1. Top 8 Ford Explorer Competitors
  2. ITS BACK! The ALL New Ford Ranchero Will Shock The Entire Car Industry! | Maverick Competitor?
  3. 2022 Ford Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz // The $40,000 Question
  4. 2022 Crossover Comparo Geely Coolray Vs Ford Territory Vs MG ZST Vs Kia Seltos Vs Chevrolet Tracker
  5. Ford Mustang King Cobra v Chevy Camaro v Dodge Challenger SRT: DRAG RACE
  6. New Kia Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson & Ford Kuga review: which is the best family SUV?
  7. NEW Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500 – WHICH TRUCK IS THE BEST?

Top 8 Ford Explorer Competitors

the Ford Explorer is a great SUV for the,whole family to enjoy but if it doesnt,feel like the perfect fit for you you,have plenty of other options here are,eight top Ford Explorer competitors for,you to consider,first up is the Honda Pilot its a,little bigger than the Explorer so,youll get more legroom and cargo space,but the exterior of the Honda Pilot has,been criticized for being a bit boring,this might not be the right fit for you,if youre looking for Style points,next is the Hyundai Santa Fe the Santa,Fe comes with a competitive price tag,and is the least expensive vehicle on,this list but for that lower price,youll have to sacrifice on space and,towing capacity but if you wont be,Towing at all or hauling Less Than 3 500,pounds this could be the car for you,our next car is the Toyota Highlander it,might not have the most flashy design,but its the perfect family pick due to,its best-in-class safety rating and its,seating capacity the only downside is it,might be a little cramped for additional,adult passengers,up next is the Mazda CX-9 thanks to this,cars great driving performance youll,feel great behind the wheel but in the,third row you might not be as comfy its,definitely a bit cramped back there,especially for adults and it doesnt,have as much cargo space as competitor,SUVs,next up on our list is the Chevy,Traverse its nice and roomy with plenty,of space for the whole family and your,belongings in the cargo area while you,do have to sacrifice some fuel economy,for the traverses size it still gets a,decent gas mileage,next up is the Kia Telluride this car,has it all from a Sleek interior to,user-friendly technology and an,affordable price tag its the second,most affordable car on this list behind,the Santa Fe the only downsides of the,Telluride are poor off-roading,capabilities and a fuel economy that,could be better if you do want an,off-roading SUV this next car could be,the one for you,the Jeep Grand Cherokees main selling,point is exactly that in addition to its,more rugged outdoorsy Vibe the main,downsides of the Cherokee come down to,its pricing its the most expensive car,on this list,lastly we have the Nissan Pathfinder,heres another car thats not so great,for off-roading but if you want lots of,space the Pathfinder has you covered it,even has storage Cubbies for your,convenience it also has a great towing,capacity of up to six thousand pounds,whatever car suits you best youll want,to get the best deal when insuring it,find the best car insurance rates,without a hassle by downloading the jiri,app go to getjary.com to learn more

ITS BACK! The ALL New Ford Ranchero Will Shock The Entire Car Industry! | Maverick Competitor?

