1. Learn the Key Features of the New tZERO Wallet
  2. Next Level Investing: tZERO (TZROP Token)
  3. The Tokenization of Global Assets: An Overview (Expert Panel with tZero and Polymath)
  4. Blockchain in Business: Overstock and TZero – Patrick Bryne
  5. Digitally IN Secure: tZero the eTrade of Bitcoin for Nasdaq? FinTech Blockchain Security Solution
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Learn the Key Features of the New tZERO Wallet

hi Im Adam Chapman with the security,token Academy today were pleased to,bring you an interview with our Gould,corporate member t0 t0 is a technology,company servicing the financial and,capital markets industries integrating,secured distributed ledgers to reduce,settlement time increase transparency,and promote efficiency they are most,well known for their secondary trading,technology utilized by pro Securities,LLC a wholly owned subsidiary that,operates an alternative trading system,in security tokens they also expect to,launch a national exchange to allow,trading of security tokens through a,partnership with Boston Options Exchange,later this year today were going to,learn more about the company their,products technology their team and much,more and to do that we go to Salt Lake,City where Im joined by none other than,Rob Kristensen vice president of product,development Rob thanks for being here,today hi Thank You Adam its a pleasure,to speak to you today and before joining,you a little more for some questions I,also have here in the studio in Los,Angeles the one and only jor law jor was,previously the head of issuance at t0,hes the co-founder of verify investor,comm which is a subsidiary of t0 jor,thank you for joining us thank you for,having me okay Rob lets begin him a,little background on t0 can you tell us,how and why T 0 was created,absolutely Adam so it really all began,with overstock.com is the first major,e-commerce business to take Bitcoin as a,payment form the founder and CEO Patrick,Byrne started investigating other use,cases for the underlying blockchain,technology and one of the strongest use,cases that came out of that exercise was,the tokenization of corporate securities,and corporate debt so in January of 2015,t 0 was formed and we had the simple,mission to issue the worlds first,publicly traded,we called them crypto securities back,then the word token was not in heavy use,yet we set out January of 2015 to issue,a corporate security that was settled on,the blockchain away from the DTCC and we,did so in December of 2016 so since,December of 2016 its really been an,evolution of creating t0 as you know it,today getting the alternative trading,systems set up issuing the t0 tokens,last fall and then really scaling that,network to other assets as well as,scaling the secondary liquidity in terms,of broker dealers and investors tied,into that trading platform yeah you guys,have been on the vanguard for sure so,jor here in the studio you were the head,of issuance at t0,can you explain maybe what that job,entailed and anything that youve seen,from that perspective yeah certainly,so t0 is a technology company and their,most well known for their secondary,markets technology which is utilized by,pro securities or other folks that will,effectively license that technology now,before you can have a healthy secondary,market of course you need a vibrant,primary markets right and I think over a,course of time you had a lot of issuers,that came out to t0 and they effectively,said like look you know our end goal is,to be traded on a teaser affiliated,exchange or t0 affiliated net 80s how,can we just work within you with you or,within your network of families to get,to that goal without kind of redirecting,us somewhere else,so while t0 does have strong,relationship with other primary shions,platforms out there they thought that,maybe it would be a good idea to serve,some of these clients internally as well,and therefore theres a primary markets,division and the prime markets division,effectively or tools consulting in,technology that helps people conduct,primary issuances all right now youre,also the founder of something called,verify investor comm which is in which,is a platform that enables legally,compliant verifications right for,accredited,now how did verify investor get involved,with t0 yes so verify investor is a,solution that hand was effectively 506 C,style verifications of accredited,investors and you know we we were,probably the dominant provider that,service kind of in in the crafting days,and as the people that were doing I SEOs,or stos started kind of doing them in a,compliant manner they often turn to,verify investors for that service now,teaser was one of those clients and in,the course of the relationship of,providing those services to t0 we got to,meet the teaser management team got to,understand the business and we thought,that there was a synergistic fit and and,therefore the t0 later acquired us,fantastic thats always happy story so,Rob t0 uses its own special technology,to connect issuers with investors can,you discuss some of those tools what,services do you provide yeah absolutely,so we really view the market as a two,sided market with t0 score exchange and,execution venue technology at the center,and we connect issuers to investors,through our issuance platform which,facilitates not only the tokenization,the technical pieces but also the,fundraising as well and as far as,services go we offer technical services,tokenization as well as security token,offering consulting and then on the,other side of the market from that we do,offer through t0 approved broker dealers,that are tied into pro securities ATS,for secondary trading we do provide,access for accredited and coming soon,retail investors to access and trade,those security tokens got it and Rob do,you guys have any new product,announcements or new as you wanted to,share sure so the most exciting launch,we have coming up here in June is going,to be the t0 wallet the t0 wallet and I,cant give you an exact date on that,Adam I apologize but the t0 wallet will,be coming here in June and the key,features around the wallah is going to,be the biometrics as well as the multi,signature key recovery this is going to,be a huge asset to investors where it,provides an added layer of security and,stability in that if they lose their,private keys those keys can be recovered,through a multi signature process and,their assets can be safely recovered and,transferred to a new address this is,useful in the case of theft of security,tokens should that happen they can be,restored back to their rightful legal,owner also in the event that they lose,in the event that they lose their seed,phrase or their private key they can,restore their funds and have access to,them as well,yeah thats critical we hear more