1. Quantstamp – QSP Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis SEPTEMBER 2022
  2. Buy QSP? Quantstamp a must for every Ethereum ERC20 token and ICO!
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  7. Quantstamp (QSP) ICO Review

Quantstamp – QSP Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis SEPTEMBER 2022

whats going on everyone and welcome to,trading crypto forward over quant stamp,qsp down 4.6 at 1.6 cents 976 million,max supply with 713 million circulating,supply and an extremely small market cap,of 11 million i think this thing could,definitely take off if it survives this,bear market into the next bull run you,can see the all-time high on this is 78,cents over four years ago which is kind,of concerning because it did not make a,high in the last bull run but thats,probably because there was a lot less,coins in circulation four years ago than,there is now so thats something you,always have to look into when you see,that it hasnt made an all-time high in,a long time like is there a lot less,coins in circulation back then um did,something dramatic happen to the dev,team just always do your own research,and you can see the all-time low on this,was double zero four,two years ago,currently available on the following,exchanges down here coinbase being the,leader so with that lets get into the,price prediction and technical analysis,on quant stamp,[Music],okay everyone lets get into quant stamp,looks like the last time i turned this,was on august 27th i had uh something,about this big moonshine the star here i,really dont remember what i was talking,about but i was saying keep an eye on,the 786 and inevitably we did hit that,786 and bounced off it and then,capitulated below it so,im going to remove this and were going,to start fresh you can see were,currently getting held up by um,is this a micro yeah this is a very very,micro support channel here at 1.6 you,can see it acted very big in the past as,well so lets draw,a fibonacci lets see what fitbits,respecting so its respecting this fib,right here thats the six one eight if,we draw this fib thats the seven eight,six that its respecting and if we draw,this fib,that fibs and valid so these two fibs,are valid so we have a fib here the,large fib where its being held up by,the 786 and this microfiber here which,is being held up by the 618 so what im,currently going to be doing right now is,im going to be going off the smaller,time frame so im going to be going off,the 618. so the 618 right now is,currently our support actually 618 right,now is our resistance so the 618 is our,resistance thats the main area that we,need to focus on getting over is 1.65 if,we break over that i think the high high,that we would go to is 1.8 you can see,that 1.8 is the 382 right here with the,main resistance so im going to put a,star right here and this is the area,that i think we are going to be heading,to or the area that we really need to be,focusing on right now this is the double,resistance its going to be very,difficult to get over once we get up,there but inevitably if we do get over,that its going to act as a double,support if we currently look at the macd,the macd did just have a bearish,crossover if i blow this up we just,crossed over a bearish so the bearish,crossover was us breaking below the 786,flipped bearish our size tailing back,down so as of right now its saying hey,we might be seeing one more leg down,before we see continuation upwards so as,of right now,im going to be bearish on him but in,the longer term i do think we are going,to be testing this double resistance so,im going to draw that im going to,extend this a little bit further up so,we go off to 786. so as of right now the,786 is our support where were currently,tested it several times because we,tested it once twice currently working,on our way down to test it a third time,we had the bears crossover on the macd,rsi is tailing back down if we just take,a look at the rsi this things kind of,wonky you can see we normally tag out,and then retrace back down to the 31 but,back here we were wonky right here we,actually take out a 48 were dropping,back down so this thing this coin is,kind of all over the place right now um,as of right now im going to keep an eye,on the 786 at 1.62 if we break below,1.62 i think our next stop is 1.5 but,inevitably i do think we are going to be,going up the tag this double resistance,area the rsi is low macd really isnt,doing much so we have juice on both of,these things to make that run up to zero,one eight so im gonna be keeping an eye,on the 786 the 786 is gonna be the,storyteller so,1.6,cents if we break below that then i,think well see that capitulation of 1.5,and then inevitably working our way back,up to 1.8 let alone the fed meeting is,tomorrow so that is a big catalyst that,puts a lot of tas you know out to the,pasture you can do a ta but when theres,catalyst as big as the fed meeting,release thats gonna be coming out,tomorrow that thing could definitely,push us a lot lot lower so as of right,now im currently waiting to buy coins,till after i see what happens on the fed,meeting tomorrow so if the fed meeting,didnt come out this is what im,planning but if the feminine is negative,then all this is out the window so,definitely just do your own research be,patient,um were in a bear market so short term,quant stamp bearish and inevitably i do,think were going to be testing this,double resistance area at 1.8 so with,that know this is financial advice and,if theres any coins youd like me to,chart or if youd just like to chat with,me make sure you join my discord channel,youll find the link below in the,description,find this content useful and youd like,to support the channel head over to the,trading crypto home page where you can,become a member click on the join tab it,is 4.99 for a month you get membership,shout outs membership online chats and,priority replies and comments along with,loyalty badges,[Music],you

Buy QSP? Quantstamp a must for every Ethereum ERC20 token and ICO!

