1. How to Compete in the Customer Experience Economy
  2. 10 Unique Use Cases for Speech Analytics
  3. Unlocking the Power of Customer Insight – CCExpo 2013
  4. 5 Things You Need To Know About Speech Analytics
  5. #TheCXWebinarSeries (NZ) – The Future of CX – Generation-e | NICE CXone | Microsoft | 23 Mar 2022
  6. CallMiner Eureka Platform and Managing Cross-Channel Conversations
  7. NICE Satmetrix Keeping you up to date on trends in VOC

How to Compete in the Customer Experience Economy

weve all heard the quote its not about,having time its about making time,normally from our parents well they,didnt face the world we face all our,industries have been disrupted consumers,expect a good experiences with every,company they do business with or theyll,go somewhere else,every company now competes on the,customer experience who doesnt compete,on the customer experience in this room,but do you have time to analyze and,improve every interaction with every,customer across every channel typically,we dont and yet the key differentiator,between winners and losers in todays,experience driven economy is time to win,you must be the first to identify,opportunities and take action this is,true for every business in every,industry we all have to respond to,customer needs and increasing,expectations immediately or we lose out,problem is thats easier said than done,because we cant really plan for these,disruptions and thats where next CD air,analytics and quality central come into,the picture they give you the insight,and more importantly the time to,understand those disruptions immediately,turn them to your advantage and beat,your competitors and the fact that its,a cloud solution means that you can,focus on your business and not on,technology lets see how automated,analytics and quality management helps,wellness insurance they are a midsize,organization that is trying to sell more,policies in an efficient and intelligent,way through the power of analytics,driven quality its day two of a new,sales campaign and the organization is,going to get an update on where the,campaign stands as you can see policy,renewals are going well and theyre,actually on track to exceed target,however you can see here that theyre,behind on new policy sales now is the,time for them to act this campaign is,their one opportunity to drive the,business for the rest of the year the,question is do they have enough data and,time to figure out whats happening yes,because they are analyzing all,interactions across all channels and,calculating sentiment scores,something none of us have time to do,without the power of analytics neck,Sidious machine learning is,automatically categorizing and detecting,anomalies the application alerted me,that an anomaly showed up in my activity,dashboard its found a spike around a,topic of website and mobile app,complaints volume is going up and new,customer sentiment is in the red,something related to this is making,people unhappy typically this requires,an extensive manual investigation that,takes time but if I take a look at the,auto categorization which is using,machine learning theres a new,application cluster thats tied to,self-service you can also see that it,has a strong negative sentiment and the,majority of new applications did not,complete from there the related topics,make it clear that our competitors are,heavily marketing their digital and,mobile ease-of-use and potential,customers are actually bringing it up,this is strange because wellness,insurance digital solutions are far,better than their competitors however if,we take a look at the contact behavioral,analysis many of the advisors are,struggling to communicate what is being,offered theyre being asked specific,questions and not providing direct,answers and thats frustrating potential,customers and driving down sentiment,youve got to keep in mind that even,though these situations are less common,every single one is a lost opportunity,this chart is showing a cross-reference,against advisor conversion rates and,theres a direct correlation with lost,sales with the power of analytics Ive,been given the time to investigate all,interactions understand the root cause,and recommend action to the operation,they all know evaluating contact quality,is key to a good customer experience,however with random sampling and manual,processes the frontline and executives,arent fully engaged and the process is,not effective 100% analytics driven,Quality has changed that the analytics,team created the metrics and added them,to the current automatic quality,scorecard since it measures every single,interaction we get a complete view of,quality associated with new policy sales,you can see here the new cast,needs the most attention so to help,Newcastle and struggling advisors,everywhere quality central can create an,automated workflow this will route,interactions with new policy sales,challenges directly to the supervisors,dashboards they dont have to search to,find good coaching material its,automated for them and whats really,great about this is that the company can,be sure everyone is focusing on the same,initiatives whether it is new customers,or opportunities to promote digital,services or the combination of the two,its like an expressway to the needle in,the haystack quality forms will be used,to deliver quality feedback and coaching,based on the advisors unique needs,questions on the forum are automatically,answered based on findings from next,CEDIA and the supervisor can remain,focused on their primary task of,coaching and developing their advisors,and when supervisors are reviewing calls,they dont have to play the entire,recording they can see the relevant,event and bingo they can get right to it,at the end of the day wellness insurance,provides better quality with fewer,resources so theyre ready to publish,the performance metrics for new,policyholders to every advisor and,supervisor theyre completely aligned,with their corporate initiatives to,empower the staff to self-analyze and,adjust after three days new policy close,rate which is in the red is now trending,in the right direction so its positive,sentiment on interactions around our,digital program in the Newcastle site,has turned the corner with the help of,NIC City Analytics in quality central,wellness insurance is able to identify,the gaps impacting revenue efficiently,build an automated program to monitor,its performance and more importantly,satisfy customer needs by promoting a,digital solution with advisors dedicated,to delivering a service customers demand,but this is just one example all of you,experienced these sorts of time and,competitive pressures every day if you,want to succeed in the competitive,customer experience economy you must,make analytics part of everything you do,and use the clout to get you there fast,learn more how nexidia analytics in,quality central can help you excel in,your business

