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so here we can see netflix completely,unlocked for example here you can see,im accessing the korean library which,is a very large library on netflix,over here we can see i have access to,crackle tv which typically is only for,the usa audience and i can access all of,the content in here,over here we have the massive peacock tv,which again is only for usa customers,but im accessing it on my device we,have plex tv giving us access to over,183,live tv channels so all of these,services are normally geo locked but as,we can see i can access all of them on,my device,absolutely free without using any kind,of vpn or any kind of hardware device i,can now access all of this content so in,this video today let me show you how you,can also unlock all of your favorite,streaming services absolutely free and,really just enjoy the best content,thats available out there so please do,take a moment to hit that like button,make sure you hit that subscribe button,so with all of that being said lets get,if youre new to the channel and you,want to stay up to date with the latest,tech tutorials the latest fire stick,android and android tv tips and tricks,then please do subscribe and hit the,notification bell its a small click,from you but it makes a big difference,to me thank you so how does this all,work well,in the past on my channel i have,reviewed a hardware device called the,stream locator which is a fantastic,device and it really does allow you to,unlock all of those things i mentioned,in my intro now before you guys click,away once again the process im going to,show you today is absolutely free you,dont need to purchase any kind of,hardware device or activate any kind of,vpn it really is an absolute free,process allowing you to unlock all of,your favorite streaming services now the,reason why i mentioned the stream,locator is the same company that made,this device have now gone ahead and,developed a new chrome plugin which is,the stream locator chrome plugin but,unlike the hardware device the plugin is,absolutely free and once again it really,will allow you to do all of those things,i mentioned in my intro,now well show you how to install in,just a second but now we can see on my,device in my chrome installation i now,have this new icon here which is the,stream locator icon if i click on that,and we can see this is geon blocking by,the streaming experts and now very very,easily i can go ahead and unblock or,unrestrict this content now here for,example we can see that my netflix is,currently set to career and for example,i want to see whats available in the,brazil netflix library i can click on,that click on netflix,this will then take me directly into the,application and then show me content,which is for the brazilian audience and,we can see its done exactly that so i,can now see the content in that,particular library now similarly if i go,back to here,and lets say for example if i want to,use a design or shutter,you can now choose a location and the,plugin will then take care of that for,you so when you then access that service,that service will think that youre,actually coming from united states or,from canada now the other great thing,about this extension is its not all,just about paid services if i scroll,down,we can see they have a massive list of,other services most of which are,actually free allowing you to once again,access that content wherever you are in,the world so,for example you guys know im in united,kingdom so if i try and access crackle,this would normally give me an error,telling me that crackle is not supported,in my region but as we can see straight,away im inside the service,i can now see all of the content in here,which typically would not be available,for me,and lets say for example i want to,watch this thing over here lets click,on play,just to confirm that its not just the,content you can see on the home page you,can actually click on this stuff and,start enjoying it straight away and we,can see in a couple of seconds,or shall we say five,four there we are so we are now straight,inside that content and we can now enjoy,that from wherever we are and lets back,out for that they have sling they have,paramount they have pluto tv,uh fubo peacock hbo max so really all of,the popular services that you may want,to watch even if youre not in united,states using this plugin which is free,you can go ahead and enjoy that content,and one of my all-time favorites was,actually peacock tv and even though i,tried many many times with lots of,different vpns the service was just too,strict and it always knew that i was,using a vpn and it would always block my,access but as we can see with this,plugin i can click on peacock tv,give that a second and without any kind,of error messages or telling me that im,using a vpn we can see straight away we,are inside that content and you can see,guys some of the content in here really,is fantastic,click on play,and again without any kind of warnings,any kind of geo-restriction error,messages within a couple of seconds we,are straight inside that content so the,plug-in really does do exactly what it,says on the tin and and i really am,surprised that its absolutely free so,how can we now get this on our chrome,browser so all you need to do is just,open up a new tab on chrome and just,search for stream locator,plug in,chrome,and we can see straight away at the top,here which is the official chrome web,store and all you need to do is just,click on add to chrome,so if you want to add this to chrome you,click on add extension,thats now all done now the very first,time you add it youll see that it,doesnt actually appear in the top here,and the way you bring it here is if you,click on this small icon,and we can see and this typically shows,you all of the extensions you have,installed in chrome and if you want to,pin the extension you click on the small,pin next to your plugin so im going to,click on this here,that now adds it to my chrome but at the,moment we can see that the icon is not,colored in which means that its not,activated so if you now click on that,you now just need to enter in any email,address to activate the plugin so,for a test im just going to say,test,test.com,click on start and thats it thats now,all of your plugin activated so,thats all for this video guys many,thanks for watching i do think right now,the fact that this plug-in is absolutely,free it really is worthwhile checking,out and all of the things ive tried on,my device everything has worked straight,away so do leave me a comment below let,me know you think about this plug-in and,ill hopefully catch up with you guys,real soon thanks

How Do I Bypass ESPN TV Provider?

