1. We Tried 20 National Steakhouse Chains. Heres The Best One
  2. Smith & Wollensky Participating in Chicago Restaurant Week
  3. Best Steakhouses In Las Vegas 2022 | Best Restaurants In Las Vegas
  4. One on One with Bermane Stiverne at Smith and Wollensky
  5. Chain Restaurant Steaks, Ranked From Worst To Best
  6. How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger
  7. Top 10 BEST Steakhouse Chains in America

We Tried 20 National Steakhouse Chains. Heres The Best One

theres nothing quite like an expensive,cut of meat expertly prepared and served,hot to your table before you head out,for a costly dinner check out this worst,to first ranking of some of the major,u.s steakhouse chains to make sure your,money will be well spent,if youre craving a delicious steak stay,far away from bonanza steakhouse this,chain tries to combine the best,attributes of a traditional steakhouse,and a buffet restaurant but instead you,get high-end steakhouse prices at,discount buffet quality bonanza,steakhouse also serves a wide array of,seafood chicken and other american,favorites that generally underwhelm if,you have to order off of the menu order,anything but the steak which is the,worst of the worst the best value at,this steakhouse is actually their salad,bar bonanza steakhouse and ponderosa,steakhouse are both owned by the same,parent company so do yourself a favor,and avoid both we come adorable husband,because the steaks are delicious tender,juicy and cooked just the way you like,them theyre great no theyre not,when you first walk into claim jumper it,looks like a great choice this national,steakhouse chain which dates back to,1977 has a fun western theme thats,centered on the california gold rush of,the mid-1800s,during those times a claim jumper was,someone who wrongfully occupied someone,elses property usually with the hope of,finding gold today if you make the,mistake of going to claim jumper you too,will feel like youve been robbed,despite the fun vibes and interesting,furnishings the food is forgettable no,matter what you order off of the menu,you wont be pleased even if you think,youll enjoy claim jumpers western,theme just watch a western movie instead,and then head to a steakhouse that is,worthy of your money,with more than 700 locations in the,united states theres a good chance that,youve been to an outback steakhouse,unfortunately that also means theres a,good chance that youve been,disappointed not only is outback,steakhouse way too expensive for what,you get compared to other restaurants of,the same caliber but the quality of the,meat never lives up to what you see on,the commercials a perfect world i would,be eating at chilis constantly,but tonight,theres no rules just right outback,steakhouse,outback steakhouse is primarily known,for its australian theme if you buy into,the hype you think that this restaurant,chain serves authentic food that,australians eat while theyre tossing,around boomerangs and boxing kangaroos,but its clear from the very american,offerings that the founders had never,traveled to the land down under prior to,opening their first location,the food youll get at logans roadhouse,isnt too different from the offerings,at outback steakhouse,the main difference is you get slightly,more bang for your buck at logans,roadhouse without the fake australian,stick that said logans roadhouse is far,from an elite steakhouse you can find,tender ribs here and the margarita,cheesecake is legitimately great but the,steaks leave a lot to be desired the,flavor is lacking and the texture is,iffy at best one cool thing about,logans roadhouse is that the restaurant,gives you a bucket of peanuts at your,table sadly following multiple lawsuits,related to slipping on peanut shells,some locations no longer allow you to,throw the peanut shells on the floor,diminishing the restaurants casual,charm now theres nothing to distract,you from the boring food,with locations all over the world,wolfgangs steakhouse is truly,international but if youre in the u.s,youll have to find one in new york new,jersey or hawaii is it worth it well the,steak at wolfgangs is a lot better than,the steak you find at most casual steak,houses its not quite good enough to,justify the price tag of about 50 per,steak while the ribeye steak is very,flavorful its just not notable enough,to be worth the money the high prices,would be easier to digest if it werent,for the fact that wolfgang steakhouses,can get uncomfortable and loud this is,not the place to go if youre trying to,have an in-depth conversation with a,date also dont get confused and think,that this steakhouse is the brainchild,of wolfgang puck this chain comes from a,man named wolfgangs wiener and while mr,zweiner has more than 40 years of,experience in the industry the confusion,caused by the name of the restaurant,resulted in a lawsuit,saltgrass steakhouse is basically the,opposite of wolfgangs steakhouse both,in good ways and bad ways offering an,extremely comfortable dining experience,with friendly attentive waiters,relatively low prices and an impressive,assortment of appetizers and desserts,unfortunately the quality of the steaks,at salt grass steakhouse just isnt,there the restaurant covers all its,steaks with a flood of garlic butter and,while thats a tasty gimmick the first,time or two you have it eventually,youll realize that the wool is being,pulled over your eyes beneath the butter,is a steak that lacks the flavor or the,satisfying texture to survive on its own,if you want to go to a salt grass,steakhouse you wont have much luck on,either the east coast or the west coast,but you can find the steakhouse,throughout the heartland if you look,hard enough,charlie palmer steak has locations from,the golden state to the big apple all of,them luxurious but unless you know,exactly what youre doing youre not,guaranteed to be satisfied by your meal,for starters you need to know that the,seafood at charlie palmers steak is,actually better than their steak their,yellow fin tuna tartare citrus marinated,wild baja prawns pan roasted sea bass,and halibut are all great choices if you,do go with their steak be sure you add a,sauce like horseradish cream blue cheese,fondue or roasted garlic shoe otherwise,if you order a steak without any sauce,youll be met with a piece of meat that,looks really good but lacks flavor,mortons the steakhouse claims to have,the best steak anywhere and at one point,in time that may have been true however,these days youre taking a gamble,sometimes the stakes are outstanding but,other times theyre so rubbery that,youll have a difficult time swallowing,unfortunately the prices are the same no,matter what you end up with if youre,headed to mortons the steakhouse order,the filet mignon which it offers in,three different sizes starting at six,ounces if youre lucky youll get an,amazing steak that you will talk about,for the rest of the week but if you get,a steak that has a rubbery texture all,you can do is eat as much as you can and,take the rest home for your dog fido,will be thrilled,blackrock bar and grill is an,interesting concept and while this place,is unlikely to become your favorite,steakhouse its unique enough that you,should try it at least once in your life,at blackrock your meat is served on a,volcanic rock thats been heated to,755 degrees its a novel idea but not,the strangest thing a steak has been,served on what is that thing,once youre given your slab of sizzling,meat youre in charge of the rest of the,cooking the best part of the experience,is that every bite of steak promises to,be as hot and as juicy as your initial,bite on the other hand if you wanted to,cook your own food wouldnt you have,just gone to your kitchen instead,blackrock bar and grill isnt a place to,kick back relax and get lost in,conversation it promises to be a,memorable dinner but youll be,responsible for most of the heavy,lifting,with only eight far-flung locations,shula steakhouse stretches the,definition of national chain but its,worth mentioning nonetheless shoeless is,the creation of legendary miami dolphins,head coach don shula you might think,that a football coach knows a thing or,two about filling up hungry people who,love to eat and youd be right while,this steakhouse offers a fine dining,experience the portions are large and,the steaks are worth the money youll,spend if you go to shoelace with a big,appetite order the 48-ounce porterhouse,and theres no way youll leave without,feelin

