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GetResponse Review – Full Demo – Email Marketing Software – Free Trial

GetResponse Review – Full Demo – Email Marketing Software – Free Trial,Welcome to learn. Why are, and this is my gut response review. Im going to just try,to hit everything that a get response has to offer. Im just going to try to touch on,it real quick. Not going to be able to do a full demo, or we probably would be here,for over an hour if we really dove into all the modules, but I just want to give , what,most people will use get response for is email marketing, but there are so many different,features that get responses coming out with.,, monthly, theyre always constantly updating and keeping up with the industry. Its a great,platform. Ive been with all kinds of other competitors. Im not going to name any, but,Ive been with all the major brands and get responses. Actually, the email provider Ive,been using the last couple of years, its just very easy to use and work with the UI.,The user interface is. Easy its user-friendly and I just like that I can go to places and,get to what I need very quickly and get up an autoresponder and email auto responder,very quickly. So were going to go ahead and just dive in to some of the things just on,the front page right here that youre looking at.,So right away, were going to go over and just open up the pricing tab real fast. Another,reason why I like to get response is that it is a ver it does have a very good pricing,structure in comparison with a lot of other of the brands. This is going to be probably,if I could put it at a certain way.,So something that sets get response above the crowd. And I think that theyre exceptional,at is their, their pricing structure. Now there you have different modules. Different,pricing tiers. So if you want the basic plan and a thousand subscribers or less, its only,$15 a month and you get all unlimited email marketing for that auto responders.,You actually get the website builder, which we were not going to really go into, but they,do have a website builder as well. So theyre starting to be a full fledged marketing solution,for businesses, unlimited landing pages. That. So if you need just something to get a quickly,,get up a landing page to start capturing emails in your business, get response.,Well do that for you very quickly. Now youre going to, when you start getting up into the,plus plan professional, and next youre going to get a lot more other stuff like AB split,testing and webinars and. Full sales funnels, all kinds of stuff. Right. But really I started,off at just the basic 1000 and then once it goes over, so up to 2,500, it just goes to,$25 a month.,Now I could go and do some comparisons, but the pricing can be what Im finding at most,other platforms is up to $75. You can be paying for just a list of 2,500 people subscribers.,And so the price can actually triple with other platforms. Its a really good pricing,structure and you can play monthly.,You can save, you can see by saving a 12 month or 24 month. If you do want to try this out,,you actually get 30 days to try this for free, no credit card required. Pretty, pretty cool,stuff right there. Not a lot of companies doing that. Usually its a seven day, three,day or seven day trial. And it a lot of time.,You do have to put a payment option in there and thats how companies get you. But in gamma,response, they dont want you to be a customer unless you really want to be a customer. I,really liked that. I like their model of bringing in new business. No, they want you to try,it out, love the software, and then they know youll sign up.,If you have you liked the software so you can click the link below at any time to sign,up for your 30 day free trial to get response. So other stuff support, they have all kinds,of good support. They have resources, case studies contact support. And what I really,like is that you can actually lets see contact support.,Ive been on chat, live chat with them so many times. And they like right here, look,chat 24 7. You can click on there and they just put your name in, you start the chat,and they are they will get somebody right away to answer your questions, their support.,I would give it a 10 out of 10. They are always on and they will get back to you within minutes,real early great stuff to have support that quickly.,And usually theyre able to fix it on the first go. Right. And if not, theyll have,to dealt us escalate it. Right? So theres all kinds of features. Youve got email marketing,and email creator, auto responders conversion funnels, lead magnets, marketing automations.,You can actually have live chat on your site with them and webinars and website builders,web push notifications.,And. You can do your advertising through the get response platform as well. So we are going,to go ahead and just log into my account real quick. So were logged into the back office,and you can see Im just in the last 30 days, Ive added almost 400 people to my list of,subscribers, which is awesome.,And so you can just right here, I like you can actually change your dashboard right here.,By just moving, dragging, and dropping and just changing the things that are important,to you in your dashboard. So Im going to move this one over. I actually want that one,to be right there. And so you can actually just get a dashboard view of all the things,that are important to you in your business.,Right now theyre telling me that I need to update my API and on any of the other third-party,tools that Im using get response with and get response is also one of the. One softwares,auto responders email softwares to link to other third party tools. It just seamlessly,works really, really well.,So. Then right here, you can just see, you can quick actions. If you needed to create,a form, create a newsletter, create a landing page, add contacts, or create an autoresponder.,So what I like to do is that these right here, if you just needed to create a quick auto,race or a quick newsletter, you can just go to create and you would go create newsletter,right here.,And I just go to the new one. They have all kinds of different templates that you can,use. Its going to load. And then from here, youre going to select the different email,options that you have. Right. And then