1. The European Tour Experience | EF Educational Tours
  2. The Scotland and Ireland Experience | EF Educational Tours
  3. Angelina tours the colleges of Oxford – On the go with EF #84
  4. The Barcelona Tour Experience | EF Educational Tours
  5. Angelina travels to Oxford – On the go with EF #83
  6. That Time of Year (From “Olafs Frozen Adventure”)
  7. EF Pre-Departure Guide – Predeparture Info in English (adults & students aged 16+)

The European Tour Experience | EF Educational Tours

Sir Ian I am so excited,welcome you guys hey finally hitter on,the drive here guys were gonna go ahead,and check it ou once more Im two for,say hello,Ill be six hours and 33 minutes in,London senator in the United Kingdom,through London,hey Im Terry,nice to meet you Derek are you welcome,to London were going to give you your,keys out now we are going on the oldest,metro system in the world we are here so,we take the Piccadilly line,westbound three stops you are in,Piccadilly Circus the centre of London,behind me right now you see Big Ben you,recognize whats behind me Big Ben,youre all totally wrong Big Ben is only,the Bell youre looking at the tower at,the Palace of Westminster,this is Buckingham Palace were waiting,for the guard to change and theyre not,just ceremonial soldiers theyve been to,Iraq theyve been to Afghanistan they,are in elite regiments its about to,happen on this road right here,Indian food is our new British national,dish fish and chips is now second,even myself would like to welcome you in,Paris,welcome to the eye light of Paris the,symbol of France built in 1889,were coming mama,van Gogh Monet Susanne Pablo Picasso all,of them spent years in MoMA why dont we,get a crack you and I order in French Oh,promptly right Shibu Dre crepe Chocolat,see you play she betray a clap chocolate,super play its messy,well time thats good hes really friend,so this is what I look like as a cartoon,I think its pretty accurate,this is awesome,and now notre-dame de paris cathedral,its so beautiful can you believe that,people built something this high in this,mass of 700 years ago so here at the,Louvre we have artwork that spans an,amazing amount of history just right,down there calling my name Im going to,see her,like most amazing series just to know,that I get to see the part of history,its absolutely magnificent and,beautiful this is like my first museum,so I mean you might as well start the,loop right start where can you go now,from Cairo you wanted was the most,astonishing places in the whole world,instead,just imagine the sounds and the cheering,there was something like 50,000 people,here at one time,we just arrived at the Vatican it is,right behind me and were in the Gaza,your tickets,Bango,Im happy to introduce you to Frank on,our very special local guide here in the,Vatican Museum,see this is a chapel something that must,be seen at least once in the life,welcome guys to the biggest church in,the whole world,the Basilica outs of Peters food its,one of the most important thing in each,other coalition what a pity,calcium that part was cool just how big,everything thats why it hit me the most,is how big the world is yeah yeah,theres more than just our town hes,ever gonna forget this to it if you,throw a coin into the fountain they say,you will return to Rome sad moment Im,gonna have to say goodbye he was an,escort I know you,Oh,I have so many stories the guys,you

The Scotland and Ireland Experience | EF Educational Tours

you must be Chris hi its nice to meet,you,this is down ladies and gents hes gonna,be our driver Im gonna give you an,Irish welcome kid me the father of good,Kalia 100,000 welcomes to Olli,welcome to Dublin capital city of,Ireland my name is Chris Morrison Ive,been a tour director for nearly 17 years,and Im looking forward to showing you,my country Ireland,hello my darling is Chris from here,ladies and gents your rooms are ready so,Im gonna give you about 20 minutes once,you get down Im gonna show you around,our local guide for Dublin today Miss,Sally and shes wicked all set to go yes,follow me st. Patricks Cathedral was,built in the early 13th century you can,all come and live in Ireland we have no,snakes you can roll in the grass you can,walk in the world there was a sea before,st. Patricks commanded the snakes to,leave and there slithered into the sea,never to be seen again,now geologists say we never have them in,the first place but dont believe that,st. Patrick drove the snakes from,Ireland thats our story were sticking,to it,every once in a while its about taking,that moment to actually say what have we,been looking at,welcome to the old librarian Trinity,College theres over two hundred,thousand of their oldest books here,thats crazy,The Book of Kells its downstairs in the,basement of this library book of cows is,one of the most famous manuscripts,probably in the world I was able to get,like this close to it like there was,just a bit of glass between me and this,book that Id studied so much everything,Ive learned about was right there in,front of me in my face and I was able to,share that with my friends,hey everybody grab your attention for a,second tonight were gonna have some,great Irish food,so ladies and gentlemen were going to,be making our way over to Scotland,every day that goes by that you learn,something is a useful deed every day,that goes by that you dont learn,anything is a waste and I dont like,wasting anything so I learn something,new every day ladies and gentlemen this,is Keith and Keith is gonna be our local,guide welcome dead with a capital city,of Scotland looking over here youre,looking at the north side of Eddy over,to the right is our seat our extinct,volcano,one real beauty about Scotland s lawyers,street cleaners poets they all live side,by side cheek by jowl,funny these guys in a castle before not,in real life in real life yo thats,their real life castle on a rock oh my,goodness what I would like you to do now,is to use your imagination you are now,an invading army and all around you the,defenders of the castle lets attack the,castle no Joey the whole reason for the,city of Edinburgh is of course the,castle soul and all of us here put,together and the reason for the castle,is the rock it sits on its a great big,lump of lava now youve got get wing,number three that portcullis the one,with the spikes that would drop down in,speed you see I love my job I really do,just fought your way up this hill smash,your way through seven gates you are,survivors,youve now made it to the very top of,edinburgh castle from here on its all,downhill just being in a totally,different environment thousands of miles,away from home it pushes you to become,more of the person that youre like,meant to be called to be,thank you for coming to my city for,seeing it through my eyes and I,sincerely hope that you have enjoyed,yourself as much as I have enjoyed,showing you my city and please come,again thank you very much,theyre taking off right now

