1. fubo TV free trial sign up with step by step instructions
  2. How to watch Out Of Market NFL Games using FUBO TV
  3. How to Stream NFL Games & NFL RedZone Online
  4. How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)
  5. How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)
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fubo TV free trial sign up with step by step instructions

Hello friends this is Brian Cavanaugh,Here I Am the founder of streamwise,solutions,Court cutting Made Easy where we give,you straight answers from Court cutting,experts,founded streamwise Solutions 12 years,ago to help thousands of people save,over a hundred dollars a month offer,their old TV and internet bundles and,cut the cord,today were going to cover fubotv,were going to give you a step-by-step,instructions on how to sign up for fubo,uh and well give you these little tips,and tricks and details but we have a,separate video that actually covers,the user interface of fubo and a little,bit of more of a review and tips and,tricks things like that,so you can check out the comments below,well put links to that and also a link,to sign up for fubo as well,as you can see fubo is a live streaming,service that offers 100 plus channels,it gives you not only local channels but,also cable channels and specifically in,the Colorado area it actually gives you,altitude Sports,so it is the best option to get altitude,Sports,with a bundle of local channels cable,channels as you can see here,um,the main difference if youre not,familiar between like,fubo or other live streaming services,compared to Old cable and satellite,bundles is that youre in control youre,saving money theres no contracts none,of the crazy fees none of the nickel and,dime stuff and its all in the cloud so,it includes a DVR so you can stream it,you know from obviously your smartphone,or tablet or computer and also from,Apple TV Fire TV Roku Apple TV smart TV,type stuff as well,um anyway well get started here,if you go to our website,www.getstreamwise.com,um we have a lot of different resources,on our website to help cord cutters we,actually have a cord cutting news which,is a Blog section,where we update a lot of different,things on there we have a monthly,newsletter for our customers and support,and all kinds of great stuff as you can,see here this is just one of our blogs,where we kind of have a live TV,streaming comparison we recommend,antennas for lots of folks because it,gives you TV for free,but you know if you need more channels,theres add-ons like Philo and sling TV,that dont have local channels however,fubo is where you need to go to if you,want to get to have your local channels,and cable channels all in one spot one,user interface one app,uh and if you want to get like Regional,sports like altitude Sports its the,least expensive bundle to be able to do,that,so anyway if you start at the website,or if you go to the bottom of this video,in the comments section well put a link,there you just simply click on that link,from your tablet smartphone computer and,it will take you to fubos website where,you can click directly on a free trial,um so you just click Start your free,trial,and fubo will dump you into its kind of,similar to a Netflix type of thing where,you just sign up with your email you,create a,password,and then that email and password just,make sure you jot that down,its asked me for my ZIP code because it,wants to figure out you know what,channels are available in my area,because it does vary by area as far as,which,channels are available,and it has different packages,um,plenty of channels and just the base pro,package so thats what Im going to go,with altitude Sports is actually,included in there,you can see you know if you want to get,Red Zone and some other things or if you,want to get 4k,Im just going with the basic pro,package,it has the DVR included in there it,includes you know multiple TVs so it,really gives you everything you need the,pro package also has altitude Sports as,well,um so Im just going to hit continue,There,um its just kind of,showing you kind of everything thats uh,included its giving you the option to,do monthly billing or quarterly,well just do monthly,and then of course its asking me for,all the the basic,info and well create a account,keep in mind that youre going to want,to,like I said before jot down your login,info,its similar like a Netflix type of,thing where it will bill you,for,every month automatically online,so its pretty easy in that respect you,dont really need to do a whole lot,and just keep in mind youre going to,need to download the app on your smart,TV whatevers compatible that you have,or your Roku,or Fire TV or Apple TV whatever,streaming device,you have,um its going to need that login info so,thats why I said earlier to jot down,that login info,so that you have that ready to go when,you do download the app,on your smart TV or what have you,so anyway were just going through well,do start the free trial you can see its,pretty straightforward they have,a little bit in taxes certainly a lot,less than cable and satellite they do,through this one have a regional Sports,fee because the altitude Sports at least,in my area,so