1. 3 Ways To Deal With Business Competition
  2. 14 Strategies to Beat Your Competition as an Entrepreneur
  3. Love your competitors – how great businesses do strategy | Alex Smith | TEDxFolkestone
  4. Know your competitors – How to beat competition in business
  5. Ways to Defeat your Competitors.
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3 Ways To Deal With Business Competition

Three Ways To Deal With Business Competition.,Now, dont you just hate competition?,Now, if you are just starting out, you are probably,competing with companies and businesses that are,more established, that have more resources,,they have been around longer, or if you are the leader,in your sector, in your industry, in your category,,chances are you also have new companies coming,into your industry trying to take market share from you,,trying to take customers from you, right?,They offer different types of products.,In business, we cannot avoid it.,We are dealing with competition everyday.,So today I want to share with you some,of my unique perspectives when it comes to dealing,with competition, and just the way I view competition.,First of all, the competition that you think,is your competition is not your only competition.,What do I mean by that?,Think about if, lets say you run a local gym membership.,Right, you run a local gym and you sell gym memberships,,and you think you are competing,with other gyms in your area.,I could tell you that simply is not true.,If thats the way that you look at the market,,chances are youre gonna lose because you underestimate,your amount of competitions that you have.,Because keep in mind, the customers that youre selling to,,they only have so much disposable income that they can spend,so its not just between choosing your gym versus other gym.,Its also choosing spend money with you, spend money,in fitness, investing in their own health, right,,versus spending money maybe at krispy donut,,right, or Netflix.,You have to look at it that way,because theyve only got so much money.,If you want them to spend money with your business,,you cannot just think about Im just competing,with other gyms.,Thats a bare minimum, right?,Thats who youre competing with.,So way number one, how do you compete?,Number one, keep your friends close,and keep your competitions closer.,Heres what I do, I study my competitions.,I probably know my competition better,than they know themselves, right?,I study them, I buy from them, right?,I talk to their people.,I want to know what theyre doing, what theyre gonna do,,and how theyre doing it.,What are some of the best practices?,So I study, Im on their email list,,I look at if they have videos, if they have social media,,I follow their stuff.,You have to know cause how are you gonna beat someone,if you dont know what theyre doing?,Its very dangerous in business to think that, well,,I dont need to know what theyre doing,,I just need to do my own thing, right?,Well, but theres some things you could learn,from your competitions, so dont be so arrogant and say,,theres nothing I can learn from them.,No, I learn a lot from my competition,,so thats a great thing about capitalism, right?,That you could learn from other people, you could learn,from your competitions if they are successful,,if theyre getting ahead, if they are getting customers.,There is something that they are doing, chances are,,that you are not doing.,It could also be they are providing a better service,,a better experience, theyre selling a better product,,theyve got a better team.,Whatever it might be, competitions challenge you,to be better.,They challenge you to not get complacent.,So its not such a bad thing.,So dont be so afraid if they put us out of business.,Dont be so afraid of that.,If they put us out of business,,theres something wrong with us, right?,We are not keeping up, right?,We are not delivering value, enough value to the marketplace,or solving the customers problems the way,that they want to be solved, so thats way number one.,Way number two, and that is we want to study,the competitions, at the same time dont focus on them.,Now, you may be thinking, Dan, I thought you just said,keep your friends close and keep your competitions closer,,doesnt that contradict with what you shared with me,in point one?,No, study them, get to know them, know them inside and out,,know their strategy, know their market,,know how theyre serving their customers,,get their products, or spend some money with them, right?,Because you get the best education that you could get.,At the same time, you focus a majority of your attention,focusing on how do I add more value to my customers?,How could I add more value than anybody else?,Thats the key, right?,Focus on your customers.,So we study the competitions, but our attention, our focus,,our energy, we spend that on how can we help our customers?,How can we fulfill their needs better?,You know, sometimes I have my entrepreneurs, my executive,,my CEO friends, they come to me and they visit me,and they see what I do and sometimes theyll get a,,like a day in behind-the-scenes,and I show them some things that I do.,Usually, the universal response is oh,,I cant do what you do, right?,Oh my goodness, like how prolific you are and how much,you get done, like how do you even do this, right?,Like you have like multiple clones that are running around,and to get this much done because the way I see it is this,that if someone can easily copy what you do,,then youre not very good at what you do.,Like I could tell people, and I share a lot,of my best practices on YouTube, and a lot of people ask me,,well arent you afraid that people know your secrets,and how you run your business?,I said, well, heres what I do, go ahead and try it.,Its like Michael Jordan.,Well, heres how I slam dunk and heres how I, you know,,play basketball, you go ahead and try to be Michael Jordan.,You cant, so you start focusing on the focusing,on the customers and also focusing on your skills.,What do you need to do, who do you need to be,to deliver more value to the marketplace than anybody else?,And thats how