Smith & Wollensky Participating in Chicago Restaurant Week

weve got chef Victor nubret hes an,ability to chat more about a victor,whats going on my friend thank you,honestly yes we are participating in,Restaurant Week which will be running,through February 8th ok,were offering it lunch and a dinner,lunch time $22 and at dinner time is $44,yes thats a heck of a deal for what you,guys are all from there and you brought,in some really cool stuff here what are,we doing today show I did I brought a,couple of the items that we are,featuring,for Restaurant Week its not one of them,is the filet so we brought a petite,filet were gonna season it with a,little bit of salt and pepper,well were seasoning it with salt and,pepper getting the pan a little bit hot,ok so why thats get hot whats the,whats your favorite steak on the menu,inspector woods so I brought a couple of,those steaks over here oh those are not,gonna be able to have these I dont,think its a good idea so we brought out,the bone-in ribeye okay we have some New,York strips boring filet we do have a,Wagyu steak as well so a couple of those,are offered during Restaurant Week for a,slightly additional charge right one of,the dishes that we have that were,offering is the ribeye carpaccio okay so,were gonna toss this with a little bit,of a lemon vinaigrette a little arugula,nice and so our ribeye carpaccio is a,shaved prime ribeye meat shaved,extremely thin laid out nachos could ask,what the red meat is underneath there,yes so its the ribeye carpaccio it sits,on the top of the ribeye the rib cap it,is so we take a we cure it we shave it,real thin lay it on the plate a little,arugula sell a lemon bin Parmesan crisp,there then well crack a little bit of,pepper this is really dumb questions,sure its just an appetizer its just,like this is an appetizer okay back just,make sure cool and then some and a lots,of a little bit of that okay so were,gonna do a little bit of shaved parmesan,there as well okay so why our steak is,still cooking we take care of the meats,over here the carpaccio so again our,revise our states are we cook them,underneath the broiler out of the secret,and bring the broiler with me today so,we have a little pan here so we go ahead,and flip it once again,Sarah net finish it with a little bit,about me to get there finish it with a,little bit of butter a little bit of,shallot so while thats cooking wed put,that into the oven about three 350 for,about eight minutes 10 minutes internal,temperature of about 125 for medium-rare,so were looking at a finished product,here correct so we did bring the petit,filet which has the asparagus some,tingling potatoes and I brought it one,of our styles is Oscar style that we,offer so its a colossal crab meat dont,you go ahead and finish it,colossal crab meat there have you got,some desserts there too were theyre not,little hollandaise as well okay trust,that thing up nice chef for the real,knives again and then we did have a,couple of desserts as well,couple cakes which is the chocolate cake,and coconut cake as well fantastic stuff,my friend I meant to come check you,thank you lids keys located at 318 North,State Street in River North checkout,Smithville in skis.com to make,reservations and say hello chef Victor,new guren please check out choose,Chicago comm for all thats going on at,Chicago Restaurant Week

