1. Is YouTube Premium Worth It? 3 Things to Know Before You Sign Up in 2022!
  2. YouTube Premium: Is It Worth It?!
  3. How To Get Youtube Premium 1 Month Free Trial
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  5. How To Get YouTube Premium For FREE – Free YouTube Premium 2023
  7. Get Youtube Premium & Music 3-Month Trial! (Without a Credit/Debit Card)

Is YouTube Premium Worth It? 3 Things to Know Before You Sign Up in 2022!

michael here and if youre anything like me  you watch a lot of youtube and maybe youve  ,noticed there seem to be more ads on the platform  lately unskipable ads repetitive ads and just  ,annoying ads youtube premium removes those ads  for a monthly fee but is it really worth it  ,keep watching to find out number one how much  does youtube premium cost after i mention the  ,price of youtube premium in a recent video someone  messaged me to say i got the price wrong well my  ,price wasnt wrong but neither was the price that  that person mentioned let me explain take a look  ,at youtube premiums website at recording time  the price is 11.99 per month with a three month  ,free trial but from the youtube app on my iphone i  click get youtube premium and the display price is  ,15.99 per month what happened to 11.99 per month  its the same service but at a different price  ,and heres why youtube is just passing along a  charge from apple when people use their iphones  ,or their ipads to sign up for the subscription so  to avoid the higher price just sign up for youtube  ,premium from a computer im using a macbook pro  and thats okay you see here from the chrome  ,browser i was able to sign up for 11.99 per month  and real quick while were talking about pricing  ,you see here theres a discount if you pay for a  year in advance plus there is a plan for families  ,and another one for students too lets move on and  were moving on to number two the features that  ,you get for that monthly price first and foremost  youtube premium removes the ads from videos  ,like the one youre watching right now look here  the majority of people who responded to a polo  ,mine said youtube had the worst ad experience  of free streaming services but with youtube  ,premium the ads are gone even those that you can  typically skip after a few seconds now i know what  ,you may be thinking there are other ways to stop  seeing ads on youtube but with youtube premium  ,the creators that you watch still get paid this  was my cut of youtube premium revenue last month  ,i know its not a lot but it does help creators  like me who are more reliant on ads for example  ,a channel like mine is really dependent on ads  because ive chosen to turn down all sponsorships  ,to provide reviews that you can actually trust  the next two features are great for mobile users  ,first i want to tell you about background play  with premium you can press play on any youtube  ,video from the app and then its going to continue  playing as you navigate other apps on your phone  ,for example open up a web browser and the youtube  video just keeps playing if you like to listen to  ,longer youtube videos as background noise this is  a feature that youre going to use more often than  ,you realize i know that i do and the second mobile  feature i want to talk about is downloading videos  ,to watch offline its not just for plane trips  maybe youre trying to watch your data usage or  ,you know youre going to be traveling through an  area with little or no reception premium members  ,can download youtube videos to watch offline  anywhere and after youve downloaded a video  ,navigate to the library tab from a mobile device  and just click downloads you see here you also  ,have the option to turn on smart downloads and  when this feature is activated youtube is going  ,to automatically download 20 videos a week when  youre connected to wi-fi and these downloads  ,are all based on youtubes recommendation system  not done yet another benefit for premium users  ,is youtube music premium now this is a separate  app from youtube and its got millions of songs  ,and videos too from your favorite artists all  available to download for offline listening  ,plus you can use background play so if you pay  for another streaming music app like spotify or  ,siriusxm you may be able to cancel it and use  youtube premium instead those are the main  ,perks of signing up for youtube premium but  i should mention that youtube originals were  ,previously a selling point of this service but  thats no longer the case going forward youtube  ,has moved away from producing those originals now  to number three how do i know if youtube premium  ,is worth it after all