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Angelina tours the colleges of Oxford – On the go with EF #84

Hi everyone! I’m Angelina and,I’m still here in lovely Oxford, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.,Today, I’m going to see Heidi, who is an official tour guide here in Oxford.,I want to learn a little bit more about the historical colleges.,I also know that some of the colleges have been used as film locations,and since I love the movies, I cannot wait to see that.,Let’s go meet Heidi!,Hi Heidi! It’s good to see you. And you. How are you doing?,I’m great. How are you? Good! Very well.,I’m so excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to show you Oxford.,You promise to show me some film locations, right?,Absolutely. I hear you like Harry Potter, right? I do.,We’re starting here at Christ Church, which is probably our most famous college.,It’s famous for several reasons. First of all, its formation.,It was founded by Cardinal Wolsey in the 16th century and then re-founded by Henry the VIII of England.,It’s one of our 38 colleges making up the one Oxford University.,The other reason why it’s famous is for its connection to Harry Potter.,The dining hall here was the inspiration for the Hogwarts dining hall.,It actually wasn’t filmed here. What? Where was it filmed then?,It was filmed at Leavesden Studios in Watford.,Some scenes, however, were filmed at the staircase as you go up to the dining hall.,When Ron, Harry and Hermione arrive at Hogwarts for the very first time,,it’s this staircase they go up and they’re greeted at the top by Professor McGonagall.,Here we are with a wonderful view over Christ Church.,This tower peaking up there is Tom Tower. Inside Tom Tower, we have Great Tom.,It’s very famous.,It’s designed by Christopher Wren, one of England’s most famous architects.,I must tell you an interesting fact about Tom Tower.,The bell rings 101 times at five past nine every night.,Really? It’s a great Oxford tradition.,These are the Meadow Buildings.,This is some of the student accommodation here at Christ Church,,which I think is rather a nice place to stay.,It really is. I would love to stay here if I were a student.,These here are the old city walls. And where they have lowered it here;,this is Merton College, one of our oldest colleges, which is one of the colleges of J.R.R. Tolkien.,The tower peaking up there is Magdalen College.,That’s where C.S. Lewis taught and Oscar Wilde studied.,And here, we’ve got Christ Church of Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland.,It’s beautiful to think of all these great authors. It is. There were lots of great authors.,This is New College Lane here, which you might recognize.,It was actually used in the filming of a movie, The Mummy with Tom Cruise.,I believe this is where the monster comes out.,The Mummy was filmed here and Tom Cruise was here!,Let’s go into New College now. Yeah.,I love the entrances into the colleges.,They’re fortified entrances. It’s like going into a castle.,Here we are inside New College. It’s not very new. It’s actually quite old. It dates to about 1379.,I was really excited to bring you inside a college to get a sense of what a college is all about.,New College is often used in filming.,We’re going to talk about a film later and famous people that have studied here as well.,There’s an actor that you might know: Hugh Grant.,I know him. He studied here? He was here.,Hugh Grant studied here!,This is the dining hall where I believe they filmed “When I Kissed the Teacher “,from the Mamma Mia 2 movie with Lily James.,We’re going to up here now. We’re passing the chapel on the right-hand side.,We’re going to carry on and go straight up to the cloisters.,I think you might recognize it as we get up here. Can you tell me which movie it’s been used in?,It’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, right? It is.,Wow. It’s so cool to see it in person. This is where Draco was turned into a ferret, right?,He was, by Mad-Eye Moody – or is it?,In the Goblet of Fire, we see Harry walk along the cloisters this way.,We see Harry get just around here,and he passes students who are wearing the badges that say “Potter stinks.”,He continues on this way and gets to the doorway just here.,And this is the Harry Potter tree. This is where Draco Malfoy sits in the tree.,He can sit in the tree, but you can’t, unfortunately.,I can’t sit in the tree, but at least I can take a picture of it!,Absolutely! And we do.,We always spend a few minutes here taking lots of photos.,Lovely.,I’ll take you through now to the gardens at New College.,Beautiful.,As we come back out of New College into New College Lane,,we have the beautiful Bridge of Sighs. Very beautiful.,Its said to look like the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, but it connects the two sides of this college.,There is one college, which is Hertford College, which is where Johnathan Swift was.,He wrote Gulliver’s Travels.,You might recognize this door, which was used in the filming of X-Men: First Class.,Oh yeah!,This is Radcliffe Square, which is dominated by the Radcliffe Camera.,“Camera” means room or chamber in Latin,and it’s part of the Bodleian Library, which is the University’s library.,That’s the one in all the postcards. Yeah. It’s one of the most photographed sites.,But it’s not named after Daniel Radcliffe. That’s what I was thinking.,This is looking over All Souls College, which is a 15th century college.,It’s famous as being the college that has no students. It has research fellows only.,A college without students? That’s odd.,Can you see the sundial in the front quadrangle? Yes.,That was designed by Christopher Wren when he was a research fellow there.,He designed St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.,This is the University Church and you can climb 127 steps up to the clock tower there.,The college you just peaked into is Brasenose College from 1509,and that’s the college of William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies,,Michael Palin, one of the Monty Python actors, and David Cameron.,That’s the former Prime Minster of the U.K.,This is Exeter College here, which dates from 1314.,That’s the college where J.R.R. Tolkien studied before he taught at Merton and another college.,And also Philip Pullman, who wrote The Golden Compass or His Dark Materials.,They were filming a new TV series recently in Oxford for that.,I didn’t know they were doing a TV series. They are – with James McAvoy.,In the movie The Golden Compass,,we see Lara running away from the Egyptian boys here in Radcliffe Square.,I remember that scene from the movie. I love The Golden Compass.,If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it because it’s super good.,We’re going to go through to the Old Schools Quadrangle,,which is sort of part of the Bodleian Library. It’s beautiful. I think you’ll like it here.,The Old Schools Quadrangle was for the teaching of the old schools.,Above, we have the Bodleian Library,,which is one of the world’s largest university libraries.,It’s a copyright library.,There’s a lovely area here I’d love to take you to. Think Harry Potter!,I wonder what that could be?,This is the 15th century Divinity School, the university’s first classroom.,It’s a beautiful building. You might recognize it.,It was used in the first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher’s Stone or the Sorcerer’s Stone.,This is the infirmary.,There are so many good Harry Potter locations. I am having the best time right now.,As if that isn’t enough, it was also used in the fourth movie, The Goblet of Fire.,This is where Professor McGonagall teaches Ron to dance.,Poor Ron. He was so embarrassed!,The college on the other side is Trinity College. It dates from 1555.,There’s a beautiful view into Trinity there.,Next to it, you have Balliol College, one of the oldest, which is from 1263.,Three British Prime Ministers were educated at Balliol College.,So many politicians actually went to university here.,This is Jesus College, which dates from 1571.,It was founded by a Welsh clergyman, so it has Welsh connections still today,,which is why we have the Welsh dragon here. Can you see it?,Oh, there he is. It’s a little dragon.,

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The Barcelona Tour Experience | EF Educational Tours