you grow.,Number three, think long-term, not short-term.,Instead of competing with your competitors,on just one product or a campaign,cause sometimes you see that.,You see this in business a lot.,The competition is, say, selling a certain product,at a certain price point and they do some kind,of promotion discount and they lower their prices,and then you feel like oh my God, I need to compete there,otherwise Im gonna lose, right?,Instead of being very reactive,,think a little bit long-term.,Over the years, I have competed with so many people,,so many enemies and opponents.,They are stronger, they are faster,,they have more resources, they have more capital,,but yet over the years Ive won many, many, many,,many battles, and the key to that is I think long-term.,Maybe Ill lose the battle as long as I win the war.,Thats okay, so when Im looking it from that perspective,,I know that maybe Im not the fastest,,and Im never the fastest, not the strongest,,not the fastest, but I always have more staying power,because I know for most people they lose focus.,They get distracted, thats okay.,Im not trying to beat you in two weeks.,Im not trying to beat you in one year.,I could wait 10 years to win this war.,Thats the way I see it, I could wait, I got time.,So when you think of it from that perspective,,the way you make decisions, you look at it differently.,Youre not so rushed and youre not making decisions,that are just youre reacting, right?,You are instead of thinking it, planning it,,being more strategic.,So think long-term and not short-term and ask yourself,what would you do differently?,If youre now competing long game, right,,youre thinking long-term, what would you do differently?,And you wait, and you ask yourself how could I make sure,I stick around?,How could I make sure I have enough endurance,to last longer in this game?,And you know if you can last longer,,you have that staying power, and you innovate, youll win.,Its just only a matter of time.,Let me give you a bonus number four.,Also, sometimes if your competition is serving,the same market that youre serving right now, well instead,of competing, why not profit from your competition?,Thats right, profit from your competition.,Maybe you offer a complimentary product,to the same

14 Strategies to Beat Your Competition as an Entrepreneur

[Music],this video isnt for everybody let me,tell you who this video is for this,video is for the person that you may be,thinking about a Goliath in your life,Clyde doesnt necessarily mean the,biggest in your industry if youre,playing highschool ball the Goliath,maybe that kid thats 20 miles outside,of the school theyre gonna be facing up,that everybodys calling this guy the,guide of your state California New York,Illinois and youre gonna face this guy,you know hes better than youre scared,of this guy right,thats your collide it may be in,business in a sales office theres a guy,thats killing everybody in sales and,you want to beat him but hes the best,in that office and hes much better than,you that could be your glide for,somebody else maybe in your state and,maybe in the industry and as you get,bigger,Goliaths get bigger and tougher to beat,and today Im gonna share with you 14,things you need to know before facing,off a glide and before me telling you,the 14 points Ill tell you sir about,what happened to me in 2005 they may,give you some insight and clarity on,whether or not you want to face the,glide of your industry and again as I go,through this episode throughout the,entire time if you got any questions,thoughts comment comment below and if,you havent yet subscribed to the,channel click on the subscribe button,right next to me right here to get,updates on future videos that come out,okay so let me get right into it first,of all in 2005 let me tell you where I,was at I was already making six figures,I didnt have a lot of money I just paid,off my 49 thousand dollars of debt and,Im coming up and I get invited into,this meaning its a hundred people in,this room okay,and all these hundred people that are in,the room 80% of them are ahead of me and,Im trying to come out trying to come up,Im really trying to compete with these,guys and Im in the financial industry,at this point of my life I had already,made a decision Im gonna be in the,sales business period and Im gonna be,in the insurance and financial services,period which means Im no longer looking,Im not partying Im done chasing,squirrels it doesnt excite me anymore,another new girl I dont get excited,about it I want to figure out a way to,get the best out of this guy and I would,stay up at night and I would be thinking,to myself I dont know why but I cant,go to sleep because I think I put on,this planet to do some very special in,my life theres no way in the world I,was just putting her to be an average,guy I was thinking those stars so if,youre that,thats also having those thoughts this,is gonna make a lot of sense to you know,itll sense to you know give you some,clarity so I walk into this meeting and,speaker gets up and the speaker says,today Im only speaking to one person,said okay see what hes gonna be saying,and he says todays message is not for,everybody todays message is for the,person that wants to be the best so I,like that opening line already then he,takes out this magazine okay and this,magazine is called Newsweek Tiger rules,five secrets of his dominance Im,already excited because Tigers killing,it at that time and he says Im by the,way Ive never opened up this magazine,ever Ive never opened up this magazine,its crisp let me show you it is crisp,this has never been opened up okay and,youll know why in a minute why its,never been opened up and he tells the,stories about Tiger Woods he says listen,for the one person in this room that,wants to be the best that wants to be,the best heres what the best is,wire-like tiger point number one in a,magazine,it says genius is 99% perspiration this,was a message about hard work and he,goes off ten minutes timer if you dont,work hard if you dont do this if you,dont do that theres no way in the,world you stand a chance