1. How to Coupon at Walgreens for Beginners | Coupon Policies Explained
  2. Walgreens Survey, Competitor Coupons, and Irish Blessing Challenge
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  4. Couponing 101 – How to Coupon at Walgreens
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How to Coupon at Walgreens for Beginners | Coupon Policies Explained

welcome back to my channel saving with,christina about a week ago i posted the,first video in my new series how to,coupon at walgreens for beginners in,that first video i covered the my,walgreens program how to use and,navigate the walgreens app how to find,and use digital coupons as well as the,difference between store and,manufacturer coupons so if that is,information that you are wanting or,needing to know i am going to link that,video down in the video description box,below the video im doing today builds,upon that first video so today im going,to be digging into the different,walgreens coupon policies i will link,their full coupon policy down in the,video description box but lets jump,into the ones that i think are,particularly important to know,one walgreens does not accept expired,coupons youre just out of luck there if,that coupons expired theyre not gonna,take it walgreens also does not accept,competitors coupons thats just not,something they do if youre familiar,with the verbiage on coupons you know,that sometimes there is a limit written,on the coupon like limit one per,household per day or limit four,identical coupons per household per day,not all coupons have that verbiage,however walgreens does have a policy and,the policy says that they limit coupons,to four,identical coupons per household per day,now of course if the individual coupon,has a different requirement they will,follow that one but if you dont see any,requirement on the coupon walgreens does,say they will limit all coupons to four,identical coupons per household per day,another good one to know is that,walgreens will not accept digital,reproductions of coupons so for example,often times when i go into walgreens,especially on the weekends i will see,beauty coupons at the beauty counter,and theyre only good for a few days so,ill snap a picture of those coupons and,ill post it to instagram as a heads up,to people hey if youre going into the,store uh keep a lookout for these,coupons because you can snag a great,deal over the next couple of days now,what this coupon policy means is someone,cant take that picture that i have,posted to instagram and scan it at the,register they would actually have to,physically have the coupon in hand if,youve been couponing for a while you,know that sometimes manufacturers will,put out coupons for completely free,products so itll say free up to 5.99 or,free up to 6.99 and sometimes you can,find those on the internet or theyll be,advertised on facebook or on instagram,well per walgreens coupon policy they,will not accept printed coupons for,completely free products so if you have,a coupon like that its going to be,better to use that coupon at a different,retailer because walgreens will not,accept them lets talk a minute about,walgreens pricing sometimes i will see,that a price on an item is substantially,different on the walgreens website than,it is in store walgreens actually has a,price match policy in their coupon,policy it says they will price match the,online price,so my store does not um but in their,actual coupon policy it says that when,youre in the store if you can pull up,the,website on your phone and you can show,them that the online price for the exact,same product exact same size,is cheaper online,they should price match that for you in,their coupon policy it also says that,walgreens allows stacking of coupons,which means you can use one manufacturer,coupons and any applicable walgreens,coupons and then it goes on to say so,long as the value of the coupons doesnt,exceed the price of the product and,remember we talked about that earlier if,the value of that manufacturer coupon is,higher than the cost of the product it,is not going to come off at checkout if,it is a walgreens store coupon the,coupon will automatically adjust down to,the price of the item giving you that,item for free now one thing i have,noticed and this is a little bit of a,trick for you lets say i had this,toothpaste and it was on clearance for a,dollar and i had a two dollar,manufacturer coupon now you know if i,buy one of these that two dollar,manufacturer coupon is not going to come,off but what i have noticed is if i buy,two of them and now my total cost is two,dollars that two dollar manufacturer,coupon will in fact come off giving me,both of those items completely free,another trick to note with the,manufacturer coupons and the walgreens,store coupons when you are shopping in,store,that manufacturer coupon that is a,higher value than the price of the item,is not gonna come off for some reason,online it does so if i have this one,dollar crest toothpaste online clearance,price and i have a two dollar,manufacturer coupon and i am checking,out online either for curbside or ship,to home,that coupon value will automatically,adjust down to the price of the item,giving me my item for free,so heres one more example that happened,recently you can see this face mask cost,2.99,and i had a three dollar manufacturer,digital coupon now if i tried to do this,deal in store that three dollar coupon,would not come off because the value of,the coupon is higher than the cost of,the item but as you can see if i place,it as a curbside deal that three dollar,coupon automatically adjusts down to 299,the cost of the product making my final,cost completely free one thing i want to,quickly touch on from my first video so,in that video i mentioned that walgreens,store coupons are different than,manufacturer coupons in that they will,attach multiple times so what i mean by,this is if there is a walgreens store,coupon for five dollars off a product if,you buy one of those products five,dollars will come off if you buy two