1. How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 Trial or Evaluation Version (90 day) for Free
  2. Windows 8.1 How to remove mcafee antivirus protection trial
  3. How To Download and Install Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 trial on virtualbox
  4. How to download Windows 8.1 Free directly from Microsoft – Legal Full Version ISO – Easy to Get!
  5. Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 For Free
  6. Windows 8.1 How to uninstall Norton antivirus free trial
  7. How to get your product key for Windows 7/8/10

How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 Trial or Evaluation Version (90 day) for Free

hello guys in this video I am going to,show you how you can download Microsoft,Windows 8.1 operating system in your,computer so if you even want to download,Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows,7 operating system the procedure will be,same so on whatever operating system you,are just open the browser of your choice,and search for Windows 8.1 evaluation if,you want to search for Windows 8 just,write Windows 8 evaluation ok and search,for it and the first link you will find,here is TechNet dot microsoft.com,slash evil center so just click this,link here,and in here what you need to do is you,need to sign in to download this 90-day,trial for Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition,ok so just click this sign-in button,here and log in with your Microsoft,account or whatever account you are,registered in Microsoft Windows or you,can even make a new account for you for,free and its really easy to make a new,account on this Microsoft website once,you have your account just login with,your account I will log in with my a,email and my password so so once you are,logged in with your credential in this,Microsoft website or you can you have,already made your account and sign in,with that account then this but you will,be able to see this button and in here,it says register to continue so I will,click this register to continue button,and in here you need to just fill this,form in order to download the Windows,8.1 or even you can download windows 8,Enterprise Edition or Windows 7,Enterprise Edition and there is one more,download you can do so for now I am,downloading Windows 8.1 but it will be,same for Windows 8 or Windows 7 so just,fill this form why are you I mean why do,you want to download this or operating,system you are running currently just,give this and the version of software,you would like to download 64-bit and to,subscribe communication below your,preferred delivery format so I will,leave it as default maybe I will click,this subscribe,and I will say continue and here it will,ask for the language in which you want,to download I will say English and,continue,and then you will see the link and when,I click this link my download of this,ISO file for Microsoft Windows 8.1 is,started here in here you can see here so,its a fairly big file you can see 3.7,GB so it will take some time to download,for whatever speed your internet is I,mean it depends upon the speed of your,internet how much time it will take but,once it is downloaded you will be able,to install it in York system or you will,be able to even install it on your,virtual machine and evaluate this for 90,days you can use it for 90 days and,after that either you want you need to,register it or you need to buy this,Windows 8.1 so it is free for 90 days,and in 90 days you can do a lot and you,can you know learn a lot if you have,some small tasks which can last for I,mean which can be done in 90 days you,can do it like this so I hope you have,enjoyed this video please rate comment,and subscribe and bye for now

Windows 8.1 How to remove mcafee antivirus protection trial

welcome to the official windows 8,channel and today were going to show,you how to uninstall make a free trial,version on any laptops or PCs that you,may have bought with trial software,installed part of the computers that are,in use actually have anti-virus trials,when you buy them there are a few,exceptions Ive seen companies like Dell,for example offer full-year,subscriptions but for most part entire,software installed pre-installed on any,machine you buy is pretty much trial and,you know theres Windows Defender in,Windows 8 then I think is actually a,great antivirus and if you are an,average user that just you know does a,little bit of email goes a little bit on,the web theres some searches I think,Windows Defender is quite enough for,antivirus so if youve got a trial,version of McAfee youll see that you,have the icon at the bottom right in the,taskbar and like here this one is a,trial version and has 30 days left so,Ill do an install it all you have to do,is you go into the bottom left right,click and go in control panel if you,cant find it there you can go into the,charms bar and the right to the right,side of your screen click search just,type control panel once youre in a,control panel you will have either icon,or cat or category views if you are in,categories look at programs and click,uninstall a program if you are in the,icon view then just go into programs and,features there all you have to do is,search for McAfee whatever you have