10 Unique Use Cases for Speech Analytics

welcome back everybody to another,episode of advice from a call center,geek the call center contact center,podcast we try to give you some,actionable items and take back in your,contacts and improve the overall quality,improve your agent experience hopefully,improve your customer experience as well,my name is tom laird i am the ceo here,at expedia interaction marketing expedia,is a 600 seat,hybrid contact center outsourcer located,here in the states uh in erie,pennsylvania hows everybody doing its,good to talk to everybody,its starting to become like fall like,here in in northwestern pennsylvania,its my my favorite time of year,footballs back im fired up its a,friday,every i dont know maybe once a year i i,i do this this podcast,um and kind of just update it i think,its really informative and its fun for,me because we experiment a lot with this,so its its kind of cool stuff i think,hopefully i can i can bring to you and,and talking about speech analytics and,i know its a hot topic in the industry,theres a lot of,i guess work being done on on on,real-time translation and,agent assists and all those things but i,want to you know not really use it or,really talk about it in the scheme of of,what companies are using with analytics,but you know what what we as an,organization or or a contact center,you know can use from the kind of the,raw data that speech analytics can can,offer you from from customer journey and,you know the word clouds and kind of,that that core product of analytics,right you know a lot of us just kind of,look at a dashboard we see some keywords,and say wow thats really cool and maybe,get some insights but,i want to give you kind of 10 unique use,cases on how we have used analytics in,the past how were using it right now,you know we try to maximize for our,clients the,the use cases that we can do for anal,analytics and its such a cool tool that,we can really kind of think things,through and do some some i think really,really interesting things with it so,let me start with this so again this is,kind of 10 unique use cases for for,speech analytics some of them i think,youll kind of get it,um other ones,could be a little bit kind of different,in something hopefully that can spark,your guys uh spark your mind so,again i do have comments on this is this,is live on linkedin as well so um if,anybody i saw on you how you guys doing,david whats up buddy um if any of you,guys have a comment have a question you,know ill try to,as i go through this try to answer those,as well so number one and i think is,is something that we can all relate to,speech analytics and thats thats,proactive customer support right so,many of us are in the you know were in,contact centers we answer problems as,they come in,so many times we will have uh you know,higher ups or for us where vp will have,a client be like hey what are you,hearing,right and then well try to talk to,agents and and maybe theyll tally some,things or well look at dispositions and,say hey this is kind of what were kind,of hearing,its not its pretty subjective right,and,it doesnt allow for a lot of proactive,customer support but when were using,analytics you know one of the big things,that were using is to be able to tell,clients before things start to happen,when we start to hear rumblings right,because all of those keywords all that,big data is being analyzed right so we,can,start to listen and hear,right that customers are starting to say,a product is too expensive,shipping is being delayed hey theres an,issue on the website right,where maybe one or two reps might not be,able to put that piece together,but when every single call is being,looked at and every single call is being,translated and were doing a lot of you,know data analysis on that or the system,is doing it you can start to see that,right in front of your eye so,you can send that email out to customers,before things happen right,maybe theyre not going to have an issue,but you know theyre in a client segment,that could have an issue in a week,to try to start to fix some of these,things before you have the the fire that,you have to put out so its one of the,main reasons i love analytics thats,from doing the proactive kind of,customer support i think is really cool,number two is something that you guys,have heard me talk a lot about i get,probably more questions on this than any,other thing,and that is rewarding and incenting your,agents off of sentiment,right we reward agents off of great csat,a lot of you guys reward people off of,great nps right i think sentiment,scoring,is even more important than those we,wont get into that i have 42 000,podcasts in in talks that ive done on,that and why i think sentiment score is,more important or is a better,metric than nps and csat,but to be able to pull a report,and almost rank your associates not just,on their qa scores but rank them on,their tone on their word usage right how,customers are really relating to them,and its not just on you know five,percent of their calls or two percent of,their calls,its on every call that they took,right so you get the real picture,right of of where agents are what their,tone is are they treating customers,appropriately,right so this is kind of the the one the,big piece of our of our attitude and,effort,so,this is really the the that core,attitude piece now were able to really,incentivize and pay our reps and show,them and even show our clients now that,we are talking to your customers the,proper way,and if we have somebody thats kind of,out of the out of the norm then theyre,going to get some extra qa,extra extra monitoring extra coaching,but an awesome way to incentivize your,associates,off of a real kpi,that they cant really argue right,the third kind of unique use case and,maybe this isnt as unique right is is,generating marketing data right you know,when we talk about again i i know i just,i love the use case of saying that the,too expensive that was such a huge use,case for us when you know we did have a,retail client they did launch a new,project or new product,and,you know they they were very concerned,about price point and and we did have a,huge amount of customers that called,back,um,on that product and said hey wed like,it but i cant buy it 38 it was 38 ill,never forget it was 38 of the customers,that said the product was too expensive,when when when we had inbound customer,support we were asking questions talking,to customers,so,theres so much much information that,your customers are telling you that you,dont know about right it is it is more,fun,and analytics is such a better tool when,you find out the things you dont know,about right we can always track the,things that we want to track,right certain keywords,um certain certain issues that we think,we know are could be a problem,but when you find out the things that,you had no idea about and in