you can, you can just adjust that you can have,multiple emails to, and from, you can select your list and you can just put in here that,you have a email.,Email one just depends on what youre doing in your business. And then you can say did,you get the ebook can be your first email or, and then you would add your recipients,right here. You could just click here and youre gonna have all your lists right here.,And you can just go ahead and click right here.,And push add. So then Im going to be sending this email to 92 people on that list. And,then right here, design and message. Theres going to be all kinds of predesigned templates,right here, and you can select any of these and now it is recommended. So you can make,your. Email look really nice and professional, but a lot of times, unfortunately doing a,really nice email like this with images and all that, usually its going to end up getting,flagged and going into promotions or spam.,So unfortunately still today in 2021, you want to go with more of a blank template approach.,So you can go like this, and theres different ways that you can align up , depending on,if you have a logo and an image. And, but you can just go with use. And whats really,cool inside here is you can just put your logo in here.,You can add your text. So right here, add my text and you can just make your email right,here. Okay. You just have your text in here, right? And then you can put your name in here,and then you could go back over here, two blocks. And if you wanted to add an image,right here, you can, you can go to browse. You can grab all kinds of different, fun stuff,in here.,Grab an image and its just going to easily come through right there and look at it. You,can add a video spacers, social media, you can add a buy button in here. Y

Best Free Email Marketing Platforms (2022)

– Whats up, its Jamal and welcome back to the channel.,In this video, were gonna review several of,the top email marketing platforms,to highlight which one will provide the best ROI,for any business or budget.,Before we begin, please make sure to hit,the subscribe button if you like this video,and check out the link of the description,for HubSpot Academys free,email marketing certification program,,so that no matter which email marketing platform,you end up using.,Youll know exactly how to optimize your campaigns,for opens, clicks and sales.,All right, Im gonna be the first one to admit.,There are a lot of email marketing platforms out,there on the internet.,So many that it could be really hard to decide which one,is the right fit for your business.,For that reason, Im gonna start,by reviewing some of the best platforms,in the market and give you the pros and cons.,When most people think of email marketing,the first company that comes to mind is MailChimp.,And its easy to understand why.,The company has some of the best branding,of any online B2B product.,So what are the pros?,They have a simple drag and drop design,effortless A/B testing, and easy to understand reporting.,MailChimp also offers a free service for users,with less than 2,000 email subscribers,,which is very generous.,Now, what are the downsides to MailChimp?,Well, for starters once you get over that,2,000 subscriber mark MailChimp can get a little bit pricey.,Im talking like modern day gas prices pricey.,You know what Im saying?,My drivers will know what that means but hey,,they gotta pay for all that fancy advertising somehow.,Plus even though theyve been adding additional,digital marketing tools in recent years,MailChip is still primarily an email marketing tool.,In other words, theres more than one way that,your company can outgrow MailChimp,as you require more subscribers or features.,So maybe you wanna start with a service that already has,a robust stack of digital marketing tools,that goes beyond email.,In that case, might I recommend,HubSpots own email marketing tool,that comes part of the free HubSpot marketing hub.,With HubSpot, you also get an intuitive, drag, drop design,,A/B testing and high quality reporting,,and you can send 2,000 free emails per month.,But the real power in HubSpots email platform,is that it integrates seamlessly,with the rest of your HubSpot digital marketing efforts,like social media management, ad tracking, blogging, SEO,,live chat, and more.,Plus it all connects directly with the HubSpot CRM,,which allows you to follow customers,through the entire sales journey.,You can also set email automations to contact customers,at key points in the funnel.,This will save you a bunch of time,so that you dont have to stay on top of it.,You can use smart content to customize things,like subject lines and integrate directly with services,like Google G Suite, Outlook, Office 365 and even MailChimp.,Plus theres 24/7 online live chat and phone support,and dedicated numbers for over 40 different countries.,With all these features, I think it comes as a surprise,to no one that Investopedia called HubSpot,the best all-in-one marketing suite.,If you wanna dive in and give HubSpots free email,and marketing tools a shot,,theres a link down in the description.,Be sure to click it, let me know how it works for you.,But maybe you dont want all the stuff,that HubSpot has to offer.,Maybe you just wanna grow a sizeable email marketing list,at the best price possible.,I respect that.,I really do, truly.,In that case, I recommend you check out Moosend,,Moosend has a simple email designer,as well as dozens of email templates you can use.,Just like the other email marketing platforms.,They also send you a little baby cow,with every single email that you send.,Its a real thing, Im not making that up.,But the real value is the pricing.,Moosend lets you choose between per subscriber pricing,or per email pricing, whichever works best for your budget.,- This data is wrong every freaking time.,- Have you heard of HubSpot?,HubSpot is a CRM platform where everything,is fully integrated.,- Whoa, I can see the clients whole history, calls,,support tickets, emails,,and heres a task from three days ago, I totally missed.,- [Woman] HubSpot grow better.,- Next up is Constant Contact,,like MailChip, Constant Contact,is a heavily branded email marketing platform,that is preferred by tons of users,with minimal email marketing experience.,One thing that scares