it,could be mega free antivirus and make a,fee internet security the one I have is,McAfee total protection this is pretty,much every is the same way of an,installing whatever version you have,click the uninstall button,and there you will have the uninstall of,the mega fee just put checkmarks total,protection remove everything everything,side advisor everything that you see,from mega fee but check marks here and,click remove it will might actually you,know warn you that you have an active,subscription if you did subscribe or if,you subscribe for example I subscribe,for 30 days so I tells me I still have,an active subscription you just click,remove and continue on and let it,progress of course youll have your,computers at risk youre removing make a,fee it doesnt matter just click close,to that window and let the make a fee,software uninstall in most cases make a,fee one in our installs will actually,activate the Windows Defender there was,already on the Commission but in some,cases it does not if it does not theres,a video online on the channel that,explains how to activate your Windows,Defender software if make a fee or any,other antivirus does not activate the,Windows Defender software on Windows 8,why should you uninstall a trial version,well it depends on you because a lot of,people want to have a paid antivirus and,I think you know paid antivirus a–s do,make a better job than free anti viruses,but it all depends on what you do with,your computer if youre the kind of no,safe user that always goes to the same,places doesnt do much doesnt download,files from everywhere in the web the,free protection of Windows Defender is,quite enough if you are more than that,if you download lots of files if you,interact with a lot of people that send,you files and you install lots of,programs then paid antivirus is probably,best,one thing about McAfee is that I dont,like make a fee find that it really,slows down most computers and its not,really a good antivirus,I think from the test that I made you,can check the test on the website I did,test it and if you want to have opinion,tires I think you should probably check,for something else,northern 360 that I tested was actually,a good one and check for our test well,have tests of many anti viruses on the,way on the channel so Ill give you an,idea maybe which one is better you,couldnt go to your favorite computer,store and actually buy it buy what the,you know computer tech there might,suggest but anything but make a few for,now is okay as you see here uninstall is,quite long you have to wait for,everything to happen its typical of,McAfee it was pretty big installed 5 to,10 minutes when I installed it and,thats quite a long install for a,software actually Norton didnt take,that long to install actually so it,gives you an idea that its actually a,big piece of software and has a lot of,features that are installed and,uninstalled so you know you wait for the,removal with the little green,progression thats telling you what its,doing,computers with you know trial of anti,viruses are very popular because one of,the reason is McAfee Norton and a lot of,different companies will actually want,to have their trials on computers they,actually pay the computer manufacturer,to have their trial version on the,computer because they know that if you,have a trial you might actually,subscribe so they know theyll make,money would you know a small portion of,all those machines and thats why they,are going to pay and it actually lowers,the price of the computer and the,teachers bought and after its removed,youve got restart now and all you have,to do is click restart now computer will,restart and hopefully everything will be,okay if you have a problem with make a,few removal then you can try make a fee,removal tool and in the make a fee,support there is a removal tool for make,a fee so if you have problems,uninstalling McAfee doesnt want it,gives you error messages then click the,make a fee removal tool that you might,have actually download the make a fee,removal tool that they actually give you,it will give you a few pointers first,but if nothing works theres a make a,fee removal tool that you can actually,download to clean up and to make sure,that everything is off your computer if,youve got problems and so if everything,goes well well just go to restart now,if you have problems restart your,computer and try again before you use,the removal tool from the make Fe,website because the removal tool,actually can sometimes break windows,because it doesnt remove it in the same,manner as the uninstall does but,hopefully everything went well you can,click the restart and everythings fine,Wayne you,finished if you enjoy our videos one on,subscribe to our channel youll be in,for my new videos or online if you any,comments or questions on what youve,seen let us know maybe you have a,feature of Windows or any other Windows,8 problems you might have that we can,make a video of and help everyone at the,same time let us know and hopefully,youll come back to the official Windows,8 channel thank you for watching bye bye

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How To Download and Install Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 trial on virtualbox