the,analytics can kind of dig and kind of,open that onion you know thats when you,can really improve your customer,experience your customer support you,know a huge piece of of,of what analytics really can do,right and i think that you know the,fourth one is,is really finding out the whys right so,you know,we always look at,agent sentiment but then we also almost,more importantly especially for our,clients and our bpo clients is is,looking at customer sentiment,right so you know we can talk about,again csat and nps but the cool thing,about looking at,you know where a a customer segment is,at so lets just say again for an,example we see 50 of the customers that,call lets say us when were doing this,have a their tone is negative right so,theyre theyre ticked off when theyre,before they even talk to the agent,and,the great thing about analytics is a lot,of times you know we dont know why that,is but with analytics we can find out,the whys right so finding out the whys,is a huge piece of this right so,looking at,and talking to a customer all right hey,you know customer xyz company xyz 50 of,your customers are,are

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Unlocking the Power of Customer Insight – CCExpo 2013

thank you everybody its its a pleasure,to be here thank you claudia id like to,tell you a little bit about myself first,my name is john is ryan and next CD is,is my company and what were all about,is unlocking the power of customer,insight and what that means is that that,theres theres theres all this,information thats bottled away and in,many ways i like to ask you know I like,to start with with asking people how is,a contact center like a potato and I,gave this um this uh this slide to,somebody the other day and the answer,was well in the call center its sort of,like were buried under the dirt for a,long time I said no thats not really,what Im looking for and I said is this,something to do with a hot potato,theres always all these hot issues that,get passed our way and where the one,place in the organization thats,responsible for dealing all with all,these issues and say no thats not,really what Im looking for either I,think the real answer is that the kind,the the contact center is a lot like a,potato because theres so much power,thats locked away in that such a small,thing Albert Einstein I remember I had,one of his his lectures where he talked,about how theres enough nuclear,material in a potato to wipe out entire,city like New York and if you think,about it the call center is not you know,something that could wipe out it could,well I guess it could wipe out the,entire company but theres enough,information buried into all these,customer contacts that if theres just a,way to unlock those things we could use,them to really fuel an enormous amount,of insight and change within the,organization and thats what Id like to,talk about today and before we get,started Id like to to get to know you a,little bit better and this is a little,bit of a repeat of what Claudia did I,wanted to go through and do a quick,survey of the what best describes your,organizational role Im expecting that,many of you are in customer care but,perhaps some are from marketing and,sales IT maybe operations or product,finance how would you describe your role,so sixty percent customer care that,doesnt surprise me a few of you are in,marketing and sales or probably if,youre in customer care probably have,some type of relationship with people in,marketing and sales right not too many,IT operations maybe almost a quarter of,us and very little bit on product and,none on finance thats thats thats,probably good we dont have to worry,about about that today um this is,important because regardless of what,your role is in the organization theres,information thats locked away that if,we can find a way to harness that it can,help fuel what youre doing and if you,think about customer interaction,analytics if we can analyze all those,interactions that are happening there,are three primary areas where we are,able to to delve deeper and get good,information about the organization first,probably many of you heard or work on,programs that are entitled voice of the,customer and what does that mean and,what is it all about for us voice of the,customer is all about being able to get,insights from customers and use them in,the organization to drive things so if,youre in customer care obviously its,important to understand what your,customers think about your care your,products your organization but think,about how important this can be the,marketing and sales if i can get insight,on a daily basis immediate feedback on,the on the products on the solutions on,the campaigns we have its also,important for for the product side of,the house if you have products that,youre launching and you want to get,good insight about them the way that,most companies are doing this is by,focus groups surveys and other types of,ways of gathering information that take,a long time to pull together but youre,interacting with customers every day so,if theres a way to be able to grab,those insights while theyre happening,how valuable could that be product and,process optimization is the second area,where we see a huge amount of insight we,also sometimes call that failure demand,and its all about figuring out,something is broken in a process based,on whats going on with customers so,that we can figure out how to go correct,those things and frequently what we find,is that that is the Pareto effect that,ten percent of these of the problems,cause eighty ninety percent of the of,the cost and the headaches to deal with,these issues so if we can understand,what the root cause of these issues are,then what can we do to go and eliminate,those those problems from the beginning,maybe so a customer doesnt even have to,call us in the first place and so this,is very important for customer care but,for finance and for IT and for,operations this is a huge part of the,value thats locked away inside that,that call center potato and then lastly,performance management its probably,very important to many of you working,inside customer care being a customer,care executive how do you manage the the,performance of the people that are that,are providing customer care in your,organization you know is it based on,listening to evaluations every month or,is it based on cold hard data that,allows you to to be able to understand,who are the best performers and who are,the people that that need some extra,help so these are all the different,areas that we think we focus in on and,it addresses every part of the,organization now theres been an,evolution in interaction analytics how,many people how many of you just my way,of hands are involved in analytics and,some in some regard today doing some,type of analytics how many more of you,are not yet involved in analytics but,are exploring and trying to