1. How to Sign Up and Use Disney Plus with 7 Day Free Trial
  3. Disney+ Free Trial Removed For New Customers | Disney Plus News
  4. Forget Disney Plus, here are 5 free video streaming sites
  5. How To Get Disney Plus For Free
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  7. Disney + Plus How to Start your free 7 Day trial

How to Sign Up and Use Disney Plus with 7 Day Free Trial

every one Disney Plus is finally here on,November 12 2019 and I wanted to show,you how to sign up for the streaming,service right now Im gonna show you,this on a mobile device on my phone but,the process is exactly the same on a,computer on a mobile device on a tablet,they made it very easy to sign up but,let me show you the two different plans,that are available you have Disney Plus,here thats $6.99 a month and thats,everything that Disney Plus has to offer,and you get a 7 day free trial but there,is a bundle package because they own the,majority of Hulu and they own ESPN where,you could for $12.99 a month get all,those bundled as one package a very good,deal however this is the Hulu that is ad,supported so this is not the full ad,free Hulu and then you could see some of,the shows that they have here they,obviously own Pixar Marvel Star Wars so,theres so many options here basically,multiple channels within this Disney,Plus and they have some original content,like a Star Wars show High School,Musical show Lady and the movie,and you could download any TV show and,movie and watch them on your device and,it says watch with four different,devices at the same time which is very,very useful so let me jump into the,mobile phone and Ill show you how to,sign up for it right now okay so if you,click the link in the description it,will bring you to this website and again,you could explore here a little bit and,login if you already sign up but all you,would have to do is either press free,trial here to get a free 7-day trial of,Disney Plus that gives you the Marvel,Pixar and Star Wars and national,Geographics as well or you could do the,$12.99 bundle here that one you have to,buy right now there is no trial Ill do,the seven day free trial here and next,page you just want to type in the email,that will be connected with this account,so make sure you use an email that you,have access to and then choose a,password for yourself minimum six,characters here and finally on this page,you could see that its $6.99 a month,but you could save 16 percent here if,you do an annual plan Im just gonna do,the monthly plan but it says the date,where I could cancel seven days from,today I could cancel before again,charged so if you dont like it once you,try it out you could always cancel it,and not even pay the $6.99 a month and,typing your credit card or PayPal,information and then you could I agree,and subscribe and just like that you got,Disney Plus now in order to watch Disney,Plus youll need to download the app in,the case of your iPhone or your Android,phone here thats what I need to do so,Im gonna go ahead and download the app,but on a computer you could just go to,Disney Plus calm and press login on the,top right and its gonna tell you that,you could bundle stars with it too for,an additional amount of money here but,Im gonna go ahead and download this,from the App Store and this is the app,right inside of the App Store Im gonna,go ahead and download it right now and,the app also lets you do the free trial,and walk through the same steps here but,since I already sign up I could just go,ahead and login here type in my email,and password and press continue and just,like that we are right inside of Disney,Plus so as you could see some of the,biggest shows and some of the original,content are gonna show up right here on,top including big movies like Avatar and,Avenger and then underneath that youre,gonna see some of the different channels,that you could go to basically the,things that Disney has produced or the,things that Marvel has produced and you,could basically view them all here and,basically press play on each one on the,bottom you have your home option you,have your search option where you could,search for anything here and its gonna,give you some recommendations you have,your download so you could download,anything and you have your profile here,where you could go ahead and change your,profile icon add other profiles since,you have four devices on at the same,time and then you could go ahead and log,out and things like that here but Im,gonna go to the home page just to show,you if I click on this Star Wars,original show here I could go ahead and,press the plus sign to add it to my,playlist or I could download the season,here so if I press that I could download,season one and then that will be on my,device here and if youve ever used any,streaming apps this basically works the,same way where you could look for,trending hit movies and things like that,and things that are recommended for you,based on your activity and you also get,things right out of the Disney vaults,which is really really useful especially,for a lot of these classic movies like,Lion King Beauty and the Beast Little,Mermaid and so on but I hope you find,this useful let me know what you think,of Disney Plus,after you give it a spin and please make,sure you give this video a thumbs up Im,subscribed for daily and easy to follow,taking social media videos and Ill,catch you next time thanks for watching,this one