hello guys in this video Im going to,show you how you can install Windows 8,or Windows 8.1 operating system on,VirtualBox Im using Ubuntu operating,system as my host for VirtualBox but the,procedure will be same if you are using,Windows or Mac OS as a host for,VirtualBox so one important thing you,need to have for installing Windows 8.1,is obviously the windows 8.1 ISO file or,installation file and this you can,download for free if you want to,evaluate Windows 8.1 Windows 8 you can,download it for free from windows side I,will give you a link for the video in,which I have shown you how you can,download Windows 8.1 or Windows it8 for,evaluation for ninety days for free so,just click that link and you can,download the windows 8.1 for free for 90,days you can use it for 90 days and then,you will you need to buy it or register,that windows to Microsoft so lets see,how we can install that ISO file which,you have downloaded in VirtualBox so,what Im going to is Im going to click,this new and in here I will choose the,name for my windows so I will name my,windows as,windows 8.1 and in here you can you can,see it has automatically recognized that,I want the version windows 8.1 and its,the type Microsoft Windows if you dont,see Windows 8.1 64-bit here you can just,click this combo box and you can choose,for Windows 8.1 or whatever version of,Windows you have and you can you also,need to choose the bit or version or bit,of the version you have downloaded I,have downloaded 64-bit version of,Windows 8.1 so I will select 64-bit and,click Next and in here it will show the,memory size you need to give to install,Windows 8 I will leave it as default and,I will go further next and this will be,the same create virtual hard drive yes I,want to create it so I will click create,and I want to use VDI which is,VirtualBox disk image click Next and I,want to allocate dynamically allocated,hard drive physical hard drive click,Next and in here you can allocate hard,drive or hard drive size which you want,to have allocate to your operating,system by default its 25 gb so I will,leave it as default but you can increase,it on the basis of the I mean hard drive,which is available on your system and I,will say create once I say create it,will create a virtual machine for me but,I havent given any ISO file or,installation file to this virtual,machine which I have created right now,right so once you have created your,virtual machine you need to select this,and go to the settings,and in here go to systems and go to,processor and you can choose the,processors for your operating system so,by default its one but you can increase,it to two or depending upon the,processor in your computer you can,increase it also so I would like to have,two processors for this and I will click,OK,and now I will just select my virtual,machine I can either right click and,click start or I can select this Windows,virtual machine and click this start,button,and once it starts it asks for the ISO,file which it needs so for the,installation of Windows 8.1 so just,click this small button here and choose,the part of the ISO file you have,downloaded for Windows 8.1 so click that,file click open and click start button,generally in the installation of Windows,8.1 or Windows 8 takes about 30 minutes,on VirtualBox it depends upon the you,know how fast your computer works also,but generally it takes about half an,hour so you need to mean give half an,hour to install this 8.1 on your system,so you can see the installation has,started now,it will take some time to start,and now the windows setup so in here you,can select the language you want to,install select the time and you can even,select the key board for your,installation right so in here if you,want to change the keyboard layout or,you want to change the language you can,do it here,okay so just say click these combo boxes,and choose your language and choose your,timezone and choose the keyboard layout,for example I have the German keyboard,layout so I can choose it from here this,one and I can click Next,but if you have a u.s. keyboard layout,just leave it as default okay and click,Next and just click install now,now the setup is starting,and it says you need to accept this,license in license in order to install,windows 8.1 enterprise I will accept the,license terms and click Next and in here,you have two options upgrade windows and,keep file setting an application or,custom install ok so by default its,this one but you can choose this one,also I will just select this this word,this option here so if you are running,this virtual machine on Windows just,click this option or I am going to,choose this custom install windows so,install Windows only advanced custom,option just select this and in here you,can you know give the partition to your,Windows operating system or do the sums,advanced stuff what I will leave it as,default because its my virtual machine,so I will click Next and it says copying,Windows File getting file ready for,installation,so it will finish these steps one by one,I will pause the video for the finishing,of these steps and I will I mean,restart the video once any important,step comes while the installing okay,so after installing