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  2. ???? How to Get Microsoft Excel for FREE (download & web versions)
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  4. How to Get Microsoft Office for Free
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???? How to Get Microsoft Excel for FREE [ Latest Version – 2022 ]

hey everyone welcome back so today in,this video we are going to learn about,how we can download and install the,latest version of Microsoft Excel in our,PC with the help of few simple steps,okay so lets see how we can do this,so first of all go to Google Chrome and,here you have to search office,development tool,all right then click enter,then it will take you to this page okay,so here you can see the first link that,is download Office development tool from,official Microsoft site right so just,click on it,so this is the Microsoft official side,from where we can download our Microsoft,Excel okay so here you can see the,download option right so just click on,it and download that exe file so click,on keep okay so here our exe file has,successfully downloaded then click on,this button then so in folder so this is,our exe file all right so control cut,then go to desktop then here click on,the new and create a new folder okay,and rename it as PowerPoint,all right,then double click on this folder then,Ctrl V okay so this is the exe file that,we have downloaded correct then again,right click on it and click on new and,create a new folder here okay so rename,it as milestone,Creator you can give any name okay,all right then click on this exe file,okay then right click on it and click on,run as administrator then click on yes,then click on this checkbox then,continue,then select the path so,just click on this PC then desktop then,go to,PowerPoint this folder okay so what it,is it here is that folder there is,Powerpoint and inside that we have,created another folder thats called,Milestone Creator right so here it is so,just click on it and click on OK,so here our file is extracted from this,exe file and saved it on Milestone,Creator folder right so click on OK,then open Milestone Creator folder,so here you can see our all exe file has,been extracted successfully correct so,we need only official 2021 Enterprise,cxe file we do not need other three,remaining files right so just select,these three exe file and right click on,it and then click on delete,all right so here you can see only two,things are present in our Milestone,Creator folder correct then click the,shift button in your keyboard then right,click on your mouse then go to open,power cell Windows here okay so click on,it,then you can get this type of piece over,here,then go to the description section of,this video okay and from there just copy,this path,by right clicking on this and click on,copy okay then minimize it and just,paste it here all right,then click on enter,a few seconds,just wait for few seconds then click on,yes,all right so here you can see we are,getting this ready we are it means we,are getting your office tools ready just,wait for few second,then click on install 32-bit and wait,foreign,let me retrace once,so here you can see our entire Microsoft,package is getting download right so,just please stay online File Office,downloads all right so we have to just,wait to make the download complete okay,so just wait,here you can see our Microsoft Office,tools have been installed in our PC,successfully,then click on the close button and make,it close then let me rephrase again,then go to the Windows button and search,Excel,okay here you can see our MS Excel has,successfully installed right,just click on it and make it open,so congratulations now you are ready to,use Ms excel in your PC,so thanks for watching please dont,forget to share subscribe and like our,Channel take care bye

???? How to Get Microsoft Excel for FREE (download & web versions)

today i want to show you how you can get,microsoft excel entirely for free,first well look at how you can get,excel on the web,and then well look at how you can get,the desktop version or the version that,you can install on your computer,ive done this video before but since,then excel on the web has just gotten a,lot better,alright lets check this out to use,excel on the web simply head to the,address excel dot new and look at that,youre now in excel on the web in a,brand new spreadsheet this video is,basically now done,if you went to that page but you saw a,login screen youll have to log in with,your microsoft account or you could,click on create one and you can create a,free account once you log in then youll,drop on that spreadsheet view there are,also other ways to get to excel on the,web you can go to excel.office.com,and thatll drop you on the excel start,page,here you can start a new spreadsheet you,could also start from a template and,down below you can get to recent,spreadsheets,you can also head to office.com and once,you log in youll land on the main,office.com page,in the top left hand corner you can,click on the plus icon to kick off a new,spreadsheet,on the left hand side you can also click,on the excel icon and this once again,will drop you on the excel start page,if youre running windows 10 or 11 you,can search for something called the,office app this comes pre-installed on,windows,once you open up the app this will look,very similar to what you find on,office.com now lets say you have a,spreadsheet that you started working on,offline you can also edit that using,excel on the web,on the excel start page you can simply,drag and drop the spreadsheet directly,into your browser thatll upload it and,then