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Bellator 257: Nemkov vs. Davis II | Monster Energy Prelims fueled by Fiesta Mart

the eagerly anticipated light,heavyweight world grand prix,got underway last friday night on,showtime as ryan vader got his revenge,on ryoto machida,with a unanimous decision victory and,moved one step closer,to recapturing the 205 pound strap,the quarter final round continues,tonight as corey overtime anderson,fresh off his victorias bellator mma,debut,welcomes double john yagshimuradov to,the bellator,cage and the belt is on the line in the,main event,as former champ phil davis looks to,avenge his split decision loss,to current kingpin vadi nemkov who is,riding a,seven fight win streak the quarterfinals,conclude with a bang on friday may 7th,as bellator newcomers anthony johnson,and joel romero,collide the bellator mma light,heavyweight world grand prix,on showdown where warriors rule,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],tgif thank god its fighting,from the mohegan sun arena in uncle,spill connecticut,bellator mma brings you bellator 257,coming up later tonight on showtime we,resume,the light heavyweight world grand prix,main event sees newly minted champion,vadim nepcob,defend the title in a rematch against,phil davis looking to become the first,two-time bellator mma,light heavyweight champion and in,another quarterfinal contest,highly regarded corey anderson will,welcome dopamine john yanks,to the bellator cage yakshimura doves,riding an,eight fight winning streak,also to come on the main card for,bellator 257,former flyweight title challenger victor,take up,takes on desiree yanez in yenas first,bellator mma fight and we are kicking,things off with a combustible,confrontation,paul daley sabah hamasi in what should,be,a big bang to kick off bellator 257,we are anticipating the same here on the,prelims as we,are beginning with a top ten,featherweight matchup between number,four ranked pedro carvajal,and the undefeated number seven ranked,j.j wilson,[Music],talking about j.j wilson this guys,unbelievable on the ground but look at,the power in his hands,he just obliterates sabari in that 22nd,fight,this kid has got it all pedro carvajal,is a veteran and as a guy thats a,grinder he comes in and he takes,all that space away from you and makes,you fight his fight,he is so good at transitioning from the,stand up to the ground,and hunting for that submission like he,gets right here against sam cecilia,this is a guy that can do it all and do,it all very,well,[Applause],all right john lets take a look at the,tail of the tape for our first contest,of the night,and this is a whole contest look how,young both of these fighters are 25 and,23.,this is the future of the sport with big,john mccarthy im moral ronaldo here is,cage announcer michael,c williams ladies,and gentlemen live from mohegan sun,arena were set now for the bellator 257,prelims streaming live tonight on pluto,tv,youtube and for those across the uk on,bbc iplayer,we welcome you all as we get set now to,kick off the action inside,the cage with three five-minute rounds,in the featherweight,division introducing the blue corner at,five foot eleven weighing in,146 and three-quarter pounds his,professional record,undefeated seven wins no losses fighting,out of san diego california by way of,auckland,new zealand jj the maori kid,wilson,and across the cages adversary fighting,out of the red corner at five foot,eleven weighing in,144 and three-quarter pounds,as a professional eleven victories four,defeats,fighting out of dublin ireland he hails,from a nice portugal introducing,pedro the game carvalho,and when the bell rings the referee in,charge kevin mcdonald,kevin mcdonald your referee so a pivotal,contest at 145,two top ten ranked fighters,one looking to remain undefeated in,wilson carvajal looking to bounce,back from the loss to featherweight,champion patricio pitbull in the,featherweight,world grand prix carvajal in the red,gloves wilson in the blue and,immediately,wilson explodes into the takedown and,carvajal,going to work off his back john throwing,the world office guy had an,guard but that was a very smart move by,j.j wilson,carvajals coming in with a lot of,pressure coming forward change levels,drop down get the take down and now work,from where you are,so very good four,of wilsons seven victories have come,via submission controlling carvalho on,the ground,getting the hook in on carvajals back,nice knee delivered by wilson who last,month survived an armed,robbery where a shot was fired resulting,in wilson,being struck by fragmentation he says,his sister,his guardian angel looking over him john,she committed suicide hes a mental,health advocate and hes channeling that,grief,that loss into commitment to his craft,as a mixed martial artist,you couldnt ask for a better start if,you are j.j wilson oh this is a,fantastic start for jj right now trying,to hook up that body triangle on,carvajal,keeps on going back to hooks carville,trying to peel that leg off hes peeled,it off twice before but his neck is open,and thats what jj,if that arm is reaching down towards the,leg theres going to be a side thats,open,and you need to think about attacking it,but nice move by carville hes now,switching it hes reversed the position,now its jj wilson off of his back very,nice systematic work by carvajal,to reverse that position who has been,submitted once that was back in july of,2013 against archer lemos,via rear naked choke and now