depending on which,website you use will depend on their,licensing agreement so always make it,best practice to read the license,agreement of the website that you choose,to use now with that being said ive got,a lot to cover im only going to spend a,couple of minutes on each website,otherwise this would be extremely long,so lets go ahead and dive in the first,website that i want to share with you is,creative market now with creative,markets they are very similar to,creative fabrica in the sense that they,sell a lot of the same stuff but with,creative market,they tend to be a little bit dearer but,its a really great resource you can get,your graphics up here we can see under,graphics you have icons illustrations,objects and lots of cool stuff then they,have fonts templates add-ons photos web,themes 3d get inspired and dribble not,too sure what dribble is but hey ho you,could come through and check it out but,thats resource number one creative,market,resource number two is creative tacos so,let me just get rid of this ad down the,bottom there we go lets scroll through,the first page so you can take a look,right here they have lots of cool stuff,as well and if we scroll up to the top,we can see they have fonts mock-ups,graphics add-ons and templates again,with some of these websites there are a,lot of similarities youre also going to,find lots of the same graphics on lots,of these different websites all because,the designers want to maximize their,profits so they put a lot of their,graphics on lots of these different,websites but thats the second one and,that is creative tacos the third one,being the hungry jpeg now this is an,awesome resource they have lots of good,stuff,if we scroll through we can take a look,and see what theyve got you can see,theres lots of nice designs on here and,again just lots of great stuff now if we,scroll back up we can see they have,add-ons crafters fonts graphics,templates and if we look up here they,have bundles,one dollar deals and also freebies so,come through check out the junk the,hungry jpeg and check out their freebie,section just here because you might find,some really great stuff but thats the,third one that i want to share and,thats the hungry jpeg now the fourth,one is design cuts again very very,similar but they have lots more stuff,they have graphics templates fonts,add-ons affinity so if youre using,affinity publisher you can get some,stuff from here the same with procreate,so again lots of great stuff and that is,on design cuts so come through and take,a look now the fifth one i want you to,check out,is design bundles no sorry its font,bundles now with font bundles this is,all practically just fonts come through,take a look now with fonts fonts play a,huge part in your designs if you dont,have very good fonts your designs arent,going to look very good so this is why i,always purchase my own fonts i havent,purchased from here on font bundles but,its a really great website you can get,bundles deals new regular script fonts,seasonal web fonts other more designs,and just here look at this free fonts,and,dollar deals so again come through check,out font bundles there are going to be,links for all of these down in the,description so its just that little bit,easier for you to come through and check,it out now with all these websites i,tend to only use a couple im going to,get into that further in the video but,id love to know what your favorite,place or website is to get your graphics,your fonts or any design elements drop a,comment down below letting me know what,that website is especially if its not,in this list now on to the next one and,that is envato market now not a lot of,people talk about this website but,theres a lot of great stuff on here,especially under the graphics you can,get graphics print web evelyn,web elements,add-ons vectors so this is what i would,be interested in,presentations icons id be interested in,these as well same with fonts but then,you can get logos and they also have a,design maker so envato,is one of the ones that you should come,through and have a look it says envato,market but to get here you actually want,to go to graphic river and it will bring,you to this tab just here,so come through and check them out this,is the sixth resource i believe so on to,the seventh the seventh is all about,fonts now with all these websites that i,am about to share again theyre all very,similar but each website has different,specific things with this one this is,font squirrel where you can get a lot of,your fonts theyre a hundred percent,free,for commercial use you can check under,the hot recent top fonts swag,generator font identifier and font talk,if we scroll through this first page you,can just see the amount of fonts that,they have and remember fonts play a huge,role in how your designs look,so thats the seventh resource and lets,go on to the eighth and the 8th is,pixedon pixedon.com,i come across this website the other day,and thought it looked pretty interesting,so i thought id share this one as well,now on here you can get print webs icons,again icons and vectors are what id,mainly be interested in but then they,also have graphics just another great,resource for you to come and check out,and that is,pixelden.com so on to the,ninth i believe and that is pixelo so,with pixelo you can get bundles and,freebies look if we check just here you,can come over to the freebie section and,see what they have on offer if we scroll,through we can see all of these bundles,the romantic wedding fonts bundle,t-shirt design bundle so if youre into,t-shirts you could come through and,check that out and again,just lots of great resources here on,pixelo and pixelo is one that id,actually never even heard of have you,heard of it before let me know by,dropping a comment down below so on to,the next and that is the font,defont.com one of the biggest websites,online to get fonts if we look just here,we have all of these different,categories so many different ones and,lots of great fonts that you could use,in your design just remember no matter,what website that you use you always,always always need to make it best,practice to go through and read their,licensing so you know what you can and,cant do,so thats the 10th i believe so on to,the 11th and this is vector state now,this is more of a membership its not,too pricey but it is pricey at the same,time so let me show you what i mean,lets scroll down all the way to the,bottom,to right here you can get access to 4.5,million vectors which is an awful lot,100 downloads per month and you get,lifetime royalty free license so if,youre creating desires to sell on books,on t-shirts or any print on demand,products this is what you need the,lifetime royalty-free,license so if this is one that youre,interested in come through take a look,again theres always links down in the,description below so you can come,through and check it out the next one,that i want to share is web graphics now,with web graphics you can get a lot of,great stuff they have mock-ups graphics,templates themes icons fonts and also,their blog if you look on their blog,they have tutorials quick tips and a lot,of good stuff now when youre on here,you can click freebies just there go,through and take a look and see what

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NEW FEATURE! Creative Fabrica SPARK – Amazing AI Renderings!

