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2020 Ford Edge ST vs ST-Line | Comparison!

hey guys welcome back to the channel,today we have a,2020 ford edge st line and a 2020 ford,edge st,and ill show you guys the differences,between these two vehicles starting with,the st line edge this one is forty,thousand one hundred forty dollars,with the ford copaly 360 package thats,all it has,and this one has the st performance,brake package,and the 401 a upgrade package so this,ones kind of pricey at 52 045 dollars,all right starting with the st line you,can see the front,look pretty much exactly the same except,for the st has,a st badge and then coming to the,headlights,you have led projector low beam and high,beam,and a incandescent turn signal and,on the edge st you have led projector,headlights high beam and low beam,and theyre also adaptive so they swivel,when you steer and you also have led,turn signals alright coming down to the,side,the st line is badge like that,the st has no badge on the side,and looking at the wheels you have 20,inch,gloss black painted wheels and on this,one,the st you have 21 inch gloss black,painted wheels,with red brake calipers,and going up on top you have plastic,roof rails on the st line this one,doesnt have a sunroof,and on this edge st with the sunroof you,have gloss black,all around the top and then a panoramic,sunroof,coming to the back wheels on the edge st,line you have,single piston calipers with non-vented,rotors so solid disc,on the st line i dont know if you guys,can see that but,its a vented rotor in the back its a,little bit bigger in diameter and,theyre also red painted calipers,and since this one has the st brake,package you have performance brake pads,and looking at the tires this one is,wrapped in pirelli scorpion tires,two 45 50 r20s,and this one is wrapped in pirelli p0,tires,summer tires and this one is 26540 zr21,coming to the back here all the lighting,will be the same on both vehicles,but you can see you have this gloss,black painted,lower diffuser area with dual exhaust,tips,and on the st you have these more square,rectangle looking exhaust tips and you,also have a trailer hitch,that comes on all sts but it is optional,on this one,so these are the backs they look pretty,much the same other than the,st badge theres no badge on that one,and then the exhaust tips are a little,bit different with that loader diffuser,area,in my opinion i actually think this,diffuser looks better,than this one all right now for the,interior you see the,door panel on this st line has the red,stitching,with the vinyl material and this is soft,touch up here,you have st line on the door that does,not light up though,you also have the sport pedals,and these are the seats it has kind of,like a suede material and then,the vinyl they call it activex seating,material,and it is also heated,and this area looks pretty much the same,on both but the st line will have more,switches here,it also has ventilated seats in this,area looks a little bit different ill,show you guys,on the steering wheel the steering,wheels are exactly the same,the only way you can tell the difference,is that the st will say st,right here the steering wheel is exactly,the same,then the gauge cluster is exactly the,same but the st,comes with red gauges all right coming,up to the headliner,theres a black headliner without a,sunroof in the st,line um the sunroof is optional but i,actually prefer without a sunroof,because,im tall and the edge with the sunroof,really cuts into your headroom so my,head is kind of brushing up against the,top,you still get the garage door home link,so everything else on the interior is,pretty similar but im going to go to,the st and you guys can see the,differences for yourself,all right the st you can see the seats,are a lot more bolstered,and they are leather with the suede,material,you still get the sport pedals it says,four performance there does not light up,this is what the door panel looks like,so its actually white stitching,instead of red like on the st line i,actually prefer the red,stitching this st comes with the bang,olufsen stereo,and it has memory seats,heres the steering wheel its actually,white stitching but its the same design,and feel as the st lines,but it says st there,you can see the gauge cluster has a red,needle,and this area is different because it,has the more premium style,climate control heated and ventilated,seats on this one dual zone climate,control,then you come down here you can see you,have two new buttons this is for the,park itself feature and this is to turn,off the parking sensors,looking up on the top headliner we have,a panoramic sunroof,still a black headliner,and this area is all the same except for,you do have the extra controls for the,sunroof right here,and garage door home link and i dont,know if you guys can see it but this,does have ambient lighting,all throughout the interior because it,is more premium model,it says st there and in the back seat,you can see a lot of dust but you have,heated seats in the back this is the st,line and on the passenger seat you see,you just have power for the bottom part,and its manual for this part for the st,you have,power backrest and you have power lumbar,for the passenger seat,another thing i noticed is that this,even though it has the place for it this,does not light up,and then in the glove box this one does,not light up,and in the center console doesnt have a,light either,for the st it has a light right here and,a light in here,but they both dont have a light in the,console area my dads 2015 had a light,in here so i dont know why they took,that away,and the obvious main difference between,the two,is the sd line has the two 2-liter,4-cylinder,hooked up to the 8-f-35 transmission,puts out 250 horsepower,and 280 pound-feet of torque the edge st,has a 2.7 liter twin turbo v6,hooked up to a f-55 transmission,basically a beefier 8f35,has 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of,torque,by the way all sts come with all-wheel,drive and this one gets 19,city 26 highway 21 combined,the st line with the 2-liter 4-cylinder,turbo gets 21 city 28 highway and 24,combined with front-wheel drive,this is also optional with all-wheel,drive and just for some performance,figures the,st line which is this one is 0 to 60 in,6.8 seconds,with all-wheel drive according to car,and driver and the reason why i did,all-wheel drive one is because,it would compare apples to apples,because this because the st is all-wheel,drive,so 6.80 to 60 for the 2.0 for the st,car driver tested it at 5.7 seconds 0-60,so its about a second quicker which,might not seem like a lot but it,actually is a lot when you,when youre driving them out on the road,and having driven both of these cars the,st,has a lot more torque when youre just,going in and out of traffic,it just zooms in out of traffic really,quickly and for the mpg,rating its not that big of an mpg,difference between the two engines so,i think the st base model is worth it,but if you get the st with all those,options it does get pretty pricey,and this one seems like a very good,option so i hope you guys enjoyed this,video,comparing the st line versus the st,check out some of my other videos on the,channel,if you like what you see please like the,video subscribe and ill see you guys in,the next one