just FYI on that still by far you,know it doesnt matter how many TVs you,got its a much better deal than cable,and satellite and its month to month so,you know after the app season is over I,can totally cancel it if I want to and,just go back to watching my free,channels off of my outdoor antenna as an,example,um,theres other add-on options Im not,going to worry about this so I will just,do skip do it later,and then boom were going to create our,little profile,so we can add favorite channels so like,for instance its giving us the option,on setup here we can always edit this,after the fact,as well,um,well just kind of skip through that,step,Denver Broncos as painful as that is,its my favorite team,and the Philadelphia Eagles,not as painful,so you can kind of customize it to some,extent and this will just make it a,little bit better when you actually get,into the service well uh just kind of,select a couple,shows here too,and be on our way click done,and thats it so pretty straightforward,now were into the user interface you,can see Im already into my,account and signed in so I can actually,go through right here right now and,watch live TV I can record shows I can,do everything just straight from,the user interface,well have that on a separate video like,I mentioned before so definitely click,Down Below in the comments and you can,get to our website you know get,streamwise.com for more tips and tricks,well also put a link in there for,fubotv to sign up,and then well also have on there a link,to our other fubotv video which will,have more details on the actual user,interface and just kind of a review with,some tips and tricks on getting the most,out of fubotv,uh so now like I said all you need to do,is go to your smart TV or Roku or fire,stick and either search for the fubotv,app,or just you know use voice search and,you know download the fubotv app and log,in with your email and password and,youll be good to go,uh make sure you click down below and,subscribe subscribe to the streamwise,solutions YouTube page for more tips and,tricks on anything related to cord,cutting and stream streaming and saving,money thanks for tuning in and well,talk to you soon

How to watch Out Of Market NFL Games using FUBO TV

[Music],hello everyone happy labor day,in this video im going to teach you a,legal way,to watch out of market,nfl football games legally with a paid,iptv service so with the intro,out of the way lets get into it,in order for this legal method to work,you need,a couple of the following things you,need a subscription to fubo,tv which i highly recommend because,this is how youre going to be able to,get your out-of-market football games,youre going to need an android device,or,in my case were going to be using a,kindle tablet and youre going to need,to have,a kindle tablet that has the google play,store,installed and for there are ways to do,it you can look it up on,youtube i had to spend a lot of time,trying to get this to work and,thankfully it does,so for in order for this,to properly work lets just do an,example so,were in new york city so were gonna go,to fubo tv,were gonna load it up and by the way,michael is my dads name,so for the record there,so what were gonna do is were gonna go,up to,here lets see it so today,is monday september 7th so were gonna,go to here,and were gonna fast forward to sunday,afternoon so,this is the games i get in my area so,lets just,mention that i get the jets and bills,game,yeah im pretty excited and i still do,get the redstone with the,subscription package that i do have also,getting the eagles playing,washington at least the good news is in,new york i am getting the tampa bay,bucks in new orleans saints game with,425 which i am very,excited to see that game but we dont,want that,we want to be able to watch my team the,baltimore ravens so,how are we going to make this work well,go to the google play store,search for this app called gps emulator,i took a brief pause there for a second,so that way i can,emphasize how important this is,so you go a gps emulator so right,now where do i have this located i had,it located last in virginia,okay most likely in virginia you may,get the ravens but we dont want to take,the chance we want to go to baltimore,so were gonna see if we can get wjz tv,from baltimore,so were gonna do is youre gonna hit,this little green thing over here,hit the green thing and now it will,think were in baltimore maryland,so lets clear our apps lets go back to,fubo tv,so were gonna go to fubotv and once,again i will mention this is a legal way,to do this,and i do apologize i dont know what,happened there,i could just turn down the volume,[Music],well have to wait for that to go away,for a second,thats never happened to me before when,ive used this i mean i do get the ads,but,they dont sound as annoying so,once again lets go here,tap on this so in a matter of moments,were gonna see,the baltimore channels lowered up,theyre gonna load up in just a second,so it doesnt take this long we do get,our live sports here,sometimes if that happens where it,doesnt load up the affiliates you can,always just refresh thats what i,normally do,and it does work all the time so,as you can see here here are