[Music],hi guys welcome back to my youtube,channel scarlet august thats back for,the video in my youtube channel so for,this video guys,so for this video i will teach you how,to watch disney plus here in the,philippines so for those who dont know,hindi available on disney plus,applications of play store philippines,disney plus for free here in the,philippines in just simple and easy,steps so without further ado lets get,started,first thing that you should do guys in,order for you to watch disney plus here,in the philippines is to download a vpn,application so maraming free vpn,applications of play store,search search link is,so if you will watch an ad it will give,you two hours one to two hours of using,vpn so,nice,advantage,so in using this vpn i click,little click on photo littles are free,server i choose u.s new york i see,available on,disney plus,click on button so that it can connect,to u.s new york vpn,[Applause],[Music],is connected to united states vpn server,pos if you want to add,two hours or more hours just watch,another ads like this plus 120 minutes,or two hours just watch that ad,so that you would be given another two,hours,of using vpn,then wait for an ad to load then dont,skip or dont end now that we are,connected to a vpn i searched,langnatens adding browsers a phone,disney plus,you can access,disneyplus.com for free just log in your,account and everything will go smoothly,thats all thats it guys i hope youve,enjoyed watching my video and you have,learned something from it and if you do,please do like share subscribe to my,youtube channel and hit the notification,bell right down below so you will get,updated when i post another video if you,want to suggest dont hesitate to,comment down below thank you guys for,watching bye,[Music],you

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Disney+ Free Trial Removed For New Customers | Disney Plus News

hi everyone what youre here for whats,on Disney plus a comic Whitneys update,for you guys all about Disney taking,away the free trial for Disney Plus but,before we go any further make sure you,do hit that subscribe button to keep up,with latest Disney plus news so ever,since Disney Plus launched back in,November it has been offering a free,trial of seven days now unfortunately,that looks been taken away coz when you,now go to sign up over it Disney Plus,calm or on the app who now just get,straight into the credit card,information rather than giving you that,free 7-day trial now before you always,had a kind of sign now but if you,cancelled before the seven day they,wouldnt charge you and counter youd,get your money back,unfortunately now thats no longer an,option you have to pay when you sign up,and if you want to unsubscribe you can,do but obviously just go do so before,the end of the three days before you get,charged again now this obviously has a,number of impacts of the week one first,off its just ahead of Hamilton coming,to Disney platters youre gonna be,coming on July the third thats gonna be,a massive hit it was supposed to be,coming to cinemas next year its been,pulled forward due to the current,coronavirus situation and I think this,is the prime reason why its happened,because Oh Tameka Disney will be,monitoring the different data and stuff,and working out that people have been,signing up watch anything they wanted,and then leaving obviously then,basically Disney are just allowing them,to watch it for free obviously this,makes a lot of sense now with Disney,dropping movies directly onto Disney,Plus rather than go in the cylinders,because so many of them are closed and,were loads of news coming out this week,of some cinemas now requiring people to,wear masks and all the risk of people,just maybe arent going to want to go so,yeah it makes sense of Disneys point of,view to not allow that free trial to get,that $5.99 $6.99 depending on which,country youre in and yeah and you know,to me if youre going to watch Hamilton,youre pretty much just paying the price,of a rental or going to the cinema so,its not a huge ring but officer there,was a lot of people would know that,planning and Im jumping here and,getting that free trial and jumping back,out after theyve seen Hamilton it also,explains why up until recently Disney,have been dropping all over their,original was weekly stretching them all,out and back in May they started,dropping them all at once rather then,sort of stretch the mat and that I think,is another impact,no longer needing to have that free,trial so thats why we never got the,whole of the mandalorian at once in,order to stop that and now I still think,theyre going to carry on with the,weekly drops for the big series like the,Marvel and Star Wars stuff but it is,part of the reason why when they have,these free trials well they dont want,people to do it now obviously other,streaming services do this but theres,me are in a unique situation right now,where they are putting these movies out,there it doesnt make sense from,Disneys point of view just to get that,initial month subscription even if its,later canceled because a lot of people,also maybe sign up with alternative,credit cards and debit cards and with,different email addresses and try and,extend it its what kind of fitting into,it itll be interesting to see what,happens with Disney wherever not they,find that less people are turning over,because now theyre signing in and,paying for it or whether or not theyre,actually gonna start losing those,initial people signing up then our,Disney are already at over 55 million,subscribers worldwide and thats,continuing to grow maybe they feel now,they dont really meet you but I suspect,its primary entities big movies like,Hamilton but they want to make sure that,people get in and watch it maybe they,saw with Artemis Fowl a lot of people,were jumping in watching it and then,getting out and they didnt want that to,happen anyway let me know in the,comments below if you agree with Disney,removing that free trial laughter here,your force go check us out over at,whats on Disney classic on like follow,and subscribe Im gonna even help,support the channel over at patreon,where you get access to some videos,early and also theres exclusive videos,each week and I just see you guys,another video later,[Music]