its,carvajal,in control with wilson utilizing his,active guard game,well wilson was trying to activate that,guard you saw him changing the angle and,carvalho basically stuffing it down,forcing him back into this but right now,with that head on the outside carvajal,is limited,in what he can do from this guard,position hes actually putting himself,into a point where,you can look at jj actually starting to,look towards locking up a guillotine i,dont think hes going to based upon the,body position,but be careful of where you put your,head with jj wilson,bring your right wrist once you left,nice rubber guard position by jj,bringing it up high,can look towards him apart but the fence,right now is really creating a problem,as far as being able to swing into some,of the things that hes so good with,wilson training with johnny faria out of,san diego,ended up moving to san diego from his,native new zealand the maori kid who,undefeated at 7-0 but now,but its wilson who is doing a great job,from the bottom again looking change the,angle hes creating these situations,where,even though pedro carvalho is in the top,he is defending most of the time hes,not able to establish any type of,offense,you see jj bringing the legs up looking,forward,different submissions looking for that,to swing into,looking for the triangle just unable to,really get that motion down right now,started training at straight blast jim,ireland thats the home of conor,mcgregor under john kavanagh in january,of 2017.,he was five and three at the time has,gone six and one since the loss again,to the current 145 pound champion,patricio pitbull in the featherweight,world grand prix of course pitbull will,meet the undefeated aj mckee in the 1,million dollar,final of the grand prix for the title,and wilson looking to escape here john,also looking for the arm bar hes got,that in position he can get this right,now from where its at,that squeeze of the knees right now he,needs to be able to control the body,position,of pedro carvalho,has an armbar submission win on his,resume final minute of the,opening round lots going on between,pedro carvajal and j.j wilson,for the bottom look at where the foot,position is keeping his hips back,making it so punches are not part of the,equation right now for pedro,wilson started training jujitsu at 16,made his pro mma debut in june of 2018,a bjj black belt while carvajal he had,his first amateur fight at 16,and six of his 11 wins have come via,submission so some great,grappling some good stuff on the ground,to kick off,round number one,stop clean break,about that right with the leg over there,yeah you g

BELLATOR 288: Nemkov vs. Anderson 2 Monster Energy Prelims fueled by Fiesta Mart INT

Im a former Marine Corps veteran police,officer and Collegiate athlete I played,in the NFL for a total of eight years,and it was sent to rescue 7 pows back in,2003 as a kid I always wanted to play,football I was able to live that dream,and play in the NFL served in the United,States Army for six years and you may or,may not know me as a mixed martial arts,champion,we are,when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan I was,great at my job,you think its tough on the battlefield,it was even harder coming home,MVP brings combat veterans and former,athletes together that have the same,struggle,even the battlefield the football field,it leaves behind a lot of physical scars,but more so emotional scars you lose,your team I miss my boys you know in the,moments and all the stupid [ __ ] we did,you know a couple years ago I wasnt,really looking forward to Growing Old,quite often we need love outside of our,occupation I was missing the camaraderie,the Brotherhood of The Sisterhood that I,had in the military,our job at MVP to give you your team,back we start with 30 minute workouts,just give these guys a burn again get,them to be beholden to their brother or,sister on their right or left hand but,the magic is we have a huddle we sit,down the mats and we talk it out we talk,about everything if you swallow your,grief youre going to make yourself sick,and I feel like this is a safe space for,everybody to grieve,all of us have been dropped in the team,and it became our environment it became,our survival it became our will to,succeed and,it took finding MVP before I was able to,accept my successes,MVP gave me back that locker room and,feeling again I wasnt afraid to cry in,front of 40 guys in the room but when I,did they all understood MVP saved my,life thats fair enough MVP did saved my,life,everywhere I go I preach about MVP,instead of my family being worried now,because of MVP and what its allowed me,to do now Im helping others,we lose 22 vets a day to Suicide that is,not okay that number needs to be zero,theyve had our back its time we get,there back whos got my,bounce God,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],everybody,located on Chicagos lakefront and,facing one of the most iconic skylines,in the world McCormick Place is the,largest Convention Center in North,America it includes Wind Trust Arena and,a big crowd will be on hand for Bellator,288.,two title fights headline tonights card,after their first fight was declared a,no contest due to a cut caused by an,accidental Clash of heads Champion Vadim,nemcob will once again defend the 205,pound crowd against Corey Anderson in,the world Grand Prix final with a,million dollar bonus check going to the,Victor in our co-future patriki Pitbull,defends the lightweight belt for the,first time against