baltimore,maryland,affiliates so we have wjz,cbs13 fox 45 wbff,and we have wbal tv 11. so of course,the affiliates i know very well in,baltimore,i will mention that abc doesnt have a,recording feature yet i dont know why,because,for an example we could just type,sportscenter hopefully fuba will fix,that down the line because if its not,abc at least if were getting,sportscenter we can do that,but the good news is this does work to,tape so how are we going to get,ravens versus browns in new york,so what were going to do is go to,sunday afternoon,and there you have it there we go,so there it is right there cleveland,browns,at baltimore ravens my baltimore ravens,so were going to set it up right now,hit record and were also going to set,up the nfl,today so that way i can watch the,baltimore feed,of wjz once again,because with cbs broadcast they go right,to,even with fox they always go they always,tell you,lets go to your local game so of course,i want to watch it live,it does work live i have tested it,before,when i watched on a market newscast and,i will be testing it later today with a,couple other,on market newscast but to prove that,it does get lifted go to recordings,go here,and it should be on the bottom,we can find it there we go,there you have it right there,cleveland browns at baltimore ravens,along with the nfl today so there you,have it guys,a legal paid way to get out of market,nfl football games i know it stinks that,fubo does have an expensive service fee,but in the end it is completely worth it,and i do,feel bad for anybody who has an ios,device ive tried jailbreaking,ive tried seeing if i can get the,out-of-market tv stations on the fubo,with,my iphone and my ipod it only seems to,work,when i use the,fire tablet which i just showed you i,have gotten a lot of,out of market tv newscasts that are not,new york,so this is the example i wanted to show,you all,with me setting it up getting ready for,my auto market team which is the,baltimore ravens,so thats the example you can use im,sure theres a couple on the market,games that,you know you could look into because,i know im certainly excited for the jet,bill game but of course i want to watch,my team as well,so theres the example you get right,there,and also i will mention with fubo you,cant get the nfl redstone,because with sling they just recently,dropped,nfl network now if you want,good morning football and you want the,nfl live show fubo is a good option for,that as well on sunday morning,so consider signing up,do the seven day and then if you want to,continue paying because it is worth,paying,trust me you do get your out of markets,if you,you know change the location which again,it is legal as long as youre paying for,it,if youre not paying for it then theres,the loophole right there,so with that thank you all for watching,enjoy your team in market or on a market,i guess because again im not in,my teams market the baltimore market or,where i am in del mar about ocean city,maryland,so so the next one take care

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How to Stream NFL Games & NFL RedZone Online

whats up streamers my names tyler,robertson and im your new video,producer and host,for the streamable,football is back for 2020 and from empty,stadiums to field reporters in the,stands,theres a lot thats different this year,and in the spirit of change you might be,looking for a new way to watch your,favorite teams so today were going to,break down the cheapest ways to stream,your favorite nfl team there are a lot,of options and not all of them,include the nfl network and nfl red zone,so lets see what all the differences,are,now the cheapest way to stream local and,national games is going to be to use the,nfl mobile app,itll be free to stream any game that,airs locally on cbs and fox,as well as nationally on nbc nfl network,and espn,and for 35 a year you can subscribe to,redzone straight from the app,the asterisk here is that youre only,going to be able to use your mobile,device,whether that be a phone or tablet,theres no casting to a tv or support,for streaming boxes,if you want to stream games to your tv,youll have to use one of the live tv,streaming services,cbs all access is the cheapest option at,just 5.99 a month,for fans of afc teams that means you can,watch about 70,of your teams games since youll only,be getting games that air on cbs,it will only get you a couple of games,if youre a fan of a team in the nfc,but if youre a die hard fan youre,going to want every game from your local,team,as well as access to the nfl network,programming,and for that youre going to need one of,the more robust live tv services,like fubotv or hulu live so lets break,down all your options,the cheapest way to go is going to be,sling tv which offers espn with their,orange plan,and nfl network fox and nbc in select,markets with their blue plan,both plans cost 30 a month individually,but if you get both,youll get all four channels for a,discounted price of 45,that still leaves out cbs but with their,sports extra package,you can add nfl red zone for an extra 10,a month,another less expensive option is the,small upstart service called vidgo which,starts at 40,a month and offers fox and espn