automatically open it in excel,as an alternative you can also upload,that file into onedrive,then simply click on that and thatll,also open it in excel on the web,now lets say you want to get your,spreadsheet back offline you can go up,to the file menu click on save as and,then here you can download a copy to,your computer,you might be thinking well is excel on,the web any good i mean it is free so,how good could it be,well it has gotten so much better,you get access to all of the latest,functions for example you could use the,new x lookup function you could use,filter unique let,you also get more advanced functionality,for example you can view all of the,changes that have happened to your,spreadsheet since you last touched it,you could use all of your favorite,keyboard shortcut keys theres data,validation you can insert tables you can,use conditional formatting you can,insert pivot tables charts you can even,work together with other people in real,time and theres also something called,office scripts this is like a modern,version of those legacy macros that you,might be used to from the desktop,version of excel,you might be wondering this sounds far,too good to be true,are there any downsides,well first off its called excel on the,web meaning that you need an internet,connection to be able to use this,also there are some missing features,for example theres no power query but i,would say that the core functionality is,there and thatll satisfy most people,now that weve looked at how you can use,excel for free on the web,lets look at how you can get the,desktop version that you can install on,your pc also for free,if youre a student or a teacher and,your school has a contract with,microsoft you may be eligible to,download office entirely for free,simply head to the following website,ive included a link right up above,youll have to type in your school email,address and then you should be able to,download it if that didnt work theres,one more option to getting the desktop,apps for free,you can use something called microsoft,rewards ive included a link right up,above,its kind of like a frequent flyer,program,you have to search using the bing search,engine and when you do you earn points,once you accumulate enough points you,can trade them in for a gift card and,what do you know you can use your gift,card to buy office,the only downside is itll take a bit of,time before you can get office for free,and unfortunately this option is not,available in all markets,alright well those are all of the free,ways of getting microsoft excel,at least all of the legal ways,if you just want to buy office ive,included a link to a video right up,above that walks through all of the,different available plans there are,one-time options where you just pay once,and you get office or you can sign up,for a subscription in that video i walk,through some of the pros and cons of the,two different options,to watch more videos like this one,please consider subscribing ill see you,next time,[Music],you

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How to download and Install Trial edition of Microsoft Office 2013

this is download and install Microsoft,Office 2013 trial tutorial hello and,thanks for joining me for this tutorial,Im buddy Michael Inca and Im here to,help you make smart business decisions,and answer your questions about,information technology tools in todays,tutorial were going to look at how you,can download and install trial of office,2013 so you can review the product and,make a decision if this is something,that you need or maybe not need were,gonna look at how you can open up office,365 account how we can get into the,software section and how we can install,office 2013 in the workstation,[Music],so the first thing Im gonna do Im,going to launch Internet Explorer and,were gonna go to Google and here were,gonna try type office 2013 trial and,this is the link Im looking for where,we can going to office 365 and from here,would be able to download and install,desktop applications so one thing to,keep in mind with office 365 which is,the cloud-based solution that means that,office documents could be stored edited,saved and downloaded directly in the,browser and it works for multiple,browser multiple browsers including,Microsoft Internet Explorer Firefox and,other browsers but also as part of this,office 365 which as you can see only,costs $10 a month you also able to,download and install desktop based,Microsoft Office application like Word,2013 Excel 2013 PowerPoint OneNote,outlook publisher in Access 2013 and all,of this come as part of this nice deal,so if you are willing to spend $10 and,get access for 10 pcs or Macs or if you,have tablets like Windows tablets or,iPads this is a great choice because you,will end up paying fixed fee per month,always get the latest version of the,office and you can also access your,documents in the cloud,so Im also interested in the business,option and here you have see options for,business this is where you can click and,review whats available for the business,and theres a little bit bigger set of,products available in addition to the,ones Ive listed theres also a link and,InfoPath and what im gonna do im gonna,click free trial button and im going to,start my free monthly trial you just,need to populate and fill out all of,this sections im not gonna go through,this this is something that you would,need to do and once you get there you,will get unique ids for your office 365,account welcome back this is the screen,where you login into office 365 and here,you would need to enter your credentials,one thing i was going to mention