[Music],hey guys this is Charlie from alcone bus,and today we will talk about co-op stamp,as you may know we have talked about,them several times earlier on this,channel but this time it will go a,little bit deeper a little bit more into,technical details we will talk about,what consump is what it consists of and,why it is needed we will also go through,the road map and what is up and coming,in 2018 first can John someone just,please tell me what happened to their,web page it used to look pretty good ish,but now it just look like an alpha,version of an account company yes well,were not here to judge their web design,skills we have to look at the project so,lets get straight into it so what is,constant well in short point stamp is a,software that currently can check,etherium smart contracts for different,faults and bugs in a somewhat automatic,way in their own words they are security,auditing protocol so why is it needed,well you may have heard that etherium is,a safe platform that is practically,immune to hacking and in a sense that is,true but the smart contracts upon the,blockchain are written by people and,people they are stupid,so there will always be bugs and it,doesnt help that the contracts on the,theorem Bach chain is written in a,language that no one really knows,solidity and the biggest act to this day,is the DAO attack where some what 55,million dollars were lost so you cannot,really argue against the functionality,that Kwanzaa is providing and as,dimensioning the white paper the number,of smart contracts on the theorem,platform increased from five hundred,thousand to two million between June and,October 2017 and its not hard to see,that this should have an exponential,growth as the blockchain technology,becomes more adapted and also its not,hard to see that any contracts that,manages pretty much any asset should,also have a security auditing now you,may think that this is quite narrow,black wants them to only target the,ethereum blockchain,since its at least a possibility that,some blockchain platforms will die when,other more advanced technologies emerges,but as hopefully will become clear in,this video the fundamentals of constant,of the concert protocol are actually,platform agnostic and could be applied,to any bar chain but,the first step of concept is to,implement it in etherium in a sort of,proof-of-concept manner and perhaps even,be implemented in the platform itself,and since the theorem is by far the most,widely used blockchain token platform,today the story is quite obvious so how,does this work,well first of all the quantum network is,run upon the etherium platform and the,goal of con stamp is to find bugs in,existing smart contracts and they want,to do this as automatic automatically as,possible but today the platform isnt,fully capable of doing this so for now,the protocol consists of two parts,the first one as they say here is an,automated and upgradeable verification,system that checks solidity programs and,the second one is an automated bump,payout system that rewards human,participants for finding errors in smart,contracts and the purpose of this system,is to bridge the gap while moving,towards the goal of full automation and,there are a few actors on the quantum,network that we can read about in the,white paper but we take them in a,different order and first of all we have,these contract creators who simply are,the ones who have developed the smart,contracts and want them audited and,along with them publishing the contracts,they also send the current price of the,other thing in QSP which are the,constant protocol token and connected to,this we also have the contract users,which are the ones who will have access,to the final auditing results and then,we also have these voters so the,constant protocol is built in a modular,and as I mentioned before a breathable,way but in order to apply these upgrades,there is an inherent governance protocol,where the voters are actually the token,holders and in this way the power always,resides at the users or holders of the,token moving on to the contributors and,these are most often security experts,that contribute with auditing software,and for this work they will receive,quantum tokens and also there is a risk,that bad actors can publish bad or teen,code so these contributors has to be,voted in and this auditing software,provided by the contributors often,requires a lot of computational power in,order to actually find these bugs and,code errors and this competition power,is provided by the validators and for,this they are also of course rewarded in,quantum tokens so the contributors are,rewarded for the time,expertise while the validators are,rewarded for the electricity they are,consuming by providing the computation,power and then we also have the bug,finders and these ones are actually,anyone there is willing to look for bugs,in inaudible smart contracts so when the,contract crater publishes the contract,on the constant network he or she also,adds the boundary mount and deadline for,when the bounty isnt valid anymore so,if a bound bug finder finds the bug and,it is approved he or she will be,rewarded with this bounty amount so,lets take an example and we have this,lovely image so you as a developer,creates a smart contract and since you,dont want to up anything you,decide to audit it with constant and you,send the transaction with quantum tokens,directly from your wallet,including the smart contract source code,in the data field of the transaction and,in this way your auditing process is,recorded upon the ethereum blockchain,which ensures that you as a quantum cost,customer can feel secure that the money,you put into the this audit will,eventually provide some result so when,your transaction is validated on the,theorem bar chain the quantum validators,starts working on a smart contracts and,tries to find bugs in it now it gets a,bit technical so well actually skip,this part and just say that when the,validators have reached consensus upon,the results they append this back on to,the theorem box chain and it and you as,the developer is notified that the,process is finished worth mentioning is,also that this result can be chosen to,be either private or public so during,this process there is also the,possibility for bound counters or bug,finders to submit different issues with,your smart contracts and if someone,finds a bug he or she is rewarded with,the bounty amount that is specified in,the initial transaction from us the,developer and also worth noting is that,even though the constant provides a,sophisticated method for distributed,debugging it doesnt that probably,cannot ever guarantee a flawless and,bug-free code that just practically,impossible to achieve now I believe,thats enough about how the constant,platform works and lets look at their,team for a moment and theyre actually,also included in the white paper so,first of all we have the two co-founders,- Steven Stewart the current CTO and,Richard math the current CEO so Steven,Ive graduated,from University of Waterloo and has been,a PhD candidate before he dropped off to,work with constant full-time and in this,candidate who worked with software,verification tools and solvers using,distributed computing and GPUs and he,has also worked five years at Canadian,Cryptologic agency in the Department of,National Defense so this is actually,quite an impressive resume and then we,have Richard MA who is not related to,that above a CEO Jack Ma and Richard has,previously worked as an algorithmic,portfolio manager and work with,programming algorithmic trading software,including a severe amount of unit,testing which in a way is exactly what,quantum is doing and then we also have,these two founding team members by human,tegami and adisyl Koski with PhD,competence in very relevant areas but,looking at the web page we can see that,now not even a year later from them,publishing their white paper the team,has grown to about 20 members and all o

