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All Five Sharks Make Million-Dollar Offers for Cupbop – Shark Tank

you have two offers are there any other,offers the product is fantastic i think,the business is worth about,18,million today youre asking for 33.,i want to own a bigger piece but thats,simply a function of money,youre asking for a million for three,percent,ill give you five million,for 28 oh,which is an 18 million valuation wow i,mean thats what i think the business is,worth today listen i love your model,and i just want to take the journey with,you i would give you a million dollars,as a loan eight percent interest five,percent equity hey guys if its just the,cash youre looking for i would give you,a million dollar loan for five percent,no problem ill do it for three percent,and ill work on the finances you know,what id do it with barbara if barbara,wants to do it with me i would love to,do it i havent done a deal with you in,a dog session thats right we havent so,lori and i will give you five percent if,your million-dollar loan will go in,together,okay so,mark what are you doing,first i love the business i love the,product i love the fact that you can,make it a healthy alternative but what,im hearing and tell me if im wrong,youve got the operations down right but,you need someone to propel you in terms,of marketing and pr and just to be able,to have a national presence so when,people talk about cup up then people say,yeah i know it and i think i can provide,that better than anybody because i do,have that national platform and and i,can get word out there better but at the,same time,as well so its not quite the same but,it is quite the same what i would do is,a million dollars to straight equity id,like seven percent and my commitment is,though i can help you just scale this,thing in terms of visibility and pr my,portfolio was full of all kinds of,healthy alternatives so thats my offer,one million dollars for seven percent,let me tell you whats wrong with marks,plan his his appreciation your business,is lovely but its wrong this is not a,healthy alternative this is a delicious,alternative this is not a healthy brand,this is a fun brand no and im not,saying you turn it into a health store,at all right what im saying is you can,extend your experience right and he said,he could create the publicity we all can,create the publicity thats right he,could throw in a basketball too what are,you going to do,mark would you be able to do one million,straight equity,for four and a half percent,id go five and a half percent is my,lowest im not cheap,im worth it guys,five percent one million equity for five,percent,with the other partners we kind of set,the parameters i just dont know whats,going to happen if we,thats honestly,[Music],all right ill do 5,yes,yes,only because of those other partners,thank you guys so much thank you thank,you,good luck guys thank you do the dance,again do the dance,you

Gumball | Darwins Potato Diet | The Potato | Cartoon Network

mmm,fluffy,hey idaho my number one bro hows it,hanging,whats wrong with him isnt it obvious,um,nope dude youre eating potato in front,of idaho,the potato,thats it if it upsets idaho im never,gonna eat potato again there are plenty,of other foods i like ill just eat,those ill go after some fries,uh those are potato too what did you,think french fries were made of french,people smh dude smh,huh also potatoes wedges potato hash,browns potatoes tater tots potatoes,croquette potato but that is brown,potato potato salad,uh i cant believe ive been so,insensitive at least it was only once,each chip is sliced and diced and,lowered gently into the boiling oil,then boiled again in the boiling oil,do you have the time chipping,a quarter after two,before boiling them in boiling oil one,final time,what one,im so insensitive,yeah maybe you need to think about how,other people feel also i ate way too,many potatoes im proud of you buddy,openly admitting youve got a problem is,the first step to recovery okay,i have a problem,great all better dude thats not the,only step to recovery and that sure,doesnt have a back on it,and maybe the problems a lot bigger,than you think,i do need help,okay dude weve cleared out your locker,and your desk is there anywhere else,weve missed,is there anywhere else i dont recall,could there be any other potatoes,i think weve got them,thanks for leading me to your secret,supply but youll never find my secret,secret,dang stay