hows it going everybody welcome back,and today im going to show you guys how,you can bypass,espns geoblocks so that youre able to,access espn plus from anywhere now just,so that you know you are able to,uh stream espn as part of your sling tv,fubotv youtube tv packages,but generally speaking all of these uh,services are actually only available in,the united states,so unless youre in the states youre,going to be met with screens that look,like this so for example with espn plus,ill get a screen that says were sorry,an unexpected error happened but if you,look at the url youll be able to tell,what this is it says denied block geo so,there is a geo block that is restricting,me from accessing espn plus,its the same if i try to access it from,frubo tv it just says its not available,in my location and the same thing will,be applying to sling tv sorry sling is,only available inside the united states,so,you might be asking how did i actually,get access to espn plus,fubotv and sling tv and its a very,simple process all you need to do really,is get yourself a reliable vpn now due,to blackout restrictions even users who,subscribe to espn and espn plus via,cable tv or compatible internet,connection can only view espn whilst in,the united states and because espn,applies blackouts to protect primary,broadcasting right holders even some u.s,citizens might not be able to watch,their local team play,but of course the solution to that is,you have to use a reliable vpn that,allows you to access united states,servers that are reliable enough,uh and can consistently unblock,streaming services,uh no matter the streaming service,really be it you know netflix hulu fubo,sling tv espn plus whatever it is,and this is why ive gathered these,three vpns you know one of these vpns,you might not like one of these vpns so,that i have three recommendations here,these are the best vpns you can get for,streaming services uh not just for espn,plus but again you know if youre trying,to unblock streaming sources from the uk,from canada from asia whatever it is,these vpns can do it very reliably now,if youre looking to learn more about,these vpns ill link reviews down below,and youll also find links to pricing,and discounts but all in all if youre,looking for a very reliable and easy vpn,to use a vpn that focuses on privacy and,anonymity expressvpn will be a great,choice this is how i have access to espn,plus and all these,pages that were otherwise not available,to me without,connecting to the us server,say youre not really interested in,expressvpn maybe its a little bit too,expensive for you,very simple to,uh just switch the nordvpn its a,cheaper vpn just you know hover over the,united states you can click it or just,zoom in maybe pick the new york server,or something like that and you are good,to go then go back to,the website that youre trying to access,and youre good to go of course all,these vpns also have applications on you,know fire stick on your smart tv and,theyre natively compatible so if you,have a smart tv thats well recent,enough you are able to get yourself uh,these vpns on your smart tvs and you are,able to get five simultaneous,connections with expressvpn six with,nord and an unlimited number with surf,shark so before moving on to surf shark,nordvpn is a vpn thats a little bit,cheaper and is more of a well-rounded,vpn and it focuses more on performance,speed and gives you a whole bunch of,bonus features and its just great value,for the price youre paying,if you want an even cheaper vpn you can,get surfshark which is the best budget,vpn that gets the job done at the,cheapest possible cost without,necessarily sacrificing much privacy,performance security or features for,that matter you still get a whole bunch,of features and youll be able to secure,an unlimited number of devices with just,a single subscription so all these vpns,vary in features and budgeting so its,up to you whether you want to go for one,over the other but i would definitely,recommend checking the review below its,a top three vpns video all in one video,just to see exactly uh what youre,getting yourself into before you,subscribe and you also find links to,pricing discounts if youd like to take,advantage of the,uh discounts while they last theyll be,linked below,all right besides that comment below if,you have any questions ill be happy to,answer all of them like and subscribe if,youd like to support the channel and,stay up to date with everything vpns and,cyber security thank you guys very much,for watching ill see you in the next,one have a wonderful day

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How to Watch ESPN+ Online Anywhere in the World ????????⚽

hey guys so today I wanted to talk about,how you can watch ESPN online anywhere,by using a VPN so ESPNs great the trick,with it though is depending on where you,are in the world you may not be able to,access it online and so what a VPN does,is it allows you to make it look like,youre physically in another part of the,world even though lets say you may be,in New Zealand you can make it look like,or appear that youre physically in the,United States and then able to access,any content that ESPN offers so the,trick then is just to find the best VPN,to help with that now theres a lot of,VPN options out there but I wanted to,recommend two of my favorites and,depending on your situation I think one,of these will be the best fit for you,so the first one is expressvpn and Ill,put a link in the description uh where,you can check out more information,including any deals or discounts not,available on their website now the,reason for expressvpn is its just the,best overall its the fastest VPN it,gives you the best speeds its also,extremely user friendly so they have,actually