this if youre not sure  if youtube premium makes sense for you ive  ,got three things that i want you to think about  first up how much time do you spend on youtube  ,fortunately youtube provides this information  click your profile icon time watched and  ,youll see a summary of your watch time history  this is for youtube only not youtube music or  ,youtube tv so if you find you spend more time  streaming youtube then lets say netflix youtube  ,premium may be a no-brainer but the second thing i  want you to think about is how disruptive you find  ,the ads which is gonna depend on the content you  watch on the platform i dont know about you but  ,i appreciate that youtube lets me skip a lot of  those ads after a few seconds but i finally signed  ,up for youtube premium after seeing the same ad  from a single company on lots of different videos  ,from multiple creators that i follow so it wasnt  so much the length of the ads that bothered me  ,it is just that they became way too repetitive and  if you watch a lot of long form content on youtube  ,things like podcasts home workouts and meditation  videos certain types of ads may be more annoying  ,than the ads on an average video and the third  thing to consider is how signing up for youtube  ,premium would affect your overall streaming setup  and your budget ask yourself this would you spend  ,more time on youtube without the ads and would you  take advantage of other youtube premium benefits  ,including the separate music app if so you may be  able to cancel another subscription to offset the  ,cost of youtube premium right now im still in  my free trial period but i like youtube premium  ,so far my biggest hurdle ill admit its a  mental one i pay for the live tv streaming  ,service youtube tv for part of the year so when  you add up the cost of that and youtube premium  ,theyre separate it feels like an awful lot of  money going to youtube every month thanks for  

YouTube Premium: Is It Worth It?!

whats up everyone this is Dave LeClair,with make Yousef calm and today were,gonna take a look at the pros and cons,of YouTube premium is it worth plunking,down your hard-earned money and getting,that subscription or should you stick,with some free youtube well first lets,talk about how much YouTube premium cost,its 12 bucks a month,well technically 1199 but whos counting,its a little bit more if you actually,sign up on your iPhone or iPad because,you have to Apple charges a percentage,and then YouTube is like well were not,going to eat that so you have to pay a,little more because you have to pay the,percentage that Apple take so lets talk,about what you get when you sign up for,YouTube premium first and foremost you,get no ads on videos which is pretty,cool you can still support the creators,on YouTube but you dont have to sit,through boring ads obviously you can,block ads if you want but if you use,YouTubes premium and you dont watch,the ads for that few bucks a month you,can actually help support the people who,make the content youre watching on,YouTube which is always nice because,without money theyre probably not going,to make the videos you love anymore,another benefit of YouTube Premium is,that you get access to all the YouTube,originals and YouTube has actually built,up a pretty solid slate of original,shows that are worth watching some of,them not all of them but some of them,are pretty good so heres just a few,YouTube originals that are more than,worth checking out,you got Wayne impulse best shot origin,weird City and even Cobra Kai which is,my personal favorite of all the YouTube,originals Ive watched that show Ive,actually gone through it twice its I,liked it that much but maybe Im just a,big karate kid mark from back in the day,I dont know but either way Cobra Kai is,really cool I mean the list goes on and,on theres a ton of originals to watch,and then the the other big benefit you,get is that you get access to YouTube,music which is basically like Spotify,for YouTube so you can kind of condense,down your monthly subscriptions and have,your video and your music serviced all,in one for that 12 bucks a month which,is pretty cool you dont to spend $10 on,Spotify and $12 on YouTube premium the,only thing is you lose out on all the,social aspects of Spotify if all your,friends use it and thats your go-to,music player you lose out on that by,switching youtube but you save money so,again pros and cons its all about,weighing what,out for you the last couple benefits,really work out well for mobile users,you have the ability to download videos,and take them on the go so if you have a,situation where youre gonna be watching,a lot of videos and you dont