2020 Acura RDX A-Spec vs. 2020 Ford Edge ST | SUV Comparison | Driving.ca

[Music],let me pause your question what happens,when,you have a kid second ones on the way,and,for the millionth and first time you,just cannot squeeze,the second child seat into your focus st,you buy one of these a 20 20 ford edge,st or you could buy an acura rdx,a spec both of these are mid-sized,crossovers,you might not think the acura is but the,third generation model is within a,couple of,inches of the edge so this is a,legitimate comparison,so lets say we find out which one is,the better replacement,for the for the family hot hatch sounds,reasonable,what shall we drive first i know lets,drive the blue one,the acura rdx was brand new for 2019,that is the third generation model,272 horsepower so the acura has,some snap to it is it a pure performance,vehicle,no its more of a bit of a sports car,in a crossover body zero to 100 is about,six and a half seconds,6.6 something like that its a little,slower than the hst,but dynamically this handles better than,the edge,its tighter 10-speed automatic instead,of the 6-speed from the previous,generation,its a lot of gears you put it in,sport or sport plus mode the first eight,gears,are knocked off pretty cleanly both,vehicles run on premium fuel,but unlike the hst,this works fine at 91 octane,the interior dash setup is much cleaner,much brighter much newer and for the,most part,friendlier than ndst my biggest beef,is the remote touch interface it,requires a very light finger touch,and it distracts you from driving you,really sort of have to look down and pay,attention to see what youre doing,the a spec trim is purely an appearance,package,theres no performance upgrade all rdxs,come with a 2 liter turbo 4 they all,make 272 horsepower,and 280 pound feet of torque,but this is the sharpest looking,trim level in the rdx line,the rdx is accurate doing what accurate,should have been doing,all along building a sporty vehicle,that gives you a sense of performance,gives you a sense of style gives you,[Music],a bit of everything ultimately for me,id say my family situation my wife and,i are,empty nesters so we dont need the room,the cargo capacity or the towing,capability,that the hst provides,in my situation the rdx would suit,us just fine,[Applause],now the first thing you should know,about the edge is that its not exactly,a new crossover,the current generation as you see it,came out in 2015,and the edge st wasnt new last year for,2019.,its got a 2.7 liter v6 under the hood,its ecoboost so it,does have a couple of turbochargers on,there pumps out about,335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of,torque,asterisk on 93 octane,so if you pump in 87,89 or 91 then you make a bit less power,that being said it is hooked up to an,eight speed automatic transmission,and by and large its a pretty decent,combo,its not fast but its quick,the hst is actually pretty smooth you,dont feel the transmission shift and,power delivery is actually,pretty linear thats the thing about v6s,they give you,easy power and thats probably one of,the biggest differences between the edge,st,and the rdx a spec that being said if,you want,any semblance of performance you kind of,have to drive this thing in sport mode,it actually wakes up the throttle,response considerably the problem with,sport mode is that it makes the throttle,tip in,just a little bit too sensitive so,like in stop and go traffic or or if,youre going going from stop light,stop light kind of feel like sort of,sort of like a,bit of a jerking motion back and forth,its,not really the smoothest with sport mode,activated where the edge i think really,excels over the rdx,is cargo space not only do you have,appreciably more cargo space but you,also have more,rear seat legroom and headroom so if you,value practicality,in addition to sportiness and driving,dynamics youll be better served by,the edgest now pricing is,a bit of a mixed bag the st,is a few grand cheaper than the rdx,but in order to option it out to the,same level of equipment as the rdx you,do have to take on a few option boxes,well its most of the active safety,features thats about,a seven ish thousand dollar option,package,that includes you know most importantly,adaptive cruise control plus a bunch of,other little things here and there,as you see it this particular edge st,its,pushing about fifty six thousand dollars,as testing,which is actually a considerable jump,over the rdx,now granted you do get a much bigger,much more practical,two-row crossover but,what you get for the money,especially in terms of interior,appointments,well whether or not its worth it thats,another,thats another discussion its not a bad,interior per se,its fairly well built theres a lot of,black in here it just,feels like a pit of darkness,with a bit of carbon fiber sprinkled in,because its sporty there is one more,thing i want to talk about and thats,the way you shift gears,in both of these i dont know,why its so difficult for car,manufacturers to give you a simple,shift lever but both the rdx,and edge st have you shifting through,the gears,in a pretty annoying manner its more,complicated than it has to be,if i had to pick which one was the,lesser of the two evils,i would say its the edges rotary knob,but that being said they both suck,[Music],these are two pretty good performance,crossovers,the driving dynamics are really good in,the rdx,it doesnt quite have the power of the,hst,but its pretty close zero to a hundred,the rdx does have,a much much prettier interior,much prettier exterior as well yeah,thats debatable,thats what were doing i guess the edge,is a better family vehicle it has more,interior room,it has greater cargo capacity it will,tow,much more well there you have it,in this blue versus blue comparo the,blue car i mean,the i just t wins for diamond.ca im,nick tregianas,for driving.ca im brian harper,and before you go dont forget to like,and subscribe,and check out driving.ca for more,news and reviews on blue cross overs

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How Does A 2022 Honda Passport Compare To A 2022 Ford Edge?

