1. Breakthrough Energy Source is 10X Better Than Wind & Solar!?
  2. THE WIND AND THE SUN – Kids Hut English Stories || The Sun & The Wind – Traditional English Story
  3. Episode No. 40: Rutgers mens basketball review with Jerry Carino
  4. Romans 5:12 to 21 Sin and Death from Adam, Life Renewed from Christ
  5. Was the Youngest Pulitzer Prize Winner Blacklisted? Now in November: A Pulitzer Prize Deep Dive
  6. Norman Rockwells “Home for Thanksgiving” and Other Highlights From Nov. 5 American Art Auction
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Breakthrough Energy Source is 10X Better Than Wind & Solar!?

this video is sponsored by the ecoflow Delta Pro  one of the biggest challenges renewable energy  ,faces is a little problem called intermittency  the Sun and wind can provide nearly endless  ,supplies of clean power but they dont always  show up exactly when you need them what if there  ,was a clean renewable energy source that was as  predictable as say the tides tidal energy systems  ,have been around for a while but we havent seen  them take off the way other renewable systems have  ,while experts project the tidal energy alone  could power every house in the United States  ,two times over current title projects worldwide  only Power about half a million homes but with new  ,projects in Europe Asia and Canada taken off are  we about to see a new wave of clean renewable and  ,affordable energy lets dive in if Tides have one  excellent quality its that they are incredibly I  ,mean incredibly predictable humans have been able  to predict Tides with relative accuracy for over 2  ,000 years unless youre Bill OReilly Todd goes  in tide goes out never miscommunication you cant  ,explain that tides are also incredibly powerful  which is why they hold so much potential to  ,better understand why heres a brief refresher  on how tides work tidal energy comes from the  ,gravitational force of the Moon and to a lesser  extent the sun see any two bodies out in space  ,exert a gravitational force on the other the  equation looks like this G is the gravitational  ,constant M1 and M2 are the masses of the two  bodies and finally we have R the radius or  ,distance between the two bodies squared in the  denominator this change in the force of gravity  ,over distance is what we call the tidal Force this  means that if two bodies are twice as far apart  ,the gravitational force felt between them is only  25 percent as strong this is why even though the  ,sun is way more massive the moon which is closer  to us exerts a larger tidal Force so how does  ,the tidal Force cause our ocean tides well the  strength of gravity to depends on the distance  ,as the Earth has a radius of 3958 miles or 6371  kilometers the side of the earth facing the moon  ,gets pulled harder than the other essentially  stretching the Earth especially our oceans so  ,this explains the Bulge on the side closest to the  moon but what about the other side well since the  ,center of the earth is closer to the Moon than  the far side its also getting pulled harder  ,again resulting in a bulge basically the parts of  the earth facing and opposite the moon experience  ,the strongest tidal forces and the sides in the  middle the weakest coastal areas experience high  ,and low tides every six hours or so as the Earth  spins resulting in two high tides and two low  ,tides every day this results in ocean water levels  Rising about one to two meters in areas of high  ,tide The Sun Also contributes to Tides here on  Earth when the Sun and Moon are aligned when we  ,see a newer full moon their forces align and we  see super high and super low tides called spring  ,tides when the Sun and Moon are 90 degrees apart  the tidal forces cancel out a bit and we have neap  ,tides finally the moons orbit isnt perfectly  round so its closer to us at certain points than  ,others not by much but when the moon is closer  in its orbit and aligns with the sun we have the  ,highest Tides possible called proxygeon Tides but  what makes this title Force so promising is that  ,its essentially an enormous wave of energy moving  across the planet every single day without fail  ,capturing tidal energy works a lot like capturing  wind energy basically taking wind turbines and  ,placing them under the sea water is far more dense  than air over 800 times to be exact that means  ,that even with relatively slow current speeds  the turbines can still Spin and produce quite  ,a bit of electricity tidal energy systems fall  into one of two major categories the oldest and  ,most common systems are tidal range systems making  up about 98 of all tidal energy projects worldwide  ,these systems use a large Dam or range across a  coastline with enormous floodgates at either side  ,between the floodgates below sea level since the  row of enormous turbines as a tide rolls in The  ,Barrage gates open as the water flows through the  turbines connected to generators rotate converting  ,their Oceans mechanical energy into electricity  once the tide reaches its highest point the  ,barrage gates close creating a large pool of  water this water can then be released slowly  ,back into the ocean through turbines to create  power on demand in principle these systems are  ,very similar to Pumped hydro which weve covered  in previous videos but unlike these systems which  ,require electric pumps to push the water back  uphill these systems rely on the planets natural  ,tidal energy to pump water in and out because the  turbines work at both directions they can provide  ,clean reliable energy between 18 and 22 hours  per day need power just opened the floodgates  ,the oldest tidal range generator laurents  built in northern France in 1966 produces enough  ,electricity to power the towns 250 000 homes and  businesses the second type of tidal energy system  ,is called title stream essentially underwater wind  farms theyve been around since the 1970s large  ,turbines connected to generators sit anchored  to the sea floor but the turbines themselves  ,are closer to the surface this makes them a bit  more cost effective since they reduce undersea  ,construction floating stream turbines were among  the most powerful in the world with individual  ,turn capacities of two megawatts scotland-based  Energy company meijen is developing a 398 megawatt  ,title stream project the largest in the world the  initial phase involves four 1.5 megawatt turbines  ,connected to onshore power conversion units  where the low voltage Supply will be converted  ,for export to local distribution