have,access to data or you dont want to use,all your cellular data you could,download the videos take them with you,lots of month ago and the other thing,thats nice which I actually use this,one all the time is that you can watch,stuff in the background so you can have,a video playing and then close the apps,go about your business and have it still,playing in the background I use this,because I watch shows like critical role,which is like a four-hour long dungeon,dragon session and a lot of the time,its just them sitting there talking I,dont need to see that so put it in the,background let it play I keep listening,to whats happening and I play,hearthstone or something else on my,phone so its a nice feature to have,its not like a deal breaker or its not,gonna change your life or anything but,if you watch like really long videos,that are not like action intensive it is,a cool feature to have so really it all,comes down to to your preferences how,much does what I just spelled out for,you how much does that interest you is,that something that you consider worth,12 bucks a month personally I think it,is worth 12 bucks a month I really like,the YouTube originals and as I mentioned,I watch shows like critical role theyre,like 4 hours long and YouTube injects a,lot of ads into those and it makes,watching Im very intrusive so thats,very nice and again I mentioned the,background play is very cool personally,I dont use YouTube music I still pay,for a Spotify subscription again thats,gonna come down to your preference I,like being able to quickly share music,with my friends and we all use Spotify,so so modifies kind of got a hold on me,on that one and I cant get rid of it,but if getting rid of ads and the,originals are not something that,interests you the other features may not,be enough to sway you but they offer a,free trial so you can jump in give it a,shot see if you actually make use of the,features and if you do sign up its 12,bucks a month its not a bad deal and,once again this is Dave LeClair with,make youssef calm thank you very much,for watching this video on YouTube,premium let us know down in the comments,there if youre gonna sign up for,youtube premium or if youre gonna stick,with the watching ads and not watching,stuff in the background and we will see,you in the next video make sure to LIKE,and subscribe and blah blah blah and all,that other good stuff have a good one,you

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How To Get Youtube Premium 1 Month Free Trial

in this video im just going to show you,how to get a youtube premium one month,free trial,uh if you are new to the digital tutor,channel dont forget to hit that,subscribe button for more step-by-step,tutorials for everything tech and,digital related,and if this video does help you out,today then please leave a like and drop,a comment below to help get this video,around i really do appreciate it,so to do this what youre going to want,to do is open up a new browser,and for those of you that dont know,basically youtube premium is a monthly,subscription service from youtube,and what it enables you to do is watch,youtube without ads and listen offline,to youtube music and you can also if,youre watching on your phone you can,have your screen locked and youtube will,carry on playing so in order to do this,what youre going to want to do is come,across to the following address which is,youtube.com,[Music],forward slash premium,and just a quick note if you have done,the trial before its not going to let,you do it again its just going to,charge you straight away,so currently its 11 pounds 99 pence a,month,and thats just for an individual plan,but obviously you can do things like,family plan things like that to get a,bit of a discount bidding is recurring,you can cancel at any point and that,does include the trial as well one month,trial,um so you can see on this uh digital,tutor one ive actually taken out the,troll before,and it actually comes up saying get,youtube premium,so its not gonna actually let me take,the trail out again,so as i say you want to make sure you do,this on an account that youve not had a,trial full,so im just going to come down and,select another account,and once i switch to that account youll,see whats going to happen the button,changes slightly and it now says uh try,it for free,so,whats going to happen you can see it,says one month free trial and then 11,pound 99 pence a month,and what they do they do send you a,reminder seven days before your trial,ends just to make you aware that your,trolls coming to an end,and if you want to cancel you can cancel,or if you want to go ahead with your,subscription they will then start taking,the