undefeated number one,Contender Usman Norman as for the rest,of the main card two-time featherweight,title Challenger number seven ranked,Daniel feischel takes on Timor Israel,who Sports a perfect record heading into,his Bellator debut number five ranked,heavyweight Tyrell Fortune takes on,Daniel James who won his Pro debut under,the Bellator Banner eight years ago and,fistic fireworks are all but certain,when The Undefeated Roman ferraldo and,Levon chocolate lockhorns at,welterweight,[Music],heavyweights raised the curtain on,tonights event as Vladimir govea who,turned 30 yesterday well his wish is,about to come true hes about to make,his Pro debut in the Bellator cage,against 31 year old Corey moggenberg who,makes his sophomore Bellator appearance,talented for This heavyweight matchup,take a look at the size theyre 265.8,and hes cutting away so hes walking in,here A whole lot heavier to 246. well,see if that weight makes a big,difference Big John McCarthy and yours,truly Morrow Ronaldo set to call the,action cave side with the official,introductions heres Michael C Williams,ladies and a gentlemen good evening and,welcome as Bellator and the May returns,to Chicago tonight from windrust Arena,we get the Bellator 288 prelims underway,now with three five minute rounds in the,heavyweight division introducing the,blue Corner first at five foot ten,weighing in,246 pounds even his professional record,two and four he fights out of Ottumwa,Iowa presenting Corey the monsters,[Music],and across the cage his adversary,fighting out of the Red Corner at six,foot weighing in,265.8 pounds making his professional,debut he fights out of San Francisco,California Vladimir Blanco govaya,and when the bell rings the referee in,charge Mike simarusi,the birthday boy from yesterday Vladimir,govaya hoping to blow away Corey,moggenberg faster than the candles on a,birthday cake while Corey moggenberg he,hopes to be mo problems for the guy,making his professional debut,foreign,Bell in round one scheduled for three,five-minute rounds in the heavyweight,Division and they waste little time in,chucking leather,Logan Burke attacking the legs of govaya,govale whipping a body kick into the,midsection of mogenberg Korea get a,little bit cocky there sticking his chin,out already hes felt the power of,odenbergs not pressed in a little wild,and a little wild with the swinging,punches but that left hand connected on,moggenbergs beard,morgenberg has proven to be durable,again looking to earn his first victory,in Bellator after losing to Bailey,schoenfelder back at Bellator 265 in,August of last year looking to bounce,back from his fourth loss in this,opportunity here in Chicago tonight,against the guy who was under the bright,lights for the first time he is under,the bright lights and thats you know,thats a huge element when youre,looking at this doesnt matter how who,you train with how much youve done when,you get under the lights and its just,you and that other guy in the cage,theres a whole lot of butterflies going,a lot of nerves and that can have an,effect lucky for govea he gets to train,with some of the best in the world at,AKA in San Jose California,Govan needs to stop winging shots from,the side so much a little bit more with,being straight coming down the pipe it,looked like moggenberg was going to Don,the cape and attempt a Superman punch,instead eats the jab from govaya,moganburg going downstairs with a cap,kick and,while its not always technical theres,a nice sharp technical jab and a winging,right-handed govaya going Prime Time,vanderlei Silva multinburg those wide,shots they leave a big opening but hes,been able to put it on moggenberg here,in the opening round but she saw how,effective when he shot that straight jab,down the middle it touched moggenberg,and thats what he needs to do set up,that right hand by using using that Jack,you build your foundation with the Jack,take down by govea moggenberg,controlling the posture of Govan govaya,has experience as a BJJ brown belts,competed in several Jiu Jitsu,competitions in Brazil they go for the,crucifixion already in the crucifix,position you see how easily he moved,there and that is going to be a lot of,weight for moganburg to have to try to,get off of him right now and you see him,turning towards the north-south position,arm kind of stuck in the legs a little,bit of a squeeze hell be able to move,that out but right now mogenbergs got a,big heavy man on top of whom they can do,a lot of damage with short strikes like,elbows go van side control working his,Jiu Jitsu under the guidance of uh one,of the gurus of the Gracie family health,Gracie and again working with the likes,of trainer extraordinaire Javier Mendez,and uh now in the half guard of,moggenberg Foster and now piston-like,left hands to the face of mogenberg,govaya looking to light up mogenberg,with the ground in pound if you saw that,posture as soon as he got that posture,thats when he was affected with those,strikes youre able to utilize all of,that space to gain power but it does,give your opponent the ability to move,Gove landing at a two to one clip,compared to moggenberg who forced to,work from his back and forced to eat,more leat

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5 FUN PARTY GAMES AT WORK • Part 2 ???? | Minute To Win It Style