of,those products ten dollars will come off,so that store coupon has the ability to,attach multiple times whereas a,manufacturers coupon does not so the,thing i did not mention in that first,video that i want to mention here,is that sometimes store coupons will be,a certain dollar amount off of multiple,items so like six dollars off of two,now the important thing to know with,this is if you buy one item,half of that value will come off so,lets say i have a walgreens store,coupon for six dollars off to,toothpaste but the store only has one,toothpaste but i really want to be able,to use that six dollar off too if it is,a store coupon that says with my,walgreens if i buy one of those three,dollars will come off so in my,experience if,there is a coupon that is attaching with,multiple items so six dollars off two or,five dollars off three and you only buy,one of the item,the it the register will like,automatically auto adjust down so six,dollars off two you buy one three,dollars is going to come off now a,manufacturer coupon will not do that if,you have a manufacturer coupon for six,dollars off two and you buy one nothing,is going to come off at the register you,have to buy two of those products now,this is kind of a tricky one,walgreens does not allow you to use more,coupons than you have items so if i have,just one item,that means i can just use one,manufacturer coupon so if i had a,lets say this is a two dollar product,and i have a one dollar manufacturer,coupon,i can use that coupon on this item if i,also had a store coupon thats totally,fine because thats not counting as a,second coupon but if i had something,like their register rewards and i wanted,to buy one item with a manufacturer,coupon and a register reward i could not,do that because that is two manufacturer,coupons on one item and walgreens does,not allow you to have more manufacturer,coupons than you have items so if youve,heard of people use the term filler item,or they say grab a filler item this is,what theyre talking about theyre,saying grab something else thats kind,of small that way you can use another,coupon or a register reward to pay and,bring your overall total down,so i know we havent talked about,register rewards in this video but that,is another type of coupon that walgreens,offers and so i want to tal

Walgreens Survey, Competitor Coupons, and Irish Blessing Challenge

hey guys its Rosalyn from proverbs 31,couponing I know a lot of you guys dont,know my name but now you do Ive learned,a lot of awesome things on blog TV and,Im getting to know a lot of really cool,couponers through that through Greg that,dude and keep him like a man so I just,wanted to I dont know just be real with,you so Ill start out this video by,saying Im sorry for my lack of videos,recently we had a flu bug hit our house,my 8 month old had it weve been,fighting a cough and my husband got sick,and just a lot of stuffs going on so,Im really sorry for that so this video,is actually just a couple of things Ive,been thinking about and I wanted to tell,you also a challenge that I want to,challenge you for the rest of the month,the first thing I want to talk to you,about is walgreens we all shop there and,we all do multiple transactions because,of all the you know rules with the,register rewards and such and im not,sure if youre guilty of this but i am I,come home I get all my receipts and they,just all pile up especially if you do,like eight transactions or whatever so,Im guilty of throwing them away but im,not sure if youve ever seen this how,are we doing enter to win our monthly,sweepstakes for three thousand dollars,all it takes is a call and ive done,this before but see the 800 number you,just call that you went to the survey,number and the password and all of your,seats actually have this on there unless,you only by like one thing sometimes if,i buy you know just something small or,whatever i dont get the survey but most,of the time i do and the survey password,will be different for each one but it,does go back to your store because its,based on the survey number and theyll,know what store it came from so for one,thats really great for you to tell,walgreens what you think of your,specific store,what you think of how theyre doing how,theyre manager is etc etc also you,could win three thousand dollars i mean,who could not use three thousand dollars,I definitely could and think about all,the ways we could use that three,thousand dollars with couponing we could,stretch that a long way so just wanted,to put that out there get all your,receipts gather them together take ten,minutes out of your afternoon or evening,or whatever and call the 800 number I,havent tried the online survey but I,just found that the phone is easy,because after the first time they,actually only ask you once one question,to tell them between one and ten i think,or between one and nine how you would,rate your store so really easy you could,win three grand so just thought Id,throw that out there get that done,because like I said who couldnt use,three thousand dollars um the second,thing I want to talk to you about is,Michaels if I dont know if any of you,guys do crafts or are looking for things,to put in your kids easter baskets or,whatnot but i just discovered this,michaels craft store they accept,coupons from different craft stores i,went over the weekend with my sister and,her friend and her friend had a bunch of,coupons from joann fabrics which im not,sure if you guys have those throughout,the US and we have them in ohio and if,you could see the second item on there i,bought this plaque those 399 and the,coupon was for fifty percent off of any,white ticketed item so i got two dollars,off so I paid two dollar 90-94 sorry Im,so shaky but I didnt even know that,they take different craft stores coupons,so you could take a joann fabric coupon,into Michaels and get a great feel so,wanted to throw that out there last,thing I want to talk to you about is,what im calling the irish blessing of,march um i know a lot of us have a lot,of things