foreign,the all-new Ford Ranchero will shock the,entire car industry Maverick competitor,few automobiles were as idolized as the,1955 Chevrolet The rectilinear Styling,with well-defined volumes and an ev8,engine outshined the competition,especially Ford,dearborns country Tech took two years,bigger slower and wider the 1957 Ford,broke new ground with the Ranchero the,first American-made utility Coupe,developed for work in the field it was,nothing more than the two-door Ranch,wagon without the rear portion of the,roof and with a huge bucket,its carrying capacity was Superior to,that of a pickup,see now a top Ford Maverick competitors,one Hyundai Santa Cruze,starting price 25,735 dollars to forty one thousand four,hundred and sixty five dollars,selling points utilitarian cargo bed and,a modern high-tech interior,weak spot weak base engine and expensive,captions,the pickup short bed and compact size,make the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz the,Ford Mavericks most obvious competitor,just like the Maverick the Santa Cruze,is compact with a unibody SUV style,construction that puts the fan in,functional,two Honda Ridgeline,starting price 39,435 to 46,865 dollars,selling points agile and refined ample,back seat space,weak spot a lack of off-road and towing,capabilities,while the Maverick and Santa Cruz are,all new the Honda reach line has been,around for several years,it still exists as a Best of Both,worlds middlemen between a pickup truck,and a crossover SUV but its slightly,larger size makes its bed considerably,more versatile 3. Ford Ranger,starting price 27,425 to 41 000.,selling points increased off-road and,towing capacity,weak spot boring design and less than,modern technology,if youre intrigued by the Maverick,small size but want a more traditional,pickup truck chassis the Ford Ranger,could be a great option,this mid-sized truck offers,significantly higher off-road,capabilities especially if you select,the Tremor trim,four Ford Bronco sport,starting price 30 410 to 38,185 dollars,selling points serious off-road,capabilities great fuel economy weak,spot a tight squeeze in the rear seat,it may seem strange to include a compact,crossover on a list of pickup trucks but,if youre intrigued by the Maverick,styling but dont need an open bed then,the Ford Bronco sport which offers a,unique pickup truck like shape is a,wonderful option,5. Jeep Gladiator,starting price 38,765 to 55,675 dollars,selling points a wide range of trims to,suit any driver off-road ready,weak spot and impressive fuel economy,not built for the highway,since were discussing pickup trucks,that are SUV inspired the Jeep Gladiator,absolutely must be mentioned designed,after the ever popular Wrangler the,Gladiator offers added versatility,thanks to its truck bed and increased,towing capacity of an additional two,tons,6. Chevrolet Colorado,starting price 27 230 to 44,345 dollars,selling points fluid and Nimble handling,comfy drivers seat,weak spot an impressive base for,cylinder engine built on another classic,pickup truck chassis the Chevrolet,Colorado is the smaller sibling of the,Silverado offering the versatility of a,truck in an easier to maneuver package,7. GMC Canyon,starting price 28,595 to 44,395 dollars,selling points handsome modern styling,weak spot weak uninspiring base engine,the GMC Canyon is yet another mid-sized,truck great for people who want some of,the capabilities of a full-size pickup,but without all the bulk plus we think,its one of the better looking options,on our list,the new Maverick LOL

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2022 Ford Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz // The $40,000 Question

what did he say to you,you hit him in the face right,good,uh hold on mom i gotta go,nice truck buddy,oh thank you yeah this is the new,maverick i never knew i needed it in my,life until now no no like,nice truck buddy,yeah thank you so we speak the same,language now me and you truck guys im,one of you,no like ooh nice truck oh oh everyones,have their way of just complimenting it,and its just been yeah tons of,attention tons,i,im making fun oh you dont need to in,this,its fun all on its own,no,im sarcastic,and im james ill link you on the forum,thats quite a cool screen name,were not on the same forums,[Music],youre watching throttle house im,thomas and im james and this is the,all-new hyundai santa cruz,and this is the new,ford maverick,[Music],like its name the maverick is a,disruptor a non-conformist neither truck,nor car it tackles both all in a,relatively affordable package it starts,at 26 000 canadian and this one,graciously provided to us by the,wonderful people at western ford right,here in toronto is in the top spec,lariat trim and it sits at around 35,grand,it has an acoustic windshield and,ambient lighting it is the ford you,cant afford to go without sorry,and youre not really gonna roll in a,hyundai are you,well you are when it looks this good,this is the new hyundai santa cruz in,its ultimate trim which hyundai call the,the ultimate trim it costs as spec just,under 45 000 canadian and it has every,bell and