understand,what it means and and what whats,possible with analytics anybody in that,category so so theres been a big,evolution in what analytics is all about,it began with the first stage which I,call random sampling and many of you,probably do that or have been doing this,for years and thats all about being,able to randomly select interactions,listen to them and filling out an,evaluation or if somebody has a question,around how are we handling a certain,problem well lets put some headphones,on go listen to some interactions create,a tick sheet to determine whether or not,you know what,what the cause of that is or whether or,not the right outcome is happening and,then well analyze those results right,its its good because by putting the,earphones on we can we can hear the,anecdotes we can understand and listen,to the the customer talk themselves we,can we can we can we can understand,whats going on but its very limited in,our ability to reach everything and that,that kind of led to the second phase,which I call targeted listening and this,is where speech analytics vendors have,come into play how many of you are doing,any type of speech analytics today not,not too many but a few so speech,analytics it sounds confusing a lot of,people when they ask me what is speech,analytics they assume that it has,something to do with just listening to,the words people say and while thats,true what speech analytics really is all,about at a targeted listening phase is,being able to filter the things that you,want to listen to based on words and,phrases that are said so instead of,listening to calls randomly from,beginning to end I might be able to,listen only to calls where there is a,particular sales promotion that was,mentioned or a customer with a,particular type of problem or where a,particular product was brought up so it,allows me to pick up where random,sampling leaves off and that is finding,the relevant samples of things to listen,to and get good insights from it the,analytics that comes from that is,typically very anecdotal and what that,means is I can have a hundred examples,of a customer that that had a particular,issue or a particular problem and I can,listen to them and i can put myself into,the customers shoes and understand what,their issue was and that can be very,helpfu

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5 Things You Need To Know About Speech Analytics

hi there Im Matt Matt Burd Im the,director of quality compliance and,training for talk tour group today Im,going to be talking about a bit of the,talk talk journey and specifically,around speech analytics so we started,off in a complete world of necessity,this wasnt a strategic plan this wasnt,something we wanted to do we were in a,position we had to do something and we,had to measure progress or externally,with Ofcom we had to measure it in weeks,and therefore internally we had to,actually measure progress in days and,you cant do that from all the hygiene,things that had to be done so we we,actually work with the partner to,actually introduce voice analytics weve,got all of the actual calls loaded,dynamically into that it was cloud-based,so we didnt have to actually build,anything and deploy anything we didnt,have to worry about long periods of sort,of call recordings being you know with,held we could actually focus on that day,get all the calls in there and do,analysis on those Im going to go,through some of the benefits and,activities as we go forward,result of that within a matter of bullet,call it weeks short numbers and months,we actually went through not only,actually identified the problems fix the,problems but satisfied the regulator and,that actually finished that,investigation with no further action and,that was purely down to the fact that,wed actually use technologies to help,us get out of that hole that bought us,the time there to door them while,hygiene things that weve actually now,gone through and were in a,significantly better place now so what,did we get or what do we get now in,terms of that platform we have got in,place so the speech analytics actually,text text analytics as well but were,actually everything up to now has been,focused on the voice side of things we,have all of our sales collections,support calls any kind of voice,interaction we have with the customer is,loaded into the platform automatically,daily with all the right metadata into,it as well so weve got over 10,000,hours of call recordings a day every,single day and we store those for 13,months that allows me to actually search,and go across all of those so theres,two types of efficiency that weve,actually got out of this one is that,that independent core listening team now,have a platform because all the,different partners we have they can got,one interface to it they can actually,find the calls that they want to listen,to based on that random sampling and,actually go through the activities in a,very efficient way in fact,compared to where we were with different,call recording systems different ways of,retrieving calls and going through just,using the speech analytics platform,weve got about 37 percent efficiency,and actually having it in place so that,the them it means I can actually either,listen to more calls or I can reduce,headcount weve actually chosen to,actually go for more calls and go deeper,and higher sample sizes the second,efficiency is actually for other parts,of the business,so the function owners the product,owners they can actually go very often,theyll come to my team my analytics,team and say ok whats going on here and,nowadays the answer is well go never,listen going to go into the speech,analytics platform theyre all tagged,the type of calls you want to listen to,you can find the course youd have to go,search for them they are just there,theyre listed for you they find the,call they want to listen to and most,importantly they can go straight to the,relevant part of the call they dont,have to listen to the entire call and go,through they dont have to listen to the,whole time so that means that they can,actually listen to the very cause they,want to theyre very part they want to,listen to which means they can listen to,a far greater number of them and,therefore theyre not actually dependent,on my team so they dont have to I dont,have to have this huge team serving the,rest of the business Ive actually used,technology to actually help them go,through needle in the haystack and I,dont know Im sure you have the same,sort of challenges but very often were,just looking for those 10 calls another,thousands and thousands of calls you,make and receive every single week,looking for the 10 that going to go,really wrong you may know what they are,but how did you find them call listening,youve got a statistical relevant sample,but are you going to find those 10,probably not but what were able to do,because every single call is in there we,can