what if I told you that all of these,pictures all of these illustrations were,made in under 10 seconds,with the power of artificial,intelligence in this video Im going to,break down how you can access this,its absolutely stunning and its fun,too so in this video Im going to break,down how you can harness the power of,artificial intelligence using creative,Fabrica Spark,absolutely incredible its fast its,easy and most of all its fun lets jump,in all right Im on Creative Fabrica and,if youve never heard of creative,Fabrica before its an awesome website I,highly recommend that you give it a shot,check out the freebie section its right,at the top theres a freebie section,right here theres also the all access,subscription and Ill put a link to that,in the video description below just a,heads up it is an affiliate link and,that just means that if you purchase,something on Creative Fabrica I would,receive a small commission they sell big,bundles on here they sell fonts theres,all sorts of cool graphics now in this,video Im going to be looking at,something completely new this is called,CF spark creative fabric a spark and so,what Im going to do is just simply type,something in here what would I like to,create so Im going to type in something,completely random skeleton Warrior at,night wielding,a sword,storming a castle,and Im going to click ignite and we can,see here the robots are working overtime,theyre generating this now in real time,its given us four options and some of,them are a little more cartoony and some,of them are a little more realistic now,I didnt specify how realistic I wanted,the drawing to be so thats on me Im,going to click this first one here Im,going to click to publish we can see now,its publishing and then it gives me the,option to open it up on the actual,creative Fabrica page so heres skeleton,Warrior at night so this is pretty cool,it now gives me the option where I can,download this design and I can use it in,my commercial applications my personal,applications this is a great asset that,I can use and other people can see as,well now another really cool thing you,can see here with creative Fabrica spark,is over on the left hand side Im going,to go into my personal feed and now,people that I follow I can see their,designs as well and I can click on them,and I can see the keywords that theyve,used so here for example Im going to,pop this one open this is pretty cool,this is ultra detail killed 95 year old,skinny man scared afraid covered with,billowing smoke blah blah blah goes on,is really really detailed and so this is,what the algorithm has come up with,thats a fantastic looking fantasy,drawing and again I can download this,and I can basically pay credit to this,vintage 12×12 which is the Creator and I,can use this now in my applications as,well theres also a Community Feed in,addition to the personal feed so Im,going to click on Community Feed and,this is pretty much everybody and you,can check out a whole bunch of different,designs when you simply hover over them,you can see the different keywords that,people are using and that can give you,an idea and some inspiration on how,detailed you can ask the computer to be,so heres a great example of one this is,Whimsical detailed fantasy flowers and,we can see this is what was typed in,that was used to create this so you,could simply copy this and then you,could modify it if you wanted to make,some something similar albeit unique in,your own style and I think its awesome,that we can all connect now as creators,and you can post your own and other,people can like and share and its a,really really fun way to use your,imagination without a ton of technical,skill so if you dont have an account,then when you sign up youll get to this,page and it says get this graphic for,free and you can activate a free trial,its a one month trial I do want to,point out its basically a nine dollar,monthly subscription and with the,subscription you can also get these,speed credits that allow you to jump to,the top of the queue you can see it over,here on the left hand side when I go to,create I can get these fast credits in,here as well so currently to create,something takes about 30 seconds to a,minute you could speed this up as well,theres a contest right now if you,create designs between October the 1st,and October the 24th you are entered to,win 100,000 and basically how it works is every,time time you publish a design at the,end of the contest window the person,with the most downloads would win up to,one hundred thousand dollars thats,pretty amazing plus I want to point out,its just really fun too theres lots of,different designs that you can create,and you can check out other peoples,designs as well and I just think its,such a great way to spark your,creativity literally and have a great,time doing it without any technical,aptitude which is the best part it only,requires your imagination and the sky,really is the limit I really hope you,found this video helpful I absolutely,love Creative Fabrica theres all sorts,of reasons to get the all-access pass,and this is a major addition to that and,I cant recommend creative fabric highly,enough check it out in the video,description below and heres another,video on how you can supercharge your,print-on-demand skill set thanks a lot,for watching

My strategy To make money on creative fabrica #passiveincome2022