in our stock,Kyle Im actually teaching my,two-year-old how to share and I started,thinking about it as I was putting my,purchases away in my stockpile I need to,share some of my wealth some of my,toothpaste some of my deodorants that I,have I mean how many of us have a,million toothpaste in her stockpile a,lot of us do and theres a lot of people,out there that dont know how to coupon,dont have the time to coupon or they,just dont know how and then go to the,store and pay three dollars for a tube,of toothpaste I know that to us cube,hunters thats like oh who would pay for,toothpaste because get it for free all,time so Im just challenging you to take,three things out of your stockpile for,the next two weeks out of March it is,coming up st. Patricks Day and I just,thought it would be cool to incorporate,that this 3 4 March and just to bless,somebody because its a blessing to them,because all those little toiletry items,that they need on a day-to-day basis,they all head up we get them for free,and its a blessing to us I know it is,for me to see their face to see how much,it helps them it blesses me to know that,Im blessing them so I just want to,challenge you guys to take three things,out of your stockpile this week next,week and I think theres one more week,of March just the rest of March take,three things out of your stockpile and,share them with people that need them,people that could use the items whatever,and leave a comment below and let me,know what your experience is like so,thanks for watching my video I didnt,really want to go on camera today,because Ive been doing housework trying,to get caught up on things and Im kind,of a hot mess right now so I wouldnt,want my face right now all over youtube,so i wanted to take a picture of my,awesome flowers that I got at our local,grocery store all these they were 3 99,and I bought them like a week and a half,ago and theyre still doing really,awesome and also that picture up on the,wall is of my 8 month old now,that was when she was a couple days old,so anyway thanks for watching my video,if you have any questions or comments,please leave them below also leave a,comment below on what you gave away what,your experience was as far as blessing,somebody this month so thanks for,watching and Ill see you next video bye

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Coupon Topic Tuesday #16: Using Competitor Coupons

hey guys this is mom made welcome back,to another coupon topic Tuesday video so,I have lots of these in the series I,will go ahead and link the playlist down,below you can go ahead and click on the,videos that you might like to learn more,about so lets go ahead and get started,with todays video so todays video has,been pretty requested in the last week,or two so were gonna go ahead and talk,about using competitor coupons so I can,only speak on the rules that apply to,using competitor coupons at Giant,specifically but depending on what area,you Mar you might have a grocery store,that accepts competitor coupons you just,will need to read the fine print in,their coupon policy to see exactly what,is accepted and what is not so Im gonna,go ahead and discuss using the,competitor coupons at Giant and this is,also valid at Martins as well and I did,look it up for you stop and shop,shoppers but unfortunately your coupon,policy states that they do not accept,competitor coupons which is pretty sad,so I mean unless you might have a store,that does and makes an exception you can,always check but the general policy is,that they dont accept them so always,check your local grocery stores and,maybe ask if they you dont see it and,their coupon policy ask if they accept,competitor coupons so lets go ahead and,get started with some of the rules and,how tos of using competitor coupons so,first of all lets just talk about what,a competitor coupon is a competitor,coupon is a coupon from a store its not,a manufactured coupon so youre not,gonna be printing this from your,computer and most likely I mean unless,you go to a stores website but its,gonna be a store coupon like for example,competitor coupon those booklets in,there at Walgreens you could use those,as a competitor coupon you could use CVS,CRT because those are CVS coupons you,could use those you could probably try,to use an in a coupon from Rite Aid they,have like those,$2 off you know certain body wash and,medicines or things like that you could,cut one of those out any of your local,grocery stores that maybe you will have,in add coupons you can go ahead and cut,those out now heres a little tip you,can contact any local grocery stores,like I have a giant and I contacted a,grocery store I mean theyre kind of,local theyre within driving distance,Im gonna ask them to send me they send,out like quarterly magnet coupons that,are pretty good deals so they went ahead,and added me to their mailing list so I,get those coupons so you can use grocery,store competitor coupons you know just,use your imagination any competitor,which is gonna be defined here in the,coupon policy but any pretty much any,store thats within driving distance a,decent driving distance of your store,giant will accept them theyve never,given me any issues about using them,Ive had cashiers who didnt know how to,put them into the register but they got,help and everything got worked out so,lets just go ahead and review the,coupon policy for competitor coupons I,did a video on the whole coupon policy,for giant if you want to see that video,Ill link that down below for you but,were gonna go ahead and just talk about,this little part again the competitor,coupon parked,so here is a screen shot rate from,Giants coupon policy posted on their,website and from what I can tell,Martins we are word for word with our,coupon policy from what I can tell so,you can go ahead and check it off you,want but right here at the very top is,stating the very first thing they talk,about is that competitor coupons are,accepted it has to be an identical item,as whats stated on the coupon and it,has to be located within