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  2. How to get 3 free months of Costco membership!
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????JANUARY 2023 Costco Coupon Book Preview! Deals Valid (12/28 – 1/22)

Hello friends in todays video were,looking at the January 2023 Costco,coupon book in effect December 28th to,January 22nd 2023. I cant believe Im,saying 2023. but yes were here the,current coupon book expires December,24th of this year which is Christmas Eve,so if you want any of those deals,theres still in effect for a couple,more days in January were looking at,some great deals on probiotics and,toilet paper protein powder looking at,Turbo Tax deals tons of deals on,household Pharmacy items and so much,more so lets get into it,foreign,if you like videos like this definitely,subscribe and come back every single,month we always have an inside scoop,here and we get you this coupon book in,advance so you can be intentional and,plan accordingly for your next trip it,really helps to save money time and,stick to your budget we go to Costco,once a month and we use our members,savings to check out if there are any,good deals that we may have on our list,or new things we want to try you dont,need anything special you just go in,with your Costco membership and you can,take advantage of all the great savings,we also do this in collaboration with,Costco insider.com so definitely check,them out after this video in addition we,have a special promotion on Costco,memberships in the description box below,join today and get a Costco Shop Card 20,for new executive members and ten,dollars for new Gold Star members use,the link below to sign up for this,promotion with Frida family this video,is brought to you by the most amazing,monk fruit sweetened chocolate on the,market that I wish you can get at Costco,but you just cant quite yet if youre,looking for a sweet but sugar-free,option to chocolate that tastes better,than Hersheys then you need to try,chalk zero they have amazing holiday,promotions like their keto Advent,calendar for Christmas theyre chocolate,pumpkins for Halloween the raspberry,chocolate hearts for Valentines Day,sugar-free chocolate bunnies on Easter,and so much more if youre looking for a,healthy chocolate to indulge in with,your family guilt-free no sugar then,look no further they also have their,sugar-free syrups and spreads I love,their jam and they also just came out,with a low carb sugar-free honey be sure,to use the code free to family at,checkout for a nice discount on your,order or by going to chalkzero.com and,using the link below in the description,now lets see whats on sale this coming,month at Costco all right here it is,friends we are looking at this savings,book we have in warehouse and online,just so you know you can download your,Costco app and also check out different,deals online I like to do that sometimes,not only will your Market vary but a lot,of times things will be different in the,store so lets take a look this is the,cover we have some right now this,doesnt normally happen we have,supplement deals right in the beginning,so we have some of the Kirkland vitamin,C CoQ10 turmeric glucosamine really,great deals anywhere from three to six,dollars off this Optimum Nutrition whey,protein powder this thing is huge Ive,never tried Ive been really interested,in trying it does come in different,flavors milk and vanilla milk chocolate,and vanilla 14 off 580 off of the,Charmin which I dont know let me know,in the comments if youre a Charmin or a,Kirkland,I love Kirkland but well have to see if,that makes it cheaper than the Kirkland,this is thats a hard sell four dollars,off the two big pack of Listerine nine,dollars off the Neutrogena Hydro Boost,gel cream 550 off the five pack of,Colgate 250 off the Pantene its gonna,be the 51 shampoo and or conditioner we,also have 1050 off Huggies diapers and,they come in all different sizes 450 off,the 10 pack of Kleenex five dollars off,the Tide laundry 660 off the tie laundry,pods 380 off the quart bags are gallon,bags by Ziploc four dollars off the,Swiffer Sweeper thats a hard one to say,super sweeper heavy duty wet refills 54,account 430 off of Air Wick scented oils,its going to be the one warmer at nine,refills 550 off the Cascade Platinum,action plus 92 count and 240 off Dawn,yay we love Dawn loved seeing it when,its on deal as well 12.50 off the Olay,vitamin C plus peptide 24 face,moisturizer two pack 13 Off The ROC day,or night cream with bonus three dollars,off the gum Advance mini soft picks two,dollars off the Q-tips brand cute cute,brand codswabs 30 off the Oral B smart,clean 360 rechargeable toothbrush its,gonna be a two pack five dollars off the,Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing,towelettes and ten dollars off the Oral,B Advanced Clean replacement toothbrush,head its gonna be a nine pack we also,have some deals on Cetaphil or acetophil,let me know how you say it five dollars,off the moisturizing cream ultimate two,pack five dollars off the two pack of,moisturizing lotion and five dollars off,the gentle skin cleanser were gonna go,top left to right normally we go down,but we have the full page here lets,talk about it we got six hours off hair,two and razor its gonna be uh its a,limit of two 13 off the pericone vitamin,C Ester whitening serum three 39.99,which is going to be ten dollars off the,Mohawk waterproof vinyl flooring and,then you also have the Turbo Tax deal we,see this usually every January sometimes,they have it on Amazon as well eleven,dollars off Deluxe Federal 18 off,Premiere Federal 20 off home and,Business and thirty dollars off business,software its this its basically the,software to do your taxes 250 off the HP,Envy touchscreen 2001 laptop its going,to be 300 off for the gaming laptop by,MSI 10 to 15 off first alert fire,extinguisher and or com combo smoke,detector or CO detector youre gonna,have that tire deal which is 150 when,you buy a set of four Michelin tires,they typically have that the 65-inch LG,LED LCD TV is 479 thats a really good,deal 3.99 for the HP 1080p laptop 14,inch 7.99 for the 65 inch Samsung qled,LCD 15.99 for the Samsung 75 inch its,going to be the 75 inch is it q80b gosh,theres so many 4K TV were in the Mario,for TV and boy is it confusing let me,know what TVs you if you can get,whatever TV you wanted if you could shop,for whatever one you want let me know in,the comments we got 100 off the MacBook,Air 13.6 inch 70 off the Apple iPad Air,the Apple iPad Air yeah its 549 or 150,off the HP 23.8 touchscreen all-in-one,desktop and 20 to 40 off the sanus,preferred