networks  this initial phase will generate sufficient  ,electricity to power 20 3600 homes as we mentioned  earlier since water is more dense than wind these  ,turbines can produce the same amount of power as a  similar sized wind turbine but with current speeds  ,one-tenth the required wind speed as speeds as  low as one meter per second these turbines can  ,equal the output of a typical wind turbine as  current speeds increase between two and three  ,meters per second the turbines can access up to  four times as much energy per rotor swept area as  ,are similarly rated wind turbine if tidal energy  is sounding pretty good right about now yeah its  ,quite the win-win much like our sponsor this week  the ecoflow Delta Pro did you know that since we  ,installed the ecoflow smart home panel and got  two Delta Pros our entire business has been 100  ,off grid running on Sunshine and batteries  I even charged my Tesla about 25 miles a day  ,covering my usage all from the Sun for Amazon  Prime day ecoflow has some pretty sweet deals  ,like 500 off this Delta Pro Ive had mine for  about a year and I love it get two of them on  ,a smart home panel and you can power your house  or just roll around found wherever you need it or  ,take it camping with 3 600 watts of that but you  can power nearly anything and with 3.6 kilowatt  ,hours of storage that expands all the way up to  10.8 you can do so for hours but the real magic  ,is when you add solar panels but 1600 watts of  input get some panels like I did and charge your  ,batteries back up every day these Prime Day deals  are likely to be the biggest discounts ecoflow  ,has all year so definitely check out the links  in the description huge thanks to ecoflow and  ,you for supporting the show a title range with  24 turbines has an installed capacity of 240  ,megawatts or around 10 megawatts per turbine  with an annual output of around 600 gigawatt  ,hours per year thats enough power to sustain  over 50 000 American Homes about the number  ,of homes in my smal

THE WIND AND THE SUN – Kids Hut English Stories || The Sun & The Wind – Traditional English Story

Isn’t that John and his older brother?,Yes, that’s them.,Look it that,He is really troubling his brother.,Uh oh! I think John is in big trouble.,I am sure his brother is going to give him a big scolding.,I don’t think so.,Why not? ,Didn’t you see how he was troubling his brother?,There is no way he is going to stop unless his brother scolds him,Don’t decide on that till you’ve heard the story of The Wind and The Sun.,The Wind and The Sun,A long long time ago,the wind and the sun which is talking,when the wind said something strange to the sun.,You do know that I am more powerful than you, don’t you?,Don’t be arrogant my friend.,But the wind got offended.,I am not being arrogant ,I am being truthful.,If you don’t believe me, let’s have a competition right now!,The sun did not want to compete with his friend,but the wind left him with no choice. ,Reluctantly, he agreed.,Okay, my friend. ,Lets have a competition.,Just then, a young man was walking on the road below them.,He was wearing a beautiful scarf and a handsome coat.,See that man below?,Whoever can get the scarf and coat off him, wins.,Okay, wind. ,You go ahead first.,And so the wind blew at the man.,The man’s scarf moved a bit and his coat front flapped a little.,I was just beginning,I will show the man some more of my power now.,Now the wind blew a little more strongly.,The man’s scarf and coat front started flapping more in the wind.,The wind grew fiercer, and blew more wildly at him.,The man’s scarf almost left him but he caught it,and tied it around his neck properly.,The wind blew at the man with all his power and anger,but it only made the man wrap his scarf and coat around him more tightly.,He started feeling so cold with the wind blowing at him,that he wrapped his arms around his legs,and sat down by the road.,The wind failed to get his scarf and coat off.,I have still not lost.,If my power and anger couldn’t do the job,you surely won’t be able to do it either.,Let us see. ,I think you have frozen the poor man.,Maybe he could use some warmth.,And so the sun gently smiled a bit at the man.,Immediately, the man started feeling better.,He straightened up and the colour returned to his cheeks.,He got up and started walking his way again.,Is that it?,Is that all you will do? ,Smile at him?,The sun ignored his friend and smiled at the man a little bit more.,The man became more comfortable and walked his way faster.,Watch what happens now.,Now the sun gave the man an even bigger smile.,As the sun’s smile grew bigger,the man started feeling warmer and warmer.,Finally he could take it no more and started sweating.,he slowly took off his scarf off.,Oh no!,At last the sun’s warmth became so much for the man,that he took off his coat too and flung it aside.,The sun had won the competition!,I am sorry,I underestimated the effect of gentleness.,I thought only power could make things happen in the world,but I was wrong.,Oh, don’t worry my friend.,Why don’t you blow at him gently so his sweat can vanish?,The wind did so while the sun continued to smile at him lightly.,The man went on his way, enjoying a pleasant day.,Wow Tia! Thats a wonderful way to be with people.,Yes, there are better ways of changing things than a show of anger and power.,I am so glad you are my elder sister, Tia.,If ever I do something wrong,I know you will correct me without scolding me.,Well, looks like John also has a great brother. ,See…?,He is no longer troubling his brother.

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Episode No. 40: Rutgers mens basketball review with Jerry Carino