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Forget Disney Plus, here are 5 free video streaming sites

[Music],these are the top 5 free video streaming,services were entering a world of lots,and lots of new streaming competitors,Apple TV Plus Disney Plus HBO Macs and,even NBCs peacock what if you just want,to watch stuff for free,I hear you yelling piracy no no no no,pirating there are a bunch of sites that,let you watch all kinds of movies and TV,shows for no money whatsoever,four out of five of these use ads to,make it free by the way lets rank the,services number five is IMDB TV formerly,known as IMDB free dive this service is,powered by Amazon since it owns IMDB and,yes I am DB TV has ads you can watch,content on the IMDB site or the Amazon,Prime app on set-top boxes you have to,keep scrolling down until you find it,though a lot of these sites have some of,the same content by the way finding,exclusives is not that simple,in my search IMDB TV was the only free,streaming service to offer all five,seasons of Fringe the full run of Heroes,and three seasons of Gilligans Island,you can also find la-la-land there for,free and number four is canopy this is,the only service on the list that shows,its content without ads so whats the,catch you have to sign in with your,public library card or university,information unfortunately not every,library is a part of canopy whats great,about their service big tiered titles,like Lady Bird hereditary moonlight,eighth grade and memento since this,service is affiliated with libraries and,universities the titles youre looking,at are a little higher brow canopy says,everyone from film scholars to casual,viewers will discover remarkable and,enriching films on canopy number three,is Sony crackle its been around for a,while and is ad-supported this service,has lots of big titles in general heres,a list of stuff youll find for free on,Sony crackle and nowhere else,Air Force one 28 weeks later and,cliffhanger theres also I know what you,did last summer I still know what you,did last summer and Ill always know,what you did last summer,on the TV front it has the full run of,the amazingly underrated animated sitcom,The Critic Sony crackle also has three,seasons of news radio theres also a,selection of Marvel anime like Iron Man,Wolverine and x-men Sony crackle has a,really strong lineup,number two is to be TV although number,two and three could flip-flop on a,different day if youre looking for a,free site to complement your Netflix,membership go to 2b TV it actually has a,section named not on Netflix thats,really helpful there are some real gems,for free here No Country for Old Men The,Boondock Saints when scream went offline,at Netflix guess what it wound up at to,be TV theyve also got some nice,collections so you dont have to go,hunting through tons and tons of content,checking nostalgia TV get you the a-team,Alf and Xena by the way you can find the,a-team and Alf on IMDB TV as well Xena,it cant do that awesome to be gives you,the option to see whats online for free,only on its site the selection shows you,both movies and TV shows are they great,well theyre free and a number one is,Vudu you get over 5000 free movies to,stream with an excellent selection,unbreakable a Nightmare on Elm Street,and gran torino or on the list Im a big,fan of all three scrolling through the,selection shows a lot of quality and a,few duds if youre a fan of movies that,are so bad that theyre good,you can watch the master of disguise,starring Dana Carvey it has a 1 percent,rating on Rotten Tomatoes think about,that do you want to pay for that you,dont have to,theres also son of the mask it is 6,times better than master of disguise,again if its free maybe watch the,horribleness theres also an option to,filter just fresh only movies all the,junk goes by the wayside theres also a,TV section,with over 500 titles I think when it,comes to quality Vudu is hard to beat,especially when theyre asking you for,$0 like I said there are a number of,titles you can find on multiple,platforms like third Rock from the Sun,is on to B TV Vudu,and Sony crackle the catalogs also,change from time to time,like most streaming services since all,of these are free try them all out if,you want to find what streaming where,check out just watch calm its one of my,favorite search tools we did a video,telling you about the top 5 try them out,if you want to control your home theater,youve got to check out this video its,the best addition you can have to your,living room if youve got ideas for top,5s let us know write a comment tweet at,me Im a dayas Im also a as that,Cardinal see you online,[Music]

