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Shape Tone | Body Products | free trial

hey guys welcome back so i just wanted,to talk about this slim patch,um from shape tone i got this to try out,i think i got 11 days before i have to,um do the,reviews on it so im going to try this,start in today anyway it was just an,amazon bag uh just that im pretty sure,it was an amazon,bag or just a regular um,mail package and it just came in today,anyway this is a,weight loss treatment slim patch,contouring,slim slimming all natural body wrap,it says new and improved and again the,company is shape tone body products i,believe thats,this is right there on the back here,um so its pretty much the same thing it,shows you some images,you got to wash your hands wash your,stomach and stuff dry it off before you,put this,on um here are some directions here,if you guys want to pause it you can,pretty much it just says,um sorry about my son hes over here,playing uh,after cleaning and drying the skin,attach the patch to the target,area um apply once every two,days for four to eight hours and i,actually watched a youtube video,and um this girl said she uses it at,nighttime which i might do,im excited about it right now so i,might try it on during the day today but,tomorrow i might try it on at night time,well just see what happens,and hopefully i dont break out anyway,uh this is what it looks like im just,going to,open this up and show you the patches,and see what they look like,[Music],i wanted to try this without ripping it,but,i dont think im going to be able to,with one hand anyway okay,so i could have been more careful about,that,all right so here are the patches um it,looks like theres a piece of paper that,came in here,um so here was just a piece of paper,ill probably show you an image of me,wearing this and then like a before and,after picture if theres any results at,the end,again if you guys want to pause this you,can,my back doesnt say anything nothing,else i believe came in here,so it was just these so well open this,up,and i believe theres well someone said,theres five of them in here,and another video i watched and like i,said,um you can use one up to like,uh what did it say three times,somewhere,i dont know somewhere on that side you,can use it a few times so,heres one,oh theres still one more in there and,there is,one two three four so theres five of,them all together,uh you just when you open it all the way,right in the middle theres this cute,little heart i want to say this part,goes on your stomach,so heres like my hand,i cant do it i dont know here so,anyway this is,it um ill let you know if theyre,comfortable if theyre not if i break,out to them i have sensitive skin,like in the face area with piercings and,stuff with,some cleansers but i dont know about my,stomach so they seem nice and im trying,to,tone and get ready some belly get rid of,some belly fat so hopefully these work,um so thats pretty much it for now im,gonna go ahead and test these out,and hopefully well see some results if,you guys have any questions please let,me know,all right you guys ive tried these uh,four times now im about to try the,fifth one probably today or tomorrow,and so far i like them i only had a,little breakout the first time i used it,and then after that first day,and i tried it again i didnt have any,issues at all so,um i would definitely recommend i think,my i have sensitive skin so my body had,to kind of get used to it,anyway if you guys have any questions,please let me know therell be some,images of me wearing this,i also forgot to mention at the,beginning you dont have to wear these,just on your stomach if you want to wear,them on your leg you can,and um maybe your arm if you want to i,think you said it leg,arm stomach you know anywhere you think,you would need to um,conjure and slit contouring and slimming,or whatever,so anyway if you guys have any questions,please let me know i hope this video was,helpful and thank you for watching

I Spent 3 Months Framing My Co-Worker For A Robbery | The Smokes Show

hey its me Tommy smokes and in a few,short moments NYPD detectives will be,arriving to this building to arrest my,co-worker Ben Mintz for a crime of grand,larceny but you see if its a crime he,did not commit its a crime that I,committed and then had Batmans framed,for very carefully building a mountain,of evidence against him but he may say,Tommy wow whyd you do this how did you,do this well let me tell you a little,story you see this video was originally,supposed to be about me bringing back,Tommys Thursday thoughts I gotta start,thinking again it was a show I did for,years where I shared some opinions and,observations about the world on a,Thursday someone with a teardrop tattoo,would probably have a real tough time,pleading innocent on a murder trial but,back in March the show got canceled