away a lot of email marketing newbies,is the design aspect.,Constant Contact solves this by offering hundreds,of mobile friendly email templates.,The downside is unlike HubSpot and MailChimps,forever free tiers and Moosends budget pricing.,Constant Contact only offers a 60 day free trial,after which youll have to start paying a monthly fee.,And dont think I dont see you out here,thinking to yourself, Well, I guess Ill just send,the best emails of my life for the next two months,and then never do it again after that.,Youre shrewd, youre very shrewd.,The next one focuses on email automation.,If youre an expert in that I recommend ActiveCampaign,,which includes hundreds of prebuilt automations,and a massive 850 integration options.,Remember this is the best for advanced users,but if you want to try it out,you can sign up for a 14 day trial.,And finally for e-commerce businesses check out Drip.,A platform designed,especially for running drip marketing campaigns,that steadily send emails and text messages,to customers over time.,Theres a law called the law of 29,that states companies must expose consumers,to their products and services,at least 29 times to win them over.,So its good to constantly get in front of your customers,gotta get in front of em like this with your arms out,looking real, real big.,And by the 29th time they see you like this.,Theyre gonna be like, yeah, you win, Im on your side now,,you can have my money.,This law applies to any and all businesses,but Drip is especially effective for eCommerce.,And it integrates with Shopify, Magento,,WooCommerce and more.,Then again, so does HubSpot, MailChimp and even Moosend.,The fact is, email marketing has been around for so long,and remains so successful that there are tons,of solutions out there that will work to your advantage.,Now lets get into the best email marketing platforms,for your specific type of business.,Again, like I mentioned before,MailChip is probably the best option,for small businesses with limited market growth.,Just make sure your email list doesnt outgrow your budget.,For eCommerce platforms, like we also mentioned,Drip could be the first platform you try,or if your campaigns need a lot of automation options,,check out ActiveCampaign.,For businesses that want to grow a huge email list,without racking up a huge monthly bill,,Moosend is the way to go.,And if you need design help, whatever your business,,start with Constant Contacts templates.,And if you gotta have it all,,cause youre a greedy, greedy, greedy little boy,,and or girl.,HubSpot is there with the full CRM, automation,,email AI, advanced digital marketing tools,,and a whole lot more.,So your business can grow better.,You can get started right now by signing up,for our free marketing hub and CRM service.,And dont forget to take the free HubSpot academy,email marketing course to optimize performance,every time you hit send.,Now if youll excuse me, Im gonna digitize myself,,get myself into an email marketing campaign,and blast myself on everyones email list.,Youre gonna see me in your inbox.,Until then, Ill see you next time.

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ConvertKit Demo & Tutorial (Email Marketing) – Email Marketing Software

hey whats up my name is pat flynn and,in this video i want to show you exactly,how easy it is to use convertkit for,your email marketing solutions whether,youre just starting out youre a,creator entrepreneur you want to build,your list convert its a great solution,and even if youre coming from,potentially another platform you already,have a list of potentially thousands if,not tens of thousands convertkit can be,a great solution for you to remove a lot,of the headaches that you may be,experiencing on other platforms now,before I show you exactly how to get,started with this plus I have a free,gift for you if you stick around to the,end we need to talk a little bit about,the landscape of email marketing here in,2019 this is david Hyde Meyer Hanson who,is one of the founders of Basecamp and a,tweet that he shared earlier this year,he says email is the next big thing,were finally realizing just how,precious these open standards were all,along your way around Facebook and all,the other walled garden parasites go,through email and the reason why hes,saying this is because as you might be,experiencing in Facebook and Twitter and,Instagram right now theres a lot of,things getting in the way of us reaching,the audience that were building you,fully on your list wherever it is,whether its convertkit or somewhere,else you fully own that list but,Facebook can control how often people,see your post YouTube can control how,often you see my videos but with email,you send the email and your people if,youve trained them if youve provided,value for them theyre gonna open your,emails theres this article in The Wall,Street Journal the hot new channel for,reaching people email who knew because a,lot of people have said oh emails dead,everything your Facebooks everything,Twitters everything Instagram no email,is back and its so important that if,you havent been focusing on email to,focus on this now because this is where,you will begin to take control again of,your audience and be able to serve them,better and really its an insurance,policy whatever happens in social media,and other technologies doesnt matter,you can always bring people with you if,you have them on your list now going,back to convertkit,I actually didnt start on convertkit I,started on Aweber then I moved to,Infusionsoft and then in 2015 2014 I,moved to convertkit and I havent looked,back since I actually love it so much,that I became an affiliate and Im,actually an advisor for the company now,I speak at their events every year at,Kraft and Commerce in Idaho and its,just such an amazing company thats here,to support you theres three reasons why,I love convertkit and recommend it more,than any other email service provider,number one and this is how I was always,from the,start the user interfaces unlike any,other email service provider it is easy,to use its intuitive its actually,useful you can understand things that,are going on in trends and your emails,and even reporting on certain emails so,you can understand whats working and,whats not this has always been the case,with convertkit because