won awards for their apps and,the apps are what you use to put on your,device like your phone your iPhone your,Android phone or your PC or Mac or maybe,its a gaming device like a PS4 or your,smart TV they have custom-made apps for,each of these devices that allow the VPN,to work on your device so if you want to,watch ESPN on your phone no problem if,you want to watch it on your computer,its easy to do as well so for example,like on your computer you would just,open up the app,and then youd go ahead and select the,server for the country you want to uh,connect to so like if youre wanting to,watch ESPN you could make sure youre,connected to an American server then you,can go ahead and uh whatever service you,want to use to watch ESPN through,whether its a cable provider maybe,something like Hulu then you can go,ahead and get access to all that great,ESPN content now the other nice thing,about,expressvpn is they have 24 hour or 24 7,I should say chat support and they are,actually really helpful get a real,person whos happy to help if you get,stuck or have any questions about using,the VPN as I said its one of the best,for being a newbie friendly or a,beginner friendly VPN and thats why I,highly recommend it and then on top of,that they make it again really easy to,use and they have very fast speeds so,youre not having to worry about that,reduction in speed when youre trying to,watch ESPN and worrying about it,buffering or worrying about a loss in,video quality or resolution because your,speeds have dropped too much which again,is a common issue with a lot of vpns and,so again thats going to express is just,going to be kind of that best overall,VPN pick and then besides of course ESPN,you can also use it for torrenting or,file sharing streaming other Media,Services like Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime,and so forth or or unblocking those I,should say now the second pick is surf,shark and again Ill put a link in the,description that will take you to any,deals or discounts not available on,their website or just to get more,information about them as well but with,surf shark this is my favorite budget,friendly VPN so it has a lot of the same,core features that expressvpn has it,just doesnt have quite the same level,of performance so for example,its not quite as fast as expressvpn but,still very fast if you compare like,servers surfshark has 1700 whereas,Express has three thousand surfshark is,in 63 countries whereas Express is in 94,countries so you can see some of the,difference there and thats some of the,trade-off that you get with the savings,of going with surf shark but surf shark,is also very newbie friendly or beginner,friendly its very easy to use its,designed for the beginner in mind,Id say it might even be just a little,bit more so than expressvpn its very,simple wonderful to use you can also use,it for torrentine gaming online,unblocking other media content like,Netflix Hulu and Amazon,and they also have 24 7 live chat,support a like expressvpn its also very,helpful and they also have a 30-day,money-back guarantee so if for whatever,reason you try it and youre not happy,with it you can always get your money,back both Express and surfshark are,really good about that now the one thing,surfshark does that is better than,expressvpn is theyll give you or allow,you to connect to an unlimited amount of,devices so this is particularly good if,you have a large family or household and,you want everyone to be able to use the,VPN on as many devices as theyd like,expressvpn gives you up to five devices,you can connect to which is still great,and for its kind of the average,industry-wide but surf shark is the only,VPN to give you unlimited number of,connections,and so I dont know if this is kind of a,a limited time thing to just take,advantage of it while you can but its a,really cool feature if you think you,might need that many devices to connect,to or want a lot of devices to connect,to so as an example everyone in your,your household could be on their phone,using this VPN they could be on a,computer using this VPN you could have,it on a TV gaming devices tablets and,they can be using them simultaneously at,the same time so between the two again,expressvpn and surf shark are both top,picks for allowing you to watch ESPN,online its just going to come down to,your situation which one might be best,for you so if you just want the best,overall Id go with expressvpn its the,fastest best performance best for all,the other things youd use a VPN for too,with military grade encryption and so,forth,and but however if you want to spend the,least amount as as possible and still,have the best VPN you can get then Id,go with surf shark the trade-off with,the money youre saving is the,performance isnt quite as strong as,expressvpn so the speeds for example,arent quite as fast but one benefit is,you get unlimited devices so or limited,devices you can connect to so if thats,important to you if youre gonna if you,think youre going to need more than,five then you may want to try surf shark,and then again Ill put links to both of,these in the description so you can,compare that way as well compare the,deals between the two because in the,links itll take you to the best deals,and discounts that arent available on,their website otherwise hope you guys,enjoyed this if you have any other,questions let me know in the comments,below Id love to know other VPN,questions you have but what other types,of content youd like to watch or what,other security types of content you like,to watch,and uh otherwise I hope you stay safe,out there and I will look forward to,seeing in the next video

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FREE! Get Disney Plus, Hulu, & ESPN+ on Verizon!