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what is going on people welcome back to,another video on aj5 and in todays,video guys its all about qsp Quant,stamp which has pumped up 35 in the last,24 hours making it just under the two,cents Target as you can see guys most of,the pump did take place very early this,morning as soon as they hit about the,10th of October which is today this,literally started to pump up in value,going from about 0.014 all the way up to,let me see yes it did hit two cents,earlier this morning and its,fluctuating around the two cents Target,at the moment so were going to be going,through is it time to buy is it too late,is it time to sell if youre on a profit,or is it just time to hold on to it,looking at its prediction over the next,couple of hours days weeks months and,overall in 2022 covering both buys and,sellers point of view and also,especially going into 2023 thats around,the corner is this a crypto that you,must have in your wallet or would you,rather put your money into a different,crypto but before I get into all of that,stuff guys if youre new to the channel,and havent subscribed yet make sure to,go down and smash that subscribe Button,as well as like the video as Im trying,to hit a hundred thousand subscribers by,the end of the year and if you guys can,help me hit that Target I will be doing,a cryptocurrency giveaway which you guys,can join by simply subscribing to the,channel and for a bonus entry following,me on Instagram link to that will be in,the description box down below so we are,on the coinbase website and we can see,the last hour itself,sorry not the last hour the last 24,hours the market is down one percent,however Quantum has managed to gain the,top spot in the top gainers list in the,last 24 hours in the last hour itself,managed to gain just about half a,percentage over the last day 35 over the,week 37 and over the month three percent,guys we can see it in the short term,when youre looking at the daily and,weekly chart it looks like yes its,performing very well its doing quite,well however when you look at the,monthly chart we can see for the past,four weeks its been doing nothing but,dropping in value quite consistently all,up until earlier today were pumped up in,value out of nowhere so,going into a coin market cap website,here we can see the trading volume has,gone up by a massive three thousand two,hundred percent in the last 24 hours,making it 2.1 million dollars in trading,which is still a huge amount of money,that is currently being traded on,quantstamp were seeing a lot of buyers,a lot of Sellers and in general just a,lot of people trading the crypto as its,been gaining a lot of attention a lot of,hype recently with more and more,investors as well as more sellers weve,got a massive 89 buy against 11 so so,yeah we definitely got a lot of money,being invested into Quant stamp at the,moment so,lets get straight into it on the screen,right now we do have the Candlestick,pattern chart with the Fibonacci scale,which Ill be using later on in the,video to do some technical analysis but,for now Im just gonna hide this and Im,gonna bring up the macd indicator to do,some price prediction as Im pretty sure,thats what most of you guys are here,for so we are looking at the daily chart,right now another top here weve got the,purple line running across the chart,which is the SMA indicator currently,valuing Quant stamp at 0.01582 however,we can see it trading at a much higher,value and just under two cents at,0.01958 meaning its performing quite,well and much better than expected so,lets zoom in into the 30 minute chart,for the short-term Traders and then Ill,move on to the hourly daily and weekly,chart for the long-term investors but,before I do that guys just a little,disclaimer this is no Financial advice,Im not a financial advisor anything I,say is from my own prediction and my,take on this crypto and any gains or,losses you guys make I will not be,responsible for so zooming into the 30,minute chart we do have the blue line M,the Orange Line looking bear shedding,towards the negative Direction meaning,minimal drops in value are expected over,the coming hours so lets say over the,next 12 to 14 hours Im expecting an,overall drop on Quantum however,its not going to be a major drop or a,huge price decrease or anything like,that as previously mentioned plenty of,times whenever you see a crypto doing a,huge percentage increase in a short,amount of time exactly like whats,happened here the crypto has to take a,little dip he has to take a little,breather and the exact same applies to,Quant stamp Im expecting it to overall,drop in value but in a slow and steady,Pace potentially dropping below the,0.017 cents Target is what Im expecting,towards the end of the day today and,early hours of tomorrow but dont get me,wrong that doesnt mean were not going,to see any more green candles of course,we are its going to be volatile we may,even see it go above the two cents,Target once again over the next two,three hours and then drop back down in,value so do expect it to be quite,volatile but overall drop in value now,moving on to the hourly chart next,couple of days what can we see here now,were looking a little bit well weve,got the blue line looking bearish,heading towards the negative Direction,and the Orange Line looking bullish,heading towards a positive direction so,essentially weve got two lines going,the opposite direction to each other,meaning an overall fluctuation in value,is what Im expecting over the coming,days so lets say towards the end of,this week Im expecting an overall,fluctuation around,0.01922 cents Target towards the end of,the week on Quantum however Im again,expecting it to be volatile I am,expecting it to drop down to about 0.015,as well and then picking back up to,about two cents you know its going to,be quite volatile but the overall,outcome seems to be more on the neutral,side so fluctuating at the current price,range over the next seven to eight days,now moving on to the daily chart over,the next couple of weeks what can we,expect here weve got the blue line and,the Orange Line looking bullish I think,towards a positive direction not looking,too steep they are just about slanting,towards the positive direction so guys,an overall increase in value is expected,over the long run so lets say late,November early December we should expect,the crypto to be fluctuating over the,two cents Target and again Guys these,are my predictions as of right now this,may change according to any new updates,any new news I come across that can have,a potential impact on the value of Quant,stamp but of course anything like that I,will make sure to keep you guys updated,as much as I can and as soon as I can on,my Instagram page and on my YouTube,channel as well so make sure you stay,subscribed and turn on the Bell,notifications to get notified every time,I upload so yeah so far so good guys do,expect the crypto to be quite volatile,so lets get rid of the macd indicator,and bring on the Fibonacci scale to do,some technical analysis but as you can,see there isnt much we can do the only,reason for that is not only are we,trading in the Red Zone but we are,trading in the lowest part of the Red,Zone and lets have a look here since,about May earlier in this month in may,we dropped into the Red Zone and weve,just been getting worse and worse and,worse over time and frustrate the green,zone were gonna have to hear at least,four cents in Target requiring us to go,for another 100 to 150 increase which,Im not expecting from Quan stop anytime,soon so more or less is very likely for,the rest of the year we are very likely,that were going to be trading in the,Red Zone but that doesnt matter what,matters is as long as we slowly and,steadily start to move in an upwards,direction towards the green zone thats,all that matters but yeah so far we are,going to be stuck in the Red Zone but,yeah these are my takes and my,predictions on Quantum guys Ive seen a,lot of positive and negati

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CertiK ICO Review – Quantstamp and Zeppelin KILLER!! ????????????????