hi everybody its tom from vehicle,visionary this is the 2022 honda,passport and today were going to try,and answer the question which is better,is the honda passport better than the,2022 ford edge and even though i dont,have an edge here with me they didnt,have one at homes honda where i,borrowed this passport from to do a nose,to nose comparison were still going to,show some shots from another video i,have with an edge and see what we can do,to answer the question that is,ultimately the title of this video so,lets start with msrp between the two,the passport starts at thirty eight,thousand three hundred and seventy,dollars and goes up to as much as forty,five thousand nine hundred and thirty,looking at kind of the same range for,the most part pretty close numbers with,the edge thirty seven thousand nine,hundred and forty five up to forty six,thousand,four hundred and forty or four hundred,and eighty five one thing that most,certainly does set the passport apart is,the fact that it was fully redesigned,for the 2019 model year and for 2022 it,saw some changes to the front end those,changes go from the a-pillar this area,right here forward and were meant to,give the passport a more aggressive,styling a little bit more of a boxy look,if you will,the passport,being redesigned somewhat recently is a,little bit ahead of the edge in that the,edge has not received any kind of a,redesign or refresh since the 2015 model,year for 2022 besides the changes weve,talked about here on the front end honda,also introduced the trail sport variant,for the passport as well as the pilot,giving both a more aggressive look and,more capabilities off-road than they,would have otherwise and while you dont,necessarily have something to compare,apples to apples so to speak with the,edge the edge does offer the high,performance st trim level well talk a,little bit more about horsepower that,you get with that model in just a little,bit when we pop the hood on this one,tell honda down in the comments if you,would like to see a high performance,version in the future with the passport,i dont know that were going to see,that because the focus is more on hybrid,as opposed to high performance but if,enough of you start asking about that,you never know what might happen,under the hood of the passport there is,one engine option but its not a bad,option the 3.5 liter 280 horsepower v6,the torque numbers come in at 262.,its mated to a 9-speed automatic,transmission and depending on all-wheel,drive or front-wheel drive your gas,numbers will vary a little bit for mpgs,in this case its 19 miles per gallon,city 24 out on the highway or with,front-wheel drive this is an all-wheel,drive model by the way with front wheel,drive its 20 and 25 so basically no,difference and something that i know a,lot of car reviewers dont mention in,their videos im going to tell you about,both models here as far as this goes the,passport has a 19 and a half gallon gas,tank and moving on to the edge there are,two engine options the 2-liter ecoboost,4-cylinder it makes 250 horsepower and,280 pounds feet of torque mpgs come in,at 21 city and 28 out on the highway the,2.7 liter ecoboost is what youll find,in the st that i mentioned earlier the,high performance version of the edge 335,horsepower and 380 pounds feet of torque,mpg is coming at 19 city and 25 highway,and it has an 8 speed automatic,transmission and the gas tank size well,you have one less gallon its an 18 and,a half compared to the 19 and a half,that we have right here and one thing,you wont find on the edge that you will,find on the passport is the,instructional sticker here on the rear,tailgate this is the hands-free version,on this passport,it actually says something that i think,is rather funny it tells you to remove,it after reading it almost like its a,mission impossible sort of thing you,know if i was to peel that off would,there be some yellow smoke billowing,into the air well i dont really know,but as i open the rear cargo area here,lets talk about the comparison between,cargo capacity between the two vehicles,were comparing today when it comes to,the edge youre looking at 39.2 up to,73.4 cubic feet,with the passport it ranges between 50.5,up to 100.7,and,100.8 cubic feet obviously youre going,to lower the rear seats on both models,to maximize your cargo capacity now,before we move on to towing i do want to,show you something very interesting i,did show you the undercarriage shot of,this passport earlier and you might have,noticed theres no spare tire under,there where exactly is that i had,somebody who commented recently about me,showing the location of spare tires on,these vehicles and said a lot of other,people who review cars here on youtube,dont do that so let me show you how to,gain access to your spare tire if you,plan to buy a 2022 or 2023 passport so,what were going to do here is were,going to,bring the floor up and this floor,actually comes all the way up and you,can,actually hang that from the ceiling,theres a hook to do that on the,underside of the floor itself and there,is where your spare tire is located now,you dont have to take this tray out to,get to your spare tire but personally i,think it is a little bit easier you can,see how i did that its very easy,theres just a couple of bolts here,really kind of just releases i wouldnt,really call them bolts but theyre right,there this thing doesnt weigh even five,pounds so its very easy to get out and,very easy to gain access to where your,spare tire is located,so what about the big difference that i,mentioned there isnt necessarily a,massive difference in cargo capacity,although the passport definitely has,more but the area where you will find,the biggest difference when it comes to,towing thats where it is youre looking,at 3 hundred to five thousand pounds,when properly equipped with the passport,with the edge youre looking at fifteen,hundred to a max of thirty five hundred,pounds when properly equipped and when,it comes to the interior as far as the,front seat goes and technology goes im,going to turn the fan speed down youll,find that both are equipped with easy to,use infotainment screens clear and easy,to see,rear view cameras,and everything is simple to use and find,basically wireless charging for both,youve got multiple usb connections and,12 volt connections in both models,something i really like here because,its very important is the fact that you,have heated and ventilated seats i know,on the test drive here shortly when i,drive back to the dealership those,ventilated seats will be on high because,even though its cooler than it has been,its still very warm here in northwest,louisiana and both vehicles basically,have the same style of shocks