I went to Bank today and got the last of,my heroes the euro hey you guys excited,yeah this is gonna be great but once you,go to Europe and if youve never been,there before there is nothing so as its,oh my goodness so were going to board,the flight its down to Spade,my first time ever getting a stamp in my,passport welcome to Barcelona,right outside and Barcelona just got out,of the airport our boss is right over,there Lola I hope you keys,lets glance at your rooms Wow,they were going to do a where a sightsee,Barcelona this is our local guide funny,for today Im a local guide since 1994,were going to start our city with holy,family with a signal familia ladies and,gentlemen the Sagrada família right,behind you there is where we have this,section done by the architect Antoni,gaudí have you guys ever seen anything,like this in the United States we would,never be able to get that kind of,agreement on this scale and have that,perspective over hundreds of years thing,is awesome that Im able to see,something that was started so long ago,but is still being like developed to,this day,the idea of the world Park is to have,like a kind of beautiful garden just,next door to your house it connects,everybody and I never realized how,travel can connect his knowledge to the,people that were traveling with but to,everybody whos been here can you just,imagine people have been looking at the,city grow up since this was built,right now we are in the Casas Museum we,are about to go see another wonderful,artist here in Spain Pablo Picasso so we,have a museum that will show you his,solution as a painter,whats amazing about it is that were,gonna see the real thing today he was,here he was inspired by the streets,were walking through and we get to feel,you just watch this and play and all of,these people just got in a circle and,danced and it was the coolest thing,so now we are at the Santa Catarina,market because you want to do a picnic,lunch one is one place see people know,when they see you guys did a great job,choosing this cheers man,now were in the metro so we are here I,will want to go to Catalunya deep down,in South Texas we dont have metros at,all so Ive never had the chance to,experience something like this and now,the fact that the first time I did it I,was in Barcelona,thats crazy awesome,you see this way a little bit downhill,thats the famous drum Blas,so tonight youre going to do something,very special,its a very important part of the,Spanish culture were gonna watch the,climbing adapters and I am super excited,hola ninos you know what youre going to,eat this is the seafood failure this is,a chicken pea and this is purgatorium,pea do you know the name of Paideia,where it comes from,this is called piñata de the name comes,from Latin and then from Lahti to,Catalan imbalance IANA,in what way do you think this tour is,changing you if I was back home Id,probably be on Facebook or YouTube but,like actually being out here you learn,to live differently I guess so once I,get back home Im definitely gonna go,out and explore more than I usually do,its totally true that traveling really,does like open your eyes to the world,youre gonna miss it its been so lovely,to meet you this is the end of our tour,you need to keep traveling you need to,keep learning languages and you need to,get being as lovely as you are I didnt,feel like we were just kids on a trip,taking a tour I felt like we were,actually traveling and getting to see,the area I dont I dont think everyone,gets that and I dont think we would,have had that without you especially,this is for all bye bye see you next,time,I love you guys so much I hope everyone,can hear

Angelina travels to Oxford – On the go with EF #83