TV wall mounts next up we have,some apparel deals but before we get,into that British having a great deal on,their 10 ounce pitcher plus two two of,the filters 34.99 for The Brita Advanced,picture filters on their own which is,going to be ten dollars off 100 off the,Dyson v11 and then here are some apparel,deals 99 99 or three dollars off of the,journeymans performance hoodie forty to,fifty dollars off the Tempur-Pedic,mattress 23.99 for the Lucky brand mens,410 jeans 15.99 for the champion mens,performance joggers 14.99 at the four,dollars off the Eddie Bauer ladies,joggers 12.99 for the lmos ladies v-neck,sweater and 12.99 for the Jessica,Simpson ladies high-rise jeans I,actually bought some leggings last month,guys and I am so stoked theyre such,great leggings if they wear a damp skin,I believe check out the apparel deals I,never thought I would be one to buy,clothes at Costco but I am a believer,now receive a 15 shop 15 shop Costco,card when you get your window treatments,there you got the NutriBullet for 79.99,you got the Kohler all-in-one sink for,2.99 and yes you can search costco.com,for all these great deals and sometimes,even better when Im shopping appliances,and bigger items Ill sometimes do the,online because you know theyll ship for,free normally four four hundred to a,thousand dollars off select Samsung,appliances there you go you have This,brilliant Diamond four carat ring,54.99 HP Envy 1080p touchscreen laptop,is 849 549 for the Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6,inch you have the 75 inch Class C yeah,75 inch TV by LG for 749 679 for the,Sealy Posturepedic plus Ridgecrest 14,inch firm queen

How to get 3 free months of Costco membership!

hey everyone its the chief guy here,trying to save you money lets dive in,okay so if youre trying to save money,Costco is a great deal but what keeps,people from going to Costco sometimes is,the membership right because you dont,know if youre gonna use it enough or,not and so that membership cost and if,you dont use it is not worth it but if,you do use it it is worth it especially,with gas prices and some basic staples,Im not gonna go into details about what,or what not to buy a Costco thats for,another time I really just want to,address the issue of the Costco,membership and how you can actually make,it longer than planned,Costco memberships are for one year and,so most people think what theyre doing,is theyre paying twelve months however,Im gonna tell you how to get three,extra months every year so youre only,paying for one membership every 15,months and thats the trick on saving,just a little bit of money this is what,youre paying for this membership get,you into Costco it gets you into Costco,gas it lets you buy Costco online okay,but this has a cost to it if you look on,the back loop right there theres a date,this card right here is expired it says,February 2016 notice it has a month and,a year but no day why is that well,because this card expires at the end of,February okay now if I got this card,February 1st 2015 it would still expire,at the end of February 2016 so right,there I just got 13 months in one,membership card so the trick is making,sure you sign up at the right time if,you sign up near the end of the month,lets say its March 25th youre only,getting an extra five days of membership,so in that case what you would do is,wait until April first and sign up on,the 1st of April giving you an entire,extra month of membership so when you,sign up is very key now,how do you get the extra two months Im,talking about and why is it two months,this is why its two months when you let,your Costco membership lapse okay so,lets say it you signed up April 1st,2019 May 1st 2020 you would no longer,have a membership okay so lets say you,go in on May 15th and you want to buy,something they will go ahead and renew,your membership however you just lost 15,days because they will renew it back to,April of when you originally read,expired the card so now instead of,getting an extra month you actually just,get 12 months – the time you were away,so now because they go backwards you are,not only not getting 13 months youre,not even getting 12 months youre,getting 11 and a half months now so what,you do is you let your membership expire,why two months because on the Costco,website it explains the details of,membership and if you renew your,membership within two months of,expiration it gets back dated to the,original date so if at the end of two,months so lets say expired at the end,of April lets say May goes by you dont,go to Costco June goes by and you need,to get gas or you need to get some juice,or milk or eggs or I dont know what,right so June comes by and now youre at,the end of June its June 30th and you,go into Costco and you re up the,membership you just lost two months of,membership so now this years membership,fee is only covering ten months however,on July 1st so once two months has,completed if you go in on July 1st you,start a new membership date and once,again that July 1st date goes through,the end of July 20,twenty-one so how do you get through two,months of not having the membership,thats where this guy comes in handy,this is a Costco cash card,its a Costco gift card that you can buy,so what happens is at the end of April,before your membership expires you go,into Costco and you buy a Costco cash,cart you can buy up to $500 on these if,you need more than that you can buy,multiples but you can put five hundred,dollars on this Costco cash card with,this Costco cash card you can get Costco,gas okay so you get the Costco cash card,to get you through two months of gas,purchases and then what you do is you,order online at the end of April,anything you might need for those two,months and if its items within the,store such as produce or things like,that youre buying in bulk at the very,end of your process end of April which,should get you through May at least then,what you do is you have a month where,you just either are on vacation youre,shopping somewhere else or youre,basically just planning to get through,it the beauty of Costco is that you can,get lots of items to store to make it,through those two months and probably,then some so if you do this every year,you will never miss out on Costco gas,and you will get three extra months of,membership every single year so thats,basically by four years get the fifth,year free when you do the math of 3,months 3 months 3 months 3 months thats,a whole year freeze worth of membership,so Im the chief guy please subscribe,like and go ahead and start saving money,on that Costco membership