and,suspension so the ride quality is pretty,equal on both its good on both on,pretty much all road surfaces and for me,to say that living here in northwest,louisiana that is saying a lot because,well i think louisiana has set a goal to,be known for terrible roads speaking of,that why dont we get out on the road,for a quick test drive so what is the,driving experience like well obviously,both models have multiple driving modes,like i said while there is 280,horsepower under the hood here with this,passport and it does have a sport,driving mode a mode among others without,getting tug twisted,but,when you drop the hammer,it gets down the road just fine it goes,up to speed as you need it too its not,a big deal,be it that i dont have a full load of,passengers or cargo or anything like,that still,everything goes well here smooth ride,quality like i said earlier in the video,the ride quality between the two is,pretty much the same because they have,the same type of shocks the same type of,suspension and so that pretty much gives,an equal ride quality that means that,area is very well covered thats for,sure,but when it comes down to,overall acceleration i think that uh you,would definitely find if you get the,edge st that you would definitely have

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2022 Ford Edge ST Spec Review, Features and WHATS NEW

forward performance in the last couple,years of what were bringing today at,Furman Ford the 2022 Ford Edge St in the,new forged green new for this year on,the entry level SE adds a black,appearance package which adds black,elements to the exterior the smaller,turbo 4 gets the St line that was new,for last year inside we have the large,infotainment screen with the latest sync,4 leather and suede mixed with room for,five the rivals like your Jeep Grand,Cherokee your Hyundai Palisade your,Mazda CX-5 but do they have the sporty,styling thats going to be in the,interior and then boost on the exterior,with the performance behind it great,MPGs room for five to fit without any,issues and better cargo Im Anthony from,Hawkeye rods and Im going to go over,all the specs and details starting now,foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],looks the game of performance starting,with the glossed out grill with the,honeycomb design and it brushes into the,lower air vent that goes into your fog,lamp assembly everything in the front,just looks a little bit more sporty,adaptive LED headlamps daytime Runnings,ground clearance at eight inches its,not going to be the best but for a,performance vehicle that gets a 0-60,under six seconds thats awesome that,air vent is going to brush over these 20,inch five spoke with the black gloss,inserts matte black is going to run on,the lower skirts and its going to push,out a bit towards the rear its going to,finish that in the back with your,rectangle exhaust Outlets thats just,going to stress more of that performance,line The Edge will be the smallest in,the competition but what I do like about,the fascia is they keep the gloss black,even on the lower part to just make it,look more aggressive the front disc,reading at 13.6 inches its ventilated,the rear at 12.4 you got a McPherson,front suspension multi-link rear,suspension this is also going to be the,smallest in length by nearly five inches,when were comparing it to the Grand,Cherokee with a length at,188.8 inches a wheelbase at 112.2 inches,youre going to receive some matte black,over the window housing and I like the,color combo because it really looks nice,in the atmosphere that were at and it,does stress some performance because on,the lower door panel you can see how it,just flares out giving more of a bulged,look and it goes into the lower roof,spoiler the matte black is on the lower,the gloss is going to be surrounding the,window with your LED brake lights Towing,is not going to be the best youre going,to get about a thousand pounds which is,going to be the least but at the end I,mean its a performance vehicle and they,back the performance with cargo space,its actually the Best in Class starting,at 39.2 cubic feet you have storage tray,on the side you have a 12 volt your,spare tire tucked underneath the rear,bench split folds at a 40 60 split,thats going to Max the cargo to 73.4,cubic feet but this is a twin turbo V6,we got to go inside start it up so we,can hear that exhaust out,foreign,is going to give us something to,remember because the last year of,production will be set for 2023 so,realistically is it better to get this,or wait for the last year when you got,the St they backed the performance with,a 2.7 liter twin turbo E6 ecoboost,engine producing 335 horsepower and 380,pound-feet of torque thats paired to a,seven-speed automatic transmission,achieving 19 to 25 MPGs 0-60 5.7 seconds,quarter mile 14.3 seconds top speed 130,miles per hour this is the fastest in,its class a curve weight at 4 124 pounds,which is the lightest in weight when,were comparing it to the rivals so,going back to that question better to,wait better to get this you still got,the performance to back it the last year,probably not going to see too many,differences especially with that,Performance Tuned engine I mean this is,definitely going to be better than the,Jeep the the Mazda in the Palisade if,youre looking for the performance and,for the room in the interior which,youre about to see let me know in the,comments what you think about the 2022,Ford Edge St as we go into the interior,go over the tech and take this for our,Tesla entering inside the Ford Edge St,gonna receive 40.2 inches of Headroom,42.6 inches of legroom this is a ebony,leather with suede inserts its,perforated we have the St badging we got,the contrast stitching 10-way power,adjustment for the driver six-way power,adjustment for the passenger heated and,ventilated so I do like that kind of,wish because the price point that were,at were in the 50 Grand margin that it,had at least 12 way power adjustment or,10 way on the passenger Im not trying,to be too picky its just when you are,looking at the competition you want to,be right on there the dash is going to,be long and more performance driven,because the way the hood flares upwards,on both of the sides its going to,divide into two parts and the center,cluster will be a 12 inch vertical touch,screen with navigation so I do like that,its a large screen where its sit,because Ive been driving it for a,little bit I kind of get used to it but,you know it does have the pitch it does,have the swipe lets click onto those,simple your buttons on the top this has,your dual climate control settings when,you click onto the lower it will pull it,up so that way you can engage it the way,you like click those