Hi there. It’s time to get On the Go again.,It’s time to get on the plane and get going!,I’m so excited.,Safety first!,Ladies and gentlemen, a really good morning,and a great, warm welcome to London Heathrow Airport in terminal 5.,Hi everyone! Welcome back to On the Go with EF.,I’m Angelina and I will be vlogging again this school year.,My friends and I are going to travel the world and visit some really lovely student cities.,I hope you’ll join us again this year and learn more about the world.,I will be joined by my vlogger friends Liam, Maria and Kendra.,This year, we’re actually looking to recruit one of you guys to join the EF vlogging team,as one of us EF vloggers.,In episode #86, we’re going to talk more about the competition,and what you need to do to have a chance to enter and become an EF vlogger and join the team.,So, it’s episode #86 and it’s going to be out on November 1st.,Don’t forget to watch that.,I’m in Oxford, in the U.K., also known as the City of Dreaming Spires.,Not only that, it’s also one of the world’s most famous university cities.,I went up the hill here in South Park to have a look at those dreaming spires, which are right behind me.,It’s a beautiful view from up here.,I’m going to film three episodes here in Oxford.,Right now, I think it’s time to head off to the EF school and meet some students.,Let’s go!,Oxford seems really nice, and I wonder what it’s like to live and study here.,I just met some students, so I’m going to go around and ask them what they think about Oxford.,Hi. What’s your name? Charlotte.,Where are you from? I’m from Belgium.,I actually have a question that I wanted to ask you students.,I want to know, What is your favourite thing about Oxford?,I really like the city and the shops.,The shops? You love shopping? Yes.,Me, too. I love shopping.,I think the library because it’s historic and very quiet. I love that.,I like the people because I like the English culture.,I think it’s the diversity.,I think it’s so cool that we meet people from everywhere and they are so open to everyone.,I think it’s the city centre because of all the different people and shops.,I think it’s High Street because you can meet friends, work, and go shopping.,There are a lot of things to do and see on that street.,My favourite place is the city centre because I can go shopping and be with my friends.,My favourite thing about Oxford is the atmosphere.,I think the best thing to do in Oxford is to go to South Park because of the greenery.,It’s big and so nice.,We’ve arrived in central Oxford!,It only took about 15 minutes to walk here from the school.,That is the Magdalen Tower.,And this is the Magdalen Bridge over the River Cherwell,,which flows into the River Thames here in Oxford.,There are a lot of boats here below the bridge. Lots of people go punting and rowing here.,I don’t know, maybe they’re practicing for The Boat Race,,the famous race between Cambridge and Oxford University.,It’s an annual race that you might have seen on TV.,This is Magdalen College and it’s around 500 years old.,It’s one of the founding colleges of Oxford University,and also considered one of the top colleges.,Many kings, prime ministers, Oscar Wilde,and C.S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, went here.,This is only one of 38 old, historic colleges here in Oxford.,Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world. ,Nobody knows exactly when it was founded, but it is at least 900 years old,,which makes it the oldest university in an English speaking country.,In the beginning, students would stay with the locals here in Oxford.,But, more and more, people started staying at the actual residencies of the college.,Here, at Magdalen College,,it wasn’t until 1979 that women were actually admitted.,Before that, women had to go to separate colleges and only men were allowed to attend the Magdalen,,like many other colleges here in Oxford.,It’s been 10 years now since all colleges have allowed both women and men to attend.,We’re going to talk a little bit more about colleges in the next episode.,This, by the way, is the Oxford University Botanic Garden.,It’s about 400 years old and is the oldest in the U.K.,This is Queen’s College. It’s even older than Magdalen.,And just like Magdalen College, many kings, prime ministers and politicians went here.,Even Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean, went here. Interesting!,We’ve arrived at the Carfax Tower, which is in the very centre of Oxford,and I’m going to end the episode here.,First, I want you to answer a question to win this really nice Oxford tote bag.,The question is, what is the most well-known or well-respected university in your country?,Please comment below for a chance to win this tote bag.,In the next episode,,I’m going to meet up with Heidi, who is a tour guide here in Oxford.,She’s going to take us around and show us more of the Oxford colleges.,Don’t miss that. I’ll see you then. Bye!,Next week: Angela tours the colleges of Oxford