but,doesnt have cbs or nbc,youll have to spend an extra 10 bucks a,month to add nfl red zone to your plan,for this one as well,at t tv now and hulu live will each get,you cbs,fox nbc and espn but theyre both,missing nfl network which has,three to four exclusive thursday night,football games per season,and nfl red zone fubotv which will get,you all the core networks including nfl,network,is sixty dollars a month red zone is an,eleven dollar add-on,for five dollars more you could go with,youtube tv at 65 dollars a month for,those same channels,plus a similar 11 upcharge for nfl red,zone,so fubotv and youtube tv are going to,get you the most games,plus access to nfl network and redzone,but theyre also the most expensive,if you want a customized pick for your,favorite nfl team make sure you visit us,at the streamable.com,where well show you the best streaming,option for every nfl team,so how are you streaming your nfl games,this year let us know down in the,comments,and did this video help you decide on,which service to choose if so,be sure to give us a like and share this,video with your friends,and dont forget to subscribe to the,channel for more videos like this one,im tyler with the streamable and well,see you in the next one,you

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How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2022)

todays video is going to be a little,bit different okay guys because weve,got a serious problem one i know almost,each and every one of you struggle with,every single year how do i watch,football i simply want to watch football,okay lets google it i mean look at this,why does it have to be so complicated,nbc sports sunday ticket fox of course i,could just sign up for satellite tv for,like 70 plus bucks a month then i could,add a sports package with a hefty price,tag of like 300 bucks,no stop because id be stuck with pain,for live tv that i dont even use for,eight months out of the year but i want,to watch football but i dont want,satellite too i mean we live in a,digital age netflix hulu prime im good,bro no i will not conform to paying for,an over excessive service just for,football not for me but still i want to,watch football,wait no theres another option sports,fans one that i discovered last year one,that guarantees i can watch every game i,want without the fear of blackouts or,channel surfing one that breaks the,shackles of conformity one that,harnesses the awesome power of the,internet and its name is nfl game pass,right so youre telling me that theres,a service that allows me to watch any,game i want with red zone nfl total,access condensed replays and nfl,original content like hard knocks and,even more and youre telling me that i,can finally pay for just football thats,unbelievably cheaper than paying for,satellite year-round yet this is it,this is the answer this is what ive,been looking for oh wait except for one,thing one major heartbreaking,earth-shattering thing you can watch all,the games you want,but not live,but hang on let me finish theres a way,around this a way that will lead us to,the promised land of watching live games,using the nfl game pass in combination,with this vital tool a virtual private,network or vpn for short okay i lost,some of you guys i can tell just wait,what is a vpn well in laymans terms,its a legitimate service that allows,your internet connection to appear like,its coming from anywhere in the world,you see certain apps and services are,subject to a thing called geo,restrictions for example netflix has,movies and shows that you can only watch,in certain parts of the world so right,now theres some dude in the uk watching,your favorite show that you dont,currently have access to in the states,but with the vpn we can change that and,there lies the answer by using a vpn we,can bounce our signal from other parts,of the world to grant us access to the,nfl game pass to allow us to watch live,games but director we sure this is legit,quick google search completely legal we,did it guys this is the answer this is,what i personally have been using for,the last two years and i felt it was,finally time to share this method this,is an awesome way to navigate the nfl,season and one that i plan to use for,the foreseeable future and it is super,simple to set out guys heres a quick,rundown step one choose a vpn provider,now theres a few vpn providers to,choose from after trying a few of them,out myself i recently found,expressvpn to be my unquestioned,preference to put it simple its the,fastest connection like by a lot and you,want fast speeds when youre watching,live games trust me it also allows you,to install it in a number of different,devices i personally have it on my phone,and fire stick so i can watch the games,on my phone and tv now be sure to check,out the link in the description if you,want to use expressvpn like me i was,able to secure us some special deals for,the bolt fam its super cheap ranging,from like eight bucks a month to 13,bucks a month depending on your,subscription now step two install your,vpn and fire it up once you signed up go,ahead and launch your vpn itll look,something like this just connect to a,country outside of the states i like to,use