1. Two knock off Saddleback Leather briefcases. Analysis.
  2. Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase 93 Month Update
  3. Why Ill Never Buy A Saddleback Briefcase
  4. Saddleback Leather and the idea of cost vs. value.
  5. Saddleback Leather vs Texbo: new vs old part 3
  6. Old Bull Leather Belt in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  7. Saddleback Leather Gun Sleeve take 2 review

Two knock off Saddleback Leather briefcases. Analysis.

tell me when,all right,hey uh dave here with saddleback leather,i want to show you a couple of knockoff,uh briefcases um i used to think it was,pretty cool,uh you know imitation ultimate for a,flattery but,its not as cool anymore but let me show,you what i found so people will get a,bag and then send us in send it in to us,to repair,and even though it doesnt have our name,it looks like it um,i met people with imitation bags uh,but here we go so uh let me show you a,little bit this guys shoulder strap,came off,here,it was attached right here,um,but like this,he didnt go through the trouble its a,lot of trouble by the way to stitch it,stitch this piece on,and so,uh he just,put these nickel plated and brass as,kind of lame-o hardware,is like a plastic its like a plastic,hardware,this leather,is a,split leather so this is the bottom half,of the hide right here,this doesnt have any grain at all,its been,processed and waxed and stuff to look,like a legitimate leather but its not,this,is plastic,this is a plastic lining instead of a,pigskin lining this is a plastic lining,its kind of interesting,they have several pieces,on the bottom they have a short piece,here and a short piece here and they,have a shorter piece here we do one,piece all the way down and all the way,down because you have fewer seams so,this is going to start tearing here,i looked in the handle and right here,see how this is real nice and stretchy,right here,its because the leather stretches it,always stretches its called creep it,has a creep to it or it creeps,this one,this doesnt have any not any polyester,we put a strap of polyester inside of,the leather,and then,sew it and rivet it on because that,keeps it from stretching because the,leather will stretch but the polyester,straps wont and so this,is going to tear eventually this is,going to tear,uh or this side will tear maybe i looked,in there theres nothing in there its,just a thin piece of leather,um,this is,a,copyrighted here design patent,um,so thats this one,this one,uh this back pocket started tearing and,this came off here,so,they were saying hey could you repair it,i was like no we cant repair it,so we have,this is,a,some sort of a,nylon or something this is a some sort,of suede,this is a nylon here on the interior,instead of pigskin pigskin is just super,durable in fact more durable than the,cow skin,um but they put some sort of a lining,and they didnt want us to see theres,something,in fact under here hold on a sec what is,that im kind of curious now,i feel something under here,oh look at that how interesting is that,this is,uh so this is also,a split leather this is really thin,split leather they made it feel firmer,with this,piece of cracking,uh so that goes in here so this is what,you get the kind of stuff you get when,you get a knockoff bag,um,here,yep its going away this is all suede,all like suede or like a genuine leather,which is not real i mean its the bottom,half no grain on it at all which is the,tough part,um dinky little handle,here,um,yeah this and this hardware also feels,like plastic,so you can nickel plate anything,uh these guys probably nickel plate,their crack pipes,i dont know if youve heard that before,it was in the how to knock off a bag,video if you watch that how to knock off,a bag youll hear that joke and others,its a pretty popular one,so yeah this is what you get when you,get a knock off bag and people,we get them all the time or a lot of the,time people go hey,can you repair my bag,we say,no its not a saddleback bag and so we,have saddleback offers a 100 year,warranty,these guys,good,luck

Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase 93 Month Update

Saddleback leather,seven year nine month update video,or 93 months I got this thing,November 4th,2014 is when it arrived,I havent done an update in a while so,were gonna look at it,this is the left strap,of backpack mode that Ive been,perpetually leaving it in,heres the right strap,youll notice that the,neoprene is starting to try and work its,way out,Im gonna shove it back in there,um also it just slides down it doesnt,really,doesnt really stay,put,you can see the I think its polyester,the,dog leash type material between the two,pieces of leather to keep it from,stretching,see all kinds of scarring and scratches,major patina,shiny bits,what the points of contact,this is how it rests on the floor if you,just plop it down kind of has a bit of a,lean to it,see that,kind of a lean forward lean,do it there,you see the scratches and the patina are,looking amazing though,when I set it down I try to make sure,these straps arent underneath it so,that it doesnt lean too much if you,kind of mess with it at all go a little,bit but yeah it really wants to lean,forward,part of thats what I,what I keep in it,hero shot right here,right here,oh whats that its kind of got a circle,right there what is that about,maybe like a water stain or something,I definitely dont shy away from letting,this thing get in the rain or in the,water,thats one thing I wanted about this bag,is to be able to,to not baby it,yeah were just taking a nice slow,methodical look over all the scratches,you can see,see its dry right you can see those,cracks I really need to condition it,I kept putting off,making an update video because Im like,no no Ill Ill condition it at the same,time but yeah I know it,such an ordeal to condition it,but I just been putting it off,there we go,whats that just oh its actually,standing up,there we go,okay,see I normally I keep my water bottle in,here in the non,messed up side,see that,if you compare that to the other side,I got splitting edges there,you go separating,yeah so I usually keep a water bottle in,there and then Ill put snacks on this,side typically,and here we have laptop in the front,because this is the part back here that,makes contact with my back,so I dont want uh the screen getting,unevenly pressured,got a phone charger,what do you have,a phone charger what is that oh a,plastic bag full of,what is it full of oh uh training rounds,not for nine millimeter,weve got,um,cute little mouse that I bought from My,Wife and then immediately stole from her,hang on lets see if I can get more,light to get that focused better,okay I dont know if thats too much,light,oh lets look at the front of this tube,man look at all that,beautiful wear and tear,okay,uh weve got,CAC card reader,chapstick highlighter some business,cards,normally I keep some Excedrin Migraine,in those little pockets on the sides but,I guess I used it all up,with some migraines,got some notebooks here a lot of this,has peoples personal data on it so I,cant really,pull it out too much you got my soap my,charger down there what is this I,probably dont need this in here anymore,flu stuff or uh medicine,got this old boy in there,tell you what,this is a tough read,Im gonna leave it out because its,never gonna get red if it just stays in,here anyway so that thats the gist of,it its the laptop the mouse the card,reader the charger some notebooks a book,Maybe,um and then of course the back,pouch again probably some personal data,in there you cant show and then usually,add some masks stuffed in there but I,dont really need masks anymore so I,dont really carry those anymore,uh,yeah Im gonna button it back up and,then well look at all the different,sides,actually Ill show me so left-handed one,hand,see how floppy this thing is,there we go lets go to the second hole,push it all the way through,like that,pull it through and then I flip it,around backwards,jam it up there like that,thats just so when its on the floor,its not just dragging around,okay so lets tip it over its gonna,make a mess in there its one thing,about the pockets on the inside is they,dont really,hold on to stuff,but yeah,look at this guys bottom,uh yeah I slide it around on the floor,quite a bit I try to never slide it on,the cement,because I think thatll just gouge it I,dont baby it but at the same time I,dont like go out of my way to let it,get hurt,um I really enjoyed how its starting to,turn like a red,as it gets more patina and it gets like,a red,color lets look underneath,there you go look at that,its all the behind the scenes I never,get a c,trying to keep it,keep the focus adjusting as I look at,each new part,okay,kids tormenting each other out there,which means my time is coming short,yeah fingernails surprisingly do a lot,of these scratches just when youre,grabbing the bag and moving it around,there we go look at this thing,oh thats a good hero shot right there,too,in there this is so good here we go,one two three,nice so lets get the handle so this is,the most contacted part on the whole bag,right here the handle,whoa thats a big gouge right there what,is that,anyway you can really see,this thing,really needs to be conditioned,and there you have it that is my,what did I say seven year nine month,update video or 93 months,uh basically continuous usage so,here you have it I usually carry it up,on one shoulder,or if flop the other shoulder in if Im,gonna carry it more than a few minutes,just because its so heavy,yeah there you go,seven years nine months 93 months thanks,for watching let me know if youve,watched my other videos of this,let me know if you want to keep seeing,updates,and if you have any questions about it,and yeah let me know let me know what,you think let me know if you think,carrying a heavy briefcase,is not worth how cool it looks,so,thanks for watching subscribe and,comment and like and then I will know,that you want me to keep doing these,because thats kind of why I keep making,them because people really like them so,please let me know I appreciate the,feedback thanks for watching okay bye