welcome back guys to another episode of,decentralized cheneys for Rozz bringing,you the latest news reviews and,blockchain tech so today we are going to,be reviewing assertive ICO now this,particular ICO Ive notice has been,getting a lot of attention in its own,telegram group which has been blowing up,as well as others so in terms of the,actual project itself it was founded,back in Silicon Valley and New York City,it is aiming to be a formal verification,framework for building fully trustworthy,smart contracts and blockchain,ecosystems so the problem that theyre,looking to solve here is is that block,chains are seen as being vulnerable and,error-prone and if we look at the,etherium virtual machine implementation,back in January this year it had around,703 open issues out of over 2000 that,were closed now furthermore to that,smart contracts are open sourced to,hackers and immutable once are deployed,so if we take the DAO incident which had,one bug and cost in the region of around,50 million dollar loss through hacking,and it was only resolved through a,further fix by a hard fork so clearly,there is a huge attack opportunity and,if we look at 2017 as a whole that saw,in the region of around six hundred and,thirty million dollars being lost to,hackers alone so in terms of the actual,problem that they look to solve here it,is really being able to build a,trustworthy blockchain ecosystem and so,theyve developed a multi-platform,technology that is ready to be used and,has been in iterative development since,2015 and what this means is that we have,a solution as fully formally verifiably,mathematically and proof that each,implementation meets its specification,secondly a deep spec layer based,decomposition text to scale verification,as well as being automated mostly and,having machine checkable proof now the,white paper does do a great job of a,detailed overview of the platform but to,summarize what Ive done is Ive broken,it down into two perspectives one being,the serta framework and the latter being,the community involvement so if we look,at the actual certain framework we have,a number of key components first up,weve got smart labeling so this aims to,understand,the actual decentralized programs and,not only at the syntax level but also at,the semantics level and then adding,proper labels to the source code,automatically and secondly weve got the,layer based decomposition so this,technique aims to uncover the insights,of the layer design patterns and make it,possible to decompose a complex proof,task into smaller ones and verify each,one of them at their proper abstraction,level then thirdly weve got the pluged,proof engine so these decompose proof,obligations are much easier to untangle,and can even be solved by some automatic,verifiers now in order to enable the,extensibility the actual certain,platform is intended to provide an open,protocol such that more advanced solving,algorithms can be freely plugged into,the system then a number for weve got,the Machine checkable proof objects so,these constructs mechanize the proof,objects basically such that the proofs,can quickly be checked by anyone using,their own machine so these proof objects,can be viewed as certificates to the,verified programs then weve got the,actual certified app libraries so in,order to improve the code quality and,reliability of the entire blockchain,community asserting platform offers a,series of certified libraries and,plugins to the integrated development,environment for building more,trustworthy apps the use of these tools,will cost a small amount of ctk which is,the actual virtual crypto fuel but will,provide more assurance during the,development time and then lastly what we,have is the customized certification,services so basically for daps systems,such as digital wallets with high,reliability requirements the certain,platform intends to provide customized,certification services so in this case,of verification experts ultimately will,help specify verify the programs and,generate a detailed expensive report now,if we move on to the actual community,framework what we have here now are a,number of roles so if we look at the,first one weve got customers now,customers can submit programs systems,that need verification services or any,proof obligations to certain platforms,and network with ctk incentives offered,for anyone who constructs the proofs so,now you can start seeing the actual,token value and you Tilly,within the platform itself and then,secondly we also have bounty hunters now,these are the ones who aim to get ctk,incentives so thats the currency and,would like to share their computation,resources now due to the importance of,this particular role only users who,possess a certain amount of ctk are,allowed to take this role so there is,also here now an incentive to actually,hold and therefore reduce that supply of,ctk already in the ecosystem then,thirdly we have checkers now these,individuals get ctk incentives by,recording regular transactions or check,these submitted proof objects and then,fourth we have sages so sages are the,ones who plug their proof engines via,the actual surgical @ forms open,protocol and their engines may be,randomly used by bounty hunters and will,be evaluated through a/b testing now,they can also get some seats gain,sensors depending on the evaluation,result of their engines so ultimately,outstanding engines will be studied and,spread by the community and then lastly,we have users who can subscribe to all,the certain platforms certified,libraries IDE plugins to build their own,apps and systems with some C TKs as,well in order to do that so what weve,gone through now is really the overall,technology component framework as well,as the actual community framework and,also seeing the use of the actual token,throughout the ecosystem now in terms of,the road matter the proof of concept,started in December 2017 and things are,moving fast the Alpha smart labeling and,lead verification product was launched,back in February this year and is being,tested and proved by an online community,established by the cert ik team now also,weve got a beta product which is,actually drew for launch this month and,Sirte car targeting ten commercial,partners by this stage as well the aim,is to expand to 30 commercial,partnerships in time for the launch of,the initial full product launch which is,being aimed in June 2018 with a public,release in the