its founder,nathan berry who I once interviewed on,my podcast he used to be a designer and,his specialty was UX user experience,user interfaces and so it is definitely,portrayed here to continue to improve,over time as more and more advanced,features come into play which is reason,number two you get advanced features,like you would in other software without,the advanced prices and its actually,simple to use once you understand it and,I have plenty of other videos that go,into a lot more advanced strategies for,using convertkit for your e-commerce for,segmentation and tagging and those sorts,of things Ill link to some of those,things below and number three and most,importantly to me is they care about,your success they know that they get,better when you get better and this is,helping everybody win this is unlike a,lot of other email service providers,maybe youve seen or have experienced,with MailChimp well MailChimp is great,but its growing at a crazy rate I mean,its gonna make over 700 million dollars,in 2019 and its gonna expand out of,just email only its gonna evolve into a,full marketing platform which will,include building websites and all this,other stuff that it means great for for,MailChimp oh I mean congratulations to,them but what does that mean for the,individual creator who wants to have the,best email marketing platform its going,to change and even if you look at the,comments here on the right-hand side of,this article on TechCrunch Paul here,says you know Ive been with MailChimp,through several organizations but now,hes very frustrated with how things,have gone theres no phone support no,advanced warnings no grandfathering no,plans to refund for certain things and,then Donna here says shes been very,frustrated with some things that used to,be free and arent free anymore they,have a lot more investors a lot more,people to take care of so you you might,see some price changes there,MailChimp has always been sort of a,competitor to to convert kit because,MailChimp is one thats been known for,perfect use for beginning entrepreneurs,and as its convertkit and MailChimp has,a free plan for your first 500,subscribers but personally I would guess,that less than 3% of people,who get the free account actually go,above 500 email subscribers why because,MailChimp actually isnt educating you,on that and finally if you pay for,something youre going to use it if you,get something for free youre likely to,just let it sit because and and like,whats the incentive the incentive is to,stay under 500 if you get this thing for,free the free trial from from MailChimp,versus a small amount every single month,to invest into a platform that will help,you grow your business and will be skin,in the game so you actually take action,and you get support and education along,the way theres no better platform in my,opinion than in convertkit so lets dive,right in so here I am on the pricing,page and for most people watching this,video people just starting from the,beginning youre gonna pay $29 a month,and if you click yearly here and go to,the annual plan youll pay only $24 a,month which is great but you get a,14-day free trial to give it a shot if,you go through the link thats on the,screen right now or the link thats in,the description for convertkit thats my,affiliate link that means I get a,commission if you go through that at no,extra cost to you but youll get a 30,day free trial as a result of that and,just go through that link there and,youll be able to get started if you do,have an email list of over 5,000 and,youre migrating from somewhere else,they will for free migrate you for free,thats its a concierge service they,have four people over 5,000 so if thats,you you can reach out to them or you let,them know when you sign up and theyre,gonna be there to help you migrate,including automations that youve,created as well which is pretty amazing,so Im actually gonna create an account,from scratch so you can see what to look,forward to and exactly how to get,started in what to do so Im gonna click,on get started Im gonna say Im brand,new do I have a website yes I have a,website i have a wordpress website and,then after adding my credentials which,im not going to show you we go to this,step here now after you sign in youre,gonna see how many days left you have,remaining in your trial again this will,be bumped up for you if you go through,my affiliate link and then here on the,right hand side theres a sort of little,tutorial and things you can do kind of,step by step and if you accomplish all,these goals and learn all these things,you actually get a free convertkit shirt,that theyll send to you and i promise,you it is very comfortable so im going,to show you how to do some of these,things right at the start and then Im,gonna take you into my own personal,account that has over 200,000 email,subscribers and some of the things were,doing th

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BEST Email Marketing Software 2022 (My TOP Recommendation)

so in the past couple of months ive,tried out pretty much every popular,email marketing software out there,and in this video im gonna share with,you my thoughts on each of them and tell,you exactly which one is best for you,whats up this is simon from medics,media providing you with the best tips,tools and tutorials to grow your online,business so make sure you subscribe to,the channel to not miss any upcoming,videos,so before we get into the video i want,to make clear that this video is not,sponsored by any of these email,marketing providers that were gonna be,talking about in this video everything,im saying is based on my own experience,and own opinion im gonna be giving you,the pros and cons between different,email marketing softwares that i,recommend and specifically were gonna,be looking at eight different providers,including both free and paid options so,theres active campaign constant contact,get response aweber convertkit mailchimp,mailerlite and send in blue and ive,already created complete beginner,tutorials for each of these eight,providers that were going to be talking,about in this video so no matter what,you choose these tutorials will show you,step by step on how to start using them,ill leave a link to all of these,tutorials down below in the video,description now ill break