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How to Edit PDF for Free

i want to show you some free and simple,ways for editing a pdf document on your,computer they work for mac and they work,for windows pc and by edit i mean,changing the actual words that are on,the pdf that are not otherwise editable,adding signature adding annotation,highlighting all that stuff is possible,with the multiple different options im,going to show you you could choose your,favorite lets jump in so the very first,option is actually directly on the adobe,website and this lets you edit pdfs with,comments now ill put a link in the,description to this platform but pdf,this document type is actually created,by this company called adobe so this is,obviously going to be the most safe and,secure option for using this method but,i will show you two other options as,well if you dont want to use this,method so go ahead and select your pdf,now i just have a sample pdf that i just,downloaded by googling a sample pdf this,is going to ask you to sign in using one,of these methods so ill go ahead and do,that,now with this adobe online editor adobe,acrobat you could just go to this site,and press edit text and images and its,going to scan and make things editable,meaning you could double click on text,actually,and delete individual words or letters,and type your own in the same fonts so,if you wanted to make any changes like,that this allows you to do that let me,go ahead and close this up this also has,bunch of options for organizing pages,cropping images and when youre happy,you could just go ahead and press,download and if for some reason its not,free when youre watching this video you,could also try just a free trial they,offer a free trial to their more,advanced,editor which is called adobe acrobat pro,and they typically have a seven day free,trial for that so you could edit adobe,documents pdf documents with the more,advanced editor the online editor should,be free though this one does have a free,trial which this is a application you,download on your computer and this has,ton of advanced options so i usually go,to tools and edit pdfs and you could,just do this on your desktop you dont,have to use the online editor again this,is a paid version with a seven day free,trial if the other version is not,working now let me show you two other,options,now there are a ton of pdf editors that,are online but almost all of them dont,let you edit the actual text they let,you highlight and add signatures if you,google that for example but this one,lets you do everything so im going to,upload that same pdf document this is,again an online editor and with this,once you upload your pdf you could,double click text here and you could,actually delete entire sentences for,example and type your own text instead,so this is fully editable you could also,change the formatting existing,formatting like if i was to bold,something change the font even or the,color of the existing text and you have,annotation all kinds of options up here,where you could just go ahead and add,your own signature here and then click,on it and place it anywhere within your,page now for sensitive documents i just,prefer to use a desktop version so i got,the seven day free trial of adobe,acrobat pro but you could also use the,free online acrobat editor or this,platform again is free and they do have,quite a bit of users i looked at their,visitors and it looks like they almost,have eight million users using this,platform,every month and the last option i wanted,to show you is by using microsoft word,now i have a subscription to microsoft,word but just in case you already have,microsoft word which if youre on most,computers you already have it so if you,right click on the document on mac or pc,you could open it with microsoft word or,you could just open up microsoft word,and go to file and open and open that,pdf document now most people dont know,this but microsoft word actually lets,you edit a pdf this was a pdf document,this was not a word document but it is,fully editable i could again type my own,text it understands the formatting the,font and you have all the same options,as you have with everything else that is,inside of microsoft word and when youre,happy all you have to do is you could go,up here to file and youll have to go,ahead and save as and you could save,this as a pdf so instead of a word doc,just choose pdf right here,and under drop down so ill go ahead and,call this version 2 press export and,this is the file i just saved and its a,full pdf document that i just edited in,microsoft word so you dont have to save,it as word you could save it as a adobe,pdf file between those three options you,should have some options for editing,your pdf document any way you like i,hope you found this useful please give,it a thumbs up and ill see you next,time