talk,about that all the time,so we here at security token Academy,have also started seeing a tokenization,trend now for our viewers can you,explain what tokenization even is and,why one might tokenize with digital,securitys actually lets start with you,jor and then well go to your Rob yeah,you know tokenization to me is is really,a technology right its its the act of,creating a token to back in in our case,securities and in in this case the,tokens are created using this derivative,ledger technology right so tokenization,is effectively taking something and,manifesting in in a digital format,through a token and I think that has,certain advantages in the security space,because the technology allows better,effectively better tracking and audit,capabilities and that in turn allows for,many other kind of improvements to the,existing securities market so those are,mostly the issuer benefits right there,are their benefits and the tokenization,from the other side from the investor,side well I think you know any,time you have better tracking and better,information the entire market benefits,right not only for the issuer benefit,but the investors benefit from having,perhaps faster settlement times clarity,as you know as to ownership,you know settlement and clearing houses,could benefit in a sense of just you,know cutting down the efficiency and,time to settle trades and things like,that you know this is something that you,know Rob steam at t0 has looked into,extensively as well yeah right and also,of course the name Rob right what is why,is it called T 0 so t 0 comes from you,know our mission to reunify trad

Next Level Investing: tZERO (TZROP Token)

i see t0 as a revolutionary company for,fintech or for the financial markets,after watching this video,let me know if you have any questions,because i would love to ask som,hey youtube my name is eli im a phd,scientist and i love talking about,stocks in this video i want to talk,about a company that i learned about,because of my interest in blockchain i,dont equate blockchain with,cryptocurrency with bitcoin i know that,bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency and,a cryptocurrency is a specific,application of blockchain in this video,were going to be talking about,specifically,t0 group and some of the really cool,applications that they have going on,applying the blockchain technology so,lets start off with bitcoin,i think this is the perfect place to,start off because i think most everyone,has heard of bitcoin at this point if,they havent already purchased some,themselves,recently bitcoin has been exploding it,reached almost,60 000 us dollars per coin thats crazy,because of the surge i learned about all,of these bitcoin miners ive been making,videos about these miners i invented a,new metric so that we can compare all,these miners side by side of course its,only one metric,you still need to look into management,and side businesses but if you want more,information on that check out my library,again i just want to point out that i,think its very unfortunate that,investors and enthusiasts,oftentimes use all of these terms,interchangeably,bitcoin cryptocurrencies blockchain but,i want to point out,that the underlying technology the,blockchain technology,allows this to be possible allows,bitcoin to exist,its not the only thing that blockchain,can do and again i think its a bummer,that these terms are used,interchangeably because,bitcoin at the moment kind of,overshadows blockchain applications but,that is why i like talking about,blockchain on this channel i like the,application in smart contracts the open,distributed ledgers,i always talk about this example because,its a relevant example for today,how our life is being impacted and,changing today so a company named,docusign,has revolutionized the way we conduct,business before you needed to have,authentic signatures and turn in that,authentic official document for the,document to be valid and now you can,pretty much sign a document anywhere,around the world because of docusign,i invested in docusign it did really,well for my portfolio and in this video,again i want to talk about,another company that is applying,blockchain it kind of borders that,cryptocurrency world well get into the,details in just a second but this,company is t0 group,its a subsidiary of medici ventures,which is a portfolio of overstock,of course we know that overstock is,doing some really cool things with their,e-commerce,they just had their earnings report and,earnings call and they didnt really,talk about minishi ventures which is why,i want to dive deeper into t0 group in,this video,its a company that im bullish on its,not financial advice this is my personal,opinion and my interpretation of,everything that t0 group is trying to do,and with that introduction please help,me out with a like and a subscribe,welcome if youre new,lets get into the details of t0 group i,see t0 as a revolutionary company,for fintech or for the financial markets,they are trying to democratize capital,theyre leveling the playing field,between retail investors like myself,and smart money these huge hedge funds,for example because its on the,blockchain no more secrecy everything is,transparent everything is visible its a,one-way market,no shorting no naked shorting and if you,look at the history of overstock this,makes sense,this is something that the former ceo,was really passionate about this was a,problem that hes been trying to solve,for a really long time i see t0 as a,company thats trying to solve three,problems,theyre trying to solve the issue of,liquidity in the private markets which,is a really large market well get into,some of these numbers in just a second,theyre doing this by tokenization of,these illiquid assets the second problem,is the t,plus two versus t plus zero problem,where trade is settlement and,the third problem is this all in one,platform so you have these,new assets like crypto currencies,and these tokenized private assets and,you have historical you know the,traditional stocks like apple and tesla,for example,two of these are new theyre enabled by,the blockchain technology and theyre,distinct theyre different from one,another cryptocurrency isnt really,backed by anything,tokens on the other hand are,asset-backed tokens,and under the sec theyre seen as,securities their security token so its,like its similar to investing in a,stock but you have the t,plus 0 because its on the blockchain in,addition to that you have the change,that these tokens represent,historically illiquid assets that i and,retail investors didnt have,access to this third goal is the,all-in-one platform where you have all,these assets,in one area so its a one destination,you log in you can buy,any of these assets regular stocks tesla,apple,these tokenized assets aspd