whistle youd need this little,crossover truck thing easily answers the,question of how much truck do you,actually need,well our production team has been living,with this thing for a month and its,been an absolute treat and it was almost,an easy one for us to recommend until,that maverick hopped on the scene so,lets see which one of these is the one,to get,[Music],we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,okay it does have to be said that,neither of these are actually trucks a,truck is a,ladder frame chassis live rear axle body,on frame,thing theyre big theyre beefy they can,tow a lot,this is actually,a hyundai tucson and the one that james,is in is actually a ford escape,underneath but as we know its not,whats underneath that counts its what,you look like that matters so,im in a truck this nearest makes no,difference so today were gonna,completely ignore that not a real truck,is a real truck thing whatever,these are cars that people are gonna buy,and maybe for good reason,all right so what do we have here,well in theory a really economical truck,in fact you could have this with a,hybrid 2.5 liter engine but today we,have it in all-wheel drive which means,it has the 2-liter ecoboost turbocharged,engine,which,is really peppy 250 horsepower 277,pound-feet of torque,both these cars,or trucklets or baby truck,do,have somewhere in the six second naught,to 60 time,which not too long ago was impressive in,a sports car so to have that on these,crossover economy trucks,pretty good,so the hybrid,gets a nasty cvt,this gets the eight speed and no its,not as fancy as the eight speed,one in thomass santa cruz but,it is better than a cvt i know i dont,get,funky paddle shifters like he does,but to be honest i have no problem with,it in fact this whole truck is easy to,drive and like thomas said this is a,unibody so with that comes advantages,ride being the main one of them the ride,in this is very good its not punishing,theres no judders coming through were,going over bumps potholes in toronto and,this,embarrassingly takes them better than my,audi s4,all right were in a bit of wet now,and thanks to the all-wheel drive i can,just plant my foot its not throwing you,in the back of the seat fast,but i didnt expect it to be this quick,steering is light and easy,the way theyve calibrated this is just,for ease this is supposed to be the,answer to everything this is jack of all,trades and you know what when that,happens normally it fails in some way,either the ride is compromised or its,overly expensive or the insulation on,the highway is bad,[Music],none of those things,take a phone call no problem in this 100,kilometers an hour its wonderfully,average in every way visibility is good,and just because its not a full-size,truck ive been parallel parking this in,the city and its its really you know,okay fine the the rear view camera is a,little bit uh,caveman,era-esque but it is not intimidating to,parallel park this in the city so that,is an absolute check mark against a,normal-sized truck,and i know weve called into question,whether this is a real truck,but at some point weve gotta move away,from the idea of we have to impress,society,take thomass new denim jacket for,example that is hes very proud of it,but its a knock-off its not what we,would consider a real denim jacket,doesnt have levis plastered on the,side and he thinks,he looks cool,dont,dont tell him i said that,james owns a miata,which he thinks is a sports car,dont tell him i said that but it,fulfills its purpose for him and this as,im driving it right now fulfills its,purpose for me which is i want to get,from here to somewhere over there doing,it quite quickly actually because it has,over 300 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5,liter turbocharged engine thats all you,need,its actually quick and it has an,eight-speed dual-clutch transmission why,i dont know its like the same,transmission you get in their sporty,veloster n,its got paddle shifters too i dont,think we needed something that snappy,but its very nice to use i will say,though that it does roll back on hills a,little bit before the clutch engages,thats kind of annoying but other than,that the rest of this car is incredibly,intuitive to use brakes and throttle are,calibrated perfectly the steering is got,a nice on center feel decent amount of,weight in the corner visibility is great,and the ride is very good,maybe its like a little bit of a jitter,going over some of the bumps but i mean,its not a rolls royce so im not,expecting any more than im feeling,right now,honestly this is a really nice car to,drive and theres kind of this sense,that i get since i can see that flat,back window looking over into the into,the little flatbed in the back then im,driving something thats different than,all the other crossovers on the road the,world is a sea of crossovers these days,i hate it personally and for some reason,this is cooler than those i think its,neat i think its,kind of fun,and honestly now im driving it right,now i cant possibly fathom that when i,drive that maverick in a minute that im,gonna like it any more than this,damn