strong bro i know this isnt,easy this is a very emotional time for,me i keep getting these horrible,devastating mood swings but its fine,everything is great,all i need to do is relax like really,really relax ill fight anything that,moves,well hes coping better than i thought,you know a lot of people find doing,something with their hands helps take,their mind off cravings lets search for,things to do with your hands,whoa,origami thats a great idea,feel any better not at all well at least,it hasnt upset anyone hey guys have you,seen my parents they were coming in,today to see miss simeon,[Music],no,never mind,clearly dedication and good intentions,arent working time to put our faith in,something that looks like science but,isnt,welcome to dr zanthors hypnotize,yourself to a healthier you,listen to the sound of my voice,youre feeling very sleepy,youre lying,is that get those chips out of my face,hey what are you guys doing ah do we,really have to tell you or will we just,admit that youve been eavesdropping and,already have a solution i sure do just,leave it to scoop dog oh okay is he,coming here do we go to him neither so,we just wait here or no no no its me,im scoop dog its a new nickname im,trying oh that was not at all clear,did it work not really aversion therapy,is just advertising with different music,see,[Music],also maybe it would have worked better,if you hadnt wedged my eyes open with,french fries,any other bad ideas well how about mr,smalls group therapy its really good,ive been to every single one to cure my,obsessive personality every single one,havent missed a week try to couldnt,[Music],you

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2015 Jeinkler Aguirre & Jose Antonio Guerra – Cuba Diving Synchro Platform Pam Am Games

e,[Música],y,[Música],colombia,52 80 en el primer salto para ellos y,bien en guerra y jeinkler aquí está josé,antonio guerra de cuba primer salto de,ellos vuelta y media desde la posición,hacia adelante muy bien el clavo muy,bien ejecutado aquí está mi la directos,milagros gonzález finalista olímpica de,moscú 80 octava,milagros gonzález de holguín muy bien,ejecutado vieron la sincronización la,entrada al agua vamos a ver la,puntuación de gerrit y jake la guerra,que yo sigo pensando que a nivel,panamericano incluso puede compartir en,la plataforma lo que son muchos años y,las lecciones vayan 52 20 proveen la,sincronización 98 58 588 5 y la,ejecución bien el primer salto de,guerrita se toca el pecho,las piernas pues cuando está en el punto,más alto del salto del grado de,dificultad,salto de espalda el que va a ejecutar,ahora,desde la posición 6,y esta vez como la rodilla,bien bien,guerra y jeinkler siguen bien,[Música],mire mire la rodilla y como hacia el,pecho lo que les explicaba,[Aplausos],en la posición 6 podía doblar a calentar,los muslos con el pecho,pero pasaron al primer lugar pasan al,primer lugar 95 99 99 la sincronización,[Música],ellos ganaron,aquí y rita y jay clair van con el mismo,clavado vamos muchas que hay que hacerlo,bien,aquí están carretilla y claro,viene la dupla cubana sí muy bueno a la,entrada al agua,sí,[Aplausos],a nuestro entrenador principal que bien,ha estado de antonio guerra,incombustible inacabable siempre,competitivo,o sea antonio guerra,pero en la sincronización y la ejecución,fue muy buena,79-68 sigue primero para los canadienses,kerry keane claire 3,2 el grado de,dificultad en el cuarto salto vamos a,ver cómo lo ejecutan vamos muchachos que,están en la plataforma,concentración cuenta guerra aquí vienen,poquitico nada más en la sincronización,pero bien ejecutado aplaude milagrito,toda intención para pies guerrita más,bien en claro va primero manda cuba,está cargando los cubanos,aquí en la final,ha sido de los saltos el que menos me ha,gustado los cuatro que han realizado y,no formal ojo bueno,todavía aquí 98 recibieron aquí 28 en la,ejecución muy bien 270 36 84 48 hay papá,que había pagado y el clero,y sigue mandando cuba 270 aprendices,aumentaron la ventaja sobre colombia,desde la posición,aquí vienen vamos vamos vamos vamos la,entrada a favor un poquito pasado vamos,a ver con soledad pero el clavado,inválida aplaude los entrenadores,cubanos ven a ver estos otros rey papá,está tocando el oro les queda sólo un,salto a 12 antonio guerra y jeinkler,aguirre,aquí hubo algunos problemas de la,sincronización pero lo arreglaron por el,camino y entre los junto a la alberca,y ya está,están acariciando el oro,con este grado de dificultad 