and,I no longer had the ability to think,Wicca canceled,Tommys Thursday thoughts Tommys,Thursday thoughts it was a Twitter,segment in which Tommy filmed himself,just giving,um humorous opinions and that was it,they canceled his thought he canceled,his thought it had no production team,it was they did it was like you cant,tweet this anymore now though I decided,it was time to rebel and bring the show,back and the whole office agreed with me,but if I could only choose one piece of,content for Barstow Sports to come back,in 2023 it has to be,the incredible the iconic the,incomparable Tommys Thursday thoughts,when I think about canceled Barstool,content uh the number one has to be,Tommys Thursday thoughts if I had to,choose one thing to come back that or my,grandpa,Tommys Thursday thoughts did I say dogs,by Tommy smokes with some of the most,deepest pieces of,pieces of,theres pieces of something all right,I mean,we need to pack one of the big,conditions of my return to Barstool was,that it had to be accompanied by a,return of Tommys Thursday thoughts,Tommys Thursday thoughts is how I was,introduced to Barstool it was unanimous,everyone agreed Tommys Thursday,thoughts had to come back well everyone,except for one person Ben Mintz is an,oblivious gullible delusional yet,weirdly charming and endearing Barstool,blogger from New Orleans who refers to,himself as the King of the South,but now he was about to become my worst,enemy Mitch you got a few minutes to,help out the video,what shows that were axed do you think,are we talking about varsal shows or,just bar stool shows that should come,back in 2023 I cant believe Im giving,him props but I think wrestling should,come back really I think Brandon did a,really good job with it uh what else,like top three others okay top three,others uh I thought the podfather was,pretty good I mean I just some clam and,large and that crew fan try to think of,what else yeah uh,okay Ill just say mine like FFF the Pod,was canceled we just did but we moved it,to a Sunday show right next year maybe a,weekly prop like making a bar stool,sports book prop show though and make it,a vehicle for the sports book and then I,would have like cool good answer thank,you Vince you thought of a lot hey man,Im trying you know I do my best always,do what I can for free Tommy to that,piece of [ __ ] forget about Tommys,Thursday thoughts he listed every other,[ __ ] channel that was canceled,that means it just made a very very,powerful enemy,and mints will pay for this,still thinking about Mitzi saying he,hated Tommys Thursday thoughts Tommy,that was three weeks ago I dont care he,wronged me he wronged me he betrayed me,and he he has to pay for it and Ron your,my platonic life partner my friend,my accomplice help me get revenge on,this guy you know Im down for a bank,Im a Revenge guy Im a plot guy like,you want a plot lets plot lets put,together ideas number one Im just,spitballing here,uh murder we kidnap his family we murder,I murder his parents in front of him,make him watch have him stew on that,memory for a week in a dark room a week,later I suffocate the life out of them I,like that but I dont think I dont know,if youre built for that I dont know if,youre built to kill it could be hard,okay we could get,10 private jet put a bag over his head,take him on the pen private jet make him,think were from the poker underworld,dump his body over the Atlantic thats,still murder no thats still murder I,feel like you dont really necessarily,have the chops for murder and its just,uh it doesnt necessarily the the crime,and the punishment arent even stock us,down as well it could be hard to get,them I would kill the stock I could [ __ ],his dad,okay it was a prank as a prank okay I,dont bend them over and just [ __ ] the,life out of them but does that get your,point across like what if thats just,awesome for everyone,negative but write it down write it down,youre youre a guy youve come up with,Revenge plots you stole boot events,painting that time and what do we do,there I think its you have to you need,to like frame him for what for like uh,like something around the office like he,[ __ ] something up or like he messes,something up or does something to,somebody or something like that like,theres a crime committed that he gets,in trouble for what about what about a,robbery in the spirit of the Buddha band,painting like something in the office,like what is even valuable here its,like trash its all trash out here weve,had a real laptop robbery before I think,laptops is realistic because thats the,only thing thats of any value that,people actually care about people need,them how do we frame them though I dont,know I mean theyre security cameras but,maybe someone that looks like him like,maybe someone that like you know,somebody looks like Batman we need like,yeah we need like a Tim Dylan type