monthly charge,seven days from there every month,thereafter,so all you want to do is simply click,the blue try for free button,and whats going to happen its going to,come up like so and you can see it says,here that the billing starts on the 28th,of february 2022,and if i come down to my calendar youll,see today is the 28th of january 2022.,so you can see it says total today is,nothing which means we wont be charged,anything and the bidding will start a,month from now,and it will be 11 pounds and 99 pence a,month,so what you want to do from here youve,got a few payment methods available so,you just want to select the one that,works best for you,in this example im just going to add a,paypal,and then what you want to do once you,selected your option is just go ahead,and click the uh buy button down here,so,what you want to do is try this out for,a month obviously make sure if you dont,want to go ahead that you do cancel it,within a month so you dont get charged,because by putting your details in now,if you dont cancel within the month,trial,youtubes going to take that payment,automatically,um so,all you want to do is get a setup ready,obviously if youve gone full right card,details you would just put your card,details in,um,then get this all set up,so obviously depending on the payment,method it do it might do like a security,check or a quick verification,you can see whats going to happen its,going to send a text message to me,just to verify the account,for my paypal,so im just going to put that code in,now,[Music],then were going to go ahead and uh,authorize paypal to set this up first,and its just going to take a second or,two to go through and finalize,everything,and if thats all gone through,successfully youll get a,welcome message like this which is,welcome to youtube premium,and just letting you know that your,membership is now active so you can,start to use the benefits straight away,such as the ad free watching and,listening to music offline etc etc,uh what theyre going to do is obviously,send a,receipt and that will be sent to their,email address linked to that account,and what you can do is just go ahead to,your purchases and memberships you can,see a link down here,and thats where youre going to want to,come if you want to change your,membership maybe you want to upgrade to,a family plan or cancel you which come,across to,this page here,um so yeah thats how you do it and i,hope you found that helpful uh as i say,if this did help you out please leave a,like and a comment i do appreciate it,and ill see you in the next one

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How To Get Cheap Youtube Premium for $1 | STILL WORKING 2022

so Ive got with a way that you can get,YouTube premium for less than two,dollars a month or less than one pound,for eight months in the UK usually if,you want to subscribe to YouTube premium,its 1199 in either the US or the UK and,you know what thats a lot of money and,premium does give you some good stuff so,you get ad free video so you dont have,to see any more of those mid rolls you,can download videos within the YouTube,app so you can play them offline and,then also you get that play in,background as well so once youve closed,the YouTube app your video can still,play so you can listen to music and all,that stuff it also gets you YouTube,music and the YouTube originals as well,and actually listing all that for $11.99,quite worth it but if you pay for things,like Apple music and Netflix and,everything then this $11.99 becomes a,little bit too expensive Ive also got,another little online hack as well where,you can get Netflix 4k a lot cheaper,than you think you can so if you want to,see a video about that then just let me,know in the comments below but back to,YouTubes premium and you need a couple,of things to make this work so first of,all you need a VPN and Im going to,suggest ipvanish and Ill get to why I,suggest Im the pre vanish in a second,youre going to need a credit card or,bank card which you havent used on,YouTube to buy anything before and then,youre going to need a brand new Google,account so lets just start by making,that new Google account and its the way,you would do anything so if you just,search create a new gmail account you,can do this in incognito mode if you,want to but that doesnt matter just yet,so go through all of the steps that you,would do to create that Google account,when its getting to the parts and its,asking you for recovery email addresses,and phone numbers,thats all optional so you dont have to,put any of that stuff in so to skip,through all of that bit and then as soon,as youve created that email address,that is your Google