86 70 son,los que mandan 350 y 70,65,rubalcaba parecen estar fuera de los,puntos de vista más está en todos lados,36 sextos altos para los cubanos vamos,concéntrense muchacho concéntrese cómo,hacer silencio vamos a ver este clavado,el momento cumbre de la competencia aquí,en torno al oro la historia vamos,pero la strada y es todo el adoro me,parece que van a celebrar en la piscina,del hotel esto de milagro,apuntó blatter historia derretía y clara,a los 35 años y antonio guerra subiría,juntos joven jay clara guerra por,primera vez en la historia es cuba se,llevaría el oro en la plataforma,sincronizada,momento histórico,del clavado cubano,en el grado de dificultad altísimo para,tiempo pero no lo sabe que están ahí,mismo saben que hoy van a bailar sobre,rita ver cómo celebran se abrazan sí,señores,cuba es la dueña la reina del ciclo del,masculino como verdad en estos,panamericanos en el sincronizado de,plataforma que retiréis claire estos,medallistas tienen que estar felices,aquí recibe su medalla ríos,más joven,juan guillermo fueron quintos ellos,mismos hace cuatro años aquí ortega,recibe su medalla de bronce mejoraron,dos puestos con respecto a guadalajara,así que felices 20 años nada más tenía,16 hace 4 con guillermo ríos el más,pequeñito,ahí están las felicitaciones,recibe la mascota de los juegos tapping,junto con las medallas,[Aplausos],ahí están víctor hortel y juan guillermo,ríos de colombia,[Música],la medalla de plata para los locales,gagne y recto,como celebran tanto ellos como su,público la medalla de plata están,felices,qué es una medalla de plata continental,que digan,qué son,la segunda pareja desde alaska hasta la,tierra del fuego,se dice rápido pero hay que tener,grandes resultados,gran actuación de esta dupla canadiense,también,[Aplausos],gran actuación de esta dupla canadiense,reiteró,aquietar willy kanis el ruedo,y va a venir la premiación para los,reyes de américa,los chicos dorados de la piscina los,chicos dorados del trampolín,sincronizado en la plataforma aquí están,de cubas de la mayor de las antillas y,para todo el continente,jose antonio de río y clark aguirre,estos son los mejores de américa,ahí están,como amanda en el centro del continente,recibe de risa 35 años,hay que sentir admiración por alguien,así que se ha consagrado que lleva 16,años en la élite de este continente,jose antonio guerra cinco huevos para,americanos,como hay que entrenar bajo condiciones,adversas a veces el cuerpo,creo que es hay que resaltarlo cacho,este muchacho aquí esta cámara para,guerra y también para el club,[Aplausos],orgulloso podemos decir que los reyes,del sincro en la plataforma en américa,son cubas,[Música],las notas de nuestro glorioso himno,nacional suenan aquí en toronto,[Música],[Aplausos],[Música],premiación,de la plataforma sincronizada,la foto de rigor,el podio copado por cubanos colombianos,y canadienses ahí está la tabla,[Aplausos],oro para cuba plata para canadá bronce,para colombia,ahí está la postal en el podio de,premiaciones,y arriba para que el público el,respetable también tenga,su imagen para la historia,y después de esta extraordinaria,actuación de cubanos vamos para la,fiesta donde los cubanos también tienen,posibilidades y que este resto vamos,contigo

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How Nvidia AI Robot Trained 42 Years In 32 Hours And Did THIS | Google DeepMind AlphaCode

ግኝት Nvidia AI ሮቦት ወደር የለሽ ቅልጥፍና ያለው የኒቪዲ አርቲፊሻል,ኢንተለጀንስ ተመራማሪዎች ሮቦትን በሚያስደነግጥ ቅልጥፍና ስራዎችን ለመስራት የማስመሰል እና የማጠናከሪያ ትምህርት ተጠቅመዋል,ይህ ጨዋታ ለዋጭ ሮቦት እና ቴክኖሎጂ,የሮቦቲክስ መሳሪያዎች አዳዲስ ክህሎቶችን እንዴት እንደሚማሩ እና እንዴት እንደሚለውጥ የመቀየር አቅም አለው። የገሃዱ ዓለም ተግባራትን እንድንፈጽም ሊረዳን ይችላል,የሰው እጅ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ዓመታት የተፈጠረ የዝግመተ ለውጥ አስደናቂ ውጤት ነው,ዕቃዎችን የመረዳት እና የመቆጣጠር ችሎታው አካባቢያችንን,ከሌሎች ዝርያዎች የሚለየን ወሳኝ ችሎታ ለመቅረጽ ያስችለናል ሮቦቶችም እንዲሆኑ በሰዎች ዓለም ውስጥ መሥራት መቻላቸው,ያለዚህ አቅም በዙሪያቸው ካሉ መሳሪያዎች እና አከባቢዎች ጋር መስተጋብር መፍጠር መቻል አለባቸው ።,እንደ ፋብሪካዎች ወይም መጋዘኖች ባሉ ልዩ ቅንጅቶች ውስጥ ብቻ ጠቃሚ ይሆናሉ,የእጅ ጣቶች ብዙ ተጨማሪ መገጣጠሚያዎች አሏቸው ፣ ይህም የተቀናጀ መሆን አለበት,በትክክለኛ ግንዛቤዎች እና እንቅስቃሴዎች ላይ የሚያተኩሩ ባህላዊ የሮቦቲክስ ቁጥጥር ዘዴዎችን አንድ የተወሰነ ተግባር ለማከናወን,ሰዎች በቀላሉ ሊፈጽሟቸው የሚችሉትን አጠቃላይ ጥሩ የሞተር መቆጣጠሪያ ክህሎቶችን መስጠት አልቻሉም ለእነዚህ,ችግሮች አንድ መፍትሄ ጥልቅ የማጠናከሪያ ትምህርት ቴክኒኮችን በመጠቀም,ጥልቅ RL በመባልም የሚታወቁትን የነርቭ ኔትወርክን በማሰልጠን የሮቦታችንን መገጣጠሚያዎች በጥልቅ የማጠናከሪያ ትምህርት ሮቦት,በሙከራ እና በስህተት ይማራል እና አንድን ስራ በተሳካ ሁኔታ በማጠናቀቁ ይሸለማል,፣ ነገር ግን ይህ ዘዴ ብዙ ናሙናዎችን ሊፈልግ ይችላል ፣ ይህም ከእውነተኛ,ሮቦቶች ጋር ለመጠቀም የማይቻል ያደርገዋል የNvidi Isaac Robotic simulator ሮቦቶች በሚያስመስል አጽናፈ ሰማይ ውስጥ እንዲሰለጥኑ ያስችላቸዋል።