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Best Steakhouses In Las Vegas 2022 | Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

eating at a great steak house should be,on everyones bucket list of dining,experiences in las vegas some have,old-school charm others have modern,style yet all serve great food in a,captivating environment with wine,whiskey martinis or whatever drink suits,your fancy,and at the end of this year well be,gaining another serious contender with,the expansion of peter lugers iconic,new york steakhouse,in the meantime though if you need help,separating the good from the great check,out these top picks for the best,steakhouses in las vegas here are our,top picks for the best steakhouses in,las vegas,[Music],it took a few months but resorts world,finally has a full-fledged steakhouse,executive chef daniel ontiveros menu,has something for everyone from bone and,fillet and dry aged rib eyes brushed in,a red wine shallot butter to tender cuts,of japanese wagyu in a fun twist diners,are given a choice of five steak knives,accompanied by detailed descriptions,yet carver steak is destined to be,remembered for its lobster and crow the,two-pound lobster wrapped in a,pastry-like beef wellington with a tangy,cognac cream sauce,the dining room follows a stylish,mid-century modern design with splashes,of neon and vintage photos on video,screens,one private dining room is surrounded by,bottles of scotch another is decorated,with wall-to-wall steak knives,yet the best place to sit is in the,expansive outdoor patio which is,partially enclosed with its own bar,keeping any aggressive weather at bay,while still allowing in the glow of the,strip,[Music],the self-titled steakhouse by jean,georges van gerkten specializes in fine,cuts of beef in a sharp contemporary,dining room,under the day-to-day guidance of,executive chef sean griffin the,restaurant serves true certified kobe,and f1 wagyu blended with angus seared,lightly for a subtle crust allowing the,natural flavor of the meat to shine,other cuts are grilled over apricot wood,and mesquite,along the way guests can enjoy a few,unexpected surprises swordfish breaded,and fried milanese style and asian,touches a miso mustard steak sauce and,crispy beer-battered maitake mushrooms,with wildflower honey,[Music],its hard to beat the scenery at sw,steakhouse where a minimalist dining,room and outdoor patio overlook the,winds three-acre lake of dreams with,water shows taking place every 30,minutes,yet the broiled steaks remain the best,reason to visit,sw steakhouse was one of the first,restaurants in the country to carry,certified kobe and continues to take,pride in serving high-end cuts from,sanuki a5 beef from cattle fed with,olives to rotating gold level snake,river farm selections theres been a,renewed emphasis on fresh fish thanks to,recently introduced executive chef mark,larusso who formerly curated italian,seafood at costa de mer,so try the upgraded seafood tower or the,indulgent king crab ravioli sw,steakhouse is also honoring the winds,ongoing commitment to quality vegan,dishes putting together a new,plant-based steak of mushrooms red,lentils and onions,[Music],barrys downtown prime tucked out of the,way in the basement level of circa is a,sprawling circular dining space with,private rooms for parties large and,small,the concept for barry takake formerly of,scotch 80 prime at the palms,features a mix of dry and wet aged,steaks cooked over charcoal and fruit,wood,this signature rib eye cap marinated in,shallots garlic and olive oil is a,holdover from the chefs days at nine,steakhouse,try it with the mac and cheese truffle,gnocchi or gourmet tater tots on the,side,overall the environment is dark and,moody with vintage design elements and,the occasional indoor olive tree making,an appearance,the best seats are at the 12 person,chefs table surrounded by wine racks,where dikake himself is eager to,customize a meal on the fly,the golden steer is more than a,steakhouse its a piece of las vegas,history dating back to 1958 when there,was a hitching post to park your horse,out front,today the restaurant continues to show,off vintage charm and swagger,celebrating not only the mobsters who,used to frequent the joint but also,frank sinatra muhammad ali and other,famous visitors who now have red leather,booths dedicated in their honor,so what about the food the golden steer,specializes in wet aged steaks and table,side presentations with the caesar salad,a long time favorite,save room for the bananas foster dessert,another dish that arrives with a flashy,delivery,[Music],michael minas steakhouse has a playful,casual side,seen immediately in the complimentary,duck fat truffle fries that kick off,every meal and a wide open dining room,that feeds off the energy of the casino,while ignoring any pretentiousness,just look at all the raiders hats and,shirts after a game wraps up next door,at allegiant stadium,however there are no shortcuts with the,food especially the steaks which are,butter poached and finished on a,mesquite grill locking in a juicy,tenderness and flavor,asian influences are felt in a selection,of rebata skewers and the shirodashi,vinaigrette that tops the seafood,entrees,according to the team at the steakhouse,the restaurant hasnt hired anyone new,in 20 years,and little else has changed with the,passage of time,a dry aging groom with thick hooks,holding up slabs of beef greets guests,near the check-in stand and the heat of,a mesquite charcoal grill remains the,centerpiece of a dining room modeled,after a vintage hunting lounge,chef bob obrien prefers the challenge,of aging choice cuts instead of prime,and its hard to argue with the results,especially a flavorful 32-ounce bone-in,rib-eye or a thick slice of prime rib,which may be the best in town,the steakhouse also includes a super,salad vegetable and a choice of potato,with the main course,the type of all-inclusive deal thats,becoming increasingly rare on the strip,still make sure to start the meal off,with a boston style crab cake baked not,fried with ritz crackers holding the,whole thing together,[Music],wolfgang pucks steakhouse just keeps,getting better over time in recent years,the restaurant has dramatically,renovated its dining room mixing a,stylish art deco design with soft,lighting that proves its possible to,feel cozy and romantic without being,dark and dim,request a half circle booth to maximize,the comfort level and take your server,up on the offer to tour the steak,display where prime midwest cuts sit,alongside lux choices from japan,including olive fed snow beef,yet the restaurant also gives extra,attention to its seafood especially its,raw bar and full two pounds main lobster,thats pan seared oven finished and,de-shelled table side anything pairs,well with the neat pores of whistle pig,18 from the whiskey cart,[Music],gordon ramsay has five las vegas,restaurants but his paris steakhouse is,best of all,balancing a stylish two-level dining,room with an exceptional cuisine,guests enter through a channel to,represent leaving france the casino for,england the restaurant,theres even a large union jack on the,ceiling to erase any doubt,ramsays signature dishes including his,famous beef wellington are on the menu,as well as the sticky toffee pudding for,dessert,trenton garvey was recently brought in,as a head chef after winning ramsays,hells kitchen young guns reality show,competition,ask for his secret off menu scallop dish,delicately seared with a brown sugar,glazed carrot puree pomegranate seeds,and dill oil,[Music],hanks is the only steakhouse in,henderson to serve certified kobe beef,ask for it as part of a smoky carpaccio,or seared at low temperatures by the,ounce with a choice of optional,seasonings on the side however a 28-day,bone-in chicago rib eye could be more,your speed if youre looking to pay less,and eat more,the restaurant also pays close attention,to the sourcing of seafood especially,the robust hokkaido scallops,the deep lineup of martinis is popular,with locals and half off during the,daily happy hour in the bar 4-7 pm,joes serves freshly cracked f