which,represents real estate for example,and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin,ethereum,you name it so essentially what t0 is,trying to accomplish,looks like this pictorially you can draw,a venn diagram of all three areas you,have the public securities and then you,have the two new securities,or areas that are enabled by the,blockchain technology you have,cryptocurrencies and you have private,securities again,they are distinct from one another,cryptocurrencies arent really backed by,anything,theyre given value by supply and demand,and then you have private securities,which are,under the sec seen as securities t0 is,merging all three areas together and,theyre basically,trying to take what coinbase is doing it,and taking it to the next level,theyre trying to also get nms stocks,normal stocks like tesla and,apple for example that are typically,traded on td ameritrade on to t0,and you also have all these new private,assets like aspd,like t0 token all on one platform,and so for me this is so bullish this is,like if you look at the history of,fintech these,types of movements dont happen very,often,we had the new york stock exchange,operating on auction,and then you had the nasdaq come in they,decreased the bid ask gap,and they were really popular for otc,companies but now,the nasdaq who hasnt heard of the,nasdaq theyre now trading a number of,really important technology companies,you also have finra who helped establish,nasdaq and so then that brings me to the,question,okay so if t0 is you know providing the,next step,in the financial markets where does that,leave t0 group if the ats is enabling,the trading of these historically,illiquid assets,and a really big market where does that,leave t0 group,for example i see the t0 ats the,alternative trading system,and t0 group as the next step to the,nasdaq the same way that the nasdaq was,the next step to the new york stock,exchange and again these steps,dont come often so you had new york,stock exchange to the nasdaq you had the,introduction of etfs in the 1990s,and now we have t plus zero as well as,tokenization and liquidity for,historically inaccessible,assets illiquid assets like real estate,yeah,this is this is great so point number,one goal number one,providing liquidity for traditionally,illiquid assets and the private markets,private assets,why is this a big deal well to put,things into perspective,the world gdp the world economy is worth,100 trillion dollars and if you take,into account,only the private assets they are worth 4,quadrillion this is the biggest market,of all markets the private market,when you look at the private sector in,the private market the number one asset,that comes forward,is real estate so we have one example of,real estate with aspd,its a hotel in aspen colorado but the,private market doesnt end there it,doesnt stop there,you can invest a

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The Tokenization of Global Assets: An Overview (Expert Panel with tZero and Polymath)

Adam Chapnick: Hey everybody, its me, Adam Chapnick, with the Security Token Academy.,Now, welcome back. Today were covering an advanced topic of,security tokens called, the tokenization of global assets. And if you need a refresher,on the basics about security tokens, make sure to check out our video called “Security,Token Overview, ICOs and STOs” this will provide you the background you will need for,todays show. Here at the Security Token Academy, we see,the security token industry as really being born in 2018, and having a major impact on,the global financial system. We think it will be a fundamental foundation of a new financial,Internet. Now today, Im here in our Los Angeles studios,,and Ill soon be joined by two of the leading experts in the security token industry to,discuss the tokenization of global assets. But, before we get started, we want to take,a moment to thank the sponsors of todays Expert Panel Discussion, VerifyInvestor.com,and Inventus Law. We appreciate your continued support.,To help us further explore the future world of security tokens, we welcome Joe Cammarata,President of tZERO, who joins us from New York, and Chris Housser, Co-Founder of Polymath,,who joins us from Toronto. Now in this first segment were going to review,how ICOs and even IPOs can use security tokens. And in the next segment well get,into tokenization of global assets. Okay. So, Chris, lets kick things off with,you. Thanks for being here. Before we get into …,Chris Housser: Happy to be here. Adam Chapnick: Yeah. Good to have you.,Before we get into the topic of tokenization of global assets, what role do you see security,tokens having for ICOs and IPOs? Chris Housser: I think ICOs really are going,to start disappearing, and its really going to start being a lot more of these STOs,,or security token offerings. So, the Wild West was these ICOs that represented utility,tokens, but going forward, rather than these self described utility tokens, it will be,a lot of securitized assets, or securities, that are offered on the block chain, rather,than these utility coins that weve seen in the past.,Adam Chapnick: Right. Joe, theres a concept that digital tokens can make the trading process,more efficient, less expensive, also faster. Can you, for everybody, explain what T plus,three means, and the significance of the tZERO name?,Joe Cammarata: Sure, Adam. Yeah theres quite a bit of efficiencies that can be gained by,utilizing the block chain, and digital securities in general.,First off, starting with traditional Wall Street T3, and now recently, in the last year,or so, is going out to T plus two, means its the trade date plus three days to settle,,and now, like I said, two days to settle. And in that time, we found that there was,a lot of expenses, theres a lot of inefficiencies, and might even say games that we play between,securities lending, and what goes on in those two or three day periods while securities,are settling. On the digital side, tZERO, is the trade is,the settlements of same day were settling the trade on the block chain. So its settling,in near real time, and you avoid the three day settlement process. You dont have cash,tied up for three days. You cant have people naked, short selling your stock.,Theres also the ability for the issuer to know whos holding their stock, who their,token holder, in the traditional sense shareholders, are instead of them holding their securities,at DTCC, which is centralized clearing in street names, and they dont know who their,holders are. Adam Chapnick: Got it. So well talk some,more about some of that later. This is very exciting.,Chris, you guys had stated that ICOs were the past, and STOs were totally the future,,What do you mean by that? Chris Housser: I think youve seen, recently,,theres been a lot of