1. Food Fight: Hamburger Helper Hacks
  4. 14lbs of Hamburger Helper
  5. I Ate a 20,000cal Burger in Record Time!! **Octuple Bypass Challenge**
  6. Gordon Ramsays Burger Challenge | Hells Kitchen
  7. Blind Fast Food Burger Challenge

Food Fight: Hamburger Helper Hacks

josh stop,stop im stronger than you,you all know how much i love cooking out,of boxes that is a super fast way to,cook a meal at home but there are more,creative ways to cook,than the recipes they got in the back so,today josh and i are each gonna make our,own recipe using hamburger helper but,only one will be good enough to go,on the back of the box its time for,another episode of unbox recipes,so today im gonna be making stroganoff,queso with crispy noodle chips and im,making macaroni cheeseburger,balls balls those do sound good,balls with nicole nicole whats the one,thing that makes noodles more better,oil yeah pretty much so we took the,stroganoff noodles which when i was a,kid i remember these being much bigger,but i realized when i was a kid,i was just much smaller so the noodles,were technically much bigger so i,imagine these being chip sized because,my idea was to fry these into chips my,idea,to be clear is still to fry these into,chips and thats what i intend to do,so i have the oil at about 350. and yeah,nicole to start dropping noodles in,there should i like separate them dont,worry about separating them too much i,think you kind of want nice big clusters,like when you get a nacho,plate and two of the nachos are stuck,together that still technically counts,as one notch,thats like the best part of the nachos,with the little foldy over yeah and it,gets a little sour cream in there and,then like beans and stuff oh,and when you ask someone if you can have,a nacho and then you try and find the,cheese structure,to where it connects so you can pick up,one nacho but its actually eight nachos,oh my gosh thats scamming baby but,anyways these are looking kind of crispy,and this is almost like akin to a fried,wonton strip,oh yeah but i want to wait until its,cooled down a little bit almost,thats like 300 degree oil that you just,popped in your mouth,the key is when you do that you got to,pull saliva in your mouth no my gosh,do you really not feel anything right,now no never no my gosh,bro so were going to drain these and,then were going to repeat the process,until we just get a nice big old bowl of,noodle chips,cool what are you doing um were going,to find out real soon,nicole what are you doing why is this,funny that was hit that was,thats just my opening line yeah yeah,its perfect nicole ill do it again,nicole,what are you doing i try nicole what are,you doing,were gonna make the meatballs josh you,have bread crumbs but you also have,noodles what i did was i took the,noodles and i cooked them,according to the directions of the box,why arent you deep frying them because,theres no need to deep fry them what do,you mean no need to deep fry,this does not compute with my brand,these are actually better,when you bake them that sounds crazy to,me thing i want you to do can you grate,half of this onion straight into this,bowl,yes i can thatd be great josh you have,to tenderize your onions josh if you,dont tenderize your onions you gotta,okay how much onion am i grating uh most,of it,im also gonna take half of my cheese,powder and im going to hydrate it in my,milk which is also gonna be a thickening,agent,i got noodles in the onion its okay no,josh josh josh,josh stop,stop im stronger than you stop,whats your meatball theory whats a,meatball theory,everyone has a meatball theory whats,yours whats yours no this isnt about,me nicole this is about you whats your,meatball theory i believe,that you should put panko breadcrumbs,salt pepper,and an egg into your meatballs i believe,that meatballs are spying on us for the,government,sometimes i think the words that come,out of my mouth were just created by,like uh whats the lorem ipsum,thats whats happening do you mean,cleverbot im like a walking glitch in,the matrix,you guys know about cleverbot do you,remember smarterchild on game,it was so much fun you could talk to,computers all day yeah,and aim before there was any like siri,there was an aimbot,when you didnt have enough friends to,talk to you you talked to a computer,what was your aim screen name,big ball of chubs big ball of,because i was with the chubby,b thats impressive what was yours gosh,underscore,she underscore owns underscore,that is the perfect metaphor for how you,and i both turned out in terms of,confidence levels,now what i do i just missed yeah were,just doing this together,what did you want me to put the glove on,for not to massage the meat,okay yeah give it a good scoop is this,good you want to pack it yeah you do,want to pack it a little bit youre,getting,who taught you how to scoop meatballs,you did youre not very good at it so,you