until,I kind of flesh out his what if we make,it look like the night before hes got,hes got a random person hes walking,around the building and it looks like on,the security camera photo that theyre,like casing the place out and then,everybodys like wait a minute whos,this stranger amendments is walking,around the building with like three,hours before it got robbed like a like a,reporter or some [ __ ] like that like,someone is like we we like I can I can,be a fake reporter we hire someone to,come in and be a reporter we hired them,to case the place take a bunch of,pictures of everything make it look like,theyre like taking pictures of the,laptops of the loot we should do it we,should do it [ __ ] Christmas themed or,some [ __ ] like that since itll be,around Christmas like its true or like,something like [ __ ] like someone,dresses up yeah Santa costumes or some,[ __ ] like that these like pillows to,make this look like or like that,inflatable or we need that [ __ ],perfect body double so then that Tuesday,day after the robbery we get all,business Pete or somebody in on it send,an email company wide there was a laptop,theft last night we need to have like an,internal investigation about it maybe we,hire some fake copies we should,literally have cops walking around we,should have like we should get like a,lineup of cops or like do a casting call,for cops or something like that sexy,cops sexy cops not strippers but just a,good looking real cops or like ethnic,looking yeah ethnic looking sexy sexy,and have them walking out in like,[ __ ] handcuffs yeah because of the,Mountain of evidence that we have framed,Ben mints with is too much to overlook,and then they walk benefits out of here,in handcuffs oh my god dude if we dont,do this thing where you [ __ ] his dad I,think this is perfect yeah this is a,good second alternate all right I mean,we got a lot to figure out we got to get,fake cops we gotta work on a fake,journalist we should start by emailing,him dude we should make a fake email and,email him as the journalist all right,lets get revenge on this [ __ ],and with that our plan was set and it,was time to get to work all right Ive,sent Ben mince an email posing as a fake,journalist for the Louisiana Life,Magazine asking if I can do an interview,on him its a random magazine I found,onl

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SetUp Your FREE Body Wrap Parties Marketing System For ItWorks Distributors

welcome everybody I know youre really,excited and youre ready to get started,and youve heard about with all these,great things and you want to see it for,yourself but just seems too good to be,true its kind of like the it works,product in the respect that its just,seems like its just incredible it could,it really work Im all those questions,Im sure in your mind well let me assure,you that this is all proven technology,and this is going to be a lot of fun and,its all been simplified to where you,just need to build cut and paste,essentially follow some simple,instructions and youre going to have,everything up and running most of it,its automated a lot of it has set it,and forget it but lets go ahead and get,you started the way that you get to,where you need to be to get your free,copy is to click on the top left corner,of any of the sites that you see after,the people are user youll see on the,top corner here where it says it works,distributor is click here thats how,youre going to get in but before we go,there I want you to notice something,here that this is super personalized see,like this is my site and so you can see,my name in the article here and lets,say it was Peggy Sue site then Peggy,would say its a Peggy Sue changing,lives physically and financially you,need have Peggy Sues picture here so,this is something really exciting just,do one other thing here to show you and,I think it started this is part of the,viral system so as people click on this,and post on their Facebook the viral,post and theyll start to see them and,personalized emails from me and doing a,lot follow-up and automating that kind,of thing for me theres just a ton of,really good stuff as you go through this,system and this is the front end theres,a just a ton of pages once you get in,the back then Ill have some training,videos back there that will help walk,you through those things as well so but,lets go ahead and click up here on the,top and lets bring you to this page and,this page if youre if you already got,your system then youd go ahead and,click on member login okay if you,havent gotten your system yet then you,want to get your free personal copy so,go ahead and click on that its going to,bring you to this exciting page its a,real simple page to fill out its just a,basic form again the system that youre,getting is free it does include,the whole big back office that were,going to be looking at here in