hello and welcome back to the channel,glad to have you here today were going,to talk about creative fabrica and were,going to talk about a step-by-step exact,strategy beginners guide process on,making money using creative fabrica,everything that you need to know i want,you to stay tuned for this video because,it will save you a lot of time and,rarely do i find videos on youtube,talking about making money on creative,fabrica as a seller and as a designer so,ive discussed my recent profitable side,hustles on this channel if you are,interested in such videos income reports,beginner-friendly tactics and strategies,experimentation then subscribe to the,channel id love to have you on board,what i will cover in todays video lets,have a look im going to cover what is,creating fabric up briefly because im,sure a lot of you are familiar with that,im going to also cover the competitors,the products they sell the target,customers and im going to go deep into,my own marketing and promotion strategy,as well as the file creation process the,street three-step file promotion,file creation process,ill also dive into where i source my,raw,um design elements that help me to,create designs and sell on creative,fabrica as well as the three strategies,to help you get started selling products,on the platform lets get started,what is creative fabrica well its a,private independent company its located,in amsterdam its established in 2016,and it has raised,6.2 million euros with only three,investors a lot of potential right there,and its growing as we speak as a seller,what could you get out of this well you,can create a free store as a private,independent freelancer you dont need to,[Music],be,very tacky very technical in your design,all you need to have is a portfolio for,example if you previously,upload,on redbubble or any other paint on,demand website or etsy then just as,youre applying making your application,then insert a url link to your redbubble,or etsy portfolio for example anything,to help the um management the admin see,that youre,you know youre a person that has,previous designs and youre capable of,running a creative fabrica store and the,best part is its free,um,you also,need to be approved you need to apply to,host your store and you need to be,approved and approval usually takes,about one to two weeks maximum so please,stay patient in regards to the,competition well,this is where you,um need to realize that creative fabrica,has other competitors as well,one of those competitors is creative,market and vexels,creative market is a platform that,allows designers,to create their store to host their,products but the prices are much more,higher than creative fabrica and there,is no monthly subscription so only,individual sales are made no monthly,subscription no potential for downloads,or royalty percentages or whatever,vixels is a subscription based platform,for designers that are looking for,graphics to incorporate into their print,on demand business however,vexels is fully independent they do not,allow private creators to host their own,store so this is out of the way um were,not able to host our store on vexels,were able to host another store on,creative market and creative fabrica so,maybe thats one thing that you are,willing to check out further down the,road i want you to know that all three,sites creative fabric are creative,market and pixels they allow,a commercial license so youre able to,purchase change a little bit slightly,and sell as your own if you establish,your store on creative fabrica you need,to take your products and transfer them,also to creative market and include a,link to your creative fabrica store as,well so thats something that im,intending to do further down the road,once ive established myself in creative,fabrical i want to take the products,that i have there,create a store on creative market,and link my creative fabric store for,networking purposes though so that might,be something that youre willing to,check out lets have a look at the,products that are offered by creative,fabrica and what products can you offer,as well in regards to the platform its,the best company among the,the other two competitors that provides,two ways that customers can get the,product how can they get the product two,ways either paying directly or,purchasing a monthly membership the,monthly membership basically entitles,you to unlimited access to thousands of,products customers can also,use creative fabric cod and they,actually prefer that platform because it,provides them with multiple file formats,png gpg pdf svg,all these files are suitable for all,customers that are working in design,that allows them to edit these designs,without so much kind of friction going,on in regards to my own store i provide,all the above the png gpg pdf and svg,versions as well as the additional,function of allowing customers to access,modify and edit the products which is,confusing convenient for customers,so creative fabrica sells digital assets,that can be used by other companies to,help in the creation and publishing of,ebooks websites prime on-demand products,such as stickers wallpaper and t-shirts,its also currently running a discounted,price of nine dollars for an all-time,subscription for those interested trying,the uh different products for the first,month so what could you access theres,assets or what could you sell theres,assets such as ebooks website templates,book cover designs graphics fonts,teaching material for kids which im,specializing in at the moment,these teaching materials are super easy,to create using canva they are can be,targeted for both teachers parents,toddlers different,class levels as well another great,service that is provided by grading,fabrica specifically for creators is the,ability to host their store free of,charge and sell their