second half of this year,so things are definitely moving fast now,in terms of actually understanding whos,going to be delivering this actual,platform the team actually has been,founded by an all-star team of,scientists from Columbia and Yale,and is supported by around ten senior,software engineers from Google Facebook,and free will so as well as having,marketing and business development,expertise to support them alongside,their so it certainly sounds like an,all-star team with a strong track record,of success now in terms of a quick,summary for the actual key members of,the actual team so weve got the,founders so weve got professor Ron we,goö and he is the professor of computer,sciences at Columbia University he,obtained his PhD in computer science,from Yale University and is an expert in,formal verification of software systems,now clearly he has a significant,background and a very impressive,academic track record as well to go with,it the second co-founder is zhang chao,who is a thomas l kempner professor and,department chair in the department of,computer science at yale university and,has been a leading figure working on,highly visible research fields on,cybersecurity programming languages,operating systems and certified software,he and his group at Yale have also,developed the worlds first hacker,resistant concurrent operating system so,certain,oh s which is basically a major,milestone towards building a cyber,physical systems that are provably and,free from software vulnerabilities and,then lastly we have Wilheim schaberg a

Scaling DeFi Insurance Claims With Blockchain Oracles by Sebastian Banescu – Quantstamp | BOS22

thanks for the introduction so Im going,to skip the introduction slide is pretty,much what you just said,um and Im going to talk about this talk,is going to be pretty different from the,other talks that youve seen here Im,not gonna say like oh weve built this,awesome,uh Oracle system or like we know all,about oracles its going to be more like,we have a problem and we need your help,in terms of oracles right so you guys in,the room are the Oracle experts and we,need your help and we have an awesome,use case which is applicable to D5 and,we know theres a lot of data available,out there for D5 as weve just heard in,the previous talk,and for those of you who might not know,what D5 is its basically,a smart contract ecosystem which,implements uh Financial Services right,and and this space is growing a lot we,have a few logos here of some of the,biggest projects in B5,but as some of you may know in order to,properly navigate through D5,or when you navigate through defy youre,facing a lot of different risks so,theres many Financial risks and by,Financial risks I mean stuff similar,what happened to,UST to the Terra stable coin a few weeks,ago probably everyone here knows about,that when the stable coin depegged it,basically caused a spiral and now its,definitely not equal to one dollar,anymore but theres also technical risks,in addition to these Financial risks so,you need to know that these Financial,systems are just programs implemented in,smart contracts running on the,blockchain and theres nothing magical,about them these these programs may,contain bugs and they are subject to,hacks right so on this slide here I just,have a picture which is uh from a long,time ago when some of you might remember,D5 summer in 2020 everyone was talking,about harvesting and farming and so on,and there was this interesting news,article call,which was saying like Okay,when youre harvesting you might be,subject to pretty big hacks so this was,at the time quite a large hack since,then weve seen way more hacks and and,you you definitely need a lot of,technical expertise in order to be able,to judge if what youre going to be,deploying your funds in is subject to,this kind of risk,um so as I just mentioned the number of,hacks in D5 has been growing a lot,over the past year so we on this chart,here by tree analysis we can see that,uh they started back in 2018 lets say,when when D5 was just picking up there,were just a few projects right and over,the years like 2019 2020 you can see,this dark blue uh bar has increased,significantly right so this,um,basically also came its sort of,proportional to the amount of D5 uh,projects that were launched and the,total value locked in D5 so its its,not just like okay it stayed the same,and just the hacks increased right it,increased with the popularity of D5 but,still uh these kind of hacks are a,strong deterrent when it comes to,institutional investors right so how do,we convince institutional investors to,join the party,when it comes to D5,and,what weve done is at quantstamp weve,served a lot of customers in this space,over the years like weve started in,2017 weve audited more than,500 projects at this point we have over,250 customers and weve secured over 200,billion,in digital Assets in the projects that,weve audited and over and over again,these customer customers of ours have,asked us,is there a type of insurance or,guarantee that we can buy in order to,make sure,that we dont get hacked right so we,know that theres no such thing as 100,security,and we would like to to have this sort,of safety net right in case theres a,hack,um we should be covered so what weve,done as quantstamp is that weve,partnered up with a leading Global,insurer and a leading Global reinsurer,and weve launched chain proof which in,itself is a Bermuda entity it has been,licensed in Bermuda quite recently just,last month weve been awarded the,insurance General business license so we,can now offer,basically cyber insurance for,non-custodial smart contracts and this,is sort of a first,the big difference I think with respect,to any competitors that we have the,backing the technical backing from Quant,stem to perform of these uh technical,risk assessments and properly underwrite,the risk,we have a lot of institutional customers,who are ready to buy,um,hundreds of millions in coverage,and our projections look pretty good for,the next few years were currently,working on paper policies for D5,platforms also nft projects and also,liquid staking,so,where do the oracles come in right like,Ive been talking about the the intro,here for a long time and and then were,at Oracle conference so where do the,oracles come in and heres where we need,your help,so,what is covered by this kind of uh cyber,insurance policies for smart contracts,we basically