just take it and you just,oh that looks way better yeah what is,this well,hes going quick you told me to so,youre using the scoop but then youre,just mashing it with your hands yeah,yeah but like clean it up a little bit,there yeah tlc this feels good yeah see,no see that ones not good,no you know you can also empty it out,when are you gonna admit that this is a,flawed process yeah theres just giant,macaronis in your new book,its gonna add to the texture i call,them nude balls for a sec,okay now you can pop these in the oven,for about 15 minutes go ahead josh you,can do it nicole what are you doing,put them in the oven josh my hands are,covered in raw meat nicole,yeah what are we doing josh this is your,part of the recipe oh yeah,okay so were making our stroganoff,queso so nicole what i need you to do is,punch that onion as hard as you can,really yeah its not going to hurt youd,be confident thats great so then can,you just chop that up really quickly im,going to punch this tomato clean in half,so then josh thats how you see the,tomato josh,im not going to apologize for my,cooking youre gross man we have the,tomato deseeded,can you cut me two tablespoons of butter,exactly two tablespoons put that in,there,so were gonna get that butter working,and then were gonna toss in our beef,im just using normal ground beef this,is actually pretty lean because we have,a lot of fat from the butter,and then we got a lot of onion from the,onions toss in the ground beef,josh the way that you punch these things,doesnt really help me in any way shape,no i de-seeded it you grabbed the tomato,and you punched it now theres all these,seeds shut it down,classic john tapper theres mold behind,the bar is that how,theyre paying customers thats good,were kind of going for like a classic,queso feel,the way that people make it with like,the rotel canned tomatoes this is nice,like this is like the calm part now you,know you got all your aggression out,yeah thats why i punch my vegetables to,get this just,quiet tsunami of rage boiling inside me,out we want this to all kind of sweat,and get some juices out,i think theres buttermilk powder in,this uh no theres ricotta theres whey,theres a lot of stuff thats whats fun,about cooking with stuff like hamburger,helping ricotta yeah theres like,dehydrated ricotta in there,no way the ricotta its in the packet,pour it in actually yeah all of it yeah,all of it all,of it so now were gonna stir this,together and youre gonna see it,actually absorbs all the juices which is,what we wanted wow,cool unicorns start with about a quarter,of that milk and then were going to try,and build the sauce up,thats a thick daddy sauce big daddy,looking browner than i intended,west texas tradition the old queso,brown in espanola um you know the old,west texas tradition queso moreno,velvety gravy yeah i was initially,imagining,more of a reddish color and this is like,a pale brown yeah uh keep adding milk,milk add more milk give me a second give,me a give me a sec i got a plan,oh oh oh were just going to go ahead,and add a small dash of hot sauce,just a little bit just a little bit to,try and make it more redder so you do,want a colorado,now its kind of like pepto-bismol needs,baby bonnet what if we try some paprika,maybe,yeah grab them grab the paprika because,this is,wow what a beautiful shade of this color,this is why we work



hey guys its Wednesday what does that,mean,that means Im filming another video for,those of you who are not regular,subscribers to the channel I will also,known as non the vortex this video is,going to be yet another attempt at,eating eight pounds of food in one,sitting this is a goal Ive been chasing,for some time I I almost did it a while,back with two four pound lasagnas from,Costco but that was quite a while ago,and quite frankly Ive had some issues,with weight since I started this channel,believe it or not I started my channel,while I posted my first video for this,channel back on August 8 and at that,time I weighed 170 pounds I weighed,myself two nights ago,and I weighed 218 and a half pounds so,yeah since August 8 I put on nearly 50,pounds because I didnt follow the rules,of having a youtube eating Channel,I just ate with wild abandon I whatever,it was I wanted to eat during challenges,and at other times,so anyway that has to change more about,that in an upcoming video but with some,changes coming to my channel but that,aside what I have in front of me right,now is Hamburger Helper,I wanted to have some hamburger and I,wanted to help my hamburger make a great,meal so I bought four boxes of,stroganoff Hamburger Helper yeah this is,a delicious flavor its one of my,favorites so what went into this four,pounds of beef hamburger four pounds of,hamburger,I think the milk that went into it,weighed four and a half pounds and there,was one pound of water plus the sauce,makes plus the noodles,so