digital products,in return for a small commission when,the sale was made this whole free of,charge thing is really a great bonus,because,rarely does that happen in a um a,platform with great potential for,example etsy you would need to pay a,listing fee and theres also other fees,involved as well and by the time youve,made that sale it they just take so much,commission from you to be honest like,ive just got things that are selling,for seven eight euros and by the time,all the taxes and all the extra,commissions and everything going on from,the um,uh like the listing fee and and all that,kind of stuff im left with around,three euros to be honest um which,you know is is quite bad because the uh,the commission that you get is much more,lower on etsy and its much more higher,on creative fabrica now a great service,that is um provided is commercial,license for the products,that,you create and sell which allows the,buyer to modify resell and profit from,the products itself lets have a look at,the customers well,i want you to identify your target,customer before creating a store on,creative fabrica you can easily be able,to create a product and cater for their,needs so i have both commercial and,private customers my customers are,mainly self-publishers of low content,books such as activity books coloring,books planners anyone that works for,amazon kdp as a seller,and theyve got minimal time and theyve,got minimal design skills these are the,people that are my customers theyre,looking for someone who can design and,compile interiors for their kdp books,which they can go ahead then and modify,and resell on the amazon kdp platform,most of the customers are females around,the age of 28 to 38 and you can get the,specific um data using the creative,fabrica seller dashboard now a small,sector of customers are parents,who found me through the promotion that,i do on pinterest and they decided to,purchase the learning material for their,children now the store has been active,for about six months and so far i have,earned around 168 dollars from the sales,and the downloads of my,um i think six digital products that i,currently have,min

Creative Fabrica Alternative: Crella at 0.99$

foreign,because,I am into like golden cuff so yeah,thats why so this video is completely,dedicated to a new kind of software that,I have found and I have started using,and how it work what it is Im going to,explain everything in this video,so if you are supporting my channel from,a very long time thank you so much I,truly appreciate it Anika watching for,the very first time,I talk about KDP on this channel so you,can go ahead and you can watch the,playlist it is available in both of the,languages that is Hindi as well as,English okay,so what is this software and why I use,it first of all we all know creative,Fabrica right I have a subscription of,creative fabric as well and pretty,fabricas word it offers a lot of thanks,uh in just one dollar for the first,month and if you want to check it out,the link is in the description but the,alternative that I have found of,creative Fabrica is called krella you,can start using for one month for only,99 Cents which is amazing obviously it,is just uh uh one cent less of creative,Fabrica and after uh like one month,you can start using for like 18 like it,is similar to creative Fabrica but I why,I started using this uh tool this is,what I would love to explain,first of all creative Fabrica is,available and is known to everyone and a,lot of KDP people are using it and I,wanted something different for my books,for my Interiors for my fonts for my,illustrations you know and I was looking,for some kind of budget friendly options,you know what I mean right because what,I use is what I discuss,so I am not saying that creative Fabrica,is not good obviously I am using it I,have the subscription and I tweak it I,obviously I edit it I make it sure that,it is unique to me but uh I want to look,for other options as well where I can,use some other illustrations some other,fonts some other you know uh Graphics,available so this is what it looks like,let me go into this uh link,if you want to check out the Thriller,link it is available in the description,of this video,Ill just give me a moment it is just,loading up,as it is loading up lets yeah,okay as you can see here it offers a lot,of things like fonts if I want to use,different fonts for my KDP book,especially cover I can go ahead and I,can check it I can choose SVG files uh,you can choose like,whatever Niche you are working on the,KDP you can choose the svgs file you can,choose the graphics you can choose the,templates mockups and Etc,not only this but you can use the KD,painters as well so here in the KDP you,can see I were just looking at it and I,got to see that it offers a lot of uh,KDP Interiors as well uh just like,creative Fabrica you can go ahead and,you can start exploring this thing and,you can use whatever you want uh like in,the way you want right,and I also like,their freebies because it offers a lot,of freebies as well so all you have to,do is to go into the link and you can,check all the freebies as well,uh here also you can choose the bundles,like uh designer bundles if you use,Lightroom like I have Lightroom I can,use these preset bundles as well uh,so you can see here I it offers a lot of,things and it is very affordable this is,what I liked because I was looking for,an option which is not kind of Hefty for,me or for my uh subscribers I am looking,for options which is Affordable uh,because obviously we are talking about,the real money out here if you are,making money