it,[Music],yeah,these drive the same,well my new differences here and there,seat comfort maybe a bit better in this,visibility is the same steering slightly,lighter in this even the ride is so,similar,its impressive actually,its going to come down to preference,changed my mind,what,i like this one better,the way it drives or just generally i,mean this like drives a little bit,better yes but,i think that this is kind of more,reminiscent of a truck,and it is a truck this is a this is a,cari truck and this is a trucky car,yeah in the review yeah,yes that is true if youre coming truck,down i saw a great comment about this,car yeah was that it carries air just as,well as an f-150 which is a slight on,the f-150 owners that never actually use,their truck for truck things which is,true because i mean,okay anyway i really like them both im,surprised no theyre very nice to drive,and heres the thing is that yes this,drives a little bit better in a couple,like objective ways yes but i mean this,is so fine that i dont care because of,all the extra stuff that you can get and,how much it costs yeah fords very good,at playing the numbers game yes okay,wait before we get into the the details,of why you might get this one over that,one i do want to say that we didnt,drive these cars for a long period of,time so we cant comment fully on fuel,economy but it seems like that one this,is better it

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2022 Crossover Comparo Geely Coolray Vs Ford Territory Vs MG ZST Vs Kia Seltos Vs Chevrolet Tracker

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],there hasnt been a battle this intense,in a segment this accessible in a long,time now if you think back to about five,years ago the sub-compact crossover,segment was just loaded with well-known,brands and nameplates that were well,looking to make a name for themselves in,fact our data shows that the segment was,the most happening place in the industry,at the time showing a lot of growth,especially for the cars that cost under,1 million philippine pesos now its 2022,and there are tons more options to,choose from so were here to help you,compare between the mg zst the gili,courage the ford territory the kia,celtos and the chevrolet tracker the top,spot in each category will take a,maximum of five points obviously and,then four and so on the categories are,power interior tech and safety ride,comfort cargo space and then price and,just like our pickup comparo which by,the way if you click on the link,somewhere above you can check out us,what we rate at the best pickup truck,the overall look which played a key role,in deciding our winner may do so again,because well we left it to you on our,facebook page,before we get into it much love to,aguila autoglass now you think its not,exciting but some of the most,magnificent structures known to man are,made of glass youve got the louvre the,gherkin the aldar headquarters the royal,danish library ricky hattons jaw,[Applause],man i can watch that all day its,beautiful,celebrating 70 years in 2022 aguilar,autoglass has 25 locations around luzon,from lawag to legaspi no pain too large,no curve too complex aguila autoglass,can retrofit any panel stock or bespoke,if it aint the red eagle head logo it,aint worth it mighty eagle,but i need to work out,we begin with whats under the hood now,most of the vehicles in this comparal,come powered by a turbocharger motor,with the exception being the kia celtos,as fuel efficiency is relative to how we,drive we really wont be including that,as a factor i mean we cant really have,the same figures from the tight roads of,the city versus long drives out to the,province right it just doesnt make,sense but they all do carry very torquey,engines,up first and the newest of the bunch is,the mg zst its powered by a 1.3 liter,turbocharged gasoline three cylinder,engine that produces 161 horses and 230,newton meters of torque it sends power,to the front wheels via six-speed,automatic transmission,next is the gd cool ray now just like,its mg counterpart it is also powered by,a turbocharged 3-cylinder the 1.5 liter,under the hood pushes out 177 horses and,255 newton meters of torque easily,making it one of the more powerful,options available on the market today it,sends power to the front wheels via a,7-speed wet dct,another 1.5 liter in this comparal is,the ford territory now this time it has,a four-cylinder motor instead of the,typical three-cylinder engines that you,would find in other competitors it,produces a healthy 141 horses and 225,millimeters of torque distinguishing it,from the rest it sends power to the,front wheels via a cvt,heres a quick change of pace in the kia,santos which features the largest engine,in this comparal coming in with a 2,liter naturally aspirated motor now it,produces 147 horses and 179 new meters,of torque which it sent to the front,wheels via an intelligent variable,transmission or ivt,coming in with easily the smallest,engine on the list is the chevrolet,tracker just like the other crossovers,it also comes with a three cylinder,turbocharged engine that produces 116,horses and 175 meters