That Time of Year (From “Olafs Frozen Adventure”)

[woman] Coming.,Good afternoon.,I am Olaf.,Hey, Olaf.,Please let me finish, and I like warm hugs.,This is my associate, Sven. [grunt],Were going door to door looking for family traditions.,Tell us yours, and well decide if its special enough.,Oh. We make candy canes together.,Ooh.,[giggling],Sugar rush.,Youre supposed to eat it.,Eat my new nose? Why would I do that?,Because its that time of year.,Hmm. Its that time of year. [gasps],[clears throat],♪ Happy merry, holly jolly ♪,♪ Seasons greetings here ♪ [chuckle],♪ Im wondering what your family does ♪,♪ At that time of year ♪,♪ Love and joy and peace on Earth ♪,♪ And tidings of good cheer ♪,♪ Do you have tradition things ♪,♪ For that time of year? ♪,♪ Well, we hang up boughs of evergreen ♪,♪ On every single doorway ♪,♪ Bake a giant cookie ♪,♪ In the wavy shape of Norway ♪,♪ Go from door to door to door ♪,♪ Fa la la la la ♪,♪ Wassailing with our choir ♪,♪ Hang up all your giant socks above an open fire ♪,That sounds safe.,♪ So happy merry Yuletide carol ♪,♪ Faithful friends are “deer” ♪,♪ Thanks for sharing what you do ♪,♪ At that time of year ♪,[bell tolls],[gasps] We better get a move on,if were gonna hit every house in the kingdom.,[whinnies],♪ Jolly merry, happy holly ♪,♪ On a midnight clear ♪,♪ Im here to ask you what you do ♪,♪ At that time of year ♪,Hi! Shalom! Happy solstice!,Fancy chandelier.,♪ Im looking for tradition stuff ♪,♪ For that time of year ♪,♪ Well, we make our decorations ♪,♪ Out of flotsam and jetsam ♪,♪ Bake a yummy fruitcake ♪,♪ And you cant leave till you get some ♪,That went right through me.,♪ Buy each other presents ♪,♪ And then hide them very nimbly ♪,♪ Wait up for a chubby man to shimmy down your chimney ♪,Breaking and entering– okay on Christmas.,♪ Oh, happy merry, mule-tied barrels ♪,♪ Faithful, gladsome cheer ♪,♪ Thanks for sharing what you do ♪,♪ At that time of year ♪,[gasps] Thank you.,♪♪♪,♪ We knit scarves and sweaters ♪,♪ And we wear our matching mittens ♪,♪ Dont forget the jammies ♪,♪ That I knitted for my kittens ♪,♪ Eight nights in a row ♪,♪ We light menorahs on our mantels ♪,You cut down a tree,,and then you dress its corpse with candles.,[whimpering],I love it!,♪ Anna and Elsa ♪,♪ Will have all that they need ♪,♪ Ill fill my sleigh here ♪,♪ With the help of my steed ♪,♪ Itll be the best time of year ♪,♪ Its up to you ♪,♪ Up to me ♪,♪ Me ♪,♪ Me ♪,♪ Up to ♪,[meows],♪ Oh, happy merry, Mele Kaliki ♪,♪ Holly jolly, happy tappy ♪,♪ Chubby man will soon appear ♪,♪ And faithful friends are tiny deer ♪,♪ And festive tidings, midnight clear ♪,And can I leave this fruitcake here?,♪ At that time of year ♪,[meows]