and he talks,about Tigers a work ethic then he says,point number two let the other guy get,nervous and Im sitting there saying let,the other guy get nervous Tiger ways to,scare people used to intimidate people,by the way he looked at people by the,way he did this by the way he did that,and Im a big guy when it comes down to,looking at eyes and studying eyes and,and I had a reputation a little bit of,going and telling a guy that was much,bigger than me at that time I was making,$20,000 a month this guys making,$200,000 a month and were in Phoenix,and I pulled him on someone hes done,giving his keynote and he knew who I was,I was coming up and I pulled him I said,let me let me say something to you I,have to say this for me more than I have,to say for you he says whats that I,said you wont even get close to the,size of a business Im going to be,building and he says what did you said,theres no way in the world you will,even get close to the size of business,you Im gonna be building now some may,call it cocky arrogant whatever you want,to call it that was more for me than it,was for him now he cursed me we went at,it it was in the,hotel lobby everybodys looking what is,going on with these guys were both,about the same height but I had to say,that to him because I had to know that I,could go face somebody much bigger than,me and if I want to back down and get,scared or my spirits gonna get bigger,and Sam coming after you I have to,figure that part out about myself,maybe he says point number three dont,just dominate intimidate Tiger was,famous for intimidating his competition,I said okay thats thats exciting to me,right now,he says point number four have a sense,of the historic what I mean a sense of,the historic study history Tiger knows,his history Tiger does this Tiger knows,what it is to break the rectangular nose,Jack Nicklaus got the most you know,Tiger knows all and hes going on and,Im like oh my gosh this is me because,all I do is I study history I love,studying history I love studying every,single thing about everybody in the,insurance space I want to know,everything I want to know the mistakes,whos done at best whos best at this,whos the greatest at this who made a,big fall base who did over here I wanted,to know every single thing so the books,I would read werent just highlighted,they had things written in them they,were crumbled I had things typed out,pages and pages and pages of notes typed,up because I wanted to know history and,the last but not least never ever be,satisfied thats the thing about Tiger,Woods he says never ever be satisfied,you know what happened with number five,I was stuck you know why heres what I,was stuck its very easy to say well you,know and understand how never be,satisfied I will never ever be satisfied,you have no clue if youre never never,ever be satisfied you know why heres,why what are you gonna do if somebody,puts a hundred million dollars in your,checking account right now wake up go,ahead and wake up in the morning so you,got a hundred million dollars in your,checking account week up in the morning,with the same fire in your belly so,thats the only thing that I said oh man,this ones gonna take me decades to,figure out whether Im gonna get to the,point where Im never gonna be satisfied,so he says this and I step out and I,said you know what I dont know what it,is I dont know what Im feeling in my,stomach I cant even stop thinking about,this I went home I went on eBay I went,on every single magazine store I bought,every available copy of this magazine,every available copy of this magazine I,bought I kept the best quality one I,gave the rest away to the people that I,was mentoring out there,time but I kept the best copy and its,the first one when I open up,I have tens and tens of these folders,here that I keep my notes and I type up,and then I came back and say hey Patrick,are you really that serious or just BS,in yourself that you want to go out and,go face off a Goliath,thats an are pretty serious path I made,a vision board and these are all the,quotes philosophies people that I admire,on things that they say their belief,system and I looked at at every single,day multiple times every day whe

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Love your competitors – how great businesses do strategy | Alex Smith | TEDxFolkestone

[Music],[Applause],hello,I am Alex and this is Isaiah now Isaiah,is a very special dog something you may,have even heard of her shes the current,holder of the worlds ugliest dog title,this competition held every year in,California entitles the winner to a,$1,500 cash prize a handsome trophy and,a trip for her and her owner to New York,City every dogs dream no doubt meanwhile,over in Japan we have another champion a,baby named unknown shes been held aloft,Simba style due to her triumph in the,nakki sumo competition also known as the,crying baby competition now this entail,is pretty much what it sounds baby vs.,baby in an effort to see who can cry,quickest and loudest when yelled out in,the face by a sumo wrestler its okay I,mean I it might sound a bit cruel but on,the contrary it is actually based on the,Japanese proverb that crying babies grow,healthy and fat so you know give it give,it a try finally an uprated champions I,give you Jayson Blair in 2011 Jason,excelled in the sport of extreme ironing,described by its creator as blending all,the thrill of an extreme outdoor,activity with a satisfaction of a well,pressure,Jasons innovation was to take his board,and do his thing in the middle of the m1,motorway just outside of London now I,bring you these heroic competitors just,to basically land one simple point,humans love competition indeed so much,do we love it that we are more than,capable of taking competitive context,and applying it in situations where it,completely doesnt belong and is utterly,inappropriate like ironing or ugly dogs,or crying infants now this is nothing,new of course you know since the,beginning of consciousness weve always,been creating these artificial context,in which to exercise our competitive,urges you know games sports