How To Get Disney Plus For Free

what is going on everybody my name is,Noble and in todays video we dont so,much have a gaming video as much as,something that Im actually really,excited for and if we win for for quite,a while and that is Disney Plus Disney,Plus launched today and I was actually,fortunate enough to go ahead and get,that free order I forgot how much we,paid for it but it was a pre-order for a,pretty decent price for three years so,that is pretty dope but today in case,you guys are still wondering whether or,not you want to spend the extra money,for Disney class were gonna go ahead,and show you guys how to go ahead and,set up a free trial so first thing you,guys do obviously is open up your,internet browser and then sent you,search for Disney Plus alright so once,youve done that the first thing thats,gonna pop up is the actual Disney Plus,website Disney plus com you can go ahead,and click on that link right there,and its gonna bring it to this page now,youve got two options youve got the,Disney Plus option which is the base,option to give you everything from your,Marvel movies to your Disney movies,old-school cartoons and stuff like that,or if you want to go ahead and take this,you go ahead and choose to take to do,some Disney Plus and ESPN Plus worth,$12.99 a month now unfortunately the,package deal does not have a free trial,but again if youre just wondering,whether or not you actually want this we,have a start your free trial,so when you go ahead and check this out,Im gonna walk you guys through this to,go ahead and do it yourself and then,also go ahead and cancel it so you only,get that free trial and not be charged,so the first thing that weve got here,is go ahead and put in your email,obviously you would go ahead and set,that up for yourself so Im gonna go,ahead and put mine in real quick,now Ive locked my email out obviously,because you guys dont need to know that,but then you also have another option,here it says yes I would like to receive,updates in blah blah blah you guys can,go ahead and choose that whether or not,you want to continue receiving the,updates to that email Im actually gonna,click no because I do have my own actual,account already so Im gonna go ahead,and turn that off and then agree and,continue after this youre gonna be,asked to enter a password so just try to,make up any password do keep in mind,that says you need a minimum of six,characters and they are case sensitive,so let me go ahead and set this up real,quick okay so Ive gone ahead and put in,a password and were gonna go ahead and,click on continue alright so after you,go ahead and click on continue youre,gonna come to this page that says start,your seven day free trial now,unfortunately they are going to ask you,for a credit card or some sort of,payment information the reason that they,do this is because once they get your,free trial they will charge you to,continue your subscription automatically,thats kind of how they try to pull you,guys in they offer you something for,free and then once that free trial is,over they go ahead and start charging,you so again we are gonna walk you guys,how to cancel this so that you only get,the seven day free trial but for right,now you do have to choose the payment,option I usually go with PayPal so Im,going to go ahead and put my information,in so I can continue to walk you guys,through,now if you guys want you can go ahead,and click on this box right here it says,store my payment information for use,across Walt Disney family companies you,dont really have to do that Im not,going to and then you can go ahead and,click on your payment option so Im,gonna go ahead and setup my PayPal real,quick just like each others so an,important thing to note here as you guys,can see I do have my information on here,Ive blocked off all of my important,stuff but they are going to send a test,charge its going to charge you $1 and,its not a real charge they actually,send that back to you but thats just to,confirm that your payment option is,actually working the way its supposed,to that way they dont get screwed you,dont get screwed its just something,that happens with any free trial in most,cases so Im going to go ahead and set,this up and then once you have that all,set up you can go ahead and scroll down,and press agree and paid all right so,once you guys are done with that you can,go ahead and click on start streaming,Disney Plus they also have a stars,option down here dont click on this,this is another service you dont want,to deal with that so were just gonna,click on this and then we have access to,everything that we want for Disney Plus,for a week now keep in mind you can go,ahead and stream this on your desktop,which is where Im at right now if,youve got select Smart TV so you can go,ahead and stream there as well you can,also go ahead and set up a profile and,do other things of that sort so,hopefully you guys enjoy this um go,ahead try this out for a week and then,come back in the day or two and be sure,to cancel it once again you do want to,get the free trial but keep in mind you,have put in your personal information,you put in your payment account so if,you forget about your free trial you,will be charged on a monthly basis so,come back check out the next video,thats after this one and well show you,guys how to go ahead and cancel so that,you only get your 7 day free trial and,never get charged,anything hopefully you guys enjoyed this,video if you did if you found it useful,let me know in the comments down below,or well see you guys next time