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Acrobat Pro DC Tutorial

hello everyone my name is dave casuto,instructor for learn it and welcome to,our acrobat pro dc class,i am very excited to show you all the,cool things that acrobat has to offer,the new and improved interface of,acrobat pro makes it so much easier than,ever to accomplish so much with your pdf,documents,so what are we going to cover in this,class were going to learn how to,convert,non-pdf documents to the pdf format,were also going to cover,how to combine different file formats to,pdfs,including how to make portfolios we then,do a nice deep dive into the editing,toolbar,to modify text images and layout adding,headers and footers and creating all,kinds of different types of hyperlinks,we also learned how to personalize the,toolbar and interface of acrobat,to make it easier for you to navigate we,then cover the important sections on all,the commenting and accessibility tools,and also how to create forms security,and,so much more now this course is designed,to be an,interactive hands-on course so,occasionally,youll hear me say pause the video and,practice on your own,so make sure you download the class,files from the link below to do so,this will ensure you get the most out of,the course and learn the program in a,more experiential,hands-on manner im looking forward to,teaching you,all the cool things that acrobat has to,offer so stay tuned and get ready to,learn,if youre enjoying these videos please,like and subscribe,if you want to earn certificates and,digital badges please become a member of,our patreon,the link is in our video description if,you have any questions you want answered,by one of our instructors,please join our off-site community the,link is in the description as well,and as i mentioned this course does have,exercise files,and youll find them in the video,description below,welcome welcome everyone your eyes do,not deceive you,yes this is a microsoft word document,and i know that this is an acrobat pro,class,so why are we in this microsoft word,environment,because a lot of you are going to be in,this environment a lot of you are going,to be working in a word document,and you want to convert it into a pdf,so lets now talk about the process and,how we do it and of course were going,to talk about the whys,of what were going to do now youll see,this particular document has a number of,different elements on it its got some,images,its got some styles on there its also,got some,comments youll also notice that its,got some links and all that good stuff,in there,and were gonna see if word and acrobat,can work together,to make all these things then get,churned out,in a very effective and fluid way all,right now theres a number of different,ways for us to,export our documents to pdf and were,going to explore,a few of them so lets now go over here,to our file menu and youre going to see,theres this option for,export when i click on that youre going,to see very simple,is this option to create an adobe pdf,fantastic and it tells me here convert,pdf using acrobat,and you can see blah blah pretty much,like bragging about the virtues,of what a pdf can do okay so,yeah definitely for security hey its,going to be printable,and viewable in most formats pdf in case,you dont know stands for,portable document format so that makes,it so,it can be available pretty much on most,computers these days,all right now when you are working in,word youll see,if you have the acrobat plug-in like i,do youre going to see its going to,look like this,if you dont you will have something,like this and this is going to be,the microsoft version of that okay so,im going to be just using this one,and youll see when i click on that its,going to pop up give me the option,to now just save it and its going to be,a pdf okay,now while im doing this youll notice a,few options here,now i can name it of course and i can,also,view the results afterwards i can also,restrict editing if i want to i want to,choose that,its going to ask me to put in a,password all that good stuff im going,to cancel that,youll also notice that theres more,options for me to work with and i can,play around with these,as well okay so were going to be,exploring these in a different context,but i want you to just notice that when,you are saving,to not ignore these extra options like,to restrict editing if you want a,password to protect,and when you go to options taking a look,at some of the other things all right so,im going to cancel this,im going to hit the back button and,this time im going to go in a little,different route,for when i am saving my word document,into a pdf and im going to go over,here to this guy right up there where it,should say acrobat,most of you if you have acrobat pro on,your computer,it should automatically come up with,this extension,for microsoft word so i click on that,youre going to see that theres a lot a,lot a lot of different options here,okay you can see i can just create my,pdf right here i can set up my,preferences,and then notice heres the group to,create and share theres,mail merge review and comments right,acrobat comments right all these things,were going to ignore pretty much all of,these for right now just for this,introductory part,but im going to go to over here to my,preferences first,before i create my pdf because this is,going to be a one-stop shop,and i think a little bit easier to,access so when i click on that,youre going to see this adobe acrobat,pdf maker dialog box pops up,give me a whole bunch of options for how,i want to ultimately,export this document okay so you can see,heres my,conversion settings and this is pretty,much just going to be,sort of a preset for a number of,different things as far as,our resolution what format what version,you want to do it in,right all kinds of different things that,you can choose from here in terms of,your high quality print,maybe you want to be making it the,smallest file size these are essentially,just like presets,so as you choose these a lot of your,options will then,be compliant with what you have chosen,within those settings,but lets now just keep it at standard,for right now,and im just going to go just choose,some of these things that may work for,me,so do i want to view the pdf afterwards,yes or no okay,sure fine do you want to prompt for,adobe pdf file name sure,absolutely like relatively easy stuff,there,okay now were going to skip over this,advanced button,because its actually not necessary to,go there and ive seen that,theres a lot of kind of little bugs,with it to be perfectly honest with you,so were going to skip over that,and then over here for a pdf and then a,which stands for,archive compliance thats when youre,working with an older version,sometimes itll ask you to be compliant,in that way if you want to embed your,fonts and its not working for you,so you can choose some of these older,options as it comes up if you want to,now youll also see heres my,application settings do you want to,create bookmarks you know based off of,bookmarks you have inside of word,you can absolutely do that add your,links absolutely if youre working with,accessibility,absolutely choose whatever you like,right as youre doing this,okay so its totally up to you for,security remember we saw that earlier,with our dialog box,now we can see it in all one window so,do you want to require a password to,open the document,certainly yes and then you put in the,password whatever you want but im not,going to make that,the case so here is also the option to,restrict,editing and printing of the document,okay so if you dont want people to be,able to print it or edit it or anything,like that,but they can open it then you would put,a password onto it,okay so you can say here different,parameters if you want people to print,they can only print low resolution maybe,youre trying to control that within,your within your company,however you want to do that but just,know what your options are here,and its just good to know that you do,have that kind of control