the trade area,so I guess thats up to the store,whether or not its considered a trade,area just pretty much use common sense,and now here is some list of things that,are required for the coupons okay so,obviously your coupon cannot be expired,and then here it says minimum spend,requirements must be met as noted on the,face value of the coupon so if its a,five off of twenty you need to make sure,youre spending twenty dollars in order,to use that and then they dont honor,point promotions or other programs Im,thinking like like CVS if you like spend,fifteen dollars you get a five dollar,extra care but theyre not gonna do,anything like that so just keep that in,mind they dont honor manufacturer,coupons that state theyre only,redeemable at specific retailers,occasionally we will get those coupons,and then you need to just make sure that,the competitor coupon is for an,identical size as what giant carries you,cant use if its for you know a ten,ounce jar of peanut butter or whatever,and giant only has 12 ounce you arent,going to be able to use the coupon,okay and now you cannot use digital,offers obviously you cant show on your,phone and be like hey I have this coupon,here I think they want it to be paper,form here they said they can accept a,coupon from Petsmart if you have a,Petsmart in your area but you know you,cant accept like they cant accept a,coupon from out of state or even a store,thats not even within the general area,so just keep that in mind the store is,going to use their own judgment but try,not to put them in a situation where,they have to be like well maam or sir,this is kind of too far away you know,just use common sense there and you,probably wont have any issues,and here it says limit one competitor,coupon of a basket offer discount or gas,incentive including dollars off or cents,off per gallon so youre only able to,use one of those gas offers I dont have,any stores that I can use competitor,coupons for gas offer so maybe you do so,just keep that in mind you can only use,one of them and here it says you cant,combine the basket offers or gas,incentives including giant dollar off,and cents off per gallon coupon so I,guess if giants offering the same type,of incentive you cant use them together,and then you need to spend the minimum,after the bonus card savings and other,coupons have been deducted so just keep,that in mind if youre using one of the,dollar off amounts and then of course,the items that are excluded there you,can see and then here it says that the,coupon may not exceed 50 percent of the,order so I guess you cant have a ton of,competitor coupons that make up 50% of,the order so I dont know how youre,gonna do all that math but make sure,youre buying other things I dont know,if theres gonna be like a red flag that,pops up saying you use 50% Ive never,used that many but just keep that in,mind you dont want to do everything in,your order with competitor coupon you,might cause an issue,and just Terry theyre stating again,that digital offers are excluded a 500,50 purchase coupon or anything with like,gallon of gas theyre not going to,accept any digital offers from other,stores so thats just the big no-no Im,her again just pretty much stating the,same thing now I dont know how things,are gonna change now that giant has,choice rewards I dont know if theyre,going to be updating their coupon policy,and maybe changing it because of that,Im not sure but I dont see any changes,as of yet,in this last little section on the,coupon policy about competitor triple,coupons,this really isnt applicable anymore I,have never seen in all my years of,couponing I have not seen tripling of,coupons I think that was the thing maybe,back in the 90s giant used to triple,coupons up to 75 cents I think I dont,know my mom did it before a long time,ago but since Ive been couponing I have,never seen this so this really isnt an,issue in my opinion but yeah just,something to state since its in the,policy,okay so here is an example I put,together for you so this is a picture on,the left of a current giant promotion,thats going on right now so its poised,there on sale for $4.99 and then you can,use a four dollar load to card,manufacturer coupon and then here on the,right is a picture of a Walgreens you,can use this as a competitor coupon you,can you just got to make sure that they,ar

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Couponing 101 – How to Coupon at Walgreens

[Music],hi guys its Jess and welcome back to my,channel Im here with part two of my,couponing 101 series people are asking,about just how do we do the basics at,certain stores I have already done a CVS,one which Ill link in the cut above but,here is the time to shine it for,Walgreens so lets in get into how to,coupon at Walgreens couponing 101 so as,I said this is a 101 series so like the,name implies that we do go back to,basics and we start with oddities,Walgreens the Walgreen company or simply,Walgreens is an American company that,operates as the second largest pharmacy,saw chain in the United States behind,CVS it specializes in filling,prescriptions health and wellness,products health information and photo,services and as of August 31st 2016 the,company operated eight thousand one,hundred and seventy-five stores in all,50 states the District of Columbia,Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to,find where your nearest Walgreens store,is head to Walgreens comm and click if,you find a store button button in the,top left hand corner into your zip code,and it will tell you your nearest store,as you can see from the map here there,are stores all over except for obviously,the most remote parts of each state but,you should have one not too far from you,or if not there is always a Walgreens,comm so the most important thing to know,about couponing at Walgreens is their,loyalty program at Walgreens the loyalty,program is at the balanced reward,program you can sign up online at,Walgreens comm and then is the section,on the top left hand side called,balanced reward click that