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Why Ill Never Buy A Saddleback Briefcase

guys thank you so much for watching I,really do appreciate it today Im gonna,piss some people off and I know that,going into it I dont mean any offense,so lets start in the beginning the,company Saddleback has grown so big now,and they theyre known everywhere men,all over the place lust after their bags,I count myself among them several years,back I couldnt think of anything I,wanted more than one of the Saddleback,thin briefcases I really really want to,watch a spot they look cool I like the,whole philosophy they had this rugged,look to him they were expensive but,really not out-of-the-world expensive,where youre like there is no way Im,paying that much for that so back then I,really wanted one and I never ended up,getting one I ended up just trying a,bunch of other ones out as you know Ive,tried out several great companies out,there small brands small leather brands,and along the way I learned a lot about,construction about leather about how,theyre put together I even visited a,place where they were putting them,together watch the whole process from,cutting the leather to the final product,I learned a ton in that time so now I,look back and think you know what maybe,Saddleback wasnt exactly what I wanted,maybe what I wanted was that look so,lets cut out the BS you know the title,you know that this video is why I will,not buy a saddle bag briefcase and there,are several reasons now if youve bought,one you feel compelled to defend your,investment I totally understand there,are people who have bought these and are,so happy with them but would never buy,anything else and to you I say ride on,good for you for me however and for,anybody who might be shopping for our,saddle back I would like you to maybe,kind of listen to some of these points,that I have to make because I think,theyre good ones and maybe you could go,into it with a little bit more of a,background on exactly what it is youre,buying what is youre paying for and,some of the competitive options out,there now the number one reason that I,would not buy a saddle bag briefcase is,because I think you pay a lot for what,youre getting the value really isnt,there and you watch any of these,theyre really interesting theyre very,entertaining if you tell he has a,passion for what he does theres one,called how to rip off a briefcase where,he discusses a couple of other brands,that are trying to mimic what hes doing,because hes really hit a sweet spot,with a lot of people with this kind of,rugged look very masculine,for example the briefcase that I wanted,a while back the thin briefcase right,now retails for 629 dollars now for that,amount of money youre getting chrome,tanned leather youre getting stainless,steel hardware youre getting the way,they build it with as few pieces of,small leather stitch together as,possible youre getting their aesthetic,but most of all youre paying for the,name and that is a price that Im really,not willing to pay for that particular,piece of luggage or a briefcase I would,want vegetable tanned leather I would,want the ability to customize it and I,certainly wouldnt want anything brands,on or scars so that brings me my next,point,a while back Dave released the memo,saying that they were going to include,the pieces of leather that has scars or,imperfections or brands on them and they,would just be part of the natural beauty,of the the piece itself and if you asked,me thats kind of just basically saying,we are gonna kind of cut production,costs so were gonna use as much of the,leather as we are a given as possible,were not gonna cherry pick were gonna,give you what comes on this piece and,thats not acceptable if Im gonna pay,$629 and this is Im about this on the,low end theyre more expensive stuff,theyre XL briefcase its eight hundred,and fifty nine dollars almost a thousand,dollars for that amount of money I want,to make sure that that leather the only,marks that it has on are the ones that I,put on over time I dont want to see,some big brand on the front of my bag so,come on Dave,really youre trying to cut costs I,understand it its good business and,obviously people are paying for it but,would you really pay that amount of,money if youve got your bag in,Pikul brand on the front of it I,certainly wouldnt now there are places,all over the world different countries,that make awesome stuff that you can get,great quality out of many many different,countries not just the USA although made,in the USA for those of us who live here,has a certain appeal to it I like to,support workers in my country support,the fact that were paying workers here,so that money gets put back into our,economy now let me get this right out in,the open I dont mind buying things that,are made in Japan I have some awesome,handmade sunglasses from Japan there are,clothes that are in London England that,are just incredible I love Harris Tweed,from Scotland there is tons of good,stuff,around the globe now saddleback chooses,to make their bags in Mexico where they,pay a much lower wage to the Mexican,workers that is no secret that is not,even that thats not even disputable,thats the absolute truth so if the,saving is in the labor then why isnt,that getting passed along to the,consumer youre already using imperfect,leather why not take some of that,savings that youre making them labor,pass it on to the consumer now the,aesthetics of a saddlebag bag are,completely subjective some people really,like that look that masculine look with,all thick bridal rings everywhere,they really like it I myself find it a,bit too ostentatious ostensibly those,rings and everything are there to latch,things to it but Ive never seen anybody,actually use it for that purpose I Im,sure that people do and somebodys gonna,write in the comments I I always put my,water ball on there with a carabiner,thats fine good for you and home and,spend that amount of money I want to get,exactly what Im,at the heart of any leather bag is the,leather itself and Dave if you watch his,videos really kind of shows his leather,as the best thing in the world and its,not bad it has definitely decreased in,quality over time if you look at the,earlier saddlebag bags they were thicker,they felt a little bit more supple they,had pink skin lighting on the inside,they were they were kind of just overall,a better bag and over time from my,understanding that quality has decreased,when you get hides off of the cow what,they do is theyll take that bill beat,hair it they basically take out,everything thats really kind of a an,oil or a fat and they take that out of,there they tumble it so its not a piece,of dead animal thats making up your,luggage so after that process of taking,all the hair off and doing what they do,they can either use chromium to tan it,which is chrome tan leather which is,basically a bunch of chemicals that put,sort of synthetic fats and waxes into it,make it pliable but not disgusting,now vegetable tanning uses natural oils,and stuff like that to tan the leather,the end result between chrome tanned,leather and vegetable tanned leather is,that vegetable tanned is a much more,natural product that takes a lot longer,to produce and many people feel myself,included that the end product is,superior to Chrome tan leather which,generally relies on chemicals for the,tanning process and there are hybrids of,the two like chrome accel from poor,weaned is actually kind of a bit of the,best of both worlds and if youre really,interested in tanning and stuff like,that there are other videos that go more,in depth thats kind of the Readers,Digest version of it but if youre gonna,use chrome tanned leather in your bags,dont say that thats the best leather,thats available because clearly theres,another tier above that which is,vegetable tanned leather and if Im,gonna pay this kind of money I want,vegetable tanned leather now my final,reason and possibly the most important,is that almost exactly one year ago they,went through and across-the-board price,increase and were no