,ከእውነተኛው አለም በበለጠ ፍጥነት የፊዚክስ ህግጋትን እየተከተሉ ይህ ሮቦቶች,በፍጥነት እና በብቃት እንዲሰለጥኑ ያስችላቸዋል ።,ከዒላማ ጋር ለማዛመድ ፍንጭ የነርቭ አውታረመረብ ይህንን,ሙሉ በሙሉ በሲሙሌተር ውስጥ ተምሯል ለ,efore ወደ እውነተኛው ሮቦት እንዲቆጣጠር መደረጉ ቀደም ሲል,ክፍት AI ላይ ያሉ ተመራማሪዎች ብቻ ተመሳሳይ ውጤት ማምጣት ችለዋል ነገር ግን ስራቸው,የበለጠ የላቀ እና ውድ የሆነ ሮቦት እና ትክክለኛ የእንቅስቃሴ መቆጣጠሪያ ዳሳሾች እና ሱፐር ኮምፒዩተር,ክላስተር በመቶዎች የሚቆጠሩ ኮምፒውተሮችን በማሰልጠን ፈልጎ ነበር። የመርከቧ ዥረት ፕሮጀክት,ሌሎች ተመራማሪዎች ልምዳቸውን እንዲደግሙ ቀላል ለማድረግ ርካሽ እና ቀላል ሃርድዌርን ተጠቅሟል,ሮቦት ጥቅም ላይ የዋለው አሌግሮ እጅ ከሌሎች አማራጮች በጣም ርካሽ እና,አራት ጣቶች ብቻ ያሉት እና ምንም ተንቀሳቃሽ የእጅ አንጓ ሳይኖረው ተመራማሪዎቹ ሶስት ከመጠቀም ውጪ ይጠቀሙ ነበር- መደርደሪያ RGB ካሜራዎች በእያንዳንዱ ፊት ላይ 3D የታተመ ኪዩብ ተለጣፊዎችን ለመከታተል,ይህ ማዋቀር ወረፋው ያለ ልዩ ሃርድዌር በቀላሉ እንዲቀመጥ ያስችለዋል,የመርከቧ ዥረት ፕሮጀክት ይስሃቅ ጂም ለስልጠና ይጠቀማል ይህም,የማጠናከሪያ ትምህርት ጂፒዩ የተፋጠነ የማስመሰል አካባቢን ይሰጣል Nvidia Physx,ዓለምን ያስመስላል በጂፒዩ ላይ እና ውጤቶቹ በጥልቅ ትምህርት ስልጠና ወቅት በጂፒዩ ማህደረ ትውስታ ውስጥ ይቀራሉ የቁጥጥር,ፖሊሲ ኔትዎርክ በውጤቱም ስልጠና በአንድ የኦምኒቨርስ ኦቪኤክስ አገልጋይ ላይ ሊደረግ ይችላል ይህ,ስርዓት ጥሩ ፖሊሲን በ32 ሰአታት ውስጥ ማሰልጠን ይችላል ይህም,በእውነተኛው አለም ለአንድ ሮቦት የ42 አመት ልምድ ያለው ነው ምክንያቱም አይዛክ ጂም የሚጠቀመው የተለየ የሲፒዩ ክላስተር ፍላጎት በማሰልጠን ከ,10 እስከ 200 ጊዜ የሚደርስ የኮምፒዩተር ወጪ እንዲቀንስ አድርጓል ይህ ደግሞ,የመርከቧ ዥረት ሮቦት የኮምፒዩተር እይታን ግንዛቤ,ለማስጨበጥ ስልጠናውን በጣም ፈጣን እና ውድ ያደርገዋል ። ወጪን በመቀነስ,ወደፊት በሌሎች ነገሮች ላይ ሊደረጉ የሚችሉትን መጠቀሚያዎች ይፍቀዱ ስርዓቱ ሶስት ነጥበ-መደርደሪያ ካሜራዎችን,እና የኩብ አቀማመጥን ሊተረጉም የሚችል የነርቭ አውታረ መረብ ይጠቀማል ይህ አውታረ መረብ ሁሉን,ዩኒቨርስን በመጠቀም የመነጨ ወደ 5 ሚሊዮን የሚጠጉ ሠራሽ መረጃዎችን በመጠቀም,የሰለጠነ ነው። እውነተኛ ምስሎችን ሳያስፈልገው ማባዛት አውታረ መረቡ ስልጠናውን ለመስራት,በገሃዱ ዓለም ፈታኝ ሁኔታዎችን እንዴት ማከናወን እንደሚቻል መማር ይችላል የበለጠ ጠንካራ ተመራማሪዎቹ የመብራት,እና የካሜራ ቦታዎችን እና የውሂብ መጨመርን በዘፈቀደ የሰብል ሽክርክርን እና ዳራዎችን ለመተግበር የጎራ ራንደምላይዜሽን ተጠቅመዋል,Dextreme pose estimation system ትክክለኛ ነው እና ነገሩ,በከፊል የተዘጋ ቢሆንም ወይም ጉልህ የሆነ የእንቅስቃሴ ብዥታ ማስመሰያዎች ጠቃሚ ናቸው ሮቦቶችን ለማሰልጠን,ምክንያቱም በገሃዱ አለም ከስልጠና ጋር ተያይዘው የሚመጡ ብዙ ፈተናዎችን ለማስወገድ ይረዳሉ,Dextreme የማስመሰያውን የፊዚክስ ባህሪ ለመቀየር የጎራ ራንደምላይዜሽን ይጠቀማል,ይህ AI ያልተለመደ የሁኔታዎች ጥምረት እንዲይዝ ያሠለጥናል ይህም,ተግባሩን በእውነተኛነት ሲፈጽም ወደ ጥንካሬ ይመራዋል ዓለም በእውነቱ,በእውነተኛው ሮቦት ላይ የተደረጉት አብዛኛዎቹ ሙከራዎች በትንሹ በማይሰራ,አውራ ጣት ነው የተከናወኑት ነገር ግን ፖሊሲዎቹ አሁንም ከሲሙሌሽን ወደ እውነተኛው አለም ተላልፈዋል በአስተማማኝ ሁኔታ,የ AI አብዮት በፕሮግራም በማዘጋጀት የጉግል አልፋ ኮድ አሁን በኮዲንግ ውድድር ውስጥ ደረጃ የተሰጠው,ሰው ሰራሽ የማሰብ ችሎታ ከጊዜ ወደ ጊዜ እየጨመረ ነው። በመሸከም የተካነ የቦርድ ጨዋታዎችን በማሸነፍ,እና የኪነጥበብ ስራዎችን በማመንጨት ላይ ግን በ Google DeepMind ውስጥ አዲስ,በታተሙ የወረቀት ተመራማሪዎች ውስጥ በፕሮግራም እንዴት እንደሚሰራ ተናግረዋል የአልፋ ኮድ ሀ መደበኛ በሆነው የፕሮግራም ውድድር ውስጥ አማካይ የሰው ኮድ አውጪ በተመሳሳይ,ደረጃ ማከናወን ይችላል ይህ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ነው,። AI ሲስተም በፕሮግራም አወጣጥ ውድድሮች ላይ ፉክክር ሠርቷል የ DeepMind አብሮ የማመንጨት,ሥርዓት በቅርብ ጊዜ በተደረጉ የፕሮግራም ውድድር ላይ በተደረጉት የማስመሰል ግምገማዎች በአማካይ ደረጃ,በኮድ ኃይሎች መድረክ ላይ በ54.3 በመቶ ተሳታፊዎች ውስጥ ተካሂዷል,። AI አፕሊኬሽኖች ማይክሮሶፍት,ይህንን አካባቢ በ GitHub ላይ የሚገኘውን ኮፒሎት በሚባል ኮድ የሚጠቁም ፕሮግራም በማሰስ ላይ ይገኛል እና አማዞን,ተመሳሳይ መሳሪያ አለው ኮድ ዊስፐር አልፋ ኮድ,ለተፈጥሮ ቋንቋ ለሆነ ችግር መግለጫዎች ምላሽ ለመስጠት ትልቅ የቋንቋ ሞዴል ይጠቀማል።,ትልቅ የውሂብ ስብስብ የፕሮግራም ችግሮች እና መፍትሄዎችን,ይጠቀማል ከ GitHub ካልተዋቀረ ኮድ ጋር,በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ መፍትሄዎችን ለማመንጨት ልክ ያልሆኑትን ቀሪዎቹን መፍትሄዎች በቡድን በማጣራት,እና ጥናቱ በሚቀጥልበት ጊዜ ከእያንዳንዱ ቡድን አንድ ምሳሌ ምረጡ ። የ AI የ,DeepMinds AlphaGo ፕሮግራም ማሽኖች የ Goን ጨዋታ ማካሄዳቸውን ባሳየበት ጊዜ እንዳደረገው ተመሳሳይ የሆነ,የአልፋ ኮድ አንድ አስደሳች ገጽታ ከሂደቱ በኋላ ያለው ሂደት,ስህተት መሆኑን የሚያጣራው ወይም መፍትሄውን የሚያደቅቅ ነው ። ይህ እነዚህ የማሽን መማሪያ,ሞዴሎች መሆናቸውን ያሳያል ። እነሱን ሙሉ በሙሉ ከመተካት ይልቅ የሰውን ችሎታ ሲያሳድጉ በጣም ውጤታማ የሆኑት,Xiaomi የሰው ልጅ ሮቦት ከበሮ እንዴት እንደሚጫወት ያስተምራል ሳይበር አንድ ሰው ሮቦት,የኒዲ ፋይልን በመጠቀም ከበሮ ይመታል እንቅስቃሴውን የተቀናጀ እና ከሙዚቃው ጋር ይመሳሰላል ፣,ምክንያቱም የሮቦት ፍፃሜ ፈጣሪዎች በምርምርው ሻይ ላይ ከበሮውን በትክክል መምታት አለባቸው,m ለእያንዳንዱ ክንድ እና እግሮቹ ቅደም ተከተሎችን እንዴት እንደሚመድቡ እና,በሮቦት የሃርድዌር ገደቦች ውስጥ ቀጣይነት ያለው ከግጭት ነፃ የሆኑ አቅጣጫዎችን ማመንጨት ነበረባቸው።,ይህን ችግር የፈቱት መሰረታዊ ምቶችን በማውጣት እና ከመስመር ውጭ የሆነ የከበሮ ምታ እንቅስቃሴን በማመቻቸት,ሳይበር በማመቻቸት ነው። ከየትኛውም የከበሮ ነጥብ ጋር የሚጣጣሙ ተከታታይ አቅጣጫዎችን ለመፍጠር,ይህ ሮቦቱ ከበሮ በሚጫወትበት ጊዜ የበለጠ ነፃነት ይሰጠዋል እና አፈፃፀሙ,በችሎታው ብቻ የተገደበ ነው ቡድኑ በተጨማሪም,ሮቦቶች የተለያዩ ዘፈኖችን እንዲሰሩ አውቶማቲክ የከበሮ ዘዴዎችን አዘጋጅቷል ሌሎች የሙዚቃ መሳሪያዎች,ለሮቦት አፈፃፀም ኩባንያው በሁለተኛው የሳይበር አንድ ትውልድ ላይ በመስራት ላይ ይገኛል,የሎኮሞሽን እና የማታለል ችሎታን ለማሻሻል በማቀድ ብዙ የነፃነት ደረጃዎችን ለመጨመር ያቀዱ,እራሳቸውን ያዳበሩ ደካሞች እጆችን በማዋሃድ እና ተጨማሪ ዳሳሾችን ይጨምራሉ ፣ እነሱም የበለጠ ያዳብራሉ።,ጠንካራ የቁጥጥር ስልተ ቀመሮች በአንድ Locomotion በራዕይ Xiaomi hum በማደግ ላይ ነው። አኖይድ ሮቦቶች,በሶስት ምክንያቶች በመጀመሪያ የአለም የሰው ሃይል እያሽቆለቆለ ነው እና,ኩባንያው የሰው ሰራተኞችን ለመተካት ሮቦቶችን ለመጠቀም እየሞከረ ነው, በሁለተኛ ደረጃ ኩባንያው የሰው ሮቦቶች,በጣም ቴክኒካል ፈታኝ የሆነ የሮቦት አይነት መሆናቸውን ያምናል እና በነሱ ላይ በመስራት,ይህንን ቴክኖሎጂ ወደ ተግባር ሊገቡ ይችላሉ. ሌሎች ሮቦቶች እንደ ባለአራት ሮቦቶች ሮቦቲክ ክንዶች እና ባለ ጎማ ሮቦቶች,በሶስተኛ ደረጃ የሰው ልጅ ሮቦቶች ለወደፊቱ ጉልህ ሚና እንደሚጫወቱ ያምናሉ

Mark Cuban And Chris Sacca Fight Over A Deal With Brightwheel | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