what I actually have here in front of,me is eight plates each with one pound,of hamburger helper on it and I am going,to attempt to this will be the first,time Ive tried so dont criticize my,video editing skills but Im actually,going to attempt to pop a picture up for,a second somewhere in the frame that,shows one of these plates sitting on the,scale having read one pound so eight one,pound plates in front of me and I have,another plate off to the side here which,is actually one pound two ounces which,was extra so these are still quite warm,these are the first plates that I made,up these are the last so Im gonna work,my way from left to right and see,whether or not I can finish eight pounds,of hamburger helper and all I have is my,water to drink and the biggest spoon,that isnt actually a salad serving,spoon in my house I am gonna run my,timer Im not gonna worry about how long,it takes me because the goal here is to,finish these eight plates of food so,without further ado this is my eight,pound Hamburger Helper stroganoff,challenge alright so well start,my timer is running so start eating,these whenever I want,yeah thats one down the fan with your,hopper this is way easier to eat through,those stupid muffins those things are so,dry,[Music],two pounds,[Music],three,[Music],for,[Music],but,[Music],sticks drink,stuff is really hot,[Music],so,Oh,[Music],[Music],sweat dripping down my nose,Oh,thats number eight,victory eight pounds of stroganoff,Hamburger Helper eaten in 23 minutes and,four seconds,this day has been a long time coming I,dont know how many times in the past,Ive tried to eat eight pounds of food,in one sitting I havent been able to do,it today I did it eight pounds of,stroganoff Hamburger Helper and 23,minutes on four seconds I might feel,vindicated how good man,I have you old gut sticking up thats,what happens when you pack eight pounds,into a belly well not only that but when,you have total disregard for your health,and you just eat whatever the hell you,want for about five months yeah more on,that later in another video but for,today this is awesome Im claiming,victory over Hamburger Helper,Im pretty excited yeah boy an 8-pound,Hamburger Helper stroganoff challenge,ends in victory done in 23 minutes and 4,seconds hey if you guys enjoyed what you,saw here today please remember to give,me a thumbs up for this video please,remember to Like share and subscribe,find me on social media my handle is on,my end card please have a look for that,and yeah thanks everybody for watching,Im nom de vortex and Ill be back with,another great video so everyone take,care

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whats going down molly skylar fans back,in the house,of killer kennedy hes been housing this,for a while,yes he had a challenge delivered to him,by an awesome subscriber named the name,by the name of tom,balum so what he did was he sent,10 pounds of ground beef,it was through the dry ice and all that,such so 10 pounds of ground beef in a,nine pack,variety pack of the hamburger helper so,weve got,bacon cheeseburger for cheese lasagna,deluxe cheeseburger macaroni,deluxe beef stroganoff,chili mac salisbury,ew cheesy enchilada,beef pasta philly cheese steak,and there we go rock on so,cooked it all up and this is just around,17 pounds,so 10 pounds of beef plus all of the,boxes of mac and cheese theyre between,five and a half and seven odd ounces of,uncooked dry weight mix so if you add,all the extra liquids and all that such,we actually kept the grease in here too,because we figured the grease would just,taste delicious so,17 plus pounds of uh,all mixed together hamburger helper,this massive bowl here its heavy its,greasy its delicious,its hot welcome to skylar nation mom,and,woman versus food were gonna clean this,plate,because wasted food is rude and well,thats greasy oh god lets eat a few,[Music],hey guys we are back with this semi cool,down,bowl of love and grease,look at this thats grease right there,i like i have like i could probably like,take a whole i bet you get like a whole,cup out of this thing,this is bad this is like theres a ton,of grease in here its like,gross ah thats lean beef dude,like nebraska beef nebraska beef i,actually saw the packaging it was uh,of course we opened it here um yeah i,did actually see the fat content on it i,didnt see it,but yeah i didnt see the,calorie content or nothing its greasy,nebraska,no name beef that has mysterious,nutritional,qualities anyway so were going to do,this because ive got,17 pounds of fun here,see can you see my little puddle of,grease in there by chance i dont know,if you can see that or not,theres a whole middle up there its a,big old,i dont know why but were going to,start this year because i would like to,get this over with because,i have a feeling im going to regret,this this might take a while because,welcome to greece city all