welcome back to the scholar faithful,podcast Im your host and co-founder,Aaron breitman and its my pleasure to,welcome back Jerry Carino Midway through,I guess 11 games through the season,right now for Rutgers basketball we did,the season preview and uh talked about,expectations my first question for you,uh is just in terms of how is Rutgers,performed to your expectations so far,seven and four well first of all let me,wish you a happy hoop year coming up on,uh New Years right and its really our,time of year its just its a drab time,of year for the rest of the world but if,you like college basketball is the best,time of the year all right so lets uh,how are they performed so far I would,say a little under expectations Aaron I,thought they would get through the,non-conference schedule with just one,loss uh,you know we didnt I didnt foresee the,injuries of course you know we didnt,know that Kayla McConnell would miss so,much time in it Paul McKay he would get,hurt so that has to be factored in of,course uh I dont think it changes much,the trajectory of what this team can,accomplish but you know as weve seen in,the past,and different reasons this year but the,pattern seems to repeat itself that,Rutgers has left themselves with a lot,of work to do in League Play uh I think,what you saw,you know and what essentially was their,last real significant non-conference,game you saw what this team is capable,of in a demolition to Wake Forest and so,can they get that on a more consistent,basis can they get it away from home can,they win you know more can they win some,close games I mean theyll win one close,game at some point but can they win more,close games so far theyve lost all,their close games a lot of these are,open questions and so it was a little,bit of a messy non-conference schedule,but I think Ruckus fans are wise now,have weve been up up and down this,roller coaster in past years,you see what this team can accomplish,and theres still a lot ahead of them so,one thing that you know I I think I said,to you in the preview and and I admit,Im surprised about is uh how strong,they have been defensively I did not,expect them to be uh playing at an elite,level defensively so early on right now,fourth nationally and defensive,efficiency uh I guess my question is,um you know do you think they can keep,this up in Big Ten play and is this just,at this point what we should come to,expect from a Steve pikel team so,generally speaking yes youre gonna have,are they always gonna be top five in the,country I dont know if you could say,that thats pretty exceptional and I,dont know if theres any program it you,know maybe Virginia is perennially in,the top five in the country in defense,uh but yes you can you can expect I,think this is what you can expect a team,thats going to hang its hat on defense,a program thats going to do that but,heres the thing with this group thats,I think is the most impressive on the,defensive end is that they continue to,defend regardless of whats going on in,the offensive end so that was a big,thing last year with Stephen even to an,extent the year before is that you know,the days when Rutgers the ball wasnt,going in the basket they didnt always,defend uh for 40 minutes at a high level,of intensity of course there were,exceptions like the Iowa game at home,last year but uh this team does that,like you saw that in the loss of Seton,Hall uh you know you saw that and then,while they defended against Ohio State,uh even against Indiana I didnt think,they played a great offensive,performance against Indiana but you know,they they defended Indiana into a,horrible performance for that so yeah,youve you see a team thats going to,defend probably pretty much almost every,game so it will come as a surprise if,Ruckus is a bad defensive game at this,point uh theyll probably have one or,two in League Play I mean you have some,heavyweights coming up starting with,Purdue on January 2nd but this is going,to be a good this team is going to be,solid defensively whats going to,determine their season really is going,to be their offense,I think the most encouraging thing for,me though uh defensively is the fact,that you know on the road weve seen,them in the past you know be really,tough defensively at home but you know,at Miami at Ohio State they played,really well defensively uh and I just uh,realized since this weekend 10 of 11,games now theyve held opponents to 10,or more points below their season,scoring average so it just seems like,that you know if they can play at this,Elite level I agree with you offense is,huge but um I I was just not expecting,them to be this good defensively yeah I,mean I dont know that theyve had a,real bad game defensively with Kayla,McConnell in there whos sort of,defensive anchor uh what you what you,have is,you have guys who okay we all knew they,were gonna miss Ron and Geo and they,missed him offensively a lot especially,at the end of games but the guys who,filled in for the most part are,defensive first guys uh Andre Hyatt,mawat mag you know the players whove,come in uh wool folk,um,you know even cam Spencers is better,defensively than we thought he would be,right so it was very disruptive in the,passing Lanes so uh you have a lot of,guys with most of these players are,defensive first players and that makes a,big difference so they dont really they,dont really seem to have a big weakness,defensively a defend the three really,well uh the defender posts pretty well,uh they disrupt the pet you know they,cause a lot of turnovers and,yeah they just make life really,uncomfortable for the opposing team so I,think one thing I like about what Ive,seen progression in the Rutgers fan base,is they really couldnt appreciate this,defense right it might have been like a,couple years ago whats wrong with our,offense offense offense but now I think,people understand that we are,emphasizing were playing defense first,as an emphasis and thats going to keep,you in every game its going to win a,lot of games for you so I still think,this is an NCAA tournament team like,nothing theyre playing NCAA Tournament,level defense nothing Ive seen so far,is gonna has changed my mind on the,teams trajectory ultimately,uh Caleb McConnell obviously uh missed,the first five games this season with,the injury uh how impressive has he been,just in terms of being much more of a,complete player this year and what hes,been able to do offensively I felt like,at the end of last season Aaron you saw,like in that another Notre Dame game you,saw what Caleb could be right and,obviously that was an exceptional,shooting Knight for him but he does he,he can put the ball in the basket and he,deferred to Ronald Geo you know all,those years he really he really uh,submerged his offensive game to do other,things is it really a team for a sky,Caleb I mean through and through so now,hes getting a chance to be a more,featured guy to let his offensive game,show and,yeah I I dont think hes that far off,from NBA player might be strong I think,he can make a lot of money playing,basketball because you see a guy who is,complete you know who shoots the ball,pretty well who can create his own shot,who can score in the open floor uh he,does make his free throws obviously his,big big exception this year we missed a,big one its only one uh yeah so you do,yeah and he doesnt handle the ball,pretty well I mean the guys seven and,hes running a lot of offense especially,as Paul is getting back into the flow of,things so,terrific all-around player I you know,hes been to me hes been Rutgers best,player to date uh and Im not really,that surprised by it because hes,getting a chance to shine and its great,to see because hes such a great guy,Caleb uh you know hes the guy you want,your daughter to bring home hes the guy,youd want uh as a neighbor hes a guy,you want leading your program and its,great to see it all come together for,him and this is why he came back you,know and the beauty of having a fifth,year