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Saddleback Leather and the idea of cost vs. value.

hello everybody um I did a video a,couple days ago on the Saddleback,Leather wallet that I got liking it so,far the one criticism that I did hear,one person post this I post on reddit,the one criticism is that the Saddleback,Leather wallets are expensive yes and no,you can go to a department store you can,get wallets depending on where you go,and what wallet you get you might be,able to get one for $10 you might be,able to get one for 20 you might be able,to get one for 30 or 40 depending on the,quality I have a few wallets here that I,bought over time at department stores,theyve kind of varied in price but Im,gonna kind of average it you know this,one was maybe 20 this one maybe 25 this,one maybe 30 35 I believe this one the,normal price was 35 for this one this,being kind of at the high end and in in,life for me I did sales for quite a,while Im not in sales anymore but I did,jewelry sales all the way from basic,board game sales at one point all the,way up to fine jewelry sales and I think,theres really three categories of,really price you have your low-end which,I would say is your disposable price,point not always youre gonna find good,things within any price point I believe,you have your your middle ground which I,think can be ideal when youre buying,stuff theres that perfect fusion of,price along with quality that you can,find oftentimes and you have your,high-end you have your name brands that,you pay for your design your logo,oftentimes those are of course are gonna,be a lot better quality than your,low-end but you always are paying a,premium for you know a name-brand along,with the quality that youre getting,with that name-brand,now here Ive got three wallets and I,kind of want to show each of these,wallets now what Im doing is is Im,I mean these wallets have benefit of the,doubt Im gonna say that your average,wallet costs $20 these vary but Im just,gonna say $20 you have here with,shipping $50 what we have is we have a,Timberland wallet which I bought about,three months ago and we have two Perry,Ellis portfolio wallets now these are,kind of the premier ones there are nicer,leather than you usually see on the,Perry Ellison and they have overall,lasted me a lot longer than the,traditional Perry Ellis wallets have,lasted yeah Im gonna go to this one,first this is a wallet that I was very,pleased with this is something I lasted,me about I believe it was somewhere,between two to three years the the,leather is pretty nice on the outside,its its gotten this really nice smooth,finish to it this is another perry ellis,portfolio and you can see the grain and,the finish is quite a bit different on,these two I actually bought this one,because I really liked this one this one,did very well but after about two to,three years this tour this is supposed,to be solid here a little credit card,window it does have like some kind of a,nylon fabric or something line here but,I got a hole in here and that you know,after two to three years I was like,thats not really that bad you know this,has lasted me a while its been nice,its been functional its pretty thin so,I bought another one now I couldnt find,this exact model so I bought this,this ones got a fold-out so a double,clear ID thing here um a little bit,thicker material in these areas Im kind,of guessing you know depending on what,you have in here thats not gonna tear,as fast so this might last you you know,a bit longer but I do find over time,that these will start to break down and,also youll see they really conform,quite fast to what you have in them,which can be a good or a bad thing but,you know this if I would have not,worried about that and just use the,wallet I dont know how long this would,have lasted it might have lasted you,know double the amount of time or more,but,I have a Timberland wallet here now the,timber one wallet,you know Im thinking I paid 20 bucks,for this and like I said Im just gonna,average this out and say that theyre,all $20 each I had this literally for,three months and Ive had a few wallets,that have had the same situation you can,see already totally conformed to cards,and thats and this is all kind of bent,thats after three months after three,months you see this and well see if you,can see it here this fabric has already,torn so this fabric is is Ill just pull,it here its its its torn totally torn,thats after three months of use and,really you know looking at how this is,all bent and everything I really cant,see this being a wallet that would last,three more months maybe maybe another,year but what Im going to do for the,sake of just the value the idea of value,Im gonna say that on average my wallets,though I believe its less and I believe,Ive paid more Im Im gonna say my,wallets on average have lasted two years,each and Im gonna say I on average have,paid twenty dollars streets for those,wallets now the average life expectancy,in Minnesota thats right live Minnesota,the average life expectancy for a male,is about 77 years so lets say that I,served buying wallets at the age of 30,now Im burning through those wallets I,you know at $20 per wallet theyre,lasting me about two years thats thats,quite a bit of money I would say you,know um I dont want to do the math in,my head but lets see here Im just,gonna pull up the calculator we have,well say that I start buying them at 30,so I got 47 years you know at what $20,you know thats ten dollars a year so,thats you know four hundred and seventy,dollars Ill spend on wallets I,no if thats what Im going to spend,wallets if I did these from the age of,30 Im just seeing 30 because I think 30,maybe is where the average person starts,thinking about the actual value of what,theyre buying instead of just buying,something solely for aesthetics and I,can be wrong Im just giving you no fake,numbers here but eventually you get to,the point to where youre like I dont,really care so much about you know this,designer that design and I love this,design its just a very basic general,rustic almost you know craft style to me,but you start thinking about I want to,invest in something thats gonna last me,a lifetime so to me weve got five,hundred dollars here that Ill spend it,in in the lifetime of flying wallets,minimum you know for me its probably,been more Ive probably spent that much,at least right now at my age on wallets,throughout the time that I bought,wallets or you can spend $50 this has,the potential to last me the rest of my,life so this is just my my basic thing,that I want to point out to people I,think that some people dont understand,value at all I think that some people,have been trained to simply look at a,price and if something is more expensive,than something else that makes no sense,to them and to me what Im trying to say,is is for those people you got to think,about how long somethings gonna last,and how much thats gonna cost you per,year because if youre not a person,thats thats really into switching up,the different styles and you want a,wallet that looks this way in that way,in that way in multiple different styles,and you get bored with how something,looks really fast a very basic high,quality piece like this which has a,potential last you 20 years 50 years a,hundred years whatever is is not,expensive they actually dont charge,enough for this and you know hopefully,they dont take that to heart but,theyre theyre not charging enough for,this considering that you know is sure,you know you saw somebody this wallet,theyre probably gonna buy other stuff,from you but if you have a person that,just buys this wallet you havent made,that much money these people have,already made more money off of me than,than saddleback has you know Perry Ellis,has made you know more money fifty five,dollars right here for two things that,you know this this probably would have,lasted me a couple years couple years,four years in four years theyve made,what Saddleback is made for me and this,is probably gonna last me forever so if,anything this is vastly under pri