what does your bundle of joy look like,this maybe this perhaps this well for,some folks it may just be whatever,extras they can get when they subscribe,to a wireless service or home internet,service provider so to that end today,were going to talk about all the things,you need to know about getting the most,bundle for your buck from a verizon,wireless and home internet subscription,lets get into it,[Music],hey if any of the videos on this channel,help you if this video helped you please,consider hitting us with that thumbs up,clicking on that subscribe and hitting,that notification bell so youll be,notified when we upload the latest,videos and when we run our contests,arguably one of the best turnkey,solutions for families the disney bundle,gives you access to everything on disney,plus hulu and espn plus from your,computer smartphone tablet smart tv or,tv connected to a streaming device,thats everything marvel star wars,disney pixar and national geographic,along with hulu which gives you movies,from studios other than disney as well,as past and current seasons of of,popular tv shows like bobs burgers the,simpsons the pjs abbott elementary,archer family guy rick and morty its,always sunny in philadelphia then you,throw in all the sports programming from,espn plus,and you really have a very well-rounded,package for households that will please,mom and dad and the kids so its a,pretty good deal,going direct to disney plus for the,bundle will cost you 13.99 which gets,you the ad supported hulu subscription,or 19.99 to watch with no ads just the,way the good lord intended,and thats where verizon comes in,different carriers these days are,offered different perks when you sign up,for service with them and verizons no,different they offer apple music and,apple tv options but the disney bundle,is probably their biggest deal youll,get that ad-supported hulu bundle with,them instead of paying 13.99 youre,gonna get it free but with some catches,that you should know about,seeing is how yall really seem to like,my coverage of verizons 5g home,internet lets begin there,right now verizon is offering the disney,bundle if you sign up for one of the,home internet plans thats the 5g home,plus plan and the 5g home plan and last,but not least the lte home plan the,catch here is that this is a limited,time offer the 5g home plus plan comes,with 12 months of the disney bundle,while the latter two get just six months,and all three are available for,customers who sign up for a new home,internet plan and have no other offer or,subscription through verizon already,once you install and activate your,service just log into your my verizon,mobile account hit your my verizon,account page or the add-ons page then,select the disney bundle redemption tile,now if youre a wireless server,subscriber you have some different,options and they all begin with your,plan in a nutshell limited plan limited,perks,unlimited plan unlimited perks let me,explain the first thing you dont want,to do is mistake the disney bundle,promotion for the disney plus promotion,verizon has a disney plus promotion,which is just disney plus content and is,for six months thats disney plus,without the addition of hulu or espn,plus for the disney bundle youre going,to need to be on one of two plans or,upgrade to one of these two plans and,they are the 5g play more and 5g get,more plans whats the difference between,the two besides price well though they,are technically unlimited only one is,premium network access 5g unlimited the,cheaper 80 play more plan comes with 50,gigabytes a month of premium 5g and 4g,lte access and when you use that up your,data will be temporarily slow during,times of high network congestion the get,more plan which is 90 a month comes with,unlimited premium 5g and 4g lte access,50 gigabytes of premium,mobile hotspot data and 70 worth of,perks which includes that disney bundle,that play more plan comes with roughly,twenty dollars in perks among them the,disney bundle with both of these plans,youll keep the disney bundle as long as,you remain on those plans plus there are,apple music apple arcade or google play,perks bundled in as well with the get,more plan the play more plan adds just,the apple arcade or google play option,just one thing worth noting as far as,pricing goes in case you had a little,sticker shot when you add lines those,prices go down so for a single line with,the get more plan youre paying ninety,dollars a month but,add a line for your spouse and two lines,for the teens tweens kids and that price,comes down to fifty five dollars a month,per line if you also choose paper free,billing and turn on autopay thats a,little more manageable,so,thats that,disney hulu and espn plus on verizon,explain,you have any questions,if you do you know what to do go ahead,and leave those in the comments below,ill get to them love chatting with you,all,i will catch you on the next video

How To Watch Every NBA Game Without Cable For The 2022-2023 Season For Free | NBA Streaming Guide