right you got,the little its called,prestige nebraskas starving prestige,nebraska star beef,10 pounds of this stuff,came and dries it worked out good 10,packages 10 pounds,cook down save the grease so it is the,full 10 pounds,all right just start the clock,thats really bad,huh,its grainy how,its hot oh huh,oh god this is gonna be hard that dry if,the beef is dry,oh wow need,want help split it i feel like i should,have,its dry oh god yeah it is,all the grease in it oh wow,thats stirred up,go get them,i dont know this is like its doable,im gonna say its gonna be a grueling,17 pounds,its like its grainy and like,usually its like a its creamy and,obviously we used water,not milk but its like you can tell like,the,the dust it usually you can almost take,its gritty,team absolutely but i cant that looks,tacky,then he looks like a quitter,i mean its kind of going down a little,bit,hmm,no i tagged the dog in,hmm,oh,and then i turned around and the whole,bulb comes back,look i said the whole ball came back,stop it,its not even that like but this is its,the worst in the world its just,like i said the way its sitting if you,burp the wrong way,ive got grease actually coming up my,throat,and i dont want to taste that so,what im saying is i probably should,have drained the grease off,and not included the grease since its a,hamburger over,how many servants are in a box that,hammer your help are like five four,100,if you scrape the bowl enough it makes,it sound like its empty,you guys gave the ball it sounds like,its empty,and i believe its totally doable though,good thing i usually have like the hand,guy in the hamburger helper box,it was hamburger helper,got about 12 gallons left of this stuff,im not mad,hey im making my way through the making,my way downtown,walking fast dinner,so,okay,[Music],good,not funny,new world record never before,competitive eating superhero thats what,his interest is,its like not even a lot and im not,full but its like this is just its not,sitting right,every time i burp its like theres,grease coming up into my throat im just,like,oh its awful,and usually its like its not so bad,but its like there theres probably a,good,full cup of grease in here thats mixed,into all this stuff if not more,oh,my god are knocked out now woohoo,oh yeah easier to swallow,[Music],i could just slam that water id be fine,but that just is not fine,mystery hand,so much grace,were visiting the mcchickens yeah were,visiting the mcchickens,yeah right now im,yeah i am going to stop a second because,that grease has really teared my stomach,up and for the moment im not going to,lose this,[Music],doesnt taste good the second no it does,not,holy shenanigans,tag me in coach oh i wanted to tag in,about,25 minutes ago,oh my god,[Music],so,all right oh my god 28 minutes 48,seconds,wow that was,amazing ugh,amazingly brutal yeah i,see how much grease on the inside that,bowl oh man,wonderful challenge thank you tom i did,not mean it for you to take that one but,with,traveling and covet and all that stuff,was not working out,did take quite a few months four months,yeah sorry,i do apologize but awesome challenge i,do thank you,and if anybody else has something theyd,like to send our way let me know,i take requests if youd like to sponsor,it thats awesome,no more hamburger helpful though uh no,more im done with that,like and subscribe skyler nation,see yall next week you guys rock,[Music]

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14lbs of Hamburger Helper

all right so we got non-generic bran,because I was gonna buy generic brand,but this actually was cheaper than the,generic brand Hamburger Helper,hey Im burger helpers when you need,about helping him so I made this came,out to be about 14 I just waited to,Ekambaram about 14 pounds I think I just,want to set the timer here,I should did this first all right so the,timer look 49 hours all right so its,zero Ill just do this drink yeah so I,got 14 pounds of hamburger helper which,I cooked up my never actually I never,had this before I never cooked it before,so it was kind of a pain has a lot of,milk in it I was so surprised I forgot,to buy milk I had to go buy milk its,still pretty warm so well see if I burn,my mouth and not I waited a long time to,but this is just so big I put it in,front of a fan but the top side to get,crusty problems all right so Hamburger,Helper let me just flip it a little bit,hearing it get a little bit of the heat,out of it before you eat see that steam,this is gonna burn a little bit anyways,I got a little bit of ketchup here your,back and cool down with that time so,yeah Hamburger Helper 14 pounds,depending how hard it is I want to try,to get down under 14 minutes pound the,minutes kind of slow so hope its good,yeah I made it according to the Box I,had a little bit less milk because it,would look like its gonna get soupy so,yeah kind of like macaroni