want to ensure anything,that we missed during audits so if we,havent found a vulnerability and a,hacker found it and exploited it that is,going to be covered right so this is the,first point which is things that are not,indicated in the audit report,and another thing that that we cover is,explicitly things that were fixed so we,often have audits where,many of the issues are just acknowledged,acknowledge means that the team has,acknowledged that theres a risk they,know that theres a risk there but,theyre not going to fix it right so,this is of course uh subject to hacks,so here at the bottom I just have the,the header of our audit reports but if,youve seen some of these theyre,available on our website they basically,indicate how many issues were found how,many were fixed and how many were,acknowledged right this is a big,misconception in the space where people,think that if a project was audited it,means that its secure it doesnt mean,that it basically you need to look in,the report to see if they actually fixed,the issues that were found because a,project can just,uh commission an auditing firm like one,stamp to do an audit they find I dont,know 100 issues which some of them are,maybe critical medium low whatever and,they just acknowledged everything,and launch you know were not like at,constant we cannot really prevent them,from launching right were not The,Gatekeepers of ethereum right theres,this uh nice comic um uh video which,Ive seen with like the security guard,at uh entrance of a stadium and he just,like Taps everyone is just like okay go,in Quantum cant do that right were not,The Gatekeepers they can launch they can,go that way right and just launch even,if we say like hey dont launch this is,dangerous right its dangerous for your,customers the only thing we can do is,just publish a report and say,uh if youre going to deposit into this,you should be careful right and thats,what we do with our reports the problem,is that not many D5 users actually read,the reports,but anyway these are the kind of things,that we look for during our audits right,youre probably familiar with some of,these types of vulnerabilities such as,re-entrancy which was the the main,vulnerability that led to the Dow,exploit right uh theres of course,classical integer overflows or,underflows which are happening less,often now rounding errors or something,which are more common nowadays,also we look for business,uh process or business specific bugs in,those protocols so we basically read the,specification and we try to find the,deviations from that specification,and now given that you know what what is,covered right this would be an input for,an oracle right so this would be one of,the inputs to an oracle,and then heres what is excluded right,were not going to be covering things,that we dont have any control upon like,things that are specific maybe to the,underlying blockchain layer right like,51 attacks on the proof of work chain or,rug pulls right we dont have any,control whether the owner of the project,is just going to use their uh privileged,roles to just rug everyone,um and and all like this is a long list,Im not going to go through it but this,is another inpu

Best long term crypto portfolio (10 coins the BANKS are buying)

hey guys so Ive got a couple of,interesting little stories today well,not really stories these are not made up,this is actual true facts one is going,to be all about Bitcoin adoption things,that we need to do as Bitcoin investors,which is definitely gonna help that,Bitcoin adoption stuff you can really do,now secondly what were going to be,looking at right now is this right here,so this is the bazel committee on,banking supervision what were looking,at here is just which currencies the,banks yes the banks which have been,totally against crypto apparently,um just which cryptos theyre actually,really invest in it and it may not be,what you think so this report came out,in September 2022 which was uh basically,last month and its very very long it,basically takes a whole bunch of,different banks and looks through all,all of their Investments everything that,theyre investing you can see here weve,got a Central Bank of Argentina,Australia Belgium Brazil weve got,Deutsche Bank Reserve Bank of India,Indonesia Italy Japan I mean theyre all,in there basically all the big Banks,even the likes of the ECB Federal,Reserve Etc I mean everything is in here,and they are investing in crypto yes,they are despite what you hear in the,media that if we scroll all the way down,here to page 109 I believe it is there,we are we get to this one so this is the,banks exposures to crypto Assets Now if,you do want to actually read this little,report for yourself its yeah its kind,of interesting then Ill leave a link,for it down below at the bottom of this,video,so Im not going to bother actually,reading all this out to you now this is,just to make you aware that this is out,there and you can go take ahead and look,at this read it all through for yourself,it does have quite a few pages in here,but this is the really important Ill,release the interesting stuff so right,here weve got a couple of charts and,were going over just what they are,invested in so you can see here weve,got Bitcoin uh ethereum number two so,ethereums in the blue Bitcoin here is,in the red but this is not all Bitcoin,so Bitcoin actually its just over 32,percent in actual real Bitcoin so no,surprise really Bitcoin is the the big,winner there but everybody really,expects xrp thats really the big one,every xrp video Ive ever done always,seems to get people in the in the,comments saying they dont want xrp its,the banks coin the bankers coin and of,course that isnt actually true because,if you know anything about RuPaul xrp,and function of the X rapid system you,know the banks that youre using it,dont actually need to hold any xrp,whatsoever in order to benefit from X,rapid rather than Swift so no most of,the banks do not actually hold xrp in,fact the holding set for xrp is just two,percent I believe of the banks that are,holding cryptocurrencies uh the amount,of xrp theyre holding would be two,percent overall and you can see here,that Bitcoin is 31 of fear is 22 then,theres a bunch of other assets which,are backed by Bitcoin like the grayscale,fund that type of thing uh then weve,got cardano only one percent Solana only,one percent Litecoin less than a percent,Stellar in there as well weve