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Romans 5:12 to 21 Sin and Death from Adam, Life Renewed from Christ

Rick says good enough,lets open with prayer,Lord we thank you for this new day and,we thank you that each of us have made,it here this morning,and we pray that you would be with us,and watch over us as we continue this,work,and that you would give us your spirit,and that you would give us your peace,hear our prayer now in the name of Jesus,Amen,so,um,Edie wont be here this morning because,Roger and Edie on their way to church,got rear-ended,um they wound up on the side of the road,the person that hit them Round Up in the,median,um,but no injuries but I would imagine um,cars injured so Raj said not where we,cant make it and Nancy wont make it,Nancy Schuler wont make it maybe shes,watching I just saw her note that they,have Sherrys car to drive but Philip,um Ill repeat this because Maury just,came in so no Roger and Edie this,morning Maury,no Roger and Edie this morning they had,an accident on the way to church,so,um,and Nancy Schuler had Philip fast was,driving Nancys car yesterday and,totaled her car,so,so be careful on the road,a white Ford van,is it a van,me,oh I dont know is that yours oh okay,now its its nice to live close on a,day like today when the fog is like like,Corinne said when I first moved to,Sacramento that first Christmas I lived,here we took a ride to look at Christmas,lights and it got foggy like this as,like we just went home because we,couldnt see anything anyway so,really,foreign,[Laughter],yeah this thought this fog is thick so,glad we all made it all right now we are,going to now we have class today were,not going to have class next week,Christmas were not going to have class,New Years,well have then class again on the 8th,all right so no Sunday school for the,next two weeks,as well have the two holidays,Amore no class for the next two weeks,Christmas and New Years,so we just have service at 11 oclock on,Christmas in service at 11 oclock on,New Years,okay,all right,now this section of,this section of,um The Book of Romans will probably,spend a little bit of time on because,its kind of a hinge,I always try to remind you that the the,chapters and verses are additions to the,texts that are far later than the text,themselves,and so,at the beginning of chapter one,we have this version of the Greeks,in Chapter 2 we have the Jews,and in chapter 3 we had no one as,righteous,so thats sort of Greeks and Jews,together,in chapter four and then the first half,of chapter five,weve been looking at the relationship,of Greeks,and Jews,and the law,and now the second part of chapter 5,verse 12 and forward we have another,hinge section where were going to look,again at without the distinction of,Greeks and Jews,okay and you know that because were,going to start with Adam and Id like to,begin this morning by just reading,through Eugene Petersons,paraphrase of the text now again this is,a paraphrase its not a translation in a,sense Eugene Peterson is telling us what,he thinks of it so often we start with,the,um often we start with the five versions,version of this but this morning Im,going to begin with the the single,author versions interpretations of this,passage because because this section,this passage here is,a very its a its a its a part of,scripture that everyones paying a lot,of attention to because of sort of,Genesis and science issues,I like what Eugene Peterson does with it,though,you know the story of how Adam landed Us,in the Dilemma were in,first sin then death and no one exempt,from either sin or death,now keep that in mind because the,question of how to manage verse 12 is a,big one,that sin Disturbed relations with God in,everything and everyone,but the extent of the disturbance was,not clear until God spelled it out in,detail to Moses,so,what you have here with Adam is the full,View,and when we focus on Moses we look at,Israel,so you see this,but one of the ways to think about the,Bible and how the Bible is the story of,the world is you see this constant,scaling lets call it,so lets say we have Adam,because of course in Genesis Adam is the,father of us all okay,and then you have Israel,and Moses,and Israel and Moses is to be a,priest to the Nations,so priests are in some ways concentrated,smaller versions of the whole you see,this sometimes in the Bible when you,have Temple,Temple is a microcosm of the cosmos,okay,and so Israel is in some ways a,microcosm of all of humanity,and what were going to see is that this,is going to go all the way down to Jesus,where,were going to go from Adam,to Moses to Jesus and then Jesus all the,way back out to Adam,thats the thrust of this section,so you know the story of how Adam landed,Us in the Dilemma were in first that,first sin then death and no one exempt,from either sin or death,that sin Disturbed relations with God in,everything and everyone now in calvinist,Doctrine we call that sentence total,depravity,sin Disturbed well its first sin then,death and no one exempt from either sin,or death,that sin Disturbed relations with God,and everything and everyone,thats total depravity,it doesnt mean that everyone is as bad,as they could be none of us here are as,bad as we could be neither are we as,good as we could be were in the middle,but every area of our life is impacted,by our sin thats what total depravity,means,so death this huge Abyss separating us,from God now in our in our Wednesday,evening mens group weve been weve,started to read Genesis and,we talked about the fact that in the,garden you have this tree of the,knowledge of Good and Evil,and God tells Adam on the day you eat of,it you will surely die,and I remember reading that as a kid,and then you read chapter three he and,eve eat the fruit,and I always sit there sat there and,wondered,why didnt they die,on the day you eat of it you will surely,die,right,lets see,um,right everything is going to start being,corrupted now and that corruption leads,to death,and so he didnt die physically that day,like poison might