EF Pre-Departure Guide – Predeparture Info in English (adults & students aged 16+)

تهانينا,أنت على وشك الانطلاق في .رحلة العمر العالمية,ولكن قبل الانطلاق عليك بالقيام ببعض الخطوات الهامة,.حتى تضمن رحلة مريحة,سواء كانت وجهتك دورة مكثفة للغة الاسبانية في كوستاريكا,أو الإقامة لمدة 6 أشهر في لوس انجلوس فهناك بعض الوثائق الهامة التي يجب تحضيرها,.وأهمها تأشيرة الدخول,إذا كانت دولتك المضيفة تطلب تأشيرة دخول فعليك التقديم للحصول عليها فوراً,تستغرق التأشيرة عادة عدة أيام ولكن في بعض الحالات,.قد تصل إلى ستة أسابيع,إذا كان لديك رحلة ربط في بلد آخر قبل أن تصل إلى وجهتك,فقد تحتاج أيضاً أن تتقدم بطلب الحصول على .تأشيرة عبور لهذا البلد,وتمهيداً لرحلتك سوف تصلك,بعض الوثائق الهامة للغاية .من إي أف بواسطة البريد أو البريد الالكتروني,سوف نرسل لك فاتورة وتأكيد الحجز ,.وإذا لزم الأمر، خطاب قبول رسمي,عندما تقوم بتعبئة طلب الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول ارفق معه هذه الوثائق,.بالإضافة إلى كشوف الحسابات المصرفية,قم بتعبئة كل نماذج الطلب .بخط واضح,إذا دعيت إلى مقابلة شخصية للحصول على تأشيرة الدخول,فمن المهم أن تظهر أنك .تمتلك دوافع قوية للدراسة,ارتدي ملابس أنيقة وتذكر تفاصيل دورتك الدراسية,وتشمل موعدها، وموقعها .ومدة الدراسة,قد يطلب منك شرح أسباب رغبتك في تعلم لغة أخرى,.والسفر إلى هذا البلد,كن مستعداً وواضحاً في شرح دوافعك ,.للدراسة في الخارج ,احجز رحلتك بنفسك .أو يمكن أن نقوم نحن بذلك,اغتنم فرصة الاستفادة من خدماتنا وسوف نتولي تنظيم رحلتك بالكامل حتى أننا ,.سنقوم بترتيب انتقالك من المطار,إذا قمت بحجز تذاكر الطيران بنفسك فمن المهم أن تقوم بإبلاغ,إي أف بتفاصيل مواعيد وصولك .قبل موعد رحلتك بأسبوعين,كما أن تسجيل الاشتراك في تأمين .السفر والصحة هام للغاية,تأمين شركة اريكا يوفر تغطية تأمينية على السفر معدة حسب الطلب,ومصممة خصيصاً لإي أف وقد استفاد منها .آلاف الطلاب,. قبل مغادرتك سوف تتمتع بإمكانية الدخول .على الموقع الالكتروني ماي إي أف,ومنه يمكنك التواصل مع عائلتك المضيفة وزملاء صف المستقبل,تعرّف على وجهتك .وأبدأ عملية التعلم عبر الانترنت,ادخل امتحان تحديد المستوى عبر الانترنت بأسرع ما يمكن,حتى يستطيع مدرسوك الحاقك بالصف الدراسي المناسب,.والبدء في تنظيم دورتك,على حسابك على ما إي أف ستجد قبل مغادرتك معلومات مكتوبة, عن مدرستك وتشمل رقم هاتف طوارئ إي أف, .الخاص بوجهتك,وقبل مغادرتك بعدة أيام يمكنك أيضاً أن تجد,عنوان إقامتك .ورقم هاتفه على ماي إي أف,اطبع رقم هاتف الطوارئ أو اكتبه,وكذلك كل التفاصيل الخاصة بإقامتك .واحتفظ بهم معك أثناء السفر,توخى الحكمة أثناء حزم حقائبك فالكثير من الخطوط الجوية تتبع,.قواعد صارمة في حجم الأمتعة ووزنها,ويرجى أن تتذكر أيضاً أن بعض المواد لا يسمح باصطحابها ,.على متن الطائرة ولن تمر من الجمارك,تذكر أن تحتفظ معك بتفاصيل إقامتك,ورقم هاتف طوارئ إي أف .الخاص بوجهتك,كما يجب أن تحمل معك مبلغ مالي من العملة المحلية .وبطاقة ائتمان دولية,إحضار هدية صغيرة إلى العائلة المضيفة تعد فكرة صائبة,لكي تبدأ فترة إقامتك بابتسامة,ننصحك بالوصول إلى مكاتب إنجاز إجراءات السفرفي المطار .