singapore or the uk and youre good,to go but make sure its connected,before you go to this next part sign up,for nfl game pass this is simple enough,make an account an nfl game pass you can,use your location somewhere else if you,want to go the extra mile once youre,signed up youre going to want to choose,your subscription i always go with pro,p.s dont let the price tag scare you,yet more on that in a minute next youre,going to enter your information and,create an account now like i said dont,worry about the one-year deal itll try,to make it look like thats the only,option but if you click down here on,modify you can change it to weekly which,i personally prefer lastly gonna set up,your payment method bing bang boom,youre good to go now last few notes,before we wrap this thing up make sure,that you fire up your vpn before trying,to watch the live games otherwise its,not going to work and remember i do this,all the time you can fire up the vpn on,the big screen too using something like,a chromecast or a fire stick i,personally use it on a fire stick myself,you can download expressvpn app on there,too just log into your account using the,nfl app while the vpn is activated you,should be good to go if you run into any,trouble with the app go ahead and fire,it up using the web browser on your,device that usually works great for me,too and lastly a shout out to expressvpn,a new sponsor of the show guys remember,a vpn can be used for a lot of awesome,things you can use it for other stuff,like netflix amazon prime hulu and more,be sure to check out all the content,from all over the world its an awesome,tool and on top of giving you,unrestricted access to streaming,platforms it protects against hackers,spies gives you safe web surfing and,most importantly live freaking football,now i the tech savvy egghead i am use a,vpn on a daily basis year round and its,something im excited to share with you,guys remember you can nab three free,months using the link in the description,a special deal just for the bolt fan,this is a service i was super stoked to,share with you guys again one that i use,on a daily basis and im really excited,to see more people break the shackles of,conformity leave behind the satellite,and experience football the way its,supposed to be its football season baby,no blackouts no restrictions

How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)

in america football season is starting,now we have a current problem with,watching some football you know america,is known for american football it is the,most popular sport in america and as,americans we like to throw the football,game up on the tv and watch it from,where we are watch our local team play,well the nfl caught on to this and said,hey we want people to buy tickets to,come to the games rather than watch it,from their tv some americans are like,man i used to love streaming football on,the tv but now it costs like 200 300 400,just to stream a weekend of football,from your home so it can get really,pricey and today im here to show you,guys once again yall can thank me so,im going to show you guys how you can,access nfl games that may be blacked out,in your areas because you know the nfl,teams are trying to make more money,these days they dont want you to watch,on tv they want you to buy tickets and,come in person so if you want to go,ahead and beat them at their own game,im gonna show you guys how you can,watch for free,absolutely 100,free okay im gonna tell you guys right,now so you dont waste your time use a,vpn provider which is a 30 day free,trial you go ahead and get a 30 day,guaranteed money back okay so you go,ahead and purchase your expressvpn for,only 13 with my code and then you get,money back if you want it in 30 days,okay now hear me out now you go to nfl,game pass international you get a free,seven-day trial with that you can change,your email every single time and,continue to get free trials now you get,free nfl games no more four hundred,dollars just to watch the game on your,tv because its blacked out in your area,and you go ahead and watch all the games,in the whole country for only,free now that,dont you dont you dont find free very,often im gonna show you guys how to do,it right now lets tune in using this,process requires using a vpn a virtual,private network so what happens is you,pay for this service you know once a,month or a whole annual subscription and,you go ahead and you get a virtual,private network really quick im gonna,let you guys know what it is just so you,guys know i use it millions of people,use it you know youtubers companies,broadcasters i mean your favorite news,station uses vpns okay and i wouldnt be,surprised if your favorite news station,actually use the exact same vpn that,were gonna use today to get football on,your tv for you and your family to watch,for a very affordable cost you know,theres many vpns out there once you go,ahead and purchase one you go ahead and,turn it on its a simple click of a,button you turn it on and then it goes,ahead and changes your ip address to,somewhere else in the world it can be a,different country it could be a,different state depending on what vpn,provider you have a certain amount of,countries