1. DIRECTV STREAM Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up (August 2021)
  2. I Put the DIRECTV STREAM Device to the Test! Should You Buy It?
  3. AT&T TV Review (Are the AT&T TV Plans Too Expensive?)
  4. Direct TV Stream Box Setup
  5. At&t Tv 1 month Review
  6. Streaming TV Tutorial – DirecTV Stream
  7. AT&T Messed Up and the Best Holiday Deals! | #95

DIRECTV STREAM Review: 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up (August 2021)

directv stream that is the new name for,at t tv but there are more changes than,we first thought im going to show you,the streaming app and break it all down,next hey whats going on savers welcome,to the channel and you can see that new,logo right over my shoulder this new,name launched in august 2021 after at t,tv and tpg capital struck a deal to make,directv a standalone video business,directv stream is a live tv streaming,service it offers bundles of cable tv,networks just like youtube tv hulu live,sling tv and fubo tv so you may be,thinking what if anything makes directv,stream special in our video today the,five things to know before you sign up,lets get started number one how much,does directv stream cost now with this,name change from att tv to directv,stream the pricing has not changed at,least not at the launch heres what i,can tell you today directv streams four,main plans range in price from seventy,dollars all the way up to one hundred,forty dollars a month and taxes are,extra now this may surprise you but for,many people watching this video the only,plan i would recommend is actually the,a month plan called directv stream,choice now i know that price is really,steep but ill explain why in the next,section now that 85 directv stream plan,also includes three months of hbo max,this is a change because it used to be a,full year of hbo max included with at t,tvs plans you could sign up for these,plans either by phone or online i signed,up online no problems now this is,important unlike regular directv these,directv stream plans have no contracts,or hidden fees that means you can cancel,at any time one more thing at the time,of this recording there is no free trial,for directv stream so keep watching this,video and make sure its right for you,before you sign up although there is no,free trial check out what i found in the,fine print it says you can cancel within,14 days and get a full refund so that,may help sway you if youre still on the,fence about direct tv stream number two,what channels does directv stream offer,there is one major difference between,directv stream and the other major live,tv streaming services and thats,regional sports networks directv stream,offers regional sports networks starting,in the 85 a month choice plan that i,just mentioned but as of this recording,the other services do not carry them now,aside from regional sports networks i,think directv streams channel lineup is,pretty well rounded there are a couple,exceptions though lets take a look the,85 a month plan that i signed up for,includes more than 90 networks from the,following major content partners and,more a and e networks amc networks,discovery disney fox nbc universal,viacom cbs check out my live guide i,favorited some channels to highlight a,few key points here first ive got abc,highlighted and thats because directv,stream carries the big four broadcast,networks,but no pbs,next up valley sports,thats one of the regional sports,networks that i touched on and below a,few other of the local channels youll,see game show network and hallmark these,are two that not all services carry,below spectrums regional sports,networks i favorited the tennis channel,i get asked about this a lot because,its another one that other services,have dropped and finally the weather,channel thats on directv stream now i,mentioned those exceptions and the two,biggest things missing from directv,stream nfl network and nfl red zone if,you want those ive got a separate video,with the best places to stream them next,up number three does directv stream,offer cloud dvr the next two sections,are going to be real quick because ive,got so much to share with you about the,user experience but to answer the,question about dvr yes its included but,its not great its actually pretty,pitiful only 20 hours of cloud dvr,storage is included with the base plan,so directv stream is basically forcing,you to upgrade unlimited dvr is an extra,10 bucks a month now previously as a t,tv the upgrade got you 500 hours so the,unlimited dvr is new with directv stream,but this is unlimited with limits,because recordings are kept for a,maximum of 90 days and if youre,recording a series only 10 episodes will,be recorded with that base dvr and even,if you upgrade only 30 episodes will be,recorded as far as the functionality,when you set a recording for a series,you will have the option to record just,a single episode but also options for,all episodes or only new episodes and,like any good dvr you will have the,ability to fast forward through the,commercials of your recordings and in,fact im going to show you more about,that in the user experience section but,before we get to that we have this,number four what equipment do i need to,use directv stream directv stream sells,its own streaming media player for five,bucks a month but it is not required and,i dont recommend it in fact i used a,roku express 4k plus to stream directv,stream but if you dont have a roku,thats okay too you may have another,compatible device amazon fire tv apple,tv google chromecast theyre all,supported as well as some late model,samsung tvs,also compatible lets say youre away,from the tv set you can always pull out,your phone download the directv stream,app there as well as stream on your,computer or tablet and this is a real,plus for larger households you can,stream on up to 20 compatible devices,connected to your home network at the,same time and three streams on the go,like all streaming services an internet,connection is required and directv,stream recommends a minimum internet,download speed of 8 megabits per second,for every stream if you want to know the,speed of your internet connection you,can always run a test at speedtest.net,its a free website and one that ive,recommended for years we made it to,number five how is the directv stream,user experience thanks a lot for staying,with me and supporting the channel id,say that directv stream has a more,premium look and feel compared to some,of its competitors so let me show you,the app on roku when you first open the,directv stream app it doesnt take you,to a home screen or the live guide,instead itll bring you right to content,and pick up with the channel where you,left off now if you click the up arrow,on your roku remote while watching,something live youll see a list of,recent channels for quick access but,click down and youll get to the main,navigation ill start off here with the,live guide and from the all channels,view the channels are listed,alphabetically but as i click to the,left youll see various filters,including favorites now from this menu,to the left you can also select jump,today and thatll let you preview the,live guide up to two weeks out now ive,been able to scroll through the live,guide pretty quickly here but there is a,slight delay when loading the graphics,and the description for a particular,show watch here when you click on a,program airing live youll be taken,directly to it but if you select a,program from the live guide thats,coming up later youll be taken to an,info screen with the option to set a,recording heres another feature that i,get asked about a lot while watching,live tv you can change channels by using,the left and right arrows on your roku,remote or just select the down arrow and,go back to the live guide were going to,move now to the watch now section and,this is directv streams version of a,home screen you can see whats hearing,at this moment along with the shortcut,back to the live guide below that youll,find trending content and lots of,different categories of shows and movies,to watch this may be useful if you just,dont know what to watch,but i dont feel its as personalized as,some of the other services ive made my,way to my library and this is where you,can access your dvr recordings to the,very right of the screen click all,recordings and youll be taken to this,screen where you can view upcoming,recordings delete recordings,and see how much stora