actually search for the the item,youre looking for the keywords that,youre going to get the phrases,combination of actual words or key,phrases and we can actually pull them,straight in and find the 10 calls and we,can do that in real time third kind of,main benefit weve actually gone through,is actually using it for coaching,interestingly we didnt start this what,we started our journey with a compliance,centric sort of angle but where we,started using coaching was actually more,in the sales world so actually having,the platform in place having the call,recordings in there we know what a good,agent does weve listened to the course,weve profiled it weve set up automatic,queries that allow us to recognize,rather than call listening which is,again sample based youll never get the,team big enough to listen to enough,calls,to work through whereas using technology,to do that youre able to actually,listen to a hundred percent of the calls,theyre automatically tagged the team,leader has accessed they come in in the,morning they can see what are the,phrases we wanted to actually listen to,what are the rebuttals one of the,activities,howd you bring those up to the team,leader and then directly coach again you,get that efficiency coming through as,well you dont have to listen to the,entire call you have to spend time,retrieving the call click a button,theres the call theres the relevant,bit coaching done move on so we actually,did that in the sales world we actually,focused on sales conversion so in the,pilot that we ran through and weve now,fully rolled out were able to turn to,underperforming teams into above-average,teams doesnt sound like much but its a,one-off investment so one-off investment,to put it in place and then you can,pretty much stand away the team leader,does the coaching they have the access,it comes out youve got a hundred,percent coverage across all of the,agents so weve used that for both in,the sales world now we actually use it,in retentions in retentions in terms of,our on the day save rate weve actually,increased by 10 points just using this,methodology versus normal coaching,methods and lunar activities,so most anyone who is any kind of scale,the challenges are about how to get,consistency how do you get consistency,in all of the agents to deliver exactly,what you want all the time you can do,the insight to tell you whats good you,can build the queries and then use it,with directly than coaching were using,in our service center as well in terms,of actual called call structure and,actually objection handling other other,items youve got to keep reinvesting in,those queries but once you do it you,invest once you get the benefit on going,the other one is trend analysis so I,dont have bt still in the room Ill be,a good one to use as an example so I can,look in we know that the telecoms market,BT sport its a very very big thing you,know we have TV now were very,interested in that we dont want to lose,customers we want to gain customers is a,very sort of active element in the,marketplace but because Ive got all the,core recordings in there at any point I,can go in and I can go how often is BT,sport being mentioned how is it been how,often is it being mentioned in the sales,channel versus the retentions Channel I,can understand that and not only can I,actually understand what it is because,its because its in there I can,actually go backwards in time Ive got,13 months of call recordings of any,mention of anythin

#TheCXWebinarSeries (NZ) – The Future of CX – Generation-e | NICE CXone | Microsoft | 23 Mar 2022

[Music],i know you showed your age,i nearly said dave dobbin but that was,just a bit of a joke but um why dont we,get started then shall we um,hey really appreciate everyone joining,us today uh for our second webinar,actually and and some of you may have,been,on the first webinar that we did a few,weeks ago last month and uh todays,topic is the future of cx or customer,experience,my names michael pedrocelli im the,channel sales manager for nice cx1,and,very,im very pleased to be looking after new,zealand have done so for,for many years,with other contacts that are vendors as,well um some domiciled in new zealand so,um have a great deal of affection for,new zealand understand the market as,well,todays session really is about you know,putting the customer experience at the,heart of everything that we do and,actually focusing on,i mean the future of customer experience,as far as were concerned,is now um but today well talk about,some other um,tools that you can use from a modern,workplace perspective but also from a cx,perspective around you know,conversational ai bots ai and automation,uh and some of the digital uh tools that,are available now um to enable your,customers to,well you to get better insights into,your customers from the time they start,their journey in communicating with you,to the time they finish,so um i just want to just quickly add a,couple of housekeeping things there was,there may have been a bit of an issue,around the ubereats vouchers that,we uh we will be providing if you,havent received those or if theres an,issue in um redeeming those uh we will,rectify that and and sort that out post,event and youll be able to use them at,your leisure so yeah we apologize if,theres any convenience that youve um,youve experienced on that but well fix,it for you and make sure that,youre able to enjoy,something at your leisure,if you really if you please by all means,if you want to have a chat to us please,use the chat window,im sure,um,im sure wed love to hear from you,because,this is all about you and well try to,make it as interactive as possible,so the first speaker other than myself,today is um,david olison hes the modern comms,customer success manager at microsoft in,new zealand were really thrilled uh,that microsoft are part of uh our,session today and um,davids going to take you through the,hybrid work in modern communications and,havent we,all experienced the hybrid workplace,over the last two years so with that,ill,hand over to david,thank you very much michael,um and hello everyone and as michael,just said im a modern communications,customer success manager,uh i have a particular focus on teams,and within teams particularly on teams,phone and teams meeting scenarios so,today i just wanted to talk with you a,little bit about um how were moving in,from a remote working environment into a,hybrid working environment and what,microsoft is doing,to try and help support that that change,in workforce,so i thought id start with um,a little brief history of microsoft,unified communications within um new,zealand um over the years over the past,decade or so,just to show that new zealand has,actually been quite an early adopting,country for for our technology,if you go back as far as 2007,office communications server,was quite reasonably widely deployed,within new zealand and actually