kill him,but its a different kind of poison that,began a work in him,to the point that what is written here,first sin then death and no one exempt,from sin and death,so death this huge Abyss separating us,from God see what Peterson does this is,really a very skillful section from,Eugene Peterson,he sees death as this Abyss separating,us from God he sort of redefines death,dominated the landscape from Adam to,Moses,so death dominated the landscape this,huge Abyss between us and God dominated,the landscape also as we were reading,this past week in our mens group we,read Genesis chapter 4 and we noticed,that,its very subtle but at the beginning of,Genesis chapter 4,Cain and Abel lived in sort of a,communion with God Genesis chapter 4 is,in some ways a reiteration of chapter,three because when after Cain killed his,brother Abel,God sends him from his presence,so in another way thats sort of a way,of Cain getting kicked out of the garden,too now Adam and Eve got kicked out of,the garden in chapter three but Cain is,now exiled from his presence and hes,anxious about that and so God puts a,mark on Cain but you see the same,pattern over and over and it gets worse,and worse and worse it seems God gets,further and further and further away as,Humanity gets more and more sinful and,so you see this Dynamic that you see in,the Old Testament where our sin which,again is deeply related to our death,separates us from God,and what you see then in Moses and,Israel is this attempt can a holy God,live in the midst of an Unholy people,so you have the Tabernacle and all of,the rules of clean and unclean and you,have that separation from God but its,sort of an administered separation,they are close but not too close,and so thats what Israel is trying to,get at,so you again you see this,um you see this relationship of all and,then Israel and Moses as a microcosm and,then Jesus as,all the way down there and thats the,purpose of The Temptations that come,early in the gospel the question will,Jesus so Israel comes out of Egypt and,they are tempted in the wi

Was the Youngest Pulitzer Prize Winner Blacklisted? Now in November: A Pulitzer Prize Deep Dive

foreign,my name is Greg and we are here today to,do a Pulitzer Prize deep dive if you,follow along you are aware I am doing a,Pulitzer Prize project where I am trying,to read every book that has won the,Pulitzer Prize for fiction or as it was,known when now in November by Josephine,Johnson was published the Pulitzer Prize,for the novel I have a lot to say about,this book I spoiler alert I did really,like it a lot I think theres a,fascinating conversation to have around,the book and what may or may not have,happened to Josephine Johnsons writing,career,first I should mention quickly I will,have links to other pulitz deep Dives,that I have done down below I will also,have links to a full blog post on this,topic where you can find essentially the,text of what Im going to say but,expanded there will be a lot more in,there as well as links to all of the,articles that I have referenced or used,as Source material in preparing this,Pulitzer Prize Deep dive I will have,links to the major ones down below as,well but check out the full article for,even more and in the interest of brevity,Im going to leave some of the bells and,whistles that I usually do in a Pulitzer,Prize Deep dive for the post I will,start with a quick snapshot of what was,going on in the world the year that now,in November was published 1934 and then,well dive into discussion of the book,and again what may or may not have,happened to Josephine Johnsons writing,career first in 1934 in bookstores,according to Publishers Weekly the best,selling book of 1934 was hervey Allens,Anthony adverse followed by lamb in his,bosom by Caroline Miller which won the,Pulitzer Prize for the novel in 1934,after having been published in 1933. the,first authorized editions of James,Joyces Ulysses were published in the,U.S and Lillian Hillmans classic play,The Childrens Hour which deals of,accusations of lesbianism at an,all-girls boarding school began a,successful run on Broadway and PG,Roadhouse published his first,full-length novel featuring the,character of Jeeves it was called thank,you Jeeves there had already been,stories and story collections prior to,that,in movies the highest grossing film of,1934 was Cleopatra but not Elizabeth,Taylors Infamous Cleopatra this was,Cecil B demilles Cleopatra starring,Claudette Colbert Claudette Colbert also,starred in the years third highest,grossing movie It Happened One Night,which invented every romantic comedy,Trope that you have been watching in,movies your whole life and which went on,to become one of only three films to win,all five of the major Academy Awards,categories best picture Best Director,best actor best actress and best adapted,screenplay best actress plus four,Claudette Colbert of course and in case,youre wondering the other two films,that have achieved this feat are one,floor of the Cuckoos Nest and the,Silence of the Lambs but thats neither,here nor there its just interesting to,me in the news it was bad news for,gangsters Bonnie and Clyde were gunned,down by police and two months later John,billinger was also shot and killed,in Germany there was,a lot of news to cover lets just boil,it down and say that Hitler was busy,doing terrible things and five years,later World War II would be the result,in the United States we were Midway,through the Great Depression,significantly for now in November,drought conditions had been ongoing,since 1930 in the Midwest and in 1934,they would accelerate into what is known,as the Dust Bowl which would also be,captured in literature in 1939s at The,Grapes of Wrath which would also claim a,Pulitzer Prize thats what was going on,in 1934 now lets talk a little bit,about why now in November was an,interesting book for me to jump to as,part of my Pulitzer Prize project,so unless youve been following my,YouTube channel of late I am willing to,bet youve never heard of Josephine,Johnson or now in November the book that,made her the youngest winner of the,Pulitzer Prize for fiction which again,was then called the Pulitzer Prize for,the novel she was 24 years old and,although you probably have not heard of,it now in November was a critical end,Commercial Success back in its day it,sold out its first edition five days,before it was even published when,Johnson released a short story,collection not long after winning the,Pulitzer Prize the New York Times review,for that short Story collection noted,that it was unlikely to go unnoticed