click,register or there is a link here on the,screen and Ill make sure I leave it in,the description box below youll sign up,and youll need to pop in your phone,number because your phone number is what,you enter at the register to have your,rewards program entered so what are the,benefits of the balance rewards program,the main benefit is sale prices for card,holders so if you see a price in the,weekly ad or in-store youll need your,card to get that price youll earn it,balance rewards points which are,converted into your rewards dollars to,be redeemed in store or online youll,get personalized perks throughout the,year to earn additional points there are,birthday month points boosters so youll,earn more points in the month of your,birth and youll also earn 10 points for,every $1 you spend every day in every,transaction balance rewards also has two,additional sort of bonus program,the first is Beauty enthusiast this is,equivalent of the CBS Beauty Club and,its a rewards program that rewards you,with 5,000 points which is the,equivalent of five dollars for every,fifty dollars spent on qualifying items,so they cludes cosmetics or haircare and,those sort of items as of August the,19th so this upcoming Sunday if youre,just watching this video today or if,youre going into the future from that,date the following items will no longer,qualify oral care shaving deodorant and,mens grooming so it is sort of,following the CVS line about reducing,the number of items that qualify however,because it is the $50 spend requirement,it is a lot harder to hit more regularly,than at CVS so balance rewards also has,something called healthy choices this is,where if you log on to the Walgreens app,or the website and connects your fitness,app or track up you can earn bonus,points for exercise Waynes sleeps and,your sleep and blood pressure testing,amongst other items and its just an,additional way to get up to I think its,a thousand or 2,000 points per month so,the equivalent of one or two dollars but,every point helps so the next thing,youll need to know about couponing at,Walgreens is about store coupons and the,Walgreens saving books so Walgreens has,store coupons otherwise known as ivcs,which can be combined with manufacturer,coupons for additional savings they can,be found on Catalinas which print out,from the Catalina machine next to the,register in your Walgreens account or in,the little booklet handed out in store,known as the Walgreens savings book the,Walgreens savings book changes monthly,any coupon in the book will,automatically apply to all eligible,items in your transaction once it has,been scanned for example if it is for a,dollar office a Pantene and you have,three bottles three dollars will come,off one for each item so what should be,your first step for couponing or,Walgreens obviously other than signing,up for balanced rewards and that is to,download the Walgreens app I have the,addresses on screen and in the,description box are both iTunes and,Android so you open the app and login to,your walgreens account which youll have,created when signing up for balance,rewards so here are just some images,from inside the app on the left hand,side we have just the different,categories that are in the app so you,can look up prescriptions health,services you can actually online shop,you can submit your photos you can look,at weekly adding coupons,balance rewards or find your store the,middle image,is just what youll see in the balance,reward screen so it will tell you your,points balance how much it is worth,and also Beauty enthusiasts how well you,are tracking towards that and when,youll hit that reward and then the,image on the right is if you go into,weekly adding coupons up the top you can,click in your current weekly ad or if,its towards the end of the week the up,come the next weeks ad then you can see,all available coupons and clip which,ones you want to use and also ill show,you which ones you already have clipped,to your card the benefit of the,Walgreens app is if you click on the,further details or see detailed,selection of each coupon there is a,button for qualifying items and it will,show you which coupon and you can use it,for items so lets talk about balance,rewards points balance rewards points,are the equivalent of store currency and,earned by meeting the requirements of,certain promotions points expire one,year after they are owned to orphan,account has been inactive for six months,walgreens deems your account inactive if,you have not used your card in-store or,online,they are personal and you cannot,transfer points to another account,balance rewards points come in sort of,$1,000 a thousand points rush holds and,then as you go up the scale points,become worth more and more so heres,just this Walgreens point scale this is,also found on the back of every receipt,you do so if you ever get confused just,looking your receipt or in the app so,1000 points is the equivalent of $1.00,2,000 is two three thousand is three,five thousand is five ten thousand is,ten now when you get up to the next,stage to get $20 worth of points you,only need eighteen thousand points,thirty thousand points will get you a,$35 reward and 40 thousand points will,get you a $50 reward and $50 or forty,thousand points is the most you can,redeem in one transaction so how do you,earn points of them through the everyday,spend of 10 points per dollar that is,three points promotions and Walgreens,has two different types of points,promotions the first is a spend,promotion so as you can see in the,example here lorel this week was buy,one get one 50% plus spend $30 get,10,000 points so these have to be,completed in one transaction and you,must meet the spend threshold before,manufacturer coupons are applied and,after any store coupons including those,in the same monthly savings book are,applied also and then we have the other,type of promotion which is a,by promotion as you can see in this,example cold it was when you buy -,youll get 2,000 points again has to be,completed in one transaction and you,must meet the item threshold for the,points to be awarded another type of,promotion walgreens has is register,rewards when you purchase an identified,product a Catalina which is again that,little machine next to the register that,prints that little white tickets it will,print out a coupon for an identified,value this is treated as a 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Walmart Competitor coupon