those features it,this VirtualBox prompt me to or Windows,installation told me to restart the,system so dont press any key even if it,says you need to press some key so dont,press any key in order to I mean restart,or reboot otherwise it will start your,installation once again so even if it,ask that you need to press any key dont,press any key while installing this,operating system Windows operating,system let it do its work and you will,be good to go,ok,so now the process is in the way I will,pause the video and wait for the next,step and right now its getting ready,for installation you can see here,sixty-eight percent eighty seven and one,hundred percent,getting ready,so it takes time to you know complete,the installation so if you are doing,some work just do your stuff and come,back and see if its still working or,not okay so I will just pause the video,and I will inform you if any important,step occurs so right now its rebooting,as I have told you dont press any key,while your installation is going on,right so its doing its stop here,and once that installation is complete,then it will ask for the PC name you,need to give so in here you need to give,the PC name whatever PC name you want to,give to your Windows operating system I,will give the PC name for example,programming knowledge and I will press,ENTER and it says its too long so lets,say I will give the name user for,example and press Enter,and these are the settings from the,Microsoft,so we will go further,theres a privacy statement here and,some information about this okay,so once you have read all these,condition and privacy statement you can,just scroll this down a little so scroll,down and just click use Express setting,you can customize your system also but,for now Im using use Express setting,here okay and now it will see next you,will set your account so you can give,your account or you can just click Next,if you dont want to do this so give,your account here so I will give my,account and give the password for the,account and I will click Next here so,once you have given your Microsoft,account here itll ask you to give your,email email ID once again so I will give,it once again and click Next here or,otherwise if you dont have your,Microsoft account or if you dont want,to log in or log in with your Microsoft,account what you can do is you can go,back here and in here,just once again click use Express,settings and in here you can just click,create new account instead of giving,your Microsoft accounts or or instead of,signing in with your Microsoft account,if you dont want to do this you can,just create a new account just click the,Create new account and in here and you,need to give your account details right,I will go back,and once again Ill choose create n

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hello this is Nick with Nicks computer,fix comm and here is a video on how the,download Windows 8.1 directly from,Microsoft free-and-easy okay to begin,with lets open up an error in that,browser either from the Start screen or,your desktop Im going to open up my,favorite internet browser which happens,to be Firefox from my desktop and once I,have it open Im going to go out to my,favorite search engine which happens to,be Google and Im going to type the,words download Windows 8.1 and hit the,enter key and that will open up the,potential links that you can click on,and the one that were interested in is,the first one windows 8 is Oh Microsoft,and no it doesnt say 8.1 but it does,say 8.1 in the description so go ahead,and click on that and that opens up the,Microsoft software download page and,theres the URL address right there,so once the download Windows 8.1 page is,open on your computer screen go ahead,and scroll down and click on this button,download tool now and that will go ahead,and open or actually give you this,prompt actually um and says do you want,to save the media creation tool to your,computer and Im going to say yes save,the file and in Firefox I can go up here,and click on this download arrow and see,my download progress and it doesnt take,long to download this at all a few,seconds at most and I can click on the,folder icon here and actually see where,it was saved to on my computer and I can,double click right here within the,folder and that will initiate the media,creation tool and the first prompt I get,is a security warning do I want to run,this and Im going to say yes I do want,to run it because its perfectly safe,and its directly from Microsoft and,then what,this 10 will give me a user account,control prompt that says do I want to,allow this program to make changes to my,computer and the answer is yes because I,want to go ahead and start the install,of Windows not the install but the,download of Windows 8.1 onto my computer,here and I get this prompt which says to,answer three questions and the first one,is the language and Im going to click,on the download arrow here and Im going,to go down and click on English which is,the United States and that works for me,and the next question is which Edition,and Im going to click on Windows 8.1,pro now your question is well how do I,know which version do I have is really,simple to figure out go down here on the,Start