this video,down in five things that you should look,for when deciding on your email,marketing software and im going to be,giving you my overall thoughts at the,end on which platform i would choose for,what so lets now dive in and talk about,the five things that you should look for,when deciding on an email marketing,software lets start off with the most,obvious one which is price,pretty much all email marketing,providers are so called sas companies,meaning they charge for their service on,a monthly or yearly basis kind of like a,netflix subscription if you stop paying,the monthly fee you will lose access to,their software the amount youll have to,pay normally depends on how many,contacts you have on your email list so,the larger your email list is the more,youll have to pay on a monthly or,yearly basis the only exception to this,pricing model is send in blue they,charge based on how many emails you send,out per month rather than how many,contacts you have on your email list so,this provider might be interesting to,you if you already have a large email,list but you send out relatively few,emails five of these eight providers,also offer a completely free plan that,you can use up to a certain amount of,contacts on your email list when you go,over that contact limit you will have to,choose one of their paid plans next to,that contact limit most free plans also,limit the amount of features that you,can use so that eventually you will,become a paying customer however in my,opinion there are some very attractive,and capable free plans that youll be,able to use for a very long time until,you will have to upgrade and choose a,paid plan in my opinion made a light and,mailchimp have the most attractive free,plan on the market right now you can use,both of these free options to create,signup forms build landing pages and,send out email broadcasts plus,mailerlite is the only free option that,you can use to build entire email,automation sequences and mailchimp has,the most attractive contact limit at 2,000 email contacts activecampaign,constant contact and getresponse dont,have a free plan what theyre offering,is a free trial so that you can try out,their software before choosing one of,their paid plans constant contact has,the longest free trial period at a,60-day free trial followed by get,response with a 30-day free trial and,active campaign with a 14-day free trial,however the 60 day free trial of,constant contact is only available for,people in the united states and in,canada so for everybody else you will,only get a 30 day free trial now trying,to compare the prices side by side of,these email marketing softwares its,quite a difficult thing to do because,most of these providers have multiple,plan tiers that are just hard to compare,to each other so for example,activecampaigns cheapest plan comes,with their powerful email automation,builder but not with the landing page,builder whereas get response cheapest,plan doesnt include their automation,builder but they do include the landing,page builder so the attractiveness of,each plan really depends on what,features you actually need nevertheless,heres a comparison of the prices for,each provider with an email list size of,up to 2500 contacts on their lowest tier,plan with a monthly payment option again,send in blue has a different pricing,model so i chose their light plan with a,monthly sending limit of 10 000 emails,so this comparison should give you a,good idea about how expensive those,providers are compared to each other but,again the features that come with these,plans vary between these different,providers so definitely check out the,prices for yourself before making a,decision ill leave some links down,below in the video description now lets,move on to the next important question,that you should ask yourself before,choosing your email marketing provider,and that is what email marketing tools,will you actually need in your business,will you just send out simple email,newsletters or will you be building,complex email automation sequences and,customer journeys because theres no,point in paying for a very powerful tool,if youre not going to use those,features out of all eight options,activecampaign is definitely the best,provider when it comes to email,marketing automation they are known to,be the leader when it comes to email,automation allowing you to pretty much,build anything you can think of you can,also use it to send text messages build,landing pages and split test different,campaigns and they also have a very good,crm feature very in-depth reporting and,tons of integration options next to,activecampaign,also offers a lot of pro features and,customization options but its not quite,as sophisticated as active campaign when,it comes to email automation however get,response is more and more turning into,an all-in-one marketing platform,offering tools like sales funnels,webinars split testing landing pages or,customer relation management definitely,one of the best options if youre,looking for a tool that goes beyond just,email marketing all the other providers,dont really stand out to me in terms of,automation possibilities,all of them do the basic features like,signup forms landing pages basic,automations and email broadcasts some of,them offer some unique things like,survey tools or logo makers all little,things that i think are not that,important when it comes to email,marketing but are good to have when you,actually need them by the way if youre,already using other third-party,softwares like shopify or salesforce,and you want to integrate those,softwares with your email marketing,provider then you want to make sure that,they offer this specific integration,however you shouldnt have any issues,with those eight providers that im,talking about in this video because all,of them have a wide variety of,integration options another big,difference you see between email,marketing providers is how many design,templates and customization options they,offer for creating nice looking signup,forms landing pages and emails they all,do a pretty good job when it comes to,templates and customization,possibilities except maybe for,convertkit they do have some good,landing page design templates but when,it comes to emails they are very limited,all you can basically do is create,simple text emails and maybe add a,couple of images but if all you want to,do is send out simple text emails anyway,then thats not such a big deal now the,next thing you might want to look at,when deciding on what email marketing,provider to go for is how easy it is to,use their software like ive already,mentioned ive personally tested all of,these eight providers