regulations and enforcement, subpoenas handed out by the SEC, because theres,been a lack of clarity so far about whats happening with these ICOs, whats happening,in the block chain space. People are raising a lot of money, billions of dollars, on white,papers alone. Theres a lack of financial disclosure, and I think thats going to end,soon. And traditional shares that you see now, shares in equity funds, shares in VC,funds. Those will be coming to the block chain with proper disclosures. And, yeah, the ICOs,are ending, and were looking to create a new trend, where compliant offerings take,place on the block chain. Adam Chapnick: Joe, the big news about you,guys is that youre going to be compliant. Now, what makes your company compliant that,differs from other marketplaces? Joe Cammarata: So, Adam, just to start off,where we came from, tZERO was founded from traditional brokerage. My background has been,27 years in FinTech building trading systems and, obviously, in the regulatory environment,with FINRA and the SEC for years. We already have an existing execution routing,business called Speed Route. We do about two and a half percent of the U.S. exchange volumes,on a daily basis. We have very high throughput, and our clients are existing broker deals,and exchanges. Were one of the only U.S. firms that only deals with broker deals and,exchanges. We dont have retail or buyside customers of any kind. So, were very familiar,with the regulated space. And one of the other broker deals we have,is called an ATS. Its called a Pro Securities ATS. Weve been operating that, also, for,quite a few years. And one of our challenges was that ATSs are very common in the U.S.,equity markets. We didnt want to compete with our other broker dealer clients. So we,started about three years ago doing overnight trading. We bring it up at 8 p.m. Eastern,and shut it down at 4:00 a.m. to issue the first ever 24 five U.S. equity trading. So,thats what the ATS was doing before digital securities, and still is today. In fact, we,have two of the three largest online retail broker dealers, trading through the ATS overnight,today. Reason I get into all that is our regulatory background. Were also integrated into all,of the major auto management systems, Bloomberg, Fidessa, SS&C. So, we have all of the compliance,components, were already in a regulated environment, so it was not a difficult migration to move,over to security tokens. So, while ICOs were coming out in 2017, we,sat there wondering, “When is the SEC going to step in and realize that these are securities?”,And they finally did in June of 2017. And thats when tZERO really became noticed because,we have the only ATS, or alternative trading system, thats actually approved as an ATS,,and traded digital securities, which was Overstock, were the first public companies that did a,digital security offering, that settled away from Wall Street entirely on the block chain.,Adam Chapnick: Got it. Okay. Well, now lets talk about ICOs that were launched in 2017.,Many of these were locked via regulation D, which meant that investors couldnt sell them,for about 12 months. And soon, many of these lockups are going to be ending during 2018,,which is going to allow investors to sell and trade. So, Joe, what does this mean for,the security token trading platforms and exchanges? Joe Cammarata: So, we personally are very,excited about it. In fact were talking to a couple of companies. One of the challenges,though, Adam, that we do have in looking at these. Some of these, as you mentioned, that,they filed for Reg D, and they went the right way. The challenges some of them are having,is, if they traded on an exchange, Bitfinex and some of them had, in fact, traded briefly,on an unregulated exchange. They may have, in fact, lost their exemptions.,Thats one of the challenges that were looking at tZERO, to make sure any company that we,take on to trade through the ATS, must be in strict compliance with federal securities,laws, Reg D, Reg S, Reg A, Reg A plus. So, thats one of the challenges we have, but,looking at the coming months, in fact, our own security token offering, the Reg S, or,the tokens in general,

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Blockchain in Business: Overstock and TZero – Patrick Bryne

[Music],overstock about to share some wisdom,with us and you know Im really excited,that hes here I mean hes been one of,the Bitcoin pioneers if you will for you,know actual businesses that will accept,Bitcoin for their goods and services and,he has a wonderful website called,overstock.com you can buy tons of stuff,on there and you can pay with bitcoins,and you know when were trying to get,people to use Bitcoin its always nice,to have businesses that will accept it,so youre from Salt Lake correct /,Vermont and we have a lot of mutual,friends hes a mover and shaker so,Patrick Byrne,welcome to the asthenosphere welcome to,Nexus is exciting as these coins are to,me the main event the main event is this,on okay Ill figure this out just a,moment so simple even the CEO,okay its house it we can make super,there we go good enough,thank you we to me whats exciting is,the applications of blockchain itself,Im gonna show you one thats really,exciting including a piece of paper,thats that I spent 30 million dollars,to get a piece of paper Im going to,show you here so I hope that keeps your,attention,October 23rd 2008 the world was melting,down they call Alan Greenspan out of,retirement to go before Congress and,explain what is happening he says this,thing that the left has jumped on not,really quite understanding the full,picture in order to return disability,particularly in the areas of fraud,settlement and securitization so you may,remember there were New Yorker articles,about Alan Greenspan says markets dont,work and stuff like this yeah thats the,first part of the sentence the second,part fraud settlement and securitization,fraud was things like Bernie Madoff,securities ation mortgage-backed,securities this settlement thing has,been sort of written out of history 2008,was a settlement crisis what happened on,that Wednesday you know Lehman went,broke on Sunday they didnt do anything,was on Wednesday morning the settlement,system froze thats been written out of,history its really so why did it freeze,Im this document took cost me 30,million dollars to get some of you know,I was in a long-term fight with Wall,Street its because starting around 2005,I became convinced and saying publicly,there was a bunch of mischief going on,on Wall Street and people were being,ripped off I couldnt believe I had,trouble getting I thought it was like,the Pelican papers when you when Julie,Roberts writes up the brief and expose,it this the whole world swarms in well,it turns out that it doesnt because so,much of the