just a,few minutes its also going to give you,the web app enabled site so everything,youve been seeing that Im just showed,you here plus youre going to put,someone goes to your site Im on a,smartphone its going to recognize,theyre on a smartphone and provide them,with your own personalized web app that,they can actually add to their home,screen on iPhones and has a icon and all,kind of stuff but Im getting ahead of,ourselves basically this is free and so,boom they said we couldnt make it free,what we did it we got it where anybody,can benefit and that means you right now,so this is how you get started go ahead,and start filling out this form Im,going to fill it out with some bogus,information so we can just continue as a,sample here so you start filling out,your form Ill fill out my form make,sure you double check what youre doing,if you can make your password whatever,you like to make it remember that the,tiger name the way you want it on your,site so make sure you capitalize the,first letter that kind of thing make it,look nice because you go type this once,but its going to be populating your all,kinds of pages with your personal,information so people see who to contact,see who it is thats making these,changes in peoples lives physically and,financially so make sure you fill it out,good and so here they were in Tampa so,you know if I put Tampa that way then,its not going to look right so go ahead,and go capitalize it take the extra,second to do that and then say there,yeah but thats the wrong fields Im,getting ahead of myself that would be,Florida so were going to capitalize it,just like it should be and then same,thing with USA lets go ahead and,capitalize that or you can even write,United States of America if you want to,do that Im going to put your phone,number when you put your phone number,again make it look like a phone number,because its going to populate Im not,going to go in here and change all your,information to make it look nice you you,need to just take a second and make it,look nice and then youve,your networks timing distributor or Ruby,or emerald or executive you can change,your title right here lets say just for,the example here lets say that were,just a ruby we wont be that long huh,and then you have your website now some,of you have been around for a while and,you have the dotnet if you have the,dotnet go ahead and use this Im I it,works calm and use your same username,that you have for your net site those of,you who already know that youre on a,Maya works com site go ahead and put,yours in like this make sure that has,your ID number hear your name or,whatever and then dont have anything,following it there should be no forward,slash like this or even a space nothing,its real important that thats that way,because were going to be using that,information and merging it into your,pages so when people click on join,become a distributor become a loyal,customer purchased retail kind stuff is,going to bring in exactly where they,need to be in your my it works com site,so in order for that to work properly,you need to fill that out correctly go,ahead and put in your ID number ok and,then submit in bloom youre going to be,going global so lets go ahead and on,this myth mine and let it sit for a,minute is thinking its processing its,building your system for you and its,going to come back with your ID number,so youre going to have a new ID number,with this and when it does that,youre going to build log in so make,sure that you keep that ID number handy,its normally two letters and a number,and here we have it mine is right here,you know is its already in here for me,to go ahead and log in but again make,sure thats not always going to be the,case when you login its obviously not,going to just throw it in there for you,so Im write that number down you also,should have that in your email box if,you dont see it in your inbox go ahead,and check your spam folder or your bulk,email folder and white list it but were,going to go ahead and go into 344 my,example and now we are logged in and so,now this is a whole new world theres,depends of exciting information were,going to be covering in here but thats,for a future video right now go ahead,and make sure you get get plugged in and,then get logged in and then well see on,the inside

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Shape & Tone contouring slimming natural body wrap review