Saddleback Leather vs Texbo: new vs old part 3

this is going to be my third and final,video of my comparison between the,Saddleback classic briefcase the large,size in dark coffee brown compared to,deat Expo real thick cowhide leather,mens shoulder briefcase fit 17 inch,laptop bag tote and this final video is,essentially just some of the differences,between the two bags I originally wasnt,planning on doing this video but I,actually think it is far more,appropriate now this saddle back is a,bag thats going to go back there have,been some production issues Ive pointed,out in a previous video so I dont think,its fair to compare a new text bow to a,saddle back thats not in its prime so,once it gets replaced you will have a,head-to-head new new versus new right,now its a new versus old and I think,this new versus old is really,appropriate because some of the biggest,concerns of the text boat bag that,exists is the quality of the production,the quality of the materials and how,long this will last for because $200,isnt a small amount of money but $200,in the world of leather briefcases is a,complete steal and incredibly cheap but,if its incredibly cheap it only last,you six months,definitely not worth it after two years,this bag is still going strong and if I,had not decided to start using this ever,back this would easily last another two,or four years however I have the saddle,back and this one will probably be,getting retired and probably going to,another family member or just sitting as,a backup in case I ever go anywhere,where Im a little bit nervous carrying,around a $700 plus bag the other part,about this comparison is a little bit,unfair is clearly the pricing between,the two bags these saddle back is four,times or almost four times as much as,the text bow and that makes the,comparison slightly unfair you know its,the equivalent of comparing a Ferrari to,a Corvette how,a Corvette though cheaper is still,extremely well built and does what its,supposed to do pretty darn well and I,feel like the text though is a very,appropriate comparison to this its,hanging out and hanging on to the big,leads that theyre coming competing,against and doing extremely well doing,it this is not the only classic,briefcase like bag Ive had of having,ones from other makers as well this is,the one that Ive ever felt recommending,as a competitor to the Saddleback,because I feel like given its price and,not everyone can afford sever back,prices this gives you a lot of bag for,the money now its not as good the,leather isnt as thick you know its the,individual pieces,theres obviously areas where they cut,corners by lining the inside with a,different material or not using clear,all leather were attached together,pieces of leather rather than using full,pieces of leather on the gussets and,along the back where you cant see it,but behind this folder here there are,two separate pieces of leather so,together,so those cost-saving measures as well as,likely the countries in which they are,produced have come out with two bags one,thats a little bit more of a compromise,and one that is really pure to a great,high quality leather bag however I cant,help but point out again that the,textile bag is an incredible deal but if,what you really really want is a,beautiful leather bag and you have the,money and you can afford it cant really,go wrong with Sam aback and though,people will likely cross shop the – I,think even those that buy the textbook,if they had the means and had that way,to do it probably would have ended up,with a saddle bag anyways,however if like me years and years ago,you were not unable to afford the saddle,back this is a great bag this things,very true to what Saddleback was trying,to create when they may came out with,their first bag second thing about,this bag is the logic this bag is far,far more collapsible and on day one the,leather is really soft and moves around,youll see this more in my first video,its easy for parts of this bag to pull,together for the gussets to fold,together the Santo bag just doesnt do,that it holds its shape really well if,you talk to some other people they will,tell you and this is true that much,thicker leather much higher quality,leather will naturally do this it will,hold its shape much much better,however in terms of usability in a bag,that also presents a lot of challenges,it means the footprint of this bag no,matter how much is in it is always going,to be large and you will always have to,contend with the fact that you may have,bought a bag for its potential in,maximum capacity but there is also a,minimum size footprint that comes with,that while with the text though you get,almost the same maximum capacity with a,footprint that is far far smaller I will,say my friends that are going to love,their bags no one has ever mistaken the,textbook for Saddleback very clearly,people who know their bags and know,their lover know that the text boat was,down to settle back to almost everyone,else all my other family members a lot,of my co-workers they dont really get,the difference between the two bags to,the layman the two bags are very similar,one is four times more the equation is,an incredibly easy equation by four of,the cheaper bag if you really love,leather bags however you talk to someone,who is crazy about leather bags they,will tell you fort expose does not,necessarily equal a saddle bag given,this information moving forward what,will I do if I was not able to afford,the saddle back and I wasnt in a,financial position to be able to use it,I would be incredibly happy with my,textbook and I would continue to use my,text for four years in here Zama then,however Ive been lucky enough to be,able to afford a very very nice leather,bag that is essentially a splurge and,something I dont necessarily mean but,really really do want so going forward I,will likely,using the Saddleback that does come with,the caveat that the repairs and the,replacement or either the repaired bag,dont have the issues that existed in my,previous videos if it holds up to the,quality of Saddleback that has been,reflected in almost 99% of their online,reviews every other YouTube video thats,out there I think Im gonna be,incredibly happy with that I think this,particular bag was anomaly and I want to,give sample back the opportunity to fix,that so these last three videos were,essentially to hold you over until the,new saddle bag and the new text boat,arrived on my door I wont be ordering,the text boat until I get the new saddle,back because I dont really just want it,to sit in my house without it being used,so whenever this outback is repaired or,replace then it comes back you will have,a head-to-head comparison now I will say,if given the opportunity to replace this,dag I may go with a slightly different,color and I am thinking of possibly,going with the front pocket briefcase,not the thin one but the regular one,also enlarged I havent quite decided so,you may end up with a video of two,different bags then compare and Ill try,my best to make them as close as,possible but this may be the only,comparison we get of head to head of the,exact same leather bag Im not quite,sure yeah havent made up my mind