menu and right click within,Windows 8.1 move up and click on system,and that opens up the system information,window for Windows 8.1 now itll tell me,that right here that Im running Windows,8.1 pro yours may be the same or a,different version and also the system,type which is a 64-bit version so once,Ive determined or youve determined,which version of Windows 8.1 you have,you can select the correct Edition and,also the correct architecture which is,64-bit in my case and once youve done,that go ahead down here and click on,next now I get a choice of where to save,the installation file the first one is,if I want to make a USB flash drive,thats bootable I can select the first,one and thats by default is selected or,I can select the second one which is the,one Im going to do which is going to,download the ISO file to my computer,where I can great or burn a disc image,to a DVD later on so once I have that,checked Im going to go down here and,click,next and the very next prompt is,obviously where do I want to go ahead,and save this iso file on my computer,and im going to save it in the download,directory which is the default directory,and you can choose a different folder,directory if you want but Im going to,leave it as the default and give it a,different name,besides windows ok it goes ahead and,starts downloading and this does take,some time depending on the speed and,performance of your laptop computer or,your desktop computer also the speed of,your internet provider as well as how,busy microsoft download servers are at,the time that youre doing this so this,could take up to several hours to,download so be patient and sit back and,Im not going to sit here and bore you,with watching this continuously download,for hours to the magic of video editing,Im going to speed this up and go to the,next step once its completed,downloading it will go ahead and check,the download to make sure that there was,no corruption or interruption during the,download process and of course this,doesnt take too long a period of time,its relatively fast and once its,completed getting the files ready to,create the ISO it does begin creating,the file for you now keep in mind this,will take several minutes to complete,before you get the last notice here burn,the ISO file to a DVD shows you the,location of the ISO allows you to burn,the DVD right this moment or you can,click finish and burn it later and when,you click finish,you can go to the folder that has the,ISO in it in my case it was in the,download folder and you can right click,on that ISO and when you do you get,options and one of the options is to,burn disk image and be sure to have a,DVD in your DVD burner before you click,on burn disk image okay thats it for,this tutorial I hope this helped you out,and if you like subscribe to my channel,and like my video

Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 For Free

but you guys today were taking a look,at everything you need to know about,windows 8.1 end of life and how you can,upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1 for free,still today in 2022 it is still a little,loophole that you can use to try to get,an upgrade but as you can see here were,on a windows 8.1 uh system here it is,activated which is important because if,youre trying to upgrade to windows 10,from windows 8.1 and still get it,activated its important that see,activated in the first place now there,is no official upgrade path from windows,8.1 to windows 10 for free microsoft,have said they are not supporting,upgrades from windows 8.1 to windows 10.,now there is still a loophole where,microsoft havent closed this window,which allows people to upgrade to,windows 10 from windows 8.1 and it,should activate but if it doesnt,activate what does that mean for you,well it means youre going to need to,buy a new windows key and you can use,something like cd key cells youve seen,me promote these before and you can go,here set up an account and click on the,windows 10 pro oem key and you can then,see theres a list of flags here which,tells you the region that these keys are,supported in and also all you need to do,is click on the buy now button and then,use my promo code,capital b capital r 0 9 and apply this,to your order and you will get a hefty,discount and that means youll be able,to use that key to activate windows 10,if your windows 8.1 key,does not activate after youve used the,upgrade process,from windows 8.1 to windows 10 sometimes,it might not activate and most of the,time that i have done this it has,activated but if it doesnt then you can,always purchase a key from cdk sales,also ill leave all that links in the,information in the video description as,you can see here it says that windows,8.1 what is life policy for windows 8.1,and it says windows 8.1 reached the end,of mainstream support on january 9th,2018 and then microsoft extended that,support to january 10th 2023 this means,once we reach that date,there will be no more updates for,windows 8.1 or windows 8 you will not,receive any more security updates or any,more patches from microsoft which means,you are going to have an obsolete,operating system ill leave the links to,all these articles in the video,description so you can read