I Put the DIRECTV STREAM Device to the Test! Should You Buy It?

channel requesting that i reviewed this device  and whether it is actually worth it the device  ,is 120 bucks paid up front or you can pay five  dollars a month for 24 months i chose option three  ,a refurbished model for fifty dollars if  youve checked out any of my videos before  ,you know that i like roku devices  but this directv stream device  ,may work out for people whove been putting off  cutting the cord because they think it is just too  ,complicated compared to cable or satellite lets  take a look inside the box youll find a remote  ,and as youre about to see that is the key to  providing the cable or satellite-like experience  ,theres also the directv stream device a power  supply and an hdmi cable the setup process very  ,simple so im not going to go through it step by  step there is a guide that comes with the device  ,and you follow the instructions on your tv set  ive got the instructions right here they say  ,step 7 youre going to have to enter your directv  stream username and password but i never had to  ,do that and that saved me a step because after  the on-screen instructions directv stream just  ,loaded with my account automatically so now i  want to show you around the directv stream app  ,with this device and youre going to see how  directv streams remote with all of these keys  ,may actually be easier to use compared to a  roku remote and will begin at the top of the  ,remote with the on and off keys when you select on  directv stream will play automatically and it will  ,load the channel where you left off moving down  to the second row on the remote it has three keys  ,guide home and list select home and youre taken  to a home screen that looks like this and here you  ,can browse various content plus access the live  guide and your library which is your dvr but if  ,you want to go straight to the guide the remote is  faster you can just use the guide key and this is  ,what the live guide looks like if you want to add  a channel to your favorites use the directional  ,keypad on your remote and navigate to that network  then just hold ok on the network that you want to  ,favorite here on the left side of the screen you  see various live guide filters including favorites  ,so you can select that to only see your favorite  networks in the guide by now youve probably  ,noticed that there are channel numbers in this  live guide and back to the directv stream remote  ,because unlike other streaming players this remote  has a number pad toward the bottom so as you see  ,here just enter the numbers for the channel and  youll be taken directly to that channel a couple  ,other tips for navigating channels that you may  find helpful while youre watching live tv you can  ,toggle up or down to change the channel and right  below that on the remote you see the previous key  ,this is going to take you back to the last channel  that you were watching in the center of the remote  ,you see the google assistant key you can click  on this to make commands including changing  ,channels im back on the live guide now because  i want to show you another feature of the remote  ,see that red record key click that twice and itll  record the program that youve highlighted you can  ,do this from the guide but also elsewhere in the  directv stream app for example i clicked home  ,this is the whats on now section and when i tap  record on the remote two times that show begins  ,recording watching live tv its the exact same  thing click record twice and you are all set so  ,why dont we talk more about those recordings now  the list key on your remote again towards the top  ,that will take you to the dvr where you can see  all of your recordings and here from the library  ,you can also manage your preferences like stopping  and deleting recordings let me take you to one of  ,those recordings to show you a couple more things  on the remote and well start with playback  ,controls there are keys to rewind fast forward and  pause play and you can also use these with live tv  ,and see this key with three dots wherever you are  in the directv stream app select this one and then  ,youll see additional options follow me here to  the left side of the remote and you see volume  ,and mute when you hit the mute key for the first  time directv stream is going to prompt you to pair  ,your tv remote with the directv stream remote  sounds complicated its not just follow the  ,on-screen instructions also to the very bottom  of the remote you see a key that says apps this  ,is a shortcut to the app section that youll also  find on the home screen and from here you can go  ,to the google play store and download other free  and paid streaming apps that you may subscribe to  ,id say that directv stream is probably the  most cable-like of the live tv services and  ,this device and particularly the remote really  enhances that experience but just know this  ,device is not cheap and the service is not either  and although i prefer the combo of youtube tv and  ,a roku device i understand why some people want  the familiar look and feel that directv stream  ,offers if the price of this device is holding you  back know this if you buy it and dont like it you  ,can return it within 14 days and get your money  back same for the service itself and if you do  ,sign up please consider using my link down below  in the description my content is never sponsored  ,and i paid for the directv stream device with  my own money to provide you with this review