politics war,you name it and of course we lionize the,competitive spirit seeing it as being,something that is essential for success,in pretty much anything we do and,nowhere is this more true than in,business they think about the way that,we we talk about business we see the,market as a battleground and the other,companies around us we call them are our,competitors theyre things that theyre,explicitly to be beaten we analyze our,performance using competitive concepts,such as market share and we adopt,competitive strategies in order to,succeed or as we might put it win in the,marketplace in fact I would say go so,far as to say that so ingrained a,business and competition that for many,of us theyre basically the same thing,business is competition however,hopefully as weve seen you would agree,that given that were a species who who,views the world through competition,tinted lenses we are more than capable,of applying competition where it doesnt,belong right so today just as a little,thought experiment I want to propose the,possibility that this is exactly what is,happening in business and that far from,being businesss natural state,competition is actually a perversion of,business one which degrades businesses,markets and the people they serve and if,this is the case then the truth might,actually be rather different than what,we think is the truth might be that in,fact you win when you refuse to compete,you win when you refuse to compete,now before getting into how this,seemingly illogical idea works I just,want to really be clear on what I mean,by refusing to compete because refusing,to compete is a choice and its not a,straightforward one because obviously it,goes against every business bone in our,body refusing to compete means choosing,to disengage from your competitors step,back and letting them have what is,theirs refusing to compete means,choosing to be bad at the things that,your competitors are good at it means,choosing to drive their customers into,their arms and it means choosing to,create the market conditions where they,too can thrive in short,the visit the Kapiti essentially means,often making decisions which are,sometimes in the best interests of your,competitors so obviously you know it,takes discipline and guts and a bit of,bloody-minded thinking but perversely as,a reward for this approach you can,uncover a strategy which even though you,werent trying to could result in you,ending up winning in the marketplace now,there are sort of two sides for the coin,here theres the magic of what happens,when you refuse to compete but first I,want to talk about the bad side the,negative side of competition why,competition sucks what is so bad exactly,about competition well alluring as it,may seem competition has some pretty,nasty unanticipated side effects now,chief amongst these is a phenomenon we,might call clustering clustering occurs,when a bunch of businesses in a market,they start competing with each other and,through that process gradually become,more and more more alike if you think,about it this is kind of an,inevitability because lets say your,competitor starts doing something well,you basically are compelled to do that,thing well too otherwise youd be,effectively ceding that part of the,market to them and we cant have that of,course and so through this process by,and by the market becomes commoditized,you know you go right they go right they,go left and you go left because you know,this is a reciprocal process until we,get ever closer to the economists dream,state of perfect competition we just,have a bunch of generic identikit,competitors all squabbling with each,other for little slivers of market share,spending more and more on marketing,cutting their margins in a race to the,bottom you know if you work for example,in a market which is particularly price,sensitive then you probably work in a,clustered market now to give you an,example of clustering in effect lets,think about the sad story of Nokia now,many of you might be familiar with the,story of Nokias demise but perhaps you,wont have thought of it like this,whereby the thing that killed them was,not their competitors but actually their,own competitive spirit now the thing,youve got to realize about not here in,the first place is that when they were,at the peak of their powers,they werent just a massive phone brand,they actually occupied quite a specific,quite quite quirky market role to the,man on the street this can essentially,be summarized as tough phones simple,reliable everyman nylon indestructible,and nothing exemplified this more of,course than the legendary 3310 roundel,floors for that reason I think how many,other phones can you say that about,right,so people called the 3310 the terminator,phone and the Chuck Norris of phones and,so popular was it and does it remain,today that not only can you get a round,of applause for it but even though it,ceased production two years before,YouTube launched there are thousands of,videos on the platform dedicated to,celebrating it in its indestructibility,I particularly like this comment on the,33 10 vs. sledgehammer video so the,bottom line is the bottom line is is,that you know they offered a pretty,clear market value and if you were into,that as a lot of people werent then,they were obvious choice so everything,was good but then as always along came,pesky old Apple with the iPhone now the,iPhone bought are completely different,so you might even say diametrically,opposed set of values to the market they,were beautiful designer exclusive sleek,fragile they were everything that Nokia,wasnt but you know suffice it to say,some people were into that,and so they gravitated over to Apple and,Apple started cultivating that part of,the market but Nokia being the arch,competitors that they were they werent,having this they werent about to just,let Apple get this growth unchallenged,they wanted to claw back at Apple by,proving that they too could make,exclusive beautiful easy to break phones,as well so,[Laughter],so they turn their back on on what they,were doing before in the prior market,position and started what I started,making what pretty much amounted to crap,iPhones and of course it goes without,s