my name is dave vassen i live in san,francisco california with my wife,samoyna and my daughter serena,im a first generation american my,parents came to the us from south,america with almost nothing they taught,me the importance of a strong work ethic,and the value of an education how are we,looking to get this out today after,school i started working in education,technology building software platforms,for big companies like amazon and cisco,but when my daughter serena was born,everything changed i cant run i would,leave for work every day i just found it,so hard to not be a part of her day and,how she was learning and growing i knew,with my background and passion for,education i could actually do something,about it,i developed a unique product thats,focused specifically on early education,it connects preschool and daycare,teachers the parents and their children,in a way thats never been done before,85 of brain development happens in the,first three years of life and every,study shows that the investment that you,make has a massive impact not only on,the individual but on the greater,community these are our kids this is our,future and this is something that we,have to invest in,[Music],hi sharks my name is dave vassen im the,founder and ceo of brightwheel and im,here seeking a 400 000 investment for,four percent equity stake in my company,brightwell is the mobile app for,preschools daycares and families and we,are completely revolutionizing early,education now i believe all of us are,parents here and i want to ask when you,come home after a long day and you ask,your kids what did you learn in school,today does it sound familiar,this is the experience for millions of,parents across america every single day,and especially for younger kids youve,been apart from your little human being,for six eight ten hours a day and that,is all you get you know you want to be a,part of their day you want to add to the,learning once you come home and you,cant its gut wrenching and on the,other side on the school side is no,better in addition to actually educating,our kids teachers are managing a ton of,paperwork lets face it theyre actually,managing parents and on top of that,theyre even running a business,the system is broken and brightwheel is,the solution so lets jump in and take a,look at how bright glow works,so with brightwell teachers can easily,check kids in from the mobile app they,can log activities and assessments,during the day,they can send quick updates,and they can even manage their business,all in one place and were just seeing,an amazing amount of photos every single,day on brightwheel and this is the,reason you take it you tag it and you,are absolutely done,and now were gonna look at the teacher,app so this is the teachers room and,were gonna click on activities at the,bottom here,and this is all being done on paper,today and so weve taken it and combined,it and made it super fast and super easy,so were gonna click on nap here,and then were gonna tag three kids that,just went down for a nap,and the key about brightwheel is that,were saving teachers time you actually,have measurably more time with kids,every single day and now were going to,flip over real quick to the parent,experience so lets jump to the mobile,app this is actually my little girl,serena and this is her day and as you,can see i get a sense of not only what,shes doing but what shes learning and,so when i come home i can actually have,a conversation with her about it,my connection with my little girl is so,much deeper because of right wheel and,by the way in the middle of a pretty,tough day it doesnt hurt to get a photo,like this,sharks this is unique opportunity to,build a massive business that has a,massive impact on peoples everyday,lives and thats something that we hear,every day so i hope youre joining,serena and our team in bringing,brightmill to every preschool every day,care and every family across the globe,are you selling me this platform this,dashboard is that whats happening yes,how much am i paying for right now,youre paying nothing right wheels right,wheels free today uh when we have our,premium product you will be paying a,monthly fee for that the parent will pay,or ill pay you will pay as the,administrator or the owner and will the,parent ever pay anything not today were,building a platform we see a lot of,opportunity to add value to parents down,the road except you cant advertise on,that platform correct and we have no,intention to advertise wait you can,advertise to the parents all you want we,dont want to we think