is if,you have a chance please check out our,website at how to analyze data dotnet,slash office this is an affiliate link,where i get a commission as part of the,sale if you decide to purchase download,of office 2013 but this is the link to,the amazon and you are not gonna get to,pay any more money but its just part of,the funds that i that you get paid,amazon pays back thats what i feel it,link means so we are back to this office,365 screen and im going to login into,the Microsoft Office 365 application,welcome back I am logged in into the,office 365 and this is the account where,you can access and two different,features and capabilities of the tool so,one quick thing is here the option of,what we are looking for is to install,our office 2013 and you can either,choose it here install and use office,installed Word Excel and more so you go,right to this screen so the office,installation started you just go through,the menu and click Next and you choose,the setting that you want use,recommended settings and then click,accept and as you can see in this dialog,the office is installing even on,different devices so your file Im going,to pause the video until the solution,complete and as you can see the office,is keep installing and right now its,has installed 63% on the background one,thing Id like to bring up to your,attention is that as you go and get,access to office 365,its truly integrated with office 2013,in fact you get whats called onedrive,which is the cloud storage from,Microsoft this is where you can store,all the documents and you can get access,to those documents either in office 365,or you get access to them in the office,2013 and the advantage here is that you,also have access not just from PC but,also from tablets smartphones or any,cloud connected devices if you liked,this video make sure to subscribe to our,YouTube channel how to analyze data and,also check out our free training courses,at udemy.com just search for how to,analyze data at udemy and you will see,all the courses that we have available,and one thing is I was gonna suggest if,you know the better way how to do it how,to install office 2013 please leave a,comment I always read all of the,feedback and all of the comments and,always appreciate it its one of the,goals for IT professionals to help us,get better learn from others and become,better people and exchange information,so the installation is complete and this,is the final screen that indicates the,success of the installation lets just,verify that installation successfully,finished so what Im gonna do Im gonna,go to all programs Microsoft Office 365,and this our old office products that,have been installed obviously if you,will choose the Home Edition you will,have fewer products youre not gonna get,Lincoln youre not going,path but you will get the other products,so its just click on the word 2013 and,thats microsoft word starting and this,is the document in Microsoft Word so Im,Vadim Ashaninka from how to analyze data,that lat and this is how to install,office 2013 trial tutorial see you next,time,[Music]

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How to Get Microsoft Office for Free

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin.,Today I want to show you how you¬† can get Microsoft Office which¬†¬†,includes such popular programs like Word,¬† Excel, and PowerPoint entirely for free.,It wont cost you anything.,I work at Microsoft and this is the product¬†¬†,that I work on and today Im¬† excited to tell you about it.,OK, lets jump onto the desktop.,Here I am on my desktop and Im going to show you¬†¬†,two different methods how you could¬† get Microsoft Office for free.,The first one uses your browser,¬† and so whether youre using, say,¬†¬†,Windows 10, whether youre using Mac, or¬† whether youre using Linux, or Chrome OS,¬†¬†,whatever operating system you use,¬† youll be able to take advantage of this.,So, lets open up. Im going to open up¬† the Chrome browser here and Im going to¬†¬†,go into Incognito mode and what Im going¬† to do is were going to go to the website¬†¬†,office.com. So office.com is how youre going to¬† get to your, to be able to use Office for free.,So, on the office.com website, youll see¬† two different options, one is Get Office,¬†¬†,the other option is sign in. Now if you click¬† on Get Office, thats a marketing site where¬†¬†,you could purchase the offline version of¬† Office, or you could purchase a subscription,¬†¬†,but I mentioned that we want to get free Office¬† and to get free Office what were going to do is¬†¬†,were just going to click on sign in. OK so make¬† sure you click on the button that says sign in,¬†¬†,and once we do that, were¬† going to get the sign in prompt.,Now if you dont have a Microsoft account,¬†¬†,dont worry, its very easy to create one¬† and creating an account is entirely free.,It doesnt cost you anything to create an account.,I happen to already have one.¬† If you have a Skype account,¬†¬†,if you have any other type of account,¬† you already have a Microsoft account, so¬†¬†,Im going to go ahead and type in one of my demo¬† accounts that I have so [email protected],¬†¬†,and Im going to go ahead and click on next¬† and now it wants me to enter my password.,So, were going to go ahead¬† and type in my password.,You can click on keep me signed in if you¬† dont want to sign in again in the future,¬†¬†,and so what this will do now is, this drops me off¬† on the office.com website, and so youll see a few¬†¬†,different things on here. You know, I have, I have¬† all these different options and the first one says¬†¬†,start new, so Im going to click on this start new¬† button, and what youll see is I can create a Word¬†¬†,document. I could create an Excel workbook.