welcome to my unboxing video for my new,contouring toning slimming and all,natural body wrap application,im pretty excited about it um its,supposed to,get rid of that tummy tuck and slim,things down,so here we go this is youre going to,see it just as im seeing it out of the,package,walmart today there it is look at that,this is hope in a package its supposed,to contour,weight loss slim patch it does all kinds,of stuff on here,um it has the instructions,its an all-round natural body wrap so i,get to put this on,and leave it on for about all four to,six hours,and see how it does thats what it looks,like there it is,lets open it up try to open it up,there we go,okay so far so good,pretty simple if youre going to blog,and get it right and im im bl,im blind so i can say that oh look oh,thats cute,he has a little heart in the middle okay,so i imagine im going to pull the back,of this adhesive off,and then apply it now,lets see what the package says,do they have in here for us heres some,directions,okay clean and dry the skin on the,targeted area,apply the patch on your tummy of course,uh remove the okay,so youre supposed to put it on but what,its saying is when you start putting i,read something else you have to kind of,tighten your tummy to make sure its,going to stick on there,that doesnt say too much i found more,on,the website that i was ordering it from,okay all right i was right hold on let,me get this,heres theres the website that i,ordered off its off walmart,but it has a lot more information on it,body slimming shape contouring skin,lifting,i mean it says all the right words right,lets come down here,oh now the one thing i was interested in,okay here we go,this is what i read remove the rest okay,remove the central part of the film base,cut in the back of the patch okay,so so were going to remove the shiny,part on the back of this,okay and then stick it on the side and,then pull it off,and then it says,use your hands to push it on that sounds,really good well for how long,all right just a minute oh okay apply,the patch once every two days for 48,hours,the other thing i was interested in is,what exactly is in it now it doesnt,you saw what i saw when we took out the,package right,this is the package right here and,thats how you get the package so youre,going to want to read everything thats,on the internet and it shows all the,different ingredients,anyway so far so good love the little,heart,and ill come back after and tell you,how well it did

Top 10 Best Wrist Wraps for Powerlifting (2022)

[Music],if youre looking for the best wrist,wraps for powerlifting heres a list you,must see,we made this list based on our personal,preferences sorted based on their,features prices quality durability and,reputation of the manufacturers and,customer feedback,also weve included options for every,type of customer,so lets get started,[Music],at the first position of our list we,have gym reapers weightlifting wrist,wraps,the gym reapers a team wrist wraps are,the best value wrap for recreational,lifters,they are built from high quality nylon,and elastic materials that provide a,great stretch and comfortable feel,they also feature a thick robust loop on,each wrap to help them stay secured,around your thumb throughout every set,these wraps are true to size where the,actual wrap material is 18 long,since this measurement doesnt include,the velcro portion you can use the full,18 length to get a solid level of,tightness,the 18 length is geared more towards,recreational lifters because it will,provide reasonable support without,taking forever to wrap your wrists,overall the gym reapers wrist wraps,offer fantastic value for recreational,lifters looking to buy an affordable set,of wraps while benching less than 400,pounds,the lower price point and quality,craftsmanship make these an excellent,choice,moving on to the next at number two with,stoke wrist wraps we lifting,if youre a professional power lifter,getting the best gear on the market,should guarantee better numbers,recreational lifters on the other hand,can suffice by more affordable products,to save some bucks for other important,stuff in their lives,if this applies to you consider getting,these wraps from stoic,these wraps surprisingly provide good,support,opting for the 24 inch wrap should,secure your wrist good enough for the,heavy loads,i only wish they were a bit stretchier,with their current stiffness you have to,pull really hard to achieve the tightest,wrap,that said most people might find the 36,inch wraps unnecessarily tight,its important to note that you might,receive rap saying evolutionize instead,of stoic,dont worry these are knockoffs,both are subsidiaries owned by lift,unlimited,the number 3 position is held by titan,signature series gold wrist wraps,as you will see later on the,international powerlifting federation,doesnt allow wraps longer than 39,since the velcro straps are measured,within that length 36 inch wraps are the,longest legal option you can find on the,market,technically speaking nearly all brands,offer that life,but the signature wraps from titan are,my go-to option for that matter,these wraps were initially released back,in the 90s,according to titan these wraps are by,far their most powerful wristware,they even provide more support than,titan thb one of their