cheese I,guess a little bit of meat in it all,right enough blabbing lets stop the,timer,see if I burn my mouth and start,okay hopefully you can see that actually,its kind of bland youd be better off,buying Kraft macaroni and cheese and,this mixing in your own meat they do it,with just a little bigger thats all,this is a double cheeseburger macaroni,one so its a little different thats,hot so yeah this was the 20 packs it was,actually six this would have been,equivalent to six boxes which add about,six pounds of hamburger to start off,with I dont know what it cooked down to,seems like every video I always got,something extra here that I want to mix,in did I always forget about Im not,gonna forget about Im gonna try to,catch up on this eat all the cool stuff,first I was gonna do a different,challenge today but it involves sweets,and Im still struggling I dont wanna,have any sweets still from that stupid,rice krispies treat oh my god if I just,would have made it a little bit smaller,I got them in an hour it would have been,good but that was a rough challenge,right it was a good challenge too,because it was easy to make actually,easier than this to make and it was,cheap just so slow to eat that that,sugar got to me anyways this isnt bad,at least its not sweet although put a,little sugar Im little ketchup on it,see how this goes sound get hot,with the ketchup it does kind of remind,me of a cheeseburger all right almost,five minutes in I said did this one in,the winter,excuse me we have time except men I mean,going down,one good thing about the stuff you dont,to chew it all right oh Im getting so,hot so yeah this stuff tastes pretty,good actually uh it was a little bland,start off with the ketchup really help I,didnt know who seasoned the meat when I,cooked it either so no.1 oh well that,was good actually,so yeah 14 pounds of oh lets stop this,Hamburger Helper,double cheeseburger macaroni itd be,good in a pinch I dont know if Id eat,it I would definitely never eat him a,normal diet cuz I got a diet all the,time but me good dinner for some kids or,something,all right like subscribe how they good,stuff oh thank you,[Music]

I Ate a 20,000cal Burger in Record Time!! **Octuple Bypass Challenge**

this is the owner right here hey how you,doing im dr john,this is my clinic the heart attack grill,a lot of doctors will prescribe,exercise programs,vegetables and all kinds of healthy,things,we do just the opposite we prescribe fun,at the heart of that grill,because fun is what makes life healthy,[Music],all right whats up everybody welcome to,this weeks food challenge today we are,here at the heart attack rail,here in las and vegas nevada taking,their official food challenge the,octuple,bypass challenge apparently it clocks in,at 20,000 calories thats an insane amount of,calories,we have had great names in the past,weve had names like kobayashi,chestnut and our own in-house mickey,sudo is the current,world record holder for the off tuple,bypass challenge she came in at seven,minutes,and 42 seconds,eight burgers thats thats a minute per,patty and these are big patties,and theres bacon and theres chili and,theres tomatoes and theres double,slices of cheese,and theres lard we slather the whole,thing in lard,now im not exactly a hundred percent,sure matts going to be able to do this,so lets see breathe in for me,you know am i ready am i ready,he may be,oh my god oh my god,thank you im sorry to interrupt you i,do apologize,about the lack of music matt is going to,try to break the world record,the existing world record was by one of,our employees,mickey sudo normally i wouldnt even,interrupt you but i actually do believe,hes going to break the record,all right lets see i can pick this up,this right here is the octuple bite,this thing is i dont know if you can,see this morgan but you could literally,see like the fat just oozing out of the,bottom its kind of gross,the burger feels a little hot so well,give it like maybe,just a couple minutes here to cool down,a bit,yo this is pressure you guys cant see,it right now theres the whole,restaurant right now is behind me,watching,its uh an entire onion two tomatoes 16,slices of cheese eight half pound,patties 40 slices of bacon,and the bun almost six and a half pounds,and again the time the beat is,7 42 right yeah 742 okay thats the,target time today,tell us when youre ready ricky will,count down that way well have a bunch,of witnesses,i think were good i think were good,okay so we got some skewers going out,so i guess we can disassemble the burger,before going in that will save a little,bit of time the burger has been split,last trip,all right here we go bypass challenge,yeah were good to go get ready and one,two three go,okay,doing great everybody hes at a minute,40 so far,[Music],and hes about halfway there wow,okay,hey everybody were at three minutes 15,roughly,[Music],just clean