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Know your competitors – How to beat competition in business

having competition its actually a,pretty cool thing it means that the,product or service that youre planning,to sell has been proven to convert,already and this video Im gonna teach,you a dirty secret that you can follow,right now so you can start stealing your,competitions audience stick around,whats up guys welcome to another video,my name is Marion and if this is your,first time here and you want to learn,more about how to get more clients how,to enroll them into higher end packages,and products or services how to build an,audience and all kinds of cool stuff,stick around hit the subscribe button,hit the bell to make sure you dont miss,anything now lets jump into todays,training welcome to the second part of,the high end client acquisition machine,training this one is huge because now,were going to identify who are the big,players who are the influencers in your,own industry right so in the previous,lesson and if you havent watched that,click somewhere below this video and go,watch it because if you didnt watch,that one this one wont make that much,sense right but lets see exactly what,do I mean so step 1 identifying at least,5 of your biggest competitors right when,I say at least I would highly recommend,between 5 to 10 but at the beginning you,know if its hard for you to understand,who are the big players in the game you,know you can start with 5 so for example,the way that I do this is let me divide,and sorry for my handwriting youll be,able to download some nice PDFs with,everything that we talked in here but,Im a big believer into the visual part,so thats why I like to draw on the,board so the way that I do it is every,time I think all right lets see where,my audience is right in my scenario the,first 5 big competitors that I can think,of are lets say Lois house so even,though you may say well Marion those are,huge names exactly think about what we,are able to do so we are able to take,the content that weve created in part 1,now we identify who are the biggest,players in the game and now were going,to put our content in front of their,audiences so this is huge think about,this all these guys,spent hundreds of thousands of dollars,if not millions of dollars building,their audiences for years and now we are,able to put our content in front of,their audience right like oftentimes,when we talk to clients they say well,what I do is so unique Marian I dont,know if I have competitors well you need,to stop for a second and take a step,back because thats not necessarily a,good thing the good thing would mean,that other influencers your competitors,they have already proven the model and,people are willing to spend money on the,things that you are about to offer,therefore you can have a piece of that,you can just go in there hack what they,do make your offer better and all of a,sudden boom you can just literally just,steal clients right now I know it may,sound easier than it is to implement but,essentially thats the big picture,competition is not bad competition its,very good because as long as youre good,at hacking that not copying hacking and,just make it better make your process,better make the customer journey better,make the offer way more appealing than,what they do you know be more engaged,with your audience because you can,because youre smaller and theyre big,and now they can control at that level,so there are Vantages you just need to,see them and literally you know learn,how to take advantage of those benefits,right so think about in your scenario,right like if youre a health coach who,is the number one competitor is it,Thomas de Lauer is it Weight Watchers is,it you know think about if you dont,know names of actual people personal,brands go off to shows you know like in,my scenario it could be the entrepreneur,magazine right like you can be people,that follow Infusionsoft or people that,follow click funnels page right like,depending how big their audience is you,can identify competitors now again if,ideally youll want to do this from a,personal brand standpoint because,if you lead with problem-solving content,- well instead of just putting a logo,behind that specific content you will,put it behind your personal brand,therefore people will just look at you,as the influencer and then well talk in,day three about how you actually become,Bheem Flynn sir,but now its very important to identify,who are the big influences in the game,and now you can just put your content in,front of them right like for example,some of the audiences of these people,will work better than others right like,for example you pick one audience and,youll show them separate videos of the,ones that you created already so like I,said my handwriting its awful so dont,pay attention to that,remember in step one you picked the,problem that youre solving now dont,pay attention to just three cause it can,be three or four I would say start,between three to five pieces of content,dont go above that because youll feel,overwhelmed with testing all of these,things so like I said below this video,youll be able to actually download a,PDF that looks nicely and you can,actually you know implement the things,and and write you can print it out and,then write on them so its very,important to understand the strategy,behind it right like youll have problem,number one problem number two in problem,number three now remember that I said,make sure that even though you solve,three different problems they should be,focused around the big picture issue and,the big picture problem that you,actually solve for your clients so by,doing this now you put your content in,front of your competitors so again pick,shows right pick the coaches that do,this pick out the speakers if you,literally dont know anybody on Facebook,Instagram or YouTube that does what you,do the next step is go on Amazon and,search for authors can go to that,authors name and then go on YouTube