world was bought off and,corrupt and the people who were supposed,to do their jobs,were well youll see what they were in,on so Goldman Sachs the we were in this,lawsuit and they were forced after eight,years of fighting to turn up how big is,this obscure thing called securities,lending securities lending theres a,desk within all the big banks called,securities lending youll understand a,few minutes what it does how big was it,I knew it was at least five percent I,thought it might be fifteen percent 15,percent of goldman sachs would be quite,a large number I heard rumors it might,be as big as a quarter of Goldman Sachs,came from this thing called securities,lending people didnt know much about,ten years ago well the answer turns out,to be 75% 75% of Goldman Sachs is,revenue comes from an activity that they,have kept that has been obscured from,the public its called securities,lending and this is why it cost me 30,million dollars to get that piece of,paper seventy-five percent of goldman,sachs prime brokerage you know theres,the hedge fund and theres the prime,broker seventy five goldman sachs is a,securities lending desk with the name of,a bank on the door and this is a big,secret has been a big secret and it,turns out that of that seventy five,percent seventy six percent comes from,lending a particular class of stock,called a hard to borrow stock so it,turns out that this is goldman sachs is,business and i think the same is true,for the other five big prime brokers on,Wall Street no reason to think this is,any different but thats three quarters,of their revenue by the way since the,securities lending desk tends to be a,couple small number of guys named Joe,and Tony and Louie from Staten Island,the expenses are very very tiny so while,its 75 percent of the revenue my guess,is its about a hundred and hundred one,hundred and fifty percent of all the,profit of prime brokerage on Wall Street,comes from this area of people thats,this really obscure little corner of,Wall Street this is what it how its,supposed to work securities lending you,may you know what short selling,probably short-selling us but somebody,youre always told people borrow stock,and then they sell it well thats thats,the idea but in reality in our market,well all they have to do is locate stock,that theyll be able to borrow then they,can sell and three days later when its,time to deliver they get the stock that,theyre located and deliver so its,really the whole thing I was down to,locates this thing called locates did,they get allocate on stock before they,short sold it so imagine a pension fund,has some stock they bank they custodian,it with a large prime broker the large,prime broker sees that theres a short,seller out there who wants it to short,sell they will give allocate they will,tell that short seller okay youre good,you want to sell a hundred thousand,shares of lumber liquidators go ahead we,have located the stock for you you can,go ahead and so Im depicting that as,the transfer of the locate is this,symbol you see there and lets say this,short seller pays twenty dollars for,that well believe it or not ten years,ago when I started sort of going,Superfly TNT on Wall Street about was I,found out in 2004 how little there was,to keep a prime broker say in this case,from when they see that person that they,can collect that one short seller they,can collect twenty dollars for their,surprisingly little to keep them from,telling other short sellers you know,what you have your good for locates too,and collecting from each of these other,short sellers payment for this well some,more short sellers end up with locates,and then can sell into the markets and,there is actual shares and youd be,amazed how little there is and the,systems to prevent them from doing this,and we have the SEC on tape in a sort of,quasi public back office conference of,Wall Street scolding a couple guys from,Goldman and Morgan in front of the crowd,saying you know basically you have to,work with us we do these audits into,your locate trails and when it gets back,to where youre supposed to record it,who stock it is your guys have recorded,Mickey Mouse or three dots or something,like that you know work with this is the,director this is very high,up in the enforcement arm sort of,pleading scolding with Goldman and,Morgan in part because of the attention,we started bringing to this about ten,years ago the pension fund started,getting smarter and saying if youre if,youre making money loaning our stock,out we want a piece of the action we,want you to kick back thirty percent to,us and so how that should work is the,prime broker get their twenty and six,goes up to the pension fund well whats,the pension funds figured out that what,the prime brokers figured out they could,do in that case when they is they they,go to a friendly prime broker in between,and they say well give you the locate,for lets say two dollars and they cut,into pension fund for their 30 percent,or sixty cents and then that middle,prime broker loans of gives the locate,on takes the twenty dollars and theres,a back-office game in the repo market,where they basically give a half of the,kickback and that this has all come out,in a variety of lawsuits on Wall Street,that this turns out to be this regular,practice theres this kickback done and,the overnight repo market that they,equalize the cup so thats what really,happens I just refer to as mischief,theyre amazingly few control

Digitally IN Secure: tZero the eTrade of Bitcoin for Nasdaq? FinTech Blockchain Security Solution

welcome back to digital insecurity,today were going to focus on t0,blockchain and security tokens,all rolled into one what i want to do is,mention that this is going to be a,two-part this is this well call the,first part and then were going to post,a prequel,after the fact this has really wrapped,into many different directions,we have patrick byrne who was a ceo of,overstock who stepped down,about a year ago and the saga runs deep,as he gives a tale of involvement in the,three letter agencies,russian dossier and a cyber security ceo,that used to work with him at overstock,who was found deceased in her car in a,small neighbor small,quiet neighborhood in san jose after,telling calling her mom and telling her,that we are in the matrix theres,something odd about this,but but i also want to tie in a,connection,with milton friedman who in the 90s,had had this revelation about where we,would be today,and it so happens that patrick is,directly connected with milton,and to tie this all together with a bow,as we step through each of the concepts,today,just think what does this have to do,with nasara gesara,okay so lets jump in today this is,digital insecurity,t0 blockchain security tokens,so i want to start here with is 2021 the,year of the security token