and places that you can,actually change your location to today,were going to be using expressvpn,because i have a deal with them where,you guys can get a one month free trial,basically you guys pay the 12.95 for one,month and you guys can refund it no,matter what for 30 days so you guys can,use 30 days get your free football and,then go ahead and return expressvpn if,you guys dont like it or you guys can,get three free months plus 50 off of the,vpn if you guys purchase an annual,package i have an annual package your,favorite youtuber has an annual package,of extra cpm and your favorite news,station has an expressvpn package just,letting you know its not some hacking,program its completely legal youre not,going to get in any trouble often people,like myself use vpns to hide their ip,address so people cant find out where,im located they cant find my personal,information any bank documents anything,any online financial information,anything at all they cant figure it out,because they think im for some reason,in like south africa and the next day,im in australia and the next day im,somewhere in the united states so like,man i cant find out where this kids at,now one of the best parts with,expressvpn is that you can use it on,your tv your phone your computer pretty,much anything you want so many different,devices and so many people can use it at,the same time also using expressvpn,doesnt lower your internet speed or,lower your bandwidth it keeps it the,same that is why expressvpn is the,superior vpn provider out of all the vpn,providers that youve probably already,heard of and again you guys can get a,refund on if you arent happy with it so,if you guys are interested in getting,yourself expressvpn for any reason make,sure you click on the link in the,description itll take you right there,and it also give you my personal,discount that you guys get and you help,support the channel so i appreciate it,very much so now that you guys have,purchased expressvpn im gonna show you,guys how to access nfl games the entire,season for very few modern dollars all,right guys so here we are on my computer,so here is expressvpn so once you guys,have purchased it all youre gonna wanna,do is double click that it is gonna open,up on your computer right there as you,can see it lets go ahead and change our,location over here uh were gonna were,gonna change our location to,bolivia look at that that is the one,youre gonna want to go to guys go ahead,and search olivia and click connect so,when you go ahead and connect youre,gonna connect to current location,bolivia and next thing you want to do is,open up google all right so now that,youre in google youre going to want to,search up nfl international game pass,international game pass okay so here we,are youre going to go to nfl game pass,international and now because we changed,our uh location to bolivia take a look,youre actually gonna be getting the,bolivia nfl game pass international,website here okay so youre gonna wanna,go up here to game pass and youre gonna,just wait for this to load here all,right now with this youre gonna get a,seven day free trial so its actually,really really cool you get to try it out,for seven free days before you have to,pay any money at all okay so uh right,here were gonna click sign up now and,so here you are you could get start,seven day free trial okay look at how,cheap this is 87,versus 300 a weekend just to watch okay,three this is literally 87,for the whole season of football okay,were gonna go ahead and click uh start,seven day free trial all right and were,gonna have to uh create an account,because i dont have one okay all right,so there we go youre just gonna look it,says free trial pro annual zero dollar,zero cents okay but your first payment,is going to be on 13th of september so,seven days after today and uh and then,youre gonna go ahead and click create,account okay look now you can do this,multiple times using different different,emails okay and you can get game pass,nfl game pass trials seven day trials a,new one just make a new email and do it,over and over again okay go ahead and,accept these terms of service here and,its going to go ahead and say how do,you want to charge this,when youre done so go ahead and select,your paypal or your credit card whatever,you want all right so at the top here as,you see it says,86.99 im gonna click agree and continue,okay now watch its not gonna charge me,86.99,okay thats for when the seven day trial,is up so as long as you guys cancel,before a seven day trials up you wont,get charged but also remember 87 for the,entire season is super cheap so look now,welcome to nfl game pass down you have,uh completed your subscription nfl game,pass pro okay,take a look please select your team so,you know of course we got to go with the,tennessee titans thats just how it is,were gonna select and continue and here,you are welcome to football guys check,it out all these games going on uh,coming up for the season you can watch,every single one of them look right here,nfl miked up right here start watch,right now look at this and youre,literally watching football for free,guys i mean this

Is YouTube TV Best for NFL Fans? What You Need to Know!

