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ive been using niche website builder,service for a while now to get links for,my website so its been a few months,since i made an update video on all of,this so ive been using their shotgun,skyscraper and their horror service so,were going to take a look at what links,i got and if its helped my website at,all,so this is the spreadsheet that they,send you for,shotgun skyscrapers ill leave a link in,the description with both with all the,spreadsheets that i go over in this,video but here you can just see the url,so i just put it to the home page of,each of the websites,but you can just see all the links that,they,reached out to rejected means that the,website wasnt good enough for the link,so they rejected it negotiation means,that theyre trying to get the link,but they havent got it yet and then one,obviously means that they got the link,the website was good enough,for the link and they got the link so,you can see they had a lot of rejected,at the beginning so it took a little,while to get all these links and then,towards the end they started winning a,lot more in the previous video i went,over some of these links up here so ill,come down here and check out some of,these links,overall the links are okay theyre not,amazing theyre not bad,heres an example what gadget.net the,niche isnt exactly what my website is,but my website is in the tech,space so this is,close enough but looking at this right,here i dont really like it has a looks,like a blog post on gambling variety of,gadgets for online games the title of it,doesnt sound like game gambling it just,says for online games but then the image,of here with the dice and the poker,chips and stuff and also right here says,gambling players so i dont like to see,that right there i dont want any links,from a website that promotes gambling,that isnt a good thing to have this one,here,techduffer.com it sounds like it would,be a tech site but,then they have,an article about jarring,things something about plants and cbd so,i wouldnt want really want to link from,something like that something about,selling a home not really excited about,this link either i think computers.org,this one looks okay this one all about,computers and stuff so this is,definitely niche related this link is,pretty good im okay with this link i,would have to go deeper into it make,sure that theyre not just a link farm,but overall it looks like a decent site,from what im seeing,and its really niche related so im,happy about this link this ones more,about investing and stuff its not,entirely related but it does have a,technology section its close but its,not perfect,its its,its okay its not amazing its better,than these other two that i looked at,but worse than this one overall this one,i really like this one so its its a,hit and miss so as you know the way the,shotgun skyscraper works is they create,one article for you and they get a bunch,of links,to that one article so in theory you,would think that the,page authority of that one article would,go way up way past your dr so say you,have a dr of 18 you would think your url,rating would go to 20 or 25 something,like that because you built up,16 links but then i went ahead and,grabbed the url that they,created,and looked at if the url rating went up,and as you can see the domain rating of,my website is 18 and the url rating is,also 18. and so these are the 17,backlinks i got 16,do follows from niche website builders,and then i guess one random,link to me but,overall it doesnt seem like these links,are providing any juice because the url,rating hasnt really gone up but maybe,that just takes time out i dont know,but overall i would expect this to be,higher,but its the same so let me know in the,comments below if you know why that is,wouldnt you expect having 16 backlinks,to increase this or am i wrong about,that so,comment down below alright so that was,the shotgun skyscraper campaign now ill,take a look at the haro campaign,and see whats going on here this one,theyve done a lot of work it looks like,so they started in february,and its all the way down here to july,and you can just see scrolling through,all the pitches that theyve made so,theyve definitely been working hard to,secure some links on here theyve had to,send a lot of pitches and a lot of them,are still awaiting a response which is,just the way it goes,you reach out to a bunch of people and,you just have to,hope that they get back to you and they,said sometimes youll get a link and you,wont even know you got the link because,they wont even message you or email you,and let you know that they did and then,they also have here i dont know what,the negative 446,is but this is days between pitch and,link placement so you can see some of,them are really quick three days some of,them take a lot longer this one took 22,days to get the link,this one took 32 days 37 some of them,are quick some of them take forever this,one 41 days oh this one took 113 days so,a third of a year to get this link,unfortunately though sometimes youll,get a link and therell be no follow or,sometimes they wont even be successful,at all,but the good thing is,if you get no follow links then they,wont count as your required links so,you see i did get a bunch of links here,no following to follow but ive only,used three of my actual links so thats,pretty good the three links that i did,get im not too excited about i was just,looking at some of them i got a nofollow,link from shefines.com but then actually,link url is newsbreak.com so im a,little confused about that the news,break article that i got a link from is,this one right here the article to me,looks kind of small not really much,content on it,and the actual link that i got is just,saying that i said something,and linking to my home page and its,nothing i actually really said,its not even i mean its tech related,but my website isnt about this isnt,about iphones i dont really know how,good that link is really good for my,website i dont think its really doing,anything for me not really super excited,about that link so