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hi everyone my name is Linda welcome to,my channel called Linda savings we are,back at Costco and for todays video Im,going to show you all the best deals for,under five dollars yes I cant believe,it for under five dollars at your,favorite Costco store I found a lot of,discounts just in time for the holidays,including clearance up to 75 off yes,holiday discounts up to 75 off from the,original prices I also found delicious,dessert options snacks and much more,remember that most of these deals will,end on December 24th once again most of,these deals will end on December 24th,and also I want to hear from you at,which Costco location do you do your,shopping let me know in the comments and,see them as always please dont forget,to like And subscribe and lets do this,great and dont forget to take advantage,of these offers with racketon you can,get an additional 30 when you sign up,and spend 30 or more using the referral,link that is in the video description,you can also receive up to twenty,percent cash back every time you shop at,your favorite stores,next we have the Ibotta app where you,can get cash back when doing your,grocery shopping you can also receive,ten dollars when you sign up and upload,your first received using the referral,code that is on the screen,and in case you want to maximize your,rewards you can use a second app like,fetch rewards to upload the same,received you just used from the Ibotta,app fetch is actually super easy to use,as it will give you points just for,uploading any type of receipt youll,even get 2 000 points just for signing,up with this referral code,alright guys so lets start off todays,video with one of the best finds that I,found at Costco two sets of 100 mini LED,white lights for,4.97 that is one amazing price I,remember these were selling for around,19.97 so you pretty much get 75 off,right now so if you manage to bump into,this item at Costco make sure you grab a,box or two and you can even use them for,next year,next I found this Eye Design packet,organizer these are little containers,that help you organize anything in your,home for the price of 6.97 currently I,remember when this item was selling for,around 15 so thats about 55 off they,currently have one on display and this,is what it looks like some people fill,these up with snacks While others even,put them in their bathroom and they,organize some of their cleaning supplies,Ive seen some people even organize,their makeup with this so there you have,some of the measurement information and,once again it is a two pack so you do,get two of these containers for the,price of 6.97,this Libbys candid pumpkin has also,dropped in price I remember when this,item was selling for around nine dollars,and look at this now its at 2.97 thats,about 60 off and youre paying around,three dollars for three cans so thats,about a dollar per each can which is in,my opinion one of the best prices Ive,found so far here you have the nutrition,facts for half a cup 45 calories and the,best part of this is the ingredients,its just pumpkin in here so very low in,fat around 10 grams of carbs and one,gram of protein,and its not too late to jump on the,sugar cookie mix now this cookie mix,actually went down from 7.39 to 3.97,thats about 50 off I remember you do,get five packs in here so the serving,size which makes around one cookie its,around 100 calories 2 grams of fat 19,carbs less than one gram of protein it,also has around 10 grams of sugar and,there you have the ingredients list so,if youre looking for an activity for,this Christmas this may be something,worth considering,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],charm cereal is also marked down to five,dollars right now but thats only,because its part of the instant saving,so it normally sells for around 7.59 all,the way through December 24th however,you do get two dollars forty cents off,which brings down this item to five,dollars in 19 cents remember you do get,two boxes heres a serving size 36 grams,140 calories 1.5 and 5 30 carbs and then,you get around three grams of protein,also around 12 grams of sugar and there,you have the ingredients list,the best foods real mayonnaise is also,right around the five dollar Mark so you,do get three dollars off but only,through December 24th which brings down,this item to 5.89 it is a 64 ounce jar,and here you have the nutrition facts so,for around 13 grams its 90 calories 10,in fats as expected and then you get,zero grams of carbs and zero grams of,protein and there you have the,ingredients list I love mixing this Best,Foods mayonnaise with some tuna and it,makes a quick delicious meal,and has anyone seen this Mary Berry Jam,before it seems like you got two jars,around 22 ounces my first time seeing it,at Costco,4.97 thats a really good price,considering its Jam heres a serving,size for one tablespoon 20 grams 45,calories 13 in carbs 12 grams of sugar,zero fats and zero protein and there you,have the ingredients list so it seems,like it has strawberries and cranberries,in here let me know if youve tried this,Mary Berry Jam in the comment section,down below,the veggie straws are not normally under,five dollars however right now they are,because theyre part of the instant,savings but only through December 24th,it was just when you get three dollars,off so 7.59 is the original price this,item comes down to four dollars and,fifty nine cents heres a serving size,for one ounce 130 calories seven in fat,17 carbs less than one gram of protein,and there you have the ingredients list,but I really like these veggie straws,theyre very tasty and they make the,perfect snack,lately my local Costco has been giving a,lot of samples of this Popcornopolis,this is the zebra popcorn and yes its,as good as it sounds 24 ounce bag you do,get 2.80 off only through December 24th,which brings down this price to three,dollars and ninety nine cents here you,have the serving size half a cup 140,calories seven in fats 20 carbs one gram,of protein around 15 grams of sugar and,there you have the ingredients list,another item that makes a great snack,but just make sure you watch that sugar,intake throughout the day,[Music],happiness,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],this is coconut with strawberry swirl,from La Michoacana brand seems like you,get eight cups for the price of,4.97 so yeah thats totally less than,one dollar for each one of these this is,a really good find as well here you have,the nutrition facts for every size one,cup 270 calories 13 grams of fat 34,carbs 4 grams of protein does however,have around 31 grams of sugar and there,you have the ingredients list but this,ones gluten free and non-GMO,and last but not least we have the,handcrafted Afters Ice Cream brand,watermelon with chamoy and chili fruit,bar selling for,4.97 you do get 10 bars per each box and,yes these are gonna fly guys they really,are because theyre actually really good,here you have the serving size one bar,110 calories zero fats 20 grams of carbs,zero grams of protein and it does have,27 grams of sugar there you have the,ingredients list but I think Im taking,two of these boxes today because the,other day I grabbed a sample of these,and theyre so good the chamoy and chili,with the watermelon is just the perfect,combination,foreign,and that is all the updates that I have,for today remember to turn on your,notification button to know when I have,uploaded a new video see you guys next,time