[Music],the challenge next door in de que el,pasajero the hill each cow ample Otho,calamari police offer paper plate at the,Landry Coast and abdomen essa unwilling,look at iguana challenge and in the,morning the game begins in three two,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],cops cop and away garnet and strong,Kalon hed been a player and cupcake,liner quite a must shoot Dorset,abominable including moussaka go on a,challenge Im Olivia,the game begins in three two,[Music],[Applause],[Applause],third power allowing young mappable bald,at lone ping-pong balls Nelson Hudson,odd saladna Basso unruly mob wanna,challenge unlike eliminated the game,begins in three two,[Music],[Applause],[Music],yes Papa Papa is avatar hey that might,shootin a piece ellos no birthdays and,caranas layers none of the elements are,on camera and cell phone contestant,thermoplastic cops in one hand when,Cassini place an index card supposed,animal a door cap on opponent or a sa,isang whoo-hoo Rutina kurkistan,our mechanics cards velocity Kanaka ass,under Enceladus and staff non-included,Amala plastic outs a polemic iguana,challenge and eliminate became begins in,three,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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Bellator 256: Bader vs. Machida II | Monster Energy Prelims fueled by Fiesta Mart

world grand prix,gets underway tonight on show time,as current heavyweight title holder and,former 205 champ,ryan vader,gets another shot at lyoto the dragon,machida,the quarterfinals continue friday april,16th,corey anderson fresh off his victorias,debut,welcomes double jean yag shimura dove to,the bellator,mma cage and the belt is on the line,in the main event as phil davis looks to,avenge his split decision loss,to light heavyweight world champion the,team nemco,who is riding a seven fight win streak,the opening round concludes with a bang,friday may 7th,as bellator newcomers anthony johnson,and joel romero,collide with a spot in the semifinals on,the line,the bellator mma light heavyweight world,grand prix,gets underway tonight on showtime,where warriors rule,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],sun arena in uncasville connecticut,bellator,mma avengers assemble,bellator 256 marks the beginning of the,eight-man,one million dollar light heavyweight,world,grand prix coming up later tonight on,showtime we will begin the tournament,with a match-up almost nine years in the,making former,205 pound champion current heavyweight,champion ryan vader seeks revenge,against lyoto magetta in our first,of our quarterfinal bouts in the light,heavyweight,world grand prix also tonight a pivotal,matchup at flyweight liz carmouche,welcomes former invicta champion vanessa,porto,to bellator a fl featherweight matchup,flying under the radar,adam boris battles jeremy kennedy,katzingano has her eyes,on cyborg but first she needs to get by,bellator newcomer olivia parker,and we are kicking off the proceedings,later tonight on showtime,with an important matchup in the,lightweight division koichi yamauchi,has the most submissions in bellator he,welcomes dan,moret to bellator mma and,for now big john mccarthy and yours,truly moral ronello will focus our,attention,on the preliminary action john duma,versus,will smith to get us started in the,bantamweight division,artillery the tape for this bantamweight,fight,the big thing is the reach john duman,does need to get inside can will smith,keep him out there,on the outside and just pick him apart,with the official introductions here is,michael c williams,ladies and gentlemen welcome to balance,for 256,as the prelims kick off now with three,five minute rounds in the,phantom weight division introducing,first the blue corner f5 foot eight,weighing in 134.6 pounds,his professional record three and two he,fights out of new haven connecticut,will sriracha smith,and across the cage is adversary,fighting out of the red corner at five,foot seven weighing in 135.4 pounds,as a professional four victories two,defeats he fights,out of pawtucket rhode island john,duma and the referee in charge,brian miner,brian miner has been assigned this,bantamweight battle to,begin things here at bellator 256,from the mohegan sun arena john duma in,the red gloves,will sriracha smith in the blue gloves,and instead of getting jiggy with it,john this will smith,says hes going to get saucy with it,he says hes got too much sauce for john,duma duma,who was four and two all four of his,wins have come inside the distance,looking to improve,his bellator record to two and one john,dumas fought somebody that is very,similar to will smith,will smith very athletic long lean hes,fast,john dumas first victory in bellator was,against mike kimball who had all those,same attributes,and john duma ended up taking him ground,and it was his technical fighting that,got him to win,ended up with a submission victory smith,able to score with the,jab splitting the guard up duma nice,combination attempt by smith john going,with the jab following immediately up,with the right uppercut,hes giving a lot of faints right now,which is good but he continues to move,when you see him start to set his feet,thats going to be something hes going,to have to be careful with,because thats what john duma is going,to be looking for to shoot in for that,takedown,dumas started wrestling at the age of 10,switched to mixed martial arts after he,was done with his education,hes a diesel mechanic by trade,two knockouts two submissions showing,some,well potential in the bantamweight,division while will smith would like to,uh,forget his last fight his bellator debut,losing to lucas brennan,in the second round via tko and again,youre