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One on One with Bermane Stiverne at Smith and Wollensky

youve arrived at smith and wollensky on,the Las Vegas Strip james smith from in,this corner and joined by the WBC,heavyweight champion of the world Berman,stubborn he takes on Deontay Wilder,January the 17th on showtime,championship boxing right down the,street at the MGM grand welcome champ,good to see you let itll be here,different kind of an atmosphere for,anything right lets start out and,talked about since were at smith and,wollensky and its fine dining here,youre a heavy way you dont have to,worry about you know making weight or,anything like that but how do you handle,your diet in you know when youre,training for a fight as compared to when,youre just normally hanging out and not,having to train actually I do i do have,to make weight I got my own my own,weight that I want to be at the fight so,uh like any anything at your own scale,yeah right so like any other smaller,weight light weight or do make weight,how was your life changed since becoming,WBC heavyweight champion of the world,would have been the major changes for,you major change not much I really lucky,to keep it keep myself on the low key I,would say a major change in the boxing,world people that actually watch boxing,or spend time aha in front of TV,obviously they recognize me I get that a,lot,but personally at home or and Im alone,or I dont I just keep it simple i just,keep it where I always same remains like,like like like before the title and,theres that time you know were,actually even where resided and in Las,Vegas sometimes I even forget I got the,belt and when you go up the stairs the,first thing you see is develop so,sometimes like oh yeah Ive noticed that,Ive seen you waiting to go to your seat,and you stand in their non non chalant,tell us about some of the things that,have been special your travels with,people things that youve done as the,first Haitian heavyweight champion of,the world well yeah when did one of the,first thing that was to be kind of like,the person no friend to the president so,thats very special you know I got his,personal line his office cell phone you,know thats I mean el Presidente right,so you know thats special to me and,probably wanted a special moment that I,had was looking like a few weeks ago at,WBC convention you know there was a lot,of Legends out there pretty much all the,best fighter that they ever fought in,boxing and there was they work in an,award and just for me to share the stage,with these these are fighters it was,pretty special for me it was I was a,moment,uh probably wont forget I mean to me,seemed agler and Leonard Tyson miles de,piensa Duran and Holyfield and Zuma,nearly and everything about you are a,lot of good roads and about you Im on,the stage and Im getting what they,getting so it was that was pretty,special it was pretty um gonna happen at,the right time also like probably like a,book about a month before the fight so,it gave me a low little tap on the,shoulder and you know that was well,appreciated this is there a moment that,i cant forget and we all cant forget,about what happened to haiti I think,its been its been four years now i,think since the earthquake how are they,doing over there Id really pretty good,pretty good theyre building a lot,theres a lot of resorts now you know,that that allowed the country in the,cities to create jobs and you know to be,back on their feet so this is a good,thing you know theres this to distill a,lot of works the work to be done but so,far so good marcin a lot a lot of things,better things and its going to a better,direction right now do you plan on going,after the fight any time or any time,shows yes I am good good thats got to,be so important to the to the people,over there today to anybody over there,with what youve accomplished your style,I was always breaking down some film the,other day and youre a mixed bag I mean,I saw some Jersey Joe Walcott I saw some,Larry Holmes I saw some tommy hearns,with the left down ive seen some some,mayweather in contemporary it described,the berman stubborn style the way I see,it is I could adapt myself to any,when the only when its time to box then,our box when its time to get it to my,you call it our all the brawl or when,its time to be in my my defense and,like me like a turtle yeah you know I,could do that as well but as depends on,whos in front of me and who Im,fighting makes it difficult for your,opponents because against areola you did,something ever everything you baited him,you fainted him you languished on the,ropes which I dont like to see,especially coming on the 17 but it all,worked and right what is uh areola was a,fight that I had to get out of my,comfort zone mmm I was fine because,there was a way to fight him which both,fights i prevail,people assume that me putting my hands,down its the way I fight maybe it wasnt,I realized the type of fighters pretty,aggressive and likes to put his,opponents in the rope and at some point,he get careless because they are,enrollment and he unleashed a lot of,punches and already care about his,protection so thats true thats the,reason why we use the that tactic stain,on the ropes with him and kind of beta,baiting him at right and then hes not a,fire that that knows how to react to a,right hand you know we seen that when,you fought Walker and when he fought,Molina he got hurt a couple times with,other fighters and it was it was the,right hand and this is what I picked up,now when you want to talk about Deontay,Wilder this is going to be uh like night,and day well well get to that well get,that in just a second but the only time,you and I forgot to do its name but I,watched the fight where I thought it was,a horrible stoppage the one fight that,you lost and I me because you were you,know you were bitching and moaning right,after the stop is you werent hurt you,you basically but that would that was,was that a situation where hes just had,a bad habit of a plan around that day or,no you know at that time you know I,blame myself for this and I always will,I think I the time I was 12 12 and 0,with well knock out and,I was knocking anybody out before the,before the fourth or fifth round and um,and a lot of people was asking me you,know you need to do more rounds and you,need to you know so that got to me which,I shouldnt I shouldnt happen but it,got to me and good learning experience,though yeah it is is at the time you,know the first round I dropped him and I,didnt jumped on him right away like I,always did with my other opponent and,taught us to you know stop the fight so,I didnt and I then let him loose and I,think I performed in the fourth round,you know I was in the rope and he was,throwing punches coming with a right,hand I wasnt there I think you werent,even want like you as as we were,exchanging I dont know the referee saw,something or whatever he stopped the,fight but you know at the time you know,it was I was really,mad and disappointed and I couldnt I,couldnt blame I cant even blame him or,the referee because that was my mistake,yeah it was my responsibility to make,sure that uh if its one round if its,30 seconds of the first round and thats,dust outside is you know I shouldnt,listen to other people or people thats,telling me that I needed to do more,rounds but you know after after that,that are lost I learned a lot really,asked myself after that if this is what,I really want to do things have to,change a couple of different things I,mean a lot of I was just a good lesson,for young fighters that you can actually,learn from a lot but you know sometimes,when in a world title and at the,impressive manner which you did it,sometimes it automatically makes a,fighter twenty-five percent better from,the get-go right because I its funny,you said that because as soon as I,entered the gym and I started doing,shadow I felt I felt be doing the shadow,and and exercise I felt different,different when it comes to feeling good,feeling stronger feeling it you know so,how much of that too is up here you know,mental