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hi everyone my name is Linda welcome to,my channel called Linda savings we are,headed into the Christmas week and as,always I bring you the best deals at,your favorite Costco store I found a lot,of great deals for the week including,the hot buys that are available through,December 25th Kirkland products,kitchenware gift ideas and much more and,just as a quick reminder remember that,these deals and prices may vary,depending on your store and location,once again remember that these deals and,prices may vary depending on your store,or location and also I want to hear from,you at which Costco location do you do,your shopping let me know in the,comments and see them as always please,dont forget to like And subscribe and,lets do this,and dont forget to take advantage of,these offers with Rakuten you can get an,additional 30 when you sign up and spend,30 or more using the referral link that,is in the video description you can also,receive up to 20 cashback every time you,shop at your favorite stores,next we have the Ibotta app where you,can get cash back when doing your,grocery shopping you can also receive,ten dollars when you sign up and upload,your first receipt using the referral,that is on the screen,and in case you want to maximize your,rewards you can use a second app like,fetch rewards to upload the same,received you just used from the Ibotta,app fetch is actually super easy to use,as it will give you points just for,uploading any type of receipt youll,even get 2 000 points just for signing,up with this referral code,alright guys so lets start off todays,video with this cordless back massage,cushion with heat originally sells for,100 but all the way through December,25th you do get 20 off which brings down,the price to eighty dollars and they,even have one on display today and,heres a little remote control that it,comes with where you can adjust your,settings so you can pretty much massage,whether it is your upper back your lower,back or if you want the full back you,can also do that as well its perfect,for the home or the office its very,lightweight and portable as well,this 20 jar spice rack is also another,good find for this week because it is,also part of the instant saving so you,do get 10 off all the way through,December 24th the price goes from forty,dollars down to thirty dollars heres,some additional details you do get the,inner Shaker Lids that are included and,heres a couple of examples as to what,this spice rack has has the onion salt,the turmeric the paprika cayenne pepper,it also has some paperwork on the inside,that if you fill out you can even get,free refills for up to five years,this three-piece oven to table set is,also a great product you can find this,week on sale five dollars off all the,way through December 25th the price goes,from 25 down to twenty dollars and once,again it is three pieces so look at this,you get the small Baker you get the,medium one and then you also get the,large one they have really nice designs,on them they even have handles on them,and then here you have the exact,measurements for each one of these so,you can pretty much throw them in the,dishwasher you can throw them in the,microwave or even in the oven up to 390,degrees Fahrenheit,and if you guys remember this picnic and,storage caddy was at one point mark down,to 15 the original price was around 18,to 20 dollars and like I found the,lowest price today nine dollars it does,come with a handle has multi-use and,its great if you want to do a picnic,outdoors with your family so has several,different compartments where you can,store things like your napkins your,forks your spoons your plates anything,that you need for your picnic with your,family,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],thank you,[Music],I personally have sensitive skin but I,do like the brand EOS this ones 100,natural organic lip balm I havent tried,the brand in a while and definitely not,these lip balms so 15 is your original,price three dollars off all the way,through December 24th the price comes,down to twelve dollars for nine of these,you can choose from vanilla bean sweet,mint strawberry sorbet or juicy Peach,seems like they kept their original,scents these are gluten free and theyre,also perfect for sensitive skin so I may,go ahead and give these a try has anyone,tried this product let us all know if,you like it and if you recommend it,and if you happen to be shopping for a,humidifier Ive also heard good things,about this one from the brand Homedics,85 is the original price but you do get,20 off all the way through December 24th,the price goes from 85 down to 65 it has,five different missed output settings it,comes with a remote control and it even,has an auto off timer so if youve been,looking for a humidifier this week is,the week to grab one so that you can,save yourself some additional money,I also found this six piece LED candle,set at its lowest price ever this one is,from the brand Gerson and its currently,selling for,24.97 you get eight different color,options here and it even comes with the,batteries included and here you have the,candles this is what they look like they,even have the measurements on them so,right before you take them out of their,package you can know the measurements of,your candles but once you choose a color,and you turn them on this is pretty much,what they look like and from the remote,you can control any of the following,functions you can turn them on or off,you can choose the color and you can,even set the timer as well,[Music],thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],happy birthday,[Music],and moving on into some food items that,are also on sale this week here we have,this