theres a ton of,ways that you can very hard time with,that model no way no and we havent we,have no intention to so let me walk you,through what brightwells looked like so,we started with a pilot in fall 2014.,how many schools did you get yeah so we,got 10 schools in the pilot with,literally no product and so we worked,with them we listened to them we,understood their needs in june of this,year we launched publicly as bright but,we went from 10 and then now we have 2,500 schools in every state across the,country wow so how are you going to,monetize first i just want to say that,when you look at other industries all of,these industries have really great,dedicated software thats provided by,very large companies this is a massive,market that doesnt have that and so,thats what we see ourselves fitting in,a lot of that has to do with the fact,that they dont have money because,theyre very much,small proprietors but they but they do,have budget well theyre just mismanaged,ive got a four-year-old a two-year-old,and a two week old and i pull my hair,out sometimes looking at how the,preschools are managed as a business,right i offered to write software for my,kids preschool and thats why they love,it because we take all that off their,hands so they have more time with kids,youre doing so many things at once that,makes it a little harder to pitch this,yeah that may be where the opportunity,lies too right youre doing something,for schools something for parents,something for teachers as well right,were in everything from four person,in-home daycares uh even a lot of people,are actually using us with nannies so a,single person all the way up to elite,chain of preschools so were gonna offer,at the low price point around forty,dollars per month for a really small,in-home daycare and that scales up to,two hundred dollars and some of the,instances of the top price is 200 that,could be 50 kids right theres some very,large centers including ones that were,in were in centers with several hundred,children so thats still 200 bucks yes,have you raised any money from investors,so based on the pilot we raised a seed,round of 2.2 million and 8.2 million,valuation,besides money what do you want the shark,to contribute to this uh to your venture,were taking on big challenges now were,looking to scale were looking to build,a global brand im not just here for,money im not just here for pr im here,for,the partnership possibilities of,bringing on sharks onto our team and the,value that that adds we want to be the,brand of early education the problem is,the law of small numbers i mean i,actually understand what youre doing,and have been in your space i made a lot,of money in it actually and i think its,brilliant i guess youve done something,really interesting here i dont know,what your plans are in the monetization,so its 1 million next year 6 million a,year after that and 20 after that i,believe it okay look ill make you an,offer ill give you 400 000 but i want,10 i just bring too much,kevin i appreciate that offer i really,do and the fact that you want to be a,part of this one more than the number of,the experts said how how can like i,understand its like oh and look even,even your background you sold an,education company that is valuable what,is challenging for me is our investors,had my back as i trust you arent that,bad right how do i get you coming in i,think youre gonna have that same

Mark Cuban Loses BIG in Crypto Crash

mark cuban recently promoted a crypto,that completely flopped the coin is,called,titan and it went from four dollars to,sixty dollars within a week and then it,crashed to a penny,dont forget to like and subscribe lets,head into the video,mark cuban is optimistic about the,future of deafy,decentralized finance and daos,decentralized,autonomous organizations dows can govern,and oversee deafy applications and other,projects,while deafy applications aim to recreate,traditional financial systems with,cryptocurrency,dows are similar to traditional,corporations or organizations,except that control is democratized,within them,dows have members who vote on decisions,and rules,which are then coded into smart,contracts on the blockchain,rather than having a single centralized,leader,users can use deffi lending to lend out,cryptocurrency,in the same way that a traditional bank,would lend out,flat currency and earn interest as a,lender,dows govern diffie lending applications,like ave,compound and maker one of the things,that