Chain Restaurant Steaks, Ranked From Worst To Best

top quality stakes can be a pricey,proposition so its best to do your,homework before dropping some major coin,this is our ranking of chain restaurant,stakes from those unworthy of making the,cut to the absolute height of bovinity,where does your favorite rank,outback may boast the most locations of,any steakhouse in the united states but,more often than not quantity isnt an,indicator of quality that sadly holds,true here sure a meal at outback,steakhouse is easier on the wallet than,dining at glitzier competitors but the,cuts are generally subpar the wiser,investment is to pay a premium elsewhere,or even go the diy route and grill your,own if you do happen to find yourself at,outback beyond an order of the,obligatory blooming onion the slightly,above middling bone in ribeye is going,to be your best bet it weighs in at an,impressive 18 ounces and comes with two,sides so youll definitely be leaving,full of food and likely some regret,if you were to rank the 250 plus items,on the cheesecake factory menu the steak,selection would fall toward the bottom,of that list but if youre desperate to,scratch a beefy itch stick with what the,exceedingly popular chain does best and,get saucy the steak diane fits the bill,with ho-hum medallions of beef swimming,in a pool of mushroom and wine sauce,laced with black peppercorns dont,forget to reserve some of that sauce to,lay it on to the accompanying scoop of,mashed potatoes the old school classic,is likely named after the roman goddess,of the hunt and is traditionally served,tableside though you wont be getting,that kind of service here while the dish,has been prepared by everyone from,gordon ramsay to guy fieri this,rendition is not exactly fine dining oh,i didnt tell you youre banished from,the cheesecake factory,chilis originated in the lone star,state so its only appropriate that they,offer the full fajita spectrum from,carnitas to shrimp but steak is the way,to go when choosing this tex-mex,preparation style which dates back to,the 1930s back then the campfire kissed,beef quickly became a favorite among,mexican vaqueros and its no surprise,that the dish would eventually spread to,the masses presented on an extra hot,serving plate the grilled strips of,steak and vegetables are served,traditionally with mexican rice black,beans and tortillas on the side you get,sour cream pico de gallo salsa and,shredded cheese for plenty of make your,own taco options its the best steak on,offer at chilis which isnt saying much,the spread is satisfying but doesnt,quite rise to the cast iron sizzle if,youre here and in the mood for beef,place your bets on a burger,when it comes to the cult of cracker,barrel singling out the must-order menu,pick is a contentious subject we like to,sing the praises of the country fried,steak which is the best of southern,comfort usda choice beef is tenderized,and flattened deep fried then smothered,with creamy sawmill gravy filling right,well wait theres more youll also be,getting two to three sides because it,wouldnt be a visit to cracker barrel,without some macaroni and cheese and,dont forget about the cherry on top,your choice of a scratch-made buttermilk,biscuit or corn muffin if you happen to,have a hankering for a heavy duty,breakfast youre in luck the country,fried steak is an all-day affair but,whenever you choose to chow down,remember that youre tinkering with a,carb and sodium bomb with this in mind,have your server on standby armed with a,water pitcher and brace yourself for a,lengthy post meal nap is it delicious,yes does it satisfy your hankering for a,juicy steak not really which is why,youll find it so low on our list,the marriage of seafood and cheese is,the culinary equivalent of maria and,tonys doomed romance in west side story,add an entire steak to the equation and,youve got a recipe for disaster and yet,applebees somehow just barely pulls a,seemingly incongruous trio off with one,of the chains most popular offerings,the shrimp and parmesan sirloin lets,start with the steak which is a grilled,half pounder of top sirloin as for the,quality the beef is graded usda select,which is a step below choice in other,words when it comes to marbling and,juiciness the verdict is meh luckily the,nicely charred exterior swoops in to,save the day next the parm which is,folded into a warm lemon butter sauce,unlike a dad joke the cheesiness is more,than welcome finally a six pack of black,and shrimp tops things off with a hint,of peppery spice and lets not forget,the side pieces garlic mashed potatoes,plus some steamed broccoli to temper all,that guilt is it the surf and turf of,your dreams not quite but for the price,it does the trick,since steak is so costly it rarely shows,up in the world of fast food so when it,does of course we simply must rank it,chipotle not only offers steak but,actually makes it taste pretty darn good,at least as far as fast food state goes,according to the mexican chain the,responsibly raised beef is sous-vide,marinated overnight in chipotle adobo,and then finished on the grill though,the results can be a bit chewy the,flavor is there and for less than ten,dollars its quite a value order it in a,burrito with white rice black beans,cheese and roasted chili corn salsa for,a satisfying on-the-go meal,fun fact according to nbc its legal to,eat roadkill in many states but texas is,not one of them with that said you can,rest assured knowing that the roadkill,served at the root and toot and downhome,eatery texas roadhouse is free of big,rig tenderized armatillo beef is the,meat of choice here its served up as a,chopped steak which is essentially a,bunless hamburger the juicy mega-sized,disc of fresh ground chuck is topped,with melted jack cheese along with a,sauteed duo of mushrooms and onions the,complete package is at least visually a,hot mess so yeah it definitely lives up,to its billing but looks can be,deceiving and the meaty monstrosity has,plenty of fans including kim from,insanely good eats who says it may not,have the best sounding name but texas,roadhouse roadkill is sure to blow your,tastebuds away still the presentation,leaves much to be desired if what youre,looking for is an actual piece of steak,bet you werent expecting to find pizza,on this list but those culinary wizards,at california pizza kitchen have a way,with unconventional toppings and that,even includes steak now there is indeed,a fire grilled ribeye to be found on the,main plates portion of the california,pizza kitchen menu pass this is the,california pizza kitchen not the,california state kitchen if its cow you,crave stick with the namesake specialty,specifically the south of the border,inspired carne asada pizza while the,barbecue chicken pizza may be the,chains claim to fame the synergy of,thin slices of marinated steak fire,roasted poblanos cilantro pesto and the,perfect pairing of mozzarella and,monterey jack is like a fiesta in your,mouth the complete package is such a,success that delish deemed at their top,california pizza kitchen pie gushing the,flavor combo is so perfect and unique,youll want to order it every time it,doesnt beat a steak dinner of course,but if youre out with a bunch of pizza,lovers and end up at california pizza,kitchen take our advice and order the,carne asada pizza,full disclosure if were judging,strictly on the stake at this japanese,tepanyaki institution the hibachi,grilled new york strip would end up a,few notches lower on our list while the,sear hits the mark the meat lacks a,pronounced beefy bite to truly shine on,its own for this reason we recommend the,teriyaki edition especially since the,addictive sweet and savory sauce is,prepared in-house but there are other,factors connected to the benihana,experience that come into play and help,this middle of the road state gain a few,extra points there is famously the,parade of sides which also benefit from,soaking in that hibachi heat veggies yum,fried rice so good shrimp yes please and,you absolutely cant discount those,d