one or,two of the deployments featured voice,which was very,rare at the time,the next product version was at link,2010,i was actually in the team that produced,link 2010 and i left my microsoft in the,states and came to new zealand in early,2011 and the first deployment,um of link 2010 with voice was a local,government council in mid-2011 so quite,quite forward thinking then along came,skype for business and there was strong,update,uptake uh throughout the country of,skype for business for voice as well,and then of course as we all know um,teams was released in 2017 and the,pandemic really started to kick in in,early 2020 and we saw teams initially,being used for the collaboration,capabilities,for teams for files and that kind of,thing less so for the real-time columns,that was still mostly skype for business,but then with the um the pandemic,suddenly teams became the hub for,teamwork where all meetings chat calls,and collaboration,were being conducted on teams we saw an,explosion of use across the country,but now that were hopefully coming,towards the end um of the,restrictions and well be looking to,have more people coming back to work and,we now need to focus uh what was a great,platform for remote work,into a great platform for hybrid work,the paradox here is that a survey shows,that roughly equivalent numbers of,people,were actually quite happy with the,flexibility and the remote working um,style that the pandemic uh brought along,with it but equally um,people are now yearning to form for more,face-to-face contact we need to marry,these two uh seemingly conflicting uh,requirements together,the way that were going to do that way,that we do do that is to focus our,platform our solution on people,uh the places where those people work,and the processes that help those people,have a smooth productive working,environment,all of this is going to be run is being,run under microsoft teams where we meet,chat call collaborate and now automate,as well,so if we look at people first,um last year we,microsoft released our what were,calling our customer experience platform,which is viva im not going to go into,this in great detail but basically there,are four pillars connections insights,learning and topics uh connections is,your next generation of corporate,internet internet insights is based on,workplace analytics and gives you both,personal and team level analytics of,your working behaviors,learning aggregates all learning sources,such as linkedin learning but also,third-party sources into the same place,and topics allows the surfacing and,definition of various topics within,within the business and,jargon,now places um i just like to play this,little video for a bit so,think of ourselves two two years ago,youre working from home,um and you really just have a laptop you,should have the same,first class experience as as your,colleagues who are working in the room,so if we start off from the perspective,of somebody working from home moving,into the room we have released,a whole host through our oem,vendors weve released a whole host of,different um microsoft teams room system,type solutions and for for the in-room,uh teams meeting environment we allow,the backgrounds to be changed and for,the audience to be organized in,different ways we allow putting your,hand up to ask a question reactions,and if theres a surface hub and a,whiteboard thats in the room then the,same whiteboard can be um edited by by,the person thats working from home so,its a very inclusive environment where,everybody has a seat at the table and,you dont feel excluded from this,in terms of processes we have a power,platform so we have power apps and uh,for building custom applications we have,um,power virtual agents for building bots,and i believe that and nice are going to,talk a little bit about bots going,forward which is great,we have power bi and which is basically,um allowing data to be brought into,where you are working which is in teams,and we have power automate that allows,the automation of uh mundane processes,such as approvals and and bookings and,the like,so,key to all of,this is to actually modernize,communications and to allow,employees to be able to access their,telephony as well as their other,communications from wherever they are,and we do this by um a teams phone,now where the the calls are integrated,it meets business needs and the fact,that it is a telephony system but it is,managed from the same teams admin,console as the rest of teams it doesnt,add any additional burden,and it provides users with a flexible,budget conscious devices,so how does customer care how do,third-party customer c

CallMiner Eureka Platform and Managing Cross-Channel Conversations

hi my name is carly ringe from cx today,bringing you all the latest customer,experience moves from the industry,now today were joined by jeff galino,from coal miner welcome jeff hi,thanks thanks for coming to join us,today lovely to have you with us,now were going to be getting to know,jeff a little bit better over the course,of this exclusive interview but,jeff for the sake of introductions could,you perhaps tell us a little bit more,about yourself,please sure um and thanks for having me,i appreciate it um,again jeff golino i am the chief,technology officer,at coal miner i also have an interesting,role,im in charge of strategic relationships,uh,but probably the more interesting thing,about me as it relates to coal miner is,im the founder,and uh so that kind of leads to how long,have i been doing this that sort of,thing,ive been doing it from the beginning,and when i say the beginning and,the beginning of the industry of,interaction,customer intelligence analytics speech,analytics all of that stuff,uh you know we sat around in a little,room and talked about what we wanted to,call the industry so its been,its been a heck of a ride im pretty,excited to be here,thank you jess its lovely and uh were,going to be,talking to jeff about a number of,different things,um some examples are uh how analytics,fuels better cx and were also going to,be,learning a little bit more about coal,miners unity platforms,so with that in mind lets get cracking,with our questions excellent so,jeff first question for you today then,can you tell us a little bit more about,coal mine as you reach your platform,please,sure um and i think the key word that,you used was,platform um a lot of people when they,contemplate using,software in this industry they think of,it as sas its a service in the cloud,and they tend to focus on features and,different things like that oh can it do,this um with a platform we built it from,the ground up,to manage conversations and when i say,manage conversations that,its phone email chat text,uh you know forums blogs anywhere,where a agent of the company a human or,a bot,is communicating with a customer,and so we take that information uh and,well pick,well pick the most