newsbreak.com i guess,is,owned by sheepfinds.com im not really,sure but then i also got a link from,shefinds.com so thats right here,which doesnt look like she finds.com,but you go ahead and click on it it,takes you to this website its like a,different language so you have to,translate it so this is the actual,website but then down here you can see,source so if you click on source takes,you to shefinds.com,where this is the original article here,its the same exact thing copy and,pasted its basically like a syndicate,thing and i also got a link here but,its not posted on this spreadsheet that,i can see not really sure what all,thats about its a nofollow link anyway,so its not using any of my credits or,anything so it doesnt really matter,that much i just thought that was a,little interesting overall a lot of,links that im getting are no follow,links and i dont know if those are,really doing anything some people say,they do some people say they dont i,guess well see what happens from there,and another interesting link i thought,was a do follow link which is this one,right here which is just 30,entrepreneurs explain how they maintain,balance as,ceos which is just a bunch of quoted,things from different people with a link,back to their site overall i dont,really think that this is doing much for,me,its its not related to my niche and,its just a random quote by a bunch of,people with a link so overall dont,really care about this link but one,thing i did find interesting was one of,the people,on here,is authority hackers so they got a,backlink,from here so they must have also used,this website from this website builders,im guessing im not sure or they just,did it on their own and reached out to,the same people let me know in the,comments down below what you think about,that i just thought it was interesting,that authority hackers also got a link,from here so overall the horror service,is,been okay,ive only g

in this video Im going to show you nine,different ways that you can build,backlinks to increase your Google,rankings for free I mean well obviously,this video is free but what I really,mean is that the techniques Im going to,show you cost exactly zero dollars to,put into practice however just because,these tactics are free it doesnt mean,that theyre not effective these are the,same techniques I use to build links,from sites like the New York Times,HubSpot inc.com and search engine,journal in case we havent met before my,name is Matt Diggity and Im the founder,of Diggity marketing leadspring the,search initiative and The Chiang Mai SEO,conference this video is all about link,building a link also known as a backlink,is when one website places a clickable,link to another website in its content,when someone clicks that link they jump,to that new destination for example if,someone clicks this link in this article,on zapier.com they get taken to my,website why do we care about backlinks,links are one of the most important,ranking factors in Googles algorithm,kind of a big deal in this study by,backlinko they found that websites in,the top positions on Google have more,backlinks than websites in lower,positions that said link building is,easier said than done it takes time and,requires you to learn a new skill set,which is why many people just end up,paying for backlinks but you really,dont need to pay theres always ways to,build backlinks for free or should I say,theres correct ways to build backlinks,for free and theres incorrect ways as I,was researching for this video I found,tons of videos recommending outdated,techniques like blog comments as a way,to build free links bro blog comets,havent worked since Pokemon go was a,thing so in this video I set out to,spill the beans on free backlink,techniques thatll actually give you,massive results and Ill even give you,Outreach scripts so you can start,putting these techniques into practice,today and heres the kicker the best,links on the planet are the ones you,cant pay for so whether you pay for,links or not pay attention to this video,if you want the best links possible and,make sure to stick around till the end,because the last technique gets the best,of the best now before we get started,heres why I asked for a hand on,smashing that like button smashing the,like button lets a YouTube God know that,this video deserves an algorithmic high,five while at the same time encourages,me to make more videos just like this,one the first technique is what I like,to call the fixer upper were going to,look at where our competitors got links,and persuade those websites to link to,us instead this one works like crazy,its the exact techniques I use to get a,link from typeform a dr93 website heres,how to do it youre going to look for,articles in your same Niche that have a,lot of backlinks preferably ones that,are older and might reference outdated,facts such as cows milk being a miracle,food or blog commenting being actually,useful sorry Im really just picking on,ball commenting today if I were to,Google Blog commenting guide Id find,this guide here with 188 referring,domain backlinks according to my toolbar,and if I open it up sure enough its old,as dirt 2013 which might as well be the,Middle Ages when it comes to SEO next,youre going to figure out who all is,linking to this article using a tool,like ahrefs or the free trial of,ubersuggest heres what a backlink,report looks like for that blog comment,article in hres I wanted to highlight,this article from Bluehost Bluehost is a,major Internet Brand Im sure they want,their article on what to do after you,start a blog to be relevant today not,for 2013. so that brings us to the last,step send them an email pitch asking,them to link to our up-to-date article,instead heres how thatll look first,you go over to their contact page and,snag the Press email this one typically,works best then you send them an email,like this hey Bluehost team this article,you wrote insert URL is referencing some,outdated advice you recommend blog,commenting as a viable way to promote,your blog but this article from search,engines General quotes a Google,employee