that last bite,[Applause],burger 20 000 calories,4 10.,[Applause],i think im a good doctor hes gonna,live for at least five more minutes,oh man four minutes and ten seconds a,record that will probably not be broken,in my lifetime,wow wow im just boiling it up that,burger came out fresh and im just,that was good for anybody whos,interested,i saw it with my own eyes theres at,least 60 people in the room who saw it,we had multiple clocks and yes it was,four minutes and 10 seconds,and he crucial time 410 410 and he truly,cleaned out the plate theres nothing,left in the plate,okay wow now i challenge,anybody in the world to try that,all right guys well im catching my,breath a second because that was fast,that was,that was a six pound burger in about,four minutes,it was hot it was really it was fresh,off the stove so,im just sweating like crazy that burger,was hot and i,had no choice to complain about it we,had an audience there was like 50 people,watching,i couldnt wimp out i couldnt feel like,oh this is too hot let me i,gotta go all right guys i think im good,to talk i think im good to,do this outro even though i think the,owner he did the outro for me already so,that was the october bypass challenge a,new world record,here at the heart attack grill today,four minutes and 10 seconds,uh with the time there goes the music,ill make this quick so i dont give a,copyright check,thank you guys for watching hope you,enjoyed the video ill see you in the,next food challenge,yeah no haircuts,the winner see remember this in life,chicks dig winners as far as you losers,are concerned youre never,going to get the babes checks guys that,leave big,here we go,hes like let me breathe wow,hey whats up guys hope you guys enjoyed,that video as much as i enjoyed,filming it honestly one of the first,restaurant challenges ive done in a,long time i think i havent done too,many in the past couple years cant wait,to do more,in the future but anyways quick,announcement new merch being dropped at,matt stoneymerge.com,july 30th only about a week away its,gonna be to the mini collection but all,the pieces are awesome right now i am,rocking,the cup noodle merch we also have a,cartoon retro,version of me and the back of these,shirts i think came out so,sweet yeah and of course we also drop in,a hoodie so yeah dont forget guys matt,stoneymerge.com,july 30th i cant wait to see what you,guys think of this we actually messed,with the materials this time so i think,it feels a little bit better,and the shipping i think is gonna be,more affordable international i admit,last time was a little bit rough,international had to fix it and we fixed,it well if youre still watching youre,literally an mvp,thank you for hanging around to the end,of the video are we past eight minutes i,think were past eight minutes by now,um thank you guys for watching hope you,enjoyed the video hope you guys enjoyed,the merge if you grab any of it,um calm until next time hope you guys,have a wonderful weekend and ill see,you in the next food challenge,[Music],oh

Gordon Ramsays Burger Challenge | Hells Kitchen

ive personally prepared for you a,certain type of entree that is now,finding its way onto more and more,five-star menus its a american dish,its sophisticated inspirational and,something that everyone can identify,cindy whats under there ah chef,i go to a five-star restaurant uh never,you know i i dont know man i got no,idea what hes holding underneath there,but hes a total snob its probably,something ridiculous john maybe pork,shank chef hulk shank i know thats,thats coming up as a big thing,interesting,janelle i would have to go with maybe,sweet breads kidneys liver of some sort,interesting again,may i present to you the,[Music],this,is a delicious gourmet burger one that i,serve at one of my latest restaurants,bread street kitchen in london and it,can go for as much as a hundred dollars,wow,wow thats ridiculous who pays a hundred,dollars for a burger no wonder youre,rich chef ramsay youre selling burgers,for a hundred dollars a pop why didnt i,think of that for your next challenge,each of you are gonna create your own,gourmet burger dude this is a very,very big deal if you dont know how to,make a great burger what the [ __ ] are,you trying to run a pub for chef ramsay,for i have one of the finest majorities,anywhere in the world to help me judge a,man who started working in restaurants,from seven years of age hes worked with,me as a majority for the last 14 years,chef ramsays talking about the finest,major d in the world,its gotta be,jean-philippe old back,morning everybody good morning,nice to see you good yeah good are you,ready to take some delicious burgers,lovely jp is definitely a diva so,were gonna have to create a diva burger,for him,i still cant believe we went together,for 14 years it feels like 14 minutes,under water,without oxygen,right john philippe