the NBA season is back this only took me,five takes to do and I am super pumped,for this,I shouldnt play around this ball too,much uh Mr MJ himself signed it and Im,gonna show you how you can watch every,single NBA game this year during the,regular season for free or for insanely,cheap thats right unlimited basketball,lets get into it hello everyone my name,is Nick and welcome back to where to,stream where we just we go over,absolutely everything that has to do,with streaming were talking about new,streaming services like NFL plus were,talking about how to stream stuff for,free like this video and lets say,Monday Night Football now if you like,videos like that and you want to see,more help me out on my YouTube Journey,hit that subscribe button we got a lot,of good stuff coming out now if you,learned anything from this video or I,saved you just a little cash help me out,with those YouTube gods and uh hit that,like button it greatly helps me out,alright enough for the intro lets get,into the video alright now the NBA,season starts today it is Tuesday,October 18th and its gonna go all the,way up to April 9th of next year that is,six months of fantastic basketball now,depending on whos your favorite team,its either going to be a fantastic year,or a terrible year but we will not know,thats why we play the games now two,watch your favorite team its gonna be,broken down into two separate sections,all right now the first section I want,to talk about is if you are a non-local,fan like lets say you are a Miami Heat,fan but uh you uh you dont live in,Miami you you live in Los Angeles but,you still want to watch every single,Miami Heat game this is where I got you,covered and the second portion which I,will get into later is if you are lets,say a Miami Heat fan and you live in,Miami Im gonna show you a second way,later to uh to watch all the games I,also got you but not till later all,right now the first way is if you are,non-local and you want to watch every,single game that is through NBA League,Pass now NBA League Pass has been around,for a while now up until recently uh you,need a cable subscription it was very,hard to do a very hard to access but now,with all these fantastic streaming,services stepping in and realizing how,much money can be made they also offer,MBA league pass and NBA League Pass also,has its own native MBA app so you can,just go directly to them so were going,to start with that were going to start,with the native MBA app so for this uh,you can get NBA league pass for 15 a,month for the entirety of the season now,lets say you dont care about the,entire league you just I I dont you,dont care whatever like like screw,everyone but my favorite team for that,you can get a one team pass for 13.99,now its definitely a lot more value if,uh if you get everyone but like if you,just you dont youre never going to,watch any any of the other teams it,saves you just a little bit of money at,13.99 now the NBA app is essentially,available everywhere every smart device,everywhere any iOS device any Android,device uh you can throw it up on your,Apple TV your Xbox your Chromecast your,fire State like anything anyone and any,anything thats smart and that has uh,apps available and you can go to the,store and get apps any Smart TV any,smart device you can download the MBA,app I would definitely recommend it,getting it on your television because,then you can see it on the big screen,but essentially I got to do is download,the app uh log in with your credentials,and you are good to go it is fantastic,and its pretty awesome you dont need a,very expensive cable subscription to get,access to this I love that now if you,just want to go directly to the NBA this,is how you would do it now like I said,in the beginning of this this is for,non-local fans for me right now Im in,Los Angeles so uh if I get access to,this I will not have access to the,Lakers or the Clippers now all you got,to do is scroll to the bottom if youre,not sure which teams are blacked out in,your region you scroll the bottom you,type in your zip code and you click,submit and then it will tell you which,teams are not available for you to watch,through this subscription so very quick,very easy make sure you do that before,you subscribe but they do have a free,trial so so uh you can check it out,before submitting to the to the entire,month to the entire year you could you,could definitely check it out and there,is two different price points there is,uh the monthly and then also the yearly,I that that is kind of interesting,because uh the leak pass if you buy it,through the uh for the year its,actually,um a little cheaper to do a monthly yeah,usually they they have a little bit of a,discount but if you do this six months,times the 15 that comes out to 90 bucks,whereas the season is uh is a hundred,bucks so thats a little interesting,um Im not really sure why they did that,I could be doing the math wrong but that,is weird that is interesting it is what,it is and no the NBA league pass does,not include the playoffs so thats gonna,be a different video down the line but,uh NBA League Pass does not include the,playoffs now after scouting the web,there was one way where I found that you,can get NBA league pass for the entire,year for free and that is if you buy the,NBA 2K 23 championship Edition now if,you buy the championship Edition brand,new they will give you access to NBA,league pass for the entire 12 months and,you do need to activate it by December,31st I think it is let me double check,so okay so I was wrong you do need to,activate it by December 18th all you got,to do is purchase the physical version,of NBA 2K Championship Edition and then,uh youre gonna install that physical,Edition,um on your game console then youre,gonna log in create a new account and,then redeem the uh the championship,Edition bonus uh content code but all,the instructions will be in the game,itself now if you purchase the digital,game of the same exact game its going,to be a very similar uh setup process,just a tad bit different Ill throw it,on the screen but again you do need to,activate it by December 18th now if you,do this you get access to NBA league,pass