Best Email Marketing Platform 2022 / How to get a Free Trial of Email Marketing Software

best email marketing platform how to get,a free trial of email marketing software,hey guys welcome back to my channel,today what were going to do is show you,how you can get a free trial with email,marketing with a company that ive used,and i,i personally like the best because of,just how easy it is to use and work,getting to my customers,and before we get into that,please smash that like button when you,hit the like button it actually tells,youtube that this content isnt is,important and it allows more people to,be able to discover the channel and,um,hopefully learn some things and thatll,help them with their business and their,their journey to their goals,so if you havent subscribed yet um,please consider doing so on this channel,we talk about personal finance we talk,about entrepreneurship we talk about you,know tools,softwares and tricks that you know can,help grow your business,and really move the needle towards,you know the goals that you wanted,more away from the boss and and have,more freedom in your life so this is,this is just a channel to help,support you and encourage you in that in,that goal,so with that lets go ahead and get,started,okay the the software that im talking,about is called get response,and,it is a,email marketing software that is used to,be able to,communicate with your customers and,to be able to provide the value,that they signed up for,and so,this is the one that i personally like,to use,and im going to go ahead and leave a,link in the description down below its,going to send you to this page here,its going to look just like this,and i want to just go over this this is,something that i think youll really be,pleased with if youve never if youve,ever used email marketing software,before i think youll love,the usability of this or the the,ease of use its so simple to actually,put together and to link,the different parts and,i dont know i just i felt the most,um,i guess ease of use was with get,response and ive used them many times,so this is what i recommend and whats,really neat about it here is you can,sign up for free,no,or start for free,no credit card required cancel any time,so you can sign up no not even a credit,card so go ahead and do that ill leave,the link again in the description below,and itll take you to this page,but,theres many things that you can do and,its its just so much to even be able,to cover,but,you have your email marketing so,reaching out to your customers a website,builder,marketing automation,conversion funnels,take a look at this so,it actually helps you put together,a sales funnel machine as it says here,or software sales funnel software,machine so,what theyre really doing is theyre,really including a lot of the marketing,with get response and really attaching,the different,phases of the sales cycle,and thats really great i think thats,why theyre growing and uh yeah youll,definitely like the free trial and to,to check out make sure you play around,with it see all the different features,that are in there and,depend on what youre building i think,that youll be pleased with,you know how this is,set up and and how youre able to,to get set up for your business,so it says in inbound marketing,solutions for what you need to do,get your business,online a suite of free marketing tools,designed to get your business online and,fuel it with a stream of new leads,and grow your audience and guys i think,that its very safe to say that right,now with the way censorship is going and,um,people being the platform for their,different beliefs i think its,more obvious than ever before how much,you need to have an email list and you,need to be building your email so you,can own,the um,the traffic,and to be able to have some sort of,connection with your customers if,anything were to happen on any of your,other platforms so i think we can all,agree this is the most important thing,right now,to continue to do that so they say,engage with customers so yeah stay in,touch with them so you can send out the,emails and and build your email sequence,which is really unique thats the thats,the thing that drew me the most was the,sequence builder,how you can just kind of attach the,lines its kind of neat you know,youll be able to see that boost online,sales market your e-commerce business,and deliver experiences that convert,store,visitors into returning customers,so,and theres going to be all kinds of,different things to be able to look into,you know depending on what type of,business you have and different tools,um which is cool thats why they say,personalized tools,um for who you are so depending on what,type of a business model you have and,what your needs are,they actually help put that together so,thats,very awesome,things for all the different features,and,i run so different prices but this is,one again you can start and um,no credit card,and try it right away which i think is,amazing and then click around to see,what other value they have like i said,they are actually,including more things in the full you,know sales cycle,which is why their,their business is definitely growing,so and they have really good customer,service ive used them many times and,theyre quick to respond,and get those questions answered so its,just so full of information but i think,youll really like the free trial again,you can take a look at it in the,description,theres a link there but itll take you,to this page,to get all set up,so hope that was valuable for you guys,again please smash that like button so,that more people get a chance to see,this and consider subscribing where we,talk about finance we talk about,entrepreneurship,and different tools and tricks that you,can use um as well as investing at times,with cryptocurrency so,with that ill leave it there and well,catch you guys on the next video

Aweber Free Trial review | Email Marketing tool | plans | features | Alternatives