this is on,investopedia,and theres just a few concepts i want,to bring up here,blockchain is one of the fastest growing,digital technologies in recent history,and its revolutionary decentralized,model is being appropriated by,industries far and wide,and so um from blockchain we get into,icos or initial coin,offerings which were all familiar with,and from there we jump into the topic of,security over um cryptocurrencies so,where did this really come from,as with many other cryptocurrency,launches we read here on investopedia,overstock,introduced its cryptocurrency called t0,via an ico initial coin offering the ico,launched on december 18th,of 2017. lets remember that date of,2017,and was immediately met with significant,levels of interest many icos are used to,secure crucial funding,for the continuous development of a,project,as we quickly move forward security,token trading platform,t0 has been awarded a patent for a way,of recording,trading data on public block change the,company a side,a subsidiary of retail giant overstock,which i believe later spun out,altogether,announced tuesday that the patent for,its new tech dubbed,time ordered merkel epoch t-o-m-e,methodology had been awarded by the u.s,patent and trade office,and again this was announced in,august of 2019 for that award,so lets zip forward here t zero is a,distributed ledger platform and,cr and also a cryptocurrency two,different concepts of the same name,and it launched by the internet retail,company overstock it was developed to,give greater,legitimacy and oversight to icos and to,allow companies to create,and issue tokenized assets for investors,so so theres our intro my name is,barbara and diane is joining us today,to go a little bit more in depth about,t0 what it is what the implications are,and what we have up to date diane do you,want to jump in with this,uh yeah thank you barbara um i think you,know i just really wanted to um,uh talk about the excitement of the,blockchain and what um,you know what i feel is coming down the,pike which a lot of people may or may,not know about,and um you know when i can kind of see,this stuff in the background i just,feel like i want to share it so folks,can put two and two together,or just start to figure out you know how,they want to go after whatever business,opportunities that they want to,but also with an eye towards you know,how to think about,the digital insecurities around you know,how fast were moving,right i always thought that um,that uh the blockchain would definitely,come after the cloud,era and um you know as i went around to,various different conferences,and i would go to blockchain conferences,for many years,uh in the past and watch them in their,early,um presences trying to uh you know,people thinking different about their,new applications getting ready for this,phase you know but not,really being able to do anything yet you,know,until we knew that we had regulation or,until you know they really had,things dialed in for themselves and so,long story short,whats so exciting right now is that you,know,ive been in conversations and security,token summit conversations you know with,big players like ibm and i get to hear,some of these discussions about uh how,the sec is talking together,with um folks you know that are,senators even that are putting,frameworks together in the blockchain to,basically,um you know um,you know make the big reveal one day so,i feel like um,you know uh regulation is coming,and um and with this you know,come the discovery of this particular,company,that youre talking about today which is,um t-zero,and uh you know from my research uh of,this company,they have as you mentioned um gotten the,first patent,to basically um secure the um,the first um security exchange right,theyve worked with the sec,to establish this and they feel like,theyre way ahead,of many other competitors that could,potentially come out,later um and um you know i thought it,was interesting it was,um that patrick byrne um you know speaks,hes an investor,he was i guess the founder of overstock,and is,you know is the one thats creating this,um platform,for um uh folks to do stock trading,even i think is enticing the national,stock exchange,to sort of convert over which in the,past i always felt like,you know they always there was this kind,of um,not wanting to let you know the stock,traders of the,national stock exchange to really be a,part of this i think in the past there,was always just,like work working um and leaving folks,out you know and making folks,feel like theyre being left behind and,until they could really grip it and now,i think with you know the onset of covid,its just making us,have to think about how we um embrace,uh technology digital uh,technologies going forward and how were,going to solve a lot of problems right,in in money laundering how were going,to bring businesses back up how were,going to bring,economies back up and you know how we,can help governments,um as well too and so i think theres a,lot of embracing around that,and um with that you know comes the,excitement,i think the big thing that uh patrick,talks about,is you know the big 915 billion dollar,prize that everybodys going to be after,when,embracing this technology um thats sort,of the carrot for everyone is to you,know make a lot of money,and um but theyre doing it right,theyre trying to you know,they secure those patents and i think,theyre getting ready for,you know bitcoin ethereum and raven coin,to and,and you know theyre getting ready for,the various different markets that could,come on you know he was an investor that,basically,um had the forethought about,um uh technology and how,he would buy companies right and already,envision how they would come into play,very importantly around the blockchain,in areas of supply chain or in areas of,voting and finance and real estate,and i think because you know the,blockchain,has this uh connotation for being very,you know immutable if you will you know,and being able to store the information,from one block to the next,and um not being able to change it,and being able to you know see what the,history is,so um you know it can solve a lot of,problems in terms of fraud,in terms of money laundering in terms of,just keeping track of,smart contracts and real estate or you,know voting making sure that you know,those,votes are you know not um,messed with and so this is very exciting,um you know because its going to open,up new opportunities in almost,every area that you can think of and,just like,you know when we moved to the mobile era,and had to redevelop you know all kinds,of applications for mobile will be doing,the same thing and the opportunities are,endless for what will happen in

What Makes a REL Acoustics Subwoofer Different? Lead Designer Explains What Sets the Company Apart.