them and,again this one here is about windows 8.1,uh support will end on january 10th 2023,and this is just a reminder of exactly,what you need to know about the end of,support and what it means for you what,does ender support mean will my windows,8.1 computer still work and so on,theres little answers here which you,can read,which microsoft have put together now,its more than likely that your computer,will not support windows 11 because when,windows 8 or windows 8.1 was out i dont,think those cpus will be on the,supported list for windows 11 so windows,10 is your only option now windows 10,also has until october 14th 2025 when,its mainstream support will end and,microsoft can extend this as well and if,you look here on this list it says are,three options to upgrade to windows 10,or windows 11 available we do not,currently offer uh free upgrade paths,from windows 8.1 to either windows 10 or,windows 11. if you want to purchase a,copy of windows 10 or windows 11 you,would need to purchase a key and then,use this to reinstall windows and,activate but you can upgrade but you,just wont get an activation from it,sometimes but when i upgraded i got an,activation out of it now what should i,do should i consider a new computer,thats entirely up to you,some people will want to continue to use,that computer for a number of years and,windows 10 still has until october 14th,2025 and microsoft could extend that,even further so you still have a few,years left on that computer if you,upgrade or install windows 10,now remember even if you install windows,10 there is a chance that the,key does not work and microsoft have,said that there is no free upgrade,options available for windows 10 or,windows 11 from windows 8.1 but i do,know that people have upgraded and it,has activated so that window might be,still open and microsoft might not have,closed it yet so you still have until,october 14th 2025 to use that computer,and then microsoft may extend it so its,always worth giving windows 10 a try,its not much different to windows 8.1,anyway now the other option for you if,you dont want to buy a new computer uh,at any time you can always use linux uh,its different to windows but again,there is plenty of distros out there,which you can use so upgrading from,windows 8.1 to windows 10 youll see,when you go over to the windows 10,website you wont see the upgrade tool,method here using the upgrade assistant,theyve removed it from their website so,the only other option youll get to,upgrade is to either download the media,creation tool and there is an upgrade,option still in there so you can,basically go here and download the media,creation tool for windows 10 now im on,a windows 8.1 system here and you can,see it has changed,if you look at the windows 10 site on,say a windows 10 operating system youll,see the upgrade path tool uh there which,allows you to upgrade so theyre trying,to deter you from upgrading but once you,open the media creation tool here and,run it it will give you an option to,upgrade that computer to windows 10.,what advise you to do before you do this,is to make sure you backup all of your,data its important because were going,into unknown territory here because,microsoft have said they dont offer an,upgrade path and you dont really want,to take that chance because if it,crashes or it just fails to upgrade at,any point,you wont have to roll back and theres,a chance that your data could go missing,so i wouldnt rely on microsoft to back,up your data so you can see here what do,you want to do upgrade this pc now so,this is the option that is going to,upgrade your pc from windows 8.1 to,windows 10. what you can also do is,download the iso file from this media,creation tool and basically mount it and,install it or upgrade it from that,method if you want to as well theres,quite a few ways of going about it but,what its going to do is download,windows 10 media,offer the microsoft website and then,its going to get a few things ready for,you ive speeded this process up and you,can see here ready to install you wont,be able to use this pc while its,installing and its going to say its,going to install windows 10 home and,its going to keep your personal files,and apps ive said it before do not rely,on microsoft to keep your data safe back,up your data before you do this method,once youre done click next and it will,start to install windows 10 on that,system its going to upgrade your system,to windows 10 and away you go hopefully,when you get to the end screen of this,and youre at the windows 10 desktop,hopefully after the upgrade process is,completed your key has also been,activated on windows 10. microsoft have,not been too finicky about this sort of,thing theyve just let this sort of,slide but in your case it might vary a,little bit who knows p from pc to pc,things do change but hopefully when,youve done this upgrade path you will,have an activated version of windows 10,from your 8.1 system even though,microsoft say its not possible,it still is in some sort of ways because,people are still doing it from other,versions of windows as well so if you,look here,we have our settings open here and we do,have update security gonna go in here,and you can see the as activated on,windows 10 home here we have an,activated version and that means the,activation has gone through okay on this,machine now theres no guarantee that,its going to happen on your machine im,just saying that it happened for me but,if it doesnt happen your other option,is to get another key and you can choose,where to get your key from but ill,leave some links in the video,description,but basically we need to do now is,update your window