talking about,you know contrasting styles will smiths,first opponent in bellator lucas brennan,black belt brazilian jiu jitsu very,similar but probably has a better ground,game than john,duma but wants to get the fight into the,same area,so its smith utilizing the face,utilizing the movement duma marching,forward taking small steps looking to,navigate the distance,delivers that jab twice,as a rangefinder,i like the fact that john numa keeps,going back to that jab hes got the,shorter reach but hes using the jab,to make will smith have to respect his,stand up,of course the phantom weight division,bubbling with competition juan archuleta,the newly minted 135 pound champion,will defend the title for the first time,against sergio pettis thats coming up,on friday may 7.,as smith lands a jab that momentarily,buckled duma maybe caught him a little,off-balance john still off balance,nothing that hurt him but will smith is,doing the right thing right now hold,this movement,this is really a good game plan by will,smith dont set your feet,dont get into that position where john,du is going to be able to get into it,get you down zuma,and secures the takedown along the fence,will smith,this is exactly where john duma wants,this fight he knows if hes got the,fight on the ground,this is his world and this is where he,can do good work,has the rear naked choke and a triangle,choke,submission on his resume,maneuvering smith along the fence,delivering some,ground and pound well if you notice what,john does with his leg he actually took,himself into a half car now he grabs the,back,hes got to get that right hook in now,that he has it hes got the ability to,stay with him,duma debuted with a rear naked choke win,in his professional mma career back in,august of 2017,looking for a rear naked choke here,against,will smith with a minute 15 left in the,opening round more of a neck crank here,john,well its on the jaw which its not,comfortable but if youre tough like,will smith,you can survive it thats why duma gave,it up,will smith needs to work his way use,that cage,hes got to break get rid of at least,one of those hooks,and start to use that case to get,himself out of this position under a,minute remaining in the first round,will smith is three and two he has been,stopped due to strikes but,duma is looking to hand smith his first,submission loss but smith defending,rather well and now of course time,becoming a factor under 40 seconds left,in the opening round still,plenty of time plenty of time right now,yeah the time is is starting to pace,down but all it takes is a couple,seconds to,set that choke in and make it work,final 15 seconds of the opening round of,this bantamweight encounter between,john duma fishing for that rear naked,choke on will smith,last 10 seconds of the round can duma,finish the fight,he has the ability to again its on the,chin so its a matter of will smith just,gutting it out,and smith not necessarily saved by the,bell but,able to escape what was a highly,uncomfortable position,not a position he was happy to be in,heres your water good job breathe right,now,breathe down,right hes got both hooks in remember,youve got to make sure that youre,clearing those ankles out,and stepping over the side that hes got,his hip down right we want to turn into,him start to get our guard back,right right playing from the top okay,half guard is fine for us on top okay,yeah we want to make sure that were,clearing those hooks whats our goal for,the second round keep those angles,manage the distance everything was,beautiful those leg kicks were annoying,him she was getting frustrated yeah,right thats

Rivals – Ford Fiesta ST Vs Mini Cooper S | WATCH BEFORE BUYING PT1

hello welcome back through the i-th,video and today im going to be,reviewing what i think is the best hot,hatch currently on sale today the Fiesta,ST youre wrong no god weve been over,this time and time again no this is the,better car better hot hat this got a,hundred thousand views over actually on,our YouTube channel oh well arent you,special this is better this is better,this look hello and welcome back to the,i-th video where apparently now were,testing two cars the Fiesta ST and the,Mini Cooper S that is right were going,to look at a number of different things,were going to look at design were,gonna look at practicality were gonna,look at fun factor performance and cost,yeah and over the next two videos we are,going to decide which one we think is,best,so why do you think the Fiesta ST is,better in design than the mini where to,start,well as Im look Im gonna start with,the grill okay its a little bit Aston,Martin II but I think it looks awesome,with its kind of honeycomb bits in there,thats nice nice little fog light areas,as well its all very aggressive yeah I,do like these these are really cool,actually when I saw you put into the car,part I did think these fog lights down,here were quite nice with the DRLs of,the lights as well yes the lights look,very very cool they look even better on,the LED ones as well which are optional,for them yeah I like those what what I,really like though is the fact that this,thing looks live and athletic you know,like its like its going really fast,but its not even moving this is what,Im talking about here youve got this,whole look to it its all just going,like this really fast,you see I kind of get what you mean yeah,and these wheels are really nice they,are yet with those kind of machined,faces on them I think theyre lovely,theyre optional okay