boneless skinless chicken breast,from the brand Kirkland currently,selling for,13.99 so originally priced at 19 you get,five dollars off all the way through,December 24th the price per pound is,around two dollars and 12 cents which is,not bad heres a serving size for four,ounces 110 calories of course chicken,breast is very low in fat and very high,in protein look at that 23 grams of,protein per each serving then it comes,with some directions I do like that,these are individually wrapped so that,you can take out exactly what you need,and if youre trying to save some money,I highly recommend for you to buy your,protein in bulk because it can get,pretty pricey heres a two pound bag of,cooked shrimp four dollars off through,December 24th the price goes from almost,15 down to eleven dollars thats some,really good savings and of course shrimp,is very high in protein 20 grams of,protein for every three ounces only 80,calories heres the ingredients for,shrimp water and salt so yes this shrimp,right here already comes pre-cooked so,you can add it to some tacos if you want,or even a salad,heres another good cell that I found,its for the wonderful pistachios its,the variety pack and you get two,different flavors you can choose roasted,and salted or the chili flavor 15 that,is the price youre paying for 24 of,these bags thats not bad at all you,guys heres an attrition facts a serving,size for one bag its around 120 to 130,calories seems like the one with chili,is 10 calories more but its a great,source of fat you get some protein in,there and just a small amount of fiber,and there you have the ingredients list,but I think Im taking one of these,today because that is an offer I cannot,pass up,[Music],thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],and last but not least this holiday,cookie set also dropped in price from 14,down to ten dollars it goes because you,do get four dollars off all the way,through December 31st since its part of,those instant savings and here are some,insights as to what these cookies look,like they have tons of different colors,on them very Christmassy here you have,the list of the ingredients and Ill be,honest I only tried so far the cookies,are on the right hand side those have M,ms on them and I love anyth

Full Show: Clark’s Take on the Costco Credit Card Changes and Free Trial Warning

its my pleasure to welcome you to the,Clark Howard Show where our mission is,to serve you and Empower you so you make,better financial decisions in your life,up first today,a month from today,Costcos City card is eliminating yet,more benefits for you,Im going to give you my advice what you,should do,about the Costco Citibank Visa,that was a phenomenal card now is just a,great card,also automatic renewals drive me crazy,if youve ever forgotten to cancel a,free trial or didnt realize you were up,for renewal on a subscription,I got advice for you,okay so lets talk,the Costco Citibank Visa is a huge deal,it is uh such a common card for Costco,members to have,because its free with the membership,and the benefits are really great,because you get four percent cash back,on gasoline by the way Sams Club,members with a Sams Club NASCAR you get,five percent cash back on gas,anyway,and the Costco Visa you get three,percent cash back on travel three,percent cash back on restaurants two,percent cash back for shopping at Costco,or Costco.com never use it anywhere else,because you only got one percent cash,back anything out of those areas,but Costco,when they move from American Express to,city city offered a whole bunch of other,throw-in benefits as well,and one of them already died and that,was trip cancellation trip and eruption,insurance and now,city is pulling the rug out from under,something that was a big benefit of,buying electronics and other things that,have manufacturers warranties that are,significant on things that are expensive,youve got an extension of that warranty,by using the Costco Visa automatically,it was a great great benefit for people,and now city is yanking that away from,you a month from today,so,does it mean the Citibank Visa card with,Costco is now trash,not cash back no you still have all the,cash back but there are circumstances,you should not use it now,if,you were taking a trip that you booked,lets say with Costco Travel,and youre going to get,the uh three percent cash back on the,Costco Citibank Visa,you got money back particularly if,youre an executive member youre doing,expensive travel got to be executive,member anyway because you got money back,from that too,but what,Im suggesting you do,is if youre a regular traveler you,probably have other travel reward cards,Ive got one from Capital One that comes,with free trip cancellation trip and,eruption insurance,and I got two percent,back for everything I purchased anywhere,so,I am using it now when I buy Costco,Travel instead of using the Costco Visa,card because then if I have to buy lets,say Im doing a cruise,and for cruises you want to have trip,cancellation trip Interruption Insurance,because you dont go on the cruise you,lose all your money,well now you have to pay real money,usually somewhere around six percent of,the cost of the trip,to buy a trip cancellation trip,Interruption policy separate,but on the other hand if you use a card,like Im doing,with the Capital One card,youre getting the trip cancellation,trip Interruption insurance Im getting,two percent back instead of three,percent as I would with the Costco Visa,so Im giving up one percent to save six,percent on the cost of the trip,not using the Costco Visa anymore using,the Capital One card,and again there are many cards that come,with trip cancellation trip Interruption,insurance now lets move to the second,thing the latest thing cities yanking,out from under us,is the extension of the warranty lots of,cards come with that in return for using,that card shopping but to shop with at,Costco,you have to use a Visa card,it can be any Visa card so you have to,have a Visa card that comes with an,automatic extension of the,manufacturers warranty and youre,buying something expensive,then that is something you should,consider if the card youre using also,comes with some form of cash back so,what do we use now,when we shop at Costco we use a two,percent cash back card,thats two percent cash back anywhere we,go,that comes with an extension of the,manufacturers warranty,as you know I dont buy extensions of,warranties dont do it I dont do it on,anything I buy,but having it thrown in for free well,that is a wonderful added attraction and,benefit,as for Citibank why they are reducing