Windows 8.1 How to uninstall Norton antivirus free trial

welcome to the official windows a,channel and today were going to show,you how to uninstall Norton trial on,your PC a lot of laptops a lot of,computers desktops come with a 30-day,trial of Norton AntiVirus on their,Windows 8 machine and a lot of you dont,want this and actually if you are the,kind of person that you know does just,little email and a little bit of search,dont really download any programs and,stuff I think the Windows Defender,protection in Windows 8 is more than,enough to actually work so if you got,Norton you will notice that you have a,yellow icon youll have one here on the,bottom in the taskbar also and so if you,want to uninstall it and activate the,Windows Defender all you have to do is,right click in the bottom left here,youll go into the control panel and,youll actually have the programs in,feature tab if you have categories you,will have programs and uninstall the,program,so either you click here or if you have,icons well just click programs and,features in the list of programs that,you see appearing on your computer,youll search for Norton AntiVirus,or Norton Internet Security in my case,its Norton 360 and click uninstall its,going to start the uninstall of Norton,so here you have that first panel I if,you dont never never want to have,Norton again just click please remove,all user data so that everything is,removed it will of course say well do,you want to keep Norton identity safe,for free,dont really want it so you say no,thanks at the bottom right you see that,how small no thanks is compared to yak,lets continue this is something that,Id really really annoys me about,software you know they should at least,be the same size so you click no thanks,at the bottom right and then you click,Next,depending on your computer and,uninstalling Norden might take anywhere,from you know 30 seconds 45 seconds to a,minute Ive seen computers that took,several minutes before you had the,Norton uninstalled from your computer,you should actually see that icon being,removed from your taskbar like I just,did if you still see it just past your,mouse pointer over it then you see that,it disappears so let it on an uninstall,and,you can then install whatever antivirus,you might want to have or like I said,the Windows Defender in Windows 8 is,actually a good choice if youre not,that much of a computer you know user,that downloads everything that he sees,on the web because I remind you that if,you are a power user you download lots,of stuff its better have a paid,antivirus its always better and theres,more performance out of it but I would,say from probably like 75% of everyone,that I see Windows Defender is actually,enough to protect and then you got that,big restart Now button and thats what,youll click I wont click it because,its going to stop the program recording,but thats how youll actually uninstall,it now some of you will probably say,well I get an error message when I,download when I uninstall norton 360 if,that is a problem for you if you do have,a problem what I suggest is that you get,a Norton,uninstall tool or utility check for a,Norton uninstall youre using Norton,removal tool and you see here this is,the page where youll have it download,and run the Norton removal tool in to,uninstall your Norton product now youll,have the remote removal tool download on,that page remember one thing is that,removal of Norton through this utility,is a little dangerous because it does,uninstall it quite in a very direct way,by removing all sorts of information so,it rarely happens but Ive seen cases,where using the removal tool actually,breaks something in Windows so be,careful make sure that you try it,through the uninstall that Ive shown,you first,if you cant restart your computer and,just try it again maybe somethings,happening and it cant right now but if,you restart your computer up it might,work and in the last last last resort,then youll download and run the Norton,removal tool and thats uninstall it via,disk tool and this will really really,remove it removal tool does remove it,whatever happens to your Norton when you,try to uninstall it this one will,install uninstall it for sure but this,is the last resort like I said if you,enjoy our videos why not subscribe to,our Channel youll be in for more new,videos or online if you have any,comments or questions on what youve,seen let us know maybe you have a,feature of Windows like that youd like,us to talk about maybe you have a,problem share it with us and either,someone can maybe answer or if we can,well make a video and show you how to,do it and hopefully everything will work,well with your Windows 8 install so,thank you for watching and hope to see,you soon,on the official windows 8 channel bye,bye