you probably already know youtube tv is a popular  cable tv replacement but does it have everything  ,nfl fans need for the 2022 season keep watching  to find out in todays video im gonna compare  ,youtube tv to its live tv streaming competitors it  all starts now with a quick word on pricing keep  ,in mind this information can change at any time  but the base plans for most of these services are  ,right around 70 a month pretty expensive sling  tv is the exception and thats for two reasons  ,first it offers two base plants not one with  fewer channels in each and second it doesnt have  ,all your local channels in either plan and lets  talk more about your local stations because all of  ,these live tv services except sling tv offer the  four major broadcast networks and that matters  ,for nfl fans for a few reasons sunday afternoon  games air on fox and cbs sunday night football is  ,on nbc abc is simulcasting several monday night  football games and super bowl 2023 is on fox  ,and on top of that know this when your local team  plays on monday or thursday night it will be shown  ,on one of the broadcast networks moving on to espn  the long-running home of monday night football  ,good news here all the services on this list carry  espn the cheapest option as you see here is sling  ,orange next to nfl network youtube tv hulu live  and fubotv include nfl network in their base plans  ,nfl network is also available with sling blue  but its worth noting that with sling tv if you  ,want espn and nfl network youre gonna need to pay  fifty dollars a month for slaying orange and blue  ,and this is important too only directv stream  excludes nfl network from its lineup but before  ,you rule out directv stream for that you should  know that nfl network no longer carries thursday  ,night football starting this season those games  have moved exclusively to amazon prime video  ,in addition to preseason games nfl network  is carrying a few games that are part of the  ,nfls international series plus theyve got a  saturday triple header and a christmas eve game  ,lets talk about nfl red zone the premium network  is available with all of the services on this list  ,except again directv stream but with redzone you  should know its not included in the base plans  ,it is included in sports plus add-ons the pricing  varies among services but expect to pay around 11  ,a month and thats on top of the base plan price  based on this chart that i made youtube tv hulu  ,live and fubotv are going to provide the most  complete coverage for nfl fans especially if  ,you want to add red zone for fantasy football  i still give youtube tv the edge over the other  ,services because i find that the app offers  a better user experience a few examples from  ,the youtube tv home screen you can click the  sports tab and see live and upcoming games  ,then add teams or entire leagues to your  library youve got unlimited dvr storage  ,and when a game is added to your dvr and you  join it in progress youll have the option to  ,catch up on key plays plus check stats scores  and fantasy football view from the youtube tv  ,mobile app now some people prefer hulu  live and it does include the disney bundle  ,hulu disney plus and espn plus in its plan and  that will come in handy for the first ever espn  ,plus exclusive game in week 8. fubotvs best  sports feature is definitely multiview available  ,only to apple tv users multiview lets you watch  up to four live tv channels on a single screen  ,pretty cool sling tv has always been the budget  pick its best for people who can use an antenna  ,for locals and i also like it for people who can  get by with only one of the base plants either  ,sling orange or sling blue not both because  if you combine them and maybe add in nfl red  ,zone 2 youre going to be paying pretty close to  the other services a lot of people like directv  ,streams cable-like look and feel but it doesnt  include nfl network or the nfl redzone add-on  ,and remember as much as these live tv streaming  plans offer none of them include amazon prime  ,video a separate subscription needed to watch all  thursday night football games thanks for watching

FUBO Stock Analysis | FUBOs Biggest Risk | FUBOtv $FUBO

hows it going guys its colin anderson,here from ford financial where we preach,three main things think long term,develop your own opinion,and only invest according to your own,risk tolerance,in todays video were going to be,breaking down arguably the hottest stock,right now in the entire market,and that is fubo tv now,ever since this back has gone public at,around ten dollars per share,it is almost quite it is more than,quadrupled up to forty seven,dollars and fifty two cents as of making,this video,just a meteoric rise in todays video,were going to be breaking down the most,recent earnings report from the company,some of their forward-looking guidance,and one of the,huge risks that nobody else i see,on youtube is talking about if you guys,love this information please like,comment and subscribe down below,let me know that you guys are watching,these videos help spread this,information,and if theres any mistakes in this,video feel free to correct me down below,in the comment section,that being said lets get after it now,before we hop into the,quarterly highlights i just want to give,a brief synopsis,brief overview of what fubo tv is its,basically a streaming platform they,recently acquired,balto which is a betting company which,will allow for users to not only stream,sports but also,bet on them simultaneously this captures,two,huge markets the streaming market which,weve seen growing like crazy in 2020,with the recent pandemic,and the sports betting market which,weve seen be very hot with companies,such as skills,and draftkings with that out of the way,lets hop into some of their q3 numbers,as for q3 2020 revenues were 61.2,million which was a 47 percent,increase year over year subscription,revenue was up 64,year-over-year and advertising revenue,was up,153 percent year over year,average revenue per user 14 per year,and total content hours streamed were up,83,year-over-year