pique,cubans interest in these decentralized,protocols,is their structure which leads him to,believe that,deffi could be a serious competitor to,traditional banks,ave like its competitor compound looks,like a bank but it is not,nowhere close cuban said ave is a,completely automated,permissionless platform where there are,no bankers,no buildings no toasters no vaults no,cash,no holding your money no forms to fill,out no credit ratings involved,everything is controlled by smart,contracts its fully automated you dont,have to get approval from anyone and it,takes,minutes to take out a loan of course,this is part of what makes deafy so,dangerous,when you use deafy there is no,regulation of insurance on your money,unlike when you use a traditional bank,despite that fact that,deffy loans is secured by other crypto,assets,borrowers who use defe protocols cannot,be held,liable if they are unable to repay a,loan effectively,mark cuban claimed to have had traded a,deafy token that crashed to zero in a,single day,the token was part of iron finance an,algorithmic,stable coin project and was known as the,iron titanium token,or titan titan fell to nearly zero on,thursday,after a large whale account dumped their,holdings,causing panic selling its unclear how,much money,cuban lost or when he got out of the,business,titan made up a small percentage of his,crypto portfolio,but it was enough to make him unhappy he,told bloomberg news,in a blog post titled the brilliance of,yield farming,liquidity providing and valuing crypto,projects,the billionaire investor mentioned titan,he claimed to be a liquidity provider,for quick swap a decentralized exchange,platform,in the post i provide two different,tokens,that quick swap can use to make swaps,between these two tokens,as you can see this pair is just one of,many based,on the 0.25 volume,in this swap that quick swap pays my,annualized return on my initial 75k,investment based solely on fees as of,this,writing is about 206 based solely on,fees earned in the last 24 hours,but the cool thing is while i dont get,any extra awards for this pair,are you reading this titan and quick,swap this return percentage will vary,all over the map however where i dont,get any,additional rewards for this pair i am,currently the only lp in this pool,so i get 100 percent of the fees in,every pool,the lps get a percentage of the fees,based on the percentage of the liquidity,they provide,i get .25 the transaction volume,for swaps between these two tokens as,long as i keep making a good return,i will keep my money invested if not i,can immediately withdraw it,have enough lps and the exchange is far,more capital efficient than a similar,traditional exchange business and i can,get some money,according to bloomberg news cuban,believes that regulation,should be put in place to define what a,stable coin is,and what collateralization is acceptable,its really on me for being lazy,even though i got roughed up on this the,thing about,deafy plays like this is that theyre,all about revenue and math,and i was too lazy to do the math to,figure out what the key metrics were,cuban wrote to bloomberg in an email,however if youre looking for a takeaway,the real question is one of regulation,every new,i1 and i2 will see a slew,of players attempting to establish,stable coins for the winners,it can be a very lucrative fee and our,business,what do you think about mark cuban do,you think hell overcome the loss with,other cryptocurrencies in the near,future,let us know in the comments section this,brings us the end of our video,i hope you have enjoyed it hit like if,you did and dont forget to subscribe to,our channel so you dont miss any of our,videos in the future also,watch the two videos that are on your,screen because im sure youll love them,with that ill see you in the next video

Robert Gets To Test Out Virtual Reality On Shark Tank | CNBC Prime