will not be judging,this alone he brought in some of his,culinary friends maitre ds general,managers and sommeliers of some of the,finest restaurants in the country and,here they are,welcome welcome welcome,holy [ __ ] man whats going on that is a,lot of people this has definitely got to,be the most intense panel of judges yet,good morning good to see you are we,gonna feed all those people,welcome so nice to see you im um,slightly worried about all the diners uh,eating out los angeles today let me tell,you,right chefs for your challenge,you will prepare each of you 10 burgers,every judge here today will receive a,tasting sample of your delicious gourmet,burger once youve finished cooking your,last burger id like you to circulate,the dining room and give them a little,insight to how you arrived at that,stunning burger youve all got 30,minutes,to create something stunning,[Music],your time starts,now off you go for todays challenge the,chefs will have just 30 minutes to start,sending gourmet burgers out to a dining,room filled with culinary professionals,describe your burger its a short rib,burger chef with a pancetta roquefort,relish and a paname bun nice i chose the,short rib burger because short ribs are,so succulent and amazing,i love burgers man but ive got to make,something five star here so what are you,gonna do american wagyu,with uh bourbon glazed cipollini onions,i want a [ __ ] fat burger juicy grease,running down janelle and susan i mean,these ladies are way too dainty they,probably do turkey burgers with avocado,all that fresh healthy stuff,you

Blind Fast Food Burger Challenge

Today we determine which one of us is the expert burger taster.,Lets talk about that.,♪ (theme music) ♪,- Good Mythical Morning! – We eat a lot of burgers together.,- We do. – (emphasizing) A lot of burgers together,,- and we were talking the other day. – But we eat different burgers.,We dont eat the same burger at the same time.,- Right. – Weve never even thought of that.,- Nope. – (both laugh),But the thing that we were talking about the other day is,,we think weve eaten so many fast-food burgers that–,- Were experts. – –we know what burger tastes like what,,and we think that we can blindfolded. I could tell you if that was a McDonalds,cheeseburger or a Burger King cheeseburger or whatever.,- It seems like– – Especially if I was in the restaurant.,–It seems– well that would kind of be a giveaway– but we thought,,well, lets put this to the test. If we think that were really good at,tasting burgers. Lets find out who is the better burger taster.,- Me. – So, what were going to do is,,- were playing Guess That Burger. – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪,Okay, so this is what we have devised. We have five burgers from five common,fast food chains: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Carls Jr. / Hardees,,depending on your neck of the woods, and local favorite, In-N-Out.,So, the first five rounds are worth one point apiece, blindfolded,,using the Pizza Plank, well the Burger Plank.,- (Rhett) Burger Plank! – We have to taste and identify,which burger it came from,,- which restaurant it came from. – And then the next– Right.,Its just guessing the burger, but then the next two rounds after that,,(in unison) six and seven, theyre going to combine–,The crew is combining two elements from two different burgers,,and we have to tell you where the bread is from and where the meat is from,- of those two. – Frankenburgers!,Right, and so thats two points for each one of those rounds, and then the final round,,theyre combining three elements from three different burgers.,Three points up for grabs, and you have to get all–,If you get all three right, you get three points,,you get one thing right, you get one point.,- So. – Okay.,And whoever gets the most points,- is crowned King Burger. – Yes.,- And we actually have a crown. – Yes we do. I see it right there.,- Its on my side. – We got out blindfolds,- so lets get started with– – Here we go.,And we are just going to guess after the count of three, two, one at the end of,- each round. – Okay.,We will not be told whether or not we are right or wrong until,- the end of five rounds. – I am blindfolded, are you?,(yelling) Lets taste that burger!,(Rhett) Round one! ♪ (triumphant music) ♪,(eating noises) Been out for a while, huh?,Kinda cold!,Pretty confident. Pretty confident!,Ive been to this place a few times! (chuckles) Maybe a few times more than a,- many bit of a time. – Is it really close to your house?,I dont know. Is it really close to your house?,- Why are you asking me that question? – None of them are really close to,- my house. – Okay. All right.,I wish I wouldnt have swallowed it because I could still be tasting it.,(Stevie) Three, two, one. – (in unison) Burger King!,- (both laughing) – Yeah!,- Were both right or were both wrong! – We know our