hi this is Paul Martin Martin I want to,talk today a little bit about Walmarts,policy on taking competitors coupons I,know that some of you guys been having,issues out there lately with some of the,coupons weve had some really good,competitor coupons that are out there,this one in particular is one that weve,been having some issues with its that,carefree 141 sent that was in this,Sundays newspaper let me explain the,policies Im still getting some,questions on how it actually works,walmart will accept a competitor keep on,which is not a manufacturers coupon,its its something thats designed to,be used at the store and they will,accept those but dont think of it as a,keep on thinking adjust price matching,its not something where theyre,scanning a barcode or anything like that,theyre basically just going to price,match that and most of the time you,arent really supposed to be able to use,a manufacturers coupon on top of that,with that coupon where it makes it one,set I dont let again having problems,that are probably really hesitant to try,to use this coupon that I found here,which is a manufacturers coupon for,fifty cents off any carefree product,that was in the I think March twenty,seventh this is smart source of red plum,I cant remember but i think im going,to try that tomorrow i havent had any,problem doing are you using the,competitor coupons at my to walmart,stores that are here theres a third one,in the area that i understand ive been,getting a lot of emails from you guys on,that youve been having huge problems,with them so tomorrow Im probably take,a trip over there and see if I can,figure out whats going on or try and,use it and see if they give me any,hassle let me give you some examples of,coupons that you cant use and cannot,use it or the total price match Ive got,a walgreens ad here any of these coupons,that state a dollar amount off or or are,based on you know buy one get one free,any of those things theyre not going to,accept those so heres some of those see,and they say that their coupons and me,and you can see they say it there for a,dollar amount off two dollars off,product five dollars off that product,they will not accept those because they,dont have really any control over what,that prices or any or any basis for that,is what i would guess what they do,accept and what they will is Ive got,you know walgreens actually has a lot of,ads or a lot of coupons this this this,week so theyve got this one here so it,says its good at walgreens its not a,manufacturers coupon but its a 39 cent,Snickers or dub bar 99-cent theyre off,that dawn dish liquid they have a limit,youll have to honor those limits,actually thats their sale price on the,dawn liquid but the coupon they will,match theyll actually match all of it,so think of it as price matching not as,using a coupon you should be able to put,a manufacturers coupon as well they may,give you hassle that you know so you you,know your Walmarts better than I do,theyre supposed to or trying to get,them all to that point hang in there try,not to get too frustrated with the,process and well see if we can keep,this getting better Walmart if youre,listening out there but were still,ready to fire up that RV that youre,going to provide and well take that,around the country and inform all your,cashiers how youre a Walmart ball at,their coupon policy is supposed to work,so we can get all these happy shoppers,out there saving lots of money and doing,a great job thanks a lot appreciate all,of you who I heart the mart and look,forward to hearing from you soon bye

Shop with The Krazy Coupon Lady at Walgreens!

hi Im Heather wheeler with the crazy,coupon lady calm and today we are in,store at Walgreens and Im going to show,you how to shop Walgreens with coupons,so the first thing we do when were,shopping pretty much at any store is we,come and grab the weekly ad and then the,monthly coupon booklet and even if,youre not using these or you dont,anticipate to need them when youre,shopping its nice to have them on hand,in case you need to check a price or,maybe the Shelf tag isnt there so just,grab these two things and have them just,in case its always nice just be able to,check so youll have to run back up and,grab an ad or ask somebody so those are,the first two things and then as you can,see I shop with my coupon binder in the,store now I have all of my transactions,planned out and my coupons clipped but I,bring my binder just in case I find a,clearance deal or I see something that I,wasnt anticipating buying and so,sometimes since my binder so they get,sit through our child normally would but,sometimes I need an extra cart since,these carts are a little bit smaller,than grocery store carts and so dont be,ashamed if you need to grab an extra,cart to fill it up especially if youre,buying like toilet paper or diapers they,fill up really quick so what were going,to do is Im just going to kind of walk,around and buy the items on my list and,then were going to checkout,so you can kind of see the entire,process okay so one thing to note is,that what I do for Walgreens since,Walgreens gets a little bit tricky with,separating transactions and all of that,is I have an envelope for each of my,transactions and I have a master list,and so this way as Im shopping I have,my last my master list of items that I,need to buy but then when I get to check,out I can just grab my first transaction,and it tells me which items to pull from,the cart so first Ill be pulling from,my master list and I am going to be,buying three of the Nivea body washes,luckily theres some in stock you can,see somebodys already