saying that it quote doesnt,work anymore and hasnt for a long time,I notice you dont have Haro as a,promotion strategy in your article I,wrote a comprehensive guide on Harrow,here would you mind linking to it in,your article Ill write you the,paragraph if it would save time its as,easy as that and then you repeat it,again and again for all the sites that,are linking to that outdated article,since we just mentioned Haro lets jump,on over to that what is Haro Haro stands,for help a reporter out its a platform,that allows journalists to request,quotes from experts to use in their,articles its got me tons of links like,this one here from Forbes for example,lets say that a journalist is writing,an article in the New York Post about,people that work online and they want a,quote from someone who works online so,they might propose a question like,whats the best thing about working,online that most people dont realize,well thats convenient because you work,online so you hit them up and drop some,knowledge bombs about being a digital,badass when they use your quote theyll,give you a link back to your website,easy breezy lets go too easy,crown,home,heres the tactics that you need to use,to get the best results from Haro each,day heart will send out a list of,opportunities for expert quotes you need,to jump on this right away and give your,quotes before anyone else does speed is,the key these journalists have deadlines,so theyre trying to wrap up their,articles ASAP next dont get lazy after,you do a few of these you might start,giving half-assed answers to their,questions you want to answer each,question as if you know youre going to,get that backlink visualize Focus see,the end goal whatever you got to do just,try to hit a home run every time lastly,answer as many questions as you can if,your website is about knitting if you,sit around waiting for only knitting,quotes to come up youre gonna die,before you get five links remember you,work from home you might manage people,and youve had other jobs you could,essentially write content on anything,related to business like hiring,self-motivation or whatever I left a,link in the description to another video,I made with some Advanced tarot tactics,so make sure to check it out after you,finish this one next up on the list is,to get your content placed in article,Roundup posts you know those posts where,people recap the best content in a,particular industry like my monthly SEO,news Roundup where I highlight the most,interesting news in SEO or this expert,Roundup that I participated in for rank,Ranger let me give you the perspective,of someone who actually puts content,like this together scouring the internet,for the months best articles in the SEO,space is a bit of a Time sink it takes,time to sort through basically the,entire web for qualified content its a,huge pain in the ass to be honest and,its much easier when people send me,their articles proactively but the thing,is after I put up a post I cant be, to go edit the article and add,your article to the list its written,its done the goose is cooked so to get,your content placed in these articles,you need to get ahead of them heres how,you do that heres a bunch of Search,terms you should use to make a huge list,of the roundups in your Niche keyword,like SEO plus link Roundup keyword plus,Roundup keyword plus best of this week,plus keyword and this month plus keyword,next you want to get the email addresses,for these Publications using a tool like,Hunter i o or just using their contact,form now as soon as you write a piece of,content and it goes live you want to,email these guys with an email template,like this hey Diggity I just finished up,a piece of content on SEO optimization,that would be a great fit for your SEO,news Roundup it highlights five tested,w

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i want to share with you how to get the,highest quality backlinks for your,website with the least amount of effort,possible before youre wondering is that,even possible the answer is yes it is,and it works freakishly well,[Music],hey what is up guys it is harrison baron,from harrisbarron.com and in this video,i am going to be diving into how to,acquire the absolute best backlinks if,you dont know what a backlink is a,backlink is a link from another website,to your website but why are they,important right theres got to be a,reason so every website has what is,called a domain authority that is the,score essentially that google assigns,the website based on how relevant and,how authoritative that website is ive,spoken about this in the past,essentially would you take financial,advice from warren buffett or kid that,just got out of high school chances are,pretty good youre gonna go with warren,buffett right because hes more,authoritative hes more trustworthy,thats the exact same principle you want,higher-end websites to link back to you,and in return itll help boost up your,score and boost up your credibility you,are the sum of your peers so that is,exactly what were going to be doing,today but i want to share with you guys,the easiest way to do it now there are,many methods out there and is there a,best method no this is just the one that,works the best for me and my team and i,highly recommend if youre watching this,video definitely go do it now why would,you want to follow my method as opposed,to somebodys elses my method is,typically getting around 50 plus domain,authority so on a scale of 0 to 100 100,being perfect wikipedia is sitting at a,99 and a zero being a brand new website,youre getting a 50 plus now not sure if,you know how sound works but typically,the decibel ratings right every 10,decibels it doubles the volume thats,kind of the same thing a 50 is,significantly better than a 40 and so on,and so forth why is all this important,because you dont want to spend your,time getting a poor quality backlink,its really not going to help your,website this is really to increase the,authoritativeness of your website this,is to show google hey we are a trusted,source and anybody that you send to us,is going to get