Account done and,sorted and well come back to that bit,in a minute the next thing to do is,download ipvanish,and the reason that I suggest doing,ipvanish is because that they give you a,30-day free trial and if you want to,cancel within that 30 days they give you,your money back which is nice but just,to be safe you can do it through PayPal,if you have any concerns at all but Ill,put the link to ipvanish,in the description below then just click,that ten pound a month option and youre,going to pay the 10 pound upfront but as,soon as youve then got,YouTubes premium you can just cancel,out and get the refund within a couple,of days and then once youve done that,download ipvanish install it open it up,and then you need to go and change your,location to India and the reason that,were changing it to India is because,India get the cheapest YouTube premium,prices out of any country in the world,you can check some other countries as,well if you want to but as far as I know,India gets it for 129 rupees which,translates to just under two dollars the,next break is where you go a little bit,sneaky so you need to open a new browser,tab and go into the incognito mode and,then sign in to that Google account that,you created a couple of minutes ago and,then go to Google and search YouTube,premium sign up then when you go to the,next page just click on any of these,options here if you click the one at the,bottom you get a one-month free trial so,you might as well click that one and,then on the next screen it will say to,you to enter in your card details so,just do that as you normally would but,use a card that you havent used with,YouTube premium before then just edit,your address that you normally would but,then when it says postcode and then,state dont enter anything in that just,yet this is where you need to go and,find a postcode for that certain state,so here Ive clicked Delhi so if you go,onto Google and just search Delhi,postcode and you get all of these,options so take any of these and put,them in that postcode but on the address,boxes all it has to do is match up with,the first couple of lines of the address,which is about to see your card but,apparently the state and the postcode,dont really matter and thats why it,works,then you hit by and thats it youve got,YouTube premium for one dollar,seventy-three or in the UK one pound 38,obviously this is done through a VPN so,at any point Google could cancel that,YouTube premium account they did that,wants to me but Ive used it for the,past six or seven months and they,havent cancelled it just yet but just,be aware it might do its a really easy,pretty simple hack to do but if you chew,obviously get wind of this in this video,does well said they might just go in and,just stop this completely so enjoy it,while you can remember to cancel our IP,vanished account as well because if you,dont youll get charged recurringly for,that so youll end up spending a load of,money if you forget to cancel it and you,get your refund within like three or,four days with that one and like I said,earlier on I have a,to get Netflix 4k I think for under $8,as well so let me know in the comments,if you want to see a video about that,one if you enjoyed this video then a sub,to the channel really helped and until,next time see you later,[Music],you

How To Get YouTube Premium For FREE – Free YouTube Premium 2023


foreign,welcome to my channel,in this tutorial video I will show you,how to get YouTube premium for free,please watch the whole video so you,dont miss any step in this tutorial so,as many of you know YouTube offers one,month free trial if you havent used it,before but there is a trick to get the,free trial over and over again on the,same account,as you can see here I am logged into my,main account and I have used my free,trial period and currently I dont have,any active Premium plan,so now lets begin the tutorial,open new incognito tab,and visit youtube.com,click on sign in,and create account for my personal use,and simply create new account I have,done that already so Im going to log in,once you are logged into your new,account click on your profile icon,purchases and memberships,under YouTube premium click learn more,click on try it,make sure to pick family one month free,trial,here choose your preferred payment,method I will go with credit card,if you guys dont have a credit card you,can watch my video about how to get,virtual credit card for free I will,leave a link to that video in the,description below,once you have typed your payment details,click on Buy,dont worry you will not get charged,because this is a free trial,now click on continue,click on get started,click create a family