dots on the top,Center so you can see all the apps in,which we have Apple carplay Android auto,SiriusXM HD radio AM FM Wi-Fi hotspot,streaming Bluetooth audio the latest,sync 4 system when you click into the,car,well just kind of go through all these,so you can just see what it is different,setups you will receive your updates,over the air which is a nice little,touch put it into reverse you do have,trajectory I dont like that its a,smaller screen I do like that you could,zoom in for the toe line and that you,have the sensor functionality all over,the vehicle it just would be nice to,cover the whole screen because thats,why we get the updated screens this big,the air vents are going to get the,silver all around them more of a matte,finish to them so its going to be more,of a subtle look and it brushes into the,door panels you got the b o upgraded,sound system its a 12 speaker gonna,have the contrast stitching software you,rest your elbows one touch up and down,more contrast stitching in the door,pocket you can fit a lot of goodies this,actually has the best in class for,storage in the door pockets as well,working in the center you have a,two-tier storage one thats a,pass-through for both the passenger and,driver and then you got the other one,with your wireless charging pad two USBS,your 12 volt is only going to be on the,passenger side which makes sense if you,want to put a radar detector its not,necessarily track driven type,performance but still you could probably,go pretty quick continuing to work were,going to get the aluminum inlays with,the rotary knob to put it into gear in,that sport mode right there cup holders,a 16.9 ounce fits without any issues I,would say maybe a 32 ounce and you got a,pocket for a large phone and another,pocket for another phone where you rest,your elbows its going to be pretty soft,open up inside to a little storage tier,that you can pick up and its a really,deep storage so yet again you have the,amenities that you need leather wrap,steering wheel thats performance driven,thats what that St badge stands for,perforated on the side soft on the top,its heated multi-function you got the,silver we have the paddle shifters gauge,cluster you can change the way you want,it to look on both the right and the,left so I do like that you can put the,navigation you can show your RPMs you,dont have to show the RPMs you could,show the turbos so they do a great job,in the sense of giving you the,performance styling that you want we,have the large panoramic Vista roof goes,all the way to the back seats lets say,Ill look back there so the back seats,Im at 42.6 inches of Headroom 40.6 of,l

2022 Ford Edge ST | Learn all about this beast of a crossover

[Music],this is the 2022 ford edge st and this,is going to be an edge st specific video,youre going to learn everything you,need to know about this vehicle whats,going on underneath the hood second row,spacing first or spacing all the bells,and whistles and highlights that you,need to know about this thing now if,youre looking for something on the edge,titanium one of the other models or if,you want to just figure out how the,technology inside of the edge works,check down below because ive put,together crazy comprehensive videos on,how all of these things work,i do also want to say thank you so much,for helping the channel grow the way,that it has like i love the fact that,you guys are enjoying the content the,way that i do it i know its long,theres lots of stuff that i cover off,all the bells and whistles but channel,has grown like crazy since i started it,up in april of 2020 so once the channel,hits 10 000 subscribers gonna be giving,away a free set of weathertech floor,liners a dash cam as well as just a,general car cleaning kit so theres,three different giveaways that are going,away just make sure that you subscribe,to the channel in order to be eligible a,couple things about this specific one,its the 400a package so the edge st has,two different packages thats the 400,versus the 401 were looking at the 400,which means that we dont have the,front-facing camera its not a full 360,camera like what wed find in the,lincoln equivalent the nautilus but it,is a front 180 degree so we can at least,see whats going on in front of us and,as always we do have our backup camera,there regardless now one thing i love,about the edge st is just the meaner,looking body style from what youre,gonna see in the regular edge lineup,with the exception of the edge st line,because weve got the st line which is,essentially this things baby brother,and the reason why is is because it,doesnt have quite the same guts as the,regular st is so the st well get under,the hood in a second has a 2.7 liter,turbo engine but,tire wise inside of this thing we are,looking at a 20 inch tire standard with,an optional 21 down in the states youve,got an additional brake performance,package which is going to give you more,aggressive brakes we unfortunately dont,have that option up in canada,now it doesnt matter if youre in,canada or the states this thing is,strictly going to be available all-wheel,drive and thats the same way across the,entire edge lineup in the 22 model ford,decided to get rid of the front wheel,drive option but we couldnt get that in,the edge st anyway so here were there,but looking at the front end we do have,our led headlamps there weve got our,led fogs now this specific one because,its the 400 also do not have the,forward sensing system this specific one,doesnt have the front facing camera but,we do have that meaner looking grille,with the st badge just right on the,bottom right hand side of the grille so,looks really sharp and that kind of,honeycomb black painted look carries,down into the lower part of the bumper,nice plastic piece along the bottom,great as always nice silver highlights,which carry through the front end the,back end of the vehicle and then all,throughout the interior which is always,a nice thing along the door itself we do,have our blind spot monitoring system so,we can just make it out we do have a,five digit number here so we could lock,the door by pressing these two buttons,because weve got intelligent access so,if we had our key fob and we tossed it,into our pocket so no fob all we have to,do is slide our hand in order to unlock,and then we can press here in order to,lock so a lot of different options there,but hopping inside absolutely beautiful,look we do have some micro white,stitching along the door and that,follows through the driver passenger,seat as well as the back seats which,well get to in a second but that,highlight also be able to find it,throughout the steering wheel so you can,just kind of see it all throughout the,wheel there which