Hello and welcome to quick tips! In this  video, I will give you detailed information  ,about aweber free trial plan. Email marketing  campaigns will improve your sales conversions.  ,To run an effective email campaign, you will need  an email marketing tool. Aweber is one of the  ,best email marketing platforms, that will help you  grow your business through email marketing tools.  ,The best part is that you can start with aweber  free trial plan. If you are just starting with  ,email marketing, lets start with the video.  Do not forget to subscribe to my channel  ,to get more quick tips about online softwares  and tools. If you have any questions,  ,please leave us message in comment section. And  press the like button if you like the video.  ,Here we go. We are already on the  aweber website. So first, lets go  ,through the pricing of this tool. They have two  different plans. The first one is a free plan,  ,and the second one is a pro plan. That one  is a paid plan. Now this pro plan is divided  ,into five different categories based on the  number of subscribers you have. So lets see.  ,If you have zero to 500 subscribers,  then it will be around $16.15 per month  ,when it is charged annually. When you will be  charged monthly it will be $19 per month. Now  ,if you have 501 to 2500 subscribers, then it will  be $29 per month. And it will be charged monthly.  ,Okay so you can see different plans here  based on the number of subscribers you have.  ,Now if you are starting with the email marketing,  then ill suggest you to go with the free plans  ,first. In the free plan, you will see you can have  up to 500 subscribers and you can send up to 3000  ,emails per month. So lets consider you have  500 subscribers, then you can send up to 6  ,emails per month to all these subscribers.  Now definitely, there are some limitations to  ,the free plan, and you can see here. You can  send unlimited emails to your email list,  ,and you can have unlimited list profiles under  paid plan. Now you can see other restrictions are  ,there for the free plan. But if it is a new start,  then you can definitely go with the free plan.  ,Lets see how you can sign up for the free plan.  You can go to the website, enter your first name,  ,last name, and email address. And click on sign  up. Then they will send you an email to your email  ,address. You just need to go to your email and  verify the link. And it will create your account.  ,Once you log into your account,  you will see the account like this.  ,All right, you can see your dashboard. Now here,  you will see the list of subscribers. You have  ,to increase the subscribers, you  need to collect email addresses and  ,the name of your website visitors. So you will  need to put some sign up forms on the website.  ,Or you can have landing pages. Now they have  also included a web push feature, where you know,  ,someone enters your website, they will be asked  to send a notification. Now how you can create  ,signup form? You can go to subscriber. Here you  will see create a signup form. You can click on  ,it. It will show you this is a dummy form. You  can click on it. It will show how the form is.  ,This is a sign up form generator. The form will  be generated .You can select a template. So there  ,are different templates you can use for the free  also. Click on it. Lets see how this will look.  ,You can see name, email, submit. So this is how  it will look. They will give you a single code.  ,You can put the code on your website and it  will show the sign of form on your website.  ,Now they also have landing pages. You can click  on it. So in this, you can have a landing page.  ,Its like this. this is just like a  drag and drop kind of website you can  ,have. So at the end, you will see you  see this name, email, and signup form.  ,So this is how you can collect email addresses on  your website. So i think, if youre starting with  ,the email marketing, then go for the free plan.  Its a good one. Now what are the alternatives to  ,aweber? I guess, mailchimp is one  of the best alternative to aweber.  ,In mailchimp, you can have up to 2000 subscribers  in the free plan, and you can send up to 10 000  ,email addresses per month. You can check my  other video about mailchimp free trial also.  ,So thats it for now, and thanks for watching. Do  not forget to subscribe to my channel to get more  ,quick tips about online softwares and tools. If  you have any questions, please leave us message in  ,comment section. And press the like button if you  like the video. Thanks for watching quick tips!

How To Setup Your Free Trial Email Sequence To Activate Customers

– Hey there, Im Dan Martell. Technology entrepreneur,,investor and creator of SaaS Academy.,In this wideo, video Im gonna teach you how to set up your,email campaign to close more customers in your free trials,and be sure to stay to the end where I share with you an,exclusive download called the Trial Converter Campaign.,Which is essentially a workflow for how to think through the,different emails Im gonna go over today and sequence them.,(upbeat music),So maybe youve got a ton of traffic but youre not,converting enough into your free trials,and its really getting to you.,Or youve got a bunch of people that are trialing and theyre,not converting into customers.,What Im gonna share with you is how to structure an email,campaign, the information that should go in those emails so,that you can get 10 to 25% of those trials converting,and I know if youre at like 2% youre like,,”Kay man, that sounds like a little crazy.”,Bear with me, Im gonna walk you through this.,Ive been doing this now for a very long time.,Building software companies for over 20 years.,I started when I was 17 and I figured out theres a process,for understanding how to get in the mind of the customer.,I did that with Flowtown.com which got acquired.,Clarity, same deal and Ive coached hundreds of,entrepreneurs at this point in improving their trials and I,want to walk you through the step by step process,that I use to make that happen.,Step one, welcome email.,So this is the first email that a new signup gets,when theyre in the trial and to me this is all about,showing em what you got.,Think about the watch, the trench coat guy with his watches,and hes