as well as monthly active,users up,20 year over year,now its really important to see a,company like this executing especially,in the midst of a pandemic,obviously theyre riding those tailwinds,as a shift to streaming is,just inevitable at this point however,i think its really interesting to see,their advertising revenue up over 160,as that is a high margin cash flow,generating opportunity for this company,long term,one thing that fubo pointed out in their,q3 earnings release was something,that i thought was really cool they said,that theyre the first multi-channel,video programming distributor,or mvmpd to stream in 4k,resolution they also allow their viewers,to watch,four live streams simultaneously now i,dont know about you guys if anyones,got red zone or at least streams red,zone from,reddit or something along those lines,you know that,the ability to watch the octo box or,multiple games at one time,is a huge value add and fubo is one of,the first companies to allow that to,happen for multi-sports channels,on top of that theyre also allowing for,betting to happen simultaneously,this is a huge opportunity for fubo and,i think something that really,distinguishes themselves from some of,their competitors,so all that information is great but,what about their total addressable,market,and also their long-term growth,opportunities,in their q3 release they said that their,market is expected to reach 155 billion,by 2024,and simply put they expect wagering will,lead to more viewing,and increased engagement will lead to,higher ad monetization,better subscriber retention and a,reduction in subscriber,acquisition costs this is really,important,basically what fubo is describing here,in that very convoluted sentence,is their flywheel approach once they,have a consumer,theyre able to add the betting services,on top of the streaming services,this increases the customer engagement,with the overall platform,this then adds more advertising revenue,as advertisers see this engagement as a,good place,for ad placement this then creates,lower acquisition costs which it creates,more subscribers which then creates,more revenue and betting which creates,more engagement and so on and so forth,this is a very strong growth,vector for the company within this,flywheel and it allows them to,capitalize and expand their market,faster,while still generating some high margin,cash flow in their q3 release fubu,also breaks down two interesting growth,opportunities that distinguish them from,some of their peers,first off they announce new content,agreements with epics and stars and will,launch their premium entertainment,channels on fubo tv,before the end of 2020. this broad mix,of content is why customers,quote unquote come for the sports and,stay,for the entertainment fubus long-term,goal here,is to have customers engage with the,platform for the sports and the betting,aspects,but then stay and remain subscribers for,the long term,as they access entertaining content,through,distributors such as epics and stars,they also announced a first of its kind,partnership with satellite internet,making them the first company to stream,live content to passengers,at no charge on us flights that are,equipped with this software,they announced that this software would,be released to jet blue customers,which will now allow them to sign in for,sign in to fubo while at the comfort of,their own seat,on a flight and then also sign up for a,subscription and begin streaming,immediately,this is super cool for those of you guys,that have ever,been waiting to watch an awesome game or,something on,on either football baseball soccer,whatever it is,then you get on a flight and youre like,crap now i have to sign up for whatever,bs wi-fi is on this plane im gonna,barely be able to even figure out whats,going on im not gonna be able to watch,it,fubo gets rid of all of that you can now,stream,games for free from your seat and then,if you want to subscribe,its a click of the button right in,front of you where you can subscribe and,be able to have that content,not only on the plane but once you get,off and so on and so forth,i think this is a huge underestimated,growth opportunity for the company as,theyll be able to capture more and more,consumers,once we see the reopening phase of the,economy start to happen in 2021,an overall synopsis of kind of whats,been going on so far in terms of recent,business developments for 2021,is also listed in the q3 report they,talk about how they,had this initial public offering coming,in at 10 per share,like i said its almost 5x from this,price as of making this video,theyve launched disney media networks,which includes espn,multi-year contact agreements with abc,free form fx nat geo etc,they expanded their leading sports,packaging with mlb network,mlb strike zone nbc now,accuweather spanish language content,from australia,and close an agreement to carry at t,sportsnets,regional packages through pittsburgh,lastly,they launched their multi-view feature,on apple tv doubling the number of,streams subscribers can watch time,simultaneously to four this refers back,to my whole,octobox quad box um analogy,in relation to nfl red zone uh,all these things i think are bullish for,the long term prospects of the company,being able to,stream actively from multiple services,such as mlb network,and nlb mlb strike zone nbc news,nbc now accuweather all those things i,think are great long-term,verticals for the company lastly in,their q3 report they broke out guidance,for the end of 2020 and moving into,2021.,in this breakdown they said that they,are raising their q4 guidance to be,approximately 80 to 85 million in,revenue which is a 51 to,60 increase year over year they also,estimate,estimates subscribers will increase uh,between 58 and 62,year-over-year for the full year of 2020,they expect revenue to be in the realm,of 244 million to 248 million an,increase of 65 year-over-year and for,next year 2021,they estimate revenues to be 415 to 435,million,an increase of 70 percent over a year,now the,big important thing at the bottom here,t

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