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How to download & install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free Mac OS 2022

uh hello guys welcome to another video,and uh today Im gonna show you how to,download and install,Adobe acrobot for free on Mac operating,system,so first uh you should open your browser,and type www dot,adobe.com okay this is the website,and here we have uh PDF en signature,click here in the menu,and here Adobe acrobot click on that,follow the instruction,and go down,here we have uh download now,you dont have to pay for that you know,it is free,click here,and here we have download PDF reader,there are two options and Adobe acrobot,Pro DC is not free,and PDF reader is free you can download,here,and,click here,it will be downloaded so you have to,wait,here in the bottom as you can see,and,next,so I have to wait the download,will be finished soon and then,you can install it on your PC let me,lets do it together okay,and if you are new here you can,subscribe my channel if you like the,video,and the download is finished you should,click,and this is the setup,you can double click on the setup,uh click on install,and you should type I have to type my,password,and click continue just follow the,instruction its very very easy to,download and install,it asks me again to type my password,[Music],it takes a,a few minutes so,yeah,and I hope youre all doing well in this,difficult situation Corona pandemy,yeah,wishing you all the best,lets stay healthy,hmm yeah yeah,yeah I can install time remaining less,than a minute,the installation was successful so this,software was installed congratulations,so you can actually download and install,the Adobe acroborator,close,keep,yep,and now you can open,your Adobe acrobot you can search here,yeah its installed,I agree,I have to close it to that thats it,thank you guys uh for watching I hope,you liked the video,and see you in the next video

How to Free Download and Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Windows 10

assalamualaikum in this video well,learn about how to download and install,the latest version of adobe acrobat,reader pc on windows 10. lets start,first we open this website link of this,website given in description after,opening this website we download adobe,acrobat reader installer first we,uncheck this option and uncheck this,option then we click on download acrobit,reader this version of adobe acrobat,reader is completely free so we click on,it and download it double click on it,now you can see here adobe acrobat,reader is downloading here now after,downloading the adobe acrobat reader,installer now we open it click on open,now you can see here the installation of,the latest version of adobe acrobat,reader dc is started it takes some time,to install,now you can see here the installation of,adobe acrobat reader dc is completed now,we click on finish,now we go to search bar,right here,adobe,acrobat,now you can see here the adobe acrobat,dc is here now we open it,now you can see here the latest version,of adobe acrobat reader dc is open,now we set adobe acrobat reader dc,as our default pdf reader now click on,set as default,no click on change,no click on adobe acrobat dc,no click on ok,no click on apply,no click on ok,now we open any pdf file it will be open,in adobe acrobat reader dc now we open,the welcome pdf file of adobe acrobat,reader dc click on this file,now you can see here the welcome,document of adobe acrobat reader dc is,open now we use the sum function of,adobe acrobat reader if you want to,highlight any text you click here,highlighter then select the text,now you can see here,this text is highlighted if you want to,comment any text you can you click on,this comment option and write comment,here command and click on post now we,close it now we click on comment option,the comment will be show here in this,way we can download and install the,latest version of adobe acrobat reader,dc on windows 10. if you like this video,like it if you have not subscribed my,channel subscribe it thanks for watching,this video allah office,you