agents really,really good-looking wheels ducktail,spoiler sort of that that is a,good-looking spoiler I mean the mini I,think has got a slightly better spoiler,which will come on to in a minute but I,do,I do like the behind of the Fiesta it is,cool with the red St badge looks really,sporty it is and theyve one thing I,like is the the rear lights now go kind,of across the back of the car they used,to go up the side for the last couple,generations they went up the side of the,window or dict a bit weird but they,looked straight across the back yeah,thats cool and the rear diffuser as,well,yeah yeah body-colour told Im not sure,actually does anything but yes houses,those two exhaust pipes which are real,are both of them work,yeah they add theyre both connected to,an actual piece Im going to test hes,not wrong ladies and gentlemen they are,real exhausts okay its its a not bad,looking car so before we go look at the,better looking car lets have a look at,the interior design on the ST yep a,couple of very key points for me firstly,touch points the steering wheel,absolutely lovely very thick nobly,perforated leather flat bottom ST badge,SC badge looks wicked it does it to me,this feels a lot higher quality than you,expect in a fiesta it feels really,really well put together the whole thing,actually feels very nice youve got a,very nice infotainment display up there,dont like it yeah I know you dont like,them when they stick out but for me this,this works really well its really quick,what about the seats yeah this is it for,me this this makes this car,these Recaro seats and lovely stitching,down here nice and lovely st stitching,on them as well the key thing is though,they really wedge you in like Im not,small but Im not good anywhere nice at,the knees earlier I have to agree,they are awesome seats theyre so good,they remind me of sitting in like a,Focus RS for instance the support on,them is fantastic really good you feel,like youre in a really cool sports car,they look great and they are really,really good seats yeah and comfy and,comfy good one yeah well I think the,design isnt too bad I dont like the,screen the dials and stuff are just kind,of standard Ford its not bad yeah its,a fiesta but you know what its a very,nice one lets go have a look at the,mini right come on then try and convince,me why Im wrong in youre right this is,the better looking car when it comes to,design I mean many have had this shape,for god knows how many years now and,its not really changed and thats,because they use the phrase if it aint,broke dont fix it also called lazy,design no its not lazy its just,modernizing things now this has got the,chilli pack on it so it gets the John,Cooper Works from bumper and rear bumper,which well look at in a second get the,iconic mini lights you got the wicked,fog lamps down here and this huge bit of,arrow for all the air it needs to suck,into that engine yeah sexy I know big s,badge on the front obviously to tell you,its the minute,yes dont mess the mini-batch here and,this fantastic grill here which I love,which youre just talking about Oh arrow,has to get all the air in no air goes in,here because this is a fake vent people,this is talking about design not that is,design design there looks great I got to,say the wheels and theyre not theyre,not my favorite wheels the wheels I,think actually on the esti look a bit,better than these they do these are,theyre very blobby for want of a better,phrase yeah whats really cool though is,about all the things that you can do,with the Mini Cooper is design-wise,personalization yeah personalization on,this is great so these side scuttles,here you can change those you can 3d,print them to have whatever you want on,them so youll have your initials or you,know your girlfriends name whatever you,want to put on there cool you can also,change the color of the fuel cap can you,do that it no you cant but Im glad you,can because I think that chrome like,this this is cool as we come round to,the rear we were speaking about the,spoiler on the ST this ones better,I concede sir that is a better spoiler,it is a better spoiler its just massive,yeah its really cool and how cool is,this,I wasnt going to show you this but Im,going to show you anyway that little dip,that you said if we have a look at the,side profile now look at this look at,the aerial fits perfectly in that little,dip that is design yeah so what that is,is is that they had to design the,spoiler because somebody put that in the,wrong place no they designed the spoiler,and then I think they put this on,afterwards I think I think Union Jack,rear headlights come yeah absolutely,yes they are so cool absolutely love,them and the rear bumper is wicked the,John Cooper Works rear bumper is so so,good I havent actually looked likes,your pipes connect pipes are working or,in correct order they are so thats the,outside I think Im already winning no I,think I think theres one or two more,points on this detail point yes overall,look,still Fiesta lets have a look inside so,Tim welcome to the inside of the Mini,Cooper S no like the outside this has,got the John Cooper Works,bits on the inside it also steering,wheel very firm a bit like in the ST,great steering wheel doesnt have the,flat bottom though I do like a,flat-bottom steering wheel nice rich,stitching yeah yeah really really nice,red stitching around the wheel so thats,cool you can see my face now for the,middle bit yeah I like it just give me a,second right the lights now on the,outside instead of having a speedo there,these go up with the revs its like,shift lights thats quite cool I know,what youre gonna say though why they,put basically a square screen inside a,round center console I dont sound like,that thats what he was gonna say that,and I know that because I already,predicted and my response to those well,actually what theyve done is they have,slightly rounded this TFT screen and,whats really cool is that it fills up,the whole screen okay yeah it could be,it could be a bit bigger theres some,really nice design points though in here,like I would call this like an f-16,fighter jet because all these toggles I,basically lift its