is a nice thing now,along the door itself so we saw those,silver highlights in the front of the,vehicle we do have it right along the,door weve got some base seat memory,buttons our bang on the left and sound,system because this thing does have a 12,speaker system which sounds absolutely,amazing,we can control our side view mirrors,basic window control up and down and,then weve got a little bit of storage,space along both the driver and the,passenger seat,now because this is the st we do have,our ford performance badge right along,the stuff plate,there taking a peek on the inside we do,have a series of different options to,control whats going on with our lights,so we can turn our fog lamps on off we,can adjust whats going on with our,running lamps i always just recommend,keeping in the auto position,increase or decrease the brightness of,the cluster screen we can open and close,the tailgate from the inside and we can,also turn our stability control on or,off,we do have a little button there so we,could well button i should say its a,little large so we can literally use,this in order to be able to adjust our,steering wheel,and then weve got some unique pedals,there so nice silver pedals,because were in the edge st we do also,have,our manual our power adjust for the seat,so forwards backwards up and down weve,got our lumbar support on top of that,along the side we do also have a release,for our hood so all were gonna have to,do is pull that,now lets go for a little bit of a walk,so right in the front end of the vehicle,if we look just right above the forward,badge so were gonna lift up weve got a,little release you might just be able to,see it over there so were gonna do is,lift that out to the left,and its on hydraulics,i feel like im using the force here all,right so a few things to point out as i,mentioned the edge st only has one,available engine choice and thats the,2.7 liter engine,and heres where we look at the edge st,versus the st line the edge st has a,crazy amount of power like its 335,horsepower and 380 pound feet of torque,which is like its amazing its amazing,what power this thing can push out but,if you dont care about the added power,you could look at just the edge st line,which was introduced last year but what,thats going to do is give you the same,aggressiveness a lot of the same feature,sets as the edge st its just going to,have the regular 2-liter ecoboost engine,instead like what were going to find in,pretty much the majority of the edge,lineup instead,but taking a peek at this thing we dont,have any sort of engine cover whatsoever,so you get to see all the mechanical,components and see exactly whats going,on,if youre not a fan of looking at those,components you could always do an,aftermarket solution instead i know some,people are like oh i want to have this,thing covered off its a machine its a,beautiful machine its kind of nice to,look at everything and see whats going,on,we can easily fill up some fluids if we,need to,we can easily check our oil which is,always nice and then weve got easy,access to the battery now if youre,handy you want to do some things,yourself you could we do have slightly,easy access to our lights on the front,end on the passenger side drivers side,definitely should be able to get to,those lamps no problem to change them,out as necessary,i love the styling of this thing the,first row is extremely comfortable,looking at the seats were in the 400 a,pack of the vehicle so driver passenger,seat in the first row will be heated,which is definitely a nice thing so,heated minimum when we look at the 401a,package thats when we get into,ventilated front seats as well as heated,second row seats so there is quite a lot,of flexibility there,we do have our st badge right along the,back of the seat and it looks amazing,like i love it its a small st highlight,there and even on the steering wheel,weve got a small st badge right on the,bottom of the steering wheel on top of,th

Comparison Review: 2022 Ford Edge ST-Line vs 2022 Chevrolet Blazer LT V6

Lets face it, mid-size SUVs are about as  interesting as visiting a doctors appointment.  ,But these two are trying to spice things  up with Camaro inspired styling and being  ,a sporty ST…Line trim level. But how does  the Chevy Blazer and the Ford Edge compare  ,when theyre head to head. Well lets get out  of this wind and rain and lets go for a drive.,Starting things in the Chevy Blazer, you  have two engine options. The more lower  ,end trims get a 2-liter turbo whereas the more  higher end trims get the optional 3.6 liter V6.  ,This particular one is the LT trim but it does  have the optional V6. It produces 308 horsepower  ,and 270 pound-feet of torque. That is more power  than the turbo four-cylinder in the Ford Edge  ,but its about 10 pound feet of torque  less. However because it is a naturally  ,aspirated V6 and its a more old-fashioned  type of engine, it is really responsive and  ,it gets the Chevy Blazer up to 100 kilometers  an hour in about six and a half seconds which  ,is faster than the Ford Edge by about half a  second, maybe a little bit over half a second.  ,In the Ford Edge, like I said you do get  a two liter turbo engine and that engine  ,produces 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of  torque. However with that engine, it does have  ,a lot of torque down low in the rpms but its not  as low as other turbocharged engines. You see in  ,other turbocharged engines the peak torque figure  is reached below 2,000 rpms. In the Ford Edge,  ,its reached at around 3,000 rpms. So every time  you put your foot down, the engine really needs  ,to rev up a bit to get the most out of it. Now  Im not saying that it feels underpowered at  ,lets say 2,000 rpms when you just gently apply  your foot to the throttle pedal but you do feel  ,a little bit more acceleration as  the rpms build. But between the two,  ,this V6 in the Blazer just feels much more gradual  and smoother at delivering the power. With the V6  ,in the Blazer, it can also tow more. Up to 4,500  pounds compared to 3,500 pounds in the Edge.  ,As well, the Blazer comes with a 7 pin connector  whereas the Edge only has a 4 pin connector.  ,With the V6, the 2022 Chevrolet Blazer LT is rated  for 12.6 liters per 100 kilometers in the city  ,and 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers on a highway.  This engine does not require premium fuel like the  ,Edge. The 2022 Ford Edge ST-Line is rated for 11.6  liters per 100 kilometers in a city and 8.5 liters  ,per 100 kilometers on a highway. So while the  Ford Edge does get better fuel economy numbers,  ,it does require premium fuel which  could offset any fuel economy savings  ,depending on your driving style of course. Both  of these SUVs come with automatic transmissions.  ,The Ford Edge gets an 8 speed whereas the  Chevy Blazer gets a 9 speed automatic.  ,In everyday driving situations both of them  are pretty smooth to change gears and both of  ,them are pretty slow if you decide to take over  controls. In the Ford, you get paddle shifters on  ,the steering wheel but in the Blazer you just have  buttons on the side of the gear selector. Now like  ,I said, both of them are pretty smooth to change  gears in just normal everyday driving situations  ,but there is a difference between these two  transmissions when you want to put your foot  ,down and get a burst of acceleration. The eight  speed in this Ford Edge is a little bit slower  ,to react than the 9 speed in the Chevy Blazer. As  well, when you set off from a stop in this Edge,  ,the transmission is quite slow to change gears  in the lower gears. So between first and second,  ,second and third, you notice your head  doing a lot of this… every time theres  ,gear changes. Now I am exaggerating a little  bit but what I mean is that you do notice  ,a difference in the way that this car  accelerates so you can actually feel the car  ,not accelerating in a smooth and gradual  pace like how you do in the Chevy Blazer.  ,So between the these two cars, its the nine  speed in the Blazer thats just a little bit  ,better than this eight speed. As for the rest  of the driving dynamics between these two SUVs,  ,it is the Chevy Blazer that is the better of  the two. The steering just feels much more  ,communicative and more direct than the one in the  Ford Edge. Its also more nicely weighted compared  ,to the one in the Edge. That one is just way too  light. As well the brakes in the Chevy Blazer  ,are also a little bit more firm so you get more  confidence every time you put your foot on the  ,brake pedal. The brakes in the Edge are still  good, they will stop the SUV just fine. Its  ,just that you have a little bit more finesse  in this Chevy Blazer. Also if you get the Chevy  ,Blazer in the RS trim, then youre also going  to get a twin clutch all-wheel drive system.  ,This twin clutch all-wheel drive system allows  for real torque vectoring by sending the engines  ,power to the outside rear wheel midway through  a corner. In the Ford Edge, it tries to imitate  ,this effect by using the brakes however it  doesnt work quite as well as the real thing.  ,For those looking for a more enjoyable driving  experience, the Blazer is the clear choice.,When it comes to the ride comfort of these two  SUVs, there is a bit of a difference between them.  ,Its not a huge difference but you definitely  notice it if you drive them back to back.  ,The Ford Edge is a bit more supple and  more forgiving when you drive over bumps.  ,The Chevy Blazer is not bad per se but you  definitely notice the firmer suspension. As  ,for noises inside the cabin, theyre both pretty  much the same when it comes to road noise from the  ,tires and wind noise. Not much in the way of wind  noise and a little bit of road noise on highways.  ,However the difference is with engine noise. The  V6 is more noticeable from around 2,000 and above  ,rpms whereas this 4-cylinder in the Ford Edge is a  little bit quieter. Sitting inside the Ford Edge,  ,there is plenty of space for my six foot  four height. Actually theres plenty of space  ,in both of these SUVs for my height. However  in the Ford Edge, you do sit quite high up  ,so even though this seat is as low as possible  Im still sitting pretty high up. So I have very  ,good visibility out the front, out the side,  and even out the back. Its just that if you  ,want to be one of those drivers where you can, you  know, sit really low, all you know gangster style,  ,this isnt the SUV for you. You can  sit much lower in the Chevy Blazer.  ,As for the interior design of these two SUVs, I  have to say, I do like the 12 inch touchscreen  ,thats in the Ford Edge. It is running on sync 4  infotainment system and its pretty easy to use.  ,However I find that the touchscreen or actually  the infotainment system in the Chevy Blazer  ,is just a little bit easier and more intuitive to  use. However that 8-inch touchscreen looks tiny  ,compared to the 12-inch touchscreen of the Ford  Edge. My only complaint about this touchscreen  ,in the Ford Edge is that the climate controls  are integrated into the infotainment system.  ,Theyre always going to be at the very bottom  of the touchscreen regardless of what you do  ,on the actual infotainment system, whichever  menu or submenu you decide to be in.  ,But its a bit distracting when youre driving  to try and change the the temperature. Happily  ,however you can change the temperature  by voice controls in the Ford Edge.,Temperature 21. Setting temperature to 21 degrees.,Unfortunately in the Chevy Blazer you cant do  that but the actual climate controls are physical  ,buttons and physical knobs so its really really  easy to use in the Chevy Blazer. And in the Chevy  ,Blazer i also do like the dual analog gauges. In  the Ford Edge, its just one analog speedometer  ,with two digital screens on either side. I dont  really like it that much but thats just personal  ,preference. So with that, lets go check out  the back seats in the Chevy Blazer. Now in the  ,back of the C

Chevy Blazer vs. Ford Edge – 2022 Midsize American Crossovers Faceoff

this is such good consumer advice for it,I feel like were giving back to the,community with this video I really are,yeah,good job Charlies premium is going to,share his art his artwork here with the,world,oh wow,[Music],hey everybody its Charlie and Chris,with daily motor and look at us doing,actual hard-working investigative,journalism for all of your benefit today,we have the 2022 Ford Edge St line and a,2023 Chevy Blazer RS big shout out to,the gene butman crew specifically Stu,King at Gene butman cars here in,Ypsilanti Michigan if you want to,purchase this Edge or any of the other,hundreds of vehicles they have on their,new and used Lots check the link in the,description and help support them but we,are here today to kind of answer that,question of if you want one of these,larger kind of compact to mid-size class,two row crossovers especially if you,want a domestic brand which one of these,two should you get yes and we were even,fortunate enough that along with the RS,trim kind of the really sporty version,of the Blazer if you will we also have,an st line Edge to compare it to yeah,sport trim against the really sport yeah,yes,lets start out with the Chevy Blazer,weve been driving it here for a few,days I really like this color is this,rapid red I always forget the no rap,thats a Ford color