been here or a,few people but luckily I got here in,time to get my three,and these will be theyre on sale for,379 and then we just got those $3 off,coupons so these are going to be 79,cents okay so one of my favorite things,at Walgreens is when somethings free,after register reward often its for,items that we dont normally have,coupons for and so its a great way to,get something for free without having a,coupon and so this week the goody hair,accessories are on sale for $3 and then,theres a $3 register reward that you,get after you pay and so hes hoping to,find a few more varieties included but,it looks like theres just for some,headbands and then these scrunchies so I,had on my list that I was going to get a,few because I was hoping that the hair,bands were on sale but since theyre,not Im just going to be getting one of,these so theres three dollars Im going,to pay three dollars and then Ill get a,three dollar register reward which I can,use on anything in the store on my next,transaction so I have one of these the,next thing I wanted to show you is the,clearance end cap its actually just,right here and this is where I get a lot,of my filler items is on the clearance,aisles so heres here are the items that,are on clearance today theres nothing,thats really grabbing my attention but,its a great place to look like the Oreo,cake stars are marked 50% off so those,are $2 if I wanted those in my house,then Id be getting those but those are,dangerous so theres just like this the,Vaseline is marked half off at 349,actually one of the best fillers today,if you needed plot plastic forks or,spoons are these Walgreens brand spoons,theyre marked at 50 cents so that would,be a great filler if this is something,you needed so just be sure if you need,filler items be sure to come check the,clearance for something that you might,need or thats a good price,okay so our next stop is the Colgate,toothpaste this week theyre on sale for,three dollars each and then we get a,four dollar register reward when we buy,two of them so Im going to be buying,two and then Im going to be using,seventy five cents off coupons and so,Im going to be paying about 225 but,then I get the $2 register reward for,each one and so my final price is going,to be 25 cents which is a great price,and so thats just kind of an easy deal,Ill be separating it from the goody and,youll see that later on when we check,out but Ill be doing them separately so,I can roll those transactions or those,register rewards okay so I actually um,this is just out on the side of one of,the registers and these are the goody,hair things that I was going to get but,I saw right here its the same package,but they have a bonus pack with,scrunchies on it so Im actually going,to switch out these for these because I,get five bonus scrunchies here so be on,the lookout if you ever see bonus packs,or something like that to kind of just,added value to your purchase so Im,excited about those so this week the,scotch tape is on sale so when you buy,one you get two for free and this is,with an in at coupon and so this is when,its handy to have the ad because I,didnt write down my sizes so you want,to make sure you grab the white to the,right one so its an Annette coupon and,its for a 34 by 300 so thats these and,so remember so Im grabbing three and,remember that the walgreens policy says,that it even if youre getting one for,free you can still use a coupon so these,are dollar ninety-nine for one but since,we get two free were going to pay a,dollar ninety-nine for all three of them,then I have $2 off one coupons and so,well get both well use both coupons,which will take two dollars off which,means that were getting all three of,these for free,okay so here is the Neal med that were,looking for and it actually does look,like these ones have Keeleys so P Li is,is a coupon thats stuck on to the,product and so this one has the p li on,it for $1 off and so these are on sale,for $4.99 and then were going to use,our dollar off coupon then were going,to get a $4.99 register reward back so,this P Li turns this into a $1,moneymaker,so Im actually going to get two of,these it looks like I love when I find,these the free items and well stocked,looks like theyre really well stocked,on these so Im going to get two of,these and again Ill be putting these,into two separate transactions so that I,get my two register rewards now,something I do with the p li coupons is,I take them off right away because,otherwise Ill forget about them and a,lot of times you think oh the cashier,will grab it but they they just forget,or they dont and so I always put these,into my envelopes so that I remember to,check out with them so Im here in the,candy aisle and Im getting stuff for my,kids Easter baskets and with Easter,coming up I try to get as much free or,cheap,stuffers as I can find so I have the,starburst jellybeans and these will be a,dollar after a Walgreens coupon a store,coupon and then the manufacturer coupon,and so thats a pretty good price and,then I have that five dollar register,reward thats good off any Hersheys,candy and that I got last week from,buying candy and so Im going to get two,of these which my kids will have a lot,of fun with for their Easter baskets and,then coming down here they have the,chocolate peeps and they are 50 cents,after the in-app coupon so Im going to,get a couple of those so Ill spend,about lets see two dollars for all of,their candy for their Easter basket,which is a pretty good deal,and then this is also where Im going to,grab my fillers this week so you think I,need two fillers and so Im just going,to find some cheap candy for their,basket also and use those for my filler,items this week so lets see which one I,think Im going to do these crisps these,are 50 cents each for these little,bunnies so those will be my filler items,okay so heres when having the envelopes,makes shopping really easy so I have,this is my envelope for my first,transaction and it tells

Walgreens Toothpaste Deal and Coupon Policy!! ????‍♀️????????????