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AT&T TV Review (Are the AT&T TV Plans Too Expensive?)

is at t tv a good option for cord,cutters,well that depends it has one of the,highest price tags in the streaming,space,but if youre looking for a way to watch,sports without cable and you cant live,without regional sports networks the,answer,just might be yes yeah well also cover,what the various plans are like on at t,tv as well as what its like to watch tv,through the streaming service in this,att tv review video,before we get into any specifics we want,to provide a high level,observation at t tv has made a number of,changes,from buying direct tv now to rebranding,as a t,tv now to this latest iteration it seems,like they either,dont understand the streaming space or,worse it seems like theyre clinging,to a cable mindset that feels especially,true when you look at the pricing,of their four packages this cable,mindset holds at t,back from being a true contender in the,crowded streaming space,with that lets dive into the plans and,price tags that accompany,an at t tv subscription there are four,packages,entertainment choice ultimate and,premiere and we have to say right up,front that the way at t,tv channels are organized reminds us a,lot of cable,at 69.99 a month the entertainment,package is the cheapest,but its the most expensive option in,the streaming space,at t says youll get 65 plus channels,along with 40,000 on-demand titles and a 20-hour cloud,dvr,this is honestly not great by comparison,youtube tv is 64.99 a month,offers around 90 channels and unlimited,cloud dvr storage,fubo tv costs the same price offers over,100 channels,and 250 hours of cloud dvr storage,so the a t t v price or dvr,is not competitive here now the choice,package costs,84.99 a month which is pricey but it,does offer regional sports networks,its actually the only streaming option,that offers them so lets talk a little,more about that,as you can see the atnt tv channel light,up,for the choice package includes all your,local channels,along with popular channels and news,like cnn,sports like all the espn channels and,nba tv,family like the disney networks drama,and more,and it offers the regional sports,networks available in your area,you can see which ones by going to atnt,tv,site and entering your zip code when we,did that for omaha we see that we get,our local stations along with,altitude and valley sports midwest now,that is not enough for us to pay up for,but maybe it is for you,and if so youll like knowing that,youll get one year of hbo max for free,with your choice subscription if you,like hbo max,this could be worthwhile to you as it is,a 15,per month value however as is the case,with all at t,tv packages you only get 20 hours of,cloud dvr storage,if you want to record more than that,youll have to pay 10 a month which will,then give you unlimited storage,with the price as high as it is we wish,they would just throw in,unlimited cloud dvr into every plan,because if you decide that the choice,package is right for you,and you want more than the included 20,hours your price goes up to 94.99 a,month,which is the price of the third channel,package ultimate,yeah this package comes with more than,130 channels,so what channels are you getting here,that youre not in the lower two tiers,well some of the more popular networks,youll get include,american heroes channel aspire bbc world,news,bet her cbs sports network diy,fox sports 2 fxm nbc golf and the logo,channel but again youre going to pay,ninety five dollars for that,and ten dollars more if you want an,unlimited cloud dvr,youll also get hbo max included for a,year at no additional cost,now the fourth and most expensive,package is the premiere package,it costs a whopping 140 dollars per,month,and it includes all the hbo showtime and,stars channels as well as a few spanish,language ones like unimas universo and,univision,now i think in the spirit of full,disclosure we should tell you that we,have not subscribed to at t,tv however we have used a t tv now,numerous times which actually used to be,directv now,and while that service is no longer,available to new subscribers,we can say that it has become what is,now 18t,tv so we do have some comparative,experience to draw on,now lets cover how you watch at t tv,the a t tv app is available on roku and,amazon fire stick as well as chromecast,and apple tv,you can also watch it on your tablet,computer and smartphone,and its also on samsung smart tvs,additionally a t offers its own,streaming device and remote which you,can purchase for an extra five dollars,per month,per device and they will let you have up,to six yeah but we wouldnt recommend,that option and heres why,it requires a 24-month contract,they dont call it a contract but if you,cancel you have to pay the entire,device balance this reminds me of,something i hate,can you guess what that is nicole hmm,cable,yeah that is exactly right remember,youre cutting the cord,to save money these plans are pricey,the cheapest option including regional,sports networks is the only one wed,recommend,and thats only if you absolutely have,to have the regional sports networks in,your area,if you can live without those regional,sports networks,wed encourage you to consider three,other streaming options,the first of which is youtube tv at,sixty five dollars a month,its cheaper than the entertainment,package from att tv,and includes more channels and an,unlimited dvr,what we like best about the service is,its simplicity,theres just one package for one price,it includes,all the espn and fox sports channels as,well cbs sports and nbc sports it also,has the turner channel networks,nba tv and all your locals you can add,on premium channels like hbo max,showtime and stars weve done a full,review of youtube tv,so watch that video now another,alternative to a t,tv worth considering is hulu live it,carries the same cost as youtube tv,and 65 a month youll get many of the,same channels as youtube tv,including your locals however hulu live,is missing the nfl mlb and mba networks,it also doesnt carry pbs,but it makes up for that somewhat with,its incredible collection of on-demand,content,everything in the hulu on-demand service,is available with hulu live,and then some many shows contain full,seasons and,entire series of popular shows youll,also get access to all hulu originals,like the handmaids tale,but its dvr option isnt as good as,youtube tv you only get 50 hours,included,and the ability to stream on two screens,at once instead of three,which is what you get with youtube tv if,you want to upgrade to 200 hours of,cloud dvr storage,you can but its going to cost you an,extra 10 dollars per month,like youtube you can also add on premium,channels including cinemax which youtube,doesnt offer and if you want disney,plus and espn plus you can get both for,an extra eight dollars a month,weve done a review of hulu live so,watch that for more details about the,streaming service,we also link to a 7-day free trial of,the service below,so click that to give hulu live a try,and see what you think,a final alternative to look at quickly,is fubotv,like the other two options fubotv 65,dollars a month,it offers over 100 channels 43 of which,are nielsen top 50 ranked channels,so youll get a good selection of sports,news and entertainment channels,where fubo shines is in the sports,add-ons it offers,if you love international sports you can,add on a good collection of channels,for seven dollars a month they also have,spanish language,and italian as well as portuguese,channel add-ons,you also get 250 hours of cloud dvr,space,and you can stream on three screens at,once we did a review of fubo tv as well,so watch that video now,to learn all about the service fubu tv,also offers a free trial which we link,to below so click on that to try it out,yeah whichever of these streaming,options look interesting to you,please do use the free trials they offer,to test them out and see which one,you like best okay that does it for this,review,let us know what you think of at t tv in,the comme