fun case which is,when theyre on the phone together or,theyre in a,teams or some sort of video and we,transcribe every word said all of the,emotionality and tonality of how,they say it um and even in the future,well get facial expressions and things,like that its not in the platform yet,but the platform enables things like,that its very easy for us to add those,features to,enrich that data and so we take that,enriched data,and then we do things like really ask,simple questions,howd that go was it a good conversation,what specifically did they talk about in,what order did they talk about it,um you know was it received well by the,customer was it,was it given well by the agent um can we,learn something to teach the agent can,we learn something to teach the customer,uh maybe a different channel to call in,on at the end of it we say,hey you did this we might even tell the,agent halfway through the conversation,stop selling youve already closed now,ill do this,and um in a larger customer experience,framework,all of this is called unsolicited,feedback,so it seems odd uh the term used to be,voice of the customer right and we,and i tell you i bristled over that so,many times because im like im hearing,the actual voice of the customer,voice of that customer you know but what,it really led us to talk about is,what is the activity to collect that,information and in a in a solicited,feedback,so youre thinking surveys or opinions,or research that,sort of thing thats a very question,answer,kind of phenomena if you were to run,analytics on just,our conversation here yes youre asking,me questions,but its more about how i answer it its,more about what,what questions you might have asked,because i in an unsolicited realm,i dont know what either party is going,to say so we have to hear it all,and the beauty of that is lets say i,call in to tell you that uh,the battery life on my phone is terrible,and you suggest that i get a better,charger,right and i fill out a survey after the,fact that,you know how was the agent the,engagement was good and,and thats it they basically asked me,that question but what if while you were,looking something up i said hey when is,the new,you know uh iphone 22 come out,obviously its like 12 or 13 now and,youre like oh next month im like is it,going to be in red i really want a red,phone and you go,you know ive heard that it is oh cool,then you ask your,answer your question read in the call,the product,team really wants to know,about that red question right but,theres nowhere in the survey,in the feedback thats solicited did,they know to even ask that question,but in an unsolicited way i can grab,that and then combine that with the,solicitor,and give a broader more closed loop view,so,not only covering thats what the,platform does its really the use case,in kind of the framework of cx is all,about collecting that unsolicited,feedback,for a lot of parties because were,putting it in a central place and people,can look at it,so the big answer is no funny question,thank you jeff thats a fantastic answer,thank you,um on to question two then um whats the,key to,managing customer conversations across,different channels and,could you tell us a little bit about how,coalminer can help with this piece,oh great well the first thing is,managing it the way we help is by,actually managing it right when you,when you think about a customer journey,im going to go back to this,the cell phone thing im just going to,use that example,um when i asked you about my battery,life,do you think that was the first time i,touched your organization about that,probably not i probably checked your,website,i probably checked other websites i,might have even tweeted about it,right and then i probably if im,lets say not in my particular,generation maybe im in your generation,and i probably started with a chat,and perhaps during that chat the the,agents uh just didnt know that it,wasnt a satisfactory conclusion so im,finding,i guess ill call so then i call and we,have our conversation i get satisfied,and i get surveyed what,was the journey from your perspective,from the companys perspective,i answered the question but from the,customers perspective i had one,question,i went across five or six,channels to get an answer and,being able to manage all of that ask,each of those channels the,kind of those central questions that,unsolicited feedback,put it all together im going to mention,the red thing on the chat and not on the,call,the product manager still wants to know,and they still want to know it was in,reference to somebody just,idly waiting while you looked up an,answer in fact even more,theyre going to want to know what you,looked up and that becomes a part of my,journey even though i didnt see it,if that makes sense although you could,have said,oh it says right here its the kind of,charger let me send you a link to this,faq which is on our website,now youve added the website back into,the journey,in an attempt and a pretty good one,actually of convincing me that i could,have answered this myself,and not bothered you or the chat person,so,thats the advantage of being,multi-channel is you can do the,analytics across those channels,its also understanding that that,customer journey is real,and a lot of times by the time they get,to the end to the answer,where the company is very satisfied,theyre like oh we answered the question,did you or did it take you five attempts,to answer a question,and was that a good experience well the,final one,is almost always a good experience,because they got my question answered,but,how is that going to affect my,relationship with this company,so long-winded answer again so ill try,to go faster no,not at all its um theyre fantastic,answers thank you jeff,now you know what where organizati

hi everyone well be going live in just,five minutes waiting for some more,people to join and then well go ahead,and get started with BOC and nice,two minutes,all right one minute well go ahead and,get started,okay so thanks for joining us everybody,and for watching us sit still in front,of the camera for a few minutes my name,is Whitney wood I am the marketing,director for nice app metrics and Im,excited to be here with Jane Eyre Oren,who will introduce himself in a minute,and were gonna talk with you about,trends in voice of the customer as we,start heading into 2019 yeah I have one,chain or and our VP of Sales for nice,set metrics and Ill be here talking to,guys today about those trends as well so,with that Whitney lets go ahead a start,alright so um I think we just wanted to,kind of start just by sort of talking,about whats happening in the market,these days and vo C or even called vo C,you can call it customer feedback,management its the sort of area of many,names but a lot going on in the market,so we thought wed just start by sort of,talking a little bit about what is,happening in the market and kind of