for the entire season for free that,is super super awesome it essentially,gets the price of this game him to Flat,even so you could technically play it,for a few months and then resell it and,then make a little bit of money that is,how you get access to NBA league pass,for free you buy NBA 2k23 championship,Edition and you get NBA League Pass,fantastic now the second way in which,you can uh get access to NBA League Pass,is through Amazon Prime now you will,need a a Prime Video subscription,service it will need to be active uh so,it is a little more expensive but if you,already have Prime,um youre fine its its just its just,going to be an add-on price for this one,um its going to be the exact same price,but you can only do it monthly they,throw out promotions all the time,um for the for the whole season on,Amazon but right now uh the only thing,that you can do is buy it for the for,the month to month and its the exact,same price its 14.99 for uh for all the,teams 13.99 for a single team and the,blackout works the same so you will not,have access to your local team whatever,it is now why would you do NBA league,pass on Prime video instead of just,going to the native app,um well the biggest reason is because of,their technology now Amazon Prime is,everywhere,um so if you have Amazon Prime its,already installed on your television,its already on your computer your phone,like you dont need to do any extra,steps so it it adds the ease of use to,your experience it just it just makes it,so much simpler so that is why you would,do it through Amazon Prime and not just,the native app but like I said you do,need an active Amazon Prime membership,Prime video membership you dont need,the whole Prime you just need Prime,video now how would you get uh all this,for free on Amazon Prime vide

How To Watch Every Monday Night Football Game For Free Or Super Cheap | 2022 NFL Streaming Guide

monday night football is back with some,of the top marquee matches uh in prime,time its a fantastic lineup of games we,got new streaming services that are,streaming monday night football we got a,lot of good stuff surrounding this,package so im going to show you how you,can stream it either for free or for,super cheap,lets go everyone my name is nick and,welcome back to where to stream where we,just we go over absolutely everything,that has to deal with streaming were,talking about new services and were,talking about how to stream stuff for,free and were also talking about monday,night football now if you like videos,like that definitely hit that subscribe,button we got a lot of good content,coming out and if you learned anything,from this video i mean anything help me,out with those youtube guys and hit that,like button alright lets get into,monday night football now monday night,football has an awesome slate of games,as i just said were talking about week,number one the broncos versus the,seahawks russell wilsons return were,talking about the cowboys and the giants,although with dak prescotts injury um,that might not be too good were talking,about the rams and the packers were,talking about the bills and the bengals,were talking about international games,like the jags versus the broncos theres,theres a lot of good games and im,going to show you how to stream them now,the first way that i want to go over is,through uh nfl plus now,everyones doing the plus thing huh now,nfl plus uh i did do a video on it um,right there its a little more in depth,its fantastic you should definitely,check it out,but nfl plus is a new streaming service,that the nfl just released and uh it,gives you access to every local game in,your,vicinity and then it also gives you,access to all the prime time games like,my net football sunday night football,and then also thursday night football,now that sounds fantastic right now,theres two different uh tiers theres,the 499 and 999 um most people will just,stick with the 4.99 now that price point,comes with a huge caveat that you can,only stream it on your iphone and then,you can also stream it only stream it on,your tablet only your mobile devices you,cant flick it up on the television,airplay it up there you you cant plug,it in via an hdmi cable,you cant do any of that it will block,you so you can only watch these games on,your iphone sorry not just iphone on,your mobile device or your tablet it,doesnt matter which which which mobile,device now nfl plus does have a free,trial so you can check out their service,uh before diving in and then it is 4.99,thereafter so its really cheap but that,is a big caveat now lets say you just,you dont want to watch on this little,small screen here are a couple ways on,how you can stream monday night football,now something that is brand new that has,just started this year is that espn plus,uh without your tv subscription although,that doesnt hurt you can stream some,monday night football games were,talking about weeks 1 2 3 8 15 17 18 and,a wild card game all on espn plus and,espn plus is uh is pretty affordable it,is only 9.99,for their service and although espn plus,doesnt really have free trials they,dont really have like a month for free,they dont really they dont really do,that kind of stuff i found uh a way on,where you can get espn plus for free at,least for one month and this is how and,that is,through this guy,thats right dr pepper now this one took,some research so definitely take,advantage while supplies last now dr,pepper has their own uh that has their,own perks if theyre called pepper perks,and how it works is essentially you buy,the product you scan the receipts you,load