even got,the likes of chain link in there as well,as well as polka dot and cardano both,quite high up on the list and if youre,thinking wow these Bankers are all,investing in crypto this must be epic,that theyre holding all these cryptos,dont get too excited because it turns,out when you actually look into why,theyre holding these cryptos its not,for the bank long-term strategy for,holding Bitcoin now its actually,something completely different so heres,the distribution across activities were,talking about crypto holding and lending,so that would be like huddling their own,coins for their own personal use in the,bank or lending to other customers Etc,and then weve got clearing client,Market making services so this would be,type of banks like wirex or crypto.com,but these are obviously bigger Banks,like we saw the list of them earlier and,theyre basically allowing people to,trade on their platform to buy and sell,crypto so its acting as a market maker,those types of services and then weve,got a very worrying one which is custody,wallet insurance services and all that,now if you know anything about Bitcoin,and blockchain Technology you dont,really need to give other people custody,you also dont need insurance because,its on the blockchain what can go wrong,and then as you scroll down the awful,truth comes out where over 50 percent of,the crypto that theyre holding is in,custodial wallets okay as a sort of,insurance product for crypto holders so,the majority of people using Bank,services for crypto are doing it for,crypto custody that means that they are,not listening to the fundamental rule of,Bitcoin which is not your keys not your,crypto for goodness sake do not give,your crypto to the bank I believe not so,long ago it came out in terms and,conditions that people realize that if,you had your funds hold on Celsius and,Celsius would to go insolvent which they,did,um then your funds are not your funds,they actually belong to Celsius and that,your funds would be used in part of that,insolvency well exactly the same with,any Bank you know we could be going into,the biggest banking crisis of all time,these Banks may need to get bailed out,by the government Etc do you think if,theyre holding your crypto that crypto,is yours of course not its their asset,so guys just you know do the sensible,thing get trades wallet Hardware wallet,and just look after your own crypto your,own Bitcoin dont give it to the banks,itll be just like the gold back in the,day when people took their gold to the,bank bank gave them notes and then one,day said well were keeping all your,gold you keep that paper money uh its,just really not worth it I do not think,people should do that at all then weve,got clearing Market making services that,makes the other bulk and its a very,small percentage only four percent four,percent which is actually the bank,holding crypto hodlin crypto and holding,it for Lending to other other people,other Banks so very very small amount of,that is for actually holding crypto,majority of it is for nonsense services,but more and more banks are getting,involved they know that their customers,want to be involved in crypto and were,seeing more and more Banks coming on,board more and more Banks offering more,and more different crypto related,products and whether I believe that,people should be given the banks,custody of their crypto or not at the,end of the day that is where the bulk of,their services are coming from so,clearly somebody thinks that thats a,good idea so if you do want to check,this out yourself just scroll down below,this video in the description and I,should leave it there the main of it,starts here on page 109.,[Music],so the other interesting little story,that I had for you guys today is this,one here is about McDonalds my favorite,fast food restaurant I do do love a bit,McDonalds I used to work there just,like many other people I had five stars,so like most teenagers back when I was,one myself I had a job in McDonalds and,Im pretty aware of the way that,McDonalds do business basically if,theyre gonna bring out a new idea,rather than just bringing it out in,every single McDonalds all around the,world they do little trials and if those,trials in those select stores proved to,be a good thing for both McDonalds and,popular with the customers then they,just expand out maybe Nationwide and,then if its successful in one country,then theyll start moving it to other,countries until its just all over the,world and what theyre doing now what,theyre trialing out is accepting,Bitcoin in a little town in Switzerland,so if youre go into Switzerland please,do go and actually spend some Bitcoin,there because if McDonalds find that,people are actually using Bitcoin rather,than just huddling it in their little,wallets then theyll probably st

Quantstamp (QSP) ICO Review

hello everybody welcome to another video,of ICL hunter in todays video we were,looking at the consump ico and see what,they have to offer,so lets take a look what is constant,constant is protocol for security smart,contracts on the ETM blockchain their,aim is to be the first scalable security,audit protocol that is designed to find,vulnerabilities in Eatery smart,contracts what problems do they try to,solve they tried to solve the security,issues around smart contracts current,efforts to validate smart contracts are,inadequate and resulted in various acts,which cost millions of dollars they,tried to eliminate the human error smart,contracts are currently validated by,human experts and therefore error-prone,experts are expensive validating a smart,contract costs about 5,000 per contract,the constant aims to lower the cost to,about 10 dollars per contract validation,of contracts by human takes a lot of,time constant aims to deliver the,reports within minutes instead of weeks,there are not enough security experts to,audit all contracts already and the,exploding growth rate of smart contract,adoption will mean that there will be an,exponential increase in an amount for,auditing this picture displays a message,I received yesterday it is a good,example of bad code within a salutatory,smart contract it is a security alert,from parity parity is a company who,offers multi signature wallets the,library code of the parity wallet got,wiped out which makes their wallets,inaccessible this is an ongoing issue,and its not been resolved yet when the,library code cannot be recovered it has,a