what,that means for the space overall sure so,as we start off and look at whats,happened this last year in terms of VO,to see a customer feedback you look at,some big things that have happened an,acquisition of opinion lab has happened,an acquisition of Qualtrics just,happened for a whopping 8 billion,dollars by ASAP so what you see is,theyre getting a lot of traction and,companies are really looking at with all,things are equal product it really comes,down to price well now price is equal so,now whats next and I convened a,customer experience and thats why I,think youre seeing the trend in people,purchasing these companies and really,getting involved if you have to think,about it theres only a few companies,out there that you would back and say,hey they give a great customer,experience maybe thats Amazon a Costco,maybe its the Best Buy or Zappos for,you guys but theres very few so theres,a lot of room for improvement here and,we I think thats why were seeing the,trend in the market that we see today,yeah I think one of the things we often,talk about here is that we actually,dont see a lot of companies who do,customer experience particularly well so,theres a lot of talk about it theres a,lot of money around,theres theres a addressable market in,this space its just huge but people,arent really doing the things they need,to do to really deliver the customer,experience that people are looking for,and thats really the point so thats,always interesting to us in the space it,a lot happens but we dont see like a,net improvement in the experience that,companies offer which is actually a real,opportunity so yeah if you look at the,stats these days you know eighty percent,of companies think they get great,superior customer experience but the,reality is we talk to their customers,only 8% of companies actually do that so,there is a large room for improvement,and I think were gonna see that trend,going in 2019 yeah I think the two in,the things you remember about that is,not just that its not just a difference,of opinion it really matters so the,people who actually deliver the customer,experience that their customers say is,great outperform their competitors by,just smiles I mean I never remember the,numbers cuz when you look at the chart,its like really ones really high and,ones really low and you always want to,be in that in that higher one set so it,isnt just something to do because its,a nice thing to do I think thats,something people kind of get swept up in,oh the customer experience but it,actually is a really strategic business,decision that people make to invest in,this and it it drives it drives the,bottom line and in really significant,ways so yeah – that one I just want to,add on you know doing it well and doing,it period theres very theres very -,Dermott categories there or not doing it,which a lot of companies arent doing,today but you know many of you guys have,probably flown on Delta or American,United Airlines and gotten that 45,questions survey 45 questions I skipped,everything went right to the end and it,still took me almost 20 minutes to do,thats too long and thats why customers,today are getting survey fatigue they,dont want to answer that next survey,because the last one was so long they,dont feel like it was personalized they,didnt get anything out of it that,company didnt say hey I heard you so,thats a problem right you really need,to interact your customers that love,know you heard what theyre saying yeah,I think thats I mean its great point,that you can you can be doing customer,feedback where youre asking for,feedback but that doesnt actually mean,that you are listening effectively to,the voice of the customer and theres a,lot of things people do,wrong and the excessively long survey is,super common and intensely frustrating,probably too well always to the people,taking the survey but also to the people,asking people to respond to the survey,because theyre not getting what they,need out of it at the very least they,have created an annoyed customer by the,end of it so asking questions that you,cant immediately act on or that you,know you wont take action on and doing,that at length is one really common,mistake that people make when they think,theyre doing a good job or take making,the effort to listen to the voice of the,customer another one I think is failing,to to account for what you already know,about the customer so tell us who you,are well you know Who I am I I bought,your products already and theres a lot,more subtle ways of kind of signaling,that you know who your customer is and,also being smart about questions that,you ask based on what you already know,yeah I think that you bring up a good,point we see a lot of people that you,know you answer these questions from the,survey takers side but what we actually,see is the problem is that the people,who wrote the survey dont have any,customer experience knowledge that you,really dont understand what they want,out of it,other than hey did we do a good job,thumbs up thumbs down thats great but,what does that tell you if your business,and revenues growing I know theyre,happy what I dont know is what do they,want from it so I want to know more than,are you happy I want to know what can I,do differently to keep you as a valued,customer to get you to come back to,purchase my airline ticket first going,somewhere else is that destination is it,service is it bigger seats these are,things that companies dont know today,and I dont think theyre asking the,right questions to get there yeah I,think thats really common and one of,the ways that we always counsel our,customers to think about the questions,that they ask is well whos going to be,making changes based on these who are,the people throughout your company who,are going to take this information and,do something with it to improve the,service that they offer the product that,they offer to improve the way they work,with other people in the company right,there they know what they want to know,probably and would would very likely be,super engaged with the program that,works with them to understand what they,need to know so that the questions um,and the timing of the questions because,thats another really important thing,can really account for what is it that,were trying to get out of customers,that we know would help us make,improvements or critically get rid of,blockers to customer loyalty and,satisfaction I think thats really,important too,yes so with me I know were were having,theres a kind of general conversation,here but as we get into this you know,and I see people liking the video and,talking about it my concern here is that,maybe they dont understand what the,difference is between a promoter someone,who just gave us a thumbs up on the,video versus a detractor who had that,bad experience so Im we at nice time,metrics we often use

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