Old Bull Leather Belt in Dubrovnik, Croatia

hey uh dave here with saddleback leather,and i want to show you the toe belt but,i was waiting for a special place a,special time,to show it to you because its pretty,darn special too,so i waited until we got here to,dubrovnik,uh in southern croatia it is a beautiful,place,oh my gosh uh and thats it behind me,let me,ill show it to you ill explain the old,bowl belt here in just a second,but let me uh show you where i am first,check this out so,there she be this is,started in the 480 400 or so,by the romans and they have since made,it bigger and prettier,how about that its so beautiful so we,landed in zagreb and we rented a car and,drove down here,and its on the southern uh end,of it were on a road trip uh with the,family,and you got wife and kids in the car and,we are,gonna drive on down to montenegro and,into bosnia and then head on back,but we had to stop by uh dubrovnik first,and now this is gonna age nicely here,you got the toe belt right there ill,show you that here,too so look,at this beauty,this is this leather here is,just its all full grain leather one,solid,slab it is beautiful,and check this out it is uh this is,natural i,actually jumped into some salt water,earlier with it,and its starting to age nicely this is,going to end up,being like an old saddle its going to,be just gorgeous the edges,are slightly rounded on the top,uh oh is it seven oclock already,okay hear that bell,anyway this is the old bull belt it is a,giant thick slab of leather,let me show you real quick some of the,thoughts that i went that went into it,so this will age and darken i have other,colors too,but this will age and dark in here,pretty soon i wish theyd,turn that bell off im just kidding they,say it rings,uh throughout the city all night so if,youre gonna stay,maybe not stay in the old city okay so i,did,uh nine holes and nine holes instead of,five,because and theyre three quarters of an,inch apart instead of one inch apart,i wanted the reason i wanted it one or,three quarters of an inch is because,it seemed to me that my pants were never,they were never theyre either too tight,or too loose sometimes,especially after big meals so what i did,is i,i did three quarters of an inch and it,worked its,perfectly it works perfectly so this,yeah this is going to age and round out,to be kind like a dark brown,uh color eventually or like maybe well,for a long time itll stay,uh tan but anyway so i did nine holes,and then i barely rounded the top edge,of this,so that way,itll have a nice feel to it and then,let me see here and i did the whole uh,two inches from the top instead of three,because,i thought i figured that um if you need,to tie things down or strap things,around,uh with your belt then you know just in,case,or if you happen to uh yeah,a little weight gain there you always,have that last hole,okay let me tell you about the,this hardware this buckle is 316,stainless steel,and it is a beast of a buckle i think,this buckle can hold,i think they said like 750 pounds,and it is a monster so you could maybe,hold up a car engine,that sort of thing with it so this is a,special hardware that we designed,we had made for ourselves and its,really really really cool,but that is the old bull belt