valuable information now,in order to be effective with this you,probably need a blog you need some good,content on your website if you dont,have any of those you should probably go,do that first,you can do them interchangeably but i,recommend putting more content up there,it just shows that you have a living,breathing thriving website,so with,so without any further ado we are going,to jump into my computer here and im,going to share with you guys the,secret sauce that we use here my agency,that seems to work very very well so,if we go in here youll be able to see,a website called help a reporter.com,harrow is what it is,called in the industry help a reporter,out and ultimately these are reporters,from all areas and all walks of life,that are trying to report on something,theyre either looking for experts they,are looking for somebody who can provide,them the information that they are,looking for for the article that they,are writing so in here the first step,that youre going to want to do is,youre going to click im a source or,sign up and youre going to go through,their process they want you to go,through read everything they tell you,how often they come out your inbox is,about to explode youre going to get a,ton of emails from them but youre going,to click sign up and youre going to go,through the whole process of signing up,remember if you are trying to get,backlinks you are a source you are,providing information,to those readers that is absolutely step,number one no questions asked you need,to be on this list like i said there are,other ways to get backlinks this is the,cheapest as long as youre willing to,put in work and the best way to get high,quality backlinks after you do that you,sign up youre going to start getting,emails to your inbox all the time itll,give you a list of emails im actually,going to show you guys one in one moment,so this is going to be what your email,is going to look like its just going to,have all this information you could just,click in it go wherever you need to go,and its going to tell you,what all of these are all right so there,is in this request theres 113 new,requests and they all vary so its going,to give you a fake email address that,you can email these people itll tell,you the media outlet itll tell you the,name whos actually writing for it the,category and the query of what theyre,actually looking for thats really it,thats all the information theyre,giving you some of them are longer some,of them are shorter but essentially its,a snippet of what theyre looking for,now if you wanted to write to one of,these youre simply just going to answer,whomever that may be and youre going to,say hey this is how you do it but i want,to share with you guys the process that,we use that seems to be quite effective,now im a man of efficiency i dont like,to sit here and click and go back and,hope that im doing it the right way,ive found a program that makes my life,a million times easier so the program is,called link sorcery its a fantastic,program the guys over there do a,phenomenal job i am in no way affiliated,with them they just have a fantastic,product uh out there,and they talk all about just getting,links right earning backlinks for seo is,hard it really is not easy its a time,consuming process and what youre going,to want to do is youre going to want to,go in and youre going to log into their,account or create a brand new account,its pretty simple its pretty,self-explanatory once you log in youre,going to get to a screen that looks,probably something similar to,this youll be able to see your stuff,might not actually be filled out at this,point but youll have a screen that,looks just like this obviously this is,my account so ive been using it quite a,bit and youll be able to go through now,the really important part of doing this,is because you need to make sure that,you have a harrow account and you have,an account with them and youre going to,go through and hook it up youre going,to follow their tutorial im not going,to go through the entire tutorial its,kind of,redundant its a very they have the best,tutorial ive ever seen out of out of,anybody out there and its going to tell,you right connecting outreach emails is,this necessary gmail yahoo outlook other,esps email service providers html,signature and setup and youre going to,want to go through and do all that now,you dont have to use their program,however i do recommend it it is free so,dont think like youre gonna have to,take money out of your pocket it just,makes it look so much better but after,youve gone through their start here,follow their tutorial it should take you,no more than five minutes i mean its,very simple is this necessary right uh i,mean gmail integration just tells you,how to set up your gmail or your yahoo,or your outlook or any other email,service provider now this is only,important if you plan on sending emails,directly through their system if you,dont plan on doing that disregard this,you just need to be able to get in here,i would still recommend reading through,and understanding right adding website,and products to uh and users,all right youre gonna have,opportunities how to pitch on emails,this is all really really good,information they do have an area where,you can upgrade you can see some,additional information do most people,need that probably not so now that you,go through here youre going to want to,go to your dashboard right youre going,to have to go through your admin panel,youre going to have to add your,appropriate users set up your emails if,youre doing any billing youre paying,them thats where youre going to go,next youre going to go through the,opportunities and this is in my opinion,the most important part of anything that

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How To Find Website Competitors For Free