[Music],hi,john hunter with rel here let me walk,you through a little bit about what,makes rel different,as a super subwoofer supplier and the,things that make us unique,the way we approach this entire endeavor,is completely different than anybody,else,in the world of subwoofers first of all,whats really difficult to do,is to get a subwoofer to seamlessly,blend with your existing speaker to sort,of chameleon-like,adapt to it and simply extend the low,frequencies down in a way thats,natural holistic that allows you to hear,the entire universe of that recording,in a way youve never experienced before,how does that relate to home theater,all of it all of it translates over to,home theater,heres the problem with home theater,sound in many cases the special effects,youre hearing,youve never if youre very lucky never,experienced before,youve in many cases never heard the,sound of a 223 round going by your ear,but in the movies we get to hear that,effect and you get to,start with that big fast crack as the,gases come out of the barrel,and then you hear the zip as it goes by,your ear the concussion,of a bullet exploding out the end of a,gun barrel,is unbelievable and if we get it exactly,right it makes you duck,all of those things happen when we get,music right,thats the funny thing why because all,the sounds were used to hearing in real,life,have their basis in this kind of organic,naturalness by,doing what we do you ground all of the,movie,in naturalness so that when the special,effects happen,theyre startling,so lets talk in specifics about some of,the things that make our approach to,subwoofers,very different than anybody elses right,off the bat this connector which is,different than youre used to seeing,most subwoofers of course just plug in,with an rca into one of these,we also offer something thats not,unique other people are starting to copy,us,its called a high level input and a,high level input actually,takes this plug connected up,back to your main amplifier to the exact,same terminals that feed your,loudspeakers,why because that is the signal that your,ears ultimately are going to hear thats,whats actually presenting the signal to,the speakers,and we derive that and its the only way,to get it as complete and natural as,possible,there are plenty of engineers who will,argue that the only way to do it,is to use these little rcas we offer,those too and thats fine and if thats,how youd like to do it,you can do that but it costs nothing to,listen does it,and if you do it our way we can,guarantee you that youll hear,immediately a great deal more,naturalness to the presentation of the,entire system,so starting with how we connect going,through our filters,going into the amplifiers our amplifiers,typically are not multi thousand watt,behemoths,boy when i read some of our competitors,stuff like oh my goodness why does that,person need a 3500 watt amplifier,pretty simple,[Music],there are no free lunches,if the moving parts of this driver so,this is the element that actually makes,sound,right it moves back and forth it pistons,in and out,the moving parts of this on a rail are,banishingly light why is that important,because thats the amount of amplifier,you need to excite this,to get it moving right if we built it,like everybody else built,theirs very very heavy what youd wind,up with something,is with something that requires hundreds,of watts just to get it moving,the first little micron so were wasting,energy and were actually producing,something thats really slow why does,that matter because your speakers are,not slow,the speakers and your in your main,speakers the drivers in there,are very light even on a relatively,inexpensive pair,a little five and a quarter inch or six,and a half inch driver in a normal,speaker,that cone weighs nothing weighs far less,than an ounce,so when you start looking at some of,these things that our competitors do,where they have these,massive magnets really rich and butch,looking and you start going,wow thats really impressive ask,yourself why theyre doing that,a subwoofer in many cases is the least,welcome element,in a persons home why theyre,inherently larger than people want them,to be,people would love them to be the size of,a baseball and be hidden underneath the,couch or,tucked behind a an occasional table in,the corner,we work as hard as we can to do that but,we work really hard to make sure that,this may be the best looking thing,in the living room the physical,structure of these all,takes its cues from exactly whats,needed,and then reinterprets them in a way,thats both functional and,physically beautiful so what do we do we,actually tune the cabinets very much,like musical instruments,what we wind up with here is a piece,that actually has bracing,all the way up over and down comes right,through the center and just cancels,all the main vibrational modes and why,is that important,because the pressure thats coming back,into the cabinet on the drivers inward,stroke,is tremendous it can be 40 50 pounds per,square inch,of air pressure compressing back in so,weve got to be able to control that,and disperse it and minimize it,otherwise,that will have negative effects on the,sound actually going out that you hear,so the conclusion is this we work really,hard,to get you natural sounding deep bass,and the way that natural sounding deep,bass works is that when you restore that,when you make a system,truly full range it opens up the beauty,of everything above it,so we work really really hard to restore,all that stuff that youve never known,was missing,but the moment that you do hear it you,cant live without it and thats what,the brailles about

Why Overstock and tZERO Are Surging (OSTK Stock)

hey youtube its been some time since we,covered material on overstock.com and,the stock overstock so in this video,thats the company that i want to talk,about,if youve been following the channel,youll know that im a fan of blockchain,and not necessarily,cryptocurrencies i think theyre cool i,think cryptocurrencies are cool in their,own way and theyre definitely trying to,accomplish their own,goal but what i like most,about bitcoin is actually the underlying,technology that makes cryptocurrency,possible and that is blockchain and ive,said this on multiple videos,for overstock ill leave the playlist,above basically all of the videos ive,made,for overstock in this video i wont go,into a detailed background on overstock,because i have already done that,i also wont give a detailed background,on t0 because ive also already done,that so be sure to check that playlist,out,in this video i want to talk about why,overstock and t0 have been making,headlines,and why the stock has been up roughly,800 percent,since the middle of march again if,youve been following this channel,youll know that im very bullish,on overstock of course it is a,speculative company it