¬† I could create a PowerPoint presentation.,You also have other stuff like being¬† able to create a form or a survey.,You could also create a Sway.,So, there are many different things¬† that you could create from this site.,I said Id show you how to¬† use Microsoft Office for free,¬†¬†,so why dont we go ahead¬† and create a Word document.,Im going to click on Word document, and¬† so what youll see happen now is its going¬†¬†,to drop me in a brand new document,¬† so here I am in the Word interface.,Here I could rename the document to¬† something else, so maybe Ill call this,¬†¬†,lets say Kevin YouTube star. Thats right,¬† maybe not quite, so here I am in my document,¬†¬†,and I can type away. This is an example¬† you could you know apply different styles,¬†¬†,different headings, you have all the typical¬† functionality of Word, so Im going to go back to¬†¬†,office.com now. What youll see is I could also¬† click on this Word tile. So, if I click here,¬†¬†,this will drop me on the Word start page and you¬† know I have a whole bunch of templates I could¬†¬†,choose from. If I click on more templates,¬† I have a whole bunch that I could start from¬†¬†,and then here I have my list of recent documents¬† that Ive been working on. I could also pin or see¬†¬†,shared with me. If I go back, I could also click¬† into Microsoft Excel, looks very similar to the¬†¬†,start experience for Word, and then here I could¬† also click into PowerPoint, and you get the idea.,I get all the different apps.¬† Now one of the things that I love¬†¬†,about this is I also have this recent list down¬† here of all my documents Ive been working on.,So, what I could do is, you know, here I could¬† click on it and I could pin it, I could remove¬†¬†,it from the list, I could open the file location,¬† so lots of things I could do with the file. What I¬†¬†,can also do is lets say that you have a document¬† youve been working on on your computer, and now¬†¬†,you want to work on that using this office.com¬† experience. What you could do is theres this¬†¬†,upload and open button here and if I click on¬† that what I could do is I could select a Word,¬†¬†,an Excel, or a PowerPoint file and then I could¬† upload that and continue working on it online.,Now, lets say that I have a document and¬† Ive been working on it on office.com and¬†¬†,I want to work on it just on my machine, or¬† maybe I want to send it to someone, so let¬†¬†,me go back to my Kevin YouTube star document¬† here, and what I could do is, so I clicked on,¬†¬†,clicked on the file menu, so Im going to click¬† on the file menu, and within the file menu,¬†¬†,theres an option that says save as and if I¬† click on save as, what I could do is I could¬†¬†,download a copy so thatll just download¬† the document or the .docx to my machine.,I could also get it as a PDF and so¬† there are other formats you can also get,¬†¬†,but so if you dont want to just leave it in¬† the cloud, you could also just get it off.,Now a few of the things that youll see is¬† all of this, the Word, Excel, PowerPoint.,This is all available online, so you need an¬† Internet connection to be able to take advantage¬†¬†,of it, but as long as you have an Internet¬† connection, you have a browser, you can use¬†¬†,this entirely for free. If you want offline access¬† though, thats where Microsoft charges you then.,So, if I see this, you see this install¬† button here in the top right-hand corner.,So, if I click on that, I get this little upsell¬† message that says go premium with Office 365.,So, if I want the app on my¬† computer, I have to pay for it.¬†¬†,I also have the option here just to buy Office 365¬† in the top right-hand corner, so I could do that.,And so, I mentioned that I would show¬†¬†,you two different ways how you¬† could access the Office apps.,The second way that you can get to all your¬† Office apps is with an app called Office and it¬†¬†,comes on your PC if you have a Windows 10. So,¬† what you do is you simply click on the search¬†¬†,area down here in Windows and then you type in¬† Office and it should pop up as the best match.,Im going to go ahead and click on the best¬† match Office and this will load the Office app.,So here,¬†¬†,here I am in the app now and youll see that it¬† looks very similar to the office.com experience.,The one difference though is if you look¬† at the documents that are shown here versus¬†¬†,documents that are shown here, in the app I¬† see a lot more documents and the reason why¬†¬†,is a bunch of these documents are stored on¬† my computer and so the Office app not only¬†¬†,shows me all of my cloud documents, but it also¬† shows me documents that are just on my computer,¬†¬†,and so I, you know, when I look at these two¬† different experiences, I actually prefer using¬†¬†,the Office app because not only do I see cloud¬† documents, but I see local documents as well.,So, Im going to go back for a moment and¬† so thats how you get Office for free.,I also want to show some cool¬† functionality that you get with Office.,Its not necessarily related¬† to getting it for free,¬†¬†,but a few things that I wanted to show. So,¬† not only do you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint,¬†¬†,here if I click on all apps, you get a lot more¬† than just Word, Excel, PowerPoint, so you know¬†¬†,here I get a calendar, I get Flow where you¬† could set up these different routines or tasks.,You get a, an app called Forms which¬† allows you to set up surveys and quizzes.,You also get OneNote, which is an awesome¬† note taking program, which I use all the time.,You also get things like Skype for calling.¬† You get tasks, you get Sway, which is,¬†¬†,you know, setti

Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Tutorial: Starting and Closing Excel | K Alliance

this training video is brought to you by,k alliance k alliance provides,high-quality instructor-led training,videos for desktop IT and soft skills,visit us online at www k alliance com to,sign up for your free 7 day trial be,sure to like us on Facebook Follow us on,Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube,channel thank you for watching and we,hope you learn something new real videos,real learning real success well here we,are on my desktop in windows 8 and Im,certain that my desktop looks very very,different from yours because theres,nothing on it but what Im going to do,is click the button on my keyboard the,window button to take me over to windows,8 to the Start screen and on the Start,screen I want to show you the fastest,way to get into any application all you,do is start typing I just started typing,Excel and there it pops up on my screen,and it says Excel 2013 now just to note,on the right Im already in apps take a,look at what happens if Im in settings,if Im in settings Excel doesnt show up,because its not a setting its an,application or a nap so I click back on,apps and theres Excel 2013 and I can,click on Excel 2013 did you notice that,it popped back over to the desktop very,quickly and then it opened Excel 2013,well were going to close Excel 2013 by,going up in the top right hand corner to,this X because I want to show you a few,other options so hit the window key on,my keyboard because I want to be back on,the Start screen and Im just using the,wheel on my mouse to scroll down the,Start screen to wear my applications are,listed and youll notice here on the top,right I have Excel 2013 if i click with,a left click i open but im going to,click with a right-click because what i,want is this task bar to pop up at the,bottom of the screen and look pin to,taskbar now this is the task bar over on,the desktop but im going to go ahead,and click and tell to pin to the desktop,excuse me to the taskbar on the desktop,nothing is showing here because well,have to go to the desktop to be able to,see it now you know you could click here,you could just click Excel 2013 and Boop,it would pop open just like you saw a,moment ago but Im going to click on the,window button on my keyboard to go back,to the desktop and,bring my mouse down here to the taskbar,and look theres also excel 2013 now if,youre not using Windows 8 and youre,using a previous version of Windows you,know in the bottom left-hand corner here,where Im wiggling my mouse around,youll have your Start button you click,start go to programs go to microsoft,office and find excel 2013 and you can,open it from there but because im using,windows 8 thats not an option for me so,what Im going to do here is from my,desktop taskbar Im going to click and,theres Excel now lets talk about what,you get when you open Excel 2013 its a,little different than what you might,have seen in previous versions of Excel,because it automatically takes you to,this open screen so what do you want to,open I want to open a brand new blank,workbook so I just click on blank,workbook voila there we are look at your,title bar it says book one excel now,whether this is a personal application,or a business application for you you,get busy doing your thing inside of,Excel well but what if thats not what,you wanted what if you were hoping to,create a sales chart and you didnt want,to figure it out on your own you just,wanted to excel to give you some help,then there are wonderful things called,templates so we go back to the top left,hand corner this time file new and now,were back to where we were just a,moment ago and what youll notice is if,you take a scroll down in here there are,all kinds of templates now template is,simply something that someone else,already got started for you and youll,notice all kinds of personal and,business applications that are found in,here but what if you wanted that sales,chart and youre not finding it inside,of this list these are popular templates,that people have used well look at the,top suggested searches maybe its a,budget and invoice a calendar and,expense you know its none of these but,whistle it just for a moment lets go to,invoice and invoices look at these,example invoices that you have and on,the right hand side categories of,invoices but I wanted a sales chart so,instead Im going to back up in the top,left-hand corner here i have a little,arrow thatll take me back oh it took me,all the way back I didnt want to go,that far back so where do I go file new,so now you know that,arrow here in the left takes you out it,says Im done I didnt want to be there,so where I really wanted to go is just,to this new screening where it says,search for online templates Im just,going to click here and I want a sales,chart so I just type in sales chart i,hit enter and now what Im going to find,is all kinds of samples of sales charts,and so you would simply choose the one,that youre interested in so I want,sales revenue financial I click on it,and it says well this is something that,youre going to have to download and,its provided by a spreadsheet zone and,when you click create youre actually,downloading it from this particular,provider so please people at work know,what your work rules are before you,download anything from the web and also,youll notice that you need a web,connection in order to download these so,I trust this location im going to go,ahead and