yes,really red,very red very dark cool red,radiant red radiant red I knew it was,something like that,radiant red Im not a big fan of these,giant wheels Ill tell you that weve,got 21 inch wheels here a thousand,dollar option and while they do look,kind of cool they hamper the ride,quality you can see this is not a very,thick tire but I suppose we shouldnt,get two in the weeds of the specific,model that we have and look at it more,as a whole this one were driving here,about fifty one thousand dollars a,little bit pricey but it is pretty well,kitted out and well see some of those,features as were inside do you have the,key in your pocket yes I do lets try,kicking and see if the the thing will,kick open for us,yes indeed okay this opens up you can,see we have Id say A medium height load,floor if we look at Chriss about his,mid thigh at five foot ten,weve got uh this silly little accessory,that adds some storage to it weve got,some side retainers the whole thing,lifts up and gives you a spare with a,small amount of side storage as well,keep in mind this is a compact spare but,still there nonetheless,and I do appreciate that you can fold,down the seats,just like that now that seat is uh not,all the way it is all the way back from,the front passenger so its blocked a,little but if you do move that front,passenger seat up a little bit then you,can see that is a remarkably flat and,large load surface there,like to see that other than that power,output ability for cover and some metal,tie down points lets go take a look at,the edges I can uh yes you wanna lets,see if itll kick shut,it seems cross about something there we,go I dont know okay this is the only GM,seems to do that the best because I can,never get it to work with any other cars,that we have,lets see if itll work with the edge,uh do I have the key on me I probably,left it no I do no I dont what is this,key,it may not have that yeah it may not,but thats still a thing,okay,okay,well it does at least have a power boot,oh its like a lower load surface oh,certainly its down by my knee yeah so,easier to get things in and out of you,know we have an accessory uh mat oh but,no spare you can clearly see where you,could option a spare yes instead you,have an inflation kit and more storage I,was going to say a ton of storage under,here which yeah if you know me Im a big,fan of it goes down some actually,probably a little bit more usable,Cubbies on the side oh and Charlie,oh thats aggressive that is very,aggressive not a perfectly flat load,surface,as you see there theres a hump and then,a slight angle but still very functional,how is how difficult is it to lift it,back up because I know the Blazer seats,kind of hard,yeah oh weve got some nice Alcantara,inserts here on the seats,sorry I was distracted by Alcantara well,lets go check it out okay,all right,some cool red stitching and yes as Chris,said some micro suede there some fake,micro suede ah this is this is good what,is that um theres two piece of the car,it does seem to be a piece of the car,okay its just,do that,quite upright though is there any way to,recline the seat,yes theres my thing oh its way back,there okay yeah good amount of recline,that five foot ton I seem to have a good,amount of knee room and that seat my,height as well oh yeah the thing is kind,of in an awkward spot yeah we have a,flip down armrest with grippy Center cup,holders,cool detailing back here yeah you know,theres theres a lot more complexity,into the design than I realized with,these cool little stitch patterns on the,door panels the Alcantara inserts this,St line is supposed to give you a little,bit of a sporty feel to the inside of,the car youve got air vents I know,thats important for a lot of people a,USB a and a USBC and a 150 watt wall,style outlet and one of these little,spaces that I can never find Ive been,asking you a lot to put your phone in,there so can you see if your phone will,fit its been a theme here at dailymotor,lately,no no iPhone 12 Pro Max fitting in that,console so I dont know what its worth,then,um interesting oh and its just not all,the way back okay so the Panorama does,go all the way back for some reason its,not opened all the way we should,probably fix that as we get going,but yeah this is a fine place to be,uh not huge back here given the size of,vehicle but okay so you can take that,out to clean it maybe put it in your,yeah or if you want to fit bigger,dishwasher you can take it out,completely thats true,oh look at this handles,do you like that,oh and lights yes,lets go check the Blazer,very solid feel to the door too,it is quite nice Ive been building the,edge for a while now and I would hope,they had it down to a sign I was gonna,say theyve had plenty of time to get it,right can we can we point out real quick,on the Blazer look how high the rear,window line goes in in the sake of,making it cool looking yeah very easy to,get in and out of,more red stitching oh we need to oh you,dont have a sunroof no its a bit sad,no sunroof here in the 51 000 Blazer hey,some stadium seating you can see how Im,seeing over the drivers seat yeah but,take a look at these door panels back,theyre very high and Bland yeah youre,right and you are a door panel,Enthusiast I am and we dont seem to,have anything more back here than we do,in the end no these are a little bit,higher so thats subtle,um I feel like Ive got most cubby Ive,got more knee room I think,seats,um,some reclamation,it was airier in The Edge it does feel a,bit area well the panoramic sunroof goes,a long way thats true yeah um were,sitting a bit higher in this car so that,gives us a stadium seating I think I,would give,the cargo area to the edge because of,the lower load surface right although I,do appreciate the very flat seat folded,surface here in the Blazer yes back seat,it does feel a little bit nicer to be in,the Ford yeah I think well give that to,the edge but I think if I had a car seat,I might prefer this,like if I was trying to get a baby car,seat in because babies dont care much,about door panels thats true they dont,or Alcantara in fact it would probably,just dirty the Alcantara with their,Cheerios and Juice Box goop lets see,how wide the doors open this seems to be,nearly a 90 degree opening,pretty large here we need to we need to,be in the mind of the Topher with his,his child,this is such good consumer advice for it,I feel like were giving back to the,community with this video I really are,yeah this is also quite wide uh it seems,like a slightly smaller opening but,probably still pretty decent to get in,there so its a lower seat its,definitely lower yeah that probably,helps with the airiness as you,sub

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