the points and then you uh cash in,those points and the point system its,uh its its a very very favorable now a,single can 10 points six pack 15 points,and then a full i think its 18 rack is,gonna be 30 points now if you scroll,down to their pepper perks and what you,can spend these points on guess what is,on there there is a full free a full,month of espn plus for free for only 40,points so essentially all you need is,four dr peppers that is fantastic so if,you know anyone that loves dr pepper,definitely get three cans now that was,the pepper perks now one other way where,you can get espn plus for free for two,months this time is through ubereats if,you are an active ubereats member you,should be getting an email and then,itll link you to this page and itll,automatically fill in the promo code of,where you will get two months of the,disney bundle for free now so its not,just espn plus its hulu not hulu plus,live television but its hulu and then,you also get disney plus which is really,really cool,and a big perk if you are an active,ubereats member so so far we got nfl,plus only on mobile device espn plus,um only on certain weeks and now lets,get into the uh the juicy bundle,services now if you want to watch every,single monday night football game you,can download uh streaming bundles and,when i say that im talking about,services like youtube tv,were talking about hulu plus live,television were were talking about,those and uh essentially when you get,these packages all of these channels,come with that package so you get access,to espn abc,like you get access to everything now,the price point is a lot higher than,that 999 and 4.99 but as of right now,youtube tv is offering a deal um so you,can check it out it they they offer,deals all the time but they change them,a lot so,i cant really say which right now its,ten dollars off two days ago it was like,six weeks for free so they they change,them a lot just check it out also hulu,plus live television uh they do run,deals from time to time as well alright,so those are all of the ways that you,can watch uh every single monday night,football game some have free options,some have very cheap option options and,then some are kind of expensive but its,nfl football it is a fantastic product,and in my opinion what i would do is uh,is do espn plus um for those that half,the year and then also i get the other,half of the year and just watch on my,mobile device with nfl plus thats my,recommendation to save a little bit of,money instead of doing the massive,streaming bundle but if you do want to,go that route and just get a crap ton of,channels i do recommend youtube tv all,right and that is it that is all i got,for todays video now monday night,football im super stoked for it im,excited to watch the game tonight and uh,thats all i got now if you have any,questions on anything that i said you,can either hit me up in the email,description or drop a comment i will get,to everything now thank you so much for,watching if youre still here hit that,subscribe button and ill see you in the,next video peace

UFC Pay-Per-Views Exclusive to ESPN+: Is This Good? | SiriusXM | Luke Thomas

dad okay all right lets get to it big,news here as I mentioned the top of the,show,what is it the UFC is now going to put,all of their paper views on ESPN plus,all of them as I mentioned before,sometimes I like to buy the paper views,off of YouTube cant do it not available,anymore,wont be there Ive already tried not,there now if youre gonna go to a bar,you can do that there it turns out that,theyre still going to sell paper views,to commercial establishments,establishment excuse me under a,commercial license remember when a bar,like Buffalo Wild Wings or odors or,whatever when they buy a UFC,pay-per-view they have to pay a,different price for it they dont pay,the 6495 they have to pay a much after,your fee but the idea is that you bring,in a lot of people and then you make,more money it so everyone wins in the,end,so that apparently is still going to be,in play there are some questions there,but for the time being lets just assume,that that is true its also true that,the UFC has now extended their deal with,ESPN past the initial five-year mark -,now a seven-year deal it looks like,everything is coming up roses for the,UFC at this point by being on ESPN were,gonna talk about what that means a,little bit later but as I mentioned if,you want to buy a pay-per-view you have,to become a subscriber in order to do,that now there are discounting prices $5,for existing ESPN Plus users so you,wont pay any more than you ordinarily,would have if this has been two distinct,services now theyre all combined so,theres that theres also a one initial,bundle theyve put out where you can buy,one UFC pay-per-view and an ESPN plus,subscription for new subscribers and you,get the option thats the option but you,can package in such a way where you save,about 30 dollars in the end so if youre,a new subscriber they are setting up,some mechanisms for you to save money,and as I mentioned in the last segment,Dana White did a video yesterday where,he discussed that this was just the,beginning they had planned to do a lot,more of these kinds of cost-saving,bundles but yes you have to become an,ESPN Plus subscriber you have to pay for,the right,to then purchase a UFC pay-per-view this,has an enormous amount of consequences,an enormous amount our considers to be,huge news so lets go through what I,think are some of the bigger realities,coming out of this number one what does,this mean for the fighters number they,were not consulted in