click on create and its,downloading it now were not going to,spend time talking about what I just,grabbed but basically what a template is,is a product thats finished for you and,then you would go put in your own,personal information to take the place,of their example data but what I wanted,to do is I just wanted to show you how,you could open a brand new blank,remember file new blank workbook i just,opened a second one or you could open a,template now lets talk about what weve,done weve opened three things and i,want to see where these three things are,so Im going to bring my mouse down to,the taskbar rest my mouse on Excel and,look there are the three things that I,have open and heres something a little,different in Excel 2013 what youve,actually done in Excel 2013 is youve,opened three different copies of Excel,and so on your taskbar when you close,these youll actually be closing a copy,of excel so from my taskbar lets say,that I no longer want this book to so I,rest my mouse on book 2 and theres a,red X I simply click on the red X now,Ive done nothing in book 2 and so it,just closes it doesnt ask me about,saving or doing anything because Ive,not used book two yet and I no longer,want this sales revenue item either so,this time top right hand corner inside,of Excel Im going to go ahead and click,on the X that pops up in the,top right hand corner and this one,because somethings already been created,on the screen for you its going to ask,if you want to save your changes I dont,so Im going to go ahead and click on,dont save right and now im back into,book one where i started well i want to,show you one more thing before I leave,here I want to remind you file new is,where we came from and you know that,when I clicked on this left arrow here,it took me all the way out it said okay,youre no longer in this area referred,to as the backstage youd be back in,Excel but if youre a keyboard person,the way you get out of here escape you,just hit the Escape key on your keyboard,and the Escape key will exit you out of,backstage so now you know how to open,Excel and once youre inside of Excel,how you actually get into a spreadsheet,because by default in Excel 2013 the,spreadsheets arent there for you so Im,just going to clean up after myself here,Im going to go to the top right hand,corner Im going to close Excel and you,remember that I pinned Excel to the task,bar down here to unpin it I just right,click and say unpinned this program from,the taskbar and now its gone so now my,desktop looks just like it did when I,came in and now you know how to go into,windows 8 and open Exc

How to get Started/Use Xsplit 1.2 March 2013 Free Trial Review

look I discount from exile game here I,never never tutorial here today and,todays tutorial Im going to be showing,you how to use xsplit which is a live,stream in program which is either tues,and on such programs on the internet,such as are you now on YouTube and all,that kind of stuff so Ive just,downloaded it from their website and Im,just gonna upset that right now this is,the 1.2 version which was released as it,sets behind this March off 2015 so and,thats just about and nearly done so,once I have been Im gonna be showing,you the brief kind of thing how to get,started with it and then yeah see how it,goes from this so we should,automatically bring you operate the,install so lets have a look boy,requires a recommended it needs windows,7 re and then net framework of 3.5 and,his abdo flash player and also I the,minimum is Windows XP so you know it,allows windows XP to actually win it,which is quite good for those old gamers,who are the old no pc gaming Sony just,gonna click next next next and install,again so not like a long set up for this,so you wont be waiting ages depending,on your download speed so what why that,is way in and still hardware so you can,get 720p recording / screaming processor,second generation Core i5 equivalent HD,1080p recording streaming processor,second generation Core i7 or equivalent,to it graphics card a geforce raiden,which is a mostly common capture cards,not capture card so graphics cards or,you can get for your desktop and also,fitted in your pc what Sasha laptop so,should be loading just about now so its,not taking longer just after do this bit,and but anyway cardium resolutions,higher than 480p requires the,recommended software / hard drive or,comments Windows 8 is only supported,with expert broadcaster at one point to,which is just come out on the match of,the fall so lets see down here I launch,exploit so here we go this is just like,a web browser showing nope and Ill just,click off there we go so Im just going,to desktop here now click on it click,that get rid of that and then just there,we go just telling you that youve,installed it and all that kind of stuff,and what Googles being a pain no front,and there we go so its just like taste,joy tub side saying thank you for,install know what kinds do about anyway,and lets get them to it theres your,1.2 x 2 Co V 1 so you will need to make,an account on this which I already have,an account because ive been using it,and so im almost no login now so bear,with me,so um Oh must I did at I parallel that,should be the right one but I know why,that is loading and I need to tell you,that I there another a hour break of my,computer restoring itself again then,losing all my documents but um Im,getting there yeah you know its not,that bad as you think is everything,happened twice so yeah this is just like,a continual you have to lightweight say,in seconds or something like 10 seconds,so dont just instantly click the Buy,Now thing oh no I have to buy it