so,many benefits a lot of people in the,financial industry believe that Citibank,overpaid,to buy out American Express,on the Costco business and that they are,trying theyre like the dog that caught,the car and doesnt know what to do with,it and thats just speculation but,probably why City keeps reducing the,ancillary benefits that come with the,Costco Visa Krista this question is from,ginger in New Hampshire my husband and I,are taking a three-week cruise to the,South Pacific just about a year from now,we will end up in Auckland New Zealand,and plan to spend a couple of days there,before flying home to Boston what,airline is the best to fly in that part,of the world we definitely need a plane,that offers the roomy extended seating,where you can stretch out and sleep due,to the flight being over 40 hours okay,so this is this is a fascinating thing,because,the best airline in the world,is Singapore Air but that would not be a,practical Choice out of there but,Air New Zealand the national flag,carrier of New Zealand dominates service,from New Zealand to the United States,has something that is a really Oddball,product that we talked about when it,launched a couple of years ago its,called Sky couch,and what happens is a couple buys,basically youre buying three coach,seats instead of two and this specially,designed row of three seats then goes,down into uh kind of like a narrow,double bed,and so you sleep sideways together,um or you take turns sleeping and you,have,you dont have like a lie flat bed that,somebody in business class would have,but youre also not paying you know,forty five hundred dollars or whatever,to sit in that seat to the U.S from,Auckland so the sky couch is kind of a,unique product in the market and Id,look at it online look at videos on,YouTube of it and see if that would be a,nice approach for you because otherwise,the difference the gap,between,economy and business class is gigantic,as is the cost,premium economy in between is kind of,like a compromise you look at that but,premium economy doesnt go lie flat this,is the equivalent of a very tight lie,flat and this is from Dave in Wisconsin,I recently stayed at a hotel in,Wisconsin that charges a dollar fifty,nightly for fee for having a safe in the,room with the ten thousand dollar,insurance policy if something is stolen,they say the fee is optional but they,will not take it off your bill until,checkout you get charges for each night,youre staying at the hotel when I,checked out I asked for the fee to be,removed for each of the two nights I was,staying they accidentally only removed,it for one night at first and I went and,reviewed the printed bill I went back,and they removed it for both nights its,not a huge deal being at such a small,amount but I asked the hotel manager why,they put this fee on the first place and,if theyve ever had a safe robbed and he,said no he said this fee is mandated by,the hotel group and their particular,Branch cannot opt out of it okay so uh,Dave first of all I cant even tell you,how much I congratulate you for going,through your bill like you did line item,by line item hotels get away with every,assortment of made up junk fees,sometimes with completely innocuous kind,of descriptions that you dont even,realize youre being ripped off and its,because of the internet we comparison,shop hotels online and every Hotel wants,to look like its cheaper than it,actually is and so they dream up all,these added on fees and so thats whats,going on here and you with your Eagle,Eye made a difference you know who never,seems to notice people on expense,accounts and so more expensive hotels,and Conference and Convention hotels,have become legendary in a bad way for,dreaming up e

????10 Grocery Deals You SHOULD Be Buying at Costco in May & June 2022

[Music],these are some things you need to get in,your next costco visit in todays video,were going into costco to shop and,share some things you need to get in,your next grocery haul hello everyone my,name is kim from free to family and we,love to share costco deals monthly hot,buys and early coupon book previews,every single month costco has some great,deals every month and if you happen to,buy something that goes on sale within,30 days you can even ask for a price,adjustment and get that money back they,have amazing grocery items that are such,a great deal and we will see some in,todays video for this month if you like,videos like this give this video a big,thumbs up and subscribe if youre new,wed love to have you stick around now,lets jump in and share whats hot right,now at costco,just making a quick stop at dunkin,donuts to use our fetch rewards i get,the hazelnut,decaf with cream and then i use some of,that stevia by the way this was free,with fetch rewards if you guys arent,using fetch its basically an app where,you scan receipts and you earn rewards,and you can basically cash those out for,gift cards i always use it for dunkin,donuts chipotle,target walmart i sometimes go back into,groceries or you know going out to eat,but i always treat myself to this i also,use the known as abs so i earn more,rewards and then after a few drinks i,get another free drink but this is one,of my treats especially when the weather,gets a little bit hotter and you can see,acts so so good with that ice so if,youre not using fish definitely go,ahead and use the code on the screen and,start scanning receipts every time you,go grocery shopping and earn rewards to,get gift cards as well as earn rewards,when you refer friends and family so,definitely check it out the link below,and certain rewards to get free stuff,like this delicious stuff known as,coffee,regular cheerios are on sale you get two,of the big boxes here and theyre 359 so,220 off these two big boxes here,let me know if your kids eat cheerios or,if they want like the sugary cheerios,or if you do eat cheerios how do you eat,them but again 220 off in this months,coupon book,these egg which is on dio these have,turkey sausage and,if you are low carb these are kind of,low carb friendly,so you can see the uh seeds three nut,carbs,and 17 grams of protein they do have,that turkey sausage and its all egg on,the bun so kind of like the truffles,that i make i like to make cheese and,egg waffles,and again these are 350 off coming in at,13.99 10.49 for these if you guys are,looking for something just for a quick,breakfast you get eight of these in here,so thats a pretty good deal,the pure organic layered fruit bars,youre going to get 28 of these for 30,off coming in at 869.,these are sort of like your healthier,version of,right yeah fruit roll-ups,ill