this in any way,much like Reebok not consulted much like,you sada not consulted much like going,to ESPN in the first place not consulted,to put paper views on ESPN Plus not,consulted now that doesnt mean that,they necessarily lose in the end it just,means there are some unknowns here so if,youre just a person who makes money off,a contract without paper view points I,dont know that this will really affect,you if youre a UFC champion but youre,a low earning one which is to say youre,not Conor McGregor or whatever its not,exactly clear how this will affect you,because heres what the SPN is doing,theyre taking apparently a licensing,fee up front so ESPN Plus has the rights,to then air these paper views and then,theres gonna be some split in between,there my guess is theres gonna be a,reduction in the overall amount of,pay-per-view buys I dont know that for,a fact thats just a hunch but that UFC,will make more per buy than they did,before theres a real vertical,integration here thats happening with,the business thats really what this is,sometimes theres horizontal integration,sometimes theres vertical this is a,vertical one well its still ESPN plus,doing it but its vertical visa via,partner in any event so thats what I,expect to happen but if you make money,off of pay-per-view how does this affect,you right well consider if you make if,youre when these fighters who never,cleared the 200,000 pay-per-view buy,threshold this doesnt really affect you,much and even if you barely got over it,it still really doesnt affect you all,that much you werent making that much,extra in pay-per-view points but if,youre like a John Jones or McGregor or,a Lesnar or even a Diaz and youre well,above that where youre flirting with,700,000 even 500,000,a million a million plus in the case of,McGregor two million plus what does this,do to your money are you gonna make the,same amount are you gonna make more,youre gonna make less like what happens,if they end up selling 236 and they do,way more than expected are they gonna,scale back pay to accommodate it what if,they do way less than expected and those,guys arent making nearly as much are,they gonna be how are they gonna feel,about it I dont know the answer I dont,know that theyre gonna make less I,dont know that theyre gonna make more,I dont know that theyre gonna make the,same heres what I do know nobody seems,to know my understanding is that UFC has,also not offered to any professional,guidance in accordance with this they,dont they dont seem to really know,either so thats kind of strange thats,one of my first considerations that I,would have especially I was a manager,number two this is a small point if you,came up watching the UFC when I did they,were trying to get every newspaper they,could that had a name to cover them any,magazine that had a name to cover him,any television outlet or reporter that,had a name to cover him they wanted to,work with any sponsor that had any kind,of a value in their name to work with,them broadcast network same thing and to,varying degrees they had some successes,they had some failures in that regard,but the UFC has always been on this,quest for third-party validation either,by a third-party entity or a third-party,policy when this deal was first,announced and then you heard Dana White,say Im doing this because it just makes,sense for the company this was the first,time I ever thought at the first time,but this is the first real big time,where I thought rather than something,else conferring status upon the UFC the,UFC is conferring status upon something,else now not upon ESPN plus so much but,the idea of the future of television,being streaming the future of sports,properties really embracing streaming,and you could say WWE network was well,ahead of them,cant argue but relative to the other,sports leagues such as you want to call,UFC 1 which is debatable theyre way,ahead way ahead now combat sports is in,this really beautiful position these,days almost by accident,where theres this emergent technology,and streaming and you have all of these,major properties like NBA NFL MLB NHL,their rights are kind of already tied up,in linear TV deals but these other,companies they want to grow their,streaming platforms whats available,combat sports thats why youre seeing,the zone get into it thats why youre,seeing UFC get into it youre really,seeing a lot of organizations get into,it theyre in that combat sport space,and Im really MMA this was the first,time I really thought wow the UFC by,virtue of this bold strategy maybe not,as bold as WWE but pretty bold they are,conferring status upon what it means for,a sports organization to embrace,streaming streaming can be more,legitimate as a consequence of this deal,theyve theyve taken in all that,third-party value and now they are,conferring it back onto onto streaming,as an idea have some status before but I,think this actually adds to it a little,bit here are two more of these and that,I want to put in your ear that I that,are kind of connected points three and,four heres point three man this UFC an,ESPN deal is going well the numbers that,have they have aired on television while,theres been some decline of key demos,when they put them on theyve generally,been generally been a lot higher than,they were on Fox the fighters have been,getting a lot of interesting exposure,through their media elements but also,through their other existing platforms,whether its sports center or First Take,or whatever you want to say their,storytelling I thought has been pretty,goo

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