so as,you can see now continue and you can,continue using the free features not,available so you know you can actually,use this resolution can make it bigger,you can make it full screen as i will,show you right now and so that would be,your full screen right here in there so,Im you know just get your resolution,you can edit it well Im just gonna go,here with that so yeah thats right,features you can be where the free,features you can use on this is a listed,down here you can add a camera ouch,although no and you can see me talking,so and you can adjust list by doing you,know moving about eyes you know yeah,well either move it that way actually,drugs it all so its not like stretching,it I dont stretch it boy if you do it,that way that wont stretch it so um,thats a comer you can select the region,so lets say for instance,recording this block here that will come,up here and wonder what chili on there,lets just say not I cant without,because I havent bought it but you can,use you can use for selection oh maybe,five but ill use form to know you have,kind of four screens which allows you to,like of that one so you want to go to,like i dont know i never website you,click that and then you can just take,another region lets say what can we do,here lets top corner here now record,that you still got that one there that,one there and then you can offer you may,want to like a disguise video or title,so lets say hello youtubers something,like that and you can actually use a,disc rolling how fast you want it oh,coolio on it all that kind of stuff so,now Im not will simply just go across,you can resize it and yeah you can fold,it way down just by double clicking on,it and also just make sure its entitle,configure you can either slow it down or,change your text here so I could put,added a smiley face if I I like to just,hi Paris and flutter and then now it,will be slow to get this little box off,here just click there and you have a,little selection box here and you can,like click off and on however you want,to do it enough so and then you can just,broadcast all do a local recording and,then that will save to your desktop or,documents or wherever you want to save,it,and so lets see what over features we,got here we got the media file what you,can put in a game now this you will need,to buy I think its like 30 pound so,like a month or something like that,Fremont I think and so this is say by,this feature and so if youre going not,fully then you can use anything like,scream anymore sources you know Adam in,install them like that so you can have,an image slideshow starboard and live,stream a video playlist why even doing,no you have come so you got a lot for ya,and have five the only a four available,a free version so pretty awesome and,just me its a lot doing YouTube live,stream of you know like connector and,capture card up to it a game if youve,all the thingy the real version of,purchase and oh you could even like open,up in your program if youve got the,free version and just simply no say this,is my video of my xbox I could just,record that move it to where oh um right,do it there and youll still be able to,see it so im pretty much all the free,features of included their mess that,from the frame rate yeah you cannot live,at 25 hit frame per second and you can,have become 30 frames per second but you,will have to buy it so and that may be a,point to consider and you can actually,view my cousins they will go and exploit,the cotton in your document so if you do,do a local recording we can easily find,it and it will locate it for you,and announce i think is also a actual,purchase feature when you purchase the,actual membership so im coming to the,end is now you can do a new presentation,you can load one you can say one so i,could like save this yeah you know to my,desktop its a test or something like,that and then it will simply save it,here and you can also you know click new,now it will run open a new itself,nothing there now then i can also load,scroll down click test open and you,still got all your things that you saved,your mustache so its really easy to use,really didnt either to get going,straight away will buy one click and so,even when you close it down for example,ill just show you close it down go back,home to a menu reload it up youll ask,you if you want to load the lot saved a,presentation up welcome,then after youve logged in it will,bring you up hopefully this time aint,no what is it after this screen probably,well anyway its just any if you buy it,you can then get the full light sheet,tonight to be the 60 frames per second,black mentioned earlier so continue,their do not really say but each you,know if you get after you easy a couple,times it will come up and say whatever,you want to new one or you want to,continue using last saved one then it,will do so so um no this is a vent being,a like a helper video a quick kind of,thing up and Im what this program is,like to use and what the free version,has to offer so um thanks for watching,gu

How to Get Word for Free