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Direct TV Stream Box Setup

directv stream is the game-changing,entertainment device youve been waiting,for lets get you set up to begin the,fun to get started unpack your directv,stream device and cables,inside the box youll see a handy device,setup guide with step-by-step,instructions,the directv stream remote control the,directv stream device,next theres a power cable for the,directv stream box and finally remove,the hdmi cable before beginning the,setup please remove the plastic tab from,the back of the remote control,now well start with the hdmi cable take,your new hdmi cable and insert either,end of the hdmi cable into the hdmi port,on the back of your directv stream box,youll notice the hdmi cable has a,unique shape that fits snugly in the,port with the larger size of the,connector facing up now take the other,end of your hdmi cable and insert it,into your tv your tv may have up to,three hdmi inputs either on the back or,perhaps the side of your tv if you have,more than one hdmi port make note of how,the port youre using is labeled on your,tv you may need to change your tv input,to this specific port on your tv next,now make sure the active source on your,television is set to the hdmi port that,you just connected the hdmi cable to,youll likely need to use the input or,source button on your tv or tv remote,refer to your tvs manual if needed,next connect the power cord to both a,directv stream device and a wall outlet,you should now see a solid blue light on,the front of the device,if you dont see a blue light on the,device check the power connections,the directv logo will appear on your tv,directv stream can connect to the,internet from either your home wi-fi or,directly to your home gateway through an,ethernet cord using wi-fi is great if,your router or gateway isnt close to,your tv or if you dont have an ethernet,cable a direct connection with ethernet,cord is a solid connection if your,router is close to your tv,if youd like to use your home wi-fi,select your wi-fi network and enter the,password,or if youd like a direct internet,connection use an ethernet cable from,the back of the directv stream device to,your home gateway or router,when the device successfully connects to,the internet,youll see a green led light on the,front next to the blue power light,your new directv stream box will now,automatically update its software and,reset this may take a few minutes and,please do not interrupt the updates once,the device powers up youll be asked to,pair your remote control,with your directv stream remote control,press and hold the fast forward and,rewind buttons at the same time,until a message appears stating that,your remote is now ready to use,if youre having trouble getting this,message to display try standing closer,to the box itself,youre doing great use your remote to,follow the instructions on the next few,screens where youll sign in review and,accept the terms and conditions,and label the location where your,directv stream is being used,then youll be given the option to sign,into your google account to get the most,out of your entertainment experience,while you can skip this section we,recommend you sign in with your google,account to take advantage of linking,third party apps like netflix,downloading other apps to your tv,displaying your pictures on your tv and,so much more weve made it even easier,for you to install additional apps by,supplying a list of popular apps you can,select right on the screen,finally read and step through the final,few screens youll see the directv,stream device automatically load your tv,experience and thats it youre all,ready to start enjoying your new directv,stream service weve combined the best,of live and on-demand tv watch anytime,anywhere and access your favorite,entertainment in one place with access,to hbo max netflix prime video and more,apps you love on google play directv,stream its everything you want from tv