NETFLIX / HBO NOW / DISNEY PLUS / HULU / Streaming services offering FREE TRIALS

hey whats going on everybody a student,of review student of review back out of,what another quick video for yall and,in this video Im gonna be showing yall,a list of free live streaming during,Colvin 19 again a list of free live,streaming during Colvin 19 lets get,right into the video so in this video,Im not going to be showing you how to,download anything Im just gonna give,you a list of free streaming services,that a few companies are providing,people only doing Colvin 19 so for an,example HBO now theyre giving people to,try their subscription out for 7 days,for free but you do have to cancel out,the 4 to 7 days because it will charge,you about $14.99 but as long as you,canceled before then they wont charge,you anything so again Im just gonna be,showing yall a list of services so what,Im gonna do is gonna go to my internet,on my fire stick and if you want you,know you can dot dot the list down write,it down or you can just go to this,website Im going to go to Google and,Im just going to say it Syracuse comm,free Netflix,all right so now let me search and as,you can see this is the website time in,Syracuse and right there as you can see,it says free free streaming to watch HBO,shows CBS all access for 60 days other,free trials and as you can see it says,looking for free shows to watch,streaming services are stepping up,offering more choices to people staying,at home aim at a coronavirus Im just,going to scroll down get rid of this,pop-up here alright so as you can see,HBO now and that is already actually on,your fire stick you just got to go to,your apps and youll be able to find HBO,now so as you can see HBO a lot more,than 500 hours of premium content so,theyre giving you seven days for free,you just gotta make sure you cancel your,subscription before it in also CBS all,access that is also actually on your,fire stick theyre giving you a free,trial right here says 60 days CSS to get,30 more days for free after the trial,fee start at $5.99 but the main point is,theyre giving you a free trial even,Amazon Prime videos theyre giving you a,free trial,scroll down got Disney Plus you know for,kids families theyre giving you a free,7-day trial but you can get a free 7 day,trial if you havent already,so of course probably have to be a,first-timer or you know just make,another account you got Netflix free,30-day trial if you never try Netflix,you can get a 30-day trial at Netflix,calm thats really good,after the trial Netflix monthly monthly,fee start at $8.99,so again just make sure you cancel,before the trial ends normally if I do,try a trial I put that right on my,calendar to make sure I cancel before,the trial ends,you got Hulu and again it seemed like it,has to be your first time signing up for,these streaming services so you might,just have to try to make a brand new,account,we got Hulu when I try to pronounce this,QB theyre given also look at that a 90,day free trial is currently available,Wow and after that is only $5 a month,what adds $8 without ads I believe that,is it there are some important notes and,most most cases free trials require a,credit card to sign up and youll have,to mainly cancel your subscription and,thats what I was saying,make sure you cancel your subscription,before the trial ends to avoid getting,charged also free trials may not be,available if you previously got any free,trial from a streaming service so if you,already have one of these services you,might have to make a brand new account,so they wont know you know that you,already had a service before so again if,you want the list of course you can just,you know write down what I just said or,you can just go on Google on your phone,or on your fire stick and go to just,type in on Google,Syracuse com free Netflix,and it should be the first link that,pops up on Google and again Im sorry,Im not showing you how to download any,of this I should show you on a website,if you have any questions on downloading,any of that or any questions about,anything please leave a comment of,course you still got you to totally for,free a lot of people got mob drove you,dont know about mob Joe go and click on,that link that just popped up top right,corner of the screen a lot of people got,IPTV services normally its a paid,service I have D streams which is uh,pretty much as free TV so theres a lot,a lot of different content right now,that you can download and again a lot of,free streaming services that you can,download on that list and definitely,stay tuned I will be uploading some more,videos on how to get free movies and,free TV shows and with that I really,hope that helps and I definitely,appreciate every body checking out the,video and also too if I missed a,giveaway I did a giveaway if yeah I,missed that definitely click that Bell,so you know when Im you know posting,more content it may be another giveaway,not sure when Im going to be doing that,again but with that definitely make sure,you I washed my hands stay clean stay,safe try your best to stay six feet,apart from people and Im just praying,and you know I know everybody cant wait,until this kovin 19 this virus is over,with so just pray for your family your,friends and um stay healthy Belgium you,know system up and you know the sole of,two people and one