How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger

so its a snowy wintry day in midtown and fifty first Street,im here at Salvation burger because April Bloomfield brand new with,hamburger specific restaurant April got her start new york about 10 years ago,the spotted pig and its been argued that she wanted Michelin star based on,the shore trip and she sells out,she went on to create new yorks most beloved lamb burger at the breslin and,now shes opened the spot which is dedicated to handlers,this really is a Supermax book I mean you have controlled every aspect of what,ends up on the players totally every aspect from finding the farm,were thirsty has been grazing to going to visit slaughterhouse and then hiring,a fantastic but youre shuttling guests to grind the meat for us in house so,Ive been dreaming about this project for a long long time,at least six to seven years,Being able to control my own blend and just have direct contact right there.,If theres a problem or I want to do something on the fly,,I have somebody there thats just as passionate as me.,that can kind of get us away from it.,These are all of our New York strips and rib-eyes right in here like the one that,erica is cutting up right now is eight week dry aged.,so it gets like a peep your flavor a little funkier you know.,all the flavors condense dense and becomes a lot more tender.,so we just grind that up and put it in the burger and then you can see right here like this is the leg but,basically what we do is were doing a completely whole animal blend.,So its something that nowhere else in the city is really doing.,every burger has every part of the animal in it. You know one day I might be really fatty,,one day it might kind of not have the same consistency that youre looking for,but when youre taking care of all of that back end…,April can say I wanted taht more fatty i wanted less fatty.,Depending on the season the flavors are going to change a little bit.,So that kind of tweaking can just be really exciting especially for someone like April who really cares.,Tell us about the about the cooking process itself, because that is quite unique.,-Yeah you know its been a couple of dreams of mine has been to,be able to cook up over wood. And you know the woods gonna impart teeny, teeny,bit of flavor. Which is you know perfect for this type of burger.,So check this out. that this is a little bit of aged beef tallow.,-Oh lovely! so youre going to get some of that flavor in there too.,-Yeah. going to get a little bit anything to layer that flavor, you know?,This one Im going to show you is a little French onion style.,Its just some caramelized onions with a little taleggio, actually.,Its just a perfect burger!,Look at that! That is amazing, thank you.,Look at this thing. So this is the namesake – this is the Salvation burger.,And I mean it looks…,I love the primal aspect of this hamburger.,Its just its really just cheese, onions, beef in a bun.,What else do you need?,Here I go.,Wow you get that beefy, steak-like flavor, the smokiness.,the onions have a sort of thyme flavor. The cheese adds this creamy, viscous blend to everything.,But the meat itself its really hearty. It tastes like a short rib or steak.,Im going in again.,And that bun! Its got like a quadruple layer of crunch.,Its a crunch on that then you have the tenderness, the airiness of the inside of the bread.,Then you have the snap and crunch of the maillard reaction on the burger itself.,Then you have the juicy innards and then its all repeat again on the bottom.,Its just this is a great great hamburger.,So Im impressed, I mean I knew I would be. April is a incredible chef and,shes obviously put a decade of burger knowledge and expertise into this thing,I think that shes knocked it out of the park. This is what the Salvation burger should be.,theres nothing quite like a full English breakfast whether it be fuel for,a hard day of Labor a company meal to ward off a dreary day or a cure for an,epic hangover,the meal is a celebration of breakfast it is breakfast as feast in New York,British chef April Bloomfield is reforming the way that people feel about,English food and in my opinion shes serving up one of the best versions of,the breakfast anywhere on earth,yeah