hi everyone my name is kevin today i,want to show you how you can get,microsoft word entirely for free it,wont cost you anything at all and best,of all this is completely legal as full,disclosure before we jump into this i,work at microsoft as a full-time,employee and this is the product i work,on all right well what are we waiting,for lets jump on my pc,here i am on my pc and the first thing,that were going to do is were going to,open up a web browser so im using,google chrome here im going to go ahead,and open this up and were going to,navigate to a website called office.com,office.com is where we are going to get,office for free when you land on the,office.com website youll see two,different buttons one is get office and,one is sign in if i click on get office,what this does is this brings me to a,marketing website where i can buy office,so if you want the apps that you can,install on your machine and you can use,it offline youd want to buy office here,however if we want to use office for,free and i mentioned that i would show,you how to get it what we want to do is,we want to click on the sign in button,so remember to click on sign in and what,we do is youre going to enter your,microsoft account if you dont have a,microsoft account dont worry theyre,entirely free to create and if you need,one what youre going to do is youre,going to click on create one i already,have an account so im just going to go,ahead and log in,with one of my existing accounts that i,have,and then im going to click on next then,its going to ask me to enter in my,password so im going to go ahead and,type in my password and you could also,ask to keep you signed in,now at this point im going to land i,land on the office.com website and what,youll see is i have a whole bunch of,apps across the top here if i click on,start new what i could do is i could,create a new word document,or i could click on the word tile right,here both of them this one will get me,into a new document if i click here this,will bring me to the word start page on,the word start page what youll see is i,can create a new blank document by,clicking here i could also start from a,template,so here if i click on more templates i,have a whole bunch of templates that i,could start from here im going to go,back and i could also get back to any of,my recent documents that ive been,working on i could pin documents i could,see documents that have others have,shared with me so what im going to do,is lets go ahead and click on new blank,document and what this will do now is,this is going to drop me in word,and so its going to take just a moment,to load and then here i am in a document,so hello,uh welcome to,welcome to microsoft word,and within here what youll see is you,have all the kind of standard,functionality that youd expect,what i can do is i could add a title on,here and i could you know apply my,different lets say i want to throw,a heading in,here i could go in i have all my,different tools to adjust the look and,feel you know i can insert different,things but all the controls that youre,used to in word are available here now,one of the differences is when you,when you look at the desktop apps that,you would pay for versus the web app,that you get here,the online app is not quite features,rich feature-rich as the desktop apps,but it has most of what you need if,theres something thats missing that,you want to see included here theres a,button down here in the bottom right,hand corner that says give feedback to,microsoft and you can say whether you,like something you dont like something,or if you have a suggestion for,something the team,reads all that feedback that comes in,and what ive seen from my experience is,if you request something you actually,see it show up in the product pretty,quickly so this is one way how you can,use microsoft office,for free,and its by going to office.com uh now i,want to show you a second way that you,could also use microsoft office entirely,for free and this works on windows 10,pcs,so what im going to do is if you go,down to your search field here and you,type in office youll see an app pop up,called office ive also pinned it to my,task bar right down here and ive,already logged in and if youre signed,into windows it should just,automatically pick up your account and,sign you into this app so heres the,office app and one thing that youll,notice is it looks very similar to,office.com where we just were,and what you could do here is here too,you could also click on word and then,you could work on a document you could,also start a new word document directly,from here and then if you want to get,back to recent content you could do that,down below now one of the nice things,with office.com and the office app is,not only do you get access to word but,you also get things like excel,powerpoint onenote,outlook and here if i click on all apps,you see all the different apps that you,get for free,with your microsoft account when you,sign in either on office.com or through,the office app,now once again this app allows me to use,uh the web apps for free if id rather,install office and get office on my,desktop so if i click here um it asks me,to go premium and you have to pay money,for a premium account,if youre a student what you could do is,you could use office entirely for free,including the office that you could,download and install on your pc,as long as you go to log in with your,edu account assuming that your school,has a relationship with microsoft,and thats it thats how you get,microsoft office entirely for free and,thats how you get microsoft word as,part of it if this really helped you out,and this helped you go in to use word,and helped you finish your document give,this video a thumbs up,if you want to see future videos like,this hit that subscribe button that way,youll get a notification anytime new,content like this comes out and if you,have any other ideas that you want to,see me cover in the future leave a,comment down below i read all the,comments that come in and ill add it to,my list of videos to create in the,future and hey thats all i have for you,today i hope you enjoyed and hey ill,see you next time bye

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