is currently not,profitable,so do your own due diligence and be very,careful,when moving forward with companies that,are not profitable so,in this video again i want to talk about,why its been making crazy moves and why,its been making headlines,so first i want to start off with,overstock as the retail,e-commerce shop this company was,purchased by patrick berm,roughly around the time of the dot-com,bubble and it actually thrived,during that time you know taking the,inventory of stores that,went bankrupt and then selling that,online,so its been making headlines because of,the certain because of the conditions,that were in so basically,there are a lot of closures and people,are moving to online shopping,there are multiple gainers in this field,or in this area,or sector of the market and this,includes stores like wayfair i mean,wafer had a certain period of time where,it just like,boomed and shot up companies like ebay,and of course companies like,amazon also benefited from the closing,of brick and mortars and people moving,to online retailers and so again,overstock,benefited from this their traffic has,significantly increased and theyve been,able to retain their traffic,overstock their the retail sells,discounted items designer,accessories apparel and pretty much,anything else that can be sold online,and again they seem to have really high,retention rates on their,online retail because of their real-time,website personalization as well as their,real-time,email personalization making the online,shopping with overstock very dynamic,overstock has won multiple awards for,their,retail their online retail and they,theyve been,i mean front runners in this area of,course we typically hear,of companies like amazon and walmart,doing really well,on online retail but overstock is also,one of the top names in that regard,and they are recently making a large,comeback or a huge comeback,on online retail okay so now moving on,to the second part so overstock is the,main holder of medici ventures so its a,subsidiary of overstock minish,medici ventures is and medici ventures,is,the crypto or blockchain side of,overstock so overstock has always been,interested in things like bitcoin,but also launched medici ventures which,has a ton of companies,that are subsidiaries of medici ventures,that are trying to solve problems,for in day-to-day life using blockchain,and this includes things like,safe and reliable voting things like,registering land on the blockchain and,basically being really transparent and,settling things very quickly,and one of the companies that i really,like to follow is t0 so that is a,subsidiary again of medici ventures,which is a subsidiary of overstock,and t-0 aims to revolutionize the,financial markets,so the reason that overstock is making,headlines through medicine ventures,through,t0 is because may was the strongest,month,for the t0 alternative trading system,and it,had over 423 000,transactions in the month of may which,is four times more,than the month of may from 2019. so the,number of transactions are,up 50 percent over the same period year,to date so january,through the end of may and according to,coin telegraph,as well as the security token group the,alternative trading system hosted,95 percent of token transactions last,month and so thats just a really,amazing position to be in,as far as t0 goes and again overstock as,the parent company of madison ventures,of t0,and so again these are security tokens,so,not things like bitcoin the tokens,represent,assets that have been uh tokenized so,its,its not the same as trading coins like,bitcoin so that is why they,hold 95 of those transactions so theyre,two different,um uh platforms that are being traded in,addition,the month of may also holds a record,growth in investors on the platform,and t 0 also announced that they have,new subscribers,in terms of broker dealers as well as,retail investors making accounts through,their subscribed broker dealers so they,now have three active subscriber broker,dealers and theyre working on more,theyve actually signed five agreements,and are looking,forward to signing more according to,business wire,and the reason that theyre getting more,retail investors is because more people,are,either on the broker dealers that are,being subscribed to the ats these new,broker dealers,or theyre making accounts with broker,dealers that have already been on the,ats,like dinosaur financial so more,statistics,on t0 t0 crypto is a subsidiary of t0,the technology company and,this application trades cryptocurrencies,like,ethereum and bitcoin and the user count,on t0 crypto is up 15,in may and is up 85 year to date its a,new application,so of course its really easy to have,these type of numbers early on,again i just want to say that t0 crypto,crypto is a subsidiary of t0,and t0 again is a tech company founded,with the goal,to utilize the distributed ledger,technology to revolutionize financial,markets,and they want to basically make the,financial markets more efficient,more accessible and more transparent,more news,uh surrounding overstock anti-zero,is that through the ats they were able,to issue ost ko,and ostko is the first of its kind,dividend for overstock the company,and it is a digital voting series a1,preferred stock,and this was issued on may 19 2020,and this ostko digital share or,digital asset is equal weight in voting,in comparison to the common share this,was issued on a 1 to 10 basis,with the record date of april 27 2020,and the goal of issuing ostko in the,eyes of sam,and the team at overstock was to,increase the liquidity,of the ats the alternative trading,system,as well as increased participation in,trading digitized securities,or these tokens on the ats of course,with this digital dividend there were,rules that came along with this so when,they,issued the dividend if you held ostk,say in td ameritrade or robin hood which,i own,uh ostk in both platforms you received,your digital dividend again on a one to,ten ratio,in those broker dealers and then you,could transfer those,digital shares to a brokerage account,that is subscribed to the ats like,dinosaur financial,and you can then trade ostko on,the ats through dinosaur financial and,again they are working to get more,broker dealers,subscribed to the ats so when all was,said and done,this digital dividend because of the,price of ostko,represented a nine percent dividend rate,i am under the impression that this was,a one-time dividend,but we will see what happens in the,future im really excited to see what,t-zero does moving forward,they actually only accounted for three,percent of the total revenue for,overstock,and i truly think that there is a lot of,growth coming for,t0 the technology company which again,has a ton of subsidiaries,and i also think that there will be a,lot of growt

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