Top 10 BEST Steakhouse Chains in America

ive gotten us a party bus reservations at a  delightful steakhouse there are few things better  ,in life than a great big juicy steak luckily there  are plenty of high-quality steakhouses out there  ,so here to steer you in the right direction are  the 10 best chain steak restaurants in america  ,the outback steakhouse are you a big who loves  eating at outback steakhouse but thinks the  ,portions are too small you wont find kangaroo  or crocodile on the outback steakhouse menu but  ,you will find delicious and juicy steaks the  aussie-themed steakhouse chain has been serving  ,up mouth-watering grub since way back in 1988. the  outback steakhouse has earned quite a reputation  ,over the years and today its one of the best  chain steak houses around for starters its  ,affordable you certainly get a lot of bang for  your buck the meat is high quality and the menu  ,is extensive you cant go wrong with a bloomin  onion either if you go to the outback steakhouse  ,and dont order a bloomin onion you might be off  your rocker are you nuts that spicy and creamy  ,bloom sauce is so scrumptious that we wouldnt  blame you if you drank it by the bowl full the  ,outback steakhouse has more than 700 locations  in the united states alone and its really no  ,surprise that the chain is so popular besides the  steak outback aficionados also go crazy for the  ,gold coast coconut shrimp dont worry we didnt  forget about the beef your best bet at the outback  ,steakhouse might be the bone in natural cut  ribeye its so tender and juicy that it will melt  ,in your mouth sure its not on par with a high-end  steakhouse in manhattan but its mighty tasty for  ,a chain restaurant steak add a bacon bit packed  baked potato on the side and youre in carnivore  ,heaven wolfgang steakhouse i know this amazing  steakhouse and the chefs absolute artist in the  ,kitchen wolfgangs steakhouse can be pretty pricey  bet you wont find too many people complaining  ,its a well worth shelling out a few extra bucks  for quality wolfgangs has pedigree this legendary  ,restaurant chain was founded by wolfgangs wiener  okay the name might not sound familiar but trust  ,us hes the real deal zvina got his start waiting  tables at the famous peter luger steakhouse in  ,new york city lets just say he knows steak at  wolfgangs the beef is dry aged in-house thats  ,a rarity when it comes to chain steakhouses there  are only seven wolfgang steakhouses in the u.s  ,five of which are in new york city but wolfgangs  is so good there could easily be as many locations  ,as mcdonalds we are everywhere wolfgangs has  proven to be so popular in new york city that  ,there are now locations in singapore and japan  you know wolfgangs is good when it can make it  ,in tokyo the wolfgang steak sandwich might be just  as delicious as blue fin tuna sashimi if you find  ,yourself on broadway in the big apple be sure to  visit wolfgangs after catching a broadway show  ,the filet mignon with mushroom sauce is to die for  and you can order up a rasher of bacon on the side  ,if youre extra hungry martins the steakhouse  jersey boys morton steakhouse foxwoods martens  ,claims to have the best steak anywhere that may  be up for debate but theres no denying that the  ,stakes at mortons are top-notch if you catch them  on a good day some foodies say the steaks can be  ,hit or miss however most of the time they are  juicy mouth-watering and succulent martins was  ,founded in chicago back in 1978 when a fresh-faced  bill murray was cracking wise on snl today the  ,famous steakhouse has 70 locations across the u.s  and the chain still uses the same meat supplier  ,from the 70s hey if it aint broke dont fix it  mortons is a classy joint its reminiscent of  ,the fancy steakhouses youd see on mad men so be  sure to dress up when you head over for a filet  ,mignon peter come on time to get dressed for our  valentines day dinner all the beef at mortons  ,is usda prime were talking the best of the best  here and the