Saddleback Leather Gun Sleeve take 2 review

hey guys Jimmy here a little while ago I,did a review on the Saddleback rifle,case and that was doing it with my phone,and got a lot of feedback that it wasnt,my best video like close to the bottom,anyways so I thought I revisit this and,try it again so this is a dark coffee,Brown rifle sleeve rifle case I guess,you can call it both use shotguns in,rifles,rifles cannot have the Scopes will not,fit in there so if you got a Marlin or a,73 or something like that that worked,nice for it,right now I have a skeet shotgun set up,in it heres my I call is my bird gun,two different kind of shotguns but a,skeet one is a little bit longer so,lets start off with the length of this,as you can see its on this closest,setting close this adjustment almost at,the end adjustment maybe one more,I could get it tighter but its at that,point to where its between the belt,loops right here but I could probably,squeeze it tighter size-wise,you look at about weight setup now its,47 inches and height wise 9 inches I,guess you can say so a couple things,about this first if you guys are,wondering what this s is right here,I hope you guys can see that or not,there is an S that does mean that it is,a Daves deal so if you see any kind of,a Saddleback item on ebay or one of the,Facebook groups awesome Facebook group,is called Saddleback fan group should,check it out and also the settle back by,sell other by Saddleback another buy,sell trade I think thats what it is,they have 10,000 members good good group,for buying and selling I like to hang,out at the Saddleback fan group because,you get a lot of feedback from the owner,sub settle back and then another great,group check those out on Facebook but,anyways so yeah,so thats an S that means it was a,Daves deal I think I got this for 15%,off or something like that,I really dont care too much about,Daves deals as in when I say I dont,care too much about that the fact that,they are Dave steals Ill tell you why,after you buy a brand-new bag say you,have two bags same design same color,everything else one is an S on it,15% cheaper and the other one is full,price I would go ahead and do the Daves,deal and the main reason for that is,after you get this say if you bought the,brand new and you get it home,its gonna be pristine like the first,week of use or two weeks of use youre,gonna get scratches and stuff like that,well you know Daves deals if you look,at his video on what explains the,different percentages off it might have,a scratch here or an imperfection there,this might be why I got it cuz little,belly wrinkles right there it doesnt,bother me at all my cats done a lot,worse damage of this and that thing,being a Davis Gails anyways thats a,kind of my thing about Davis deals if,you see them you get them because its,just yeah its a good deal Erins back,to this so its white rifles to leave,and whats neat about this rifle sleeve,is that its lined in sheepskin let me,go ahead and open it up here and Ill,show you what I mean actually its kind,of two different lines so Saddlebacks,leather is made out of chrome tan and,chrome tan leather does not react good,with any kind of metal so what Dave did,and people at Saddleback did they went,ahead and line oh I also want to show,off my Saddleback mug let me see if you,guess make sure you see that its pretty,cool different Saddleback but still,pretty awesome,so what they did as you can see that,they lined it with pigskin right here so,you have the chrome tan leather on the,outside dark coffee brown pigskin on the,inside and if you can see all the way,down there Im back you have some Chiefs,what is that shearling this is my,beretta they use for skeet shooting go,ahead and open it up here so you can,take a look so as the Sun goes in and,behind clouds youll see a little bit of,difference in lighting this is the,sheepskin sheepskin on the inside so you,have and its actually a liner and the,liner can be taken out and cleaned,whatever you want to do and its pretty,easy Ill show you how to do