At&t Tv 1 month Review

hello everyone welcome to my channel,um today were going to be discussing,the,coveted 18t tv,um im feeling kind of other weather so,you may hear me call so often but its,fine,um no its not corona i already took a,test and then its its negative,but back to what were discussing today,were gonna be talking about the 18t,tv um its a service that,was brought to the consumer by 18t,a prepaid streaming service where you,can watch,in an um tv online um you could do so by,plugging the little cable box that they,send you um via,ethernet or you can do it wirelessly,now 18t has different um,packages that you can bundle with,internet to get,the most bang for your buck im gonna,let you see how much the package is,right there 18t has a special going on,choose,any att tv pack and get one gig,internet for 39.99 a month,for their lowes package um the,entertainment packet,is 49.99 a month for 12 months,and this is where a two-year contract,keep that in mind for the first 12,months is 49.99,and the choice packet is 59.99,a month or 54.99 a month,with the 224 month agreement,and then the extra package,is for 64.99,a month theres also one more package,its the ultimate package i have that,particular package,and i dont know if since then 18t,increased the price but currently for,that and im going to show you the email,with everything that i um have with att,tv i was paying 69.99,a month for the ultimate package so this,lets me know,it looked like they may have increased,the um price point,um ten dollars is 10 or more um,but as you can see 18t plus the internet,and this is only with the internet,because i havent on that,particular button if you get 18t,tv in the internet these are the prices,that you will be paying,and im gonna see if i can click on 18t,okay so if you you see theres a big,difference,if you decide to get just 18t,tv as you see then the,entertainment packet is,59.99 a month with the twit um 24 month,agreement um its a 10 difference,then if you were to bundle internet,services,the choice package is 64.99 a month,and the extra packet is 74.99 a month,now keep in mind since you this is a,prepaid,um streaming service and it is run,randolph um internet theres a,um a disclosure that 18t,puts in here and it says att tv requires,high speed,internet i recommend a minimum or 24,minutes for optimum viewing,with a minimum eight mix per stream,per stream uh limit to three concurrent,18t stream,so per um streams for the box you can,only,have three people or i think,three viewers per box thats watching,18t,tv um i have two,i have one delivery and one in the,bedroom so,i dont have that problem at all but i,will say,when i did decide to switch over the,only reason i decided to switch,over it wasnt because of these packets,still,um about a month ago they had some type,of special going on,with all the movie channels um so that,brings me to my next point before,i actually show you the box and,everything this is not an unboxing,its already been unboxed i had it for a,month now,but for me as you can see i have the,ultimate package,it lets you know that im gonna see if i,can zoom in,there we go,with one box you have three strings,for each box each dvr that i have,has contains can hold up to 500 hours,of recorded um,television i received within the first,three months cinemax epics,showtime hbo max and stars,for the first three months it did let me,know,and im sure you can read bummer read it,for you,um after 12 months your ultimate package,continued,at then prevailing rate,hundred currently thirty five dollars a,month,that means months thirteen through,twenty four ill be paying 135 dollars a,month,plus internet,home phone service,now the only reason i switch is because,i actually,like that epics cinemax showtimes and,stars,has a current rate of 39 to me,that is a very good price for me i dont,know how you like to um watch your,um i dont know what you like to watch,on your tv but,i in indulge on,movie channels so that was a win-win for,me,i was trying to keep my bill under 200,anyway,for internet tv service,and home phone service,i know at a point in time you know,certain movie channels like 14.99 a,month,13.99 over here 9.99 a month over there,so,to me now that they have it in the,bundle,for 39 a month i thought that was very,good so,i decided to give it a shot also keep in,mind,too for the people that has,multiple tv um you can,view 18t tv on its app,um but thats a totally different story,since i had two tv ones um i would call,it a,one stream box came with,the service and i did end up doing the,particular installment for the second,box um,att did charge me a sale taxa 9.90,however if you want to go ahead and pay,out of pocket instead of over um the,next 12 months,um its 120,and i think plus tax so whatever the,sale tax is saying here 9.90,so 120 plus 9.90,so about 130 dollars youll be paying,all together,but as for me i decided to break it down,installment so ten dollars a month,equates to um total to 12 months,120 dollars now,when i decide to switch over to 18t tv,im not going to say i was very thrilled,about it,to me i thought it was awful and im,going to show you the reason why,and this is the reason why i connect the,18t,box directly into,um ethernet instead of instead,of wireless and maybe its doing this,because um i actually already have it,programmed on the tv,but this is what i was doing when i,first,um try to do it over wi-fi,as you can see that its telling me that,the um,the program or whatever the video is,taking longer than it should,demonstrate to low this was my,frustration,when i first um download it and put it,on,my tv this is a smart tv so um,and this is actually the application,from the tv,this was very upsetting to me and in the,beginning i was going to counsel and i,was,i told the agent im just going to wait,for the um boxes to arrive,before i make that decision or canceling,the service,but i did not cancel the service because,actually with the boxes you dont have,all these issues that i must say,this is just only um the app for some,reason i do not like the app,so theyre lucky that they have a box,that,does what its supposed to do but im,going to show you the box,because and this is not an unboxing as,you see,it is right here,it is mounted and i have the ethernet,plug in it its very small,to me almost could fit in the size of,your i mean in the,palm of your hand at least for me,the blue and green lights letting me,know its functioning,properly and sorry about all the cords,now im gonna um turn the 18t tv on,thats directly with the hdmi,and you do receive that in the box as,well give me one moment,here we go were streaming live,from the box,do you push through four or more,migraine days a month,as you can see mom are you okay,i like it how it does this um,you changed the channel and it showed,you some type of picture of what you,would be,watching next lifetime,the kings are clean as you see,this is all on the ethernet i have no,problem,at all takes a split second,to chain and then is moved very quickly,no problem now lets see if i can change,it with the,remote control this is the remote,nothing special its the google assist,remote thats supposed to help you,speed things up so lets see would it,speed things up for me,turn to comedy central youre going with,me to ecuador,absolutely not not with mike okay,playing comedy central,discuss the packages,we did see that,that depending on the packets that you,chose,[Music],um hbo max is free for one year so,thats,another plus in itself the hbo max so,what were going to do right here is log,into the,hbo max crew um 18t tv,now keep in mind when you do log into it,um the first time but you know if youre,a 18t,user its gonna be your username and,password,since i already logged into it its much,more,easier are we just going to pretend,you think you just go to 500 and you say,already a hbo subscriber i can just,press lunch im sorry i cant do this,im not doing this kyle youre supposed,to talk,as you can see its loaded and,here