How to get your product key for Windows 7/8/10

hello guys mr. Dunham on 2050 here,welcome to another video and in todays,video guys Im gonna be showing you how,to get your windows 7 or windows like,product key now are you guys do buy OEM,laptops or computers and this basically,means guys that youre buying a computer,which has the windows installed on it,and usually itll be an OEM version om,Sons for original equipment manufacturer,and generally you know manufactures can,get things cheaper so they can put a,computer to purses they can sell you at,cheaper but because of this they might,not give you the disk the operating,systems which is Windows 7 or Windows 8,and todays video guys and were showing,you how to get your windows put it key,this isnt guarantee that you can get it,but 98% of the chance youll be able to,so quite a high chance now if you all,look if you were to step on and click on,computer then go on to system properties,you can see but you know so when i was,actu it and then you see your product ID,now if yours has om here youve used an,early and put it key when I built my PC,I did actually physically buy in windows,7 disc which came with an OEM product,key and when I registered that I went,through nicely and as you can see our,product ID and there just say isnt yeah,now most uh most of you guys you know it,will say that now theres a piece of,software that Ive used to actually get,my product key now I physically have my,product key on my desk its in a box,from windows 7 disc itll shine it is,still in the sirness by the way Im,gonna put it keys in there but say if,you lose that and you have no idea where,it is and you want your credit key,because you might want to install it on,a new PC and if you guys are wondering,you can reinstall an OEM product key on,a PC soon as you generally using the,same motherboard because it bends into,the BIOS something yeah something,complicated like that now piece of,software guys I want to download so good,to you internet and type in and you want,to type in its called a Belloc so type,it in here so Bell Arc so yeah go to,bellick comm download the software here,and so weve got a free download here,and you want to download the Belloc,advisor the downloads here wasnt here,its a click here to download your FREE,copy of Belloc advisor and you know this,is a free program,it runs all no no everything,even Windows 8.1 the new update and its,3 MB nice and easy once you downloaded,the guys chances are Ill be on your,desktop just run it install it simple,procedure and then open the program now,from the program thats aster load up so,generally when you install it will,update for a fast its gonna scan UPC,for Canada product keys and stuff like,that and also does you know security,updates checks for you know just general,kind of stuff stuff on your network,stuff about security now Im just gonna,skip that so I really want to know about,the local network stuff I know how my,networks set up so just gonna wait for,this Ill just skip the video forward,and here we are this is the Belloc,advisor and so its brought up a big,page about my computer and as you can,see its detected that Windows 7 home,premium is installed Ive installed an,English all that kind of stuff you know,its got my motherboard everything about,it for Assessor speed now you guys are,warning your product key now Im gonna,blow my mount down below back and Gansey,that its there so Im just gonna scroll,down this list now here we are guys as,you can see is detected a few games that,Ive used put at keys for and also,detected my Windows 7 home premium key,here it is that is what Windows 7 home,premium run in the middle of the screen,as you can see it tells me my actual,Product ID which is already on there,which we saw in the beginning of the,video and then weve also got the key I,have bled mine out because that is my,legal key I paid for 7000 pounds so Im,not exactly gonna show you that but as,you can see look its its there and Im,just comparing it to what Ive got in my,hand now and thats exactly right so,its done a good job ever notice I has,an e on the end so Im just gonna scroll,down till the e means and it says and,this may be the manufacturers,factory installed put it key rather than,yours you can change your it key using,the procedure above are now first you,put it key guys if its not a a.m. then,you can reuse it as many times as you,want over to my understanding I believe,its actually five then you have to,bring up Microsoft but because youve,bought the key and its actually yours,and the non-oem versions are about 120,pound,once in the UK and then theres normal,ones about 70 so you do save a lot of,money bail you know um but this video,guys I showed you how to get you put it,key Id hopefully go you know you put it,key now and that youre nice and happy,you can now use it to do whatever you,wanted to do with it and you know Ive,kind of solved the problem for you guys,and Oh guys thanks for watching please,feel free to like comment and subscribe,and if you want to see a lot more tech,related video guys if you want to see a,lot of tech related videos like this one,click like button there now uh hello,guys and a bits about

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