by,readers quote thanks largely to the,Pulitzer Prize jury which redeemed,itself for previous lapses in taste by,awarding the prize this year to Miss,Johnsons first novel end quote some,interesting shade from The New York,Times in that same review The New York,Times compared Johnson to Emily,Dickinson commenting that quote she has,the same Instinct for Solitude the same,fresh and startling apprehension of,sensuous Beauty the same subtle and,eccentric type of mind yet unlike,Dickinson Josephine Johnson was largely,forgotten as time went by she published,10 more books after achieving such great,success with now in November but had,faded Into Obscurity by the time of her,death in 1990 at age 79.,now undeniably this is something that,happens to a lot of authors success can,be fleeting and even prestigious Awards,cannot guarantee literary immortality,but in recent years Josephine Johnson,and her career have undergone something,of a reappraisal shes not quite at the,level of being rediscovered and newly,appreciated yet but there are strong,signs that she could well be on her way,and as this reappraisal goes on some,have begun to speculate as to why her,career faded so quickly after such a,promising debut,in this project where Im reading every,book that has won a Pulitzer Prize for,fiction Ive covered some really,well-known books so far including,beloved Lonesome Dove and Gone With the,Wind but one of the things that I was,most excited about when I started on,this journey was the opportunity to dive,into some of the Forgotten books and,authors to see if they deserve to be,better remembered this is the first time,Ive managed to do that so far and I,really enjoyed the experience of heading,into somewhat uncharted waters and Im,especially glad that now in November was,the first forgotten Pulitzer book Im,covering because it has a particularly,interesting conversation attached to it,and of course theres always the,possibility that Josephine Johnsons,reputation faded because she had other,priorities instead of writing and well,get into why that could have been the,case in a moment but an article in the,cut speculates that Johnson was dropped,by her publisher because her subsequent,work was quote far too sympathetic to,Communism and that her career never,required effort this was something that,was mentioned to me when I did a video,on Pulitzer winners who won for a debut,novel and what happened with their,careers afterwards somebody commented on,that to point me toward that article,about Josephine Johnson and that sort of,propelled me to make this one a priority,in my project and get to it in 2022.,but what is meant by that critique of,her work like was it sympathetic to,Communism does that even matter and with,the benefit of almost a century of,hindsight do Josephine Johnson end now,in November deserve to be recognized as,Great American literature,all those questions and more will be the,focus of this bullet surprise deep dive,my purpose is to examine Josephine,Johnsons meteoric rise in the literary,world and her rather sudden plummet Into,Obscurity and just see what might have,happened thats all apologies for an,Abrupt edit and change I am jumping in,the day after I filmed this video,because I actually went to the library,this morning and picked up a copy of the,Inland Island by Josephine Johnson which,is a book I will be talking about later,in this video as you get through it,and it just really got me thinking as I,was driving home from the library about,how,I dont know if this will be true,every instance where

Norman Rockwells “Home for Thanksgiving” and Other Highlights From Nov. 5 American Art Auction

its very good to see you aviva its,always good to see you i love you talks,i i look theyre the highlight of my,time at heritage oh,thank you,dont tell anybody else,i wont no ones gonna watch this and,know that so were obviously here to,talk about the november 5th american,arts signatures auction,and behind us are some pretty signature,pieces in any auction or any museum or,anybodys home for that matter thats,true,so,i dont know where to begin in as much,as that everything behind us is kind of,a classic but obviously looming over our,shoulders is the norman rockwell home,for thanksgiving thats right the cover,of the thanksgiving issue of the,saturday evening post in 1945 one of,rockwells most beloved homecoming,pieces,during that period of transitioning from,wartime to peace yeah,homecoming gi certainly has become an,iconic piece this one is certainly no,less so so i want to ask you something,i think its very very important that,people understand where this came from,because it has a story that is,rockwellian all of its own,it really is and its funny that anytime,a major rockwell,is in the limelight if its being sold,anywhere,i find that there is usually this really,rockwellian story that comes with it,thats just part and parcel of who,rockwell is because,remember that illustration was never,really intended to be hung on the walls,as fine art right so when these were all,made,after they were used they sort of,disappear sometimes youve heard crazy,stories about rockwells being found in,walls of homes coming from basements of,curtis publishing was it his custom to,offer the subjects of his paintings the,pieces after they were published so ive,ive heard that a lot i know for sure,that he has gifted a bunch of them to,models to editors that hes worked with,so yes its i dont know if he did it,always but it was something that he did,pretty regularly,which is the case of what happened here,so,this is classic rockwell in that you,know to us these are not famous people,theres a you know an ex-military guy,with his mother and theyre peeling,potatoes and hes looking like a little,child sitting like that on the chair and,his mothers looking so proud and its a,scene that were all familiar with,rockwell described it as a son whos,doing kitchen patrol,something youd hate to do in the,military but hes only too happy to be,doing it because hes sitting next to,his mother returned home from war hes,at peace yes,hes at peace and shes delighted that,he has survived the war and come home to,him i mean,theres a very simple narrative going on,in this painting but theres so much,thats being said just in their two,facial expressions but,with rockwell you always do find stories,like this as we just started saying that,they come,out of the woodwork in strange and,fascinating ways,and this painting is one that,i have im familiar with because ive,seen it in exhibitions before ive seen,it at the rockwell