best selling,wraps,better yet the smooth outer fabric of,the signature wraps doesnt chief your,hands under the maximum tightness,that way you can wear them on for longer,more intense workouts,[Music],next at number four we have warm body,cold mind premium power lifting wrist,wraps,if youre still exploring the world of,power lifting opting for competition,approved wraps might not be the best,decision,their exceptional performance comes at,the expense of comfort,alternatively you can try one hundred,percent cut wraps like this one from,warm body cold mine,as you probably thought cotton doesnt,provide the stretchiness that wrist,wraps should have,thats why these wraps dont depend on,velcro straps for support,instead theres a flexible strap at the,end of each rat,after you wrap the main cotton fabric,you should wrap this elastic band over,to achieve the required tightness,afterward this strap can be fixed in,place by tucking it into another strap,stitch to the main belt,[Music],the number five position is held by chic,sports model 1100 ws wrist supports,recently some brands have been,developing an alternative design of,wrist support to make the process easier,and more efficient,and when we talk about state-of-the-art,innovations chic surely comes on top of,the list,in their 1100 ws model they implemented,a design that resembles velcro weight,lifting valves,instead of the continuous elastic fabric,this model features a neoprene padding,that secures with the secondary strap,sitting atop,clearly such a design is strictly,forbidden in most if not all of the,power lifting competitions,still it can be convenient for your,personal training,[Music],the number six position is dominated by,rip toned wrist wraps 18 professional,grade,whether you want to improve your,push-ups or planks or provide stability,to your wrists when weight lifting this,wrist wrap is helpful,the pack has a pair of 18 inch long,wrist wraps and each has a thumb loop,that makes them ideal for doing various,strength training exercises,the wraps are recommended by champion,weight lifter kevin weiss and help,reduce the incidence of failed lifts,when weed lifting they also help cut out,the pain and soreness that weight,lifters sometimes experience after,training,check out this video to learn more about,the product,moving on to the next at number 7 with,dark iron fitness weight lifting leather,suede lifting wrist straps bundle,suitable for both men and women this,dream thick wrist strap is made from,extra durable suede leather material,it also features heavily reinforced,stitches which reduce the chances of,wear and tear that cause inferior,quality straps to fall apart and,provides padding more weightlifting,the straps are also designed to wrap,around the bar and are therefore ideal,when power lifting up to 400 holes it is,one of the best wrist wraps for lifting,as you can achieve a tighter grip on a,barbell and reduce instances of grip,failure,watch this product review video to learn,more about the wrist strap,the number 8 position is held by anvil,womens wrist wraps,each of these wraps measures 14 inches,and is ideal for thinner wrists that,women have,the wraps feature an inch that is,countered for better fit while the thumb,loop allows for it to be easily wrapped,and adjusted,it provides superior stability to the,wrist and is widely considered as one of,the best bodybuilding wrist wraps for,improves grip when we lifting,next at number 9 we have hustle,athletics wrist wraps weight lifting,the pack has two wrist wraps with each,measuring 14 inches,they come with a thumb loop that allows,for it to be easily wrapped,the wraps are durable and created with,fabric that can be machine washed and,compact in a vinyl pouch,the wraps provide added support to the,wrist when weight lifting or exercising,and reduce fatigue and injuries,the length of the wraps makes them the,perfect option for women who are taking,up weak training or plan on doing,dumbbell presses,take a look at this video to get more,information about the product,finally the number 10 position is,dominated by nordic lifting wrist wraps,for weight lifting available in several,colors the pair of wrist wraps are,suitable for men and women,each has a width of 3 inches and a,length of 14 inches,it can be adjusted depending on the size,of the wrist and protects it from,injuries while providing extra stability,needed when power lifting or doing,crossfit workouts,using the included instruction manual,you can also learn how to best use the,wrist wraps when exercising or weight,lifting,materials used in its creation combined,with reinforced stitches and velcro,provide extra durability,thats all for today,we upload fitness product review videos,every single day,so dont forget to subscribe and hit the,bell icon for the upcoming video,notification

It Works Body Wrap Party