just show you what this is looking,like here obviously not sugar-free,but obviously a better option,made with real fruit juices and purees,and all that and 3d off 869 for all of,those so pretty good deal for 28 bars,theyre giving out samples of kirkland,ultra clean thats pretty cool ive,never seen that before,thank you,how cool is that im gonna take this,with me we love free,awesome so im gonna actually talk about,that right now the kirkland ultra clean,is actually on deal right now this month,and the coupon book for 13.59 coming in,at 3 40. and this is my favorite i do,like the fragrance free one but this is,the one that we always use so if you,guys you know want to get a good deal,something thats kind of like a tie dupe,look at that price,1949 1359 much better deal the columbus,season turkey burgers are 7.69 coming in,at 3 30 off,i mean you see,they actually,are 90 lean and 10,fat so these are the ones that are on,sale right now,it says without antibiotics and,lets see i know ive tried the chicken,burgers i dont really like them very,much i got those probably on the last,deal these just have turkey onion spices,kosher salt rosemary,and there are two neck two carbs for one,burger,240 calories so,pretty good deal theyre coming you know,for 10 of them 769 comes to like know,14 cents an ounce right,about 14 cents an ounce so,let me know if you guys have tried these,i havent tried these but i do like that,theyre just a real burger real,ingredients and not too many additives,you really cant find that a lot,especially in the frozen foods here,hey friends i also want to remind you,with that free to family promotion we,have going on in the description box,below you can actually sign up for a,costco membership and get a costco shop,card gold members are going to get a 10,shop card in this promo and executive,members will get a 20 shop card with,this promo so definitely check out all,the details in the description box below,and in the comments get yourself a,costco membership if you dont already,have one all right lets keep shopping,little critters vitamin gummies are on,sale three dollars off so,10.99 in the coupon book i love looking,at all the supplements here and we do,actually buy our family supplements at,costco wait for them to go on sale and,then stock up so that you have enough,for you know until the next sale cycle,which is typically every couple of,months,the organic pretzel crisp 28 ounce these,are on sale right now for 4.39 and if,youre into pretzels or if you do like,the ones that,kind of are more flat these are going to,be good i do have tried these before,before i was low carb and i had them,with like the everything,and right now these are just the basic,but theyre organic so pretty good deal,for under five dollars a huge bag 28,ounces,the heinz ketchup organic is 6.59 i do,buy the sugar-free one but if you dont,mind the sugar you want to get the,organic one the organic the simply and,the regular are also on deal so,here 659 240 off and these are huge you,get this huge,two pack great for barbecues and all,that also not on sale but i did want to,share with you guys my favorite,mayonnaise you guys see it in my haul,849 and they did switch over to these,larger jars a little bit larger and,theyre no longer glass but,best mayo ever avocado oil based,right now these are on deal at my costco,theyre not a coupon book i dont think,but they are on deal 739 and my kids,really like these just like the,tonkotsu ramen and they get six of these,they have a little spicy sauce you can,microwave them theyre just a lot of fun,i havent been able to find real ramen,in the grocery stores like the nissan or,whatever brand that was let me know if,you guys are having a hard time finding,ramen,just just havent seen it anywhere so,they also not on sale but they also do,have the,pho and,they also have dry noodles and rice,ramen so,not the biggest selection but they do,have a lot and then over here they have,some pasta so if you are looking for,pasta none of its on sale but,they always do have a pretty decent,selection of like pasta and noodles,the 12 pack of juice yogurt is 5.59 its,actually 320 off you get three different,flavors,good source of protein probiotics maybe,real fruit,and youre going to get 12 of these,lemon the strawberry rhubarb and the,blueberry,the malona mango melon and coconut bars,24 count these are 849. you can see here,frozen dessert bars im going to kind of,open these up to just kind of show you,what were looking at here but you can,see it says creamy and fruity,wow they do look good,so youll see here they do put sugar in,corn syrup,but if youre going to like a potluck or,something like that that might be good,for that so these are 849 and theyre 35,cents,basically 35 cents per,yeah per bar,also a summertime favorite the nestle,drumsticks these are on deal right now,these come to 27 cents per ounce,250 off again 679 for this huge pack of,16 cones id be afraid to take this home,because its super hot here get them we,have to make sure we have a cooler bag,with vanilla fudge vanilla and vanilla,caramel those just remind me of the ice,cream man let me know if these give

????10 Ways to Save Money at Costco in 2022

i love costco in fact we probably love,costco a little bit too much now we try,to only go once a month which is going,to be one of the tips we talk about in,this video which is all about how not to,make costco have you go broke and how to,avoid overspending there,but i dont think im alone in my love,for the store can i get a yes in the,comments a lot of you come here for,costco videos and lets i just want to,talk about that in todays video i think,a lot of us have a tremendous love for,the store now it is a warehouse mostly,filled with great deals and many,different types of products and each,season showcases different items but one,thing i notice is how easy it is to,overspend at costco i might go into the,store with a specific list of items like,just eggs have you ever gone there for,just eggs,yeah,and you come out with so much more,sometimes this can include expensive,products i mean you going for eggs and,you come out with a tv,is that a thing yes i think its a thing,it actually is a thing,but this problem isnt unique to costco,and since i go there regularly its not,only become kind of a problem for us,sometimes but also a lot of you guys,watching right they sell things in bulk,and since they sell things in bulk,buying one extra item is a lot of money,so sometimes it defeats the purpose of,saving money but were going to go over,some tips on how to avoid overspending,and how to save a little bit