Disney + Plus How to Start your free 7 Day trial

whats happening everyone gave me for,life here and today Im gonna be showing,you guys how to get dizzy plus also Im,gonna be talking about on this video,whats gonna be on it and what is to,come down the lines here for Disney Plus,top of that being said Im gonna be,saying what platforms this is gonna be,on and what its already on so lets get,to the video alright so as you guys can,see this is e+ starts at $6.99 for a,month and if you want you get the Hulu,the Disney Plus and ESPN Plus which is I,believe its support Im not too sure,what that is Ive never seen that,channel before in a while so I cant,really say and then that has them this,is for Disney Plus so you get Disney,Pixar Marvel Star Wars and National,Geographic so this is um the bunt two,different bundles so this is $12.99 a,months and then that one sticks a minute,months were gonna go ahead and do the,trial right now and before we do there,is to scroll down here to show what,there is detainment for Star Wars door,dark world you can see um other films,that are Marvel Iron Man 3 Captain,Marvel,sorry about that if you guys found my,headset anyways where was I oh yes so,Im not gonna say the names because we,havent signed in yet so Im just gonna,show you guys what there is here Ill,look at yondu High School Musical series,Im not so sure bye heard that Disney,lady and champ was pretty good Ill talk,more about that when we get to it Im,not so sure what Marvel hero project is,but it sounds pretty interesting and,down here it shows you can watch on TV,right here this is what it basically,tells you what you can watch it on so,consoles TV computer mobile tablets game,consoles and if you want to watch on TV,which I would normally do a lot of,people would but if do this on a couch,relax and sometimes going to get home,from school or or college or something,like that they would be on their phone,so you can watch it on your phone or,tablet,so Amazon firestick TV Android TV Apple,TV chromecast og TV rocku which is like,a fire stick but its a little different,than that and then Sams on TV so if you,have seams on TV youre all set and then,for computers you have Chrome OS and,then Mac OS and then Windows PC which I,have mobile and tablet Amazon fire stick,tablets Android phones and tablets,iPhone and iPad and ps4 and Xbox one now,those are all the consoles that has I,pretty sure it covers everything every,console so everyone has a majority of,everything to choose from if they want,to have a different device so lets just,go ahead and sort this trial up so Im,gonna blur this out you guys but Im,just gonna tell you guys that this says,um email so when it says email there you,guys are gonna want to put your email I,got to put mine in so Im gonna blur,this out for you guys so let me go ahead,and find mine right now and then when,you get done youre gonna hit the terms,always remember to read these carefully,because theres a certain day and if you,dont do this correctly like if you,dont if you dont keep track of this,they will charge you so it makes you,guys do that now we already created the,account now so enjoy endless,entertainment,you are now subscribes Disney Plus start,streaming to Disney Plus home – oh I,just got a notification youll youll,all youre all set to start streaming,your purchase has been confirmed you add,a new card to your Google account,yep I know about that so its basically,on my phone is telling me that I already,I already have notification saying that,I got that so thats good I already know,about that now start streaming,and Im gonna show you guys the profile,because they have a whole bunch of,profiles you guys can choose from and I,think Im gonna be Ill be group this,group looks good,they got Disney characters as well,Marvel characters we own stitch,so I was told that this was like acting,up like it wasnt it was um not actually,loading for some certain people I dont,know why but apparently Im hearing that,its back up and its doing good so far,you got a whole bunch of carats