from KDP,obviously you are making money so it is,your responsibility to take actions,which you know,um which just uh,Makes You Different like Makes You,Different in terms of your content like,your unique cover style your Unique,Interior style Etc you have to put the,creativity into it if you want to make a,good amount of money from there and just,relying on the free stuff is not my,style because obviously uh free stuff,are available on the internet but you,never know that how it is going to be,turned out,and having such an affordable option is,something I like and I go for,so,this is something I have started using,and I have also decided that on this,channel Im going to explain every other,thing every other software that I use uh,and I have started using and I can give,you a review that how it is working out,for me and how it is not working out for,me so I hope this will make a lot of,clarity for you guys a lot of options,for you guys so you can start moving you,can start using this uh tools and you,can let me know how does it works if I,talk about the licenses of gorilla,you can go ahead and you can check out,the licenses,so all products sold on prela are sold,under a license a standard license that,covers all the basic personal and,Commercial cases these license terms are,here to make things easier to understand,for everyone so obviously if you are,signing up that means the number of,users is one for personal use you can,use unlimited projects for commercial,use you can use one product,here it is star star means installable,items like fonts add-ons applications,can be used in unlimited products and,for unlimited sales of end product via,subscription items that are downloadable,and used with an active subscription,plan can be used in an unlimited number,of products and for unlimited sales,including print on demand sales so that,means you can use it as many,as many uh ways as you want because if,you have subscription just like your,Fabrica it it is going to give you a lot,of,um,a lot of ways to earn money like from,the print on demand from KDP from uh,t-shirt sailings etc etc okay so now you,might be thinking which is better,creative Fabrica or uh trailer,so for in my opinion I would say that if,you are looking for,uh extensively famous software which,everyone uses is creative Fabrica but,if you are looking for some other,options like instead of creative Fabric,and you want to explore because in,Kerala I have found that some things are,not available on Creative fabric I,havent and that is why I decided to,make a video on this because obviously,when you will explore you will get to,know so,in my opinion both of these uh softwares,are great both of these websites are,doing good both of these two are good,but you can use whatever you like okay,so if you want to go for uh some kind of,exploring things you can opt for Kerala,because I am using it and Im loving it,so far so I hope you enjoyed this video,if you did let me know in the comment,section below if you have any questions,let me know in the comment section below,and I will see you in that next video

How to Create an Easter Book *FAST* with Creative Fabrica | Easy KDP Book Tutorial ✰

[Music],hey everyone welcome back to my channel,i am very very excited for this video,today im sure that most of you have,heard of the lovely tool called creative,fabrica but even if you havent you are,at the perfect video for you today,because im going to be showing you,exactly how you can leverage creative,fabrica for your kdp business creative,fabrica has over 4 million different,graphics that are perfect for anyone,into any form of design but theres also,so much for anyone in the kdp space,weve got ktp interiors kdp covers and,you can also get other graphics and,patterns and all sorts of pretty things,to use for your notebooks planners,coloring books whatever on earth you,want to create create a fabric that has,it and new graphics are constantly being,uploaded like literally daily so,creative fabrica has so much to offer,let me just tell you i like to think of,creative fabrica as almost like a,digital form of etsy however with etsy,youre paying by the product but with,creative fabrica you just pay per month,and you can get access to almost,anything also im very excited to share,if you go down and click the link in the,description you can get access to every,single thing that creative fabrica has,to offer for only a dollar for your,first month youre welcome to cancel any,time id highly recommend it if you want,to just go and try it out see what,creative fabric has to offer see if its,something you want to try out for your,kdp business and then honestly you can,just cancel if its not your thing but,im betting it will be your thing,because it is amazing and theres,literally no end to what you can find on,creative fabrica so make sure to go and,claim that deal one dollar go click and,link in the description i would highly,recommend you check it out i love,creative fabrica and im sure that you,will too if you dont already okay now,so for this video today im sure you are,all quite aware that easter is almost,upon us its just a month away if you,havent started creating new content,books yet for easter it is the time to,get on it and im going to show you how,you can do it super duper easily with,creative fabrica literally so easy you,can get the perfect pattern for your,cover you can get a full kdp interior,and you are going to be ready to upload,it to kdp,so easy let me tell you alright now,lets hop over to my computer alright,hello again welcome to my computer so as,you can see we are now