Richard Hammond and team play Supermarket Sweep in Hatchbacks | Top Gear – BBC

dear granddad really thank you,uh because 1980s hot hatchbacks were so,easy to steal they were mostly used for,doing handbrake turns on housing estates,and ram raiding woolworths so to see,which one of your ridiculous ridiculous,cars is best you will now have a game of,supermarket sweep,the rules were simple the producers had,laid out a course around the aisles of a,supermarket and we had to see which of,our cars could get rounded the fastest,right james your game first just so you,know there is a second added to your,time for every pound of damage,that you do out there right okay okay,this is going to be like living in the,1980s,three,two one go,obviously i am the intelligent one here,and the point of this is to not hit,anything not to go around quickly,its neat,isnt it,second,is more easily saved by not breaking,something than by,driving into things,through the chicane,missing that missing that missing,everything,oh his wheel got jammed up with his spam,is spam,briskly around there,and through to the finish,how did i do one minute or two but you,did hit things james,[Music],after the value of the smashed custard,creams and the splattered spam had been,tottered up,i took molly place on the start line,[Music],good,yes,three,two,one go,[Music],thats a vigorous start,[Music],here we go,[Music],and into the turn,its a bad crash oh no,thats a couple of seconds off there,yeah id say so,things have gone literally ever ive hit,the luxury toilet tissue,and some bread,yes i just hit some,well it is a quick time now but it,possibly wont be once weve added on,the destruction,[Music],ive gone again,in the plumbers,hes on the finishing straight,and,across the line,[Music],it took a very long time to work out,jeremys score,but eventually it was my goal,lets do this what do you think hes,going to do,your style or my style well if hes got,any sense hell do mine lets be honest,but he hasnt got any sense because hes,hammered so,go,come on a little over here we go,here,oh thats,[Music],that was enormous,what manner of thing did he do,[Music],[Applause],run away,[Music],here he comes up,and across the line,you

2018 Ford Fiesta ST: Exterior, Interior, Prices and Competition | New Car Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you,much like its predecessor the third-gen,Fiesta Street is a slightly beefed-up,version of the standard model as a,result it sports all the improvements we,saw on the regular 2017 Fiesta including,the new grille and swept-back headlamps,first gave the hatchback a frowning,appearance already sporty-er than the,outgoing model the new Fiesta gets even,more aggressive with the sin package,which had Suhani go mesh to the grille,and black fog lamps surrounds to the,bumper onto the sides the sindh is,pretty much identical to the regular,model saved for the exclusive 18-inch,wheels with a funky design under gray,finish the same goes for the rear end,which gets only a slightly larger roof,spoiler a diffuser like element with,twin exhaust in the bumper and unsent,badge on the tailgate finally Ford also,added liquid blue at the same hue seen,on the Focus RS to the color palette,granted percent cannot brag about too,many extra features compared to the,standard Fiesta but the package is very,similar to the outgoing model it might,not be as aggressive as the Focus RS but,I has just enough to stand out and,besides the Cintas supposed to be more,of a sleeper rather than an in-your-face,kind of car,naturally the redesign also applies to,the interior which feels more modern and,upscale the dashboard was redesigned,from scratch and the Keen passenger side,with the round a sea vents was replaced,by a fancier squared-off outlet that,extends toward the center stack for a,fresh look the center stack is also new,with the a/c vents that used to flank,the controls and infotainment screen now,moved below toward the center console,the new steering wheel looks sporty yet,while the instrument cluster has an,additional screen for vital data a,revised Ford SYNC 3 entertainment,enables the driver to control audio,navigation and connected smartphones,using voice commands the system is also,compatible with apple carplay and,android auto and is supported by,floating tablet inspired touch screens,up to 8 inches in size that can be,operated using pinch and swipe gestures,Ford also offers a piano clay sans,system for a high-quality audio,experience in addition to all of the,above the sint comes with Recaro seats a,flat-bottom steering wheel and exclusive,trim and upholstery whats more ford,promises a greater variety of interior,trim and personalization options than,ever before customers will be able to,choose from a range of trim elements for,the gear lever steering wheel door pulls,and decorative dashboards pier as well,as