museum ive seen it,at the rockwell four freedoms tour that,traveled to the new york historical,society i saw it there i saw it in,houston i saw it in d.c,it went to normandy,which is interesting actually because,rockwell is one of the only artists,outside of america in the arena of,american art thats celebrated,as a global important artist which is,interesting and thats i think why it,went to normandy but so i was familiar,with the work its heavily reproduced i,think they have mugs of this work at the,rockwell museum,but when i discovered it i was actually,up at the rockwell museum for a gala,and the director at that time called me,out and asked me to come into the,basement to the storage facility which,ive been to many times over the past 20,years,i,was not prepared to see this work that,day i literally,stopped my heart and it was 10 oclock,at night after the gala and i was like,texting my colleagues in dallas and in,california and theyre like okay you got,to stop,and i said you dont understand this is,a life-changing rockwell for me i felt,my heart stopped when i saw it and when,i knew that it was in play and that we,could potentially sell it i knew in my,bones that this picture had to be sold,at heritage and ive said this to you,many times because,rockwell is the great american,illustrator the great american,storyteller collected heavily by the our,our national treasures george lucas and,steven spielberg hes americana,everybody knows rockwell right,even my family members who dont know,anything about art everybody knows,rockwell right yes,so,to see this and to see this picture know,that its coming into play,i just knew that heritage is of course,americas auction house right,we are the the almost the creators of,the,high-end field of comic art of,illustration art of narrative art,we do a lot with historical at heritage,and i love rockwell and everybody at,heritage loves rockwell so i knew that,this is the kind of picture that we,could handle it in such a respectful way,that is fitting to this masterwork,so lets talk about how the rockwell,museum had it because they were,basically just the caretakers for a,american legion post in winton to,massachusetts thats right which was,gifted the piece in the 1950s by a,catholic priest who had got it from,rockwell about two years after it was,painted right,so talk to me about that experience and,the post because the post is auctioning,it because they simply need the funds to,take care of this building that was,built in the 1950s actually originally,when they acquired the rockwell whos,gifted by the this priest father tisdale,who had a boat uh had a place in,winchington i mean the story itself,to me,the evolution of this piece the back,story behind it the fact that this is a,real life mother and son and the piece,behind us theyre actually rockwells,milkman in his life that was rockwells,milkman had a dairy farm in vermont,thats right he was a war hero had flown,dozens of missions in the uh in the in,the arm while in the army,he was and he flew in d-day thats right,they initially did not want to sit for,the painting,rockwell paint paid them 15 bucks to do,it,and that was life-changing money in 1945,or at least a pretty nice amount of,money sure so they didnt want to sit,for it he convinced them to do so,and they he didnt want the painting the,the the soldier didnt want the painting,so the priest wound up with it right,theyre building the american legion,post and the american legion post,the priest gets wind of it and says take,any painting you want,to the guys who are in the middle of,trying to build it which by the way this,sounds like a movie already it says take,any painting you want from this,boat that he had built in the mountain,the cliffs of a lake and i mean,i know so the the story is extraordinary,in and of itself,the post for decades hung it in a,hallway thats right where anyone could,have stolen it because they did not know,that it was real isnt that amazing and,it sort of reminds me its funny that,this is happening and were selling this,painting because we sold a rockwell,study a few years back of an umpire,checking the weather and at that time,also the family who were descendants of,the umpire depicted in that scene,thought that it was a print so they,thought they were bringing it to us to,put in one of our online sales and then,of course it turned out to be this,original and we sold it for 1.68 million,dollars which stands as the record for,an oil study by the artists right so to,hear that they thought that they did not,have an original,is sort of classic for us at this point,its fun its newly rediscovered its a,scene out of a movie well the only way,they knew that it was real was because,someone walked in and said ill give you,500 bucks for it like why would you give,us 500 bucks for a reproduction thats,right and they brought it to the,rockwell museum which was just two hours,away from the post yes which is,in the middle of nowhere,the painting which ended when i drove,there to meet with the fellows at the,legion at the post,u

Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000

وضعت مائة شخص داخل دائرة عملاقة,وآخر من يغادر الدائرة يربح 500 ألف دولار.,ولكن إذا لمست الخط الأحمر فستنتهي اللعبة,لا يهمني كم من الوقت سيستغرق هذا الأمر.,أيّ واحد منكم آخر من يخرج يربح نصف مليون دولار,500 ألف دولار.,أفرغت جدولي الزمني.,أنا متاح بالفعل للأسابيع الثلاثة القادمة.,مهما طال الزمن. أسابيع. شهور. لا يهم.,ما هي مدة بقائك في هذه الدائرة؟,حسنًا، تركت العمل حتى الأول من يناير.,هل تركت عن العمل لمدة ستة أشهر؟,يوجد مائة شخص حرفيًا.,هذا المكان مزدحم.,شزّبوا العشب.,الاحتمالات لا حصر لها.,هناك شيء ذكي واحد فقط لفعله.,لبدء عملية السبات.,”اليوم الأول، مائة شخص”,هذا الرجل هنا يفكر بالفعل في الخروج.,سيكون الخاسر الأول لدينا.,بصراحة، هناك مائة شخص هنا.,لن أفوز.,ما الهدف من ذلك؟,مرحبًا بالجميع، هذا الرجل قال للتو إنه يريد الخروج.,حسنًا، لنرى ذلك.,إنه يبالغ في هذا كثيرًا.,اخرج فحسب.,”99 شخص”,على الرغم من أنك خرجت أولًا، ما زلت أملك جائزة لك.,انتظر هنا.,تهانينا.,أنت تريد سيارة جديدة تمامًا لتكون أول من يخرج.,من كان يظن أن الخاسر سيؤتي ثماره,شخص ما غادر للتو.,بصراحة، علمت أنه سيكون الأول.,شممت رائحة الضعف من البداية.,رفع معنويات هائل.,إذا كان الجميع ضعيفًا مثل هذا,فسيخرجون في أيّ وقت.,حان الوقت لتحديث اللوحة.,باق 99 شخص. حظًا طيبًا.,مع العلم أنه يمكنهم الفوز بجائزة عشوائية.,بالتأكيد ارتدى عدد قليل من الناس,وبعد بضع ساعات،,أصبحت الأمور عاطفية بعض الشيء.,هذا سيغيّر حياتي.,غدًا، سآخذ الكثير من هذا لدفع فواتيري.,شكرًا جزيلًا.,لم أتوقع هذا.,جعلتني على وشك البكاء.,لا أطيق الانتظار لأرى رد فعل الشخص الذي ربح,نصف مليون دولار في نهاية الفيديو.,أنا على وشك رفع المخاطر.,أتمنى يا رفاق أن يعجبكم الفيليه مينون.,لأننا أحضرنا لكم جميعًا شريحة لحم.,أرسلوا فيليه مينيون.,أجل، تناول فيليه مينيون مع كومة من المال.,إذا كانوا سيطعموننا بهذه الطريقة،,فيمكنني أن أبقى هنا بقية العام.,إنه الآن ليل اليوم الأول,ولا يزال 94 شخصًا في هذا اليوم.,لا يعرفون سوى القليل,لديّ شيئًا ما في المتجر لهم في الصباح.,حان الوقت الآن لتقديم الالتفاف في نهاية كل يوم,سنقوم بتقليص الدائرة قليلًا.,سنقوم بإحضار الخط الجديد إلى…,هل هذا جيد؟