of torque,its a front-wheel drive crossover that,shifts via a six-speed automatic,transmission,in fifth place is the chevrolet tracker,as it has the smallest engine of the,bunch that also produces the least,amount of power now in fourth well,technically third and fourth is a tie,between the kiacertos and the ford,territory as they both come with similar,power figures the territory has more,torque while the celtus has more,horsepower,in second is the zst as it makes more,power than the rest of its rivals while,utilizing a three-cylinder engine now,topping them all is the gdcool ray as it,produces the most amount of power and,torque from a 1.5 liter three cylinder,engine,so as it stands currently the cool rate,takes the early lead followed by the zst,tied for the third are the territory and,the zeldas with the tracker looking to,catch up,next lets get into the interior design,of each of these crossovers the mg zst,takes on a sportier design when it comes,to its interior it comes with jet,fighter like air vents with red accents,found on the center console and on the,dashboard as well there are also red,accents and mg logos found on the,headrests of the crossover and on the,shifter while the interior design is,great the plastics of choice lean more,toward the durable side with a few soft,touch materials thrown in around the,cabin all in all a more youthful look,really and ideal for the young,professional now the gd cool ray well at,least for us comes with one of the,better looking interiors for its class,it comes with a great dual layer design,for its dashboard with plenty of high,quality and soft touch materials found,all around we can confidently say that,it caught us off guard when it initially,launched as it offers you a lot of,features for an affordable price point,now the ford territory comes with a more,futuristic design approach to its,dashboard as it comes with a massive,infotainment system that also acts as,the climate control for the vehicle,aside from that it also comes with,premium accents such as fall wood trims,and high gloss panels found on the,dashboard material quality is also great,with plenty of soft touch materials,around the cabin now one thing we dont,like is hear me out is the glossy black,plastics found on the center of the,dashboard which well it can get easily,scratched up over time,in the case of the kia celtos the korean,automaker has played it safe with the,vehicle giving it a more,minimalistic design there is a large,silver accent found on the dashboard but,aside from that its all black from that,point onwards interior materials do lean,more toward the durable side but there,are few soft touch plastics here and,there overall its a subtle interior for,those who dont want something too,flashy you know what i mean,now the chevrolet tracker takes a,different approach to its design as it,comes with a minimalistic look there,arent too many loud accents found in,the vehicle aside from well its red,stitching on the dashboard and a couple,of silver accents found in the air vents,now interior material quality does lean,more toward the durable side but at,least you know that they will be able to,last long,overall a great design especially if you,want something subtle and sporty at the,same time you get what im coming from,so in fifth place is the mg zst as it,only comes with minor improvements over,its normal zs counterpart its closely,followed by the chevrolet tracker which,is in fourth and the kia celtos in third,taking the second spot is the ford,territory now it gets black and grey,interior color combination but it makes,up for it with a lot of features which,include ventilated seats huge amounts of,room and premium materials which include,leather and high quality plastics,however topping them once again is the,cool rate as it has one of the best,looking interiors in the industry and it,punches way above its price tag you get,leather panels here some metal over,there and even trippy patterns that add,a touch of special in this model,top marks thus far for the cool ray with,10 points the territory breaks the tie,and moves up into second with seven,follow closely by the celtus with six,now the zst loses just a bit of ground,that is in fourth with five while the,tracker is in fifth place on four points,now perhaps because of their popularity,in many many parts of the world,

Ford Mustang King Cobra v Chevy Camaro v Dodge Challenger SRT: DRAG RACE