of money at,costco here are some tips all right,lets get into it before we jump into,the store to check out all the deals we,wanted to share a message from our,favorite meat subscription service we,just got our butcher box this past week,and if you want to see an unboxing,definitely check out the link above this,video,i got some really great cuts i got,chicken and i got a pork butt and i got,steaks and we are good to go im so,excited because butcherbox is having,their two pounds of free ground beef for,life if you sign up using our exclusive,partner link below youre going to get,10 off plus the free ground beef for,life for the lifetime of your,subscription and also you can pause and,cancel your subscription at any time you,can customize your box like we did and,get six different items with all,different types of meat all different,cuts all different weights ill go ahead,and put the exclusive link below for,free to family subscribers if youre,interested in getting in on the 10 off,plus free ground beef for life deal with,butcher box,now lets jump in and share whats hot,right now at costco number one make a,list you want to make a list when you go,into costco and try to stick to the list,it makes sense right costco so much,stuff and sometimes they have products,you didnt even realize you wanted so,its a great place to shop if you put,your mind,to,basically spending what you want to get,spending money on that and just going,into defensive mode when you enter the,store there are times we again we go,once a month there are times where im,like i really want those costco eggs and,i just have to be so strict and just,stick to the list and go all right,i have a couple other tips to help you,with that i do love my costco visa but,we are going to get into that next tip,which is,you got it by the way could you go ahead,and subscribe 75 of our viewers are not,subscribers wed love to have you here,as part of our family we make videos all,the time so just subscribe and come back,number two cash i love the costco visa,we get a ton of money back we especially,when we do our monthly trips that are,budgeted for and very intentional we do,get a lot of money back by using our,costco visa and we also use that costco,visa for so many other purchases that,arent costco because you get percentage,back on pretty much everything but if,youre having trouble overspending at,costco and going into that defensive,mode try to use cash cash is gonna,basically limit you,and you know if you have the costco visa,bring your actual costco membership so,you dont even have your costco visa on,hand because if you know the costco visa,is actually a membership card too just,go with cash it really does help and,its going to help you to really stay on,track and you wont be able to buy,things that you dont have the money for,if youre just going in there with cash,i know it sounds kind of old school and,im a big big advocate,of,the costco visa but if youre having,trouble go with cash and that leads me,to my third my third tip which is have a,budget you gotta have a budget to avoid,overspending before you even go in set,that budget and again with the cash only,bring that amount of cash but just set,that budget and really if you have the,cash stick to it if you want to go with,your visa just have that budget and keep,it forward you know in your face whether,its in your phone or on a sticky note,just keep it ahead of you and,try to just really stick to it now,number four is avoid browsing okay in,the past ive enjoyed browsing costco,isles as a matter of fact i do that for,this these videos but ive noticed it,ends up tempting us to purchase things,we dont need most of the time its,especially problematic if theyre,handing out those samples you know,but also costco has this way of,switching things around and they do that,on purpose so that you have to go up and,down each aisle oh girl you should see,me sometimes im up and down the aisle,so fast because im like where is that,sauce i was looking for if they switch,it around on purpose and maybe youre,not like me you you can comfortably,browse the store and only come out with,what youre planning on buying right but,in many cases this ends up being kind of,risky its like playing,a game of russian roulette,you will,ultimately,come out with something you didnt need,it happens all the time but so just try,to avoid browsing again they set it up,where its really hard to do that,because they move things around but if,you can try to avoid browsing if you can,my fifth tip is to,head right to your regular spot so if,youre getting eggs go to dairy if,youre getting meat go to the meat area,if youre getting,your frozen veggies go to that and stay,focused even like i said write it in a,book on a piece of paper on a post-it,note go and stick to it and just kind of,be lying to that area it really makes a,difference if you just go to your,regular spots and again yes a lot of the,non-perishables a lot of the pantry,items they do move around but for the,most part the eggs the meat the dairy,those are all in the same spot so you,are kind of winning,number six plan big purchases if you see,something you need at costco its helped,to avoid buying that item at the moment,sometimes what you want to do is you,want to sleep on it think about it,now keep in mind if its clothing or,something seasonal they do go out of,stock it will sell out but dont let,that drive you nuts okay you want to ask,yourself these questions do you really,need the item can you afford the item,if its expensive how are you going to,save for it and can you get the item,somewhere else i always taking out my,phone when im in there checking prices,on amazon or other websites just to see,if its something that i can get less,expensive somewhere else okay so thats,going into my next tip,which is paying attention to pricing so,lets get into it my seventh tip is pay,attention to price per unit and wait,okay sometimes buying in bulk makes,sense and sometimes you get more,for your money,less let a less cost but ill tell you,bulk is not always better right,it means you actually,could get a better deal but it also,means you could not only,not pay better a better price but you,can actually,let things go to waste i mentioned in,previous videos for example like a,tapenade or a dip they look so good but,unless im having a party the food can,actually spoil,and youre not saving money if youre,letting food go to waste right so try to,think about whether a particular item is,worth getting at costco even in cases,where youre buying bul

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