group,here invite your main account to the,family plan,just type your email address and click,on send invite,once you have invited your main account,foreign,go back to YouTube premium page and,refresh it,click on manage membership,and make sure to deactivate the free,trial,dont worry you will keep the premium,benefits this is just an extra step so,we dont get charged after the free,trial ends,once our free trial is deactivated go,back to your main account,open new tab and go to gmail.com,you should receive an email to join the,family plan open it,and click accept invitation,click on get started,and join family,as you can see,we successfully joined the family plan,now if I go back to YouTube,I should have all the premium benefits,on my main account,if any of you guys need help just,comment below and I will try my best to,help you,thats it for this tutorial,thank you for watching and see you on my,next video,[Music]


kwik kwik kwik kwik kwik kwik Lego,kecil-kecil,[Musik],Hai ayo semangka itu Welcome back again,to youtube channel di situ genre made,from remote tv and from semoga City,Swiss tapi guys jenis video tuanku guys,40 mabil Young free one month premium,account YouTube No Yuusha mengenai Rita,Jansen ah abang nungguin jos nenong,demala basna akhsana final Nio Cu itu,Young ID itu Young tips mempan oh tuh,ini pak ini nah kita ini to save chenyu,please are you tube rohingya pancingnya,novacycline dingo alam siguruku 40 ya,Bil Young free premium account premium,service senang YouTube para ku menuju,nangis Anggi Juna myads Palmer premium,kalau hidungnya make it ayuads.com Oke,Suparno Yuni lovebird Oke suhu,venue-venue loh YouTube email,Hai Tepus pun tak kayu Samin accountnya,jempol itu Young seakan-akan kuno duyung,akan Tengah Oke so make it and gitu guys,itu shackled Joe diklik ngulangi Tong,Beat Prime Agit YouTube premium noh itu,Yan klik pulang Yan Tapus beruntung,option Wisnu pong istudent kah trik,menonton akhele tabloid Um family or,student plan tuh itu menandai ngunan,kuno example cuma kita mau itu guys para,suami student student On Prayer book,pulang Tong three three three three,Takus klik continue eh so magrib serno,Hai with nyolong tapusan gagawin Andito,isi pilot New York country new sampul,Philippines Philippines Thailand dan aku,sinetron RCTI bersampul hitam n sang,interpreted in diversity kau negara noh,itu sampai di Tokyo University come in,the new state University Suto di toko,nabrak duit Nosa marawis Siti suhu,sampul legal new naganya overtime,sekelas dingo itu legal peristiwa sekali,gelas Neng fashionable sitiung sampai,negara loh tapesium country hapus gitu,nama asyik menang tune by clicking This,Box next weh klik melangkah ngecek Tapus,simple Young email addressnya takut,kehitung next,I hope its worth minyak buat nikmatin,lagu Young Gmail Jeno hapus agamanya,ditunggu is such langsung aja pos,picture Nyong id.nox school ID rumah,kita insya more information needed,please upload your student ID transkrip,our schools YouTube dokumen That Should,Your full name and props you are,currently enrolled in the students Oke,dapat pala negara kyyngg takono dapat my,ID kayuna para Maaf Roni YouTube yang,premium freestyle premium account no,balik polwan manoeuvre dapat disertai,dataran our negara keinginan dapat Young,ID transkrip.upy kursi ataque De Tapus,other schools retuning dokumenary,tersenyum pagar Allah Tapos klik mutung,adapat dapat tapi curang Nano Yan roesly,semut,file Usro pun tak edit usaha the Salma,vikapikacu bercampur lebih suaranya,nayoung id-nya itu selain itu ngeculai,not Apuse akhirnya klik mulai consumed,Ok dan klik mulai itu sebabnya Oke,pusbin aprilina kayu mobil new premium,berita yansa YouTube zuhud itu namun,guys itu namanya mungkin amit bukan,ninano soundtrack usahamina konco itu,family on free trial software yang itu,semboyan hapus with hilang mobil ono,Suma kita gitu option Edition credit,card Joy uang logam itu ngopi di dnpi,Paloh wedding in up ini boleh grup.com,yeonggam it news image,Hai cuchini Ceko handycafe Dino lagi,error soang chronarch snowden p4to ini,Bejo itu Tyson jika scribbler klik orang,yang jika snooze maupun Tata editor,Zulkifli platinum mimco nanocarriers,tersaji kas dapat itu Yuni menanak,hardisk tersedia khasnya noh eh,tersenyum Tapus klintung Bay juprianto,Bali Tuhan made with ulang menghina,internetnya in Oke with hilang Oke sumag,redirected sejuk as dapat mei juga,saptono Tapos ini ternyata venue with,hilang dapat Magic asap ke inovasi,imageraider Rich submenu Wiki nama glue,guys number operasi Space no,wuih alam terutama Antam upaya,meningkatkan ih Hang With pure white,Tepus itu bangkit juga istri pulang,tunggu ayah bryndan justru Jatim,students teknologi