select from distinctive styling packs,unfortunately extensive information,about any of these has yet to be,released but even so the new cabin is a,significant departure from the previous,model and each and every new feature,makes the Fiesta Street a much more,attractive proposition most consider the,Polo to be a bit more upscale than the,Fiesta but this isnt exactly true sure,Volkswagens cabin feels solid and the,fit and finish is good but this isnt a,noticeable difference when it comes to,materials as most elements are made from,plastic just like the outgoing Fiesta,the styling is pretty old too,see the cluttered center stack in the,cheap looking door panels the equipment,was similar to the previous Fiesta,Street in standard form with the GTI,including a touchscreen infotainment,system DAB radio Bluetooth and cruise,control but Fords redesigned car comes,with more than that now look for GTI,specific goodies such as the golf ball,gear lever red stitching and a,flat-bottom steering wheel but be,prepared to pay extra for satellite,navigation and climate control,a really big news lurks under the hood,where the previous 1.6 – L ITER EcoBoost,4-cylinder was replaced by a 1.5 – Li,BER EcoBoost,Shree pot thus which makes the Fiesta,Street the first ever Ford Performance,model to use the 3 cylinder engine,however its not exactly surprising,given that the most powerful Fiesta,model uses a 1.8 – L ITER 3 banger,but despite using a smaller engine with,less cylinders the new Fiesta Street is,just about as partial as the outgoing,model the turbocharged unit cranks out,197 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of,torque which is identical to the,previous limited-edition ST 200 theres,no word whether the new engine has an,overboost function but if it does expect,output to jump to more than 210,horsepower for reference the ST 200 was,rated at 212 horses with / boost his far,as performance goes Ford anticipates a 0,to minus 62 miles per hour acceleration,of 6.7 seconds making the new Fiesta,Street as quick as the outgoing model,but while power and acceleration,remained unchanged the new Fiesta Street,will be a lot more fun to drive thanks,to its selectable drive modes also a,premiere for the Fiesta the drive modes,enable engine steering and stability,controls to be configured to normal,sport and track settings in normal mode,engine mapping traction control,electronic stability control exhaust,sound and electronic power assisted,steering are set to deliver natural,responsiveness and a connected feel both,ideal for day-to-day driving in sport,mode engine mapping and throttle panel,response a sharpened Wiley pas settings,are adjusted to deliver more feedback,and finer control for fast road driving,the active noise control valve opens,intensifies the sporty exhaust note an,engine noise within the cabin when truck,mode is activated,all vehicle dynamics features attuned,for the fastest possible lap times while,traction control is disabled that ESC,interventions are set to wide slip mode,for spirited driving is the name,suggests this is the setting to use if,you want to put the Fiesta Street,through its paces on any racetrack the,1.5 Daschle ITER EcoBoost also features,a new combination of port fuel injection,and direct fuel injection that helps,deliver high power and responsiveness,alongside reduced carbon dioxide,emissions ford also speaks of increased,fuel efficiency under lighter engine,loads but doesnt give actual figures,the all aluminium engine also features,an integrated exhaust manifold that,improves efficiency by helping the,engine reach optimal temperatures faster,it also delivers talk more rapidly by,reducing the distance six or skasas,traveled between cylinders and,turbocharger additionally the cylinder,deactivation system a first for a three,cylinder engine further reduces co2,emissions and yes this means that a,times the Fiesta Street uses only two,cylinder to move about just like the,Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo meter with the,0.9 daschle iter twin air turbo of the,Indian made Tata Nano,pricing will be announced at a later,date but Im not expecting the new,Fiesta Street to cost a lot more than,the outgoing model with the currents and,retailing from twenty one thousand five,hundred and fifteen dollars us customers,should be able to buy the upcoming model,for around twenty two thousand three,hundred dollars before options likewise,the hatchback should see a mild increase,from eighteen thousand one hundred and,forty five pounds to around nineteen,thousand pounds in the United Kingdom on,the other hand expect to pay more than,before for a loaded model due to the,numerous customizing options Ford will,offer for the new Fiesta Street,often overlooked in favor of the more,popular Fiesta Street and Golf GTI the,Peugeot 208 GTI is a pretty solid choice,in Europe based off the 208 that was,introduced in 2012 the French hot hatch,is newer than the Polo and Id say its,more appealing when it comes to looks,while not as funky as the new Fiesta,Street the large grille with chrome,inserts the extremely short engine hood,and the sculpted sides give it of sporty,character that its competitors cant,replicate the interior isnt bad either,with the multi-tiered dashboard and the,instrument cluster placed further behind,the steering wheel making it stand out,in any crowd drivetrain wise the 208 GTI,is as potent as any proposition in this,niche powered by a turboc

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