potential cost people hundreds of,millions of dollars this example shows,that the problem that constant transfer,dress is real and could potentially,change the way orders are done in the,future,what products will they build to,Constantine proposed to build a,validator note for security audits this,will be heavy modified atrium node,containing a toolkit for analyzing smart,contracts participants that offer the,computing resources to access validators,will receive constant tokens as a bounty,for running the validation notes for now,these notes were only run on the III and,blockchain but their vision to become,Network agnostic besides building the,validate the nodes constant proposed to,build protocols for validation and,governance the validation protocol will,handle payments contributors validators,and book finders the governance protocol,will control the updates of the,validation contracts and the validation,notes bounty to bridge the gap between,humans and full automation they will be,developing an automated bounty system,for human participants to find errors of,smart contracts this image represents,the security audit engine it takes a,unverified smart contact as an input,performs the automatic security checks,produces a report verification results,will be combined with a proof of audit,hash to track the scope of checks from,that version of the security library how,does the console network work their,network consists of participants that,all of their own use the contract,creators will have to pay constant,tokens to get the smart contract,verified the validators who are running,the validation nodes will receive,console tokens for contributing computer,power to audit the contracts the,contributors receive console tokens for,contributing a software for verifying,the smart contracts the book fineness,will receive tokens as a bounty for,submitting books the contract users who,have access to smart contract audits and,the filters will be able to govern the,network to revolting mechanism,how does the security out at work when a,developer finishes a smart contract visa,Mexico to constant this is done by,sending the code together with constant,tokens directly from developers wallet,to the smart contract he includes the,source code of a smart contract in a,data field of his wallet before selling,the payment the cue speak tokens,represent the bounty the developer is,willing to pay based on the security,needs when the payment is received the,cons of smart contract performs a set of,security checks to validate the code,that was sent upon consensus the proof,of all the data are added to the next,iteration block report classifies issues,based on a severity rating from one to,ten with one being a minor issue and 10,being a severe issue if no serious human,abilities are detected and the time for,finding these issues has elapsed the,bounty will return to the developer who,requested the audit here an overview of,the road map I will only address the,most important milestones consump was,founded in June 2017 by Richard MA and,Steven Stewart in July 2017,they built a static solidity analyser,right off to the parity attack in,October 2017 they completed a,semi-automated audit of the request,network smart contract this month,November they will launch the QSB token,via the ICL in December 2017 they will,build the verification and payment,protocols in January 2018 they plan to,build the validation node in April 2000,18 they will deploy the test network and,will conduct an academic review of the,system in August 2000 18 they will,release the product to the main net now,we will get to the toka seal details,then no you custom applications will end,at the following dates pre-cell kyc will,end Monday November the 6th the crowd,sill kyc will ends Friday November the,10th the toka sill dates are the,following pre-sale starts November the,7th and ends November the 10th crowd,sill will start November 12th and ends,December the 11th until their tokens,last presale discounts implicitly a,one-day offer 10,000 people eater,effectively a discount of 50% presale t2,would get 7000 to SP Purita,333 would get 6000 QHP buried them tier,4 will be offered at the crowd sale,price of 5000 q SP Purita how is their,token distribution structure 65% of the,tokens will be used for the token sale,20% will go to the team and early,investors 10% will be reserved for court,if tees and reserve 5% will be used for,Community Development their use of,proceeds will be allocated per the,following 50% will be used for product,development 30% will be used for,marketing and community 15% will go to,administration and general costs 5% will,be used for security the contribution,cap is 30 thousand of 30 million dollars,with the total supply of 1 billion q SP,their token type is the ESC 20 token,which means that they can only be used,on the III and blockchain for now,constant team members currently the,console team has seven members most of,them have a university degree at the,University of Waterloo in Ontario key,members have a proven track record of,technical development success Richard,Massey EO strategy and business,operations former algorithm trader at,our research and of millions of dollars,of trading using extreme software,testing methods ECE at Cornell,University Steven Stewart co-founder and,CTO smart contract development,previously founded many trees that beat,that built GPU and memory databases for,ML he worked for five years in the,Canadian Department of National Defense,PhD dropout,Edward silk Oski senior security,engineer smart contact development X,Microsoft extensive research work and,Saturn SMT solvers,ed was awarded a PhD fellowship from IBM,Canada Centre for dance studies and,research regime on Tommy senior security,engineer software verification ECE PhD,from the University of Waterloo for his,work on verifying formal models,ex-google X Amazon expert the security,infrastructure and scalable systems the,team are supported by an authority,advisory board with extensive experience,of FinTech so now that we have examined,constant lets go ahead and rate them,pre-sale and crud sir details are,already known so lets move ahead to the,company and product section of a list,our rating has a maximum of 22 points,with X points possible when the company,has the ability to attract a large crowd,we give a total score of 22 when all,prerequisites a

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