antar push klik price,without the mating risno Hei with,hilangnya engkau nah dumating ia sudah,mati nadirsah bisa aku menelepon namely,it revenue code minseok CB shiroite pos,next next Ayun to improve online payment,pimping successfully submitted Uh oke,automatic main Oh Yun subyektif soap,membalik sesaat loh lunak apriyono bata,Yuyun,Hi to Genting nyilang di,Hi Ho,Hai guys penting inilah pudingnya jenis,keep noyon postnatal notification semoga,tet tet tet hilang mayonaka primnata,guys acuhkan sih asylkhan Sinaga premium,No Taiyou no oke nah primnata yo aku,sebaliknya usahanya guys your premium,Benefits lem lagi kita juga instaprint,mata you guys Yan cuplik Ketum premium,unit Sooyoung proof guys Nana kapri,mengetahui guys no Abang Nokia E6 bijuus,ketombe jge Subhana kalimat kita ngajar,komersial pada last as-samawaat,biografina penuh Oke suwun successfully,Nakagawa taishi Nakagawa kita enam,premium one Bali puluhan mansukh Januari,sepatu mata Hapus Noh ke ini share pesu,Januari photomath hapus semakin kita,juga is the premium televisi ono yo,ngopi Timezone ad oke oke mati kita jadi,guys Wales yang asmak itu guys Abang,nungguin yang az-zarqani Wilona make it,Aduh saat semakin make it and unit usaha,dijual-jual asyiddau ditetapkan di Tuban,Tano mapan sini of agmi adzim bijo,lakitan yomai yellow ditosa itu Sebab di,Tuban damai lo itu salju NATO kasih maka,primnata Wulan yitun oke It means maka,premium data is now at Cikupa sah-sah,kaum channel Aisyah kau account itu nah,ini pernah premium Oke make it guys,waladi thoyung premium nipis itu 0lla,kasih ini kvagina mana yang premium,account premium Oke make it gitu serta,as guys bola di tengah ketatnya premium,kasih part lengkap premium karena May,bring menatap maka tetap gitu suhu,balikan Yin atuh ayeuna premium ytm4,attack free,ini akan tetapi itu It means that,primnata inoo Kei hyun-soo gunung,Kendalisodo sepakbola Cessna free on,trial premium account YouTube ganool.li,gumawe sobat balik duluan mana tuh,nakayama main tirap noh Abang nelpon,akibat dibuang biji toh ini boleh nakal,yang aja sama kita pakai hilang kedelai,selama 10 ditunggu-tunggu itu konten,Jawa kali mutamam subscribe titik Q,ngefans Bella ikon pariwisata update 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Get Youtube Premium & Music 3-Month Trial! (Without a Credit/Debit Card)

so youtube premium and youtube music,just came out and so in this video ill,tell you how you can get youtube premium,subscription for free on any device in,this video i will be covering all the,devices android ios and pc bear in mind,this will even work in your smart tvs,also i have been seeing some different,prices depending on the device youre,using ill also be talking about this,issue so dont worry you dont have to,pay any extra and also if you have an,iphone but dont have a credit card,dont worry ill also be going through,this issue so you dont have to deal,with all that abstr nonsense so ill try,my best to resolve as much issues,regarding this i can im sure if you,clicked on this video then you already,know what youtube premium is and i,suppose i should not waste your time by,going over things like what it is and,why you should try it how much it costs,and things like that but if youre,interested in knowing all these things,basically all the basic things before,buying the subscription then youre,going to want to stick around the entire,video hey whats up guys aditya here do,not like this video without watching the,entire video and with that being said,lets get started,so first of all what you need to do is,open the youtube app make sure its,updated,then tap on your avatar and you should,see an option to get youtube premium tap,on it now you will be seeing this,youtube premium landing page,lets pause here for a moment and go,through the android process for a bit,actually the process is completely the,same even on android now there youll,see a button that says try it for free,so basically youll get a three month,trial for absolutely nothing you wont,be build anything before or during the,three month trial now tap the blue,button that says try for free,and here is where problem comes for,iphone users typically what happens in,iphone is that you have to pay through,app store and app store seem to have,some issue with debit cards so it,accepts only credit cards and some debit,cards now what,you cant buy the subscription,just kidding dont worry i have found a,workaround which i will tell you in a,minute but before lets deal with the,android users first oh did i tell you,that you can get a pretty sweet deal if,you get the family pack but youll get,only one month trial so theres that so,once you are on the landing