at creative,fabrica oh i love this tool okay so,there is a ton of creative photographs,to offer let me just quickly show you i,type in kdp and i am going to have so,many different options a male tracker,amazing tier a doctor visa vlog book,like literally so much stuff that you,might not even think of is on creative,fabrica and it is so amazing,coloring books a brainstorm planner,wedding planner you name it it is on,creative fabrica not even kidding okay,so we are going to be looking for an,easter notebook of some sort maybe a,planner so im going to come up here and,i think im going to type in easter kdp,planner and were going to see what we,get so weve got a couple cute notebooks,these are fun,super cute so im just going to keep,scrolling through find what i like,thats fun,okay easter budget planner okay this,ones super cute,perfect i like this so weve got a this,book belongs to page item budget cost,notes perfect i love the style this is,perfect okay so this is what im going,to go with as you can see it includes,the commercial license so i can totally,use this,also one thing i would like to note with,creative fabrica this is something ive,heard people talking about i think it,does depend on what you choose from,creative fabrica however one thing to,think about is just that with creative,fabrica the designs that you choose,especially for your interiors you want,to be careful because you got to,remember that there are going to be,other people who are going to be using,these interiors so you dont want your,book to come across as a copy honestly i,highly doubt that amazon would act on it,but if this is something that concerns,you just keep that in mind and honestly,i think its a bigger deal for like,coloring books because what if someone,just buys a whole bunch of like easter,coloring books and then they find that,like five of them like are identical,then that would be a bit more,disappointing but with something like a,planner if theyre all the exact same,like what does it matter people more,want the planner to be functional and,they want the cover to be cute it,doesnt really matter if its the exact,same as another planner at least in my,opinion totally up to you i just want to,throw that out there keep that in mind,if you do grab an interior you might,want to make it your own its up to you,im going to keep it simple right now,and just keep it as is because i really,like how it looks as is and looking down,like only one person added it to their,favorites i doubt this has been used a,ton of times so im not super concerned,just use your own best judgment okay so,im gonna pop over here im going to,download this,and as we can see its an 8.5 by 11.,we can choose from 100 110 120 pages,plenty i think im just going to do a,hundred,um no bleed ktp tested perfect,okay now what im going to do is im,going to pop over to a kdp cover,calculator because i need to work on my,cover all right lets open this bad boy,real quick here,and lets extract it,yes,if i had a dollar for every time i,extracted a file let me tell you,okay,and here it is so we can choose 100 110,120. im just gonna do 100 because we,dont need a whole ton so here it is,looking through it its super cute so i,have my whole planner its super cute,now for my cover so kdp cover calculator,here it is in all its glory all right,binding type paperback interior type,black and white paper type white,left to right measurement units inches,because im in america interior trims,out so its 8.5 by 11 page count i have,decided 100 and just 100 we dont need a,ton,calculate the dimensions so here are,dimensions and something i just realized,the other day because a lovely person,commented on my video and told me that i,can literally download the template like,what a lifesaver i did not realize i had,this lovely button available to me,here it is im going to pop over here,and just extract it again because this,is what i do for the majority of my,lives i extract files all right canva,lets hop over to canva now,were going to create a new design using,a custom size,uh inches,okay so this is where were going to use,all this,so im just going to grab these guys and,stick them in,and create the design,and there we go so heres whats going,to be my book all right now im going to,take this png or jpeg or whatever it is,and just stick it right on here,and would you lookie theyre so easy,okay so now here is my whole template,like look how perfect this is i can see,exactly where my spine is i see i see,everything it is amazing okay so now,that this is in here were going to,create the cover were going to pop back,over to creative fabrica actually and we,are going to type in easter digital,paper and this will give us a whole,bunch of super cute easter patterns look,at how cute these are okay so there are,a ton of super cute ones just scrolling,through i am going to choose this one,so i really like this pattern right here,i think that would be super cute i love,those colors so im just going to go,ahead and download this totally free,totally included its so grand i can,just go through and download what i want,okay now to open another file and,extract more stuff extract please yes,thank you,[Music],all right look at all these file types,okay let me get rid of this,okay now coming over here ive got png,so heres the one that i really like im,gonna pop up over the canva,and now im going to take it ctrl c ctrl,v because i like windows and so now here,it is um what im gonna do really quick,here is for this im going to,change the transparency so its not,quite so

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