hey everybody welcome to rat party come,on in a wrap party is so easy to set up,all we do is ask you to put some water,out no food at all because we are rapid,were just interested in getting those,results just simply open your home up,and bite your girlfriends over invite,your friends invite your family theyll,love having the experience we just come,in all were carrying is one bag its a,simple setup for us were not in your,way were in and out within an hour to,an hour and a half what happens during a,wrap party is utter excitement everyone,comes in they pay to try the ultimate,body applicator typically its $25 we,have a facial as well and all we do is,just lift up our shirt drop our drawers,a little bit apply the product and then,we set out with drink water listen to a,fun little presentation about how the,product works and all the different ways,that you can use it I just love hosting,wrap parties and I love attending wrap,parties we like to play rap a lot has,some people associated a rap with,application how quiet anywhere you want,to your body such as your tummy your,arms your bags your butt your legs and,it tones it tightens it firms at lips 25,Clippers to try a product that actually,turns tightens and firms the skin and as,well as 45 minutes once you have that,experience youre going to want to,participate in our loyal customer,program which one gives you the,affordability of purchasing a product,for as little as fifty-nine dollars for,a box support I tell everyone that I,talked about this this product is as,close to magic as it gets the only way,youre ever going to understand it is by,applying it trying it yourself it smells,so good it feels like a spa experience,if you wanted to have a spa experience,with the product like this it would cost,you hundreds of dollars and you can try,it with us with will is twenty-five,dollars,who are the wrap parties for anybody,thats breathing you know men rap we,usually wrap their tummies ladies love,to let their tummies their arms their,chin their face and we post frat parties,for friends and families but Ive also,had spa parties girls night out wrap,parties co-worker parties just about,anywhere you can think of that people,gathered together in a very fun and,festive atmosphere with their friends,with their families and you know we kind,of bond during this experience because,were all excited about those results,and those results speak volumes after,about 45 minutes to an hour they reveal,the results and I had incredible results,this was my first time using the body,wrap and I really enjoyed the sensation,that it gave to my body I could feel it,working Iraq was incredibly relaxing but,my results were amazing day I could,really feel the difference as soon as,you took a wrap off its definitely feel,the difference on the side of my abs,know what I love about a wrap party is,the cash we can earn cash from everyone,coming in the door and trying the,ultimate body applicator lets imagine,that you have eight to ten guests there,x 25 x 50 or x 75 thats a lot of cash,and not only is the cash rewarding but,almost everyone participates in our,loyal customer program or a,distributorship program so you,residual income from those sales month,after month after month,you

Universal Contour Wrap GUARANTEED Inch Loss Body Wrap

with millions of pounds spent yearly on,slimming and inch loss in the UK alone,its safe to say its a big business but,do many of these treatments actually,work or do they just play on womens,insecurities about their bodies if I,told you there was a treatment that had,been scientifically proven to guarantee,inch loss in just two hours and the,results were maintained 30 days would,you be interested then you have tried,loads of treatments over the years but I,can say this is the first one that,actually works okay well catch up with,Claire a little bit later on now the,secrets all this scientifically proven,inch loss is the classic treatment from,Universal contour wrap but before we see,how it works,lets meet ever Emma hello how are you,now I think its fair to say that most,women would like to lose a few inches to,look good for a special occasion or,maybe lose some weight post childbirth,and Emma and no exception to the rule,emma is a busy working mom for whom time,and finances are tight shes going to be,maid of honor at her friends wedding,next month,the dress is fitted and she wants to,look at best so losing a few inches is,important to her now Emma youre not,alone with these body issues loads of,other women have the same problem but I,think Universal contour wraps classic,treatment is going to do wonders for you,Gina our therapist is gonna look after,you but first you need to get off and,get changed,Universal contour wrap classic is a,salon treatment which is being tested,independently by the University of,Westminster through their unique,wrapping technique