,سأفعل أكثر من ذلك بقليل.,حسنًا، سأبدأ في ملئه,هل ستفعل كل ذلك؟,لا.,عندما تقطع الكاميرا، سيفعل ذلك شخص آخر.,”جعلنا يفعل ذلك”,بعد رؤية الدائرة الجديدة، بدأ عدد قليل من الناس في الانهيار,”جيمي”.,ستلاعبه “حجر ورقة مقص”,وإذا خسرت ستخرج؟,هل تمزح معي؟,”حجر ورقة مقص”.,تخيّل خسارة 500 ألف دولار,في لعبة واحدة من “حجر ورقة مقص”.,كان هذا أغبى شيء على الإطلاق.,لم يكن هناك جانب إيجابي.,لن يتوقفوا عن الخروج واحدًا تلو الآخر.,يبدو أن يومين في دائرة,هو حدود معظم الناس.,هناك شخص ينام على صندوق حبوب.,الأمر يزداد جدية.,إنه ليل اليوم الثاني,وقرر “كارل” أن يبدأ ببعض المشاكل.,ثانية واحدة.,وأظن أنني شاهدت للتو,أحد اللاعبين يتخطى الخط.,مستحيل,لا.,هذا ما قيمته نصف مليون دولار,من وجبات الفاكهة الخفيفة هناك.,لا أعرف من ألقى العلكة.,”اليوم الثالث، 76 شخص”,لم يقض المتسابقون ثلاثة أيام فقط,في تلك الدائرة،,لكننا أمضينا ثلاثة أيام نعيش هنا.,كنت أنام في عربة سكن متنقلة.,المعنويات تنخفض قليلًا.,آمل أن يكون الإفطار أفضل قليلًا,من دقيق الشوفان.,بدأ الملل في الانفجار.,أنا لا أحب دقيق الشوفان.,طعمه مثل الورق المقوى الرطب.,إذًا، هذا صعب جدًا، لنكون صادقين.,ستتقلص الدائرة مجددًا.,لا نتطلع إلى ذلك.,إنها بداية اليوم الثالث.,لذا علينا تقليص هذه الدائرة مجددًا.,مهلًا. هل أنت واثق,لن أسمح لـ”تشاندلر” بفعل هذا مجددًا.,جعل “تشاندلر” هذا الخط طويلًا جدًا.,هذا ممل نوعًا ما.,الآن الدائرة مطلية بالكامل.,كما ترى، أخذنا مساحة كبيرة خارج هذه الدائرة.,وبينما كنا نرسمها، خرج أحدهم.,ها هي اللقطات.,أريد أن أعطيكم خيارًا.,إذا خرج شخص ما في الدقائق الخمس القادمة,فسأقدّم لك كل أنواع “مستر بيست برغر”.,إذا لم يكن كذلك، فهناك دقيق الشوفان للعشاء.,الخيار متروك لكم يا رفاق بشكل كامل.,استمتعوا.,أتريدون “مستر بيست برغر”؟,هو على وشك أن يأخذ واحدة للفريق.,إذا خرج شخص آخر في الدقائق الخمس القادمة,فسأعطيكم كل البطاطس معه أيضًا.,لديّ فكرة.,”سي جيه”.,”69 شخص”,على الأقل لديّ بطاطا مقلية.,خلال هذا التحدي,أدركنا أنه إذا أعطينا الناس أشياء ليقوموا بها,فسيخطئون أحيانًا ويلامسون الخط,وهذا بالضبط سبب وضعنا هدف كرة القدم هذا هنا لمعرفة,ما إذا كان بإمكاننا إخراج بعض الأشخاص.,أنا أعبر أصابعي.,أنا أعبر أصابعي.,خطوت عليه هناك.,”64 شخص”,نجح هدف كرة القدم.,”اليوم الرابع، 60 شخص”,إنه بداية اليوم الرابع.,لذا علينا تقليص الدائرة مجددًا.,”تشاندلر”، سأثق بك.,هذا نحو متر.,سأراك عندما تنتهي.,وها أنت ذا.,استغرق الأمر ثانيتين لملء الخط.,هذا كذب…,إنه مثل السحر.,أنت تكذب.,”اليوم الرابع، 55 شخص”,مرت بضع ساعات منذ أن خرج شخص ما. “كارل”.,أعلم ما عليّ فعله.,أردت أن أعطيكم موسيقى للاستماع إليها.,إنها مجرد حلقة مدتها 10 ساعات.,هل هذا يجعل أيّ شخص يريد الخروج؟,هذه موسيقى معتاد عليها,لأنني أضغط على غفوة,في كل مرة.,أتظن أن أيّ شخص سيغادر بسبب هذا؟,لا أظن أن أيّ شخص سيغادر بسبب هذا.,إذًا كنت تقولين إنك ستخرجي,لشراء “أيفون” جديد تمامًا؟,أجل. أنا بحاجة ماسة إلى هاتف جديد.,ها أنت ذا.,ركوب إلى غروب الشمس.,الآن بعد أن خرجت،,سنواصل اللعب.,لم يعجبهم صوت منبه الهاتف.,لذا الآن ألعب دور الرجل الذي يصرخ لمدة عشر ساعات.,نال منه.,”كارل”.,”كارل”، نريد التحدث فقط.,تعال إلى هنا يا “كارل”.,احضره.,اخرج يا “كارل”.,نلت منك.,”اليوم الخامس، 54 شخص”,اليوم الخامس.,إنه مجرد حلم حمى الآن.,الجميع يستيقظ صارخًا.,لن أكذب,إنه يتباطأ قليلًا،,لكنني سأحاول الاستمرار.,حسنًا جميعًا.,تعرفون ما الوقت؟,علينا تقليص هذه الدائرة.,هناك مباشرة.,هكذا.,يمكنني التحرك الآن.,الدائرة تزداد صغرًا,والناس يسقطون مثل الذباب.,نحن في منتصف الطريق.,”اليوم السادس، 49 شخص”,استحوذت كرة العشب على قدرتي العقلية بالكامل.,كل ما يمكنني التفكير فيه,كرة عشب.,أفقد خلايا المخ في الثانية.,فقدت عشر للتو.,بدأنا اليوم السادس كالمعتاد بتقليص الدائرة.,نظرًا لأنهم يريدون مني أن آخذ الكثير،,فسأستغرق قليلًا.,ثم أخطأت,عندما وضعت “نولان” في زمام الأمور.,إذا لمس أيّ شخص قطعة من العشب.,ستكون خارجًا.,مرت خمس ثوان وهو بالفعل يحرض.,قانون جديد. لا أحد يسخر من “نولان”.,أدى تحدي الوقوف إلى خروج متسابق واحد.,عذرًا يا أخي.,يقول “سيمون”,اضرب نفسك على وجهك.,يقول “سيمون”، قم بتمرين الضغط.,لا يمكنني القيام بتمرين الضغط من دون أن تلامس بطني الأرض.,لذا أنا لا أفعل ذلك.,حسنًا، لا تفعل ذلك إذًا.,لمسة ركبتك؟,لسوء الحظ، لمست ركبتك الأرض.,هذه هي ألف دولار.,لديّ الكثير من القوة.,هل هذا ما يشعر به “جيمي”؟,”اليوم السابع، 39 شخص”,أتعلمون جميعًا سبب إضاءة مصابيح الحفلة؟,لأنكم نجيتم أسبوعًا كاملًا,داخل هذه الدائرة.,للاحتفال بأسبوع كامل داخل هذه الدائرة.,قررت أن أمنحهم تحديًا,مع “تسلا” كجائزة.,من يريد سيارة “تسلا”؟,الأولاد يطرحون قماشًا خاصًا من قماش القنب.,بدءًا من الآن يمكنكم جميعًا السير على هذا الشيء هنا.,إذا تمكنت من ركوب هذا ولمس سيارة “تسلا”,دون لمس الأرض،,فسأسمح لك بالاحتفاظ بها.,أنت لا تفعل ذلك؟,لا، هذا مخيف يا أخي.,حسنًا. إنه يركض.,كل الحق في النسخ الاحتياطي. لنرى هذا.,”36 شخص”,”35 شخص”,هل هذا هو؟,هل هذا هو؟,لا.,إنهم يقومون حرفيًا بتصميم فريق,للفوز بسيارة “تسلا” لهذا الرجل,حسنًا.,إنه على الإطار. إنهم على وشك إطلاقه.,هل خرج؟,حسنًا. انتهى الوقت للجميع.,علينا مراجعة لقطات.,سنعود حالًا.,لسوء الحظ، صعد “كوري” بالتأكيد على الخط.,تخلص من هذه الألف دولار.,أعطه خمسة آلاف دولار.,شكرًا لك لوضع الآخرين فوق نفسك.,ثم أخيرًا، بمساعدة “آيراك” لمنحه حماسة,فعل “جاك” ما لا يمكن تصوره.,حصل عليها.,ادخل. دعني أرى ما هو رأيك.,يا إلهي.,انظر إليه.,سأتقيأ في سيارتي.,كان علينا المساعدة.,لقد فاز الرجل للتو بسيارة “تسلا”. أنا فخور جدًا.,هذا الأمر لا يُصدّق.,قبل أن أحضر سيارة “تسلا” كان لدينا 36 شخصًا.,الآن انخفض العدد إلى 32.,الأرقام تتضاءل.,إنه اليوم الثامن وكنا بحاجة إلى القيام بشيء مختلف.,لذا قمنا بتقسيم المتسابقين حسب ألوان قمصانهم,إلى أرباع.,اليوم هو اليوم الثامن.,وحتى الآن لم يخرج أحد.,لذا صنعت هذه العجلة الغامضة,لأننا نحتاج إلى إخراج بعض الأشخاص الذين يريدون تدويرها؟,سأقوم بتدويرها.,اجعلها تدور بقوة.,ليس نصف دائرة.,هذا بالضبط ما كنت أبحث عنه.,تهانينا. ربحت للتو ثلاثة آلاف دولار.,قام باتدوير وفاز بثلاثة آلاف وسيعود مجددًا.,”ديفيد”. هيا.,حسنًا. لنراها.,”ثلاثة آلاف دولار”,وجد خللًا لا نهائيًا في المال.,بحق الجحيم. كيف يستمر في فعل ذلك؟,جاء “جيمي” يقول علينا إخراج الناس.,و”ديفيد” يربح ثلاث حقائب.,لا أظن أن ذلك كان يمكن أن يكون أسوأ.,إنه اليوم التاسع وفقدنا شخصًا آخر,أثناء المساء.,ولكن بعد ذلك حدث شيء لم أكن أتوقعه قط.,يا إلهي.,هل ستتزوجينني؟,أجل.,هل رأيتما ذلك القادم؟,لا.,لنتخلى عنها لهما. تهانينا.,يبدو أننا نحتاج إلى الحصول على حقيبة بمقابل 10 آلاف دولار,للذهاب إلى حفل الزفاف.,”10 آلاف دولار”,كنت في الدائرة خلال الأيام التسعة الماضية،,لكن لم يكن بإمكاني أن أكون أكثر سعادة.,الآن. حان الوقت لتلقي رسالة مهمة جدًا.,نحن كسولون جدًا في كتابة النصف الآخر،,لكن لا يزال يتعين عليّك الاشتراك.,هل أنتم مشتر

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