burgers, buddy!,- Yeah! – Were both– Oh.,- Sorry. – Thats my face.,- I felt a five coming, Im sorry. – Fives should be up here.,- Okay – Up here, this is five region,- right here. (makes clapping sound) – Yeah.,- (Rhett) Round two! – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪,Okay. Thats a big one.,(chuckles),Oh yeah!,- Theres a lot of pickle happening. – I thought I knew.,- A little. – You got– Theres a lot of bread!,A lot of bread, a lot of pickle happening.,- Okay. – (Link) All right.,- Pretty certain about this one. – I dont usually know of a burger thats,- really pickle heavy, so. – (mocking Link) I dont usually know of a,- burger thats pickle heavy. – (giggles) I got this, though.,(Stevie) Answer in three, two, one.,- Hardees! – McDonalds!,Youre kidding me. You think thats McDonalds?,- It was all bread! – Didnt you feel the bun, dude?,- It was all bread! – Carls Jr. all the way.,- (Rhett) Round three! – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪,- Im so confused. – What is this?,Theres a lot of burger in the mouth. Where it came from I know not.,You sure that was a burger?,Ive lost all confidence. I knew I was going to be good at this,,- but I know Im bad now. – They put a burger in my mouth,,I tasted it, and I know what it is, and you dont. (laughs),- Okay. – All right, here we go.,(Stevie) Answer in three, two, one.,- Hardees! – McDonalds!,- (laughs) – Thats McDonalds.,- (yelling in surprise) What?! – (Link) It is!,- What?! – Its a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, dude.,- (Rhett) Round four. – ♪ (triumphant music) ♪,(Link) Oh, a small one.,Mm. My brains just been thrown for a loop.,- Oh wow. Man. I feel like an idiot. – Im afraid to say anything. (laughs),- (laughs) – We both gonna have to say an answer.,- Oh man! – All right, Im ready.,- Okay. – (Stevie) In three, two, one.,(both) McDonalds!,- That was McDonalds. – Yeah. easy, man.,(Rhett) Round 5!,I havent guessed Wendys or In-N-Out yet.,- What? Theres a cucumber on this one. – (laughs),I know the comments are gonna be like, “Ew those chewing noises are driving me crazy!”,What is that? That is not from any place, yall made that!,- Thats not from a place! – I got this.,(Stevie) Ready? Answers in three, two, one.,- Hardees! – Wendys!,(shouting) Boom! Yeah! Pulling away! Burger master!,- Im taking my blindfold off. – Ive already taken it off.,- So, how much am I winning by? – (Stevie) The score is Rhett: 1, Link: 2.,- (laughs) – What? (laughs) We suck!,What?! Were horrible! The only thing I got right was McDonalds.,- I got McDonalds right. – I got that one and one more right.,How can you think that youre so smart about burgers and be so dumb about them?,- That is the question of the hour. – Well Ive never– In fairness, one: Ive never,eaten one that cold. Two: Ive never eaten one off of a paint stick.,And three: Ive never gone into a fast food restaurant blindfolded.,- Yep. – You know, can you blame me?,- So– – But Im still going to win.,So Link has two right and I have one right.,We thought we were gonna get all those right,and the Frankenburgers were gonna be a little bit of difficulty.,- (laughing) We, we, we– – Were really out of our depth.,We were so confident at the beginning, like,,- “Maan, this place, is this next to your house?” – (silly voice) Hey!,- “Yeah, Burger King!” – (silly voice) Yeah, we know whats up!,Why did we both think it was Burger King?,(silly voice) Cause we eat a lot of burgers, man.,(silly voice) We know all of the burgers.,(silly voice) Yo, any burger you wanna bring me,,- (silly voice) and blindfold me, – Why you making the burger mouth, man?,- (laughing) Burger Mouth? – (silly voice) Yeah! (laughing),Burger Mouth has no teeth.,(silly voice) Yo, Burger Mouth in da house!,- (laughing) – (silly voice) Burger Mouth here to eat some burgers!,Ah, Burger Mouth is up 2 to 1, I gotta hand him that.,- (silly voice) Burger Mouth is in da house. – But are you King Burger? I dont know.,So were moving on to Round 6,,which is a combination of two different things.,Were twice as likely to be wrong,,is basically what is happening here.,(silly voice) All right, lets bring the blindfolds down!,- (coughing) – So this is the inside of one burger,and the outside of another burger?,Dont tell him anything.,Well, that would be like an official rule.,I think I get that much.,Here we go.,(Morgan) Frankenburger! (organ music, electricity and thunder noises),(eating noises),(mouth full) I dont need that much bread.,Ill throw that aside. (crew laughs),(mouth full) Thats a lot of bread.,Imma hold that piece.,Im completely in the dark.,All right, lets go.,(Stevie) Bread answer in three, two, one.,- (Rhett) McDonalds. – (Link) In-N-Out.,Really?,Im just guessing now.,(Stevie) And innards answer in three, two, one.,- (Rhett) Hardees. – (Link) McDonalds.,Yep.

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