hey guys welcome back to my channel for,those that are new hi welcome my name is,Noemi Im a couponer from Illinois and,Ive only been couponing for like two,months now to three months today Ill be,talking about the old at Walgreens has,for some crushed toothpaste but before,that Ill be actually talking about,their coupon policy now you feel a lot,of people including myself get confused,with their coupon policy and so I,actually have the policy right here that,I pulled from their website and Im just,gonna go over it and and if you guys,have any questions you guys can leave,them in the comments section or you can,also just log on to log Gamescom or on,your app and you can locate the coupon,policy then okay so so here are some,general guidelines that Im just gonna,read off all coupons are to be presented,at the cashier at the time of checkout,and a Walgreens does not accept expired,coupons coupons expire at 11:59 on the,expiration whether you have no cash,value coupons on their face sale you,cannot be exchanged for cash or gift,cards competitors coupons shall not be,accepted by Walgreens and the number of,manufacturer coupons including register,rewards or rewards manufacturer coupons,shall not exceed the number of items in,the transaction and Walgreens will not,accept coupons that exceed the selling,price of an item and no cashback is ever,provided in exchange for any coupon,coupons that appear distorted blurry or,altered in any way shall not be accepted,all coupons must have it clear and,scannable bar code for offers when,multiple items are purchased and,additional items are free for example,buy one get one free or buy two get one,free the number of coupons applied to,the upper cannot exceed the number of,items required in the buy portion of the,offer coupons may not be applied against,any free item received in any offer and,then paper coupons will be processed,before digital coupons Walgreens shall,not accept coupons for items not carried,in our stores and Walgreens refuse I,mean sorry reserves the right to limit,quantities to customers and employees,and manufacturer coupons must include a,valid redemption address,and coupons may be subject to advertise,after limitations and all other,limitations and restrictions on the,applicable coupon or product and,Walgreens shall accept manufacturer,coupons for items that are on sale so,the next thing Im going to read is,going to be multiply coupon guidelines,Walgreens except one manufacturer coupon,and applicable Walgreens coupons for the,purchase of a single item unless,prohibited by either coupon offer and,then when purchasing multiple items,Walgren accepts multiple coupons for,multiple qualifying items as long as,there is sufficient stock to satisfy,other coupons now when theres a buy one,get one free coupon one product needs to,be purchased a maximum of one Vogel,coupon is permitted per two qualifying,items in a global offer Walgreens shall,not accept free product internet printed,coupons now the next thing Im going to,talk about is the something that like,people get really confused about and,its the register rewards and the,savings rewards coupons so register,rewards look like this and theyre,printed at checkout when you purchase,qualifying items and balance rewards are,points you earn on your like Walgreens,account card when you purchase,qualifying items so register rewards and,savings rewards will only print for in,stock merchandise during the promotional,period register rewards can only be,earned for eligible items no,substitutions are permitted and there is,a limit of one register rewards and,savings rewards coupon per offer per,customer per transaction and when,customers are resuming register reward,or a savings reward against the same,offer they may not receive another,register reward savings reward promotion,and the reason why Im talking about,this is because,I went to purchased a toothpaste with my,friend and she didnt get the register,reward that printed out at the checkout,for that specific deal and I didnt,understand so I did my research and the,reason why I didnt print out for her,because she used her balance rewards,points to pay for part of the,transaction so when you use points you,are not eligible to redeem the register,rewards that are printed at the register,for that particular deal so thats the,reason why Im talking about the coupon,policy because its kind of tricky and,its kind of like if youre not educated,on it it can get very difficult to,understand but always carry like one of,the coupon policies with you just so you,can look back at it or also like ask one,of the employees but thats pretty much,what it is and it also says that if for,whatever reason you returned any,qualifying merchandise,you must forfeit the register rewards or,savings rewards a particular item and,theres a lot of in electable items that,dont qualify for Mike restore awards or,that you cant use register rewards on,which are like dairy products alcoholic,beverages gift cards healthcare services,lottery tickets money orders postage,Sams etc etc now thats pretty much,what I wanted to go over so now Im,going to talk about the field that I did,and I just want to let you guys know,that I am aware that we still have a,stay at home order so if you dont need,to go out for any items do not go out I,am not telling you guys to go out go out,at your own risk I think were all,adults and we all know whether we should,be out or not,I am only posting this deals because um,you know I know a lot of us are out of,work or we have like limited income so,you know we obviously only go off for,like essential items and thats the only,thing Im couponing for essential items,that my family needs well here is a,weekly ad from Ogron,and right now they have crest oral-b,dental care for $2.99,and its only select varieties because,make sure you check the signage and,theyre in your store yesterday when we,went there wasnt actually any sign so I,did take it up to the register and one,of the toothpastes that I had purchased,wasnt part of that promotion so they,did override it for me the manager was,very nice but just make sure to always,check the signs and if not go up to the,register and scan the item so the $2.99,with the card and you get three register,rewards off your next purchase when you,purchase for and if there is a coupon on,the Walgreens app if you dont have the,Walgreens app make sure to download it,its free there they have digital,coupons on there and thats how I score,a lot of the deals I score so Im just,gonna log on to the app right now and,show you guys right here this one right,here if you can see it it says save six,dollars that coupon once you clip it,what that means is that itll be sent,directly to your card or to your account,once you clip that keep on if you see,there it says see qualifying products so,you can click on that and thats another,way you can see if the toothpaste is,part of the promotion so it says save,six dollars on a crecer scope it says,when you put just four and the,toothpaste has to be three ounces or,more and it tells you like what,toothpaste it excludes and when the,coupon expires the coupon expires on may,30th so right here beneath that coupon,youll see all the qualifying products,siam if you scroll up you can you see,all the qualifying products and,toothpaste so thats another way you can,check while youre in store okay so you,purchase four of these take it to the,register theyre gonna if youre already,signed up for the walgreens for balance,rewards system theyre gonna have you,input your phone number you input your,phone number he scans the products the,digital coupon would automatically come,off now if you have any register rewards,that you want to use you can use them,and youll still get the other register,reward as long as youre not using like,your points so once you purchase it,youll be getting one of these off your,next purchase show you guys im gonna,pull up the coupon because theres,another crest de

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