قبل موعد المغادرة بساعتين على الأقل,إذا كان لديك رحلة ربط عليك بالتأكد أن حقائبك,قد تم تسجيلها .للوجهة الأخيرة ,احتفظ بقسيمة الأمتعة .حتى تسترد حقائبك بعد وصولك,لا تحمل معك أي سوائل أو أجسام حادة مثل السكاكين أو المقصات,فلن يسمح لك الأمن .بالمرور وأنت تحمل مثل هذه الأشياء,إذا كانت لديك رحلة ربط فيجب أن تصل إلى بوابة,إقلاع رحلة الربط من ثلاثين إلى ستين دقيقة على الأقل قبل الموعد المحدد,.للمغادرة – ويكون هذا بحسب المطار,وبعد الوصول اتجه مباشرة إلى مكتب الهجرة,وقدم جواز سفرك الساري المفعول وتأشيرة الدخول,وقد يطلب منك أيضاً تقديم خطاب قبولك بالدورة الدراسية,.وكشف حساب مصرفي,وقد يقوم مسؤولي الهجرة .بإجراء مقابلة شخصية لك,إذا حدث ذلك، يرجى تقديم إجابات واضحة بشأن إقامتك,.وأسباب اختيارك للدراسة في الخارج,إذا كنت قد قمت بحجز خدمة الانتقال معنا فسوف يقوم سائق بتحيتك في المطار,مستخدماً لافتة إي أف .أو لافتة تحمل اسمك,إذا لم تستطع العثور على السائق توجه إلى مكتب الاستعلامات,في صالة الوصول واطلب منهم النداء على سائق إي أف,أو الاتصال برقم طوارئ إي أف .الذي تحمله معك,عندما تصل إلى منزل عائلتك المضيفة,حاول أن تقدم نفسك .باستخدام لغتهم الأصلية,استخدام عبارات مثل “من فضلك” .أو “شكراً” بكثرة هو أمراً مستحباً دائماً,الطلاب الذين يقيمون في منازل مع عائلات من أهل البلد ,سيتم معاملتهم مثل أي فرد من العائلة,الكثير من العائلات المضيفة من .الجيل الثاني أو الثالث من المهاجرين,واختلاف مظهرهم قليلاً عما كنت تتوقعه,.لا يعني أنهم مختلفون عن المواطنين الأصليين,سوف تشارك طالب آخر في نفس الغرفة,.إلا إذا كنت قد دفعت المبلغ الإضافي للغرفة الفردية,يرجى الاعتناء بممتلكاتك وحافظ ,.على الغرفة نظيفة ومرتبة,في كثير من البلدان يكون من الشائع وجود حيوانات أليفة,.مثل القطط والكلاب والعصافير,إذا كنت لا تشعر بالراحة في وجود الحيوانات فأخبر العائلة بذلك,وسوف يساعدوك .في التأقلم على الوضع,ستقدم لك عائلتك المضيفة الإفطار والعشاء,من الاثنين إلى الجمعة كما توفر .الوجبات الثلاث كاملة في عطلات نهاية الاسبوع,أوقات تقديم الوجبات وكذلك نوعيات الطعام غالباً,.تختلف قليلاً عما اعتدت عليه,إذا كانت لك أي متطلبات خاصة بالنظام الغذائي,فأخبر عائلتك المضيفة وسوف يبذلون قصارى جهدهم,.كي يوفروا لك احتياجاتك,وبصفتك فرد من أفراد العائلة فمن المتوقع أن تقدم المساعدة,في مهام بسيطة مثل تنظيف المنضدة بعد انتهاء الوجبات,وقد تتمتع بإمكانية استخدام وسيلة الغسيل الموجودة بالمنزل,أو بإمكانك أن تستخدم .محلات خدمات الغسيل الموجودة في الحي,العديد من العائلات المضيفة يخلدون .إلى النوم في العاشرة أو الحادية عشرة مساء,الرجاء التصرف بأسلوب لائق و أن لا تحدث سوى أقل قدر ممكن ,.من الضوضاء بعد العاشرة مساء,إذا كنت تقيم في مساكن إي أف فإن خدمة التوصيل من المطار,سوف تصحبك مباشرة .إلى مقر إقامتك,منازل إي أف الدولية تتسم بالتعدد الشديد في الثقافات,ولغة المدرسة هي .وسيلة التواصل,يقوم الطلاب في المساكن المشتركة بتوسيع نطاق المحادثة,وتحسين التعبيرات اللفظية بسرعة كبيرة أثناء الإقامة وسط العشرات,من الطلاب من مختلف الجنسيات,سوف تشارك طلاب آخرين في غرفة إلا إذا قمت بدفع,.