hi matt watson here from car wow and,ive got an all-american drag race for,you,terrible impression anyway,im sat in the king cobra ford mustang,thats been supercharged next to me its,a chevrolet camaro thats been,supercharged and next to that is a dodge,challenger srt scat pack isnt scattered,thing thats been supercharged and were,going to drag race them and its going,to get lettering and it absolutely is,let me tell you about this car five,liter v8 its been supercharged like i,said it puts out,735 horsepower and 690 newton meters of,torque and it sends that via a six-speed,automatic gearbox to the rear wheels,only,larry now this thing weighs in at just,under 1800 kilos terms of the value,between about 1780 000 pounds that chevy,has a 6.2 litre v8 thats had a,supercharger whacked on it and it puts,out,650 horsepower and 600 newton meters of,torque its got an eight-speed automatic,gearbox and once again its just,rear-wheel drive its lighter though,than this car it weighs in at under 1700,kilos valley-wise about the same again,between about 70 and 80 000 pounds now,that challenger srt scott thinking majig,6.4 liter hemi v8 with a supercharger,whacked on it so it also puts out 650,horsepower and 600 newton meters of,torque got eight speed auto rear wheel,drive weighs in at 1900 kilos once again,price wise similar to the other cars,between 70 and 80 000 pounds thats all,the stats for you if you want to check,them out you can just pause the video,now because heres our little stat,screen,[Music],okay thats your lot now id like to say,thanks to the guys whove loaned us,these cars so the guy who owns this car,you can check out his youtube channel,with more on this con some other stuff,its in the description below gearhead,daydreams go check him out give him a,follow from us to say thanks for lending,carway the car,also those guys over there they work for,topspeedautomotive.com if you want to,buy some hot american cars go check out,their website,this car talks to you,or its possessed,freaky yeah go check them out,where did that now lets get on with,this before we do ive got to do the,usual thing please make sure you,subscribe to this channel and hit the,bell icon to turn your notifications on,that way you wont miss a single upload,also if youre thinking about selling,your car to buy something new such as,one of these and you want to get a good,price for your car just head over to,carl put a link in the description no i,havent thats a pop out banner in it,click on that you can input the details,of your car and you get offers back on,your car from our dealers and theyll,just buy it from you at a good price,check it out completely free you dont,have to sell to them if you dont want,it but if you do theyll give you the,cash and take your car away simple,anyway lets go with this race buying a,new car then head to car wow and my team,will help you find your next car at a,fair price car wow your one-stop car,buying comparison site now before we,write so were going to the obligatory,car sound check so lets do it,oh listen to that,oh yeah no rev limiters here,thats sweet days,shes still talking to me i think she,said packing mold,lets have a listen to that chevy,[Music],thats nice that is that chevy sounds,quicker than this car dont know whether,it will be in reality but from noise,alone i think its winning lets have a,listen to the dodge,which sounds the same as the chevy what,difference does hemi spherical pistons,make over number ones doesnt seem to,sound any different anyway nice lets,read them all together in one big,symphony of american muscle carvatinus,go on rev rev guys,oh this is my kind of orchestra,i dont know why im doing this with my,body,its weird right lets get on with this,this is gonna be scary i might end up,over there in the grass,who cares,[Music],im gonna break boost this boy,apparently its the best way to launch,it and ive got drag radials,i havent,oh wow,three,two,[Music],oh keep going straight,whoa im spinning up this is not and,scary,and slower than i thought,oh my gosh,[Applause],hey chevy do you know what you were,coming good at the end of that oh my god,you flew past that dodge but you never,managed to catch me pulling in the top,edge yeah it really does pull at the top,end what about the dodge how was it for,you i pulled away,do you know what wed like another go,will you pull away in first see if it,does better,ill try first and so hopefully ill get,off the line a bit quicker im willing,to give you another go lets do it,three,two,one,oh this is close,ill change,[Music],oh,[Applause],its better run but the gearbox just,fluffed itself it just wouldnt change,it was like,then it changed and said the camaro,won,nice work camaro you won that one well,done youre happy,dodge that was dodgy,crap joke but it was what happened to,you,was it so bad you dont want to talk,about it,dodge hello dodge wait hello,hes just gone back,i think he might be crying i think i,better give him another go,okay so its one to the forward one to,the chevy a non to the dodge dodge guy,this is one last chance for you to,redeem yourself and have all,ford chevy and dodge fanboys happy,otherwise someones gonna be,disappointed read your engine if you,want another go,it seems that is the only way he,communicates lets run with that for the,last two runs i had the car in automatic,mode and it fluffed the gear change from,first to second so ill put it into,manual mode and see if i can do a better,job im confident,change that time,at that time come on ford,here comes a chevy now,come on hold on,[Music],no,chevy fanboys be like,ford fan boys be like,dodge fan boys be like,so then what exactly happened well the,chevrolet won completing the standing,quarter mile in 12.1 seconds the four,was second with a time of 12.2 seconds,and the dodge was last finishing in 