in a second,but uh its a nice bare-bones nothing,too fancy yeah if you can call a awesome,leather rifle sleeve,but yeah this is the damage I was,talking about its just youre gonna,notice this when you bring it in and out,of trucks cars or whatever,of course my cat ran underneath the bed,but breakfast leaf shotgun sleeve I use,it for shotguns its pretty cool,let me see the size this helps at all,the top of it 41 inches and then the,buck cover 14 inches so you can adjust,this all different sizes depends on what,you have you know you can go clear up to,the last hole and that will give you a,rifle case of 42 inches,you need to make sure thats in view all,right so 42 inches or to its extent the,farthest hole,I dont think I would carry it like that,just just me personally I keep it on,where I had it at thats right there,again that length is 47 inches so,depends on how long your shotgun or your,rifle is you might want to measure it,before you do get one mentioned I dont,know if I did mention it earlier or not,but this is my second take of it places,that you can get Saddleback items of,course is their website but theres a,lot of items out there that you cannot,get any more on the website theyve been,discontinued so thats when you look at,the secondary markets – secondary,markets are Facebook groups one my,favorite is the Saddleback fan group and,it has about 7,000 members on it and you,post pictures of your bags sell them,trade them stuff like that the other one,is a saddle back another buy sell trade,group and thats 10,000 members strong,so theres theres a two-layer to,different places that you can purchase,these bags from are those I can tell you,the truth I dont see these come up that,often probably ever see them on eBay,Ive never seen him and hardly ever see,him in the groups I think since Ive,been a member of the groups for the last,four years I might have seen one or two,pop up,yeah its eBay you know another place,cool cool rifle case anyways this is all,improv I dont have a script or anything,like that I just go on about it and so,theres a lot of ohms apologize for,that but thats thats it thats my,videos youll see that if you subscribe,anyways thanks for subscribing,thanks for your likes thats about it,on this guy oh yeah I wanted to show you,Bob have to take apart did you fight,yall at the screen take it apart so in,the back you can see this little tab,right here this little tab what you do,is you just lift that up and then you,poke that oring through and you pull it,out so this is the liner in it right,here sheepskin liner you can clean it,out if you want to but uh yeah anyways,and also the entire length is lined in,pigskin as well so you have the leather,on the outside,pigskin on the inside sheepskin to,protect your your firearm but thats,that so ah there is one thing I dont,like about this bag and I did buy these,bags so I get to say what I like and I,dislike about them is the carry method,so its kind of difficult to carry this,cross body especially for me Im a big,guy so the shoulder pads theyre the,same leather that the whole thing is,meta that matches perfect that is great,but its really slippery really slippery,so if you have any kind of whatever you,put around your shoulder if you dont,have like a suede if you have a suede,jacket youre fine or leather jacket,youre fine and kind of cloth jacket,cloth shirt clapping vest something like,that this is gonna slide off you thats,one of my pet peeves about saddle bag,leather is,the sleeves the shoulder straps shoulder,whatever they are solar pads they are,slippery,you can only or I can only pretty much,carry them crossbody if I dont carry,them crossbody theyll slide off my,shoulder I have made a modification on,some of the ones I do own what I did is,I put some ID stitch this took the,stitches out took some sandpaper roughed,it up you some contact cement its made,for leather and I had some suede pigskin,and I pasted them to there cut it to,size and then re stitch the ent

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