and,Facebook or their website and see I mean,if they dont have an audience it means,theyre not that big thats not,necessarily a competitor like you want,to go because its so much easier to,test your content around people that you,think or you as,Peyer to be like like and of course I,could go on and on and on you can be,grant cardone amy porterfield marie,forleo like i can go you know any kind,of age bracket type of audience Tai,Lopez right like its a lot of them that,I could go off there so if you really do,those three pieces of content and put it,in front of these people and you realize,that all I ran out of content and I ran,out of audiences trust me you havent as,soon as you target one of these Facebook,is gonna tell you you can also target,this person you should consider target,this this and that so Ill tell you more,but its very important from a technical,standpoint your content should be put in,front of these guys as ad set so every,person every influencer becomes an,audience when you put this audience in a,bucket you will show so for example,lets pick one Louis house right like,well pick audience number one Lous,house you will show problem number one,video problem number two and problem,number three now the way you do this is,from your own personal brand page you,target Louis house audience and of,course in your scenario it would be your,competitor but you get the point right,and the same thing happens with,everybody right like you test one by,cool then youll do audience to garyvee,audience three you show them those,videos but you show them in separate ads,and the reason for that is youll,understand based on metrics who is the,audience that resonates the most with,your content and the way to do that is,of course youll get like 0.001 cost per,view youll get 0.03 you look at the,numbers at the metrics at the end of,your campaign and youll see oh crap,video number three didnt work thats,okay you just pause the campaign video,number two hmm it did work but its,still so you can say alright Im gonna,test another maybe another five days or,another we

Ways to Defeat your Competitors.

Competition is everywhere, If you are starting or running a business you compete with many,other teams and companies in your niche.,No matter how your business idea is creative and unique.,There is a person or company already doing that.,They are your competitors, They take a percent of your profit indirectly, You need to beat,the competition to make more profit and increase your market value.,But many startups and peoples afraid to fight with others.,Dont be afraid, An example of google was the 12th search engine, It means 11 companies,already running the business of search engines, But today Google has a 92,24% market share,,Because they know how to beat the competition, So In this video, you are going to learn about,how to defeat your competitors,,Welcome back to smart buddies hub, The page for only the smart and successful,people, You can join the Hub by hitting the subscribe,button,,Number one: Research the market and competitors: At the beginning of every business, you will,need to do your competitive research, Its not just enough to list down the names of,your competitors, You will need much more if you want to defeat them, Identify the top,competitors in your niche, research their business, like what strategies they use, how,they attract customers, what makes them top in that field, and apply it to your own business,,Once you apply their techniques in your business your company runs in decent flow, Then find,your strengths as an example of the Indian telecommuting industry of jio, The owner of,this company is Mukesh Ambani the richest man in India, When jio sims are distributed,they offer 1 year of free unlimited data and unlimited calls, So peoples change their number,to jio or buy the new sims, Yes, the company faces losses 1 year and Ambani can manage,it, after one year they become the top of the field, Jios that offer makes other telecommuting,companies lose and wipe out, He uses his money as his company strength, Identify your strength,and work on it maybe its your advertisement or your sincere employees, or maybe its you,,An example of apple once upon a time has a strength of steve jobs, Identify your strengths,and weakness and also research your competitors strengths and weaknesses and make decisions,and moves based on that, Number two: Target or create New Markets:,Assuming you and your competitor produce and sell shampoos, They create shampoos common,for all they do not focus on and sell for specific customers, But you Try to create,a new market like creating shampoos for babies, for teenagers or girls, Customers think oh,this is for me rather than common for all, they will think its created only for us it,will trigger them to buy from you, so target a new group of people in your niche, Focus,on them, and research their pain points, what they are interested in, and marketing and,advertising your product based on that, You can create a group of people based on their,age, gender, financial status, Number three: create and build an effective,brand : Branding can help you to differentiate from,others, What would you think if I say Walmart?,What would you think if I say Rolex watch?,And What would you think when you see the Apple logo, Comment below, Every companys,brand represents a statement, So What your company brand represents?, Create a brand,like your products are quality, or worth for money or great customer service, or affordable,price, Number four: Focus on where your competitors,dont : Just focus on where your competitors dont,,if they ignore or not enough give the importance of feedbacks from customers, Focus on feedback,,If they focus on quantity over quality, Just focus on quality, If they focus on rich people,,Just focus on middle-class people, If they focus on e-commerce websites to make more,sales just focus on local shops and make a contract with them, if their business not,digital yes build yours on digital, if they are not given offers just give offers and,deals to your customers, it will help you