hello everyone welcome to on how channel,the place where every day you learn,something new today well be showing you,how to find competitors for any website,and we will do that without using any,paid tools or anything,and they will show you two methods the,first one which is based on the same,content that the websites have,and with it you will be able to find the,competitors for any website based,on the same content and the second,method which is the more easier and,simpler we will use a free tool that you,can see all the competitors for any,website,and finding competition is really,helpful because you might have missed,out on some content,or you want to implement the same,technique that those competitions are,using,and actually for website owners this is,a must step and you must do it well even,me i do have a youtube channel but i do,use also competition analysis because,thats how i find ideas and new,techniques to make the videos much,better and helpful and i use it this,week also when i used to,run websites but not anymore so without,any more talking lets get to it so just,like i usually do these videos,i need to find a website to do,demonstration on right and to keep it,genuine,and trustworthy i do have a website that,has a whale on it and we will spend the,well and each part of the whale has,a subject and whatever come up who will,go for it to find the website to do,demonstration on and there,is the website so lets just spin it,watch a great film so it has to do with,movies,so we will go with that subject so lets,just get back to google search engine,and type in for example the best movies,and 2021,and we will go for a random website from,the search result,so lets just go for this website right,here and lets just say that you want to,find competition for this website the,first thing youre going to do,is simply look for an article or a blog,post or anything that has a title on it,on the website,just like this one right here so the,second step is to,copy a part of the title and make sure,to copy the part that has some keywords,that has to do with the,article or the blog post or whatever you,are copying the title from,actually you dont need to copy simply,right click on the selected title,and search with google just like you see,right now and it will open up a new tab,with google search engine,and as you can see the first results we,get is the same website that we are,doing demonstration on,and if you scroll down you should see,bunch of results with the same title,from different websites on this website,they are all competition for the website,that we are doing demonstration on,so this is the first method to find,competitors for any website and lets,just get to the second one which is the,more easier,and simpler one and the first thing,youre going to do is simply copy the,link for the website,just like you see im doing and after,you did copy the domain name for the,website,open up on youtube and type in,similarweb.com,just like you see on the screen right,now and i will also put,link for it in the description box and,after it access the website you should,see a search bar right here,simply paste in the url for the website,there and you should see the website,right here and click on it and give it a,couple of seconds,and after that it will show you this,website and by the way this website will,show you,the number of visitors each website has,and i did make a video about that too,so right now you see this menu at the,right of the screen right here,there is an option there called,competitors here it is right here,simply click on it and it will take you,down to a section,where all the competitors websites to,this one right here,are listed there just like you see on,the screen right now,and to see more of them simply click on,this orange button right here where it,says see more similar sites and it will,show you a bigger list for all the,competitors for the website,and thats how you find competition for,any website without using any paid tools,or anything,and if you guys have any questions let,me know in the comments i will be happy,to help you all,and if this video was helpful please,consider joining the family by hitting,the subscribe button,its completely free and if you are,interested in learning new tricks and,expanding your knowledge i daily post,videos on how to do stuff now so if you,are interested,make sure to join the family thanks for,watching and catch you on next one

What Is HARO And How Does It Work By Caitlin Strempel of Rising Ranks Digital

if youre looking to get published,become more visible,and get those sought after backlinks for,your websites seo,then you need haro,[Applause],[Music],hi you guys caitlyn here with rising,ranks digital and today were going to,be talking about,what harrow is and why you should get on,it and how to play the game of harrow,all right so what is harrow if some,people say harrow some people say haro,what it stands for is help a reporter,out it is,a company that essentially connects,publishers publications and reporters,with,the everyday people and what you do is,you go sign up,its help a reporter out dot com or help,a reporter dot com,and you go and you sign up and you get,three,emails a day in the morning in the,afternoon,and at night and its a whole list of,reporters who are on deadline,who are looking for help with a certain,topic,and they want you to help them out,a lot of large publications work with,harrow so,i highly recommend it and its one of,the easiest ways to get published,online today so ive seen publications,such as forbes wall street journal abc,fox all of these publications are using,haro so there are a few things,that you need to follow in order to,ensure,you get as many publication placements,as possible,the first one is to act fast these,reporters,are typically on deadline and they want,to,complete their article as fast as they,can,so its really important to start to,learn,when your emails come through and to,find those emails right away and to,respond to those right away,this is one of the biggest tips i could,give you for actually getting published,and when you are picking the answers,that you want to get,published with or you want to answer,make sure that is in full alignment with,what you do your brand and everything so,you know same an seo expert but you know,somebodys asking me about hiring,ive done some hiring