How to Edit PDF Free

Hi everyone, Kevin here.,Today I want to show you how you can  edit a PDF file entirely for free.,Its not going to cost you anything.,Now, I dont know about you, but one of the  most annoying things is you have a PDF file,  ,and you need to make a quick edit to  it, or you need to insert a signature,  ,and it turns out you have to get an app.,Now most apps out there put a watermark  on when you make edits or if you go for  ,the official Adobe Acrobat app, it  costs $14.99 per month. Luckily,  ,there are some fantastic apps out there that let  you edit PDFs, and they dont charge anything.,Now, I had four different criteria  that I looked for in a PDF editor.,First off, I wanted it to be  free or if it wasnt free,  ,I wanted it to be an app that I already have.,The second, I didnt want  it to insert any watermarks,  ,third I wanted to be able to edit, and fourth,  I wanted to be able to insert a signature,  ,and luckily there were a few apps that could do  that, and today Im going to share those with  ,you. All right, well, why dont we jump on the PC  and lets get started. Here I am on my desktop,  ,and I have a PDF file that I  need to make a few edits to.,Im going to open up the PDF  by double clicking on it.,This opens up the PDF file and  it opened it up within a viewer.,Now, like I said before, I need  to make a few tweaks to the file.,Right up here, it says insert partner name.,I want to be able to type text directly  here at the end of this paragraph,  ,and down below within the PDF, theres a signature  field and Id like to insert my signature.,Now unfortunately, this is just a  viewer, so I wont be able to edit it,  ,but luckily there are a few apps that will let me  do that, so why dont we jump into the first one.,The first app is Microsoft Word.,This app isnt free, but its widely available  and most people already have the app,  ,and surprisingly, Word can open PDF files,  and then you can edit those PDF files.,How do we do that?,Well, here I am on the Word start page,  and I have my PDF file on my desktop.,To open it within Word, all I  need to do is click on the PDF  ,and drag it over onto the Word start page.,When I drag it over, I see a prompt  from Microsoft Word telling me that  ,Word will convert my PDF into an editable Word  document, thats exactly what I want Word to do.,It does call out one caveat though.,It says that if my PDF has lots  of images or lots of graphics,  ,the conversion might not look quite like  the original PDF, so just one thing to keep  ,in mind if youre using Microsoft Word for  the conversion. That all sounds good to me.,Im going to click on OK.,This opens up my PDF file and it looks  pretty similar to what my PDF looked like.,In fact, it looks pretty much  identical to my original PDF,  ,and if I click on it, I can  make edits to this text.,Look at this, I could type things in and Im  going to insert the partner name right here.,Ive typed in the partner name and  I could easily go in and edit that.,Now when I go down below,  theres the signature field.,Luckily here too I could  easily insert the signature.,In fact, I could edit it just  like any other Word document.  ,For this signature, I have a  signature file on my desktop.,Im just going to drag and drop  this into my Word document.,This inserts the signature into my Word  document, and I could insert signatures,  ,I can type text, I can modify the text.,All of this looks good. Once  Im done making my edits,  ,its in a Word document though. How do  I get this back into the PDF format?,Its pretty easy to do.,All we need to do is go up  to the top left-hand corner,  ,click on the file menu, and then go  down to the option that says export.,When you click on export, youll see  that theres the option to create a PDF.,Lets click on this button that says create PDF.,Next, Ill see a prompt where I can publish it  to a PDF and I simply need to type in the name  ,and Im going to leave the original  name, but Ill append Word to the end.,Lets click on publish. Here now you see the  PDF that I published in Word and if I zoom in,  ,this is now back in PDF format, and  youll see that my edit shows up in here  ,with the partner name and if I go down below,  I see my signature, so Word works pretty well.,The only downside though is Word does cost money.,You need Microsoft Office to be able to use Word.,The main reason Im recommending it  is that many people already have Word.,Also, another downside is if  you just want to edit PDFs,  ,you do have to install the entire Microsoft  Office suite, so youre getting a lot more apps  ,beyond just Word, but overall, this is  a very good option to edit PDF files.,Next, I want to show you how you can  edit a PDF in your web browser for free,  ,and by far, my favorite online  PDF editor is the Sejda editor.,The reason I like it so much is it  doesnt require any installation at all,  ,and the free version gives you most  of the functionality that you need.,It is a freemium service, so they do have  some additional functionality that you get,  ,but once again, the free version is pretty good.,There are a few caveats with the free  version. The document can only be up to  ,200 pages or 50 megabytes, and you  can only convert 3 PDFs per hour.,I found for my needs thats more than enough  and thats why I recommend this service.,To get started, all we need to do is,  once again, lets click on our PDF file,  ,and we can drag and drop it  over onto the Sejda website.,This now opens up the PDF  on the web, and here too,  ,just like in Word, it looks like it  does a fantastic job at the conversion.,Lets test out editing. There  I could insert custom text.,It doesnt have the exact fonts, but  Im going to replace the original font  ,to use one thats close to the  font that Im using in my PDF.,Next, I want to insert my  signature into the document.,Im going to go up to this top bar here, click on  add images, and there I see my signature selected.,Im going to click on this image.,Now I can drag and drop it down into  where I want to insert it on the document,  ,and theres my signature within the document.,I have my text, I have my signature, all of  this looks good. Now with the Sejda editor,  ,they also offer many rich controls. For instance,  I could insert more text, I could create a form,  ,I could insert any number of images or signatures,  I could wipe things out, I could annotate the  ,document, so it has a lot of richness above and  beyond just editing and inserting a signature,  ,but this is all I needed to do to this document,  so Im going to click on apply changes.,Once I click on apply changes, it now gives  me the option to download the document.,Im going to click on download.,This now downloads a copy of the PDF.,Lets click on this to see what it looks like.,And here too, my PDF looks exactly like I want it.,I edited the text right here and I also see my  signature inserted into the document, so this  ,also works extremely well. Last, I want to show  you how you can edit a PDF using LibreOffice.  ,LibreOffice has an app called Draw that’ll  allow us to open a PDF and make edits to a PDF.,If you dont have LibreOffice, you can download  it on their homepage by clicking on download now.  ,The one downside though of LibreOffice is that it  requires you to download an entire office suite.,It includes apps similar to  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.,So basically, your office productivity software.,Im going to go ahead and download it and  then lets test this out with editing PDFs.  ,Once you finish installing LibreOffice,  go to your Start menu and type in  ,LibreOffice Draw and thatll  open up the drawing app.,Here too, lets go up to the file menu  and lets go down to open, navigate to  ,where you have the PDF on your computer, and  then click on the PDF, and click on open.,This opens the PDF in LibreOffice Draw,  and here too, I could click on my text,  ,and I could edit it just like I could  in Word and in the Sejda editor.,Im going to typ