to make new customers and improve your business,growth, Number five : innovation:,Innovation shows who Is the leader of the market, Innovate new and related things to,your products, Your innovation should make customers life easier, saving their time,,or remove their pain points, Giants like Nokia and blockbuster were wiped out from the market,because of a lack of innovation, Take an example of Netflix first they in the,DVD rental industry and then revolutionizing the streaming industry, innovate new things,if you can or follow the innovation of your competitors as early as possible,,innovate new things can make you lead the market and your competitors become your followers,,Spend some money on the research department and surround yourself with and hire creative,people, Number six: give importance to feedbacks:,you cant learn completely about your business and your customers with paper analytics and,chart data, You can learn many things to improve your products and your services from the feedbacks,of your customers, your money, time, and energy are waste if peoples not wanted and dont,buy your product, Always look for feedback from your loyal customers, It will improve,your business in skyrocket, many companies and business people ignore it, ask open-ended,questions to find exactly what your customers want while using your products or services,,if you are a Youtuber read your feedbacks comments, If you are running a hotel business,ask your loyal customers about your service, food rates taste, and what customers expect,from your business, Always care about customers feedbacks and engage with them,,and also give feedback to us it will improve our content, Go to the comment section,type #feedbacks ( then give your feedback) number seven: educate your team:,if you want to be powerful, educate yourself, So if you want to make your company powerful,educate it, If your workers are well educated and talented in their work, their work will,be better than your competitor workers, If your workers work is excellent your company,will perform better than them and grow faster than others, arrange courses for your workers,,Offer books and seminars to your workers, Such as giving sales books to salespeople,,buy an SEO course to your SEO specialist, You can hire talented, educated people or,you can educate people who all working already, Spend some percentage money on education,,Number eight: create a good bond with workers and customers:,Create a good relationship with workers that make workers motivates to do better, Create,a good relationship with customers that can make them suggest you to their friends, relatives,,and neighbors, Dont scold your workers in front of other people, Motivates them with,promotion, bonus, vacation tickets if they do complicated work for the company, Everyone,has feelings and emotions, So that Everyone loves compliments, Appreciate their work in,front of other workers, It will motivate them to perform more and more, remember their names,and call them by saying their name, people love when they hear their name, make them,feel good to work for you, For watching this video until the end you,got some bonus points as shortly: Bonus point number 2: collaboration :,You can collaborate with another company or another person to make scale your business,big and make more profit, But be careful with whom you are collaborating, Research about,them and collaborate or make a partnership based on that,,Bonus point number 1: compete with yourself :,If you are a self employer, your only competition is your procrastination and thinking negatively,,If you are a master procrastinator you can watch the video of 8 ways to cure the disease,of procrastination by clicking the top right corner, Discipline, consistency, and perseverance,will take you the place you want, as an entrepreneur, you need to master some,skills, The three important skills are sales, communication, management: time management,money management, and team management

5 Ways To Beat Your Competition | Outshine Competitors Without Saying A Word | Signal Strength

so have you ever been watching one of,those nature shows youre not two,animals going at it theyre fighting,over a mate theyre fighting over food,theyre fighting over a scarce resource,and one of them knocks the other one,over emerges as the victor and you sit,back youre like I turn off the,television I am so happy that us human,beings are not like this at all we are,just logical and we dont fight like,that guys if you live if you really,believe that you are delusional because,in this world we have scarce resources,and there is a lot of competition for,amazing jobs at amazing companies you,can bet there were going to be a lot of,people going after that job for a,beautiful woman you can bet there are a,lot of men vying for her attention if,you are a business owner and you want to,great get amazing customers customers,that will simply open up their wallets,and trust you with their business,understand those are few and far between,and youre going to be fighting youre,going to be competing for them in this,video gentlemen Im gonna give you five,tips on how to outshine your competition,[Music],now gentlemen these five tips on how to,outshine your competition this can apply,to your personal life it can apply to,your business life Im going to take,examples from both but hopefully you can,use this information to end up on top,tip number one to outshine your,competition is to consistently perform,at a high level lets start this off,with an experiment Im going to bring up,an image right here guys what do you,notice,what do you fixate on if youre a dad,kind of like me you may focus on that F,and thats natural human beings,naturally focusing on the negative but,what you may not have noticed is that he,had actually for a pluses and if you do,the average there what thats about a,b-plus but the thing is we focus in on,the negative understand that its better,for you to have good consistent results,then have amazing amazing failure,amazing amazing do you see the,difference and if you actually have you,know eat all