but you know that,is not my,expertise i wouldnt go after that i,would go after very specific,questions around seo around content,creation,around visibility online anything like,that,and then once you decide if this is a,great question for you to answer,you need to answer the question fully,and you actually need to answer the,question so some might be open-ended,questions,if thats the case be as detailed as,possible unless theyre giving you,certain restrictions on onward amount,and also if there is a question you want,to answer it,a lot of times i see people trying to,essentially one up the reporter or try,to,they get let their ego get involved and,so instead,of actually answering the question they,would go around and be like well i think,that this is the better approach than,what youre asking,you dont want to do that reporters,dont care they want you to answer the,question,and then of course always include a bio,and photo this can just be links what i,like to do is,i have a note that i copy and paste i,just put at the end my bio,i put a link to my website and then i,put a link,to a dropbox that has a few photos of,myself in it so they want that,that just helps them out with ease so,you dont have to respond back,like hey can i get your bio can i get,this other information they have it all,there and they dont need to respond if,they dont have to respond to you and,they can just pull,right away thats going to truly help,you,in getting featured as well so the last,thing you want to do,is to sign up for google alerts a lot of,times,these reporters are incredibly busy and,they dont really have time to come back,like hey we featured you or hey we,decided to feature you heres the link,some do which is great but some dont,you want to make sure your side with,google links for your first name last,name,and your company name if you get,featured you will get alerted,by google alerts and you want to know,that because,you want to be a good sport and share,that on,all your social channels with your email,list and try to help them out with more,traffic,all right you guys if you have any,questions comment below,if you like this comment and share would,love to see some love

HARO Marketing Growth Hack You Must Know (Help a Reporter Out)

hey everyone this is carmen welcome back,to the channel and today ill be,teaching you a really interesting,marketing growth hack that you can use,to get easy backlinks referral traffic,pr brand awareness you name it you can,actually use it in a couple different,ways depending if you want to do more of,the pr,and backlink side or you actually want,to use it to enhance and scale your own,content marketing campaigns,now a lot of people dont know that,theres actually this website called,help a reporter out and now granted it,is being used by a lot of marketers,nowadays but relative to,other strategies and channels its,really saturated,so if you dont already have it in your,marketing toolbox then you definitely,need to get on it,and once again you can use it a couple,different ways and in todays video im,going to show you how to sign up and,actually use,both angles okay so here i am on a,helperreporterout.com let me explain to,you exactly how this website works,either youre going to sign up as a,source and theyll actually email you,five days a week three times a day with,potential pr,opportunities when a journalist goes on,to harrow and they make a query,essentially that gets sent out to you as,a source and if its relevant,to your interest and your expertise you,can respond to that now whats really,cool is theyll actually use your,response in their blog posts their books,their magazines and things like that,which also includes a link to your,website your social media profiles your,headshot and a bio,that means youre pretty much getting,passive referral traffic backlinks and,brand awareness,a secondly something to think about is,you can sign up as a journalist now as a,journalist youll be creating the,queries,that get sent out to haros email list,now you can use this for getting expert,responses in blog posts,getting podcast guests and also doing,reviews and partnerships you can be,really creative here now for an example,look at data box the sas company now if,you go through the blog for data box,youll commonly notice,all the different roundups for seo,topics,landing pages data analytics content,marketing and whatnot,and essentially what theyre doing,because ive actually seen their queries,in the emails,as theyre essentially using haro to get,tons of expert responses,bundling those up into blog posts and,then publishing it as a separate article,and whats really cool about this is,instead of writing those three thousand,four thousand words,theyre essentially getting people from,haro to create the content,and they essentially just organize it,and promote it on social media,and something really cool is they also,tag all the people that gave them a,response so they share it and engage,with it,but now lets actually sign up and ill,show you how to use it yourself,now just from the home page youre gonna,come up to the top right and click sign,up,and the form is pretty straightforward,it just has your personal information,your company name revenue and things,like that so go ahead fill this out,pause the video and then well move on,to the next step okay so now im here in,the actual haro,dashboard you got your general,information location,reporter details now whats really,important is the haro,preferences because you want things that,are coming into your inbox,that are relevant to your skills and,knowledge for example i signed up for,high tech and business and finance,because i run a marketing agency,and thats normally what i find i can,respond to in a really expert way,now when people are actually sending out,these queries they want people with a,good background,in that field to respond okay,essentially when youre in your email,inbox this is what is going to look like,now you can see that we have the index,which is going to be all these different,queries,and once again depending on the,industries that you