like, “What do you want? What do you got?”,That is kinda how you want to think about that email.,You just want to let people know and,get them oriented and situated.,Be like, heres where you go for support.,Heres where you go for training.,Heres if you get stuck.,Let us know.,You can always reply to this email.,I would actually highly encourage that in your welcome,emails to ask them, “Just let us know what youre hoping to,”accomplish with our technology, our product” and just make it,all about just getting them situated and whats available,for them to move forward.,Number two, training.,Ideally, Im hoping, that youve got some level of training,not inside your product.,If you drop somebody on a blank slate and then play a video and,consider that on-boarding, shame on you.,So thats just right out of the gate.,That video though is probably good training video so I think,whats really important is understand whats the success,gap within you product.,Where is the customer coming in?,What do they want to accomplish?,And whats the ideal set of videos that they would need to,consume to really understand how to,get the most out of your product.,And you want to link those in the email.,So training is an important piece of information that you,want to communicate especially to new trials so that they,actually get activated and use the product.,Three, case study.,Now, the fun part about this is you probably have a customer,thats totally crushing it using your product.,Somewhere, and maybe you have,one in different industries and verticals.,What you want to do is you want to extract that case study and,talk about that result with your new signup trails and just paint,a picture of euphoria in future of whats possible.,If they got like all your technology deployed what could,their world possibly look like?,Thats the goal of a case study.,Its about saying, “Hey, I know how you feel.,”I know where youve been.,”Youre probably feeling these frustrations.,”One of our customers, X, had the same challenges.,”Heres how they implemented or product to get these results.”,Be specifically about the numbers cause the more specific,you are, the more exciting and engaged the trial user is gonna,be to want to get those same results and deploy your,technology to get that.,Four, tips and tricks.,Now youve been using your product forever and you take a,lot of the settings and features for granted.,Maybe you just kind of assume everybody knows about it.,One of my favorite things to do, especially when I get in front,of this camera is remind myself that Im probably talking to,somebody thats never met me before,,maybe its their first time doing this thing,,building a product, free trial, demo,,email sequences, whatever it is,,and I got to talk to them from that point of view.,So the tips and tricks are unique and nuanced things that,customers are doing.,Maybe its about adding their link in a,certain workflow in their business.,Or maybe its a specific report and how a companys using that,to get a result in their business.,Its the things, its the customizations.,Its the personalization.,What are some tips and tricks, three or four things,,that you would suggest your customers to do to get some,extra value that they otherwise wouldnt know.,Its not the obvious flow of value that theyre coming in for,your product and just things that make them think,,”Oh, thats really cool.,”I didnt know you could do that with this product.”,Thats what I would do in the tips and tricks email.,Five, offer to help.,If youre monitoring and you have whats called the,member-at-risk monitoring set up in your free trials then you,should be paying attention to whos active and going through,the free trial and whos at-risk.,And if somebodys at-risk you want to send an email,and just offer to help.,Somebody from your customer success team to just say like,,”Hey, I noticed you signed up a couple days ago.,”You havent invited anybody to collaborate with you on this.”,Or, “You havent created a report,”,or “You havent sent out your first campaign.”,Whatever it is in your product and just say,,”Hey, do you want to get on a quick 15 minute demo,”and Ill actually use your account,”and well get it set up and configured.,”Heres a link to my calendar, feel free to schedule with me.”,Now you can automate this whole process which is awesome and,really just make yourself available only to those,that need you most.,The ones that arent moving along as you expect them.,So offering to help is a no-brainer.,You should be doing this.,You can afford to do this and,it just is the right thing to do in business.,If somebodys stuck, show up and say,,”Hey, lets get this unstuck. Lets move you forward.”,Six, make an offer.,Now at the end of your trial, maybe its a seven day trial,,three day trial.,Ive seen those, pretty aggressive but I love it.,14 day trial, et cetera,,you want to use a little bit of salesmanship.,You want to think about the context.,The persons used the free trial,,theyre at a certain stage of usage.,What could I put in an email to get them excited about moving,forward, about adding their credit card if they havent yet,,about sticking around and making sure that,the next billing cycle goes through.,And its to me one of the easiest things is to make an,offer, to tell them, “Hey, youve done X in our product.”,Maybe its like, “Youve created three projects.”,”Youve sent two campaigns,” or 400 emails or whatever it is,,”And we want to honor that activity and action and,”if you make a decision to move forward today,,”heres the opportunity.,”If you want to do an annual contract,,”were gonna do it for nine months,,”like the cost of nine months versus ten months,”which is traditional, probably 20% off.”,Make them an offer.,Get them excited to click the button and like it and also let,them know theyre missing out on.,I think its important and any sales conversation you want to,talk about whats possible and whats awesome and you always,want to say heres whats gonna not change if you dont move,forward and just let them know that.,And say, you know, nows the time.,Lets get you set up, click the link,,update your credit card info and somebody from our team will be,reaching out to walk you through how you can get even,more out of our product.,Whatever yo

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