How to Download & Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows 11 (2022)

hey guys in this video im going to show,you how you can download and install,adobe acrobat,pdf reader on your windows 11 operating,system,so lets get started and lets see how,we can do it so first of all open your,favorite browser and search for adobe,reader download and the first link which,will appear here will be from get dot,adobe dot com power slash reader so im,going to click on this link,im going to put this link in the,description of this video also so you,can directly come to this website and,then,download adobe acrobat reader now on,this adobe acrobat reader website you,will see uh two versions of adobe,approbit reader one is the free to use,version and other one is the pro version,which you can download and install but,you need to pay for it right so you can,only download the pro version for trial,period,and after that you need to pay it but we,just need to uh download and install,adobe acrobat reader for,loading the pdf and signing it and,annotate pdfs so we are going to,download the first option which is the,free to use version now its important,to note here is,when you click on this button,just uncheck all these options because,you can see you can read this message,install the free version of mcafee,security scan,install the free version of mcafee safe,connect and install acrobat reader for,chrome extension so i dont want to,install any of these i just want to,install the adobe acrobat reader so,uncheck all these check boxes from here,okay,otherwise its going to install this,antivirus and other things on your,windows 11 operating system so uncheck,everything and then click on download,acrobat reader,which is going to initialize this,process and then its going to download,this exe file so im going to just click,on this exe file and let me minimize the,browser and first of all you will see,this kind of warning do you want to,allow this app to make changes on your,device i trust this app so im going to,click on yes here and then the,installation of adobe acrobat reader is,going to start,automatically so its going to first of,all download,some,files and after some time you will see,this kind of message which says,installation complete and you will also,see this acrobat,reader desktop icon has been created on,my windows 11 desktop,before clicking finish button you can,just check this check box and then click,on finish which is going to launch,acrobat reader on your windows 11,operating system,so it has opened this website here im,going to minimize it and you can see,this acrobat reader has been started on,my windows 11 operating system so now i,can start,using this acrobat reader on my windows,11 operating system,when you start acrobat reader for the,first time you will also see this,message which says make adobe acrobat my,default pdf application im going to,click on yes here and then im going to,click on continue here and then im,going to click on ok so once thats done,im going to close this window using,this acrobat reader you can open pdf,files sign them,and do many other things so i will close,this acrobat reader and let me open a,sample pdf file using it,so im going to,go to the file where i have downloaded,the sample.pf pdf file so first of all,im going to right click on this file,and then im going to click on open with,and you can see the first option here is,acrobat,dc so im going to click on this,and then click on adobe acrobat dc here,and then click on ok,which is going to open this sample pdf,file in adobe acrobat reader right so,from now on i can start using adobe,acrobat reader on my windows 11,operating system you can see i can mark,this,using this,marker and i can do many other things,using this adobe acrobat reader,so this is how you can download and,install adobe acrobat reader on your,windows 11 operating system i hope,youve enjoyed this video and i will see,you in the next video

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