signed up for it may,look a little bit different,but this is business and finance and you,can see that theyre titled,all different things relative to the,actual query what theyre looking for,and the topic of the actual subject,so now you can click anything here so,for example,airbnb investment properties and it also,shows you the publication,in the brackets so you click that you,have a summary you have the name of the,person youll be essentially contacting,and speaking with,the category the email that you need to,reply to so youre not going to be,emailing the persons personal email,youre emailing the actual query email,so go straight to their haro account as,well the media outlet which is the,publication,and the deadline a lot of the time,youll get probably a few days maybe to,a week or longer to respond,but i suggest that you respond asap so,youre essentially at the top of their,inbox,and you just maximize the chances of,getting accepted,and then we have the query which is,essentially all the information what,theyre looking for,im writing a piece for our blog about,airbnb investments to help readers,decide if this is a smart move for them,in 2021,i would love for some insight into the,following questions particularly from,those who own and operate an airbnb,and now this is what i was talking about,when it comes to actually reading the,query because theyre going to ask for,very specific things,and you want to make sure that you,answer everything in detail sometimes,they might even say,50 to 100 words three four sentences one,paragraph,make sure youre following it down to a,science because youre going to maximize,your chance of getting accepted,and getting that back length and pr and,you can see it looks like in the,requirements theyre only linking the,sites that have a da,of 30. other times they might ask for a,specific credentials education or,background,but thats essentially what it looks,like and then all youre going to do is,click the email,respond to that with all the information,the requirements they want,send it in and just go through every,single one that you can respond to every,day or have your team do it okay and,essentially coming back to the hara,website lets talk about being a,journalist and creating one of those,queries to send out,youre going to click my queries on the,top left and you actually see some of,the ones ive had in the past,and look how many pitches they get 130,for that,48 57 54.95 so youre gonna get a lot of,people sending you ideas content and,opportunities,and how youre actually going to create,one is go over to submit query,you can also read the guidelines here,see any past queries youve had,and also if you favorite sources people,who essentially gave you really good,answers but lets click,submit query and you can see that its a,relatively straightforward thing,the media outlet will be essentially,your business name the url will be the,website although you can keep it,anonymous if you would like,you can summarize essentially what,youre looking for or the topic,and then in the query section here,youre going to go a lot more into the,details,of the questions you want answered any,kind of requirements in terms of the,word count and things like that,but then in the actual requirements,section here is where you would ask for,a website url,social profiles a headshot or maybe if,you want to specifically talk to,founders c-suite something like that you,can also include it in the requirements,section,choose your primary category from the,drop down along with the secondary,and you can also choose the due date,time and if its urgent now i think if,its urgent,yeah you check that if its a very short,deadline and then essentially submit,query theyll actually let you know if,it gets accepted,when its going to go out and then dont,be surprised if you get,dozens if not hundreds of responses but,its relatively straightforward,and you can use this once again for,getting podcast guests or just people to,input for your blog and different,content once again really underrated way,to get backlinks free pr,brand awareness and referral traffic if,you want

How to Raise DA and Avoid Copycat Competitors

today were going to talk about rc ride,on cars my main site as you know ive,been doing these income reports for a,long time and this has been my main,website thats doing very well i have,some other sites really moving up in the,ranks quickly especially best playground,sets so there is going to be some,competition in the near future but right,now rc ride on cars is the clear winner,and i have announced the website,someone found it through a backlink and,said they got me and everything but i,knew the backlink was there so i wasnt,really worried if people discovered the,site i felt like my content was very,good and i didnt have to worry and no,one could come steal my stuff,um,not the smartest,sometimes youre just so confident that,yours is the best but is it really,its really hard to tell i try to do my,best,but you know theres people that have,been in this business for years and,years and they want to come after me,theyre going to and i do have a site,that has done that a person,messaged me emailed me and i sent even,did a video on it a while ago you might,be able to find it but,guys like no offense but your domain,authority is bad and im gonna go ahead,and take,all your ad keywords im gonna steal,them all and im gonna make a website,and make it better okay you know people,have these threats all the time but it,looks like this guy actually followed,through and i did notice a,domain that was purchased i did my,research on the domain and the person,that ran it was doing very good was for,something similar that i was thinking to,go in to a niche on believe it or not,and when they,did get it its because the person,actually passed away that was running,the site so now the new person has it,and has put content on it targeting my,keywords and is ranking on some of them,because he has so many backlinks because,the person was truly loved that had the,site before and the community and,everything get a lot of people