Streaming TV Tutorial – DirecTV Stream

hello and welcome to this walkthrough of,the directv stream service my name is,connor and ill be guiding you through,the basics of this streaming tv platform,for the purposes of this video im going,to be using directv stream on an,internet browser but the interface will,look similar if youre watching on a,smart tv a streaming tv device like,amazon fire tv stick,roku or apple tv on a smartphone or,tablet or other device compatible with,directv stream,im going to highlight some of the major,features of the directv stream service,but first id like to go over some of,the basics of streaming tv along with a,few of the available channels and,packages on this service so that you can,compare them to the other available,platforms out there,firstly streaming tv means tv using an,internet connection whether its your,home wi-fi network or mobile data from,your cell phone plan streaming tv,services are offered via apps short for,applications that can be downloaded on a,variety of devices like those mentioned,previously,for the best viewing experience youll,want to make sure your internet speed,can supply the bandwidth needed for a,high definition video stream which takes,about five to seven megabits per second,now that may not seem like very much but,when you combine it with simultaneous,internet activities on other devices,like online gaming running video feeds,from security systems video chats and,meetings and downloading files you could,run into buffering issues if your,internet speed isnt fast enough,its a good idea to check in with your,internet provider to make sure youve,got the speed you need,now back to directv stream this here is,the home page of directv.com,stream before signing into a profile,this is what youll see before you get,started with the service if youre,browsing for information you can see,here that i can shop all packages with,this button,and like most other tv providers there,are several tiers available that usually,offer more channels and features as you,increase,the subscription tier,for example if we take a look at the,entertainment versus the choice plans,here youll see that the choice plan,offers 90 plus channels with regional,sports networks included while the,entertainment package offers 65 plus,channels without regional sports,networks,and speaking of channels there is a,button below the subscription tiers that,here that says see channel lineup,this page is a great resource to use to,explore which channels are included with,each package as theyre listed out in,different rows here theyve broken it,out by genre here and if i click one of,them i can see that the included,channels for that package have a green,check mark next to them,whereas others are only available in an,add-on channel package like nba league,pass here as an example,so again this is a good way to see which,package might be best for you depending,on what channels that you want,and as i go back to the top of the page,here,i can break it out between regional,sports and local channels as well for,the portland area networks these are the,channels that are available on the,directv stream service,keep in mind that while these local,channels are available in the,entertainment plan their base package,root sports here is only available,starting in the choice plan their second,subscription tier thatll be important,to note if you want coverage of the,trailblazers mariners kraken timbers and,some other pacific northwest teams,now if i click the shop now button on,one of these packages ill be taken to a,checkout page where i can customize my,subscription a few different ways,now i can see here that there are some,special offers available like three,months free for some premium networks,but keep in mind that these special,offers may change depending on when,youre watching this tutorial video and,which channel package youve selected,scrolling down further i have the option,to add on additional premium or sports,channels to my subscription right here,below that option i have the choice to,add the directv stream device here,which is similar to other streaming tv,devices like amazon fire tv stick apple,tv and roku to name a few except that it,actually integrates directly with the,directv stream service it comes with the,remote that has buttons specific to the,directv stream platform,so if you want to open the guide or go,to channel 6 all you have to do is press,the button,on the remote and youll be there,the remote also includes the google,voice assistant so you can speak,commands into the remote to have it,perform a variety of actions for you,now the device is five dollars per month,on a rent to own plan or you can pay for,it in full for 120 dollars up front,now this device is a solid option if you,prefer a more traditional tv experience,with a classic style remote but its not,required to sign up for the directv,stream service you can still use other,devices like those mentioned previously,and if you do go with this directv,stream device you can also download and,watch content from other apps and,services like netflix hulu hbo max,disney plus pandora spotify services,like that as well it works similar to,other streaming devices but it is also,specifically integrated with the directv,stream service so again the buttons on,the remote will be specific to your live,tv plan,lastly down here i can upgrade the,included 20 hours of cloud dvr storage,to unlimited storage for an extra 10 per,month keep in mind though that,recordings are deleted from your library,after 90 days,when youre ready you can click the,secure checkout button at the bottom to,get started here now lets jump into the,directv stream platform and see what it,can do so i just logged into the directv,stream interface and now you can see,that theres a few different places that,i can go here to watch content,keep in mind again that the directv,stream interface may look different,depending on which device youre,watching on but the functionality and,features will be similar,so this tab that im on right here is,called the watch now section and its,sort of the home page for the directv,stream service the player here at the,top of the screen lets me cycle through,channels,while the whats on now section below,lets me jump back into channels that i,recently watched,below that is the continue watching,section which keeps any on-demand,content where i left off the last time i,was watching it,then as we continue to scroll down there,are some other sections broken out by,genre recommendations trending programs,any seasonal sections like this holiday,one here and more,so thats the watch now section lets,move on to my library which is where,your recordings and bookmarked programs,will live,now this section here is pretty simple,up top i can select my dvr recordings,and its broken out into recorded things,ready to watch and then things i have,scheduled to record as well,i can see how much recording space i,have left if im on the standard 20,hours plan well remember that you can,upgrade to unlimited dvr storage for an,extra 10 dollars per month,then you also have the bookmarks section,where you can you guessed it bookmark,shows or movies to check out later,without adding them to your dvr library,so this would be a good tool to use if,maybe you see something that youd like,to watch at some point but you dont,want to delete anything you currently,have in your dvr library or if you just,want to save it and maybe check it out,later,i put a couple things in here to show an,example so if i click on one of them i,can view episodes that are available to,watch by season,and then i can also click on the other,tab to see those that are scheduled to,air in the future,so on to the on demand tab up here,this is a great tool to use if you want,to explore shows and movies available to,watch when you want without being,beholden to the tv guide schedule,so up here i can actually choose between,networks movies or tv shows so if i were,to click on networks i ca