of,cheese from Im gonna select my,character they have Yoda and spider-man,oh Im gonna choose spider-man but um,since Iron Man died Im gonna be Iron,Man,lets name mine gaming for life 17,gaming flop 17 and kid friendly,interface will only contact suitable for,kids so basically if you turned out on,its for kids but um I can see anything,I want Im not really kid Im a young,adult so these are all profiles and,whos watching basically looks like,enough looks but its not right so we,are loaded up here and this looks good,got Toy Story recommended hit movies,trending which is being watched right,now and they got they just added on The,Simpsons looks like that all 30 episodes,so thats good to have movies of The,Simpsons too but apparently I dont see,it here theyre slowly adding things you,guys so um oh I think you can search him,too ok theres this show that I used to,watch a lot it was called recess I dont,know if to have it lets see oh my,goodness Im mind blown away its right,here you guys recess schools out and,then they got the taken the 5th grade,and then this ones all grown down which,the more little down in this,this this uh version of recess here go,back theres a lot to choose from,Im so happy with this you got the,Sparta man collection Spider Woman,spider-man okay lets go to movies they,have a category dies category um they,have it set in categories for us people,so that way we dont confuse what were,gonna be watching or what we want to,watch so they got movies oh I was,looking for that see its right here,but if you just type in like certain,things that just pop up like Simpsons,lady and you guys is awesome too,because it was those are actual like,real dogs that they got rescued and,people the people that um they actually,put them in a movie and now theyre,adopted supposedly so thats good an,unscripted series that shares a positive,positive impact several young real-life,heroes are making in their own oh sorry,about that you guys supposed to zoom in,here thats better,this ordinary inspiration kids have,declined their lives to verdes of,remarkable efforts and now Marvel,celebrates them as true superheroes,theyre in mortality and their very own,comic book as they join Marvel heroes,project interesting,they got Muppets they got camp rock got,finished its ferb zombies freaky Fridays,because theyre up early please James,and a Giant Peach,I just forgot there was one other like,so I was wondering if it was on here,here,Oh Indy and Jones,I think a type dining around lets do,Star Wars Star Wars,okay apparently you have to space it out,this this is a really good series for,Star Wars Im gonna watch that,definitely thats if what they have for,Star Wars so far they just only have two,episodes they release I dont know if,theyre doing six episodes per season,but I feel like they should add more,than that but definitely for the low key,youre gonna do that which I thought was,going to be more than that and you have,a watch list you can add them in there,were gonna look for a Marvel now the,Yukino collection,oh they got Hercules Jessie suite life,on deck,you also got you also got gravity falls,on here well Leah went oh my goodness,you guys Leo and stitch the series on,derp well they only had two seasons Wow,I havent even seen that when I when it,came out but I only seen like the first,its like one Leone stitch Liam stitch,um gets a glitch or something like that,thats pretty cool this is Marvel,justice all Marvel movies see Black,Widow theyre still Im slowly adding,endings here so Im still waiting for,more live-action stuff Im pretty sure,we wont see anything until next year or,maybe like towards the end of this year,but definitely theyre gonna add season,two runaways its gonna be releasing in,December so as you guys couldnt see you,only got see the one,yeah I cant really click out of it,because they know those you them out of,it so they have a cool animation Disney,then the clouds for Pixar Marvel for,Marvel Comics and then Star Wars to,gala

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