12.7,seconds,now we have a rolling race for 50 miles,an hour the cars in their normal setting,like youre just driving at the motorway,actually that should be the highway its,going to count it in ready guys get,level come on dodge you ready three,two one go,come on kick down whoa that was brutal,there we go,its on,oh look at that chevy go im gonna take,the dodge now this is the half mile,[Music],that chevy is flying,here comes the mild theres a lot of,noise,[Applause],[Music],a lot of speed,the dodge did sound awesome as it ripped,past good race guys and congratulations,chevy you won that are you happy,all good matt thank you,uh dodge,your cars are slows mate,this time we have another rolling race,but the cars in manual mode for the,automatic gear boxes locked in third,and,in the sportiest setting so here we go,get level guys im gonna count it in,three,two,where you going,ready round them up,three,two one go,oh this picks up nice,nice good does that chevy though,theres such a delay on this gearbox,when you press the paddle and it changes,press,ill put a change back,[Music],thats enough of that same result but,chevy you didnt blow it away this time,i was steadily just pulling it back,still one though didnt you mate,i think thats a yes,theyre not very talkative these guys,let me see honey,finally then were going to do a break,test from 70 miles an hour when we reach,the line full emergency stop which car,will stop in the shortest distance left,foot break this one here we go here,comes the lion,well i won one for sure you guys didnt,break very well did you,well we had to let you win one,thats true thats true one win here for,the forward,the most important thing as well the,brake test thats the only thing that,really matters of course thats what i,always always say,i hope you all enjoyed the video if you,did please give it a like let me know,some other drag races youd like to see,in the comments below click on those,windows there to watch some more videos,im on that box there to check out the,carway drag race leaderboard so you can,see how these cars quarter mile times,compared to other cars with drag raced,thanks for watching

New Kia Sportage vs Hyundai Tucson & Ford Kuga review: which is the best family SUV?

[Music],but we need to call it we need a winner,suvs you lot cant get enough of them,that hugely popular segment has exploded,over the last decade january 2022,six of the top 10 best-selling cars were,you guessed it suvs but with so many,options and so much choice it can often,be overwhelming,there are big suvs small suvs petrol,suvs electric suvs hybrid suvs but,arguably the most important of all the,sectors and segments is the family suv,class its an area of the market that,has stolen share from the likes of the,volkswagen golf and the ford focus so,what weve got here then rich because it,looks like weve got three of the,best-selling family suvs weve got the,hyundai tucson our reigning car of the,year this brand new kia sportage ford,cougar i feel a comparison coming on,maybe well go over these with a fine,tooth comb and discuss which isnt the,best i think we should do just that and,if at any point you guys need a little,bit more information or want to find out,a bit more you can watch the individual,reviews weve got of these or you can,visit car buy dot co uk and read up on,our six point written reviews that was,really nicely done but you forgot to say,subscribe to the carbi youtube channel,and click on the bell button as well,lets do this,nicks right these are the three best,family suvs that money can buy right now,theyre all about the same size they,cost roughly the same and all three come,with a wide range of engines including,petrols hybrids and plug-in hybrids but,family suvs above all else need to be,practical they need to make your life,easier than it would be otherwise so,where better to start than with a boot,now its very easy to say that the,tucson has the biggest boot because on,paper it does but when it comes to daily,throwing stuff in or weekends away which,one actually comes up at the top well,this is where the car buyer suitcase,comes into play,now i know we use this thing on all of,our car buy shoots in all of our videos,but it really comes into its own when,youve got three cars side by side here,like we do you can put them in all of,them and see how it compares now i know,on paper like we said this is the,biggest boot 620 liters but in reality,you could fit several of those suitcases,in there if you stack them cleverly,enough now the tucson is very similar to,the sportage but if youve seen my,review of this and youve seen my review,of that you wont be surprised to know,that theyre basically the same,underneath although the boot here is,ever so slightly smaller 587 litres,compared to the 620 in the tucson but it,swallows the suitcase nicely which,brings us neatly onto the ford cougar,nick if you hop in the back,now technically it is the smallest of,the three quite considerably so but nick,if you slide the seats forward for me,and look at one massive difference that,makes youve got 114 liters more,i mean this is still the smallest boot,of