linking,to him just because of that so how am i,going to stop them from going through,and,taking over my keywords well the first,thing was to do more content i did push,more content,but you know thats only going to do so,much,so right now my domain authority is not,great a lot of my articles are still,ranking number one i have noticed some,rankings go down a bit,however its not much from that,competitor however you know i can see,six months from now that might change so,because of that i need to change here is,what im looking like right now in my,stats my average position continues to,go up so does everything else however my,top three has slipped down i lost two,here and i would say in the last month,ive lost about 10 top threes altogether,so right now i want to put this on the,screen so i have something to compare it,to because were about to start a case,study and we are going to try and get,our domain authority up,a lot and see if we can kind of blow,past this other competitor not to,mention there are some other sites that,are also doing this and all three of our,sites are about the same domain,authority right now hopefully this can,go ahead and take control and push it,forward if we go to semrush we can get,an idea of how were doing an authority,score and it shows a 40 for semrush num,rush is usually a little extra nice so i,dont always go by that if we look at a,random,authority that pretty much uses moz it,goes through and gives a score of 18. i,think thats probably the score,altogether because i feel like thats,the right area to be in for everything,ive done we go to ahrefs we are eight,and we also have been moving in the,downward area for refer links which is,odd because ive really been adding more,content and trying to diversify the site,a little more so im surprised its,going down i have kept up with the,content pretty well though i could even,push more and i would like to do that,and were going to so how am i going to,raise this well id like to introduce,you to our new sponsor niche website,builders i have been affiliate with them,for a while theyre going to go ahead,and sponsor this case report and what,were going to do is a harrow campaign,were going to do four months the first,month is set up and then after that,were going to do three months where,theyre pitching for harrow if you dont,know harrow stands for help a reporter,out basically they have articles and,they need an expert to chime in and help,them out with a topic and thats where,niche website builders comes in they go,ahead and pitch the idea to harrow and,if successful they will go and link back,to my main domain which is right here,now theyre going to be linking to the,main page but this is great because i,have bought links before but only to the,articles that i want to move up but my,whole domain authority itself is a bit,low for example if we go here you can,see page authorities 35 domain,authorities 18.,so we really need to go ahead and bump,that domain authority up and see how,its going heres a quick idea how,thats going to work theyre going to,set it up for success basically work on,the about page which is the phase were,in right now,and go ahead and get a persona or go,ahead and change mine and were going to,build that up and,make it look like people are going to,want to link because the about page is,very important they obviously have,expert writers and they have their own,custom tools so they can go ahead and,make this work a lot easier for them all,the domains are going to be dr20 and we,should receive five do follow links on,average a month so altogether it should,be 15. now there might be some links,that we receive outside of this that are,not to follow and if thats the case we,would just kind of get those for free,which is sweet,and they do genuine outreach and its,all white label reporting if youre,interested in trying this service at the,same time with me and kind of check out,how yours goes these are the packages,available as i mentioned i am an,affiliate i do have a link down below if,you use my link it would really help me,and my family out id really appreciate,it the one that we are with right now is,the contributor which is 13.75,per month and youre gonna need four,months because like i said the first,month is set up however the first month,is only 99,so its basically three payments of this,and then 99 and then you can go for,forward more if youd like,and the links will range in dr20 to dr,90. and they will track all this and,they have all these other plans as well,so the idea for this is to,get some link juice to my main site and,when the main page is hit the da goes up,and everything rises together this,websites now at that point where you,know it was seasonal its coming back,and we could definitely see that in the,traffic and now that its coming back we,want to make sure we stay on top and we,dont sink down,i dont know if this is something that,sites deal with every year where they,have to worry about competitors after,seasonality or not or if google just,knows and kind of puts it back i notice,a lot of my rankings im dropping to are,to websites like youtube and amazon,which is kind of frustrating,but i get it you know it seems like,every once in a while they leap frog me,and then i leap frog them and we just,kind of take turns i notice they always,move up the retail sites right around,black friday and all the sale time for,the holidays i noticed they always knock,us down a bit and then after that in,december we usually move back up and,then we were good for a while and then,this month ive noticed you know over,this last full april ive noticed weve,been moving down a bit on some of them,im wondering how the domain authority,will work for that like if im a da35,solid maybe theyll be like okay you,know hes not da18 hes 35. lets go,ahead and leave him there instead of,putting another site above yeah they,have a lot more domain authority than me,but maybe when the gap is not as big,maybe ill stay up i dont know very,interesting i cant wait to see how it,goes

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