this is the omni,the first ever virtual reality platform,that allows you to be truly a part of,the video game the omni is a,omnidirectional treadmill but you,removed all the moving parts,its basically a low friction surface on,which the user walks with these special,shoes that have a low friction sole,steep will also put on a support belt,which provides safety you cant follow,on the omni,also provides some support so you can,use the omni hands-free so you can hold,a controller,or a gun in your hands the omni can be,played with any,existing game that uses keyboard input,once youre in the omni you can put on,the virtual reality glasses oh cool,this is right up your alley the omni,enables you to walk,run jump,and crouch in 360 degrees and put your,mind and your body,into the video game to transport you,into a different world,[Music],cool wow virtual reality has never,broken through because the technology,wasnt ready thats all changing now,the technology is here the omni is here,so which of you,sharks want to be on the forefront of,this virtual reality revolution,robert you look inside here would you,like to try it out id love to try to,have it absolutely,whose glasses are you using this is the,oculus rift okay so youre using oculus,rift right,oculus rift you can interface with the,different types of video platforms,thats right,whoa be careful you better give robert a,vomit bag,all right now im gonna set up the,connect whats it like in there robert,its very cool,so robin the gun is just a trigger so,you aim with your look,very cool oh wow,run gerbil run look hes back in croatia,kevin come out and play kevin,really cool all right very very,immersive how much is it,were selling this on our website right,now for 499 dollars,thats it thats cheaper than i would,have thought how many have you sold,so we launched this product on,kickstarter and we raised 1.1 million,dollars wow,how many units are you going to have to,deliver close to 3 000.,thank you very much john that was,awesome great it was very cool,very very cool where do you see how,uncool you looked up there were you,winded when you were on there,i was but i dont know if i was wounded,because i didnt know how to use it,i think once you got used to it youd be,fine do you think that uh guys who play,games like this want to exercise because,usually they have a side job as a plus,size model most guys who are,well played games nobody likes being,overweight people,would like to be fit but gamers dont,like to exercise and we can play games,and lose,weight and burn calories at the same,time people are excited about it its a,weight loss machine as well,is that what youre thinking absolutely,but theres a bigger issue right,this is pretty much based around oculus,rift right as oculus rift goes you guys,go,can you tell me what that is oculus rift,thats the the headset the rift is,basically what started this virtual,reality revolution theyve done a,phenomenal job,of allowing you to put on a headset and,in an immersive world,is that included in the price its not,included in the price its not pay for,that,no really 300 is the gun included the,gun is off the shelf you can buy it,online,it sounds like its going to be an 8 to,900 cost which is quite a bit,why dont you tell us why youre worth,20 million dollars today because i mean,no ones addressed that,i think its the elephant in the room,thats a ridiculous valuation for this,let me walk you through the numbers the,rift is an analog for our product,same target market same people theyre,selling 200 of these per day right now,they project to do 500 000 units in,sales next year,if we convert one out of 20 buyers of,the rift well we will be selling 25 000,units next year which is 12.5 million,dollars,in sales theres a fundamental,difference though when i buy the,headgear i can still sit around and,lounge youre forcing me to stand and,youre forcing me to be,interactive i dont think people want to,be that interactive i sold three,thousand numbers without a product,we can debate the merits of the product,im just trying to look at the sheer,number you want me to pay your value,two years from now today heres my,thinking on it if my husband brought,this into my house i would divorce him,immediately,i think its a problem because of its,size in the home i also think its a,tremendous problem to sell this in,retail i sell a lot of product now,through retail,i couldnt get anybody to give the floor,space to this youd pay so much just to,demonstrate it,but i think thats a concern you have to,realize that 50 of the population is,married and theyre gonna have to deal,with their wife on this one,so im out,you know i see the market you know black,ops did amazing grand theft auto right,breaking records,i see the market but i also dont see,somebody playing this more than an hour,or half an hour a day before they cant,even play anymore because theyre out of,breath or theyre tired they just wont,revisit it so,for all those reasons and more im out,you

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