those Amazings are not,going to make up for that failed,performance there was a study out of,Yale University and this was back early,days to Amazon they noted that it took,five five-star reviews to offset a,single one-star review and that that,one-star would plague the product or the,book for a long time and it took a lot,to overcome that now understand that,that is the same in our relationships,same in our business dealings youve got,to really be careful of that up and down,results because people prize consistency,they dont always prize actually you,know even though if you try to make it,up with great results if youve got that,negative they will focus in on it tip,number two to outshine your competition,do not betray expectations so back when,I was getting my MBA at Texas I had a,friend he applied to work with Apple he,wanted to be an executive this was his,dream job this is one of the smartest,guys Ive ever known and when he came,out of that interview I felt so bad for,because I looked at him and he had a,wrinkled suit it was off-color he had,scruffed up shoes and I knew he wasnt,going to get a second interview he,didnt get a second interview he never,got the job and to this day I know that,its because he betrayed the,expectations of that interviewer of what,high level exec looks like so guys focus,in on the image or sending especially,with all the details your shoes your,watch your access,now speaking of accessories okay so when,you look at this bag right here,beautiful right elegant who would you,imagine would carry an accessory like,this if you saw a man in a suit or maybe,in a sports jacket carrying a bag like,this what would you think of them maybe,a high-level lawyer maybe an,up-and-coming consultant guys I dont,know but I do know a bag like this sends,a message it sends the message of,success and by the way you can grab this,bag over here at jail Roker I worked,with them specifically to design this,bag for you guys because I saw some,other bags out there and they were over,$1,000 this bag I can tell you is half,of that plus Ive got the RM RS discount,for you guys I cant talk about this,discount I cant tell you that,jose-luis over at jail Roca is making,these bags basically by order were,testing it out weve also got it in,black so depending on what you ive got,the two prototypes right here i can tell,you these bags are beautiful theyre,elegant theyre timeless so imagine,youre walking in with one of these bags,and your boss notices he starts to talk,to you maybe this is a boss that you,know what your boss is boss you talked,to this guy maybe once a month all of a,sudden youre talking about the history,of you know that these come out of Lyon,Mexico just start talking with the,jungle,thats how opportunity pops up because,the next thing you know youre invited,to an event next week in which he says,you know Ive been wanting to hear more,about your team and what you guys are,working on that is how opportunity,happens when you look like success then,all of a sudden you can open your mouth,and you can talk with people who you can,show how successful you are tip number,three is take the initiative I can tell,you that initiative is hard to find in,employees or just people in general even,a lot of business owners dont have much,initiative you need to have the,initiative to see a problem and just go,out there and fix it Im not talking,about spending 20 hours or eight hours,or even a huge amount of time on solving,the problem but it is something that hey,if its a small thing well stop and fix,it now the key with taking the,initiative is also especially in a,workplace where theres a lot of,politics and you need want to make sure,that you get recognized for this is to,actually have others know that you do,this so I find that a great,tactic for doing this is actually after,you take the initiative to maybe solve,that bug in the program brief your boss,on what happened why you did it and just,that you want to keep them in the loop,now youre just FYI and informing people,of what happened youre not trying to,take credit for it or youre not but you,are clearly showing that you took the,initiative to solve the problem and that,guys is going to get you promoted its,going to help you stand out in a field,of people that are just happy sitting,back and letting ya just letting,problems build up tip number four to,outshine your competition is to,communicate effectively and efficiently,two key words there so a lot of people,talk but very few people actually really,get their point across and many people,are talked to but very few people,actually listen make sure whenever you,are speaking that the people you engage,with actually understand and really get,the point and when youre listening to,others make sure that you are listening,and you get it and you understand it,seems so simple I know some of you guys,think Antonio come on that seems obvious,well so many of us when were when,people or other people are talking were,actually just waiting to be able to say,what we want to say were not even,really listening a good exercise that I,would invite many of you guys to try is,to actually try to repeat back and to,summarize the points of what the person,just said to really make sure this is,key at work often times things are,misconstrued in an email if you get an,email and youre wondering about the,tone or whats really going on will,actually take the time to understand,that some people prefer text they prefer,phone calls they prefer in-person make,sure though on communication that you,are known as a great communicator and I,think that you know its its something,that is oftentimes forgot but is,incredibly important finally guys tip,number five to outshine your competition,is no excuses dont try to make up,excuses even when its not your fault,now Im not saying that you need to take,the fall you need to take the blame but,you may want to just say you know I,dont know whose fault it is I d

How To Beat your Competitors in Business Without Lowering Your Prices (Sell More by Charging Higher)

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