AT&T Messed Up and the Best Holiday Deals! | #95

to the 95th episode of the best phone,plans podcast tonight we got quite the,show loaded up for you with good news,coming in from T-Mobile,a t doing some interesting things,including a personal ATT story where it,me and Stetson were on the phone let me,tell you and to wrap it all up for the,year well be talking about the best,phone plan deals as his signature but,this would not be a best friend podcast,if we didnt start by asking Stetson how,are you doing today goodness Im doing,mighty fine as you know it was a little,bit of a weird week dealing with at T,trying to deal with atnt but otherwise,doing great,um yeah working on some end of year,stuff I think we got some great deals,outlined for this episode and some,interesting stories so Im excited itll,be a good show and who do we have,joining us today we got Mojo in the chat,we got Jaime we got Iceberg we got,Thomas zero cools here oh man great,seeing everyone so welcome to the,episode Dennis where are we starting off,today whats our leading story I think,we should have started off with a,favorite something that T-Mobile has,been known for which is the T-Mobile,free line deal that people should be,taking advantage of,Dennis I love it they do this have they,done this every year now theyre doing,it much more freaking carrier yeah are,you getting it I think thatll well,lets cover the deal first and then,maybe we can dive into whether or not,youre getting it sure I dont even know,I might be eligible Im on uh last time,I did it it was pain but well well see,well youre on an eligible plan now,Dennis itll be easy easy,all right this is the deal,uh T-mobile will offer a free line for,the holiday with catches that are ready,to catch them all,uh what are the catches and whats the,free line deal basically,um,you have to be on a magenta biller so,thats going to exclude all spring,customers youre gonna have two or more,lines so so far Dennis youre at check,one check two BYOD own only not,stackable with a device promo so you,have to bring your own device thats,pretty easy we got like heaps of those,lying around uh line will be recurring,credit great DCC must be charged thats,fine thats like I think their,activation fee like 20 40 bucks,12-month term requirement uh you cant,cancel a line within cannot cancel any,line within 12 months or the credit Will,discontinue I guess you could let me,time in on something on that real quick,in case someones not aware that also,means no post activation importance,because its too important with team of,wins of canceling the line oh thats,interesting because you yeah youd have,to cancel a line and basically make a,new one or something whatever,Shenanigans they do,um Anthony is saying to hit the like,button and the deals will get better,Anthony I love it thank you so much,um yeah so Dennis I think youre,eligible youre on a magenta Builder you,got two or more lines you can bring your,own device,um you can pay that 20 or whatever the,DCC will charged and yeah I guess if you,wanna youre probably gonna be on,T-Mobile magenta Max for the next 12,months from what I can tell so,um are you getting a free line,Ill take it Ill give it a Ill give it,a crack Ill take a crack at it next,thing you know theyll switch you to,Essentials again,such two Essentials Ill lose my Insider,discount that was so generously provided,by one of the fans,oh my God nightmare,um yeah this is honestly an awesome deal,uh I am on T-Mobile Essentials right now,and Im tempted to take advantage of it,but um,you cant get a free phone with that,free line Al Gordo it says uh must be,what BYOD only,yeah its true this is a BYOD only free,line promo but Id be interested in,doing personally if it didnt have to be,a phone as I wouldnt mind having like a,data like only tablet line,they do cap it at 600 kilobits per,second if you put it in a tablet no yeah,so,Eduardo its okay yeah theyre trying to,get more people this is like a nice,holiday thing where its like oh you,want to try T-Mobile just boom add,another