the three because its 526 liters in,total but most families are going to be,pretty happy with this,but,its not the best news for me on these,back seats,now,with a seat slid all the way forward,its i mean how would you say its,cramped in here,but you might have kids back here with,child seats and they dont need the leg,room so you can have the seats all the,way forward and fill that boot up to the,brim and you live your best life but,most people,are going to be,happy with the compromise meet in the,middle if you will now rich is going to,tell you what its like in the kia,now i think marginally the kia is,probably the smallest of the three back,here but only slightly and its only the,case if youve got the seats raked all,the way back in the cougar but look its,not without merit ive got enough knee,room headroom could be a bit better but,look there are loads of cool features,youve got usb slots on the back of the,seats youve got some hooks for your,clothes so all in its pretty decent,and finally the tucson now no car is,perfect but this is our current reigning,car buyer car of the year so actually,its the other two that have got work,really hard to keep up with this,regardless of if youre talking about,space or specs,and its close,but i think that this tucson just pips,the other two in terms of rear seat,comfort whats it like in the front like,nick said the hyundai set the benchmark,in this class whether its talking about,space or tech whatever so it feels like,a logical place to begin but ive had a,look in that here and i have a sneaking,suspicion that that is the car that the,other two are gonna have to beat and,thats not to say that it doesnt feel,really lovely in here youve got this,screen in the middle and the digital,dials and theyre standard on every,single model its kit that you wouldnt,have expected in an executive car five,years ago and now you can get one in,your throwaway three-year lease,i think youd be pretty happy with one,of these,not as happy as i am in here okay,granted not every kia sportage comes,with this setup but if you can upgrade,to it we recommend that you do because,this curved screen along here is all,very very lovely i mean its all just,one big multimedia tech vest not just,that,it works plus its all super responsive,and its got loads of functions and,features hidden within it but crucially,its nice and easy to use now the kia,also has the edge when it comes down,here because i know that these are touch,sensitive but you do get twisty,temperature controls praise be,quality as well i mean when i reviewed,this car when i did my solo review i,compared this car to an aldi,and i stand by what i said oh yeah,now come on in rich whats it like in,the cougar,such is the rate of change and progress,in this segment thats sitting up here,in the forward things just feel a little,bit out of date it seems crazy to think,that even two years ago wed have been,perfectly happy with this eight inch,screen and these digital dials but now,things just feel a little bit,old-fashioned the menus theyre not as,logical and the screen just isnt as,crisp or as responsive as it is in the,kia or the hyundai but look wheres nick,she would love these twisty climber,controls is something to be said for,simplicity,so the key has got the edge when it,comes to cabin quality and tech but what,about engines and running costs well all,three cars here are hybrids and each is,also offered as a plug-in should you be,looking at one as a company car or have,the means to charge up on a regular,basis,each of them is also available with a,good old-school petrol engine though,only the kia can be had with a diesel,still plenty of choice whichever takes,your fancy,officially though theres very little in,it when it comes to day-to-day running,costs the hybrid versions of all three,will return between 40 and 50 miles per,gallon and each emits around 130 grams,per kilometer of co2,the ford even shows you how many miles,of ev driving youve managed it,surprised us even as a hybrid it might,do more on battery power than you expect,and guess what its the hybrid versions,that we have here now most of the time,for most people it will make the most,sense which is why its likely that,those are going to be the biggest,sellers for now anyway so lets start,things off,with the ford cougar now it is the,oldest one that we have here but it,certainly doesnt feel like it when,youre behind the wheel because if you,love driving,there is no contest this is far and away,the most fun i mean,it feels like,a taller more practical,focus and thats not a bad thing,steering is sharp theres very little,body roll yes its slightly down on,power but it is the most engaging of all,three cars,downsides i would say the ride is a,little bit firm and im not really a fan,of this cvt gearbox it just feels a,little bit slow to react you know so,when you want to make the most out of,this cars brilliant handling that is,the weak link,i think itd be fair to say that the,tucson is perhaps geared more towards,comfort than it is super sharp handling,but thats not to sa

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