نفقات خيار الغرفة المفردة,وسوف يتم توفير فراش .وكرسي وأغطية الفراش,من المهم أن تحافظ على غرفتك مرتبة .وأن تقوم بتنظيف غسيلك بصفة منتظمة,إذا كنت تدرس في مدينة كبيرة فمن المتوقع أن تستخدم الحافلات وخدمة,.مترو الأنفاق في التنقل اليومي,.المدن الصغيرة تقدم خدمة الانتقال بالحافلات,اذهب إلى أول يوم دراسي .في 8:30 صباحاً وسجل اسمك مع موظفي إي أف,عليك بإحضار جواز سفرك، تأشيرة الدخول .وكل الوثائق التي استخدمتها في استخراج التأشيرة,أثناء يومك الأول في إي أف .سوف تحضر اجتماع توجيهي,بالإضافة إلى امتحان تحديد المستوى الذي اجريته في ماي إي أف,قد تكون هناك امتحانات لغة إضافية لقياس مهاراتك في المحادثة,.والكتابة والقواعد النحوية والاستماع,سوف تستلم .أي كتب قمت بشرائها سابقاً,.وشراء أي كتب إضافية تحتاج إليها,قبل أن تغادر المدرسة في يومك الأول سوف تحصل على جدولك الدراسي الكامل,وهو أيضاً متوفر على .حسابك على ماي إي أف,سيتاح لك الوقت لكي تتجول وسط المدينة,سوف تحصل على المعلومات اللازمة لجعل,.إقامتك ممتعة ومرحة وآمنة,إذا كنت في المستوى المتوسط وقمت بحجز دورة,عامة أو مكثفة فيمكنك الاختيار من بين ,.مجموعة فصول الاهتمامات الخاصة لدينا,مواضيع الاهتمامات الخاصة الشهيرة تشمل التحضير لامتحان، التاريخ، الفن,.الثقافة والفصول المرتكزة على الرياضة,تعد فصول الاهتمامات الخاصة فرصة مثالية لتصميم دورتك ,.بحسب احتياجاتك واهتماماتك,وتختلف دورات الاهتمامات الخاصة المتاحة بحسب المدرسة والتوقيت أثناء السنة,.وتقدم بعض الفصول عبر الانترنت,إي أف لها قواعد وتوجيهات خاصة .يجب أن تحترم,رجاءَ تذكر أننا ننتظر منك أن تتحدث,.بنفس لغة المدرسة,إي أف لا تقبل أي شكل .من التطاول أو التعصب,التدخين ممنوع في كافة مباني المدرسة,كما أن إي أف لا تتحمل اي مسؤولية عن فقدان أو سرقة اي من ممتلكاتك الشخصية, .لذلك لا تترك متعلقاتك دون مراقبة,.يجب أن تحضر كل دروسك,%يلزم الحصول على نسبة حضور 80 للاحتفاظ بتصريح دراسة ساري المفعول,والحصول على .شهادة دورة إي اف,كما يجب أن .تلتزم بحضور كل دروسك في مواعيدها,غير مسموح باصطحاب الأطعمة والمشروبات داخل الفصول,ويجب دوماً غلق الهواتف الجوالة .أثناء الدروس,يجب أن تتوخى الحذر .أثناء المشي بمفردك ليلاً,من الأفضل دوماً أن .تسير بصحبة أصدقائك,توخى الحذر دوماً لما تحمله من نقود وأجهزة الكترونية مثل,.الهواتف الجوالة والآي بود في الأماكن العامة,تعاطي المخدرات الممنوعة قانوناً .محظور تماماً,احتفظ بعنوان إقامتك ورقم هاتفك,.معك في كل الأوقات,عليك دوماً بمراعاة الثقافة المحلية واحترس,.من انتهاك القانون, تمثل الأنشطة جزءاً هاماً من دورتك,وهي تمنحك الفرصة لمقابلة اصدقاء جدد,واستخدام لغتك الجديدة .في بيئة مرحة وممتعة,مكتب أنشطة إي أف يمكنه أن يساعدك في تخطيط وقت فراغك وحجز كل شيء,بداية من تذاكر الحفلات الموسيقية .إلى حجز المطاعم,يقوم منسقوا أنشطة إي أف بتنظيم جدول منتظم للتجمعات,.ورحلات اليوم الواحد ورحلات عطلة نهاية الاسبوع,أنت على وشك .القيام برحلة رائعة في الخارج,سوف تكتشف مدن جديدة وتتعلم لغة جديدة,وتجرب ثقافة جديدة وتقيم صداقات,.يمكن أن تستمر

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