and detoxifying clay,a minimum of six inches are lost over,the whole body and thats guaranteed,before the treatment begins measurements,are taken in 18 key problem areas,including the biceps bust waist thighs,and stomach,the bandages are soaked in the,detoxifying clay and using the unique,wrapping technique developed by,Universal contour wrap allows for,problem areas to be targeted lifted and,sculpted to create the desired,silhouette Emma is now in her specially,manufactured silver suit designed to,keep her warm and increase the,effectiveness of the treatment Emma how,you feeling Im feeling good thanks are,you excited to see the results well its,time to lie down were gonna check back,in with you in about an hours time so,enjoy it the University of Westminsters,study of Universal contour wraps classic,treatment looked at women of all shapes,and sizes and the treatment was proven,to be a hundred percent successful for,the volunteers of the tests but will it,work for Emma excitingly thats the time,up lets see how Emma got on,[Music],[Music],so what were going to do for you now is,just add up all of you into us to give,you our book title q wow you look,amazing Im thrilled I feel fantastic,you absolutely look incredible how was,the whole process it was really really,easy this is the dress that I bought the,wedding and I couldnt get into this,yesterday and now I can how does your,body feel feel around I do I feel much,firmer its not uncomfortable its great,well you must be thrilled,Id look incredible thank you I feel,great okay Carol so as we can know we,can see emma has just lost a total of 13,inches amazingly from her body but does,this work for everyone it certainly does,i mean emma had a terrific result,especially on the tummy area which is,where most women want to lose it but we,have men we have women old young,everybody can benefit from our classic,treatment from Universal contour at but,tell me how does the classic treatment,actually differ from other apps on the,market well many raps on the market are,water loss treatments and very often you,might be wrapped in cling film or youll,be left to sweat and that induces a,water loss so you may even get some,weight loss with that but its very,temporary and as soon as you have a,glass of water a cup of tea straight,back on at home but the universal,contour up is really rather different in,that we use a very special wrapping,technique we sculpt we lift we shape we,compress and compare soft tissue and our,very special clay has an extraordinary,cleansing and deep detoxifying action,which gives us an inch loss so we are,completely different from any other inch,loss trap on the market we really wanted,to make the point that our treatment is,proven to work so we commissioned a,study with the University of Westminster,where a group of ladies were measured,before and after and a hundred percent,of the women that were wrapped lost,inches but very interesting the year,professor at the University are asked a,group of these ladies to come back 30,days later and we measured them and he,was really quite amazed because he,didnt think the inch loss would last,and we proved him wrong well someone,else has had the fab classic treatment,is the gorgeous actress Clare Sweeney,and shes joining me now welcome welcome,how are you Im good hang Hume great now,talk me through the rap because you had,the classic treatment done how was,experienced do you know it was so,relaxing,so its a double whammy really you lay,there you get to real exact been in a,cuckoo so I had a full hour,switching off relaxing just me time for,an hour and then when they ended the,bandages I lost an inch and a half and,my waist an inch on each thigh with,replies yes thank you no matter how hard,I work these are difficult to shift a,half an inch on each arm which was great,and the good thing is it stayed off as,well was that the unique selling point,for you that you were going to sort of,be guaranteed inch loss immediately I,mean Im one of these impatient people I,want results quickly anything that is,kind of a shortcut that makes you feel,better and that is visibly you know,evidence is it is great and thats what,this treatment does so there you have it,finally a beauty treatment that does do,what it says on the tin so to speak now,remember there are loads of wraps out,there claiming to deliver inch loss but,the classic treatment from Universal,contour rub is the only one thats been,scientifically proven to deliver inch,loss in all of the women it tested on,and not only that the results last as,well what more could a girl ask for but,make sure its a genuine article go into,your salon and asked for your classic,treatment certificate with its unique,hologram for more information go online,to Universal contour rapcon thanks for,watching,you,you

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