selection is truly astounding there  ,are three varieties of ribeye or you can chow  down on a porterhouse or new york strip if youre  ,steering clear of beef pardon the pun you can chow  down on some king crab legs escargot and lobster  ,tails which are fresh and tasty those friendly  crustaceans look mighty good paired with a 75  ,tomahawk rib eye ruths chris steakhouse black  angus is just a cheaper knockoff of ruths crit  ,everyones heard of ruths chris it might be  the most famous steakhouse in the world and the  ,beef there is so delicious that it might even  convince vegans to switch sides back in 1965  ,louisiana-based businesswoman and restauranteur  ruth fertel purchased a dying steakhouse in the  ,big easy she transformed that fledgling steakhouse  into an empire today there are more than 140  ,ruths chris locations around the globe and  food fans cant get enough of the steakhouses  ,delectable cuts of beef theres even a ruths  chris steakhouse in manila jollibee better watch  ,out a jolly burger steak is nothing compared to  a sizzling butter soaked porterhouse from ruths  ,chris youre welcome to challenge me veronica but  youll lose the butter is what really sets ruths  ,crisp apart what other steakhouse serves up a  ribeye in a pool of sizzling butter clarified  ,butter is actually added to the steaks right when  they leave the kitchen lets just say you should  ,avoid ruths chris if you have a heart condition  even a 24-ounce t-bone isnt worth a triple bypass  ,or is it mastros steakhouse and i met a girl  at mastros was she also your waitress yes  ,mastros first opened its doors in scottsdale  arizona in 1999. today mastros is one of the most  ,popular steakhouse chains in the u.s its also  one of the best there are 18 mastros locations  ,around the good old us of a and each location has  an incredibly eclectic menu you can chow down on  ,everything from a5 japanese wagyu thats perfectly  marbled with fat to king crab black truffle  ,gnocchi to say the food at mastros is decadent  would be an understatement mastros is heaven on  ,earth for a foodie they serve foie gras shellfish  towers and even innovative sushi rolls you can eat  ,almost everything be sure to try some roasted bone  marrow with your 69 bone-in kansas city strip loin  ,you wont regret it even if your pants feel a bit  tighter around the waist longhorn steakhouse he  ,told me its a longhorn texas longhorn no just  a longhorn despite being founded in georgia the  ,longhorn steakhouse definitely has a texas flare  the stakes here are extremely affordable which  ,isnt surprising considering longhorn is a casual  steakhouse you dont need to wear a tux jeans and  ,a t-shirt will do just fine however you might need  to wear a bib because the texas brisket queso can  ,get a little messy it gets messy messy messy there  are so many options at the longhorn steakhouse you  ,can enjoy a mouth-watering outlaw rib-eye or a  flame-grilled t-bone theyre trimmed and cooked  ,to perfection with the perfect amount of seasoning  the fire grill adds a nice char to longhorn steaks  ,youll definitely feel like a cowboy when you eat  at the longhorn steakhouse if youre wondering  ,what appetizer to choose might we suggest the deep  fried pickles they have the perfect amount of snap  ,and are extremely flavorful del friscos double  eagle steakhouse steaks the friscos on me the  ,best way to describe del friscos is elegant and  opulent the steaks here are some of the best in  ,the world and its extremely unlikely youll have  a bad meal at del friscos if youre looking to  ,splurge and spend an entire weeks paycheck this  is the place to go if you had as much money as  ,jeff bezos youd probably eat here every night the  options at del friscos are practically endless  ,you can choose from three different sizes  of filet five different kinds of rib eye and  ,three different new york strip loins if good old  fashioned angus beef isnt to your liking you can  ,enjoy the a5 j

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