page tap on,get it for free button and it should,open google pay here you can pay through,all kinds of debit and credit cards,but,here lies the real move the special one,tap on the payment method and choose,google pay balance as the payment method,now this can also utilize the pay,rewards credit you earn doing all those,surveys i did a video on how you can,earn free google credits by doing simple,surveys if youre interested in learning,how then click on the top right corner,to watch that video but you have to have,129 rupees in your pay balance as an,assurance and if you dont you can just,simply use any card and as i said you,wont be charged any money before the,three month trial expires so its fairly,simple you buy the subscription once and,the premium id can be used across all,your devices now coming back to iphone,what if you only have an iphone and,lets say you have got no credit card so,what youre gonna wanna do is click on,the link below in the description,ill redirect you to this page once you,are here tap on try it for free,and you should see google pay and yes,you can not only use all sort of debit,and credit cards but you can also use,your google pay balance or google,rewards credits if you have any so just,select the mode of payment proceed by,tapping buy,and thats pretty much it and youll get,a confirmation email,oh and if youre watching this on a,computer ive got you covered as well,click on the first link below in the,description you will be redirected to,this page click on try it for free and,you should see google pay and whereas,theres google pay you will see pay,balance so rejoice,so this way you can not only get three,months of youtube premium for free,without any debit or credit card but you,dont even have to worry after the three,month trial expires because it will be,charged through the pay balance and if,you dont have any balance in it it just,cant deduct anything automatically,and as you can see i have not been,charged anything even here so youre,going to get three months of free trial,and after the trial is over you will be,charged 129 rupees a month but i saw,something strange in iphone i was being,charged 169 a month in android and pc it,was charging 129 a month which is quite,a concern what is going on,so pay a little attention here you dont,need to pay anything over 129 a month if,it is trying to charge you more then go,to the first link in the description,and you will be redirected to this page,and here on this page you wont be,charged anything over 129 rupees a month,and that link works across all the,devices be it android ios,pc,smart tv playstation anything it just,this link works on all kind of devices,so if you are being charged more than,129 rupees a month click on the below,link and complete your registration,through that page and once you buy the,subscription as i said before it can be,used on all your devices,so this is where im going to ask you to,like this video so if you like this,video like it and if you disliked it,comment down what are you going to do,with your youtube premium subscription,and,subscribe to this channel if you want to,watch more of such videos,follow me on instagram and twitter add,me on snapchat and lets have a talk and,now if you open the youtube app you can,flex that premium icon and with premium,you get youtube music free as well,and anytime you want to cancel the,subscription just tap on avatar and go,to paid memberships youll see a youtube,premium card there along with first,billing date and stuff like that tap on,manage and here youll see an option to,cancel the membership,alright so once you have the premium,subscription you can enjoy ad free,videos offline downloads and background,play youtube original shows and youtube,music is also included just throwing it,out there almost all the shows after,2017 are in 4k so if you are confused or,trying to figure out if youtube premium,is for you or not i think a three month,trial should be plenty of time to make,that decision,if you dont find the subscription worth,it then,dont continue but if you do then by all,mean id say you should take it but if,youre someone who hate watching ads get,the premium dont use an ad blocker its,good for both you and for the creator,once again if you do not wish to,continue after the three month trial,then make sure to cancel it before the,mentioned billing date else ill charge,the money the process is completely the,same for youtube music as well,this video would have gotten a lot more,longer if i tried explaining that to in,this video subscribe to this channel if,you want to watch more of such videos,[Music]

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