line to your account for free or,I dont know you Dennis you could add a,line for free and then start charging me,for it or something you know you sell it,off to a friend like hey you want,magenta Max for like 15 bucks a month,boom youre raining in money,all right this picture the funniest,like yeah excuse me I just pictured like,just walking up in like a transcript,with like SIM cards like hey buddy you,need a you need a T-Mobile line I got,him you need an ATT land I got Im just,20 bucks a piece Antonios asking when,is this available it is available,starting today December 15,2022 and,um and no expiration that were aware of,yet no expiration that were aware of uh,Yep this is the its a 35 device,connection charge plus tax my friend,Austin was charged lets get the exact,details here,he reported,37.50 for a free line of magenta Max for,basically forever,um and heres the date December 15th,which is today it is live now and um,yeah there you go,this is honestly pretty good,Eduardos not eligible but shout out to,everyone who can get it Dennis I kind of,want to see you get it,okay I think itd be worth it I dont,know,but thats it thats the T-Mobile deal,all right I went on to ATT yeah I was,gonna say I want to move on to something,spicy that will really get the uh the,dentist on fire going lets talk about a,t and I think in particular we should,leave it off with your ATT story all,right I think theres a theres a couple,of things here that we need to talk,about,um,and that is ATT prepaid unlimited Max,this is the,us allegedly the Walmart exclusive plan,so let me see if I can pull this up yeah,here we go show and stream Walmart,is the at T prepaid unlimited Max plan,and yesterday or maybe it was two days,ago Tuesday whatever I learned you can,actually sign up for this plan on esim,from at Ts website directly and its,incredible its one of the best,unlimited plans you can get and Ill,actually show you a sneak peek how to do,that you basically go to the ATT prepaid,site you gotta go all the way down you,see this button already have an ATT,prepaid phone activate now that is the,magic link that at T doesnt promote,doesnt seem to know what to do with and,all you do you select Eid you put in the,last four digits of your EID number,youre into your IMEI your zip code and,youre Off to the Races you can activate,the plan,um and so I did that activated the plan,and then the secret is to call the at T,porting department and theyre able to,basically port in a different number and,swap it out with the new number you get,because unfortunately when you do this,theres no option to port or transfer a,number you just automatically get a new,number and that leads into the story so,I got Dennis on the phone as a good,friend does when youre trying to switch,carriers and um just you know for the,amusement of it,I activate a line on at T prepaid,following the steps I just showed and,Im like great I need to do the poured,in thing Ive seen this on Reddit before,I have the at T porting department on my,phone so what do I do I give them a call,and this lady picks up very nice very,respectful,um she basically says like theres,already a phone number on the account so,I cannot Port your number in in order to,Port your number in you need to contact,at T prepaid like more of a general,support or like Account Support or,something so they can move that number,off your account and then I can port in,your number to the account no no youre,misfrasing it okay what is the correct,phrasing because I kind of forget uh Im,running into it so first off she asked,you for information to not ask for your,poured out pin we couldnt even get past,the partnership account number I was I,was trying to Port it I guess yeah so,this is what happened first first shes,like all right so fine we can Port your,number whats your I think she has for,the phone number to port and the account,number she asked for the phone out of,the port and what carrier you were,coming from you answered a Verizon

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